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					A Trip to the Shelter Lynne Grigsby

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The Smiley sentin el
I am often asked why I do this -- when I am                        and catching or running after it. Such a nice dog                 quarantine ward that even I find scary. The dogs
exhausted, or depressed, I often ask myself the                    deserved a chance, so I said I would take her. We                 tend to be aggressive and will sometimes lunge at
same thing. But then I go to the shelter and it                    went to put K.C. back in her kennel.                              you, barking, with teeth bared. We go to the middle
comes back to me. It is true we can’t save them all                                                                                  cage where Hugo stood with a friendly grin on his
                                                                   As we did, I walked by a scared, young dog whose
and that the problem is bigger than the few hundred                                                                                  face and his tail wagging. This 9-pound Chihuahua
                                                                   3 adjacent kennels contained loud, barking animals.
dogs that we move in and out of foster homes each                                                                                    had been quarantined in this ward for 10 days
                                                                   Every time they barked he shivered. He just stared
year. However, to the ones we can save it makes all                                                                                  as he had bitten a kid. Seems he was a stray and
the difference. Both to them and the owners who
                                                                   at me from his bed. I showed him treats, he wagged
                                                                   his tail but wouldn’t move forward. I went in, he
                                                                                                                                     found by a home with young children. Hugo was                                                       S M I L E Y                                        D O G                         R E S C U E
adopt them.                                                                                                                          scared and when one of the kids grabbed him, he
                                                                   wagged and took the treats. We took him out of the
                                                                                                                                     nipped them. However, his behavior toward adults                                                                                                                                                              December 2006
Like almost all our volunteers, I work a full time
job and do this in my “spare” time. We get multiple
                                                                   kennel and the noises scared him, but he was still
                                                                   inquisitive. At 5 months it was likely the dog had
                                                                                                                                     is actually more outgoing and friendly than most
                                                                                                                                     Chihuahuas I have seen. Amazingly, being with all
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Letter from the President
emails and calls a week about well deserving dogs                  had no socialization since its owner got him at 8                                                                                    Welcome to our 6th and best year. In spite of         we have always focused on diversification of          These things are the things that define our entire
                                                                                                                                     the large barking dogs seemed not to have scared or
that need rescue. So last Sunday I met Sue, a long-                weeks. So the world is a big scary place to Wyatt.                                                                                   recent challenges, Smiley Dog Rescue is thriving,     responsibilities, which allows us to proceed after    organization and always will.
                                                                                                                                     adversely affected him in any way.
time volunteer, at the shelter when it was closed                  His fur was incredibly soft and he quietly tolerated                                                                                 and we have you to thank for it. In this issue, I’d   any staff change. Many of you may have come to
to the general public. My goal was to meet Kylie,                  our poking and prodding. He will bloom soon                       The last ‘potential Smiley Dog’, Charlie, was                                                                                                                                  I stand proud as the new president of SDR. After
                                                                                                                                                                                                        like to introduce our board of directors. Many of     associate Kathy with the face of Smiley Dog and,
a black dog that was listed as a flat coat retriever               and grow into a lovely big dog. How do you put                    a Corgi mix and, again, scared of the shelter                                                                                                                                  many years of service, I have come to respect
                                                                                                                                                                                                        these folks, including myself, have been with SDR     as founder, she has left us with a solid foundation
mix. A sweet dog who was in the night drop box                     him back in that kennel where he was so scared? I                 surrounding him. We took him out and one of the                                                                                                                                and love this group of. Our primary concern will
                                                                                                                                                                                                        from close to the very beginning. We provide the      for moving forward. It is important to recognize
with a collar imbedded in her neck. The shelter did                couldn’t. He went into a crate in my car.                         girls who takes care of the dogs came by and saw                                                                                                                               always be the dogs that need us for life itself. I
                                                                                                                                                                                                        infrastructure for this enterprising organization.    that SDR is a large group of dynamic, passionate
the surgery but because of her medical condition                                                                                     him. She kneeled down on the ground and called                                                                                                                                 look forward to the awesome opportunities and
                                                                   Finally we got to Kylie. Adorable, sweet, and                                                                                        We uphold its standards and mission as we face the    and long-time volunteers and Board members who
wouldn’t place her up for adoption.                                                                                                  him. He was so happy to see her, and quickly                                                                                                                                   possibilities that lie in our future. I invite you to
                                                                   tolerant of so much she was an easy decision.                                                                                        daily challenges and joys that the volunteer work     do, and always have, managed the operations of
                                                                                                                                     jumped and wiggled into her lap, giving her lots of                                                                                                                            join us as we grant miracles to our precious clients.
But before I met Kylie, Sue had me meet K.C., a                    Luckily, I also knew that I had a foster home                                                                                        we all do brings.                                     this special organization.
                                                                                                                                     kisses in the process.                                                                                                                                                         I also hope that you enjoy this newsletter, always
2-year-old white lab mix who was scheduled to                      waiting for her.
                                                                                                                                                                                                        As the organization grows, we always anticipate       In this spirit, we thought that it was time to        calling to mind the critical role you continue to
be euthanized that day at 11am. K.C. was young,                                                                                      How do you walk away from any of these? How
                                                                   Sue asked if I would check out 2 other small                                                                                         inevitable change that time will bring. In October,   introduce you to the entire Board. As you will read   play to ensure SDR’s success.
energetic, and a bit wild, but would sit and shake                                                                                   do you say yes to one and no to another when you
                                                                   dogs. So, we went into the T-ward -- this is the                                                                                     we said farewell to Kathy Marks, our former           inside in the Board member biographies, we bring
on command. She had fun throwing a tennis ball                                                                                       know the no's will not live to see tomorrow? I don’t.                                                                                                                          Warm regards,
                                                                                                                                                                                                        president and founder. We wish her well as she        a diversity of experience from our animal rescue
                                                                                                                                                                                                        embarks on different and exciting ventures.           and professional work that enables us to run a
          Thank You to All the donors who made it possible to save these                                                                                                                                While we acknowledge that this required an            professional and ethical organization focused on
                       and many, many more dogs this year!                                                                                                                                              adjustment, the important reality is that, while      finding good homes for homeless dogs. We have
                                                                                                                                                                                                        we have lost a personal friend, SDR is adapting       helped shape SDR’s mission, goals, and standards      Allison Ellman
      We do our best to include all of our wonderful contributors in this list but, if we omitted your name, know that you're not forgotten.
                                                                                                                                                                                                        seamlessly. Although Kathy was our president,         and remain committed to upholding them.
                             If you'd like, you can send us an email and we'll be sure to get you in the next edition!

Julie Allecta                Brent Charles               Victoria Garzouzi           Ondrietta Johnson          Ann McGaughey                Helen Read                     Johann & Marlyse Stocklin
Paul & Tracy Anderson        Brian Cherry                Kristen Glaub               Sam Judd                   Elizabeth McKnight           Sharon & Kevin Reay            Diana Stockton-Warren
Diane Armistead              Albert & Shari Chevez       Howard & Cindi Goldberg     Tobey Kaplan               Katie McPhee                 Mary Ellen Reed                T. Lynn Stott
Michael & Megan Atiyeh       Caroline Cholette           James & Mary Gotelli        Kristina Kekke             Michelle Medeiros            Rita Reining                   Robert & Aletha Stuart
Jory Attwell-Aquino          Laurence Chu                Robert Green                Lisa & Henry Klyce         Kristen Michelson            Jaview Rendon                  Kyra Subbotin
Jay Baeuble                  Michael Churchrich          Elizabeth & Philio Greene   Gary & Wendy Knepper       Gerald & Elizabeth Miller    Nancy Renz                     Donna Lee Taxera
Erin Bailey                  Bradley Clark               Erin Griffin                Diane Kramer               Arthur & Elizabeth Min       Nancy Renz                     Ann Taylor
Margaret Baldwin             Marna Clark                 Laurel Griffith             Sharon Kurk                Ray Min                      Andrew & Cindy Rhoades         Dennis Thirud
TJ Balows                    Claudine Co                 Lynne Grigsby               Nancy Lacy                 Marjohn Monemi               Pete Ritter                    Brenda Thomas
The Bartons                  Peggy Hynd Combs            Sally Gross                 Lura Lea Lalomio           Maria Fatima Monteiro        Veronica Rosa                  Mary Tolbert
Joseph & Victoria Bauer      M K Condron                 Marge Halvorsen             Lisa Laviolette            Walter Moore                 Christine Russell              Terri & Stephen Tygielski
Kate Beck                    Stephanie Conrad            Michael & Laura Haney       Brenda Le                  Daniel Mosso                 Kirsten Rutledge               Camilla Tyler
Cari Bellinghausen           Reba Correia-Brownlee       Heather Hanly               Karen Le Van               Janet May Muir               Monica Salusky                 Jason Urrutia
Susan Bender                 John Creighton              Eileen Harrington           Linda Leichty              Linda Murray                 John Schen                     Kathie Vancil
Amy Bergstein                Family Trust Cunningham     Linda Harris                Erika Joan Leonard         Doris Nattinger              Sarah Schiller                 Maria Venezuano
Robin Blew                   Thomas & Lydia Daley        Amanda & Matthew            Patricia Leoni             Barbara Nelson               David Shapiro                  Robert & Sharon Waal
Anita Bloch                  David Dawson                Harvey                      Susan Linton               Marie Newton                 Alyssa Nicole Saffir Shifrin   George Warren
Stuart Block                 Mary De Benedictis          Brianna Hayman              Debora Livingston          Christa Nicholas             Megan Shinners                 Soline Warren
Jan & Owl Blossom            Debbie Demello              David & Susan Hennigan      Lindy Lowe                 Christa Nichols              Julie Shootkevich              Sandra Waszak
Beate Borstelmann            Sandra Detwiler-Christman   Jonna Hensley               Larry & Betty Lucay        Emily Nietrzeba              Eva Shure                      Lisa Weber
Tina Brier                   Donald Diola                Jonna Hensley               Natalie Lynch              Judith Nolan                 Cheryl Silveira                Daniel & Diane Weil
Carrie Briggs                Elesia Donald-Gentilin      Elisabeth Herald            Carol Margason             Phyllis Orlando              Deborah Simpson                Heldo Wilking
Barbara Brodsky              Stephen & Eileen Durham     David Hettick               Patricia Markovich         Robyn Palano                 Dorrie Slutsker                Kirstin Wilson
Pamela Brown                 Tarek Elkhoraibi            Crystal Higgins             Kathy Marks                Susan Parish                 Amal & Richard Smith           Catherine Wilton
Trudy Brutsche               R.D. Eng                    Emily Hinkamp               Jennifer Martin-Wong       Valerie Peck                 Douglas & Kathleen Smith       Eliza Winter
Diana Bubanja                Scott Eugene                Jennifer Winton Hinman      Sheila Marx                Tasmin Pesso                 Stacie Smith                   Robert & Linda Wittig
Alice Burns                  Hisako Evans                Emily Hipp                  Carla Mascaro              Lindsay Pettit               Joy Soulier                    Lina Wong
Colette Cann                 Doroty Finger               David Thomas Hodul          Sherril & Steve Matson     Elizabeth & A. Philip        Sara Souza                     Mark Wong
Rinaldo Carraro              James Flores                Jeffrey & Angela Hudak      Ronald & Debra Matteoli    Gail Phister                 Angelica Stacy                 Helga Wood
Amy Carter                   Jennifer Floyd              Kim Huppert                 Leslie Mayes               Ken Pontac                   The Standfills                 Michael & Julie Wright
E.P. & V.L. Stewart Carton   Anadel Fox                  Susan Huppert               Frank McCaffery            M Pozner                     Pam Stephens                   Paula Yamamoto
Georgia Cassel               David & Shawna Friedler     Cathering & John Jancoski   Stephen & Jane McCaffery   Daniel Purcell               Robin Stevens                  Winnie Young
Joanne Chao                  Jake Furber                 Nancy Janeck                Shirley McDonald           Ronald Pusateri              Janice & Michael Stewart       Lian Yu
America’s Charities          Kate Gadek                  Kathy Johansson             Amy McGaughey              William & Beverly Quan       Sara Stickle

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4th Annual SmileyDog Reunion Wrap-up                                                                        Robin Stevens                                                Remembering Cate Lindy Lowe
Our SmileyDog Reunion was our largest ever          John Van Olden, Pride and Pedigree day care,                shadows. They don’t enjoy ‘human’ rights that we                                                                 body and soul and care for them until they were ready      home. Cate’s big heart extended to her own dogs, Max
this year, with over 100 alumni dogs attending      East Bay petsitters, and Old Mother Hubbard                 take for granted. Why? There’s the small detail of                                                               for adoption. Many of these dogs started out as under-     and Shiloh, who now need a permanent home. If you
along with their loving families. It was an         with plenty of dog treats.                                  our animals’ literacy challenges that make two-way                                                               socialized and had little training, but Cate was patient   would like more information on Max and Shiloh look
amazing sight to see so many rescued dogs all in                                                                conversations challenging. And their intelligence                                                                and determined and would turn them into adoptable          on our website.
                                                    Thanks to all the attendees for their generosity,
one place.                                                                                                      (on average I believe) is many IQ points below ours                                                              dogs. Throughout this process, Cate and SDR would
                                                    as well. We view the reunion as primarily a gift                                                                                                                                                                                        The loss of Cate is great one to both the human and
                                                                                                                - although holding the pencil with a paw, claw or                                                                work as a team to provide care and to find these dogs
Frolicking in the beautiful meadow in Joaquin       back to all of our adopters, but it was Smiley                                                                                                                                                                                          canine world, but she definitely left the world a better
                                                                                                                hoof could create bias in the testing. But is societal                                                           great homes.
Miller Park was just the beginning. The day         Dog that was the recipient of all the gifts, with                                                                                                                                                                                       place for being in it
was also filled with cute pet tricks, raffles,      over $3000 raised. Donations included money                 value written in stone? And is it fair?
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Some of the canine lives that Cate turned around
and happy reunions of fosters and adopters.         from Sean’s birthday as he asked his friends to             Ultimately, I think that the cynics are missing          Smiley Dog Rescue received some very sad news last      included Connie, an undersocialized dog with
The potluck picnic provided sustenance to get       donate to Smiley Dog in lieu of gifts, what a               the trees among the forest. They casually ignore         month. One of our volunteers and friends, Cate Hieke,   puppies, who Cate kept until they were all adoptable
through the many activities, with everything        generous, thoughtful, gesture!                              that our lives are extraordinarily and positively        died in a car accident. Cate was an incredibly kind     and moved on to wonderful homes. Another example
from fried chicken to date-wrapped figs, as well    Congratulations to Anadel Fox and her dog                   moved by pets. The important point, really, is that      woman with a big heart and a great sense of humor.      was Torce, a five-year old dog who had been the
as delicious desserts.                              Duke for winning the raffle of the My Mutt                  my bond with my dog is, in my perception, in my          She was both compassionate and a joy to be around.      cherished companion of his disabled owner until she
                                                    Photo, donated by our generous sponsor, Pet                 world, an awesome, rewarding, unconditionally            Cate often took in stray dogs she would find in her     was evicted and they were both left homeless. Cate
                                                                                                                loving one. I would do, and have done, anything                                                                  took Torce in and we found him the perfect new

  Training Tips
                                                    Food Express. Anadel was one of our angels as                                                                        neighborhood in Oakland, rehabilitate them in both
                                                    she came to our adoption event looking for a                in my power to preserve his life and happiness. I

                                                    senior dog. It was 10 year old Duke’s lucky day
                                                    to be picked by her! If you would like to have a
                                                                                                                give him the same stature as a human friend and
                                                                                                                include him in my family. With him, it is certainly
                                                                                                                                                                         Meet The Smiley Board of Directors
                                                    My Mutt Photo of your dog, check out: http://               a simpler relationship. There is no second-guessing,     Allison Ellman joined SDR in 2001, shortly              or call us about dogs, Lynne is usually the one who        “You’d think it would be, but when I see the look
   • Establish a pattern to his/her behavior.                                                                   no games, no drama as they say. But simpler is                                                                   responds in order to match them with existing or           in the adopters’ eyes, and watch that initial bonding
                                           for details.                                                                        after her arrival to the Bay Area. She worked
   • When and where do accidents happen?                                                                        sometimes better than the complicated ambiguity          first as a dog handler, foster home and now she         new foster homes. Because of her professional              between the dog and their new family, it’s easy to
   • Restriction                                    And, thanks again to Jenny Martin Wong for not              that can go along with friends and family.                                                                       experience, Lynne is also the Webmaster and                let them go.”
                                                                                                                                                                         sits on the board. Driven by her own love for her
   • Praise                                         only assembling the beautiful gift baskets, but                                                                                                                              recently redesigned our website. In adjustment
                                                                                                                So what do we say to the cynics? Recite and repeat       rescued mutt, she returns the favor by helping to
  If your dog seems to be going in the house
                                                    donating most of the items in those baskets for
                                                                                                                                                                         place SDR adoptees with adopters. Professionally,       to Kathy’s departure, Lynne has recruited several          Lindy Lowe has been involved in animal
                                                    our raffle. If you didn’t get a chance to buy a             as necessary: Please understand that relationships
  only when you're away for a long time, make                                                                                                                            Allison works as a Data Analyst, studying the           volunteers to help out with paperwork and website          rescue since 1997 when she started volunteering
  sure you take him for a good walk before you      t-shirt at the reunion, check out our online store          are personal and live in our inner beings, not in
                                                                                                                                                                         AIDS epidemic in Africa. Her experience writing         maintenance. This leaves her free to do her first          for an organization in San Diego County, where
  go out and take shorter trips in the beginning.   at Café Press where you can find t-shirts, bumper           others’ minds. Please don’t object to, argue with,
                                                                                                                                                                         scientific grants allows her to contribute to SDR’s     love – work with the dogs.                                 she fostered dogs, managed foster homes, played
                                                    stickers, and much more: http://www.cafepress.              or judge my choice of family. Or, at least, can you
  Your dog may see everything beyond the                                                                                                                                 fundraising proposals.                                                                                             matchmaker between homeless dogs and dogless
  kitchen (which he has kept spotless) as                                                                       keep it to yourself until I leave the room?
                                                    com/smileydog.                                                                                                                                                               Robin Stevens has been on the SmileyDog                    homes, helped with fundraising and evaluated the
  “outside.” Restrict your dog to a smaller area                                                                In the end, I, like you, feel like the luckiest person
  for a while, and then gradually extend his        To see pictures of the reunion, go to http://www.                                                                    Lynne Grigsby has been with Smiley Dog since            Board of Directors since June of 2005. Robin has           dogs at the San Diego County shelters. She joined
  home area.                                               in the world. In fact, I pity the cynics for missing     2000, when she was asked to foster a dog that had       been involved in dog rescue since 2002, when she           Smiley Dog Rescue in 2003 and has been on the
                                                    gallery.html where there are links to pictures of           out on the gentlest love of all.                         run out of time at a local shelter. She has been Vice   walked by an adoption event and never left. That’s         Board since 2004. Her roles at SDR include youth
  While in the house, attach a leash to your belt
  or wrist. When you see him starting to go to      our last 3 reunions!                                                                                                 President since 2002 and Treasurer since 2004.          when the fostering began, a steady stream of dogs          volunteer coordinator, playing matchmaker to
  the bathroom, firmly and loudly admonish                                                                                                                               However, what Lynne does best is to select Smiley       made their way through the Stevens household,              find the best home for our dogs, home visits and
  him and take him outside straight away.           Hope to see you next year!
                                                                                                                                                                         Dogs. Starting in 2002, under the tutoring of Kathy     so far totaling 75. Robin then began helping to            coordinating mobile adoption events. In addition
  When he completes the task outside, praise
  him. Again, firmly and loudly                     Pity the Cynics                                                                                                      Marks, Lynne started temperament testing and
                                                                                                                                                                         selecting dogs from shelters. Over the years she has
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 screen potential adopters (“matchmaking”, really),
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 and doing home visits along with other volunteer
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            to her experience with animal rescue, Lindy also
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            brings professional experience as a policy analyst to
  If you still have problems, feel free to give     Allison Ellman                                                                                                                                                               activities. Many people have asked if it is hard to        help SDR with grant writing.
  us a call or email (smileydogrescue@yahoo.                                                                                                                             continued to do this and, in the last year, has been
                                                    We love our pets and they love us. As you probably
  com). We’re happy to help.                                                                                                                                             our primary selector of dogs. If the shelters email     let go of the foster dogs, to which Robin replies
                                                    agree, they’re family, and reciprocate with an
  Have a topic you’d like us to cover?              unconditional affection that is unparalleled in our

                                                                                                                                                                           Safety Tips
  Send us an email so that you can look             lives. But, maybe you’ve noticed that there are
  for it in a future edition.
                                                    conflicting opinions out there. I’ve noticed three
                                                    types of responses. The sympathizers, often, like
It’s always great to see how the dogs we            you and me, animal lovers, who say ‘of course                                                                          Christmas Dangers
adopted out as pups look as adults, and see the     you love your dog’. The confused who come with
previously shy and scared dogs now running          ‘I don’t really get it, but OK, that’s great you                                                                       Holly
and playing with their families. There were         love your dog’. The analytics ‘You’re entirely                Skins and Ragtop         A pup and his                   Chrysanthemum
also reunions within the reunion, as littermates    anthropomorphizing, but whatever, love your dog.’             Mother were rescued from Martinez
                                                    All fine and good. But then come the cynics ‘What                                                                      Amaryllis
were reintroduced to each other and compared.                                                                     shelter the day after Ragtop gave birth.
Our Katrina City puppies made up the largest        do you mean you love your dog? You can’t really                                                                        Periwinkle                                              Allie   was rescued from the Matinez                        Dancer     was rescued from the Matinez
such reunion, with five of the six littermates      LOVE a dog. He can’t be FAMILY’. Have you run                                                                                                                                  Shelter lobby right as she was being                        Shelter. Dancer loves people and will be
in attendance. We can’t tell you the joy we get     into this? Is the human/animal bond intrinsically             Adopted 9.12.2006                                                                                                surrendered by her previous owner. Lucky                    your best friend if you open up your heart
at seeing them all looking so healthy and well      weaker, less significant and less valuable than our           He now makes his home in Brentwood, CA                   Chocolate goodies                                       Allie didn't have to spend one night in the                 and home to him.
loved.                                              connections with each other?                                                                                           Tinsel                                                  shelter thanks to Smiley.
                                                                                                                  Rag Top                                                                                                                                                                      Still Waiting
We also wanted to thank the people who manned       It’s true that, in our society’s hierarchy of values,         Adopted 10.2.2006                                        Cords (to chew on)                                      Adopted 8.25.2006                                           He is awaiting his new home in foster care.
the information booths: Ask the trainer with        some believe that animals clearly live in our                 She now makes her home in Piedmont, CA                                                                           She now makes her home in Cupertino, CA

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