How to Make My Boyfriend Appreciate Me! Your Boyfriend Will Appreciate You More After This Point

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					How to Make My Boyfriend Appreciate Me! Your Boyfriend Will Appreciate You More After
This Point

By Russell Jackson

Are you feeling depressed or insecure as regards to your boyfriend's true feelings towards you?
There are times when you are just not sure where you stand with your boyfriend. You wonder if
you are being taken for a ride, or whether your boyfriend is just taking you for granted. These
tips will let you know how to make your boyfriend appreciate you more.

Don't allow yourself to get into a "rut"
Don't get too comfortable in a relationship that is not really satisfying. If your boyfriend is
becoming increasingly inconsiderate then it's time you did something about it. Don't settle for
anything less than what you deserve. Let him know of your unhappiness about the way things

Make him do his part
Don't let your boyfriend get away with not doing his part in the relationship. If you are sincerely
doing yours, then there is not reason for him to be slack and careless about you.

Don't let him take you for granted
If you feel that you are being taken for granted, stop doing the usual things for your boyfriend.
Then sit back and see how he likes being ignored! Chances are that he will hate it. Let him know
that he is getting back a bit of his own medicine. He will soon learn to appreciate you more.

Don't tolerate irresponsibility or inconsideration on his part
Let your boyfriend know that you are in the relationship because you love him and expect to be
loved back! Don't expect too much from him though. It should be a give and take relationship.
Once he realizes this, he is sure to appreciate all you do for him.

Let him miss you
If you are around him all the time, pampering him and giving in to his whims and desires then he
could take you for granted. Go away on a little trip and let him miss you. He is bound to feel
your absence and miss your attentive ways.

Give him trust and respect
Guys need their women to trust them. A woman who proves that she trusts her man will gain his
love and appreciation.

Are you being worthy of his love and trust
Sometimes we women expect too much from our men. There is a possibility that you are not
really being there for him. Have you considered why he does not appreciate you? Have you
given him reason to stop appreciating you? Once you have the answers to these questions, you
can both correct the wrongs and make sincere efforts to gain his appreciation.
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