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					    April 2010                                                             Volume 52, No. 4

                                   Dates To Remember
K                          KMA Club Meeting – April 1, at 7:30 P.M.
i                                     Veterans Memorial Building
                                1455 Madison Avenue, Redwood City, CA
n                          KMA Unmarked 3D - April 3, at 9:00 A.M.
g                             KMA Club Shoot – April 11, at 9:00 A.M.
s                         KMA Board Meeting – April 29, at 7:00 P.M.
                           KMA Unmarked 3D - May 1, at 9:00 A.M.
n                                      Inside this issue:
t                           March Club Shoot Scores
a                         February and March 3D Scores
i                               Renewal Updates
n                                And other stuff
r    2010 Club Officers
c                         o   President                Peter Palomo
h                         o   1st VP (Target)
                              2nd VP (Hunting)
                                                       Matt Martinelli

e                         o
                          o   Secretary
                                                       Hal Lonhart
                                                       Deanna Pierce
r                         o   Treasurer                Les Vander Wal

s                         o
                              Range Captain
                                                       Alan Eagleton
                                                       Gary Johnston
                          o   Publicity/Editor         Steve Russell
                          o   Member at Large          Keith Julien
                          o   Member at Large          Richard Hanson
                          o   Member at Large          Jim Purcell

      Mailing Address: King’s Mountain Archers, P.O. Box 2794, Redwood City, CA 94064
      Internet URL: http://www.kingsmountainarchers.org
      Phone: 650-851-4546                              email: info@kingsmountainarchers.org

                                     March Shoot Scores
Class-Style           Shooter                 Score           4 for 20                       X’S
A-BHFS-MS             Keith Julien            516             2, 3, 15, 21, 27               32
A-BHFS-MS             Gary Johnston           529             2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 13, 21, 27   47
B-BHFS-M              Jeff Buell              460             8                              17
B-FSL-F               Gloria Purcell          341                                            4
B-BHFSL-M             Konstantin Parchevsky   438             8                              7
A-BHFS-M              William Maxwell         492             4, 8, 21                       26
B-FS-MS               Chuck Bloom             428                                            9
A-FS-M                Scott Moll              522             4, 8, 15, 16, 20, 21, 23, 28   40
                      Samantha Gerraty        (inc)
                      Simon Gerraty           (inc)
                             Front half hunter faces / back half hunter faces

The spot pot is at $80.75

- Gary Johnston, Scorekeeper

Membership in Review – Please welcome our                  Life-members: you still need to submit your form in
newest members: Duncan and Amanda Mills of                 order for me to send you your new membership
Foster City, Steve Ishii of San Francisco, Jeffrey         card.
and Shari Jongejan of Foster City We are at 189
households.                                                I should note that this is not the time we should be
                                                           finding out that you’ve moved – tell us before hand
All members are encouraged to become active                so you won’t have any gaps in your club mailings.
participants of the various club functions such as
work parties, club shoots, club meetings, the              If you have not responded yet then please consider;
Wednesday Walkabout and board activities.                  for only five dollars a month you have access to one
                                                           of the nicest county parks in the area, gated access
Renewal Status                                             and restroom privileges, private barbeques and
                                                           picnic areas in addition to getting to support and
We’ve received over 115 renewals so far and we’d           shoot on one of the more challenging small archery
like to thank all of you who responded so early.           ranges in the state.

As of midnight, March 31, we’ll record membership          Your membership dues and renewal dollars go right
drops from the 2009-2010 membership year.                  back into the club to support your targets, your
                                                           bales, the work party barbeques and annual dinner
Some of you never read over your renewal form and          raffle gifts – and, of course, this newsletter. We are
apparently I left off the street address from              an all-volunteer organization – no body is paid a
someone’s membership record for about the last             salary for our services.
year. I received his renewal form and check,
however, and I’ll be forever mystified as to how it        Sadly, if you choose not to renew for the 2010-2011
got delivered to him in the first place.                   membership year then please mark your form as
                                                           not-renewing and mail it back or email
If you have not already done so please read over the       “membership @ kingsmountainarchers.org” and let
letter, check and review the form completely, mark         us know.
any corrections, sign it and enclose your renewal
fees as indicated at the top of the form.                  If you have moved and not told anyone – and this
                                                           happens to several members each year – you have
                                                           probably not received your renewal package. Get in
touch with us right away for a duplicate renewal               Unmarked 3D This Saturday
form so your membership does not lapse!
                                                            It’s that time again, Saturday morning unmarked
     Work Party on April 17!!!                              3D. Looking for volunteers to come up and help
                                                            setup the targets, shoot them, take them down and
Time to take a walk around the range and do a little        share a barbeque lunch. Come to the Thursday
maintenance; maybe replace a bale or two and trim           meeting and tell us all about how much you want to
some bushes (we will be getting those bales out of          help out.
the ladies restroom this time).
                                                            Here are the scores from the last two shoots:
Party starts at 8 AM, followed by lunch at noon.
Club’s paying so come on out and party with us!                            February 6 KMA 3-D
                                                                  BHFS     William Maxwell             150
     Level 2 Instructor’s Class                                   BHFS     Jim Woodworth               124
                                                                  BHFS     Steve Farnworth             118
Palomo Archery will host a Level 2 archery                        BHFS     Mike Zerbe (guest)          71
instructor’s class sometime in May or June. Master
                                                                  BHFS     Scott Farnworth             61
Coach Mike Pierce from Predator’s Archery will
lead this two-day class over a weekend. The cost is               BHFS     Sam Farnworth               36
yet to be determined but you will need to be a                   BHFSL     Jim Camozzi                 154
NFAA or NAA member for this level of                              TRAD     Rick Hanson                 97
                                                                             March 6 KMA 3-D
Contact Peter Palomo or Gloria Purcell if you are
                                                                  Style    Shooter                     Score
interested or for further information.
                                                                 BHFS      Tim Solari                  152
                                                                 BHFS      Jim Long                    147
 Gate Lock Found Open, Again
                                                                 BHFS      Brian Heffernan             145
It only happens once in a while but you still need to            BHFS      Jim Woodworth               129
check it every time you lock the gate: pull the latch            BHFS      Matt Schlaefer (guest)      114
open and see if the lock made it through both loops.             BHFS      Stuart Hoerck (guest)       105
                                                                 BHFS      Phil Sutton                 102
Just a reminder – you dial in the combination,
                                                                 BHFS      Mike Zerbe (guest)          94
SQUEEZE THE LOCK and it should pop open.
                                                                 BHFS      Steve Farnworth             92
Be sure to zero the combination after you open it.               BHFS      Sam Farnworth               53
                                                                 BHFS      Scott Farnworth             33
                                                                BHFSL      Jim Camozzi                 137
                                                                 FSL-R     Konstantin Parchevsky       80
                                                                 TRAD      Rick Hanson                 89
                                                               TRAD-R      Nancy Roker (guest)         18

                                                            Everyone is welcome at the 3D shoot; $5.00 a
                                                            shooter, and if there is food around it’s just another
                                                            $5.00 for lunch. Come early and you get to help set
    CBH Organization Request                               First, second and third place awards in all classes
                                                           but you must be a CBH/SAA member to receive a
                                                           reward (you can join on-site).
CBH has asked KMA to provide them with all of
our email addresses so they can contact you directly
                                                           Clubs can send a single five-member team
regarding CBH updates.
                                                           (minimum one traditional recurve/longbow archer
                                                           per team) with the team score being the total of all
Not all of our members are NFAA/CBH members
                                                           five archer’s scores.
and, more importantly, our own guidelines forbid us
from releasing that kind of information.
                                                           Fee is $20 per archer. Lunch is $5.
CBH members: If you wish to drop your CBH hard-
                                                           Contact info@bowhuntersunlimited.com for more
copy mailing then contact CBH directly and ask
them to add you to their email listing. KMA will
not do that for you.
                                                                FITA Field Round in May
       Missing Propane Tank                                KMA member Julie Robinson is sponsoring the
                                                           Gold Country Field Challenge at the KMA range on
We had a back-up propane tank in the club house or
                                                           Sunday, May 23.
underneath it. It appears to have gone missing (or
buried under the bales in the basement).
                                                           Setup and practice will be on Saturday, May 22 and
                                                           the field range will be close to club members and
Anyone remember where it went?
                                                           visitors after setup of the FITA targets so they’ll be
                                                           fresh for the competition on Sunday morning.
Contact Gary Johnston and drop him a clue.
                                                           Registration is at 9 AM and the tournament starts at
   3D in the Redwoods in June!                             10 AM.

Here we go again! Work party on June 19 and open           The course is 12 unmarked targets and 12 marked
shoot on June 20.                                          targets – MARKED IN METERS….

Twenty-eight 3D targets, both public and club              Styles are compound, recurve and FITA barebow.
members welcome.
                                                           Divisions are male and female, Senior (over 20) or
This time we’re opening it up to dry camping (tents        Junior (20 and under) [I don’t feel so old, anymore].
and short RV’s – about 28-feet is our limit). We’ll
need overnight monitoring and a couple of members          Pre-registration by May 15th is available with adults
have already volunteered but the more, the merrier.        at $25, juniors at $15. Add $5 at the gate if not pre-
CBH/SAA Mission Trail Region                               This is a FITA Field tournament with world ranking
 Unmarked Yardage 3D Shoot                                 classification. FITA dress code rules are applied –
                                                           NO CAMO CLOTHING.
Bowhunters Unlimited is hosting this years
Unmarked 3D for the Region on Sunday, April 18.            Light snacks and water will be available but plan on
                                                           packing a lunch – FITA does not break for lunch
This is 30 animals, unmarked yardage. Scoring is           (eat and shoot on the run…)
10-8-5 with one arrow per target.
                                                           Contact Julie Robinson at dmpls_2@yahoo.com or
Chronograph testing of all bows to inspect for a           (760) 987-6434 for more information.
maximum speed of 300 FPS per NFAA rules.
                                                           Parents – do not let your children run wild on the
                                                           range or in the club house. We have propane
                                                           appliances in the club house, various sharp tools
                                                           and other items of value we’d like to keep hold of
                                                           and keep in good repair.

                                                           The position of club armorer (unofficial) is open if
                                                           anyone would like to volunteer and pick up
                                                           maintenance of the club bows. Support supplies are
                                                           voted upon at general club meetings and consist of
                                                           strings, arrow rests and nock locators. Maintenance
                                                           is usually once a year, unless things get out of hand.

See anything wrong with this picture?                                Saving KMA Money
The club bows are provided as a benefit of club            Every year we host our Annual Christmas
membership. About half of them have been pulled            Dinner/Awards banquet. For the past five years we
from the clubhouse since this photo was taken since        have rented the Highlands Community Center on
many of them were missing strings or had miss-             the Alameda in Redwood City. The cost to use this
matched strings or missing arrow rests.                    facility is around $750 for our five hour event.

We’ve repeatedly asked that parents do not let their       DOES ANYONE IN THE CLUB HAVE ACCESS
children into the club house to get bows, string or        TO ANOTHER VENUE THAT WOULD SAVE
unstring them, or try to put them away.                    MONEY AND STILL BE CONVIENENT?

If we can’t get any cooperation from our members           We need a space for around 100 members with a
then this benefit of membership will go away.              kitchen and bathrooms. Maybe someone has access
                                                           to a clubhouse at a mobile home park or a
                                                           townhouse association. Please contact Gary
                                                           Johnston with any ideas. 650-533-6580

                                                             Clubhouse Needs a New Roof
                                                           Our clubhouse and nearby storage shed is in need of
                                                           a roof replacement before next winter. There is
                                                           approximately 500 square feet of roof with two
                                                           skylights. The roof would need to be inspected to
                                                           see if we can put a second layer over the existing or
                                                           strip it off. Several of us feel the cover over method
                                                           would be fine (we are experiencing some edge
                                                           curling in some areas).

                                                           KMA will provide the materials and we are looking
                                                           for a member who has a roofing company or is
                                                           skilled in the installation. Ideally, a KMA member
                                                           would have a roofing crew that would complete the
                                                           project and the Board has agreed to pay for their

                                                           Some KMA members might be available to help
                                                           with the coordinating KMA member. This is not
the kind of work our club can handle at a traditional
“work party”. Many of the work party participants
are older and/or have physical limitations. If
anyone would be interested in helping with this
project, please call Gary Johnston at 650-533-6580.

                 Shoot Fliers Available
The KMA open shoot fliers are available at Palomo
Archery and will also be brought to the club
meeting on Thursday.

If you are going to a shoot somewhere you can pick
some up and take them with you – most shoots have
a table set aside for other club’s advertizing. Ten to
fifteen should do.
                                                                                                                 (this side intentionally
By the way – other clubs send their fliers to us and
                                                                                                                 left blank due to lack of
they show up at the club meeting, first Thursday of
the month and may or may not make it up to the
                                                                                                                 meaningful input…)

Rabbit Tracks is published monthly as a function of the Publicity Office of
King’s Mountain Archers, Inc. All rights reserved. Anything not followed
with a byline usually came out of the twisted mind of the editor – who has no
shame or regrets, or much common sense either. Portions of Rabbit Tracks
may contain unsolicited contributions from other sources with no intent to
assume ownership of the same. Current club members may download a full-
color issue of this newsletter in PDF format from the “members-only” section
of the KMA web site, www.kingsmountainarchers.org. If you have already
opted for electronic delivery and you have received this issue in hard copy
then the webmaster has determined that your email account is defective and
notified the editor that you cannot receive email notification of the newsletter
availability. This automatically changes you from electronic delivery to
hardcopy. To reinstate electronic delivery of this newsletter, contact the editor
at “editor@kingsmountainarchers.org” and request email notification of
newsletter availability for download.

DISCLAIMER: The information and opinions expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily the
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constitutes as agreement on part of the reader not to hold the author responsible for any damaging
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intending to share it with another). Typesetting, printing, assembly and delivery courtesy of Shoestring
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                               KMA Calendar

                  April                                     May
    Sunday    Thursday     Saturday           Sunday    Thursday    Saturday
             1            3                                        1
             KMA          KMA                                      KMA
             Club         3-D                                      3-D
             Meeting      Shoot                                    Shoot
4            8            10              2            6           8

11           15           17              9            13          15
KMA                                       KMA
Club                                      Club
Shoot                                     Shoot

18           22           24              16           20          22

25           29                           23           27          29
             KMA                                       KMA
             Board                                     Board
             Meeting                                   Meeting


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