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                                       The Harris Hi ll PTA newsletter fo

                                  December 12, 2003                          Find us on the web

                                                      A letter from the PTA
                                   Dear Harris Hill Families,

    Important Dates
                                We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have helped
                               support the PTA so far this year. Whether it was by joining the PTA or by giv-
•   Dec.20-Jan. 4– Holiday Va-
    cation, NO SCHOOL          ing a bit of your time in helping with one of our events -- Thank you!
•   January 5-School Reopens
•   January 13– Board of Edu-
    cation mtg, High School, 7     The Harris Hill PTA bases its success on events that we sponsor during the
    p.m                           school year, helping in our children’s education and providing a welcoming en-
•   January 16-Bingo night in     vironment for new and existing families and PTA members. We couldn’t do
    Cafeterium                    any of these things successfully if we didn’t have volunteer Moms and Dads.
•   January 19– Martin Luther     Time is very important to all of us; we appreciate all that you give to Harris Hill.
    King Day, No School
•   January 21– PTA Meeting,
                                  We are a successful PTA/school because of all that our Harris Hill families do.
    Cafetorium, 7 p.m.            If you have tried to get involved in an event in the past and have not been called
                                  to help, please do not give up, try again. We want as many people as possible to
                                  experience the fun and satisfaction in participating in our school community.
Next Hotline deadline:
 January 9th
Type up or give us your article   Many opportunities to become involved will be available after the new year.
  on a PC diskette,               These are just a few of our upcoming events:
labeled with your name and                                        January 16th   Bingo
   we’ll return it to you once
   when we’re done! You may                            February 6th     Father Daughter Dance
   drop off your                                                March 26th    Game night
articles or diskette in the
   Hotline mailbox, (located in
   the school copy room!)          If you would like to help with any of these events let us know by sending us e-
Or you can e-mail them to         mail or responding to Hotline articles. Each event has an e-mail address listed
                                  on the Harris Hill website ( or you can send a note in with your
                                  child to the PTA mailbox.
Karen Van De Pas
Barb McKinley                     With your help we are looking forward to a wonderful year. Have a safe and
                                  Happy Holiday.
Terri Pretino
                                   The Harris Hill PTA
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  A                                      Letter from your Principal
                  Hello and welcome to another week at Harris Hill. Our holiday spirit is
                  really starting to show. We had a wonderful holiday concert on Wednes-
                  day December 3rd. Our students are so talented and it amazes me how
                  calm and composed they are each time they perform. We are so lucky to
                  have such a wonderful cast of music teachers here. Mrs. Foster, Mrs.
 Manuel, Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Facklam are truly special people. Thank you to all who
 attended the concert and all who made the concert possible.

 We also are raising money for needy families at Harris Hill. Cluster 1 students have
 raised almost $700 as of this writing. Mr. Nelson really appreciated all of you who sent in
 extra money on "Mr. Nelson match day". We also have just about every cluster and class-
 room doing some sort of community service for those less fortunate. We truly are a giv-
 ing community.

 Things happening this week at Harris Hill:

         12/8     PUNCS Poetry Field Trip (Pruszynski)
         12/9     BOE Meeting at Penfield High School 7:00 p.m.
         12/10 & 12/11 Mrs. Nowak and Mrs. DeBruyn's class play

 If you get a chance, please look at the following websites:
 for cans.asp

 Marc P. Nelson, Principal

                                                    4th Graders Ski Free!
                                Check out website to get an application for your 4th grader
                                 allowing him/her to ski free at listed NY State Ski areas. The Ski and Ride
                                Passport is good at most NY State ski areas for the entire 2003-2004 ski sea-
                                                    son. There is an $15 application fee.

                                       Questions? Call 315-696-6550 or email
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                                                               Math Matters
                                                             Landmark Numbers

                                              Throughout the course of the Investigations
                                             program, you will hear your child talking about
                                             landmark numbers. Landmark numbers are fa-
                                             miliar numbers that make for simple calcula-
                                             tions and to which other numbers can be re-
                                             lated, such as 10, 100, 1,000 and their multi-
         ples and factors. Familiarity with these numbers is a cornerstone of good number
         sense. By making connections to these numbers, students develop a deep under-
         standing of numbers, their characteristics, their place in the number system and
         their relationship to one another.
               When solving real problems, people with well-developed number sense draw
         on their knowledge of these important landmarks. For example, think about how you
         would solve this problem in your head:

     If there are about 25 students in a class and 17 classes in our school, about how
 many students are there altogether?

          Many people would use their knowledge that there are four 25s in every 100 to help
         solve this problem mentally. Rather than multiplying 17 by 25, they will think some-
         thing like this: “there are four 25s in a 100; there are eight in 200, 12 in 300, 16 in
         400 and one more makes 425.”
                      In order to develop efficient problem solving strategies, students must
         have an understanding of how to use landmark numbers. When students use sound
         mental strategies they are more likely to solve problems accurately and to make
         sure their solutions make sense. They tend to see numbers as whole quantities,
         rather than the individual digits that are emphasized in traditional algorithms.
        Through the use of landmark numbers, students develop the ability to solve prob-
 lems in efficient and accurate ways, as well as the ability to choose a solution strategy that
 best suits the problem.

To the following wonderful women who provided delicious treats at the past few PTA meetings:
                                         Cathie Corrado
                                  Debbie Tiffany       Karen Smith
                                            Carole Nasra
                                            Thank you!!
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                            SDM October/November Meetings Update
 The Harris Hill Shared Decision Making (SDM) team is a cooperative group of teachers, parents and the
 building principal who are engaged in identifying educational issues, defining goals, formulating policy,
 and implementing and assessing activities to help students reach standards of excellence. More informa-
 tion is available on the website or in the office.

 At our October & November meetings:

 - We continued to review the evaluation of the 4th grade ELA results completed by a district committee.
 Discussions continue on how to best communicate this information to the rest of the HH community. In
 particular, identifying how it relates to the School Improvement Plan (SIP) and critical thinking.

     - We reviewed the PTA website information and provided updates to the webmaster.

 The next meeting is scheduled for 3:45 pm on December 15th. The first 10 minutes of the meeting are re-
 served for any guest concerns or you may feel free to speak with any of the SDM representatives about
 building level issues before the meeting. On the agenda are continued discussions of the ELA results and
 updates to the School Improvement Plan.

                            SPIRITWEAR HAS ARRIVED !!!

 SPIRITWEAR has arrived!! The orders have been sent home with your children.

                      THANK YOU, to all who placed orders and for supporting Harris Hill!!

      AND SPECIAL THANKS to Terry Conaire and Judi Carroll for all their help in the coordinating of order
                collection and memo distribution. It could not have been done with out you!

                If you have any questions about your order please call Gretchen Hurley at 385-1879.
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Page 5

 From the Nurse:                                         try at Harris Hill to remind the students of that daily.
                                                             Any viral syndrome or illness that is potentially
 COLD WEATHER PRECAUTIONS                                contagious to other students should be reported to the
       Even though we have just been through quite a     nurse's office on the day of diagnosis.
 stretch of arctic temperatures, the following cold          If your child has a persistent cough that is disrup-
 weather information may still be helpful.               tive, we ask that you DO NOT send throat lozenges
       Parents are the ones ultimately responsible for   to school due to the fact that they are a CHOKING
 ensuring that their children are properly clothed. Chil-HAZARD. I cannot stress this enough. Teachers
 dren should be educated to know to come indoors if      cannot monitor their use in a classroom of students
 they are feeling pain or numbness in their hands, feet, and a student that requires their constant use should
 ears, or noses, or if their clothing becomes wet. The   be home and under the care of their physician. I ask
 reality of FROSTBITE in children is that it can occur   your help on this.
 even before temperatures and wind chills dip into ex-       Students are expected to participate in recess if
 treme numbers if there is exposure to unprotected       they are at school even if they are recovering from an
 skin, and the                                           illness. Please do not send your child to school if you
 exposure is long enough.                                feel they cannot participate in outside play. If your
       Educating your child about the risks of cold      child needs to be excused for medical reasons, please
 weather so they know when to ask for help, providing    call the nurses office, along with a written excuse
 a place for them to seek shelter in an emergency, and   from your physician.
 proper clothing will ensure that they are safe from se-
 vere weather extremes.                                     MEDICATIONS SHOULD NOT BE TRANS-
                                                            PORTED to and from school by students. For safety
 HEALTH AND WELLNESS REMINDERS                              reasons, a parent or guardian must bring it to my of-
      In cold and flu season, I feel it is necessary to re- fice. A
 mind parents of a few health concerns:                     medication form also needs to be signed by the parent
      Your cooperation is needed to try to control the for all medications, and the physician in most cases.
 spread of illness in classrooms. The 24 hr. "Fever         Please call during school hours if other arrangements
 Free" policy will be enforced if your child is sent        need to be made.
 back to school in less than 24 hrs after a recorded fe-
 ver. This is a significant help in overall school
 health. A fever indicates that the body is fighting in- HEALTH AND PHYSICAL FORMS are available
 fection, and is the most contagious period of an           at the district website
 illness. Hand washing of course, is still the most
 important way to stop the spread of illness, and we all

 Pre-holiday cleaning? Donations wanted!                                        NEEDED:
 Set aside a box for your surplus household goods, extra              NURSE SUBSTITUTES!
 decorations and outgrown clothing for the Fantastic Finds    Penfield School District is in need of nurse substi-
 Sale to benefit the Penfield High School Forum!             tutes. Looking for part-time work with flexible day?
                                                             Please contact Personnel Office on 249-5727.
 Donation welcomed at Penfield High School Commons
 area (follow the signs):
 Thurs. Jan. 29th 3pm-9pm & Friday Jan. 30th 9 am-3pm
 And remember to shop at the sale on Saturday, January
 31st 9am-4pm! Questions? Call Patty 670-0017
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                                Stressed Out with Holiday Shopping?
                                      Have the Best of Both Worlds!
   Put your feet up and buy cookbooks from home and proceeds help fund pro-
                            grams for your students!

Over 200 taste tested recipes from the Harris Hill Family were collected and published in a cookbook last spring.         Please
consider supporting this PTA fundraiser!
 For the bargain price of $5 per book, you gain some great recipes! Don’t cook? How about a holiday gift, a nice mem-
ory item for your kids when they are out on their own, or be the quintessential guest by preparing a recipe in
the book and giving the cookbook as a thank you gift for your hosts. Help support the many activities of the PTA and enjoy a
new taste treat too! If you’d rather not use the backpack system, Judi Carroll usually has cookbooks in the front office that
she will sell you directly (thanks Judi for your help!).

                  If you have any questions, call Marcia Vick at 377-0287 or send email to

         Make checks payable to Harris Hill PTA

          Please deliver _______ books to
         ______________________________________________ (Child’s Name)

         ______________________________________________ (Teacher’s Name)

          I have enclosed cash/check for $_________      ($5 each)

         Please put in an envelope marked PTA Mailbox – Cookbook Order.

                                          Thanks for your support of this fundraiser!
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Christmas Spooktacular ?!?!?!?!?                                        A special thanks to the following:
                                                                    Those who helped organize and execute the Spooktacu-
 I hope you are all enjoying a peaceful holiday season;
                                                                    lar: Dawn D’Agostino, Laura Simon, Lisa Dreste, Patty
and, that you prescribe to my school of thought: “better
                                                                    & Dennis Carroll, Marcia Vick, Paul & Donna Hess,
late than never”!!!
                                                                    Laurie Owens, Ruth & Ethan Aranov, and Nan Stell
 Congratulations to this year’s winners of the Halloween
                                                         Priscilla & Iveth Reynolds for once again organizing and
Spooktacular contest!! Principal Nelson, Mrs. Pieramico,
                                                         executing the haunted room.
and Mrs. Findlay judged the 7:00 p.m. contest. The win-
ners were as follows:                                    Boy Scout Troop 9, Girl Scout Troop 812,
Funniest: Mackenzie Chase, money/dollar costume          Face painters, Elizabeth Jennings & Alyssa Wurzburg
Scariest: Grace Piampiano, as a little witch                A huge thanks goes out to all of our volunteers: Kim
                                                           Guche, Eileen Henwood, Rhonda Rossman, Lori Joensen,
Most Original: Alyssa Wishart, as a marionette puppet Patti Marks, Lisa & Maria Sykes, Angie Farrell, Jane Pat-
Best: Jordan Silver, Horse costume                         rick, Renu Weerasinghe, Deb McCord, Lucy Webb, Amy
 Mrs. Leakey, Mrs. Pieramico, and Mr. Solomon judged Solie, Carla & Kayla Herbst, Minh Toag, Melissa Aman,
the 8:30 p.m. contest. The winners were as follows:        Monica Argento, Brigette & Taylor Nikolevski, Mariann
Funniest: Ari Aranov and Karl Hetzke, an organ grinder & Christina Walter, Carolyn Robbins, Nancy Caterisano,
and his monkey                                             Maggie Angeline, Karen Smith, Jeff Swarthout, Beth
                                                           Gawronski, Tina Davis, Brittany Rae, Diana Dressler,
Scariest: Tucker Rae, a grim reaper costume                Joanne Morris, Pam & Jeff Gambrill, Mike Simon, Laura
Most Original: Alexis Klintworth, as an ostritch jockey Payne-Bourcy, Susan Giuseppetti, Susan Regruit, Debbie
                                                           Hotto, Adrianna & Stephanie Hoppe, Cathie Corrado,
Best: Jenna Joensen, sandwich costume
                                                           Barbara Ross, Amy Cutrona, Beth Klintworth, Bonnie
 Thank you, to our judges, they really had a hard time de- Quitsch, Sue Sugnet, Jackie Beckerman, Barb Baumer,
ciding amongst all the wonderful costumes!                 Mary Tantillo, Darlene Bullock, Greg Owens, Mike

    Brought to you by Common Sense                                      3. How is the ad trying to sell you that product? Example: Talk
                                                                        about how the cigarette smoker is portrayed (healthy, attractive
  A National PTA initiative to raise kids alcohol and drug free.        smile, popular, enjoying life) and compare it with the realities of
                                                                        smoking (negative health effects, yellow fingers, smoky-smelling
                                                                        clothes, bad breath).
   MediaWatch is teaching children to think about media images.
 Media messages from TV, movies, music, billboards and adver-           "What Else Can I Do?" Media images can be powerful influ-
 tising are a daily part of our children's lives. Many of these mes-    ences. In addition to talking with your children about the mes-
  sages communicate misleading ideas of what's "cool" or what it        sages around them, you can take these steps:
means to be grown up. When you see smoking, drinking and drug
 use in the media, talk about it with your children and guide them      o Combat media images with your own example of responsible
in taking a critical look at how cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs    behavior.
  are portrayed. Talking about images that promote the use of to-
 bacco, alcohol and other drugs can help children correctly inter-
                                                                        o Let your child know you have high expectations for appropriate
     pret these messages. The questions below will help you get
                                                                        behavior from him/her, too.
   started, but you'll want to adapt your discussion to your child's
 age and level of knowledge. Remember to always talk with your
  child, don't lecture. Ask questions, listen to his or her ideas and   o Do not purchase products whose advertisements glamorize the
                        give positive feedback.                         use of alcohol and other drugs.
                       Discuss these Questions:
                                                                        o Write to the companies, sponsors, publications and networks
1. What is that TV ad (billboard, etc.) trying to sell you?             that air/print advertising you object to and tell them what you
2. Is that product good for you?
           Penfield SEPTA is pleased to announce our January program.
                            Join us on January 15 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm
                                at the Bay Trail Library for a look at the
                    Continuum of Services offered at Penfield Schools.
                                           The presenters will be
                    Gwenda Buckman,Director of Elementary Special Education
                                                Karen Eaton,
                               Director of Secondary Special Education.
               The presentation will be followed by a question and answer period.

                          Penfield Central School District
               Budget Decisions Proposals and Hearings for 2004-2005

Date         Budget Activity
9/23/03      Board adopts Goals for 2002-2003
11/4/03      Board Reviews Enrollment Projections for 2003-04.
11/18/03     Board adopts Budget Assumptions and Guidelines
            Audit Report Presentation
01/13/04     Review of the Administrative Portion of the Budget
             Board of Education , Central Administration, Finance, Legal, Personnel, Public Information, Insurance,
            School Association Dues, Assessments, Curriculum Development, Supervision, Research, Evaluation and
            Planning census
01/27/04    Review of the Capital Component of the Budget
            Buildings and Grounds, Transportation including Bus Purchase, Debt Service
02/10/04    Review of the Instructional Components of the Budget – Program 1
            Staff Development, Students with Disabilities, School Counselor, Health Services, Psychological Services, Social
            Work Services
03/09/04     Review of the Instructional Component of the Budget Continues – Program 2
            BOCES, Regular School, Occupational Education, School Library and AV, Computer Assisted Instruction
            CoCurricular, Interschool Athletics, All Programs
03/18/04    Petitions Due for Budget Amendments
03/23/04    Revenue and Fund Balance
04/06/04    Approve and Adopt Budget
04/19/04    Petitions Due for Board of Education Candidates
05/04/04     Hearing on Budget & Regular Meeting
05/05/04     Mail Budget Newsletter
05/18/04     Vote

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