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					                                 Recycling on holidays
Immediate Release                                                                       10 November 2008

It‟s getting closer to summer holiday time and many people pack up and head for the Murray River or
other relaxing camping spots in the many parks and reserves managed by Parks Victoria.

Spending time in the great outdoors is a fantastic way to relax and unwind, as well as enjoy the
documented health benefits that come from having contact with nature. Looking after our parks and
reserves and ensuring they are special places to visit is one way of looking after our own health.

Keeping our parks and rivers clean is a big part of looking after the environment! While you are
enjoying your holiday you can help to do this by recycling and reducing the amount of waste you need
to take away for disposal.

“Reducing the amount of waste you generate on holidays is the best way to keep the Murray River litter
free,” said Ranger in Charge Kane Weeks.

Here are some simple tips to help you have a rubbish free holiday:
   o Plan before you leave home to minimise or avoid waste as much as possible.
   o When purchasing supplies look for bulk packaging and avoid individual packets and wrappers
   o Take plenty of reusable containers and store any food in them
   o Use reusable plates, bowls, cups and cutlery – it will save you money and also reduce rubbish
   o Say „no‟ to plastic bags and take your own reusable bags or ask for a box
   o Buy fresh produce that comes in its own compostable packaging to take home and compost
   o Pack some garbage bags with you – some for your rubbish and some for your recyclables.

When you pack up your camping site along the Murray River, you‟re encouraged to sort your rubbish
and recycle as much of it as you can!

Transfer stations and landfill facilities are available in many towns right along the Murray River where
you can easily dispose of your waste and recyclables. Many of the parks along the River have signage
advising the location of the nearest transfer station or landfill, or you can check with the local council.

If you simply separate out your recyclable materials you can reduce the amount of waste you have to
pay to dispose of. You can recycle the following items at transfer stations and landfills: aluminium
cans, steel cans, glass bottles and jars, paper and cardboard, and plastics (codes 1-7).

Encouraging more responsible waste management is part of a range of efforts by multiple land
management agencies and councils that make up the Murray River Litter Management Taskforce,
which aims to minimise the impacts of campers and day visitors who come to the region in the holiday

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