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                                               AUGUST 2009
Oakham July Meeting                                                 small loaves. The hotly fought contest
Our first attempt at a fish and chip                                was won by Bridget and her team. The
supper was a little frantic as it took                              raffle was drawn, but still no sign of the
longer than expected to sort orders,                                small (or medium) fishes – perhaps
money and then a mad dash to the chip                               Gwen was struggling with the potato
shop. If we attempt another fish and                                peeler and Tony becalmed on Rutland
chip evening next year it would be                                  Water?
easier to pre-order so that everything                              We were just contemplating eating the
was ready to collect from the chip shop                             raffle prize jelly babies when a
at the beginning of the meeting –                                   tremendous cheer announced the
however during the wait Kate and Harry                              arrival of Tony, staggering up the path,
came to rescue with a quiz, this created                            weighed down with plastic bags – “Small
so much noise in the room no one could                              fish and small chips, scampi and large
hear their mobile phone ringing when I                              chips, small fish and peas” – all eagerly
was trying to contact from the chip                                 but orderly claimed. Two further trips
shop for someone to come and collect                                for the chips completed the orders and
the order. However, when I eventually                               Gwen and Tony returned for a well
returned everyone appeared to have had                              deserved glass of wine.
a good time.                                                        A great fun evening, enjoyed by all. Now,
Can‟t wait for the August meeting as                                when do we do it again? Can we wait
Harry is bringing along his keyboard for                            until next year?
everyone to have a sing-along evening.
                                                                    Melton July Meeting
Thanks to Kate for the report..                                     Thanks to Don for the report….
I arrived at the meeting ravenous and                               Hasn‟t it been a scorcher? It‟s OK trying
looking forward to a fish and chip                                  to keep cool in the daytime, at night it‟s
supper, to find a room full of equally                              pretty impossible. Relief is at hand, the
hungry members, knives and forks at                                 forecast is for warm weather but less
the ready. I spotted Gwen calmly                                    humid, which is good news for us
trawling for orders and cash (with order,                           mortals who can‟t stand the heat, but
please, no C.O.D.), before she scurried                             with apologies to the sun worshippers.
off with Tony, our chirpy delivery                                  Tony lent me a book today which
chappie, to the local chippie. The rest of                          bought back memories of long ago. We
us sat and waited patiently, chatting                               were both in Egypt during the forgotten
and listening to the odd rumble of                                  Suez conflict from 1951 to 1955 when
thunder – from anxious tummies.                                     many good men and women lost there
The wine waiters were kept busy and                                          lives. The book was about this
the proverbial quiz kept the company‟s                                       time, and the fight the Veterans
brains ticking, despite the lack of food                                     had to get a campaign medal, it
to feed the grey matter, other than five                                     was a long fight but one was
eventually awarded albeit 50 years late.   Oakham Coffee Morning
Tony and I both have one which we          The next Coffee morning will be held at The
proudly wear when the opportunity          Parks School Oakham LE15 6NR on Friday
arises.                                    18 September 10.00 a.m. to 12 midday.
Now to the business in hand, we had a      Everyone welcome.
very good turnout for the meeting and
as I said to Angela everyone finishes in   Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.
a different seat to which they start, so   Please keep saving your postage stamps
we must talk to lots of our friends.       and postcards for the Hearing Dogs for
Eileen excelled herself; we had our tea    Deaf People to give to our visiting
made in a teapot with the milk in a jug    speaker in the Autumn.
you can‟t get any posher than that
Thanks Eileen. Eileen read out a letter    Information from John A….
from Tracy thanking us for the use of      Like Marjorie and I, you have checked
our parking pass to the LRI.               into a hotel and they eventually give you
We were sorry George was not well          the key to your room. It is not at all like
enough to come to the meeting, we wish     the traditional key. This one is A HOTEL
him well and hope to see him in August.    MAGNETIC KEY CARD! I cannot keep
Olga did the raffle and made more than     typing that all the time so it is now a
enough to pay for the room rental.         HMKC!
We had a long discussion about the logo
to go on the 10th anniversary badge,       Anyway, have you ever wondered what
some logos were passed round which         information is on your HMKC? Well
were sent by Joe, Thanks Joe. Some         gather round and I will inform you!
very useful suggestions were made by
Jane and Mavis. Mavis is soon to have      First of all there is your name or as they
her second knee done we hope               put it, customer's name.
everything goes well.                      Then there is your partial home
More suggestions would be very             address, enough for anyone to find you,
welcome from members for the badge         all right so far?
logos, it was decided the badge doesn‟t
want to be too large so as to go on a      Oh! and then your room number along
ladies coat. Some of us are taking         with your check in and check out dates;
existing badges we have to the next        so whoever reads the HMKC knows
meeting to compare size and shape.         where you will be for a particular period
Margaret had a count up and we             of time.
eventually sat down at the eating house
with 14 members for a very nice lunch.     The last portion of data reveals your
See you all at the Samworth centre on      credit card number and expiry date!
6th August, our holiday to the Norfolk
Broads will be over by then.               Let us fast forward now to when you are
                                           leaving the hotel. You hand in the card
Thought for the Day                        and all your personal information is
                                           available for any employee to access by
You have to get up in the morning with     simply scanning the card into the hotel
the determination you are going to bed     scanner.
with satisfaction.                         An employee can take a handful of
                                           HMKCs home, where he or she can use
Utrinque Paratus                           their own scanning device to access
                                           all the information onto a computer and
( Ready for anything)                      go shopping at your expense!
Simply put, hotels do not erase the                     1 cup strong tea (1/2
information on the Hotel Magnetic Key                   pint)                   )
Cards until an employee reissues the                    I use a fruit flavoured
card to the next hotel guest. At that                   tea                      )
time the new guest's information is
'electronically overwritten' on the card                NEXT DAY MIX IN-
and the previous guest's information is                 7 ozs S.R. flour
erased in that manner. But until the                    1 beaten egg
card is rewritten, it is usually kept in a
drawer at the front desk with YOUR                      Put into lined and greased 2lb loaf tin.
INFORMATION STILL ON IT!                                Bake in fan oven at 140c for 1hr
The bottom line is this: KEEP THE
HOTEL MAGNETIC KEY CARD. NEVER                          Slice and butter when cold.
LEAVE IT IN THE ROOM. AND MOST                          (well it was fatless until the butter went on!!!!!)
THE HOTEL.                                              To make you laugh from John
The hotel will not charge you for the                   M….
HMKC. By taking the your own card                               Morris and his wife Esther went
away with you there is no chance of                             to the state fair every year,
leaving valuable personal information                           And every year Morris would say,
behind which can easily be lifted off as                        'Esther, I‟d like to ride in that
described above.                                                helicopter.';
                                                                Esther always replied,
For the same reasons if you arrive at                           'I know Morris, but that
the airport, railway station, are picked                        helicopter ride is fifty dollars,
up by taxi or a friend and you discover                         And fifty dollars is fifty dollars'
that you still have the hotel card; do not
put it in the nearest rubbish bin. Take                         One year Esther and Morris went
it home with you and destroy it by                              to the fair, and Morris said,
cutting it up, not forgetting to shred the                      'Esther, I'm 85 years old.
electronic information strip in                                 If I don't ride that helicopter, I
particular. If you have a small magnet,                         might never get another chance.'
pass the magnet over the magnetic strip                         To this, Esther replied,
several times.                                                  'Morris that helicopter ride is fifty
                                                                dollars, and fifty dollars is fifty
There you are a tip for the travellers                          dollars.'
amongst us. Me? I am staying home
and I will let myself in when I find                            The pilot overheard the couple
that blasted key, I know I have it                              and said,
somewhere............................................           'Folks I'll make you a deal. I'll
.....!                                                          take the both of you for a ride. If
                                                                you can stay quiet for the entire
 Recipe for the ……                                              ride and don't say a word I won't
FATLESS FRUIT TEA LOAF which was                                charge you a penny!
so popular at the coffee morning.                               But if you say one word its fifty
1lb mixed dried fruit; add cherries if
liked)                                                          Morris and Esther agreed and up
6 ozs Demerara                                                  they went.
sugar                       ) SOAK                              The pilot did all kinds of fancy
         manoeuvres, but not a word was
         He did his daredevil tricks over                           Committee Meeting – .
         and over again,                                            The date of the next committee meeting is
         But still not a word.                                      on Wednesday 30th September 7 p.m. at
                                                                    Tony‟s house.
         When they landed, the pilot
         turned to Morris and said,                                 Group Meetings
                                                                    Oakham evening meetings are held on the
         'By golly, I did everything I could
                                                                    2nd Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm at
         to get you to yell out, but you                            Voluntary Action Rutland, Oakham (behind
         didn't.                                                    Rutland College on the Barleythorpe Road)
         I'm impressed!'                                            Melton Mowbray daytime meetings are held
                                                                    on the 1st Thursday of each month between
         Morris replied,                                            10am and 12 noon in an upstairs room at
         'Well, to tell you the truth,                              the Samworth Centre in Melton Mowbray
         I almost said something when
         Esther fell out,                                           Parking Ticket for LRI
         But you know,                                              If you have an appointment due at the LRI
         Fifty dollars is fifty dollars!                            don‟t forget the parking tickets we have
                                                                    purchased for members use. Eileen holds
Group e-mail address and Web                                        the Melton pass and Tony/Marjorie has the
                                                                    Oakham pass.
You will see at the end of the newsletter the                       Items for the Newsletter
new Group e-mail address is                                         If you have any items of interest for the                                   newsletter, please could you let me have
We also have a Web Site if you „Google‟ the                         them by at the latest the 20th of the month,
group name our web site will come up.                               contact details are as follows:
                                                                    Group E-mail address:
Macmillan Nurse contact                                   
                                                                    Gwen - Tel: 01572 770289
The Rutland and Melton Macmillan Nurses,
are based in Melton Mowbray their contact
telephone numbers are 01664 854818
The Macmillan Benefits number is 0808
801 0304 this is a free telephone number
and their advisors will help you with
financial problems.

Remember – you don’t have to cope alone. You are most welcome to attend out
meetings and social events to meet old friends and make new ones, or just ring us for a
                                           R & M Group Contacts
              Marjorie 01572 722311 -Tony 01572 724375 - Eileen 01664 850226