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1. To elect the Chairman and receive the signed Declaration of Acceptance of Office.
Cllr. Mark Robson was proposed by Cllr. Austin and seconded by Cllr. Stratton. There were no
other nominations. Cllr. Robson was duly elected Chairman for 2008 - 2009 and signed the
Declaration of Office.

2. Apologies for Absence.
Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr. A. Turner and NY Police.

3. To elect the Vice Chairman.
Cllr. Peter Bardon was proposed by Cllr. Chapman and seconded by Cllr. Stratton. There were
no other nominations and Cllr. Bardon was duly elected Vice Chairman for 2008 - 2009.

4. Appointment of Members to Committees.
Members were appointed as per the pro-forma.


The Chairman welcomed Cllr. Murkett after his long absence, due to illness.

1. Apologies for Absence.
Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr. A. Turner and NY Police.
2. To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meeting held on 10 April 2008.
The minutes were approved and signed with the addition of an omission that Council agreed to
allow Oswald’s to place their A Board on the Village Green for a period of six months when the
permission would be reviewed. It was agreed that the board should not be displayed when the
restaurant was closed.

3. North Yorkshire Police.
There was no report or representative from NY Police.

4. To receive the report from County Councillor W. Barton on items of relevance to
Sowerby and Thirsk.
County Councillor Barton was concerned about speeding on Station Road. Cllr. Robson noted
that the 30mph limit was moved further away from the new housing development before the end
of April.

5. To receive reports from District Councillors.
Cllr. Murkett reported that at a recent meeting of the Audit and Governance Committee, members
had accepted a proposal to seriously consider introducing a means by which Hambleton
residents could purchase a licence to provide free parking, should parking fees be introduced.
Cllr. Robson reported that the Citizenship and Overview Committee will be having a name
change and that Development Control will be known as Development Management. He reported
that the proposed development at Bridge Garage had been refused.

6. To Discuss Matters Arising
6:1 Work near the Vicarage. The matter of a plaque was ongoing.
6:2 The Pines. An acknowledgement that matters of concern raised by Mr Cartridge had been
passed to the Enforcement Officer, had been received from Mr Cann.
6:3 Thirsk Clock Enforcement Notice. Cllr. Evans would check that the HDC website had been
updated in line with Mr Cann’s assurance that it had been done.
6:4 Dog Fouling. Councillors reiterated their belief that it was time that there were some
prosecutions of irresponsible dog owners. The Clerk would write to HDC requesting a report
regarding visits by the Dog Warden and a list of any action taken.
6:5 Belgrave Terrace. The Chairman reported that there were now two bins being left at the road
6:6 Mowbray Terrace. The overgrown hedge had been tidied up.
6:7 Recycling. There was some improvement in the collection of recyclable material, but some
areas continued to get missed. There was a request that more types of plastic be collected and
the Chairman was asked to find out if it was vital that the material had to be sorted at the point of
6:8 Fly tipping. The problem was increasing on the road to the tip. Cllr. Barton offered to visit the
area with a County Council Officer to try to get the rubbish removed.
6:9 Green Lane West. Cllr. Robson reiterated that the white van would be removed soon.
6:10 Blakey Bridge. Cllr. Robson reported that the order to place the sensors had been approved
and he expected that work would begin in two weeks.
6:11 Litter Picking. Three Councillors, the Clerk and the wife of another Councillor had braved
very wet weather and in an hour had cleared up thirteen bags full of rubbish from the area around
the Thircon roundabout. It was decided that a regular litter pick would take place on the third
Thursday of each month at 7pm and it was hoped that members of the Community, including
young people, would join in and also suggest places in need of a clean.
6:12 Proposed Play Area Fence. Cllr. Robson told the meeting that at 2 metres in height the
proposed fence did not require planning permission. The design of the posts with a flat top had
been approved by RoSPA and therefore having finials on the top was not a possibility. Cllr.
Austin informed the meeting that a number of residents were in full support of the proposed
fence. However a letter of complaint had been received from the occupants of six dwellings on
Sowerby Road. It was noted that many of their own hedges were more than 2 metres in height.
Councillors felt that these complainants and others, including those in the press, were short
sighted and were not offering any solution to a very difficult problem. It was felt that nothing
would devalue property more, than a noisy neighbour. It was made clear that the new fence
would go ahead with the full agreement of the Council.
6:13 Joan Maynard Lecture. The lecture by Hilary Benn MP had been well attended with the
donations being given to Thirsk Clock.
6:14 Parking at Town End. It was noted the situation had improved.

7. Planning Applications.
7a     Decisions.
See updated pro-forma.
7b     New Applications.
See updated pro forma.

8. Financial Matters.
       8a      Receipts. As tabled.
       8b      Payments for approval. The payments were approved as tabled. The Clerk
       noted that cheque101308 had been made void as it had been issued in error.

9. Correspondence.
HDC Thirsk Designated Public Place Signs. It was expected that the signs would be in place in
YLCA Electronic Consultation of Planning Applications.
YLCA Councillor Training Programme.
Thirsk Clock. Request for an invitation for Manager and Trustee to attend a Council Meeting. An
invitation will be sent for the July meeting.
Thirsk School. Response re litter.
Thomas the Baker. Response re litter.
HDC. Standards Committee. Appointment of Parish Council Representatives.
HDC. Spread the News. Distributors sought for Hambleton News.
Thirsk8 Park Committee. Meeting 15 May. 7pm. TRI office. Cllr. Chapman and Cllr Robson
will attend a meeting about a possible new skatepark.
Some residents of Sowerby Road. Re fence around Play Area.
NYCC. Response to Cllr. Turner’s complaints re new procedures at the tip.
Oswald’s. Thanks for permission to site the A Board on the Village Green.
YLCA. Notice about Government Survey on e planning.

10. Sub-Committees.
     Attention will be given to marking the retirement of Mr Chris Lewis, Headmaster of Thirsk
       School, in an appropriate manner.
     Sowerby CP School. Cllr. Stratton reported that an Ofsted Inspection was in progress.
     Community Care Association. Cllr. Kendall had attended the AGM. She reported that
       the Community Room had been let to a Home Care Group and that the Association was
       very keen to raise awareness of their work within the community.
     Conservation Area Group. Cllr. Storm advised that the next meeting would be on 13

       May 2008.

11. Any Other Business.
     Cllr. Chapman asked if the seat which used to be outside Sowerby CP School could be
       replaced. Cllr. Stratton offered to check with the school before reinstatement was
     Cllr. Murkett requested that the wooden slats be replaced on a bench on Blakey Lane.
     Cllr. Storm handed in comments regarding the Thirsk Transport Strategy.
     Cllr. Stratton requested more rubbish bins on the Flatts Walk and Cycleway. He also
       reported a large amount of smashed glass around the Primary School.
     Cllr. Robson reported that residents of Sandholme Lane will cease to have their rubbish
       collected if the surface of the lane is not improved by 19 May. The residents have tried
       to repair it and he commented that in his opinion, the surface was now no worse than that
       on some of the roads off Topcliffe Road.

Next Meeting: 12th June 2008 at 7.30pm

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 21.00 hrs.

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