Dear my lovely mom_ ______ by decree


									Dear my lovely mom, _________

I am really happy when you become my foster mom. I love you very much. I
always pray to have good foster parent and now my dream comes true. I am very
happy, nothing to compare.

When you left ________, I miss you and I never miss someone like this before.
When I miss you, I see your souvenir. Why do I feel like this? Are you at home
now? I am waiting for your letter. Please send me your photo to me when ______
come next month. I want to see you. I have kept your gift very well, especially
your sandal. I washed it and keep it till you come to visit me again. I was very
warm in my life when you hugged and kissed me. because my mother died since
I was young, so I lived with my grand mother then she passed away. And my
brothers and sisters lived away each other. Fortunately, my neighbor knew this
Center and sent us here.

I also want to thank to aunt Nancy that introduced me to you. Mom _____
introduced to aunt Nancy when we went to Phnom Penh and we have emailed
each other and she give me many good advises. I would like to thank you that
get me to be your foster daughter and support me until I graduate from high
school to succeed my goal in my life and get bright future. I try to study and I
don’t want you to be disappointed in me. I will try all my best.

When, I came back from the tour at Angkor Watt, my teacher gave me the tests
about tourism and culture in Cambodia then I wrote clearly about what I saw
there. This is the first time to see by my own eyes of Angkor Watt. It is the
wonderful heritage in the world. I know what you said to me, but I can’t open my
mouth with English. I want to speak a lot with you. I know how you felt, and you
love me.

Lastly, Merry Christmas! During Merry Christmas, I would like to wish you and
your family health, prosperities, wealth, happiness and success in you life. I’d
also like to send all my love and my best regards to you all. I love you and your
family so much although we are far way from each other though your family still
be in my deeply heart.

Don’t forget to send me photos, because I miss you so much. This love is love,
what love I love want love say love to love you love I love, miss love you love so
love much. Please read again without love.

I miss you every day and every time. I send kisses cross-ocean and other

Your lovely daughter,


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