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									Let's Talk Rubbish
Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

Great opportunities to save money with recycle for Cheshire

Discover the benefits of home composting
Love Food Hate Waste
HWRC Recycling Rates Up 30%

Money saving tips from Recycle for Cheshire

Household Waste Recycling Centres - you‟ll be amazed what you can recycle!
Recycling rates at Cheshire‟s 16 Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC) have rocketed
during 2008, with all sites now recycling over 60% of the waste they receive. Since HW Martin
Waste took over the operation and maintenance of the HWRC sites in February, the way in
which our sites operate has changed remarkably.

If you have visited your local site recently you will have noticed the expanded range of
materials that can now be recycled on site. This combined with a fresh approach to the way
the sites are run has enabled sites to increase the amount they recycle by over 30% on last
year. The HWRC sites are much more user friendly than in the past and run by a team of
eager recycling advisors, ready to help you unload your vehicle and advise on what can be

Rob Mellor, a recycling advisor from HW Martin says “We are really trying to make a
difference to the way people view and use their local HWRC. Many people are surprised
when they realise that they can recycle so much when they visit our site. Gone are the days
when we can throw everything into a big skip and send it off to landfill. Now we recycle as
much as possible, from paper and glass to textiles and electrical items”

If you consider that Cheshire‟s HWRC sites take in around a quarter of all household waste
produced in Cheshire every year, the new attitude to recycling at our sites is making a
significant contribution to the overall level of recycling in Cheshire which now stands at 40%.
By recycling more, this means that much less material is being sent to landfill where it
produces harmful greenhouse gases such as methane.

So the next time you are thinking of visiting your local HWRC site, separate your waste and
think about what you can recycle. If in doubt ask one of the recycling advisors on site for
information and assistance.

For more information on what you can recycle, or to find out where your nearest Household
Waste Recycling Centre is, visit

Shop greener & wiser
The average person uses 300 plastic carrier bags each year. By switching to a bag for
life you will be preventing these bags ending up in landfill, or from littering the

By choosing a reusable bag you could also be earning yourself extra reward points as some
supermarkets are offering point rewards for using your own reusable bags. There will also be
opportunities to save money in those shops that choose to charge for plastic carrier bags.
Limited edition Cheshire Year of Garden‟s 08 bags for
life are available at all Cheshire libraries for £2.
Have you clicked yet?
Have you visited the recycle for Cheshire website? Since the website was launched
last December the site has received over 4,000 visits.

It‟s full of information to help you reduce, reuse and recycle your rubbish. Put the address in
your favourites list and check regularly for new and interesting information. You can find
further information about any of the campaigns mentioned above.
This Christmas the site will contain details of how to recycle your Christmas Trees and
Christmas Cards.

Go green and get REAL NAPPY Advice that could save you hundreds of pounds!

Survey results show that the main reasons parents choose real nappies are to save money
and to help the environment. By choosing real nappies parents can save around £500,
compared with the cost of using disposables.

The Cheshire Real Nappy Network has recently conducted a survey with parents who have
benefited from one of Cheshire‟s real nappy incentive schemes.
The results show that REAL NAPPY ADVICE is an important factor in helping
choose the right re-usable nappy to suit their needs.

Interested in using reusable nappies or looking for advice?

There is no need to be confused by the choice of nappies available. The Cheshire Real
Nappy Network offers free, friendly, impartial advice. Advisors located throughout Cheshire
can answer any questions; no matter how basic you may think they are we can guarantee
they‟ve all been asked before! Alternatively, you can learn more about the types of real
nappies available by watching our new DVD, available free, by emailing

Contact your local Real Nappy Adviser:

Cheshire-wide advice: Lizzies Real Nappies on 01244 346 797

Cotton Tails Laundry service on 0151 355 9914

For Chester area: Katie Millard on 01244 314525

For Frodsham & Helsby : Anne-Marie at Frodsham & Helsby Real Nappy Group, on 01928

For Macclesfield & East Cheshire: Contact Vicki Jordan at East Cheshire Real Nappy Group
(Macclesfield) on 01663 766192

For Northwich area: Contact Catherine Kenny at Northwich

Real Nappy User Group:


Full results from our survey will appear on Cheshire County Councils website shortly.

Black Gold: turn your organic waste into compost from as little as £8!
More and more people in Cheshire are discovering the benefits of home composting,
helped by a fantastic range of subsidised Home Composting bins from Cheshire
County Council.
Composting reduces the amount of organic waste sent to landfill, where it produces harmful
greenhouse gases like methane. As well as the obvious environmental benefits of
composting, it will also save you money, as it can be used for potting, as a soil improver and
even a garden mulch.

Composting is really easy – it just requires a mix of „Green‟ materials (grass cuttings, fruit and
veg peelings, tea bags etc) and „Brown‟ materials (cardboard, woody garden clippings,
shredded paper etc) and then nature does the rest.
In a matter of months, your waste transforms into nutrient rich compost!
If you would like to start composting, Cheshire householders can purchase a bargain compost
bin from as little as £8. For more information on composting and how you can get a cheap bin
delivered directly to your home, visit

Master Composters
Our Master Composter volunteers are out and about in Cheshire giving advice on the
benefits of composting, as well as handy hints and tips.

22 volunteers took part in the two day Master Composter training course in September and
will now get involved with their local communities to talk about the many benefits of home
composting and how to do it well.

They are part of a joint project between Cheshire County Council and Garden Organic to
promote home composting.

If you would like them to attend an event or give a talk to your local group, please contact
Annelise Brilli on 01244 973170 or email

Recycle your Furniture and Appliances to help others
Do you have excess furniture and appliances you just haven’t got round to recycling?

Cheshire Furniture Re-use Forum can help you to help others. They will collect good quality
furniture and electrical appliances from your home and use them to help others in your local

The Cheshire Furniture Re-use Forum is a network of 14 not-for-profit Furniture Re-use
Projects working in Cheshire supported by the Cheshire Waste Partnership. The Projects use
furniture and electrical appliances you donate to help low income families.

Last year the Forum helped over 46,000 people to furnish their homes; in doing so they also
provided 240 local volunteer placements and reused 652 tonnes of furniture that otherwise
would have gone to Cheshire Landfill sites. That‟s the equivalent of laying 29,600 mattresses
end to end – or further than Chester to Congleton! For all this work, the Forum has won two
national awards in the last year for its work.

The Forum relies on donations of items such as beds*, cots, wardrobes, tables & chairs,
sofas*, washing machines, cookers and fridges. Electrical items must be in good working
order. You can also drop off smaller items at projects such as curtains & bedding.

For more information on donating items to your local project, visit
where you can see the difference the forum’s work makes by viewing their DVD.

*These items can only be accepted by the projects if they have fire retardant warning labels
on them.

JRO Reunited!
Calling all past Junior Recycling Officers...
Were you a Junior Recycling Officer in Cheshire between 1993 and 2008?
Recycle for Cheshire is proud to celebrate 15 years of the Junior Recycling Club! The club
was started in 1993 in Cheshire Primary and Junior Schools. Each year the schools nominate
up to 2 Junior Recycling Officers to persuade their school, friends and family to use the 3R‟s:
Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. We are inviting all past Junior Recycling Officers to help
celebrate the success of the scheme and join in with building a giant pyramidal sculpture at
the Tennants Hall,
Tatton Park!

Our Junior Recycling Officer of the Year finalists will begin to construct the huge tetrahedron
and past JROs are invited to drop in during the afternoon to add their contribution to the

Everyone is invited to include a brief memory of their time in the Junior Recycling Club and a
phrase which indicates how their life has been influenced by being a Junior Recycling Officer.

This amazing Reunion (JRO Reunited!) will take place in March 2009 after the finals for the
Junior Recycling Officer of the Year.

If you were a past Junior Recycling Officer and would like to come along to the event, please
email: with your name, the school you attended, in what
year you were a JRO and who your head teacher was.

Call 01244 973574 for further information.

We would love to hear from you and hope you will join us in this unique celebration.

Meal Ideas
Check out our 1 week meal planner to give you some ideas for using up leftovers and time
saver recipes.

Details for each recipe can be found by visiting

Sunday - Roast Chicken
Cook Once, eat twice.
Leftovers can make another meal later in the week.

Monday – Sweet & Sour Chicken Stir Fry
A delicious way to use up leftover meat from a Sunday Roast or can be made using frozen
chicken strips of chicken breast; you can add them to this recipe straight from the freezer.
Make sure they are well cooked through and piping hot. Accompany this dish with broccoli
and rice.

Tuesday - Carrot & Sweetcorn Baked Potatoes
Use up any veg left from Sunday‟s roast.
Children will love this sweetened version of a baked potato. Baked potatoes are great for
using up any vegetable leftovers like carrots, peppers, tomatoes, and spring onions.

Wednesday – Tuna Pasta Bake
It‟s a great standby to have on your list of dishes to do when you have nothing in the fridge as
all the ingredients can be found in your store cupboard or freezer.
Can also be made with other canned fish like salmon or sardines, or flake in smoked trout or
cooked salmon fillet. Use any pasta that you have in the store cupboard but bows, penne or
macaroni work best.

Thursday – Toad in the Hole
Cook extra Sausages for tomorrows packed lunch. Experiment with adding other leftovers
such as cheese, herbs, bacon and mustard into the batter.
Friday - Moussaka
Freeze half to use for a future quick winner. If you have cooked up this batch recipe ahead of
time it is a great comforting recipe to have ready and waiting in the freezer. Just remember to
take it out of the freezer in the morning, so all you will need to do is pop it in the oven.
This is a good recipe for adding left over potatoes and vegetables. By scrubbing the potatoes
and not peeling them you are saving on excess waste, also a lot of the nutrients come from
the potato skin.

Saturday – Golden Shepherd’s Pie
Make double the amount & freeze the second dish for a meal next week.
If you have fussy children this is a great recipe for getting them to eat vegetables without
them noticing.

Would you like an extra £420 in your pocket each year?
That is how much money the average household throws away annually in food it paid
for but didn’t get around to eating; more if you have children - £610.
This is all food that could have been eaten. Shocking isn’t it?

Every household has the ability to be better off, right now, and it starts in your kitchen!
If you want to save money and feed yourself, not the bin, Love Food Hate Waste has come
up with five easy ways to get started.

1        Get Familiar with your fridge and friendly with your freezer
•        Check “Use By” dates and if you won‟t get round to eating the foods - pop them in the
freezer for another day.
•        Keep fresh fruit, vegetables and salad in the fridge and they can last up to two weeks

2       Store cupboard Savvy
•       Keep your cupboards stocked with a variety of canned and dried goods such as
tinned beans, dried fruit, pasta, noodles & rice, which have a long shelf life - you will always
have the ingredients standing by to pull together a delicious meal or to jazz up your leftovers.

3       Carb Control
•       Large amounts of basic staples such as bread, rice, potatoes and pasta end up in the
•       Are you cooking too much? A mug full of rice will serve 4 adults.
•       Sliced bread can be frozen and then used for breakfast toast.

4      Lovely Leftovers
•      Leftovers can make a great lunchbox for work and save money.
•      Be creative; leftovers from a Sunday roast can go into a risotto, salad, stir fry or
•      Don‟t throw out black bananas - mash them up and add cream for a super-quick
pudding the children will love.

5       It pays to plan
•       Before shopping, check the fridge and freezer so you don‟t buy what you already

Recycle for Cheshire - The county and district councils working in partnership together

Refuse and Recycling Kerbside Collections:
Chester City Council
01244 402 477
Congleton Borough Council
01270 529 590

Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council
0800 387491

Ellesmere Port and Neston Borough Council
0151 356 6797

Macclesfield Borough Council
01625 500 500

Vale Royal Borough Council
0800 435 199

Household Waste Recycling Centres:
0845 11 333 11

Home Composting Bin purchase:
0845 077 0757
Cheshire Furniture Reuse Forum:



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