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									Spelthorne Bulletin

      No. 87

  Summer 2009
Dear Residents,

We live in very trying times with the economic downturn still very
much affecting our daily lives. A lot of Borough residents will be
suffering the hardships of unemployment, anxiety over finances and
an uncertain future. I am very concerned at the impact this will have
on the quality of life for Spelthorne’s residents.

There has been a year on year rise in unemployment in the Borough
from 1% (March 2008) to 2.4% (March 2009). In April that figure rose
again. House building in Spelthorne continues to be relatively active
with a number of commercial schemes ready to begin.

We have created a special area on our website to help you find useful
information. Go to www.spelthorne.gov.uk/money_worries where
you will be able to obtain contact details for many useful
organisations. Age Concern Spelthorne will carry out home visits to
assess benefits and pension entitlement and carry out home energy
checks. For details contact Age Concern Spelthorne 01784
444200/211, www.ageconcernspelthorne.org.uk or the National
Helpline on 0800 009966. The Citizens Advice Bureau runs a help
desk at Staines County Court on a Thursday morning for people
facing possession claims for example. Talk to them on 01784 444220
or 01932 765041 in Sunbury.

Please call us if you have problems paying Council Tax. Don‟t
ignore it – it won‟t go away. Visit the Council Offices between 9am
and 4pm or call 01784 446374 or ring our housing staff on 01784

Don’t forget too, that the Council is determined to act quickly to get rid
of graffiti and you can call 01784 446326/446411 for a speedy
response. I am only too aware of the importance of representing your
interests and, as a Council, providing as much support as we can.
We are working hard to make sure Spelthorne has a secure future
and is a place you can be proud to live in.

Cllr John Packman, Council Leader
For more details please e-mail Cllr John Packman at
cllr.packman@spelthorne.gov.uk or write to Cllr John Packman,
Spelthorne Borough Council, Council Offices, Knowle Green, Staines,
TW18 1XB.

Meet the new Mayor
Councillor Caroline Spencer was elected Mayor at the Council AGM
on 21 May 2009 for the 2009/10 Municipal Year.

First elected to the Council in 2003, and again in 2007, Caroline
represents Ashford East. She has served on many committees,
chaired the Stanwell and Stanwell Moor Area Forum and is a member
of the Planning Committee.

Caroline serves on the Unit Management Committee of The Staines
and Egham Sea Cadets as marketing adviser and has also chaired
Spelthorne Neighbourhood Watch; Caroline has great interest in
voluntary groups.

Born near Battle in East Sussex, Caroline has lived in Spelthorne for
30 years with her husband Alan who has a local engineering
business. Caroline’s profession is Marketing, PR and IT.

The Mayor’s charities will be One-to-One, a friendship scheme in
Spelthorne for people with learning difficulties and Guiding in
Spelthorne, to support the work of the local Guiding community in
their efforts to develop skills and encourage a sense of responsibility
to others whilst having fun.

Caroline said: “It is a privilege to have been elected Mayor and I
am delighted. I will be promoting Spelthorne in the local
community wherever I go. I hope that during the coming year
with the help of residents, voluntary groups, businesses and
Spelthorne‟s partners I can continue to help build a stronger
community spirit, where people can be respected, gain respect
and engage with young people for the future, making Spelthorne
safer and a good place for all to live, work and play in.”
Contact the Mayor’s office on 01784 446275 or e-mail

Graffiti grant
Spelthorne Mayor Cllr. Caroline Spencer has used £284 of her Better
Neighbourhood Grant together with a personal donation of £66 to buy
additional graffiti removal kits for the Surrey Police Ashford Safer
Neighbourhood team.

These extra kits have been added to the two already held by Ashford
Police. Ashford residents can arrange to collect and borrow a kit free
of charge, use the contents to remove small amounts of graffiti from
their property and then return it for other residents to use.

Cllr Spencer said: “Keeping graffiti removal kits with Ashford
Police has proved to be very popular. Many residents have used
them, and I am pleased to have been able to buy more. Together,
local people, Surrey Police and the Council are determined to
put a stop to this offensive criminal behaviour”.

“Let‟s keep Ashford a safer place to live, work and play in.
Please report any acts of graffiti that you witness to the Police
on 0845 1252222. They will take action. Please don‟t ignore it.”

For more information please contact the Mayor’s office on 01784
446275 or e-mail mayor@spelthorne.gov.uk

Keep rubbish „down inside and out‟
Thanks to residents‟ continued efforts, recycling rates continue
to rise and we hope to reach our target of 33% within the next
few months.

Please be aware that we will only collect rubbish that fits inside your
bin. The following should be remembered:
down rubbish must fit into your bin with the lid closed. If the lid is
open your rubbish will not be collected.
inside all rubbish should be inside your bin, rubbish left outside your
bin will not be collected. This includes bags left on top of closed bin
out bins must be kerbside before 6am on the day of collection.

Extra rubbish?

All extra rubbish can be taken to the tip (Community Recycling
Centre) at Charlton Lane, Shepperton. Extra bins may be provided for
larger households.

Reduce your waste:

    buy products with less packaging
    recycle as much as possible
    buy a food digester or compost bin

Do you find moving your bins difficult?

If you are frail or disabled help is available.

For more information please contact Customer Services on 01784
451499 or e-mail customer.services@spelthorne.gov.uk

Award for Stanwell‟s warden
Mick Raynor, the Community Warden for Stanwell received the
„Outstanding Achievement Award‟ for the South East Region 2009
at the Annual Warden Conference held in Oxford.

Mick has been the Warden in Stanwell since 2002 and is employed
by the Spelthorne Safer Stronger Partnership, with support from the
A2Dominion Housing Group. He has a key role in working with
individuals, the local community and organizations such as the
Council, Police and Surrey County Council to make the area safer,
improve the environment and help strengthen community ties.
He is highly visible and well known in the community and a regular
face at local events. Congratulations Mick!

For information please contact the Community Safety team on 01784
444226 or e-mail community.safety@spelthorne.gov.uk

Fraud update
In 2008/9 we identified £69,000 of fraudulent claimed overpayments
which we are in the process of recovering. We prosecuted five
people, cautioned 19 and issued administrative penalties to four.

Anyone who receives an overpayment as a result of fraudulent
activity is required to pay it back or face imprisonment.

Fraud hotline
If you think that someone is wrongly claiming Council Tax or Housing
Benefit, please tell us on 01784 446224 or visit our website at

Calendar of Meetings
Performance Management and Review Committee
9 June, 8 September at 7.30pm

Executive (Cabinet)
16 June, 21 July at 5pm

Licensing Committee
17 June, 15 July, 12 August at *7.30pm

Planning Committee
24 June, 22 July, 19 August at 7pm

Audit Committee
25 June at 7.30pm
Improvement and Development Committee
2 July, 3 September at 7.30pm

Standards Committee
7 July at 7.30pm

23 July at 7.30pm

Come and „Have your say‟
Spelthorne Council is changing the Area Forum meetings which give
residents the opportunity to meet and talk to their local councillors
and express their views on local issues. Renamed „Have your say‟,
the new meetings will be held in the summer at six locations as
shown below.

Sunbury Common
11 June, 7-9pm
Kenyngton Manor School

22 June, 5-7pm
Salvation Army Hall

23 June, 8-10pm
Shepperton Village Hall

Sunbury (Lower)
7 July, 7-9pm
Riverside Arts Centre

Stanwell and Stanwell Moor
14 July, 7-9pm
Stanwell Village Hall
29 July, 7-9pm
Staines Methodist Hall

Most of the meetings will run from 7-9pm except the Ashford meeting
which, as a trial, will run from 5-7pm. The Shepperton meeting will be
combined with the June meeting of the Shepperton Residents’
Association which will be held from 8-9pm with the ‘Have your say’
items following from 9-10pm. The format of the other meeting has
also changed and the formal question and answer session is being
replaced with a surgery approach. Spelthorne Council and other
organisations will have stands with up-to-date local information which
residents can visit to ask their own particular questions, followed by a
presentation on a local topic.

For more information please contact Customer Services on 01784
451499 or e-mail customer.services@spelthorne.gov.uk

Stanwell art project
There is a unique arts project underway in Stanwell. Nine groups are
working together to produce a mural, DVD and book reflecting the life
and times of their community.

A2Dominion Group and its project partners are co-ordinating the
effort and are delighted so many residents have got involved. There
are plans to hold several interview days with people talking to each
other to help gather material for the mural. The residents will work
with professional artists to design and create the mural. They will
then paint it on the construction hoardings surrounding A2Dominion’s
latest building project in Stanwell.

In addition training workshops will be run covering:

   how to make and edit films using mobile phones
   art techniques
   creative writing
   interview skills
As well as finding out what life was like in their parents’ and
grandparent’s days, pupils of Town Farm School have undertaken to
research and create 3D models of the animals found in Stanwell.
The Beavers and Cubs will photograph the models at various
locations, after which the models will be on permanent display in the
school grounds.

Once completed the mural will remain in situ until the new homes
planned for Stanwell are built. A permanent reminder will remain for
the community after the redevelopment is completed.

The project has been supported by a number of local groups and
individuals from both the local community, A2Dominion and
Spelthorne Council.

If any readers would like to get involved with the project, or have
suggestions for future projects, they should contact the A2Dominion
NewStart team on: 0845 408 6780.

Housing choice
Everyone on the Housing Register has now been transferred from the
previous points system to a new banding scheme. This is to help
ensure a fairer system when allocating social rented properties than
the previous one. The new method will also ensure increased mobility
for people so that they will be able to look for a home, if it is available,
in all of the three Boroughs involved.

Later in the year, people will be able to register their interest against
properties that become available, rather than be nominated for one.
Allocation will be based according to the band people are placed in
and the length of time names have been on the Housing Register.
The new system will be more transparent than the current one and
will introduce choice.

For information please call 01784 446380.

The Housing Options team have jointly produced an advice pack with
the Citizens Advice Bureau which gives advice to clients experiencing
difficulties with paying mortgages or rent or in managing debt
generally. The pack gives practical and up to date information on the
latest schemes and initiatives and provides useful phone numbers
and addresses.

The packs are available from the Housing Options team either to
collect in person or by calling 01784 446380.

Help for war pensioners
The Council will continue funding a discretionary local scheme which
helps those receiving a war disablement pension or a war widow’s
pension. This means that these pensions are not taken into account
when assessing income for the purposes of paying Housing
Benefit/Council Tax Benefit and helps anyone receiving these
pensions with their overall income. This was agreed by the Council in
recognition of the hardship which would be created if the scheme
were to be withdrawn. The scheme will be reviewed in two years

Council Tax customer survey
The Council Tax team at Spelthorne Council regularly survey
residents who have been in contact with them to gain feedback about
the service they received and to help identify areas for improvement.
The most recent survey was carried out in January 2009 and the
results are show below and in the graph on the opposite page:

Q1   The staff were helpful and polite
     94% agree or strongly agree

Q2   I was give clear answers to my questions whether on the
     telephone, in person or in writing
     93% agree or strongly agree

Q3   In general, it was easy to contact the staff by telephone
     90% agree or strongly agree
Q4    I did not wait long on the telephone whilst my query was being
      dealt with
      86% agree or strongly agree

Q5    Overall, I am satisfied with the telephone service offered by the
      Council Tax office
      90% agree or strongly agree

Q6    The opening hours for both personal and telephone queries are
      85% agree or strongly agree

Q7    Overall, I am satisfied with the clarity of the forms and leaflets
      issued by the Council Tax office
      88% agree or strongly agree

Q8    Overall, I am satisfied with the amount of time the Council Tax
      team took to deal with my enquiry
      91% agree or strongly agree

A selection of comments taken from the 2009

    I have been impressed with the way my account has been dealt
    I found the staff always sorted my problems out quickly and were
     very polite
    always extremely helpful, no complaints whatsoever
    I think the service is very good, but would like to see some more
     internet functions such as being able to change your address on-
    I would have liked longer telephone opening hours
    help should be available out of normal working hours
    the provision of privacy screens at the enquiries desk would be
     helpful for staff and residents alike to maintain a degree of
    it would be good to have an easier/ more friendly web page to
     deal with payments
Thank you
....to all who took part in this year‟s survey.

As a result of the findings we are currently looking at the possibility of
increased opening hours to suit more of you. We will also be making
an effort to provide more of our services on-line in the future.

Congratulations to Mrs Boon of Sunbury who was the lucky winner of
the £100 prize draw.

For further information e-mail Linda Norman the Revenues Manager
on l.norman@spelthorne.gov.uk or call 01784 446375.

Parks for people
Despite its urban setting, Spelthorne has a well-deserved reputation
for the quality and horticultural excellence of its many parks,
recreation grounds and open spaces. With over 750 acres of parks
and open spaces within the Borough, including several miles of
riverside walks, Spelthorne really is a great place to get out and
about. Whether you are planning a quiet stroll, a relaxing picnic, a
game of football or an hour with the children in the playground, the
parks, open spaces and recreation grounds in Spelthorne offer
something for everyone.

Sunbury Park
Sunbury Park at the eastern end of the Borough is a largely unspoilt
area of natural grassland. At 33 acres, it is one of Spelthorne’s larger
parks. The park is a haven for wildlife, with many rare trees. Also to
be found at the park is the Sunbury Walled Garden. The garden,
constructed in 1985 on the site of the old manor house’s kitchen
garden, is extremely popular and welcomes visitors from throughout
the region. The Walled Garden is also home to the Millennium
Embroidery (pictured right). The Embroidery is housed in a specially
constructed gallery which incorporates a tea room.

Shepperton Recreation Ground
Shepperton Recreation Ground, off Glebeland Gardens boasts a
brand new state of the art play area. The playground was opened in
January of this year and provides a safe environment where children
between the ages of 2 and 12 can play. The Greeno Day Centre is
also located within the park. Following discussions with the Greeno
Centre users, Spelthorne has installed an outdoor fitness facility
which is popular with park users of all ages.

Ashford Recreation Ground, Clockhouse Lane
Ashford’s Clockhouse Lane Recreation Ground offers something for
everyone. There is a large sciencethemed play area catering for
children aged from 2 to 14 and notice boards in the playground let
users know the scientific principles involved in each piece of
equipment. There are three tennis courts as well as short tennis and
for practising there is a tennis rebound wall. The park has a multi-use
games area equipped for football and basketball. An artificial turf
pitch on the main park area provides a year-round football facility.
The park has free car parking at its entrance in Rosary Gardens.

Laleham Park
Laleham Park is Spelthorne’s largest park. In the south of the
Borough, the park follows the Thames from Chertsey Bridge through
to Ferry Lane in Laleham. Laleham Park is a favourite destination for
many visitors. Laleham Park is popular with dog walkers and
ramblers alike. The park has two barbeque areas, close to the river
where park users can enjoy their barbeques in safety at one of the
twelve purpose built stands. There are also two play areas in the park
at Thameside and Shepperton Road. The park has three parking
Stanwell Recreation Ground, Oaks Road
Stanwell Recreation Ground is a charming little park. Tucked away in
Stanwell Village, many people are unaware of its existence. It is
home to Stanwell Bowling and Croquet Clubs (Stanwell Bowling Club
is currently recruiting new members, 01784 259083). There are
excellent facilities at the park including a recently modernised
clubhouse. Younger park users can enjoy the exciting and
challenging children’s playground.

Lammas Park
Lammas Park in Wraysbury Road, Staines is Spelthorne’s most
popular park. The park is located in a picturesque setting beside the
river Thames. Attractions at the park include an interactive waterplay
area, two play areas, a skate park, three tennis courts and a newly
constructed 18-hole crazy golf course. Car parking is available at the
entrance in Wraysbury Road and a kiosk is open during the summer
selling ice creams and light refreshments. The park is also home to
Staines Lammas Brass Band and concerts are held regularly at the
bandstand in the park.

Home Improvements
Spelthorne Council is to introduce a new housing insulation
grant for Borough residents.

These grants will enable a range of insulation work to be carried out
free for residents who are on means tested benefits or low incomes
and at a subsidised cost for those able to pay.

Grants are available for:

   loft insulation for houses and flats
   insulation for park homes (caravans)
   insulation for solid walls or cavity walls
   biomass boilers – boilers that use wood chip, wood pellet or
    cereals or a combination of fuels to provide hot water or heating
The insulation project, which will run for two years, has been made
possible by Spelthorne Council working with six other Surrey local
authorities and obtaining government funding of £461,000.

To apply or to find out more contact Climate Energy on free phone
0800 980 0902 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

In addition to the insulation grants, residents who receive one of the
principal means tested benefits or disability-related benefits may
qualify for a grant of up to £10,000 towards the cost of repairing their
home. Known as the ‘Decent Homes Grant’ the funding helps both
home owners and tenants (where they have a repairing obligation) to
carry out essential work to bring their property to a reasonable state
of repair.

To apply or for more information contact Spelthorne Council on
01784 446251. Elderly or disabled applicants should apply to
Spelthorne’s Home Improvement Agency on 0845 4086754.

Help with rent and Council Tax
Do you need help to pay your rent and Council Tax? Has your
income reduced? You may be entitled to receive benefits.

For more details call the Benefits team on 01784 446374 or e-mail
benefits@spelthorne.gov.uk alternatively you can complete the
claim form on our website at

Out of work but looking forward...
Redundancy is not necessarily the end but may be the beginning. It
could be an opportunity to realize a dream and become your own

In the Council Offices in Knowle Green there is space dedicated for
start up and sole traders with greatly reduced rental costs, easy
parking, free use of meeting rooms and membership of Surrey
Chambers of Commerce. Chamber staff are on hand to help with
basic office duties/queries and there are weekly clinics on site from
BusinessLink and other specialist business advisers.

For information call 01784 444204 or e-mail

Staines Shopmobility is a local charity set up to enable people with
limited mobility to get around Staines town centre. Spelthorne Council
has awarded the charity a grant of £30,000 this year, ensuring the
service continues to be available.

Shopmobility is operated from fully accessible ground floor premises
located on the Two Rivers Retail Park, open from 9.30am to 4.15pm,
Monday to Saturday, with disabled parking bays directly outside.

There is also a designated stop for Spelride, the Council’s accessible
transport scheme, adjacent to the service. Wheelchairs, electric
scooters and powered wheelchairs are available for hire and an
escorted shopping service is available for people with a visual
impairment, on a pre-booked basis only.

Current charges:
Day membership: £4.
Annual membership: £10 to register plus £1 per use

For more information contact Shopmobility on 01784 459416.

More homes available
A new scheme to provide one and two-bedroom apartments and
three-bedroom houses will be built soon.

Catalyst Communities HA, in partnership with Spelthorne Council is
developing a site at 162–164 Kingston Road, Staines to build 14 new
affordable homes for local residents in housing need.
The Council is investing £80K of its capital resources to help Catalyst
get the scheme underway. Catalyst obtained capital funding from the
Homes and Communities Agency and is investing significant money
from its own reserves to make the scheme possible. Catalyst was
recruited as Spelthorne Council’s preferred partner Housing
Association in 2007. This will be the first scheme Catalyst has
developed in the Borough, and it is hoped that there will be many
more in the future.

This scheme will provide eight two-bed apartments, four one-bed
apartments and two three bedroom houses. Councillor Richard
Smith-Ainsley, Cabinet member for Planning and Housing said: “I am
delighted that 14 new affordable homes will be built for local
people who need them. A solid working relationship between
Catalyst and the Council has made this a reality.”

Please look in future issues of the Borough Bulletin for more
information on this scheme.

Spelthorne Council not only has a legal responsibility to help people
threatened with homelessness but also works to prevent it wherever
possible. This scheme will help to increase the supply of affordable
properties and help those households in most need.

For more information please contact John Hesbrook, Housing
Development Officer on 01784 446344 or e-mail

Can you help us?

Can you spare a few hours to help us provide services throughout
Spelthorne? We need volunteer visitors for our Link-Up befriending
and Books on Wheels schemes, volunteer drivers, gardeners and
escorts for specially adapted club transport.

If you can spare some time on a regular basis to help older people in
the community and are over 16 please contact Debbie Fuller on
07872 818216 or 01784 444200.
More news from your Council
We are thinking of producing a fortnightly electronic publications
containing Council news, events listing, planning applications, public
notices and a calendar of Council meetings.

If you think you would be interested in registering to receive this by e-
mail please send your details to news@spelthorne.gov.uk

Small changes for a big planet
So far the effects of climate change include rising temperatures,
higher sea levels and more extreme weather events like floods.
All of these are expected to become more severe. Future effects
of climate change can be influenced by what is done now.

Changes you can make
As well as buying a more economical car and turning the thermostat
down on the central heating there are many steps you can take to
help safeguard the future of the planet.

Individuals are responsible for about 40% of emissions in the UK. The
biggest sources are energy use in the home, driving and air travel.
There are many ways you can help to avoid climate change by
cutting your emissions.

To start with some simple ideas you can:

   calculate your carbon footprint using the carbon calculator at
   try the top ten energy saving measures from the Energy Saving
    Trust at www.energysavingtrust.org.uk

Changes businesses can make
You don’t need to invest in expensive new technologies to reduce
your business’s carbon emissions and energy costs. Here are some
things you and your employees can do today which could reduce
your overall energy use by 10%.

Measure energy

Unless you know what you’re paying, you won’t know the impact the
changes make. Keep track of your bills, and how they change when
you make your changes.

Switch off

A single computer and monitor left on 24 hours a day will cost over
£50 a year. Switching if off when not in use and enabling standby
features could reduce this to £15 a year each and prolong the
lifespan of equipment.

Involve the team

You need to lead by example, but it’s also important to make it a
team effort. Ask staff where they think energy is being wasted, and
encourage them to think about how they can all use less.

For more information call Francesca Nesbitt, Climate Change Officer
on 01784 446308 or e-mail f.nesbitt@spelthorne.gov.uk
Useful information is also available from www.direct.gov.uk or from
www.energysavingtrust.org.uk, telephone 0800 512 012.

Sunbury and Shepperton Arts Festival 2009
10-19 July
Most events, except where mentioned, take place at the Riverside
Arts Centre, 57-59 Thames Street, Sunbury-on-Thames, TW16

Friday 10 July
8pm - Writer Simon Brett is giving a talk about his hilarious writing
life, and then performs his play ‘Lines of Enquiry’ (£8).
Saturday 11 July
1.30pm - Stephen Leslie’s drama workshop for ages 9-12 (£10).
8pm - Folk music recital given by Kindred Spirit (£8).

Sunday 12 July
4pm - Piano recital given by Royal College of Music students, before
their performances in the Leeds International Piano Competition (£10
including cream tea).

Monday 13 July
Elizabeth Gordon is giving an art talk on Constantinople (£8).

Tuesday 14 July
10am-4pm - Artist, Freda Anderson is running a workshop on still life,
landscape and flower painting (£25).
8pm - Geoffrey Bowyer, is accompanying silent films by Charlie
Chaplin on his piano (£8).

Wednesday 15 July
8pm - Stephen Willis and Steve Christmas are giving a song/flute
recital in St Nicholas Church, Shepperton (£8).
8pm - Mary Shanahan is running a pottery evening for adults (£10).

Thursday 16 July
8pm - Comedy writer, Jan Etherington’s new play ‘Walk out
Backwards’ performed by well known actors (£10).

Friday 17 July
8pm - Christopher Lewis is giving a talk on antiques (£10).

Saturday 18 July
8pm - A performance from the Tony Kinsey jazz quintet (£15).
Throughout the day - Mary Shanahan running pottery workshops for
children (£6).

Sunday 19 July - the final event
12.30pm - Literary Lunch. Ian Dow will recount some of his
fascinating experiences as Head of Lighting with the BBC (£15).

To book events, contact the Festival Box Office on 01932 782788.
News in brief

If you suspect it, report it
Surrey Police have set-up an Anti-Terrorist Hotline number. They are
urging residents to report anything suspicious to the free confidential
phone line on 0800 789 321.

Sweeney Todd by Christopher Bond
Presented by Shepperton Players, 1-4 July, 8pm. Riverside Arts
Centre, 59 Thames Street, Lower Sunbury TW16 5QF. Tickets £8.

Watch out
Check out our website at www.spelthornehw.info to find out about
Neighbourhood Watch where you live.

Events for over 50s
Fordbridge Centre, Ashford

30 June     Talk on the Jubilee River
13 July     Henley cruise with lunch or cream tea
10 August   Hastings and lunch at the Angling Club
11 August   Talk on Buffalo Bill and Chief Sitting Bull

New every Monday – Geneology

Greeno Centre, Shepperton

New tea bar

Churchill Hall, Sunbury

Tuesdays 1.45-2.45pm – ‘new’ line dancing
Thursdays 12.45-2.45pm – art classes with professional artist Robin-
Lee Hall
Lord Knyvetts Hall, Stanwell

Tuesdays 2-3pm – New chair based exercise. Hot cooked meals

Contact us to find out more:

Churchill Hall – 01932 784232
Fordbridge Centre – 0`784 243880
Greeno Centre – 01932 246173
Lord Knyvett’s Hall – 01784 258654
Staines Community Centre – 01784 463073

Spelthorne Youth Awards
Young people were recognized for their outstanding achievements at
the Spelthorne Youth Awards on 9 May.

Paralympic Gold medalist Danny Crates was the guest speaker for
the evening and, together with Deputy Mayor Councillor Caroline
Spencer, presented 56 young people with Certificates of
Achievement and nine young people with Outstanding Achievement

The award winners were:

Category                           Winner
Personal Achievement               Rebecca and Natalie Harris
Sporting Achievement               Sam Pearson
Academic Achievement               Dareeshan Suthaharan
Community Spirit                   Grace Millard
Unselfishness, Kindness and        Aimee-Jo Adams and Elliott
Bravery                            Howard
Triumph over Adversity             Kevin Hunter
Special Achievement Award in a     Teejan Brierley
number of categories

The event was organized by the Spelthorne Youth Council with
support from the Leisure Services team at Spelthorne Council. For
the full list of winners please visit our website at
www.spelthorne.gov.uk/youthawards or contact Andy Holdaway,
Youth and Arts Manager on 01784 446214.

Are you a drama group looking for material for costumes, props
or sets? Are you an artist who needs materials for inspiration?
Then the Resource Centre in Staines Park, Commercial Road is
open to you.

You may already know that the Resource Centre is a great place to
find materials for art and crafts and has a brilliant Craft Club for
children but did you know that it is also open to local groups and
organisations who have bigger projects?

There is always a good selection of various sizes of fabrics, foam,
paper, card and plastic pots. Also if you work for a local business
that may have some scrap materials that you would like to donate
then please get in touch.

For more information on becoming a member or if you have any
scrap materials to donate then please call 01784 461769 or e-mail

Summer Safe 2009
Spelthorne Council will be running the Summer Safe scheme for
11 – 17 year olds for four weeks during August.

As well as onsite activities such as sports, arts and crafts and
workshops, there will be a range of trips available for a small extra

The scheme runs from 10am-4pm at Christ Church Hall, Staines and
at the time of going to print, the Council is looking into running a
second site which would be specifically based on performing arts.
Please contact Leisure Services on 01784 446433 or e-mail
leisure@spelthorne.gov.uk for more information and prices.

Charity walk for Sam Beare Hospice
19 June 2009 – Woking and Sam Beare Midnight Walk

Ladies only 10 mile (circular) sponsored walk to raise money for the
local Hospice for the Staines area, Sam Beare Hospice in Weybridge.
Starting at West Byfleet, all ages and abilities are welcome.

Registration is easy, just visit the website www.wsb-
midnightwalk.co.uk and download a registration form or call 01483

Get fit this summer
Why not keep active and play bowls, the game for all from the
age of 16.

We play at the Recreation Ground, Oaks Road, Stanwell and would
particularly welcome complete novices as coaching is available.
Come and meet new friends. Your only regret will be that you didn’t
try it sooner.

For more information ring Dave Attrill on 01784 259083.

20th anniversary pride
Spelthorne Civic Pride volunteers, with the help of Spelthorne
residents, have been carrying out community inspired conservation
projects since 1989. Did you know that:

   37 sites in Spelthorne have been improved
   1,035 trees, 7,309 hedge trees, 4,000 wild flowers and 300,825
    bulbs have been planted
   6,232 bags of litter have been collected
   in total, 5,008 volunteers have given 16,250 hours to improve the

Spelthorne Civic Pride Volunteers are still going strong. Contact
Cynthia Bendickson, the Council’s Biodiversity Officer on 01784
446319 or e-mail c.bendickson@spelthorne.gov.uk for the latest
workday programmes or if you have any suggestions for sites that
you would like to help enhance.

Area Investment Programme
We have made it a priority to look at the local shopping centres
in the Borough.

They play an important role for local communities and we have
earmarked a total of £300k of new investment for: Ashford,
Shepperton and Sunbury Cross. We are working with Surrey
County Council and the local traders and consultation is underway
with local people and businesses to determine the priorities for each
town. We would like to hear from you if you have any views about
these areas or would like to be involved in future consultation events.
Please e-mail areas@spelthorne.gov.uk and remember to say
which town you are writing about, alternatively you can call Customer
Services on 01784 451499.

Surrey Safeguarding - Adults Awareness
15-19 June 2009
The Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board is holding its eighth
Awareness Week from 15-19 June to raise public awareness of
abuse against vulnerable groups. It also aims to encourage people
who are experiencing abuse or who have witnessed it to come
forward and report cases without fear of reprisals.

The week of informative events will start off with a launch at the
Runnymede Centre which everyone is welcome to attend.
Throughout the week, across the county, there will be a varied
programme of events which will include workshops and
presentations, coffee mornings, discussion groups, videos and

Details of the Safeguarding Adults Awareness Week and how to
access the events is available from

Opera in the open aria
La Traviata will be relayed live from The Royal
Opera House to a giant screen at the BP Business
Park, Chertsey Road, Sunbury on Tuesday 30
The event is free and coordinated by BP and the Royal Opera House
together with Spelthorne Council. The performance starts at 7pm and
will run for approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes.

You are welcome to bring a picnic, but please do not bring glassware,
cans, barbeques or naked flames. A selection of hot and cold soft
drinks and light snacks will be available to buy on the night. Children
must be accompanied by adults.

Free car parking is available. Please look for parking directions
when you arrive at the Business Park. Free BP shuttle buses run to
and from Feltham Station at regular intervals from 5–11pm.

Information regarding the event is available at

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