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					        UNIT OF STUDY: Workers in the Community – Collie’s Helpers

Explains how people and technologies in systems link to provide goods and services to satisfy needs and wants.
   identifies different goods and services that fulfil their needs
   explains how people help them, including paid and unpaid helpers and workers.

Identifies roles and responsibilities within families, schools and the local community, and determines ways in
which they should interact with others.
   explains how the different roles and responsibilities of family members meet family needs
   identifies roles and responsibilities of community workers, both paid and unpaid
   describes their responsibilities as a family, school and community member.

Using this unit of work
The Collie component of this unit only deals with workers in the community. To meet the above
outcomes it is recommended you complete the following unit.
YEAR LEVEL: Stage 1 – Workers in the Community – Collie’s Helpers

   Seven ways to be                                                    Bloom’s Taxonomy: Six Thinking Levels
        smart                Knowing               Understanding             Applying              Analysing             Creating            Evaluating
        Verbal           Use the alphabet        Invite community      After each invited         Choose two       Create ‘Who am I?’        Choose one
   I enjoy reading,      key list as many         workers into the     guest brainstorm a         community        community workers     community worker.
  writing & speaking         types of           classroom to speak        single bubble        workers using a          puzzle. E.g.      Do a PMI on your
                            community           to students about       highlighting the       double bubble to      Celebrity Head.       worker’s role.
                          workers as you                their              community          compare/contrast       Share with your
                                can.           role/responsibilities   worker’s roles and       their roles and     class. (Green Hat)
                                                 in the community.      responsibilities.      responsibilities.

    Mathematical          List all the facts   Survey the types of       Sort and classify        Examine a        Create a slideshow        Evaluate the
 I enjoy working with      you know about      community workers          the class list of    simplified local       (eg in Kid Pix,    slideshows using an
  numbers & science        workers in your       your family use.      community workers          telephone        iPhoto, PowerPoint,      applause metre
                          community under       Which one is most           and create a      directory to find      Photostory) to         from the class.
                           the K of a KWL.      frequently used?          picture graph to     workers in the         teach 5 facts
                         List what you want        Multi Vote          illustrate how many     community e.g.           about your
                          to find out under                              types of workers      phone book or       community worker.
                                the W.                                      fit into each         Internet.
                                                                          category (home,
                                                                       school, community)
    Visual/Spatial        Draw and label a     Use google maps to       In relation to your         Use a                                      Choose 5
   I enjoy painting,        diagram of a        explore your local         school identify      Consequence                              photographs of your
 drawing & visualising   community worker.     area – school, town,      where community      Wheel (What if?)                            community worker.
                                                                                                                   As a class create a
                                                 hospital, police       workers and their       to show what                              Which photo helps
                                                                                                                     model of a town
                                                 station, roads,         worksites maybe       could happen if                              you learn most
                                                                                                                     showing as many
                                                 rubbish tip etc.       found in your area     those workers                                about it? Why?
                                                                                                                   community workers
                                                                              on a map.         didn’t exist in
                                                                                                                    as possible. Use a
                                                                                              your community.
                                                                                                                         variety of
                                                                                                                       materials eg
     Kinaesthetic          Collect toys of     Use play dough, clay    Role play what your       Use a Venn                               Take some photos
                                                                                                                      recycles oxes,
 I enjoy doing hands-        community           or Femo to sculpt      workers does in          Diagram to                                 of community
                                                                                                                        Lego ieces,
 on activities, sports    workers. Design      your worker. Display.     the community.         compare two                                   workers.
       & dance            skits with them.                                                    types of workers.                          Do a plus delta on 2
                                                                                                                        models etc.
        Musical            Listen to a        Make a soundscape     Listen to this song.    Share poems and      Create your own     Establish a criteria
  I enjoy making &     community worker      to go with photos of        Create an             songs about       poem/rap/song        for marking and
  listening to music      song and use         your community         additional verse          community       about one or more     class multi-vote
                           percussion              workers.           using one of the      workers, identify      community              student
                         instruments to                             community workers        what the pieces    worker/s. Perform    poems/raps/songs.
                       accompany to that                                  you have            are all about,      for the class.
                              song.                                     researched.           messages etc.
   Interpersonal       In groups discuss      Use a venn diagram      Conduct simple       Use 1:2:4 process    With a partner use      Complete the
I enjoy working with    needs and wants         to discuss the         interviews to              to share         the question       student evaluation
       others           using a T-Chart.     differences between    collect information        information      matrix to develop          survey.
                                              peoples needs and        on community         collected during       questions to
                                                    wants.             workers. (See            interviews,         interview a
                                                                       Create in this         comparing the     community helper.
                                                                          section.)        roles of different
    Intrapersonal      Brainstorm all the    Complete the L         Students to            Create a flow        Create an audio      Why is it not
I enjoy working by     roles and             section of the KWL     discuss what they      chart to outline     e.g. podcast or      possible to satisfy
myself                 responsibilities of   chart to show what     would like to do as    the steps to take    visual thank you     all your needs and
                       one worker in your    YOU have learnt.       an occupation and      when you need a      message for          wants?
                       local community.                             why. Prepare a of      helper in your       parents and or
                                                                    the goods and          community.           caregivers.
                                                                    services they
                                                                    would provide.