Department of Emergency Services by decree


									                         Department of Emergency Services
                                Advisory Council
                                February 26, 2008
Present:John Chew (DES – Director)
            John Conover (DES – Chief - Emergency Management)
            Dino Pignataro (Centreville Police Department)
            George Eber (DES – Chief – Office of Fire Marshal)
            Nick Venuto (Consumer)
            Sheriff Gery Hofmann (QAC Sheriff’s Dept.)
            Lieutenant Dwayne Boardman (MSP)
            Dr. Joseph Ciotola (EMS Assistant Medical Director)
            Scott Haas (DES – Chief - EMS Division)
            Robbie Blackiston (DES – Chief – Communications)
            Dr. Deborah Davis (EMS Jurisdictional Medical Director)
            Steve Wilson (Consumer)
            Jeff Reiss (Consumer)

Excused:            Lonnie Anthony (Fire and EMS Commission)
                    Eric Wargotz (QAC Commissioner)
                    Chinnadurai Devadason, MD (QAC Dept. of Health)
                    Guy Schelhouse – (Volunteer Ambulance Committee)

Absent:             Chris Coursey (Firefighter Volunteer)
                    Mike Hoffman (Consumer)
                    David Olds (Consumer)
                    Greg Gilbert (Consumer)

         Executive Director, John Chew called meeting to order at 7:10 pm.
         Mr. Chew made a motion to waive the reading of the minutes from the
          November 15, 2007 meeting.
         Minutes entered into record.

              Executive Directors Report – Director John Chew

                    o Budget proposal went into the finance office yesterday, 2/25/08.
                      Director Chew said that he has been informed that the
                      budgetary process is different from last year’s presentations
                      given directly to the county commissioners.
                          DES submitted the following – on the capital side – we
                             submitted a request for a “public safety complex”
                             expanding on our current building. We currently have 96
                             people on staff this year compared 43 several years ago.
                             This is a request to revisit a joint proposal with the Office

DESAC Minutes 03-08-07
Recorded by K Berg
                               of the Sheriff to build a complex to house both agencies.
                               Director Chew gave a detailed report of what the
                               proposal entails. This proposal will provide extensive
                               assets to the county by utilizing the infrastructure that is
                               currently in place. This is the significant portion of the
                               capital request. In addition to the capital budget there
                               are some minor capital requests as well. Shared public
                               safety facility is the big portion and this is a bond issue.
                    o Sheriff Gery Hofmann said that there are many common needs
                      for this new facility and he went on to name a few such as bunk
                      areas, decontamination area and laundry area, locker rooms
                      and shower facilities. He commented that a fitness area will
                      reduce workman’s compensation issues and this would be a
                      good thing to offer to employees. Currently they have two cells
                      that do not have floor drains and it is impossible to clean these
                      cells efficiently. He wants to separate juveniles and adults and
                      have a safe booking area. This would save the county in future
                      litigation. He concluded by adding that an administrative area
                      would be desired.

                    o Lt. Boardman likes the idea of having a complete services
                      building similar to the one in Kent County. He said that it would
                      be beneficial to all to have a central booking facility and he
                      reviewed the booking process and the negatives of not having
                      one. Lt. Boardman informed the group that the State will pay for
                      the central booking office. Any officer in the county will not have
                      to take a lock up to their facility but will be able to utilize this
                      facility which is a secured area.

                    o Sheriff Hofmann suggested that this group should ask Warden
                      Lamonte Cooke what his plans are.

                    o John Chew said on the operational side the budget has already
                      been turned in. DES is asking for 5.5 full time employees. John
                      introduced George Eber, the newly appointed Fire Marshal
                      which was approved by the commissioners as a half time
                      position. This program, however, has taken off to the point
                      where George is going to find it necessary to operate on a full
                      time basis. This position would account for the .5. The second
                      position is to bring the dispatch staff up to 20 PSD’s instead of
                      the current amount of 19 which leaves one shift with only 4
                      people. The large portion of our employees falls between EMS
                      and Communications and we have no spares. This means that
                      if we send someone away for training or if they are sick our level
                      of service is greatly reduced. The other people being requested
                      are meant not to increase our staff but to make DES functional
                      before we grow. We want to see how efficient we can be with a
                      normal staff number.

DESAC Minutes 03-08-07
Recorded by K Berg
                    o One other thing is for hazardous responders to get physicals. If
                      the County Commissioner’s don’t approve this request, we
                      cannot respond.

                    o We also are asking for software upgrades to our radio system.
                      The current software is eight years old. This is a $500,000.00
                      increase request. We were very careful and looked for ways of
                      saving money. We have been given instructions to keep it down
                      but we need to advise the commissioners as to what we need. It
                      is our obligation to put in a request for what we need. Director
                      Chew commented that he is looking for support/feedback from
                      this group.

                    o Nick Venuto asked under our current staffing do we have a
                      minimum of personnel. For instance, when someone calls out
                      sick do we call someone in on overtime? Last year there was
                      talk about reclassifying positions and he wanted to know if this
                      had been accomplished yet.

                    o Chief Scott Haas said that one of the most important things that
                      he has reviewed is the positions that are in the EMS division,
                      and how they advance and how they are promoted. His goal is
                      to promote people as they become qualified to prevent people
                      from leaving. He said that it will cost $100,000.00 to do this.
                      The second thing is that there is only one supervisor per shift.
                      He wants dual supervisors which necessitates 4 positions. If
                      they have a call out they use the supervisor to fill that position.
                      We have exact amount of staff to fill each shift, as long as no
                      one calls out.

                    o Nick Venuto discussed the salary structure and how this affects
                      staffing. Due to the resignation of the previous County
                      Administrator and the Deputy HR Director, this task was left
                      unfinished but it is now being readdressed.

                    o Sheriff Hofmann said that his office is also working to complete
                      new salary scale/structures.

                    o Scott Haas explained how the structure of the salary scale is
                      inefficient. Nick Venuto feels this issue is as important as any
                      other issue due to losing good trained personnel.

                    o Scott Haas talked about the transport units and what we have
                      access to borrow. Replacement cycle is starting this year.
                      Cardiac monitor replacement requested each year for the next 6
                      years. Very outdated equipment being used for the last 10
                      years. It costs $20,000.00 each to replace these units. He went
                      on to discuss the Route 8 house. The house needs to be re-
                      zoned and needs some repairs. He feels that the location of

DESAC Minutes 03-08-07
Recorded by K Berg
                         this house will knock about 8 minutes off of response time on
                         Kent Island.

                    o Chief Robbie Blackiston has increased Communications
                      salaries from $25,700 to $28,750.00 and supervisors start at
                      $38,000. This increase is happening over a two year period.
                      He said that he started interviewing candidates for PSD’s today
                      and will finish tomorrow. He has a total 24 to interview. One
                      new position is necessary to make all shifts have 5 personnel.
                      As time goes on there has been an increase in fire and law
                      enforcement calls. One capital expense is the software upgrade
                      for the radio infrastructure. In the year 2013 the replacement of
                      the radio system will be necessary and we are looking at 20
                      million. IP based systems will need to be implemented, in the
                      tri-county area.

                    o Jeff Reiss commented on the money being asked for the
                      physicals and said that ERT has asked for the same thing and
                      appreciates any help he could get. Scott Haas stated that if we
                      don’t get this funding we will no longer be able to provide this

                    o Nick Venuto commented that everyone in this room agrees with
                      the requests that are being made on the capital budget. John
                      Chew said that he wants to wait until the county gives the
                      approval on DES requests and then he will forward the budget
                      to this council. This year we may not have a face to face
                      meeting with the commissioners like in years previous.

                    o John asked the council to take a position.

                    o John chew discussed the data manager position. We have
                      made some improvements and corrections and in this process
                      we have learned things that are valuable to the department. We
                      want to provide a routine report to requesting agencies. At the
                      next council meeting we will have a demonstration of the new
                      services by Brad Smith. John is going before the Emergency
                      Numbers Board to request a plotting printer and scanner,
                      laminator on Thursday. This is a partnership with planning and
                      zoning. Director Chew feels this is one of the most meaningful
                      projects going on right now.

                    o John Chew said that the County Commissioners approved the
                      Fire Marshal program approximately the same time as the last
                      council meeting. Chief George Eber has employed three part
                      time inspectors and this is a revenue generating program with
                      no additional cost to the county. We are not replacing the fire

DESAC Minutes 03-08-07
Recorded by K Berg
                    o Director Chew reviewed the existing Reverse 911 program. He
                      said that we had the first opportunity to use it a few months ago.
                      John reviewed what happened at that incident and discussed
                      what went wrong and what worked. This program will probably
                      be used by law enforcement more than any other agency. It
                      worked as it was designed to work but we learned a great deal
                      from it and are now able to make changes.

                    o Lt. Boardman reviewed the scenario that occurred when we
                      utilized the Reverse 911 program.

              EMS Division Report – Chief Scott Haas
                 o Chief Haas said that he covered everything in his budget report.
                    He stated that the anticipated property at the airport would be
                    10 years out and the FEMA trailer located behind the EOC will
                    be in service soon. He added that the Crumpton facility will not
                    be made available until next fall.

              EM Division Report – Chief John Conover
                 o Chief Conover said that his division’s major point was the
                     money for physicals. The debris management contract was
                     signed by the County Commissioners and is out for signatures
                     by the debris management company. He briefed the group on
                     the upcoming exercise at Chesapeake College scheduled for
                     the fall.

              Communications Division Report – Chief Robbie Blackiston
                 o Chief Blackiston said that the radios are in all of the law
                   enforcement vehicles. He went on to discuss the recent law
                   enforcement meeting and CAPWIN.

              Fire Marshal/Fire Inspector Report – George Eber
                   o Chief Eber said that this division has been sanctioned by the
                     State Fire Marshal and that 80 % of his budget is revenue
                     generated. Many of the establishments that his fire inspectors
                     are visiting have never been visited. Most of them are
                     complying with no problems. If the inspections will be yearly
                     has not been determined yet. Jeff Reiss asked how many plans
                     are being reviewed monthly. George said he has gotten 5 new
                     projects so far since Feb 1, and that any facility that is funded by
                     the state will continue to be inspected by the state. Scott Haas
                     asked about the state handling federal funded projects and
                     would they ever ask for help if they get behind and was told that
                     they would.

              County Commissioners Report – None

DESAC Minutes 03-08-07
Recorded by K Berg
              EMS & Health Committee Report – John Chew
                 o Director Chew said that this group falls in with the ambulance
                    committee. Lonnie Anthony has put a mandate on the group to
                    come up with one S.O.G. to be functional by March 1st.

              Law Enforcement Committee Report – Sheriff Hofmann
                  o Sheriff Hofmann said he has a joint sub committee and has
                    combined forces with MSP and this group will be meeting March
                    11th. He appreciates any support this council could give for the
                    combined facility mentioned by Director Chew. Chief Pignataro
                    discussed the mapping program and how the CPD is on board
                    with this. Washington College is performing this task in
                    conjunction with Brad Smith. Sheriff Gery Hofmann said there
                    is concern with repeating an address of a victim from a legal
                    standpoint. This task will be conducted mainly with the
                    Washington College IT Director and with students. This raises
                    concerns about students being released crime information.

                   Communications Committee
                      o This committee meets once a month with the Fire and EMS
                        committee and issues are being addressed. Safety issues
                        regarding toggle switches.

                   Old business – none

                   New business – Membership issues regarding two members that
                    have not attended DESAC meetings. One missed three meetings
                    and one missed five meetings. These members are Chris Coursey
                    and Mike Hoffman. A motion was made to excuse these members
                    by Mr. Wilson. Director Chew said the consumer position will be
                    announced to the public. The VFD position will be sent out and the
                    announcement to be approved by county commissioners.

                   Remarks for the good of the order - none

          Meeting adjourned 8:43pm

DESAC Minutes 03-08-07
Recorded by K Berg

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