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              Organized by
 TV France International
          with the support of

           in cooperation with

Service de Coopération et d’Action Culturelle
     de l’Ambassade de France en Suède
             Frédéric Strauss
   Media Officer for the Nordic Countries
                                      5 rue Cernuschi
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Xavier Gouyou Beauchamps              TV France International, the association
                   President          of French TV programme exporters,            includes 145 production and distribution
                                      companies which represent close to 90%
            Mathieu Béjot             of all French television international
            Executive Director        sales. Throughout the year, TV France            International provides direct access to
                                      French exporters through :
         Catherine Charmet
                                      - Le Rendez-Vous – the French TV
              Markets Manager
                                      Screenings : a three day focus on           screening, business and networking
                                      with the sales executives of some 50
              Sophie Cupillard
                                      French companies and a unique
  Head of International Information
                                      opportunity to view more than 800           recent French programmes of all
                                      genres (TV drama, feature films,
              Giulia Fittante
                                      animation, documentaries, performing
               Markets Assistant
                                      arts, game shows etc.). The 16 th          Rendez-Vous will be held on
                                      September 6 - 10, 2010.
                                      - Umbrella booths at most international
                                      programme markets and promotional
                                      showcase events.
                                      - All the French TV catalogues under one
                                      roof at with
                                      over 22,000 programmes of all genres
                                      presented in detail by French
                                      producers and distributors. Our VOD
                                      Pro service allows online screening of full-
                                      length programmes.

               Participating Companies
    French Distributors

           6     2001 Audiovisuel – Laetitia Recayte, Ulrich Lagriffoul
           7     Ampersand – Teremoana Seguin, Mathurin Beauvert
           8     Arte France – Eran Kameya
           9     Awol Animation – Sophie Berbinau
          10     Calt Distribution – Chloé Horgues
          11     Carrere Group D.A. – Axel Carrere
          12     Doc & Film International – Daniela Elstner
          13     Doc en Stock / Film en Stock – Betty Nocella
          14     Double V – Flor Husson-Dumoutier
          15     Europe Images International / M5 – Léa Laubacher
          16     Films Distribution – Pamela Leu
          17     France Télévisions Distribution – Christophe Pecot, Simon Le Deaut
          18     GAD – Nathalie Giboire Labid
          19     Gaumont – Françoise Védrine
          20     INA - Institut National de l’Audiovisuel – Nicole Leconte
          21     Java Films – Roch Bozino
          22     Les Films d’Ici – Charlotte Uzu
          23     Les Films du Losange – Agathe Valentin
          24     Lukarn – Sandrine Frantz
          25     Mediatoon – Jérôme Alby
          26     Moonscoop – Marie Congé
          27     Novavision Promotion Internationale – Marine Launier
          28     Only Lifestyle – Manon Daher
          29     Roissy Films – Loli Geneste
          30     SHK – Christine Klaver
          31     SND Groupe M6 – Charlotte Boucon
          32     System TV – Daniel Renouf, Hiam El Khoury
          33     TF1 International – Gregory Chambet
          34     Upside Télévision – Anne Olzmann
          35     Wide Management – Anaïs Clanet
          36     Xilam – Laurence Marty
          37     ZED – Céline Payot
          38     Zodiak Entertainment Distribution – Catherine Couriat
          39     Zorn Production International – Rodolphe Dietrich

     Associate Members
          40     Médiamétrie / Eurodata TV – Laure Bianchini
                                                                                                         r ren
                                                                                  ms                  /Cu
                                                                               gra                 ies
                                    ies                                   s Pro                ntar
                                 Ser                                   en’                   me
            ms               ini                                   ildr                   ocu
        itco              s/M                   eF
                                                  ilm           /Ch                    s/D                c
     s/S              Film                   tur            ate
                                                                                      e                usi                ts
                                          Fea            nim                    aga               rt/M                  ma
                 TV                                     A                    M                   A                   For

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                                                   71 rue de la Victoire
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                                                   Spiral     (Seasons 1, 2 & 3)
                                                       28x52’                                       2005-2010
                                                       Series, Suspense, Thriller
                                                       French, English subtitles
                      Laetitia Recayte             Every episode takes one more step towards solving the series-long
                      Managing Director
                                                   case, while also providing one complete story. Nail-biting                     suspense, constant tension, furiously-paced with dark &
                                                   disillusioned characters: a lethal blend for this stylish police thriller
                                                   with new codes!
                                                   The Hunter
                      Ulrich Lagriffoul
                                                       6x48’ HD                                     2009
                      Sales Manager
                                                       Series, Suspense, Thriller
                      & Documentary
                                                       French, English subtitles
                      Acquisition Manager                  For the record, Samuel Delauney is a successful lawyer. But behind
                                                   the facade, he's a hunter, a contract killer hired to eliminate total
                         Series/Sitcoms            strangers for huge sums of money. As the weeks go by, the hunter
                   TV Films/Mini Series            gradually becomes the hunted, prepared to do anything to save
                          Feature Films            his wife.
          Animated/Children’s Programs
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs            Magic Planet
                              Art/Music                52x13’ HD                                    2009-2010
                                Formats                Animation
                                                       French, English
                                                     Every episode, Arthemus asks his grandchildren Lea, Lucas & Zark
                                                     a question on the subject of animals. To find the right answer,
                                                     nothing beats setting off around the world! An adventure series
                                                     for 6-to 8-year-olds that mixes discovering animals with the
    Since its creation, 2001 Audiovisuel has set discovery of our planet!
    out to promote abroad its catalog of over
    4000 hours of programs produced by the Kaeloo
    TELFRANCE group (Telfrance, Telfrance Série,         52x7’ HD                                 2009-2010
    Télécip, Néria, Barjac,...), as well as programs     Animation
    from external, independent producers (Son &          French, English
    Lumière, Flach Film, Rendez-vous,...). Mainly 4 friends who often get bored invent crazy and fun games to pass
    comprising fiction, documentaries, non- the time. Things always end up degenerating! 7 minutes of
    scripted formats & animation, this catalog unbridled energy, zany dialog, off-the-wall characters, amazingly
    responds to a clear editorial line: programs of hilarious situations, a bad guy with style and an explosive climax
    quality that unite audiences and generate for 8-to 12-year-olds!
    viewing figures.

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                                                     35 rue du Sentier
                                                     75002 Paris
                                                     Tel.: + 33 1 44 11 12 34
                                                     Fax: + 33 1 44 11 12 30

                                                     My Cultural Revolution
                                                        52’ HD                                     2009
                                                        Social Issue, Personal story
                     Teremoana Seguin                   French, English
                     Head of International
                     Sales                           During the Cultural Revolution, love was prohibited, culture and
                                                     education denied and all forms of traditions wrecked. For the first                               time, Chinese people can testify about this Mao’s grinder. This film
                                                     is an agonizing tribute to all the victims of a modern history

                                                     Eccentric UK
                     Mathurin Beauvert                  6x26’ HD                                   2009
                     International Sales                Discovery, Lifestyle
                     Executive                          French, English                             Is it that famous sense of humor? Or is it because the inhabitants
                                                     live on an island? Whatever the reason, our British friends have
                         Series/Sitcoms              developed all kinds of weird hobbies over the centuries and the
                   TV Films/Mini Series              UK has become the international headquarters of eccentric
                          Feature Films              spectacles & competitions.
          Animated/Children’s Programs
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs              The Most Amazing
                                                        52x26’                                     2009
                                                        Movie Magazine
                                                     The Most Amazing is a fast, fun countdown show about pop
                                                     culture’s highlights and lowlights. From the best Hollywood
                                                     couples to off-screen rivals, each episode presents a new topic and
                                                     gathers the stars, movies and events that made headlines.
  AMPERSAND is a production and
  international distribution company focusing
                                                     Women on the Front Line
  on providing factual content to the global
  market. AMPERSAND’S catalog includes                  7x22’                                      2006
  around 2.600 hours of blue-chip television            Current Affairs
  programs, mainly factual programming                  English, French, Spanish
  stretching from history, wildlife and science,     Women on the front line is a brutally honest account of the silent
  to travel, lifestyle, current affairs,             war being waged against women across the world. From
  environmental challenges and all kinds of          R.D.Congo to Nepal, the 7 films of this series tell the personal
  human adventures. Visit           stories of the courageous women who have survived abuses and
  to discover more about our movie                   now want their voices to be heard.
  magazines, fiction, fillers and sports bloopers.

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                                                       8 rue Marceau
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                                                       Fax: + 33 1 55 00 78 77

                                                       The Day Before
                                                          4x52’ HD                                 2009
                                                          English, German, French
                                                       Loic Prigent unveiled rare and refreshing glimpses behind the
                       Eran Kameya                     doors of some of the world's leading fashion houses 36 hours
                       Sales Manager                   before a show (Sonia Rykiel, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Proenza Schouler,                             Fendi by Karl Lagerfeld).

                                                       Waste : the Nuclear Nightmare
                                                          72’ - 98’ HD                             2009
                                                          English, German, French
                                                       Looking at the cases of France, Germany, the United States and
                                                       Russia, this scientific and political report explores the taboo
                   TV Films/Mini Series
                                                       subject of nuclear power, particularly the darkest aspects of the
                          Feature Films
          Animated/Children’s Programs
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs
                              Art/Music                When the Egyptians Sailed on the Red Sea
                                Formats                   52’ - 90’ HD                             2009
                                                          English, German, French
                                                       Aboard a replica of one of the boats chartered by Queen
                                                       Hatshepsut in 1500 B.C., a scientific team undertook to repeat the
                                                       extraordinary voyage that led the Egyptians to the rich and
                                                       marvellous Land of Punt.
    ARTE Sales is the distribution arm of the
    European leading public channel ARTE.              Japan, The Emperor and The Army
    Offering over 2, 000 hours of documentaries
                                                          52’ - 90’ HD                             2009
    produced for ARTE, our catalogue reflects the
    channel’s editorial line, covering all genres -
                                                          English, German, French
    History, Society, Science, Discovery, Lifestyle,
    Music, Arts. ARTE Sales has established itself     How sixty years after its defeat, Japan has become one of the
    as a leading program supplier worldwide.           world's prominent military powers in spite of its pacifist
    Providing creative programs to all media (TV-      constitution.
    VOD-DVD-...) who can rely on ARTE’s strong
    brand with high public profile and excellent

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                                               20 rue Mazarine
                                               75006 Paris
                                               Tel.: + 33 1 40 46 03 34

                                               1 Minute In a Museum - Season 1, 2 & 3
                                                   140’                                  2007
                                                   English, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese,
                                                   Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Russian
                    Sophie Berbinau            Art through the ages, Modern and Contemporary Art, Islamic Art.
                    International Sales        These series encourage and challenge children to conceive and                     voice their own opinions about works of art. With no right or
                                               wrong ideas. And no right or wrong answers. Just the right to
                                               have an opinion!
                                               Funny Animals
                                                   26x2’30”                             2007
                                                   English, French, Finnish, Polish, Swedish
                   TV Films/Mini Series        Hippos at the beauty salon, baboons dancing the swing, giraffes
                          Feature Films        rowing down the Nile… Funny, bubbly and easily memorised
          Animated/Children’s Programs         songs take you into 2D/3D world where animals of the savannah
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs
                                               play along with child’s imagination. Funny animals: a remedy for
                                               rainy days!
                                Formats        Just So Stories
                                                   10x13’ HD                             2007
                                                   English, French, Italian, Spanish, Finnish
                                                Rudyard Kipling’s stories, written more than a century ago, are
                                                still modern, exotic and full of fantasy and humour. How the
                                                Leopard got his Spots, How the Elephant’s child got his Trunk
  5 years old, over 100 international clients, …Best TV Film prize AniMadrid 08. Best TV Series Stuttgart
  present in 192 territories worldwide. Animation Festival 09.
  Representing shows from France’s multi-
  award winning studio Les Films de l’Arlequin, Carefree Capers
  Ireland’s Emmy award winning Telegael,             26x5’ HD                              2008
  Portuguese Cartoon d’Or award winning              Animation
  Zeppelin Filmes, British prodco Kickback           English, French, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese,
  Media. Rising stars include Korean studio          Arabic, Danish
  Sunnyside Imaginary Space, French based Le
  Regard Sonore, Sansoucis Productions, Down at the farm, over a country road, a colourful community of
  Madame Mo Productions, Image-In, Rebecca farmyard friends lives out their everyday lives. Little absurdities
  Sack Productions our first live action sometimes do pose problems but nevertheless all episodes end
  producer!                                     with some good-advice-for-life. A charming show for pre-
                                                schoolers everywhere.
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                                                    86/88 rue Thiers
                                                    92100 Boulogne-Billancourt
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                                                    Fax: + 33 1 46 10 10 10

                                                    Women !
                                                        260x2’ HD                           2007
                                                        Women Spoof Series
                                                        French, Italian, International, Adaptable format
                                                    Comedy series featuring a pair of actresses who camp the multiple
                       Chloé Horgues                feminine clichés of our contemporary society. The tone is totally
                       Legal and Sales Assistant    transgressive and off the wall; this perspective allows the                       actresses to apply absurd solutions to the banal situations of
                                                    everyday life.

                                                    Camera Café
                                                        600x26’ - 3500x3’30” HD            2001
                                                        French, International, Adaptable format
                         Series/Sitcoms             Seen through the unusual lens of a Coffee Machine, a small team
                   TV Films/Mini Series             of stereotypical office staff come together to recount with great
                          Feature Films             humour events going on in their everyday lives. Always the
          Animated/Children’s Programs              meeting point for politically incorrect discussions, witty jokes and
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs             camaraderie.
                                Formats             Paris… After Dark
                                                        360x52’                                   1995-2006
                                                        Nightlife Magazine
                                                        Adaptable format
                                                  Entertaining, cultural road-movie, in which a crazy night in the city
                                                  is seen entirely through the eyes of a presenter/journalist,
                                                  although the viewer never sees the presenter himself. The
                                                  programme focuses on events taking place there and then. It has
     Calt Distribution, a subsidiary of the
                                                  an unplanned, impromptu feel.
     Robin&Co group, has already proved its
     expertise in the field of format sales and
                                                  Dinner at Faubourg Saint Honoré
     made its name as a distributor of original
     short programme concepts produced not            108x52’                                   2003
     only by CALT but other independent               Talk-show
     production companies from all over the           Adaptable format
     world. Scripted formats (Caméra Café sold in The programme takes place at the home of TV presenter Thierry
     more than 60 countries, Women! in more Ardisson during an actual dinner party. Politicians, writers, actors
     than 20), Drama, Entertainment, Live and artists are given the chance to meet in a unique and
     Performances and Documentaries are what sophisticated setting conducive to discussion.
     you can find in our selected library.

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        Carrere                                  50 avenue du Président Wilson
                                                 93214 La Plaine-Saint-Denis
                    Group                        Tel.: + 33 1 49 37 78 00
                                                 Fax: + 33 1 49 37 77 75

                                                     52x7’                                      2009
                                                 CAJOO is a mischievous little tiger. He’s a typical four year old boy.
                    Axel Carrere                 Cajoo’s world indes his parents, his grandparents Papoo and
                    President                    Mamoo, his little sister PAYLA and his friends: BALAFON the                            shastful monkey, BOBO the sleepy koala and a junglewise little
                                                 panther named CHAPATI.

                                                 Einsatzgruppen, the Death Brigades
                                                     2x90’                                      2009
                                                     French, English
                         Series/Sitcoms          In June 1941, the German army invades the USSR. Following
                   TV Films/Mini Series          behind are the Einsatzgruppen, 3,000 men grouped into four
                          Feature Films          “intervention groups” each given a geographical region, sent to
          Animated/Children’s Programs           exterminate Jews and enemies of the Reich. Within a few months,
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs          the genocide work is accomplished.
                                Formats          Alice Nevers, Detective & Judge
                                                     16x90’ - 19x52’ HD                         2009
                                                 Attractive general attorney Alice Nevers is doing her best to make
                                                 the truth come out. A compelling blend of suspense and romance
                                                 in one of the most successful prime-time series!
  Carrere Group D.A. is responsible for the
                                                 Research Unit
  global distribution of Carrere Group
  products, including film and television            32x52’ HD                                  2009
  content in the pay, free, video and on-            Fiction
  demand markets. Television includes TV             French
  movies, mini-series, series, youth (live and   To solve the most complex crimes, the police calls in their crack
  animated series) and documentaries. CGDA       squad of investigators, the Research Unit where each event takes
  exploits a catalogue of over 6.400 hours,      place. Each member of the team brings his own unique skills to
  majority in-house produced. A large part of    the investigation, sometimes going beyond conventions.
  its business is international.

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                                                   13 rue Portefoin
                                                   75003 Paris
                                                   Tel.: + 33 1 42 77 56 87
                                                   Fax: + 33 1 42 77 36 56

                                                    100 Years inside the F.B.I
                                                       5x52’ HD                                  2009
                                                       Current Affairs, History
                                                       English, French subtitles
                                                    The inside story of 100 years of the FBI distilled from hours of
                       Daniela Elstner              exclusive interviews with 50 agents, ex agents and directors of the
                       General Manager              FBI. Illustrated with the best available archival material, the                       5 films will treat the FBI’s culture and history like a cold case.

                                                    Twilight of the Lions
                                                       52’ - 87’ HD                              2009
                                                       English subtitles, French
                                                    The Lion we think of as the King of the Beasts has seen its
                         Series/Sitcoms             numbers dropping at an alarming rate. The film focuses on a group
                   TV Films/Mini Series             of scientists that has recently started a pioneering project in
                          Feature Films             Kenya: work with the Maasai to try and save the last big cats in
          Animated/Children’s Programs              the region.
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs
                              Art/Music             Afghanistan, on the Dollar Trail
                                                       52’ HD                                    2009
                                                       Current Affairs
                                                       French subtitles, English subtitles
                                                Where did the 18 billion dollars invested by the international
                                                community to rebuild Afghanistan, develop its schools, construct
                                                hospitals and eradicate the opium traffic go? 8 years after the fall
                                                of Kabul there is only one construction sector in full swing: that of
     10 years after its creation, Doc & Film luxury villas.
     International now has a cherished store of
     over 800 films composed of both television New Adventures in Tourism
     documentaries and feature films. The
                                                    52’ HD                                    2009
     company is backed by a network of film
                                                    Adventure, Current Affairs
     distributors, television stations, DVD
                                                    English subtitles, French
     publishers and VOD operators worldwide,
     ensuring maximum international exposure More than the destination, what’s important today is the unique
     for its catalogue.                         experience one has had, and the telling of it. A new generation of
                                                travelers with new longings is emerging in the interstices of mass
                                                tourism, longings which have nothing to do with rest and

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                                                 59 rue du Temple
                                                 75003 Paris
                                                 Tel.: + 33 1 48 87 93 78
                                                 Fax: + 33 1 48 87 96 81

                                                 Once upon a World
                                                     50’ HD                                   2009
                                                     Science, Technologies
                                                     French, English
                    Betty Nocella                Why does the universe even bother existing? With scientific
                    International Sales          explanation and recent discoveries, we can trace back our history
                    Manager                      up until the very first nanoseconds of the Big Bang! The movie is                        articulated around the enigmas of origins: the vertiginous
                                                 emergence of our universe.
                                                 Danemark: Land of Happiness
                                                     50’                                      2009
                                                     French, English

                                                 Did you know that Leicester University researchers have
                   TV Films/Mini Series
                                                 established: happiest nation in the world is Denmark! What are
                                                 the sources of Scandinavian happiness consistently stay in the top
                          Feature Films
                                                 10 of Happiness? This film will meet with these people to
          Animated/Children’s Programs
                                                 understand what makes them happy.
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs
                              Art/Music          Ronald Reagan (parts 7) - 52’
                                                 Making of the Leader
                                                     7x52’                                    2009
                                                     French, English
                                                20 years after he left the White House, Reagan continues to put his
                                                stamp on American politics. Reagan is undoubtedly one of the
                                                most controversial presidents of the U.S. He is a turning point in
  DOC EN STOCK is a Paris-based production the history of the Cold War and was one of the finest strategists
  company founded by Daniel Leconte in 1994. of the 20th century.
  It has produced more than five hundred
  documentaries for channels such as Arte, TF1, I’m the Lord your God : the Fesh Case
  France 2, France 3, France 5, and the cable (parts 4) 10 Commandments - 52’
  channels, Canal +, 13ème Rue /Universal and       10x52’                                    2009
  Planète. DOC EN STOCK’s documentaries are         Crime, Investigation
  marketed and sold all over the world.             French, English
  A twin company, FILM EN STOCK, headed by
  Daniel Leconte was started in January 2001 40 years after Jacques Fesch, execution’s (he killed a policeman),
  and specializes in fiction programs for the French Bishop Lustiger claims the wish to beatify Jacques
  cinema and television.                        Fesch. It immediately stirs up controversy. The film is based on the
                                                comparison and it breaks the chronology to better reveal his life,
                                                his death, his guilt...
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                                                    71 boulevard Gouvion-Saint-Cyr
                                                    75017 Paris
                                                    Tel.: + 33 1 56 33 80 63
                                                    Fax: + 33 1 56 33 80 88

                                                    Sophie Paquin
                                                        52x52’ HD                                2006 - on going
                                                        Drama, Comedy
                       Flor                             French
                       Husson-Dumoutier             Sophie Paquin has everything going for her: a talent agency, a nice
                       Sales and Acquisition        man, and a baby on the way. But one day, it all goes to hell. She
                       Executive                    must now learn to manage a single motherhood, her tormented                            actors, a neurotic mother and her oddball friends. But Sophie
                                                    won’t give up!

                                                    The Board Room
                                                        52x26’ HD                                2006 - on going
                         Series/Sitcoms             The Board Room is a sexy-drama series, combining humour and
                   TV Films/Mini Series             sexuality. Four friends, graduated in Business Management, will
                          Feature Films             find out that it’s not their education but very often seduction and
          Animated/Children’s Programs              sexuality that influence their choices, and add spice to their
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs             friendly Board Room.
                                Formats             The Parent
                                                        20x26’ HD                                2008
                                                        Comedy, Drama
                                                   The Parent is the story of a father and mother grappling with their
                                                   three boys who invite us to share their daily life with them. With
                                                   the clear intention of making laugh, smile, and sometimes reflect,
                                                   The Parent features situations that punctuate the lives of all
     Created in 1992 by Valerie Pechels and
     Vincent Deforges, Double V, is a leading
     independent TV distribution company. Based
                                                   The Gentleman
     on a combined knowledge ofTV programming and
     marketing ability, Double V has built an          8x52’ HD                                 2008
     attractive catalogue including mostly fiction     Drama
     programs and has successfully achieved            French
     major sales agreements in their domestic Louis is a young undercover detective whose girlfriend was
     market and more recently throughout subjected to an attempt on her life. He launches on a relentless
     Europe. For 18 years, Double V has developed search of the perpetrator of this inexplicable crime. This cop story
     contacts in the USA, Canada and Europe, with a psychological twist and a thrilling suspense will keep you
     both with producers, distributors and on the edge of your seat.
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                                                    24-26 quai Alphonse-Le-Gallo
                                                    92513 Boulogne Billancourt Cedex
                                                    Tel.: + 33 1 40 74 76 76
                                                    Fax: + 33 1 40 74 76 79

                                                    The Final Negotiation
                                                    (Copenhagen climate talks 2009)
                                                       90’ HD                                     2009
                                                       Society, Current Affairs
                     Léa Laubacher                     French, English
                     International Sales            This exclusive documentary, built like a thriller, original and
                                                    modern in its form, will lead us to the journey of one of the biggest                    political decision, the only topic that gathers 190 countries for the
                                                    first time, a decision that might change the face of world…

                                                    Is the North Pole about to flip?
                                                       52’ HD                                     2009
                                                       Science Documentary
                                                       French, English
                         Series/Sitcoms             Why is the magnetic North pole moving, and moving so fast ? Are
                   TV Films/Mini Series             we on the eve of a new inversion? The film will follow geologists
                          Feature Films             Larry Hewitt and Jean-Jacques Orgeval in an attempt to
          Animated/Children’s Programs              understand, measure and explain the consequences of the
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs             forthcoming pole inversion.
                                Formats             Chateaubriand
                                                       2x60’ - 120’ HD                            2009
                                                       Costume Biopic
                                                    The epic story of the great French writer, explorer and statesman
                                                    – a life that stretches from the French Revolution to the Industrial
                                                    Revolution. With Frederic Diefenthal.
  Europe Images International/M5, headed by
  Frank Soloveicik, is one of Europe’s largest      Grenadine & Mentalo
  international audiovisual distribution hubs.Its      78x7’                                      2010
  catalogue features nearly 14,000 hours of TV         Animation
  programmes, covering a vast range of genres          French, English
  including fiction, animation, documentaries,      Grenadine is a little Inuit girl who is curious, energetic and who
  live events and feature films. In France and      loves to get into mischief. She is always inventing a thousand wild
  abroad, the company’s distribution business       adventures that she gets into with her friend Peppermint a usually
  is supported by terrestrial and cable-satellite   placid penguin whom she thinks has the right stuff to make a
  operators, video publishers and the               super hero.
  derivative rights market.

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                                                       34 rue du Louvre
                                                       75001 Paris
                                                       Tel.: + 33 1 53 10 33 99
                                                       Fax: + 33 1 53 10 33 98

                                                       Happy Ever Afters
                                                           105’ HD                                    2009
                                                       Freddie and Maura are getting married but not to each other.
                        Pamela Leu                     Maura to Wilson, a Nigerian immigrant, and Freddie to the uptight
                        TV Sales Manager               Sophie for the second time. Both weddings collide when they                      arrive at the same hotel for their receptions!

                                                       Eleanor’s Secret
                                                           80’ HD                                     2009
                                                           English, French
                                                       Nathanael, 7, cannot read when his granny bequeaths him her
                         Series/Sitcoms                huge book collection, which serves as a shelter for all the heroes
                   TV Films/Mini Series                found in children's literature. When his parents start selling off the
                          Feature Films                books, he braves everything to save his tiny friends!
          Animated/Children’s Programs
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs                Arusha
                                                           52‘ - 115’ HD                              2009
                                                           French with English subtitles
                                                       Since 1994, in Arusha, the International Criminal Tribunal for
                                                       Rwanda is commissioned by the UN to judge the people
                                                       responsible of the Rwandese genocide. Relying on the video
                                                       archives of the ICTR, the film is an exceptional testimony.

     Films Distribution, an international sales        « 9 » - Tony Parker
     agency set up in 1997, works with feature
                                                           60’ HD                                     2009
     films and sells to international distributors
     and broadcasters. Films Distribution handles
                                                           English, French
     a library of 800 features, 200 are available
     worldwide. Each year, we add 30 new titles        Tony Parker is an exceptional documentary, which, through the
     to our international sales slate. We pride        accounts and testimony of his family, friends, teammates and
     ourselves in the quality of our service both to   rarely shown archives, follows Tony Parker’s fantastic rise allowing
     the producers who trust us with their movies      us to discover the man and its leitmotiv : “Anything is possible as
     and to the distributors who work with us,         long as you want it”.
     introducing new filmmakers to audiences
     around the world.

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                                                  1 boulevard Victor
                                                  75015 Paris
                                                  Tel.: + 33 1 56 22 90 00
                                                  Fax: + 33 1 56 22 90 92

                                                  The Commanderie
                                                      8x52’ HD                                   2009
                                                      Fiction Series
                                                      French, English subtitles
                    Christophe Pecot
                    Sales Manager                 “THE COMMANDERIE”, will take you into the heart of Medieval
                                                  Times, one that is disrupted by a quest for a treasure meant to
                                                  fund a new crusade... In a climate of fear, refuge can be found
                                                  behind the walls of a fortified farm: the doors of the Assier
                                                  Commandery are wide open!

                                                      78x7’ HD                                   2008
                    Simon Le Deaut                    Animation Series
                    Sales Manager                     French, English dubbed                      Senzo, Mimo, Gala and Bella are videogame characters and the
                                                  members of a cyber-vintage band: The Podcats. Carefree, they are
                         Series/Sitcoms           all-out Teen Rockers with a thing for pop-rock tunes! Highest
                   TV Films/Mini Series           premiere for a new series on France 3 / Toowam with 32% MS on
                          Feature Films           4-10 years old.
          Animated/Children’s Programs
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs           The Earth from Above Season 3 –
                              Art/Music           Third Episode: USA
                                                      6x52’ - 3x110’ HD                          2008
                                                      Documentary Green
                                                      French, English dubbed
                                                  This third episode tells us the origin of oil, this precious material
                                                  which is presently running out…Yann Arthus Bertand goes to
  France Télévisions Distribution markets USA, the most depending country on oil, analyses consequences
  internationally programmes produced by of its depletion and tries to find substitute fuels.
  France télévisions group or independent
  producers. Over 6000 hours of programmes Exposed – Portraits of Key World Leaders
  of all genres (feature films, fiction drama,        10x52’ HD                                   2006-2009
  documentaries, magazine and animation) are          Documentary series, Current Affairs
  currently available. The news department            French, English dubbed & subtitles
  offers France 2, France 3 and France 5 daily "I want to be the President of Human Rights. I don’t believe in the
  news footage and current affairs magazine concept of “realpolitik", which gives up on its values without even
  content to worldwide broadcasters. FTD also securing contracts…” Sarkozy’s announced break epitomizes a
  strongly operates in the field of international new tone, a new dynamism. What has his mid-term in office
  pre-sales and co-production.                    amounted to?

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                                                      14 rue des Périchaux
                                                      75015 Paris
                                                      Tel.: + 33 1 45 35 92 58
                                                      Fax: + 33 1 45 33 78 63

                                                      H1N1, our Viruses have a Future
                                                          52’ HD                                    2009
                                                          Current Affairs, Scientific
                                                          French, English
                       Nathalie Giboire Labid         Faced with the tidal wave of information and interpretation and
                       Head of International          the media hype, this film tries to provide explanation, information
                       Sales and Acquisitions         and nuances. The aim is to provide the keys to the understanding                           of these viral diseases that will we are told be milestones through
                                                      our century.

                                                      Heritage & Enigmas of the Marine World
                                                          6x52’ HD                                  2009-2010
                                                          History, Underwater Discoveries
                                                          French, English
                         Series/Sitcoms               Presented in the form of an investigation, backed up by 3D
                   TV Films/Mini Series               reconstruction, exceptional aerial images, archive and news
                          Feature Films               footage, "Heritage and Enigmas of the Marine World" revisits
          Animated/Children’s Programs                unsolved investigations and sets out on the trail of the myths that
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs               History has left in suspense.
                                Formats               When the Mermaids are singing
                                                          52’ HD                                    2009
                                                          French, English
                                                      Meeting with fishermen and Aborigines help us to understand
                                                      ancestral fear, believes and legends. “The last surviving mermaids”
                                                      will study dugong’s behaviour, threats, human impacts and
     With more than 150 hours of programs with awareness..…Let’s discover the dugong but overall let’s save it!
     different themes such as HD programs as
     discovery, ethnology, travel, current affairs, Rafael Campallo
     science, educational, culture, wildlife, Fillers
                                                          52’ - 90’ HD                               2009
     and its flagship collections "Around the
     sea", “In the Kitchen”, “Motors”, “Hunting
                                                         Captation music only
     & Fishing” & a new catalogue of music:
     opera, classical, world music, Salsa, This show embodies the modernity of a flamenco of the 21

     Flamenco, Jazz…GAD it is strong and century that hasn’t burnt its bridges. It’s a breath of gypsy life with
     inspiring stories of our world, that bring out its joy and its pain, its changes of mood and its entirely Andalusia
     emotions and dreams….                            passion.

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                                                 30 avenue Charles-de-Gaulle
                                                 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine
                                                 Tel.: + 33 1 46 43 20 00
                                                 Fax: + 33 1 46 43 21 68

                                                 OSS 117 Lost in Rio
                                                     100’ HD                                   2008
                                                     Adventure, Comedy
                                                 Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath, aka OSS 117, is the French spy
                    Françoise Védrine            considered by his superiors to be the best in the business. In 1967,
                    International Sales          he's been sent on a mission to Rio de Janeiro, to find a former                            high-ranking Nazi exiled after the war, accompanied by a
                                                 charming Mossad agent.

                                                 Seeds of Death
                                                     115’ HD                                   2006
                         Series/Sitcoms          Paris, in the present day. The rumor of a plague epidemic is
                   TV Films/Mini Series          spreading. The first body bearing all the symptoms is discovered.
                          Feature Films          Commissaire Adamsberg, an unusual, intuitive policeman, head of
          Animated/Children’s Programs           the Crime Squad, is put in charge of the investigation.
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs
                              Art/Music          Vatel
                                                     117’                                      2000
                                                     History, Drama
                                                Castle of the Prince de Condé, late April 1671 - The Prince de
                                                Condé wants to regain the favor of King Louis XIV. He ordering his
                                                steward, Vatel to prepare a reception for the entire Court of
                                                Versailles. The festivities are to last 3 days and 3 nights and must
  Gaumont was born at the same time as the be dazzling.
  cinema itself: 114 years in the industry,
  serving the cinema. Gaumont is a company À Nos Amours
  rich in tradition, but quick to adapt to
                                                    102’                                        1983
  changing times. The Gaumont movie heritage
  is managed with care, consolidating the film
  and newsreel archives, founding a museum
  and running the France’s second-ranking film Sleeping with men is easier than loving them: a grim discovery for
  library with more than 800 titles, Gaumont is Suzanne at age 15. In her flight to escape family problems, she
  ambitious, with an impressive raft of picks up a great deal of experience as she goes from one bed
  productions that represent a broad, balanced partner to the next. She cannot seem to love any man until the day
  and various editorial policy.                 she meets Jacques. .

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                                                       Hair, Let the Sun shine in
                                                          54’                                      2007
                                                          French, English
                                                       Since its overwhelming success at its first public performance in
                        Nicole Leconte                 the late 1960s, Hair has inspired generations with its messages of
                        Programme Sales                love, non-violence and liberation.
                                                       Mysteries in the Archives
                                                          10x26’                                   2006
                                                       This series was conceived to uncover or rediscover footage that
                                                       bears witness to a century of history. Some of the images are well
                         Series/Sitcoms                know, some have never been seen before. Every episode is a
                   TV Films/Mini Series                formal inquiry. Some subjects are cheerful and amusing…
                          Feature Films
          Animated/Children’s Programs                 The Tunnel Dwellers of New York
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs
                                                          52’                                      2008
                                                          French, English
                                                       This is a journey to another New York. Under the city there are 18
                                                       levels below ground and 468 open or abandoned subway stations,
                                                       a maze of corridors, and kilometres of disused tunnels. Women
                                                       and men take shelter here, in the bowels of the city…

                                                       The Great Killer
     Ina is one of the largest archive centre in the
                                                          56’                                      2006
     world and the first digital image and sounds
     library. Preserving all the archives of the
     French Public Television and Radio, Ina
     proposes footage and programmes from              H1N1 is a virus. A plague which has gone down in history under
     more than 60 years of television archives:        the nickname of "Spanish influenza". From 1918 to 1920, it
     - Various collections totalling more than half    spread to affect more than half the world's population, and killed
     a million hours,                                  between 20 million and 40 million people…
     - Today, more than 350,000 hours of digitised
     documents accessible online. A huge choice
     for directors, broadcasters and publishers.

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                                                 The Mermaid’s Tears: Oceans of Plastic
                                                     52’ HD                                   2009
                                                     Current Affairs
                                                     English, French
                                                 Every km of ocean contains an average of 74,000 pieces of plastic.
                    Roch Bozino                  A ‘plastic soup’ of waste, killing hundreds of thousands of animals
                    Managing Director            and leaching chemicals slowly up the food chain. What will be the                           long term impact of this ‘plastic pollution’? Can anything be done
                                                 to clean our oceans?
                                                 Faking It : the Rise of the Counterfeit
                                                 Goods Trade
                                                     52’                                      2009
                                                     Current Affairs
                                                     English, French
                   TV Films/Mini Series          No longer content to be just an economic menace, the
                          Feature Films          counterfeiters are putting our health and safety at risk. From
          Animated/Children’s Programs           mobile phones to viagra and ready meals, there’s nothing they
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs          can’t fake. Who makes these imitation products? How do they get
                              Art/Music          into Europe? We investigate.
                                                 Tasmania: Chain Saw Massacre
                                                     52’ HD                                   2009
                                                     Current Affairs, Environment
                                                     English, French
                                                  The lush forests of Tasmania had remained untouched since
                                                  prehistoric times. Then, in 1970, the paper industry moved in. Now
                                                  8 million cubic metres of wood are cut down every year, emptying
  Java Films is a Paris based independent the forests. Can the protestors win their increasingly bitter battle
  documentary distributor. We represent against the industrialists?
  current affairs, topical news features,
  investigative reports, social issues, discovery Sun, Sea and Surgery
  and human interest films. As well as working       51’                                         2009
  with French producers, Java also represents        Current Affairs, Lifestyle
  producers based in Europe, America and             English, French
  Australasia. Every month, we propose For most of us, the last place we want to visit on holiday is the
  powerful new stories filmed around the hospital. But from bargain basement boob jobs in Bangkok to
  world. We are also involved in co-productions cheap hip replacements in Mexico, going abroad for operations is
  and pre-sales.                                  a growing trend. What are the dangers? Who benefits and who
                                                 are the tour operators cashing in?

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                                                     62 boulevard Davout
                                                     75020 Paris
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                                                     Fax: + 33 1 44 52 23 24

                                                     Louis XV, The Black Sun
                                                         52’ - 90’ HD                             2009
                                                         French, English
                       Charlotte Uzu                 Louis XV, the second docudrama of a three-part collection on
                       Head of International         Versailles, initiated with the highly successful Versailles, The
                       Development                   Dream of A King. Louis XIV made Versailles an earthly paradise,                   Louis XV a pleasure palace, Louis XVI the graveyard of the

                                                     The Furious Force of Rhymes
                                                         52’ - 90’ HD                             2009
                                                         Social Issues, Music
                         Series/Sitcoms              NYC, France, Israel, Senegal, Columbia. Hip Hop has travelled
                   TV Films/Mini Series              through time and crossed many borders as a worldwide protest
                          Feature Films              music. This journey around the globe shows hip-hop as a bridge of
          Animated/Children’s Programs               cultural differences and an activist for social change.
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs
                              Art/Music              Namo Sanghaya
                                                         52’ - 90’ HD                             2010
                                                         Social Issues
                                                         Tibetan, English
                                                     “Namo Sanghaya” means “I take refuge in the monastic
                                                     community." This documentary film recounts the everyday life,
                                                     joys and sorrows, of a nine-year-old girl throughout her first year
                                                     of noviciate in one of the largest monasteries for Buddhist women
     Les Films d'Ici, established in 1984, is one of in the Himalayas.
     the largest documentary film production
     companies in France. The catalogue contains The Division of Africa – Berlin 1884
     over 500 films including one hour
                                                           52’ - 90’ HD                            2009
     documentaries, series, collections, feature
     length documentaries and feature films
                                                           French, English, German
     released in theatres and broadcast on
     television stations worldwide.                     th
                                                     26 February 1885. Scenes of joy at the Radziwill Palace in Berlin,
                                                     to celebrate the end of negotiations. The leading diplomats of the
                                                     Western world had determined the future of Africa. Yet not a
                                                     single African had been asked for their opinion!

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                                                 22 avenue Pierre -1er-de-Serbie
                                                 75116 Paris
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                                                 Fax: + 33 1 49 52 06 40

                                                 Marching Band by Claude Miller
                                                    95’ HD                                     2009
                                                 USA 2008: election of the 44th President. Within this context
                    Agathe Valentin              University College and campus bands were more than ever
                    Head of Sales                involved within political rallies. This film, boosted by the                   extraordinary energy of these marching bands, sketched a portrait
                                                 of today’s American youth.

                                                 The Day Will Come by Susanne Schneider
                                                    103’ HD                           2009
                                                    Feature Film
                                                    French, German with English subtitles
                   TV Films/Mini Series          30 years after giving her daughter up for adoption in order to join
                          Feature Films          the terrorist underground in Germany, Judith is tracked down by
          Animated/Children’s Programs           her now adult daughter Alice to a vineyard in the Alsace where
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs          she is now living with a new family and a new identity…
                                                 Sweet Rush by Andrzej Wajda
                                                    85’ HD                                     2008
                                                    Feature Film
                                                    Polish with English subtitles
                                                 Sweet Rush is a subtle and touching story of impossible love and,
                                                 at the same time, the director’s personal account of things eternal:
                                                 love coming too late and death coming always too early.
  Founded in 1962, at the height of the New
  Wave, by Barbet Schroeder and Éric Rohmer,
  Les Films du Losange has worked and            Versailles by Pierre Schoeller
  supported some of the most acclaimed              113’                                       2008
  filmmakers from all over the world. With a        Feature Film
  catalogue of over 80 movies, featuring            French with English subtitles
  directors such as Éric Rohmer, Barbet
                                                 A child and his young mother sleep on the streets. In the woods
  Schroeder, alongside new movies by Michael
                                                 near Versailles, a man lives in a hut, cut off from everything. Nina
  Haneke, Jacques Rivette, Otar Iosseliani and
                                                 spends a night with him. The next morning, Nina leaves the child
  others, Les Films du Losange continues to
                                                 and vanishes.
  defend a particular conception of quality
  filmmaking - stimulating, relevant and
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                                                   6bis Chemin du Lavoir
                                                   Bâtiment C
                                                   78330 Fontenay-le-Fleury
                                                   Tel.: + 33 6 61 89 04 58

                                                    Gold Men, Resistants for Earth
                                                       90’ HD                                   2009
                                                       French, International
                                                    The Gold Man Prize is known as the “Nobel Prize” for
                       Sandrine Frantz              environment. Every year since 1990, it awards people who go
                       General Manager              through extraordinary struggles to preserve our planet. Sebastien                      Viaud went for a trip around the world meeting these tremendous

                                                       108x4’30’’                               2010
                                                       Cooking Show
                                                       English, French, International
                         Series/Sitcoms             Cookin' is a short programme which pushes you to dive into the
                   TV Films/Mini Series             world of Finger Food, Salads and Pastas through its dynamic,
                          Feature Films             rhythmic and energetic atmosphere! Each 4’30’’ épisode shows
          Animated/Children’s Programs              how to prepare quickly and easily one or several dishes: playful,
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs             healthy and original recipes.
                                Formats             10… in Asia
                                                       15x26’ HD                                2010
                                                       Travel Series
                                                       English, French, International
                                                 Each 26’ episode offers the discovery of Asian cities, through 10 of
                                                 the most exceptional, original, or amusing experiences that these
                                                 destinations have to offer. A local celebrity will guide us through
     Created by Sandrine Frantz in 2009, his city and present what all travelers should see, touch, or taste.
     LUKARN is an independent company with
     a triple activity : first, distribution and Secrete Stories of Primitive Arts
     production of TV programmes. Then, the
                                                     52’ HD                                    2006
     company acts as a Licensing Agent.
     LUKARN proposes any kind of programmes
                                                     French, International
     : French and foreign programmes available
     worldwide, documentaries, music, short At the feet of the Louvre’s Museum is a magic and secret place, at
     comedy series, TV movies, feature films, the intersection of art and science : the research and restoration’s
     children programmes, hidden cameras, center of French museums. Here, the scientists scrutinize the works
     extreme sport, humour…                      of art with devices which make material speak (infrareds, X-

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                                                    15/27 rue Moussorgski
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                                                       78x7’ HD                                   2009
                                                       Comedy, 6+
                                                       French, English
                                                    Meet the wackiest inventor of all times! Each day, Dr.
                     Jérôme Alby                    CONTRAPTUS comes up with new ideas and concepts. His sidekick
                     Deputy General Manager         the lazy, clumsy Basil, features in all his adventures, and has the                         misfortune of testing some of these wacky creations…

                                                    The Magic Roundabout
                                                       104x11’ HD                                 2007-2010
                                                       Comedy, Preschool
                                                       French, English (and more)
                                                    Do not miss the chance to climb on The Magic Roundabout with
                         Series/Sitcoms             Dougal and his friends. Enjoy their fun and adventures! An
                   TV Films/Mini Series             enchanting, entertaining series for young viewers, featuring
                          Feature Films             loveable characters and amusing stories!
          Animated/Children’s Programs
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs             Yakari
                                                       78x13’                            2005
                                                       Comedy, 5+
                                                       French, English, Portuguese, German (and more)
                                                    Yakari is a happy Sioux: free, fearless, courageous, generous and
                                                    close to nature. His protective totem called Big Eagle, gave him the
                                                    power to understand the language of all animals. A wonderful
                                                    tales of friendship, tolerance and understanding, shown in high-
                                                    quality animation.
  Dargaud Media, Ellipsanime Productions,           The Garfield Show
  Dupuis, Storimages and Les Cartooneurs
                                                       52x11’ HD                          2008
  properties, with popular series such as Tintin,
                                                       Comedy, 6+
  Babar, Lucky Luke, The Garfield Show, The
                                                       French, English, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish,
  Magic Roundabout, Cedric, Yakari.
                                                       German (and more)
  MEDIATOON enriches its catalogue through
  partnerships with independent third-party         Garfield is a lazy, selfish, overweight, orange tabby cat whose
  producers such as Bayard or Les Films du          main hobbies are chilling out, sleeping, watching TV and having
  Triangle, as well as with Asian producers of      fun. But yet he has a heart of gold and thanks to his ingenuity he
  quality manga successes such as Naruto and        manages to save the day and gets even Odie out of trouble.

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                                                   Chloe’s Closet
                                                       52x11’ HD                                 2009
                                                       Discovery, Fantasy, Preschool
                      Marie Congé                      English, French, Spanish
                      Senior Vice President,       Welcome to the magical world of an adorable, imaginative little
                      International Distribution   girl named Chloe, who embarks upon fantastical adventures
                      and CPG                      during her dress-up play. Chloe's adventures involve the audience                     and encourage viewers to celebrate how delightful it is to be a
                                                   little kid!

                                                       52x11’ HD                                 2009
                                                       Animation, Comedy, 6+
                                                       English, French, Spanish
                         Series/Sitcoms            Based on the highly acclaimed Australian comic book series, the
                   TV Films/Mini Series            series is told from the point of view of a friendly, lovable goldfish
                          Feature Films            and explores family relationships through the wacky adventures
          Animated/Children’s Programs             of pets left home alone! This is a world where nothing is normal
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs            or straight up…
                                Formats            Twisted Whiskers
                                                       52x11’ HD                          2009
                                                       Animation, Comedy, 6+
                                                       English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic
                                                  There’s nothing funnier and more intriguing than looking at life
                                                  from a pet’s point of view. Twisted Whiskers celebrates that point
                                                  of view with a winning combination of heartfelt and hilarious
                                                  stories focused on an irreverent group of human-like cats and
     Moonscoop is a leading worldwide
     production, distribution, brand management
     and entertainment company, focused on
                                                  Dive Olly Dive 2nd Season
     producing original projects and building
     brands with international appeal and             104x11’ HD                               2010
     longevity. Producing many hours of original      Animation, Comedy, Adventure, Preschool
     programming from its offices in the US and       English, French, Finnish
     France, Moonscoop is complimented by a Produced in partnership with UNESCO, the 2nd season of DIVE
     digital media arm, a Consumer Product OLLY DIVE follows the fun-filled underwater escapades of Olly and
     Division and an award-winning TV Beth, two young, unmanned research-submarines-in-training who
     Distribution department handling a discover the marvels of the world they live in.
     catalogue of over 100 titles and 3,000 half-
     hours of programming.
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                                                   Pop Corn TV World’s Best Comedy Show
                                                      200x26’                          2009
                                                      Candid Camera clips, Home Video, Extreme Sports
                                                      No dialogue
                    Marine Launier                 This is our brand new show featuring our family of Candid Camera
                    Sales Executive                Gags as well as our Hilarious Home Video clips and Extreme sports
                    for Europe and Africa          bloopers. A show for the whole family, with a brand new graphic                           design!

                                                   Pop Corn TV Special Crazy Hidden
                                                   Camera Show
                                                      100x26’                                    2005-2009
                                                      Candid Camera clips
                                                      No dialogue
                         Series/Sitcoms            The show compiles the very best of fully edited Candid Camera
                   TV Films/Mini Series            clips, with the famous and hilarious ZéZé clips, Special Junior gags,
                          Feature Films            and also our crazy “Mad Boys” gags. A wide selection for the
          Animated/Children’s Programs             whole family.
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs
                                                   Hilarious Home Video Show
                                                      45x26’                                     2007-2009
                                                      Candid Camera clips
                                                      No dialogue
                                                   180 very Funny home video clips, compiled in a sweet and
                                                   hilarious non-dialogue show, meant for family entertainment. Also
                                                   available as fully edited clips of Home Videos.

  Founded in 2002, NOVAVISION has overtime
                                                   Pop Corn TV Special Junior
  become the world’s largest producer of non-
  verbal Hilarious Candid Camera gags. We             5x26’                                      2008-2009
  present today our new 200 World Best                Candid Camera clips
  Comedy shows, which complete our existing           No dialogue
  100 x 26’ Pop CornTV Crazy Hidden Camera         It’s a children’s Candid camera compiled into a 26’ animated
  shows, that have been broadcast around the       show, titled Pop Corn TV “Junior”. Performed by kids from 6-13
  world, from France (France 3) to Germany         years old, the show is about children trapping others or being
  (RTL), in Brazil (Rede Record), Canada (TQS      trapped by clowns, magicians.. and is perfectly suited to this
  Inc) or Egypt (Egyptian TV) and many Airlines,   particular type of audience.
  but also through Vodafone and Google. We
  produce today 3 new 26’ shows per week.

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                                                      Greenest Stories
                                                          15x26’ - 15x52’ HD                        2009
                                                          English, French
                                                      Travelling around the world to meet those who have designed or
                       Manon Daher                    built the most beautiful ecological buildings, understanding their
                       Sales Executive                motivations and discovering their constructions, Greenest Stories'                          goal is to educate and inspire. A serie on ecological housing and
                                                      the art of green-living.

                                                      Design Touch
                                                          150x26’ HD                                2007-2009
                         Series/Sitcoms               Designers, architects and fashion designers exclusively show you
                   TV Films/Mini Series               around their homes. Be the first to know all about the new interior
                          Feature Films               trends. Create a new interior thanks to our DIY tricks. Dream
          Animated/Children’s Programs                places, guest houses, boutique hotels: "Design Touch" gives you
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs               its best addresses!
                                Formats               Watcha
                                                          40x26’ HD                                 2008-2009
                                                       "Watcha", hype but mostly powerful! The show of privileges and
                                                       modesty. Digging into modern culture... the pedant one, meaning
                                                       to be the atypical one, the one yawning to tabloids matters, and
     ONLY LIFESTYLE has a single offer: lifestyle in feeding the gossips... The one that brings dreams to our lives.
     all its states, expressions, forms and
     meanings. ONLY LIFESTYLE has a single A Week-End Away
     ambition: make the viewers eager to watch
                                                           13x26’                                      2009
     and get inspiration, discover, decorate, travel,
     eat, go out, have fun, visit, dress, take care of
     themselves, change, buy, learn, recreate and
     enjoy themselves!.                                Before going on a weekend, check the essentials. To enjoy your
                                                       weekend without wasting your time, follow the guide: discover a
                                                       hotel, a restaurant and a nightlife venue. Follow our path through
                                                       the cities' unusual, typical, trendy or secret places and make sure
                                                       your weekend is a success!

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                                                  Fax: + 33 1 42 89 26 93

                                                  A French Village
                                                      52x12’                                     2009
                    Loli Geneste                  1 June 1940. Villeneuve, a small town in central France. The
                    Sales Executive               Occupation has just begun. For five years, we will share the
                    (Catalogue Titles)            destiny of ordinary heroes, discovering their failings, their desires,                        their secrets and their aptitude for living in these troubled times.

                                                  To Die of Love
                                                      90’                                        2009
                                                      Feature Film
                                                  Southwest France,1980. Teacher Gabrielle Delorme is a 40-year-
                         Series/Sitcoms           old divorcee and mother of two children. Among her high-school
                   TV Films/Mini Series           students at the start of the new school year is Lucas Malzieu, aged
                          Feature Films           15. A powerful attraction grows between the two.
          Animated/Children’s Programs
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs           One Day You’ll Understand
                                                      89’                                        2008
                                                      Feature Film
                                                  Lawyer Victor realizes that his mother has never told him anything
                                                  about the deportation of her Russian Jewish parents. Raised
                                                  Catholic like their father, Victor and his sister know nothing of
                                                  their mother’s wartime past. They try to put together the missing
                                                  pieces of the family history.
  Roissy Films is one of the leading French
  International Distribution companies            The Beaches of Agnes
  specialized in high profile feature films and
                                                      109’                                       2008
  made-for-TV programs. Roissy Films is part of
  EuropaCorp Group since March 2008. Its
  present 500 title catalogue includes a large
  variety of movies from world acclaimed          Agnès Varda weaves photographs, vintage footage, scenes from
  arthouse directors and made-for-TV              her films and present-day sequences into a memorable voyage
  programs including successful mini-series.      through her life, during which she confronts the joy of creation
  Roissy Films also coproduces and distributes    and the pain of personal loss, death and aging.
  worldwide several feature films a year.

                                                                                                      PLAY TRAILER
                                                  105 rue de l’Abbé Groult
                                                  75015 Paris
                                                  Tel.: + 33 1 45 54 79 79
                                                  Fax: + 33 1 45 54 79 80

                                                  With one Voice
                                                     52’ - 83’ HD                               2008-2009
                                                     Social, Politic, Music
                                                     French, English
                                                  Israëlian and Palestinans musicians, who cannot meet in their own
                      Christine Klaver            land, were invited for a surprising 3 weeks tour in France. A
                      General Director            courageous bet which reveals to be risky. From the beginning                               rivalries appear inevitably. On stage, it is a triumph, but backstage
                                                  tension is rising.
                                                  Malaria Reapers
                                                     52’ HD                                     2009
                                                     Social, Economical Documentary
                                                     French, English

                                                  Nearly 10% of the world’s population suffers from malaria, a
                   TV Films/Mini Series
                                                  plague which impacts all the vital aspects of a country, weakening
                                                  its social activities, economy and development. Fighting malaria is
                          Feature Films
                                                  fighting poverty and the film shows us how we can bring an
          Animated/Children’s Programs
                                                  answer to this pandemic.
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs
                              Art/Music           Kallawaya – Traditional Medicine in the
                                                     26’                                        2009
                                                     French, English, German
                                                  Walter Alvarez, a Kallawaya healer who combines traditional
                                                  medicine of his Andean ancestors with western medicine, is an
                                                  intriguing character. We follow him from Bolivian parlement, to
     SHK, created in 1991, is specialized in the remote highland villages and in radio and TV studios where he
     worldwide distribution of high quality registers his famous shows.
     documentaries in all kind of genres. Many of
     our titles have been awarded or nominated Patagonia : Discordant Colours
     at international festivals (HOMELAND,             52’ HD                                2009-2010
     SONDERKOMMANDOS, SCIPIO’S DREAM,                  Documentary
     OUT WEST, RED OCTOBER, LETTERS FROM               French, English, Spanish
     AFAR etc.). Concerning production, we have It all starts in 2002, in Patagonia and was world wide news : a
     produced 2 documentaries, the weekly couple of Mapuche Indians claim a piece of land that belonged to
     puppet show KUKLY during 10 years and their ancestors and dare to fight in court against the Beneton
     during 5 years FORT BOYARD, for Russian TV. imperium who is the official owner of the land. They are waiting
                                                  for the judgement.

                                                                                                      PLAY TRAILER
                                                 89 avenue Charles-de-Gaulle
                                                 92575 Neully-sur-Seine Cedex
                                                 Tel.: + 33 1 41 92 68 66
                                                 Fax: + 33 1 41 92 79 07

                                                 Little Nick
                                                    52x13’ HD                                  2009
                                                    French, English
                    Charlotte Boucon             For the first time, the masterpiece of children’s literature by René
                    International Sales          Goscinny and illustrated by Jean-Jacques Sempé comes to life in
                    and Marketing Executive      animated form. It becomes a funny, touching series, using an                  innovative CGI technology.
                                                    6x52’ HD                                   2009
                                                    Mini Series, Scientific Police
                                                    French with English subtitles
                                                 When ELLE wakes up in the hospital, she is amnesic. Despite
                         Series/Sitcoms          having forgotten everything about herself, she knows all about
                   TV Films/Mini Series          others’ past and can read minds. Helped by Yann she’ll face
                          Feature Films          unexpected revelations about her powers and her story.
          Animated/Children’s Programs
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs          Identification Unit
                                                    6x52’                                      2008
                                                    Mini Series, Scientific Police
                                                    French with English subtitles
                                                 A corpse X is a deceased body which cannot be identified... This
                                                 elite team of investigators combines police methods and forensic
                                                 science to give back their identities to the victims and resolves the

  SND is a 100% subsidiary of France’s second    Fun Resort
  most popular terrestrial television network
                                                    100x3’30                                   2008
  M6 (itself owned by RTL Group) .The channel
                                                    Series, Comedy
  has build an important press, cinema and
                                                    French with English subtitles
  video businesses media group but is also
  heavily involved in new technologies such as   The adventures of a dedicated if competent staff working at a
  mobile phones and the internet. SND also has   holiday resort on a Caribbean island. Hygiene inspection, unhappy
  an important international sales branch        clients, staff management, shark attack... Hard to work when
  involved in selling feature films and TV       others are on holidays!
  programming. The company is present at
  every major festivals and markets around the
  world (Cannes, AFM, Berlin...).

                                                     45/47 rue Paul Bert                                   PLAY TRAILER
                                                     92100 Boulogne-Billancourt
                                                     Tel.: + 33 1 55 38 20 22
                                                     Fax: + 33 1 55 38 20 30

                                                     Sustainable Development,
                                                     the World Challenge
                                                         10x26’ HD                                   2009
                                                         Environment, Society
                       Daniel Renouf                     French, English, International
                       President                     The greatest challenges our planet is facing, which determine                              changes in international relations. The tensions in the world…
                                                     Basically the full scope of relations between peoples depends
                                                     largely on the pursuit and adoption of a new way of thinking:
                                                     sustainable development.
                                                     The Islanders
                                                         20x43’ HD                           2009
                       Hiam El Khoury                    Discovery, Lifestyle, Foreign Culture
                       Sales Manager                     French, English, International                                Island folk are generally proud of their insularity and their distinct
                         Series/Sitcoms              sense of identity. Here is a rich cocktail of history, customs, cuisine
                   TV Films/Mini Series              and economic resources, nature, beaches, lifestyle and
                          Feature Films              peculiarities! 20 islands with stunning visuals, interviews, and
          Animated/Children’s Programs               exotic events.
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs              Katia, Closest to Heaven
                                Formats                  52’                                         2009
                                                         Human Adventure, Discovery
                                                         French, English, International
                                                    From the town of Mendoza at the foot of Aconcagua all the way
                                                    to the summit Katia is not alone. The locals who live in the valleys
                                                    or the villages perched high above are her constant if ephemeral
     Television press agency. Founded in 1985 by companions along the way. A road movie and diary of an amazing
     Daniel RENOUF. Its activities consist in the adventure.
     supply of programs, for both national and
     international television networks. It is Women of the World
     expertise in producing and providing               20x4’ HD                                  2009
     weather reports, 7 days a week, nationally         Art, Society, Human Adventure
     and internationally, in several languages and      French, International
     via all formats (TV, france3, TV5monde, Each portrait is a study of Titouan Lamazou’s art, be it drawings,
     france24, Internet, mobile….). In creating paintings, or photographs as well as his writings and interviews mobile we are developing short- all recorded on location. It is a blend of the artist’s viewpoint and
     format video content perfectly suited to cell- the remarkable, sometimes tragic, stories as told by the women
     phone technology.                              themselves.

                                                                                                         PLAY TRAILER
                                                    6 Place Abel Gance
                                                    92100 Boulogne-Billancourt
                                                    Tel.: + 33 1 41 41 21 68
                                                    Fax: + 33 1 41 41 21 33

                                                        18x52’ HD                                  2009 - 2010
                                                        Series, Investigation
                     Gregory Chambet                Chloe Saint-Laurent is a police profiler. Detective Matthew Perac
                     International Sales            is one of the finest cops in Paris. Together, they will form a highly
                     Manager                        charged yet formidable team, in the hunt for criminals. A                                   suspenseful and fast-paced series, based on true and recent
                                                    criminal cases.

                                                    Death List
                                                        96’ HD                                     2009
                                                        TV Movie, Thriller, Investigation
                         Series/Sitcoms             A wealthy businessman is found dead. All clues point to an ex-
                   TV Films/Mini Series             cop, who happened to be at the scene of the crime...
                          Feature Films
          Animated/Children’s Programs              Ushuaïa Nature #6 - Extraordinary
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs
                                                    Journey through Southern Africa
                                Formats                 2x50’ HD                                   2009
                                                        Series, Nature, Society
                                                        French, English
                                                    From Namibia to Zambia, an incredibly vivid journey through
                                                    remote landscapes and amazing natural splendor.

                                                    Magic Lilibug
  Created in 1995, TF1 International is the             78x7’ HD                                   2009-2010
  subsidiary dedicated to the acquisition and           Animated Series
  distribution of rights in France and                  French, English
  internationally. TF1 International has            Lilibug, the fairy, lives on a pink cloud over the jungle and has very
  demonstrated its capacity to successfully         special magic powers: she can grant any animal their wish, find
  distribute a prestigious catalogue of over        solutions to their problems. Lilibug’s heart is in the right place
  1.000 French, European and American               but… her best intentions often have unexpected, even disastrous
  feature films and also more than 18.000           results!
  hours of top-rated television programs. TF1
  international also distributes internationally
  for theatrical release and all rights around 15
  movies per year from all nationalities.

                                                                                                        PLAY TRAILER
                                                    2 allée de Longchamp
                                                    92150 Suresnes
                                                    Tel.: + 33 1 58 47 92 94
                                                    Fax: + 33 1 58 47 96 66

                                                    Roller Babies - Making Of
                                                        52’ HD                                    2009
                                                        English, French
                       Anne Olzmann                 The “making of” of the most viewed ad of all times – The Evian
                       Sales & Acquisitions         Babies are back in a new technical and cinematic feat. From the
                       Executive                    gigantic “baby-cast” to the tremendous production effort. This                 show unravels the remarkable story of a human, logistical, and
                                                    technological challenge.

                                                        26x52’                                    2009
                                                        Music Magazine
                         Series/Sitcoms             A weekly magazine on ARTE about music, arts, cinema, and
                   TV Films/Mini Series             activism. It covers the latest trends, lifestyles and avant-garde
                          Feature Films             experiments from all over the world. It fills the generation gap by
          Animated/Children’s Programs              building bridges from the origins of soul or rock music to the latest
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs             electro/urban cult.
                                Formats             6 Billion Others
                                                        13x26’ - 150x2’                           2008
                                                        English, French, Spanish
                                                  “6 Billion Others” tries to draw a portrait of mankind by asking
                                                  questions about universal values: What's happiness? What is the
                                                  meaning of life? What are our dreams? 6 directors set off across
                                                  the world to interview the inhabitants of the planet. A project by
     UPSIDE a part of HAVAS, is a television
                                                  Yann Arthus-Betrand.
     production and distribution company
     developing: Press Agency: We develop and
                                                  Big City Life
     the produce of current affairs documentaries
     with an international angle. Worldwide           70x52’                                      2008
     Distribution: We team up with the best           Lifestyle Documentary
     producers choosing only the best programs.       French
     Our catalogue contains animation series, This show dives into a universe of fascinating interiors. Inspiring
     documentaries, fictions, magazines and top- people such as a filmmaker, a chef or a designer take us into the
     rating formats. Funded programming: We intimacy of their homes that reveal the image of a culture and the
     advise companies on how to associate their reflection of the person living it, in cities like Athens, Montréal or
     names with original TV programs.             Sydney.

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                                                  40 rue Sainte-Anne
                                                  75002 Paris
                                                  Tel.: + 33 1 53 95 04 64
                                                  Fax: + 33 1 53 95 04 65

                                                  The House of Branching Love
                                                      102’ HD                                   2009
                                                      Finnish with English subtitles
                                                  Juhani & Paula decide to divorce in a civilized manner and move
                    Anaïs Clanet                  to separate addresses after selling their common house. But when
                    Sales Manager                 Paula invites her one night stand to the house, the box of pandora                           of their marriage flies open and releases the plagues of love and

                                                  Two in the Wave
                                                      91’                                       2009
                                                      French with English subtitles
                         Series/Sitcoms           2 friends: Jean-Luc Godard & Truffaut. When the youngest
                   TV Films/Mini Series           triumphs in Cannes in 1959, he helps his older friend shift to
                          Feature Films           directing, offering him the screenplay of Breathless. Through the
          Animated/Children’s Programs            1960s the two loyally support each other but history and politics
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs           separate them…
                                Formats           14-18 the Noise and the Fury
                                                      100’                                      2009
                                                      French, English
                                                     This documentary tries to explain the inexplicable: how tens of
                                                     millions of men could have suffered the unbelievable toughness of
                                                     life in trenches during 4 years? How could they have accepted the
  Founded in 1997, WIDE Management is a idea of a sure death or injury with no exact reason for this war?
  leading independent sales company,
  currently representing more than 10 new Garimpeiro, the Gold Forest
  features films every year, and a library of             93’                                     2009
  more than 400 fiction titles and 300                    Adventure
  documentaries. Our catalogue contains an                French, Portuguese, Creole with English subtitles
  impressive variety of movies from
  internationally acclaimed directors and Rod decides to return to Guiana, his native country, accompanied
  actors. It also licenses an erotic collection, the by Gonz, his childhood friend. In Cayenne, they begin an
  full “Mika Kaurismaki” library, the “René investigation into Rod's past. A quest that will lead them right into
  Ferret” library, classic authors (Renoir, Rouch, the heart of the virgin forest, into the camps of the illegal gold
  Godard, Techiné) and TV series and prospectors...
                                                                                                      PLAY TRAILER
                                                   25 rue Yves Toudic
                                                   75010 París
                                                   Tel: + 33 1 40 18 72 00
                                                   Fax: + 33 1 40 03 02 26

                                                   A Kind of Magic
                                                      26x26’ HD                                  2008-2009
                                                      Comedy Cartoon
                                                      French, English
                      Laurence Marty               A family of Fairytale characters has to emigrate from Fairyland and
                      Executive                    to settle in the Real world. And boy are they unprepared! Not so
                      Sales Manager                easy to deal with a world where a happy ending is never                              guaranteed…

                                                   Oggy and the Cockroaches
                                                      200x7’                                     2009
                                                      Comedy Cartoon
                                                      French, English
                                                   Oggy would be the happiest of cats if three cockroaches hadn't
                         Series/Sitcoms            decided to settle inside his comfortable home. It's fast, it's crazy
                   TV Films/Mini Series            and it is hilarious...
                          Feature Films
          Animated/Children’s Programs             The Daltons
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs
                                                      78x7’ HD                                   2009-2010
                                                      French, English
                                                   The Daltons are back in jail. And they want out! Real bad! Every
                                                   episode is a new chance to escape.

                                                   Mr BaBy
                                                      48x4’ HD                                   2008-2009
     Xilam is one of Europe's leading animation
                                                      French, English
     companies, committed to creating, producing
     and distributing top quality content, both 2D The everyday life with an (almost) ordinary family, as dissected
     and CGI, for TV, film and new platform and described by its youngest member, a 15 month old baby who
     formats. Established in 1999 by Marc du thinks and talks like a grown-up. And he sure has a sharp tongue!
     Pontavice, who took over the Gaumont
     Multimedia assets and catalogue, today, the
     award-winning company operates from an
     extensive studio in Paris, employing a
     talented team of over 150 people.

                                                                                                     PLAY TRAILER
                                                 42 rue Eugène Carrière
                                                 75018 Paris
                                                 Tel.: + 33 1 53 09 96 96
                                                 Fax: + 33 1 42 62 64 60

                                                 Young Explorers
                                                     5x26’ - 5x52’ HD                         2009
                                                     Kids Series
                                                     French, English
                    Céline Payot                 Discovering Africa aged ten, leaving your home for the unknown.
                    VP International Sales       This will be the adventure of Lea, Jeanne, Louis, Paul-Henry and
                    & Marketing                  Hugo, five budding explorers, as they will share the everyday life                                  of an African child for two weeks. A touching story of friendship.

                                                 Living Cultures Collection
                                                     13x52’ HD                                2004-2009
                                                     French, English
                                                 There is only one way to save a culture: to transmit it to younger
                         Series/Sitcoms          generations. Some dances, crafts and musics are part of our
                   TV Films/Mini Series          heritage and are threatened today. Discover 13 of the most
                          Feature Films          magnificent oral traditions in the world and the people who are
          Animated/Children’s Programs           fighting to save them.
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs
                              Art/Music          1929
                                                     2x52’ HD                                 2009
                                                     French, English
                                                Wall Street, 1929: the greatest economic crisis of the 20th century
                                                suddenly breaks out. Through interviews of top economists and
                                                unreleased archives, William Karel investigates the economic and
                                                financial mechanisms that lead to the crash and then to the Great
  ZED is one of the leading independent French Depression.
  producer and distributor of high profile
  documentaries, specialized in HD. It focuses Wildwives of Savannah Lane
  on human stories, ethnology, nature, science
                                                    6x52’ HD                                 2009
  and history. ZED’s films are produced for the
  international market, for broadcasters such
  as ZDF or NHK and many of them won
  several prestigious awards. ZED also A blue chip wildlife series with a humorous edge. Follow the daily
  represents documentaries produced by chronicles of five charismatic savannah females - a lioness,
  Bonne Pioche, Roche, Maha, MC4 or One elephant, cheetah, baboon and hippo – who are not as
  Planet.                                       submissive and faithful as we believe... What if they were the real
                                                queens of the Savannah?.

                                                                                                       PLAY TRAILER
                                                    8 boulevard des Capucines
                                                    75009 Paris
                                                    Tel.: + 33 1 53 10 94 55
                                                    Fax: + 33 1 53 10 94 51

                                                    The Outer Adventure
                                                        2x45’ - 90’ HD                           2009
                                                        English, French
                                                    With help from the best scientific imagery gear, and the analysis
                       Catherine Couriat            from the most renowned specialists, discover and understand the
                       Sales Manager                incredible distance covered by a human being in his first fifteen
     catherine.couriat                              years of life and the many transformations he undertakes.
                                                    Mrs Mandela
                                                        90’ HD                                   2009
                                                    From the time when Nelson Mandela was forced to go
                         Series/Sitcoms             underground, up until Feb 1990 when his wife Winnie gets him
                   TV Films/Mini Series             back from his 27 years of incarceration, this riveting film charts
                          Feature Films             how Winnie Mandela went from innocent country girl and loving
          Animated/Children’s Programs              wife to firebrand revolutionary.
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs
                              Art/Music             Braquo
                                                        8x52’ HD                                 2009
                                                  Wrongly accused in a case, squad leader Rossi commits suicide.
                                                  His 4 partners start their own counter inquiry to expose his
                                                  accusers. Harassed by their hierarchy and by Internal Affairs, they
                                                  turn their back on the rules and become what they have sworn to
     As of July 2009, Zodiak Entertainment has fight. By filmmaker Olivier Marchal.
     consolidated its sales teams under a new
     name, Zodiak Entertainment Distribution, Sally Bollywood
     merging its successful sales arms
                                                      52x13’ HD                                 2009
     Marathon International in Paris and
                                                      Animated Series
     Zodiak International in London.
                                                      English, French
     Zodiak Entertainment Distribution’s
     winning scripted programming includes Sally Bollywood, 12, admires her father Harry - a Private
     Wallander, Millennium, Totally Spies, Saint- Investigator - so much she decides to create her own agency, the
     Tropez, Dolmen, Gormiti, Street Football, SBI. With the help of her friend Doowee, she exclusively helps
     Night Squad, Nature’s babies…                clients under the age of twelve to solve mysteries like “a real pro”.

                                                                                                       PLAY TRAILER
                                                  51 boulevard de Belfort
                                                  59000 Lille
                                                  Tel.: + 33 3 20 88 01 02
                                                  Fax: + 33 3 20 88 01 03

                                                  Today’s Housing
                                                      200x22’ - 250x3’ HD                       2009
                                                      Lifestyle, Housing, Series
                                                      English, French
                    Rodolphe Dietrich             This prime time successful series propose the discovery of a place
                    International Sales           of residence of great quality, new or renovated, along with its
                    Manager & Producer            owner and architect, punctuated by sequences like “How to”,                   Portraits, etc...This series a reference in the domain of prime time
                                                  audience programs.

                                                  Epicurean Escapade
                                                      125x26’                                   2009
                                                      Gastronomy, Discovery, Series
                                                      English, French
                         Series/Sitcoms           EPICUREAN ESCAPADE is a series of excursions exploring food,
                   TV Films/Mini Series           wine-making, cultural heritage, and tourism. A high-quality,
                          Feature Films           entertaining, captivating series of some one hundred regions and
          Animated/Children’s Programs            cities throughout the world. EPICUREAN ESCAPADE is a light and
Magazines/Documentaries/Current Affairs           entertaining series.
                                Formats           Ukyo-E, Floating World Images
                                                      52’                                       2008
                                                      Art, Culture
                                                      English, French
                                                 UKIYO-E « floating world images » or how 400 years ago, in
                                                 Japan, a revolutionary art was to be born and to influence the
                                                 greatest occidental artists of the end of the 19th century as Van
  Zorn Production International has been Gog and Gauguin. A wonderful trip in a world of beauty and
  present on the international market for years. discover.
  We are mainly involved in distribution and
  coproduction, working with many producers River Trips
  and broadcasters around the world. We
                                                     5x43’ HD                                  2008
  produce and distribute documentary films
                                                     Travel, Series
  and series, magazines and fomats on a broad
                                                     English, French, German
  range of topics: discovery, society, human
  interest, lifestyle and children programs. We “River Trips” tells the stories of the people who live on the heavily
  have a catalogue of some 180 titles. We travelled waterways of the world on their different boats. We
  propose you some 500 hours of fresh share the day-to-day life. A unique insights into this unfamiliar
  programs that appeal to a large audience.      world.

                                                                                                   PLAY TRAILER
                                                 55/63 rue Anatole France
                                                 92532 Levallois-Perret cedex
                                                 Tel: + 33 1 47 58 97 52
                                                 Fax: + 33 1 47 58 64 24

                     Laure Bianchini
                     Sales Manager

           Eurodata TV was created in the early 90’s by MEDIAMETRIE, the official people meter institute in
           France. Eurodata TV is the international TV data bank for program logs and ratings, built on a
           network of national people meter institutes, covering more than 2000 channels throughout 82
           territories worldwide.

           Eurodata TV clients are broadcasters, TV program sales and acquisition executives, marketing and
           strategic planners, sponsorship companies, sport organizations, legal & copyrights departments…
                                                                                                                  Conception & réalisation

        Le transporteur
        de l’audiovisuel
     The audiovisual freight

Transport, transit, douane.
Salon, marchés, festivals, productions.
Stockage sous douane.
                         Transport, transit, custom.
       Exhibitions, markets, festivals, productions.
                                   Bonded storage.

                                      ai r.f
                           .film              FILM AIR SERVICES

                                       Rue de la croix – Za du Moulin
                                            95700 ROISSY EN France
                                          Tel : +33 (0)
                      w                   Fax : +33 (0)
                                               E-mail :




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