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					                         AUGUSTINE OF HIPPO (354-430)

354   Born in Thagaste, Roman North Africa Nov. 13. Christian mother, Monica, insisted he
      become a catecumen (but he is not baptized). Educated in Thagaste and in nearby
      Madaura; parents hope for a fine career -- as lawyer.
371   Father Patricius dies. Augustine to Carthage to continue his education.
373   Augustine (aged 19) takes a concubine, reads Cicero's Horten sius, rejects
      Christianity, becomes an extern of the Manichean sect. Never progresses to become
      one of the elect.
374   Returned to Thagaste; assumed position as professor of rhetoric.
376   Moved to Carthage to accept a similar position. During this period he becomes
      disillusioned with Manicheanism (cosmology, Faustus), and yet maintain contacts with
      Manichean friends.
383   Against the wishes of estranged mother, leaves Africa and travels to Rome.
384   Through support of Prefect Symmachus he is appointed to professorship of rhetoric at
      Milan. His mother and others join him in Milan; forced to send away his mistress.
        Three key influences in Milan:
           1. Ambroses' ministry (allegorical interpretation of the OT) cosmology, soul,
           2. Ambrose introduces him to Neo-Platonism (Nature of God, evil)
           3. Begins reading the letters of St. Paul (theology of grace, union with
386   "Conversion." "take and read, take and read." Key text: Romans 13:13-14.
      Conversion to Christianity? To Neo-Platonism?

      Autumn resigns his post in Milan and withdraws to Cassiciacum (estate of a friend) to
      prepare for Lenten baptism.
387   Holy Saturday he, his son Adeodatus, and his friend Alypius are baptized by Ambrose.
      Intends to return to North Africa; Monica dies at point of departure (Ostia); Augustine
      stays on in Rome.
388   Returns to Carthage; takes up a monastic life in fellowship with a few friends in
      Thagaste (3 years).
390   His son Adeodatus dies.

      De Genesi Contra Manichaeos
      De Vera Religione liber unus
391   Augustine is ordained as presbyter (priest) in Hippo. Lives in monastic seclusion with
      friends there. Effective preacher writes against the Manicheans.

      (391-430 5 volumes of sermons published posthumously -- 395 of them)
393   De Fide et Symbolo
      ? De Sermone Domini in Mote secundum Matthaeum libri duo
394   ? Exposito Quarumdam Prospositionum ex Epistola ad Romanos Epistolae ad
      Gallatas Expositio
395   Ordained coadjutor Bishop of Hippo by the failing Bishop Valerius

      De Libero Arbitrio libri tres, (Manicheanism)
396   Valerius dies and Augustine becomes Bishop of Hippo; functions ably as local Bishop,
      preacher, author, church leader.
 397     ? De Agone Christiano
 396-    Writes against the Manicheans (more than a dozen books)
 405     396 - Psalmus Contra Partem Donati
         399 - De Fide - sermon on the reasonableness of faith
               De Consensu Evangelistarum libri quatuor; I, nature and purpose
                                                     II - III, teachings of Christ
                                                     IV, harmony of gospels
         400 - Contra Faustum; ? Sermones de Symbolo ad Catechumenos, 4 vols.
         404 - (Hippo) De Actis cum Felice Manichaeo libri duo
 400-    Refutes the Donatists (more than 15 books)
 411     400 - Contra Epistolam Parmeniani libri tres (Donatist)
               De Baptismo Contra Donatistas libri septum
 405     Confessions
  410    The sac of Rome
 412-    Refutes Pelagianism; especially Julian of Eclanum (16 extant books)
  430    418 - De Gratia Christi . . .
         428 - De Predestinatione Sanctorum . . .
 413     begins De Civitate Dei
 414     ? In Iohannis Evangelium Tractatue CXXIV (refutations)
 415     De Genesi Ad Litteram libri duodecim
         Enarrationes in Psalmos
 416     De Trinitate
 418     Contra Sermonem Arianorum
 419     De Coniugiis Adlterinis
         Locutionum in Heptateuchum libri septem
 421     Enchiridion de Fide
 426     Completes De Cititate Dei
 427     Speculum de Scripture Sacra 51 chapters of moral quotes
         or early 428, Collatio cum Maximino Arianorum Episcopo Contra Maximinum
         Haereticum Arianorum Episcopum libri duo
 428     De Haersibus, summarizes the tenets of 88 heresies
 430     August 20, Augustine dies while Hippo is besieged by the Vandals.

Known most significantly for his writings; extant works number over 120 items (not
counting separate sermons and letters). His published works fill 14 large volumes. He
was a great defender and definer of Christian Faith in the midst of significant
controversies. A literary craftsman, Augustine contributed much to the shape and
content of Christian faith. His recurring emphasis is the Divine-human relationship and
the centrality of the grace of God.