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					                                        BITTON PARISH COUNCIL
                                        including the communities of Bitton, Oldland
                                        Common, North Common, Swineford, Beach,
                                              Upton Cheyney and part of Willsbridge

                                           Newsletter: Issue no 16: January 2006

Council Meetings                                   Also in this issue:
16 December Full Council meets 7.30pm              What your Council is doing
                                                   Guided footpaths walks programme
13 January    Full Council meets 7.30pm            Parish Playscheme – Easter 2006
                                                   Creative Arts Competition 2006
24 January    Annual Allotment Tenants’
              meeting 7pm                          Parish Playscheme – Easter 2006
              Britain in Bloom Committee
              meets 7.30pm
                                                   The Council is organising a Parish Playscheme
7 February    Environment and Leisure              as usual during the school Easter holidays. Due
              Committee meets 7.30pm               to the way the Easter weekend falls, we have
                                                   decided to hold it for the first full week ie
17 February   Full Council meets 7.30pm            Monday 3 April – Friday 7 April. Sessions will
                                                   be held every day from 10am till 12 noon.
7 March       Environment and Leisure
              Committee meets 7.30pm               Please note that we are using a different venue
                                                   this time. The playscheme will be held at
17 March      Full Council meets 7.30pm            Cherry Garden Primary School, Cherry Garden
                                                   Lane, Bitton. Let us know where you would
28 March      Britain in Bloom Committee           prefer to see the playscheme held – and why!
              meets 7.30pm
                                                   Letters will be sent out through local schools as
All meetings will be held at North Common          usual in March. Full details are also available
Village Hall, Millers Drive, North Common.         from the Clerk (contact details opposite).
Members of the public are welcome to attend
and can raise with councillors matters of          What your Council is doing
concern or interest. Agendas are available from
the Clerk five days before the meeting.            Bitton Parish Council strongly supports the
                                                   retention of both Frenchay and Southmead as
How to contact the Council                         acute hospitals. Councillors feel that, with the
                                                   expanding and ageing population, neither
Either CONTACT THE CLERK                           should be lost. Any sale of land is opposed as it
Mrs Sharon Robbins at 4 Hencliffe Way,             may be required in the future for new facilities.
Hanham BS15 3TH tel: 01454 868102 or
e-mail                   Bitton Parish Council also strongly supports the
                                                   retention of Cossham Hospital as a hub of
Or CONTACT A PARISH COUNCILLOR                     health services for the area and requires a full
Names, addresses and telephone numbers are         range of facilities to be available locally.
listed on Parish notice boards in each ward or
are available from the Clerk (see above).          We fully support those local groups who are
                                                   campaigning on these issues.
On a lighter note, on 19 October the Council        Sunday 29 January – 2.30pm
presented to Marcus Trescothick, the England        Meet at Warmley Station for Dramway/railway
cricketer, a picture (donated by a parish           to Oldland Bottom and return via Siston Brook
councillor) and citation in honour of the part he   by 4.30pm. A flat walk with few stiles or gates.
played in his team’s success against Australia
in the Ashes series this Summer.                    Sunday 26 February – 2.30pm
                                                    Meet at Swineford picnic site for Bitton village,
Marcus is a local lad, having attended St           Bitton Station, Ryedown Lane and Upton
Anne’s Primary School and Sir Bernard Lovell        Cheyney, returning by 4.45pm.             Route
School. Two of our parish councillors taught        undulating with some steep slopes. Comprises
him! St Anne’s School hosted the event and all      field paths, tracks, stiles and gates.
the pupils were at the presentation. Marcus
happily posed for photos and signed                 Sunday 26 March – 2.30pm
autographs. He also toured the school, which        Meet at Swineford picnic site for Upton
has changed drastically since his days.             Cheyney, Lansdown Lane, Lansdown Golf
                                                    Course, North Stoke and return by 4.45pm.
Bitton Parish Council has suggested that the        Hilly walk with steep gradients using stiles and
new development opposite the Dolphin in High        gates. Some sections muddy in wet conditions.
Street, Oldland Common should be named
“Trescothick Drive”. Marcus has agreed to           Sunday 23 April – 2.30pm
come back next year to open the road formally.      Meet at Pound Ground, Golden Valley, Bitton
                                                    (opposite Aubrey Meads) for Bitton Hill,
Bitton Parish Council is arranging for two new      Ryedown Lane, Redfield Hill, Upton Cheyney
bus shelters to be erected, one at Barry Road,      and return by 4.45pm. Undulating with some
Oldland Common (outside of Little Croft             steep slopes. Comprises field paths and tracks
Residential Home) and the other on Cloverlea        with stiles and gates.
Road, North Common (near its junction with
Mill Lane). The shelter at Victoria Road, North     How to contact the police
Common (opposite the Close Farm Surgery)
will be turned round and side panels fitted to      This is the definitive answer from the police
better protect people against the weather.          themselves!
Where else would you like to see a shelter?
                                                    999 is not only for life threatening emergencies.
Creative Arts Competition 2006                      If someone or their property is in immediate
                                                    danger of harm, 999 is the number to use. It is
It’s not too early to be thinking about the         also the number to use if you are witnessing
Creative Arts Competition 2006 for those aged       any serious incident in progress there and then.
5 -18 years. It includes pictures, models, short    If you genuinely feel the incident requires an
stories/essays, poems and handwriting. The          immediate response, 999 should be used.
theme is “Sport for All”. Details will be sent
out via local schools in March or are available     If your problem requires same day attention,
from the Clerk. Entries must be in by 2 May.        you should ring 0845 4567000. Your call will
                                                    be answered by a central call handling unit and
Prizes and certificates are awarded to winners!     details will be passed to the relevant police
                                                    station or department for the most appropriate
Guided Footpath Walks
                                                    Every area has both a Community Beat
Wednesday 28 December – 10.30am                     Manager (a police officer) and a Police
Meet at Swineford picnic site for North Stoke,      Community Support Officer (a uniformed
Kelston Mills, Saltford and return by railway       police staff member). They all have mobile
path by 12.45pm. Initial steep slope for half a     phones. Their phones are only turned on when
mile, otherwise flat. Comprises country lanes,      they are on duty. If your call is not urgent but
field paths, riverside paths and tracks. Route      you require police attendance or advice please
includes stiles and gates.                          feel free to contact your local officers. Their
numbers are: Bitton: PC Lynn Capewell 07919          hours (Monday – Friday, 9am – 2pm). A
628316, PCSO Leigh White 07795 503244.               number of different jobs need doing. If you can
Oldland Common/North Common: PC Ken                  help, please contact Jill Girdlestone (Service
Hill (from 6 January) 07919 628314, PCSO             Co-ordinator) during opening hours on 0117
Ben Rollins 07919 697658.                            3012605/6 for further information.

The police urge that all incidents are reported.      The British Red Cross also loans out
All calls are logged and that information is         equipment for the short-term. Items available
invaluable to them in knowing what is going on       include wheelchairs (for adults or children), bed
within your area and how they should best deal       cradles, commodes, back rests, toilet frames
with issues affecting you.                           and other small aids. If you or someone you
                                                     know would benefit from this service then ring
Kings Forest Area Forum                              the British Red Cross on 0117 3012606.

South Gloucestershire Council has set up Area        In Case of Emergency (ICE)
Forums where residents can meet local
Councillors and discuss any matter of interest       “In Case of Emergency” (ICE for short) was the
or concern.                                          idea of the East Anglian Ambulance Service.
                                                     They suggest that the acronym ICE is put in the
The next two meetings of the Kings Forest Area       address list of your mobile phone with details
Forum, which covers this area, will be on 16         of the person who you would wish to be
January at Parkwall Primary School, Cadbury          contacted in the event of an emergency, or your
Heath and 13 March at Hanham High School,            next of kin. (You could always put ICE1,
Memorial Road, Hanham.                               ICE2, etc to include extra points of contact if
                                                     appropriate). This would assist the emergency
Meetings start at 7pm but Councillors and            services in finding the details quickly and easily
others will be there from 6.15pm if you wish to      should the need arise.
talk to them beforehand. For information on
what is to be discussed telephone South              Bitton Parish Welfare Fund for
Gloucestershire Council on 01454 866443.
                                                     the Elderly
Bulky household items for disposal                   The Bitton Parish Welfare Fund for the Elderly
                                                     exists to provide social opportunities for groups
Did you know that South Gloucestershire              of people the majority of whom have reached
Council provides a FREE collection service for       their retirement age. Priority is given to those
up to three bulky household waste items, such        who have limited opportunity for social contact.
as furniture, washing machines etc. To arrange
a bulky waste collection contact the Helpdesk        Grants are available to groups who organise
on 01454 868000 and you will be given a              social occasions, whether they be trips out or
collection day.       Items must be agreed           just time spent together. The Committee also
specifically in advance and put out by 7am.          organises occasional social events. If you wish
                                                     to apply for a grant towards the cost of
Fixtures and fittings eg radiators, etc and things   arranging a social event or would be interested
that a contractor might leave behind are not         in joining us at one of ours (or know someone
included in the free collection. To do so would      else who would), please contact Mrs Sharon
unfairly increase the cost of the service, which     Robbins on 01454 868102.
is borne by all residents.
                                                     Skateboard park, Warmley
British Red Cross
                                                     Did you know that several parish councils,
 Do you have 4 or more hours to spare each          including Bitton Parish Council, have grouped
week? The British Red Cross is seeking               together to provide a skateboard park? It is
volunteers to help out in its Medical Equipment      behind the Scout Hut at Warmley Forest Park
Service Dept at WARMLEY during opening               (just off the A420, near to where the old
railway crosses the main road) and is open         He has a “to do” list. To start, he wants to
during daylight hours. It is well-used by some     introduce Neighbourhood Watch areas where
of the younger members of our communities.         schemes are not already running. If you are
                                                   interested, let Ben know so that he can arrange
Active for Life                                    for information to be sent to you. Also, he will
                                                   soon be having a police “suggestion box” at
Active for Life is a health initiative which       North Common Village Hall for contacting the
encourages people to do more physical activity.    police about non-urgent matters.
South Gloucestershire Council wants to find
5,500 over-50 year olds and 4,500 15–19 year       If you see Ben patrolling feel free to stop and
olds who are newly physically active. Those        speak to him. He would like to meet you!
who “sign up” will get a free step counter and
newsletters with ideas about how to stay active.   Future Local Health Services
You may like to know that:                         The following item has been provided by the
 For every 15–19 year old or over-50 year old     South Gloucestershire NHS Primary Care Trust
signed up to Active for Life by a community
group, £1 will be donated to group funds.          “We are now planning the future health
 Enrolment forms, step counters and               services for people living in this area, including
individual letters are provided about how the      all the communities within this parish. The
project can benefit the group and vice versa.      original option, moving services from Cossham
 You distribute the forms, letters and step       Hospital to health centres in Kingswood, was
counters to members in your group.                 withdrawn in 2005 due to public concern.
 You send away the completed forms and an
invoice and get a cheque back in return.           A Project Board, to agree options for public
                                                   consultation based on health needs in the area
If you are a community group which wants to        and taking account of people’s views, has been
take part, contact Brian Gardner on 01454          set up which aims to provide more services
862296 for further details.                        closer to people’s homes.       We are also
                                                   exploring whether Cossham Hospital can be
                                                   modernised and what alternatives there are.
News from Cadbury Heath Library
                                                   A public consultation process will be starting in
The Great Reading Adventure: Join in the           the new year. If you want further information
Great Reading Adventure taking place across        on the proposals and how to get involved when
the whole of the South West from 5 January to      the consultation starts, please let us know your
9 March when as many people as possible read       name and address or e-mail address by
Jules Verne’s Round the World in Eighty Days.
                                                    Calling the health service free on 0800 015
Free copies of the book, specially printed for
the Great Reading Adventure, will be given
                                                    E-mailing
away free plus there will be displays and events
                                                    Writing to Bristol Health Services Plan,
Home Library Service: Are you unable to get           Freepost BS1 078, Kings Square House,
to the Library because of disability, frailty or      Kings Square, Bristol BS2 8EE
responsibility as a full-time carer? We have a      Asking questions on the BHSP website,
group of volunteers who can bring books, CDs          which       can         be       found      at
or audio books to you in your home. Contact 
the Library on 01454 865711 for more details.         gswood&district.htm

                                                   Members of the public will be invited to
Policing in the parish                             comment on a small number of options that will
                                                   be included in a formal consultation document.
Ben Rollins is the Police Community Support        This consultation will be publicised through
Officer for North Common and Oldland               local papers, newsletters, public meetings,
Common (contact details under the item How to      leaflets, displays in libraries and GP surgeries.”
Contact the Police).