Glades County by decree


									                                 Glades County
                             DJJ Quarterly Meetings
                                October 18, 2007
                          Glades County School District
                                  Board Room

   Meeting called to order at 1pm by Scott Bass, chairman

   In attendance: Scott Bass-chairman, Judi Saint-Sommer, Laura Viana-
    probation, Shana Feren-probation, Donald Watts-Resource Officer, Judge
    Jack Lundy, Mike Pressley, Sheriff Stuart Whiddon, Denise Rummans,
    Rev.Thom Street, Jean Prowant-Principal, Pastor Genevia Boyd, Maria
    Leavy-Truancy Officer, Gregg Miller, Eloyna Valerio

   Minutes from the meeting of April 19, 2007, were approved by Judge Lundy and
    Sheriff Whiddon

   Election of council secretary - approved Eloyna Valerio.

   Introduced School resource officers-Deputy Donald Watts and Jim Griffin.

   DJJ updates-Judi discuss the new change for grants that we have applied for is
    now to be submitted every three years instead of yearly. Shelter funds and
    prevention programs have been set as a priority by circuit.

   Truancy Officer update-Maria indicated the absences have improved this school
    year. Maria has been working closely with Denise and e-mailing all tardies,
    referrals, all 5 or more attendance to Denise.

   Truancy Court update-2 new cases have come up. Parents and students from court
    last year still attending court for now, until Judge Lundy releases them.

   Sheriff Office update- Sheriff Whiddon discussed the process of juvenile curfew
    that’s going to be ran like Ft. Myers Beach curfew. Juveniles under 18 must be at
    home by 11:00pm unless with a parent, coming from work or a school function.
    Students that are suspended from school need to be in their homes from 8am-3pm
    and are not allow within 1000 feet from school. If the child is caught, he/she will
    be picked up and the child as well as the parents will be fine and report to court.
    Sheriff Whiddon stated he is researching other counties that have a juvenile
    curfew and he believes this will lower the burglaries, fights and crimes that
    juveniles are committing within Glades County. Sheriff Whiddon states this issue
    is juvenile prevention, it’s to protect not to punish. Sheriff will provide more
    details on the curfew once it’s approved.
   Glades County Schools Report-Principal Jean Prowant reported a decrease in
    student discipline for the last four years. Mrs. Prowant handed out a packet with
    the numbers of referral that compares from 4 years ago to this school year as of
    10/18/07. The charts show improvement in all the categories of behavior
    problems. Mrs. Prowant also stated the school had an activity for those who
    haven’t got a referral for the first nine weeks for this school year and stated that
    over 200 students participated and were reward for their good behavior. This
    reward is part of the PBS (positive behavior support) program.

   Discussion of agency collaboration-The district has seen changes that are helping
    are youth. Shana is working closely with the school with students that have
    probation. Students that break their probation do get arrested at school. Shana
    stated the school and everyone else have been working together and it has been
    helpful to her to get the right information about a child and give the right
    information to the school about a case. Shana also stated that a child can’t just get
    arrested and send him/her away, will need to educate and change the problem not
    send away were the problem is just going to get worst because in a lot a cases the
    child has to be on a waiting list to even go to a shelter it can take weeks to months
    for this process. Shana passed out an overview of the street delinquency process.
    Rev. Thom Street and Pastor Boyd have been providing counseling for those who
    need it and have seen a difference and improvement.

   Open item- Rev. Street handed out information about a shelter that is provide by
    the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home that’s located near Lakeland. The
    shelter serves as foster care it can be short term or long term until the child turns

   Next meeting -1/17/08 at 1pm at Glades County School Board Room.

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