Business Starter Kit Contents by decree


									                                  Business Starter Kit Contents
Congratulations, you have just started your own Utility Warehouse business and welcome to the
This sheet explains what you receive in your starter kit and what the purpose is of the various items.

Description or title                        Purpose
A5 envelop                                  Welcome letter containing password to the
                                            Extranet site, your reference source and business
                                            management tool. Please do this first
Leaflet titled “ Distributor Training for   Declaration to be completed allowing you to sell
the Sale of Energy Services”                energy on behalf of Ofgem and form to send
                                            away to receive your ID card ( Important to do
                                            straight away )
Business Manual                             Everything you need to know about our services.
                                            The Getting Started and Compensation Plan
                                            sections are particularly helpful. (Have a read
                                            through if possible before the training)
A5 landscape brochures                      Multi service customer brochure explaining all
                                            our services
Tariff Guide                                Lists all the tariffs for all the services
Postcards                                   General postcards and Thank you postcards ( can
                                            be used to say thank you to people becoming
                                            customers )
Small business card size “ Put yourself     Tool to give to people to introduce them to the
in the picture “                            business opportunity
“The Independence” Newspapers               Tool to show people success stories (recruitment )
Customer Discount Plan flyer                Tool to explain to customers our customer
                                            referral programme
CFR Flyer                                   Tool to explain to Community Fund Raiser
Free phone flyer                            Explains our freephone number
A5 brochure titled “ The Telecom Plus       Can be used as an introduction or follow up tool
opportunity it’s about you”
What’s it all about DVDs                    Tool to give people an introduction to the
                                            business opportunity ( follow up with Martini
                                            presentation )
“Executive Application form”                Form to sign up distributors
“The Utility Warehouse Discount Club        Form to sign up customers
– Application form “
Small “Zeddie “ card about the
Cashback card
2 different types of small cards attached These can be separated and be used to introduce
on a A4 sheet ( micro cards )             people to the business opportunity and becoming
                                          a customer ( to be personalised with your own
                                          labels on the back )
Sheet with address labels                 Can be used on envelopes to send away
                                          application forms
A5 booklet “ Membership Directory         Shows all the discounts and benefits available for
2008-2009 “                               UW Club members as part of their membership
Various order forms                       For Merchandise and Marketing Materials

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