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					  As the World Turns in

                Karen Shaffer and Shane Caudill
Department of General Services – Division of Purchases and Supply
Focus: Account Management
 There are many supplier’s in the eVA
   World (over 15,000 registered)

 Goal: To use your eVA and
 Ariba account to maximize
 your visibility for business
 opportunities and orders!!
What’s the benefit to me?
         State Government
 • 171 Agencies/Institutions
 • $4 Billion/year for goods & services

         Local Government
 • 340+ Users
 • $5 Billion/year for goods & services
  What’s the competition look like?
• 15,000+ registered vendors
• 800+ vendor catalogs loaded into eVA
• Mix of local and statewide suppliers
• 20% get 80% of the orders
    (approx. 5,000 suppliers)
         So what’s the point?
• In order to be the center of the eVA
  Universe you must maintain accurate
  account information!!!!!

• There is a lot of spend potential out there
• eVA can help you get a jump on the
  competition (on line bids, on line
  responses, email notifications, electronic
 Business Opportunities - VBO
• Area where solicitation advertisements are
• Premium level vendors are automatically notified
  of advertisements via email based on
  correspondence type, commodity codes, the
  parent class code, and service area
• Working email and fax eVA solicitation
  addresses need to be maintained.
     Business Opportunities -
• Solicitations over $30,000
• Sealed Bidding – online response
• Premium level vendors are automatically
  notified via email based on commodities
• What does the Buyer see?:
  – Commodity Codes
  – Bidder’s List – Address/Contact information
    Business Opportunities –
         Quick Quote
• Business between $5,000 - $30,000
• Receive Bids on-line – Respond on-line
• What does the buyer see?:
  – Commodity Codes
  – Service Areas
  – Bidder’s List – Address/Contact information
Solicitation Address
    Tips and Tricks for Suppliers
• Make it easy for buyers to find   • Make it easy for buyers to
  your company name and               manage their orders by status
  location name in the eMall        • Keep your Ariba account
• Buyers search first by Legal        Notification address up to date
  Company Name in the eVA             so that orders will not fail.
  account                           • Create status including
• Buyers then select Location         acknowledgements of orders
  Name in the eVA account             daily
• Setup notification email          • The order will display the
  addresses without auto-             Company Name and address
  responders like a thank you or      in the Ariba account so be sure
  out of office. These generate       to maintain company name
  failed order notices to the         and location name changes in
  buyers and COVA                     eVA and Ariba to prevent
                                      discrepancies. Discrepancies
                                      may delay payment by the
                                      Accounts Payable.
Life Cycle of an Electronic Order
                  Delivery     Name and
                                                   the eMall
                               Name in
                               eVA                             Creates
   Buyer checks                                                requisition
   order status

                                            eVA Preferred Order Method
                                            (POM) of Electronic connects
      Supplier                              to Supplier Ariba account by
      acknowledges order in                 the DUNs #
      Ariba Inbox
                                     Ariba notifies supplier of new
                   Supplier checks   order by email, fax…(based
                   Ariba Inbox for   on Ariba supplier account
                   order details     POM)
Your in!!
    Click Account Maintenance
                  Account Maintenance

Add contacts to
addresses and
type here
   Areas here
How the Supplier eVA and Ariba accounts work together –eVA
              Location – eMall – Duns - Ariba
  How do I make company name or tax id
• Legal Company Name and
  Fed. / Tax ID Number
• Email

 The request for these changes should include:
  –   Name of person requesting change
  –   Tax ID
  –   Position / title of person requesting change
  –   Phone Number
  –   Item(s) and description of change
Buyer sees Headquarter Company Name
Buyer selects Location Name
Technical Settings in Ariba
Order Status - Ariba Supplier Inbox
Confirm, Backorder, Reject
• Call the AMS Hotline at 1-866-289-7367
• Email:

• We are here to help you!!
• 2 Ways for Buyers to place orders
   – Catalog orders:
      • Punchout Catalog
      • CIF/Text based Catalogs
   – Non-Catalog orders
           What Is A Catalog?
     There are 2 types of eVA catalogs:
              CIF & Punchout
•A CIF (catalog interchange format) catalog
is a list of products/services and their

•A Punchout Catalog is a live web based
catalog that a supplier hosts.
   Why are Catalogs Important?

•Visibility within the eVA system – over 15,000
registered vendors – ~ 800 catalogs

•Establishes a ‘Storefront’
•Allows a supplier to better control the
information received from an eVA PO

•Minimizes order entry for the buyer
What Are The Catalog Requirements?

4 Basic Requirements
1 Register on-line with eVA!
2 Register on-line with Ariba.
3 Sign a Trading Partner Agreement.
4 Convert a product list into a CIF format
or complete punchout development
Catalog Item View
     Where can I find the tools?

•On the Web!
•Go to   Click the
green Vendors button.
•Contact the catalog team by emailing

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