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					From the CreAtorS oF Super SoCCer StAr

  A lIve ACtIon gAme Show For kIdS
  thAt’S out oF thIS world!
        It’S SoCCer, but not AS we know It...
  •	   Each	show	fEaturEs:	
  	    –	 Two	teams	of	five	kids	                                                      26 x 24’	
  	    –	 Kids	aged	9-12		
                                                                                  tArget demo
  	    –	 Open	to	both	girls	and	boys	                                   kids	8-12	and	familiEs
  	    –	 Over	60	seconds	of	original	animation	per	episode	
  	    –	 Thrilling	physical	challenges	and	imaginative	sets
  •	 	 442	takes	the	biggest	game	on	earth	to	the	next	level	with	the		
     chance	for	two	teams	to	battle	it	out	each	week	to	become	Sokator442	
     Universal	Champions!
  •	 	 442	takes	all	the	elements	of	football	but	gives	them	a	unique	sci-fi		
     twist,	with	7	different	playing	environments	and	out-of-this-world	rules.
  •	 	 he	live	action	will	be	inter-cut	at	key	moments	with	animations	from		
     the	Sokator	movie	and	games.

              for	full	format	information,	contact		
                 GallEon	EntErtainmEnt	today!
   the onlIne gAm

   Launched	in	May	2009,	the	Sokator	442	Online	Game		
   is	a	popular	multiplayer	browser-based	game	that	already	
   has	tens	of	thousands	of	players.	In	the	game,	YOU	play		
   an	intergalactic	soccer	manager	on	the	planet	of	Sokator!		
   Your	mission:	to	build	and	nurture	the	ultimate	alien	soccer	
   team	–	to	be	top	of	the	league,	to	accumulate	trophies,	fame	
   and	wealth!
   the	online	game	is	the	first	part	of	a	multi	platform	strategy	
   that	incorporates	a	live	action	tV	gameshow	and	animated	
   content.	the	tV	gameshow	and	the	animated	content	
   will	be	distributed	in	china	and	the	rest	of	the	world	to	
   coincide	with	the	football	world	cup	in	June	2010.

   the movIe
   The	movie	takes	the	excitement	of	the	interest	in	the	World	Cup	in	2010	and	adds	a	science	
   fiction	twist	to	it.	Two	boys	from	earth	are	transported	to	the	planet	Sokator442	where	they	
   join	and	unite	an	alien	team	to	compete	and	win	the	World	Cup	on	that	planet.

an	amazinG	multiplatform	EntErtainmEnt	propErty	that	takEs		
 thE	numbEr	onE	sport	in	thE	world	and	brinGs	it	to	lifE	for		
             kids	throuGh	an	amazinG	fantasy!
                  For	further	information	about	Sokator442	please	contact	
                            Len	Dunne	
                     or	Mahesh	Ramachandra	
                      +44	208	987	0011		•
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