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                                                            I 25 DAILY EXERCISES FOR SAX                               I COLTRANE:
                                                            by H. Klose                                  HK $9.95      “A PLAYER’S GUIDE
 LENNIE NIEHAUS                                                                                                        TO HIS HARMONY”                           COL $8.95
                                                            I 158 SAXOPHONE EXERCISES                                  Coltrane’s landmark composition Giant Steps used a
I DEVELOPING JAZZ CONCEPTS                                  by Sigurd Rascher                           SE $12.95      new harmonic formula that no one had ever seen.
FOR SAXOPHONE                                               Develops fluidity in the entire range.                     This book examines it in detail as well as the
by Lennie Niehaus                        LN $6.95                                                                      harmonic formula from Countdown. Also contains
                                                            I ACCELERATE YOUR
20 exercises and 20 etudes for development of basic
jazz concepts.                                              SAXOPHONE PLAYING                            NEW!          practice exercises and solo examples and how to use
                                                            DVD with Jim Odgen                     D862 $24.95         this new harmony over traditional, standard harmony.
                                                            This 1 hour DVD offers easy-to-understand exercises        Also available in FRENCH and JAPANESE.
  SAXOPHONE                    by Lennie Niehaus            and demonstrations that can be applied to all levels
                                                            and styles. Covers breathing/blowing, tone/intona-         I COMPREHENSIVE JAZZ STUDIES
  Six volumes of study in a step-by-step format to
                                                            tion, technique, melody/phrasing, fingering, and ear       AND EXERCISES
  incorporate jazz style/conception into the musi-
                                                            training. Includes booklet.                                by Eric Marienthal                     CJSE $19.95
  cian. Each volume priced as marked.
                                                                                                                       Jazz technical studies and exercises. Topics covered
                                      $11.95 each           I AROUND THE HORN                                          include Chord/Scale exercises, Motif exercises,
     Basic, #1; 12 exercises, 10 tunes        LN1           by Walt Weiskopf                          ATH $15.00       Finger busters, Extended motif exercises, Ideas for
     Basic, #2; 12 exercises, 10 tunes        LN2           Studies and Etudes for the Modern Player by WALT           Improvision.
     Interm.; 20 exercises, 25 etudes         LN3           WEISKOPF. From the esteemed author of “Intervalic
     Advanced; 20 etudes                      LN4           Improvisation - The Modern Sound,” Around The                                        I DAILY STUDIES
     Duets; 12 duets                         LND            Horn is the most thorough and exhaustive study of                                    FOR ALL
                                                            scales and arpeggios ever assembled. Included are
I JAZZ IMPROVISATION FOR                                    21 scales and arpeggios every jazz musician needs
                                                            to know based on the Major, Melodic Minor, and                                       by Trent Kynaston
SAXOPHONE                                                                                                                                                          TK $9.95
                                                            Harmonic Minor modes. Also included are
by Lennie Niehaus                        JIS $30.00         specially designed etudes to open your ears and                                      Challenging exercises over
Learn improvisation through solos, etudes and duets.        increase your modal awareness. This book will allow                                  scales and arpeggios of all
                                                            any instrumentalist to gain facility and a solid under-                              kinds in a manner that
                               I LENNIE NIEHAUS             standing of modes; how they work and how to best                                     directly   confronts   the
                               PLAYS THE                    use them in practice and performance. 204 pages.                                     technical problems of the
                               BLUES (IN ALL 12                                                                                                  saxophone.
                               KEYS)                        I THE AUGMENTED SCALE IN JAZZ
                               Written solos for Eb         “A PLAYER’S GUIDE”                      AUG $8.95                                    I DAILY WARM-UP
                               or Bb instruments.           by Ramon Ricker & Walt Weiskopf                                                      EXERCISES
                               Intermediate level.          Hip up your playing with the “signature” sound of                                    FOR SAXOPHONE
                               Use with Vol. 42             modern players. Contain many exercises/etudes of                                     by Jackie McLean
                               Blues     recording.         varying levels and 12 solos written over “standard”                                                    DWE $7.95
                               Great sightreading.          chord changes which utilize augmented scales in
                               Be sure to specify           both familiar and exotic ways. The world’s most                                      One of the genuine jazz
                               key.                         thorough examination and demmonstration of the use                                   greats has assembled his
                                                            of augmented scales in modern jazz improv. An                                        own tried and true collection
     For Eb Instruments                 LEN-E $8.95         important book for all “post-boppers.”                                               of daily warm-up exercises.
     For Bb Instruments                 LEN-B $8.95                                                                                              Memorizing the patterns in
                                                            I BEYOND THE HORN                                                                    this book will put you on the
     For C Instruments                  LEN-C $8.95
                                                            by Weiskpof and                             NEW!                                     right track, as McLean uses
  I RECORDING (For Above)                                   RosenBerg                                 BTH $19.95                                 them himself.
     CD L-D; $9.95                    Cass L $5.95                                    Expanding on his last book
                            Hear Lennie himself                                       "Around The Horn", author        I INTERVALLISTIC CONCEPT
                            play the solos in the                                     and recording artist Walt        by Eddie Harris                         EH $34.00
                            above book with the                                       Weiskopf has raised the bar      Challenging book with exercises in altissimo, chord
                            actual recorded tracks                                    again with Beyond The Horn,      substitution, syncopation, sequences, modulations
                            from Volume 42. The                                       a new book co-authored by        and more. 192 pages.
                                                                                      saxophonist Ed RosenBerg.
                            ultimate way for every                                    Beyond The Horn highlights
                            aspiring jazz player to                                                                    I JAZZ SAXOPHONE
                                                                                      intervals of 3rds, 5ths, 6ths,
                            HEAR as well as see                                                                        by Dennis Taylor                    Bk/CD JSAX $17.95
                                                                                      10ths and introduces the
                            how Lennie meant for                                      concept of octave displace-                                        A complete overview
                            the solos to be played.                                   ment. Studies and exercises                                        of the techniques and
  Perfect for piano, bass and guitar players! Special       are in all 12 keys. The book concludes with 20 etudes                                        styles popularized by
  stereo separation allows for piano or bass track to       that incorporate this new material. The large 244                                            the greatest jazz tenor
  be eliminated, allowing you to comp behind                page book will add increasingly larger intervals to                                          saxophonists of all
  Lennie!                                                   your vocabulary and open your ears as well. Also                                             time. Includes “in the
                                                            included are author's notes on how to practice the                                           style of” solos written
I SIX JAX DUETS VOL. 1                                      technically challenging material. Successfully taught                                        by      the     author.
by Lennie Niehaus                  LND1-inst. $10.00        at the famous Eastman School of Music for the past                                           Lessons, music, his-
Check out these duets for a genuine taste of jazz.          several years, this method will take you beyond your       torical analysis and rare photos, plus a CD with 16
Available for 2 tenors, 2 altos, or 1 alto + 1 tenor –      previously assumed technical limits. For all musicians     full-band tracks and the author playing the solos in
please specify.                                             looking for a new direction.                               the style of the featured artist.
I SIX JAX DUETS VOL. 2                                       I CHROMATICISM/NON-DIATONIC SCALES                        I MULTIPHONICS FOR SAXOPHONE
by Lennie Niehaus                  LND2-inst. $10.00         by David Liebman                                          by John Gross                        MULTI $16.95
Continues the great tradition books that are perfect for       Booklet & CD            CHROMD $9.95
beginners who want! Available for 2 tenors, 2 altos, or 1                                                              Add excitement to your solos by learning the art of
                                                                               A concise description of                playing two or more notes simultaneously! This prac-
alto and 1 tenor – please specify. Will work with most                         David’s approach to
any treble clef instruments.                                                                                           tical and easy to understand guide contains 178 dif-
                                                                               playing over the stated                 ferent note combinations with extensive diagrams
                                                                               tonality using chromati-                and concise explanation. For all saxes.
                                                                               cism,        polychords,
                                                                               derived chords, and
 EXERCISE/TECHNICAL                                                            non-diatonic     scales.                I PLAY WITH A PRO
                                                                               Includes a CD of David                  Duets by Bugs Bower                   PWPAS $14.95
                                                                               playing examples over                   BOOK/CD. 15 duets over tunes, some standards, in
by Yusef Lateef                            YLD $25.00                          selected piano chords.                  bop, swing, latin, rock, and jazz styles. The CD, fea-
Duets for all treble clef instruments that showcase                            A sure way to “hip up”                  turing alto sax master Steve Greenfield, has three
Yusef’s legendary gift for composition. Each is a mas-                         and modernize your                      tracks for each; one total performance track (both
terwork in its own right. Great sight-reading and fun to                       playing.                                parts), one lead part only, and one harmony part
play!                                                                                                                  only. For Alto sax.
                                                      Jamey Aebersold Jazz •                                                                              57
I PLAY WITH A PRO -                                                                                                      I JAZZ SAXOPHONE
TENOR SAX                           PWPTS $14.95
Book and CD. Practice first or second Tenor Sax with
                                                             INSTRUCTIONAL                                               ETUDES - BK/2 CDs
                                                                                                                         For both Alto and Tenor.
                                                                                                                                                                      JSE $19.95

a group of New York’s finest musicians! Join Jazz           I 100 ULTIMATE                                               by Greg Fishman
Great Jeff Lange, one of Broadway’s Best                    BLUES RIFFS              UBR-AS or UBR-TS $19.95                                       One Dozen outstanding
Saxophone players as you both play 45 tracks of             An exhaustive guide to the various phrases or “riffs” that                             etudes for the higher interme-
Bop, Swing, Latin, Jazz, Rock, Funky, Dixieland, and        make up Blues saxophone playing, both from a rhythmic                                  diate/advanced player written
                                                            and soloing standpoint. This book is ideal for most lev-                               to sound like real jazz solos,
Blues arrangements.
                                                            els of musicianship, from the beginner/intermediate stu-                               not exercises. All are based
                                                            dent who is interested in understanding and playing the                                on standard chord changes
I SAX ALTISSIMO - HIGH NOTE                                 Blues to more advanced players that need new ideas to                                  such as blues, I Got Rhythm,
DEVELOPMENT FOR THE CONTEMPORARY                            help stimulate their creativity. The 12 bar Blues progres-                             Satin Doll, etc..... There are 2
PLAYER–Revised 2nd Edition                                  sion and the Blues scale are also explained. Included                                  CDs - one with the exercises
by Robert Luckey                       SA $19.95            with this book is a CD with each example recorded                                      being played on alto and the
                   New, revised book includes               twice, one with, and one without the soloist. Please                                   other with the exercises
                   separate fingerings for sopra-           specify Alto or Tenor version.                                                         played on tenor. This unique
                   no, alto, tenor and bari as well                                                                      feature allows both alto and tenor players to read from
                   as excerpts from famous sax-             I 101 SAXOPHONE TIPS                                         the book and have an accompanying demo/play along
                                                            Stuff the Pros Know and Use                                  CD in their key!
                   ophone pieces with pre-                  by Eric Morones                            OST $14.95
                   scribed fingerings. Special              This book/CD presents valuable how-to insight that           I ROCK ‘N ROLL SAX
                   etude section can be played              saxophone players of all styles and levels can bene-                          by Boots Randolph and
                   with the rhythm tracks on                fit from. The text, photos, music, diagrams, and                              Mike Shannon BK/CD RAN
                   Volume 43 play-a-long,                   accompanying CD provide a terrific, easy-to-use                               $16.95
                   “Groovin’ High”. 200 spiral-             resource for a variety of topics, including: techniques;                      A survival kit for the aspiring
                   bound pages.                             maintenance; equipment; practicing; recording; per-                           real world saxophonist by the
                                                            formance; and much more!                                                      man who set the standards for
I THE SAXOPHONE REED                    TSR $34.95                                                                                        Rock N Roll and commercial
                                                            I COUNT BASIE                                                                 sax playing. Includes CD of
by Ray Reed                                                 LEAD SAX BOOK                              CBLS $7.00                         solos and special play along
                         We like books that pay for         Complete lead alto parts to 9 of his most                                     tracks. Lots of fun! For more
                         themselves. If you’ve ever         famous arrangements off the Basie- Straight Ahead                             Boots, see the solo section of
                         spent $25.00 on a box of           album. Includes Basie - Straight Ahead, It’s Oh So Nice,                      this catalog.
                         reeds and only 1 played well       Lonely Street, Fun Time, Magic Flea, Switch In Time,
                         enough to use, this book is        Hay Burner, That Warm Feeling, and The Queen Bee.
                                                                                                                           I RUBANK INSTRUMENTAL
                         for you. Learn the “whys”                                                                         METHOD BOOKS
                         (why do some reeds play                                                                           Please order by instrument and level.
                         and others don’t, why do                                                                          ORDER
                         some reeds play great at first                                                                    BELOW BY      BEG.         INT.     ADV. 1     ADV. 2
                                                                                                                           INSTRUMENT    $5.50       $5.50     $6.95      $6.95
                         and then go bad, etc.....) and
                         the “hows” (how to select a                                                                       SAXOPHONE     RSXB        RSXI      RSXA1      RSXA2
good reed, how to salvage/adjust a bad reed, how                                                                           TRUMPET
to store reeds, how to make a good reed play great,                                                                        (CORNET)      RTPB        RTPI      RTPA1      RTPA2
etc...) that they don’t teach you in school and                                                                            TROMBONE      RTBB         RTBI     RTBA1      RTBA2
tricks-of-the trade shared by the worlds top players.                                                                      FLUTE         RFLB         RFLI     RFLA1      RFLA2
Over 200 pages of text, illustrations, tables, and
                                                                                                                           CLARINET      RCLB        RCLI      RCLA1      RCLA2
                                                              I EASY JAZZ CONCEPTION
I SAX SOUND MIRROR                         SM $27.50          FOR SAX                                                    I UNIVERSAL METHOD FOR SAXOPHONE
Unique device that makes sound bounce back to                 by Jim Snidero                  EJC-inst. $16.95           by Paul DeVille                        USM $27.95
your ears as you play. Excellent for improved intona-         In the same format as the popular ”JAZZ CON-               This 324 page book, published in 1908, is still used by
tion, etc. Clips onto sax bell, easily removed. It really     CEPTION” series, but solos are much easier.                thousands of teachers every day and has been the
works!                                                        Perfect for beginning instrumentalists. Tenor solos
                                                              played by Eric Alexander; Alto solos by Jim                starting point for many of the world’s greatest saxo-
I STUDIES IN HIGH HARMONICS                                   Snidero. Specify if you need the alto/bari book,           phone players - both jazz and classical. Starts at the
by Ted Nash                                TN $5.95           the tenor/soprano book, or the bari only book.             very beginning and progresses onto advanced tech-
Develops the altissimo register on the alto and tenor                                                                    niques. Includes enough material (exercises, etudes,
                                                              I JAZZ CONCEPTION FOR SAXOPHONE                            solos, duets, etc.…) to keep students busy and
sax.                                                          by Jim Snidero                    JC-inst. $17.95
                                                              A book of musical, yet instructional jazz etudes           improving for years.
  I TECHNIQUE OF THE SAXOPHONE                                with Play-Along/Listening CD of the examples
  by Joe Viola                                                being performed by a Walt Weiskopf or Jim
                                                              Snidero. See “Other play Alongs” section for more
    #1 Scale Studies
    #2 Chord Studies
                            TOS1 $14.95
                            TOS2 $14.95                       details. (See “MORE PLAY ALONGS” section.)                  SAXOPHONE CHARTS/DUETS
                                                              Version available for alto/bari and tenor/soprano.
    #3 Rhythm Studies       TOS3 $14.95                       Please specify.                                            I BACH
                          I THREE OCTAVE
                                                                                                        NEW!             2-PART INVENTIONS                        BI $12.95
                                                              I INTERMEDIATE JAZZ CONCEPTION
                          SCALES AND CHORDS                   FOR SAX                                                    15 Bach duets that are fun to play. Choose from the
                          by Joe Allard OCT $8.95             by Jim Snidero              IJC-inst. $17.95 each          “same-sax” version (BI) or the alto/tenor version
                          Develop a two-octave range                                  Jim’s newest series,               (BIAT).
                                                                                      which he considers his
                          in any scale. Exercises typi-                               best yet! 15 etudes based
                          cally go above high F and                                   on classic modal tunes,            I EASY JAZZ CONCEPTION FOR
                          are in every key. Includes all                              standards, and even a              SAX SECTION
                          the high note fingerings.                                   ballad. New is an appen-           by Jim Snidero                  BK/CD EJC-SS $75.00
                                                                                      dix with style tips, a scale       8 arrangements for AATTB or mixed combo.Sub parts
                                                                                      syllabus and over 95 lines         are included for first also (trumpet/flugelhorn) and for
                                                                                      extracted from the etudes          the second tenor (trombone.) Rhy section parts are
                                                                                      for improvisation study.
I TOP TONES FOR SAXOPHONE                                                             CD includes a famous NY            completely written out, but arrangements can be
by Siguard Rascher                    TTS $11.95                                      rhythm section. Soloists           played without a rhythm section. CD includes 8 com-
Develop a practical 4-octave range with this impor-           are Jim for teh Alto version and Ted Nash on the           plete tracks (rhy section and all-star sax section) and
tant book. 3rd edition.                                       Tenor version.                                             8 tracks without the sax section to pratice with.

58                                                    Jamey Aebersold Jazz •
I JAZZ CONCEPTION                                                                                                 I GERRY MULLIGAN -
FOR SAX SECTION                                             I SAXOPHONE QUARTETS
                                                                                                                  THE AGE OF STEAM                        D792 $24.95
by Jim Snidero                 BK/CD JC-SS $58.00                                        (SATB OR AATB)
8 arrangements for AATTB saxophone section with                 Blue Monk - Medium slow blues        $16.95       This jam-packed CD/DVD pack features a standard
optional rhythm section. Arranged by Jim Snidero. The                                                             audio CD of the original A&M recording of “The Age of
enclosed CD features complete listening versions and            Round Midnight - Ballad, medium easy
                                                                                                      $16.95      Steam” as well as a DVD with over four hours of con-
separate rhythm section accompanying tracks.
                                                                                                                  tent, including: a master class, a documentary, and
                                                                By And By - Spiritual suite, part 3. Medium
I JAZZ DUETS FOR SAXOPHONES                                                                                       interviews with several participants in that recording
by Bruce Eskovitz/Ernie Watts                                   easy.                                $16.95
                                                                                                                  also includes the sheet music for each composition.
BK/CD                                JDSAX $16.95               Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless
                       Includes 30 jazz rhythm chal-            Child/Swing Low, Sweet Chariot - Spiritual
                       lenges, eight practice duets
                       and nine extended perform-               suite, part 4. Medium easy.          $16.95                                                NEW!
                                                                                                                    I JAZZ ADVENTURES FOR ALTO SAX
                       ance duets at the intermedi-
                       ate level. The Eb parts are                                                                  by Chris Vadala                    CVJA $15.95
                       printed in the first half of the                                                             Anyone who has played with various bands or
                       book and the Bb parts are                                                                    orchestras knows that playing first-class works
                       printed in the second half—         SAX DVD/VIDEO                                            with top musicians is an unsurpassable
                       just mix and match! All selec-
                       tions are recorded on the                                                                    experience. Jazz Adventures enables you to
                       play-along CD by saxophone         I THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO SAXOPHONE                         experience that feeling. The CD offers you the
                       greats Bruce Eskovitz and          SOUND PRODUCTION                                          opportunity to give your own solo performance,
                       Ernie Watts. Four flexible         by David Liebman                        D80 $59.95        accompanied by a great combo. To complete
performance options: Two Eb saxes play parts 1 and        A full 2 1/2 hours of instruction on every aspect of
2; Two Bb saxes play parts 1 and 2; One Eb sax plays                                                                your experience, listen to the well-known saxo-
part1 , one Bb sax plays part 2; One Bb sax plays         sound production for all saxophones and styles.           phone player Chris Vadala play the demo tracks.
part 1, one Eb sax plays part 2.                          Variety of exercises and demonstrations.

                                                                                                                                           FAKE BOOKS
                                                          I THE EUROPEAN REAL BOOK                   NEW!             “Many of the fake book table of contents
 I 50 ESSENTIAL BEBOP HEADS                               Sher Music Co.                         ERB $40.00
 Melodies and changes to bop’s most important                                                                         can be viewed on our website, www.jazz-
                                                                                Sher Music Company has
 standards written by bop’s most influential artists.                           gained the reputation of
 Includes classic tunes like Afternoon In Paris,                                releasing the finest jazz fake-     I JUST STANDARDS
 Groovin’ High, A Night In Tunisia, and others. All                             books in the world and this         REAL BOOK                           JSR- $39.95
 books are compatible with each other and perfect                               may be their best effort! All       250 Standards with suggested substitutions and
 for combo situations. Books can be used togeth-                                are fresh, exciting, world-         lyrics. Includes information on basic chord voic-
                                                                                class jazz compositions,            ings, subs, and chord/scale theory. 400 pages,
 er. Please specify which instrument/version you                                                                    spiral bound for easy opening. Available in Bb or
                                                                                many written by famous com-
 need.                                                                          posers (Claus Ogerman,              C versions, be sure to specify which book you
 $7.95 each. (unless indicated)                                                 Victor Feldman, Michel              want! By Warner Bros.
                                                                                Petricciani, Kenny Wheeler,
 I EBH-TS Tenor Sax                                                                                                 I JUST JAZZ
                                                          Joe Zawinul, George Shearing, etc…) and others writ-      REAL BOOK                            JJR- $39.95
 I EBH-C C Instruments                                    ten by unsung geniuses with whom you may not be           250 Jazz favorites and Standards with suggest-
 I EBH-TP Trumpet                                         familiar, yet.                                            ed substitutions and lyrics. Includes information
                                                          • 100% accurate                                           on basic chord voicings, subs, and chord/scale
 I EBH-AS Alto Sax                                                                                                  theory. 400 pages, spiral bound for easy open-
 I EBH-GU Guitar ($14.95)                                 • 400 pages                                               ing. Available in Bb, Eb, C or bass clef versions,
                                                                                                                    be sure to specify which book you want! By
                                                          • Well laid out and easy to read                          Warner Bros.
                                                          • Selected sample bass lines, sample chord voicings,
                                                            horn harmony parts, lyrics, etc.… for many songs        I REAL JAZZ STANDARDS
 I THE BEST CHORD CHANGES                                                                                           FAKE BOOK                            RJS- $39.95
 by Frank Mantooth               each $24.95              • Available in C, Bb, or Eb editions. Please specify      Over 240 songs! Includes melody, chord
                   A series of 5 fakebooks,                 when ordering.                                          changes (with subs), and lyrics. 560 spiral bound
                                                                                                                    pages. Available in C, Bb, or Eb editions. Be sure
                   each containing 100 stan-
                                                                                                                    to specify your instrument when ordering. Hal
                   dards with both original                                                                         Leonard Publs.
                   and substitute changes. A                                                       NEW!
                   terrific study in chord subs             I HOW TO PLAY FROM A FAKEBOOK                           I MINI VERSION            LRJS-C $29.95 each
                   and modern/traditional                   by Blake Neely                      HOW $12.95          Mini 6x9 version of REAL jazz standards. Fits
                                                                                                                    easily into gig bag. C version only.
                   harmony. All of the songs                Ever wondered how to create better accompani-
                   are on two pages, so that                ments for the melodies in your favorite fake          I CHARLES MINGUS - MORE THAN
                   everything is big and eas-               books? This “teach yourself” book introduces you      A FAKE BOOK                        MINGUS $19.95
                   ily readable with no page                                                                      55 incredible songs by the bass giant with the stories
                                                            to chord building, various rhythmic styles, and
                   turns.                                                                                         behind each and performance notes. Photos, anec-
                                                            much more, so that you play the songs you like        dotes, and discography. 160 pages.
      THE WORLDS GREATEST                                   just the way you want them. Keyboard players
      STANDARDS (BCC)                                       with a basic understanding of notation and sight-     I THELONIOUS MONK
                                                                                                                  FAKEBOOK                             $19.95 each
      THE MOST REQUESTED                                    reading will be on their way to more fun with fake    70 of Monk’s most well-known and obscure compo-
      STANDARDS (MRS)                                       books. The relaxed tone of the text and selection     sitions with countermelodies and bass lines where
      THE BEST STANDARDS EVER (BSE)                         of fun songs keep How to Play from a Fake Book        applicable. Includes Ask Me Now, Blue Monk, 52nd
                                                                                                                  Street Theme, Four In One, Rhythm-a-ning, Off
                                                            entertaining throughout – perfect for amateur         Minor, Straight No Chaser, and Ruby My Dear. Order
                                                            musicians, or as a supplement for keyboard            by your instrument!
      THE MOST POPULAR SONGS (MPS)                          teachers and their students.                             TMF-C C Instr; TMF-BF Bb Instr;
                                                                                                                     TMF-E Eb Instr
                                                    Jamey Aebersold Jazz •                                                                        59