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                     “Personal Attention to Our Community”

                                Press Release

    Contact: Officer Maris Turner                 For Immediate Release
           360-683-7227                                 05/29/2007

                 “Sequim High School Grim Reaper Program”

          On May 23rd and 24th, 2007 Sequim High School Junior and Senior class
experienced the Grim Reaper program, which is designed to inform students
about the consequences of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The
Grim Reaper program has been used around the country since the early 1990’s.
This program is put together every other year for the junior and senior class in
preparation for the students venturing out into a world filled with mature choices
and consequences for those choices they make regarding alcohol consumption.
          Several law enforcement and fire/EMS personnel visited classrooms on
Wednesday the 23rd. They presented material about drinking and driving and
answered questions asked by the students. During each class the Grim Reaper,
Officer Chris Wright from Sequim Police Department, would remove a student in
a very dramatic fashion. The student returned to class wearing a black robe and
white face paint. The student was to be considered “dead”. Twenty-six students
were removed from class throughout the day. These students remained at
school over night and prepared a skit for the next day’s assembly. Two students
and their parents wrote special letters to each other that they read the next day at
the assembly.
          During the assembly on Thursday the 24th all juniors and seniors watched
25 year-old Leah Beetchenow talk about her traumatic accident caused by a
drunk driver, she and her boyfriend were hit on their way home to Omak,
Washington. Her boyfriend was killed and she broke every bone in her body and
is still coping with her loss and her injuries.
      This type of program requires several behind the scenes people and takes
several weeks of planning and coordinating. Following is a list of participants,
sponsors and volunteers.

Planning Committee Program Coordinators and Participants:
David Sue-retired Washington State Patrol; Jim Borte-Clallam County DUI Task
Force; Dave Salmon-volunteer Fire District #3; Annette Hanson and Gwen Cole-
Sequim PRoTECT Drug Free Community Coalition; Sheri Crain, Tania Kohlman,
and Maris Turner-Sequim Police Department; Jennifer Van de Wege-
Teacher/Leadership Class Advisor and Lyndzie Joslin-Leadership Class Student;
Scott Atherton-Auditorium Technician; and Jack Simmons-Student Videographer.

Other Law Enforcement and Fire District Personnel Who Participated in the
Grim Reaper Classroom Program and Play:
Chris Wright-The Grim Reaper, Brian George, Mark Hodgson, Joe Lancheros,
Dave Ellefson, Jami Lochow, and Dan Behan

Agency and Business Sponsors:
Washington State Patrol
Clallam County DUI Task Force
Clallam County Sheriff’s Department
Sequim PRoTECT Coalition (Parents and Resources of the East County
Sequim Police Department
Clallam County Fire District 3
Sequim High School Leadership Class
Federal Drug-Free Communities Program, Dept. of Health & Human Services
Reduce Underage Drinking Program (RUaD)
Sequim Valley Chapel
Evergreen Collision Centers-David Anstet
Olympic Laundry and Dry Cleaning
Captain T’s
Tarcisio’s Restaurant
Sodexho Food Services
Olympic Theatre Arts
Quality Inn & Suites

Grim Reaper Students:
Ady Crosby and Alex Pace-read special letters to parents, and Shannan Tanner,
Heather Smith, Kait McDougal, Kelsey Hammonds, Jennifer Schade, Travis
Priest, Taylor Ackley, Blake Barnes, Courtney Breithaupt, Jon Schaffer, Kalan
Hatton, Cory Brown, Vese Antrim, Lauren Wiekel, Laura Chance, Michael
Donohue, MacKenzie Marmol, Sarah Moores, Jordan Kirsch, Christopher
Kardonsky, Kira Hendricksen, Jaysa Hill, Erika Robertson, and Chris Gish

School Assembly Adult Letter Readers:
Anna Mair, mother of Alex Pace
Shirley Crosby, grandmother of Ady Crosby

Special Guest Speaker:
Leah Beetchenow, 25-year-old from Omak, Washington—the victim of a head-on
collision in 2001 by a drunken driver, which killed her fiancé.

Sequim High School and Community School Social Studies Teachers:
Steve Corcoran, Nathan Davis, Mike Lippert, Brian O’Hara, Gary Pringle, and
Robert Struble, Sandra Smith, and Sidne Cameron

Sequim High School Administrators:
Shawn Langston-Principal, Mark Willis and Randy Hill-Assistant Principals
Community School Administrator:
Patra Boots

Additional Sequim High School “Grim Reaper” Day and Assembly
Lee Harwell-Play Director, Olympic Theatre Arts
Steven Rosales-MC of the Assembly
Roger Harnack-Photographer, “Sequim This Week”
Elaine Caldwell and Carol Millman-make up artists, OTA
Jennifer Melberg-Funeral Home Director
Reverands Robert Rhoads and Maggie Bourne-Raiswell, Chaplain Tom
Machamer, Laura Lilly, Matt Duchow, Lynne Sharp, and Ken Lemley-Counselors
John Bridge-Chaperone
Akasha Atherton-Student Auditorium Tech Assistant and hearse owner

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