How to Make a Guy Notice You! Here Are the Sure Fire Tricks Which Will Catch His Attention Instantly

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					How to Make a Guy Notice You! Here Are the Sure Fire Tricks Which Will Catch His Attention

By Russell Jackson

If you have a crush on this guy and he won't even take notice of you, it can really be frustrating.
Since it is difficult for a girl to approach the guy she likes, it is better to learn how to get him to
notice her. While just physical attraction is not enough, girls know that they have to do
something more to get a guy to notice them. Maybe these tips will help you.

Get to know the guy better
You have a crush on a certain guy but that is not enough. Get to know him much better.
Knowing his tastes and what he likes can help you. Small details like if he jogs at a particular
time every day can give you an edge, as you can jog alongside with him. What better way to
make him notice you?

Establish a connection
Communication is important. Even if it is just a "Hi" or a sweet smile, it is a wonderfully simple
way to get him to notice you. If you work in the same environment or office, you could always
ask for help regarding your work.

First impressions last
Make sure he notices you and is immediately impressed. Be prepared and wear clothes that show
you at your best. No guy can help but ogle an attractive girl. Be yourself and don't overdo it.

Tease him a little
This is a sweet way of making a connection with the guy. If you tease him and make him laugh -
he will notice you for all the right reasons. If he senses that you have a terrific sense of humor he
will never object to you being around. Show him that you are a fun person.

Flirt if you know how to
You can get a man's attention by flirting with him. But you have to make sure that you don't
cross the line and come across as cheap and flashy. He will notice you for all the wrong reasons
and have the wrong impression about you. Be subtle and sensitive to him and the surroundings.
A look, smile and looking him in the eye are ways to get attention.

Relax and chill out
If you are too stressed out about trying to get him to notice you, then you are likely to do the
wrong things and push him away. Relax and be confident about your self. Don't push it and leave
him alone.

Ignore the bloke
In fact if you give him the cold shoulder it would intrigue him and get him to chase you instead.
Show that you are friendly and popular with most of his friends and at the same time ignore him.
This will make him sit up!
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