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					                                      Journal Topics
1. Tell the story of an important turning point in your life when you had to make some kind of
choice. Now think about what might have happened if you had made the other choice.
2. Remember a time when someone didn't understand you at all.
3. When in your life were you most happy, sad, proud, frightened, content, or serene?
4. When did you first discover that adults weren't perfect? Tell the story of that discovery.
5. How did you learn about death?
6. What if you could fly?
7. Close your eyes and tell everything you hear, smell, taste, and feel--feel with your touch and
feel with your feelings.
8. What is it like growing up today?
9. Pick an issue that confuses you or that you would like to know more about. Then freewrite to
explore what you DO know about it.
10. Imagine yourself a different age, or the opposite sex, or living in a different era. Tell how life
would be different for you.
11. What handicap do you have? Is it one that others notice? What would life be like if you didn't
have that handicap?
12. What is the worst injustice you notice around you? How would you take steps to end it?
13. What would it be like if we started out old and grew younger until we died as babies?
14. Tell all the groups that you are a member of or part of, from your family to a group of friends
to a religious or ethnic group. How does being a member of these groups affect you?
15. Tell about a time when you were victimized because of a stereotype or some kind of
prejudice. Being taunted for wearing glasses is as much a possibility as more obvious situations.
16. How would you remake the world?
17. Write out your goals--for the world, for your lifetime, for next year, or for today. What one step
could you take to start you towards achieving that goal?
18. Tell about someone who helped you or made a difference in your life.
19. Get it out of your system. Write about something that upset or angered you.
20. Write a letter to someone you haven't seen for a while.
21. Make up a conversation with anyone, living or dead, that you would like to talk to.
22. Argue both sides of an issue.
23. Tell a dream that you remember . . . or make one up.
24. Describe and explain a feeling that you understand best or least. What would life be like
without that feeling.
25. Describe an object that is very important to you.
26. Describe a time you had to make the best of a bad situation
27. Where in the world--or out of the world--would you like to travel?
28. What would it be like to be homeless?
29. What is your special talent? What do you wish your special talent was?
30. Describe your worst nightmare.
31. What was the longest hour you ever experienced?
32. What would you consider the most splendid thing you ever accomplished? Remember the
small things as well as the more obvious ones.
33. Write a review of an incident you observed or a person you know.
34. Tell the story of a serious mistake you once made. What was the result?
35. What are the little things in life that make you happy? What little things can ruin your day?
36. What are the little quirks or idiosyncrasies you prize about yourself or can't stand in others?
37. What invention would you like to give the world?
38. Imagine your life as a TV commercial. What would you be an ad for?
39. Tell about the time that someone really disappointed you--or surprised you in a positive way.
40. What thoughts go through your head when you can't sleep?
41. What do you know about your ancestry? Who might you have been in a former life?
42. Has the perfect plan ever backfired on you? Tell what happened.
43. Imagine a secret life for yourself. Who or what would you be?
44. Who would be in your private hall of fame?
45. Tell about a time when you were faced with a moral or ethical dilemma?
46. What are you fascinated by? What kinds of things does your mind dwell on?
47. How do different kinds of music affect you? Are there songs that transport you to a different
time or place? What song means the most to you?
48. What was meaningful to you when you were very young?
49. What would you do if you won the lottery?
50. Write a recipe for happiness, success, disappointment, or any other state of being.
51. Your favorite TV program has won critical acclaim, but is under attack by a certain group who
disapproves of the content and it will probably be canceled. Write a letter of protest.
52. You are awakened one night by a presence at the foot of your bed. What advice does the
presence give you?
53. List ways of making the world a less irritating place.
54. If you could be any age, what would it be and why? Describe yourself at that age.
55. Sylvester Stallone uttered the phrase, “I’m your worst nightmare.” What’s yours?
56. Thoreau said, “Simplify, Simplify.” If you could simplify your life, what would you change and
how would you change it?
57. You know the stories of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. Make up your
own story.
58. Tell of a time when you felt isolated from life.
59. Write a eulogy for a pet.
60. My mother tells me everyday to…
61. What is your favorite amusement park ride? How does it make you feel?
62. If you could change yourself in any way what would it be?
63. You are suddenly able to read minds. What are the students around you thinking?
64. Create a holiday and the rituals that go with it.
65. The parents of your new girlfriend/boyfriend are university professors. What will you do to try
to impress them?
66. Can a smart student fail? Why/why not?
67. You are putting together a time capsule that will be opened in 100 years. What will you put in
it? What message will you write?
68. I am the only one who understands…
69. You are able to trade places with someone for a day. Who will it be and why?
70. Describe your memories of a relative you remember well.
71. Tell about something funny you heard or did that still makes you laugh.
72. Parents always brag about the cute things their children say. What cute things did you say?
73. Describe an argument you had with a friend. How did it make you feel? Did you make up?
74. You have just won a Pulitzer Prize. Write your acceptance speech.
75. Student protesters say grades should be abolished. What would you put in their place?
76. Which would you prefer? Being remembered, or being great during your lifetime, then
forgotten. Why?
77. What I do best.
78. You’ve been asked to come up with a new lunch menu. What will be served each day of the
79. You can measure a wall and measure a window, but how do you success?
80. Write a short poem describing your feet.
81. You are a new candy. Describe yourself.
82. If you could meet Shakespeare, what would you most like to know about him and/or his
83. Your parents are always talking about the good old days. What was so good about them?
84. You’ve been elected president of your class. You must write a class motto, what will it say?
85. Which do you enjoy more, going to the movies or a concert? Why?
86. You’ve just been told you have a Jekyll and Hyde personality. Describe yourself.
87. Describe the most expensive item you’ve ever saved money to buy. Why did you want it so
much? Was it worth the money?
88. You’ve won a trip to anywhere in the world. Where will you go and why?
89. Your parents have given you a thousand dollars to redecorate your room. What changes will
you make?
90. Have you ever experienced déjà vu (the feeling that you’ve already experienced or done
something before)? Describe what happened.
91. The yearbook states that you are the most likely to what? Will you achieve this or would you
rather not?
92. Give advice to your younger sibling on ways to be popular.
93. What occupation would you never want to have and why?
94. If you have to choose to look good or feel good, which do you choose? Why?
95. It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. What do people see when they look in you
96. You have befriended a homeless man who loves in a refrigerator box. Tell how he lost
everything. How do you help him?
97. You have just found a key in an antique chest you bought from a garage sale. Make up a
story about what the key opens.
98. Are all men really created equal? Why/why not?
99. As a young child you once told a lie, and now wish to set the record straight. Explain what
100. Do you feel teens are stereotyped by society? How?

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