How to Please a Man! Here Are the Most Important Keys You Must Know in Order to Please a Man

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					How to Please a Man! Here Are the Most Important Keys You Must Know in Order to Please a

By Russell Jackson

Most women want their men for keeps. This means that they have to learn the secret of keeping
their men completely satisfied with them. The fear of losing their man to another woman is
always there and this insecurity makes them do things that instead of pleasing their man, actually
puts them off. Take a look at these tips on how to please a man and check if you are doing the
wrong thing.

Understand your man
You can't begin to please your man if you don't understand him. Once you know and understand
your man's thought process, pleasing him will be a cinch! This is more effective than just
learning a few tricks you can read in a magazine. Do your best to genuinely know him.

Cater to the guy's logic
Women generally use their feelings and emotions as a guide, whereas men generally use logic.
There are conflicts because of the frustration that usually erupts when logic and emotion collide!
So all you got to do is view the situation in a different way. You will please your man when you
think like him!

Don't expect too much from him
Men get upset and frustrated when women expect too much from them. Be patient and don't
expect your man to straight-away understand your problem. He would probably need you to tell
him what is wrong before he can sympathize with you. And of course this is what women really
hate doing. If you can be straightforward with him he will appreciate it and like it.

Give him space
This is one of the most important factors when it comes to pleasing your man. He will love and
appreciate you more if you respect his need for space at times. If he knows that you trust him and
respect him enough to give him time and space he will be very pleased with you.

Communicate with him
If you sulk in a corner and throw him hints that you are upset or mad about something, he is
going to hate it. Your man will love it if you communicate directly with him without beating
around the bush. Open all doors of communication between you and you will keep him pleased
and happy.

Go out of your way to be compatible
Please your man in bed and out of it. He will never think of straying if he is completely satisfied
with you. This means that you will have to give as well as take. Men constantly want something
exciting and new. If you love him you will go out of your way to excite him.
Keep the romance alive
Do little things for your man like making his favorite dish and feeding him the stuff he loves.
Show him how you love him by giving him surprises in the bedroom. He will love you for it.

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