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									Lawrence Barn Schedule Apr 04                                      May                     June                                    July                                     August                       September                                     October                   Nov
                                                           08-14   15-21   22-28   29-04   05-11   12-18   19-25   26-02   03-09    10-16   17-23   24-30   31-06   07-13   14-20    21-27   28-03   4    10   11-17   18-24   25-01   02-08   09-15   16-22     23-29   30-05   06-12   13-19

 Remove Existing Garage       Hollis Const - D. Orde
 Excavate                     Paradise Homes
 Foundation                   Paradise Homes

 Utility Trenches: W,E,S      Skillings, Dunwell, Ciampa

 Move Old Beams to site       Volunteers

 Erect Frame                  Preservation Timberframers
 Board & Felt Ceiling         Preservation Timberframers
 Shiplap Ext Walls            Volunteers

 Install Wall SIPS            Preservation Timberframers
 Install Roof SIPS            Preservation Timberframers
 Roof Eave Trim               Adamyck Homes
 Frame Barn Z & bathrooms     Adamyck Homes
 Interior Partitions

 Metal Roofing                Viking Roofing

 Board & Batten Exterior      Volunteers
 Install Windows & Doors      Volunteers
 Sliding Barn Doors           Volunteers
 Swing Barn Doors             Volunteers

 Pour Concrete Floor

 PreWire PA, AV & Computer    Belanger Electronics

 Site ELECTRICAL              Dunwell Electric
 Rough Wiring                 Paul Armstrong
 Finish Electrical

 PLUMBING                     Joe Ciampa
 HEATING                      David Brassard

 PLASTERBOARD                 Gemini Construction
 Interior doors & trim        Volunteers                                                                                                                                                                        Old
 Interior Painting            Volunteers                                                                                                                                                                       Home
 Kitchen installation         Volunteers                                                                                                                                                                        Day

 Meeting Room Floor
 Kitchen Floor
 Bathroom Floors

 Threshing Floor (S)          Volunteers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Barn
 Main Barn Flooring                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Dedication

 Build new Rec Comm storage

    ca23a5e4-dd97-452c-a6d5-2a6335ae4063.xls                                                                                          Gant Sched                                                                                                                             4/11/2010

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