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									Introduction to
Trading Grid
Messaging Service

Mike Katona
October 2007

  • Understand the Trading Grid Messaging
  • Learn about the different software
    options that customers have with
    Trading Grid Messaging Service
  • Learn about the different ways that
    customers can connect to Trading Grid
    Messaging Service
  • Introduction to Trading Grid Online

  • What is Trading Grid Messaging
  • Software and Connectivity
  • Customer Tools Introduction
  • Summary
What is Trading Grid
Messaging Service?
GXS Trading GridSM
GXS Products and Solutions Portfolio
GXS Trading GridSM - Technical View
Global Messaging Suite

                         Real-time Global Messaging
                          that enables the seamless
                         exchange of B2B documents
                          and data without disrupting
                         existing business processes

                         At the core of the GXS Trading
                           Grid, Global Messaging is
                         leveraged by all other Trading
                                  Grid Services

                         GXS Global Messaging Family
                         – Trading Grid Messaging Service
                         – Network Based Translation
Trading Grid Messaging Service
              – Global Platform
              – Any File Format (XML, EDI ANSI X12, EDIFACT…)
              – All Major Protocols (AS2, Secure FTP*, HTTPs, VPN…)

              –   Internet or Private GXS Network
              –   Secure Protocols
              –   Trading Partner Validation
              –   Certificate Management
              –   Certifications (e.g. AS2, RosettaNet, SAS70)

              – System and Content Backup and Recovery
              – Message Delivery in Real Time (as fast as 1 Second)
              – Over 99.5 % Availability

                                            * i.e., FTP/TLS according to RFC4217
Trading Grid Messaging Service

  • Trading Grid Messaging
    Service (TGMS) is the
    strategic messaging
    application for GXS
  • Other Trading Grid
    Messaging Service
    applications currently
    used by customers
     –   Mark III
     –   Mark 3000
     –   Information Exchange
     –   STEDI
     –   Tradanet

  • Trading Grid Messaging Service (TGMS) – family of
    GXS messaging applications
  • ICS – former name of the TGMS service offering
  • Mark III – Original messaging application developed
    by GE, mainly async and bisync connections
  • MK3000 – Mark 3000, messaging application
    replacement for Mark III, added SNA based
  • EDI*Express – blanket term for Mark III and MK3000
  • IE – IBM legacy messaging application
  • STEDI – IBM legacy messaging application, currently
    used for US VAN interconnects

  • Tradanet – legacy messaging application used
    primarily in Europe
  • Web Utility Tool – Web based support tool used by
    GXS Customer Support
  • Trading Grid Online - Web based administration portal
    used by customers
  • EC Support Net – Web based mailbox administration
    tool used by customers
  • Mailbox – holds information on documents available
    for receipt
  • Postbox – holds information on documents that have
    been sent
Software and Connectivity
Software Options

  • Customers have a
    variety of software
    options for sending and
    receiving documents via
  • This software can either
    be provided by GXS, or
    from a third party
  • Web-based solutions
    are also available
Software Options (continued)

  • Desktop*EDI
     – Windows-based PC software, a full EDI translator
  • TPClient
     – Windows-based PC software, communications software for
       sending/receiving documents
  • Cleo and Agilisys
     – Clients for secure FTP access
     – Not all clients available in all geographies
  • Application Integrator (AI)
     – Host-based EDI translator
  • Enterprise System or Trading Grid Enterprise
     – Host-based EDI translator and communications products
Terminology – Access applications

  • TGO
    – Trading Grid Online, Web based administration
      portal used by TGMS customers and IWF
      customers (admin and forms access)
  • ECSN
    – EC Support Net, Web based mailbox
      administration tool used by customers (being rolled
      into TGO when migration is complete)
  • ICS (Interchange Services) Gateway
    – web based application for customers (used with
      ECSN, secure HTTP; being rolled into TGO)
Terminology – Access applications (continued)

   • Expedite
     – applications used for connecting with IE
   • IEFE
     – IE Front End, IE interface that is really
       pointing to TGMS
   • IE Experience
     – Official name for IEFE method of connecting to
   • Other
     – Customers can use their own EDI software
How to Connect to ICS

                    • Customers have a
                      variety of
                      connectivity options
                      with TGMS.
                    • Connectivity can be
                      with software
                      provided by GXS, or
                      by other vendors
  Connectivity Types and Applications
              Legacy Protocols
              Connection Types                            Internet Protocols
                                                        Applications / Standards
Async / Bisync                                             OFTP                    /
Dial PPP                 Frame Relay
                         MQ Series                                             SFTP and
SNA                                                                              FTPS

Leased Line                                                                     HTTPS
& ISDN                                                                          & SOAP

X.400                                                                          AS1, AS2,
X.25                                                                             AS3

        VAN                                                                EDI-to-Fax
                       IP Networks                         Web Forms
                        (e.g. ANX, ENX)
                                           MQ Series
                                          Frame Relay

                                Other Applications / Standards
                                Other Communication Services
Dial PPP

  • Point-to-Point Protocol is the standard method to
    access Internet Protocol (IP) based applications, and
    is available at speeds up to 56 kbps on our service.
  • Clients will be required to enter a user
    name/password for access to the network.
  • Works with TGMS, and also with MK3000, Mark III,
    and Tradanet.
  • No special setup needed outside of the normal
    mailbox request process. All new user numbers
    regardless of the platform are automatically validated
    for Dial PPP access.

  • Bisynchronous connectivity allows documents
    to be exchanged with Trading Grid Messaging
    Service customers using 3780
    bisync communications protocol.
  • Bisynchronous protocol is a method of data
    transmission used on synchronous serial
    connections, usually modems, and a major
    category of synchronous communications
    protocols used in mainframe networks.
  • Bisync communications require both sending
    and receiving devices to be synchronized
    before transmission of data is started.
Leased Line

  • A Leased Line is a permanent
    “dedicated” telephone connection
    between two points set up by a common
  • Always active, with a fixed monthly fee.
  • T-1 channel is a type of leased line that
    provides a maximum transmission
    speed of 1.544 mbps
VPN Secure Remote

  • VPN-Security Remote access solutions, allow our
    clients the ability to communicate, from their PC via
    their existing Internet Service Provider (ISP).
     – does not provide an automated end to end solution with Third
       party Translators out of the box.
     – does provide an automated solution for Desktop EDI users.
  • Works with TGMS, and also with MK3000, Mark III,
    and Tradanet.
  • Must have a PC/Workstation running a Windows
    platform, i.e. 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, and Vista. will not
    work with UNIX systems
  • Customers receive an email containing a link which
    will allow for download of the VPN software
VPN Gateway

  • VPN-Security Gateway access solutions, allow our
    clients the ability to communicate host to host, via
    their existing Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • Ensures end-to-end privacy through the secure
    encrypted tunnel between the sites.
  • Available with TGMS, and also MK3000, Mark III, and
  • Client must be TCP/IP enabled, will work with any
    Operating System, i.e. Unix, AS/400, Linux, Windows
  • The client must have an FTP client software package

  • A set of messaging standards specified by the
    International Telecommunications Union (ITU) –
    Telecommunication Standard Sector.
  • Created as an Open Systems Interconnection (OSI)
    protocol for addressing and exchanging electronic
  • Preceded Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP or
    “Internet mail”) for “Interpersonal Messaging” (e-mail),
    but, is also used for EDI (esp. outside N. America)
  • Designed to work over various network transports
    including Ethernet, X.25, TCP/IP and dial-up lines

 • Odette File Transfer Protocol
   – Many transactions, used on ENX and ANX
 • Connection Methods include
   –   Dial up, ISDN
   –   Lease Line
   –   PPP
   –   VPN
   –   Bisync
 • Two types of OFTP λ
   – Basic (standard across Europe)
   – Plus (used in UK only, Tradanet)
FTPS (Secure FTP / SSL) λ

  • Secure FTP Connectivity uses Secure Sockets Layer
    (SSL) Transport Layer Security (provides secure,
    authenticated and encrypted communications) for our
    customers to access TGMS.
  • Allows EDI and XML business documents to be
    exchanged with TGMS customers using FTP.
  • Available only on the TGMS platform.
  • Various FTP software products are available in
    different geographies
  • FTPS customers must have a TGMS mailbox with 2
    ports (one inbound, one outbound)

  • Widely used connectivity method using SSH (Secure Shell)
    encryption technology to secure FTP over the Internet
  • For Trading Grid users it will be a new connectivity option
  • Authentication can be via public key certificate or username /
    password or both
  • Any SFTP client software which supports SSH-2 can be used to
    connect to TGMS. GXS successfully tested with the following
    client software to connect to SMG:
      – Cleo Lexicom 3.2
      – WinSCP 3.8.2
      – Putty release 0.57

  • Enables machine-to-machine exchange of data with Trading Grid
    using HTTP
  • HTTP the default method for exchanging data over the Internet –
  • HTTP secured using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption
  • A request / response protocol
     – Request messages from Trading Grid using HTTP header
     – Data delivered as an HTTP message with content in the body of
       the message
     – Any data type supported
HTTPS (browser)

  • Browser-based HTTPS provides secured
    communications for our customers to access
    their TGMS mailbox through a simple web
    portal to exchange EDI documents.
  • This is via Trading Grid Online (TGO, as part
    of AS2) and is available only on the TGMS
    (ICS) Platform.
  • No special setup request required outside of
    the normal setup process flow.

  • AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) - Connectivity
    allows EDI, XML, and Binary business
    documents to be exchanged over the Internet
    using standard HTTP while providing
    authentication, privacy, and non-repudiation of
    document receipt.
  • Available on TGMS and Tradanet.
  • Prospects must be using a certified
    Drummond Group third party product. To
    verify a particular software product go to the
    following link

  • AS3, one of the „EDIINT‟ standards, is designed for point-to-point
    communications for B2B
  • Like AS2, it provides for
      – Transport of the data
      – Security of the data
      – Non-repudiation using digital certificates
      – Assured delivery using MDNs
  • AS3 is based on FTP and will be offered as a connectivity option
    for Trading Grid Messaging Service
  • „eBusinessReady‟ AS3 software required
Tools Introduction
What is Trading Grid Online?

  • A single, global, multi-lingual, easy-to-use
    portal that provides one-stop shopping for
    access to GXS products and services
     –   Self-registration
     –   TGMS Mailbox Administration
     –   Intelligent Web Forms
     –   Community Management
     –   Customer Support
  • As customers subscribe to more GXS
    offerings, they will be able to access them
    when available via the same Trading Grid
    Online website
More on Trading Grid Online

  • We‟ll have a
    presentation and
    demonstration of
    Trading Grid Online

  • What is Trading Grid Messaging Service?
    – The global, strategic messaging application for
  • Software and Connectivity
    – Customers can connect with our software, or their
      own via a wide variety of connectivity options
  • Trading Grid Online
    – An easy-to-use portal that provides one-stop
      shopping for access to GXS products and services
Introduction to Trading Grid Messaging

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