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									Ms. Homewood’s Hits
     (and friends)
Jed Archbold
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Madison Briggs
Jordan Clark
Joel Davies
Joseph Dean
Corey DalPozzo
Charlee Duryea
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Edited by Hamish Clark
Jed Archbold
                              By Jed

This is Scorpio the Hoverconda, he is the only one of his species
that has a scorpion tail. He got it from a science experiment
gone wrong.
   He is called a Hoverconda because he has air glands on his
feet and hands so he can hover. He is a fierce creature made for
killing other monsters.
   The blue thing on his chest is a sign for when he is angry.
Its pig nose gives it extra smelling ability. It has two mouths to
help it eat.
   You can see that he has blood on his horn and scorpion tail,
because he has just been on a killing spree. Its predators are
weapons and other Hovercondas.
By Jed

I hate this school. I’ve been to other schools but never one like
this. I’ll give an example. On my first day I was late. I’d
sprained my ankle, I gave the principal a note but he said it was
a lame excuse.

It’s true!

Then the music teacher asked me if I can pick up music easily. I
said “Yes,” and he said, “Good, take that CD player to my

And then he gave me a few piano lessons and I thought I was
pretty good, and then he asked me if I wanted to take the piano
for a career. I said OK; and then he said, “OK, you should be a
piano lifter.”

I hate this school.

Seriously, my teacher asked me to name something that is
important that didn’t exist 50 years ago, and then a girl in the
back yelled, “ME”!!!

                              By Jed

                   Mission 1: The Farm

The alien Cryptonian 111436579, otherwise known as Crypto,
set out to capture earth. The Cryptonian leader Pox had captured
every planet except earth.
  Crypto landed on a farm, he went up to a cow and said, “Who
is leader?”
  The cow said “MOO.”
  “I asked who your leader is.”
  The cow turned around and farted in Cryptos face, and then
Crypto pulled out his zap-o-matic and zapped the cow to death.

               Mission 11: Destroy the farm

  Pox called and said, “Destroy 14 houses and you can leave.”
  In the 1st minute he destroyed 12 houses then he destroyed
the last two houses. Then he left.
                Mission 111: Rockwell City

  When Crypto got to Rockwell he formed into a human shape,
and ran down to the mayor’s office. He turned back into an alien,
as police were guarding the mayor; and Crypto killed them.
  Crypto turned into the mayor and then killed the real mayor.
He went over to the towns-people and told them that there were
no aliens!
  Then Crypto killed everyone.

                The End (4 now, ha ha ha.)
Jessica Bodinnar

When Jess was a child she lived in a small cramped marble house
on the corner of Berkley street.
   She was a rad chick and always did what she was told; most of
the time anyway.
   One day when Jess came home from school she realized that
her horrible house had been destroyed in a terrible fire along with
her parents and everything in it.
   She was shocked to find the only living relatives she had were
her terrible step mother Samantha, and two step brothers, Jonah
and Leon.
   She was so upset she hid in her burnt down, crusty room for
two whole days until her step mother came to take her to their
house. It was cold and damp at their house and she was made to
live in the roof.
   Her step mother and step brothers were kind and sympathetic
at first but then turned evil and made her do all there dirty work.
A few years and months passed and Jess had reached her 18th
birthday, when she received a letter from the Queen, it read;

To my dearest neighbour,
                                    You are invited to my son, Prince
                th birthday
Charming’s 18                 at Macca’s. This small gathering will be held
at 7:30 till late in the morning.

                                Yours truly The Queen.
   Jess was so exited about the party she got to work on her dress
straight away, but didn’t say anything to her step mother and step
brothers until Leon found the letter.
   Her step mother and step brothers were so angry with her they
locked her up in the roof and left for Macca’s straight away! (and
Leon wore the dress himself.)
   Jess banged and banged on the door, begging Samantha to let
her out, but it was too late.
   When all of a sudden- BOOF!! Jen the fairy god mother came
out of nowhere,
   “It’s alright child, I’m here to help you,” she said. “I can unlock
the door for you too, if you’d like?”
   “Yes, please,” said Jess.
   “I have a spell for almost everything in the whole world!”
   “Can you bring my parents back from the dead?!” screamed
   “No! Stupid girl” said Jen.
   “Ooh…” Jess said with a sigh (Boohoo.)
   “Let’s get to work on your dress then, shall we?”
   “Ok,” said Jess, as she ran off to get the sowing kit, but when
she came back Jen had already made one.
   “Ooh!” said Jess. “It’s so rad.”
   When Jess walked outside there was a huge tomato coach
waiting for her and a pair of hot pink jelly shoes.
   “You have to be back at 2:30!!” yelled Jen the fairy god mother.
   As Jess approached the doorway she held her golden mask to
her face so Leon and Jonah wouldn’t recognize her.
   Prince Charming had all the girls lined up in a straight line,
(including Jonah and Leon) but stopped at Jess and said:
   “This may be the one I shall I marry. Remove your mask so I
can see your beautiful face,” he said in a soothing voice.
   “Ok,” said Jess happily as she removed the mask….
   “EWW!!!! PUT IT BACK ON!! PUT IT BACK ON!!” he yelled in
   The clock struck 12 o’clock!
   “Oh, naughty word!” said Jess. “I’ve only got two hours left
before my cloths and mask disappear!!”
   “Great!!” said Prince Charming with a smile and a giggle.

                          Two hours later.

   Jess and Princess Charming where having a great time dancing
to ‘love don’t let me go’ and ‘let me think about it,” until Jess
realized that her hot pink jelly shoe was disappearing.
   Suddenly Princess Charming started screaming, “WHERE’S
   “Oh no!” she screamed as she saw her dress slowly
disappearing. As she ran out the door her other hot pink jelly shoe
slipped off and began to disappear, but she didn’t look back
because she was half naked. By this time Samantha, Jonah and
Leon were all running behind her with an egg-beater yelling, “Get
back here!”
   Then Leon yelled out, “We can’t run that fast in high heels!”
   Jess ran and ran until she found a large tree and climbed up it.

                          One hour later.
   Jess was making daisy-chains when a bright light shone in her
eyes. To her surprise it was Prince Charming,
   “Oh! Put some cloths on women!” he said.
   Jess was so shocked she jumped out of the tree and ran toward
the horizon.
   “I will find you again my rad chick,” he whispered as a tear drop
fell down his face,
   Jen the fairy god mother appeared. “Hello hottie!” she said to
him with a giggle,
   “I can’t make her come back, but we can get together if you
   “Yes, please!!” he said.
   Sadly Jess was never seen again- only by a couple English
settlers trying to sneak into the country.

   By Jessica Bodinnar and Jennifer O’Brien.
                 10 reasons why not to come to school !

1. You get home work!
2. Its six hours out of your daily life !
3. You have to wear an ugly school uniform !
4. You can’t leave the school grounds during lunch breaks !]
5. You can’t leave till 3:25pm when school finishes !
6. School starts at 9pm which means no sleep-ins !
7. Some people are mean !
8. It’s five days out of your weekly life !
9. Only two days of the weekend, not enough time !
10. Its not fun ! (most of the time.)
Madison Briggs
                                   Junior prom
Hi. I’m Melissa. I am 13 years old and don’t have many friends. I just
moved down here from America. My life over there was great- I’ll tell
you all about it. I went to American high- I was in year seven and the
captain of our cheerleading squad- AH (American high.) I thought of all
the chants and everything.
      I had the best of friends, until April 17th when my mum had to come to
      I cried tears of happiness and tears of sadness. Our plane boarded and
flight 602 left at 6:15am. I was on the plane for 2 ½ hours. I arrived at
Australia at 8:15am. I went to school on the 21st.
      It was a Monday and I was so scared. As I walked into math class
everybody stared at me.
      “Hi. I’m Melissa and I’m 13. I just moved here from America,” I said
in a soft voice. I sat back down.
      “Very nice,” said Miss Smith, our young year 7 math teacher.
       At recess, no one hung around me. As groups of girls and boys
walked past they pointed and laughed- “Hey, that’s the new chick!”
      After recess I went to English. There were really nice people in there.
      I met three girls; Ella, Lucy and Stella. There were four really nice
boys named Hayden, Justin, Jo and Josh.
      I hung around with them at lunch time.
      We sat around and talked about what’s hot and what’s not, also who
liked who and other things.
      Two days later, on Wednesday the 23rd, I found out that Lucy and Josh
were going out and so were Justin and Ella.
      Hayden and I knew that Jo and Stella liked each other, so we set them
      A few weeks went by. We were having a junior prom.
   They organized it, because every May 14th we have a junior prom in
   On Monday, May 10th, we organized our partners. Lucy and Josh were
a couple, so they were going together. Justin and Ella were going together
   At lunch, Jo asked Stella to go to the prom with him.
   After school I was walking home when I heard:
       “Melissa, wait up!”
   I turned around and saw Hayden.
   “Hey,” I replied.
   “I was um… would you like to come to the prom with me?” he asked.
   “Yes, of course,” I answered.
   I ran home and organized my outfit. The doorbell rang.
   I answered the door. It was Ella Lucy and Stella.
   “Wow!!” the girls screeched.
   “Wow!!” repeated Ella.
   “Your house is awesome,” Stella announced.
   “Come on upstairs,” I said happily.
   We sat on my double bed and talked, painted each others nails and did
each others make-up.
   I offered them a slumber party, so we had one.
   “This is so fun,” Lucy said smiling.
   “Yeah,” we all agreed.
   By three o’clock we headed off to bed.
   In the morning we had pancakes for breakfast.
   Next we went shopping. As we walked through the doors we noticed a
new shop called ‘ICE’.
   “Wow,” we all screeched.
   “Do you want to have a look?” I asked.
   “Of course,” said Lucy. “We can find an outfit for prom”
    Ella, Stella, Lucy and I walked into the store.
   ‘ICE’ had everyday clothes. It had skirts, shorts, singlets and jackets.
The best thing was it had formal.
   Ella and Stella were looking at the shorts and singlets. Lucy and I
were looking for an outfit. There was a beautiful gown with lovely
sequins. When we were ready to leave the store something caught my eye.
I walked to the back of the store and found a beautiful red dress.
   It was perfect.
   It was 2 days until the prom and we had our outfits and dates.
   Then it was Thursday the 13th of May and we were all exited.
   All of us girls slept at Stella’s house.
   It was Friday the day of the prom. In the afternoon we all got ready at
   I wore the red dress. The other girls went out and bought the same as
me. We did our make-up and hair.
   The doorbell rang. We put our shoes on and answered the door.
   “Let’s go,” screamed Ella.
   Hayden, Justin, Jo, Josh, Ella, Stella, Lucy and I shared a stretch limo.
   We arrived at the Prom. We walked in with smiles upon our faces.
The Androids were playing as our band. I got a drink and sat down.
   “Do you want to dance?” Hayden whispered in my ear.
   “Yep,” I replied.
   About ten minutes later all us girls and guys started dancing.
   An hour had passed and we were getting ready to announce the prom
queen and king.
   I was so excited.
   “Attention students” announced Miss Smith. “The junior prom king
is …….. Hayden!!”
   “Now,” Miss Smith smiled. “The prom queen this year is ……..
    My heart was broken and crushed; my eyes filled with tears.
   Not one person was clapping. The hall was silent.
   Stella walked up to get her prize.
   She wanted to say thankyou to some people.
   “Hi….um I’d like to say…. I don’t deserve this…”
   I looked up. She smiled.
   “Melissa does,” she continued.
   I was shocked. I walked up to collect the crown.
   “Hmh,” I cleared my throat. “I’d just like to say thanks to all of my
friends and teachers.” I took a breath.
   “I am going to miss you all, as I am off to America next year.” I
walked off the stage with tears in my eyes. It was about one o’clock and
the prom ended.
   I stayed behind with Ella, Lucy, Stella, Hayden, Josh, Jo and Justin to
help Miss Smith clean up the hall.
   I was really upset considering that I was leaving tomorrow. I really
thought I would actually spend my life in Australia.
   By the time we had finished mopping the floors and everything it was
about 2:30 am and it was time to go home.
   All us girls slept the night at my house and had a small get together
before I left.
   We had all gotten on with our lives and all moved schools.
   I still remember those days in year 7, but here I am back in
America…this time I’m in year 8.

   By Madison Briggs.
           !!LOVING YOU!!
         If I had to choose between
                Loving you
               And breathing
            I would use my last
           Breath to tell you that
                I love you!!
             By Madison Briggs

           !!Hugs and kisses!!

         When you walk beside me
          Or kiss me on the cheek
            I get all shaky inside
       And it’s hard for me to speak.
            I’ll forever love you
             With all my heart
        I will never stop loving you
          Until death do us apart.
             By Madison Briggs.

        !!Kisses and raindrops!!

If kisses were raindrops I’d send you showers
  If hugs were minutes I’d send you hours
  If smiles were waves I’d send you the sea
 And if love were a person I’d send you me
  But without your love where would I be?
            JUNIOR PROM 2

Hey it’s me Melissa. Here I am back in America. I am getting ready for
my first day in year 8. I don’t know what to expect; do my friends still
remember me?
   Do they still like me? Well I hope they do.
   I closed my journal and walked out the door. I was walking into
school when I heard…
   “Melissa you’re back!!”
   I turned around it was Cathy and Stacie.
   “Hey,” I said, as we walked into class.
   We were walking into math class when a group of students ran up to
me. I sat down and talked about my year in Australia.
   “How was life over there?” Stacie asked me.
   “Great. I had the best time, the people were really nice,” I answered
and took a drink of my coke.
   “Wow!! Looks like you had fun,” Cathy laughed. “Well, while you
were gone Trent asked me out and Cathy is going out with Spencer.”
   “Aww. Really, congrats,” I said as I hugged her. “Who’s that over
   “That is Brendan. He hangs out with us sometimes,” Stacie said,
   “Rumour has it that he wants to ask you to the prom!!” Cathy added.
   “Oh, ok,” I said, hiding my smile.
   Three days later I got a phone call… it was Brendan. He asked me to
the prom.
   I was speechless until I finally go my breath back and said yes!!!!
A few weeks went by and I was going out with him!!! The prom was
tomorrow and I was wearing the same dress as last year.
   It brought back memories and I had a tear in my eye.
   I was dancing at the prom when my mobile went off.
   “Hello,” I yelled, trying to ignore the music surrounding me.
   “Hey, it’s Stacie and Cathy! Where are you?”
   “I am on the dance floor,” I answered and hung up the phone.
   They were just about to announce the prom king and queen when I
   I turned around. It was all my friends from Australia. I celebrated the
rest of the night with all my friends.
   The next day my friends and I all hung out before they had to leave
   I was really upset but I realised that I can’t always get what I want.
Jordan Clark
                     BY JORDAN CLARK

“HEY, KENNY. Look ,the ice cream truck.
Go get an ice cream. I want chocolate with
strawberry topping,” said a boy.
  “Ok. I will get the opposite,” said Kenny.
  When the man asked them to come into the
truck they went inside and watched The
Wiggles. Then they fell asleep.
  The next morning they felt very sick, so
their mum thought- that’s strange, that both of
them are sick. Mum took them to the doctor to
get a blood test.
  When they got the results back, they said
they had been drugged. Mum yelled:
  “Some food they might have eaten,” said the
  Mum said, “What have you eating?”
  “Ice cream with strawberry topping.”
  “Is that all?” said the doctor.
  “Yes, I think so.”
  “Ok, tomorrow bring an ice cream in and
we’ll test it,” said the doc.
  They got the ice cream and tested it. It was
drugged and the man was found guilty and
went to jail for 8000+ years.
Joel Davies
                        PRISON BREAK
One day at the bank everything was fine until 10:00am, and then 5
robbers came in and robbed the bank. They got all the money and
someone tried to hop up but the guy shot him. Then they left and
someone stood up and ran to the window and got their numberplate.
   They took off and the guy rang the police and they said they will be
there as soon as they could. When they got there they interviewed some
people and got some fingerprints.
   They went back to their lab and traced the prints up, and the owners of
them were Michael J Fox and Steven Spielberg. The police found where
their house was and went there. When they got there they barged through
the door and saw the two people hiding away in the closet.
   They went to the station and asked them the names of the 3 other
people and eventually they told them and where they were too. They went
and got the other 3 people and they got sentenced to 12 months in jail.
   After about a week they got sick of it and ran for it- stole a police car
and drove to the airport and got two one-way tickets to America.
   The flight wasn’t too bad.
   They then booked a hotel in South Carolina and went there for the
night. Halfway through the night the police came and took them away.
   They then got sentenced to three years in the county jail.

                   THE END
Joseph Dean
                       The day my boat went psycho

I’m in England with my friends Matty and Harry. I get 4 weeks off school!
 We were getting bored so we decided to build a boat. After we had
finished Matty said:
 “Let’s take it out on the water.”
 I knew he was joking but he said, “Go on, hop in.”
 I looked at him and I didn’t know whether to believe him or not. So I
jumped in.
 The boat started rocking. Harry jumped in and then Matty.
 “So where are we going, Captain Jack Sparrow,” says Harry to Matty.
 “Let’s take a look at my compass.” Matty takes it out of his pocket. We
look at it but all we see is Mattie’s hand. He laughs. “I didn’t think you
were going to believe me. “Untie the rope Harry.”
 “I, I captain” says Harry. “There is no rope,” says Harry.
 “Don’t be silly,” I say.
 “OH NO!” Shouts Harry. “We’re in the middle of nowhere!” Harry’s
voice echoes.
 Suddenly I look up. “We couldn’t have drifted that far,” I say.
 “Oh really,” says Matty. “Look- a haunted island,” he says.
 We get off our boat and onto the island. We hear people singing. A sign

 Brown people only. White people will be eaten.

 I run to the water and jump in. Harry and Matty look at each other.
 I say jump in so they did. Then I get out and roll around in the dirt and
the other two do the same. We went past the sign and I saw a really
beautiful girl. I went over to speak to her. That night there was a strong
wind as I was still speaking to the girl.
 Matty and Harry told me to get in the boat quick because there was a
strong wind and it could blow off the dirt.
 The girl shouted “WAIT! WAIT!”
 We got into the boat and headed off to England.
 That was the last time I saw that girl but now I’m old and grey I can’t
go back there now.
 The boat is still down by the water but nobody ever goes down

 When it came to the time when I died- the boat never bobbed up and

                                              By Joseph dean
                             The African

Where I live I go down to the beach everyday. I’m 10 and I’ve got a sister
who is 6 years younger and a 5 year older brother- he’s as brave as a lion
and as strong as a lion. He’s not scared of anything.
 One day we were coming back from the beach and there were gun
 My brother said, “Quickly get down. It’s the rebels.”
 One time in my brother’s life he was scared.
 When we got home our house was ruined.
  “Where’s mum and dad?” I asked my brother.
 He said, “They’ve been taken by the rebels.”
 We had to stay with our Auntie.
 A week later a white lady came to our door shouting, “The rebels are
coming. Quickly get out!”
 My Auntie said she’d stay there.
 We ran out of the house and onto the beach. As I looked behind my
shoulder I could see the white lady get shot.
 My brother stopped and tried to help her but she was dead.
 A helicopter lowered down a ladder.
 While the helicopter was going away from Africa, I saw my brother and
that was the last time I saw my brother.
 We were in England. It was a new experience for me- no beach, a big
city. We lived with some African people who spoke in English.
 I had to go to school over there. I tried to fit in but I couldn’t. When I
came back from school there was a letter for me and my sister.
 It said:
Dear Brother and sister,

I have been captured by the
rebels, I miss you heaps.

Tonnes of love


 The next day when I was at school a boy said, “Want to play football
 “No, thank you,” I said.
 “Come play like an African” said an African boy.
 So I played and helped get our team to victory. A few weeks later and a
few letters later my brother sent his last letter.
 It said:

Dear      Brother    and

This is going to be my
last letter, I’m going to
try and run away from
the   rebels.   If   they
capture me they’ll kill

From Hajji

 I ran to the top of a tower.
 While climbing up I was imagining that my brother was climbing up
with me, remembering when we climbed the mountain how he always use
to beat me. I always went up there. One week later after my brother sent
his last letter I saw someone in a helicopter from the top of the building.
 There was somebody in there. It was my brother!

                                 By Joseph Dean
Corey DalPozzo

One day when I was playing with my cat, I was thinking about
getting a dog.
  I asked my mum if I could get the Sunday paper to see if
there were some pups for sale.
  Mum said, “Alright”.
  So I went to buy the Sunday paper. On the way home I had a
look. There were a few pups for sale, so I told mum.
  Mum said, “We’ll get it when dad comes home from work.”
  When dad got home from work we went to get the pup. Dad
said “Where we going?”
  “Snack Pup House, two Penguin Park.” So we went to
Penguin Park. When we got to snack house, dad knocked on the
  A man said, “Are you here to buy a pup?
  Dad said, “We sure are.”
  “Come right through,” said the man.
  I saw a pup that was white, brown and black. I knew it would
be hard to pick. I told dad I wanted the white brown and black
pup. So he told the man.
  “$300 please,” said the man.
  “Here you go.” I gave the man the money and took him.
When I got home I called it Sam. My cat and I played with it all
  I love my pets!!!
The Thumpster

It was Saturday morning and I was waiting for my dad to
come home from work. My mates Josh, Andrew, Dugan
and I were going motorbike riding. Then the doorbell
rang. I got up to answer it. When I opened the door I saw
a brand new 125cc Thumpster. For a minute I thought I
was dreaming. Then dad jumped out and said “surprise”.
  “Thanks Dad,” I said.
  “Do you like your new motorbike?”
  “Yes, of course”.
  The next day my riding friends came round.
  “Wow,” they all said. We packed up our motorbikes
and set off for the bush.
  When we got there we headed straight for the mud.
When we finished in the mud we followed some tracks.
We came to lots of jumps and started to jump. Andrew
almost crashed when he went off the side of the jump.
  Next we were just riding. On our way we decided to
shoot at a target. Dugan was the closest. On our way
home we stopped at the Tyres shop and got a drink and
an ice cream. When I got home, dad said:
  “How did it go?”
  “Excellent,” I said. I said goodbye to my friends and
washed my bike. After that I went to bed because I was
so tired. ‘We’ll have to do that again,’ I said to myself.
  And we did.
Charlee Duryea
Hey, my name is Dee.
 One night my mum asked me at dinner what job would I want, or would
I like to go overseas or something.
 I said I wanted to go to riding school. That’s all I wanted to do, then.
 “Oh, that’s different,” said my mum.
 “Have we got the paper?” I said to change the subject.
 “Yeah, but you can look at it after the dishes,” said mum.
 “Awesome,” I said. I started to do them and I finished quick. I got the
paper and turned every page. My mum was watching me with a strange
smile. It was boring except the last page; it said, ‘Do you want to become
a rider and one day become a teacher?- but you’ll have to be over 15&9
I was 15& 9 months and 5 days. I said, “Oh, my god!”
I ran to mum.
She said, “Did you read the bottom of the paper?”
So I read the bottom of the paper. It said you have to do a test to get into
riding school. 36 questions to answer to go to riding school! The test is
called ‘Beautiful Creatures.’ The day you had to do it was only 1 week
away. I was so nervous.
 I researched horses and made sure I knew what questions to answer.
 It was the day!
 I was in a hall in Melbourne. My mum had to wait outside. We got there
at 8.00am, but the test started at 10.00. So my mum looked in the shops
before the test started.
 It took 4 hours to do the test, so it finished at 2.00.
 It was 1.59. 1 more minute.
 The test is over. Please place your work on the desk n your way out.
You will find out in 4 weeks.
                                4 WEEKS LATER
When I came home from school, mum said:
 “You have mail.”
 “Where is it?”
 “It’s on your bed.”
 I ran to my room, sat on my bed and opened it.

                       To Dee walls

You have been accepted to riding school. Well
Done. Your test score was 36 out of 36. See you in 2 days
                           From The Riding School

 I was jumping around the room. I ran into mum’s bedroom. Mum said;
 “Did you get through?”
 I said in a soft voice. “I’m sorry to say…” And then in a big
voice…“But I got through!” I was so happy I was jumping around the
 Mum said, “When?”
 “2 days.”
After I packed, I had to ring my friends ABOUT THE DAY.
I was so nervous. The place was somewhere in the bush.
They had shown me what horse I would have…

                                12 days later

To Mum,

I love it down here my dream has came true.
I miss you lots my horse is beautiful as. Say hi to all my friends and tell
them I miss them a lot. Kisses.

Love lots Dee

I guess girls can live their dreams after all.
Nathan Ellis
     The Year 3129
In the year 3129 humans and their inventions have evolved and now the
average person’s IQ is 500. Transport has changed as well- there are
hovering cars. They are economical, they run on CO2 and the exhaust
fumes are O2.
     There are Metazoids- giant mechanical animals. Teenagers like them,
but for the younger ones without licences there are hover boards, skates,
bikes and scooters.
     If you’re lucky enough to have two Metazoids with weapons for
competitions, you can combine them in battle to create a stronger
Metazoid and have an advantage over your opponent.
     Now enough explaining, let the story begin.
     Hayden Fawcett lives with his mum and dad, Lindsay and Julie, and
his cat Sooty. Hayden’s Metazoid’s name is Liger0X. He has changeable
armour, normal speed, blade and heavy assault.
     It is August; almost Hayden’s birthday. Today he is meeting with his
friends, Nathan and Jaymes in the arena to attempt to combine their
Metazoids; liger0X, Nathan’s blade liger and Jaymes’s catapult turtle.
     Nathan’s blade liger has blades, shields and guns and looks cool.
Jaymes catapult turtle looks cool but is slow. It has big guns, a rocket
launcher and a bazooka though.
     That afternoon they meet at the arena and first had a battle with no
weapons just ramming each other.
     Blade liger was good at it because he has a shield. After that got
boring, they attempted to combine. Once or twice they nearly got it, but it
never worked properly.
     Next they decided to have a battle with weapons and Hayden put on
the speed armour and kept doing sonic booms on the other two. Nathan
got annoyed and made blade liger put out his blades and boosters to try
and cut him. He cut off his leg to stop him running but he still could run
and used his laser claw attack on blade liger and put him out of the match.
     Now for Jaymes and his catapult turtle, he zooms over to the catapult
turtle and topples it onto his back with a sonic boom.
     Then liger0X was hit by one of catapult turtle’s rockets, it was a
huge impact and while liger0X was recovering from the blow catapult
turtle went into sniper mode.
     He aimed for liger 0X a little in front because liger0X was running
circles around him. He shot, but instead of it hitting liger0X, it hit him,
because liger0X had done a sonic boom and thrown the bullet straight
back at him. Hayden and liger0X won the match.
     They all go back to Nathan’s house and play some Z-toy (like an
Xbox). They play Shrek 5. Nathan’s favourite characters are Dog in
Shoes and Chocolate Chip man. They are sword and kung fu characters.
     It’s been a month and its Hayden’s birthday. He got a new metazoid
called 0-falcon.
     Nathan got a new metazoid as well, called fire phoenix. Jaymes’ new
metazoid is called sniperoo. It is a kangaroo-like metazoid which has a
sniper mode which can break a shield in three bullets. Each of their old
metazoids combine with their new ones. Hayden’s combine is called 0
falcon, Nathan’s combine is called Fire liger and Jaymes’s combine is
called Cataroo.
     Haydens x falcons special attack is lazar wing. Nathan’s Fire ligers
special attack is fire blades and Jaymes’s Cataroos is dead aim bazooka.
     They decide to enter into a metazoid competition with their
     They all win their matches, which are three on three up to the final.
They all play each other (all on all.) It starts off with Cataroo using his
pulse lazars at X falcon and X falcon changes to Heavy assault mode and
blasts right back at Cataroo.
     He dodged most of the missiles but a few hit home.
     X falcon had to eject the armour because it was getting over-heated,
then fire liger flew up in the air and put out his fire blades and swooped at
Cataroo and X falcon. X falcon dodged it by flying up, but cataroo can’t
fly so he got sliced.
     X falcon counter attacked with lazar dive which is where he uses the
lazar from both claws to cover the front of his body with lazar and dives
head first at Fire liger.
     Fire liger is out.
     X falcon wins the tournament.
     After the tournament they are all still friends and keep on battling
with their metazoids until they die.
     Metazoid battling was in their blood.

     Written by
     Nathan Ellis
     Dragon Island
Maximus is running from a dragon. He thinks back about how he got
himself into this.
   Maximus was in a dynamite factory and had stolen 3 crates of
dynamite. On his way for a forth one, he accidentally dropped his
cigarette and lit the dynamite.
   He smells rope burning and runs, thinking, ‘I’m never smoking again.’
   He’s outside when the dynamite explodes, lighting lots of other sticks
and making a bigger explosion. The roof of the factory flies. The shock
wave smashes windows and some support beams of the two storied shop.
   Maximus is smashed into a wall. He turns around slowly; it’s still
exploding and there are 5 crates right by the door. He grabs one and tries
to open the door, but it’s locked. He jumps through a window and puts
the crate in the back of his Ute, then went towards the car door to get in,
but thinks better and runs.
   The flames get his car and the dynamite and petrol explodes. His Ute
goes flying and almost lands on him.
   He accidentally runs into it and climbs over it. Flames are still coming,
and now a cop too.
   He runs around a corner- a cop. He runs the other way- more cops.
   He can’t escape. Maybe the flames will save him. He looks toward the
building- it’s black; no flames, just a pile of rubble.
   He got arrested. Then he was trialled and found guilty of stealing,
fleeing cops and blowing up a building. Punishment was being sent to
Dragon Island, the most deadly Island there is.
   He was looking for food, and then a dragon came from nowhere and
started attacking him.
   He ran and now he’s still running. He ducks as fire flies over his head.
He sprints into the forest and ducks behind a tree- the dragon flies past.
   Suddenly he heard a whisper, “He’s gone.”
   Maximus turned- it was a dragon about the size of a 14 year old boy
with a tail about as long as a PREP kid, with blood red scales and green
eyes and spikes.
   “Hi, I’m Maximus,” Maximus said.
   “I’m Buddy, but my friends call me Bloody,” the dragon said.
   “Uh-oh, he’s coming back. Let’s get out of here.”
   They started running to the clearing and saw another dragon- bigger
this time- they just keep running. They’ve been running for ages.
   They look back- the dragon’s still there behind them- closer now.
Suddenly, they drop- then just as suddenly- land on the ground on soft
   The dragon went straight over the hole.
   “Oh no, we’re never going to get out of this pit,” said Buddy.
   “While we’re here, we should get to know each other better,” said
   Buddy learnt about Maximus’s crime and Maximus learnt about how
Buddy lost his parents in prison.
   He also learnt Buddy is five years old.
   “Wow, the size of a 12 year old but you’re only five,” said Max.
   “Hey, look in the corner Max. There is a hole.”
   “I see it Buddy. I’ll see if I can fit into it,” said Max.
   “Alright, but be careful.”
   “I will, Buddy.” It opened into a room full of eggs. “Wow, come in
   “They’re starting to hatch. I wonder what they are and if we are their
parents?” said Buddy.
   “Look one hatched,” Max said.
   “It’s a griffin,” Buddy said. “We learnt about them in history. They
used to live on Dragon Island but the dragons drove them away, or so it
   “Dadda,” the griffin says to Max.
   Two more come – then three- then four -then all the griffin hatchlings
are saying ‘Dadda.’
   After a month of looking after the griffins, Max had an idea. Use the
griffins to break into the prison and free Buddy’s parents. The griffins
grew quickly and Max can ride on one. He has also learned the griffin
   So the next day – Max explained to his children (the griffins) what to
do and to Scott he said, “You’re the strongest and most loyal griffin. I’m
going to fly on you.”
   “OK,” Scott said.
   That afternoon they left for the prison. When they got to the edge of
the prison they picked up some big stones. They flew over the prison.
   One griffin dropped a rock and Buddy heat it up with his fire. The
molten rock smashes a hole in the rock of the prison.
   A starter dragon flew through the hole- hopefully a friend. Yes he is –
he’s thanking us for rescuing him. Thought Max.
   “Now will you help us free the prisoners?” Max asked.
   “Sure,” the dragon said. “The names Hayden by the way.”
   “OK, Hayden. You’ll be working with Joseph and Robert my best
military griffins. You need to heat up the boulders the griffins drop.”
   A while later they had about 20 dragons helping them – none of them
Buddy’s parents. Finally Buddy recognised his parents’ roar.
    “Over there,” he said to the griffin.
    He heated the rock and it smashed a hole and- out flew his parents.
    “Max, I’ve found my parents!”
     “Great, but did they have to be in the last cell?”
     That night they had a celebration and Max met Buddy’s parents.
After the feast and the dance Max got awarded with an amulet of bravery
that will allow him to morph into any animal for a limited amount of time.
     The longest you can morph into is a dragon or a griffin. He thought-
for a moment- that he could use it for crime, but then he changed his
mind and thought of how he could us it on Dragon Island to help his

     Written by
     Nathan Ellis
Hayden Fawcett

One stormy night at the small village of Tootsalvangia there was a huge
storm. It had been pouring for 1 hour. They are in the middle of a huge
drought, food and water was scarce. The governor decided a way to save
food and water. He decided to turn every house into a toilet to catch water,
and to save food he decided to turn houses of famous people (like Elvis
Batersly) into greenhouses. They put their seeds in there and had a clear
roof for sunlight. Two weeks later the seeds had grown 5cm and sprouted
one tiny bean and the water was no good either. They had only a bit of
 On Tootly the 15th there was a town meeting. Ding! Dong! Ding!
 Max was at the park with his friend Jack. (Max and jack are bats that fly
around throwing mushed bananas at old bats and laughing). They heard
the bell.
 “That means only 20 minutes to town meeting,” yelled Max excitedly.
“We better hurry” replied jack. Then they flew off down the hill to the
 At the meeting the Mayor said the toilets aren’t working, they’re getting
mouldy. “So I am going to hire some bats to clean the toilets. They will
be paid $50 a day if it works, if they do a bad job the will get fired and
have to live on the street.”
 5 bats nervously put their hands up. 2 of them were Jack and Max. The
next day they had to clean the toilets. Jack and max had to clean one
together. The toilet was making noises like there was something down
 “Hey potty cleaners” yelled Dracula.
 They turned around.
 “What?” they yelled back, but then they were pulled down by a big
brown thing into the toilet.
 “Where are we?” said Max in a nervous voice.
 “I don’t know” replied Jack. “Let’s try and find a way out of here.”
 They tried to fly up the toilet but Dracula threw a rock at them and they
fell back to the ground.
 Dracula flushed it.
 They went spinning around the toilet bowl and down into the sewers.
There was heaps of business down there.
 “Ewww” screamed Jack. Jack tried to fly up but he fell back to the
ground. His wings were sore from falling. So they went swimming down
the sewer. It stank but they kept swimming. They hear gurgling noises far
away. Then there is splashing and it comes towards them.
 It comes above the water and it is a dog- someone must have flushed
their dog down the toilet. It was a little Labrador. It looked so cute; it had
tiny wings that just kept it in the air. The boy bats had a puzzled look on
their face.
 “We could take him with us. He could know where he got flushed down
from,” said Max.
 The water shook and there was a loud growl from behind them. They
turned around and there was a great big poop that was ten times bigger
than them. They kicked water at but it made it bigger.
 “I’ve got and idea. We can go under water and it will go above us” said
 “No way,” said Max, but it was too late. Jack had already pulled him
under. It was horrible under there.
 “Ewwwwww,” yelled Max when they got above the water again. The
walls started to collapse. They started to run.
 The walls collapsed on the poop and Dracula.
 They saw a light and flew up to it and squeezed through. They ran to the
town hall and yelled we killed Dracula and the monster in the sewer.
 “I killed it all by my self,” bragged Jack with a smile.
                                             By Hayden Fawcett


Previously on Tootsalvangia: Matt and Jack got flushed down the toilet,
and they found a dog and they were attacked by a poop and Jack
screamed and the walls collapsed but Jack and Matt got out. They
thought they killed Dracula, or that’s what they’d like to think…

The town had heaps of food and water.
 Matt and Jack were the kings of Tootsalvangia.
 “This is great,” said Matt.
 “It sure is,” replied Jack. They had lots of days as king, so they had got
a lot of money. They owned a restaurant and it was 6 stars and everybody
went there. They were both the chefs. They had omelets and blood pie for
lunch and for tea they had blood stew and that was their favorite. But
through the window they could see a haunted house. It was called the
bloodbank. That’s where Dracula USED TO LIVE…
 But that didn’t stop people from coming.
 It was another day. Heaps of customers were there, then there was a
scream and a bat came in and went to the counter and asked for blood
fries to go.
 Matt served him and he flew out. They watched him through the
window. It went up to the house and everybody watched nervously. Then
he went in and slammed the door behind him, once he was gone
everybody went home leaving their food at the table, which was a first
time that had happened.
 The place was deserted; everybody went to their toilets- watching the
house nervously. The only noise was the silent whisper of the bats.
 It stayed like that; nobody came out of their toilets. It was deserted.
 The restaurant was shut down by Matt and Jack; they were too scared to
open it in case he came back. They were losing money so they decided to
go and see what’s going on. So that night they went to the house, with
everybody watching. They knocked on the door but there was no answer,
so they knocked again- still no answer.
 They opened the door and there was a tunnel that leads to the sewer.
“But that collapsed,” said Jack. They walked down and looked around in
the sewer, and then they heard yells of pain.
 They flew up and out the door. That night they heard more yells of pain
and then an evil laugh. It sounded like how Dracula used to laugh but it
could be a recording.
 A couple of weeks later Jack and Matt opened their restaurant again, but
this time they had upgraded it with guards with garlic guns, which would
be effective against the bat of Dracula. Bats came and it was up and going
again. It went good for a few weeks until he came back.
 Everybody hid under the table. The guards shot at the bat. 1 missed but
the other hit the bat in the mouth and that was the best shot. The bat
swallowed it and kept going.
 Jack and Matt went and bought some garlic guns and went to find
Dracula. They went to the house and knocked but this time there was an
 It was the bat.
 They aimed their guns at it and the bat flew down the hole to the sewer.
 They flew after it, shooting garlic like mad. One hit the bat in the wing
and it started flying down, the hit wing close to the ground. It started
flying slower and Matt shot the other wing and it fell to the ground. They
flew up to it and it was ugly.
 It had a mask on its face. They shot garlic into its mouth and it growled
and tried to get away but Matt grabbed it and pulled back. They pulled
him to the exit but the door closed just before they got through.
 The bat got away and they chased it and some trolls grabbed them and
pulled them into the dungeon and locked it and left Jack and Matt in the


Previously on Tootsalvangia, Jack and Matt found a weird bat and they
went to his house and there was the sewer that collapsed with the dog.
Jack and Matt were captured by trolls and put in a dungeon.

A year later:
Jack and Matt had been in the dungeon for a year today.
 “Yeee!” yelled Matt sarcastically. “Anniversary of being locked up.”
 “Woof! Woof!”
  “What is that? I think it’s the dog that we found in the sewer” said Jack.
 ”Woof! Woof!” barked the dog again, and then it walked around the
corner wagging its tail.
 “I thought it got squished in the cave in,” said Jack. A rattle of sound
came from near the dog.
 “Chase your tail boy,” ordered Matt. The dog started to chase its tail.
The keys were on its tail. They flicked off the tail and landed in the cell.
They grabbed the keys and unlocked the door.
 “Let’s go and find Dracula,” said Matt as they flew off down the sewer.
 Then some trolls came and stood in front of them, and Jack and Matt
flew over them, so they ran into each other and then fainted. They flew on.
 They saw Dracula and they chased him and they flew around the corner
and there were heaps of trolls there. There must have been 50 there. They
charged at Jack and Matt.
 The dog flew over them and got some garlic guns and gave them to Jack
and Matt.
 They started shooting the trolls, while the dog jumped on Draculas head
and started biting him while he was trying to get him off.
 Dracula grabbed the dog and threw him against the wall. It yelped in
 Matt and Jack had shot every troll and aimed at Dracula while Jack
helped the dog. The dog was fine. It got up but it was a bit wobbly but he
was fine.
 They both aimed their guns at Dracula and fired at him.
 He lay on the ground, his skin was all crumbly.
 “Is he dead?” asked Matt.
 “I don’t know but we better put him in the dungeon in case he isn’t
 They locked him in and left him there and went off to find the control
room. They found the door with 2 trolls out the front. They flew up and
kicked the trolls over and stole their key and opened the door.
 They flew quietly to the desk and opened the door. When they were
leaving, Jack yelled and the room started to collapsed and they closed the
 All the trolls were squashed. They had beaten Dracula and his army.
They were heroes. They flew out of the house. Everybody had thought
they were dead; they were so excited to see everybody.
 They opened their restaurant and everything went back to normal. The
house was demolished and the sewer collapsed and Jack and Matt got
paid $5 million dollars each.
 They were heroes, and now Tootsalvangia was back to normal.
Toby Fowler
         By Toby

This is Spike Ball. His species is Ball of Spike. He has 2
spikes on his head, 2 spikes for arms and 2 spikes for
The ball on the end of his tail is infested with spikes.
He’s a male.
He cannot feel anything on his tail. He’s 44cm tall and
weighs 20 kgs. The red thing on the end of his tail is not
blood, they are poison stingers. If you get hit by one you
will die. He has no body, only a head and a tail. His
weakness is his left eye, that’s why it looks all dodgy.
When he spins really fast he can fly. When his tail spins
really fast it catches on fire.
His mood depends on his eye colour.
             By Toby

This is Spike. His species is Flat Head. He cannot be
killed by large monsters. His head is his protection.
When he’s inside his head he cannot get hurt. He can
shoot his spikes really far killing anything they hit.
His weakness is his purple veins. His spikes turn on fire,
making him hover. His eye colour always stays the same.
He is a nice monster but you don’t want to get him angry.
Felix Fuller-Jackson
                         The Giant Evil Toilet!!

One day there was a giant evil toilet, which had the sound of a thousand
flushes and was the size of a million toilets put together. Lots of people
have been flushed down and never come back.
   One person survived. His name was Andrea. He ended up on the other
side of the world and was brown just like poo.
   Lots of people have tried to defeat the giant evil toilet, but they have
all failed. No one knows where the giant evil toilet came from; some say
it was after a giant turd from Uranus, it doesn’t sound right, oh well.
Once I looked up into the sky and saw brown blobs coming through the
world’s atmosphere, plummeting into the ground. Maybe that’s what the
toilet is looking for.
   This town is called Tiny-town. A weird name for a town, I know.
   Well, my name is Matt. My teacher Mr Tinker (we call him Mr
Stinker.) He gives me extra homework than normal, it’s very annoying.
   Last week the evil toilet let out a giant war cry, and all of the nearby
houses had their windows shattered. He destroyed three houses, and let
off a stinky gas that stunned anything under the gas cloud. The people
lock themselves in their cupboards until the gas goes away.
   The next day I went off and made a turd shaped costume and I put my
friend in it and I told him to run, then the toilet looked up onto the hill
and saw the turd (that’s my friend) run off into the sunset screaming- and
the toilet ran as fast as he could, water spilling everywhere as he ran, and
we never saw the toilet again.

                                 THE END!
                      DARKNESS IS RISING!!

‘Smash!!’ The building crumbles as a giant blade goes through the
building. New York City is crumbling.
   As the Demon walks, the ground rumbles as if there’s an earthquake,
and two skeleton warriors crawl out of the ground. The Demon roars. He
starts to run, spinning his blades. He destroys everything in sight,
including tanks. Then one of the tanks shoots him in the chest.
   He stops and green lines on his body get brighter and brighter, and
then he spins his blades in the air and makes a giant explosion. All the
tanks go flying and explode.
   A man yells “Fire!!!”
   Bullets volley through the air and hit him.
   The man says “Damn! It doesn’t affect him”.
   The demon smashes his blades into the ground, causing big green
cracks to form in the ground around New York City, stretching through
New York.
   Thousands of skeleton warriors crawl out of the cracks.
   “The world is doomed!”
   20 years later, the world is left in rubble. A shadowy figure stands in
the darkness.
   Darkness is rising!!!!!

                               THE END!
Jackie Gaudion
                WHERE HAS TEDDY GOT TO NOW?

“Mum, where is Teddy?” Jazmin yelled to her mum. “Teddy, come out,
come out, wherever you are!”
   “You are so dumb, Jaz. It’s not like your Teddy is going to jump out,
just because you called it.”
   “Yes, he is,” Jazmin answered back.
   “No, he isn’t.”
   “You guys, stop fighting. And Tim; help your sister find her toy.”
Jazmin and Tim’s Mum yelled from the kitchen.
   “He isn’t just a toy, Mum, He’s a TEDDY! And he’s MINE!” Jazmin
yelled back to her Mum.
 “Same thing,” Her Mum muttered to herself.
 Then Jazmin went into the Bathroom. First there was a scream, and then
there were some giggles.
 “Teddy, why are you in the toilet? Were you trying to escape again?
You should know that you can’t breathe underwater,” Jazmin giggled.
 “QUICK, chuck it outside, on the clothes line!” Jazmin’s Mum yelled.

                       THE NEXT DAY

“Mum, where has Teddy got to now?” yelled Jazmin to her mum.
 “Who’s in the shower – the taps running?”
 “Nobody is. You’re there, I’m here and Tim is on the couch.
 Jazmin runs to the Bathroom.
 Teddy is in the shower. Then Jazmin turns off the taps. Then she
screams. Teddy is going down the plughole!
 “He’s going, he’s going, he’s GONE!” Tim yells as he watches Teddy
go down the plughole.
“I guess that toy has escaped after all!” says Jazmin - who was trying not
to giggle.


I turned the corner to see this Alien looking back at me. It was Purple,
with Yellow fur around its Ankles and Wrists. It had Red Shoes with
Green socks. It had two Buck teeth and a Black and Green Afro and side
burns. A Green Beard and surprisingly- two eyes! It was about a meter
tall. Then it quickly waddled towards me. It started to say something…
   “I bleep am E.T bleep. Who bleep are bleep you?”
   I could only just make out what he said- maybe- ‘I am E.T. Who are
   And that was the first time I saw an Alien! But I’m not going to end
the story there. NO WAY!
   I know where the most normal place to see an Alien is (Even though it
is not normal to see an Alien). It is in Out-Of-Space, and Yes I am in Out-
Of-Space, in my Space Ship actually.
   I am half way through my SPACE EXPEDITION.
   Anyway enough about me; I’m going to tell you my story…

   I landed on an unknown Planet. As I got out of my Space Ship with
my Alien friend E.T (short for Extra-Terrestrial). I felt so lonely, apart
from E.T of course. The world seemed so empty and endless. But I could
hear noises from a distance, so E.T and I kept walking. We came to a
place were everything was much louder; like everything was so close I
could touch it!
   I turned the corner to see a SHOPPING MALL. In Out-Of-Space!
   There were humans, or so I thought. They were humans with an extra
arm and leg!
   There was something that looked exactly like my Mum, my Dad, my
Sister, my Brother etc. But they all had an extra arm and leg.
   Then someone who looked like my Best Friend handed me a mirror. I
looked into it and I had an extra leg and arm!
   Then everything went blurry and I fell asleep.
   When I woke up I was in my bed at home. I heard a scream, it was my
Mum! I jumped out of bed to help her and realized that I had an extra arm
and leg…
Josh Gould
Josh was happily playing on his Playstation, when he
sniffed and then curled his lip.
   What’s that smell?
   It smelt of rotten socks and garbage and…
   He gasped and put down the game, even though he
was on the highest level he’d ever been.
   He quickly went to the phone, picked up the receiver
and dialled.
   “Hello, is Sarah there? It’s really important…”
Poppy Harris
               The stolen ice-cream truck
                        By Poppy
Once upon a time there was an ice-cream truck. Spencer the ice-cream
man owned it and loved selling ice-cream because it made him happy.
    One day, Jeffree Star the famous transvestite with pink hair came to
town and wanted to buy the ice-cream truck; but Spencer didn’t want to
sell it.
    So that afternoon, when Spencer was taking a toilet break, Jeffree got
into the ice-cream truck and drove off into the sunset.
    Spencer the ice-cream man came back and saw Jeffree driving away.
Spencer went to Jeffree’s house and Jeffree invited him in.
    Jeffree told him he just wanted to share some ice-cream with his
friends. Jeffree invited Davey, Havok and Sonny Moore to his house and
they all had some ice-cream.
    Jeffree gave the ice-cream truck back and Spencer drove home.
                           The cake stealer

It was Olivia’s birthday and she had bought some cakes to school, so she
put them in the backroom for playtime.
   Mr. T had come to sing happy birthday with the class and saw the
cakes in the window.
   After the class had sung happy birthday, they all went to art and Miss
Homewood went to the staff room to read her newspaper. While they
were gone, Mr. T snuck in her window and ate all the cakes.
   During playtime, Olivia and her friends went to check on her cakes.
When they looked through the window they saw all the cakes had gone,
so they ran to the staff room and told Miss Homewood.
   Miss Homewood remembered how she lent the keys to Mr. T before
she had left, and decided to go and ask him some questions. When she
walked into his office he had ran away so she started running after him.
   Suddenly Mr. T pulled out a gun. Miss Homewood hadn’t learnt 5
years of self defense for nothing so she punched him in the nose and he
fell to the ground unconscious.
   That afternoon, police came to the school and arrested Mr. T.
   Miss Homewood got a bravery award and Olivia got some cakes.
Everyone lived happily ever after except for Mr. T who got put in a
mental institution.
Kristen Jenkinson
Tim Tam was a dragon. Tim tam knew his parents had left him
when he was three, but still he lived happy and free.
  Tim Tam was 5 years old and knew almost everything you
could think of!
  One sunny morning Tim tam went for a walk in the woods
and saw a bunny. Tim Tam fried the bunny; yes, fried it and ate
it. While Tim Tam was resting he was captured!
  Tim Tam woke and started to get worried. Suddenly Tim
Tam heard a voice, a very familiar voice. In fact- so familiar
that he knew it was his mother’s voice.
    Tim Tam’s mum’s voice got louder and louder but she was
nowhere to be seen. Just at that very moment, a man came in
and he was holding a potion.
    The man tried his potion on rabbits, pigs and dogs, then
finally he reached Tim Tam’s cage. Tim Tam burnt the man and
he screamed with pain.
    “Thomas, are you ok?”
    “NO I’M not ok! This stupid dragon burnt me!” (Bones is
Thomas’s brother.)
    Bones grabbed the potion and put it away where Thomas
wouldn’t find it.
    Then Bones told Thomas to go inside the house, so he did.
Bones put some water into a big bowl and then added the


potion though, so Tim Tam drank it.
    Soon he found himself invisible. He also saw his mother.
    For a moment he thought he was dreaming, but he wasn’t.
“Mama.Mama? Is that REALLY YOU?” Tim Tam asked happily.
    “Yes it is, my darling,” Replied mama softly. Tim Tam felt
like he was 2 again.
    For the next week mama and Tim Tam asked questions
about what they did and how they were.
    When Thomas came in he was furious. “Bones, get here
right now!”
    So Bones came and told Thomas that he had put the potion
in Tim Tam’s water.
    Tim Tam tried to get Thomas and Bones, but he went
straight through them, he was invisible and he could go though
things as well.
    Mama went to Tim Tam and hugged him so tight he had to
gasp for air. When they got back to the forest mama taught Tim
Tam how to make camp and Tim Tam showed mama how to get
the best food a dragon could get. They both lived happily and
Tim Tam got married and had mini Tim Tams! And they all
fried bunnies together.

                          THE END
Fred is an 11 year old boy and he got dared to skip a day of
school. So he did.
  He slept in until 2:00 pm and had the day off. So in his 1
hour and 25 minutes of the day he went swimming at the
Traralgon pool and visited his grandparents. Then he went
  The next day he went back to school and got dared again, but
this time he had to stay for a week in a haunted graveyard!
“WHAT? Are you pulling my arm?”
    “NO,” everyone said.
    So the next few weeks passed and Fred didn’t do his dare.
All his friends decided that Fred was a wimp; because everyone
else had spent a week in a haunted graveyard except him.
    Once Fred heard that, he was determined to do his dare.
On Monday, he got all his things ready and started to walk
strait towards the graveyard and then he set up camp right in
the middle of it.
    In the graveyard he swore he saw a ghost, but he soon
forgot about it.
    Once he had made dinner he decided to go for a walk. In a
few hours he had gotten lost. So he decided to find an empty
place with no grave stones surrounding it. He had found an
empty space but he had a strange feeling he would be killed and
eaten for tea!
       “Everything’s going to be okay,” he told himself. Once he
fell asleep he felt cold hands grip him and then he felt warm
and wet.
       He awoke inside a cauldron and got such a fright.
       When he had made his plan to get out of the cauldron a
ghost put him on a plate and it picked up a knife and started to
scrape it along his tummy
       “OUCH,” yelled Fred.
       “It’s alive, Daddy,” screamed the frightened LITTLE ghost.
       “Oh, don’t be silly, Anna,” said the huge ghost.
       Suddenly Fred jumped off the plate and ran for his life!
       “GUARDS, STOP IT,” yelled the ghost called Anna.
       When Fred got to the end of the graveyard and across the
road all Fred could hear was the screaming of Anna.
       When Fred got home he asked mum if she knew a dead girl
called Anna and his mum said:
       “Well, I think it’s time you know that Anna is your baby
sister and because she is a ghost she grows older and more
mature than you. She died when she was born.”
       Then his mum quickly ran into her room crying her eyes
       Fred ran back to the graveyard and told Anna to follow him,
but when they got to the edge of the graveyard she stopped.
    Fred assured her that nothing would happen and nothing
did. They both rushed into the house and mum screamed with
joy and she told Anna that she can visit anytime: plus Fred
finished his dare and was considered very brave!

                            THE END
“Sonnia! Get down here.”
      “I’m coming!” Sonnia yelled back to her mum. But when she got
down the stairs there was a huge puddle of… BLOOD!
      “OH, MY GOSH,” Sonnia screamed.
      “Sonnia, what happened?” her mum asked.
      “Mum, why is there a puddle of blood on the floor?” Sonnia asked.
Her lips trembled. (Excellent!- Ed.)
      “Where? Where?” asked Sonnia’s mum.
      “Right where you are standing,” Sonnia said, confused.
      “Don’t be silly. You’re just imagining It,” her mother said.
      But later that day Sonnia saw another 2 puddles in the classroom.
      Then she saw footprints leading to the… GRAVEYARD!!
      Sonnia followed the footprints and saw a grave that the prints lead to.
      She dug it up and saw a lady, and her whole body was blood stained.
      Sonnia screamed her head off!
      Just then the keeper calmed her down, and told her what had
happened to her had happened to him too.
      The next day she saw more puddles of blood but when she went
close to it she thought she would become covered in blood!
      When she went back to the old man she talked to him and the old
man told her:
      “Every time you see blood, take these.” He gave her some tablets.
    Now Sonnia is all better. She can be normal, but one thing still
freaked her out… and that was BLOOD STAINS!!

                     THE END
Chelsey Johnson
Hi, my name is Maddy, and I’m here to tell you a story. Here we go.
   It’s my sisters first day of……. High School, and like every year 7, we
were all nervous out of our brains.
   It was different, a big… nothing. It was like empty (Literally.)
   But the disappointment was my 10 year old sister was in year 7 too.
What am I supposed to do? It’s like I’m babysitting my sister (like I do
every night and now at school.)
   “See ya,” I yelled.
   “Where are you going?” my little sister Mia asked.
   “I’m going to find my girls,” I shouted back. I looked at Mia with her
sad little eyes. I gave in. I said “Come on.”
   Mia ran up to my side.
   ‘What am I supposed to do?’ I stressed.
   We got our schedules today. I checked Mia’s and then compared them;
we were in every class together for the first semester.
   “NNNNOOOOOOO!” I screamed, and ran out the door!
   Do you what it feels like to have your little sister in every class for my
first semester? Terrible. Just terrible.
   “We heard about the scream festival,” my buddy Chelsea said.
   “Yes, what happened?” asked Tanika, my other buddy.
   “Yeh, you can tell us,” Jess said, who is my other buddy.
   “It’s my sis……….” I started, but I didn’t get to finish. Mia ran to my
   “Your sis…..” stopped Jess, then they looked confused, then laughed
their brains out.
   It’s horrible already, but it gets worse. A lot worse.
   At lunch Mia and I walked to the cafeteria together. Mia sat down; I
got Mia and myself some lunch. I sat down and Chelsea, Tanika and Jess
sat down next to me.
   “I have a very, very bad feeling that Mia”s going to get hurt, and on
her first day,” I whispered to my besties.
   “I wonder who would do that?” Jess whispered.
   “The year 9’s,” we all yelled at once. Now this is where it gets a lot
worse. The year 9’s walked over to our table.
   ‘Oh no,’ I thought. ‘I have to stick up for Mia.’
   But then I’ll have no friends, but it was too late, the damage was
already done. Mia ran off crying, everyone was laughing.
   “Good job for standing tall,” Jess said seriously.
   I kept on eating. I didn’t know what to do, my life was officially over.
   When I was walking home, it started pouring with rain.
   I screamed “IS THIS MY PUNISHMENT?”
   I started running; I thought mum would be waiting for me at the door.
   When I walked in the door, mum ignored me. Strange… I know. I put
my bag I in my room and I had a shower; good so far, but it didn’t last
long. When I got out of the shower, I ate my dinner, which was delicious.
When it reached 8:30 pm, Mia was in bed asleep.
   Mum screamed and shouted at me. You don’t need to know what was
   A week later… Mia didn’t turn up for school and she totally utterly
hates me.
   “Where’s Mia,” asked Ashley (year 9)
   “She’s sick,” I replied.
   ‘This is the worse year of my life,’ I thought.
   In science, Mia was my partner, because I had no other partner. What
do you think happened?
   I had blue and pink slimy stuff all over my face.
   “I hate my life,” I said to myself (but everyone heard me.)
   I had to have a shower in the boy’s locker room. How do you think I
felt after that!?!?
   That night was not that bad, actually. I had dinner. Then I did my
   There was a knock on my door. Oh no, I thought.
   “Come in,” I yelled.
   Mia walked in,
   “I’m sorry,” she said. “I’m not ready. They were mean and selfish,”
Mia was saying to me.
   “You are ready. You just need to stand up for yourself, and they’ll
back off,” I told Mia.
   She ran up and cuddled me.
   “Mum,” Mia said.
   “Yes, dear?” Mia’s mother Julie replied.
   “Can I please go back to…………………….. High School?” asked
   “Are you sure you’re ready?” Julie said nervously.
   “Yes,” Mia exclaimed.
   The next day Mia came back with me to school and she was enjoying
herself. Mia loves cooking and science. (Even though I hate science)
Until…………………. Lunchtime.
   “So the little brat comes back,” explained Ashley (the year 9 from last
   “Back off!” exclaimed Mia.
   Ashley was stunned; no one had ever stood up to Ashley before.
Ashley backed off for good. Mia was a strong little trooper forever and
   For the rest of the year, Mia made heaps of new friends, and so did I.
   I love high school. I advise you not to get involved with fights and
that’s about it. Oh, and also never ever want your younger brother or
sister at High School with you, and not in the same year level as you, it’s
not good.
   I’m in year 7 and Mia and I are popular, but in a good way.
   See ya. Until next year, Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    The end

   By Chelsey
Hi, we’re back, and this our story of year 8. Okay, let’s start. Firstly you
have to read this book, it is so cool, you have to read the whole book, Got
it? Here we go……
   My buds came up to me and said:
   “There’s a new kid, she’s coming next week.”
   “Why next week,” I asked.
   “Don’t know,” answered Chelsea.
   “I think it’s because her mum is superstition,” Jess said.
   Oh. I forgot to tell you that my new friend Ella moved schools. I miss
her so much, and her family moved after that. I miss her heaps.
   “Where’s Mia,” asked a year 8 girl.
   “No, she’s not coming back until 2-3 weeks, sorry,” I said.
   “That’s okay,” the year 8 girl replied, and she walked off.
   “How’s Mia?” asked Chels.
   “She’s getting there,” I answered. “Eventually.” We all laughed.
   Our classes are so easy. I’ve gotten smarter and that is an amazing
accomplishment. Oh yeh, I forget to tell you, this next bit is HILARIOUS,
you have to read it!
   In science we had to dissect worms , and Melissa (popular) and her
partner Claire (also popular) forgot to kill the worm first, so they shut
their eyes and poked the needle into the worm, the worm jumped into
Claire’s mouth and Claire swallowed it!
   Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Everyone laughed.
   Hi it’s Mia. Maddy’s gone into hysterical mode, sorry about that,
she’s right now, see ya later!
   Sorry about that. I had a moment, I’m right now!
   Then they went home, YYYYEESSSSSS!!!!! No more populars for
the rest of the week.
   A week later…….
   “Hey, tanika what’s up?” asked Jess.
   “How was your holiday to Queensland?” I asked.
   “It was the best, it was nice and sunny, and on the way back we went
to Sea world, Dream world, Wet’n’Wild, Movie World and water world.
They were all the best. We came back last Friday which was good,”
Tanika explained.
   “You’re so lucky,” Chelsea said.
   “There’s the new kid,” I said.
   She walked over to me and pinned me against the brick wall and said,
“Don’t ever call me the new kid again.” Then she let me go and walked
   “Are you okay?” Tanika asked.
   “Yeh, I’m fine,” I replied.
   “There’s another bully. We have enough bullies and popular bullies
we don’t need anymore,” Chelsea said.
   “Yeh, that’s it,” Jess agreed.
   “What’s her name?” asked Jess.
   A girl called out ‘Izzy.’
   “Didn’t we used to have an Izzy?” wondered Tanika.
   “Yeh, I think we did,” Chelsea answered.
   I was still in shock because Izzy used to be our best mate, but it looks
like she’s changed heaps. I think she’s changed too much.
   The next day I told Mia about Izzy, but I didn’t tell my girlfriends.
Strange I know!
   My girls are trying to talk to her, but I keep on getting bullied and I’m
not telling my mum and dad- that’s not an option. So I called up Izzy on
my mobile to see what happens. I rang up Izzy- she used her lying voice,
so before school I’m going to go to Izzy’s house and see what uniform
she’s wearing!
   I didn’t know that I just hung up the phone, so she heard every little
bit of my plan, but I didn’t know at the time, what had happened!?!?!?
   The next horrible day…………………
   When I went to Izzy’s house she was wearing her uniform for
Flinder’s Christian College.
   “Sorry Izzy, wrong house,” I said.
   “See ya,” Izzy replied.
   “That was a close call,” Izzy said as she shut the door.” Then Izzy
stripped off her Flinder’s uniform and had a Traralgon College uniform
on, and I knew I had to catch her!
   Then at school, I knew I saw her (again.)
   ‘What is she hiding? I have to find out what that something is,’ I
   I told Tanika, Chelsea and Jess. One night after school, I saw Izzy and
I found out her secrets.
   The next day I had planned to follow Izzy from her house, and I saw
the Traralgon College uniform on. I pretended to walk past.
   “Izzy, you lied to me. Why?”
    “Because my parents are divorced and I smoke and I’m
um…………….. pregnant, ok,” Izzy answered.
   “WHAT,” I screamed, and then I said kindly, “I won’t tell anyone if
you tell the school counsellor, and I will help you all the way.”
   So I helped her and now her parents know and will support her. This is
High School Horror number 2, year 8.
   Hope you read our next book!

   From Chelsey
Sarah Jones
Sarah heard her mum answer the phone.
   “Sarah, it’s for you,” her mum said.
   She frowned, wondering who it could be. When she put the phone
to her ear, all she heard was a strange noise followed by shrill
screams that got louder and louder and louder, before…
   “Oh, no,” she said, her face turning pale. “It’s the dreaded…”
   I better ring Glen!
   She sniffed, screwing up her face. As she hastily dialled Glen’s
number, she wondered where that strange smell could be coming
Jess Lawrence
                            Jessica’s jam!

Jessica’s jelly jam was the lovely’s jelly jam but the jelly jam was not
Jessica’s jelly jam because the jelly jam lid was jammed

                           Orange oranges

In the orange orange fields where the orange oranges grow one
orange was an odd colour because it wasn’t orange.
        Name: Messy Jessie Bodinnar

        Age:   13

        Hair Style: short light brown.

        Eye Colour: Blue

        Wearing:    Stolen men’s reject pj
                    Pants & a fluoro yellow
                    bra! With garbage bags
                    for shoes!
        Messy Jessie is also wearing two
        plats in her hair & has a side

Crime: Stealing grandma undies from Aldi &
other disgusting crimes like holding people
up with guns & taking there men while
If you have seen Messy Jessie please
contact the police on 000   Warning Messy
Jessie is highly venomous & her singing
will haunt you for as long as you live & no
it’s not Paris Hilton.
Sean Mackenzie
                            Killing Spree 3…

Killing Spree 3 had just come out on the ZAP consol. Hayden had just
got it for free because his dad worked for the ZAP Company. When he
got it, he put it strait into his ZAP consol. He pressed ‘English’ on the
main menu, and started to play. He went into Story Mode.
   A picture came up. It was of a guy with big shining armour and a
sword in one hand and a shield in the other. He was looking into a big
black cave full of red shining eyes. Then a bunch of words appeared. It
said, “Are you ready for a thrilling adventure?” a voice boomed.
   “Yes!” said Hayden excitedly.
   “Will you defeat the forces of evil?” it said.
   “Yes!” said Hayden, jumping up. He was starting to get really excited.
   “Will you collect the legendary Alistar sword and shield?” said the
   “YES!” screamed Hayden.
   “Quieten it down, Hayden”, said his mother. “Your Father is trying to
   “Yes Mum,” said Hayden. He looked back at the screen, but instead of
the screen there were real trees and a stone path ahead of him. He looked
back, but there was just more trees. He looked forward again. “Damn it!”
he yelled. He had heard of kids getting sucked into games before, but had
just thought of it as rubbish.
   He heard a rustling from the bush behind him.

                        CHAPTER 2- Sour Face
He looked down at his clothes, and of course, he had a slave’s tunic that
was brown, and for a weapon, he held a wooden spoon.
   He drew the spoon like a sword, at the same time hoping that his
opponent was going to be a Qwern, one of the weakest beasts in the
whole world of Killing Spree. But when his opponent jumped out at him,
he realised that the attacker was not a Qwern at all, but was big, strong
and had really thick armour. At the end of his sword sat a head.
   Hayden felt really scared. He was in his ready stance, as he had learnt
in Tai-Kwon-Do.
   The attacker swung his sword, Hayden raised his spoon to protect
himself, but when the sword hit the spoon, the top went flying off. The
rest just crumbled under his hand.
   The attacker raised his sword for another strike.
   Hayden closed his eyes; sure this was the end of him. He waited for
the sword to hit him, but it never came. He opened his eyes, and there
was another boy with a sword.
   The boy said “Run!”
   Hayden ran off. He ran as far as he could. Then just when he was
going to give up he stumbled into a clearing.
   There was a castle that he walked into. He found an inn, and stayed
there a couple of nights…

   To be continued in a book-store near you…
  The Lord of the Rings- The newly discovered ending
never before…

Sam watched as the boat floated out of the bay and into the sun. Then it
disappeared with a flash! Sam turned back to Merry and Pippin and saw
they had tears in their eyes.
   They jumped onto their ponies and started to trot back to the Shire, but
as they came close Merry and Pippin turned toward the Brandywine,
while Sam turned to Bywater.
   He trotted through the front gate and found the evening meal ready
and waiting for him. Sharan put little little Eleanor on his lap.
   “Well, I’m back,” he said.
   The next morning Sam heard the trotting of horses’ hooves outside.
He stood, put his gown on and ran outside. There were two men wearing
silver armour. At the rear was a spare horse.
   The men jumped off their horses, looking tired and worn.
   One of them stared at Sam, and Sam realised he was Pippin’s friend
   “Sam of Bywater…” said the man.
   “Um. Hobbiton,” said Sam.
   “Very well,” said Borgoth, sighing. “Under the orders of King
Aragorn, you are to go to the mountains and slay the rest of the goblins.”
   Sam left Bywater again and was in Eregon within two days. They
passed stone trolls and large Elven’ outposts. They finally reached a
massive ridge that fell into a large valley.
   “Do you hear that?” said Borgoth.
   They could hear goblins’ snarling at their wolf mounts.
   They ran across a cliff edge and a wolf pounced on one of Borgoth’s
guards from behind. The man fell off the cliff edge, screaming.
   A goblin jumped in front of Sam.
   “What do we have here?” he snarled.
   Sam drew his sword and plunged it deep into the goblins skin. Then he
heard a cry from above.
   A bunch of eagles swooped and killed all of the goblins, throwing
them over the cliff.
   They travelled back to Bywater.
   “I’m back,” said Sam when he reached his home. He sat down in his
favourite chair, with little Eleanor on his lap. He sighed.
   There was a knock at the door.
   Sam groaned. “Not again!”
Tanika McNamara
    ‘Wanted to clean…’
It was late in the afternoon as I was walking home from school. I’d
just had a huge fight with my best friend and I was feeling
miserable. If that wasn’t bad enough it had just starting raining five
minute ago and I was soaked. As I closed my eyes to stop the rain
from going into them, I kicked something with my foot.
   I looked down and saw a homeless guy. “Sorry. Sorry,” I said.
“Are you ok?”
   The man didn’t talk.
   “HELP!” I yelled.
   The man jumped up. “What are you doing here?” said the man.
   “Well, I was walking home from school. I am cold and I had a
huge fight with my best friend and I am walking home from school
and it has just begun to rain and I accidentally bumped into you on
my way home. What are you doing?” I said.
   “Well, I don’t have a home to go to because my old home burnt
down and I don’t have any money so I live in the park and it gets so
cold some nights,” said the guy.
   “Are you hungry?” I said.
   “Yes!” said the man.
   “Ok, I’ll have a look in my lunch box. I have a banana and a
sandwich. Here you go” I said.
   “Thank you so much,” said the guy.
   “My name is Sally, what is yours?” I said.
   “My name is Tom.”
   “I feel so sorry for you,” I said. We had a long conversion and
then I remembered I have an old cubby house he could stay in for a
little bit. “But you can’t let mum see you,” I said.
   When we get there it has a lot of junk but we soon get rid of that.
I went and got some of dad’s clothes because mum and dad are
down the street.
   I get the hose and give Tom a hose-down.
   The next day I walked to school with Maddison Stockdale.
Maddi and I went up to the board and there was a note up there
that said ‘Wanted to clean the school ,toilets,yard,to fix thing and
get stuff on the roof. If you’re interested please call nikki on
51768595, thanks.’
    So I grabbed it and ran home after school. Maddi and I called
the number and Tom got the job. He will start on Monday. I was
excited for him. Then he met a lady and the lady and Tom moved
in to the house around the corner so I can still see him.

Gibblewort is an Irish goblin and he hated the sun shine and he
always played tricks on his friends and his friends didn’t think they
were funny but Gibblewort did.
    So one day his friends thought they have had enough of
Gibblewort, so they sent him off to the hottest part of Australia.
Gibblewort was kicking and screaming:
    “Get me out ok! Sorry for all the thing I have done. Just get me
    but there was no response.
    He was kicking so hard that the bag he was in came open and
he walked around.
    “Mum. Mum, look at the ugly thing. What is it?” said a little boy.
    And his mum just said, “come on, that is not real.”
    Gibblewort just walked off and looked around and all of the
kids that saw him cried and looked an opposite way.
    He walked around and around. He was hungry and he went
hunting 4 food.
    First he went outside. all that he could see was a lot of cars.
Then he went to the food court and scabbed some food off the
floor. He got some chips and McDonalds.
    “Oh my god that is not nice. I don’t know how people can eat
it,” said Gibblewort.
    He tried some more and he vomited it all up. it was not a nice
color. it was green as grass but Gibblewort ate his vomit up like a
vacuum cleaner. “That is what I call a nice lunch,” said Gibblewort
with a smile on his face.
    Gibblewort hated noise.
    when he went though the metal detectors it when beep beep.
    Gibblewort ran and ran and hid in the elevator and pressed all
of the buttons and he was in it for hours.
    When it stopped more people come and Gibblewort froze.
When a little girl said, “what are you doing here?” he just looked
and then he whispered:
    “I am lost,” and the girl said:
    “Where do you live?”
    Then the girls mum called her. “Come on,” she said.
    “Bye, bye” said the girl.
    He went to the gift shop and pinched a little airplane.
    Then the he caught something out the corner of his eye. It was
a suitcase that said Ireland and he hopped in it and threw all the
clothes out of it.
    It was a bumpy ride for Gibblewort, but he was glad to be
home and said sorry to all of the other goblins.
Bryanna Moore
                                By Bryanna Moore

Chapter One:
                          Sleeping In Excuses

  1. I was riding my bike along the road innocently, minding my own
     business, when a plastic bag shot out of the window and onto my
     head, and I could not see and I was carted off to hospital and got
     operated on for brain surgery, so I might not be able to do much
  2. I was sleeping and my brother came and jumped on my ankle and I
     could not ride my bike and therefore hopped to school.
  3. My pillow was over my head because my baby sister was crying
     last night and I did not hear my alarm clock.
  4. As a joke Dad took the batteries out of my alarm.
  5. Today is Mum’s birthday and I got up at 4.00am to make a cake
     and at seven I yelled in her ear SURPRISE!!! And was so
     exhausted I fell asleep.

                            Chapter Two:
                         Homework Excuses

  1. My dog ate my homework.
  2. My cat ate my homework.
  3. A big scary dinosaur ate my homework.
  4. I ate my homework.
5. I spewed on my homework.
6. Dad (he is a rocket scientist) was drilling a hole to the centre of the
   Earth and there was a tornado, blowing my homework away.
7. My brainless big sister left a tap on and flooded the house, totally
   washing away my lovely finished homework and increasing our
   water bill by 60%. Sigh.

                              Chapter Three:
                          Awake and Late

1. My Gran lives at the sea and last night after school, we went up to
   see her. But anyway, she lives up on a limestone cliff and her little
   puppy ran out and fell off the cliff, so out I ran and dived over to
   the frothing water below. Using a strong freestyle, I saved the poor
   animal’s life. That’s also why I am wet, Miss.
2. I was going to school and a steel bathtub floated down from the
   heavens and… DONG! Hit me on the head.
3. I was very early for school, so using a telescope I tried to see
   Gran’s sweet little cottage. But alas, I pointed the telescope the
   wrong way, saw a beautiful star, and fell off the roof.
4. I tried to learn all my times tables! Harder than I thought though!

                              Chapter Four:
                        Excuses, Excuses…
   1. I crashed my bike…. It hurts to walk and I do not think I can do
      sport today…
   2. I really am sooooooo sorry, Miss. I really tried hard to be early…
      but I did remember to bring in the cookies I made for you…
   3. I got stuck on my homework and time just slipped away.
   4. I am suffering from a terrible case of Biggius Fibbius.


With this book, the one you are holding, you are completely free from
detention- so use this knowledge wisely. Only share it with your bestest
friends and never, ever show it to your teacher or an adult of any sort. If
someone sees through the heavy fog of excuses (which they are 99.99%
guaranteed not to) I can’t help you. Use your own brain- it is there for a
Better go now; my teacher is coming to correct my blank Math sheet.

Hope you have no detention troubles,

Bryanna Moore!

Bryanna Moore
                             By Bryanna Moore
Once upon a time, there was a family of ducks. There was a tall daddy
duck and a motherly mother duck and eight eggs.
   It was a warm sunny day when finally the eight eggs hatched. Out of
seven brown speckled eggs came seven perfect, featherless ducklings,
and out of the one enormous speckled white and brown egg came a very
very ugly duckling. When the ducklings had grown all of their feathers;
the mother and daddy duck liked to take out their offspring for a swim.
   “What a lovely bunch of kids!” all the animals said. “All except that
one of course. Boy, he is ugly.”
   The ugly duckling heard all this, but he didn’t care.
   I’ll probably grow up to be a beautiful swan and look better than any
of the animals on the farm, he thought.
   But he didn’t. The ugly duckling grew older and got more ugly and
turned into a very ugly duck.

                                   The End!
Jennifer O’brien
“GREG!” Jonah wailed.
 “What stupid?” his mum said.
 But it wasn’t his mum. It was the beautiful Jess and because Jess
was so beautiful the mum got jealous and left to go to inferno with
her friend and left with style and drama she laughed with a “ha ha
ha. More like it,” said the horrible Jen.
 She is the meanest baby in the town. Yes this baby is the most
ugliest baby ever did I mention that she stormed out of a hospital
because she got her finger stuck up her nose which was full of snot-
disgusting green snot it was the worst snot ever seen in history
because it was so green.
 I mean this boogie was so green it could almost be a topping on a
cake and it was the best bit of the cake.
 Anyway back to Greg. He had died on stage doing what he loved-
the beautiful Jessica L saved Pete Wentz with her beautiful charm.
Jessica persuaded the bar tender to give her a drink for free which
ended up to be 10 instead of 1 so she as drunk.
 Yes I know it was very sad the big baby Jen was drunk and she was
also drink driving naughty was that the mother had been whilst she
was drunk she had saw a drunk banana were her favourite food and
they were on her hands.
She always said nah she doesn’t say that ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
stupid head she yelled at her son and said “BANANANAS.” She hit
her head on the pole.
Robert Odgers

One day I was sitting in my bedroom watching TV when an ad came on
that said I had won a trip to the Bermuda triangle and that I was to leave
next week.
   When I was on the plane it was weird because they had an in-flight
movie but when we took off all the power went out except for in the
engines and the cockpit.
   Suddenly the plane started to rock and shake really hard. Everything
in the plane flew around and a flare gun hit me in the stomach- so did a
pop up boat and some waterproof flares, so I stuffed them in my pocket.
Then there were screams coming from the cockpit.
   I kicked open the door and there were 2 strange looking bugs about
the size of footy balls trying to attach themselves to the pilots’ faces.
Suddenly a bug leapt at a pilots face and it shot a tube down the man’s
throat and into his chest- then he convulsed and his head rolled off his
   I looked at his dog tag it said; Joseph D pilot and the co-pilots name
was Nathan E.
   Joseph had turned into something in-human, his skin turned grey and
clammy, his nails grew long and sharp but worst of all a pulsating ball
emerged from his neck. I grabbed Nathan and Josephs head, blew a hole
in the side of the plane and jumped.
   It felt like I fell for an eternity before I hit the ice cold water, I was
under for about 30 seconds. As soon as I broke the surface I grabbed the
pop up boat and pulled the string. I climbed into the boat and hauled
Nathan aboard; Joseph’s head was bobbing about 2 meters away, so I
dove into the water and threw it back to the boat. When I got to the boat
the plane was about 3 kilometres away. I shot a flare at it that hit the
turbine under the wing- as soon as the wing started to smoke the whole
plane exploded.
   Suddenly I saw something fly out of the cockpit, it was Joseph’s body.
It hit the water about 20 meters from the boat. I swam to his body and
hauled it back to the boat. The ball was still attached to his body but it
had stopped pulsing. I poked it and it started to pulse again. I ripped it off
Joseph’s body and where the spinal cord was, there were lots of little
   I grabbed the ball, threw it into the air and smashed it into the ocean
with the handle of my gun. A few minutes later I was looking at the
wreckage and I found an out-board motor- there was a ring at the end of
the boat where it was supposed to go so I put it in and started it.
   In the morning I landed on an island and I just fell to my knees and I
was asleep before I hit the ground.
   Then there was a strange face rocking me awake. He said it was
midday and that his name was Hayden and there was a whole village of
people who had been stranded here from plane crashes. He also said that
he could bring Joseph back to life, but Nathan and I had to collect some
feathers, some leaves, some vines and a bat. So we set out to find them…
   First we went to the village and I had a look around. Most of the
houses were made of salvaged iron plates off planes but one was made of
a cockpit with the controls ripped out.
   Hayden gave us a rope, a rifle (the rifle was from a military jet,) he
also gave us some supplies for the journey. He told us that there were
some dangerous animals in the jungle.
   The next day Nathan and I set off to find the items on the list. The
vines, the leaves and the feathers were easy to find but to get the bat was
really hard. I had to climb into an active volcano and abseil into a cave;
then I had to make a net in very poor light and then throw it at a bat. But
then I had to climb up a vertical cliff without help because Nathan had
passed out at the top of the volcano. By the time I got back to the village
it was 3 days after we had left.
   Hayden started the ritual by throwing all the ingredients into a boiling
pot, then he soaked some string in it and stitched Josephs head back on.
After about 2 minutes he poured the brew over Joseph.
   “Tomorrow he will live,” said Hayden, and he did.
Thomas Sawyer
One day on the outback road there were about twelve
cowboys heading home but what they didn’t know, was
that they had taking the wrong track and that there had
been a HUGE !!!!! pack of Indians following them for
days, and the cowboys had found a canyon and decided
to set up camp.
  That night the Indians set four bombs at either end of
the canyon and at precisely 1.00 in the morning the
Indians hit the button and blew up the canyon .The
cowboys all jumped to their feet, and the guy on the
carriage stood up with his frying pan and the horses
kicked the pan, and he didn’t have much teeth and now
he had none.
  They all went over to him and all he said is “I’m
alright mommy,” in a whole lot of spit.
  Then they saw the Indians and started firing and
shooting as many bullets as they could into the fiery dark
  Suddenly people were disappearing and quickly the
last cowboy noticed that the cracks in the walls of the
canyon had Indians in them. The last cowboy stayed up
all night with his gun loaded and armed but one of the
Indians crept up behind the cowboy and hit him on the
back of his neck and he fainted.
  The next morning all the cowboys except for the leader
were getting torched. That night they woke up all tied up
with rope. Luckily, one of them had a pocket knife, so he
quietly cut his rope and everyone else’s rope. They saw
some explosives, but they only had one match left so they
spread all of them around the camp. The cowboys lit the
explosives and then BANG!!!!!! it blew the Indians up
and the ones that did survive were surrounded.
  The cowboys took over the camp and the Indians that
didn’t die were left in a cage and the cowboys just let
them rot with no food or water. (Not very nice!- Ed.)
                                Glen Schubert
“Glen, it’s for you,” called his mum.
   “What? Now?” said Glen, throwing his cricket back onto the floor.
He stomped to where his mum was holding the phone. He only had
half an hour until dinner, and hadn’t played cricket all day. His
friends would be waiting.
   “What?’ he said into the receiver.
   Then he dropped the phone and put a hand to his mouth. The only
word he’d heard had been ‘cannibals,’ followed by the sound of
   ‘Cannibals,” he said. “Like I was going to write about in that class
book thing, but didn’t get around to finishing...”
   He sniffed his hand, wondering where that totally disgusting smell
was coming from.
   I better ring Jaymes!
Olivia Stevenson
                BY OLIVIA.STEVENSON

This morning Miss Homewood and Miss Lonnie
arrived together. They went into the class room to
get Soundway set up. Then the phone rang.
  “I’ll get it,” Miss Homewood said. “Blah, Blah,
Blah,” she said into the phone.
  Meanwhile Mr.Tingay sneaked into the class
room and put Ms Lonnie into an old potato bag and
took her away.
  “Ok, bye.”
  Miss Homewood had just gotten of the phone.
“Sarah, Sarah where are you?” Miss Homewood
  She decided to go and look for her. First she
looked in all of the classrooms and then she looked
in all of the playgrounds and then in the staff room
and the office. Finally Miss Homewood decided to
make an announcement. 15 minutes later Miss
Homewood went around the school to find Ms
  “Sarah, where have you gone?” Miss Homewood
  “Kathy, have you seen Sarah?” she asked.
  “No, sorry,” Kathy replied.
  “Sarah, Sarah!”
  Miss Homewood heard: “Jacquie help, please!”
  “Please help!”
  “Sarah is that you?”
  “Yes. Cameron captured me and put me in his
  “I’ll get you out.”
  In a flash Miss Homewood had Ms Lonnie out.
“I’m going to find Cameron,” Miss Homewood
  Miss Homewood ran into Mr Tinge’s office. He
was on the computer.
  “Oh, hello Jacquie,” Mr T said.
  Acting normal, Miss Homewood said, “Hi, come
over here for a second?”
  With handcuffs in her pocket she was ready to
arrest Mr Tingay.
  “What is it?”
  “Guess what, Cameron”
  “I’m arresting you for kidnapping Sarah
  Mr Tingay went to jail and everyone was safe.
               TALL FLAMINGOS

Once upon a time there was a very short bird, it was
called the Flamingo.
   One day a group of Flamingo’s were hanging
around the water hole, when the king started to make
his way down to the water hole to see his family.
   None of the Flamingos knew, but today was the
day that the Echidna’s played hide and seek, and
right in front of where the king was walking there
was a very sharp spiked Echidna hiding in the bushes.
   The King was walking down and accidentally
stood on one of the Echidna’s very sharp spikes.
   He screamed out in pain and his two legs shot up
so high that he wasn’t short anymore.
   Because of the Echidna all of the Flamingo’s have
been tall ever since. The King stood on the very
sharpest Echidna.


In 1957 there once was a family who lived in the house next
to the queen. They had a little boy named Jonathon and he
was only 11 years old.
    One day Jonathon and his friend George were playing
touch football.
    “Don’t let our ball go over the fence again because
remember last time,” Jonathon reminded George.
    “Yeah, I know the wicked witch said she would do
something bad to us that would ruin our social life or
something!” George replied.
    So the boys continued to play while being extra careful
not to get the ball over the fence because the weekend
coming up was when the two boys were going to go on a
double date with the cutest twins in school: Stacey and
    “Jonathon, dinner time. George, do you want to stay for
dinner?” Jonathon’s mum asked.
    “Nah, I better not because mum wants to take me
shopping for my date on Saturday night with Stacey, but I
don’t want to go shopping- I mean I can get myself ready!”
    “I’ll see you at the movies,” Jonathon said as he waved
goodbye as George hopped on his bike and rode away.
                             Saturday afternoon

    “Mum, I can dress myself! And when is Jonathon
coming? We will be late for the date!?” George told his mum
while she was trying to dress him.
    “I don’t know sweetheart, now stop moving so I can put
your top on.”
    “Knock knock, is anyone home?” Jonathon called from
the door.
    “Coming,” George called back.

                               The next day

    “And George passes it to Jonathon and he
    “What a huge kick and Uh-ooooo it’s gone over the
    “Uh-oooo, what’s going to happen to us?” Jonathon
asked as the evil witch flew over the fence.
    “I told you that the next time you kicked that ball over
the fence that I would ruin your social life and I have been
planning a very naughty spell to absolutely ruin your whole
life- it’s the blue freckles spell!!!”
   “Agra candbra my silly boy faboula BLUE


   “OMG!! You have blue freckles!” Jonathon screamed.
   “So do you!” George screamed back.
   They both screamed.

                           12 days later

   “Jonathon, you’ll have to come out of there some day
and I brought you some ice cream!” Jonathon’s mum called.
   “Jonathon, Jonathon?” She said as she walked into his
room and found a very skinny body lying on the ground

                         At Georges house

   “George, I just got a phone call from Jonathon’s mum
and I don’t know how to tell you this but Jonathan’s dead,
so, um, we’re going to go to the funeral and she would really
like you to speak at the service.”
    “But mum, how did he die?- and plus I can’t go out
looking like this- I HAVE BLUE FREAKLES- I have to
isolate myself from the whole world!”

                             On the news

The 2 boys who had blue freckles since the day the evil fairy
disappeared have either died or have isolated themselves from
everything, wait- I’m getting something- I have just been told
that Jonathon, one of the boys, died of starvation and George
has isolated himself from the world.

                            THE END
                         THE CRABBY NIGHTMARE
“George, come home when you reach Rock Point 2. Because we don’t
wont you getting stuck like you did last week do we?”
        “Ok, mum.”
        It’s so difficult being a crab, because when you’re on an island with
soft sand you do have limits. I wish for the day that I can go beyond the
rocks. That’s where all the awesome crabs go.
        “Where’s mum?” I asked my sister,
        “In the Jungle getting food.”
        “Can I go and see her?”
        “No, I’m not even allowed to go and see her and I’m 4 months older
than you!” my sister yelled.
        “Fine. I’ll go ask Uncle Joe,”
        “Uncle Joe?”
        “WHAT? I CAN’T HEAR YOU.”
        “Can I go and see mum in the Jungle?”
        “WHAT? YES SURE, WHY NOT.”
        Ok. I have to look for mum’ tracks so I don’t get lost.
        Umm is that them? No, they’re old. What about these? No, they’re
bird tracks. BIRD TRACKS! OMG! I have to find mum!
        AAHA. I found her tracks. Ok, follow them right, left, right, straight,
        I wonder why they go into a bush.
        “MUM, are you in there? I call.
        Maybe I should go in and see if she’s in there or if there are some
more tracks.
        AAHA more tracks. Ok lets go Left, right, left, straight, STOP.
    Why have they stopped?
    Oh no. There’s bird prints right next to mums tracks.
    “NOOO, PLEASE NOOO!” I scream.
    “George, I told you not to watch scary movies before bed, now stop
screaming and hop into our bed?”
    “You were having a bad dream”
    “So, I’m not a crab?”
    “And mum didn’t get eaten by a bird?”
    “Ok, then”

                            THE END
Maddison Stockdale
                THE BLACK STALLION!
‘Yes,’ I said to myself as the door closed. I was ALONE!
  I opened up the cupboard and got out a bag of popcorn. I
then put it in the microwave. I went and sat on the couch
with the T.V turned up really loud.
  The lights flickered and then the power went off fully. I
couldn’t see. I tripped over all the furniture. I don’t know
why I could be tripping over all the furniture because I
should know where it all is. But it seemed to have moved.
This was FREAKY!
  I heard snorting noises outside, it must have been coming
from the horses in the barn outside- but wait; I don’t even
have any horses. Suddenly the door burst open and a shiny
black stallion stood there. I was so confused- all the power
had gone out and there wasn’t even a storm and then the
  The horse bolted toward me I ducked and held my head in
my hands, closing my eyes. Next thing I knew my mum was
calling me as I woke. I was lying on the couch under a
blanket with a black stallion on it. All the furniture was back
in place and the popcorn was still in the microwave.
  I was so confused. I told my mum the whole story but she
just laughed.
  The next morning when I woke up I could hear snorting
noises outside my window.
  I looked outside and there standing outside my window
was a beautiful black stallion. It had a velvet wavy mane. I
looked into its eyes and I felt trust connect between us. I
was so happy and now it all made sense. Why my mum had
  I ran outside and gave the stallion a big hug!
                  On the end of a wire!
                  The inspiring true story of Peter Davidson!

In 1998 there wasn’t just the annual Sydney to Hobart yacht race;
there was also one of the worst marine disasters ever.
 It was the 27th of December 1998, and the crew of Helimid 1 were
sent a mayday call from a boat called Stand Aside. The boat was
west from Wilson's promontory and wave heights averaged
between 40 to 80 feet high. West to south/ westerly winds were
making it hard for the crew of Helimid 1 to get to the boat. Then
they saw it the remains of a 41 foot yacht, Stand Aside.
 My uncle (Peter Davidson) said it looked exactly like an icy pole
in a raging sea! My uncle had to be winched down through the
waves (which he had done many times before, but the waves were
way bigger this time and it was for real now.) He gave a quick
thumbs up to his close friends even though he felt like giving in any
second now. But he knew he couldn’t as he thought about his
family, and how much he wanted to show them. As he thought
about his family tears formed in his eyes- the thought of losing
them was almost too hard to bear and that made him even more
determined. He couldn’t give in- not now, not ever- he was going to
show the world he could do it!
 Before he could think anymore he was winched down. Needle
like rain was everywhere and it hit him all over! Then he saw a little
figure in the water. He looked up at his trusty winchcrewman, who
gave him a thumbs up, and my uncle gave one back. He was
winched down into the water. He grabbed the man and gave a tug
on the thick wire and up he went.
 After hours and hours of painful work he had rescued a lot of
people. He was then winched down to the remains of the yacht,
Stand Aside. Finally, he grabbed the last man on the yacht and
was telling him firmly and kindly to hold on!
 He was just about to get winched up and then the strong winds
blew the wire and wrapped it tightly around his leg. The winch-
crewman knew not to pull him up because that was highly
dangerous! My uncle then told the man that he would have to get
back on the yacht, so he did.
   My uncle, after a heap of painful tiring hours had finally got the
wire untangled from his leg with help from the man. He then
grabbed the man and up they went. They were dipped in the water
a few times and the taste wasn’t very pleasant. When they were
nearly in the helicopter the man spewed all over my uncle. My
uncle was just about to yell but by that time he was in the
helicopter and was too tired!
   After that, he told of how he would never give up- ever. When
he felt like giving in, he thought of his family and how he had to
show them and he would fight for them!
   He got heaps of bravery awards and medals and even got to
meet the queen.
   He said when he was little that he wanted to be an astronaut!

                                THE END!
Tori Tennant

A long time ago in the dreamtime there was a platypus name Kumbiaa.
   Kumbiaa was walking around and needed to find a water hole or a
lake. Then he came to the most beautiful lake. When he started to paddle
in, he saw there was a crocodile there named Okalla. They argued and
argued and then it came to a fight. But Okalla only had two front teeth.
   Okalla pulled on Kumbiaa’s mouth and Kumbiaa pulled back. His
mouth began to stretch. They kept on fighting. Then Kumbiaa got his tail
stuck under a rock, but he kept swimming. It started to stretch, and by the
end of the battle Okalla was gone. Kumbiaa had the lake all to himself
and his wife. Then his wife came out from behind the gum tree. They
both swam together and then Kumbiaa noticed that he had a long tail and
a long beak. From then on the platypus has had a long beak and a long
                                            By Tori Tennant
                        Scribble Town in Egypt

Once there was a little boy called Marty and he loved to scribble. He
owns a magic pencil and whatever picture he draws the picture come

One day Marty had to do a project on Egypt for Mrs Ima.
   “I’m Bored,” said Marty to himself. Then he saw his magic pencil. He
thought for a moment, and then he got a piece of paper and drew Egypt.
He knew that the picture would come alive. “I think this is the best
picture I have ever drawn!” boasted Marty.
   “Look the creator!” said a slave. All the slaves fell to their knees.
   “I’m coming,” said Marty to the slaves. So Marty put the piece of
paper on the floor and stepped on the picture. There was a split second of
silence and finally he was in Egypt.
   “In our thanks for creating us we will build you a pyramid,” said a
   “No, you don’t have to, and I bet you have better thing to do,” replied
   All went silent.
   “We must! It is in our tradition,”
   “And while the slaves are building your pyramid I will show you MY
pyramid,” said the pharaoh with a smirk on his face.
   “Ok then,” replied Marty. Not knowing that that the pharaoh was
   “This is my pyramid,” said the pharaoh.
   “Nice place,” said Marty, “but I have to go now.”
    “Please, no,” said the Pharaoh, while creeping out without Marty
   “MWHAHAHAHAA,” screamed the pharaoh.
   Before Marty could say ‘wait,’ the pharaoh closed the entrance.
   What am I going to do! Marty thought to himself.
   “I know!” said Marty.
   Marty started to run to the very top. His heart felt like someone had
stabbed him. His legs felt like they were falling off his body. But he still
kept running. He had to stop about 12 times to catch his breath.
   Finally, Marty got to the top. It was a cramped space but he knew
what to do. With all his might he pushed upwards and then finally the top
came off. Marty pulled himself up toward the hole. He stood on the sides
and then sat down and slid down the side of the pyramid. Marty got his
magic pencil and drew a hole. He stood on the hole and fell back into his
own time.
   “Marty. Dinners ready!” Marty’s mum called.
   “I’m coming!” Marty replied.
   Marty scrunched up the piece of paper with the picture of Egypt and
put it in the bin. (Poor slaves!- Ed.)
   He ran out into the lounge.
                   HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! By Tori Tennant

        “Happy New Year,” everyone Screamed. They all toasted to the
New Year and made New Year resolutions. It was 10 O’clock at night
and everyone had a piece of cake.
        “That cake went down really well, Mum!” Jess shouted (because of
the loud music.)
        “I know honey,” Mum shouted back.
        After a while, everyone went home.
        Mum said to Jess, “We are going to go to Mr. J’s house, ok? Love
you, bye!” and went out the door with her dad.
        “YES!” Jess screamed, “I have the whole house to myself.”
        Jess rang 3 of her friends called: Maddison, Kim and Amy.
        Their mums and dads were not at their houses. So they all set the
alarms and locked up their houses and went to Jess’s.
        When they arrived, Jess was ready.
        Kim brought her pet mouse, Fluf. She called her mouse Fluf because
when the mouse was born it was the only mouse with a bit of fur on his
        Maddison brought some lollies and two bottles of coke so they could
        Amy brought her hot pink CD player, with 1 so fresh, Fall out Boy
platinum and Dean Geyer CD’s.
        It was 2 am by the time they finished partying. Then they heard a
noise- it sounded like someone else was in the house.
        “AAHHGGHH!” they all screamed. Then they all stopped.
        They all started to run again.
       “My mouse, where is he?” whispered Kim.
       “He will be fine,” said Jess.
       Then it started to sound like two people….. But they were
       So they ran faster and hid under Jess’s bed. It was a bit squishy but it
was better than getting kidnapped.
       10 minutes past and nothing had happened. Then they saw 4 feet
coming in though Jesse’s door. “I recognize those feet,” said Kim. “It
       “Fluf!” screamed Kim as she wriggled out from underneath Jess’s
       After a while they all went home and Jess went to bed!

                                   THE END
Maddision Timperio
                     The Bus Gremlins

I stepped into the bus and the driver took my ticket. As I walked
down the aisle to find a seat, I heard screams- screams from the
children haunted by them- The Bus Gremlins.


  It was my first day on the bus. My two older brothers kept
trying to scare me, saying there was such thing as ‘Bus
  “There is no such thing as ‘Bus Gremlins’!” I told my
  “No, you are wrong! They are horrible little creatures that
haunt you, that make you scream, that give you nightmares that
seem to last forever!”
  My stupid brothers were still trying to convince me.
  “If so, then how come you don’t have nightmares and aren’t
haunted?” I asked, still trying to sound non-interested.
  “It took us a long time, we haven’t been on the bus since we
were 8. ‘Once you are haunted, wait till the 18th year of your
life;’ that’s what the Gremlins say to everyone on their 2nd day-
the second day, because if it were the first day, then you
wouldn’t come back the second day, but now you’ve already
told your parents the bus is great! We both turned 18 three
months ago, remember?”
   My brothers seem to know a lot……
   “I remember, but you’re saying until two months ago you
were haunted?” I asked again, this time hiding none of my
   “Kids! Lorridanna! The bus is here for you!! Boys, your
friends are here!” Mum called.
   I walked out the front door, shivering from the cold wind, or
was it the Gremlins?


   The driver took my ticked and I walked down to find a seat,
but instead heard twisted, frightened screams.
   So, my brothers weren’t lying! I trembled, and found a seat. I
sat. Then I swear I heard a tapping under my seat; tap, tap, tap. I
looked under my seat, slowly. As I peered under, I saw two
eyes- red eyes.
   I screamed, I tried to pull away, but the eyes wouldn’t let me.
I felt dizzy, I felt faint. I fell and crashed to the floor. I was weak.
I was still trying to escape, but my weakness let me down. I
screamed, hoping for someone to hear.
   But nothing. All of a sudden, I felt release, release! I could
move! I held my head up and took a breath of fresh air. The
Gremlin must have realised that I was a new kid. Oops, his (or
hers) mistake! Then, the bus stopped. The doors swung open
and I stumbled out, panting, and headed for school.


   “I swear! They are on the bus!” I was telling my best friend,
Laura, all about it.
   “Mmmmmm sure, I believe you, STOP GOING CRAZY!!!!!!
There is no such thing!” Laura said.
   She didn’t believe me! How could she? Ring, ring, ring!
Home time. Ahhhhhh, relief! I HATE school! Wait, Home time
= Gremlin time! I decided to walk home. Also, to go to the
Library to find out more about these Bus Gremlins!


   I arrived at the Library and went to the counter.
   “I know this sounds weird, but do you have any non-fictional
books on Bus Gremlins?” I asked the Lady there.
   “Well I’ll see …beep!” The Lady was checking on her
computer. “Well, yes we do! It’s an old book, published in the
20th century.” She told me.
  “It will do”
  I went to the place where the Lady had shown me the book
was. I picked up the book and read the front cover: ‘Bus
Gremlins, RID OF THEM!’ I opened the book and saw the 21st
chapter: Information, on how to rid. I read on:

  Gremlins are horrid things. To rid them, you must get 100
prunes, pitted. And you must string them all on string and wear
them around your neck. Then, you must get 20 toy ambulance
trucks that make noise.


  Now, go into the bus wearing your prunes, and as soon as the
bus gremlins get a whiff, they should faint, and you should hear
a thud under the bus seats. Then you must turn on all the
ambulance trucks and let them loose in the bus. They will run
under the seats and squash the gremlins (they have very
sensitive skin) and at the same time shall deafen and blind them,
for the noise an ambulance truck makes is the only sound in the
entire world that can harm a gremlin. Then, after the fainting,
squishing, blinding and deafening they shall disappear into a
cloud of dust, and that leaves a bit of dusting to be DONE!
  That’s it! THAT IS IT! I rushed over to the super-market. I
looked in my wallet- $100, all my savings. Oh well, it’s either
an ipod or get rid of gremlins.
  Well, and ipod does sound nice…. NO! I need this! I walked
into the store and went to the fruit isle. I found pitted prunes,
and snatched them from the shelf. As I walked into the toy isle I
saw the toy trucks. I searched for the ambulance ones…. Only
15- I have to have more! I quickly grabbed those 15 and went to
the counter.
  “Excuse me, can I please buy this?” I asked, feeling stupid at
holding 15 toy trucks and pitted prunes.
  “Er, yes, certainly!” The counter Lady replied. “So, what’s
with the toy trucks?” She asked.
  “You really don’t wanna know!” I told her.
  “Ok, here you are, that’s $80!” The counter Lady told me.
  “But er, that’s…..” I tried not to think about the hole burning
in my pants……
  I handed over basically all of my savings in cash…
 How the Red Kangaroo got its

Once upon a time, there was a
family of kangaroos. They were
all coloured green and were very
happy. One day an emu came to the
Green Kangaroo Mother and said,
  “ M ay I stay with you and eat
your food, for my house has burnt
down? ”
  “ N o, I am very sorry, but we
have no room! ” said the Mother
  “ I will take revenge on you! ”
promised the emu. That night the
Mother Kangaroo worried, so she
told her children a story about
the Great Nurimba, who could
bring    life   back   to  innocent
people who had been murdered.
  The children loved the story
and then they all went to bed.
  Whilst the Mother Kangaroo and
Father    Kangaroo   and  all   the
children Kangaroos were asleep,
the emu was planning his revenge!
He got his best spear, but
thought it wasn’t strong enough-
strong enough to kill the Green
Kangaroo family that is! So he
went out to the mountains and
searched for a really big piece
of lime rock. When he finally
found a piece, it was so big it
would take hours to sharpen!
Later on, when he had finally
sharpened it, he went to the
Green Kangaroos house. He crept
into the house and into the
family bedroom and started with
the children. He struck his spear
into all of them; which woke
Mother and Father Kangaroo.
  They tried to fight back, but
the emu shot his spear through
them both at once, for it was so
big. Mother and Father Kangaroo
both fell to the floor and their
red blood flooded over their big
green    bodies,   as   had   the
children’s blood, staining their
fur red.
  The emu went back to his house,
but while he was home the Great
Nurimba saw the dead innocent
Kangaroos, and took pity on them,
and brought them back to life.
But when they came back they were
not green Kangaroos anymore, but
were stained red, red from their
blood, and have stayed like that
  And   that   is  how   the  red
Kangaroos got their colour.
Maddi Tolsma
“Sarah, clean your room,” Sarah’s mother, Melanie, said.
   “But Mum, I’m watching T.V,” Sarah replied. “My favourite show’s
   “Ok then, do it in half an hour,” Melanie told her.
   “But my other show’s on then,” Sarah shot back, desperately trying to
get out of cleaning her room.
   “Too bad. In fact you can do it now,” Melanie said, getting mad.
   “NO,” Sarah yelled back.
   “NOW!!!” Melanie screamed, “NOW, OR YOU WILL NEVER
“I’m calling Daddy,” she whispered, and ran off to the phone.
   “He will tell you off,” Melanie warned.
   Sarah backed away from the phone. “Fine, I’m cleaning my room,”
she said. Then she ran off.
   “SARAH,” Melanie yelled.
   “Yes, Mummy?” Sarah said from behind Melanie.
   “WHAT IS THAT NOISE?” Melanie had to yell over the din.
   “Maybe it’s the movers,” Sarah said smugly.
   “WHAT?” Melanie screamed.
   “Ha ha! Just joking,” Sarah said playfully.
   “Sarah, if you won’t do that- what will you do?” Melanie said,
   “Dishes,” Sarah said.
“But,” Melanie started.
“Supervision. Dishes supervision.” She said, looking smug.
“Sarah, just do the dishes.” Melanie said, sounding tired.
“No thanks. I’m going to clean my room.”

                             THE END
My plumbers name is Bob
He was always on the job
One day he hit my cat
So I gave him such a whack
And he was dead the next morn.

Unfortunately for me,
Bob came back to haunt me.
I gave him poisoned Tiramisu,
So he wouldn’t start haunting you.

Bob came back as a superstar,
So I hit him down and stole his car
You see I kind of killed him again,
When I was going out with Ken.

I thought I would be rid of him forever
But then I got that funny letter.
It said Bob’s carnival come and see
All the lions one, two, three.

So I went along and as I thought
He pushed me in
And now I’m naught.
                Jaymes Tratford
“It’s for you- I think. Though the boy’s not making much sense,” said Jaymes’ father.
  “Thanks, Dad,” said Jaymes, wondering who it could be as he put the phone to his
  “Jaymes, it’s me, Glen.”
  “Listen, I don’t think I’ve got much time,” said Glen. “It’s coming, I can smell it.”
  “What are you…”
  “Listen Jaymes, it’s too late for me. I’m done for; it’s the big editing room floor in
the sky for me, old son.”
  “Just run. Get yourself out of there… Oh no! It’s here! The dreaded Ed! Tell my
parents I love them. AAAAAHHHH!”
  Jaymes pulled the phone away from his ear.
  Is this some kind of practical joke?
  When he put the phone back to his ear, he could hear something whispering the
same thing over and over…
     You, Jaymes, have no guilt… You, Jaymes, have no guilt… You, Jaymes, have no
            guilt… You, Jaymes, have no guilt… You, Jaymes, have no guilt…
Haiden Van Tholen
One day a mum and her daughter went to the park and a crazy man shot
the girl in the head. The mum ran to the police station and the police
went. Two police died because they tried to calm the man down. But it
didn’t work, because he killed both of them.
 Then the F.B.I came and they had bazookas and shotguns. They went
up and the guy killed 10 F.B.I people and jumped off the building and
landed on his head and died.
 Before he jumped off, he said, “I will die with pride.”
 Nine years later his wife had a baby and the baby’s name was Blade.
The mum trained him to be bad. Blade practised on rats and birds. He
had abilities like no other and he was like a Ninja. He could nearly fly.
His mum passed away when he was 10 years old, but he could protect
himself from people who would hurt him. He became a grim reaper and
whoever he touched would die a slow and painful death. You would not
want to be in his way.
 When he went to school, a child came up to him- Blade was only 10
years old and the child was only 10 years old too. His name was Man
super. They were long lost brothers and they could not kill each other,
because they had the same power as each other, and they both grew up
together and they killed over 25,000,000 every 3 years.

 (I think they need a mummy- Ed.)

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