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									                               SPRUCE GROVE STORAGE BUILDING_____________________________


         .1   TENDER CLOSE DATE:

              September 16, 2008 at 2 pm.
              Bids to be opened in private immediately following tender close.
              Tenders will be received from the bidders by the Architect. All tenders will be delivered to the Architect’s office.

        .2    The Architect/Prime Consultant is:
              Raimond Fung Architects Ltd.
              #200, 11456 – Jasper Avenue,
              Edmonton, Alberta T5K 0M1
              Tel: ( 780) 488-0554
              Fax: ( 780) 488-0573

        .3    The Owner is:
              Alberta Health Services
              Capital Health
              Fort Saskatchewan Health Unit
              10420 – 98 Avenue, Fort Saskatchewan,
              Alberta     T8L 2N6
              Tel: (780) 992-2347
              Fax: (780) 998-3119

        .4    Tender will be evaluated by the Owner and will exercise his right to reject any or all bids, the intent
              is to award a contract with the valid bid price, time frame, past references, and qualifications. Lowest
              price may not be accepted by the Owner.

        .5    BID MODIFICATIION:

              (a)   A bid submitted may be modified provided the modification is in the form of writing, stating the
                    nature the modification.
              (b)   Where a modification is directing a change in a bid amount, state only the amount to be added
                    to or deducted from the original bid amount.
              (c)   The Owner will not accept responsibility for the content of modifications. The Owner may
                    disregard any modification proposed.

        .6    The Owner reserves the right to negotiate final contract terms with the acceptable Contractor.

        .7    Bidders shall not include in their bid prices any amount of federal Goods and Services Tax,

        .8    Include with the bid, Consent of Surety the surety company will provide the 50% Performance
              Bond and 50% labour and material bond.

        .9    The total tender price shall include the erection of new Storage Building, connection of site
              services, and required site work as indicated in the documents. The pre-engineered metal
              building system package by Star Building System was purchased by the Owner and is being
              stored on the project site. The General contractor shall confirm the construction schedule
              with the Owner during the tender.

        .10    A full schedule and a number of weeks required to complete the work shall be clearly indicated
               by the bidders

        .11     All Contractors to provide Separate Pricing for the following items:

                1) Supply and install all labour and materials for the gas line and the security/telephone line from the existing
                   building to the new storage building, including all repair /landscaping work required after installation.
                2) Supply and install all labour and materials for building insulation ( walls and roof ) for heated structure.
                3) Supply and install all labour and materials for all gas ( radiant ) and electric heaters including controls,
                   sensors, thermostats, etc.
                4) Supply and install all labour and materials for ceiling fans, including controls, sensors, thermostats, etc.
                5) Supply and install all labour and materials for the air curtain units, including controls, sensors, thermostats,

        .11    A non-mandatory site tour/meeting will be conducted on Sept. 4, 2008 at 10 AM.
               The Owner, and the Architect will be on site to answer any question.
               The project site address is: Stan Woloshyn Building, 205 Diamond Avenue, Spruce Grove, Alberta.

        .12    The Bidders shall inspect the existing site conditions and all materials including the
               pre-engineered metal building system prior to submitting their bids. The original shop drawings
               from the Star Building System is available for bidders, and is strictly for information purpose

        .13 Questions related to the tender documents during the tender period shall be directed to the



       .1     The General Conditions governing the Work of these Contract Documents are the General
              Conditions Agreement, and Definitions of the "Stipulated Price Contract", Standard Construction
              Document CCDC- 1994, and Supplementary General Conditions, and Capital Health Standard
              Form of Agreement Between Owner and General Constructor.

       .2     Be responsible for the co-ordination of all aspects of the work.

       .3     The contractor and the Sub-Contractors shall check and verify all dimensions, site survey plan
              wherever referring to the work. All dimensions when pertaining to the work of all other trades, shall
              be verified with the Sub-Contractor concerned. Any discrepancies with the Contract Documents
              must be reported to the Owner and the Consultants immediately. DO NOT SCALE DRAWINGS.

       .4     The Owner, Consultant, Alberta Labour, Building Standards Branch, Municipality and Consultants
              shall have access to the work for inspection purposes. Testing work will be paid for by the Owner,
              when it is deemed necessary, and/or otherwise specified separately.

       .5     Conform to Alberta Regulations Governing General Safety during construction, and the Workers'
              Compensation Board and other regulations governing safety.

       .6     Notify the Owner and Consultant immediately, in the event of any structural uncertainties, during

       .7     The Specifications and Drawings are arranged in a manner to indicate the total content of the
              Work. For clarity, Specifications are arranged in Standardized Work Sections and Drawings are
              arranged to show specific consent. The Contractor shall interpret these documents as a whole.
              The arrangement of Specifications and Drawings does not obligate the Consultant or the Owner to
              establish limits of responsibility between the Contractor and Sub-Contractors.
          Contractor shall pay for and provide all insurance in accordance with requirements of General
     .8   Conditions, CCDC 2-1994 and the Capital Health Standard Form of Agreement.

          Contractor and sub-trade are allowed to submit equal and or alternate materials and prices only
     .9   with the Architect's written consent.



     .1      All bidders, subtrades, shall visit and examine the site and existing building, new Storage
             Building location, and related work to be demolished and removed. Note all characteristics and
             features which may affect the work, and make allowances as required.

4.   CODES

     .1      All materials and workmanship shall conform to the Alberta Building Code (A.B.C.) 2006, as a
             minimum and as further indicated in these documents.

     .2      Conform to and comply with requirements of Alberta Occupational Health and Safety
             Regulations, and the Canadian Construction Safety Code, as they apply to this project.

     .3      Conform to all Municipal bylaws, rules and regulations governing the work. Keep building and
             property clean of debris and waste material at all times.


     .1      The Contractor will pay for utility and service connections, and Building Permit fees.

     .2      The Contractor shall obtain and pay for all other permits and charges as required by Municipal,
             Provincial or Federal bodies, for the proper performance of the work.


     .1      A Soil Investigation Report was prepared by Shelby Engineering Ltd., 9632 – 54 Ave.,
             Edmonton, Alberta.

     .2      This report can be reviewed at the Architect's office or obtain from the Owner.


     .1      Unless otherwise stipulated in these Contract Documents, provide and pay for all labor,
             products, construction and plant equipment, machinery, tools, transportation and all other
             facilities and services necessary for the proper and complete performance of the work.

     .2      All products shall be new, unless otherwise specified in these Contract Documents. Any
             products which are not specified shall be of a quality best suited for the purpose required, and
             their use subject to the approval of the Architect.

     .3      Conform to all CGSB, CSA, CAN Series, ASTM, and ULC standards as noted, and provide the
             Architect with proof of material conformity, if so requested.

     .4      Where published Trade Association Standards or Manuals are referred to in these
             specifications or drawings, conform to those standards or manuals, unless approval to vary is
             given by the Architect.

     .5      Promptly remove all materials not conforming to the Contract Documents or containing defects
             deemed irreparable by the Architect.

      .1    Provide all required hoardings, barricades, signs and lights in accordance with municipal
            and/or other applicable regulatory governing body requirements.

      .2    Maintain all in good condition during the progress of the work. Remove same from site at the
            completion of the work.

      .3    Protect excavations and adjacent property against cave-ins, shear failure, slides, undermining,
            erosion and settlement. Erect shoring, cribbing, bracing, sheet piling to provide such protection
            on site. Contractor shall retain a professional engineer for designing and supervise such
            necessary work on site.


      .1    Construct new or relocate power and utility lines, and light standards as required. Make all
            necessary arrangements with municipality and utility companies, and comply with their
            requirements. Pay all costs.

      .2    Make good all curbs, gutters, roads, walks, etc., where any existing work cut into, joined,
            altered or damaged by the new work. All work shall match existing as a minimum, and comply
            with City of Spruce Grove standards.

      .3    Prior to any demolition or clearing, arrange for services and utilities authorities to locate all lines
            below grade within the area of work. All underground lines shall be accurately staked. Where
            above grade lines or services are affected by the work, make arrangements with applicable
            authorities to remove, relocate or protect as necessary. Pay all costs.


      .1    Provide record drawings of the mechanical and electrical work showing the exact location of
            buried services and all other work such as circuiting, finally installed.

      .2    The Architect will provide one set of white prints for the sole purpose of marking these items.

11.   CLEAN-UP

      .1     Continually remove all waste material and rubbish from the site as it accumulates. Co-
             ordinate the work of the various trades in this respect. The cost of such removal by the
             various trades is subject to arrangement between the Contractor and the trades. Do not
             permit any waste material or rubbish to accumulate.

      .2     Immediately prior to inspection and acceptance for Substantial Performance, clean the
             grounds and site of all construction material and debris. Sweep exterior clean, and clean
             building exterior, including cleaning and polishing glass and metal fixtures. Clean building
             interior thoroughly.


      .1     Submit copies of shop drawings, brochures, catalogue cuts, samples, colours, finishes, etc.,
             as required and in accordance with General Conditions, for Architect’s review. Submit one
             reproducible sepia print and three (3) white prints. The Architect will return the marked and
             reviewed sepia and one white print.

      .2     Upon the substantial completion of the project, a complete site survey plan undertaken by a
             registered Surveyor of the Province of Alberta and submitted by the Contractor will be
             required. All the data will be sufficient for the Certificate of Compliance from the City of Spruce
             Grove. All costs will be paid by the Contractor.

      .3     Submit shop drawings for the following:
                 .1      Pilings & Grade Breams
                 .2      Reinforcing
                 .3      Motorized Overhead Doors -2 units.
                 .4      Finish Hardware
                 .5      Mechanical Equipment and Fixtures as per Mechanical Division
                 .6      Electrical Equipment and Fixtures as per Electrical Division

       .4        All Sub-trades are required to submit 4 copies of operating and maintenance manuals including
                 with all the warranties and guarantees which will be in three rings hard cover binders.

       .5        Submit samples and mocked ups when requested by the Architect, and or otherwise specified.


       .1        Provide temporary water, power, telephone, sanitary facilities etc., during course of work.

       .2        Make arrangements with utility authorities, and pay all charges, for water and electric power.
                 Provide extensions and connections as required, disconnect and make good after.

       .3        Provide construction site office, heated in cold weather to 21º, complete with lighting and
                 plywood layout table. Provide and pay costs for all site utilities usage for the work by the

       .4        Provide and maintain sanitary facilities for use of site personnel.


       .1        Contractor/ Owner shall maintain an experienced full time superintendent, or foreman, who
                 shall be on the job site at all times during the course of the work till substantial completion.
                 Superintendent, or foreman, shall be satisfactory to both Owner and Architect and shall
                 represent the Contractor at the site. Instructions or information given to him by the Architect
                 shall be deemed as given to the Contractor/Owner.


       .1        The Owner shall pay all costs for the listed testings and inspection by an independent testing
                 consultant. Cooperate with testing personnel. Test report copies will be provided to
                 Contractor, Owner and Architect. Testing and inspection will be required for the following:

                 .1   Subgrade bearing              .3    Pilings & grade beams        .5   Structural steel
                 .2   Compacted fill                .4    Concrete                     .6   Roofing, flashings

16.     P.C. SUMS

        .1       P.C. Sums are strictly for material costs only. The Contractor shall include in the bid price but
                 excluding the G.S.T. The Contractor shall provide all necessary labour and installation costs for
                 all the items, excepted noted otherwise listed in the following:

                  1. Finish Hardware - $5,000
                  2. Testings - $ 10,000


       .1      The Contractor and/or the Sub-Contractor shall be responsible for the proper performance of
               the work.

       .2      The Contractor and/or the Sub-contractors agree to correct promptly at his own expense
               defects or deficiencies in the work which appear prior to and during the period of one year from
               the date of Substantial Performance of the work.

       .3      The Contractor and/or the Sub-Contractors shall issue a minimum 12 months warranty for
               labour and materials for the whole work to the Owner. Specific items for extended guarantee
               periods are specified under specific sections, and in the following:

               TITLE                               DESCRIPTION                    DURATION
               Pre-engineered Metal Building      Warranty & Guarantee           1 year min.
               Asphalt paving                     Warranty & Guarantee           2 Years
               Flashing Work                      Manufacturer Warranty          10 Years
               Caulking                           Warranty & Guarantee           2 Years
               Overhead Garage Door               Warranty                        2 year
               Mechanical                                                        As per specs.
               Electrical                                                         As per specs.



1.      Prior to any site work, all new and existing site elevations, site services must be verified and located. A
        Survey will be required to establish the exact layout of the buildings, new and existing site elevations.


       (a)       Only fences and structures that are in the way of the work should be moved or demolished. The
                 perimeter fence must be maintained at all time.

       (b)       Prevent movement or settlement of adjacent work. Provide and place bracing or shoring and be
                 responsible for safety and support of such work.

       (c)       Carry out demolition and excavation in an orderly and careful manner so as to cause no
                 inconvenience to adjacent properties.

       (d)       Leave site in a condition acceptable for commencement of new construction.

       (e)       Fill spaces and holes below grade beyond the structure with low plastic clay approved by engineer.
                 Compact to 98% Standard Proctor Density in lifts 200 mm (8”) compacted thickness.

.3     Strip all unwanted topsoil and gravel, from the project site and dispose of it away from site. Excavate to
       elevations, depths, levels indicated. Keep dry and free from frost. Excavate to allow placing of frames and
       services. Dispose of excavated material away from site except that approved for backfill.

4      Backfill with care in layers so as not to disturb or damage services, damp proofing, weeping tiles, foundation
       walls or grade beams. Do not exert undue pressure on foundation walls or grade beams.

5      Backfill by hand with care around and over service lines, after lines are inspected and approved, to a depth
       of 300 mm (12”) over top of lines. Compact to required density.

6      Remove existing sub soil to depth indicated for asphalt paving. Scarify, grade and compact top 150 mm (6”)
       of exposed subsoil, compacting to 98% Standard Proctor Density. Proof roll using loaded gravel truck.
       Excavate fill and re-compact soft spots. Grade to correct levels to receive fill or base material.
.7     Granular fill, 19 mm. (3/4”) crushed, washed gravel to City of Spruce Grove, Servicing Standards Manual.
       Sand, clean washed coarse.

.9     Under asphalt paved area provide 150 mm (6”) of 19 mm (3/4”) aggregate.
       Under sidewalks, place 50 mm (2”) of sand cushion.
 10    Place fills and back fills in 150 mm (6”) layers, compacted to required Standard Proctor Densities and
       compaction as follows. (ASTM D698-78).

       a.)     Service lines, protective cover:            Sand, 100%.

       b.)     Slabs on grade:                             19 mm. aggregate, 98%.

       c.)     Foundation Walls:                           Approved subsoil, 95%.

       d.)     Paving:                                     19 mm. aggregate, 100%.

       e.)     Landscaped areas:                           Subsoil, 95%.

.11    Grade remainder of site, to contours, levels as indicated. Ensure grade slopes away from building not less
       than 1:12.
       Subgrade to the following grades:

       a.)     Concrete sidewalks:                         150 mm. below design grades.

       b.)     Asphalt Paving:                             225 mm. below design grades.

.12    Backfill excavations and fill to required new grade and new elevations as indicated on the site plan drawing.

.13    Provide all service lines, water, gas, sewage, electric power. Make all arrangements with utilities authorities
       including testing as required. Contractor will pay utilities street hook-up costs.



.1     Perform cast-in-place concrete work in accordance with the following standards:
       Concrete Materials and Methods of Concrete Construction – CSA-A23.1-94
       Methods of Test for Concrete – CSA-A23.2-94
       American Concrete Institute(ACI 315) Detailing Manual.
       Reinforcing Steel Institute of Ontario (RSIO) Manual of Standard Practice.

.2     Concrete materials:
       Portland Cement : to CSA –A5
       Aggregates: to CSA-A23.1
       Water: to CSA-A23.1
       Air Entraining Admixtures: to CAN3-A266.1
       Chemical Admixtures: to CAN3-A266.1
       Chemical Admixtures: to CAN3-A266.2. Calcium chloride will not be permitted.
       Supplementary Cementing Materials: to CSA-A23.5

.3     Concrete acessaries: Voild form by Beaver Plastics, bonding agent to be high polymer resin emulsion,
       mixed with cement mortar or grout to form a water resistant adhesive bond.
.4     Obtain Prime Consutlant`s approval of reinforcing before placement of concrete commences. Provide
       reasonable time for notification to the consultant for the inspection.

.5     Place concrete as a continuous operation.

.6     Use winter concreting methods with CSA-A23.1 when the mean daily temperature falls below 5 C.

.7     Protect freshly placed and consolidated concrete against damage or defacement form adverse weather

.8     Refer to structural engineering consultant requirements.



.1     Steel sections and plates: to CAN/CSA- G.40.20/G40.21-M, Grade 260W, 350 Mpa minimum.

.2     Prime Paint: oil alkyd type to CAN/CGSB-1.40-M89

.3     Welding to CSA W59-M, and the fabricator certified to CSA W47.1. Include for welding inspection in the
       contract if applicable.

.4     Bolts: to ASTM A325, high strength.

.5     Fabricate all work to CSA S16 and S16SI as a minimum.

.6     Construct all work square, true and accurate, all joints smooth flush welded and ground. All welded
       joints continuous full length. Fabricate to maximum size, ready for erection.

.7     Clean all metal parts exposed in final assembly and scheduled to receive paint finish to SSPC SP5,
       white metal blast cleaning. Apply one coat shop primer (to CGSB 1-GP-40M) to all surfaces except
       areas to be welded, original primed steel structure provided by the pre-engineered building supplier, or
       built into concrete or masonry.

.8     Erect all work providing all connections, anchorage bolts, plates, welding to provide a finished product.
       Supply items to be cast or built into concrete and masonry in time for installation. Install work rigid,
       secure, for intended use, all in proper location, leveled aligned and plumbed accurately.

.9     Install, apply all Work in accordance with manufacturer’s/fabricator’s written instruction and Contract
       Documents, plumb, true, level and rigid.

.10    Refer all other requirements to the structural consultant’s drawings.



.1     The Contractor shall assume full responsibility for the fabrication, transportation and erection of all
       structural steel to the lines and levels shown on the drawings and in accordance with the requirements of this
.2     The following code, standards, handbook and acts are referenced and form part of this standard:
       - CAN/CSA-g40.20-m92 General requirements for Rolled or welded Structural Quality Steel.
       - CAN/CSA-G40.21-M92 Structural Quality Steels
       - CSA-S16.1-94 Steel Structures for Buildings-Limit states design
       - CSA-S136-94 Cold Formed Steel Structural members
       - CSA-W47.1-92 Certification of Companies for Fusion Welding of Steel Structures
       - CSA W48.1-M1991 Carbon Steel Covered Electrodes for Shielded Metal Arc Welding
       - CSA W59-M1989 Welded Steel Construction ( Metal Arc Welding)
       - ASTM: A53, A135, A139, A307, A325M

.3     The design of all structure shall be in accordance with CSA-S16.1-94 and the requirements of this

.4     Erection shall be in accordance with CSA-S16.1-94, the requirements of this documents and CISC code
       of standard practice for structural steel. The Erector shall furnish all other materials, tools, labour,
       equipment and supervision required to install the structure.

.5     Field welds shall be made by welders who have been qualified in accordance with CSA-W47.1-92. All
       field welding shall be in accordance with CSA-W59-M1989.

.6     High Strength Bolting: Bolts shall be tightened by the calibrated wrench method in accordance with the
       provisions of CSA-S16.1-94. A device capable of measuring direct bolt tension shall be available on the
       on the job throughout the course of the work in order to maintain proper wrench calibration.

.7     Contractor provide erection drawings and shall be referenced to the Engineer’s drawings. Erection
       Drawings showing show clearly the marking and position of each member, and also details of all

.8     Refer to structural engineering consultant’s requirements.



.1   The design, details, materials, accessory items, fabrication, delivery, and erection of the pre-engineered
     rigid frame metal buildings shall be in accordance with the latest editions, supplements, and all addenda
     thereto, of the following standards, codes, and specifications:

     ASTM A325M                   Specification for High Strength Bolts for Structural Steel Joints
     ASTM A366M                   Specification for Steel, Carbon, Cold Rolled Sheet, Commercial Quality.
     ASTM A446M                   Specification for Steel Sheet, Zinc Coated (Galvanized) by the Hot Dip
                                  Process, Structural (Physical) Quality.
     ASTM A525-M                   Specification for General requirements for Steel Sheet, Zinc-Coated
                                   (Galvanized) by the Hot Dip Process
     CSA-S136-94                  Cold Formed Steel Structural Members
     CAN/CSA-G40.20-M92           General Requirements for Rolled or Welded Structural Quality Steel
     CAN/CSA-G40.21-M92           Structural Quality Steels
     CAN-W47.1-92                  Certification of Companies for Fusion Welding of Steel Structures
     CSA W48.1-M1991              Carbon Steel Covered Electrodes for Shielded Metal Arc Welding
     CSA W59-M1989                Welded Steel Construction ( Metal Arc Welding)
     CSSBI 30M-82                  Standard for Steel Building Systems
     CSSBI 10M-86                  Standard for Steel Roof Deck
     CSSBI 101M-84                 Zinc Coated Structural Quality Steel Sheet for Steel Deck
     CSSBI B10 -85                 Wind Load Design Criteria for Steel Building Systems
     CSSBI C1-89                    Certificate of Design and Manufacturing Conformance for the Steel
                                    Building Described
      SSPC-SP1                       Solvent Cleaning
      SSPC-SP6                       Commercial Blast Cleaning

.2    Contractor shall examine thoroughly all components of the existing package of the Star Building System
      provided by the Owner and being stored on site. Advise the Owner and the Consultants for any

.3    Where there is through penetration of the wall surface, the fasteners used shall be cadmium plates with
      Weathered –seal washers, or carbon steel shank fasteners with vinyl headers.

.4    Insulation and Vapour Barrier:
         - Roof insulation shall be fiberglass blanket with minimum RSI value of 5.47 (R=30)
         - Wall insulation shall be fiberglass blanket with a minimum RSI value of 3.65 (R=20)
         - The vapor barrier shall be either integral with the insulation or a separate sheet with a
             permeance rating of 0.13kg/Pa.s.m2 (0.02 perm) or less, and a minimum thickness
             of 0.15 mm (6 mil).

.5    Hollow Metal Doors, Frames and Hardware:
      The standard of quality adopted for mandoors and frames shall be that established by the Canadian
      Manufacturing Standards for Steel Doors and Frames published by the Canadian Steel Door and Frame
      Manufacturer’s Association.
        - All door swing and hand shall be as shown on drawings. All door sizes shall be 915 x 2,134 (3”x7”).
        - All door leaves and frames shall be given a baked on prime coat, shop applied to
        - Mandoors and frames shall be primed both sides with one (1) coat of Glid-Guard Primer No.5206
            Gray or approved equal- 2.0 mil dry film thickness. Mandoors shall have one(1) finish coat of
            Glid-Guard Alkyd Industrial Enamel No. 4550 series or approved equal – 2 mil dry film thickness.
            Color to be determine by the Architect.
        - All mandoors and/or hollow metal doors and frames shall be fully insulated.

.6    Overhead Doors: 2 units. All installation to manufacturer instructions.
      Contract submit shop drawings for the complete system and Electirc Operator.
      Product: Heavy Duty Thermacore Doors, 591 Series, by Overhead Door or equal product.
      Size: to fit the opening provided by the pre-engineered metal building.
      Exterior & Interior Color: white
      Warranty: 10 years delamination
      Options Included: Thermal glazing as per drawings indicated
      Electric operator- push button with Model SEL+, ½ Horse Power
      Thermal glazing: as per drawings indicated.
      Chain hoist.
      EPDM rubber header seal.
      Five-pin tumbler key lock
      Sup-UR-Seal jam weatherstrip
      Door in downward motion shall immediately stop and fully open upon contact with obstruction.

.7    All structural steel shall be painted in accordance with specification 013199-C2x2-42ES-0012 “ External
      Coating of Aboveground Piping, Valves, Equipment and Structural Steel”

.8    All erection of the pre-engineered building shall conform to the manufacturer instructions.


.1     Metal :     a.)   Galvanized to ASTM A361M, with Z275 zinc coating.
                   b.)   Prefinished to ASTM A526, galvanized with factory applied colour finish to CSSBI
                         Technical Bulletin No. 5, in colour to match existing building

.2     Accessories : Nails, screws, washers, etc., all hot dip zinc coated. Use nylon washers with prefinished
       metal. Solder for galvanized metal only.

.3     Form Flashing, and all roof sheet metal work where exposed, of coloured prefinished metal, to profiles
       as detailed or as required. All to Alberta Roofing Contractors Association (ARCA) Division 3, Section 12
       and Division 4, as a minimum, all formed to a true, hard and flat face. All exposed drip edges to be
       hemmed 12.7 mm. (1/2”). Form all pieces to maximum length.

.4     Install to direct all moisture to exterior, coordinating work of others, to ensure proper application.
       Fasten securely to building structure using concealed fastening systems. Do not solder prefinished
       metal. Make all connections allowing for thermal movement.

.5     Minimum metal core thickness as follows :
             All flat sections, 300 mm. (12”), or over :                0.79 mm or more
             Concealed fastening strips :                               0.79 mm.
             Flashings at wall openings :                               0.478 mm.

.6     Alternatively, to prefinished sheet metal, prefinished sheet aluminum may be used having factory
       applied colour enamel finish to AAMA 605.

.7     Provide metal flashing where roof meets vertical walls, roof curbs, skylite curbs, roof equipment
       supports, and all roof penetrations (plumbing, etc.). Do not use gum boxes for roof penetrations.
       All metal flashing work will be part of the independent roofing inspection and testing, and will be
       conducted by the roofing inspector retained by the Architect. 5 years of ARCA warranty will be required.



.1     Sealant for use on millwork ceramic wall tile: one part mildew resistant silicone: Dow 697, GE 1700.

.2     Sealant for use as an air seal at the interior face of exterior perimeter walls, and perimeters of door and
       window frames: non-hardening, non-skinning butyl: PRC 101, Tremco Curtain Wall Sealant.

.3     Sealant for use as a filler at interior dry and non-moving vertical joints only (not to be used on floors):
       Paintable on part Acrylic Latex: Tremco Acrylic Latex.

.4     Sealant for use on all floors: two component polysulphide, PRC Rubber Caulk 250. For roads, and
       paving where fuel or oil is present, use 2 component polyurethane, PRC 3105.

.5     Sealant for interior and exterior general purpose use, except uses as indicated in preceding sentences:
       one part construction silicone: Dow 790, GE Silpruf.

.6     Joint filler: extruded closed cell foam rod, 30 to 50% oversized, polyethylene, neoprene or butyl rubber
       which will not adhere to sealant.

.7     Clean all joints before sealant to remove oils, greases, dirt or any matter which may affect proper bond
       of sealant to substrate. Prime joint sides as recommended by sealant manufacturer for the specific
       materials. Apply joint filler to provide a sealant width to depth ratio of 2:1.

.8     Apply acrylic latex sealant before painting, this type can be painted over. do not apply any other type of
           sealant until after all painting is completed and paint is dry.

.9         Apply sealant using gun with proper size nozzle and with sufficient pressure to fill joint solidly in one
           pass. Superficial pointing with skin bead will be rejected. Face of sealant to be tooled to a smooth
           concave surface, free of sags, wrinkles, air pockets or imbedded impurities.

.10        Air sealant does not harden or skin over and must be installed in such a manner, that it will be covered
           by trim, base or other applied finish.



.1     A concrete densifier and sealer shall be installed and applied to the interior concrete floor in the
       Basement and on the new constructed Warehouse area to achieve higher abrasion resistance, and
      reduction of water absorption and also against any stains, oils, and acids.

.2    All storage, handling, preparation, and application shall be carried out by the approved applicator from the

.3    The products include Pentra - Sil and PentraGuard by Convergent Concrete Technology, and shall be used for
      interior surfaces only.

.4    Apply 1 coat of Pentr-Sil and then 2 coats of PentraGuard on the interior concrete surfaces.

.5    Pentra-Sil is a non-flammable, non-toxic, water-based formulation containing no solvents or harmful levels of VOCs.

.6    PentraGuard is a high performance lithium-silica and polymer penetrant for concrete and masonry which is a
      solvent free treatment to enhance concrete surfaces, to restore shine, hardness, stain resistance and cleanability.

.7    All preparation and installation shall strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions.



.1    The painting and finishing specifications are based on and make reference to the Canadian Painting Contractors’
      Architectural Painting specification Manual, 1993 edition.

.2    All delivery, storage, handling, site interior and exterior conditions, preparation of surfaces for painting, shall follow the
      manufacturer’s instructions and CPCA painting guidelines.

.3    All painting work must be prime plus 2 finish coats as minimum.

      .3.1 Interior paint finishes:
           Semi-gloss for public areas, washrooms, detailing area, storage, loading, general retail areas,
           mechanical, electrical room, washable type for the detailing area.
           Flat for exposed steel joists and all mechanical ductwork and electrical conduits.

.5     Applications of coatings shall strictly follow all the manufacturer’s instructions.

.6     All doors and frames shall be painted and/or stained.


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