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CINCINNATI, OHIO                                                                                        NOVEMBER 2, 2008

                  ALL SOULS’ DAY                                   Picture Directories
                    Hymnal #1169                                   We still have over 60 families who have not picked up
        Wis 3: 1-9               Ps 23: 1-6                        their free copy of the newest parish picture directory. It
       Rom 5: 5-11               Jn 6: 37-40                       can be picked up in the parish office during the hours of
                                                                   8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday thru Friday, and 6:30 to 8:30
                                                                   pm, Monday thru Saturday.

Mon. Nov. 3     8:15 am      Marilyn Rumpke                        St. Vincent de Paul Society
Tues. Nov. 4    8:15 am      Rocco Pasquale                        In the Gospel today, we hear the good news that when we
Wed. Nov. 5     8:15 am      Betty Herb                            keep our focus on God and serve one another, God exalts
Thurs. Nov. 6   8:15 am      Louise Burns                          us! As you place your gift in the Society of St. Vincent de
Fri. Nov. 7     8:15 am      Al Humbert, Sr.                       Paul poor box which is located next to the magazine rack
Sat. Nov. 8     4:30 pm      Dorothy Beutonne Kreimer              in the “L”, please say a special prayer for the poor who
Sun. Nov. 9     8:30 am      Fred Hagedorn                         have no one to pray for them.
                11:00 am     Welfare of the Parish
                                                                           Eucharistic Adoration
Vocation View: Be at peace, following Christ leads the                     A reminder of Eucharistic Adoration on the first
soul into the hands of Christ. The faithful shall abide with               Thursday of each month from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Him in love.                                                               We hope you will be able to stop on November 6
                                                                           for a visit with Our Lord.

                                                                   Youth Ministry Halloween Dance
                                                                   Last weekend about thirty 7th and 8th graders from St.
                                                                   Vivian and neighboring schools attending the youth
                                                                   ministry junior high Halloween Dance. Congratulations to
You have a God who hears you, the power of love behind             Gabe “the Pirate” Vargas and Lauren “the Bee” Vespraini
you, the Holy Spirit within you, and all of heaven ahead of        who both won first place in the boys and girls costume
you.                                                               contests. A hobo, a federal agent, a football player, a
                                                                   sorceress, a fairy, a nineties rocker, several James Dean
Thank you for your wonderful response to the fall season           look-a-likes, and the Grim Reaper also attended. The event
of Grateful Believers 2008. It is amazing to see the               brought in approximately $250 which will be donated to
outpouring of support by the parish family God has called          the St. Vincent de Paul Society. Thanks to everyone who
to this faith community.                                           participated.
If you have been unable to return your Covenant Letter,            Entertainment Books
you may place it in the collection basket at Mass or bring         The Entertainment Books are here. Please help support the
it to the parish office. Should you need one, additional           Rosary Altar Society. This year there are a lot of new
copies of the Covenant Letter are available at the church          savings, not just fine dining. LaComedia is back this year.
doors or in the parish office. Please return your Covenant         For more information or to get a book, call Fran Geier at
Letter by Sunday, November 9.                                      931-8975.
The Year of St. Paul – June 2008 to June 2009                      Names Needed
In Antoich, the whole city including many Gentiles                 The All-School service project for November is called
gathered to hear the word of the Lord proclaimed by Paul.          “Greetings for Deployed Military”. We need names and
This filled the Jews with jealousy and they contradicted           addresses of our deployed military forces who have a
Paul with violent abuse. The Jews then expelled Paul and           contact with St. Vivian. The students will write letters and
Barnabas from their territory. (Acts 13: 44-50) How do we          make Christmas cards for them. If you have a family
react to hearing truth?                                            member or know of a former St. Vivian student who is
                                                                   currently a deployed military person, please send their
Donut Sunday                                                       name and address to the school office so they can be
Please join the St. Vivian Greeters next Sunday,                   included in this service project.
November 9 for Donut Sunday. Come for fellowship and
food after all the Sunday Masses.

                                                          ALL SOULS’ DAY

            NEXT SUNDAY’S READINGS                                     Family Time with Twice the Fun
                      Hymnal #1171                                     On Saturday, November 8, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm in the
    Ex 47: 1-2, 8-9, 12          Ps 46: 2-3, 5-6, 8-9                  cafeteria, join us as we celebrate Slime Time Fall Fest,
    1 Cor 3: 9c-11, 16-17                Jn 2: 13-22                   where we create the fun and the mess and families come to
                                                                       play! The afternoon is a family center day full of stories,
Liturgical Ministers                                                   songs, carnival games, crafts and snacks. If you enjoyed
Sat. Nov. 8   4:30 pm        Fr. Peter Chabot                          Vacation Bible School, then you don’t want to miss this
Eucharist:    D Castelli, J & G Deller, M Frey,                        wild and crazy event. To ensure that we have enough
              T & S Merkle, T Miller, N Wilking,                       supplies on hand for all participants, pre-registration is
              L Wright                                                 suggested. To pre-register, please contact Jodie Bender,
Greeters:     S Pasqualetti, P Bock                                    DRE, at 728-4339, email, or
Lectors:      Barbara, Deller                                          the form can be found on the website. Activities are geared
Servers:      T Slayton, S Slayton                                     to families with children aged 3 years to 6th grade. The
Trav. Chalice Kimberly Kent                                            cost is $10 per family by November 3, or $20 at the door.

Sun. Nov. 9      8:30 am       Fr. Lou Lipps                           Evergreen Sales
Eucharist:       J Treinen, T Besl, S Bien, M Biederman,               Boy Scout Troop 682 will be selling evergreens after all
                 D Cappel, M & W Frentsos, J Grimes,                   masses this weekend, November 1 & 2. Come show your
                 BA Hess, A Okafor                                     support for the Boy Scouts and decorate for Christmas. All
Greeters:        B & V Wagner, BA Hess                                 orders will be delivered the first week of December. Any
Lectors:         Erman, Vilaboy                                        telephone orders can be given to Steve Elsen at 521-0156.
Servers:         B Hagedorn, T Hadden, S Hagedorn                      Thanks for your continual support.
Sun. Nov. 9      11:00 am       Fr. Ed Pigott                          Help Needed
Eucharist:       M Boback, J & P Altenau, P Brooks,                    The Volleyball program is looking for adults to coach an
                 P Frey, P Kraemer, D McCabe,                          eighth grade team for the 2008-09 season. We start
                 D Patterson, F Schwartz                               practices in December and games start in January and end
Greeters:        E Maycox, L & T Barry                                 in March. If you are interested, please contact Ann Niesen
Lectors:         Usalis, Eha                                           at 521-2842 or 260-9881 as soon as possible.
Servers:         E Ruter, I Stephani, L Huser
                                                                       Day Trip to Our Lady’s Farm
Prepare Affair                                                         All are welcome on Saturday, November 8, for a day trip
It’s coming on Saturday, November 15. Prepare Affair is a              to Our Lady’s Farm in Falmouth, KY. We will leave the
city-wide event in which thousands of volunteers help                  St. Vivian back parking lot at 9:15 am and travel by car to
neighbors in need to prepare their homes for winter. We’ll             the farm. Rosary at 11:00 followed by Mass at 11:30 am.
clean gutters, rake leaves, and store lawn furniture.                  We will stop for lunch before returning. Please contact
Prepare Affair is great for students because it is a fun and           Rose Young at 729-3289 or email to
active way to earn community service hours. It is great for            for more details or to RSVP. You can go to Our Lady’s
families because kids and adults of all ages can participate.          Farm’s website at for more
It’s also great for homeowners because it lets you get to              information.
know your community and help your neighbors to safely
maintain their homes. Call Jeanne Schaefer at 728-4332 to              Greener Living
register or to find out more information.                              In the past year since Greener Living began, only three
                                                                       parishioners have offered tips on how they are making a
Free Spirits                                                           difference in recycling, reusing, and reducing. Let’s hear
Our regular meeting is Monday, November 3, in Ursuline                 what else our community members are doing or can
Hall at 10:00 am. Lunch will be served at Noon for the                 suggest to do the same. If you have a Greener Living tip,
price of $3.50; soft drinks and coffee for 25 cents. The               you can email Lisa Brackmann at
next event is the annual Christmas Luncheon at                         or call her at 771-0607.
Clovernook Country Club on Thursday, December 4.
Lunch served at Noon, with arrival time at 11:30 am. Final
reservation is November 25. Make your reservation and
pay at the November meeting, or pay by dropping it to the
parish office, attention Free Spirits, or call and/or drop it to
Margaret at 541-1691, 6736 Sandalwood Ln., 45224.

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