REQUEST FOR QUOTATION

                         SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT

SCM-459           Approved: xx September 2009: Branch Manager                  Version: 4            Page 1 of 8

    Due at ........09H00.....                            On .........08.03.2010.........................

                                 Quotation box number ..........92.................

                                 QUOTATION DOCUMENT

                        Quotation number ............W080100177........................

                  AND +-120sq.metre BRICK PAVING ON CAMPS BAY BEACH FRONT

                                           NOTES TO CONTRACTORS

                        The general conditions of this request for quotation are in accordance with the
                                   City of Cape Town’s Supply Chain Management Policy.

          1. Quotations submitted by vendors not registered and verified on the City’s SAP vendor database may be
             disqualified. Although the registration on the Western Cape Supplier Database (WCSD) is not a
             compulsory requirement by the City of Cape Town it will be beneficial for suppliers to register on this
             database as well in order to claim preference points (HDI status)

          2. Contractors must be registered on grade 2CE ….. Or higher with the CIDB. (Construction Industry
             Development Board) and have to provide their registration number when submitting quotations.

          3. Site meeting:

             A compulsory site meeting will be held for all contractors to inspect and to ascertain the amount and
             nature of work required prior to submitting their quotation where a project manager will be in attendance
             on the date and site as detailed below. Note:     Only quotations submitted by contractors who have
             attended the compulsory site meeting will be considered for acceptance. Council reserves the
             right to extend the quotation date or postpone the site meeting.
             Vendors arriving more that 15 minutes after the official site meeting time will not be allowed to
             participate in the meeting.

             Date of site meeting      :        03.03.2010
             Time                      :        10h00
             Venue                     :        Camps Bay Beach Front ---opposite the Bay Hotel
4. Contact details:

   Project Manager: _CHARL MARAIS ----- Tel. 084 629 4322
   Supplier management: information and registration documentation for the City of Cape Town can be
    obtained from:
   Telephone enquiries can be directed to: (021) 400 3216 / 9245 / 3618 / 3616 / 5563 / 4310
    Western Cape Supplier Database (WCDB): Quadrem/TradeWorld: ph 680 4600.;

5. Each quotation must be submitted in a separate, clearly marked sealed envelope, indicating the contents
   (description) and the quotation box number. It must be deposited in the relevant official numbered
   quotation box as specified by no later than the indicated closing date and time. Quotations will be opened
   in public on the closing date as soon as possible after the closing time.

                          (Cut-out label below and paste on your quotation envelope):

                             Attention:              RHONDA MINNIES

             Ref: W080100177                    Due: 08.03.2010                 Box No: 92

          City of Cape Town. Tender Offices. 8th floor, Tower Block, Civic
                     Centre, 12 Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town

                              CONTENTS OF QUOTATION DOCUMENT

    A.      Returnable documents (to be returned by the service provider in sealed envelope)
            1.     Form of offer
            2.     Scope of works/Price schedule
            3.     Functionality/quality
            4.     Health & Safety plan
            5.     Undertaking in respect of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, 1993
            6.     Standard form of guarantee
            7.     Declaration of interest
            8.     Transparency and disclosure of potential conflicts of interests
            9.     Agreement
            10.    Annexure(s) if applicable
            11.    BIBC certificate of compliance to be provided where applicable
            12.    Valid COIDA certification

    B.      Non-returnable documents
            12.    Conditions of contract
            13.    Project specification
            14.    Health and safety specification
            15.    Annexure(s) if applicable

Failure to submit any of the original documentation as stipulated will render your submission non

NOTE:       The onus rests with the service providers to download the following documentation from
            the Cities website:

                   Functionality/quality
                   Health & Safety plan
                   Undertaking in respect of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, 1993
                   Agreement
                   Declaration of interest
                   Transparency and disclosure of potential conflicts of interests Agreement
                   Standard form of guarantee
                                                          FORM OF OFFER

REFERENCE:                       W080100177


Brought forward from Activity Schedule                                  R.........................

Add Contingency (Specify)                                               R........................

Add 14% VAT                                                   R........................ Only if VAT-registered

TOTAL QUOTED PRICE                                                      R…………………

                                                                                                                        CoCT Vendor
 COMPANY NAME:                                                                                                          No:

 Legal Address (Domicillium
 citandi et executandi)

                                                                                                                                Yes   No
 TRADEWORLD REG No:                                                       IS YOUR COMPANY VAT REGISTERED? *

 CIDB REGISTRATION No:                                                    CATEGORY
 Number of days from receipt
 of official purchase order to
 commencement of project

Attach letter of good standing from Workman’s Compensation Commissioner regarding COIDA

This done and signed at............................................................. on .....................................

For and on behalf of the contractor who by signature hereby warrants authorization.

Signature: ..............................................

Name (print)...........................................

As Witness.............................................

Name (print)...........................................
                        Quotation number .......W080100177..............

                                             1. Scope of work

Buyer Name:                        RHONDA MINNIES
Contact Number:                    021 400 3202

Site meeting details:
Project Reference Number:          W080100177
Date:                              03.03.2010
Time:                              10H00
Location:                          CAMPS BAY BEACH FRONT, OPPOSITE BAY HOTEL
Closing date:                      08.03.2010
Closing time:                      09H00
Box No:                            92
Box Location:                      8TH FLOOR, CIVIC CENTRE

Work Order No.                 NI0.96001-F1.D1.A2.23                   CONTRACTOR INFORMATION
                                               Company Name:
Sap Description of        CAMPS BAY MAIN BEACH
Project:                  DUNE REHABILITATION  Vendor Number:

Project Manager:                  CHARL MARAIS                  Contact Person:

Contact Number:                     084 629 4322                Contact Number:

Excavate , supply and install+- 30m reinforced L12 Terraforce
Retaining block wall +- 1000mm high
Supply and install Y12 reinforcing rods at 500mm centres , as
Per drawing
Supply and install Geofabric material behind the foundation
And wall
Cast 250mm concrete foundation
Supply and install L12 Terraforce retaining blocks – 1000mm high x +- 30m length
Length as per drawing and specification and fill blocks solid with concrete
Install –100mm concrete floor at the bottom of the retaining wall to join with
The existing floor around the building

Excavate the area around the new retaining wall, the footpaths and
Sidewalk as per sketch
Prepare and lay 100mm G5 sub- base compacted to 95%
Supply and lay a sand screed

Supply and lay+- 120sq. metre 50mm Red De Hoop clay bricks to tie in with the existing
Sidewalk, steps and palmtree levels .
                                       Project Scope/Price schedule:

Item                            DESCRIPTION                                  Unit     Quantity          Price

       Excavate and prepare site

       Place y12 reinforcing rods and geofabric

       Cast 250mm concrete foundations

       Supply and install L12 terraforce blocks --- 1000mm high x +- 30m
       length and fill with concrete
       Install 100mm concrete floor to match the existing floor

       Excavate area around the new retaining wall and prepare levels for
       Brick paving
       Supply and lay 100mm G5 sub- base , compacted to 95%

       Supply and lay +- 120sq. metre 50mm Red De Hoop clay paving
       bricks and grout



       Failure to submit a fully priced schedule with a quotation will invalidate such quotation.
       Where the quantity in the schedule shows item or block, a lump sum rate is required to include for all
       work inferred by such description.
       Ensure that all costs relevant to the fulfillment of the contract conditions are included here.
       Vat-registered companies must price exclusive of VAT

Spec/Scope Approved By (Client):
Approved by CITY PARKS             Supervisor :
Charl Marais
                                        2. Functionality/Quality


The City will apply their Preferential Procurement Policy which means that vendors could score advantage points
for having historically disadvantaged, women or disabled partners (as verified on the Western Cape Supplier
Database), as well as functionality.

Evaluation of quotations:
Scoring of points will be as follows:

Price                                                                           50
HDI Status                                                                      20
Functionality (experience, H&S Plan, equipment, infrastructure,                 30
TOTAL                                                                         100

Weighting on Functionality

AREA                                                  CRITERIA                          WEIGHTING %

Previous Experience                        No of years
                                           Relevant experience (similar work              30

Equipment                                  Appropriate Plant & Equipment owned
                                            or to be hired for this contract               30

Staff                                      Appropriate experienced permanent
                                            staff                                          20

Health & Safety Plan                       Risks identification
                                           Risk analysis and evaluation                   20

                                           Plan of safe working procedures
                                           Monitoring plan
Total                                                                                       100

Formula for Functionality:       Total Weighting x 30

A functionality score of less than 60 points will be render the quotation non-responsive. Failure to
complete any of the Functionality Schedules will render the quotation non-responsive.
                                3.   Project specification

3.1   Preliminaries:

      3.1.1   Existing premises/facilities :

      3.1.2   The extent of the work to be done must be determined prior to
              commencing of work by inspecting all premises with the facility
              manager/depot supervisor and an agreed work schedule with addresses
              must be drawn up before work can start.

3.2   General requirements:

      3.2.1   Provision of / available facilities:

      3.2.2   No toilet, water, electricity or storage facilities are available and the
              respondent is to make his own arrangements with regard thereto.

3.3   Duration:

      3.3.1   It is a requirement of this contract that the works shall be completed within
              a period of weeks from the date of receipt of the order, inclusive of any
              time required to provide proof of the required insurance cover, but
              excluding the year end break and special non-working days falling outside

3.4   Completion and handing-over procedure:

      3.4.1   It is the responsibility of the contractor to do his own quality checks and
              snagging in order to ensure that the completed works comply with the
              specification in every respect. On completion of the works or agreed
              section of the works, the contractor shall notify the project
              engineer/manager who will in turn snag the work and issue a snag list.
              This list may need to be produced from several snagging inspections as
              may be necessary or convenient.

      3.4.2   Thereafter, and upon notification by the contractor of completion of the
              snagged items, the project engineer/manager shall re-inspect these items
              in order to de-snag them. Only upon the de-snagging of all items on the
              list or those snag items in an agreed section of the works, shall the works,
              or such section of the works as agreed upon, be deemed to be complete
              for handing over purposes. Until such a completed state is achieved, the
              works, or those sections of the works as defined, shall remain under the
              contractor’s responsibility and insured by him.

3.5   Penalties:

      3.5.1   If the quotation adjudication points awarded to the contractor are later
              found to be based on incorrect or false information, or the conditions
              pertaining to the award of points are not met, the contractor shall pay the
              employer an amount equal to one and a half multiplied by the product of
              the number of falsely claimed quotation adjudication points and the
              quotation amount exclusive of VAT, divided by 100.

      3.5.2   It is the responsibility of the contractor to do his own snagging to ensure
              that the installations comply with the specification. On completion, the
              project engineer will snag the work and then de-snag after allowing a
              reasonable period for the contractor to satisfactorily rectify any snags.
3.6    Pricing:

       3.6.1   This is a fixed price quotation. Any price increase of whatsoever nature,
               influencing the contractors cost of executing the works, will be bourne by
               the contractor who shall be deemed to have made allowance for this in his
               quotations price.

       3.6.2   For the valuation of interim payments, extras and omissions, the
               respondent’s rates as priced in the attached schedule shall apply. Rates
               are to allow for all sundries including preliminary and general

3.7    Contingencies:

       3.7.1   The contingency sum as provided for on the form of offer is for use at the
               sole discretion and direction of the employer, and which may be deducted
               in whole or part if not required.

       3.7.2   Trade names and/or proprietary brands for materials:

       3.7.3   Manufacturers names and catalogue numbers where referred to hereafter
               are intended merely as a guide to the type and quality of the article
               required, and these need not necessarily be purchased from the firm

       3.7.4   Articles of similar manufacture by an approved firm and equal in all
               respects to those specified, in design, material, workshop and finish will
               be accepted, subject to the Director: …………………………….. Approval.

3.8    Storage of materials:

       3.8.1   The contractor will be permitted, to store materials on site only in the area
               demarcated and agreed by the Director: ………………….. On handing
               over the site to the contractor. The contractor will be required at all times
               to keep the site in a neat and orderly fashion.

3.9    Delivery of materials:

       3.9.1   The contractor will be required to take all possible precautions to avoid
               damage to municipal property and to prevent obstructions on any normal
               access route within the property.

3.10   Security of the works:

       3.10.1 The contractor is responsible for his own security regarding materials
              stored on site, for his own and labourer’s security and for the work in
              general for the duration of the contract. Costs relating to any security and
              insurances the contractor may require are to be included in the net tender.

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