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              REVIEW OF THE YEAR 2009






contents                                               2009
                              2   Headmaster’s Report
                              6   Students on the Move
                              7   Results
                             11   House Reports

                  64         14
                                  Art & Creative
                                  3D Design
                             24   Geography
                             27   Modern Languages
                             33   Science
                             37   Biology

        25                   38
                                  Combined Cadet Force
                             41   English
                             43   Tanzania
                             47   Ukraine
                             48   Ski Trip
                             49   Watersports
                             50   Miscellaneous
                             58   Business & Economics
                             59   Greek Trip

                       65    60
                                  Drama & Theatre
                             64   Dance & Fashion

14                           65
                             76   Hockey
                             82   Boys’ Athletics & Football
                             83   Lacrosse
                             88   Netball
                             96   Girls’ Tennis
                             98   Girls’ Athletics
                            100   Mixed Sport
                            102   Preparatory School
                            128   Old Caterhamians
       headmaster’s report

                                                 Speech Day
                                                 4th July 2009
                                                 Headmaster Julian Thomas
                                                 The academic year 2008/9 has been, by any
                                                 standards, remarkable. It was year when a
                                                 Guinness World Record were smashed and kit cars
                                                 were constructed; new buildings were opened
                                                 and old war poets were rediscovered.

A year when an eclectic mix                      inspectors from Ofsted spent four days in    Music
                                                 the School looking at our boarding           We have once again been treated to a
of speakers including                            provision. Now the phrase “boarding          dazzling array of performances from the
Archbishop Desmond Tutu,                         inspection” is somewhat of a misnomer:       School’s musicians. The combined
Rt Hon David Blunkett MP,                        boarders are involved in all aspects of      Senior/Prep performance of “The Armed
                                                 school life, so all aspects are inspected    Man: A Mass for Peace” by Karl Jenkins,
Sir Bernard Ingham,
                                                 against the most stringent standards.        which combined the talents of our
Zac Goldsmith and                                   The boarding inspector’s first words at   musicians and singers with a specially
Dr David Starkey CBE spoke                       the start of the week were a solemn          prepared film backdrop, was both
to the School community.                         warning that, because of recent changes      hauntingly beautiful and moving. It was a
                                                 to guidelines it was now “virtually          fitting way for the School to mark

T  he diversity of the year was truly
   astounding. I cannot begin to attempt
to mention all of the many achievements
                                                 impossible” to gain a rating of
                                                 outstanding. Her final words at the end
                                                                                              Remembrance Day. The Senior School
                                                                                              musical, Jekyll & Hyde, jointly produced by
                                                 of the week were, “well, that is the first   the Drama and Music departments once
and outstanding moments of the year.             time I have ever given an outstanding        again proved a highlight. The maturity of
However, there are some things that              rating to a school.”                         the performances never fails to take the
cannot be allowed to slip by without                My sincere thanks and congratulations     breath away, and one must mention
acknowledgement.                                 to Jim Seymour, Head of Boarding, and        Lawrence Gill’s accomplished, not to
An Inspector Calls                               his team for this remarkable achievement.    mention unnerving, performance in the
This was the year when an inspector called.         And so to the performing arts...          title roles.
And called again. And called again.                                                                 Mr Bill Broadhead‘s opening address
   At the start of June we were visited and
given a clean bill of health by the
Independent Schools Council Newly
Qualified Teacher Quality Assurance
   Then, a few days later we were visited by
the people responsible for conferring on us
Investors in People status. After three days
and 43 in-depth interviews with members
of staff right across all parts of the School,
we were re-accredited as Investors in
People and praised for, in her words, “the
incredible culture“, and “the family feel
within the School.”
   Finally, at the end of June, four

2 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                              headmaster’s report

Drama has lengthened its stride and is
fast developing into one of the School’s
                                                     “we were re-accredited43 in-depth interviews
                                                         After three days and
                                                                              as Investors in People
key strengths. LAMDA examination
distinctions were scattered like confetti              and praised for ...’the incredible culture’ and

over our budding thespians. The
Leatherhead Drama Festival was taken by
                                                          ‘the family feel within the School’
storm with Caterham, in its first year in
the competition, scooping the two major
awards: Sir Michael Caine Drama Award          newsletters or on the electronic notice-      derelict skate park rebuilt in Edenbridge.
for Junior Groups and, for Emma O’Brien,       board. Often they are the selfless            He petitioned several hundred people,
best Junior Actress. No-one could have         endeavours that pass without fanfare or       made a film and posted it on You Tube,
left the performances of Toad of Toad Hall     celebration but which are deeply              and his campaign got the skate park
and Alice in Wonderland without grinning       significant. These endeavours are             refurbished and reopened.
like the proverbial Cheshire Cat. In Lower     numerous and take place in and around            In this section on un-sung heroes, I
School pupils Jo McNeice and Saskia            the School every day: they are noticed        must mention the teams who are
Jiggens we have two actors likely to light     and very much appreciated. And so, if         heading off to our link schools in
up the School stage for many years to          you will indulge me, I would like to          Tanzania and the Ukraine. The students
come. What a delight it was to see the         mention the names of just a few of the        involved have taken on the responsibility
cast list for Alice consisting of students     students whose efforts have been              of raising desperately needed funds for
from the Upper Sixth right down to the         extraordinary without necessarily making      these two. Apart from raising a lot of
First Year – all working together, having      the headlines – the unsung heroes:            money, they have given many people an
fun and creating a remarkable                  Amy Lovell works tirelessly behind the        awful lot of fun and enjoyment along the
production. I would like to thank Miss         scenes for the benefit of others. She is an   way.
McMullin and Mrs Yankova for making            active member of the Charity Committee           A key word in that sentence was the
such a difference to School drama in only      and has single-handedly organised the         word “responsibility”, and this is
their first year in the School.                weekly sports sessions for the pupils from    something that I want to highlight
                                               Clifton Hill special School.                  because surely, “responsibility” is an alien
Sport                                          Congratulations on your Gold Duke of          concept to these people. Because these
Our sportsmen and women clearly set out
                                               Edinburgh Award, Amy and thank you for        people are….teenagers. I read the
to make this a memorable year for Mr Pat
                                               all your work. It has not gone un-noticed.    newspaper and watch the news, and to
Lavery and Miss Anne Collins who left
                                               Alex Tasker has worked diligently for the     do so is to get the clear message that all
Caterham at the end of the Summer Term
                                               music department behind the scenes. He        teenagers are, in some way, the devils
after 24 and 14 years service respectively.
                                               is the first person people go to for Audio    incarnate: selfish, intimidating hoodies
Their influence on School sport is
                                               Visual support for events and he is always    hanging around in groups showing no
incalculable. Home Field became a most
                                               happy to assist. Alex has also been co-       respect for their elders. “Get rid of the
inhospitable place for visiting teams. This
                                               chair of the Charity Committee.               yob culture,” the headlines scream. Clear
year our rugby First XV won every one of
                                               Cameron Affleck, Eliot
their regular season matches – the first                                                                    Dr Starkey and Lawrence Gill
                                               Gordon, James Arrol-
time the senior team has done so in living
                                               Barker, Freddie Marryat
memory. County championships were
                                               and Alex Bratza do not
won at all levels and in all sports. I must
                                               receive the standing
mention in particular the Upper Sixth girls.
                                               ovation at the end of the
I was delighted that their final act in
                                               drama productions, but
Caterham colours was to secure the
                                               without them they could
Senior Surrey Netball Championships for
                                               not take place. This
the fourth time in seven years. This year
                                               wonderful technical
group has offered so much to School
                                               team gives up evenings
sport in their time here and has always
                                               and weekends and are
done so with enthusiasm, cheerfulness
                                               often still working long
and sportsmanship. This group of girls
                                               after the actors are
will be sorely missed.
                                               tucked up at home in
Unsung Heroes                                  bed!
It is right to praise these outstanding        Max Campbell was
performances. But we must never forget         awarded the Try Angle
that there are some activities and             Award by Kent County
successes that are equally important that      Council for his work in
can go by without appearing in                 campaigning to have a

                                                                                                    2009 Caterham School Magazine 3
      headmaster’s report
them from the streets; bring back national      was transferred most
service; control them by playing a piercing     successfully. Unsurprisingly
whistle around shopping centres only            these genuine awards have
audible to the under 20s. Those very few        generated some urban
teenagers who do attempt some School            myths.
work are derided as having easy bite-sized         There is the report about
examinations – it wasn’t like that in my        Kathleen Robertson being
day, they say.                                  awarded £80, 000 by a
   This is an image of a teenager that I do     court as compensation for
not recognise. I get to work with a             having broken her ankle
remarkable group of them every day and,         after tripping over a
believe me, these young men and women           toddler who was running
are capable of some of the most inspiring,      about in a furniture store.
innovative and creative endeavours. But         The owners were
what really impresses me is that they take      understandably surprised
responsibility. And this truly is remarkable.   at the verdict, considering
   A willingness to take on responsibility,     the toddler in question was
and to stand up and be counted,                 Ms Robinson’s son.
particularly in moments of failure and             My favourite of this
disappointment is, sadly, in short supply in    genre is about a Mrs
the world at large. We are living in a          Grazinsky of Oklahoma
society that increasingly seeks to apportion    who bought a new
blame on anyone but themselves: the             Winnebago Motor Home.
curse of the blame culture. As a poem by        On her first trip, having
an unknown author puts it:                      driven onto the freeway,
                                                she set the cruise control at Hannah Shaw
  I went to my psychiatrist,                    70 mph and calmly left the
  To be psychoanalysed,                         driver’s seat to go into the back and make       We entrust them with responsibility and
  To find out why I killed the cat              herself a sandwich. Not surprisingly, the        they repay that trust tenfold.
  And blacked my husband’s eyes.                motor home left the freeway, crashed and            Although, I did momentarily doubt the
  He laid me on a couch,                        overturned. Mrs Grazinsky sued the               responsibility of one of our students a few
  To see what he could find.                    company for not advising her, in the             months ago. I always ask those appointed
  And here is what he dredged up,               driver’s manual, not to do this. The court       to the roles of Head of House or Senior
  From my subconscious mind.                    agreed with Mrs Grazinsky and awarded            Prefect to reply formally to me accepting
                                                her a half a million dollars as well as a        the post. One of them wrote me a lovely
  When I was one my mummy,                                                                       handwritten response, accepting the post,
                                                brand new motorhome.
  Hid my dolly in a trunk,                                                                       which finished “Don’t worry, sir, I will not
                                                   Now these are, of course, wonderful
  And so it follows naturally                                                                    fail to disappoint you.” That went straight
                                                tales and the ridiculousness makes us
  That I am always drunk.                                                                        into a file marked “Speech Day material’’.
                                                smile. However, the fact that genuine
  When I was two I saw my father                cases do exist represents a real shift in           In all seriousness, responsibility and a
  Kiss the maid behind my back                  society’s approach to responsibility.            willingness to help is an intrinsic part of
  And so it follows naturally                      I will admit that I find the television       this School. Events such as the talent
  I’m a kleptomaniac.                           programme The Apprentice eminently               show, the link with schools in Lerang’wa
                                                watchable. However, I wonder if any of           and the Ukraine, the House Music
  When I was three I had the feeling                                                             Competition, a plethora of drama
                                                you, like me, wince at the boardroom
  Of ambivalence towards my brothers,                                                            performances would not happen without
                                                scenes and ponder the message that is
  And so it follows naturally                                                                    our students playing integral roles in the
                                                being sent to our future business leaders.
  I poisoned all my lovers.                                                                      management and organisation of them.
                                                It wasn’t my fault – it was theirs.
  But I am happy now I’ve learnt                   So that is why I believe that what we         Staff rely on pupils just as much as pupils
  The lesson this has taught:                   see in Caterham students is so heartening.       rely on staff. And this ability to work
  That everything that I do wrong               Responsibility is part of the School’s           together is so important in the
  Is someone else’s fault.                      culture; it is a culture which feeds itself so   development of this School.
                                                that generations of pupils take the lead            Jonathan Sacks, the Chief Rabbi, tells a
  There is a wonderful awards ceremony          from the years above them.                       story about his meetings with Tony Blair
called the “Stella” awards which was               And why do we see these traits in our         who is, as most people know by now, a
founded in honour of Stella Liebeck, who        pupils? Well, I passionately believe that        devout Catholic. Whilst in office, he often
spilled hot coffee on herself and               responsibility comes from trust. Our             met with Rabbi Sacks to discuss the Bible
successfully sued McDonalds. Awards are         students take responsibility because, quite      and, in particular to seek his views on
given for lawsuits in which responsibility      simply, that is what is expected of them.        interpreting the text.

4 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                              headmaster’s report
   In one session, he said to the Chief      me, and which can be applied very easily          Speech Day is a celebration of
Rabbi, “I’m reading the boring bit at the    to Caterham School. We must ensure that achievement. It is a happy day. But,
moment.” Rabbi Sacks asked him what          Caterham is the school we build together:     because it falls at the end of the academic
he meant. It transpired he was referring     staff, pupils, parents and other members      year, it is also tinged with some sadness.
to a part of the book of Exodus devoted      of the School community all feeling that      We say goodbye to our GAP graduate
to the building of the Tabernacle – more     their views are worthwhile, that they are     assistants, Miss Moony, Mr Flaherty and
than 600 verses describing in minute         trusted and that they are an intrinsic part   Mr Osborne. We also say goodbye to
detail the building of a house of worship    of building something remarkable.             Miss Neal, Miss Pembroke, Dr Thompson,
to God. Exact measurements.                     I turn now, to two students who,           Miss Glenn, Miss Sandiford, Mr Ross and
Instructions for making each item of         throughout their careers have certainly       Miss Collins.
furniture. The precise location of the       played a part in shaping this School – the       And there are three other staff who
lamp stand ... and so on. The Prime          Head Boy and Head Girl, Chris Munns and       leave today that require a special mention.
Minister was perplexed: some of the most     Hannah Shaw. I want to take this                 Mrs Redding joined Eothen School in
incredible events had preceded the           opportunity to say how much I have            1992 and has been at Caterham since the
building of the Tabernacle but seemed to     appreciated the roles they have played this   merger of the two schools in 1995. The
get much less coverage: - the parting of     year. They have been diligent, enthusiastic,  School owes a huge debt of gratitude to
the Red Sea has 10 verses, the               constructive and, at all times, a true credit Mrs Redding who has been an
appearance of the Lord on Mount Sinai        to the School and to the position. I hope     outstanding Deputy Head. I personally
and the handing down of the 10               they will return frequently to the School.    could not have asked for a more astute,
Commandments warrant a mere 17                  The end of this Summer Term is also a      energetic or supportive number two. She
verses. Yes, even an                                                                                           leaves to take up the post

appearance by God                                                                                              as Headmistress of
himself warranted                  Responsibility is part of the School’s culture; Greenacre School in
about one fortieth of                                                                                          Banstead. We will miss
the text given over to              it is a culture which feeds itself so that                                 her greatly.
the building of a large         generations of pupils take the lead from the                                      Mr Simpson retires at
                                                                                                               the end of this term after

tent in the middle of
nowhere.                                        years above them.                                              23 years at the School.
   Rabbi Sack’s answer                                                                                         As Head of Physics since
was, “Well you of all people should know     milestone for another reason. Eight           September 2000 he has presided over
Prime Minister that column inches don’t      students are making a piece of School         major developments in the department.
necessarily indicate the importance of an    history today: Lucy Brymer, Amy Battersby, It is a testament to his abilities that the
event.” But it troubled him because he       Robert Leatherby, Florence Nalson, Isobel     Department was awarded the Good
knew deep down that he had not               O’Connor, Matthew Wilson, Nicola Shiplee Schools Guide Award for Best
answered the question. As he was re-         and Alex O’Brien have been at Caterham        Independent School in England for AS
reading the whole of Exodus some weeks       for 15 years – they are the first students to Physics in 2005, 2006 and 2007. We wish
later, he thought that the explanation       progress right through the School from        Mr Simpson many happy and fulfilling
became clear to him. The reason was          Reception all the way to Upper Sixth.         years ahead.
that The Israelites were moaners!            Congratulations to them all.                     Mr Lavery is retiring at the end of this
Throughout the book of Exodus the               Before I end, I would like to thank Bill   term having completed 24 years of loyal
Israelites were worrying and complaining.    Broadhead and the board of governors.         and highly valued service to the school.
Not just to Moses, but to God.               This School is extremely lucky to have such   Mr Lavery joined Caterham Boys School in
   However, in one part of the book there    a skilled and dedicated group of people as    1985 as Director of Sport and has
is no moaning, no resentment and no          its Governors. They give up many hours of continued to lead the PE and Games
complaining. It was the 600 verses of the    their time, unpaid and largely                Department throughout that time. He has
building of the Tabernacle. Why?             unrecognised. Their wisdom and wise           supported and encouraged Caterham
Because they were all working together.      counsel is invaluable and has been very       boys and girls to pursue their sporting
Everyone had a role. Everyone was            much appreciated.                             interests and has played a key role in
important. Everyone depended upon               I would also like to say thank you to all  raising the School’s sporting standards in
everyone else. This shared purpose           the 252 extraordinary staff – to the          his time here. He is an all-round school
bound them together. Rabbi Sacks views       teachers, the cleaners, the grounds staff,    master who has really left his mark on
this as deeply significant and has written   the office staff, the medical staff, the      Caterham School. We wish him a long,
a social commentary called The Home We       maintenance workers, the matrons and          happy and fulfilling retirement.
Build Together: Recreating Society in        the numerous other people who work in            It only leaves me to say thank you all
which he writes about the importance of      support of our students. Their                very much for attending today and I hope
all parts of society feeling they have a     commitment to supporting the students at      you all have a relaxing and enjoyable
stake in the success of the country.         this school is unrivalled and greatly         summer. We start all over again on
   It is a concept which resonates with      appreciated.                                  September the 7th!

                                                                                                     2009 Caterham School Magazine 5
                                  This year there was an unprecedented 10% increase in demand for university places, partially caused by the recession. However, the problem was compounded
                                  by a reduction in the number of places available due to a cut in funding. Consequently, even top grades were sometimes not enough to ensure access to the first
                                  choice universities. Many schools have reported that this has been the most difficult round of university placements ever experienced. However, excluding those
                                  taking a gap year, all of our Upper Sixth students secured places and 83% entered a top tier university including 9 going to Oxbridge, 4 to Imperial College, 2 to
                                  St Andrews and 8 to University College London.

                                  Student                                 University                               Subject                               Student                            University                                 Subject
                                  Abberley         Stefan                 Gap Year                                                                       Marsh         Simon                University College London                Mathematics
                                  Amlot            Matthew                Lancaster University                   Politics with International Relations   Martin        Abigail              University of East Anglia                Film & Television Studies
                                  Archer           Thomas                 Leeds Metropolitan University          Social Sciences                         McBryde       William              University of Bristol                    Geography
                                  Atherton         Oliver                 Cardiff University                     Economics                               Mead          Taro Hull            University                               Computer Science
                                  Bailey           Sophie                 Gap Year                                                                       Miles         James                Gap Year
                                  Bainbridge       Alicia                 University of Southampton              Sociology                               Mill          Matthew              University of Bath                       Business Administration
                                  Baly             Samuel                 Bristol West of England University     Sports Management                       Morgan        Owen                 Cardiff University                       Medicine
                                  Bannister        Jonathan               University of Bristol                  Computer Science                        Morle         Nathalie             University of Manchester                 Architecture
                                  Battersby        Amy                    University of Southampton              Applied Social Sciences                 Mulvey        Philippa             University of Exeter                     International Relations
                                  Bayley           Robert                 University of York                     Environmental Geography                 Munns         Christopher          Gap year
                                  Bayliss          Lyall                  Gap Year                                                                       Murphy        Timothy              Swansea University                       Mechanical Engineering
                                  Beamish          Kate                   University of Bristol                  Pharmacology                            Nalson        Florence             University of Newcastle                  Politics

6 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                  Bowry            Kabir                  Keele University                       Accounting and Finance                  Neshina       Anna                 King's College, London                   Business Management
                                  Brown            Alasdair               Cardiff University                     Marine Geography                        Newland       William              University of Wales Institute, Cardiff   Architectural Technology
                                  Brymer           Lucy                   University of Durham                   Social Sciences                         Ng            Ting Chun (Jacky)    Sheffield Hallam                         Nutrition
                                  Buckett          Emily                  Canterbury Christ Church University    Sport Psychology & Childhood Studies    Ni            Shuyang              Imperial College London                  Civil Engineering
                                  Buckland         Caroline               Loughborough University                Retail Management                       Niehues       Jan                  Oxford: Jesus College                    Physics
                                  Butler           Jessica                Loughborough                           University Psychology                   Niehues       Philipp              Germany
                                  Campbell         Cole                   Royal Holloway, University of London   Drama                                   O'Brien       Alexander            University of Bath                       Mathematics
                                  Carew-Gibbs      Benjamin               Newport – University of Wales          Sport & Nutrition                       O'Connor      Isobel               University of Bath                       Modern Languages
                                  Carracher        Jamie                  Swansea University                     Biochemistry                            Orazbekov     Iskander             Imperial College London                  Computing (Artificial Intelligence)
                                  Chan             Chung Ki (Kenny)       St Martins College of Art & Design     Art Foundation                          Orbell        Alexander            Sheffield University                     Information Management
                                  Chan             Hoo Sang               University of Surrey                   Space Technology                        Owens-
                                  Chapman          Laura                  University of Leeds                    Sport Science & Psychology                Thurston    Aleksander           University of Surrey                     Economics
                                  Cheng            Jung (Theo)            London School of Economics (2010)      Economics                               Page          Freddie              Oxford Brookes University                Business & Marketing Management
                                  Cheng            Jingda                 University of Nottingham               Mathematics & Economics                 Parrish       Elizabeth            Gap Year
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           students on the move

                                  Cheung           Man Yee (Lilly)        University College London              Biomedical Sciences                     Parry         Sophie               Gap year
                                  Choi             Tin Yan (Samuel)       Cambridge: Christ’s College            Mathematics                             Patterson     James                University of Durham                     Mechanical Engineering
                                  Chow             Tsz Wang (Bernard)     University College London              Biomedical Sciences                     Payne         Christian            University of Reading                    Environmental Management
                                  Clarke           Hannah                 University of Manchester               Biology                                 Pogosyan      Karina               Gap Year
                                  Cockburn-                                                                                                              Poon          Ka Ming (Lucca)      University of Warwick                    Management
                                    Upward         Penelope               University of Southampton              Politics & International Relations      Roberts       Zoe Hull             University Chemistry
                                  Cook             Jayde                  University of Nottingham               Physiotherapy                           Roberts       Solomon              Oxford: Pembroke College                 History
                                  Damesick         Dominic                University of Warwick                  Politics                                Robertson     Andrew               Sheffield University                     International Relations
                                  Davidson         Benjamin               University of Birmingham               Sport & Exercise Science                Rowlands      Jasmine              Gap Year
                                  Doney            Benjamin               Swansea University                     Politics                                Seager        John King's          College, London                          Law
                                  Elliott          Christopher            University of Leeds                    English and Philosophy                  Semyachkova   Antonina             Oxford: Balliol College                  Biology
                                  Foulds Matthew   Gap year                                                                                              Shaw          Hannah               University of Durham                     Teaching
                                  Fullalove        Sam                    Swansea University                     Business                                Shearman      Samuel               Cardiff University                       Business Management
                                  Gill             Lawrence               University of Manchester               Sociology                               Shen          Jieni                Cambridge: Sidney Sussex College         Economics
                                  Goburdhun        Zeeshan                Swansea University                     Law                                     Shi           Bo                   Cambridge: St Catherine's College        Economics
                                  Gocher           Rebecca                University of Manchester               Music                                   Shiplee       Nicola               Cardiff University                       Business Management
                                  Grace            Jessica                King's College, London                 Medicine                                Shrimpton     Georgia              Loughborough University                  Biology
                                  Grant            Benjamin               King's College, London                 War Studies                             Siu           Chung Yan (Vivien)   University College London                Biomedical Sciences
                                  Gregory          Charlotte              University of Southampton              Applied Social Sciences                 Smith         Hannah               University of Durham                     Geography
                                  Hancock          Luke                   Gap Year                                                                       Tasker        Alexander            Hull University                          Business
                                  Hanson           Matthew                Lancaster                              University Business Studies             Temir         Elizaveta            University of Nottingham                 Psychology
                                  Haydock          Michael                Cambridge: Queen’s College             Natural Sciences                        Teodosieva    Kristiyana           King's College, London                   Business Management
                                  He               Shanzhen (Charlotte)   London School of Economics             Economics                               Tittle        Lucy                 St Andrews University                    English
                                  Hearn            Christophe             Sheffield University                   Management                              Trayner       Matthew              Cardiff University                       Mechanical Engineering
                                  Hopkins          James                  St Andrews University                  International Relations                 Wagner        Elisabeth            University College London                Law
                                  Horne            Benjamin               Edinburgh University                   Ancient History                         Walker        Camilla              Oxford: Hertford College                 Philosophy Politics & Economics
                                  Hunt             Rebecca                University of Newcastle                Philosophy                              Wang          Bing Qi              Imperial College London                  Mathematics
                                  Jones            John                   Keele University                       Psychology and Sociology                Weller        James                University of Wales, Bangor              Criminology & Criminal Justice
                                  Kasza-Martin     Alexandria             Loughborough University                Retail Management                       White         Holly                University of Southampton                Sociology
                                  Kay              Alexander              Bournemouth University                 Business Management                     Whiteley      Megan                University of Exeter                     Theology
                                  Kean             Anthony                Sheffield University                   Management                              Whitley       Guy                  University of East Anglia                Law
                                  Kinoshita        Katharine              Oxford: Hertford College               Chinese                                 Willson       Robert               University of Leeds                      Sport & Exercise Science
                                  Komissarov       Yegor                  University College                     London Economics                        Wilson        Matthew              Lancaster University                     Mechanical Engineering
                                  Lawson           Tonte                  University of Bath                     Mechanical Engineering                  Wong          Anita                Edinburgh University                     Civil Engineering
                                  Leatherby        Robert                 University College London              Medicine                                Wood          Alexandra            University of Manchester                 Business Studies
                                  Leck             Suzanne                University of Southampton              Spanish & History                       Woodgate      Jack                 Lancaster University                     Business Studies
                                  Lin              Jun (Jason)            London School of Economics             Economics                               Zhang         Yue Yang (Ashley)    University College London                Economics
                                  Lin              Xing (Nicky)           London School of Economics             Economics                               Zhong         Yuan Yuan (Nydia)    Imperial College London                  Aeronautical Engineering
                                  Lovell           Amy                    University of Winchester               Teaching Special Educational Needs      Zimmermann    Raphael              University of East Anglia                Biology

Academic Results in 2009
A new school record for A*– A
grades in GCSE results
T  he 108 pupils who took their GCSE exams in 2009 had cause
   for a double celebration. Not only were they able to celebrate
their own excellent results, they could also celebrate that they had
contributed to the best ever GCSE performance by pupils at the
   l 42% of grades were A* up from 37% last year
   l 72% of grades were A*- A up from 70% last year
   l 98% of grades were A*- C equalling last year.
   l All the pupils taking English Language achieved A*- C
   l All the pupils taking Mathematics achieved A*- C
   l All the 24 pupils who took the three sciences achieved                                                                        Jamal King

     A*- A and of the 84 who took Science Double, 69%
     achieved A*- A.                                                    Leading Results:
   l 87% of the pupils who took Latin achieved A*- A and the            Tatiana Aspinwall 11A*              Adam Jones 9A*
     7 pupils who took Greek achieved A*                                Holly Worthington 10A*              Harrison Smith 9A*
   Headmaster Julian Thomas said: ‘’I am delighted with these           Eleanor Budge 10A*                  Charles Davies 9A*
results because they will be of significant help to the pupils when     Amy Miles 10A*                      Elizabeth Prosser 9A*
they apply to leading universities in two years. All the universities   Oliver Claydon 9A* and 1A           Christopher Hitchin 8A*and 2A
in the top tier are looking for outstanding GCSE results to support     Emma Houlden 9A* and 1A             Romilly Whiteley 8A* and 2A
high A level grades so I am particularly pleased to see that the        Shun Ko 9A* and 1A                  Felix Stegmann 8A* and 2A
proportion of grades at A* has doubled since 2005.                      Harriet Shaw 9A* and 1A             Megan Armitage 8A* and 1A
   I think that it is worth bearing in mind that the majority of        William Tittle 9A* and 1 A          Harry McInley 8A* and 1A
pupils were studying 9, 10 or 11 subjects to ensure that they had       Charlotte Williams 9A* and 1A
a broad and balanced curriculum and 36% achieved A* or A
grades for all their subjects. Nowadays few schools are able to
offer high quality teaching in the Classics so it is particularly       The following pupils gained full marks in all papers
gratifying to see that the Caterham School pupils who opted to          in the following:
take Latin or Greek did very well with 25 of the 30 entries graded
at A*. Once again all pupils achieved at least 7 A*-C grades            Beth Prosser             –   3D Design and Religious Studies
including English Language and Maths.‘’                                 Azuoma Obikudu           –   French
                                                                        Harry McInley            –   Religious Studies
                                                                        Amy Miles                –   Religious Studies
                                                                        Charlotte Williams       –   Religious Studies
                                                                        Maxim Pyuman             –   Russian

                                                                        Left to Right: Harry Gallivan, David Thomas, Will Tittle, George Kyle,
                                                                                           Anthony Batki-Braun, Ollie Claydon, Chris Toomey
                                                                                                            Charles Huke and Sam Thompson

                                                                                                        2009 Caterham School Magazine 7

Harry Beaumont                                                                                        Amy Miles and Megan Armitage

GCSE Examination Results
SUBJECT                       A*     A       B          C    D      E           F     G        % Passes        % Passes
                                                                                                A*– A           A–C
Art                          10     11     19         2       0      0          0      0          50              100
Economics & Business           9      2      6        2       1      0          0      0          55               95
Chinese                        8      0      0        0       0      0          0      0         100              100
3D Design                      2      5      3        3       0      0          0      0         53.8             100
English                      24     53     21         2       0      0          0      0          77              100
English Literature           23     33     25       15        4      0          0      0          56               96
French                       21     15     12       11        7      1          0      0         53.7             88.1
Geography                    25     13     13         4       1      0          0      0         67.9             98.2
German                         7      2      0        1       0      0          0      0          90              100
Greek                          7      0      0        0       0      0          0      0         100              100
History                      31     16       9        5       0      1          0      1         74.6             96.8
Information Technology         3    11       5        1       0      0          0      0          70              100
Latin                        18       2      1        1       1      0          0      0          87              95.7
Mathematics                  54     31     21         2       0      0          0      0         78.7             100
Music                          0      2      5        2       0      0          0      0         22.2             100
Polish                         1      0      0        0       0      0          0      0         100              100
Physical Education           14     11       2        4       0      0          0      0         80.6             100
Religious Studies            22       3      0        0       0      0          0      0         100              100
Russian                        3      0      1        0       0      0          0      0          75              100
Biology                      23       1      0        0       0      0          0      0         100              100
Chemistry                    17       7      0        0       0      0          0      0         100              100
Physics                      20       4      0        0       0      0          0      0         100              100
Science Double Award         62     54     40       10        0      2          0      0          69              98.8
Spanish                      10     18       6        2       0      1          0      0         75.7             97.3
                   Total:   414    294    189       67      14       5          0      1
                      %:    42.1   29.9   19.2      6.8     1.4    0.5          0    0.1

 GCSE Results                      2004          2005       2006       2007          2008      2009

 % Pass A*                         21.5          21.3       22.1         29.5        36.7      42.1

 % Pass A*– A                      52.5          56.0       59.9         64.6        69.7      72.0

 % Pass A* – B                     86.0          85.9       91.0         87.8        92.2      91.2

 % Pass A* – C                     98.0          97.8       99.2         98.3        98.4      98.0

 Free Standing Qualification in Additional Mathematics

                                     A      B           C   D      E                % Passes    % A-C
 2008 Additional Maths               13     4           5    0     0                  100         100

 2009 Additional Maths               15     5           1    0     1                  100        95.4
AS Results set another record
The AS results this year set another record for A –B and A-C passes and therefore we anticipate that next year could be another
exceptional year for A level results.

               Lower Sixth AS Examination Results
              SUBJECT                           A           B     C       D           E          % Passes        % A-C
              Art                               11           4     2      0           0            100            100
              Biology                           29          18     3      1           0            100            98.0
              Business Studies                   4           9    13      2           0            100            92.8
              Chemistry                         22          11     7      4           0            100            90.9
              Chinese                           19           4     0      0           0            100            100
              3D Design                          2           1     0      0           0            100            100
              Drama                              4           2     0      0           0            100            100
              Economics                         20          15     6      0           1            95.5           93.2
              English                           18          12     4      0           0            100            100
              French                            10           7     3      0           0            100            100
              Geography                         13           3     1      0           0            100            100
              German                             8           3     0      1           0            100            91.7
              Government & Politics              9           9     7      2           0            100            92.6
              Greek                              1           0     0      0           0            100            100
              History                           15          12    11      1           0            100            97.4
              ICT                                0           3     0      2           0            100            60.0
              Latin                              3           0     1      0           0            100            100
              Maths                             60          17     9      9           3            100           87.76
              Further Maths                     26           0     2      0           0            100            100
              Music                              2           2     2      0           0            100            100
              Photography                        3           2     0      0           0            100            100
              PE                                 4           4     3      1           1            100            84.6
              Physics                           24           7     5      2           1            100            92.3
              Psychology                         2           7    13      6           0            100            78.6
              Religious Studies                 16           3     1      0           0            100            100
              Russian                            6           0     0      0           0            100            100
              Spanish                            4           4     3      4           0            93.8           68.8
              Textiles                           3           2     0      0           0            100            100
                                  Total       338       161     96        35        6
                                      %      52.90     25.20 15.02      5.48     0.94

               AS Results                        2004            2005      2006           2007    2008         2009

               % Pass (A – E)                        96.5        98.5          98.0       99.5      98.1       99.53

               % Pass A                              40.5        43.4          41.8       55.3      52.1       52.89

               % Pass A – B                          67.5        68.6          66.8       77.5      74.2       78.10

               % Pass A – C                          84.7        86.4          84.0       91.5      87.8       93.12

Excellent A Level Results Recorded
T  he 126 students who took their A Level examinations this year
   were able to celebrate another remarkable set of results. All
students passed.
                                                                          breaking results of last year I am pleased to see that an
                                                                          exceptionally high standard has been maintained. It is a
                                                                          wonderful achievement, not only for the students who have
                                                                          worked so hard but also for the staff who have supported and
   l   60% ‘A’ grades
                                                                          encouraged them in their endeavours.
   l   85% ‘A – B’ grades
                                                                             At Caterham we focus on developing the whole person,
   l   97% ‘A – C’ grades
                                                                          aiming to ensure that each pupil leaves here ready for life at
   l   52 students achieved three or more ‘A’ grades.
                                                                          university and beyond with life skills to help him or her succeed
   l   18 students achieved 4 or more ‘A’ grades – of which
                                                                          in whatever they may do in the future. Therefore I am
       7 achieved 5 and 1 achieved 6
                                                                          particularly pleased that, apart from those taking a gap year,
  Headmaster Julian Thomas said: ‘’This was another excellent             once again all students will be progressing to university with
year for A level results at Caterham School. Following the record         83% going to one in the top tier.’’

                                                                                                          2009 Caterham School Magazine 9
            Upper Sixth A-Level Examination Results
            SUBJECT                              A         B        C       D           E                % Passes       % A-C
            Art                              10             6        2      0           0                  100           100
            Biology                          13             5        0      0           0                  100           100
            Human Biology                    11             5        2      0           0                  100           100
            Business Studies                 13            12        3      1           0                  100           96.6
            Chemistry                        17             4        5      1           0                  100           96.3
            Chinese                           7             3        0      0           0                  100           100
            Design Technology                 1             3        0      0           0                  100           100
            Drama                             1             2        0      0           0                  100           100
            Economics                        13             3        1      2           0                  100           89.5
            English                           8             4        3      0           0                  100           100
            French                            2             2        2      0           0                  100           100
            Geography                        11             4        4      2           0                  100           90.5
            German                            4             2        0      0           0                  100           100
            Government & Politics             7            12        4      1           1                  100           92.0
            History                          14             4        2      0           0                  100           100
            ICT                               0             0        2      0           0                  100           100
            Latin                             3             3        0      0           0                  100           100
            Maths                            40             2        3      1           0                  100           97.8
            Further Maths                    18             1        1      0           0                  100           100
            Further Maths Additional          1             0        0      0           0                  100           100
            Music                             1             1        1      0           0                  100           100
            Photography                       3             1        4      0           0                  100           100
            PE                                6             4        1      1           0                  100           91.7
            Physics                          22             6        2      1           0                  100           96.8
            Psychology                        2             5        3      2           0                  100           83.3
            Religious Studies                12             4        0      0           0                  100           100
            Russian                           7             0        0      0           0                  100           100
            Spanish                           3             2        1      0           0                  100           100
            Textiles                          0             0        1      0           0                  100           100
                                Total       250        100     47           12         1
                                       %   60.97      24.39 11.46         2.93      0.24

             A-Level Results                     2004           2005         2006            2007         2008        2009

             % Pass (A – E)                          100            100          100          100           100         100
             % Pass A                            53.91          49.53        53.00          54.39         69.25       60.49
             % Pass A – B                        81.74          82.97            76.9       81.29         88.11       85.36
             % Pass A – C                        93.04          96.22            92.7       95.33         97.41       96.83

LAMDA Results
T  he London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) is
   one of the oldest drama schools in the United Kingdom.
Founded in 1861, it quickly established itself as a centre of
                                                                           generation of first-class actors and expertly-trained stage
                                                                           managers across the world.
                                                                             These are fantastic results – 29 candidates and 21 Distinctions!
excellence in performance training. LAMDA has provided theatre             Well done to all who took their exams.
and the world of film and television with generation upon                                                        ALEX YANKOVA AND LISA MCMULLIN

  LAMDA Results
 Jonathan Hall            Acting Grade 3              Pass                       Felicity Miners-Jones       Acting Grade 5     Distinction
 Joe McNeice              Acting Grade 4              Merit                      Ellie Crouch                Mime Grade 3       Distinction
 Shauna Matthews          Group Acting Grade 2        Distinction                Romany Colligon             Acting Grade 3     Distinction
 Nadia Moses              Group Acting Grade 2        Distinction                Pippa Waterman              Acting Grade 4     Distinction
 Kelly Gibson             Group Acting Grade 2        Distinction                Ellie Dadds                 Acting Grade 3     Distinction
 Erika Barron             Acting Grade 4              Merit                      Abi Riches                  Acting Grade 4     Distinction
 Rosie Meade              Acting Grade 4              Merit                      Millie Paton                Acting Grade 3     Distinction
 Ellen Mann               Acting Grade 4              Merit                      Lois Hatch                  Acting Grade 4     Distinction
 Kamila Donald            Mime Grade 4                Distinction                Saskia Jiggens              Acting Grade 4     Distinction
 Scott Gibson             Devised Grade 5             Distinction                Anne-Marie Baston           Acting Grade 4     Distinction
 Sophie McCartney         Acting Grade 5              Distinction                Sophie Foreman              Acting Grade 4     Distinction
 Rosie Riches             Mime Grade 3                Distinction                Miranda Batki-Braun         Acting Grade 3     Distinction
 Mary Pekarskaya          Acting Grade 3              Distinction                Chloe Berry                 Acting Grade 3     Merit
 Emily Murphy             Acting Grade 4              Merit                      Lucy Beaumont               Acting Grade 3     Merit
 Ben Dillon               Devised Grade 5             Distinction
                                                                                                         house reports
House Reports 2009                                                                                     house report
                                                                                                        BY MARK SHERRINGTON
Viney house report                                         BY MARK WALLACE
                                                                                                       Underwood knew they could do
                                                                                                       it, but it was the Senior Rugby
This has been another wonderful year in boarding so it gives me                                        against Aldercombe that showed
great pleasure to write my last ever house report!                                                     us that anything is possible when
                                                                                                       you are wearing a rather sickly
It only seems like yesterday when the likes of
 Ross and Taiwo started out as boarders in the
First Year. Now they are just about to embark
                                                        I have to say that in all my years in
                                                     boarding the one thing that continually
                                                     stands out is the commitment of the staff.
                                                                                                       green jersey...
on their Sixth Form careers!
   The Fifth Year have been a lovely group and
                                                     Year in year out they work so hard on
                                                     behalf of the boys and each other and this        A     ldercombe were huge and we were
                                                                                                             keeping them at bay rather like terriers
                                                                                                       herding a herd of elephants. But after Ben
enjoy each others company immensely. They            teamwork is so important and makes
have added so much already to the Senior             boarding what it is today. I know the             Doney kicked a penalty from the half way line
House in this last year. Azuoma already shows        students appreciate it and I certainly do. SO,    we seemed to tackle like men possessed. We
potential and Ross has come on in leaps and          A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL. To Nick,              did not win the Rugby competition overall but
bounds, as have Winson and Taiwo. We, of             my successor, you will enjoy your time in         we did win that game. From that moment on
course, will miss Felix terribly when he goes.       boarding no end. You don’t need ‘good             Underwood boys did everything with a fire in
   In terms of House competitions this has           luck’ – you’ll be great!                          their belly and green blood in their veins. The
been our best year to date. We have won so              The other part of boarding that we have        girls were in the lead of the whole competition
many events with swimming and athletics              worked so hard on (staff and students) and        when they went into the Netball but some of
standing out. It is the diversity, however, of the   have finally established over the past five       the opposition girls could have auditioned for
competitions we have won that are most               years is the ‘family atmosphere’. Boarding’s      Jack and the Bean Stalk, so we had to accept
pleasing – chess, badminton and the ‘new             success would not have come about                 second. First in the Boys, second in the Girls,
category’, drama.                                    without this. On leaving at Christmas I will      that has to be a vintage year! Thanks to Ben
   What this allows us is the opportunity for        certainly miss boarding. It has been a huge       and Jasmin for all their support. Goodbye and
different members of the house to take part,         part of my family’s life for so long and I will   good luck to our lovely Upper Sixth who have
to lead and to excel. We are blessed with an         cherish all the fond memories I will take         been on this journey to the top right from the
abundance of talent in the house and the             away.                                             start. “Yes we can?” …Yes we did!
boys never cease to amaze me with what they
can do.
   The Talent Show is another example of the
depth and variety of the boys’ creativity. Who
                                                       Harestone                                 BY NEIL GREENHALGH (L6)
can forget the boarders’ answer to Britain’s           house report                              AND EMMA SHELDON (L6)
Got Talent winners ‘Diversity’, in the form of
Taiwo, Azuoma and Uncle T? Then there was              2009 was not the best year for the boys and girls but there were
the Boarders’ Band. And we have been
blessed with the singing sensation Jacky Ng –
                                                       some good highlights not least the successful defence of the House
why have you hidden your beautiful voice for           Quiz and a wonderful showing in the House drama.
so long Jacky? Not to forget David Ng’s                                                                The junior girls won both House Athletics
incredible beat boxing and Vincent Hsu’s
wonderful magic show.
                                                       T   he boys finished sixth in the
                                                           Stephen Smith cup; however the
                                                       intermediate boys did perform well in
                                                                                                       and House Swimming and the intermediate
                                                                                                       girls won Lacrosse. It was a close call in
   More singing talent was unearthed at our            the cricket and hockey competitions             House Swimming for the seniors but the
Karaoke night when Kelvin took to the stage,           where they reached the finals and               girls managed to pull back and draw with
ably assisted by Theo! What about Raphi –              were also runners up on Sports Day.             Aldercombe for first place this year. However
‘DISTURBIA’ - great evenings – great                                                                   our best team this year has included all ages
                                                       The seniors’ best performance was in
memories!                                                                                              in the House Quiz which we triumphantly
                                                       the Rugby where they played out an
   The Lower Sixth have been an awesome                                                                won. House Drama must not go without a
                                                       excellent final against Lewisham who
year group. Rich in diversity, cultural
                                                       scored with the last play of the match          mention either. This was the first year that
backgrounds, talent and natural leadership,
                                                       to deny a gallant Harestone team                drama has been added into the house
the boarding house is in good hands with the
                                                       victory. For the juniors the opposition         events and led by Hannah Spence and Gina
perfect team in place to support the hard
                                                       proved too strong but with the new              Sherlock, the Harestone team put on an
working staff.
                                                       intake the signs are good for next year.        amazing adaptation of Goldilocks and the
   We wish all the Upper Sixth the very best in
their exams and hope they get their first                 The Harestone girls achieved a very          Three Bears. The performance on the night
choice universities. Thanks to all the prefects        creditable fourth place in the final            was brilliant but we were just beaten to
for their efforts and leadership. We also say          standings of the Dianne Raine Cup last          finish in a well deserved second place. Many
goodbye to Cole, who in his one year has               year. We may not have started as well           thanks to Mr. Hayes in his last year as Head
made such a huge impact. Make sure you all             as we’d hoped but with excellent                of Harestone. Here’s hoping we do even
stay in touch!                                         house spirit, we won several events.            better this year!

                                                                                                               2009 Caterham School Magazine 11
      house reports
Beech Hanger house report                                                 BY CLARE QUINTON

I t’s hard to believe that another year is
  drawing to a close and that we will be
saying goodbye to our Upper Sixth girls in
                                                   “ It would butimpossible to mentionto be the Boarding
                                                   activities ...
                                                                     my highlight has got
                                                                                          all our events and

just a matter of weeks. It only seems like
yesterday that, with great excitement and
                                                          production of The Pied Piper of Hamelin...
                                                Miss Pembroke who has taken to
                                                                                              our events and activities throughout the
a certain amount of relief on my part, the
extension had been completed, ten lucky         boarding with ease and been an absolute       year but my highlight has got to be the
Upper Sixth girls moved into their brand        pleasure to work with. She will be sorely     Boarding production of “The Pied Piper of
new rooms in Beech Hanger and we                missed by us all in the house next year,      Hamelin” which won the new House
started the year with a full house and a        but we hope that she comes back to visit      Drama competition in February. Seeing so
total of 64 girls. The Smith family also        us often. Karina and her team of prefects     many of the boys and girls across all the
moved into their new flat at the top, so at     have surpassed my expectations this year      year groups getting involved, and the
last we were all back under one roof            and done a great job in helping me to run     dedication they all gave in preparation for
again. Our new Lower Sixth intake was           the house and in March I was absolutely       the event was really fantastic. I can’t wait
the largest we had ever had and yet the         delighted to hand over to Samantha            to see what they produce next year!
prefects and existing Lower Sixth girls         Moore, the role of pupil Head of House.          I would like to finish by thanking
were on hand from the minute the new            The takeover has been seamless and I          everyone in Beech Hanger, girls and staff
pupils arrived to show them the ropes           look forward to seeing the prefects           alike, for keeping things so harmonious
and help them to adjust to life at              flourish here in September.                   here for another year and for allowing me
Caterham School. We also welcomed                  It would be impossible to mention all      to continue to enjoy my job so much.

Ridgefield house report                                        BY JAMES OGILVIE

Once again I have enjoyed my role at the helm                                                 the following competitions (I will just list
                                                                                              them!): junior rounders, junior tennis,
of Ridgefield for the 2008-2009 season...                                                     senior lacrosse, junior lacrosse, junior

O     nce again I have enjoyed my role at
      the helm of Ridgefield for the 2008-
2009 season. It was one which saw some
                                                manage to achieve victories in the senior
                                                athletics and junior rugby competitions.
                                                   I was particularly pleased that this year
                                                                                              badminton, senior netball and
                                                                                              intermediate netball. They came second
                                                                                              place in the intermediate tennis,
highs and the inevitable lows, but at the       saw us doing well in the ‘cross-year-group’   intermediate lacrosse, intermediate
end of the day I like to think that the very    competitions. We won the house music          swimming, junior netball and senior cross
special atmosphere in the house meant           with an amazing rendition of The Spice        country which all helped to secure the
that everybody enjoyed being a part of it.      Girls’ ‘Wannabe’ – “zigga zig ah” indeed.     cup.
The end of the house competition year           We also won the debating

saw a contrasting result in the boys’ and       and came a close second in
girls’ competitions. In the boys’ we only       the quiz, just being pipped               We won the house music with an
managed a disappointing 5th place but           at the post by Harestone in           amazing rendition of The Spice Girls
the girls’ outstanding efforts were
rewarded with them winning the Diana
                                                the last round. It is
                                                particularly pleasing to see
Raine trophy – the first time that Ridgefield   Ridgefielders cooperating like this across       My sincere thanks go to the vast
has achieve such a feat.                        the age groups and in many ways for me        majority of Ridgefield students who are
   The boys never really managed to come        epitomises the ethos behind the house         willing (and sometimes even keen!) to
alive this year and were permanently            competitions.                                 compete in the house competitions
dogged by a lack of enthusiasm and                 In contrast to the boys, our girls shone   without too much cajoling. I would also
commitment from a particular group of           this year. As previously mentioned, we        like to take the opportunity to thank the
4th year boys. Needless to say this is a        now hold the inter-house competition cup, staff team for their efforts in supporting
recipe for continued failure and as a result    but impressively, looking at the breakdown the Ridgefield faithful, preparing
the intermediates achieved last place in no     of results in more detail, we would have      assemblies for Friday mornings and
less than 6 of the 13 competitions held.        actually won the junior cup, intermediate     fulfilling their duties without complaint.
This is frustrating for those in the house      cup and senior cup if they had been held         I look forward to another year of dark
that do make the effort to participate and I    separately! Such strength and depth of        green success under the stewardship of
am expecting a serious change of attitude       talent across all age groups is fantastic and Alex Clark and Emma Warner, who I hope
as these boys enter the senior competition      bodes well for future successes as well.      will be ably supported by a determined
as 5th years. Having said this, the boys did       The girls managed to romp to victory in    and willing upper sixth group.

12 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                               house reports
Lewisham house report                                          BY BEN WILKINSON                Townsend
                                                                                               house report
If I had to sum up my first year in charge of Lewisham in
only a few words, it would have to be: ‘like a rollercoaster’.                                 BY ANDION VAN NIEKERK

L   ast summer we dramatically, and with
    some impressive lack of co-ordination,
came last in house music. This is a big
                                                  With the new summer term, came a
                                               new set of house prefects. Andrew Krag
                                               and Sophie Colman took up the
                                                                                               This had been an
                                                                                               incredibly exciting year
event and worth double points in the           challenge of helping to steer Lewisham          that will be remembered
premier league, but we bounced back in         back to pole position, and what a great
true style winning both the inter boys and     start we have made. Senior Athletics
                                                                                               as the year where we were
girls athletics cups. And so the autumn        brought out the best in the house with          almost full to capacity in
term started on a mixed foundation, but        the girls clinching 1st place in a close and
                                               well fought competition, and the boys
                                                                                               the junior part of the
spirits were high as the Rugby
competition was scheduled for later in         being pushed into 3rd by a strong               house...
the term. The senior boys put in overtime      boarding team. But it was with house            which enabled us to take part in most
at ‘Body heat’ with Sam Fullalove, Freddie     music, yes you heard me correctly house         inter house sporting event as a boarding
Page, Matt Foulds and Ben Carew-Gibbs          music, that we made our most surprising         group. The most memorable being the
all being on top form as we romped to          gains! We only went and won the thing!!         outstanding performances of our
victory. The inters followed suit, with an     Wow! What a turn around. Then two               badminton players and also the clean
equally impressive winning streak. In the      days later we went on to win the inter          sweep in chess. My highlight most
girls’ competition we were not fairing too     boys and girls’ athletics competitions for      certainly was the winning of the very first
well, but good inter results in badminton      the second year running. The spirit in the      Inter House drama contest. Who will ever
raised spirits.                                house is now at an all time high, just like     forget the ‘gasps’ when the Pied Piper
   At Christmas I was feeling confident        the temperatures, and I am confident we         walked in? The key phrase in the junior
that we could retain the Stephen Smith         can get the double this year. Watch out         boarding house is ‘involvement and
Cup by catching the impressive                 Underwood your time at the top looks            balance.’ We encourage all boys to take
Underwood, but we failed to move out of        short lived.                                    part in school and boarding life, whether
second gear in the spring term. I was             I have to thank Keith Simpson for his        it is on the cultural side or sport side.
particularly embarrassed by the lack of        many years of loyal service to the house
house spirit shown by the senior boys in
the cross-country and we disappointingly
                                               as he retires this year, and to Helen
                                               Sandiford, Lisa McMullin, Alex Yankova              “ Mywas the winning of
                                                                                                         highlight most

slipped to 4th overall.                        and Amy Neal.
                                                                                                  the very first Inter House

                                                                                                      drama contest
                                                                                               Anything goes. Culture has also played a
                                                                                               very important part in the boys’ overall
house report                            BY ANDREW PATTERSON                                    development this year and with the EAL
                                                                                               department leading the way, we have had
This was a very enjoyable year for the RED ARMY.                                               many very successful trips to London,
The House spirit and achievements through the year were                                        sometimes being called out to help
                                                                                               entertain with street performers, other
fantastic.                                                                                     times seeing London from the Thames
                                                                                               and also going to the theatre to see ‘The
W      e are currently lying in second place
       in both girls and boys competitions.
This has been achieved through
                                               place finish could have and should have
                                               been a first place if we had actually
                                               finished the performance!!! All in all it has
                                                                                               Lion King’ and ‘Oliver’ – a highlight to
                                                                                               many. The junior boys get involved in
participation by many different pupils in      been a great year and I cannot thank            charity work all the time and once again
many different events throughout the           enough the commitment and help from             the boarders are leading the charity
year.                                          staff and pupils in the best house in the       example. We learn to work together and
  The highlights were 1st placing in Senior    school. Thanks in particular to Miss Collins    play together, but most importantly to
Boys cross country; Inter Girls cross          who sadly leaves us to travel the world         develop as a whole and in the process
country, Senior Girls Swimming; Junior         with Mr. Lavery, although she has assured       help others along by leading by example
Boys Hockey; and Junior Boys Cricket.          me that her heart will always be red!           and respect for all. None of this will be
  There were also numerous events where        Things are nicely placed for a big push to      possible though without such a
we came in either second or third place.       lift both the girls and boys cups in Easter     wonderful and dedicated group of staff
  Another highlight was the very               2010. The unstoppable Red Juggernaut            who not only guide, but learn as each day
enjoyable House music, where a third           thunders on!!!!                                 passes.

                                                                                                    2009 Caterham School Magazine 13
      art and creative

Art & Design 2009

Year after year
in the Art and
Design Faculty
we are
by the sheer
number and
range of
contenders for
the school
magazine pages.

                                                     Winson Hung GCSE Art (cast & carved plaster)

Alex Kasza-Martin A2 Art (installation detail)

W       hat we have included this year
        hopefully illustrates the wealth of
different media, processes and ideas
which Caterham pupils use in their Art &
Design work. What we aren’t showing is
work by younger pupils in the senior
school: their time will come! However,
we are now setting up an online gallery
within the school website and, quite soon,
work by younger pupils will be exhibited
there – watch that space.                        Tatiana Aspinwall GCSE Art (manipulated digital photo)

14 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                               art and creative

                                 Jack Galliano GCSE Art (mixed media construction)

                                                                               Rebecca Johns AS Art (cast ceramic)

   Charlotte Gregory A2 Art (porcelain)

Alicia Bainbridge A2 Art (slip cast ceramic)                               Hattie Bainbridge AS Art (acrylic on canvas)

                                                                                           2009 Caterham School Magazine 15
     art and creative

                                                    Sarah Edwards AS Photography
                                                         (Digital Photograph)

     Will Newland A2 Art (acrylic on layered mdf)

           Suzi Leck A2 Art (plaster & latex)

                                                    Andrew Krag AS Art (monoprint)

16 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                   art and creative

                                  Lucy Tittle A2 Art (acrylic on wood, stainless steel)

Josephine Chiu AS Art (watercolour on paper)                                Freddie Bungay AS Art (MDF & copper rod)

                                                                                             2009 Caterham School Magazine 17
     art and creative


  Grace Gowers AS Textiles (Tailored fabric)              Jess Puntan GCSE (Batik)   Fashion Show 2009

                                                            Fashion Show 2009

                                      Fashion Show 2009                              Fashion Show 2009

18 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                  art and creative

                                                                         Jess Puntan GCSE Art
                                                                  (detail - stitched fabrics & papers)

          Katie Barratt GCSE Art (Constructed Fabric)

Dominique Copley GCSE Art (Stitch & constructed paper & fabric)       Grace Gowers AS Textiles

                                                                               2009 Caterham School Magazine 19
      3D design


3                                                  I
                                                              BEN WILKINSON, HEAD OF 3D DESIGN

                                                    think there is something in the energy that the students create, when
                                                    they are working on their various 3D Design projects, that somehow
                                                   speeds up time, as I just do not know where the last year has gone.
                                                     This year has seen 3D Design taught to all year groups and with the
                                                   addition of Ms Pateman it has gone from strength to strength. The end of
                                                   year Art & Design show was fantastic, and truly highlighted what fabulous
                                                   design talent we have here at Caterham School. Take a look at some of
                                                   this year’s creations and you will see for yourself the leaps we are taking in
                                                   design education.

                                                                                                         First Year, Torch Design
First Year, Torch Design

                                   First Year,
                                   Wooden Puzzle

                                                                                                      Second Year, Pen Designs
Second Year, Pewter Design

20 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                                3D design

                                                                        Second Year, Product Design Computer Mouse

   Third Year Chair Design

                                    Natalie Kean, GCSE

                                                                                                           Third Year, Chair Design

                                                                              James Patterson, A2 Chair Detail

Zoe Roberts, A2

                             Jonathan Wong, AS Mobile Phone Prototype
    Freddie Bungay, AS

                                                                                            2009 Caterham School Magazine 21
     3D design

from strength to strength...

                                                              Andrew Krag, AS Body Adornment

 Beth Prosser, GCSE Mask

   Ali Brown, A2 Cufflinks

                                   Freddie Bungay, AS Chair

 Joanna Odling, GCSE Sundial           Zoe Roberts, A2 Small Table

22 Caterham School Magazine 2009

                                   the musical

                                           ...finally becomes a hit!                          REVIEW BY MRS HELENA RICHARDS

T   he original Jekyll and Hyde musical
    received mixed reviews when it first
arrived in theatres back in the nineties
                                           towards raising the profile of the show,
                                           but I think all who watched it will agree
                                           that it wasn’t until Caterham performed
due to the challenging nature of both      their version that it finally became a hit!
the subject material and the music            On the 4th, 5th and 6th December
itself, despite the haunting melodies      2008, Lawrence Gill once again took to
and beautiful lyrics.                      the stage as the leading man, or should
   David Hasselhoff’s portrayal of ‘the    that be men? His poignant portrayal of
duality of man’ in the final Broadway      both Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde had
performance in 2001 went some way          the audience on their feet every night,
                                           taking the roof off the Humphrey’s Hall
                                           with the volume of their applause. But
                                           his was not the only notable                     The whole cast and crew worked
                                           performance - Sophie Harper-Booth in          tirelessly from the beginning of
                                           the Lower Sixth and Ellie Budge in the        September to create what will go down
                                           Fifth Year shone as the leading ladies,       in history as possibly the best ever
                                           most notably in their beautiful duet, ‘In     Caterham show. So a big thank you to
                                           His Eyes’, which sent shivers down the        all the cast, Alex Bratza and his brilliant
                                           spine. In addition, Bekki Gocher as Lady      lighting team, the sound team, the
                                           Beaconsfield, Ryan Harrison as Jekyll’s       band, Col Campbell and his fantastic
                                           best friend John Utterson and Jon             backstage crew and all the staff (led by
                                           Bannister as Sir Danvers Carew                Mr Thompson, Miss Thomas, Miss
                                           portrayed their characters with a             McMullin and Mrs Richards) and pupils
                                           maturity and style way beyond their           who made a challenging show so
                                           years.                                        memorable and so spectacular.

                                                                                               2009 Caterham School Magazine 23

Swansea, South Wales                                                                              BY REBECCA GODDARD (L6)
We left for our long journey to
Swansea after school on Friday
the 27th of March and arrived
later that day at the Rhongyr Isaf
Centre, which is situated in the
Brecon Beacons National Park and
newly designated ‘Geopark’.

 W       e stayed in a converted
         barn and self catered
 with Mrs Redding appointed
 as our head chef. She did a
 brilliant job making sure that
 we went to bed with full                                                   We rated houses      helping to sell the area to a target
 stomachs.                                                                  on each street for   audience’.
    On the Saturday we went                                                 their era and           We briefly visited the DVLA headquarters
 to the Gower Peninsula to                                                  appearance and       which is one of the major organisations
 study beach and dune                           Ystradfellte Waterfalls     their roads for      within Swansea. After this we went back to
 management in the area.                                                   things like noise     the centre to recap on the day’s activities
 The weather was a bit changeable, starting     pollution, litter and traffic. Once we had       and to plan the next day.
 off with rain and wind and ending with         finished our zones, we progressed to the            On the Monday we visited a museum in
 cold but beautiful sunshine. Here we split     twilight zone and then down onto the             Swansea and looked at some of the history
 into groups and assessed different points of   SA1 Waterfront which is an area that has         of the place. We then went down to
 the sand dunes. We then took a look at         been recently re-branded. We then                Swansea seafront and the Mumbles sea
 the coastal management operations and          collated the same data in this area. The         front to assess the coastal protection and
 the tourist attractions. That afternoon, we    data was used to create a better                 the services along the fronts. Thereafter, we
 headed back to the centre to recap on the      understanding of the re-branding that is         were spoilt and were taken bowling which
 day’s work.                                    taking place in Swansea.                         was very enjoyable. Mr Terrell was top
    On Sunday we ventured into Swansea             “Re-branding” could be defined as:            scorer in both rounds! Back at base, the
 Centre in groups to assess random areas        ‘developing a place to reposition its image      kids took charge of dinner. A beautiful BBQ
 and roads within the zones we were given.      and change people’s impression of it,            was made and was enjoyed by all!
                                                                                                    On the last day, the Tuesday, we were
                                                                                                 separated into groups and were given a
                                                                                                 person to interview about why they had
                                                                                                 diversified their business. My group was
                                                                                                 lucky enough to have the Monkey
                                                                                                 Sanctuary which has been changed from a
                                                                                                 sheep farm! We then started to head
                                                                                                 home, stopping briefly at a beautiful
                                                                                                 waterfall at Ystradfellte.
                                                                                                    Overall the trip was a great success and
                                                                                                 enjoyed by all. On behalf of the geography
                                                                                                 students I would like to say a big thank you
                                                                                                 to the teachers that accompanied us. A
                                                                                                 special mention must go to Mr Terrell for
                                                                                                 organising the trip and a big thank you
                                                                                                 goes to Mrs Redding for feeding us every
                                                                                                 night on what was her last trip with
                                                                                                 Caterham School!
 The Cream of Caterham Geographers

24 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                  A view of the Westmann Islands from the 9 seater plane

    ICELAND 2009                                                                                        MEGAN ARMITAGE (L6)

Friday 21st August, 20 excited students and 3 even more excited teachers
met at Gatwick airport in matching jackets (that were to become very, very
useful!) to depart for what was to be an amazing trip.

T   he destination? Iceland. In this
    incredible country we saw many
fascinating features, these included: a
                                              looking out for the Northern Lights. Even
                                              better though, was borrowing Mr Terrell’s
                                              golf buggy and taking it for a spin!
                                                                                              the heat of the rocks. After a boat trip
                                                                                              round the harbour and watching an
                                                                                              Icelandic Viking testing out the acoustics
glacier, a volcano and numerous                  By far, one of the highlights of the trip    of a cave by playing the saxophone, we
waterfalls. The sites we saw cannot really    was on the second day when we travelled
be described in words but I will attempt to   in six and nine-seater planes across from                          An Exhilarated group of
give you a feel of what it was we were        the mainland to the Westmann Islands.                              Caterham Geographers!

lucky enough to see.                          Although the plane ride was only six
   After greeting our guide Richard and       minutes long, it took half an hour to get
our bus driver Frizzy, we travelled to the    everyone across. Being seated in the front
Blue Lagoon. A welcome relaxation after       of the plane next to the pilot was a terrific
the flight, we plunged into the gorgeous,     experience – with the ‘big red buttons’
warm waters. Plastering our faces with        just an arm’s length away! The views from
mud and enjoying a drink from the bar in      the plane of the coastline and scenery
the middle of the lagoon, this was            were breathtaking. However, there was a
definitely one of the most enjoyable          slight panic amongst the passengers when
elements of our stay in Iceland.              the rain was coming down so hard that
   After the Blue Lagoon, we drove to         you were unable to see out of the
Hellisholar farm, our accommodation for       windscreen! Once everyone had flown
the first three nights in Iceland. Cosy log   across we walked around the Eldfell
cabins were shared between three or four      volcano (which Mr Wells liked to remind
people and it was lovely to sit out on the    us was younger than him!!) and we
porch, wrapped in duvets in the evenings,     watched a piece of paper catch fire from

                                                                                                     2009 Caterham School Magazine 25
         An eruption of Stokkur
             (The Churn) geyser

Skogarfoss Waterfall

                                              parliament site at Thingvellir, another
                                              great place to visit. Our final night was
                                              spent in the capital, Reykjavik, where we
                                              spent some time walking around the city
                                              and then on to a night of pool, bowling
                                              and lots and lots of food, before returning
returned back to Hellisholar to try some      to our hotel to be woken up only a few
Icelandic delicacies - rotten shark, and if   hours later to catch our flight back to
that wasn’t enough, we also tasted            England.
sheep’s brains!                                 Overall it was an excellent experience
   The following day was filled with high-    and if you ever get the opportunity to go
speed winds, waterfalls, closed roads, and    to Iceland then I implore you to go. A big
a very good guide to make sure that we        thank you must go to Mr Terrell, Mr Wells
                                                                                            Burning paper on the hot rocks of
didn’t miss anything that was on our          and Miss Woolley who were amazing fun
original itinerary! We walked behind          throughout the whole trip.
waterfalls and went to Gullfoss – ‘The                                                           The Blue Lagoon - our first port of call
Golden Falls’ – which was incredible. We
also went to Geysir, a geothermally active
area where geysers erupted every 5
minutes or so and the blasts of water into
the air were fantastic to watch.
   Our last night at Hellisholar was marked
by a karaoke night which was a great
success with renditions of ‘Bohemian
Rhapsody’ by Mr Terrell and Mr Wells, a
bit of ‘Summer Lovin’’ and Elvis, and to
round off the night, a group performance
of ‘New York, New York.’
   The Monday, was another spectacular
day when we visited a glacier, which was
absolutely brilliant! We managed to climb
part of the way up the glacier, slipping
and sliding on the ice. In addition, we
travelled to the coast and saw basalt lava
formations and clambered over the rocks.
We then journeyed on to see the ancient

26 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                 modern languages

   Our trip to the South of
   France, Easter 2009                                                                                     MRS NICOLE MCVITTY

                                                                                 Marseille from the top of Notre Dame de la Garde Basilica

D    uring the first week of the 2009
     Easter holidays, a group of 19 pupils,
Third and Fourth Years, accompanied by
                                              annual pilgrimage every
                                              Assumption Day (August
                                              15). Local inhabitants
three members of staff spent five days in     commonly refer to it as “la
the South of France. The journey started      bonne mère”. We then
early on the Monday morning when we           went to visit Le Château d’
all met up at Gatwick. After a short flight   If, on a small island off of
we landed in Marseille and made our           the coast of Marseille
way to our hotel situated in the              made famous by Alexandre
picturesque Lubéron area. The purpose         Dumas in his novel “The
of the visit was part cultural, part          Count of Monte Cristo.”
educational.                                  Later we went on to the
                                              Vieux Port area and saw                                                     Entente cordiale
                                              the lively fish market and
                                              then moved on to have a bit of free time       this we moved on to Avignon to visit the
                                              in the downtown shopping centre. We            “Palais des Papes” ( Avignon became the
                                              were also very lucky to be able to visit “La   residence of the Popes in 1309 until
                                              Cité radieuse”, a modernist residential        1377).
                                              housing design principle developed by Le          The highlight of our trip was the day
                                              Corbusier. The concept formed the basis        we spent in a French school, Sainte Trinité
                                              of several housing developments designed       in Marseille. We were welcomed by a very
                                              by him throughout Europe. The Marseille        friendly group of pupils and staff. After a
                                              building, built 1947-1952, comprises 337       tour of the school, our pupils were invited
 Fontaine de Vaucluse
                                              apartments arranged over twelve stories,       to some English lessons where they had
   On the cultural side we spent two days     all suspended on large piloti. The building    to introduce themselves and answer
visiting the City of Marseille which has      also incorporates shops, sporting, medical     questions in French. At lunch time we
been named European Capital of Culture        and educational facilities, and a hotel. The   were treated to a very nice meal during
for 2013. It started with a breathtaking      flat roof is designed as a communal            which our pupils were looked after by the
view of the town from the top of Notre        terrace with sculptural ventilation stacks     French students and then we spent some
Dame de la Garde basilica. This ornate        and a swimming pool.                           time in some other lessons, ranging from
Neo-Byzantine church is situated at the           We also explored the Lubéron and           Maths to History, Geography and Art. A
highest natural point in Marseille, a 162 m   visited the Fountaine de Vaucluse. The         strong link has now been established with
limestone outcrop on the south side of        fountain, or spring, of Vaucluse, situated     our “partner school” in Marseille which
the Old Port. As well as being a major        at the feet of a steep cliff 230 meters        no doubt will benefit both French and
local landmark, it is the site of a popular   high, is the biggest spring in France. After   English pupils in the years to come.

                                                                                                    2009 Caterham School Magazine 27
       modern languages

                                           Mardi Gras
                                                           Celebrated in style

On Tuesday 24th February, 1W took
part in Mardi Gras (pancake day)
which literally means ‘Fatty Tuesday’.

In France, everyone takes the festival much more seriously
 than in England and people dress up and there are
processions. The name of Fatty Tuesday comes from the
ancient custom of parading a fat ox through Paris on that
day. The ox was to remind people that they were not allowed
to eat meat throughout Lent. 1W brought in pancakes to
share round the class and a few brave people dressed up in                                     Qui pourrait identifier ces élèves effrayants?
costumes. We all ate loads of pancakes and no-one had much
of an appetite for lunch.

Avignon - and a chance to speak
French...a lot!                                             BY GRACE GOWERS (L6)

Last Easter holiday, Daniel Nicholls, Alice Wilson and I travelled to
Avignon in the South of France with ‘Acorn work experience.’ We
were there to get a taste of the French culture, hopefully make new
friends and most importantly get the chance to speak French ….a lot.

T   he company ‘Acorn’ arranged for me
    to work in a clothes shop called ‘cache
cache.’ I spent my 4 days mainly folding
                                               who were also students, studying in Lyon,
                                               France, had organised various activities for
                                               us. One night we went to the cinema; we
clothes and organising the shop, all the       watched a French film (without subtitles)
while trying to speak as much French as        called, ‘CoCo,’ I have to say I didn’t         reading the explanations at the various
possible to my employers. I found them         particularly enjoy the storyline but it was    museums, restaurants and bars we went
very friendly and willing to respond to the    an interesting experience and I tried to       to, improved our French significantly. Yet
various questions I would ask. Daniel          understand all that I could. We also had       for me, what made the trip special was the
worked in a restaurant; he enjoyed it very     the chance to walk round the ‘Palais des       people I met. We were a group of twenty
much as the people had the same courtesy       Papes’ which used to be the Vatican            and in that group were some people I’ll
as they did in my shop. Alice also worked      during the 14th Century. Our tour guide        stay in contact with for a long time. Our
in a restaurant and her main task was to       asked us, ‘do you want me to do the tour       supervisors treated us like adults and
make coffee and serve the customers. She       in French or English,’ naturally we            having our independence was an
said that she practised her French a lot and   responsibly told him to speak in French.       important part of the trip and I think all
that the work experience was very              The tour was very interesting and one of       three of us benefited greatly from this
beneficial to her.                             the few touristy aspects about the trip.       aspect.
   In the evenings we always ate out,             All in all I think the combination of          We enjoyed the trip very much and
giving us the chance to taste real French      speaking French to various shopkeepers         would recommend any pupils studying a
cuisine and, of course, to practise ordering   and our employers, listening to French         language to go on a similar one, as there
in French. After the meal our supervisors,     through the television and the cinema and      can only be a positive outcome.

28 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                              modern languages

  French Poetry Reading
  Competition 26th June 2009
                                                                                         MRS NICOLE MCVITTY, HEAD OF FRENCH

  A sample of tongue twisters:
                                                                                   Award Winners
  Tonton, ton thé t'a-t-il ôté ta toux?
                                                                                   1st prize
  Trois tortues trottaient sur un trottoir très étroit                             Alannah Hoban            Year 7
                                                                                   Anne-Marie Baston        Year 8
This year the French Department organised their                                    Rachel Wright            Year 9
                                                                                   2nd prize
first ever French Poetry Reading Competition.
                                                                                   Sarah Parsons            Year 7

A     fter a few lessons to practise, the
      day started with 3 quotes from very
famous people.
                                              why learning languages opens
                                              minds and makes people
                                              tolerant towards others.
                                                                                   Matthew Bird
                                                                                   Amy Flower
                                                                                                            Year 8
                                                                                                            Year 9
                                                                                      3rd prize
    Martin H. Fischer, a scientist,              For the competition, we              Francesca Rowson      Year 7
   “Any man who does not make himself         looked at the French language in        Jack Williams         Year 8
proficient in at least two languages other    a very different way to what is         Andrew Thomas         Year 9
than his own is a fool.”                      normally done in lessons, simply
    Goethe,                                   with the purpose of having fun.
   “He, who does not know foreign                We started with the tongue twisters the
languages, does not know anything             pupils had practised, followed by poems
about his own.”                               read by the competitors and whilst our      Easter Egg hunt
    Federico Fellini, Oscar winner, Italian   judges, Mr Killingworth and Mr Clark
film director                                 were making final decisions, we enjoyed     ...but in French!
   “A different language is a different       singing “Alouette”. It was truly impressive
vision of life.”                              to see how quickly the pupils had picked
   They summarize pretty well the             up the words and how much they
reasons why people learn languages, not       progressed with their accent and
only to be able to communicate, but also      intonation. The level of competition was
to be able to understand other people’s       very high indeed. Well done !
cultures and ways of thinking, that is           A l’année prochaine !

French A la Mode
Something new in the French department
                                                                                          As part of a half-term social
S    tudents in the Sixth Form who study
     French now have social gatherings
to take the opportunity to speak French
                                                                                          gathering with Sixth Form
                                                                                          French groups there was an
                                                                                          Easter egg hunt “with a
in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.
It is intended that these gatherings will
include a cultural aspect. Last year
included a “Goûter” i.e. tea so they
could sample typical French food and
                                                                                         S    tudents were paired up with the
                                                                                              objective of finding as many Easter
                                                                                          Eggs as possible. However, in each pair
“Père Noel Secret” (Secret Santa). The                                                    one had eyes closed and the other had
only requirement was to speak French.                                                     to give instructions in French. The
The vast majority of the students                                                         incentive worked as everybody had a
attended as did Miss Amélie Llorens,                                                      great time and ate a lot of eggs before
the French assistant, and various                                                         finishing with a lovely chat “en français”
teachers from the department.                                                             about holiday projects etc…

                                                                                               2009 Caterham School Magazine 29
      modern languages

    Sixth Form Spanish Trip to
    Madrid 2009
                                                                       BY MS LOIS GLENN

In the last week of the Easter holidays a much
larger group than last year packed their bags and
met at Gatwick Airport ready for the exciting
Spanish trip ahead.
                                                had a delicious meal together.
I was overjoyed to see a group of 18
  students gathering together to head off
for 5 days of Spanish fun and work in
                                                   On Monday morning we
                                                were up early to catch the bus
Madrid. The students who had been last          which would take us to Toledo, a town          unforgettable boat rides on the lake, El
year already knew the itinerary for the trip    south of Madrid. It is very famous for its     Prado Museum, The Royal Palace and La
and therefore were not as nervous as those      extensive cultural and monumental heritage     Almudena cathedral. We also went to the
joining it for the first time. We were also     as one of the former capitals of the Spanish   cinema to see the latest Almodovar film
joined by Sebastian who had been at the         Empire. This was a very warm day with a lot    and had lots of time for shopping.
school last year and is now living in           of walking and information to take on board       In all we had a wonderful time and I
Germany.                                        from our guide. The students were able to      don’t think anyone will forget the fun and
   This year we flew in style with British      appreciate the natural beauty of the town as   laughter of the last night. It was a delight
Airways with one of the students even           well as sample its cuisine.                    to have introduced this trip last year and its
being upgraded! Upon landing in Madrid              The following morning we all met early     success is all due to the good behaviour of
we were met by the typical Spanish “laid        for a big grammar test which would define      the students. Their manners were
back” manner of doing things and had to         the level of each student. This wasn’t as      impeccable while with their host families
wait for over an hour for our suitcases to      painful as expected and many did extremely     and at the school and they were a real
arrive. However, everyone was very good         well. The group was split into two and the     credit to Caterham School. I would like to
natured.                                        lessons began with Sergio soon becoming        thank Amelie Llorens for also helping out
   We were met by the ENFOREX Company           their favourite teacher and endless games of   on this trip and becoming involved in every
who took us all to our destinations and we      Spanish taboo becoming the order of the        aspect.
met our host families who would look after      day. All the students were in lessons from        I wish all the Upper Sixth Spanish
us for the five days. Once we had all settled   9.00 until 14.00 and all felt that this had    students good luck with their further
in, we met up at Puerta del Sol and it was      been very profitable, with many becoming a     studies at university and well wishes also
quite a commotion as everyone was eager         lot more confident in speaking the language.   go to the Lower Sixth students who will
to tell each other what their families were        In between lessons we had walks around      continue with their study of Spanish next
like. We then walked to Plaza España and        the city, visiting “El Retiro” with the        year.

30 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                modern languages

Unsere Reise nach
München                                                  Am ersten Tag sind wir radgefahren.
                                                         Der Guide heißt Dave. Er war sehr lustig
                                                         und wir haben alle die schönen Kirchen
                                                         von München gesehen.


BMW Building                                                                        kurz vor dem Abflug

D   ie Sehenswürdigkeiten
    waren interessant und                                                                     Mmmm....
spannend. Im Englischen
Garten haben wir Brezeln,
Brot und Käse gegessen.
Wir sind auch einkaufen
gegangen. Am Mittwoch
sind wir nach dem Haus der
Kunst gefahren. Wir haben
die Ausstellung von Robert
Rauschenberg       gesehen.
Seine Bilder von ‘Cardboard
Boxes’ waren interessant                                                    Olympia Park

und provokativ. Nachher
haben wir im Englischen Garten                   Leberkäse und auch Banane gegessen.
gegessen. Ich habe Brezel und Brot mit           Es war sehr lecker. Dann haben wir in        This class of Second Year
                                                 der Stadt eingekauft. Wir sind um            pupils had been looking
Karlstor, entrance to the historic city centre   sieben Uhr Zurückgekommen. Am                forward to their German
                                                 Donnerstag sind wir zur “All you need is     lesson .... as it promised to be
                                                 Music’ Ausstellung im Olympia Park           even more exciting than usual
                                                 gegangen. Zum Mittagessen haben wir          because Mrs Laverick had promised
                                                 typisch bayrisches Essen gegessen. Es        a typical German breakfast.
                                                 war lecker wie immer! Dann sind wir             The pupils had been studying the
                                                 nach Tollwood gegangen und der               topic of food and drink so they all
                                                 Höhepunkt vom Tag war das Konzert            knew what to say in German to ask
                                                 von Wir sind Helden. Es machte viel          for what they wanted. Quantities
                                                 Spaß! Am Freitag, kamen wir zuruck mit       of Aufschnitt (cold meats), Käse
                                                 dem Flugzeug, und es war traurig! A          (cheese) and Orangensaft (orange
                                                 ber alles in allem, war es eine              juice) were consumed - viel Spaß!
                                                 wunderbare Reise!

                                                                                                  2009 Caterham School Magazine 31
     modern languages

Spiel und Spass am Neckar!

    A highly energetic bunch
    of Second Year pupils
    enjoyed an early April
    heat wave in the
    German state of Baden-
    Wurttemberg, where we
    based ourselves in the
    beautiful city of

   O     ur youth hostel (Jugendherberge)
         was really welcoming and no-
   one needed an alarm clock due to the
                                                Pupils truly appreciated a real slice of
   fact that everyone’s room overlooked         German culture....
   the town zoo, so we were awoken
   each morning by elephants and             When we saw the beds of nails, we all           This year we had two rather better
   parakeets.                                realised how fortunate we were to be         ten-pin bowling teams than in recent
      The activity programme was action      staying at the hostel.                       years and no-one managed to totally
   packed, starting with a run along the        The Holiday Park theme park boasted the   disgrace them self at this tricky sport.
   banks of the river Neckar at 8.30,        usual array of white-knuckle rides, which       Everyone had ample opportunity to
   followed by a hearty German               certainly were not for the faint hearted.    practise ordering their ice creams in
   breakfast, which included Kaese,             Two of the boys, Ben Fullard and Eddie    German at the Eiscafe in the
   Schinken, Nutella and Brot. Excursion     Rolfe, succeeded in demonstrating their      Hauptstrasse and also their pizzas the
   highlights included a trip up the         considerable acting talents at a hostel-     following day, which was the only time
   funicular mountain railway, which         based charades night, organised by Mr        the weather let us down. Despite the
   afforded a most splendid view of the      Clifton and they both won a Heidelberg       rain, everyone had a great time
   city, a boat trip along the Neckar, and   key-ring!                                            shopping in Germany’s longest
   an informative guided                                                                           pedestrian shopping area.
   tour of the castle and                                                                          Afterwards, we popped in to
   pharmacy museum. The                                                                            the Rathaus, then it was back to
   enormous wine vat really                                                                        the hostel for table tennis and
   was something else! No-                                                                         other indoor games, to while
   one had to suffer                                                                               away the time until the transfer
   enforced incarceration in                                                                       bus came to get us.
   the student prison,                                                                                It was a very weary but happy
   (Studentenkarzer) but                                                                           group of us who drew up at
   nonetheless, everyone                                                                           school at around 1.30am,
   enjoyed viewing the                                                                             having truly appreciated a real
   various inscriptions and                                                                        slice of authentic German
   poems written on the                                                                            culture.
   walls by ex-prisoners.

32 Caterham School Magazine 2009

Science of
the Lambs
       FRIDAY 13TH MARCH 2009
Towards the end of the spring term, the Science
Department invited parents to go back to school
to sample science in 2009. Chemistry, Physics
and Biology lessons were offered in a fun, hands
on, enlightening and entertaining evening.
                                                                                                 Hannibal Lector greets parents on arrival

G      uests were divided into three
       groups of 20. Each group had
a lesson of each of the sciences
                                                                                             Bovine Biology!
                                                                                             Our final lesson was Biology. We were
with a small 'test' at the end. The                                                          taught how the eye works in a teacher
evening finished with a very                                                                 led discussion. As well as labelling the
colourful chemistry display.                                                                 diagram in our booklets, we were taught
   Upon arrival guests were                                                                  the causes of Glaucoma and why animals'
greeted by a motley crew of upper                                                            eyes are more reflective than ours. All
school students. One was the grim                                                            quite harmless enough ... Then, a real
reaper (I think he was just acting).                                                         treat for the kinaesthetic learners .. We
There was also a look-a-like                                                                 were given a real cow's eye to dissect, so
Hannibal Lector, while others                                                                as to see (pardon the pun), how all the
wouldn't have looked out of place                                                            parts work together.
at a Halloween party. The
gruesome characters gave out a glass of       Chemistry smells!
bubbly and a badge denoting which             In the chemistry lab' we were taught
group we were in. Attendees were taken        about esters by our fast-talking teacher.
down dimly lit stairs to an area where        Following the instructions in our purpose
there were drinks and nibbles. Dry ice was    made booklet, we donned lab' coats,
used as the film Silence of the Lambs was     protective eye wear and latex gloves. We
playing on the interactive white board.       then set about mixing chemicals together
After a short while, we were split into our   in order to make familiar smells.
three groups and taken by the hard            Thereafter we had to identify the smell
working ‘Halloweens’ to our lessons. Our      we had created and using the esters of
first lesson was chemistry......              the chemicals we were given in the
The Van de Graaf Generator –                  booklet, were expected to name our               Dan Quinton dissects an eye with a parent
a hair-raising experience                     newly mixed liquid. Ideal for kinaesthetic
                                              learners!                                         After our three science lessons, taught
                                                                                             by three dynamic teachers, we were given
                                              Electric Education!                            a short test. We then enjoyed a
                                              In physics we had to complete and              spectacularly colourful chemistry display
                                              connect electrical circuits in order to make   while our tests were marked. My mark
                                              lights glow and buzzers buzz. We also          was not the highest. However, we had
                                              had a demonstration of static electricity      been treated to a most eye-opening
                                              using a member of the class. Her long          educational evening! If this is what school
                                              wavy hair stood at right angles to her         is like, I want to go back! Thank you
                                              head and was a good example of how             Science Department.
                                              static electricity works. This of course was
                                              great for the visual and auditory learner                        Chrissie McNeice (Parent)
                                              and also highly entertaining.

                                                                                                   2009 Caterham School Magazine 33

Scientists visit Surrey University
                                                                                 EMILY MCCARTNEY AND CHARLOTTE INGHAM (L6)

  On Wednesday 25th February, Mr Quinton and Mr Keyworth organised a
  trip to Surrey University for all the Lower Sixth Biologists and Chemists.
  We were privileged to have some of the best scientists in each of their own
  particular fields talking to us about issues which were very interesting and

We had been told that this was one of
our first big opportunities to make
ourselves shine with our intelligent and
challenging questions!                                                                                                   caption

T   he first lecture we were given was on “Protein Modelling”
    by Dr Anna Tanczos. We all found this a very interesting
topic as we had recently studied proteins and it enabled us to
extend our knowledge of the structure and formation of
proteins. Dr Tanczos then went on to describe how
knowledge of protein structures will help lead to medical
advances by enabling the formation of more effective drugs.
There were some fantastic images of some of the proteins
that Dr Tanczos herself has studied and we were even lucky
enough to see the model of a protein that she had made
from scratch. This model had taken her team three years to
   After a short time for questions, the spotlight moved to Dr
                                                                   Lecture on The Brain by the world-leading neuroscientist Dr Alexis Bailey
Alexis Bailey who gave a brilliant talk on the “Neurobiology of
Drug Addiction”. He first outlined how the brain works and
then gave a more in depth explanation on how one
experiences pleasure whilst doing anything from eating to
taking drugs! It provided an excellent insight into how drugs
can affect one’s brain and showed just how shockingly fast
that they can become addictive.
   Last but by no means least fascinating, our final talk was by
Professor Bruce Griffin, on “The Truth about Dietary Fat
Cholesterol and Coronary Heart Disease.” This is a current
topic of discussion as statistics on obesity show continued
growth. Professor Griffin was able to abolish all the false
myths about dieting and cholesterol. Having experienced the
way the media can so easily twist news and discoveries, he
explained the actual chemical and biological reasoning and
truths within many of the distorted urban tales circulated
around nowadays.
   After three fantastic lectures, we were taken on a quick
tour around the campus where we got a taste of what
university life is like. Overall it was a great experience from
which everyone learnt a lot, particularly those wishing to                              Studying Protein Modelling with Dr Anna Tanczos
study science at university.

34 Caterham School Magazine 2009

Moncrieff-Jones                                                                                              TONYA SEMYACHKOVA (U6)
                                                                                                             RAPHI ZIMMERMAN (U6)

Launch of the 2nd Edition of Quantum Ultimatum Magazine featuring:
Kim Wells with Raphi Zimmerman, Tonya Semyachkova, Alex Hinkson (President of the MJS 2009-10) and Alex Clarke (Vice President 2009-10)

Once again this year, the Moncrieff-
Jones society (the student science
society) has outdone any previous
records in all aspects.
T  he number of people attending the talks was higher than ever,
   the range and quality of talks was outstanding, the
questioning was gruelling and even the food has increased in
quantity and quality. We both have been especially impressed by
the confidence of the speakers, who have covered various science
topics ranging from “Nanotechnology” to “Memory” to
“Cancer” and have outdone themselves in the thorough
knowledge of the presentations and the interesting delivery of the
material to the listeners. We are very sad that our year in the
Moncrieff-Jones Society is ending, but it has been an amazing
experience to be a part of the MJS. The new President (Alex
Hinkson) and Vice-President (Alex Clarke) will be taking on our
duties and we hope that they will be able to keep up the high           Jonathan Chow (L6) making his presentation to the MJS on
standards set many years ago by the founders of the MJS. Raphi          ‘Mechanics and Cars’.
and I were also very proud to launch the 2nd Edition of the MJS
magazine ‘Quantum Ultimatum’ – this year packed with even
more articles. Once more thank you to everyone involved,
speakers and listeners alike, as it was you who made Moncrieff-
Jones so special and a special thank you to Mr Quinton, Mr
Simpson and Mr Keyworth, who were always there to support
and question. Good luck next year!

                                                                                                      2009 Caterham School Magazine 35

   Lower Sixth Oxford Scientists’ Trip to
   St. Peter’s College, Oxford

During the last week of
term, six Lower Sixth
Form students applying to
study science at Oxbridge
were given the chance to
go to St. Peter’s College,
H    ere we had the
     opportunity to have a
closer look around the
university and we were also
lucky enough to meet various
members of the college
faculty.                                                                                      Prof of Neuroscience at St Peters College Oxford,
   We spent the most part of                                                               Jan Schnupp giving a lecture to the Caterham group
our first day in Oxford looking
at various colleges and                                                                           the teachers for a lovely breakfast, where
departments around the                                                                            Mr Quinton had arranged for us to meet
university where we were able                                                                     the current admissions tutor, Balázs
to see a couple of lectures on                                                                    Szendröi. He answered some of our
                                     Emily McCartney in our Lower Sixth giving her talk on
getting into Oxford, including                                                                    questions over breakfast and told us more
                                     Negative Feedback to the Oxbridge group
a mock interview which was                                                                        about the tutorial system at the college, as
really helpful for preparing us                                                                   he is a tutor of maths himself.
for the application process next year. As         five minute unprepared talk that we had
the official open day began to close, we
met up with Mr Quinton and Mr
                                                  to present to the rest of the group, who
                                                  could then quiz us with various questions
                                                                                                  “   ...we were unexpectedly each
                                                                                                    given a title for a five minute
Keyworth at St. Peter’s College where we          that they wanted to ask. This was both a         unprepared talk that we had to
were treated to a much more in depth              difficult but beneficial experience because           present to the rest of the
insight into the college and university life.
After a short break to drop off our bags
                                                  the feedback we all gave one another was
                                                  really helpful. Whilst we were preparing
and settle in, we were introduced to              our talks in the short time that we were           To finish off our time in Oxford, we
Henrietta Leyser, who has been the                given, Mr Quinton bumped into Tara              each gave our talks on subjects that Mr
admissions tutor for the College for the          Masilamani who used to be a student at          Quinton had given us a few weeks earlier,
last seven years. She spoke to our group          Caterham and is now studying Medicine           which we all felt went a lot better than
for a little while before giving us time to       at St. Peter’s College. She kindly came         our unprepared talks the previous
ask her any questions that we had about           upstairs and chatted with us about the          evening. After some more feedback from
the College. As she is a powerful figure          medicine course as five of us are hoping        the group, we left St. Peter’s and headed
at St Peter’s we were all a bit                   to study Medicine. As it was getting late       back home, all feeling a bit mentally
apprehensive before meeting her but the           and we’d had quite a tiring day, we             drained, but like we’d gained a huge
hour we spent with her seemed to go               decided to leave our prepared talks until       amount from the experience too and we
well and flew by.                                 the morning and all headed straight to          were all very grateful to Mr Quinton and
    Later on that evening, after dinner we        bed!                                            Mr Keyworth for organising the whole trip
were unexpectedly each given a title for a            The next morning we all met up with         for us.

36 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                                       biology trip

Dale Fort
here we come....
The joy commenced at the moment
when Kenny Lau ‘borrowed’ a
random waterproof from the laundry
room on the 28th August
2009 at 07:39, a Prada
jacket that might have                                                                                    Returning from plankton sampling
belonged to....                                                                                                                  out at sea

                                                                                                      pools was like treasure hunting.
A    fter a seven-hour ride, we arrived at
     Dale Fort Field Centre. Every day
started with a morning lecture by the
                                                                                                      Many people climbed higher and
                                                                                                      higher to search for bigger rock
Dale Fort tutors Steve and Carolyn. With                                                              pools. Alex Hinkson was one of
us all in Pink Dale Fort polo shirts, pink                                                            them. Clamped by a small crab
notebooks. Mr. Quinton must be very                                                                   while Mr. Quinton was taking a
pleased to see his favourite colour                                                                   photo of him, Hinkson yelled in
everywhere.                                                                                           pain. Yet we all thought he was
                                                Gareth Thomas and Ray Barron stuck in the mud on
   Stepping on the Gann Salt Marsh, we                                                                joking. Now we know small crabs
                                                                                    the Salt Marsh
learnt how edaphic factors like saline and                                                            could be violent.
waterlogged soil would cause osmotic             Flipping over layers of seaweeds lying            On the night before we left, we had a
effect in plants and insufficient oxygen to    on the Castlebeach strandline, you would         lesson on ‘statistics’. Mr. Marlow scribbled
root system. Since aerobic mud is thin         notice an army of sandhoppers popping            the heading ‘Physical Data Method and
there, no deep root system could be            out from the spot you moved. Since               Von Klinsmann Analysis’ on the board.
formed. Whereas the anaerobic mud, it is       sandhoppers are highly mobile, we could          Clueless when he talked about light
so dark, thick, sticky and smelly that David   not do direct counting but mark and              penetration on data, we sat there,
Terrey jumped in without hesitation to         recapture method to estimate their               dumbfounded. ‘Intergrating “pinal” over
bathe himself with soil while Alex Bishop      population size. First, we had to catch          “tap”, where “p” is Klinsmann constant,
gave Emma Sheldon a good clean on her          approximately 50 of them, more as we             “n” is number of data, “i” is the root of -
face. Yet, some plants like chord grass are    went on as we were all addicted to the           1, “l” is length of data strip, “t” is time
well-adapted to this environment. It           feeling of them wriggling beneath our            taken, “a” is a point on graph, we get our
contains Aerenchyma-air tissue which           gloves. We then marked them by                   equation….’ Congratulations to Gareth
allows deeper roots and glands on the          dropping paint on their back, returned           who was the first to spot it…..
surface that secrete excess salt out.          them to their habitat and captured them             The trip ended as quickly as our
                                               again for our second sampling. Not only          speedboat ride. I wonder if the owner of
Alex Bishop in too deep                                was it fun to hunt for them, but         the jacket will realize that the smudges on
                                                       also satisfying to see hundreds of       the back of his jacket.…
                                                       them struggling their way out of
                                                                                                   David Terry with more than lice in his hair
                                                       the container we kept them. I
                                                       swear that I am not an insect
                                                       abuser but an admirer.
                                                          Prancing about the rock pools,
                                                       we discovered orange sponges
                                                       that would squeeze out plenty of
                                                       water when you press it, barnacles
                                                       that reproduce in an interesting
                                                       way, anemones that paralyze their
                                                       prey with toxins when their
                                                       tentacles are touched and so
                                                       much more. Finding life in rock

                                                                                                       2009 Caterham School Magazine 37
      combined cadet force

Combined Cadet Force (CCF)                                       CADET COMPANY SERGEANT MAJOR (CSM) CHRIS POLLARD
                                                                          AND COLOUR SERGEANT (CSGT) BEN LEWIS (L6)

It has been quite a year for the CCF. One of the largest NCO teams in the
Contingent’s history has meant the quality of teaching and wealth of
experience we have been able to draw upon has increased tremendously....

T    his has been particularly noticeable in the classroom where
     the new recruits have benefited from more one-to-one
teaching when learning skills such as weapons handling and drill.
                                                                        long training programme. The
                                                                        cadets got the chance to really
                                                                        test their skills learnt throughout
The year has seen the usual fantastic array of activities; range        the year, as well as their fitness
days, adventurous training, flying and camps, which all took            and discipline. On camp they got
place successfully and were enjoyed by all members of the               to take part in weapons firing,
Contingent.                                                                  fieldcraft, obstacle courses,
   During the October half term,                                             rock climbing, kayaking, and
the recruits got their first taste                                           a mountain hike which saw
of military life on the annual                                               a dozen cadets tackle
recruits’ camp. Here they got to                                             Skiddaw, one of the highest
experience staying on an army                                                mountains in England.
base for the first time, and were                                               One of the most exciting parts of summer camp is always
able to put into practice the                                                the night exercise, in which the cadets stay out overnight in
basic skills they had been taught                                            ‘bashas’ (temporary shelters), and use blank rounds to
in their first few weeks of                                                  simulate fighting an enemy (usually some of the staff and
training. In the latter part of the half term, Capt Wilkinson took a    seniors). This year’s exercise was made even more exciting by the
team of cadets from the Contingent to tackle Mount Snowdon              fact that due to a number of cadets falling ill, the exercise had to
in Wales. After a long trek up the mountain, the team were              be called off and a ‘casevac’, or casualty evacuation, had to take
suddenly blessed with stunning views as the cloud cover lifted,         place. So it was that at one o’clock in the morning, in pouring
providing some of the best visibility experienced on the trip so        rain, the cadets had to pack away their shelters and rations and
far.                                                                    march back to the nearest road to wait for transportation.
                                    Students, Old Caterhamians and         All weapons and ammunition had to be accounted for, which
                                  family members alike turned out       meant a lot of waiting for counts and re-counts to be taken,
                                  for the annual Remembrance Day        however it was a credit to all the cadets who took part that the
                                  parade. In a moving and               entire process happened so efficiently, and that without any
                                  professional service, the             complaints the cadets did as they were asked and got on with
                                  Contingent paid homage to those       their individual tasks as they were assigned, meaning that without
                                  who have given their lives for our    any further injury or illness they were soon back in a more
                                  country, allowing us to continue      comfortable bed on the base. The fact that they each got KFC
                                  with the CCF at the school. This is   courtesy of the Contingent the next day didn’t hurt either! The
one of the main events of the year along with the AGI held in           overall experience however gave the cadets experience which will
the summer, when the Contingent gets to display all of its              prove invaluable should a real emergency situation arise again, and
abilities and strengths in front of parents. This is a particularly     will help them deal with it just as effectively.
important event in the CCF calendar, as it is when a visiting              The summer camps seem to get better and better every year,
member of the Armed Forces observes the Contingent to decide            and the 2009 camp was no exception. It was commented by staff
whether Caterham should continue to receive funding for its             and cadets alike that the
cadet programme. Fortunately, the Contingent carried on                 training programme was one
impressing with a spectacular display of stands and races,              of the most extensive and
culminating with the exciting finale arranged by the senior cadets      enjoyable in recent years,
of the upper sixth. Overall it was an enjoyable day for all             and made an excellent way
concerned and gave the cadets a chance to display everything            to end a fantastic year for
they had learnt throughout the course of the year.                      the CCF, and to keep interest
                                                                        in the Contingent at a high
Army Section Summer Camp - Warcop                                       throughout the summer

T  he highlight of the year for the Contingent is undoubtedly
   the summer camps. Last summer saw the Contingent travel
to Warcop Camp in Cumbria for a very full but enjoyable week
                                                                        months. We can only hope
                                                                        that next year will be as

38 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                         combined cadet force

RAF Summer
Camp 2009                              SQN LDR ARMITAGE

Last year we camped in the tents at RAF
Cottesmore with 3 Squadrons of Harriers
flying around. This year it came as some
                                                                                 Air Experience Flying (AEF) at RAF Wyton near Huntingdon
surprise to find ourselves only 14 miles
   ...beside the A1 at RAF Wittering, which
is the home to 20 Squadron, an OCU
flying Harriers. The schools present were
Caterham & Woldingham with Sandbach
& St Bartholomew’s.
   The accommodation was a little more
salubrious being in interconnecting
portacabins but instead of being in the
heart of the camp it was situated at
Charlie South, a runway designation at
least 2 km from the base amenities, which                      Visiting RAF Bomb disposal            Cadet William Parsons at the controls
                                                                                                                       of the Harrier GR9
involved a large number of back and forth
minibus journeys to the mess, plus            moans about having to mix with other
extensive tyre checks to look for stones      pupils who they didn’t know before we set
before crossing a taxiway on every single     off, everybody got on extremely well
journey. Although there were the usual        together and many friendships were made,
                                              the usual situation on a summer camp.
                                                 The first day started with the “Flying
                                              Legends” Air show at Duxford, watching
                                              all the historic aircraft in action. Our own
                                              flying experience was with No1 AEF at RAF
                                              Wyton later in the week. When not
                                              preparing or waiting to fly, the cadets were
                                              taken into Cambridge for a cultural visit.
                                                 During the week the cadets were shown                                      Fire & Rescue

                                              some of the workings of the RAF, with           the top of an extremely tall telegraph pole
                                              visits to many sections on the airbase.         towards a trapeze, attached to a device
                                              These included the Harrier maintenance,         that would lower them safely when they
Cadet Katie Marsh on the High ropes, about    2MT with their massive Oshkosh tankers          missed - not something that everybody
to jump off                                   and other large road and off road vehicles,     wished to do. Other entertainments in the
                                              Air Traffic Control with visual approach and    evening were made up of 10 pin bowling,
                                              radar and The Fire & Rescue Service. Bomb       laser quest and it was the week of the
                                              disposal proved to be of great interest with    latest Harry Potter film, so we couldn’t
                                              “wheelbarrows” and the latest Panther           miss that and descended on the nearest
                                              armoured vehicles to look over.                 large screen in Peterborough.
                                                 The training team at camp provided              Thanks to Wg Cdr Bage for being Camp
                                              everything for the night exercise in a          Commandant, to Fl Off Andrews and
                                              wooded area at the end of the runway            other adult staff without whom the cadets
                                              and for mountain biking offsite. More           could not take part and to Sgt Henderson
                                              suitably qualified experts ensured the High     & Cpl Barber for being the senior
                                              Ropes exercise was exciting and enjoyable.      Caterham cadets and ensuring things
Oshkosh off road tanker of 2MT
                                              During this, cadets could make a leap from      went smoothly with the junior cadets.

                                                                                                    2009 Caterham School Magazine 39

CHESS - Toughest Season so Far...
                                                                                         BY LYALL BAYLISS (CAPTAIN) (U6)

       This season proved to be
       our toughest so far. After
       three years of consecutive
       promotions in the Brian
       Poulter Chess League, our
       unbeaten record came to
       an end...

   T   his was our first ever season in the
       top division and with the loss of
   many first team players in the previous
                                                                             Chris Munns (Head Boy) faces certain defeat against Zach Wallace
                                                                                                                                      (Year 4)
   year, we knew that we were one of
   the favourites to be fighting in the
   relegation battle. Despite this, the             “ There were 3 superb house chess events this
   team competed long and hard in each                 year played in great spirit and with a larger
   game to earn another season in the
   top flight of Surrey’s Top Chess
   Schools’ League.
                                                            crowd of supporters than ever.
      This is a fantastic achievement by            The chess club continues to thrive at           larger crowd of supporters than ever.
   the chess team – congratulations to all        school. Everyone is welcome to come               The annual Prep School v Sixth Form
   who played for the first team this year        along to Mr Quinton’s Biology Lab at              event took place in February with over
   – including Lyall Bayliss (Captain),           1.00pm on a Thursday.                             80 matches taking place. It was
   Duke Quinton, Chris Yates, Andrew                There were 3 superb house chess events          superb fun, with the Sixth Form
   Hillman, Danny Nichols, Jasper Moore           this year played in great spirit and with a       narrowly losing out on the cup this
   & Angus Hayes.                                                                                   year.
                                                                                                       In March we saw the first ever
    Lyall Bayliss taking on the School at chess to raise money for charity
                                                                                                    ‘Simultaneous Chess Event’ at
                                                                                                    Caterham – Lyall Bayliss v Caterham
                                                                                                    School. Lyall took on the whole
                                                                                                    school at chess, playing 20 matches at
                                                                                                    any one time. He played a total of
                                                                                                    122 pupils losing only one match.
                                                                                                    £100 was raised for the British Wildlife
                                                                                                    Centre in Lingfield.
                                                                                                       I would like to wish the team and its
                                                                                                    new Captain, Duke Quinton, every
                                                                                                    success next season in their fight to
                                                                                                    stay in the top division. I would also
                                                                                                    like to thank Mr Quinton for all his
                                                                                                    hard work in organising Chess at
                                                                                                    Caterham. Without him, we would
                                                                                                    never have achieved the success we
                                                                                                    have since joining the league.

40 Caterham School Magazine 2009

My Day at the Globe
Theatre                                          AMY ANDREWS (3A)

O     n Friday the 23rd January 2009 the
      Third Year and Caterham’s English
Department travelled to the Globe Theatre
                                              Hamlet to bury people
                                              through the trap door.
                                              We were allowed onto
in London by coach. When we arrived at        the stage itself and
the Globe Theatre we were given a green       shouted a line from ‘A
activity booklet, we then walked around       Midsummer Night’s
the Exhibition on Shakespeare which           Dream’ to get a sense of
contained information on Shakespeare’s        the acoustics and how
times and what London was like in the         important it was to
16th and 17th Centuries. As we walked         involve the audience all
                                                                                                         Examining Elizabethan crafts
around the Exhibition we filled in our        around you.
green booklets. We found out lots of new         Alice then led us to a studio where we
and interesting information from the items
on display. Perhaps the most interesting
                                              spent the rest of the afternoon
                                              performing a number of drama exercises
                                                                                          “ under the stage was known as
                                                                                          the underworld ... used in plays
                                                                                          such as Macbeth and Hamlet to
part for me was seeing the collection of      and acting out parts of the play ‘A
period costumes which have been used in       Midsummer Night’s Dream’ in pairs and          bury people through the
previous performances at The Globe.
   After lunch we were split up into four
groups and actors who worked at the
                                              small groups. I’m not sure it was quite
                                              true to how
                                              Shakespeare imagined
                                                                                                    trap door
theatre came to gives us a tour. We           his play to look but
followed our tour guide Alice inside the      we all had great fun!
actual theatre. The decorations on the           I think that the
stage were beautiful and I loved the idea     entire trip was very
of having seats all around the stage. Alice   interesting and the
talked to us about the Theatre’s structure    opportunity to see the
and all of the different entrances and        actual theatre was
exits. She also told us how the ceiling       amazing.
represented the heavens and under the
stage was known as the underworld and
was used in plays such as Macbeth and                                                                Admiring Shakespearean strings

The Third Year tread the boards

                                                                                          Sketching original Shakespearean costumes

                                                                                                2009 Caterham School Magazine 41

   Award Winning Author
   Linda Newbery Inspires Pupils
   Award winning author Linda Newbery came to
   Caterham School to talk to Third and Fourth Year
   pupils about her career as an author of 30 books
   and how she approaches writing.
                                             the tradition of the Victorian
   L   inda primarily used ‘’The Shell
       House’’ as an example, explaining
    how she developed her thought
                                             Gothic novel.
                                               At lunchtime Linda visited
    processes. This novel, which was         the popular Creative Writing
    short-listed for the Carnegie Medal,     Club run by English Teacher
    has a contemporary setting but also      Miss Alice O’Donnell. In a very
    looks back to events during the First    appropriate talk, she referred
    World War. She also talked about ‘’Set   to her latest book, ‘’The
    in Stone’’, winner of the 2006 Costa     Sandfather’’, which is a story
    Children's Book of the Year Award,       about a young boy growing
    which is a reader-teasing mystery in     into adolescence.                    Linda Newbery autographing copies of her books

Successful Author
Christopher Lloyd visits....
                                                      Christopher Lloyd, author of the very
                                                      successful book “What on Earth Happened?”
                                                      visited Caterham School on Thursday 11 June
                                                      to talk to First Year pupils.

                                                      C     hristopher Lloyd said: ’The book covers the whole history of the Earth -
                                                            planet, life and people - in one easy-to-read narrative volume. It is not
                                                      just a history book, it also covers science, biology, geography, religion, art,
                                                      politics and economics -
                                                      all tied together in a
                                                      chronological framework.’
                                                          In February the book
                                                      was serialised in The
                                                      Independent as ‘The
                                                      World: A Pocket History’
                                                      and Christopher has been
                                                      interviewed on the BBC
                                                      Breakfast programme.

42 Caterham School Magazine 2009

    Tanzania 2009                                                                                WILLIAM HUDSON (L6)

                                                                                                         Josh Higginson presents a school
We arrived at Kilimanjaro International airport with a sense of                                                bag to pupils in standard 4

trepidation as, despite having seen pictures from previous
years, none of us really knew what to expect. Once we were
through immigration we made our way to the Masai Camp in

I t was raining for apparently the second
  time in three years and most of the crops
had failed due to the droughts and there
                                              a flock of children dressed in blue, launch
                                              themselves across from one side of the
                                              school to another. By now most of the
were many derelict and unfinished             girls were crying as we heard these
buildings amidst the vast open spaces.        children screaming and cheering. We
    On the third day we left for Lerang’wa.   entered the school to a song and some of
The excitement in the bus was                 the children clapping on either side of the
indescribable as we left Arusha and made      bus. We sat at desks while the local Masai
our way out into the sweeping wilderness      performed a
towards the school. Villages gradually        traditional dance and      Hannah Wright (Head Girl) and Alex Hinkson (Head Boy) presenting
became fewer and farther between, yet         ritual. We then                               sports kit to Emmanuel Saiko (Head Boy) and
                                                                                                               Neema Longida (Head Girl)
even when we were over an hour away           performed our song
from the school, children would run           – ‘The World’s
alongside the bus screaming and waving        Greatest’- which we
with happiness. When the main concrete        had been practising
road stopped and became a mere dirt           tirelessly for a lot of
track it was a sign to us all of how remote   the journey there.
this school was. The landscape was            We then presented
completely dry and the soil had turned to     the banner to their
red dust due to the lack of moisture.         Headmistress, Mary.
Nearly three hours after leaving the middle   It was kindly made
of Arusha we were finally at our              by the Textiles Club
destination and as we turned the next         assisted by Georgia
bend the image was truly incredible.          Mills, as a symbol of
    Amongst a small collection of buildings   Caterham’s link with
surrounded by absolutely nothing, we saw      Lerang’wa. Lucy

                                                                                                    2009 Caterham School Magazine 43

                                                                                                           “ By now most
                                                                                                             of the girls
                                                                                                           were crying as
                                                                                                           we heard these
                                                                                                           screaming and
Preparing to hand out school bags

and Katy then came out wearing their             Lerang’wa annual match 3-1) and netball.          week or month as it was pretty big for a
shukas – Masai clothing! After our               We also danced a traditional dance that           one-day-old baby.
welcome lunch the kids surrounded us,            the girls were taught that involved them             Aside from teaching and entertaining
playing with our hair, clothes, bracelets-       dancing with a partner and shaking their          the kids we also used our time at
anything they could get hold of- before          hips and bums, resulting in a roar of             Lerang’wa to check up on previous
most of us ended up playing football with        laughter from the kids most of the time.          projects funded by Caterham, as well as
them and being covered in red dust.                 Our daily excursions in the afternoon          the current ongoing ones. I am pleased to
   Each morning the children parade              provided many an entertaining moment,             report that the kitchen and new toilet
before school, singing the Tanzanian             from Hannah Spence asking if there was a          block facilities are very nearly complete
National Anthem and presenting the stick         kangaroo in the distance, to the repulsed         and will provide a far more sanitary and
they have picked up on the way to school         look on the children’s faces as we tried to       pleasant environment for the children to
in order to fuel the fire to cook lunch. It      shake hands with them with our sweaty             be in. Moreover, the solar panels and new
was humbling to see the effort these             hands that weren’t used to the heat! They         teachers’ accommodation block are all still
children make to get to school as some of        weren’t impressed and promptly either put         in working order and are enabling Mary to
them live many miles away, and some so           a jumper between both hands or just               work longer in the evenings due to the
far away that they only attend school a          stood clear of us!                                electricity provided, which is a great
few days a week.                                    A trip to a local Masai village was one of benefit to her.
   We taught between two and four                the major highlights of the trip as it was           One of our gifts to the school from the
lessons each day and taught them Maths,          literally like something out of a                 money raised from everyone at Caterham
English, Science, Art, Music and                 documentary. We
Geography. Lessons included painting             were right down in                    The Textiles Club banner is presented to The Headmistress
with straws, a volcanic eruption using           the heart of
coke and mints, playing bongo drums and          traditional African
the guitar as well as other enjoyable            life, surrounded by
games. To be honest I don’t actually think       huts and a village of
they understand the concept of much that         people. We had a
we tried to teach them, however the fun          tour of a Masai hut
they have and the look on their faces is         from a Masai man
the most rewarding thing. They derive so         called Richard, who
much enjoyment from us simply being              had a mere three
there and spending time with them and it         wives, and we got
truly is the highlight of their year. The fact   to meet one of
we were only there for one week meant            them with his
that we were constantly entertained. We          supposed one day
played duck, duck, goose Swahili style,          old baby. However,
umpteen games of football (unfortunately         we think he might
we lost the official Caterham vs.                have meant one

44 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                           an inspiration. We had a final      made it up to at least Saddle Hut
                                                           sending off ceremony at the         (3570m), the last stop before the summit,
                                                           front of the school in which        which in itself is a great achievement,
                                                           they sang a farewell song that      especially when a couple of members of
                                                           included our names one by           the team were suffering from bronchitis
                                                           one being mentioned. We             and tonsillitis. Most of us then ascended
                                                           sang ‘The World’s Greatest’         Mini Meru, which offered spectacular
                                                           again and having gradually          views of Kilimanjaro in the distance and
                                                           taught bits of it to them over      of the summit that we were to face later
                                                           the week, they joined in and        in the night. Unfortunately, only twelve
                                                           were crying, which in turn set      out of twenty attempted the summit,
                                                           off most of us. Some children       owing to altitude sickness and other
                                                           gave gifts of necklaces and         ailments.
                                                           bracelets to those they had            We left at 11.30pm having had only a
                                                           made a strong friendship with       couple of hours sleep and it was
                                                           over the week, which was a          absolutely exhausting. The ascent became
                                                           poignant gesture as they have       gradually steeper and harder to handle,
                                                           so little in life compared to us,   with rocks slipping away effortlessly under
                                                           yet are probably a lot more         our feet. We had to scale rock faces with
                                                           generous. It was a sad day, all     sheer drops (we found this out upon
                                                           things considered, and I can        returning in the daylight) as well as
                                                           now see why people from             contend with huge cross-winds and
Standard 7 receive their school bag gifts                  previous years say that they are    freezing cold conditions. Nevertheless,
                                                          desperate to go back. The final      nearly seven long, cold, hours later we
was a new school bag containing a bowl        day reinforces how much they enjoy our           arrived first at Socialist Peak (4566m) and
and cup, an exercise book and a pencil.       company and the tears, especially from the       the view was simply breathtaking. The
We managed to fill 550 bags in no time at     older ones, really shocked us.                   sun was beginning to rise and Kilimanjaro
all the night before which was extremely        We arrived back in Arusha with an              was in the distance, poking up from
hectic, yet at the same time really           afternoon to recuperate before our ascent        above the clouds which looked like a field
enjoyable. We distributed the bags the        of Mt. Meru. I think many of us were             of cotton wool beneath us. The feeling of
next day and it was like seeing the look on   excited about this challenge ahead but           despair dissipated instantly as we got to
a child’s face during their first Christmas   some were less enthused! It turned out to        the top and were greeted by this
when they received their gifts. They all      be an enormous task, by far the hardest          phenomenal spectacle. After tears of
wrote their names on the front and            thing I have ever done in my life. Everybody     jubilation and countless photos, we made
walked around with them so proudly at
break time, being very                                                                                         Post football match line up
protective of them if anyone
else should try and see what
was in their bag! Mary told
us that the attendance rate
on that day was just over
90%, the highest they have
ever had, which I think we
were all really flattered by as
it showed how much they all
wanted to be there to
appreciate what we were
doing for them.
   The mood was subdued
when our last day at
Lerang’wa dawned, but we
were determined to spend as
much time as possible with
them all. We played ‘hapana,
hapana, ndiyo’ (the Swahili
duck, duck, goose but no,
no, yes). The kids are so
happy and gracious and live
life to the full and it is such

                                                                                                     2009 Caterham School Magazine 45
our way back down as it was too cold to
stay up there for any great length of time.
Upon arrival back at Saddle Hut three
hours later, we walked back into our
room and were greeted by cheers and
greetings from the rest of the team who
were all gutted that they couldn’t do it,
and just when we thought we might be
able to sleep we had to leave to go back
down to the camp we spent the first
night at.
   The scenery of the jungle canopy as we
descended was just like something out of
‘The Jungle Book’, with lush foliage and
trees covered in moss surrounded by the
misty clouds. Towards the bottom of the
mountain we walked through areas with
giraffe a stones throw away which was
really surreal. We were all exhausted and
very glad to finally get to the bottom and
now we had two days of Safari to look                                                                            Traditional Shuka Dresses
forward to.
   Our campsite seemed like the Ritz in       as a rhino which is virtually never seen, so     daughter, which was why he couldn’t
comparison to what we had experienced         we felt extremely fortunate.                     come on the trip but I’m sure he was
up the mountain, which was a welcome             On reflection, I think I can speak on         there in spirit. Finally, the biggest thank
change. We visited Lake Manyara               behalf of everyone and say it was the best       you goes to the parents and students for
National Park on our first day, seeing an     three weeks of our lives. New friendships        your kind generosity over the past three
array of wildlife including many baby         were made, old friendships rekindled and         years and for helping to fund the projects
elephants and their mums, wallowing           so much fun was had by absolutely                that have been occurring. Your money
hippos, thousands of monkeys, literally,      everyone. On behalf of everyone I would          really does make a difference to all of the
and the open savannahs of zebra,              like to thank the teachers,                      kids at Lerang’wa.
wildebeest and giraffe. Our second day        Miss Thomas, Miss Dixon, Mr                  View of the Ash cone from the top of Little Meru
took us to the Ngorongoro Crater, which       Taylor, Mr Grimshaw and Mr
was a sight to behold. It is absolutely       Wilkinson, for all of the hard
enormous and the view we had from the         work and organisation
road up above it was incredible. We drove     required for this trip to run
around and saw the usual wildebeest and       smoothly. Also,
zebra, but we also saw lions, which are       congratulations to Mr
not always guaranteed to be seen, as well     Wilkinson on the birth of his

 An Art lesson in progress

46 Caterham School Magazine 2009

Lower Sixth Form Expedition to
                                               Southern Ukraine
                                               A team of 12 Lower Sixth Form
                                               students and 3 teachers set off in July
                                               to Nagydabrony School in the Southern
                                               Ukraine        SOPHIA SPATHAS AND ALEXANDER GORDON (L6)

All the summer school students at                 The format of each day consisted of        objective now was winding down, as we
Nagydabrony with team members                  English and music lessons in the morning,     saw the sights, sounds and culture of
Adam, Jonathan, Matthew, Neil,                 sport in the afternoon and activities and     Budapest, with a just little bit of shopping.
Alex, Lawrence, Jansen, Helen,                 relaxation in the evening. Campfires were        Unquestionably the most significant
Sophia, Jennifer, Jacqueline,                  a nightly occurrence and we also had a        part of the trip was the long-lasting
Rebecca, Dr. Mearkle, Miss Dawrant             couple of excursion days to local sights in   friendships that we formed with the
and Mr Lesser (holding the camera).            the surrounding towns and countryside.        students, and we knew from the smiles of
                                               Hungarian is the local language since this    gratitude on their faces that we had made

T   his Summer saw Caterham School
    establish its friendship abroad in yet
another part of the world when a team of
                                               particular area of Southern Ukraine was
                                               once Hungarian land. Considering our
                                                                                             a noticeable difference to their education
                                                                                             and their lives. With the money we
                                               very limited Hungarian vocabularly, some      donated, the school intends to build new
12 Lower Sixth Form students and 3             might say it was a wonder that they           improved accommodation for the
teachers set off in July to Nagydabrony        understood anything we said! However,         students along with more modern
School in the Southern Ukraine. Our            through body language and gestures we         teaching facilities as part of a long-term
motley crew was under the guidance of          came to realise that language is not          plan. Three of their best English students
the Reverand Mearkle, (or “Ric the Vic”)       necessarily a barrier to communicating        will be visiting Caterham in November
the “bionic” Miss Nancy Dawrant and our        with others.                                  during the second half of this Autumn
seemingly omnipresent (as we couldn’t              Their behaviour is much more reserved     term, and we look forward to welcoming
get rid of him) director of Sixth Form,        than ours. However, within days all the       them!
Michael Lesser.                                students had opened up to us and there
   We were not only there to bring them        could not have been a better way to say
the funds we had been raising throughout       goodbye than by having all the students
the school year and to make new friends,       round an epic campfire with Jonathan
it was also up to us to run the timetable at   playing the guitar (which we gave to them
the school for the next week on what the       as a gift) with everyone singing along to
students aptly called an “English Camp.”       songs by the Beatles that we had taught
We were very much in a second world            them!
environment; a less wealthy area in a             The second phase of the trip was the
developing country with modernising but        Ukraine equivalent of Mt.Meru: a 200km           A mid-cycle shot of the “pack” at the front
unreliable technology and the old horse-       bike trek through the
and-cart a regular sight on the road. This     Carpathian mountains
was obviously going to be an entirely          boardering the Ukraine and
different experience to that of the            Hungary. This was one of
Tanzania trip.                                 the most gruelling yet
                                               rewarding parts of the trip.
                                               There was also, of course,
                                               the infamous episode of the
                                               sheep that our guide, Gaza,
                                               had bartered for with a
                                               shepherd on the mountain.
                                                  Our trip concluded in
                                               Budapest, the lively and
                                               architecturally stunning
The three Nagydabrony students coming to       capital of Hungary. The main
Caterham in November                                                                                  The Hungarian houses of Parliament

                                                                                                   2009 Caterham School Magazine 47
     ski trip

Ski Trip 2009
As we met outside school and
luggage was stowed in our coaches
it was difficult to comprehend that it
had indeed been a year since our last
expedition to Austria.

T   he old hands displayed an excitement
    born of familiarity and the
newcomers, a sense of trepidation, as the
holiday got underway. We were off to the    who was doing his best to resemble           Buckland to beat them at table-tennis,
skiing paradise that was the ‘Sportweld     Bambi on ice on the nursery slopes.          time and time again.
Amade Region’ with a total complement          The experts, meanwhile, continued            Skiing is a potentially hazardous sport
of 89 pupils and staff and we were          where they left off last year with Matthew   but we were very fortunate in that there
hoping for a repeat of last year’s          Wilson, Ben Grant et al testing their        were few major problems. Of course Neil
outstanding holiday.                        instructors to the limit whilst the          Greenhalgh ended the holiday on crutches
   We were certainly not disappointed by    beginners began the seemingly impossible     – so nothing new there then!
the levels of snow we found on arrival      task of mastering a pair of skis.               The staff were not without their
and the familiarity of the Hotel Hutter        Ski groups are organised by ability and   traumas. Mr. Patterson did his Captain
was a welcoming sight after our over-       therefore encompass a range of age           Oates impression and went missing
night journey.                              groups and it was tremendous to see the      mysteriously one afternoon and despite
   The first day on the slopes began with   positive interaction between Sixth Form      the ensuing man hunt, when the slopes
removing Lucie Blackwell from the           and Second Year students.                    were scoured from peak to valley he was
protective cotton wool in which she had        The seniors as a group, once more set     eventually found unharmed and
been encased throughout the journey to      the tone of the holiday and were the very    unrepentant by Mr. Broughton some
prevent the possibility of injury then      best role models for the younger pupils.     hours later.
keeping a watchful eye and our fingers      Each activity was approached in an              Away from the slopes the evening
crossed when she set out on her skiing      enthusiastic manner making the life of the   entertainment included a visit to a leisure
lesson. The clock seemed to move            staff very easy indeed. The staff too        pool, the Christmas Market in Salzburg, a
extremely slowly but after 30 minutes she   ensured the relationship between             Pool competition, bowling and ice-skating
had surpassed last year’s effort on the     themselves and the students was cordial      as well as a karaoke evening where,
snow and we could all relax.                and amiable with Mr. Patterson and Mr.       amongst others, the talents of Mr.
   We could now turn our attention to the   Smith generously allowing Caroline           Broughton and Mr. Patterson were on
remainder of the group and we were                                                       show singing and dancing, making it an
treated to the impressive Mr. Walmsley                                                   evening no one will forget …. .
                                                                                            At a brief presentation Matthew Wilson
                                                                                         was given a tankard in recognition of his
                                                                                         support of the ski trip in every year of his
                                                                                         time in the senior school. He also paid this
                                                                                         trip the highest compliment by saying that
                                                                                         from his perspective it had been the best
                                                                                         of the seven he had been on.
                                                                                            Word certainly got round quickly as
                                                                                         within a week of advertising the 2009 trip
                                                                                         it had sold out and extra places had to be
                                                                                         negotiated. In December we will have a
                                                                                         party of 100+ which is the very best
                                                                                         testament to the popularity and success of
                                                                                         this holiday.

48 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                                  water sports

Watersports Holiday
2009                               LUKE MILLS (4L)

                                                               This year the watersports holiday set off for a new
                                                               destination - at PGL Albatros, near Biarritz in France.
                                                               The group (Year 6 from the Prep School to Year 11 in the
                                                               Senior School) met at Caterham School on Sunday 2nd
                                                               August, in the afternoon, to travel to France via the
                            Lucy Taylor and Emily Seager       Eurotunnel.

                                                   We also had a day out to the foothills
W      e arrived at our site early Monday
       morning all very tired but excited to
see what lay ahead of us.
                                                of the Pyrenees where we all (including
                                                teachers) went white water rafting, which
                                                                                               this holiday had a wonderful time and
                                                                                               enjoyed many new experiences (even if it
                                                                                               was only to wear a skirt). I would like to
  The site was situated by a lake and the       was great fun. Extra activities included a     thank all the staff who gave up a week of
sea, so we had the best of both worlds          trip to a local water park and mountain        their holiday and gave us all an amazing
and throughout the week we all                  biking through the pine forests.               time.
participated in many different watersports         After a full day of activities, the gang       This holiday is a must for all students
which included windsurfing, kayaking,           was still raring to go! Every night there      who want to learn new water skills and
surfing and sailing. Surfing on the             would be a new challenge for all ages to       get to know teachers in a different light!
Atlantic Ocean was a real challenge and         join in. These included a talent night,
                                                                                                              Luke Mills and Tom Fouracre
some of the best surfing was to be seen         where Mr. Wells did an amazing Haka
on this coast line. What a shame Mr. Van        dance and bar games involving much
was afraid of sharks!                           throwing of flour and eggs at
                                                unsuspecting volunteers!
Neon Night
                                                                   The Miss Albatros
                                                                competition saw the boys
                                                                having a wonderful time
                                                                dressing up in the girls’
                                                                prized possessions and
                                                                strutting their stuff around
                                                                the dance floor! Dancing
                                                                was on the agenda every
                                                                night with twists of
                                                                fluorescent clothing (thanks
                                                                to the Fifth Year girls),
                                                                pyjamas and tribal wear.
                                                                   Everybody who went on

                                                                                                     2009 Caterham School Magazine 49


Robot Dancing
                                   On Friday 26 June, 569 Caterham
                                   School pupils dressed as robots to
                                   perform a ‘’Robot Dance’’ in an
                                   attempt to set a new World
                                   Record. The previous record for
                                   the most people performing a
                                   Robot Dance was 276, which was
                                   set in September 2007 by the
                                   University of Kent.

                                   A    chieving the record required pupils to be
                                        dancing, dressed as robots, to a choreographed
                                   routine in the same place at the same time for five
                                     Pupils were charged £1 to participate to raise
                                   money for Lerang’wa Primary School in Tanzania and
                                        the Nagydobrony School, Ukraine. A total of
                                         £960 was raised including donations.
                                           The event was organised by the Charity
                                         Committee and this project was led by students
                                         Hannah Wright (L6), Rosie Clarke (L6) and
                                         Georgia Mills (L6). The routine was
                                         choreographed by teacher Miss Lucy Thomas
                                         with the assistance of Azuoma Obikudu, Taiwo
                                         Daniel and Katie Barrett (all Fifth Year).

50 Caterham School Magazine 2009

    “The Machine is strong. We must purge the weak and replace it with
    the blessed purity of metal. Only through permanence can we truly
    triumph, only through the Machine can we find victory. Punish the
    flesh. Iron in mind and body. Hail the Machine!”

Warhammer Club                                                                                                     ANGUS HAYES (2E)

The Warhammer Club is thriving at Caterham. It meets                                                             Chaos Space Marines attack
every Wednesday, Thursday & Friday lunchtime in the
Biology labs. One day you might be fighting Mr Quinton’s
Necron Army and the next you will be given lessons on
how to paint the figures by Mr Marlow.

T   his year saw the first annual
    Warhammer Convention at Caterham.
We have had two Warhammer days during
                                                 amongst the stars for millions of years,
                                                 long before humanity emerged as the
                                                 dominant species on its own home world.
the holidays when we come into school to         The Necrons, an alien race ancient beyond
eat unlimited quantities of chocolate and        imagining, are awakening from their sixty-
have massive five hour battles. In               million year dormancy to plague the living
September we are taking a minibus up to          once more. Thousands of immortal,
the massive Games Workshop Warhammer             soulless warriors have risen from the dusty
Convention at the NEC in Birmingham.             stasis-tombs, intent on preying on the
  Warhammer is basically about a fantasy         teeming species of
future where mankind is on the brink of          the galaxy.
extinction. Worlds are ruled by a harsh and         If you think you
uncaring organisation and enemies of man         have the courage to
come to battle. Just come and try it out on      take on the Necrons,
Wednesday-Friday, just try.                      then see Mr Quinton
  The theme is mankind’s belief that Eldar       for a lunch pass and
and the Orks represent the oldest alien          join the club.
races in the galaxy. These races have been

                                                                                     Matt Clare takes on Isaac Quinton’s Orks
                                                                                       during the Summer Warhammer Day

Mr Steven Marlow giving some of the club a lesson on painting the figures            Mr Steven Marlow giving a lesson on the rules to the club

                                                                                                      2009 Caterham School Magazine 51


    Non-Verbal Communication
    A     t the end of the summer term,
          Lower Sixth students received
    training in non-verbal communication.     “ This training session onan
                                                  verbal intelligence is
    The workshop was run by Tracey
    Sinclair and Charles Damerell, co-              example of our forward
    founders of NVI International, a
    company that teaches people how to
    maximise their interpersonal skills
                                                      thinking approach...
    through the development of Non-             introduced to help the Sixth Form
    Verbal Intelligence.                        students with their presentation and
       According to many specialists, up to     interview technique. Whilst all
    93% of what is “said” when                  our students progress to
    communicating with others is never          university with 91% going to
    spoken. It is non-verbal. That means        their first choice and 84% to one
    that what a person does with body           in the top tier, we are very
    language, voice tones, eye movement,        conscious that they need to be
    breathing and gesturing affects             able to secure a career in their life
    communication.                              after university. We believe that
       Headmaster Julian Thomas said:           this very useful training session
    ‘This training session on non verbal        will help them improve their
    intelligence is an example of our           communication skills and
    forward thinking approach and was           perform well in interviews.’

The 10th Edition of Preview Magazine
is launched
  Ten A Level politics students have edited and
  produced the School’s annual Preview magazine.

T    he 2009 edition of the political
     magazine was launched at The Garry
Weston Library, Southwark Cathedral on
                                                exception. Articles were contributed by
                                                Zac Goldsmith, the Rt Hon John Redwood
                                                MP and Alvin Plantinga.
Wednesday 25 March 2009.                          The ten students who edited and
   The guest speaker at the launch was Rt       produced Preview magazine this year                                David Blunkett
Hon David Blunkett MP, Labour Member            were: Florence
                                                                    David Blunkett with Caterham School Students
for Sheffield Brightside, who gave a very       Nalson, Sophie
entertaining and informative speech in          Bailey, Dominic
which he said that he was very                  Damesick,
encouraged by what the students had             Benjamin
achieved as he is keen to support               Horne, Liz
initiatives that widen political education      Parrish, James
and promote the notion of active                Hopkins,
citizenship.                                    Nathalie Morle,
   Every year the editorial team try to         Bekki Gocher,
ensure that they have articles written by       Matthew Amlot.
notable figures. This year was no

52 Caterham School Magazine 2009

Exchange 2009
At 8.00 on the last Friday of the first
half of the autumn term, eleven
Caterham students and one member of
staff set off on the annual Caterham-WRA
exchange to Ohio.
T    his was the 9th incarnation of this
     event, and the biggest to date. The
transatlantic journey was uneventful;
                                              These were very different. Amish country
                                              was a little disappointing, although an
                                              interesting experience. Cleveland and the
                                                                                              hand, and to get a flavour of election
                                                                                              fever. This was the most important
                                                                                              election in decades, and everyone had a
most slept, some chatted, Dom                 Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame was fascinating,     view which they were not afraid to
Damesick ranted about nothing and             although we were not amused to find             express. Posters, flags, yard signs and
everything, and Sophie Parry giggled          that Jim Bunting’s ‘don’t worry, there’s no     bumper stickers abounded, and little else
continuously for 8 hours, setting a new       rush, they never give parking tickets here’     was discussed in the few days before the
World Record.                                 was wildly optimistic. Having shaken out        vote. We all gathered in Mr Bunting’s
   The first hint that this might not be an   pockets we managed to scrape enough             house to see the Obama thirty-minute
entirely smooth trip came at Washington       together to satisfy the boys in blue and

DC airport. Nothing prepares the              were allowed to proceed.
uninitiated traveller for the terrors of US      One of the highlights was the                    Nothing prepares the
immigration. The queues, the                  Halloween mufti day. We will never forget         uninitiated traveller for
fingerprints, the eye scans, the strip        ‘Michael Phelps’, in ‘skimpies’ and flippers,
                                                                                                    the terrors of US
searches, and the endless                     trudging through the snow, festooned
questionnaires...Don’t be caught out by,      with medals and goose-bumps, until the                immigration. The
‘did you pack your bomb yourself or did       awful wrath of Mr Bugg, the Dean,                 queues, the fingerprints,
someone else do it for you?’ I think it’s a   descended on him. ‘Joe the Plumber’ was
                                                                                                 the eye scans, the strip
trick question. Then the transfer flight      wonderful as well, and the lunchtime
was ‘full’- a euphemism for overbooked;       parade was worth the trip by itself. I have           searches, and the
and they tried to make one member of          no idea what everyone did in the evening,                  endless
the party stay behind at Washington.          but the streets were buzzing until the early
Only firm resolve and Caterham spirit         hours. ‘Con Law’ lessons were a real
saw us through this crisis, along with the    challenge; teaching foreigners the British          be caught out by, ‘did
discovery that the cabin crew had             Constitution requires skill and bravery, and        you pack your bomb
miscounted and there was in fact a spare      the group acquitted themselves very well.
                                                                                                yourself or did someone
seat. After that it was relatively plain      The two days in Washington DC were
   Jim Bunting was there to meet us with
a big welcome; the host families were all
                                              really exciting and were enjoyed by all;
                                              there is so much to see and do and
                                              everyone, including the natives who
                                                                                                   else do it for you?’
waiting in Hudson, and we settled into        accompanied us on the coach, had a              special, although sadly that was the
two weeks of eating and not drinking          wonderful time. Whether or not the poor         closest we came to the great man.
(no alcohol for the under-21s -               innocent travellers in the hotel appreciated       It was an unforgettable experience for
fortunately, I just made the cut-off). In     the late night sing-songs (someone had          all of us. Our thanks go to Mr Bunting for
case anyone has the idea that this was        brought a guitar) is less certain, but there    all his hard work, and to the host families.
some sort of holiday, it’s worth pointing     were no complaints.                             There is nothing quite like American
out that we were in school every day, all        The real value of the trip was the           hospitality, and we all came back a little
day, except for a couple of trips out.        chance to experience American life first        heavier than we left.

                                                                                                    2009 Caterham School Magazine 53

Zac Goldsmith
at the Sixth Form Forum

We invited Zac Goldsmith to come to
the Sixth Form Forum to talk about
the environment...
                                                                                             Julian Thomas, Zac Goldsmith and Anthony Fahey

Z   ac Goldsmith was asked to oversee
    the Conservative Party’s Quality of Life
Policy Group last year, and to produce a
                                               be invited to talk about the environment
                                               to the Sixth Form students at Caterham
                                                                                                include Andy Duncan, Jonathan Bloomer,
                                                                                                Alan Pardew, Sir Anthony Meyer, and Otis
report with policy recommendations on a        School. It’s an increasingly important area      Grand.
wide range of issues from transport,           and it’s vital that the next generation             Headmaster Julian Thomas said: ‘’We
housing, food and farming, biodiversity,       engages now with the issue. I met                are delighted that Zac Goldsmith was able
the countryside and energy policy. He is       members of the Green Team before the             to spare the time to come to talk to our
also the Conservative Party candidate for      presentation and was hugely encouraged           Sixth Form students. We are seeking to
Richmond Park. Previously he was editor        by their enthusiasm.‘’                           help students become well rounded
of Ecologist magazine, which he joined in         The Sixth Form Forum is a monthly             individuals with the capacity for
1997. He has launched campaigns on,            lecture for students which is organised by       independent thinking and the Sixth Form
among other things, climate change, GM         Anthony Fahey. It has the aim of                 Forum is an integral part of our
food and pesticides.                           widening their horizons and broadening           enrichment programme which is a key
   Zac Goldsmith said: “I was delighted to     their education. Notable past speakers           element in that process.’’

   Sir Bernard Ingham delivers a lecture
                                                       Sir Bernard Ingham came to the
                                                       School on Monday 27 April 2009 to
                                                       give the 2009 Caterham Lecture.

                                                          Upper Sixth Students Dominic Damesick, Ben Horne and Florence Nalson with
                                                          Sir Bernard Ingham.

                                                                                               direct self. Our Conference Suite was
  H    e spoke about The Thatcher Years
       and told the audience of parents,
   students and teachers what Margaret         “  ...the Thatcher years                        full and everyone found the evening
                                                                                               very stimulating. The Sixth Form
                                                were the very antithesis

   Thatcher was really like. One of the                                                        students enjoyed it as Sir Bernard
   messages he was keen to
                                                 of government today.                          brought us his unique, behind the
   communicate was that political                                                              scenes, insight into a number of the
   commentators cannot properly take a         explained that, in his opinion, things          key events of the 20th Century
   view of post-war politics in Britain if     changed on 2 May 1997 and in some               including the Falkland’s War, the
   the years of Tony Blair & Gordon            respects the Thatcher years were the            miners’ strike, the poll tax riots and
   Brown are viewed as a continuation of       very antithesis of government today.            the hunger strikes.
   what went before. Sir Bernard                 Sir Bernard was his usual open and

54 Caterham School Magazine 2009

  Blues Guitar Legend Otis Grand ...
                                                             thrills Sixth Form students
                                                                Otis Grand, acknowledged
                                                                recently by CNN as one of the
                                                                greatest living blues guitarists,
                                                                visited us on October 6th.
                                                              He gave a talk to the Sixth Form, as part of the
                                                              Sixth Form Forum programme which consists
                                                              of a series of presentations by individuals who
                                                              are leaders in their field.

  D     uring the first part of the
        afternoon Otis spent time
   shedding light on the origins of Blues
                                             are very keen that pupils gain a wider
                                             perspective beyond their school life. We
                                             were very fortunate that Otis Grand, one
                                                                                         seven consecutive years so it was a
                                                                                         thrill for the students to hear his
                                                                                         perspective on how this genre of
   music in the deep south of the United     of the great names in Blues, is so          music has played a role in history.
   States, and how it has evolved into       passionate about his subject and feels so   Those students who were able to play
   the wide range of popular music we        strongly that it should be understood by    on stage with him will probably talk
   listen to now.                            the next generation. He has been voted      about it for the rest of their lives.’’
      Headmaster Julian Thomas said ‘We      the UK Blues Guitarist of the Year for

2009                    ALEX TASKER (U6)
This year’s Talent Show proved to
be a huge success with fun had
by all on a night that confirmed
just how much talent Caterham
has to offer.
                                                                                              The Winners ‘Songbirds’ (left to right):

T   here were a wide variety of acts.
    These ranged from singers through to
circus acts, dancers through to magic and
                                                                                         Helena Richards, Bekki Gocher, Hanna Smith,
                                                                                         Megan Whiteley, Hanna Shaw and Suzie Leck

beatboxers through to the Rugby Team         Some of The Wildcats strutt their stuff
Strip Tease. There were also a host of
bands and the eagerly anticipated Staff      both those involved and the audience        O’Brien. Thanks must go to the technical
Dance. All the acts were outstanding         was that each year the show gets better     team, the backstage and front of house
which made it difficult for the judges but   and better.                                 team, the comperes and the judges.
their eventual decision was to award first      The event was organised by the Upper        The night has raised well in excess of
prize to The Songbirds, a vocal quintet      Sixth Charity Committee consisting of       £3,000 an increase on the amount raised
with piano, who sang “Fields of Gold”.       Alex Tasker, Bekki Gocher, Cole             last year, and the proceeds from this will go
Although the night was not without           Campbell, Matt Trayner, Hannah Smith,       to the School’s projects in both Tanzania
‘technical mishaps’, the feedback from       Sophie Parry, Abbey Martin and Alex         and the Ukraine.

                                                                                                2009 Caterham School Magazine 55

  Vice-Chancellor of the University of
  Oxford opens our Sixth Form Centre
The new £4.2m North Wing was
completed during July 2008. Built on
four levels, this state of the art building
provides significantly improved facilities
for both Academic and Bursarial

T   he majority of the building is occupied
    by the Pye Sixth Form Centre which is
named after Catharine and Winifred Pye,
                                                  Dr John Hood
                                               became Vice-
                                               Chancellor of the
the two sisters who founded Eothen             University of Oxford
School in 1892 and of which Miss               on 5 October 2004. He is the first
Catharine was Headmistress for 46 years.       person in the institution's 900 year
Eothen merged with Caterham School in          history to be elected to the Vice-
1995. Their great-nephew William Pye is        Chancellorship from outside the
the artist who created ‘Edfu’, the water       University's current academic body. He
sculpture in front of the North Wing.          completes his five year tenure in
   The Pye Centre has a social area            September 2009.
equipped with refreshment facilities, a           Dr John Hood said: “Caterham
computer room equipped with forty              School has an excellent record of sending     and the UK, I fully understand the
computers for private study and a group        talented pupils to Oxford and I was           importance of creating the right facilities
study area with five computer stations         delighted to receive an invitation to open    and environment for study. This new
each seating six students. The Health          the new Sixth Form Centre here. As a          building is an excellent example of a
Centre and the School Uniform Shop have        vice-chancellor with experience of two        school meeting the needs of its students.’’
also been relocated to this new building.      great universities, both in New Zealand

  Equestrian - Fun, Rewarding and Always
  Entertaining                                SARAH WILSON (5H)

  This year instead of horse riding after school we go
  riding in our sports lessons. At lunch we rush off to
  get changed and all bundle into a minibus and have
  fun riding for two hours.

  I n the sand- school we are continuing to improve our riding
    but we also have a great time. Whether it is cantering
  without stirrups or jumping over 3-foot high jumps, we
                                                                       At the beginning and
                                                                   end of each lesson we
                                                                   learn how to look after the
  always enjoy ourselves.                                          horses and put on their bridles and stirrups. Everyone has built
     In the summer, if we are lucky, we now do cross country,      up good relationships with the horses and we all (secretly) have
  where we jump over barrels and tyres in the fields. Although     our favourite who we are often lucky enough to ride!
  it can sometimes be a challenge to persuade the horse to do          We now go every other week on a hack in a small group and
  what we want, in the end, it’s really rewarding and always       it’s fantastic and we always look forward to our Wednesday
  entertaining.                                                    afternoons!

56 Caterham School Magazine 2009

Pupils take delivery of a
Caterham Seven
                                                               On Wednesday 15th October
                                                               Caterham School Kit Car Club, known
                                                               as the Kit Cat Club, took delivery of a
                                                               self assembly Caterham Seven.

T   he car will be built over the next year
    by the enthusiastic members of the
club as part of their co-curricular activity.
   The Seven is the original British
lightweight sportscar. Originally created
by Colin Chapman and launched as the            will use the proceeds to buy
Lotus 7 in 1957, the car embodies the           another kit. The original
Chapman design ethos of ‘adding                 funding for the first car was
lightness’. One of the ways in which the        raised by the Parents’
car is sold to enthusiasts is in kit form so    Association.
that they can assemble it themselves.              In his Daily Mirror column,
The car built by Caterham School pupils         Top Gear presenter Richard
will be checked for road worthiness and         Hammond described it as
then sold by Caterham Cars. The School          ‘The best school project ever’.

Bronze, Silver and an outstanding Gold in
the recent Duke of Edinburgh Awards
                                                                     Amy Lovell (U6H) achieved her Gold Award in
                                                                     what is probably one of the quickest times
                                                                       the award took until      Silver
                                                                       early this year. Amy      Michael Asaad (5R), Lily Cheung (U6B),
                                                                       achieved her              Karen Erskine (L6L), Helen Gibbons (L6L),
                                                                       Volunteering section      Emma Houlden (5L), Adam Jones (5A),
                                                                       as a Brownies leader,     Amy Miles (5A), Amrik Nagra (5R), Jessica
                                                                       gained a distinction in   Puntan (5R), Sam Puntan (5R), Harriet
                                                                       Open Water Lifesaving     Shaw (5R), Romilly Whiteley (5H), Sarah
                                                                                                 Wilson (5H), Anita Wong (U6B), Holly
A    my had completed her Bronze and
     Silvers very quickly. She had to wait
to register for Gold until she was 16 years
                                                for her ‘’Physical’’, played the flute for her
                                                ‘’Skill’’, completed her qualifying
                                                ‘’Expedition’’ in the Brecon Beacons and
                                                                                                 Worthington (5U), Hannah Wright (L6A),
                                                                                                 Ashley Zhang (U6B), Aaron Kasza-Martin
old, so her record book was issued on her       represented UK Guides in Urubamba, Peru          (U6A).
16th birthday (12th June 2007). The             in August 2007 for her ‘’Residential’’. An       Bronze
minimum time for a Gold award is 12             exceptional achievement.                         Connel Binnie (5H), Jack Findlay (5U),
months and her last award section                  The following also received Duke of           Timothy Gooden (5L), Tom Pearce (5L),
(Expedition) was completed and signed           Edinburgh Awards at the Tandridge Award          Tom Leatherby (5R).
on 1st September 2008 but processing            Ceremony earlier this year.

                                                                                                       2009 Caterham School Magazine 57
      business & economics

T   he Upper Sixth Economists benefited
    from a visit by Dr Liesbet Steer;
Economist and Caterham Parent.
   Dr Steer took time away from the
Overseas Development Institute to discuss
how the effectiveness of aid in different
contexts can be measured and improved.
This is one of Dr Steer’s areas of expertise
and a central issue for the A level students
who were preparing for their
‘Development Economics’ module. An
excellent year in the Economics
department has seen over a third of our
A2 students elect to read Economics at
University. They all secured places at top
flight Universities, including two at
Cambridge and three at the London
School of Economics.
                                                                                             Dr Steer with some of our A level students

                                                                  BUSINESS EXPERTISE
                                                                  at Caterham
                                                                  In January the Lower Sixth Business
                                                                  Studies students spent a day learning
                                                                  about business start ups and marketing
                                                                  in small businesses.
   Peter Wood and some Business Studies students

  D    uring the day they heard from
       Andy Noble, Marketing Director of
  Caterham Cars, and David Gill of the
                                                 All of the Lower Sixth students had
                                               been developing their expertise by
                                               constructing a business plan around an
                                                                                          before I came to Caterham by the
                                                                                          maturity and professionalism of the
                                                                                          Lower Sixth students' work. Their
  locally based Gap Year Company               original business idea. In the afternoon   business plans were detailed, creative
  ‘Changing Worlds’. David was                 the best of these plans were pitched in    and used the right language that
  accompanied by Old Caterhamian, and          ‘Dragons Den’ style to Peter Wood of       backers want to hear from business
  ex Business Studies student, Craig           Direct Line, Esure and Sheila’s Wheels     creators. I'm not sure how I performed
  Freeman. Craig explained how he had          fame. Peter, who had studied the           as a Dragon but I hope that the
  been helping Changing Worlds utilise         business plans beforehand, asked the       students came away encouraged and
  the internet, improve the company’s          students questions, and provided them      enthusiastic. If their work at this age is
  position on search engines’ pages and        with feedback drawn from his vast          anything to go by, some of them will
  use market intelligence from the net to      business experience.                       have a very bright future ahead of
  make their marketing more effective.           Peter said of the day "I was amazed      them."

58 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                                            greek trip

Fifth Year Trip to Greece                                                                                     ROMILLY WHITELEY (5H)

During the autumn half term, eight GCSE Greek
students visited Greece, accompanied by Mr Waite
and Miss Dawrant. This was an opportunity to
soak up the Mediterranean sun, enjoy the beach,
have a break from revision and visit many of the
historical sites that we know from the stories and
legends on our course.

W        e got off to a bleary-eyed start with
         our parents dropping us off at
school at 2.45 in the morning! It was a
                                                    Our hotel was literally on the beach;
                                                 well the sea was three metres away from
                                                 the hotel doors! We made the most of it         heroic tales about these places. Although
good job we were going off on holiday,           and got Mr Waite soaked, even though            when we went to cities that we had read
as several of us had come immediately            he only risked going in up to his ankles.       about, such as Sparta and Athens, they
from a D of E Silver expedition, ‘fresh’         The weather was superb, warm and                were not as I imagined, because they
(not) from a couple of nights under              sunny all the time.                             were completely modern and had
canvas. However, Greek air traffic control          We took a boat trip around the               obviously moved on since ancient times!
decided to go on strike, so our flight was       surrounding islands, each of which                 One thing that struck us was the
cancelled and we had to go home and do           resembled a mountain coming straight            number of stray cats and dogs
it all again the next day. Finally, we were      out from the sea. Our guide did some            everywhere – of all shapes and sizes. Each
off and Mr Waite had managed to                  fishing while we were out at sea and he         monument or ruin seems to have its own
rearrange things and make sure that we           caught the most beautiful looking tuna.         colony – happily, they all seemed very
didn’t miss any of our excursions and            We hadn’t realised how hilly Greece was,        friendly and enjoyed the attention.
visits.                                          but it was literally all mountains! The            We arrived back in the UK in the small
   During our three-hour coach ride from         roads were a bit precarious, and so was         hours once again, so our families had a
Athens airport to our hotel, we stopped          some of the driving, but I’m pleased to         third night of sleep deprivation. We
off at the Corinth Canal, where I found it       say we all came back in one piece. It was       would like to thank our teachers for
very scary to walk across the bridge, as         great going to all of the ancient sites, like   organising such a fantastic trip -
there was such a hugely impressive drop          the Acropolis, because we have read             everything ran very smoothly, we had a
beneath us.                                      about them in class and heard so many           really great time and a lot of fun.

                                                                                                       2009 Caterham School Magazine 59

We win the Surrey Schools
Maths Challenge...

Left to Right: Alex Clark, Mrs Jennifer Dodd MA (Second in Department), Jacqueline Hu, Headmaster Julian Thomas, Yong Wu, Angeline
Lou, Daniyar Zhexemaliyev.

On Thursday 5 February a team of                                            A Perfect Maths Score
five Lower Sixth pupils won the
                                                                            Fourth Year student Eve Lian took part in
Surrey Schools Maths Challenge,                                             the Hamilton Olympiad which is the follow
repeating the success of 2007.                                              up round of the UK Intermediate Maths
T   he event was held at the University of Surrey in Guildford
    and over 40 teams from schools all around Surrey took part.
  The challenge was in two parts. In the first round the
                                                                              Eve scored a perfect 10/10 for each of the six written
                                                                            challenges. She was awarded a Commemorative
students produced full written solutions to 12 mathematical                 Medal for being one of the top 25% performers in the
problems. The second round involved answering 16 multiple                   country and also received a book prize ‘How to Cut a
choice questions at speed. Both sections required the students              Cake’ for being one of the top 50. To have achieved
to apply the techniques they had learnt so far in their studies as
                                                                            an outstanding 60/60 must mean that she is currently
well as good intuition in order to answer some quite
                                                                            one of the very best at this level in the UK.
complicated questions.
  The team of Alex Clark, Daniyar Zhexemaliyev, Angeline Lou,
Yong Wu and Jacqueline Hu had to work together as a team to
answer the two part challenge.
  Headmaster Julian Thomas said: ‘’This was a very competitive
event with so many schools entering very strong teams. Only a
few marks separated the best teams which included The Royal
Grammar School, Guildford and Charterhouse. Naturally we are
very pleased to regain the champions’ position but I am also
gratified by the way the team handled the pressure whilst
enjoying the experience.’’
  The challenge was organised by Surrey Education Business
Partnership and is an annual event.                                                                      Eve Lian with the Headmaster

60 Caterham School Magazine 2009

SUCCESS in The British Mathematical
Olympiad (Round 1)
The British Mathematical Olympiad (Round
1) is the follow on round for those who
scored highly in the UK Senior Mathematics
Challenge. Six students were selected to
progress to this round after the UKSMC last

B    MO1 consists of six problems, including algebraic,
     geometrical and numerical analysis problems to solve in less
than 31/2 hours. The nationwide competition takes place on the
same day all over the country and all the students who attempt
it are gifted mathematicians.
   About 1300 students participate in BMO1 and this year three
Caterham students achieved certificates of distinction. Of these,
Samuel Choi and Jacqueline Hu were also awarded Bronze                  Jacqueline Hu, Samuel Choi, Headmaster Julian Thomas
                                                                        and Yong Wu
medals, putting them in the top 75 in the UK.

  Surrey Engineering                                                  Maths Workshop or our
                                                                      version of ‘Numbers’
   Last November a team of seven Lower Sixth
   students represented Caterham at the
   Surrey Engineering Challenge, held at St
   John’s School, Leatherhead.

   T  here were eleven schools taking part and during
      the day the teams had to construct a shelter, a
   tower and a bridge from tubes of paper. Our team
   won the tower section and came 3rd overall.
     The students (and Mr Stephen Lander who
   accompanied them) really enjoyed the day and
   recommended that we take part again next year!
                                                                    O     n Wednesday 8th October the Old Dining Hall was
                                                                          transformed into a Maths workshop for the First Year.
                                                                    The seventeen hands-on activities were provided by World of
                                                                    Maths. After an initial briefing on how Maths can be found
    The team:                                                       everywhere the pupils were ready to begin. Working in small
                                                                    groups they tackled tasks such as ‘Mouse in the House’, which
    Kenny Lau
                                                                    incorporated aspects of probability, and ‘Chain Twister’, an
    Jacqueline Hu
                                                                    often infuriating logic and spatial-awareness problem. The
    Felix Se
                                                                    activities required the pupils to work together, sharing
    Vincent Hsu
                                                                    knowledge and strategies.           Some tasks appeared
    Jonathan Chow
                                                                    straightforward at first, but the pupils soon found that
    Jansen Zhao
                                                                    perseverance was needed to obtain the answers. The pupils
                                                                    returned to normal lessons discussing their solutions and
                                                                    thinking that this had been much more exciting than a
                                                                    traditional double Maths lesson!

                                                                                                2009 Caterham School Magazine 61
     drama & theatre

A Drama in Leatherhead!
Students Win the Sir Michael Caine Drama Award

                                                        Sir Michael Caine with the Caterham School Drama and Theatre Studies Students
                                                                                                Photos by Andy Newbold Photography

Students studying A Level                                                      Leatherhead Drama Festival and this year it
Drama and Theatre Studies                                                      featured 28 drama groups with thirteen
                                                                               competing in the Junior section.
have won the Sir Michael                                                          Julian Thomas said: ‘’This is an excellent
Caine Drama Award for Junior                                                   achievement by these seven students. It is the
Groups at the Leatherhead                                                      first time that the School has entered the
                                                                               Leatherhead Drama Festival so we are naturally
Drama Festival.                                                                delighted to receive the award in the face of

T   he play they performed was the abridged
    version of The Children’s Hour by Lillian
                                                                               some strong competition from other schools
                                                                               and theatre groups. I am particularly pleased
                                                                               for Emma who deserved recognition for an
  Lower Sixth student Emma O’Brien also                                        excellent performance. Drama & Theatre
won Best Junior Actress for her performance                                    Studies plays a key part in our curricular and
as Martha Dobie, whilst Cole Campbell and                                      co-curricular provision whilst contributing to
Rebecca Ward both received a special                             Emma O’Brien our excellent A Level results. It was an inspired
mention for their performances.                                                decision by Lisa McMullin, our Head of Drama,
   The awards were presented by Sir Michael Caine on            to showcase the excellent work of our students at such a
Saturday 16 May at the Leatherhead Theatre. This is the sixth   popular drama festival.”

62 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                           drama & theatre

The WONDER                                                                       On Thursday 25 June and Friday 26
                                                                                 June, pupils performed a wonderful

of ALICE                                                                         Alice in Wonderland to large
                                                                                 audiences of parents, teachers and
F  orty-two pupils were involved
   either in the cast or in the
backstage team. Saskia Jiggens
(2D), as Alice, completely stole the
show with a polished
performance as the eponymous
heroine. Joe McNeice (1C), who
gallantly donned a dress to play a                        The Cheshire Cat
hilarious Duchess, and Rachel
Wright (3A) who was a formidable Queen of Hearts, ably
supported her. Sixth Former Ben Horne, in his last ever production
                            at Caterham, went out in style as the
                            twitchy White Rabbit.
                              Headmaster Julian Thomas said. ‘’I am
                            always impressed by the amount of
                                                                                                               The cast of Alice in Wonderland
                            enthusiasm and commitment that our
                            pupils bring to their studies and to the co-     year. Drama and Theatre Studies is flourishing in the School,
                            curricular activities. This was another very     both as an academic subject and as a co-curricular activity and I
                            enjoyable production and follows a much          was very pleased to see all year groups represented in the cast
                            acclaimed Toad of Toad Hall earlier in the       and crew.’’

 Toad of Toad Hall
                                               MISS LISA MCMULLIN

O    n February 11 and 12 pupils in the First and Second Years
     presented their own production of Toad of Toad Hall. It
was a huge success, performing to visiting Prep Schools,
parents, friends, teachers and governors. The acting was
fantastic with costume, make up and set all creating a vibrant
and thoroughly entertaining show. It was lovely to receive such
an enthusiastic letter from a pupil in the audience praising the

                                                                              “ The scenery
                                                                             was   really good.
                                                                             All the costumes
                                                                              were excellent.
                                                                             The performance
                                                                              was brilliant, it
                                                                              was one of the
                                                                                best I have
                                                                                                        2009 Caterham School Magazine 63
      dance & fashion

Dance and Fashion Week
at Caterham School
The first week of March was the time to 'strike
a pose' as we held our first Dance and Fashion

T   eachers put aside their
    text books to provide a
wide range of lunch time
activities throughout the
week;      however      the
highlight was a Dance &
Fashion Show on the
Tuesday       evening.    A
packed audience saw a
wide variety of dance                                                                      in an energetic Welsh Folk dance. This
styles     displayed,    all                                                               was followed by a massive display of
choreographed by the                                                                       group dancing as students and teachers
students themselves. The                                                                   gathered to perform the routines from
Alley Cats performed twice, their 'Tribal    charity projects in both Tanzania and         'Soulja Boy' and 'Saturday Night' in the
Dance' inspired by the charity project       the Ukraine.                                  Old Gym. There were so many
which links Caterham and Lerang'wa             Other activities during the week            participants that each song had to be
School in Tanzania. Additionally, Fourth     included a variety of dance and fashion       played twice to make sure everyone had
Year students Eloise Lawler, Robyn           events. Head of English Gerald                the chance to join in.
Noble, Charlotte Taylor and Zoe Webb         Killingworth led a Morris Dancing               The week was organised by three
researched and choreographed a               workshop         which      featured      a   teachers Miss Lucy Thomas, Mrs Helena
traditional Ukraine folk dance to            performance by sixteen members of             Richards and Miss Anna Church who
highlight the latest charity link which is   staff to encourage the pupils to have a       were enthusiastically supported by a
between Caterham School and schools          go themselves.                                team of 6th Form students. Miss
in the Ukraine. The fashion show,              Also on the Tuesday, a felt making          Thomas said: ''This was a very busy
featuring the work of GCSE and A Level       workshop saw both staff and students          week of entertaining events which gave
Textiles students, revealed an inspiring     producing some eye catching 3D felt           the students the opportunity to discover
array of creations modelled by students      designs.                                      so many more activities. It was
who demonstrated their professionalism         On the Wednesday Miss Adrienne              wonderful to see so many staff and
and lots of attitude! The evening raised     Green put aside French and Spanish            students getting involved and enjoying
£939.30 which will go towards the            books to teach a Salsa class with over        themselves whilst raising money for
                                                     fifty students taking part.           charity.''
                                                         Thursday was the day for the
                                                      T-Shirt design competition
                                                      which saw a wide range of
                                                      talent from across the school
                                                      testing their creative skills. The
                                                      added incentive was that the
                                                      winners would be allowed to
                                                      wear their T shirt the following
                                                         On Friday art teacher Neil
                                                      Evans expertly led the students

64 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                                       boys’ sport

rugby                              2009
                         1st XV
At the beginning of the season expectations
were high due to the U16 unbeaten season of
2006/07, and the good base which had been
established last season. The club had strength
and depth in all areas due to the high numbers
and ability of the senior players this year.

W       e started well in our pre-season trials at Reigate which led
        us to believe that something big could happen this year.
Early wins in matches against Emanuel and St. Dunstan’s set us up
for our next three tougher fixtures against Sutton Valence, Worth
                                                                       Caterham 1st XV team
and Hurstpierpoint, who have always been difficult sides to put
away, but this season we managed to do that with pleasing
                                                                       Regular Fixtures
performances. City of London Freemen’s are always a difficult
side, but after a stuttering performance from the team we
                                                                               P      W       D        L    Scored      Conceded
managed to emerge victorious.
                                                                              12      12      0        3     404          115
   Leaving our regular Saturday fixtures behind us we had to
concentrate on the next task, which was going to be our
toughest in the Daily Mail competition against John Fisher. In a         Emanuel School                          39       3    Won
closely fought battle between two very good sides and in front of
                                                                         St Dunstan's College                    37      12    Won
a large crowd, unfortunately John Fisher won by 3 points with a
last minute penalty. This result proved that we were good enough         Sutton Valence School                   26       0    Won
to go unbeaten in our regular Saturday fixtures and had the              Worth School                            35      12    Won
potential to go far in the Daily Mail Vase.                              Hurstpierpoint College                  25      10    Won
   The half term break followed, and a tough game against                City of London Freemen's                35       6    Won
Reigate was our first game back where we looked rusty and                Reigate Grammar School                  23      15    Won
Reigate caused us problems, but when we needed to play at our
                                                                         Christ's Hospital                       45      10    Won
best we did and again we came out winners in another close
game.                                                                    Reed's School                           32      10    Won
   The side played well in our November fixtures, beating Darrick        St George's College, Weybridge          40      19    Won
Wood and Wallington in the next rounds of the Vase and beating           Cranbrook School                        17      15    Won
Christ’s Hospital, Reed’s, and St. George’s on Saturdays,                Wallington County Grammar School        50       3    Won
maintaining our high level of performance against our old rivals!
   This led us to what we knew was going to be our toughest
game of our regular season against Cranbrook, where both sides
                                                                       Daily Mail Results
had gone unbeaten in regular fixtures until this point. In the game
                                                                               P      W         D      L    Scored      Conceded
that had been built up for weeks in both camps, the match
                                                                               6      4         0      2     203           40
swung both ways during the course of the 70 minutes, with
Caterham eventually coming out triumphant by two points,
winning with a last gasp penalty. With only Wallington to play, we       St Peters Catholic School,
sensed the unbeaten season, and the following week we                    Guildford                       -  -    w/o      DM Cup Rd 1
achieved this in style winning 50-3.                                     John Fisher Sports College     14 17    Lost     DM Cup Rd 2
   This then meant our thoughts in the New Year could turn to
                                                                         Darrick Wood School            50 0     Won      DM Vase Rd 2
the Daily Mail Vase. The next rounds of the Vase, were a bye
                                                                         Wallington County
against Emanuel and two convincing victories against King’s
                                                                         Grammar School                 36 0     Won      DM Vase Rd 3
School, Ely and our old adversaries, Hurstpierpoint. This win put
us into the last 8, where we had to travel to the Yorkshire Dales        Emanuel School                  -  -    w/o      DM Vase Rd 4
to play Giggleswick School, where we unfortunately came so               The King's School, Ely         53 3     Won      DM Vase Rd 5
close to victory but were beaten by the better side on the day.          Hurstpierpoint College         40 0     Won      DM Vase Rd 6
This was the end of a truly memorable season for an outstanding          Giggleswick School             10 20    Lost     DM Vase
Caterham School XV, and everyone involved.                                                                                Qtr Final

                                                                                                      2009 Caterham School Magazine 65
     boys’ sport
Other Results                                                          I wish them well in their rugby careers and hope to hear good
                                                                       things about them in the future.
 Recent Leavers            55       5      Won      Old Boys              A lot of the team’s success had to do with the coaching by
                                                                       Tom Street, Jon Osborne and the experience and guidance of
                                                                       Pat Lavery. The physicality that Tom has bought over the past
Overall Results                                                        few years has changed the style of Caterham School rugby, long
                                                                       may it continue!
        P      W       D        L       Scored   Conceded                 A perfect way to finish our last year together and to celebrate
       19      17      0        2        662       160                 ‘The Lav’s’ last year. Looking forward to the leavers match!!!
                                                                          A final thanks to all the people behind the scenes: to the
                                                                       parents, for their outstanding support over all the years, to John
   The strengths of the team were that we punished sides for
                                                                       Dodwell and his team for the best playing surface in the South
their mistakes and worked so hard to turn defence into attack.
                                                                       East, to “Nige the Drive” for his back up bus and loyal support,
This is why we made defence such a key part of our strategies.
                                                                       to” Dunph” for always being there to open up and wash the kit
Captain Matthew Foulds led by example throughout the season
                                                                       if required. An unbeaten season, a perfect way to finish, long
with his ability to carry the ball into the opposition and his
                                                                       may the Rugby at Caterham continue to flourish.!!
defensive hits were frightening at times. Chris Munns was the
unsung hero of the pack, his work rate and tackle count was            Matt Foulds (U6)
second to none. Freddie Page completed the back row trio, and
was always first to the breakdown. James Miles was the “fourth
member” of the back row who stepped in wherever he was
required, and was always reliable in the tackle and had the ability
                                                                                               2nd XV
to win back and secure the ball at the breakdown. Second row,
and most improved player was Matt Wilson alongside Ali Brown,
they provided us with mobility around the pitch and stability in
the set piece. Chris Elliot and Rob Leatherby were so dependable
in the front row. Bertie Bayley and Rob Traynor fought with
George Sakandalidze for the other spot in the front row.
   Scrum-half Ben Lewis thrived in his first year in the side. Fly-
half and top points scorer Ben Davidson was the key link
between the forwards and the backs, controlling the game with
his hands or his ever so reliable right boot. The strength and
speed came from anyone of the outside 5, where Sam Fullalove
and Ali Bownas created and made tries for the lively back three.
The wings consisted of top try scorer Ben Carew-Gibbs and
James Weller, who had power and pace in abundance. Full back
Ben Doney’s ability to capitalise from fielding kicks, turnovers and   Caterham 2nd XV team
mistakes and score from his own half were telling factors in so
many games. Other players who became such valuable members             In previous years 2nd XV rugby has
of the club were Chris Payne with such strength in contact areas       somewhat been overshadowed by the first
of the field, Chris Kendell whose pace and ability to see the          team. However, this year was different.
break will be a huge asset next season and finally, Craig Moore
for his efforts and enthusiasm whenever he was called upon.
                                                                       2    008 brought a season full of closely fought battles with the
                                                                            Caterham 2nd XV emerging victorious after an incredibly
                                                                       successful few months of rugby.
   Point Scorers                                                          In true Caterham spirit, we comprehensively beat our first
   Name                                                Points          opponents Emmanuel, 68-0, with the vast majority of the team
   Ben Davidson                                         203            scoring tries. A good end to a first match brought us confidence
                                                                       when facing the next few. However, it was only when we faced
   Ben Carew-Gibbs                                      100
                                                                       Worth school in our fourth game that our defences were tested
   Ben Doney                                             80
                                                                       for the first time. A very physical game, on a blazing hot day,
   Matt Foulds                                           60
                                                                       resulted in a narrow loss.
   James Weller                                          45               I think I am right in saying that this is the first year any of us
                                                                       had been coached by an art teacher, and by a Welshman! Luckily
  Rugby at Caterham School will find it hard to get a group of         or unluckily, however you want to put it, our coach had both of
players better than the year of 2008/09. Their work rate,              these attributes, and he knew a bit about rugby too! Mr. Evans
enthusiasm, ability and will to work for each other will be hard to    stepped up to harness the wild beast that was the 2nd team,
come by again. In training and during games the desire to win          and turned it into a formidable rugby machine. He taught us
and win well was always evident. Thanks must go to Captain             strategies and tips along the way and without his help and
Matthew Foulds, and Vice-Captain Chris Munns who both led by           dedication we would never have become such a formidable
example, both on and off the field. To all the Upper Sixth leavers,    team.

66 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                                    boys’ sport
  I believe that the 2nd XV has grown so much since the              opponents from further scoring opportunities but managed to
beginning of the season turning into one unit, one team. Every       win an incredibly exciting match 17 – 15.
member played their part, and although we joked about mistakes          Further wins against Seaford College, Christ’s Hospital, Reed’s
and bad decisions, I have never played with a team with such         and Cranbrook confirmed the improvement that had been made
spirit, such hunger for victory, and one that demonstrated such      throughout the season and of the three defeats of the season,
pride and determination on and off the pitch. Each player should     only one was by a significant margin.
be commended individually, and there is no doubt that every team        Over the course of the term 20+ players represented the ‘A’
member, L6th or U6th, deserved to wear the Caterham shirt.           team but in the main the XV was very stable and relatively free
  Finally, I would like to say thank you to the whole team for       from injury which was certainly not the case the previous year.
making this last year the best year of rugby I have ever had, and       The front row of Richard Fairall, George Clarke and Jamal King
especially to the Upper Sixth for whom this is their last year of    was formidable and the foundation of a successful pack. The role
rugby. Special mentions to all my Upper Sixth team members:          and significance of the front row is often not appreciated by the
Simon, Matt, Bertie, Taz, Chris, Ollie, Owen, Will and O’Brien for

                                                                      “ To the youngbrings a clean sheet and
making our last season, our best season, and I hope everyone
continues with rugby, through uni and in the future. Well done
                                                                                     the past is very distant
guys!                                                                 and September
By Guy Whitley (U6)                                                           new opportunities.
Ihad a great time coaching these young men and I am very proud
 of what they have achieved. I wish them every continued success
with their rugby especially the Upper Sixth lads who are moving on
                                                                     uninitiated but the ‘officionados’ of the game would have
                                                                     noticed their technical expertise and the significant work rate in
                                                                     the less glamorous elements of the glorious game. Alex Wilson
to their universities. The way in which they allowed themselves to
                                                                     and Aaron Kasza-Martin worked tirelessly in the second row
be challenged by new ideas, structures and philosophies was
                                                                     making big tackles and winning more than their share of lineout
brilliant. It has been an honour to coach them.
                                                                     ball. The back row was tremendous. Every successful side has a
Mr Neil Evans (Coach)                                                great open side flanker, someone who disrupts opposition
                                                                     attacks, is first to the breakdown and is in close support in attack.
                                                                     Tom Marsh was the ideal exponent of this art and he was ably
                      U16A XV                                        supported in this role by Connel Binnie and Harry Smith. Their
                                                                     play was often the reason the side performed so well, thwarting
                                                                     potential opposition attacks and initiating those of their own.
    P     W      D       L     Points for     Points against
                                                                     Harry also made a valuable contribution to the team with his
    13    10     0       3        273              149
                                                                     organisation skills and tactical input both on and off the field of
One of the many characteristics of youth is                            Behind the pack there was an embarrassment of riches. There
resilience. An adult side, which in the                              were two excellent scrum-halves in Ross Bennington and Sam
previous season had experienced so many                              Puntan – very different in style but equally as effective. Perhaps
                                                                     an indication of just how far the boys had come in terms of
defeats, would have embarked on a new
                                                                     teamwork, was the fact that Ross, when asked to play on the
season with hesitancy and no little                                  wing, due to injuries, willingly did so despite his preference for
trepidation.                                                         scrum half.

T   o the young the past is very distant and September brings a
    clean sheet and new opportunities. It was with this attitude
that the group met at pre –season training and what transpired            “ ...they notfrom further scoring
                                                                                        only prevented their
through the course of weeks and months was quite amazing.
   Success in the opening fixture against a very much bigger and       opportunities but managed to win an
older Emanuel XV brought an immediate and positive effect on
confidence. Attendance at training was excellent and there was
an eagerness to get fit and learn new skills. The boys showed a
                                                                          incredibly exciting match...
desire to work as a team, to support and trust each other. Yes,        As captain and outside half Dan Tiernan had a tremendous
they had matured physically in the previous months which             season. Captaincy involves so many duties and skills and Dan
undoubtedly played a part in their performances but it was the       performed them all with great maturity and energy. Whether it
enthusiasm and improved team cohesion that was mainly                was as an organiser, tactician, mediator or motivator his input
responsible for them winning the opening five matches. Perhaps       was very influential and much appreciated by the coaches.
the best illustration of this new found determination was seen in      Very quickly in each match the opposition realised it was
the match against Hustpierpoint early in October. They wasted        pointless to attempt to go through our midfield. Tom Pearce and
several scoring opportunities and as a consequence were behind       Tom Gregory were always resolute in defence, dispensing
at half–time and playing against some severe weather conditions      crushing tackles on anyone who had the temerity to challenge
in the second half. Incredibly, they not only prevented their        them. They were also more than adept in attack and of course

                                                                                                   2009 Caterham School Magazine 67
     boys’ sport
were well supported by the wingers. Azouma Obikudu and
Michael Asaad and later Taiwo Daniel had the pace and
elusiveness to beat even the most organised defence. Finally, a
                                                                                           U16B XV
team needs to know that when the ball goes behind them there
                                                                             P      W       D       L     Scored     Conceded
is a dependable and secure last line of defence and someone
                                                                             8      5       0       3      195          61
who, in broken play can run penetrating lines to expose the
opposition. Joe Holleran fitted the bill exactly and his input was               Top Points Scorer: Daniel Devlin 50
often significant in determining the outcome of matches.
   I have been taking Caterham teams for twenty-three years and      A thoroughly enjoyable and successful
seen some excellent sides but I think this season has been the
                                                                     season that saw the side unbeaten until half
most gratifying of all in many ways. This can be attributed to not
simply the performances of the boys on match days but for their      term.
approach to the many hours of practice and the good humour
that prevailed throughout. The support of the parents was also a
huge factor with many mums and dads following both home and
                                                                     T   hen with a few injuries in both the A’s and B’s the end of the
                                                                         season came around and the side had lost three times by 5
                                                                     points each time. Key players being promoted to the A’s led to
away matches in all weathers.                                        change and therefore the side wasn’t as solid as it once was.
   I must also thank Mr. Hayes for refereeing the home matches          The team gelled well from the beginning and this meant that
with his usual expertise and fairness.                               the lads wanted to play for each other and turn up at ungodly
   Rugby next season will be another huge challenge as the           hours of the day to travel near and far and represent their school.
intensity will increase significantly but I am sure the squad will   With their eyes firmly set on an unbeaten season the boys started
respond positively to it and I very much look forward to             well putting many tries past good sides who thought they would
monitoring their progress.                                           come to Caterham and win, but they were mistaken. Some of the
Mr Richard Smith (Coach)                                             side’s scalps along the way were Worth, CLFS and Hurst. Then
                                                                     when the side was weakened due to squad injuries they still had
                                                                     their fighting spirit but sadly that wasn’t enough to see them win.
                                                                     They battled hard for each other and lost the last 3 games by 5
                                                                     points, all when they were either winning or drawing before the
                                                                     last play of the match.
                                                                        The team was led well by Harry McInley and he was always
                                                                     helped out by the power of Daniel Devlin and the pace and flair of
                                                                     Jack Findlay, but he couldn’t have done anything without the
                                                                     fighting spirit of the entire team.
                                                                     Great season boys!
                                                                     Mr Jack Flaherty (Coach)

                                                                                          U15A XV
Caterham U16A XV team                                                The 2008 season for the U15A’s was
                                                                     characterised by some big wins, some big
                                                                     losses, and a few close results.

                                                                     A    record of 7 wins and 10 losses does not read too well, but
                                                                          the team made many advances as the season progressed.
                                                                     Basic skills were improved, particularly offloading and support
                                                                     running, leading to a fast and loose style of rugby developing.
                                                                     The highlight of the season was a good run in the Daily Mail
                                                                     Vase, culminating in a 5th round visit to KCS Wimbledon.
                                                                        Throughout the season the front row of Brown, Mclaren and
                                                                     Mercer held their own in the set piece. The second row of
                                                                     Watson and Allen offered height in the line out and intelligence
                                                                     around the pitch. In the back row, Fullalove was an inspirational
                                                                     captain who at times, appeared to carry the team completely on
                                                                     his own. Bekker’s switch back to flanker gave strength to the
                                                                     back row, and complimented the thoughtful and effective work
Caterham U16B XV team                                                of Graham or the pace of Groombridge at openside. Freeman

68 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                                   boys’ sport

Caterham U15A XV team                                               Caterham U15B XV team

also made an effective switch to the back row, adding some         hand, often getting us out of tricky situations. However, it was
hard tackling to the mix. In the backs, competition for the nine   alongside Ryan that we never truly found the right combination,
shirt grew towards the end of the season. Mcclumpha was            we did seem to lack direction in midfield and while those who
brave and dependable, while Jobson offered a little more           performed the role worked as hard as they could, they often
adventure when given the chance. Mersh (another of the team’s      struggled against bigger and stronger opposition. Both Deji and
strong back row unit) made the move to fly-half. He defended       Henry played the majority of games here and both should be
his channel strongly and ran well with the ball, but still needs   pleased with the season they had, although longer term I do feel
experience of running a game and to develop his kicking.           that while Henry may well remain as a centre Deji is much better
Turner’s move from the wing added solidity in defence and bite     suited to the wing. The other back positions were almost in a
in attack to the centres and he was well supported by Singleton.   constant state of flux apart from the ‘rock’ at full back. Sam
Leung was a forceful presence on the wing, and Groombridge’s       Armitage has to be commended for his sterling performances both
move out wide appeared to work successfully. At full-back,         in attack and defence; he is always comfortable under the high ball
Turner was secure under the high ball, and a sound last line of    and was a very effective counter attacker. Moving back down the
defence. He also added a more attacking dimension to his work      back line, the other hotly contested position was directly behind
as the season progressed.                                          the scrum. Max Bennington and Jonny Sampson interchanged
   A number of the B team made effective contributions to the      throughout the season and both have excellent qualities. However,
A team, and players such as Brookes, Douglas, Lo and Ojo will      latterly Jonny made the position his own and worked well with
continue to push for recognition next season.                      ‘ball in hand’.
                                                                      The rest of the team played with commitment and determination
Mr Jan Whyatt (Coach)
                                                                   and while this report can not go into enough detail to praise them
                                                                   all individually for their efforts this season, there are two more

                    U14A XV                                        players who do deserve individual praise. Firstly, Tim Graham; Tim
                                                                   worked harder than any other player throughout the season and as
                                                                   open side flanker often did the work of many of the other
On the strength of the team’s performances                         forwards, with his covering tackles, his speedy arrival at the
towards the back end of the previous                               breakdown and his solid defence. Tim always gave 100%
season, I knew that this group of boys had                         regardless of how the game was progressing. The other player who
the potential to be a good rugby playing                           deserves special mention is Harvey New. Harvey, like Tim, worked
                                                                   tirelessly in every game and even though he was giving his all at
unit and as early training sessions                                prop, at times he showed real skill and flair to carry the ball
suggested, we were going to have a good                            forward, often unstoppable once he’d got a full head of steam up.
season.                                                               As far as results go, we had an OK season, we only managed to
                                                                   secure victory in a handful of our games but amongst those were
W      e started the season off reasonably well and although we
       were without Jack Ali who had broken his leg during the
summer holidays, we had enough numbers to hold our own.
                                                                   some really strong performances. The games against Worth School
                                                                   and City of London are two such games which stand out as
                                                                   showing our true potential. However, what these pupils do have is
Unlike previous U14 seasons, we did not have a huge influx of
                                                                   an innate sporting ability and a real enthusiasm for the game. I am
Rugby players who came new to the school. However, there
                                                                   certain that as they move through the school, and once they have
were existing players who bolstered the side. Josh Rawson
                                                                   fully started to grasp the complexities of the game that they will
captained the side admirably and his determination and
                                                                   excel. Well done and thank-you for making the season such an
commitment to each game and his team mates was exemplary.
                                                                   enjoyable one for me.
  Josh was assisted by Ryan Greenhalgh who orchestrated
proceedings well from the birth of fly half, his kicking from      Mr Marc Broughton (Coach)

                                                                                                  2009 Caterham School Magazine 69
     boys’ sport

Caterham U14A XV team                                                 Caterham U14B XV team

Caterham U13A XV team                                                 Caterham U13B XV team

                                                                      at No. 8, was outstanding throughout. Joe Young is an
                      U12A XV                                         outstanding player and when he plays well the side gets a real
                                                                      boost and generally play well. Joe Percival had a good season at
                     P      W       D       L                         out half and has a lot of talent; however he needs to make sure
                    11      5       2       4                         he is not too critical and hard on himself. James Foggin improved
                                                                      immensely in his play and game awareness and had a fine

The U12A team have had a very productive
and winning season. All of the squad of 16
have played a vital role in the team’s success
                                                                             “ They workthis showed in their
                                                                             training and
                                                                                          hard in games and

throughout the term.                                                              improvement throughout

T   he side is developing every week and will become a very good
    rugby team. They work hard in games and training and this
                                                                                       the season.
showed in their improvement throughout the season.                    season. Antony Carter developed rapidly and was a rock in the
   Special mention must go to several boys, although everyone         front row. Steven Greenhalgh had a solid season and was an
made considerable improvement. Ross Powell was a fine captain,        unsung hero often doing the dirty work others were not
has a great attitude and is a solid scrum half. Daniel Worthington    prepared to do to secure possession of the ball. Zach Waterstone
grew in stature with every game producing some outstanding            had a good season and when he becomes a bit more aggressive
displays in both defence and attack. Ewan Davidson is a very          will develop into a formidable player. Nicholas Horton was
natural rugby player and excelled at full back. His tackling was      another player who had a good season, often producing very
second to none and he often made try saving tackles throughout        good displays that went unnoticed as a workhorse in the second
the season. Ed Chatfield is a very natural sportsman and had a very   row. Sam Murphy has a lot of natural ability and played well, his
good season at inside centre. He is very strong in defence and an     best performances came when he did the basics well and did
excellent runner. Euan Hamilton, although playing his first season    not panic in possession.

70 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                               boys’ sport
   Jamie Dyer, Michael Gibbins and Daniel Ramsey all make good
contributions throughout the season when they played for the A
   The highlight of the season was the great win against
Wallington Grammar, winning with the last play of the game
through a Joe Young try, making the score level at 19-19 and
then Joe Percival kicking the conversion from the touchline to
win the game. Also draws against strong Whitgift and Trinity
sides in the RGS U12 rugby tournament stood out.
   The side have been an absolute pleasure to coach this season
and I would sincerely like to thank the boys for their hard efforts
and commitment in making it a successful and very enjoyable
season. Mr Mills should be excited at the prospect of coaching
these boys at U13 level next year.
Mr A Patterson (Coach)

                                                                      Caterham U12A XV team

                      U12B XV
The boys of the U12B rugby team had a
very successful start to their first term at
Caterham with an impressive five wins out
of seven.

T   hey opened their account against Emmanuel School where
    they were in prolific scoring form and racked up 40 points
and managed to concede 0! Ewan Davidson had a fantastic
game in attack and defence whilst Dominic Bailey scored a hat
trick, a great start! Their next game was against Oxted where
they were almost as good as they had been against Emmanuel
and won convincingly 30-12. However, their following game
was not to be so easy against a gritty Reigate Grammar side
who pushed them right down to the final whistle. Fortunately,
we were able to grind out a 15-14 win! The next two games we
were not to be so lucky and we were beaten by a strong                Caterham U12B XV team
St.George’s side and very unlucky to lose against Ewell Castle in
the last minute. The team finished strongly though and went on
to beat the next two sides for a winning season! Robbie Hill did
an heroic job as captain, Charles Kellaway led superbly from the
front in the forwards and in the backs, Alistair Gallivan scored
some crucial tries to win matches, as did Dominic Bailey and
Toby Goddard with their electric pace. Thank you boys for a
memorable season it was a pleasure coaching you all, well

                                                                                              2009 Caterham School Magazine 71
      boys’ sport

 cricket                               2009
   Tribute to                                                                                 1st XI
   Sandy Ross                                                        This season we were blessed with great
  I  suspect that many of you
     may only remember Sandy
   Ross as the man who
                                                                     weather throughout the summer months,
                                                                     resulting in only the first game being
   always walked around                                              cancelled due to rain. We got off to a slow
   school sporting a cricket                                         start losing the first few games of the
   jumper or a club tie.                                             season to some strong opposition.
   However, to those lucky
   enough to know him better
   he will be remembered as,                                         P   otential was evident however with Ross McInley scoring 50 in
                                                                         just the first game. Our season was kick started by our first
                                                                     20/20 match against City Of London Freemans who fielded an
   not only a great servant to the school, but a very dear
   friend.                                                           undefeated side, but we managed to beat them comfortably in
      Sandy worked tirelessly as the Director of Cricket at          the end with captain Rob Willson taking 5 for 12. We then went
   Caterham School and would arrive ridiculously early before        on to beat Sevenoaks at 20/20 also. From that point onwards
   every game, organising the pitches and getting everything         the team started to pick up some wins against teams such as
   in order for the day ahead. Sandy loved his cricket and he        John Fisher and Worth. All games were unbelievably close with
   was the most enthusiastic man I have ever and probably will       many of them coming down to the last over or last wicket.
   ever meet. He was definitely at his happiest on a warm            Unfortunately we seem to be on the losing side more often then
   summer’s day standing on a cricket field. He was in pretty        not. One of the highlights of the year was beating Sevenoaks
   good shape for someone who had had a triple heart by-             away by 23 runs, with Alex Mersh and Tim Murphy bowling
   pass, and would always give his all for his teams. Playing        really well at the death, and Harry McInley scoring a superb 82
   with him was something quite special, as he would get so          runs with the bat. Although we lost, the games against
   excited when bowling with constant ‘ooos’ and ‘ahhhs’ as          Hurstpierpoint College and Christ’s Hospital were also highlights.
   the ball passed the bat.                                          In the Hurst game we fell to a small total of just 122 but
      Sandy didn’t just enjoy playing cricket, he loved watching     managed to reduce Hurst to 65 for 9 at one stage, unfortunately
   it too. Just this year I remember turning up the day after        their last pair put on 60 to win them the game. Against Christ’s
   winning the MCC game and there he was with a massive              Hospital we were reduced to 15 for 5 but we fought back with
   grin on his face, practically dancing around ready to greet all   an 82* from Rob Willson and a gutsy 32 from Harvey New (3L)
   the boys ready for another day of cricket. Sandy was special      producing a respectable total. However, the best result of the
   in the way that he could enjoy the success of others as           season came against the MCC, who the school has never beaten
   much as his own success. We all knew that if we played            in the 18-year history of the fixture. The MCC posted a
   well we would make Sandy’s week, and that’s a quality you         predictably gigantic score of 220, and gave us 45 overs to chase
   rarely see in people.                                             the runs. With everyone chipping in with 30s and 40s we
      Sandy was also a real character. Every away game we            gradually got close to the total and Will Murch and Ben Lewis
   would be treated to a solo performance from him as he             saw us home with some lusty blows and we claimed victory with
   sang along to Magic FM all the way home. To the cricket           just 2 balls remaining. The MCC captain left describing the game
   team Sandy wasn’t really just a coach, he was like one of         as one of the most exciting games he had played in for the
   the boys. He’d join in with all the jokes and the banter and      MCC. Although we didn’t have one of the most successful
   just let us enjoy our cricket, which is exactly what a coach      seasons we definitely had one of the most exciting. I would just
   should do. Sandy not only loved his cricket but also his          like to thank our superb director of cricket Sandy Ross who sadly
   rugby and showed great support and loyalty to the school          passed away this summer. He was an inspiration to all young
   in the winter when he turned up to countless numbers of           cricketers and we are proud and privileged to have had the
   the 1st XV games. He was simply one of a kind, and a              opportunity to share many happy memories with him. On a
   genuinely honest, enthusiastic man that had a massive             personal note I have had a great five years in the first eleven and
   heart. Sandy was what sport is all about, he was fun, fair        will greatly miss the team and I wish them all the best for the
   and with a twist of very British competitive spirit. Cricket      future and with young talents such as Harvey New and Alex
   won’t quite be the same without Sandy Ross.                       Mersh coming through I know the team will be strong for years
                                                                     to come.
   Robert Willson, 1st XI captain 2009                               Robert Willson (U6)

72 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                                      boys’ sport

1st XI team                                                            2nd XI team

U15A team                                                              U15B team

                                                                       Chris Kendall and Tom Ganley complemented him with their
                         2nd XI                                        accuracy with bests of 2 for 5 and 4 for 14 respectively. Another
                                                                       excellent bowling performance came in a cameo role from a first
With a playing record of Played 9, Won 3,                              team regular, Matt Foulds, whose 6 wickets for 30 runs against
                                                                       Sutton Valence was a season’s best. It was good to see the 2nd
Lost 5, Drawn 1, it might seem as if this                              X1 benefiting from his experience on this occasion, sadly a
season had been a disappointment with                                  number of very talented second team players were called into
regards to the 2nd X1, especially considering                          the 1st team squad when they had injuries or absentees.
last year’s side had only lost once.                                   However, on a positive, this gave these players valuable
                                                                       experience and also an opportunity for others to step up for the

H      owever, taking into consideration that this was really a
       “development” team consisting mainly of 5th formers, it puts
it into some perspective.
                                                                       2nd team.
                                                                          Overall the team had 3 good wins and a disappointing loss to
                                                                       Worth which should have been a victory, but all credit to our
    It was a young team that gained valuable experience under the      visitors for defending a relatively low total. The remaining losses
captaincy of David Cooper-Parry whose decision-making and              were really to some strong and experienced sides that were just
reading of the game improved Andrew Strauss-like as the season         too good for us. However, much experience was gained from
progressed. Throughout the season there were a number of               this season and I hope that the boys enjoyed their cricket and will
notable performances especially on the batting front from Dan          go on to continue to develop their skills next season.
Devlin who scored 56 in the victory against Seaford College. Matt
Wilson starred in a cameo role in the “20/20” game against
Christ’s Hospital where he scored a quick-fire 81.
    On the bowling front the second team had three ‘strike’
bowlers who were all remarkably consistent in their ability to bowl
very good line and length. Gareth Thomas was the pace-man of
the team often surprising the opposition with his speed of delivery.

                                                                                                     2009 Caterham School Magazine 73
     boys’ sport

It has been wonderfully successful for all
those boys involved in the Under 14 A team.
They have played a total of 10 matches and
of those matches 7 have been won.

O     ne of the contributory factors to their success has been the
      enthusiasm they have for the game. Cricket, by its very
nature, is a long game and so I would like to begin this report by
commending the commitment every single one of the team has
shown. They have all given their time willingly and as a result I
have enjoyed the season I’ve had with them immensely.
   The season started off slowly, but as we moved towards half-       U14A team
term, it was obvious that various individuals were finding form.
Nowhere was this more evident than with ‘the skipper’ Harvey
New. He had a frustrating start but after a few unlucky dismissals
he really found his feet and has contributed with 3 fifties and
many wickets. He has also led the side exceptionally well and I am
convinced that had it not been for his enthusiasm and drive, we
would not have finished the season with the results we did.
Harvey was ably assisted by the team’s vice captain Jo Long, and
while Jo never really found his true form with the bat, he did
manage to bowl some exceptional spells this season. Sam
Armitage also contributed admirably with the bat and although
he never managed to secure a really big score, he is an
exceptionally talented cricketer and I am convinced that as he
moves through the school he will score many more runs. I must
also mention his wicket keeping which has kept us in many a
game, well done Sam.                                                  U14B team
   All round contributions seem to have been the theme this year
and two more exponents of this are Ryan Greenhalgh and Alex
Blair. Ryan often opened the batting and usually got the side off
to a good start while Alex would come in and smash it around a
bit. Both also bowled, usually first change, and while Ryan           The U13 A team had a mixed season with a
achieved some success, Alex displayed real, assured control when
bowling. Max Bennington also found rhythm with his spin, and
                                                                      number of excellent wins and an equal
although he only picked up a handful of wickets he did manage         number of losses.
to halt many a run chase with his precise action. Mark Johnston
was the pick of the specialist bowlers and he could always be
relied upon to take wickets when it really mattered. These boys
                                                                      T   hroughout the season the team were always vocal and
                                                                          enthusiastic in the field and gave their all. Ben Fullard
                                                                      captained the side well and produced some very good
made up the backbone of the team; however, they were ably             performances with the bat and ball, including an innings of 86*
assisted by Tim Graham, Ali Hellard, Sean Addley, Alex Denning        in the final match of the season against Christ’s Hospital. There
and latterly by Charlie Hammond. All of them offered invaluable       were other notable performances with the bat including a superb
support and on more than one occasion made really significant         111* by Callum Thompson against Ewell Castle and 64 by
contributions to the team.                                            George Smith against Seaford College. Ben Fullard bowled
   To try and capture all the highlights in the one report would      consistently well during the season and there have been other
prove to be a very difficult task; however, here are just a few for   good performances throughout the year by Ali Feldmanis, George
the boys to talk about in years to come. Ryan’s spectacular catch     Smith and Jimmy Hall. Over the course of the season there has
in the first game of the season, Charlie’s ‘massive’ six against      been a pleasing improvement by the team in their performances
Ardingly, Mark’s LBW to win the match against Christ’s Hospital       and this culminated in an excellent win in the last match of the
and Harvey’s swash buckling innings against Lingfield. However,       season where the team successfully chased 174 runs with a few
probably the most satisfying result for me, was the one the whole     overs to spare. If the side continues to grow as a team they will
team gave against City of London. Here’s to next season when          do very well in the future.
hopefully the team will perform as well as they have done this.
Mr Marc Broughton (Coach)

74 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                               boys’ sport

U13A team                                                        U12A team

U13B team                                                        U12B team

                         U13B                                                            U12A
The U13 B team were able to finish off the                       Led by the outstanding Ross Powell, the
season with a fine victory against Christ’s                      team achieved a fantastic run of results
Hospital where an excellent innings of 53*                       over the term with 10 wins and only 1
by Matt Eason helped steer them to victory.                      defeat.

T  he team has been ably captained by both Jasper Moore and
   Ciaran Ryan and they have done an excellent job leading the
team. Although the results have not always gone with them the
                                                                 T   here were match-winning contributions throughout this
                                                                     group of players, boding extremely well for the future.
                                                                    Ross amassed three hundreds and averaged an incredible 139
team have always approached their games with enthusiasm and      in eleven innings!
enjoyment.                                                          There were also significant performances with the bat from
                                                                 James Foggin, Joe Percival and Ewan Hamilton.
Mr James Burnside (Coach)
                                                                    On the bowling side there was great depth with Ross Powell,
                                                                 James Foggin, Henry Davies and Joe Percival catching the eye in
                                                                    The camaraderie between this group was exceptional and they
                                                                 were a sheer joy to coach. Most importantly, they always played
                                                                 with a smile and a sense of fun and enjoyment and they played
                                                                 the game in great spirit. Well done!
                                                                 Mr Charlie Berkley (Coach)

                                                                                              2009 Caterham School Magazine 75
      boys’ sport

hockey                                    2009
                           1st XI
The 2009 hockey team looked formidable on
paper at the start of the season, with the
strong backbone of Tim Murphy, James
Miles, Will Murch and Kabir Bowry.

I n usual Caterham fashion the season started off slowly with a
  few disappointing results. The team started to gel after a few
games and results started to improve, unfortunately, the team
had a big blow towards the end of the first half of term with
injury to Will Murch. This cost us a few vital games including a
very narrow loss to Trinity. When we returned back from half term
we were a totally different side. We trained harder and started          1st XI team
producing much better hockey as a result. Mr Patterson showed
his angry side and the boys responded brilliantly. There were some
convincing wins against Eltham College and Alleyns which set us
on the way to an unbeaten season at Home (also known as ‘the
                                                                                                2nd XI
jungle’) and an unbeaten second half of the season.
   The biggest game came in the form of local rivals Whitgift who                          P        W      L     D
turned up with County and International players. In front of a                             10       6      4     0
huge crowd our side showed great team spirit and passion to                            Top Goal Scorer: Alex O’Brien 12
come back from 3 – 2 down, to draw level in the last minute with
a superb drag flick from Will Newland. One of our best
performances came against Hurstpierpoint School, winning 6 – 0.          A winning season for the 2nd XI this
Our last game was played against the national championship               year, winning 6 out of the 10 matches
finalist St Georges Weybridge. We dominated throughout the               that they played.
game but drew 0-0. This showed just how much we had
improved as a side. The season was rounded off with a great tour
to Amsterdam. This was thoroughly enjoyable, especially for Matt
                                                                         T   he boys started well winning 6 out of the first 7
                                                                             matches played and the 7th they should have won if
                                                                         they had taken the chances that they had. The end of the
Wilson! We managed to show our class against the Dutch teams
                                                                         season wasn’t great due to a few commitment issues and
and also learnt a lot from top internationals. Amsterdam taught
                                                                         early Saturday morning fixtures where the team wasn’t
us many new things and I’m certain was an experience the boys
                                                                         awake until half time. However, a winning season is still a
will never forget. In the end our season ended with 9 wins, 5
                                                                         winning season!
losses and 2 draws from 16 games. I’d like to also mention the
                                                                           The highlight for the entire side as with any Caterham
help from Seb Jones and Johnny Perkins, who have been gap year
                                                                         School side was beating Whitgift in their own back yard.
students the last two years and have helped out with training
                                                                         This was thanks to a late volley in to the top corner by
sessions and coaching.
                                                                         David Cooper-Parry, to win the match 2-1. A victory against
   I’d lastly like to thank Mr Patterson or Patto as he affectionately
                                                                         Whitgift makes any season special!
became known during the season, for taking us for two great
                                                                           The side was captained by Josh Higginson but he needed
years, he has certainly taught us a lot and was vital to the success
                                                                         the help from Tom Archer’s will to win, Alex O’Brien’s goals
of the team. He is not only a super Coach but a great guy off the
                                                                         and Jamie Henderson’s quality to help the team do so well.
pitch and I know the boys will miss him greatly as we leave this
                                                                         Great season lads, well done!
year. Good Luck to next year’s team, it’s been an honour to
captain the side in my final year and I know it is something I will      Mr Jack Flaherty (Coach)
genuinely miss. Thank you to all the players and coaches who             Gap Graduate Assistant
have made hockey at Caterham so unforgettable not only this
year but over the past 7 years.
Robert Willson (1st XI Captain)

76 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                                    boys’ sport

                       U16A XI
            P      W       L      D       F     A
            7      6       0      1      21     7
                    Captain: Adam Jones


O     ur journey began way back in November with our first ever
      appearance at the Indoor Nationals which proved to be an
eye-opener and a definite wake-up call to pre-season
preparations. Despite significant winter weather disruption to our
opening fixtures, we remained mentally focussed during a period
of icy practice sessions. This season we were noticeably more        2nd XI team
disciplined both in training and on match days. The boys were
heavily drilled to retain possession and this proved to be pivotal
to our success. After an easy opener against St. John’s, the
season was ignited by a brilliant display at Eastbourne where we
fought back strongly to level the game at 2 – 2. This result
provided a springboard to gaining excellent victories over
Hurstpierpoint, Cranbrook and notably Epsom. Our unbeaten
status rested on our final game against an extremely impressive
Trinity team, who gave us a master class in passing and
movement. However, despite their superior individual skills, they
struggled to break down our well organised defence, and their
few very cleverly worked scoring opportunities were thwarted by
outstanding goalkeeping. We counter attacked only twice and
scored twice, giving us an ecstatic victory to round off an
unbeaten season. A great team effort and well deserved success
after three years of hard work by all.
Mr D.R. Todd (Coach)                                                 U16A XI team

                       U16B XI
            P      W       L      D       F     A
            6      5       1      0      26     6
                   Captain: Harry McInley

I can not speak too highly of the 16B’s this

T   heir commitment to training and their concentration on
    match days was as intense as any side I have coached. It was
tremendous to see genuine competition for places and an
eagerness to win every single match in the fixture programme.
The lads followed the same drills as the ‘A’ team and in many        U16B XI team
respects played with a more unselfish and attractive style,
opening up all areas of the pitch with prompt passing and good
                                                                     Particularly good results include the 2 – 1 win over Eastbourne
movement off the ball.
                                                                     and the 6 -2 win over Epsom.
   This team should have achieved an unbeaten season to match
                                                                       It is very reassuring to know that next year the 2nd and 3rd
their peers in the A team. However, in the ‘B’ match versus
                                                                     teams will be served by enthusiastic and reliable players who also
Hurstpierpoint, we faced rather too many players recognisable
                                                                     know how to play the game properly. The lads deserve great
from their ‘A’ team, and unfortunately we lost 2 -1 in a very
                                                                     credit for their efforts this season. Well done.
closely fought game. This game aside, the boys dominated every
match with fine attacking moves and determined defending.            Mr D.R. Todd (Coach)

                                                                                                  2009 Caterham School Magazine 77
     boys’ sport

                      U15A XI                                                                  U15B XI
               P     W       L      D        F    A                    The first match of the season, against King’s
               9     2       3      4       19    20                   Canterbury, was very promising with a good
                       Captain: Tom Chatfield                          win.

As U14s this year group had made huge
progress, and it was with real belief that we
                                                                       O      ur next game against Trinity was always going to be tough
                                                                              and although we held them off, with exceptional defending
                                                                       by Hugh Allan in the first half, Trinity managed to take the game
took to the field this season.                                         in the second half. The next two matches against Sutton Valence
                                                                       and St. George’s also proved too much for us. We were defeated

O     f course, with ‘the best laid plans…’ and all that – we didn’t
      quite get the start we wanted, losing 4-1 to Trinity. In fact,
they gave us a bit of a lesson in hockey. However, the hockey
                                                                       by our lack of ability to score goals up front.
                                                                          We met Alleyns and Notre Dame and having learnt from our
                                                                       mistakes and some very good defending by our goalkeeper, Tom
continued to improve, and a good win over King’s Canterbury
                                                                       Ellis, we produced two wins. Our next match against Whitgift
followed. This was then followed by 3 draws – Sutton Valence,
                                                                       could quite easily have a victory but unfortunately, just before the
whom we should have beaten, a 5-5 thriller against the might of
                                                                       final whistle, the opposition scored. This was followed by another
St. George’s (perhaps the best match of the season), and 1-1
                                                                       victory for Caterham against Hurstpierpoint.
against Hurstpierpoint, last year’s Sussex champions. Three truly
                                                                          Our last match of the season was a real challenge for the team
gritty performances that typified our in-your-face, never-give-up
                                                                       as it was played on grass and with this element working against
but not-quite-able-to-strike-a-killer-blow style of hockey.
                                                                       us; we ended the season with a defeat.
   After half term, Whitgift’s B team were dispatched 3-0, but we
                                                                          It was a great honour to captain this team, who were
then lost to a strong Dulwich team. However, the next match was
                                                                       hardworking and who learnt by their mistakes. I would also like to
to be one of the most frustrating. Last year we lost 4-1 to KCS
                                                                       thank Mr Lavery who led and inspired us all throughout the
Wimbledon – but this year we turned that on its head to lead 3-
2… until 2 seconds before the end of the game! A 3-3 draw is
very creditable, but the boys ended up thinking what might have        Luke Mills (4L) (Captain)
been! Our final game was against a very strong Epsom side, and
although we lost, we put up a good fight.
   So once again the stats do not quite tell the whole story.                                  U14A XI
Several near misses, some great performances for no reward and
a couple of good, solid wins. However, once again the boys             The U14A team improved dramatically
worked hard all season and really wanted to do well. My thanks         throughout the season after facing some
go to Tom Chatfield who led the team again with great dignity          tough opposition early on. They showed
and determination. Kenji Kinoshita was the pick of the forwards,
                                                                       their hunger to win in their first match
whilst at the back, Kenny Chan would have to be the find of the
season. All the other players deserve a great deal of credit for
                                                                       when they scored in the final short corner
what they achieved, and I am sure that next season, they will treat    of the match to register a 2-1 win over
Toddy to a plethora of victories.                                      Canterbury.
Mr Stuart Terrell (Coach)
                                                                       T   hey then competed in the preliminary qualifications for the
                                                                           Surrey Cup and played against many of the best hockey
                                                                       schools in Surrey. Many of these schools play hockey for two
                                                                       terms, and so it was a challenging task to compete only a couple
                                                                       of weeks into our season. The boys didn’t manage to qualify for
                                                                       the Cup Finals, but gained a place through to the Plate Final and
                                                                       learnt some valuable lessons along the way that stood them in
                                                                       good stead later on in the season. After starting the Plate Final,
                                                                       playing some scintillating hockey and taking the lead against
                                                                       Cranleigh, a poor second half display saw them coming away
                                                                       with a loss and hence no silverware.
                                                                          The team’s record at the end of the season was: Played 8; Won
                                                                       3 Drew 3 Lost 2. Some of the drawn games were very
                                                                       competitive and could have gone either way. The most
                                                                       memorable of those was a 4 – 4 draw against local rivals Whitgift.
                                                                       The quality of hockey played by the boys that day was some of
                                                                       the best attacking hockey that I have seen at U14 level. They
                                                                       showed just what they are capable of on that afternoon. ‰
U15A XI team

78 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                                             boys’ sport

U15B XI team                                                                U14A XI team

   The great thing about this team was that even when they were
not at their attacking best they were able to grind out a result -                                  U14B XI
like all great sides. The best of these results came against Trinity in
a game where Trinity had 70% of the possession and territory
                                                                                           P     W       L      D        F     A
but Caterham held firm and defended like Trojans. In a very rare
                                                                                           8     8       0      0       40     4
attack on the Trinity goal it was left to Mark Johnstone to smash
in a short corner that won the game for Caterham and broke the
opposition’s heart.                                                        A triumph in every sense.
   All in all this is a hockey side that will go far due to all the hard
work they put in, as well as all the talent that they possess. The
team was saved on many occasions by the ‘matrix-like’ reflexes of
                                                                           S   eventeen lads have played for the U14B team this year. They
                                                                               have all contributed to a quite exceptional season. Without
                                                                           question, this has been the hardest team I have ever had to select
goalkeeper Joe Long. You have to be slightly crazy and very skilful
                                                                           – due to the fact that so many wanted to play and also because
to play in goal in this sport and Joe definitely ticks both of these
                                                                           so many have developed and improved into impressive players.
                                                                           The results speak for themselves and the lads have every reason to
   The back four have learnt to pass the ball with confidence and
                                                                           be very proud of being part of an unbeaten season – a rare feat in
are becoming extremely solid and dependable. The centre back
                                                                           the career of any sportsman. There were many highlights
pairing of Alex Clarke and Mark Johnston has developed into
                                                                           throughout the term but convincing wins against Whitgift and
two very mature defenders which gives the left and right backs
                                                                           Trinity were especially satisfying. Best of all, however, was the
the confidence to go bombing up the touchlines on attack.
                                                                           manner in which the victories were secured. The side developed
When he was not injuring himself, Sam Armitage was in
                                                                           tremendous self belief and their skills improved dramatically. It
outstanding form all year and was consistently one of the best
                                                                           was a joy to watch the intricate passing and ruthless finishing that
players throughout the season. Harvey New learnt a lot during
                                                                           characterised the way they played. I am confident that this group
the season and his positional play and awareness improved game
                                                                           of lads will go on to become highly accomplished hockey players
by game.
                                                                           at senior level and will enjoy many more successful seasons.
   The midfield was ably led by captain Charlie Hammond and
                                                                           Thank you to all who played and trained so hard and
was skilfully assisted by Henry Mundell, Jo Dyer and Jonny
                                                                           congratulations to the whole squad.
Sampson. They dominated most teams as their passing and
movement off the ball improved tremendously throughout the                 Mr David Clark (Coach)
   Up front the attack was pacey and they began to work
intelligently as a unit as the season progressed. Jack Ali, Max
                                                                             Greg Kite, Jamie Sloane, Tim Graham, Arek Aspinwall,
Bennington and Ryan Greenhalgh all contributed with some vital
                                                                             Tom Ingham, Josh Rawson, Alex Blair, Angus Kennedy,
goals. Ryan however monopolised much of the goal scoring with
                                                                             Dan Hurley, Michael Whelan, Harry Hopkins, Luke Price,
the awesome power and silky skills that he possesses. He scored
                                                                             Deji Ibuoye, Duke Quinton, Aled Williams, Richard Doughty,
some quite unbelievable goals and it is no more than all of his
                                                                             Patrick Armour.
hard work and practice deserve. Ryan was named player of the
season at the End of Season Awards.
   It was an incredibly enjoyable season for me to coach a group
of well mannered and enthusiastic young hockey players.
Well done boys!
Mr Campbell Smith (Coach)

                                                                                                         2009 Caterham School Magazine 79
      boys’ sport

 U14B XI team                                                            U13A XI team

                                                                            We took comfort after our opening 2-1 defeat v. Kings
                          U13AXI                                         Canterbury as we played their U15 C team, for, as Ron Atkinson
                                                                         wisely pointed out, ‘apart from their goals they haven’t scored.’
                                                                         In fact, the side generally conceded very few goals, in part due
                     P       W        L      D
                                                                         to our goalkeeper Zach Sabri, who on a personal note was
                     15      4        8      3
                                                                         awarded ‘keeper of the tournament’ at the Churchers 7 where
                                                                         the side finished as runners up. It was Kevin K who had
  Fraser Kenny                Matt Hill            George Smith
                                                                         observed that: “Goalkeepers nowadays are not born until
  Tom Phillimore Kelly        Tom Aubertin         Gavin Jackson
                                                                         they’re in their mid-twenties” Not sure quite what that means
  Findlay Williams            Alex Peet            Ben Foreman
                                                                         for Zach, but sure you’ll be a key player in the coming years.
  Zach Sabri                  Matt Bird            Ruari Bride
                                                                            At this stage we went back to basics, doing the simple things
  Callum Thompson             Ben Fullard          James Hall
                                                                         well, knowing, as Ron Atkinson had said that, ‘it was all about
The U13 A team were quite simply a fantastic                             the 2 Ms: Movement and Positioning’. We embarked on a great
                                                                         Hockey journey, playing some fantastic stuff, culminating in
group of boys, totally committed and great
                                                                         finishing runners up at the Churchers 7’s, being beaten in the
fun to be with.                                                          final by a side from Elizabeth College, who I can comfortably say

W       ith the help of Ron Atkinson and some wise words from
        Kevin Keagan, I will try and take you through the highs and
lows of the U13s season.
                                                                         were the best U13 side I have seen since being involved in
                                                                         school boy hockey: we knew as Big Ron had noted, ‘the tide
                                                                         was very much in our court now’.
   We went into the season with our eyes open, knowing as Kevin             We were devastating in attack – led by the determined and
Keagan had observed that “there are always 3 possible outcomes           passionate Callum Thompson. Ron could have been talking
to every game – we could win or we could lose.” Which is pretty          about Callum when he said: ‘He’s got a heart as big as his size,
much what happened, winning 4, losing 8 and in fact drawing 3 –          which isn’t big, but his heart’s bigger than that.’ Callum was
stats which don’t tell the whole story of a group that have              comfortably top scorer for the season, and was awarded a
improved immensely throughout the term.                                  brand new hockey stick for being top goal scorer at the
   Let me introduce you to a few of the characters:                      Churcher’s 7s.
   Fraser Kenny: As Big Ron Atkinson said of a footballer, Fraser           Devastating in attack, we were really solid at the back.
‘dribbles a lot, and the opposition don’t like it – you can see it all   George Smith came into the team and played a key role,
over their faces.’ An inspirational but quiet captain and someone        alongside ‘Gavin ice man Jackson’. This was complemented by
with great potential.                                                    our resident hard men, Matt Hill and Tom Aubertin. Alex Peet is
   Tom Phillimore Kelly: increasingly dictating play in midfield,        the Phil Mitchell of the U13s Hockey and is starting to look more
someone who, in Ron’s words, could take the ‘ball by the horns’          like a hockey player, rather than a rugby player with a large stick
and ‘always weighed up his options especially when he had no             in his hand, although always a dangerous combination.
choice.’ The greatest compliment to Tom is that he has great stick          Matt Bird was a player who has a tendency to be a bit hot
skill for such a young player.                                           headed, but when he controlled this and wasn’t so hard on
   Findlay Williams: to paraphrase Kevin Keagan: ‘I wouldn’t say         himself, he was at times outstanding and very hard to dispossess
he’s the best winger on our hockey circuit, but there are none           when in possession of the ball.
better.’ A fantastic attacking player.                                      There were some great performances and results
   We started slowly with 1 win, 2 defeats and 1 draw in the first 4        1-1 Versus Alleyns as Ron pointed out: ‘one all is a big score’
games. I could fully appreciate how Kevin Keegan must have felt             3-3 versus Whitgift and to paraphrase Kevin Keagan: ‘you
when he said: ‘I know what is around the corner – I just don’t           know if you score against Whitgift you deserve a goal’
know where the corner is. Is there a corner? I hope so. Above all,          Others who played a big part in the squad were Ben Fullard
we must get the bandwagon round the corner.’                             and Ruari Bride, always giving a 100 %, as Kevin once said,

80 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                                 boys’ sport
‘they are fully committed and work tirelessly except when they are
tired.’ A special mention to James Hall and Ben Foreman who
forced their way into the A team squad after hard work and good
performances with the B’s.
   All the boys have realised the importance of preparation as
Keagan knew this in his playing days: ‘I always used to put my
right boot on, then of course my right sock.’
   Tom Phillimore Kelly learnt the importance of preparation, when,
for the Eltham College game, he actually turned up without his
stick to play a game of hockey!
   They have proved to be a fantastic team, playing exciting hockey
and doing so with determination and enjoyment. I’ll finish with a
final little collection of Keaganisms, to summarise the team:
   They never once left their legs at home,
   Always had a couple of gears left in the locker,
   Often they looked like they had acres of time.
                                                                      U13B XI team
   It’s understandable, given the way they’ve played, that
opposition teams will, for the next 5 years, have one eye on the
pot, and the other up the chimney.
   The U13A were a great privilege to coach and I’d like thank
them all for their hard work during the term.
Mr Andrew Patterson (Coach)

                        U12 XI
                    P     W      D       L      F      A
    11 a-side:      6     5      1       0     11      1
    7 a-side        2     0      0       2     3       9

Results:                                                               U12A XI team
W3-0 Kings Rochester U13 (Powell 2, Murphy)
W2-0 Sutton Valence (Powell, Murphy)
W1-0 Alleyns (Powell)
W1-0 Whitgift (Chatfield)
W3-0 Eltham (Powell 3)
D1-1 Epsom U14C (Powell)
Sevens: L1-3 Dulwich (Powell) & L2-6 St Georges (Powell, Murphy)

T    his has been a wonderful season – starting with an away game
     at Rochester where we comfortably won 3-0 against their
U13A team. In the first half of the term the boys played their
games whilst developing their skills and teamwork and spatial
awareness. Each game you could see them improving.
  After half term you could see that the boys had cemented their
skills and were now developing in team work, patterns, running
off the ball, closing down play and especially identifying
opposition danger men and eliminating them. Their games against
                                                                       U12B XI team
Whitgift, Eltham and an U14 Epsom side (physically huge) typified
these characteristics.
                                                                        I must also mention Ewan Davidson, Toby Goddard, Dom Bailey
  The boys have developed nicely around a strong spine of James
                                                                      and Michael Gibbins who all played for the A team throughout
Foggin, Ed Chatfield and Ross Powell. Adam Chevreux has proved
                                                                      the season. The potential in this group of players is very
to be an excellent keeper and our defence of Nick Horton, Joe
                                                                      encouraging and I can only see them progressing onto bigger
Young and Ewan Hamilton rarely let anyone past them. Robbie Hill
                                                                      things. Well done!
and Dan Ramsey worked tirelessly in midfield and our forwards
grew in confidence and understanding as the season progressed,        Mr Mark Wallace (Coach)
so well done to Sam Murphy, Dan Worthington, Jamie Dwyer and
Fraser Hart.

                                                                                                2009 Caterham School Magazine 81
     boys’ sport

athletics 2009
Athletics 2009 was not quite the Athletics                         of margins, with Callum Thompson, Ollie Henke and captain Ben
                                                                   Foreman leading the team home. The First Year looked good in
season one would have hoped for but let                            their fixture against Whitgift and Trinity, but unfortunately lost their
me mention the stalwarts of the Fifth Year,                        chance to participate in the District competition due to bad
who will hopefully form the basis of next                          weather. Overall, therefore, there is much promise which I hope
year’s Senior squad.                                               can be harnessed in future years.
                                                                   Mr Pat Lavery (Coach)
A     zuoma Obikudu, Drew King, Tom Pearce, Ross Bennington,
      Connel Binnie all performed to a very high standard in
whatever age group they had to compete in. Drew King                 Sports Day results and winners
continued to improve on his school Inter Discus record, as did
Azuoma in the 100m Hurdles. In the Fourth Year, Ollie Fullalove,     Seniors            Winners:                   Boarders
Adam Atkins, Julian Groombridge, Tom Rady and Ohis Ojo gave                             Victor Ludorum:            Alex O’Brien
their all throughout the term. It was not until the end of the
season that the Third Year showed their real potential in the        Inters             Winners:                   Lewisham
Trinity Group meeting at Portsmouth, coming 5th out of 12                               Victor Ludorum:            Adam Atkins
schools, with a great team performance; prominent on the day
were Mads Kjaersgaard, Ryan Greenhalgh, Max Baart, Deji              Juniors            Winners:                   Ridgefield
Ibuoye and Tim Graham. The Second Year had a great victory in                           Victor Ludorum:            Ollie Henke
the District competition, pipping Reigate Grammar by the closest

football 2009
This year has seen several important
developments in Caterham soccer.

W      e have gained the use of a football pitch. This has
       allowed us to practise properly every Wednesday and we
have had our first ever home fixture (we drew with Lingfield
Notre Dame). This year we have also started a lunchtime
football club for first year pupils.
   We have played our first pre-season fixture against Worth
and although we lost 7 – 1, this was a valuable exercise for me
to see what the boys are capable of doing in competitive
circumstances. It also showed the boys the standard that they
need to reach to be successful.                                      1st X1 team
   The season's fixtures were reduced by the bad weather in
January, but both the first and second teams had more success
in their games than last year. This success was due to help from
Mr Ware, coach Dan Maxwell and school Captain Christophe
   Caterham football can look forward to next year’s matches
with optimism, and reflect on this year’s milestones with pride.
Mr Jim Miller (Coach)

82 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                                      girls’ sport

lacrosse 2009
                                                                     also prolific on the score sheet. The finale to the season was the
                         1st XII                                     National Schools’ Tournament. On day one (the pool matches) we
                                                                     had to fight our way through a tough section, but managed to
With many of the squad returning, we were                            gain the number 1 place, ahead of last year’s winners St Swithun’s
                                                                     and St Paul’s. Competition of course was tough on day two (the
all hopeful of a good season in store. The
                                                                     Championships), and we were somewhat unlucky with a few one
start turned out to be a little shaky, as we                         goal losses; nevertheless, a couple of wins secured us a 5th place
struggled to find the form to overturn the                           finish out of 7, enabling us to claim a position in the country’s ‘Top
top names.                                                           10’. It was a rewarding finish, not least of all for the many U6
                                                                     leavers in the team, as well as also being highly enjoyable,
F  urthermore, two key players sustained long-term injuries – Jess
   Butler and Hannah Wright; Hannah tore one of her cruciate
ligaments in our semi-final defeat by St Catherine’s at the Surrey
                                                                     especially the overnight stay at the Lensbury Club, and the well
                                                                     choreographed warm-up routine! This season, Hannah Shaw,
Tournament. However, the team rallied together and produced          Georgia Shrimpton and Loulou Rowlands represented Surrey U18A
some good victories in the latter half of the Autumn Term, but       and Jess Butler and Jess Puntan represented Surrey U18B. Hannah
once again suffered defeat at the hands of St Catherine’s in a       and Georgia went on to gain selection for South U18.
semi-final – this time at the South Tournament. Jess Butler was      Miss A Collins
back in action in the Spring Term, having recovered from her foot
                                                                     Players: L Brymer, E Buckett, C Buckland, J Butler, L Chapman,
injury, which added more depth to the attack. The team had a
                                                                     J Cook, R Crammond, C Gregory, C Hearn, A Martin, I O’Connor,
run of success, including a fine 11-2 victory over Scotland U18,
                                                                     J Puntan, L Rowlands, H Shaw (V-capt), H Shaw, G Shrimpton
and just lost one match (against Berkhamsted). Georgia
                                                                     (Capt), H Wright
Shrimpton always played consistently well and, as Captain,
proved to be a fine leader of the team. Vice-captain Hannah          Most outstanding players: H Shaw & G Shrimpton
Shaw was the season’s top goal scorer, with Caroline Buckland        Most improved player: R Crammond

                                                                                              2nd XII
                                                                     The 2nd XII was led by the two U6th players
                                                                     in the squad, Amy Battersby and Jasmine
                                                                     Rowlands, and quickly became an emerging
                                                                     side, with plenty of talent.

                                                                     A     good opening game against Dunottar secured a 13-3 victory,
                                                                           and this was soon followed by an exciting 10-7 win over St
                                                                     Catherine’s. They performed very well at the Surrey Tournament,
                                                                     reaching the semi-finals of the Plate competition, but just losing
                                                                     out to Cranleigh 1st XII in overtime. Victories were more elusive
                                                                     during the middle part of the season, but there were many close
1st XII team
                                                                     matches, some against other schools’ 1st XIIs. However, they
                                                                     finished in style, firstly securing a well earned 6-5 victory over
                                                                     Berkhamsted; the team had started slowly, but then Amy
                                                                     Battersby stormed through from defence to score her first goal of
                                                                     the season and led a magnificent comeback, with Tash
                                                                     Reynoldson securing a winning goal in the last minute. Finally,
                                                                     emphatic victories were secured over Heathfield, Ascot 1st XII and
                                                                     St George’s, Ascot 1st XII. Throughout the season, Hannah Paine
                                                                     and Sophie Colman led the attack, finishing up as top goal
                                                                     scorers. Emma Warner played magnificently in goal, with Emma
                                                                     Sheldon particularly solid in front of her. Rosie Clarke was tireless
                                                                     in the midfield, and was very much missed when injury forced her
                                                                     out of a few matches. Jasmine Rowlands was also instrumental
                                                                     in the midfield, and once again this year she represented Wales
2nd XII team

                                                                                                    2009 Caterham School Magazine 83
      girls’ sport
U18B. However, this team was not really about individuals, as
good teamwork was always evident, and many gained valuable
experience that hopefully will prepare them for 1st XII level next
                                                                                          U15A XII
                                                                     After a ‘sub-par’ season as U14s, this was
Miss A Collins (Coach)                                               the turn around year that these talented
Players: A Ardron, R Bartholomeusz, K Barrett, A Battersby           players had been waiting for.
(Capt), R Clarke, H Coleman, S Colman, S Edwards, L Mill,
H Paine, N Reynoldson, J Rowlands (Capt), J Sadler, E Sheldon,
E Warner, L Williams
                                                                     T   he team faced tough opposition at the beginning of the year
                                                                         with losses to Guildford, St. Catherine’s and Wycombe Abbey.
                                                                     These losses were good learning experiences and showed the
Most outstanding players: S Colman & E Warner                        team that they needed to start working as a unit as opposed to
Most improved player: L Mill                                         individuals. The next game proved to be the turning point as the
                                                                     girls drew to a strong Lady Eleanor Holles squad. Following this,
                                                                     we saw dominant performances by the defensive unit, which
                         3rd XII                                     included Sophie McCartney in goal, Bethan Morgan, Georgia
                                                                     Flanagan, Georgia Feldmanis, Beth Munns and Felicity Miners-
                                                                     Jones. These girls consistently held teams to low scores, which

T    he 3rd XII had a very healthy bank of players to draw from,
     with everyone able to gain some playing time. Victories were
a little few and far between, but their encounters were always
                                                                     allowed them closer losses, as well as bringing them their first
                                                                     wins of the season. The team played their best lacrosse in the
                                                                     tournaments held throughout the year. With a narrow loss in the
very close; they often started slowly but would come through
                                                                     plate finals of the Surrey Tournament, the girls knew they had
strongly in the second half, possibly once they believed that they
                                                                     the ability to do well in the National Schools’ Tournament. The
really were just as good as the opposition. A particular highlight
                                                                     day started out well with a 2-2 draw against the Wycombe
was the match against Benenden just before Christmas when
                                                                     Abbey team that beat them earlier in the season. They then
they came through a particularly close and exciting game to win
                                                                     continued on their roll with three more wins against
4-2. Nicola Shiplee was the Captain and figurehead of the squad,
                                                                     Haberdashers’ Monmouth, Royal School and St. Mary’s Calne.
and was always instrumental in setting up and organising the
                                                                     Unfortunately, the girls did not win their section but all who
attack, as well as generating good spirit amongst her players.
                                                                     watched the team throughout the day saw a significant
Emma Houlden was top goal scorer, with Lizzie Armitage also
                                                                     difference between the start and end of the season – well done
featuring well. Amy Miles and Becky Smith were particularly
                                                                     girls! Congratulations must also go to Georgia Flanagan, Daisy
strong in their midfield linking roles, while Bex Goddard and
                                                                     Hopkins, Katie Marsh and Sophie McCartney on their selection
Megan Armitage helped anchor a promising defensive unit. Tash
                                                                     for Surrey U15B; Daisy and Katie are also members of the
Hunt and Jo Odling were the team’s goalkeepers and both made
                                                                     Centex-Regional squad.
a good contribution. Well done and good luck for next season!
                                                                     Miss K McHugh (Coach)
Miss A Collins (Coach)
                                                                     Players: C Clark, C Conquest, J Davidson, G Feldmanis,
Players: L Armitage, M Armitage, T Aspinwall, H Bainbridge,
                                                                     G Flanagan, D Hopkins, K Marsh (Captain), S McCartney,
E Bashford, R Goddard, E Houlden, N Hunt, R Hunt, N Kean,
                                                                     F Miners-Jones, P Moore, B Morgan, B Munns, B Sanderson,
S Ko, K McClumpha, A Miles, K Morton, J Odling, Z Roberts,
                                                                     E Scott-Smith, Z Webb
A Sadler, N Shiplee (Capt), R Smith, L Sullivan, R Ward
                                                                     Most Outstanding Player: G Flanagan
Most outstanding player: E Houlden
                                                                     Most Improved Player: B Morgan
Most improved players: L Armitage & M Armitage

3rd XII team                                                         U15A XII team

84 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                                   girls’ sport

                      U15B XII                                                           U14A XII
The U15B squad encompassed a wide range
of experience, since there were several                             T   he long and relaxing summer holiday seemed a distant
                                                                        memory as the U14A XII hit the ground running at the start
                                                                    of the season. Many of their stick skills were a little rusty and
players drafted in who were new to the
                                                                    this was reflected in the scores in their first few matches. They
game. Their stick skills may have been                              played several very tough opponents in the first few weeks,
lacking at times, but their enthusiasm and                          including Guildford High and St Catherine’s, and suffered some
athleticism never ceased.                                           heavy defeats. However, the defence, led by Izzy McMillan,
                                                                    tightened up and as they became a more cohesive unit their
T   he season opened in style with a win against the Dunottar ‘A’
    squad. Following this great start, the team faced some tough
losses against some very strong sides, including St. Catherine’s,
                                                                    confidence began to improve and they gained some good wins
                                                                    and draws against the likes of LEH, St Paul’s and Royal School.
Lady Eleanor Holles and Berkhamsted. However, the girls began       Following the Christmas break the snow affected the team’s
to gain more confidence with their stick and defensive skills,      training schedule and they therefore played Putney High with
which allowed them to sustain closer losses to Wycombe Abbey        very little practice. Despite the attack creating plenty of
and Benenden. The team had its best win when the girls              opportunities goals were somewhat elusive and the team lost 2-
defeated Epsom College with a score of 10-0, with goals from        7. In spite of this loss the girls worked even harder and spent a
Amelia Borley (2), Elinor Davies (2), Jess White (2), Robyn Noble   great deal of time perfecting some new tactics. This paid off as
(2), Mia De Villers-Hill and Rawan Basma. The last match of the     they secured a very exciting victory over St Catherine’s (6-5).
season was a triangular with St. Mary’s Heathfield ‘A’ and St.      With the team on a high and Georgia Fitzsimmons on fire in
George’s Ascot ‘A’. The defensive unit, led by Amelia Borley in     goal, they followed this with three more wins, including a victory
goal, only allowed these strong teams to score a few goals          over Benenden (8-6), who had beaten them earlier in the
against them. There was great defensive play by Becky McMillan,     season. At the Surrey Tournament the girls played some of their
Bianca Gamble, Verity McCullagh, Galina Perkarskaya, Olivia         best lacrosse; they sailed through to the semi-finals to play St
Bailey and Helen Shaw. Overall, the squad was full of players       Catherine’s. After scoring an early goal they hung on for as long
who always positively supported each other and showed an            as possible, trying to maintain possession. However, in the dying
amazing willingness to learn.                                       minutes St Catherine’s levelled the score and then quickly scored
                                                                    the winning goal in extra time. As the season came to an end
Miss K McHugh (Coach)                                               the girls were plagued with injuries and so the last few score
Players: O Bailey, R.Basma, A Borley, D Brown, E Davies,            lines did not truly reflect the team’s potential. The girls have
M De Villiers-Hill, B Gamble, K Greenhalgh (Captain), C Li,         come on in leaps and bounds this season, ably led by Francie
V McCullagh, R Noble, G Pekarskaya, H Shaw, J White                 Payne. This team have a great deal of potential which I hope
                                                                    they can put to good use next season.
Most Outstanding Player: A Borley
Most Improved Player: R Basma                                       Miss H Sandiford (Coach)
                                                                    Players: E Barron, L Blackwell, G Fitzsimmons, A Kenney,
                                                                    E Mann, I McMillan, E Murphy, L Newland, L Noble, F Payne
                                                                    S Rennison, G Sturm, L Whiteley, R Wright
                                                                    Most outstanding player: E Barron
                                                                    Most improved player: G Fitzsimmons

U15B XII team

                                                                    U14A XII team

                                                                                                2009 Caterham School Magazine 85
      girls’ sport

                      U14B XII                                                               U13A XII
T   he U14B XII was a really lively bunch this season with a great
    deal of passion and enthusiasm from the start! It was great
to see some of the new girls picking up the skills extremely
                                                                      The U13A XII had an excellent season with
                                                                      ten fantastic wins, one draw, and two
                                                                      narrow losses.
quickly and slotting into the team with ease. The season began
with some heavy defeats against Guidlford High, St Catherine’s
and Wycombe Abbey. We were struggling to score goals and the
defence were struggling to communicate with one another.
                                                                      T    hey began the season with a strong performance beating
                                                                           Dunottar 11-3 and then had their toughest match of the
                                                                      season, against Guildford High, which after battling hard they lost
However, in the next match against Lady Eleanor Holles the            3-8. From this point on the team went from strength to strength
attack worked extremely hard and Emily Pettifor in particular was     with some brilliant individual performances, but more importantly
outstanding, featuring strongly on the score sheet. Under Polly       the girls really began to work as a team. Their captain, Connie
Hanford’s lead, the girls began to work together and                  Shaw, led by example, finishing as the team’s top scorer, with 57
communicate with one another. Consequently the team played            goals, and it was particularly pleasing to see that the remainder of
some excellent Lacrosse and had some very narrow defeats,             the 156 goals scored overall were well distributed among the
against St Paul’s (6-9) and Putney High (5-9). After Christmas the    attacks, with many of them being excellent team goals. Much of
spell of cold weather meant our matches and training had to be        the U13A’s success this season was down to the team’s excellent
cancelled. In the following few matches the lack of practice was      goalkeeper, Ellie Marsh, who improved all areas of her game,
evident and we lost several matches in quick succession. The          especially her clear. Ellie was supported by a particularly strong
team also suffered as injuries within the U14A meant that players     defence, who not only proved extremely difficult for teams to
had to be moved around and this left them a little unsettled.         break down, but who were also brilliant at bringing the ball out
However, they were never going to finish the season without a         of danger and setting up the attacks. The players finished the
fight and they showed their true colours in one of their final        season strongly, thoroughly deserving their place in the final of
matches against Berkhamsted. Having let the opposition take a         the Coloma Cup. After winning all the games in their section
significant lead in the first half, the team refused to back down     and convincingly beating Coloma in the quarters, they played LEH
and slowly managed to work their way, goal by goal, back into         in the semi-final where they had an excellent 3-0 victory. The
the game. As the last few minutes ticked by they levelled the         team then faced Guildford High in the final and, after a tough
scores, much to the bewilderment of the Berkhamsted team!             first half, when Guildford scored some spectacular individual
Unfortunately, the final whistle blew; if only they had been given    goals and Caterham trailed 0-5, they showed incredible strength
a few more minutes, I’m sure they would have gained the upper         of character to win the second half 3-0, thus narrowly losing 3-5.
hand. This team have got such fantastic spirit; if they can score a   Well done to all the players and I can only see this team going
few more goals next season, then I know they will do well.            from strength to strength next season.

Miss H Sandiford (Coach)                                              Mrs J Simons (Coach)

Players: B Bartholomeusz, C Bowen-Long, C Bradley, K Donald,          Players: E Ashmore, R Colligan, H Davidson, E Hodgkinson,
Z Everard, K Fenton, A Flower, S Foggin, A Haffenden, P Hanford       Z King, E Marsh, C Morris, O Murch, P O’Brien, C Shaw (Capt),
(Capt), S Hibbert, V MacCallum, E McCarthy, N Moses, L Noble,         S Sturm, P Waterman, C Watson, E Wilson
E Pettifor, S Whitfield, C Yavas
                                                                      Most Outstanding Player: C Shaw
Most outstanding player: E Pettifor                                   Most Improved Players: O Murch & P Waterman
Most improved player: S Whitfield

U14B XII team                                                         U13A XII team

86 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                                     girls’ sport

U13B XII team                                                        U12A XII team

                       U13B XII                                                            U12A XII
The U13B team had an impressive season
with 6 excellent wins, only 4 losses and 1                           T   he U12A XII had an outstanding season. The talent emerged
                                                                         early and continued to progress, never measuring off or
                                                                     faltering. The girls used teamwork and trust to gain success
draw.                                                                rather than relying on a few girls to do the job. They started off

T    heir most notable win was against St Catherine’s when the
     whole team performed brilliantly to emerge as 6-2 victors.
Their captain in the first half of the season, Ella Hodgkinson,
                                                                     their season well with two convincing wins in a triangular against
                                                                     Dulwich Prep and Lady Eleanor Holles. They continued their
                                                                     great achievements from there, going on to beat tough
worked tirelessly both in attack and defence, as did Ellie Dadds,    competition in Benenden, St. Paul’s and Berkhamsted by wide
who took over the role of captain after Ella became part of the A    margins. Their greatest triumph came at the U12 Surrey
team. The team’s top scorer was Abi Riches on 27 goals.              Tournament in March. They won their section and the quarter-
However, the progress that the B team made which most                finals to meet Guildford High in the semi-final match, always a
impressed me as their coach was in their ability to communicate      formidable opponent. The girls went on to win the game 2-1,
and work as a team, particularly in the second half of the season.   setting them up for the final against St. Catherine’s, the only
This was especially evident in the match against Berkhamsted,        team they lost to in the season. After a close game and three
where the movement on and off the ball was excellent and the         hard-fought sudden death overtimes, it was finally decided the
passing, catching and shooting were fantastic. The defence were      two teams would share the honour of champion! The girls
also strong, with Ellen McLaren showing great strength and           capped an amazing season with a final win against Putney 5-3.
determination at its heart, backed up by Holly Hendron in goal       Although they played their best when they worked as a team,
who made many match winning saves. The team performed                they did so under the leadership of Paige Stapleton and Robyn
particularly well in the Coloma Cup where, although they faced       Hunt-Williams in attack, with Sarah Slater and Harriet Wildman
mainly A teams in their section, they won two and lost two           anchoring the defence. Jess Reedy did a fabulous job in goal.
matches thus progressing into the Plate competition. They then       This team has a tremendous talent and should be watched for
beat the Putney B team in the quarter-finals and faced the           future greatness!
Putney A team in the semi-final. The girls played out of their
                                                                     Miss L Mooney (Coach)
skins and, despite being a player down, were level at the end of
full time, having had a goal disallowed. Unfortunately, in the 6     Players: F. Adams, G Bird, E Donald, C. Downes, L Gardner,
minutes of golden goal extra time the girls finally ran out of       M Hopkins, R Hunt-Williams, N. Moses, E Pardew, J Reedy;
steam and Putney managed to score, putting them through to           B Rowlands, F Rowson, E Seager, S Slater, P Stapleton, H
the final. All credit to our girls who gave everything and should    Wildman
be very proud of their performance. Good luck next season!
                                                                     Most Outstanding Player: P Stapleton
Mrs J Simons (Coach)                                                 Most Improved Player: E Seager
Players: E Ashmore, L Beaumont, S Belchambers, A Craston,
E Dadds (Capt), S Foreman, A Gibson, L Hatch, H Hendron,
E Hodgkinson (Capt), R Littlejohns, E Lock, E. McClaren, M Paton,
A Riches
Most Outstanding Player: E Hodgkinson
Most Improved Player: E Dadds

                                                                                                  2009 Caterham School Magazine 87
      girls’ sport

                        U12B XII
                                                                      netball 2009
T   he U12B XII began their season in style with an impressive 8-6
    win over Lady Eleanor Holles. They continued in this
victorious vein for the next few months beating Benenden, St.
Catherine’s, St. Paul’s and Berkhamsted quite convincingly. They
were given a tough draw in the Surrey U12 Tournament but
                                                                                             1st VII
persevered and kept their heads held high despite losing most of
their games; they performed admirably, though, and came away          The first team had a season filled with
with a draw against Coloma’s A team! Although the team had a          highs and lows; however they ended on
few members come and go, a strong core emerged around                 a real high regaining the title of Surrey
Georgia Bird, Shaniqua Okwok, Nadia Moses and Francesca               Champions.
Rowson. Jo Upward did a fantastic job keeping goal. As long as
this team can continue to strive to great heights of success, their
commitment and hard work so far is sure to pay off!                   T   hey started their season with a great match against a very
                                                                          good St Bede’s team, the match ended in a draw (27-27)
                                                                      after Caroline Buckland scored a goal in the last ten seconds
Miss L Mooney (Coach)                                                 of the game to level the scores. This was followed by more
Players: E Armour, G Arnold, G Bird, R Bridson, E Crouch,             good wins against Notre Dame and Croydon High giving the
C Forsdick, K Gibson, A Hoban, E Houghton, C Johns, J Niemira,        team plenty of confidence going in to the Surrey
S Okwok, E Pardew, H Parker, B Quinton, K Roberts, E Sloan,           Tournament. The 1st team swept the board at the
R Stannard, J Upward                                                  tournament, winning all their matches by a significant margin
                                                                      and cruising through to the Surrey Finals. With two more
Most Outstanding Player: E Pardew                                     wins under their belts against Reigate and Wallington, the
Most Improved Player: G Arnold                                        girls went to the Surrey round of the National Schools
                                                                      tournament. Surrey is a notoriously hard section; the standard
                                                                      of netball is always exceptionally high. However, the girls rose
                                                                      to the occasion and made easy work of their section, putting
                                                                      them through to the play off section. They faced Guildford
                                                                      High first and with great work from Georgia Shrimpton and
                                                                      Hannah Shaw in defence they saw them off with ease. They
                                                                      then had to play St Catherine’s, a win would have secured
                                                                      them a place in the next round. With this in the mind
                                                                      Caterham took an early lead and were well ahead at half
                                                                      time. However, with fatigue kicking in and concentration
                                                                      waning St Catherine’s pulled back and levelled the score just
                                                                      as the final whistle blew. After some slight confusion as to
                                                                      whether we would need to play extra time Caterham were
                                                                      deemed the winners on goal difference and would go
                                                                      through to the next round of the tournament as Surrey’s top
                                                                      team. With more wins over Sevenoaks and Croydon High
U12B XII team
                                                                      before Christmas the girls were confident we had the skills
                                                                      and ability to do well the following term.
                                                                           With very little time to prepare for the National Schools
  House Lacrosse                                                      in January the girls managed to squeeze in one more win
                                                                      against Croydon High before the big day. Unfortunately the
  Fifth Year/Sixth Form:                                              2nd round of the National Schools Tournament took place on
  1st Ridgefield, 2nd Underwood, 3rd Lewisham,
                                                                      an absolutely miserable day, there were in fact questions as to
  4th Aldercombe, 5th Harestone, 6th Beechhanger
                                                                      whether it should be cancelled or not. Everyone battled on
  Third and Fourth Years:                                             through the rain, however, with such poor conditions the
  1st Harestone, 2nd Ridgefield, 3rd Aldercombe,
                                                                      tournament was any one’s for the taking. The 1sts had a
  4th Underwood, 5th Lewisham, 6th Beechhanger
                                                                      shaky start with unforced errors plaguing the court. Emily
  First and Second Years:                                             Buckett stepped up the pace in the mid-court and this helped
  1st Ridgefield, 2nd Harestone, 3rd Underwood,
                                                                      to secure a win in the first match against Latymer Upper.
  4th Lewisham, 5th Aldercombe
                                                                      With their confidence waning they played Barking Abbey.
                                                                      This was an extremely physical match which took the girls by
                                                                      surprise and after going down by a few goals they never fully
                                                                      recovered, leading to a dramatic loss. The girls were
                                                                      despondent and knew their next match against old rivals

88 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                                      girl’s sport
Caterham High would be extremely tough. The match was breath
takingly close and all the spectators were on tenterhooks.
However, with just ten seconds to go Caterham High took the
                                                                                             2nd VII
lead which ultimately knocked us out of the competition. The girls    The 2nd team have been absolutely
went on to win two more matches and lost just one more which
was a valiant effort. Following the tournament it took a while for
                                                                      fantastic this season and had many wins
the team to get back on form again, they suffered a lack of           over other schools’ 1st teams, which
confidence despite winning matches against St Catherine’s,            demonstrates the strength and depth of
Sevenoaks and Christ’s Hospital and not recording a defeat.           talent at Caterham School.
      As the end of the season drew near the Surrey Finals were on
everyone’s mind, we wanted to finish the season in style and that
meant we had to win the tournament! They started off in good
                                                                      L  ucy Brymer deserves a special mention as she has been an
                                                                         incredible captain, organising her team and putting endless
                                                                      amounts of energy into everything she did. The 2nd team had a
fashion and gained wins over Epsom and Putney High. After this
                                                                      good start to the season with a strong win over Claremont, this
we began to fall apart and lost a match to Guildford High who we
                                                                      was followed by wins over Notre Dame and Guildford High.
had beaten so many times already this season. This was followed
                                                                      They then played St Catherine’s who had boosted their team
by a draw against Cranleigh and a win against Wimbledon High.
                                                                      with several 1st team players. The 2nds handled this with ease
Having lost and drawn a match I thought we had blown our
                                                                      with Alex Kasza-Martin and Izzy O’Connor dominating the
chances and crashed out of the tournament before we had even
                                                                      defence. However, St Catherine’s gained a last minute lead and
had a chance to show off our best netball. However, someone
                                                                      went on to win the match. Having gained a great deal of
was looking out for us that day and we managed to sneak
                                                                      confidence from this match the girls went from strength to
through as lucky losers into the semi finals. Here the 1sts played
                                                                      strength winning their next two matches against Reigate
Goldalming, a team we knew we could beat. With this in mind
                                                                      Grammar and Wallington, but their winning streak came to an
the girls played their hearts out and showed why they are by far
                                                                      end against a very strong Sevenoaks’ team.
the best team in Surrey. They won this match 12 – 7 putting them
                                                                           After the Christmas holidays Mrs Carpenter’s input and
through to the finals against Putney High. Having beaten them
                                                                      support gave the 2nd team even more inspiration and they beat
already in the day the girls were hopeful they could pull a win off
                                                                      Croydon High with some inspired play from Laura Champan in
again. The game was extremely tight but everyone pulled together
                                                                      the centre court. They then had a tough defeat against St John’s
and at the final whistle we had secured a one goal lead. It took a
                                                                      1st team, however rather than let this get them down they
short while for the team to realise they had won but the idea
                                                                      bounced back with a draw against Sevenoaks. As the season
finally sunk in and they went crazy. This was such a fitting way to
                                                                      came to a close the girls finished with a flurry of goals beating
end the season and a real testament to the hard work and
                                                                      Christ’s Hospital, Worth Abbey, Kent College and Reigate
dedication put in by each and every one of the girls.
                                                                      Grammar scoring over 20 goals in every single match! A great
    I would like to particularly mention the Upper Sixth girls who
                                                                      season from a fantastic team!
will be leaving us this year. They have contributed such a great
deal to netball at Caterham throughout their years at the school      Players: J Butler, L Brymer (Capt), L Chapman, I O’Connor,
and they will be greatly missed, I hope they continue to be           A Kaza-Martin, N.Shiplee, C.Budiante, H.Wright, R.Crammond,
successful in the future.                                             H.Paine, R.Spurgeon, R.Clarke

Players: E Buckett, C Buckland (Capt), J Cook, C Gregory,             Most Improved Player: N.Shiplee
A Martin, H Shaw, G Shrimpton, L Rowlands, M. Scarpa                  Most Outstanding Player: L.Brymer
Most Improved Player: L. Rowlands
Most Outstanding Player: C.Buckland
Miss H Sandiford (Coach)

1st VII team                                                          2nd VII team

                                                                                                   2009 Caterham School Magazine 89
      girls’ sport

                         3rd VII                                                                 U16A

 3rd VII team                                                          U16A VII team

With the senior numbers swelling this year                             The team got off to a good start winning
we had plenty of keen netballers to choose                             matches against St Bede’s and Croydon
from for the 3rd team.                                                 High and drawing with Claremont, all
                                                                       before the Surrey Rounds.
F  rom the start they had plenty of energy and enthusiasm and it
   became clear that they would be a successful team this season
led by the experienced Rebecca Hunt. They had to wait quite a
while for their first match but this didn’t stop them putting in
                                                                       W       ith Mrs Wallace and Mrs Carpenters’ excellent coaching
                                                                               and the girls’ desire to win, the team came 1st in the
                                                                       Surrey Rounds. Two more wins against St Catherine’s and
plenty of hard work during training and learning some new tactics      Reigate Grammar set the girls up in great preparation for the
to put into practice. Woldingham proved to be tough opponents          National Schools’ Tournament. This was a nail biting affair but
allowing for a tight game. Sophy Colman worked particularly hard       the girls played strongly and held their nerve in the play offs, to
in centre court to feed the ball into the attack and made vital        win their group and proceed to the next stage.
interceptions in defence. With a last push near the end of the            After Christmas it was extra training sessions before the
game they came out ahead winning 8-7. The next match was               National Schools and the girls worked hard and focused on what
against St Johns and proved to be extremely exciting. Rebecca          lay ahead. Croydon High was the only fixture before the big
Goddard worked tirelessly in defence however as the girls began        tournament and the U16s won this with ease with Katie Morton
to tire St Johns gained a lead with the final result going their way   shooting exceptionally well.
(17-28). As the season began to wind down the 3rd team played             The National Schools arrived and the weather was dreadful
in a triangular match against Epsom and Wellington, both schools       and questions as to whether the tournament should even take
are extremely well regarded. The first match against Epsom was         place were being asked. Nevertheless, everyone battled on
nail biting with each team matching the other’s score. Rebecca         through the rain; the team got off to an unsteady start but held
Hunt and Claudia Budiante worked well together and shot with           their nerve to draw with Robert Clack School. Next up was
great accuracy. Unfortunately Epsom took the lead in the final         Godolphin and Latymer and with great centre court play from
minute and won the game 12-14 and Wellington also managed              Tash Reynoldson and Emma Holden the team secured their first
to snatch a victory. The final match of the season was a high          win. Lady Eleanor Hollis were the next opponents but the team
scoring finale against Worth Abbey. Amy Battersby provided a           didn’t really get into the game and consequently lost. Old Rivals
solid force in defence whilst Rachel Bartholomeusz showed all          Putney High were next and so the teams knew to expect a close
sorts of acrobatic moves in attack. With a great team                  game. Tatiana Aspinwall and Hatty Shaw (Capt.) battled
performance the girls secured a 20-14 victory, a fitting way to end    brilliantly against the tall shooters and kept the team in
the season.                                                            contention. The game finished 8-8, a fair result as both teams
Players: A Battersby, R Hunt (Capt), C.Budiante, I.Ware,               played so well. The last game saw the team lose 4-8 despite
R.Bartholomeusz, A.Ardron, S.Colman, H. Bainbridge,                    great shooting from U15A team player Helena Buckles. The team
R.Spurgeon, H. Spence, G.Mills                                         came 5th in their section.
                                                                          Following the tournament the team lost narrowly to Tormead,
Most Improved Player: A.Ardron                                         but the girls worked hard at training and, playing with great
Most Oustanding Player: R.Goddard                                      determination, managed to pull themselves back to winning
                                                                       ways against Sevenoaks and St Catherine’s.
                                                                          The Surrey Finals were suddenly upon us, would all the hard

90 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                         girls’ sport
work and extra training pay off when it really mattered? The team
got off to a good start benefiting from great shooting by Jenny
Sadler and Katie Morton. Consistent strong feeding from Katie
Barrett and Tash Reyonldson and great defensive work from
Clarissa Hearn and Lottie Williams enabled the team to win all but
one game making them top of their section. The girls really
started to believe they could go all the way and they steamrolled
into the final with a comfortable win against Guilford High. Their
opponents were Putney High. Tatiana Aspinall played out of her
skin and with the help of Hatty Shaw in defence, Putney High
were struggling to get to a shooting position. The team worked
together to get the ball into the circle for the shooters to convert
and at half time we had a three goal lead. Putney High came back
strongly in the second half. The girls fought valiantly and held on
to become U16 Surrey Champions!
   What a great way to finish the season. All the hard work and
extra training had paid off.                                           U16B VII team

Players: T Aspinwall, H Shaw (Capt.) C Hearn, N Reynoldson,
K Barrett, J Sadler, K Morton, L Williams, E Holden
Most Improved Player: K Barrett
Most Outstanding Players: H Shaw/ N Reynoldson
Miss S Pembroke (Coach)

The U16B team had a very successful season
with eight wins and 4 losses overall.

T    hey started the year with an emphatic victory against RAAS,
     winning 23-4 with some excellent shooting from Tash Hunt
and Lizzie Armitage. The winning streak continued until they met
a very strong St. Catherine’s side a few weeks later, a game which
                                                                       U15A VII team
frustrated the team as they knew that they had not performed to
the level of which they were capable. However, this was soon
forgotten with convincing victories over Reigate, Warlingham and
Croydon High, with Jess Puntan and Hollie Coleman working
tirelessly in attack, providing seamless service into the shooters.
Unfortunately, the team then lost two very tight and closely
fought matches against Tormead and Sevenoaks, but showed
excellent skill and determination in not allowing these strong
teams to dominate the matches, keeping them within four goals.
The victory at the triangular tournament with Epsom and
Wellington was perhaps the highlight of the season for the team,
with the defensive team of Amy, Sally and Phoebe keeping the
oppositions’ scores low. The team finished the season on a high
note with a 12-10 victory over a very competitive and determined
Christ’s Hospital side, during which they had to play their best to
come out on top.
Players: Phoebe French, Amy Miles, Lottie Williams, Sally Ko,
Jess Puntan (capt), Hollie Coleman, Lizzie Armitage, Tash Hunt
Most outstanding player: Jess Puntan                                   U15B VII team
Most improved player: Amy Miles
Miss H. Sandiford (Coach)

                                                                                       2009 Caterham School Magazine 91
      girls’ sport
                                                                         play against the overall winners of the competition and beat
                           U15A                                          them with ease!
                                                                           The U15s have been a fantastic team and a joy to coach this
The U15A team have had an amazing                                        season and I hope the success they have had this year continues
season. They got off to a good start playing                             next year.
Woldingham and winning comfortably                                       Players: G Feldmanis, G Flanagan, Z Webb, D Hopkins (Capt.), E
28-15.                                                                   Scott Smith, H Buckles, J Davidson, B Morgan
                                                                         Most improved player: Z Webb
T   he next game was against St Catherine’s, who have always
    been a strong team. This match was neck and neck
throughout and Georgia Flanagan and Georgia Feldmanis put up
                                                                         Most Outstanding player: H Buckles
                                                                         Miss S Pembroke (Coach)
an excellent fight to keep Caterham in contention right up to the
final whistle. Despite an excellent display of team work and
determination the team lost narrowly 19-21. Not letting this early
defeat to the season affect them, they travelled to the Surrey                                     U15B
Tournament. The girls put on a superb display of netball and won
their section. On a winners’ high, the very next day the team            The U15B team have had a wonderful
travelled to London and their focus turned to the Trinity                season, the squad has consisted of 10
Tournament. Caterham went in to the first game confident but
                                                                         players and they all gelled really well. The
narrowly lost, however this did not get them down and they went
on to win the remainder of games in their section. For the semi
                                                                         first game of the season was a comfortable
finals everyone was feeling nervous but Caterham used this to            win against RAAS with some great shooting
their advantage and stormed in to the final, playing a team they         and movement from Charlotte Taylor
had played in the early rounds. The team put on a tremendous             (Capt.).
display of netball with sharp accurate shooting from Helena
Buckles and Jess Davidson who held their nerve right to the final
whistle and the U15s won the tournament.
                                                                         T    he next game was against Woldingham and falling behind
                                                                              early on in the game, the girls had to fight hard to get
                                                                         themselves back in contention. With great defensive work from
                                                                         Kristianne Greenhalgh and Bethan Sanderson they managed to

   “ ... a sharp accurate shootingnetball
           tremendous display of                                         claw it back and clinch a win 12-11. St Catherine’s was to be
    with                           ...
                                      ”                                  their next game and despite great feeding into the circle from
                                                                         Poppy Moore and Beth Munns, the team lost 10-18. Not to be
                                                                         deterred by this defeat the team went on to play old rivals
   Confidence in the team was at an all time high and great
                                                                         Reigate Grammar and with great shooting from Jess White,
partnerships were forming in both circles, held together with great
                                                                         Caterham came out on top. Unfortunately, the team lost their
linking play by Daisy Hopkins (Capt.) with fabulous support from
                                                                         next game against a strong Guilford High side.
Ellie Scott Smith, Zoe Webb and Bethan Morgan on the wings.
                                                                            The district Tournament was next on the agenda and with the
   The U15s continued their success by steam rolling Reigate
                                                                         team in good spirits they played as best they could despite the
Grammar 17-6 and Croydon High 24-14 and holding on to an
                                                                         cold weather. Felicity Miners Jones played outstandingly
early lead beating old rivals Guilford High 20-18 all before
                                                                         throughout and the team notched up 3 wins and 2 losses
                                                                         landing them 3rd in their section.
   The first game back after Christmas was another comfortable
                                                                            Croydon High now appeared twice in close succession on the
win against Croydon High before coming up against Epsom
                                                                         fixture list and Caterham came out on top in both fixtures with
College. This was where the U15A’s winning streak stopped. The
                                                                         great centre court play from Katie Marsh and defending from
team took a heavy defeat and it was not something they were
                                                                         Bianca Gamble. Next up was Epsom College and Christ Hospital,
used to. But not to let this get them down they put on a strong
                                                                         both games were played with great determination and effort but
performance against Christ’s Hospital and won 33-10. With
                                                                         unfortunately, this was not enough to win either fixture. The final
another game scheduled to play against Epsom the girls were
                                                                         match of the season was a nail biting finale against Kent College.
determined to show how good they really were and this time they
                                                                         Ellie Davies provided great support in attack and the shooters
won 20-19, however they were so pleased with their win that a
                                                                         played exceptionally. The defenders at the opposite end also
lack of concentration meant they lost to Wellington College 24-15
                                                                         played their socks off stopping many goal scoring opportunities.
in the triangular fixture. The last fixture before the Surrey
                                                                         With a great team performance the girls secured a 23-21 victory,
Tournament was against Kent College. This was a solid
                                                                         a terrific way to end the season.
performance for the team and they notched up their best win to
date 41-14.                                                              Players: B Gamble, B Sanderson, F Miners Jones, K Marsh,
   At last the Surrey Finals arrived and after extra training sessions   E Davies, C Taylor (Capt.), J White, K Greenhalgh, B Munns,
the girls were looking like strong contenders to take the title, but     P Moore
alas it was not to be their day. They performed well in most of the
                                                                         Most Improved Player: J White
games but unfortunately narrowly lost two games and ended up
                                                                         Most Outstanding Player: F Miners Jones
3rd in their section. However, it is important to note that they did

92 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                                     girls’ sport

U14A VII team                                                        U14B VII team

                           U14A                                                                 U14B
This season was not the most successful for                          The U14B team have worked hard this
the U14A team, however, they have spent a                            season and made good levels of progress.
lot of time working on new skills and tactics                        Many of the players have come along in
and I am confident that once these become                            leaps and bounds and this has helped them
second nature to them they will begin to go                          to some good victories.
from strength to strength.
                                                                     T   hey started the season with quite a heavy defeat against an A
                                                                         team from RAAS, however, this did not affect their
A    t the start of the season selection took place and a team was
     chosen, however, having looked at the players’ strengths
several position moves were required. As with any change it takes
                                                                     confidence as they came back to win against Croydon High a
                                                                     week later. This was followed by one of the toughest matches of
a while to get used to so in the first match against Croydon High    the season against Guildford High. Erika Barron worked tirelessly
the girls were a little bit unsettled and did not get into a good    to get possession of the ball, unfortunately Guildford proved just
rhythm resulting in a loss. This was followed by an extremely        too strong on this occasion. The final match before the Christmas
tough match against a very tall Guildford High team, despite         break was a good win over the Dunottar A team. The snow then
having plenty of possession we couldn’t convert this to goals and    caused quite a bit of disruption in the spring to both matches
therefore suffered another defeat. Following the Christmas break     and training. Therefore going into the next match against
several matches were cancelled due to the snow so we were            Sevenoaks we were slightly rusty. Ellen Mann played brilliantly in
somewhat lacking in match practice when we took on Sevenoaks.        defence but it wasn’t enough to prevent goals being scored and
The match was very close to start with but Sevenoaks began to        Sevenoaks won the match. Unfortunately, the District
edge ahead and they extended their lead as the match continued.      Tournament that the B team had been entered into was also
This was a wake up call for the team and they began to train         cancelled due to the bad weather, this was a real shame as I had
even harder and really put all the new skills together. This was     high hopes for the team. To finish the season off the team played
clearly evident when they took on Christ Hospital, a team who        Lingfield Notre Dame and produced a very good win. This set of
had yet to be beaten that season. The match was extremely close      players have really come along this season and I hope they can
with just 2 goals between the teams, unfortunately Christ            continue to progress even further next season.
Hospital clinched the victory but this was a great way to end the    Players: K. Fenton (capt), P. Hanford, E.Mann, E. Murphy,
season and gave the girls a much needed confidence boost.            E. McCarthy, L.Newland, S.Rennison, L. Whiteley,
Hopefully the girls will grow a few more inches over the summer      B. Bartholomeusz, S.Whitfield, C. Bradley, L. Blackwell, E.Barron
holiday and this will help them next season.
                                                                     Most Improved Player: K.Fenton
Players: A.Kenney (capt), I.McMillan, C.Yavas, F.Payne, E.Barron,    Most Outstanding Player: E.Barron
C.Bradley, L. Blackwell, G.Sturm, R.Wright, K.Fenton
                                                                     Miss H Sandiford (Coach)
Most Improved Player: L.Blackwell
Most Outstanding Player: I.McMillan
Miss H Sandiford (Coach)

                                                                                                  2009 Caterham School Magazine 93
      girls’ sport

                         U13A                                                                 U13B
The U13A team had another strong season                             The B team had a mixed season with some
this year winning 7 out of their 9 matches.                         excellent wins and some narrow defeats.
The team was captained by Olivia Murch
who led by example, showing strength and
determination throughout the season,
                                                                    T   he captain, Romany Colligan, was a good leader who gave
                                                                        100% in every match and the enthusiasm and fighting spirit
                                                                    shown by the whole team was refreshing to see. The girls started
always encouraging others.                                          the season strongly in an exciting and hard fought match against
                                                                    Croydon High. The play was end to end with the two sides

T   he team began the season with an excellent 25-6 victory over
    Croydon High, a strong netballing school, with some
impressive shooting from Shannon Sturm and Connie Shaw. This
                                                                    scoring alternatively but the final quarter saw Caterham pull two
                                                                    goals ahead and emerge as the victors, winning 7-5. The girls
                                                                    also played extremely well against Guildford High where the
was followed by another strong performance against Claremont        defence were put under extreme pressure but managed to
and then came our toughest match of the season against
Guildford. We travelled away one dark November night and
never really got started. The opposition were tall and powerful
giving our defence a real workout and although Charlotte               “ Theexciting and hardseason strongly in
                                                                             girls started the
                                                                                               fought match

Watson gave an outstanding performance at GK we eventually                    against Croydon High
lost 4 – 16.
   During the remainder of the season the girls showed great        restrict Guildford to just 7 goals, whilst our shooters managed to
spirit and determination working well as a team and had an          score 2 themselves thus narrowly losing 2-7. None of the team
excellent day in the first round of the Surreys winning all their   let their heads go down and the girls were very supportive of
matches and progressing through to the next round. Here they        each other. Ella Hodgkinson showed great versatility this season
had a tough section which included Guildford High and Reigate       playing wherever she was asked, including shooter, which was
Grammar but despite losing to Guildford they progressed             much appreciated and thanks to Emily Ashmore for stepping in
through to the semi-final. An exciting and closely fought match     as substitute for the A team in the Surrey Finals.
followed against St Catherines with the play switching from one        The B team wins were well deserved this season and if the
end to the other, but unfortunately the final whistle went with     shooters keep practising over the summer holidays the girls
Caterham trailing by one goal and the team was knocked out.         should have even more success next season. Well done to
The U13A team have shown great potential as a team and with a       everyone and good luck in 2009/2010.
growth spurt in the summer from some of the players I am sure
they will go on to regain their Surrey title next season.           Player: R.Colligan (Capt), E. Ashmore, E. Hodgkinson, E.Lock,
                                                                    H. Davidson, S. Belchambers, C. Morris, E. Marsh, L. Hatch,
Players: O. Murch (Capt), S. Sturm, C. Shaw, E.Wilson ,Z. Webb,     A. Riches
P. O’Brien, E. Ashmore, P. Waterman, C. Watson
                                                                    Most Improved Players: H. Davidson & E. Hodgkinson
Most Improved Player: C. Watson                                     Most Outstanding Player: E. Ashmore
Most Outstanding Player: C. Shaw
                                                                    Mrs J Simons (Coach)
Mrs J Simons (Coach)

U13A VII team                                                       U13B VII team

94 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                                       girls’ sport

                           U12A                                                                   U12B
T   he selection for A team netball players was made extremely
    hard this year as firstly there was such a large number of girls
joining us in the first form and secondly there were lots of very
                                                                       As always the selection process for the B
                                                                       team was extremely difficult this year with
                                                                       such a high standard of netball across the
talented girls to choose from.
   With the first match taking place in the first week of term the     board and with such enthusiastic girls!
selection process was extremely challenging especially as the girls
seemed particularly versatile, so choosing a final set of positions
was very difficult. The first match was a steep learning curve with
                                                                       W       ith the first selection made, the B team played Hazelwood
                                                                               and secured a good win (12-4). After a slight team shuffle
                                                                       the girls had a string of very tough matches where they often
the girls getting to know each other better and learning how           narrowly lost out despite having the majority of ball possession.
each player worked on the court. As the team began to settle           After Christmas the B team had their first match against Tormead
down they had a narrow defeat to Woldingham (10 – 11), this            cancelled due to the snowy weather. Shortly after this they
was followed by an extremely tough game against St Catherines,         played Sevenaoks, the team really pulled together and played
one of the top teams in the county. At the Surrey Tournament           some fantastic netball securing a great win (16-3). Katherine
the girls started out as they meant to go on beating Graveney          Roberts and Georgia Arnold were shooting with great accuracy
12-0. This was followed by two very tight matches against              and Louise Gardner worked extremely hard in defence getting
Putney High and JAGS which both ended in a draw. They                  lots of tips and interceptions. As the season came to a close the
completed the day with wins over Old Palace and Felton Fleet.          girls gained another good win against Croydon High (7-4). The
This secured them 2nd place in their section and a place in the        girls have worked really hard this season to improve their skills
finals in March; this was a great way to end the Christmas term.       and this really started to show at the end of the season, I hope
    With a cold and snowy start to the spring term the U12 team        they can start next season as they finished this one off.
had several matches cancelled. This just made them more eager
                                                                       Players: G. Arnold, E.Donald, C. Downes, L.Gardner,
to play and they really went to town in their first match against
                                                                       S.Matthews, S.Okwok, B.Quinton, K.Roberts (Capt), E.Seager,
Sevenoaks. Sarah Slater and Joanna Upward shone scoring 24
                                                                       E.Sloan, R, Stannard,
goals to Sevenoaks’ 10. In the build up to the Surrey Finals the
team played an extremely tight match against Croydon High.             Most Outstanding Player: L.Gardner
Robyn Hunt –Williams worked really hard in defence and they            Most Improved player: C.Downes
secured a narrow victory (8-7). The team were very nervous going
                                                                       Miss H Sandiford (Coach)
into the Surrey Finals; however they were determined to play
their very best. They started with a good win over Nonsuch and a
draw against Barrow Hill however, Guildford High and Kingston
Grammar proved too strong. The girls did manage a final flurry
against St Catherines beating them 4 – 1 and securing them a
commendable 4th place in their section. This team has a great
deal more to offer and I’m sure they will flourish as they move
further up the school.
Players: F. Adams, M.Hopkins, R.Hunt-Williams, B. Rowlands,
S.Slater (Capt), P. Stapleton, J. Upward, H Wildman
Most Outstanding player: S.Slater
Most Improved Player: H.Wildman
Miss H Sandiford (Coach)

                                                                       U12B VII team

                                                                         House Netball
                                                                         1st Underwood, 2nd Ridgefield, 3rd Harestone,
                                                                         4th Lewisham, 5th Aldercombe.
                                                                         1st Ridgefield, 2nd Aldercombe, 3rd Harestone,
                                                                         4th Lewisham, 5th Beech Hanger, 6th Underwood.
                                                                         1st Ridgefield, 2nd Aldercombe, 3rd Lewisham,
                                                                         4th Harestone, 5th Underwood, 6th Beech Hanger

U12A VII team

                                                                                                    2009 Caterham School Magazine 95
      girl’s tennis

tennis 2009
                         Senior                                                                   U15

The senior team were thrown into the thick                            The U15’s had a fantastic tennis season.
of things very quickly at the start of the                            They have come a long way since First Year,
season.                                                               developing in both skill and strength.

T   he first league match was played in the second week of term
    against Putney High. As always Putney were extremely strong
and the game was really close all the way through. Going into
                                                                      T   heir play has matured to a higher level having worked on their
                                                                          positional play in doubles.
                                                                         Throughout the term they had a few close friendly matches
the third round the score was tied and every couple had to play       against Christ’s Hospital and King’s Cantebury. The team really
their best tennis in order for Caterham to win. In a nail biting      excelled themselves in the Surrey School League beating Croydon
finish we won 5-4 in a tie break situation. On a cold and             High and Sutton ( Woldingham conceded). This meant they made
blustery evening the senior team played their next league match       the finals for the first time. It was held at Sutton Tennis Academy.
against Croydon High, in an equally close and exciting match.         They started well against Reigate Grammar and went ahead but
Fortunately, the girls rallied together and won 5-4 putting them      lost momentum loosing 3 – 5. They then lost 2 – 6 to St.
ever closer to the Surrey Finals. On a slightly warmer Saturday       Catherine’s the overall winners.
afternoon they played King’s Canterbury in a friendly match. The      Congratulations to the team for a great season.
standard of tennis was very high again and despite not having
                                                                      Players: H. Buckles, J. Davidson, D. Hopkins, K.Marsh,
the full senior team the girls pulled off a great 5-4 win. In the
                                                                      S. McCartney, B. Munns, Z. Webb
final league match against Woldingham the girls put on a great
display of tennis cruising to victory and ensuring that they          Most outstanding Player: H. Buckles
gained a place in the Surrey Finals. Unfortunately, at the semi       Most Improved Player: Z. Webb
finals we did not have our full team; however the girls did a
                                                                      Mrs N. Lomas (Coach)
fantastic job battling all the way against Surbiton. Unfortunately,
Surbiton took the lead and won the game 5-4 in a thrilling
encounter. The girls have been fantastic this season and played
some great tennis, I hope they will be able to win the Surrey
trophy back next year.
Players: L.Brymer (capt), J.Butler, L. Mill, J.Rowlands,
L. Rowlands, R.Crammond, C.Buckland
Most Outstanding Player: L.Mill
Most Improved Player: R.Crammond
Miss H.Sandiford (Coach)

96 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                                    girl’s tennis

                             U14                                                                  U13
The U14 team have worked hard this term                                The U13 tennis team had a strong season,
to improve their skills and have played some                           winning league matches against Sutton
great tennis matches.                                                  High, Woldingham and Croydon High.

T    he season did not get off to the greatest start as our first
     match against Reigate was cancelled due to poor weather.
This was followed by an extremely tough match against King’s
                                                                       T   he match against Croydon High was especially difficult as this
                                                                           was a hard fought match which was eventually won 6 – 3.
                                                                       Captain Elisha Wilson led by example, playing with grit and
Canterbury. As the pairs got to know each other a little better        determination and a special mention must go to the third pairing
they won several games but King’s Canterbury won overall 2-7.          of Sophie Foreman and Shannon Sturm who were a vital
After quite a lengthy break the team played Sutton High in their       component in the team. This pair not only beat their opposite
first league match. All the training came together and they gained     pairing, they often beat the 2nd pairing too. The team won
an early lead and won the match convincingly 5-1. Woldingham           through to the Surrey Finals which was held at the Sutton Tennis
were our next league opposition and they pushed the team right         Centre. Here they met strong opposition in the shape of St.
to the very end, fortunately the girls rallied together and played     George’s. The team played extremely well and all the matches
some inspired tennis to ensure a 5-4 win. On a sunny Saturday          were evenly balanced but, eventually, they lost 3 – 6.
afternoon an U14A&B team went to Christ’s Hospital to play a             Overall it was a very good term giving much cause for
                                                                       optimism in 2010.

    “ ... a fantastic season and the first time
   an U14 team have made it through to the
                                                                       Most outstanding player: Zoe King
                                                                       Most improved player: Sophie Foreman
        Surrey Finals for a long time ...
friendly tennis match. It was fantastic to have so many girls
playing tennis all together and enjoying the competitive                                          U12
experience. The A team pulled off a close 5-4 win; unfortunately
the B team were not quite so lucky and lost 2-7. This was good
match practice for the final league game of the season, if the
                                                                       The U12’s have had another great tennis
team won this match they would go through to the Surrey Finals.        season with some fantastic results.
The opposition were Croydon High who were equally determined
on gaining a place in the Finals. After a shaky start the girls fell
behind but Alayna Kenney and Flavia Rowson played some
                                                                       T  hey started off with a league match against Wimbledon
                                                                          which was won with ease 4-0. They then played a friendly
                                                                       match against Reigate Grammar school which was more of a
outstanding tennis to regain the lead and help the team to a 5-4       challenge. Sarah Slater and Francesca Rowson worked
victory putting them through to the Surrey Finals. Here they met       consistently to pull out a good victory against their first couple
St. George’s School who are renowned for their high standard of        and secured a 5-2 win. The girls then continued on their league
tennis. Again, the girls had a shaky start but then seemed to          journey beating both Woldingham and Croydon High. This
settle down and won some very exciting tie breaks. Unfortunately       meant the girls had gained a place in the Surrey Finals where
St. George’s were just too good and ended up beating them 2-5.         they were to play Putney High. The semi finals were played on
This has been a fantastic season and the first time an U14 team        an extremely hot day and despite Caterham putting in their very
have made it through to the Surrey Finals for a long time. Well        best effort they lost 0-4 to an extremely strong Putney side, who
done girls!                                                            went on to win the tournament. The girls have worked really
Players: E.Barron (Capt), A.Kenney, G.Sturm, C.Yavas, F.Rowson,        hard and have a great deal of potential, I am sure they will
C.Bradley, K.Fenton                                                    continue to do well in the future.

Most Improved Player: A.Kenney                                         Players: B.Rowlands, F.Rowson, S.Slater, P.Stapleton,
Most Oustanding player: F.Rowson                                       Most Outstanding Player: S.Slater
Miss H Sandiford (Coach)                                               Most Improved Player: P.Stapleton
                                                                       Miss H Sandiford (Coach)

                                                                                                    2009 Caterham School Magazine 97
     girls’ sport

   athletics                                       2009
The Senior team had a promising start to
the season, gaining 2nd place at the annual
Hurstpierpoint meeting and helping to
secure a fine win overall.

R   osie Clarke and Loulou Rowlands were both double event
    winners, Rosie in the 1500m and High Jump, Loulou in the
800m and 400m. After half-term, the team put in a strong
performance to win the Cranleigh meeting; Rosie and Loulou
again were dominant, assisted by wins from Hannah Paine and
Clarissa Hearn, in the Discus and Long Jump respectively. They
then finished with an excellent win at the Epsom meeting, with
two magnificent relay performances. Rosie Clarke competed at
the Surrey Championships and finished 3rd in the 800m; her
contribution to the team has as ever been fantastic, not only
with her own performance but also in a ‘team manager’ role.               Senior Athletics Team
Loulou Rowlands has set three new school records this season,
for 400m, 800m and 1500m. She won the 800m at the Surrey
Championships and will once again be competing at the English
Schools’ Championships. The Intermediate Team started very
successfully with a fine win at Hurstpierpoint. They followed this
up with a first place in the District League, but finished 2nd, just
behind Reigate Grammar at the District Championships. Tash
Reynoldson (Hurdles), Georgia Feldmanis (Discus), Georgia
Flanagan (800m), Daisy Hopkins (300m) and Poppy Moore
(100m) were all selected to compete for the District at the Surrey
Championships. At the Cranleigh and Epsom meetings, they
finished in 4th and 3rd places respectively; Poppy Moore was
always a major points contributor, winning the 100m at both
these fixtures. The U15 contingent gained a good points score in
the first round of the ESAA Track and Field Cup, where they
finished 2nd to Guildford High. They qualified for the Regional
‘B’ Finals and significantly improved their points tally to finish in a
creditable 3rd place.
Senior Athletes: J Cook, A Martin, R Clarke, S Colman,
R Goddard, H Paine, L Rowlands, A Sadler                                  U15 Athletics Team

Inter Athletes: K Barrett, C Hearn, J Puntan, N Reynoldson,
L Williams, A Borley, C Clark, E Davies, G Feldmanis,
G Flanagan, D Hopkins, K Marsh, V McCullagh, P Moore,
B Munns, H Shaw, Z Webb, J White
Most outstanding athletes (Senior): R Clarke & L Rowlands
Most outstanding athlete (Inter): P Moore
Miss A Collins / Mrs N Lomas (Coaches)

98 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                                    girls’ sport

                            U14                                                                 U13

U14 Athletics Team                                                   U13 Athletics Team

T   he U14 team has had a fantastic season and I have been really
    impressed with the team spirit of the girls and their
competitive nature. They started with a very creditable 2nd place
                                                                     The U13 Team has had a very successful
                                                                     season, captained by Emily Ashmore, who
                                                                     led by example on and off the track.
finish in their age group at the Hurstpierpoint meet and helped
Caterham to secure overall 1st position. This was quickly
followed by the District League, with our athletes dominating
many of the events and eventually running away with the lead.
                                                                     T   hey achieved 2nd place in the Track and Field Cup, thus
                                                                         qualifying for the Regional ‘B’ Finals; here they improved
                                                                     their point score and finished in a creditable 5th position.
Several members of the team then took part in the Track and          Sophie Foreman scored well in these events, and later gained
Field Cup alongside the U15 athletes. They performed excellently,    selection for the Junior 1500m at the Surrey Schools’
especially Lydie Whiteley and Emily Murphy in the 80m Hurdles, a     Championship; she finished a creditable 6th, and will still have
distance which is normally run by the Inter athletes only. The       another year in this age group. The team went on to win their
team gained enough points to see them through to the Regional        other meetings and then finished the season with an excellent
‘B’ Finals later on in the term, in which they came 3rd. The         performance at the District Championships, with wins from Ella
District Championships was next on the calendar; the girls did       Hodgkinson (Hurdles), Sophie Foreman (800m and 1500m) and
very well, with several of them achieving new personal bests and     the Relay team (Emily Ashmore, Ella Hodgkinson, Abi Riches and
gaining 2nd place overall. From this event, Sophie Foggin,
Stephanie Hibbert, Alayna Kenney, Lydie Whiteley, and Rachel
                                                                           “ ...District Championships ... at the
                                                                                an excellent performance
Wright were selected to compete at the Surrey Schools’
Championships. The final fixture before half-term was against                                             ”
Woldingham and Dunottar; again, the girls did really well on the     Connie Shaw). The team felt that they had done enough for an
day scoring 112 points and taking first place. After half-term the   overall victory, and indeed was presented with the trophy, but
team took part in the Cranleigh meeting and performed brilliantly    later an error in the Long Jump results emerged, which meant
in the warm weather to win the event by 5 points beating several     that Reigate Grammar pipped them by a couple of points.
strong schools; Stephanie Hibbert and Lydie Whiteley won the         Whilst we had excelled on the track, we needed some stronger
Long Jump and Shot respectively. The Epsom meeting concluded         performances in the field events; several fell somewhat short of
the season; the team gave 100% and finished 2nd by a very close      their best on the day, and the only ‘top three’ position went to
margin, with Stephanie Hibbert the winner of the Shot. Over the      Zoe King in the Discus. Throughout the season, the team
season, the girls have been enthusiastic, hard working and fun;      showed great spirit, encouraging and supporting each other;
they have made the most of every competition and achieved            they are a strong squad and I feel confident they can build on
some great results. I hope they continue to go from strength to      their success for next year.
strength next year and win even more events!
                                                                     Athletes: E Ashmore (Capt), S Belchambers, R Colligon,
Athletes: E Barron, C Bradley, Z Everard, S Foggin, P Hanford,       S Foreman, E Hodgkinson, Z King, E Lock, E Marsh, C Morris,
S Hibbert, A Kenney, I McMillan, E Murphy, F Payne, S Rennison,      O Murch, P O’Brien, A Riches, C Shaw, C Watson, E Wilson
L Whiteley (Capt), S Whitfield, R Wright (Capt)
                                                                     Most Outstanding Athlete: S Foreman
Most Outstanding Athlete: S Hibbert                                  Most Improved Athlete: A Riches
Most Improved Athlete: S Foggin
                                                                     Mrs J Simons (Coach)
Miss H. Sandiford (Coach)

                                                                                                 2009 Caterham School Magazine 99
     girls’ sport

                                                                     sailing                                  2009
                                                                     Watersports Training:
                                                                     Pupils make progress
                                                                     A     t the beginning of the Easter term, pupils from the First to
                                                                           Fourth Years began an intensive nine weeks course in
                                                                     sailing at Mercers Park. This year many pupils were aiming to
                                                                     progress from their achievements last year and build upon
                                                                     their sailing skills. We were extremely lucky with the weather
                                                                     as each week the conditions were perfect; plenty of wind and
                                                                     warm temperatures. Pupils were given expert tuition with
                                                                     plenty of hands-on practical work, combined with some
                                                                     classroom theory sessions. Most mastered the additional skill
                                                                     of selecting the correct size wetsuit first time round!
                                                                        Overall it was extremely pleasing that all pupils made rapid
 U12 Athletics Team
                                                                     progress and achieved a high level of success by the end of
The U12 Team had a rather short, but                                 their courses. Completing the higher levels is difficult and
                                                                     therefore a number of pupils will continue with some
nevertheless very promising season.
                                                                     additional training over the summer holidays in order to

T  hey competed in both of their District League fixtures, each
   time finishing 2nd, just behind a strong Woldingham side.
Significant performances came from Ella Donald (Discus and Shot),
                                                                     master the advanced skills needed and I wish them good luck
                                                                     with their final assessments.

Robyn Hunt-Williams (200m, 800m and Shot), Francesca Rowson
(Long Jump), Paige Stapleton (High Jump) and Harriet Wildman          RYA Sailing Awards
(Hurdles and 100m). At our annual meeting with Dunottar and
Woldingham, they again finished 2nd to Woldingham, with great         Waris Choy             Level 1      Matt Bird           Level 1
wins for Bronte Rowlands (1500m) and Rebecca Stannard (800m).         Joe McNeice            Level 1      Max Campbell        Level 1
After preparing hard for the District Championships, the event was    Oliver Rushton         Level 1
unfortunately cancelled due to bad weather, which was a great         Raphael Hage           Level 2      Oliver Gregory      Level 2
shame. There is considerable potential amongst this group and         Oliver Henke           Level 2      Oliver Rushton      Level 2
their progress in the years to come will be interesting.              Tom Aubertin           Level 2      Jim Nye             Level 2
Athletes: F Adams, E Donald, L Gardner, M Hopkins, R Hunt-            George Smith           Level 2
Williams (Capt), S Okwok, B Rowlands, F Rowson, S Slater, R           Working towards Level 3
Stannard, P Stapleton, H Wildman
                                                                      Charlie Negus          Ewan Davidson
Most Outstanding Athlete: R Hunt-Williams                             Harry Claydon          Alex Baldwin
Most Improved Athlete: S Okwok
                                                                      Working towards Level 4
Miss A Collins (Coach)                                                Dylan Ellis

                                                                     Well done to all pupils.
 House Athletics                                                     Mr Taylor
                                                                                    Pupils waiting to hear the results of their assessments
 Fifth Year & Sixth Form:
 1st Lewisham, 2nd Underwood, 3rd Ridgefield,
 4th Aldercombe, 5th Harestone, 6th Beech Hanger;
 Victor Ludorum – L Rowlands
 Third & Fourth Year:
 1st Lewisham, 2nd Aldercombe, 3rd Harestone, 4th Ridgefield,
 5th Underwood, 6th Beech Hanger; Victor Ludorum – P Moore
 First & Second Year:
 1st Underwood, 2nd Lewisham, 3rd Ridgefield,
 4th Aldercombe, 5th Harestone; Victor Ludorum – A Riches

100 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                                  mixed sport

badminton                                                 2009
– A season of Highs and Lows
Fitted with the new ‘BAD CATS’ tops                                                 BAD CATS v Trinity
designed by last year’s captain Afan
Lam, this season’s teams were in good
shape and began the series of warm                                                                                 BAD CATS v Wilsons

up friendly matches in good spirits.
                                                                                                                  BAD CATS dinner 2009

N    icky Lin was the new captain and with the welcome return
     of Christophe Hearn to the A team a strong first pair was in
place. However, it took time for the A’s to find some form: a
draw with St John’s Leatherhead followed by a bad loss (1- 8) to
Charterhouse exposed weaknesses, particularly in return of
serve and it took the match against Trinity (win 8 -1) to show
consistency and promise. A new marathon friendly with 5 pairs
each against Ardingly produced a greatly enjoyable afternoon
and gave Caterham a 23 – 2 win.
   The first league match was against Wilson’s and although
Christophe was out with an ankle injury, Hoo Sang Chan made
a worthy replacement: the close match went Wilson’s way but it
was here that the third pair, Kenny and Kenneth Chan reached
a new level of play. We were more fortunate in other league
games including wins against Trinity and Tiffin, but lost out in a
nail biting finish to Dulwich. A poor performance against KCS
Wimbledon lost us prestige in the Surrey Knock Out
Competition but revenge against Dulwich, with spectacular play
from second pair Michael Li and Benson Leung in the Tiffin

                                                                     fencing                                   2009
Knock out, where we came third, was sweet!
   The U16 girls (we’re NOT the BAD KITTENS!), captained by
Emma Holden took to the stage for the first time this season
with astounding success: they won the league title at their first
attempt even beating Howard of Effingham who had taken the
Knock Out trophy (and Caterham were runners up in this               The Fencing club at Caterham School
competition!). We look forward to more of this next season.          only started in September 2007...
   The annual LEAVERS v STAFF match resulted in a great
afternoon’s play with newcomers Mark Broughton and Dan
Quinton proving a formidable pair even though the staff went         A    nd in just over two years it has grown from a single session
                                                                          after school, which mainly catered for older students, to
                                                                     three sessions with a range of pupils from First Year to Sixth Form.
down narrowly this time.
                                                                     Over this short time school fencers have competed locally and
Mr W Jaundrill (Coach)                                               nationally, with the Senior Girls’ team winning silver at the 2008
                                                                     National Schools’ Team Championships and Matthew Amlot
  House Badminton received excellent support as                      being placed 5th individually in the Senior Epee at the Public
  usual with the winners below:                                      School Fencing Championships.
                                                                       With the club coaches all being competitive fencers in their
                Juniors           Inters            Seniors          own rights and having fenced at national and International levels,
                                                                     there is an ambition to introduce school fencers to competition,
  Boys:         Underwood         Boarders          Boarders
                                                                     however those that simply want to fence for fun at the school are
  Girls:        Ridgefield        Lewisham          Boarders
                                                                     always welcome.
  Mixed:        Lewisham          Underwood         Boarders
                                                                     Mr Chris Howser (Coach)

                                                                                                  2009 Caterham School Magazine 101
      prep headteacher’s speech

The Headmaster addresses the
prep children and parents on
Speech Day....
It is a fascinating business working as a Prep School
Head. We who are involved in this work are in the
fortunate position of being able to witness children

R    ather like the time-lapse photography
     in a David Attenborough documentary
that allows one to watch a flower bud
form on the twig, develop, take shape
and then finally open into full bloom
before your eyes, so we are in the
fortunate position of being able to
witness the development of young
children from the time they arrive at the
school and subsequently and all too soon
leave us and go on to the senior school.
   I have been in primary education for
longer than I care to admit but I am
constantly amazed at the speed with
which children seem to move through the
ranks of a primary school. When I started
at Caterham School - about five minutes        ever. Life at the Prep School is a good       very interested as I bring them up to date
ago – seemingly, our current Year 6            time. It is a safe time, a secure time. Why   with all the doings and goings on.
leavers were still in Mottrams in Pre-Prep     would it end? Secure with well known             In short, I would say to all our pupils this
and now they have completed their time         friends, classmates and teachers. Happy       morning; as young people you will always
with us and are leaving to start the grand     with comforting routine and a well known      tend to be looking forward, anticipating
adventure of Senior School.                    collection of our own classrooms and          and hungry for whatever is coming next as
   Time has been described as the great        corridors to work and play in, life is        life unfolds for you. Certainly you have
thief. For a while we fall into the trap of    comfortable and a known quantity.             much to excite you. You are right to be
thinking that a particular phase of our           Of course pupils don’t go around every     looking forward to the future; wonderful
lives will go on as it is forever, only to     day necessarily aware of how good life is     things are waiting for all of you. But as
realise one day that time has moved on         at this stage of their lives. The immediacy   you eagerly think about the future, realise
and that things are never going to be the      and business of daily life don’t leave much   too, that now is also good. You are
same again.                                    time for such reflection. But I rather        currently living through a time that you
   Such a mindset is particularly true at      suspect that as our current Year 6 children   will remember for the rest of your lives.
Prep School. Pupils and their parents pass     have gone through the last few final          Ask any grown up. They will have
through this phase of the school every         weeks with us that such thoughts passed       memories of their primary school years.
four years. That means that every four         through their minds. Will life be this good   Maybe their memories will not be as
years there is a completely new and            again? Will life be scary from here           happy as yours but they will not have
different cohort of children in place at the   onwards?                                      forgotten. That is a sobering thought. You
Prep School. For every one who has                I often bump into past Prep School         are all currently living through a period of
passed through this lovely school there        pupils as I walk through the Senior School.   your life that you will never forget. You are
must have been times when the passing          They are always very friendly and even        making your own memories. These are the
of seasons and terms, each with their          seem pleased to see me sometimes. As          good old days!
own annual activities and weather              we chat on these occasions it never takes        As such I would encourage every Prep
patterns, each with their own treats and       long for the slightly wistful question ‘How   School pupil here to make a quiet and
high days to look forward to, it must have     is everything at the Prep School?’ to come    personal decision here and now. Make this
felt as though it was going to last for        out from one of them and they are always      time count. Use your primary school years

102 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                            prep headteacher’s speech
                                                                                             without it swaying them or having a long
                                                                                             term affect, is denying its pupils an aspect
                                                                                             of their basic human right to be taught
                                                                                             how to cope with such things. How dare
                                                                                             schools put their heads in the sand and
                                                                                             avoid such issues. School managers who
                                                                                             that say they are protecting their pupils by
                                                                                             avoiding competition are merely avoiding
                                                                                             having to deal with such thorny issues

to make the happiest, most worthwhile         boys and girls played and trained for a
memories for yourself that you can,           whole host of football and netball
because no matter what, this time will        fixtures. It is our aim at Caterham to
remain in your minds for evermore and         pursue the teaching of sports and games
you only get one chance at it.                in order to support the academic learning
  So let us reflect now on some of the        and physical and social growth of each
activities and happenings at our school       child. Dare I say in current educational
that have created memories for us over        times that in order to achieve these goals
the last year.                                we use ‘competition’. Now there are
  The first term, starting as always in       plenty of primary school heads and
warm weather and ending in the dark           teachers in the country who would like to
cold days of December, is always the          string me up for using that word,                 At Caterham Prep we wrestle with the
longest term. As the term is so long it is    ‘competition’. These are the Heads and         issue of how to teach all our children
our aim each year as we plan ahead, to        teachers whose idea of a sports day event      sporting skills, winning skills and losing
                                                                                             skills. It is great to win. It is a wonderful
                                                                                             sensation. However, very few people can

    “ Life at athe Prep School is a good time.
         It is safe time, a secure time.
                                                                                             cope with the giddy delights of winning
                                                                                             without being taught how to behave
                                                                                             appropriately, in a supportive manner.

                                                                                             Equally very few people can cope with the
              Why would it end?                                                              thunderclap of defeat, in private or in
                                                                                             public without being taught how to do so.
keep the Autumn term as free from             is to stand children in a circle around a      Naturally we do not plan to expose any of
interruptions as possible in order to allow   plastic hoop, each with an identical pile of   our children to defeat unnecessarily but it
the school to teach to a routine for an       bean bags, blow a whistle and allow the        happens. As such, a losing day is as
appreciable period. We aim, roughly, to       children to drop their bean bags in the        important a learning time for our pupils as
be half-way through the annual                hoop. It doesn’t matter if you finish first    a winning day.
curriculum by the end of the Autumn           or last, it doesn’t matter if you don’t get       I do not believe that all children are born
term. As I look back then to Autumn term      them in the hoop, it doesn’t even matter       natural sportsmen and women, in fact the
2008 I read evidence of lots of very useful   if the child doesn’t feel like doing it – I    opposite is probably true but I do believe
and enjoyable classroom learning taking       know I wouldn’t. There are no winners or       that all children can be taught how to run,
place and our pupils taking the               losers – everyone took part in a mindless,     jump, kick, pass, throw, catch, dive, bat
opportunity to settle into their new          meaningless, pointless exercise. That’s        and swim to a level that they can
classes and routines very well.               what matters.                                  legitimately compete in one of the teams
   Of course we know that all our hard           What rubbish! Competition is a fact of      in their age group. It is our aim that every
work in the classroom has to be balanced      life. The school that does not strive to       child is legitimately picked for a team by
up with activities outside. The Autumn        teach its pupils how to compete, how to        about week three or four of each term.
term was very busy in this respect as our     endure the outcomes of competition             Every child through a term has the

                                                                                                  2009 Caterham School Magazine 103
      prep headteacher’s speech
                                                                         opportunity to              It was a delight to accompany our
                                                                         officially thank and     Under 11 girls to Roedean at Brighton for
                                                                         congratulate Mrs         the IAPS National Netball Championships.
                                                                         Harbott for all she      As ever, in the spring Roedean was bitterly
                                                                         did for the school       bright and freezing cold all day with a
                                                                         both as teacher          cutting wind screaming in from Belguim.
                                                                         and Head of              Nonetheless, our girls acquitted
                                                                         Department during        themselves magnificently, winning many
                                                                         her time here and        of their matches that day.
                                                                         to wish her every           This year for the first time ever
                                                                         success in the           Caterham Prep sent out a sports tour. The
                                                                         future.                  Tour was to the West Country and our
                                                                            The Spring term       children competed at rugby and netball
                                                                         opened to one of         with clubs in that beautiful part of
                                                                         the coldest starts       England. I was fortunate enough to be
                                                                         to a year we have        able to drive over and drop in on the tour
opportunity to be a part of the success.        experienced for some time, indeed for the         on the Saturday. I was able to watch both
Equally every child has a chance to be a        first time in many years the school was           the A&B netball teams play Cheltenham
part of that very private and united group,     forced to close due to heavy snow                 club sides consisting of girls much bigger
a defeated team. They are each equally          making journeys to and from school well           and older than themselves and to win
exposed to being taught to endure the           nigh impossible. However warmer                   convincingly. I then motored on to Stow-
emotions brought on by Kipling’s two            weather followed and it was not long              on-the-Wold to watch our U11 boys take
imposters, ‘winning and losing’, ‘and to        before trails of our younger pupils were          on the local rugby club lads. Again our
treat those two imposters just the same.’       going up into the North Downs woods to            opposition were physically much larger
   The Autumn term soon passes and it           look at the emerging spring flowers.              than our boys and the game was a
was not long before the school was knee            Both our boys and girls experienced            bruising affair. I was very proud to watch
deep in tinsel, shepherds and angels as we      very successful rugby and netball seasons.        our side secure a very physically
prepared for the various Nativities and our     I have been following the progress of our         determined victory. Not only was the other
wonderful carol service, that was once          netball players this season. Their abilities      side very large, there was also some doubt
again performed so beautifully by our very      and determination are an inspiration. As I        that they were all boys. One of their
talented children. At this point I must         have watched this game more and more I            heftier forwards was sporting a particularly
record my thanks to the Rev. David Flynn        have realised what a brutal event it is. As       lustrous and feminine pony tail through
and the congregation of Caterham United         a rugby referee I am often horrified by the       the back of a scrum cap that obliterated
Reformed Church for allowing us so much         legitimate body checks, clotheslines high         all other features. We were assured by
access to their beautiful church at             tackles and crossovers that a cunning             Jacob Welsh though, after the game, once
Christmas and Easter times. It is a privilege   netballer can legally employ – on tarmac!         he could summon enough breath to get a
we are very mindful of and grateful for.        There are a few hardened rugby players I          few words out, that she was a boy
   At the end of the Autumn term our            know who would struggle to peel                   because he had heard all her team mates
Head of Pre-Prep, Mrs Harbott left us to        themselves off the tarmac of a netball            calling her Arthur. So that was all right!
take up a new challenge at the Prebendal        court after one of the
School at Chichester. It all seems a long       tumbles that our girls
time ago now but I would like to take this
                                                                                  Early on in the Easter term our Y6 pupils entered
                                                often take.
                                                                               the scholarship entry paper and assessments for
                                                                               the senior school. I would like to congratulate the
                                                                               following on their achievements:
                                                                               Baston Robert               The Soderberg Scholarship
                                                                               Hayes Annabel               The Dr Hall Scholarship
                                                                               Lagerberg Cameron           The Mottram Scholarship
                                                                                                           Sports Scholarship
                                                                               Aspinwall Amalie            Academic Exhibition
                                                                               Furley-Smith Cameron Music Scholarship
                                                                               Gardner Tom                 Academic Exhibition
                                                                               Gwynn William               Academic Exhibition
                                                                               Moosa Hasan                 Academic Exhibition
                                                                               Waterman Georgina           Sports Scholarship
                                                                               Whelan Simon                Academic Exhibition and
                                                                                                           Sports Scholarship (Rugby)

104 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                              prep headteacher’s speech

   During the last week of the summer              Up until now, with a few exceptions, I       enthusiasm, frustrations dealt with,
term we celebrated a new event on our           have not mentioned members of staff by          achievements secured, but most of all it
calendar, a Year 6 Leavers’ Service. At this    name. If I were to tell you the tale of each    would be a tale of care. No one would
service we were able to say goodbye to          of the sixty five or so people who work at      undertake this line of work unless they
our current Year 6 pupils and to wish           the Prep School, including catering staff,      cared deeply about the outcome. Our
them well for the future. Without               maintenance staff, grounds staff, bursarial     children are very fortunate indeed to be in
repeating all that was said there I would       staff, cleaning staff as well as our teachers   the capable hands of so many deeply
like to congratulate our leavers on all they    and learning assistants, it would make a        caring and committed professionals. To all
have achieved and to assure them that           very long tale indeed. A tale of hard work,     members of the staff who have worked
they leave us now with our very best and
supportive wishes. Thank you for having
been a part of this great school. We will
all follow your onward careers with great
interest. You are always welcome to come
back and visit us. This is your school you
helped to create it and it is always yours to
come back to.
   I hope you enjoy and treasure the
Leavers’ Books you have received. They
were put together at the expense of a
great deal of effort on the part of Mrs
Bishop and Mrs Land. We are also grateful
for the kind financial assistance of the Old
Caterhamians’ Association and the
Caterham School Parents’ Association in
the production of this book. The DVD
which accompanies the book you have
already seen with your parents at the
leavers’ service. I would like to extend our
combined thanks to Mrs Thompson for
the production of this DVD.

                                                                                                    2009 Caterham School Magazine 105
      prep headteacher’s speech
                                                                                            continue to make it the success that it is.

                                                                                            Thank you to all our parents for your
      The standard of singing at our school is                                              constant support and encouragement of
 exceptional. Unfortunately it is always me who                                             your children as individuals and for the
                                                                                            school as a whole. Thank you to the other
 has to speak after our childlren have produced                                             branches of the school who support us so

                                                                                            loyally throughout the year; the Board of
     another heartrending choral piece.                                                     Governors, who achieve so much for us
                                                                                            behind the scenes. The Headmaster, Mr
                                                                                            Thomas, The Bursar, Mr King, Catering,
so hard for our children at the Prep         last several years. With pupils Mrs Hickey     Grounds, Maintenance, Health Centre and
School this year we would like to offer      is energetic and inspirational. The standard   Cleaning. Our Parents’ Association have
you our very grateful thanks.                of singing at our school is exceptional.       been as supportive as ever and I would like
   I would like to make mention of those     Unfortunately it is always me who has to       to register our grateful thanks to Mrs May
individual members of staff who have left    speak after our children have produced         and her committee for all they have
or joined us over the year. Following Mrs    another heartrending choral piece. This        achieved for us this year and for the
Harbott’s departure, Mrs Webster stood in    can sometimes make speaking tricky. A          future.
as acting Head of Pre-Prep for the Spring    Hickey production often brings on a              I would like to make particular mention
Term. I would like to place on record my     sudden and unexplained bout of hay fever       of Mrs Redding, the Senior School Deputy
sincere thanks to Mrs Webster for all
she achieved for us in that time.
   As the summer term started we
were joined by our new Head of
Pre-Prep, Mrs Shearman. I am
delighted to be able to welcome
Mrs Shearman to the school. Thank
you, Mrs Shearman, for all you have
achieved thus far and we extend our
very best wishes to you in the hopes
that you will enjoy a long and
fruitful career at Caterham.
   Also at the end of the Easter
term, Miss Joshi left the school to
pursue her teaching career abroad. I
would like to record my thanks to
Miss Joshi for all she achieved at the
school during her time here and to
wish her well at her new school in
Germany. We were joined by Mrs
Deale at the start of the summer
term. Again I would like to take this
opportunity to officially welcome
Mrs Deale to the Caterham community          that requires a certain amount of nose         Head who has supported me so kindly
and to wish her well for a long and          blowing and eye wiping before I am able        during our time of working together and
settled career at the school.                to speak properly.                             to wish her every success on behalf of all
   Finally we come to say goodbye to our       Mrs Hickey, this school has benefited        at the Prep School as she takes up her
only leaving member of staff this term,      enormously from your having been here.         own Headship at Greenacre School next
Mrs Hickey. At this point I sat and looked   There are literally hundreds of young          September.
at my keyboard for some minutes when         people who, having been under your                And now as we go our separate ways I
writing this report. What do you say         tutelage have been started upon musical        offer my very best wishes to all who leave
about Mrs Hickey? I have said before and     careers that would not otherwise have          us whether for our own Senior School or
continue to be quite happy to go on          been made available to them. Your impact       further afield.
record as saying that Mrs Hickey must be     on this school has been remarkable. We            Thank you to all members of the
the finest teacher of junior school choral   thank you for all you have done and wish       Caterham Community who have made
music in the south of England. But you       you every success in the future.               this year the success it has been and best
don’t want to take my word for it, just        And so we come to the end of another         wishes to you all for a very enjoyable and
ask all the other teachers who have come     very successful year. Thank you to all         relaxing summer holiday.
up against her in choral events over the     members of staff who work here who

106 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                  prep prizewinners

  Prizewinners 2009

Year 3 Achievement ..................ANNA GARDNER                      Drama ..........................................THOMAS GARDNER
Year 3 Achievement ..................TOM MASON                         Music ............................................THOMAS GARDNER
Year 3 Merit ................................RORY MOORE                Solo Singing Cup ........................THOMAS GARDNER
Year 3 Merit ................................NELL FAHEY                Mathematics................................DANIEL CASTLE
Year 3 Effort ................................ALEXANDER TRAVERS        Year 6 Effort ................................ELLIE VINCENT
Year 3 Effort ................................CHARLOTTE JAIRAJ         Geography...................................CAMERON LAGERBERG
                                                                       History .........................................JAMES WILLMOTT
Year 4 Achievement ...................NATALIE BISHOP                   ICT.................................................LYDIA HENKE
Junior Music ................................NATALIE BISHOP            Science .........................................SIMON WHELAN
Year 4 Achievement ...................EMELIE SPEAK                     RS .................................................WILLIAM GWYNN
Year 4 Merit ................................ABIGAIL BARRETT           Year 6 Merit .................................LAURA JOHNSTON
Year 3 Merit ................................ESME DRISCOLL
Year 4 Effort ................................CHARLOTTE BRIDSON        Headmaster’s Award
Year 4 Effort ................................LEWIS HUNNISETT          ‘For Loyalty and Team Spirit’ .....LAURA JOHNSTON
Junior RS ......................................AARON ASPINWALL        Senior Star Shield .......................JAMES SLATER
Junior Art .....................................CATHERINE ALLEN        Year 6 Effort ................................CAMERON FURLEY SMITH
Junior Star Shield........................CATHERINE ALLEN              The Abbot Music Cup .................CAMERON FURLEY SMITH
                                                                          .................................................and JEMIMA RAWLINGS
Year 5 Achievement ...................STEPHANIE KELLAWAY               Hickey Musician Award .............CRYSTAL LAVAL
Year 5 Achievement ...................OLIVIA MASON                        .................................................and REECE MCGOVERN
Year 5 Merit .................................LAUREN HUNT WILLIAMS     Boys Swimming Trophy .............SIMON WHELAN
Year 5 Merit .................................ARUN HENLEY              Watersports .................................MICHAEL FAHEY
Year 5 Effort ................................RIA ACHARYA              Cricket Trophy .............................SIDNEY DRISCOLL
Year 5 Effort ................................LAUREN PARKER            Rounders Trophy.........................LYDIA HENKE
French...........................................ALIX O’ROARKE         Football Cup ................................CAMERON LAGERBERG
                                                                       Victor Laudorum .........................TIM HENLEY
Year 6 Achievement ...................AMALIE ASPINWALL                 Victrix Laudorum ........................ELLIE VINCENT
Art ................................................AMALIE ASPINWALL   Netball Trophy.............................GEORGINA WATERMAN
DT .................................................AMALIE ASPINWALL   Poplacrosse Trophy .....................GEORGINA WATERMAN
Year 6 Merit .................................ANNABEL HAYES            Girls Swimming Trophy ..............GEORGINA WATERMAN
English .........................................HASAN MOOSA           Sportswoman of the Year .........GEORGINA WATERMAN
Year 6 Achievement ...................ANTHONY BASTON                   Rugby Trophy ..............................ANTHONY BASTON
Drama ..........................................ANTHONY BASTON         Sportsman of the Year ...............ANTHONY BASTON

                                                                                                     2009 Caterham School Magazine 107
      prep music

It is with sadness but also much joy
                                                                                                                         BY NICKI HICKEY
                                                                                themselves and given much pleasure to so many. At Caterham Prep,
                                                                                we love performing and I am, like so many others, continually
that I begin typing my last ever write-                                         amazed at the quiet confidence which each pupil displays on these
up of the year’s musical events.                                                occasions, making so many performances possible.
                                                                                  As always, our Harvest Festival was the first celebration of the year.

S   adness that I will no longer have the opportunity to teach these
    wonderful youngsters but joy in remembering all the fantastic
times we had making music at Caterham Prep.
                                                                                Following a special Assembly with our parents in the Soderberg Hall,
                                                                                where each year group performed a wonderful variety of songs and
                                                                                prose, culminating in a stirring version of ’The Circle Of Life’, we
   From the early beginnings in 1995, when the Pre-Prep department              were very pleased to go along to the Douglas Brunton centre to
had just opened and the first Junior Choir of 27 children from                  deliver our donations. Along with the gifts of food, we also delivered
Reception to Y4 won their initial festival, our young musicians have            some Year 4 pupils - who took with them their very own gift of song!
gone from strength to strength. Whether choral, orchestral or solo              The children gave an accomplished and confident performance of
instrumental work, from our year group concerts to our massed whole             some of their Harvest music to a most attentive and appreciative
school concerts, music festivals to music competitions, Church services         audience. They went down a treat – so much so that they begged us
to European Choir tours, pupils at Caterham Prep have excelled                  to bring them back again very soon.

Festival of                                                                     Year Group Concerts
A very special evening for us was Tuesday
                                                                                                                   D      ue to the huge numbers of
                                                                                                                          pupils learning musical
                                                                                                                     instruments at the Prep School, we
11th November, when some of our Choir                                                                                are very fortunate in being able to
were invited to join with the Senior School                                                                          host year group evenings, where
                                                                                                                     each child in the year performs a
in their Festival of Remembrance.                                                                                    solo piece on every instrument they

W       e sang one piece
        by ourselves but
the main work of the
                                                                                                                     learn. Our Year 4 musicians
                                                                                                                     treated us to a wonderful evening’s
                                                                                                                     entertainment with such a range of
evening was Karl Jenkins’                                                       instruments and talents! Even those complete beginners had such
                                  Karl Jenkins       The Armed Man:
‘The Armed Man’ . It                                         A Mass for Peace
                                                                                style and stage presence. The twenty-seven performances included
was a fantastic                                                                 an ‘own composition’, along with Bach, Beethoven and Rodgers &
experience for our singers                                                      Hammerstein. If this is the talent we have in the lower years of the
to sing alongside the                                                           school, we have the promise of good music at Caterham for a very
experienced Senior School                                                       long time to come. It was a great night and one of which all of our
Choir and the Parents’ Choir, accompanied by Orchestra and Organ                Year 4 pupils should be really proud. I have been astounded by the
in what is a very difficult piece of music. As one of the organisers            incredible progress and the heights our Year 5‘s have reached this
wrote: “The Prep School singers were a credit to the entire school.             year. In their concert, they produced some wonderful performances
Many people commented on their emotional rendition of ‘Keep The                 too, both singing and playing instruments. Again, a huge variety
Home Fires Burning’ and this added much to the evening. I was so                from ‘Black Beauty’ on the French Horn to Brahms’ ‘Cradle Song’
impressed by the concentration and professionalism shown during                 on the flute to a Haydn ‘Trio’ on the cello. The evening culminated
their solo performance and throughout the entire evening. ‘The                  in a beautiful rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ by our Year 5 Flute Trio
Armed Man’ is a long work during which to concentrate and be                    and a lively and expert performance of ‘Kingston Calypso’ by our
visible on stage, but they all performed as a unit so well.” What an            Year 5 String Group. Well done to them all. Towards the end of the
accolade! What an experience!                                                   year, we were indulged in a magnificent demonstration of
   Our Christmas Carol and Easter Passion Services were as                      musicianship at the Year 6 Concert. The gifted pupils took to the
special as ever. In the United Reformed Church, all children from               stage to display their talents either vocally, pianistically or on one of
Years 3 - 6 took part in retelling the stories from the Bible. Moving           the many orchestral instruments they play. The standard was
accounts were given by all the children, with our choristers rising to          particularly high and many children performed on more than one
the occasion singing two and three part anthems. These evenings                 instrument. It was exciting to see the wonderful progress these
also demonstrated what a wealth of talent we have, as a host of                 students have made during their time in the Prep School - but equally
confident soloists enjoyed the fabulous acoustic of the church. All             sad to know that these gifted musicians won’t be with us to
the singing and reading was of the highest standard as ever. This               entertain and to contribute to our school music next year. However,
year we were, again, honoured to be invited to join in the Christmas            our loss is the Senior School’s gain and we know they will make a
Cracker Concert, an extravaganza at the Barn Theatre in Oxted. A                massive impact on music ‘up the road’. Congratulations to all our
small group of children, dressed in costume for the theme of the                performers and we wish them continued success and enjoyment
evening, performed 2 songs in each half of the concert to a delighted           with their music in the coming years.

108 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                              prep music

Strings at the Prep
                                                                      Music Festivals
At the Prep School we are very proud of
our string playing, encouraged and led
by the school’s Head of Strings,                                      T    owards the end of the Spring term our Junior
                                                                           Singers took part in the Coulsdon & Purley Music
                                                                      Festival. Molly Daniels and Annabel Hayes were
Catherine Aldren.
                                                                      there in the audience to hear their sisters sing. They

F   rom the seeds of our String Scheme in Year 3, where every
    child experiences learning and playing one of the four
orchestral string instruments, pupils go on to make excellent
                                                                      wrote:- “The Junior Singers gave an amazing
                                                                      performance at the Festival on Saturday. Everybody
                                                                      knew exactly what they were doing which made
progress on their chosen instrument and are given massive
                                                                      them look good as well as sing brilliantly. The two
opportunities to progress by joining one or more of the many
string groups under the guidance of Mrs Aldren and her team.          songs they performed were ‘I Know You’re Here
Their informal pre Christmas Concert showcased all that the           Beside Me’ with a wonderful solo from Natalie
pupils had been rehearsing since September and wonderful              Bishop and ‘Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying
performances of the music were given due to all their hard work.      Machines’, which was TRULY MAGNIFICENT!” The
This year we invested in 23 guitars and introduced a Guitar           judge obviously thought so too, as he awarded them
Scheme for our Year 5 pupils too, all of whom received class          first prize with a distinction and they won the
lessons on the acoustic guitar (and occasionally some electric ones   competition yet again. Well done to everybody
too!) once a week for the whole year. Each Year 5 class               involved for a fantastic performance. In May, the
performed a                                                           Year 5’s and 6’s competed at the Redhill and Reigate
piece at our
                                                                      Music Festival. Setting a high standard the Choir
main Spring
                                                                      started with ‘Keep the Home Fires Burning‘. This
Concert and
                                                                      piece displayed considerable dexterity of pace and
now we look
forward to this                                                       pitch. The quality of singing elicited comments from
scheme being                                                          the adjudicator , “excellent phrasing colouring the
developed                                                             words. A real performance to remember.” Then the
even further                                                          switch was thrown; the composed and serene
next year.                                                            audience started bobbing their heads in unison as
                                                                      the Choir bounced and chased and slowed and
                                                                      divided and merged and rolled their way through the

Spring Concert                                                        glorious ‘Rhythm of Life‘. This lively piece by Cy
                                                                      Coleman, so rich in texture and rhythm, was skilfully
                                                                      and sensitively performed by 40 choristers with so

Y    et another annual musical extravaganza was enjoyed by one
     and all in the Humphreys Hall in March. Every Prep child was
involved in the concert, either singing or playing an instrument,
                                                                      much precision and crisp diction that the adjudicator
                                                                      awarded the choir with an Honours Certificate and
                                                                      the Cup for Class winners. Congratulations to our
or sometimes both. From ‘Magnificent Men in their Flying              pupils on the excellent standard of singing on show
Machines’ to ‘Yellow Submarines‘, and from ‘Mamma Mia’ to             once more - this certainly was “a performance to
‘James Bond‘, every piece was played and sung with gusto. 150
children played an instrument in the final James Bond piece;
truly impressive. We were delighted to receive generous
donations in our collection baskets at the end of the concert
which we were very pleased to be able to send to the
school’s Lerang’wa fund.
   Our Boys Choir has been a wonderful addition to our
activities this year. Tuesday afternoons have been great fun
- the boys have really come into their own - and they
displayed the fruits of their labours at our Spring Concert,
when they gave a rousing and comical rendition of their
own (re-written and politically incorrect?!) version of Abba’s
‘Money, Money, Money’. Unfortunately, due to time
constraints, we were unable to continue this very special
choir into the Summer term but it is certainly something I
will remember and cherish for a very long time - (is teaching
supposed to be this much fun?!)

                                                                                           2009 Caterham School Magazine 109
      prep music

House Music Competition
June was the month for our annual                                          Pre Grade 1:                  Rhiannon Bullen (trumpet)
House Music Competition, when we                                                                         Rory Moore (violin)
                                                                           Y3/4 Grade 1:                 Anna Simonova (violin)
invited pupils to compete and earn
                                                                           Y5/6 Grade 1:                 Ella-Mae Duncan (trumpet)
stars for their House.                                                                                   Meghan O’Connor (flute)
                                                                           Grades 1-2:                   Florence Budge (clarinet)
I t was an exciting time for Mrs Hickey and Miss Miller
  during the first round of the competition, when they
listened to over a hundred entries - what a wealth of talent               Grade 2:
                                                                                                         Sam Thorpe (French Horn)
                                                                                                         Rhiannon Bullen (piano)
we have! Literally hundreds of points were earned for each                                               Elizabeth Michael (double bass)
of the Houses but it was a hard task to decide who to put                                                Isaac Quinton (cello)
                                                                           Y4/5 Grade 3:                 Natalie Bishop (piano)
forward to the finals - but one that had to be done. Friday
                                                                                                         Lauren Parker (flute)
19th June was Finals Day in the Soderberg Hall with our
                                                                           Y6 Grade 3:                   Molly Daniels (cornet)
independent adjudicator, Jillian Warburton GRSM LRAM
                                                                                                         Reece McGovern (alto sax)
ARCM. Competition sessions ran from mid morning and
                                                                                                         Jemima Rawlings (piano)
parents, supporters and pupils were seen popping in and
                                                                           Grades 3-4:                   Eleanor Maskatiya (piano)
out of the hall all day to participate in and listen to the
                                                                           Grade 4:                      Cameron Furley-Smith (cello)
variety of classes. The House Choirs proved as popular as
                                                                           Electric Guitar:              Cameron Furley-Smith
always and as one observer said “it was of the best standard
                                                                           Drum Kit:                     Louis Crane
ever - all three pieces were very moving“. Viewpoint came
                                                                           Y4 Vocal:                     Kira McGovern
out as winners of this class but the overall competition                   Y5 Vocal:                     Nadine Greenhalgh
winners, with the most individual points for their house,                  Y6 Vocal:                     Jessica Maskatiya
were Foxburrow. The results can be seen here. Well done                    House Choirs:                 Viewpoint
one and all!                                                               Overall House Winner:         Foxburrow

Music Examination Success
In a year of truly excellent performances, our pupils have also passed many music examinations,
which is always a wonderful reward for all their hard work. CONGRATULATIONS to them all....
DECEMBER 2008                                      William Huke          Trumpet       Merit         Danielle Mercer        Viola         DISTINCTION
Prep Test                                          Meghan O’Connor       Theory        DISTINCTION   Meghan O’Connor        Flute         DISTINCTION
Zachary Wallace        Cello                       Riha Patel            Piano         Pass          Hannah Owen            Piano         Pass
Oliver Young           Piano                       Abigail Rawson        Piano         Merit         Edward Shambler        Trumpet       Pass
Grade 1                                            Sam Thorpe            French Horn   DISTINCTION   Anna Simonova          Violin        Merit
Alexandra Brown        Flute         Merit         Chloe Wyner           Singing       DISTINCTION   Ellie Vincent          Singing       Pass
Elizabeth Hayes        Flute         Pass          Grade 2                                           Zachary Wallace        Cello         Pass
Harry Oakes            Singing       DISTINCTION   Gabriella Criscuolo   Violin        DISTINCTION   Grade 2
Meghan O’Connor        Piano         Merit         Lauren Parker         Piano         DISTINCTION   Hajane Anbukumar       Trumpet       Pass
Isaac Quinton          Cello         DISTINCTION   Grade 3                                           Rhiannon Bullen        Piano         Merit
Chloe Wyner            Piano         Merit         Natalie Bishop        Piano         DISTINCTION   Ricky Hunter           Piano         Merit
Chloe Wyner            Singing       DISTINCTION   Stephanie Kellaway    Piano         Merit         Cameron Lagerberg      Cello         Pass
Grade 2                                            Catherine O’Connell   Piano         DISTINCTION   Elizabeth Michael      Double Bass   Merit
Lauren Hunt-Williams   Soprano Sax   Merit         Special congratulations to Sam Thorpe, whose      Isaac Quinton          Cello         Merit
Reece McGovern         Alto Sax      Pass          result was only 4 marks short of the total!       William Sparrow        Trumpet       Pass
Lauren Parker          Flute         Merit                                                           Grade 3
                                                   JUNE 2009                                         Ria Acharya            Cello         DISTINCTION
Lucy Taylor            Viola         Pass
                                                   Prep Test                                         Ricky Hunter           Cello         Pass
Jacob Welsh            Alto Sax      Merit
                                                   Michael Land          Piano                       Olivia Mason           Cello         Pass
MARCH 2009                                         Mai Wallace           Piano                       Catherine O’Connell    Violin        Merit
Prep Test                                          Grade 1                                           Chloe Wyner            Viola         Pass
Katie Hudson           Piano                       Natalie Bishop        Singing       Merit         Grade 4
Grade 1                                            Esme Driscoll         Violin        Merit         Cameron Furley-Smith   Cello         Pass
Megan Batchelor        Piano         Pass          Nell Fahey            Piano         Merit         Crystal Laval          Trumpet       Merit
Ella-Mae Duncan        Trumpet       Pass          Thomas Gardner        Singing       DISTINCTION   Alix O’Roarke          Double Bass   Pass
Miles Findlay          Cornet        DISTINCTION   Alice Locket          Flute         Pass          Jemima Rawlings        Violin        Pass
Ross Furley-Smith      Piano         Merit         Eleanor Maskatiya     Singing       DISTINCTION
Anna Gardner           Piano         Merit         Jessica Maskatiya     Singing       Merit

110 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                                   prep music

Wednesday 8th July 7am saw 30
excited ‘pink-polo-shirted and
green-capped’ Y5 & 6 children, one
smiley 6th former and 4
energized(?!) staff in the
departure halls at Heathrow

W       e were catching a plane to Barcelona for
        our Choir Tour to the Catalunya region of
Spain - 5 fantastic action-packed days of rehearsing,
performing, swimming, beach games, leisure activities, outings      went particularly well
and much more. No sooner had we landed and had our                  and afterwards they
picnic on the beach, followed by a spot of football / lazing on     laid on a little party for
a towel chatting, than we were off to the local music school to     us with some
rehearse. It was particularly exciting, as we were to join up       wonderful and much
with a local Choir to share a concert with them, singing in our     appreciated (and
language and theirs. The rehearsal went well and although           quickly devoured)
we’d only been practising the Catalan words for less than 20        delicacies! A lovely
mins, we were deemed to have a wonderful accent and                 ending to a great
command of the song - what little stars we have. Then it was        evening. Saturday was
on to some al fresco singing in the squares and open spaces of      the day for ‘doing’
the town, handing out flyers to promote our                         Barcelona. The coach
concerts……probably, I think we’ll all agree, the less said          took us to Nou Camp,
about this, the better! (I put it down to an early start and a      where we had a guided tour and got close to the hallowed
very busy day so far!) However, back to the hotel for supper        turf - (turf? . . . what turf? - it was all dug up - just a mud
and then we took to the stage as the ‘supporting act’ for the       patch!) After a picnic lunch we then went on to Las Ramblas,
hotel’s evening cabaret entertainment. The earlier lapse in         where we enjoyed watching, and for those brave enough,
excellence was forgotten as the children were on form singing       participating in the street theatre. We also bumped into quite
and doing their routines to a delighted and appreciative            a few of our parents, who were enjoying the local cuisine and
audience. I think they liked us! The next day saw our               beverages while watching the world (and Caterham Prep
morning rehearsal go particularly well - such concentration         pupils) go by. They had come to see our final and grandest
and conscientiousness from such little people. Then it was off      concert of all in the Cathedral-like Church in the centre of
for more beach games and, of course, shopping! Later that           Barcelona. Our performances had been getting better and
afternoon, washed, groomed and changed into concert attire,         better as the week had progressed and this final concert was
we boarded a coach to take us to Arenys de Mar and our first        definitely the highlight - a standing ovation - three encores -
‘real’ concert of the tour. We were singing in the town as part     and not a dry eye in the house! With all the work done,
                                of their patronal festival (Santa   Sunday was our ‘day off’ spent at Marineland - a Sealife
                                Xenon) celebrations. Everyone       centre and Waterpark, where we enjoyed seal and dolphin
                                 worked hard at the rehearsal       displays and the many water rides. We rounded off the day
                                 and sang well in the               with a party meal in a restaurant in Barcelona before heading
                                 performance and, though it         back to the airport and onward for home. This tour was a
                                  would have been wonderful to      truly moving and rewarding experience, made so by the
                                  reward them with staying to       wonderful children but also the fantastic and supportive staff
                                  see the fireworks at 11pm, we     who came with us, Mr Cowan, Mr Shepherd and my co-Tour
                                   deemed this not a wise thing     Leader, Mrs Webster. It's difficult to believe how young the
                                   to do, so on to the coach it     pupils are, 9, 10 and 11, away from home but just getting on
                                   was and we headed back to        with working and playing hard with no fuss at all. They all
                                    our hotel. The next day was     performed brilliantly, we were so proud of the way they
                                    our joint performance with      conducted themselves; they were well behaved and polite, a
                                    the local Choir. This concert   real credit to the school.

                                                                                                2009 Caterham School Magazine 111
     prep miscellany

Christmas Performance
                                                             There was a
                                                             wonderful week of
                                                             Christmas productions
                                                             from the PrePrep

                                                            N     ursery children delighted their parents
                                                                  as they sang about angry snowmen,
                                                             the Reception classes performed their own
                                                             nativity, while Years 1 and 2 sang and
                                                             acted in the Soderberg Hall for two
                                                             performances. Congratulations to all of
                                                             the children on some lovely performances
                                                             and thank you to all the staff involved in
                                                             the rehearsals.

Year 1 Builders                     Storytelling in-house
                                    Year 2 were visited by Senior School students
O    nce again Year 1 house
     builders were lucky
                                    who had written children’s stories.
enough to spend the
afternoon with Mr
Greenhalgh and David.
                                    T   he stories were
                                        related with the
                                    aid of pictures and
They learnt about how               props and the
houses are built, and which         children thoroughly
materials are used. The             enjoyed the
afternoon ended with the            experience. Many
excited children all making         thanks to those
bricks. Thanks as always to         who visited
Mr Greenhalgh for his time          Mottrams to tell
and effort which is much            their tales.

                                                           COMIC RELIEF
                                                           ‘Do something funny for money’ was
                                                           the challenge, and the Joke Competition
                                                           fitted the bill. Form tutors appeared with
                                                           heads spinning after joke telling sessions,
                                                           and the best 3 from each form told their
                                                           jokes in assembly. Thank you to parents for
                                                           supporting this, and also for supplying
                                                           copious numbers of 10p coins for the
                                                           towers. Now that we have all stopped
                                                           laughing at the enormous number of jokes
                                                           put forward, we are delighted to report that,
                                                           together with the 10p towers, more than
                                                           £150 was raised. Well done to all our
                                                           budding comedians!

112 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                       prep miscellany

                                                            O    n a beautiful hot and sunny morning Year 2 enjoyed their
                                                                 annual ‘bug hunt’. All the children (and the grown ups!) really
                                                            enjoyed using the tree bashers, pooters and sweep nets to collect a
                                                            selection of interesting minibeasts, which were later inspected under
                                                            magnifying glasses. As usual a very big ‘thank you’ to Mr Hayes and
                                                            Mr Quinton from the senior school for sharing their enthusiasm with
                                                            the children.

Nursery Works of Art                                                 Tudor Nursery
                                                                     The Nursery children and their parents
                                                                     spent an exciting morning at the Mary
                                                                     Rose Exhibition at Whitgift School.

                                                                     T   hey saw some of the treasures found in the Solent and learnt
                                                                         about how the ship was made. They dressed up in Tudor
                                                                     style costumes and played musical instruments too. The children
                                                                     were complimented on their high levels of interest and standard
                                                                     of behaviour. An exhibition well worth a visit!!

The Nursery children were fortunate to
be invited to the new Gallery at the
Senior School.

T hey spent some time looking at the exhibits and then drew
  their favourite piece. They enjoyed the visit enormously we
would like to thank Jess Uden and Mrs Kyle for their time.

                                                                                                2009 Caterham School Magazine 113
     prep miscellany

Grandparents Afternoon

We were delighted to welcome grandparents of children in Year 3 one afternoon in the summer
term. The children toured their grandparents enthusiastically around the school, ending in the hall for
tea and cake.

  People who Help us
  Reception children enjoyed their topic
  about ‘People who Help us’.

  T   hey were lucky enough to have had visits from different
      people in the school community as well as from the public
  including a team of Fire Fighters and a Police Officer. Children
                                        had great fun making
                                        wooden pirate ships with
                                        Mr Nott our Caretaker
                                        and learning how to put
                                        a bandage on with Mrs
                                        Paine our School Nurse
                                        from the Health Centre.
                                        For the first time this year
                                        the children also got to
                                        learn about the role of a
                                                                       Nursery Knights
                                        Vet thanks to Mrs
                                        Hocking who visited with       The Nursery children were most excited
                                        her pet rabbit! Thank you
                                        to everyone who got
                                                                       to receive a parcel from Joshua’s
                                        involved, it made the          Granny in Australia.
                                        whole experience very
                                        real and memorable for
                                        the children!
                                                                       S   he has been knitting chain mail for our castle role play
                                                                           which all the children have enjoyed wearing. Thank you to
                                                                       all parents who contributed items too.

114 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                    prep miscellany

Ahoy me hearties!
Marie Curie Cancer Care was one charity that families supported
wholeheartedly. It was a very strange school indeed early on in the year
when one autumn morning we were completely taken over by pirates.

T   he feisty Captain Thomas and his crew from the Senior
    School took both Mr Tuckett and Mrs Harbott captive
during the day’s assemblies, and even the famous Jack
Sparrow put in an appearance. There were prizes awarded
for the best dressed pirates, but most importantly we are able
to report that pupil donations raised over £260, which we
topped up to £1000.

“ Thank you to all who contributed. ”
   Later on in the year we took delivery of 300 daffodil bulbs
and plant-pots. These came to us from Marie Curie and each
child in the school planted their own bulb, watched it grow
and took it home in spring, having decorated the pot
first. Finn Slattery and Charlotte Bridson represented
the school when they visited the Marie Curie offices
in Caterham to hand over all of the money raised,
which came to £593.17. Thank you to all who
   Outside school, the team Mighty Oakes and Little
Acorns participated in the Swimathon. Team
members Amanda Oakes, Harry Oakes, William
Hammer and Leah Slattery each swam 50 lengths
and raised a fantastic £1595 for Marie Curie Cancer
Care. Finn Slattery also completed 5K on his own.
Many thanks to everyone who sponsored them.

Sponsored Walk -
After a hectic weekend on the Isle of
Wight, Year 5 proved the extent of their
resilience when they tackled yet another
challenge, the Sponsored Walk!

T    hey battled with incredible heat, ferocious nettles and barbaric
     brambles on their epic adventure to Godstone and back, but
in the knowledge that every step taken would raise money for
children who regularly had to walk similar distances in far hotter
weather, there was very little complaining!
   In addition, Eleanor and Jess Maskatiya, Molly Daniels, Lizzie
Hayes, Melissa Berry, Elizabeth Michaels, Georgie Waterman and
Annabel Hayes conducted a sponsored silence. Miraculously they
                                                                           “ They battled with incredible heat, on
                                                                        ferocious nettles and barbaric brambles
all kept it up for the whole day with lots of writing messages on         their epic adventure to Godstone and
whiteboards instead! They raised £132 which, together with the
sponsored walk money, was donated to the Lerang’wa fund.
                                                                                         2009 Caterham School Magazine 115
     prep miscellany

   Traditional Pancake Day ...
                                                                                                  ... all the traditional
                                                                                                ingredients for the Year 2
                                                                                                pancake day races.
                                                                                                Watched by the rest of
                                                                                                Pre-Prep, all the Year 2
                                                                                                children had a turn at
                                                                                                running with a pancake
                                                                                                and tossing it at least three
                                                                Flipping,                       times. Such was the
                                                                                                vigour with which many
                                                                tossing,                        were tossed that they
                                                                dropping....                    ended up grounded but
                                                                                                that didn’t stop the fun!

    Robot Dancing                                                  Caterham break
    On Friday 26th June the Tanzania                               the record...
    Student team arranged for the
    school to attempt a world record at                          with 569 people taking part. Over
    ‘the highest number of people in                             £600 was raised for the school’s
                                                                 Lerang’wa and Ukraine charities.
    one place doing a robot dance’.                              Thank you to all the parents for

    C   hildren and staff from Pre Prep and Senior School
        gathered on the astro turf and in order to break the
    record everyone had to dance for five minutes in costume.
                                                                 their huge efforts with costumes –
                                                                 the children all looked fantastic
                                                                 and were so proud of themselves
    The Pre Prep children certainly impressed onlookers not      as they paraded along the path to
    only with their costumes but with their dance moves too!     the Senior School!
    The event was a huge success and they broke the record

Pavement Art
Pavement Art Day took place early in the
summer term.
T  he title for the day was “Make it a jungle out there” with the focus on
   endangered animals and saving our Earth. The
Competition was in aid of the Muscular Dystrophy
Campaign, which supports babies, children and adults
with this muscle wasting disease. The main prize was a
family expedition to see Grey Whale migration.
Children in Prep and Pre-prep were involved in                                                          Students: ‘Making it a
drawing and each paid £1 entrance fee, which was                                                        jungle out there’
sent to the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign. Judging
was done by Jess Uden from the Senior School Art
Gallery, and the winning artist was Christopher Bowen

116 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                    prep miscellany

Budding Scientists
Year 1 Science
Y    ear 1 children enjoyed a very exciting afternoon at the Senior
     School. The Biology and Chemistry departments laid on a
spectacular performance. The children were shown how enzymes
are used to make fruit juice drinks. They particularly enjoyed
watching an egg fountain. They saw a lizard, a chameleon, a mouse,
gerbils and a dragon. Then they donned safety spectacles, and were
treated to a display of ‘elephant toothpaste’, and various pops,
bangs, fireworks and explosions. The foundations are laid for
budding scientists! A big thank you to Mr Hayes, Dr Thomson and
Dr Burnside, and all who helped make it such a special experience.

Year 3 Science                                                    They had to predict the types of nutrient in a biscuit and
                                                               then carry out a complicated set of tests to see if their
                                                               predictions were correct. Mr Quinton said, “When they
B  oth Year 3 classes were put through their paces up at the
   Senior School when Head of Science, Mr Quinton, invited
them up for a Biology lesson. However, he didn’t warn them
                                                               entered the room I treated them like Year 9 pupils not Year 3
                                                               to see how they could handle the pressure - they passed with
that they would be trialling for him a new practical for the   flying colours. I cannot imagine the Yr 9 pupils will be able to
Year 9 IGCSE course.                                           do the investigation as professionally!”
                                                                  The Senior School Chemistry Department trialled a new
                                                               experiment - using a series of complex chemical reactions to
                                                               make 'chemical clocks'. Both Year 4 classes were invited by
                                                               Head of Chemistry, David Keyworth, to test out his new
                                                               practical. The pupils had to follow a complex list of instructions
                                                               but passed with flying
                                                               colours and had a lot
                                                               of fun on the way.
                                                                  Prep School classes
                                                               visiting the Senior
                                                               School for Science
                                                               lessons has now
                                                               become a tradition –
                                                               this is the 5th year Mr
                                                               Quinton has organised

Christmas Fair                                                  Harvest
A humungous effort by parents and children resulted
      in a brilliant Christmas fair. Shirley Goss was
                                                                W       e enjoyed some delightful Harvest Celebrations in the middle of
                                                                        October. Prep Pupils performed to a full house; a wonderful
                                                                variety of songs and prose, culminating in a stirring version of The
        absolutely buzzing, and there was more                  Circle of Life. Nursery children became pumpkins, Reception children
       than one child who went home with more                   sang and recited poems, while Years 1 and 2 performed to parents in
           toys than they had donated.                          the Soderberg Hall. Thank you to everyone who donated food, which
           Thank you to all the Form Reps for their             was taken to the Douglas Brunton Centre.
         hard work which raised a record £4400.                    Following our Harvest celebrations, along with the gifts of food, we
                                                                also delivered some Year 4 pupils to the Brunton Centre who took
             55% of this will be donated to the
                                                                with them their very own gifts ,,,,,,,,,,,, of song. The children gave an
                 Diamond Riding Centre, and the
                                                                accomplished and confident performance of some of their Harvest
                 rest to the PA.                                music to a most attentive and appreciative audience. They went down
                                                                a treat – so much so that they begged us to bring them back again
                                                                very soon.

                                                                                              2009 Caterham School Magazine 117
     prep miscellany

Chess 2009                                                    Chess has continued to flourish at the Prep
                                                              School during the last twelve months.

Each year Prep pupils take on the Senior
School’s sixth formers at chess to compete
for the David Green memorial trophy.

T   hirty pupils from the Prep School, the largest team we have
    ever fielded, spent an exciting lunch-time battling against
their older opponents.
Some notable achievements were;
n Cameron Lagerberg beating four Year 13 pupils.
n Zach Wallace beating Chris Munns, the Head Boy.
n Isaac Quinton beating Hannah Shaw, the Head Girl.
n Finn Slattery and Ricky Hunter each beating four sixth
n Hajane Anbukumar was named player of the match by
  Mr Quinton, who organised the event, as he won five of his
  games, including two games which he
  won with just four moves.                                                            Pilgrims House threw down the
   The final score was 42.5 – 40.5 to the                                           challenge to the two other houses to
Prep School, and so the trophy is now                                               take them on. Foxburrow accepted the
back where it belongs!                                                              challenge, but were no match for the
   The school also took part in the annual                                          Pilgrims team who won the game with
UK Chess Challenge. Five boys competed                                              a score of 20-9, thanks mainly to some
in the area finals and two, Isaac Quinton                                           speedy wins by Chester de Meester
and Harry Oakes, eventually went to the                                             and Hajane Anbukumar, who each
South of England Gigafinal.                                                         managed to win five games in an hour.
   They both enjoyed the experience and                                                The weekly chess club, run by the
brought back certificates showing that                                              Coulsdon Chess Club, continues to
they were in the top 2500 of the original                                           thrive, with more participants than
68,000 competitors.                                                                 ever.

Teddy Bears Picnic
Despite less than
wonderful weather,
lots of small children
and their teddies
joined our Nursery
and Reception pupils
on Mottrams field in
June at the annual
Teddy Bears Picnic.

T   he two hours that the picnic was open was crammed with lots of activities
    and entertainment. Music and games was led by our own Mr Nott, Mr Van
Niekirk from the Senior School juggled, unicycled and stilt walked, and Punch
and Judy gave their usual hilarious performance. Many children had their faces
painted, some simply played on the bouncy castle and in the ball pond, and lots
were thrilled by the opportunity to climb into a real fire engine with firemen in
attendance. As always there were prizes for the best dressed bears. Topped off
with ice creams, this was a perfect day if you were under five. Our thanks to
everyone who helped on the day

118 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                      prep miscellany & trips
                                                                         Mission Nutrition
 Remember                                                                A   big pat on the back to James Lovell and Arun Henley in
                                                                             Year 5 for their fundraising efforts in aid of the Blue
                                                                         Peter appeal ‘Mission Nutrition’. They raised a magnificent

 M         ottrams Hall was turned
           into a time machine on
    November 5th through the magic
                                                                         £130 by selling cakes at first break one Friday morning.
                                                                         Well done both.

    of Perform theatre. Year 2 were
    taken back to a few days before November 5th 1605 when
    they eavesdropped on a group of plotters who were
    determined that they would blow up the House of Parliament
    killing King James. Carefully carrying gunpowder, they rowed
    across the Thames, hid in cellars and were discovered, taken to
    the tower and some unfortunate (or fortunate) children were
    tortured on the rack! Finally they celebrated the discovery of
    the treason and treachery of Guy Fawkes by being fireworks!!

 Another Year of fabulous trips...
                                                             Reception trip to
                                                             Ladyland Farm
                                                             In the summer term the Reception children set
                                                             off on their annual visit to Ladyland Farm.

                                                             W      hen they arrived the children were asked if they would be Ladyland
                                                                    Farmers for the day and help look after the different animals. Farmer
                                                             Ray was their guide and the children helped him feed the sheep and some
                                                             very young calves. The children met all sorts of other farm animals,
                                                             including pigs, rabbits, goats, ponies and even an owl and a llama called
                                                             Larry! After lunch came the highlight of the trip – a ride in Farmer Maria’s
                                                             tractor! All involved had a wonderful day!

Year 1 Our Knights in
Shining Armour
Year 1 children had a very successful trip to Bodiam Castle in
 the spring. It brought alive much that they had learnt in their
                                 history lessons. The children
                                 were given an interesting tour
                                 of the ruins, and each was
                                 assigned a role, from Sir
                                 Edward and Lady Elizabeth to
                                 the pantler and kitchen
                                 servant. Each child had a go
                                 at trying on armour which
                                 they found heavy, cold and           and stepping out onto the battlements, pretending they were
                                 hard. They loved climbing            defending the castle. Our thanks to the mothers who
                                 the steep twisting staircases        accompanied them.

                                                                                                2009 Caterham School Magazine 119
      prep trips

Year 2 Ramsey Eat
your Heart Out!
Once again the Year 2 celebrity
chefs, without the bad language
of course, visited Pizza Express in
Caterham to make their own
P  ushing out the dough, and adding the tomato sauce as
   well as their favourite toppings, a wonderful time was
had; ‘it was much better than a normal day, it was the
best trip I have ever had, my mum and dad said it was the
best pizza they had ever had. The hats were very cool!!’
Walking back, wearing the special chef hats that were
provided, they were quite a sensation on the street!
Thanks to all at Pizza Express, and especially to Lawrence
the manager, for their hospitality.

                                                                         Year 3 Bear Explorers
                                                                         During Book Week the children from
                                                                         Year 3 had the opportunity to visit the
                                                                         Ashdown Forest, following in the
                                                                         footsteps of Winnie the Pooh.
                                                                         D    ressed in hats, thick coats and Wellington boots, they set off
                                                                              to explore the flora and fauna of the bear’s habitat.
                                                                         Unfortunately they didn’t find any honey although they climbed
                                                                         into Eeyore’s home and, using mirrors, plotted their track through
                                                                         the forest in search of Christopher Robin. They did discover the
                                                                         picnic centre and later on Winnie the Pooh’s shop, returning home
                                                                         with plenty of Pooh memorablia (but no honey).

Year 3 have Fun at
Once again Year 3 embarked on their
annual trip to Birdworld.

O     ver the years the facilities have improved considerably and the
      range of birds and animals has increased.
   The children were fortunate enough to see a peacock displaying
all of its feathers as it confidently strutted around the farm area.
They enjoyed mixing with the farm animals as they sauntered and
slumbered in the respective enclosures.
   The talk in the Heron Theatre was as detailed and informative as
ever. Birds flew around the enclosure and reptiles were there for
the children to touch and become acquainted with. All in all, it still
continues to be a good place to conclude the Year 3 Science work
on the different animal groups and birds in particular, as well as
being lots of fun!

120 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                                          prep trips

                                                      Year 4 go to Preston Manor
                                                      The historical study of Victorian childhood in
                                                      Year 4 enabled the children to take part in a
                                                      living experience of Victorian childhood, in the
                                                                              summer of 2009, when
                                                                              they visited Preston
                                                                              Manor in Brighton.

P   upils attended the Manor for an
    interview, having applied for the
posts of Victorian servants and were
                                                                                               the experience, the children had to write
                                                                                               a letter to Mrs Storey expressing their
                                                                                               desire to gain employment and why they
subsequently monitored and                                                                     felt they would be suitable employees.
questioned by Mr Elphick who                                                                      All the letters were well written and
determined their suitability.                                                                  impressed the Head Housekeeper and he
   Mr Elphick, a stickler for good                                                             commented on the quality of
manners and attentiveness, introduced                                                          handwriting which was a sign of quality
the pupils to life as a servant to Mr &                                                        education. Charlotte Bridson and Max
Mrs Thomas-Sanford, owners of the manor. He taught them how          Santana’s letters demonstrate important it was for the Victorian
to set table, work in the kitchens where they all participated in    children to gain employment during these difficult times.
baking stuffed applies, biscuits, churning milk and making             Mr Watkins considered adopting the same expectations as Mr
lemonade. The housemaid taught them to make beds; prepare a          Elphick but many of the children said it would be ‘impossible for
fire; clean rugs using a carpet beater; darning, polish the silver   them to be so well-behaved and quiet all the time’. The children
and household furniture as well as washing and ironing the           had learnt the most important lesson in that life for most children
clothes with original artefacts.                                     during Victorian times was very harsh indeed and the demands on
   The children assumed the roles of obedient, mannerly and          them were not at all reasonable.
courteous employees and impressed Mr Elphick. Mr Nott, who             Part of the trip enabled pupils to explore a wide range of
accompanied the group, dressed in a fine costume suited for the      artefacts at the Brighton Pavillion where many foreign visitors
Raj in India during the time did not impress Mr Elphick who          squealed in delight at the children dressed in Victorian costume.
considered him an actor, rehearsing for a role in Ali Baba and the   A wonderful learning experience enjoyed by everyone.
Forty Thieves but no-one dared to express amusement. As part of

Year 5 on the Isle of Wight 2009
Once again the highlight of
the year for Year 5 was the
Isle of Wight trip....

T   hese are some of the thoughts of the
    children reflecting on their trip away.
  With the sun shining wonderfully, they
had an action packed weekend, climbing
the trapeze, scrambling along the low
ropes, bopping at the disco, exploring the
walls of Carisbrooke castle, catching crabs
and identifying limpets, taking the pH of
soil in woodland, meadow and saltmarsh.
  The children threw themselves into the activities with great                    “ I got to trip because I was trusted with our key
                                                                                             stay in a shalea without parents
enthusiasm. They surprised the staff by their courage and                 “   I enjoyed this
determination when climbing, they impressed the PGL instructors with
their scientific knowledge and willingness to learn, they exhausted the                     “   It was the best trip
adults by their energy on the dancefloor and they enjoyed the food as                  “   the staff were really friendly
though every meal was their last.
  Behaviour was exemplary – a credit to them all. My grateful thanks
                                                                                   “  I even thought the science was fun
go to the staff who gave up their weekend to accompany this trip.                   “ All the activities were really fun

                                                                                                   2009 Caterham School Magazine 121
     prep trips

Year 5 bring their
Tudor studies to life
at Penhurst Place
Year 5 children had a
superb day out to reinforce
and bring to life their study
of ‘The Tudors’ in March
2009 at Penshurst Place,
near Tonbridge.

T    his fun and informative day, brings alive different
     levels of Tudor society giving children a history              Monda
                                                                              y 8th
lesson they can relate to and rarely forget.
                                                                      Dear M                    2009
   A skilled cast of musicians, actors and actresses                             rs Sto
recreated colourful characters of the period and                        I am                rey
                                                                  the ki         writin
involved puils in the life of this important household as
                                                                          tchen           g to a
                                                                                     maid.          pply f
it prepares for the invasion of the Spanish Armada.
                                                                    I am                                     or the
The children stepped back 400 years in time to meet                         nine ye                                     job of
                                                                becau                  ars of
characters such as ‘The Musician’ who introduced                         se I h                   age, b
                                                               things               av
them to 16th century dance and manners and ‘The                          such e plenty of ut do not w
                                                               beds,               as co                 experi              orry
Barber Surgeon’ who was employed to care for the
                                                                       la                    o                    e
militia and talked about his skills and explained the         welco ying the tab king, cleanin nce in all
                                                                       m                    l                    g
grisly tools of his trade. Master Laurent, the               cleanin ing the visi e, polishing , making the
cartographer, was in the service of the Sidney                         g
                                                             fire an the stove,                     prepar the silver,
                                                                      d can                laying            ing fo
family, drawing maps for English navigators and
                                                                                do a b               a                od,
assessed the strength of the Armada. The                        I have                   it mor nd lighting t
                                                            home          been d                    e.                  he
Kitchen Servant prepared food for the militia
                                                                    becau           oing a
                                                           in bed            s               ll the
and talked about 16th century foods and the
                                                                   . I r e my moth                     se t
diet of the soldiers and sailors. The local                                eally t              er is d hings in my
                                                               Ih                    hink I               es
militia who mustered at Penshurst, trained
                                                          enoug ope you th                      can do perately ill
                                                                 h                   in                    it.
                                                         forwa and that yo k my applic
locals in the use of musket and pike. One
                                                                 rd to                                   ation
                                                                         meetin u approve.
soldier mistook Gabriella Criscoulo as a
                                                                                                                   is goo
Spanish intruder and she was taken
                                                        Yours                       g you               I loo              d
                                                                 sincer                       next T             k
hostage. She was forced to plead for her
                                                                          ely                           uesda
life but it made no difference to the                       Charlo                                               y.
                                                                     tte Br
advancing Spanish soldiers, clutching their                                   idson
massive artillery of sharp pikes and
   The Maid of the House talked about their
own mistress and master’s dress with some children having an
opportunity to try some of them on. And finally they met a
Spanish prisoner who talked about his distain at the Spanish
soldiers who treated him so badly. Every time he mentioned
                                                                      Victory forYear 4
the Spanish he was forced to spit to show his contempt for               Year 4 enjoyed a fantastic outing to
   Penshurst Place makes the perfect setting for such an event,
                                                                         HMS Victory and Mary Rose.
with its rich history and heritage dating back 650 years. The
children particularly liked to let their hair down in the
wonderful play area and go around the beautifully kept
                                                                      F     lying in a helicopter simulator, using real weapons and
                                                                            scrambling up a climbing wall were added extras which they
                                                                         experienced at the action stations. Clambering around the
grounds seeking the Sydney emblems ‘a porcupine’ which                   Victory was fascinating; they were amazed how cramped it was
appears everywhere, as Luke Romp will testify.                           on board and how heavy cannon balls were. They were
                                                                         impressed by the sheer size of the Mary Rose and hearing about
                                                                         the preservation process through the audio sets.

122 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                                            prep trips

    The Year 6 EXPERIENCE ...
Pupils who have reached the dizzy heights of
Year 6 are able to experience a broader spectrum
of learning, mostly after the end of year
examinations have been completed.
                                                                       last performance,
I n the autumn term they visited the Naval Cadet centre T.S. Ark
  Royal at Redhill for a series of quick-fire sessions with officers
from various public services. They were shoved into a smoke-
                                                                       Year 6 arrived at
                                                                       school for an early
filled room, and learnt how to react if faced with an unexpected       departure to
fire, and how to get Grandad out of the house. They identified         France. After a
the dangers that are found around large bodies of water, such          quick journey to
as Bough Beech and they learnt about the consequences of               Ashford they were
ignoring DANGER OF DEATH signs around electrical substations           fortunate enough
and pylons. They heard the warnings of the ghost of a girl who         to pass through
took a shortcut across a railway line, and they discussed the          border control smoothly and be loaded straight onto a train that left
uses and misuses of 999 calls. They saw how difficult it is to tell    almost immediately. This being the case, they arrived at the Nausicaa
the differences between sweets and pills and they learnt about         Sea life Centre very early. This opportunity allowed them to eat their
the consequences of anti-social behaviour such as vandalism            packed lunches on the beach and to hold a sandcastle and sand
and graffiti. It was a very valuable day in helping them become        sculpture competition before they walked the half-mile or so down
careful and responsible citizens.                                      the beach to visit Nausicaa. They thoroughly enjoyed the visit and
    In the summer term they were offered the opportunity to            were particularly impressed with the fearsome sharks that are on
participate in Bikeability (formerly Cycling Proficiency). Most of     display.
the 40 pupils chose to bring their bike to school, and sessions           From Nausicaa they drove to the chateau at Ebblingham where
took place every day for a week, both in school grounds and on         they met their dedicated NST staff member, Sarah, and settled down
the road.                                                              for the evening. Any feelings remaining from being on a coach for
    Immediately after half term the children were whisked away         much of the day were soon put right by a rather rigorous game of
to Blackland Farm for the day. They were kept busy, taking part        rounders which developed a rugby-style tackling rule.
in 4 very different activities. The crate challenge is where              On Saturday the children spent the morning at the market in St
everyone seemed to have the most fun. Harry Higginson and              Omer where they purchased all the ingredients for their group’s
William Gywnn got the highest score of standing on 13 crates.          lunch. They returned to the Chateau to prepare and eat lunch and
In abseiling, some had to overcome their fear of heights but           the ‘best lunch competition’ was judged by Bill the friendly coach
managed to be brave and get to the bottom of the wall. In              driver. Saturday afternoon was spent on a town-trail back at St.
some groups challenges were set by the instructors. During the         Omer and wound up with a visit to an ice-cream kiosk.
                                         activity of grass sledging,      On Sunday most of the day was spent touring and they visited a
                                         everyone enjoyed being        V1 and V2 Rocket building and launching site. This was a fairly grim
                                         pushed down a steep hill      subject and it was a quiet group of children who reboarded the bus.
                                         on their sledges. However,    During the afternoon they visited a snail farm, where the surprise hit
                                         it was tiring bringing the
                                         sledges back to the top
                                         each time! The final
                                         activity was archery, with
                                         some impressive shots.
                                         Again, the instructors
                                         played games to make it
                                         more interesting. The
                                         weather was great and
                                         everyone had a fantastic
                                            This was speedily
                                         followed by a succession
                                         of Drama days in
                                         preparation for the
                                         production of YE HA!
                                            The morning after their

                                                                                                      2009 Caterham School Magazine 123
      prep trips

                                                                       worked in groups for the rest of the day to produce items linked
     ...maybe farming snails was                                       with flying to present in a mock up of TV’s Dragon’s Den.
   not the most exciting career                                           By now the end of term was approaching fast, and their next

                                                                       adventure was to visit the Houses of Parliament and the National
  prospect for young pupils...                                         Gallery. After guided tours around the House of Commons and
                                                                       the House of Lords they were very fortunate to be able to meet
of the visit was to meet Albert, the ferret who guards the snails in   their MP, Peter Ainsworth. From Westminster they walked up
their large outdoor enclosure from marauding rats. Everyone            Whitehall, past Downing Street and Horseguards Parade to have
agreed that whilst the visit had been interesting and the tasting      a picnic lunch in St James’s Park. From there they went to the
session had been enjoyable, that maybe farming snails was not          National Gallery in Trafalgar Square where they were met by a
the most exciting career prospect for young pupils. The day            guide who explained the meaning of several of the gallery’s
ended with a visit to a goat farm where the children all had a go      paintings. An early start and a late return proved to be tiring, but
at milking goats before being taken into the farmhouse kitchen         it had been an interesting day.
where they were shown how the milk is made into cheese. Once              Their final event of the year was the hike, which took place in
back at the Chateau after a very happy day they completed the          the last week of term. This year they walked a local route to
evening with a disco. Surprisingly, the girls all happened to have     Coulsdon Common where they had lunch before returning to
disco clothes with them. The evening was a very glamorous affair       school. It was a very hot day, but everyone enjoyed it; a fun end
but the highlight must have been the staff rendition of ‘Greased       to a very busy term.
   On the final day they bade farewell to Sarah and Ebblingham.
They visited the model village at St. Joseph, which displays
antiques and model buildings based on traditional French rural
and village life. From there they had the much anticipated
shopping spree at Cite Europe and then booked in at Sangatt for
the return train. Luckily once again they were offered an almost
immediate departure which meant they arrived back at Caterham
a little early but certainly very tired, having enjoyed a wonderful
few days in France. Thanks to all members of staff for their hard
work and congratulations to our pupils who were so prepared to
try all things French - even snails.
   A couple of days later and fully recovered, Flight Day 2009 was
launched. Mr Fairall came on his annual visit with his helicopter
and landed on titch pitch. The whole school waited in the
playground for his arrival, and Year 6 were able to go down to see
the helicopter at close quarters and hear how it flew. They

124 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                                      prep sport

prep sport
GIRLS’ Sport
In the Prep School the girls have
had a very successful year in

In netball the girls in Year 3 were introduced to
 playing matches against other schools. In Year 4,
the A and B teams showed great depth in their
ability. Many of the girls have played in several
positions on the court making them very versatile.
The B team started the season off very strongly by
winning the St Michaels U9 Netball Tournament in
October. They have had great success winning all of
their matches this season. The A team have also
been a challenge for others to compete against.
They showed their strength winning the Hawthorns
U9 Netball Tournament.
  In Years 5 and 6 the girls have worked really hard
on developing their skills and working on many set
play pieces. The Year 5 girls reached the semi-finals

“veryof the Prep season in rounders being a
                 School girls have enjoyed

   unbeaten in all of their matches.
at the Woldingham U10 Netball Tournament and this inspired
them to keep working hard in lessons to strive for more. They
have won majority of their matches but the biggest achievement
was winning Caterham’s own U10 Netball Tournament. The B
team showed a sense of team ethos this year and many of the
players at the end of the season showed huge improvements in
their ability. In Year 6, the B team showed great efforts to play as
a team and support each other. They have shown success by
winning the majority of their matches. The A team have worked
towards playing at the IAPS U11 Netball Tournament. There were
60 schools present at the tournament and to qualify for the
National Finals the girls had to be in the top 12. They reached 9th
place. In the finals they played their best and had a great day.       showed particular strength in their throwing ability from deep
                                                                       field and many players were able to strike the ball to gain many

         “ The Year 5this inspired them to
                        girls reached the                              rounders. In Years 5 and 6 the girls worked on their tactics
                                                                       within the game and became very strong in field. In Year 6, the
      semi-finals...and                                                girls reached the semi-finals at the Woldingham U11 Rounders
     keep working hard in lessons to strive                            Tournament but were unfortunately beaten by Thomas Clapham
                for more.
  All of the Prep School girls have enjoyed a very successful
                                                                          Congratulations to the girls on their successes throughout the
                                                                       year. They have shown dedication and commitment to their
season in rounders being unbeaten in all of their matches. The         learning.
U8s learned the rules of the game and became more confident in
their fielding skills and batting ability. The U9 A and B teams both
won the U9 RoundersTournament at Hazelwood School. They

                                                                                                  2009 Caterham School Magazine 125
     prep sport

BOYS’ Sport                                 One of the finest years of sport at
                                            the Prep school!
T   he statistics on the right display what
    a strong first term of football the boys
had across the school. Highlights include
the U9’s coming plate runners-up at the
Caterham tournament, the U11B team
winning the St Michael’s U11 ‘B’
tournament and the U11A team winning
the Lingfield Notre Dame Tournament
   The U11’s finished off their football
season in style at the Caterham U11
Football Tournament. The A team won
their pool beating Aberdour, Royal Russell
B, Cumnor House and Reigate St. Mary’s,
setting up a semi-final against City of
London Freeman’s school. In a strong
dominant performance Caterham won                                                                                 Captain: C. Lagerberg
the game 1-0, which set up a tough final
against Royal Russell. In an extremely         Matches 118:         Wins 43 36.4%         Draws 19 16.1%           Lost 56 47.5%
close match by half-time Caterham had a
slender 1-0 lead. In the second half sheer determination and a      the tournament. Well done to Jacob Welsh, Cameron Lagerberg,
fantastic work rate from the Caterham team minimised Royal          Nathan Lewis, Anthony Baston, Hasan Moosa, Simon Whelan and
Russell’s chances allowing us to hold onto the 1-0 lead and win     Harry Higginson.

RUGBY                                         Matches 60:           Wins 32 53.3%          Draws 4 6.7%          Lost 24 40.0%

The rugby season started
early, when we accepted an
invitation to a Colts rugby
tournament to be held at
Wembley as a curtain raiser
to the Australia v The
Barbarians match at the
beginning of December.

F   or two whole weeks the boys
    showed enormous commitment
by training virtually every lunch-time
and evening. The day finally dawned
and we joined two teams from the
Senior School to travel to Wembley
by coach. On arrival, the whole of
the Wembley pitch was covered in
mini-games of rugby and, eventually,
it was our turn to walk on to the
                                                                                                                     Captain: S. Whelan
hallowed turf. Our tournament
consisted of nine teams, most of which were from schools who           We then stayed to watch the International match, eventually
had played a whole term of rugby together, and we had to play       getting back to Caterham well after midnight.
three ten-minute games in just over an hour.                           This early training and success put our domestic season in good
   To our great delight, we won the first two matches and were      stead and the Prep school went on to have one of its finest rugby
winning by one try to nil in the final game, before our opponents   seasons to date. Other highlight included our Colts beating Trinity
snatched a draw. This was enough to get us into the final and we    for the first time, beating Cumonr House and Shrewsbury House
lined up against St Columba’s, who we knew would be a hard          ‘B’. At U9 highlights included beating Homefield, Hawthorns and
team to beat. In a closely-contested final St Columba’s showed      Shrewsbury House and at U8’s they successfully beat Elmhurst and
that they had played more matches together by running in two        Essendene.
tries against our boys.

126 Caterham School Magazine 2009
                                                                                 prep sport

CRICKET                                     Matches 41:   Wins 26 63.4%   Draws 3 7.3%        Lost 12 29.3%

The hard work in the
winter, where boys attend
weekly cricket practice
and one-one morning
coaching, clearly paid off
over the summer term.

A    cross the school only 12 matches
     were lost out of the 41 played. The
U11B team boasted an unbeaten season
with wins against Whitgift, St Georges,
Royal Russell, Hazelwood and Chinthurst.
The U8’s also had a strong season loosing
just 2 of their 7 matches

                                                                                               Captain: S. Driscoll

    Sports Tour
    The spring culminated in the Prep schools first ever rugby and netball tour. At the end of
    March 42 boys and girls departed to Cheltenham for a weekend of sports matches and team
    building activities. Over the 3 days the players competed in 10 competitive matches, rock
    climbed, swam, bowled and played team games in the park.

              The tour ended a fantastic and very successful term of sport!

                                                                              2009 Caterham School Magazine 127
      old caterhamians

  President’s Message
At Speech Day in early July, the
Caterham School audience heard
Dr David Starkey’s remarkable
comparison of the education of the
young Henry VIII and the modern
curriculum, and witnessed the pride
of the school in the successes of its
latest generation of leavers.

A     few weeks later we heard that, once
      again, these pupils achieved
outstandingly good results in their A and
                                                                                        The Lerang’wa children opening their goody bags!

AS levels. Congratulations to you all – the   to benefit from education, with almost all       The biggest annual occasion in the Old
newest recruits to the Old Caterhamians       of them hoping to go on to secondary           Caterhamian calendar comes in
Association. We look forward to               school and expressing high ambitions for       November, when we gather on
welcoming you to our events, and hearing      their future.                                  Remembrance Sunday to commemorate
your news as you go on to build careers           I learnt a lot on the trip, and gained     those who have fallen for our country.
on the foundation of your Caterham            many insights into life of people in the       Much of the time one feels a sort of
education.                                    African bush – and into the lives of British   remote sadness on such occasions, for the
   Between these two events I had the         teenagers. For both,
privilege of accompanying a group of          communication is key: the African
Caterham students to Tanzania, on the         kids all wanted my mobile phone
third visit to Lerang’wa Primary School,      number, the Caterham contingent
with which our school has a now strong        more about their Facebook
link. After our warm welcome we settled       contacts. I have had a Facebook
down to a week of lessons and sport with      profile for some time, and check
the Tanzanian children. I am no teacher (or   it in a desultory sort of way, but
sports player), but stood in for a few        for others it seems to be
periods with Standard Seven, the final        something of a modus vivendi.
primary year. The children are 14-15 and      There is no doubt, however,
working for their exams that will hopefully   about its power to keep people                            The President inspects the troops
take them through to secondary school.        in contact with each other, and
What was impressive was their keenness        to enable friendships to be rekindled.         tragedy and waste of war: most of those
                                                  A striking example of this came a couple   we commemorate are, to most of us,
John Grimshaw
                                              of weeks ago, when one Chris Curtis sent       nothing more than a carved name. Last
                                              me a ‘friends’ request. I had known a          Sunday, taking a circuitous route through
                                              Chris Curtis at school, but had had no         London to avoid getting to a party too
                                              contact since leaving: there was no picture    early, I found myself behind the Foreign &
                                              and I thought there had been a mistake.        Commonwealth Office and noticed a
                                              But there hadn’t been, and in                  memorial I hadn’t seen before. It is to the
                                              consequence I’m back in touch with Chris,      victims of the Bali bombing of 12 October
                                              and indeed a number of other former            2002 and it includes the name Douglas
                                              friends and acquaintances from school          Warner, aged 35. Dougie Warner was my
                                              days. As the School’s Bicentenary              exact contemporary at Caterham, and
                                              approaches, when all Old Caterhamians          although we were not close, we were
                                              will be invited to join in the celebrations,   classmates in David Rogers’ D set maths
                                              whether members of the OCA or not,             (along, indeed, with the aforementioned
                                              such networking facilities are going to be     Chris Curtis). Here, at last, was a carved
                                              of great value in bringing the community       name that really meant something.

128 Caterham School Magazine 2009
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