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                       DON PASQUALE
                       THE MARRIAGE
                       OF FIGARO


FEATURING                                                                                        BERNIE NOLAN

      MONDAY 10 - SATURDAY 22 MAY                             ALSO BOOKING                              TUESDAY 1 - SATURDAY 19 JUNE
                                                              SUNDAY 11 APRIL
             BILL KENWRIGHT
                  PRESENTS                       WHAT BLACK WOMEN WANT
                                                              SUNDAY 25 APRIL
                                                 LLANELLI MALE VOICE CHOIR
                                                              SATURDAY 1 MAY
                                                         SOLID SILVER 60s
                                                               SUNDAY 2 MAY
                                                           JUS’ LIKE THAT!
                                                              SUNDAY 23 MAY
                                                         JANE MCDONALD
                                                       MONDAY 24 - SATURDAY 29 MAY
                                                           DIRK BENEDICT IN
THEIR                           ...THEIR             PRESCRIPTION: MURDER
LIVES                          DESTINY
WERE                             JOINED          SATURDAY 11 DEC 2010 - SUNDAY 30 JAN 2011
                                                         CHRISTOPHER BIGGINS IN
WORLDS                             THEM                        ALADDIN
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        West Midland
        Safari Park
        See the animals roaming free
        at a venue that offers plenty to
        keep the kids amused.


                                            Blists Hill, Ironbridge
                                            Take a trip back to the Victorian era,
                                            and enjoy plenty of Easter-themed


          Monkey Fore,st,pecially if the weather’s fine. Therewarmany
                      es   go                             e ho
          A great place to                     ur children to se
                                 ! Challenge yo
          monke  ys everywhere           d undergrowth.
                         in the trees an
          they can spot

        Manor Park                 4
        If you enjoy white-knuckle
        rides, Drayton Manor’s the
        place to head for. There’s
        plenty of family fun on offer,
        too, including Thomas Land,
        boasting all things Thomas
        The Tank Engine!

                                            Black Country Living
                                            Bygone times are revisited at this
                                            Dudley-based open air museum.
                                            Check out the Easter Eggstrava-
                                            ganza, running throughout the
                                            school holidays!

                                            Acton Scott
    6                                       Museum
                                            Experience life
    Sandwell                                as it would
    Park Farm                               have been on
                                            a real working
    Enjoy an Easter holiday visit to
                                            farm over a
    a fully restored eighteenth cen-
    tury farm, complete with a
                                            years ago.
    variety of livestock and a
    Victorian Kitchen Garden.
                                                                                   easter highlights
                                                                              Twenty places to visit in the Midlands during the holidays
                                         RAF Cosford
                                         Go back to school 1940s-style
                                         by visiting the Royal Air Force
                                         Museum Cosford and taking
                                         part in the museum’s Step
                                         Back In Time workshops.

                                                                                                                       Birmingham Botanical
  8                                                                           14                                       The Easter Egg Hunt is on, so make
                                                                                                                       some fluffy chicks and Easter crafts!

Dudley Zoo
There’s plenty of Eastertime animal
                                                                             Santa Pod,
                                                                                                                  The Pop-Up Shop
                                                                                                                  Accessories, glass vas
magic at Dudley Zoo, not to                                                                                                              all
                                                                             The Autotrader Easter Thunder-       ceramics and prints
mention regular Ghost Walks!                                                                                                              new shop, opening
                                                                             ball event offers a full weekend     feature in this brand               ster.
                                                                             of family entertainment...           its doors for the first time over Ea

9                                                                                                                     9
                                         Don those tights, grab your
                                         bow and arrows, and make
                                         like you’re Robin Hood at
                                         Avoncroft this month!
                                      Telford Ice Rink                       Thinktank,                             Cadbury World
                                      Get your skates on for plenty of
                                      ice-bound fun this Easter at one
                                                                             Birmingham                             US giants Kraft may have taken over
                                                                                                                    Cadburys, but the chocolate tastes the

 11                                   of Shropshire’s family-friendly        Fancy working in a forensics           same as ever! Check it out for yourself,
                                      attractions.                           lab? Well now you can, thanks          along with a host of interactive
                                                                             to hands-on workshops and              attractions.
                                                                             the chance to make your very
                                                                             own DNA.

                          12                                                 Tamworth Castle
                                                                             Enjoy a great family day out at
                                                                             this historic Midlands attraction.

                                          13                                                                        20
                                                                                                                    Sealife Centre
                                         Alton Towers                                                               Birmingham
Warwick Castle                           One of the UK’s most excit-                                                Fancy diving beneath the sea without get-
Prepare to experience the darkest        ing theme parks, Alton Tow-                                                ting wet? You'll come eyeball to eyeball
times in Warwick Castle’s history,
courtesy of the venue’s Dungeons
After Dark event.
                                         ers offers a great mix of thrills
                                         and family rides.                    16                                    with everything from shrimps to sharks,
                                                                                                                    and learn tons of stuff from on-hand
                                                                                                                    experts.                           5
There’s nothing taboo
about Boy George...

Boy George will, as he says, be a free         and cooking in prison? Surprisingly good, he
“woman” within weeks, as his legal             says, admitting his time in jail for
restrictions finally come to an end and he     imprisoning and assaulting a man wasn’t
prepares for the release of his new single,    that tough. He’s also glad that he wasn’t
Amazing Grace, and a UK tour later this        allowed into the Celebrity Big Brother house
month. But how is life nowadays for the DJ     earlier this year. And he’s even had time to
and ’80s pop icon after his fall from grace,   collaborate with Mark Ronson...
and subsequent time spent sweeping streets
Did you find prison tougher than you                be any worse.’ Having watched Big Brother,           think is good.
expected, George?                                   I think the conversation in prison was a bit
No, not as tough as I expected.                     more stimulating.                                    After the success of Taboo in the West
                                                    When you think of, for example, someone              End, were you disappointed about the
What would you say was the worst part               like Stephen Baldwin - who I met afterwards          New York Broadway reaction?
of it?                                              and I had quite an interesting conversation          Well, it was one of those things. Before I
Going there. Pentonville [prison] is a holding      with him - I think there was so much                 went, I was the only one who was sort of
prison which is where they decide where             potential to have very interesting debates           realistic about it. I have good instincts and I
they’re going to send you. I was there for six      with him about his views. Certainly, if I’d          knew it was going to go wrong. But you
days. That was Victorian; it’s the classic          been in there, he wouldn’t have got away             know, it was such a great opportunity, and
green and white, safety nets, balconies kind        with half the stuff. I wouldn’t have fought with     when I said to everyone on the show that
of prison. It’s like you’ve walked into a           him, but I would have challenged his point of        we’d been offered Broadway, do you want to
movie. So that initial thing is quite harrowing.    view, because some of it was quite ‘out              go, everyone was ‘absolutely’. It’s something
You just suddenly think ‘I’m in a film’,            there’.                                              that you can’t turn down. It was brilliant in
although not in a glamorous way. So the first                                                            New York, don’t get me wrong. The
bit of it is, ‘oh my God’, and then I think, if     What inspired your new single, Amazing               audiences were amazing. Those who saw it
you’re sensible, you kinda accept that that’s       Grace?                                               had a brilliant time, but the actual running of
where you are and you just get through it.          Well, it’s kind of based on the current chaos        the show and getting it together was a
And then, eventually, when I got moved to           theory; how something that happens in a              constant nightmare. It certainly wasn’t as
Edmunds Hill, I was working out how I was           short space of time can affect your life.            much fun as the London one.
going to make it work for me, and I got a job
pretty quickly. I applied for everything. I was     And you’ve written the single?                       Would you look at doing more musical
working in the kitchen. I was cooking all the       Yes, I wrote it while I was on holiday last          theatre?
vegetarian food. That gives you a sense of          year.                                                Well, at the moment I’m actually working on
purpose.                                                                                                 a project that might happen next year, which
                                                    Is it part of your new album?                        is a one-man show and quite theatrically
Was it a big wake-up call?                          Yeah, I’m doing this album which is not all          based. I’m working with Jonathan Harvey.
It was a time to think. I got sober on 2 March      new stuff but it’s kind of stuff that a lot of       We’re just going through ideas, but I
2008, so I was a year sober before I went to        people haven’t heard over the years. I’ve            certainly wouldn’t like to act again - too
prison. I went into prison with a very clear        continued to write and write-and-record;             much like hard work.
head. I’m part of a twelve-step programme           there are lots of things I haven’t put out, so
(recovery from addictions), and it’s quite          it’s basically the next album.                       The BBC are making a film about you,
powerful. So I had a year of that and it really                                                          aren’t they?
put me in a very good frame of mind. I              What track on the album means the most               Yeah, it’s called Worried About The Boy. I’ve
mean, nothing can prepare you for that, but I       to you?                                              been up to see it and it’s interesting because
certainly had a lot of support from people in       There’s a new song called Your Pain Makes            they’re dealing with post-Culture Club. So
the programme; lots of people were sending          A Beautiful Sound, which I’m really proud of.        it’s not about Culture Club, which I think is
me books and writing to me. I had so much           I wrote that when I was away as well. And            quite original, and from what I’ve seen
love it was almost overwhelming.                    there’s also a track called Pentonville Blues,       they’ve really got it right. The looks are
                                                    which I do on the show that I wrote when I           amazing. I think a lot of people thought that I
You received a lot of support for being on          was in Pentonville.                                  was quite extreme when I was in Culture
Trannyshack at last year’s London Pride.                                                                 Club, but I think they’re in for a shock,
Yeah, nobody knew I was going to be on it           You’re setting out on a national tour this           because the guy they’ve got playing me, I
and it was quite fun. I’ve never really worried     month. What can the punters expect?                  saw him in one of my more extreme looks
about the public. I always say thank God for        Well, the show is a real mixture, where we           and he really carried it off well. It’s being
strangers, because people that don’t know           start off with a Louis Armstrong song, which         broadcast at the end of April.
me seem to understand me more than                  is kinda semi a cappella. We do jazz stuff.
people who claim they do. It’s one of those         We do some of the hits. We do new things.            So have you seen it in its entirety?
weird things about being in the public eye.         It’s quite finely balanced. We did some              I haven’t seen it. I went up the week before
Sometimes you can be in the most                    shows at Christmas - we did ten little dates         the end of filming. I went up to meet
despairing situation and someone you don’t          in the West End - and for me they were               everyone and have a look at what they were
know gives you a smile and it can say so            some of the best sets I’ve ever done.                doing. It was good. I was very impressed.
much.                                               Certainly the most pleasurable.
I’ve always known that I’m loved, but I think                                                            Are there plans for a Culture Club
I’ve really realised it in a much bigger way        Getting on the road, are you still tagged            reunion?
now. I’ve also reached a point where I kind         and under legal restrictions?                        Not at the moment. But I won’t ever say
of finally understand that I’m very lucky to do     No, as from 15 April that’s all over. I will be a    never. My relationship with the band is better
what I do and make a living at it. So what I        free woman.                                          than it’s ever been. I’m really good friends
try to do now is to be present in my life and                                                            with John now. We live near each other, it’s
enjoy it and not take it for granted. But           You’re as much known for being a DJ                  really civilised, it’s great. And if we were
certainly not to live in retrospect or panic too    nowadays...                                          going to do it, I think it would be a much
much about the future.                              Yes, and I love that. That’s been a lifesaver        more pleasurable experience than the last
                                                    for me. It’s like another career, and it’s sort of   time we did it.
You recently started a monthly drink and            separate, to an extent. I want to try to bring
drug-free club night.                               more of that into what I do DJing-wise.              You have the tour and the album.
Yes, it’s really life-affirming. The first one we   There’s a bit more freedom. I don’t have to          Anything else that you want to do?
did I thought ‘no one is going to come’. But        worry about being played in the charts; if           Well, I’ve kinda started writing songs for
it was amazing. I got quite emotional. When         you make a great club record, that’s a great         other people, which I never did before, and
people’s personalities haven’t been altered         arena for me. I’ve lived all my life in clubs, so    I’m enjoying doing that. It’s nice to write out
by alcohol, it’s really a different experience. I   it’s a home from home for me.                        of my range and write things that I probably
mean, we aren’t doing anything different to                                                              wouldn’t normally write. I was a bit of a snob
any other club, it’s just that there’s no drugs     What sort of set do you do?                          about that in the past, but now I think, who
and no drink. They happen every second              Kind of Electro House; everything really. It’s       cares, and I enjoy writing. The thing I enjoy
week of every month. We’ve done about five          a bit like when I play live, it’s not really one     most is being in the studio and constructing
now.                                                thing or another. I’m lucky. Because of who I        songs; that’s when I have the most fun. And
                                                    am, I can kinda get away with experimenting          I’ve just collaborated with Mark Ronson,
Were you relieved not to be part of this            a bit. It doesn’t always work, but generally I       which is great. So yes, lots of great things.
year’s Celebrity Big Brother experience?            can travel around the world, and because
I think it was a lucky escape. It sounded like      it’s me, people are a bit more open-minded           Boy George appears at Birmingham Town
a good idea at the time and probably my             about what I’m going to play. So I have more         Hall on Mon 19 April.
thinking was ‘I’ve been to prison so it can’t       freedom than your average DJ - which I
Lady Gaga                                                                                                   Reviews of shows from last month
LG Arena, Birmingham, 5 March
After keeping a packed LG Arena waiting for
more than an hour, the phenomenon that is                                               Les Miserables
Lady Gaga, bedecked in skimpy black leather,                                            Birmingham Hippodrome,
emerged to present a show that was nothing                                              25 March
short of a theatrical extravaganza.                                                     Die-hard Les Mis fans who know the
Accompanied by an army of scantily clad,                                                original show inside-out and word-
provocative dancers, Gaga gyrated her way                                               for-word may notice quite a few
through her recent repertoire en route to her                                           changes with this twenty-fifth anniver-
destination, The Monster Ball. Five costume                                             sary production. Gone is the revolv-
changes ensued, some beautiful, some absurd,                                            ing stage, which, in the original pro-
all eccentric, as Gaga wowed her army of fans                                           duction, gave Les Mis a slight edge on other shows. This
(many of whom emulated her style for the evening) with Dance In The Dark,               new version offers lavish stage sets and projected images,
Beautiful Dirty Rich, Telephone, Just Dance and Boys Boys Boys. It’s well known         which work well and, compared to the original, make the
that Gaga likes to be controversial, and this she did by showing a video in which       scenes more realistic. Musically and performance-wise the
she drank blood. It could be argued that this, together with her genital-fondling       show is faultless, with outstanding performances from John
male dancers, wasn’t wholly appropriate, or necessary, considering that a high          Owen-Jones (Jean Valjean), Rosalind James (Eponine) and
proportion on the audience were minors. However, Gaga is an artist, and ‘to             Earle Carpenter (Javert). Gareth Gates, who took on the role
shock’ is part of her art form! This element aside, she proved that she’s not all       of Marius, performed better than I expected and was certain-
hype. She’s certainly got a beautiful voice and is an accomplished pianist, facts       ly on form vocally. The Susan Boyle rendition of Les Mis’s
that were much in evidence during her perfect rendition of Brown Eyes, per-             popular song I Dreamed A Dream (which she memorably
formed wearing just her bra and knickers. After two hours and via a confrontation       performed on Britain’s Got Talent last year) may encourage a
with a mechanical octopus, Gaga finally reached The Monster Ball. A major finale        lot of new people to see this show. Those who do will not be
then saw the crowd being whipped into a frenzy with Bad Romance. They just              disappointed - Les Miserables stands out as probably the
didn’t want the evening to end. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■                                               best musical of all time. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

                                                                                        Barbara Dixon
Witness For The Prosecution                           Newton Faulkner                   Birmingham Town Hall, Wed 24 March
The Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton,                     Symphony Hall,                    The finely-tuned acoustics of Birmingham’s Town Hall pro-
1 March                                               Birmingham, 12 March              vide the perfect setting in which to see someone of Barbara
With just the odd red herring or three, this          Even within the enormous          Dixon’s calibre. Dixon tours regularly, and it was apparent
1950s courtroom drama keeps you on the                auditorium of Birmingham’s        from the outset why and how she’s acquired such an army
edge of your seat right up until the last minute.     Symphony Hall, Newton             of devoted fans. As a Barbara Dixon novice, I didn’t quite
With excellent performances by Denis Lill as          Faulkner is a man who knows       know what to expect, but I was assured by many that she
the QC, Robert Duncan playing the suave               how to command an audi-           was good. They were right - I was totally mesmerised from
solicitor, and Honeysuckle Weeks as the wife          ence. ‘The Return of the          the outset, as she proceeded to perfectly deliver songs from
of the accused (I didn’t realise it was her until     Vodka Bunny Tour’ saw this        her eclectic repertoire. These included traditional Scottish
the last scene!), this is one of the best ‘who-       one-man band bringing mate-       folk songs, through to numbers from well-known musicals,
dunits’ I’ve seen in a long while. The sets and       rial both old (including his      as well as some of the pop classics that launched her career
costumes do the period of the play justice,           biggest hits to date, Dream       back in the 1970s (it’s hard to believe that she’s been
and it’s true to its 1950s roots with its witty       Catch Me, Feels Like Home,        around for as long as she has)! Her delivery of beautiful folk
one-liners, its xenophobia and its sexism. If         and Teardrops) and new to         songs, many from her Time And Tide album, were incredibly
you’ve missed it so far, catch it at the Coventry     the big stage. Despite a          moving, as was her spinetingling rendition of Simon and
Belgrade, from the 7th to the 12th of June. If        largely acoustic set (he did,     Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water. These, together
you like a good crime drama without the extra         however, whip out an electric     with more up-beat numbers like Answer Me and Caravan,
padding that you get with television plays, this      guitar for Lipstick Jungle),      songs from West End musicals - Another Suitcase In Another
one is a must. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■                              Faulkner’s powerful voice,        Hall, I Know Him So Well and Easy Terms - provided a per-
                                                      teamed with many an amus-         fect evening’s entertainment. I left her concert feeling that I
Mumford And Sons                                      ing anecdote between songs,       should seriously think about joining her legion of fans and
                                                      kept the audience on their        partaking in an annual pilgrimage to a Barbara Dixon con-
Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton, 6 March
                                                      toes. There were moments of       cert. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■
Mumford And Sons are one of the most excit-           absurdity - an alien dancing
ing bands around at the moment, with snip-            on stage during UFO, Hello
pets of several of their tracks from Sigh No          would have made you wince         Circus Of Horrors: Day Of The Dead
More being played as background music for             unless a fan - but these did      The Place, Oakengates, 21 February
upcoming TV shows, adverts and anything that          little to detract from what was   Imagine an experience which includes disappearing acts,
requires a rhythmical, heartbreaking sound.           a truly entertaining perform-     sword-swallowing, fire-eating, acrobatics, and attaching
The band have become renowned for produc-             ance. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■                   equipment (including a Henry vaccuum cleaner) to a dwarf's
ing incredibly uplifting vocal harmonies, and at
                                                                                        genitalia. Add to that combination some live heavy rock
their recent gig at Wolverhampton’s Wulfrun
                                                                                        music, talented but scantily clad girls, and a cast of freaks
Hall they managed to pull off a simply brilliant
                                                                                        led by an undead ringmaster named Doktor Haze!
concert that couldn’t be faulted in any way. It
                                                                                        Set in Mexico in the 1900s, Day Of The Dead is the latest
was one of those gigs that definitely gave you
                                                                                        show from the Circus of Horrors. Bringing all the acts togeth-
goosebumps, living up to everything that I’d
                                                                                        er in this story is quite a feat and almost unnecessary but it’s
hoped for.
                                                                                        done with tongue very firmly in cheek and to great effect.
It’s always nice to see a band interacting with
                                                                                        Some of the gorier acts are helped by close-up camera and
the audience, and Mumford And Sons were
                                                                                        screens, so you can get the full impact, including the inside
genuinely in awe of the atmosphere that they
                                                                                        of the sword-swallower’s gullet.
themselves had created at this gig, appearing
                                                                                        If you sit near the front, be prepared to get sprayed, if not
to love every minute. At one point Marcus
                                                                                        soaked, with whatever may come your way! This was a really
Mumford (lead singer) even voices how sur-
                                                                                        fun night which will definitely leave you impressed, if not a lit-
prised they were at having filled the venue.
                                                                                        tle creeped out. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■
Let’s just hope it doesn’t all go to their heads...
■ ■ ■ ■ ■

­                                              READ ALL THE LATEST REVIEWS ONLINE:

Hot-shot director Rupert Goold is the man at the helm of the RSC’s latest version of
Shakespeare’s tragic love story, Romeo And Juliet...
We may be living through gloomy economic            the two had worked together on an RSC               Tennant’s Hamlet a couple of years back.
times, but the theatre world is managing to         Tempest - was lauded as “spellbinding” and          More recently, as members of the RSC’s
keep its head well and truly above water.           “mesmerising”.                                      acting ensemble, Sam and Mariah have been
Indeed, many would go so far as to say that         And it’s to Shakespeare again, in the guise of      wowing audiences as, respectively, Brutus in
the industry is enjoying one of the most            Romeo And Juliet, that this wunderkind is           Julius Caesar, and Celia in As You Like It.
exciting periods in recent memory!                  turning his attention this Spring. This time it’s   Despite being one of Shakespeare’s best
One of the stage’s current hottest properties       for Stratford’s Royal Shakespeare Company,          known plays, Romeo And Juliet is notoriously
is director Rupert Goold. His production of         where he’s recently been appointed                  hard to stage well. Audiences have until late
Enron has had the critics and audiences in          Associate Director.                                 summer to decide whether Rupert has
raptures. Its stunning use of stagecraft to tell    Taking on the title roles of the star-crossed       managed to weave his magic over this tale of
the story of the infamous decline of the            lovers are Sam Troughton and Mariah Gale.           young love in a hostile world.
massive American corporation has made it a          Perhaps best known as Much in the BBC TV
‘must-see’.                                         series of Robin Hood, Sam comes from well-          Romeo And Juliet runs at The Courtyard
The erstwhile artistic director of                  established theatrical stock (his father, David,    Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, until Friday
Northampton’s Royal and Derngate Theatres,          is a highly regarded RSC regular, and his           27 August. For tickets, contact the Box
Rupert’s as much at home with the classics          grandfather, Patrick, was the second Dr             Office on 0844 800 1110 or visit
as he is with new work. His production of           Who). Mariah’s got her own time-travelling
Macbeth, with Patrick Stewart in the title role -   link too: she played Ophelia opposite David
                                                                                                     Time for
                                                                                                     Plan B

He may be best known for his sharp, lyrical, to-the-point British hip hop, but now, with the imminent
launch of his new and critically acclaimed album, The Defamation Of Strickland Banks, Ben Drew
(aka Plan B) shows that there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye...

With your latest musical offering, you’ve          I think that the whole point of being an artist   Amy Winehouse. What do you think
hopped over to a completely new musical            is that you try and break down those              about that?
genre. Why the change?                             barriers. Someone might not be into hip           Ok, yeah, it’s been said! I don’t think I’m as
The style is still very much Plan B. It states     hop, but what I’m saying is that, although I      good a singer as her, but I’m just as good a
on the album that it’s The Defamation of           am, I’m also capable of doing the music           songwriter, if not better.
Strickland Banks, presented by Plan B.             you like, so maybe you need to be a bit
Even though it’s up-tempo soul, it’s still very    more open-minded about hip hop.                   When did you start acting?
much Plan B - the sort of thing that he                                                              I wanted to get into directing, so started
would rap about. But it’s the story of a soul      When did you start getting into music,            doing the acting. I did drama at school and
singer, and I don’t think that it would have       Ben?                                              always enjoyed it. I was always the one
the right impact if it were presented in any       Really young, I guess. I was really into          who came up with the script in our groups.
other way. How could I write a story about a       Michael Jackson as a performer, and               When I got the first film offer, I had this
soul singer and the music be hip hop?              started emulating his moves at about eight.       weird confidence because It wasn’t
                                                   After that, I got into Jungle music as a          something I aspired to do. Music was my
With this new venture, were you tempted            scene. I was living in the East End when          thing, so there was no big pressure. I had
to use your real name of Ben Drew, as              that whole jungle thing kicked-off, so I          nothing to lose, but I still gave it one
opposed to Plan B?                                 guess I was right at the heart of it.             hundred per cent.
What I want to get across to people about
Plan B as a name, as an artist, even as a          You’ve spoken previously about feeling            So what’s next on the agenda, Ben?
logo, is that he’s a storyteller. It’s not about   like a social outcast. Do you think that          The next installment after the Strickland
the style of music that I make, its about the      your music has helped you to deal with            Banks saga will see Plan B going back to
fact that I use music to channel my stories.       this and other issues?                            hip hop. I’ve already recorded two records,
What I want to get across is that when you         My music is my therapy, a way of getting          one of which is the Ballad of Belmarsh. This
see ‘Plan B presents’, it could be anything -      stuff out of my head and getting it across to     is Strickland Banks’s story, told by Plan B
reggae, soul, folk or rock. One thing’s for        people in the best environment. You can’t         through hip hop. It’s basically the deleted
certain, though - my music will always have        always judge when the time’s right to talk        scenes from Strickland. So there will be a
an element of hip hop in it, and it’ll always      about certain things in a lighthearted way,       hip hop album coming out with this -
tell a story!                                      so when I’d dealt with something in my            though not at the same time, as we thought
                                                   music, I didn’t feel like I needed to speak       it’d be confusing.
Does it concern you that some of your              about it anymore.
fans will feel disappointed that you’ve                                                              Plan B appears at the O2 Academy,
changed direction?                                 It’s been said that you sound like a male         Birmingham, on Sat 10 April.
                                                     Big and
Brian Conley, who’s returning to the Midlands soon to star in the touring version of
Hairspray, explains why he’s been wearing high heels around the house - and also why he’s
been keeping an eye on his bottom of late...
So what are the biggest challenges when         with a Monkee. But Mickey absolutely loved        work I love, not the celebrity status.
playing an eighteen-stone woman from            being in the show, and it goes without
Baltimore, Brian?                               saying he was brilliant.                          Is it true that you went to the States for a
Mainly it’s making sure that at all times you                                                     while to see if you could make it in
remember to give the character female           Did Michael Ball give you any advice              Hollywood?
mannerisms. You have to remember not to         about playing the role?                           Yeah, I did a few years back, but to be
take big strides, for example - and most        Not really, other than to advise me to            truthful it wasn’t for me. If I’d been willing to
importantly of all, you must never              practise walking in heels around the house!       stay out there for long enough, maybe I
underestimate how big your bum is,              To be honest, I’m playing the part                could’ve cracked it, but I’m a real home
because the potential for bumping into          differently from how Michael plays it - I do it   bird, if I’m honest. I toured Jolson to
things is enormous!                             with a far deeper voice, for a start!             Canada for six months once, and I hated it.
                                                                                                  I like to be at home with a cup of tea.
What do you think makes Hairspray so            Do you enjoy the experience of touring
successful?                                     shows like Hairspray?                             Are there any musical theatre roles you’d
There’s not a duff song in it, and that’s the   Absolutely! I’m starting out in                   still like to play, or do you have any other
main thing, I reckon. The show’s got a          Wolverhampton, but the great thing about          professional ambitions?
young cast, and that helps ensure it’s a        this tour is that myself, Michael and another     I’d absolutely love the chance to play Shrek
piece with lots of power and energy, and it     guy named Michael Starkey are sharing the         when Shrek the Musical comes over here.
has an endearing story. The story touches       load, so I’m playing some venues and the          And I’d love to have a go at playing Fagin,
on the subject of racism in the 1960s,          two Michaels are sharing the rest between         too. Other than those two roles, though,
which means it’s a little bit of a learning     them. It’s a great way to do a tour, because      I’ve not got any particlar ambitions. I’m not
curve for young audience members, too.          it means you stay sharp. You don’t get            somebody who likes to map things out. I
But most of all, it’s the fact that you leave   worn down by playing the role night after         much prefer to see what comes along and
the theatre feeling just great. Before I was    night.                                            takes my fancy.
in it, I took my daughters to see it, and
remember sitting there thinking how much        You’ve always seemed to stay a little bit         Brian Conley stars in Hairspray at the
better than the film it was.                    under the radar with the projects you’ve          Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton, from
                                                chosen. Why’s that?                               Tuesday 1 June to Saturday 19 June.
You starred in the show with Mickey             I like to be able to be anonymous if it suits     The show also visits Birmingham
Dolenz of Monkees fame recently...              me. I’ve been offered the chance to take          Hippodrome, with Michael Ball in Brian’s
Yeah, that was amazing. Mickey’s a              part in all the reality TV shows with the         role, from Monday 25 October to
fantastic guy, a real character, not to         exception of Celebrity Big Brother, but I’ve      Saturday 6 November.
mention a living legend. It was an amazing      always said no, because I don’t want to put
feeling to suddenly realise I was dancing       my career in the hands of an editor. It’s the

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     Wednesday 7th April @ 7.30pm                                                    £20.50, Concessions £19.50

     FREDDIE STARR                                                                   Saturday 10th April 7.30 pm
     Tickets £19.50                                                                  THE FUREYS AND DAVEY
     Saturday 10th April @ 7.30pm                                                    £16.00, Concessions £15.50

     REAL DIAMOND                                                                    Friday 16th April 7.30 pm
     Starring John Hylton                                                            ALVIN STARDUST LIVE!
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     Friday 16th April @ 10am & 1.30pm
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                                                                                     Roy Walker
                                                                                     Comedian Roy Walker was already a household name
                                                                                     through TV game show, Catchphrase, and won a
                                                                                     whole new fanbase with his Carpark Catchphrase
                                                                                     feature on Chris Moyles’ BBC Radio 1 show.

                                                                                     Thurs 20 May, 7.30pm                                          £7

                                                                                     The Cheeky Chappie
               Mon, Fri, Sat .......... £17.50, £16.50, £15.50                       Max Miller starring Dave Sealey
                                                                                     Dave Sealey reveals the career, critics, contemporaries
               Tue, Wed, Thu ........ £15.50, £14.50, £13.50
                                                                                     and saucy, seaside postcard world of Max Miller.
               Sat Mat .................. £11.50, £10.50, £9.50 c

                                                                                     Thurs 20 May, 7.30pm                               £15 (£14)

     Tuesday 27th & Wednesday 28th April @ 7.30pm                                    An Audience with Will Self
                                                                                     Respected journalist, writer and broadcaster Will Self
     ROY CHUBBY BROWN                                                                is one of the most respected British contemporary
                                                                                     authors. May contain swearing.
     If easily offended please stay away! 18+
     Tickets £20.00
                                                                                     Thu 3 June, 2.30pm                                            £6

     Thursday 29th April @ 7.30pm                                                    The Tell Woman
                                                                                     A magical world full of strange and wonderful
     WATERLOO                                                                        creatures, some friendly and some not so living in what
                                                                                     is, in fact, the enormous skirts of The Tell Woman.
     The ultimate Abba show!
                                                                                     (£3 optional workshop - Tues 1st June at 10.30am in Studio)
     Tickets £17.50 c

Ke ane and g
    F as cin a tin
          Dillie Keane talks about her three-
          girl creation Fascinating Aida, who
          are appearing in the Midlands this
          very month...
          How would you best describe Fascinating Aida?
          Well, I’ve settled on the following description after
          plenty of years of thinking about it. I think the best way
          to describe it is like Absolutely Fabulous would be if it
          had been written by Noel Coward and performed by
          The Andrews Sisters! We present a broad comic
          spectrum which manages to be both witty and coarse!

          What’s your latest show about?
          The main thing to know is that it’s definitely our best
          yet, and we’ve been around for over a quarter of a
          century! It’s a much more satirical show than any that
          we’ve done in the past; it’s edgier, sharper and a lot
          more contemporary. I’m really chuffed with it, actually.

          How did Fascinating Aida come into being?
          Its origin was in my local wine bar. Whenever I’d come
          back from an acting job, I’d go to various venues I
          knew to see if I could perform there. On one occasion,
          I brought along a couple of girlfriends who could sing.
          The owner paid us in free wine, and actors will go
          anywhere and pretty much do anything for free wine!

          How did you come up with the name
          Fascinating Aida?
          It’s a long story, and too boring to recount. Suffice to
          say it was caused by a wrong spelling, but we liked it
          so we kept it!

          Is it correct that you’ve had numerous
          farewell tours?
          Well, we’ve actually had only two! People don’t
          understand why I’ve twice tried to kill off the group,
          but the truth is that sometimes you can just get to the
          point where you can’t be bothered anymore. These
          situations usually occur when somebody leaves,
          because all of a sudden everything feels like a lot of
          effort. It kind of knocks the stuffing out of you.

          Do you have any unfulfilled ambitions for
          the group?
          Just the one - I’d love us to perform for Barack
          Obama - although I’m sure his response would be
          “who are these girls? Get ’em out of here!”.

                                                        ars at
                                  Fascinating Aida appe         ril
                                  Solihull Arts Complex on 6 Ap

                                                                 The Mother of
                                                                 all Weekends
                                                                                                 WEEKEND HIGHLIGHTS
                                                                                                 Friday 9 April
                                                                                                 Arun Ghosh Sextet
                                                                                                 Symphony Hall
                                                                                                 Pandit Shivkumar Sharma
                                                                                                 Birmingham Town Hall
                                                                                                 Saturday 10 April
                                                                                                 Mid-day Mantra
                                                                                                 Symphony Hall Foyer, level 3
                                                                                                 Amman Ali Khan and Ayaan Ali Khan
                                                                                                 with Matthew Barley
                                                                                                 Birmingham Town Hall
                                                                                                 Sunday 11 April
                                                                                                 Mother India - 21st Century Remix
                                                                                                 Birmingham Town Hall

                                                                                                   Pandit Shivkumar Sharma
                                    Ayaan and
                                   Amjad Khan

                                                                                                                             DJ Tigerstyle
                                                Matthew Barley

Three of the world’s most renowned Indian musicians come together in Birmingham this
month to celebrate Indian music in all its glory. An intriguing concept, Mother India plans
to take the audience on an exciting journey that explores all styles of Indian music, from
classical tradition, Anglo-Indian fusion, and up-to-the-minute contemporary...
...Indian legend Pandit Shivkumar               For the second major concert, Sarod-            music whilst playing to audiences in India,
Sharma kicks off the first of the major         playing brothers Ayaan and Amjad Khan are       the UK, Australia and New Zealand.
concerts with a rare performance on the         joined on stage by renowned cellist             The weekend’s celebrations culminate with
santoor (this is one of only two UK             Matthew Barley, to provide an evening of        the Mother India 21st Century Remix (MI21),
performances, the second being at               cross-cultural experimentation. The Khan        which sees DJ Tigerstyle, alongside
Leicester’s Curve Theatre as part of the        brothers are renowned for coming from a         drummer David Shaw and cellist Matt
Darbar Festival on 11 April). Award-            long lineage of sarod players and claim to      Constantine, perform a new musical score
winning Sharma is one of India’s most           be able to trace their musical heritage back    for the 1957 Indian cinema classic, Mother
respected classical musicians, and is           five generations. Meanwhile, Matthew            India. This acclaimed forty-five-minute silent
responsible for penning the music for           Barley has contributed greatly to both the      film is referred to by many as India’s Gone
many hit Hindi films, as well as for            British and international classical scene,      With The Wind, and is widely known for its
producing one of the best-selling Indian        having previously collaborated with many        iconic scenery and powerful storyline.
classical music albums of all time. For         globally recognised artists, including Talvin   In addition to these three major events, the
his Town Hall performance, Pandit will be       Singh, Django Bates and Amjad Ali Khan.         Mother India weekend will provide a series
accompanied by tabla wizard Pandit              The Khan/Barley trio have successfully          of Freestage events, including a
Anindo Chatterjee, sitar player Rupinder        performed and recorded alongside each           performance from the Arun Ghosh sextet
Panesar and tabla player Upneet                 other for almost a decade, exploring            and Midday Mantra.
Dhadyalla.                                      traditional Indian and Western classical
                               NOW BOOKING APRIL - JUNE 2010

     Fri 9th April, 7.30pm
     TALENT 2010
     Tickets £6 Concessions £4

     Fri 16th April, 7.30pm
     Tickets £12 Concessions £10
     Family of 4 (min 2 children) £35

     Tues 20th - Sat 24th April, 7.30pm
     Sat matinee 2.30pm
     TADLOP presents
     Tickets from £8

     Fri 7th May, 7.30pm
                                                               Image: David Peat

     Tickets £13 Concessions £11 Students £8

     Mon 24th May, 7.30pm
     Tickets £18

     Tues 25th May, 7pm
     Tickets £7.50 Concessions £5

     Sat 29th May, 1pm & 3.30pm
     Tickets £12 Child £10
     Family of 4 (min 2 children) £40

     Thur 3rd June, 7.30pm
     Tickets £15 Loyalty £14

     Thur 17th June, 7.30pm
     ENSEMBLE 360
     Tickets £13.50
     SPECIAL OFFER FT Students and
     First Timers £5.50

     BOX OFFICE 01952 382382
     Box Office Opening Hours 10am - 8pm Monday to Saturday
     12 noon - 8pm on Wednesdays
Airbourne                                                                                                                                Mon 5 - Sun 11 April
Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, Sat 10 April
This Aussie four-piece are set to make ears
bleed when they present their special brand of
sweat-soaked rock’n’roll in Wolverhampton this
month. The Down Under rabble-rousers are
touring in support of their second album, No
Guts. No Glory.

                                                            Cerys Matthews
                                                            The Glee Club,
                                                            Birmingham, Tues 6 April
                                                            Cerys is best known, of
                                                            course, as the hell-raising
                                                            lead singer of Catatonia,
                                                            but the Welsh singer/
                                                            songwriter is nowadays
                                                            focusing on showing that
                                                                                                    Beverley Knight
                                                            she can earn column                     The Assembly, Leamington Spa, Thurs 8 April
                                                            inches for a far more posi-             Wolverhampton-born Beverley returns to her Midlands
                                                            tive set of reasons. A                  roots with this concert. Bev's been labelled the UK Queen
                                                            radio presenter on the                  of Soul, and with her influences including the likes of Sam
                                                            BBC’s 6 Music, and an                   Cooke and Aretha Franklin, it's easy to see why! Her
                                                            occasional presenter of                 appearances on BBC1's Just The Two Of Us series a few
Bowling For Soup                                            TV documentaries, Cerys                 years back worked wonders for her profile - so-much-so,
O2 Academy, Birmingham, Wed 7 April                         is appearing at the Glee in             in fact, that she picked up an MBE to go with her many
                                                            support of her most                     and varied music awards, including numerous MOBOs.
Despite forming in 1994, this cheeky punk-pop
outfit didn't rise beyond local prominence until            recent album, Don’t Look
1997, when a heavy touring schedule helped                  Now.
broaden their fan base before landing them                                                         N-Dubz
opening spots for nationally prominent punk and                                                    O2 Academy, Birmingham, Wed 7 April
ska bands. The infectious twang of Girl All The                                                    MOBO Award-winning group N-Dubz are often touted as the
Bag Guys Want and the catchy pop/rock                                                              future of UK hip hop. Winning the MOBO for Best
bounce of High School Never Ends firmly plant-                                                     Newcomer and signing to Polydor, the trio then released
ed the boys in the big league, with all of their                                                   their debut single, You Better Not Waste My Time. Soon the
major albums proving hugely popular with a                                                         album Uncle B was released to critical acclaim, and there
wide spectrum of music fans.                                                                       were sell-out tours as well. Last year saw the release of
                                                                                                   Against All Odds, the group's most commercially successful
                                                                                                   work to date.

                                                         Go West
                                                         Symphony Hall, Birmingham,
                                                         Sat 10 April
                                                         Go West are this year cele-
                                                         brating the twenty-fifth
                                                         anniversary of their debut sin-
                                                         gle, We Close Our Eyes. Its
                                                         massive success launched a
The Blockheads                                           career that saw them sell one-
                                                         and-a-half million copies of
Cox’s Yard, Stratford-upon-Avon, Sat 3 April;            their self-titled debut album
The Robin, Bilston, Thurs 8 April                        and garner a reputation as
This UK tour sees The Blockheads keeping Ian             one of the great singer/song-
Dury’s legacy alive by playing classic tracks like       writer duos of the 1980s.
Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll and Hit Me               Expect all of their hits in this
With Your Rhythm Stick, alongside plenty of new          special concert, including Call
material from their latest album, Staring Down           Me, Goodbye Girl, Eye To Eye
the Barrel.                                              and Don’t Look Now.

    Other highlights Mon 5 - Sun 11 April               The Glee Club,
                                                                                      Huntingdon Hall,
                                                                                                                    The Robin, Bilston
                                                                                                                    LETZ ZEP Sat 10 Apr, The
                                                                                                                                                  UNKNOWN PLEASURES WITH
                                                                                                                                                  PETER HOOK Sun 11 Apr,
                                                        BROKEN AGAIN, WOODEN          CHINA CRISIS Fri 9 Apr,       Assembly, Leamington          The Glee Club,
THEORY OF A DEADMAN Tue      THE BROADCAST Wed 7 Apr,   BOY & THIRD DAY               Cox's Yard, Stratford-upon-   Spa; Thurs 15 Apr, Malvern    Birmingham; Tue 13 Apr,
6 Apr, Wulfrun Hall,         02 Academy, BIrmingham     VENGEANCE Thurs 8 Apr,        Avon                          Theatres, Worcester           Huntingdon Hall,
Wolverhampton                THE MONOBLOGGERS Wed 7     Little Civic, Wolverhampton   THE LEAN YELLOWS Fri 9        THE REAL DIAMOND Sat 10       Worcester
ULTRAVOX Tue 6 Apr,          Apr, The Robin, Bilston    CRUNK KIDS ON TOUR Fri 9      Apr, Actress & Bishop,        Apr, Crewe Lyceum             EDWINA HAYES Sun 11 Apr,
Symphony Hall,               UK SUBS & GOLDBLADE        Apr, The Slade Rooms,         Birmingham                    CORELLI, THE TIDE &           02 Academy, Birmingham
Birmingham                   Wed 7 Apr, The Assembly,   Wolverhampton                 MAGIC OF MOTOWN Fri 9         AUDIOFIRE Sat 10 Apr,         THE FUREYS & DAVEY
MY CHILDREN MY BRIDE Tue     Leamington Spa             PANIC CELL Fri 9 Apr, 02      Apr, Bedworth Civic Hall;     Actress & Bishop,             ARTHUR Sun 11 Apr,
6 Apr, 02 Academy,           GLAMOUR OF THE KILL Wed    Academy, Birmingham           Sat 10 Apr, Malvern           Birmingham                    Palace Theatre, Redditch;
Birmingham                   7 Apr, The Sugar Mill,     THE ELO EXPERIENCE Fri 9      Theatres, Worcestershire      PLAN B Sat 10 Apr, 02         Sat 10 Apr, Bedworth Civic
THERE FOR TOMORROW &         Stoke-on-Trent; Thurs 15   Apr, Prince Of Wales          DESPERADO Fri 9 Apr, The      Academy, Birmingham           Hall
THE FRIDAY NIGHT BOYS Tue    Apr, 02 Academy,           Centre, Cannock; Fri 30       Robin, Bilston                TERRACOTTA ARMY Sat 10        DOES IT OFFEND YOU, YEAH
6 Apr, The Slade Rooms,      Birmingham                 Apr, The Robin, Bilston       HOUNDS OF LOVE - KATE         Apr, The Sugar Mill, Stoke-   ? Sun 11 Apr, The Sugar
Wolverhampton                JOHN SMITH Thurs 8 Apr,    ABBA UK Fri 9 Apr,            BUSH TRIBUTE Sat 10 Apr,      on-Trent                      Mill, Stoke-on-Trent
­                                             FOR THE LATEST GIGS LISTINGS VISIT:
                                                           NEW STREET WEST BROMWICH B70 7PG

                                                              APRIL EVENTS AT THE PUBLIC                                                                      ACHTUNG BABY                               ALLAH MADE ME FUNNY

     2 APRIL 8pm £5 (18+ only)                              10 APRIL Show 1: 5pm, Show 2: 7pm                     13 - 25 APRIL FREE                                   15 APRIL 7.30pm - 10pm £18
                                                            £15 advance/£20 door
     COMEDY @ THE PUBLIC                                                                                          HEARING UNHEARD VOICES                               A 60S NIGHT OUT - THE FOR-
     First Friday of each month Laugh Out Loud with         ALLAH MADE ME FUNNY                                   A thought-provoking set of installations by young    TUNES AND IVY LEAGUE
     The Public’s comedy night.                             Internationally acclaimed sell-out UK tour with top   people from around the UK and Sandwell.              Relive the decade that changed everything – lives,
                                                            American tour brings Muslim culture into main-                                                             clothes, culture, politics – and most of all music!
     2, 9, 16, 24 & 30 APRIL 8pm - 11pm £3                  stream progressive comedy.                            13 - 25 APRIL FREE                                   Tickets: Visitor Centre Rotunda & Airport
                                                            Tickets: Visitor Centre Rotunda & Airport
     CAPTURED @ THE PUBLIC                                  0844 888 4415                                         SCREENING 1                                          0844 888 4415
     Captured brings you the best up and coming local                                                                                                        
                                                                     Artists’ film and video exhibition.
     artists with live streaming every Friday night.
                                                                                                                                                                       24 & 25 APRIL 9pm - 2am £5/£3 NUS
                                                            10 APRIL 8pm - 2am (doors 7.30pm)                     14 APRIL 10am - 3pm £3
     3 APRIL 8pm - 1am £5                                   £6 advance/£8 door                                                                                         THE PUBLIC BEER FESTIVAL
                                                                                                                  SONG IN A DAY
     SOUL & MOTOWN DANCE                                    ACHTUNG BABY                                          Compose your own song in this workshop where         + LIVE BANDS
     PARTY                                                  U2 tribute band & club night. Top tribute band up     professional performers help you construct lyrics    By popular request following last year’s success, a
     Join DJ Kenny Lee to celebrate 50 years of Soul &      there with Bjorn Again and Bootleg Beatles.           and music for a special exhibition.                  bigger better beer festival - plus live bands and
     Motown music.                                                                                                                                                     entertainment presented by Seamless
                                                            11 APRIL 7pm - 10pm                                   14 & 28 APRIL 2pm - 4pm £1
     4 & 18 APRIL                                                                                                                                                      25 APRIL 12pm - 4pm
                                                            £10 advance/£15 door                                  TEA DANCING
     Food 12pm - 4pm, Music 1pm - 4pm                                                                                                                                  Food 12pm - 4pm, Music 1pm - 4pm
                                                            AN EVENING WITH                                       Dance the afternoon away in the elegant setting of
     ACOUSTIC BITES                                         SPIRITS UK TOUR 2010                                  the Longroom. All ages welcome. Refreshments         JAZZ & DINE
     Free live music – and enjoy traditional Sunday
                                                            An opportunity to see onternational mediums Sue
                                                                                                                  are available.                                       BB SWING
     lunch for two including a glass of wine or pint of                                                                                                                Free live jazz from the region’s best – and enjoy
                                                            Whitcroft and Mark Brandist at work.
     real ale for just £15.                                                                                       15 APRIL (ages 10-18)                                traditional Sunday lunch for two including a glass
                                                            Tickets: Visitor Centre Rotunda & Airport
                                                            0844 888 4415                                         £25 per person, including DVD                        of wine or pint of real ale for just £15.
     9 APRIL 8pm - 2am £5
     (Bands 8pm - 11pm, Club 11pm - 2am)
                                                                     SEEN AND HEARD
                                                                                                                  Create your own video short working with profes-
                                                                                                                                                                       30 APRIL 9pm-1am £6
     GLOW                                                   11 APRIL 12pm - 4pm                                   sional film and documentary makers. BOOKING          REGGAE REPUBLIC
     The Glow Party brings its ultra-cool for one of the    Food 12pm - 4pm, Music 1pm - 4pm                      ESSENTIAL.                                           Our monthly reggae night featuring Gabbidon with
     biggest indie/alternative nights on the Midlands’      JAZZ & DINE                                                                                                more choice cuts.
     club scene. With Kerrang DJs Simon James and
     Emma Scott.                                            KEL ELLIOTT
                                                            Free live jazz from the region’s best – and enjoy
                                                            traditional Sunday lunch for two including a glass
                                                            of wine or pint of real ale for just £15.

                                                                                                                                            Mon 12 - Sun 18 April

Tiny Tin Lady                                                      The Enid
The Glee Club, Birmingham, Fri 16 April
                                                                   Birmingham Town Hall,
One of the most talked-about bands on the                          Fri 16 April
acoustic scene, Tiny Tin Lady blend original                       This special one-off con-
songs with superb musicianship and some truly                      cert features the world
spinetingling harmonies.                                           premiere of new studio
                                                                   album Journey’s End, as
Glamour Of The Kill                                                well as a new version of
The Sugar Mill, Stoke-on-Trent, Wed 7 April;                       Fand. The concert fea-
O2 Academy, Birmingham, Thurs 15 April                             tures the full brass and
Rising from the ashes of The Red Room Theory,                      percussion of The
Glamour Of The Kill are a metalcore band                           Chandos Symphony
who’ve enjoyed rare mainstream success, thanks                     Orchestra, as well as the
in part to a widely read ten-out-of-ten Metal                      Town organ.                            Whitney Houston
Hammer review for their debut album, Through                                                              LG Arena, Birmingham, Tues 13 April
The Darkness They March.
                                                                                                          This twenty-four carat superstar may have had her fair
                                                                                                          share of troubles down the years, but she's now back to
                                                                                                          doing what she does best, and is performing in the
                                                                                                          Midlands as part of her first major tour in over a decade.
                                                                                                          One of the best-selling female artists of all time, Houston
                                                                                                          has sold over one hundred-and-forty million albums world-
                                                                                                          wide, and is the most decorated female artist in history,
                                                                                                          with no fewer than four hundred-and-eleven awards to her
                                                                                                          name. What a gal!

                                                                                                         Elliot Minor
                                                                                                         O2 Academy, Birmingham, Wed 14 April
                                                                                                         Known at an early stage as The Academy, Elliot Minor
                                                                                                         formed in an attic flat in York in 2005, fleshing out existing
                                                                                                         recordings and taking their rock sounds to the people. After
                                                                  AFI                                    scoring minor hits with their debut single, Parallel World, and
                                                                  O2 Academy, Birmingham,                embarking on their first national tour, they released their self-
                                                                  Mon 12 April                           titled debut album in April 2008 to rave critical and commer-
                                                                  Although they didn't reach             cial success.
                                                                  platinum status until 2003,
                                                                  hardcore punk revivalists
                                                                  AFI originally formed in
                                                                  1991, when the band's
Dropkick Murphys                                                  four founding members
O2 Academy, Birmingham, Fri 16 April                              were attending high
The Dropkick Murphys are a Celtic punk band                       school. The band found a
from Boston, Massachusetts, who cite their influ-                 harder, more intense
ences as Stiff Little Fingers, The Pogues, The                    sound for their 2009
Clash and AC/DC. Formed in 1996, they’ve                          release, Crash Love,
evolved into one of the most beloved punk-                        which provides the basis
inspired bands in the world - so be sure to catch                 for their Birmingham gig.
them this month in Birmingham’s O2 Academy.

                                                               BIrmingham                    The Riverrooms,             Apr, The Robin, Bilston      Birmingham
    Other highlights Mon 12 - Sun 18 April                     ALVIN STARDUST Fri 16 Apr,    Stourbridge                 THE BEATLES - MAGICAL HIS-   THE AURORA PROJECT, AREA
                                                               Bedworth Civic Hall           ALESANA Sat 17 Apr, 02      TORY TOUR Sat 17 Apr, The    39 & ANDONOVA Sun 18
    JOSHUA RADIN Mon 12 Apr,     Yard, Stratford-upon-Avon     LIVEWIRE - TRIBUTE TO         Academy, Birmingham         Riverrooms, Stourbridge      Apr, The Robin, Bilston
    02 Academy, Birmingham       ROCK N ROLL COUNTRY           AC/DC Fri 16 Apr, The         2 TONES Sat 17 Apr, Cox's   ALBERT LEE & HOGAN'S
    THE CROOKES Mon 12 Apr,      SHOW Thurs 15 Apr, Royal      Sugar Mill, Stoke-on-Trent    Yard, Stratford-upon-Avon   HEROES Sun 18 Apr, Artrix,   Chapel Club
    The Sugar Mill, Stoke-on-    Spa Centre, Leamington        THE NEW AMEN CORNER Fri       THE SEARCHERS Sat 17 Apr,   Bromsgrove
    Trent                        Spa                           16 Apr, Artrix, Bromsgrove    Artrix, Bromsgrove          THE STRANGE BOYS Sun 18
    CHAPEL CLUB Tue 13 Apr,      GLAMOUR OF THE KILL FRED      THE UNION Fri 16 Apr, The     ROY ORBISON & THE           Apr, 02 Academy,
    The Slade Rooms,             ZEPPELIN & DIZZY LIZZY        Slade Rooms,                  BEATLES LIVE IN CONCERT     Birmingham
    Wolverhampton                Tributes to Led Zeppelin &    Wolverhampton                 Sat 17 Apr, The Swan        HORACE ANDY Sun 18 Apr,
    FAKE PROBLEMS Wed 14         Thin Lizzy, Fri 16 Apr, The   DJ JACK BEATS Fri 16 Apr,     Theatre, Worcester; Thurs   The Slade Rooms,
    Apr, 02 Academy,             Robin, Bilston                Cox's Yard, Stratford-upon-   22 Apr, Bedworth Civic      Wolverhampton
    Birmingham                   THE DUKE AND THE KING         Avon                          Hall                        ROBYN HITCHCOCK ELECTRIC
    0800'S Wed 14 Apr, Cox's     Fri 16 Apr, 02 Academy,       GIRLS ALOUDER Fri 16 Apr,     MOTOWN ON TOUR Sat 17       Sun 18 Apr, 02 Academy,

­                                                   FOR THE LATEST GIGS LISTINGS VISIT:
    Angus & Julia Stone
    The Glee Club, Birmingham, Tues 20 April                                                                                             Mon 19 - Sun 25 April
    Angus and Julia Stone's cinematic folk music is
    anchored by the band's namesake siblings,
    with percussionist Mitch Connelly and bassist
    Clay McDonald adding instrumental flourishes
    to the mix. Propelled to stardom thanks to a
    chance meeting with Fran Healy of Travis, the
    brother and sister duo enjoyed chart success in
    their native Australia with their debut album, A
    Book Like This, while an international release
    followed last year.

                                                              O2 Academy,
                                                              Birmingham, Fri 23 April
                                                              Described by Drowned In
                                                              Sound as a band that
                                                              sound like 'smashing                   Idlewild
                                                              pumpkins buggering                     The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton, Thurs 22 April
                                                              Placebo and AC/DC                      Scottish rock band Idlewild came to prominence via Steve
                                                              acoustics', Brigade are a              Lamacq's Evening Session show on Radio One. They pro-
                                                              four-piece group from                  duced a sound which very much obeyed the conventions of
                                                              London with a strong rock              1990s British indie-punk guitar music, but which was never-
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club                               guitar sound and beautiful             theless difficult to pigeonhole. Suffice to say, there are defi-
    The Assembly, Leamington Spa, Wed 21 April;               melodic vocals. They’re                nite nods in the direction of REM, Gang Of Four, Fugazi and
    Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton, Wed 28 April                 growing in popularity all              The Smiths in the music which they produce.
    The seed that became Black Rebel Motorcycle               the time, their bouncy
                                                              tunes subtly evoking com-
    Club was first planted in 1995, when Robert
    Turner and Peter Hayes met while attending                parisons with the likes of               Shakespears Sister
    high school. The two formed a friendship                  Feeder and Placebo.                      O2 Academy, Birmingham, Wed 21 April
    based on a mutual love of early-'90s UK bands                                                      Shakespears Sister - featuring Siobhan Fahey and
    like The Stone Roses and My Bloody Valentine.                                                      Marcella Detroit - formed in the late 1980s. Sacred Heart,
    Audaciously changing their style and direction                                                     their 1989 debut, boasted a polished, synth-laden R&B
    as they progress - formerly embracing electron-                                                    feel along the lines of the Eurythmics. Despite their suc-
    ica and ambient noise - Black Rebel Motorcycle                                                     cess, the duo broke up in the mid-‘90s, but now Fahey
    Club are touring in support of Beat The Devil’s                                                    has resurrected Shakespears Sister from the grave, tour-
    Tattoo, their 2010 LP.                                                                             ing once again in support of her fourth studio album,
                                                                                                       Songs From The Red Room.
    The Reasoning
    The Robin, Bilston, Sun 25 April
    Cardiff-based seven-piece rock band The
    Reasoning formed not so long ago, in 2005,                 Reef
    but have already built up an international fan-            O2 Academy,
    base, in the main on the back of their second              Birmingham, Tues 20 April
    album, Dark Angel, released in 2008.                       Emerging at the height of
                                                               Brit Pop, Reef had little in
                                                               common with their British
                                                               peers, taking their inspira-
                                                               tion from the Stones and
                                                               the Black Crowes.
                                                               Through constant touring,
                                                               as well as being featured
                                                               in a television commercial
                                                               for Sony's Minidisc player,
                                                               they’ve managed to culti-
                                                               vate a large fan base, and
                                                               one that expanded signifi-
                                                               cantly with the release of
                                                               their second album, Glow.

        Other highlights Mon 19 - 25 April                 THE SAW DOCTORS Thurs
                                                           22 Apr, The Robin, Bilston
                                                                                         FROM THE JAMM - BRUCE
                                                                                         FOXTON & RICK BUCKLER Fri
                                                                                                                      SGT. PEPPER'S ONLY DART
                                                                                                                      BOARD BAND Sat 24 Apr,
                                                                                                                                                    Robin, Bilston
                                                                                                                                                    JILTED GENERATION Sat 24
                                                           SHOWADDYWADDY Thurs 22        23 Apr, Wulfrun Hall,        Huntingdon Hall,              Apr, The Slade Rooms,
    THE RED CHORD Mon 19         LIGHTNING SEEDS Tue 20    Apr, Tamworth Assembly        Wolverhampton                Worcester                     Wolverhampton
    Apr, 02 Academy,             Apr, Huntingdon Hall,     Rooms                         LIVEWIRE Fri 23 Apr, The     THE BOOTLEG SHADOWS           THE PRIMITIVES Sun 25 Apr,
    Birmingham                   Worcester                 THE KINX Fri 23 Apr, Prince   Robin, Bilston               Sat 24 Apr, Royal Spa         Little Civic, Wolverhampton
    EYEHATEGOD Mon 19 - Fri 9    OH SLEEPER Wed 21 Apr,    Of Wales Centre, Cannock      TOYAH WILLCOX Fri 23 Apr,    Centre, Leamington Spa        THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL
    Apr, The Asylum,             02 Academy, Birmingham    DEFINITELY MIGHT BE &         The Asylum, Birmingham       WHOLE LOTTA LED Sat 24        Non-stop hits from Abba &
    Birmingham                   CHANTELLE MCGREGOR        STONE ROSES SHOW Fri 23       THE SAW DOCTORS Fri 23       Apr, Tamworth Assembly        The Bee Gees, Sun 25
    BOY GEORGE Mon 19 Apr,       BAND Wed 21 Apr, The      Apr, Cox's Yard, Stratford-   Apr, The Assembly,           Rooms                         Apr, Royal Spa Centre,
    Birmingham Town Hall         Slade Rooms,              upon-Avon                     Leamington Spa               THE HAMSTERS Sat 24 Apr,      Leamington Spa
    THE FEATURES Tue 20 Apr,     Wolverhampton             SEAFIELDS & JONNY MADE        JOHN COOPER CLARKE Sat       Cox's Yard, Stratford-upon-   THE KING BLUES Sun 25
    Hare & Hounds,               TALON - THE BEST OF THE   ME DO IT Fri 23 Apr, The      24 Apr, Artrix, Bromsgrove   Avon                          Apr, 02 Academy,
    Birmingham                   EAGLES Wed 21 Apr,        Slade Rooms,                  DARKSIDE PRESENTS THE        KARMA TO BURN Sat 24 Apr,     Birmingham
    THE INSPECTOR CLUZO Tue      Solihull Arts Complex     Wolverhampton                 FLOYD EXPERIENCE Sat 24      02 Academy, Birmingham
    20 Apr, 02 Academy,          THE ALARM Wed 21 Apr,     ASH Fri 23 Apr, The Irish     Apr, The Rose Theatre,       KICK UP THE 80'S & BOOTLEG
    Birmingham                   JB's, Dudley              Centre, Birmingham            Kidderminster                BLONDIE Sat 24 Apr, The

­   ­                                             FOR THE LATEST GIGS LISTINGS VISIT:
                                                           APRIL @ the Robin 2
                                                       1ST    THE CHRISTIANS
                                                              + SUPPORT GROUCUTT AND HAYNES

                                                       2ND    QUEEN ON FIRE
                                                              FEAT. SCOTT MALEY           ) )

       CHARITY QUIZ NIGHTS                             SAT
                                                       3RD    THE COUNTERFEIT
         To raise funds for FUSE 2010
           Mondays 8.15pm                                     STONES ) ) )
      12 & 26 April, 10 May 2010
             £6 per team (max 4 people)
                                                       4TH    BREATHING SPACE
                 AMAZING PRIZES!
                                                       MON AN EASTER MONDAY SPECIAL IN CONCERT
                                                              QUILL - ACOUSTIC
                                                       7TH    THE MONOBLOGGERS
                                                       THU    ‘SEX & DRUGS & ROCK & ROLL’

          Fri 9th & Sat 10th April
                                                              THE BLOCKHEADS
                noon - 11pm                            9TH    MENTALLICA METALLICATHE TRIBUTE +
         LICHFIELD WINTER                                     ENRAGED RAGE AGAINST
                                                                                 MACHINE TRIBUTE
       BEER & WINE FESTIVAL                            SAT
                                                       10TH   HOUNDS OF JODIE MILLS      LOVE
       £1 before 5.30pm - £3.50 after 5.30pm
                                                              TRIBUTE TO KATE BUSH FEAT.
         Fri 9th 8.30pm Kent Duchaine
        Sat 10th 8.30pm no fixeD aboDe
                                                       11TH   EDWINA HAYES
      LICHFIELD GUILDHALL                              WED
                                                       14TH   BRIAN KENNEDY
     Sun 18th Apr 8.00pm
     TOM CRAWLEY ‘CURIOS’                                     A VICTORY FOR COMMON SENSE TOUR
     £13/£12 concs / £11 members / £6 students         FRI  A DOUBLE HEADER FEATURING
     Wed 21st Apr 8.30pm                                      FRED ZEPPELIN +
     BRIDGET ST JOHN &                                        DIZZY LIZZY ) )
     MICHAEL CHAPMAN                                   SAT  MULTI AWARD WINNING, 50TH ANNIVERSARY
     £12/£11 concs / £10 members / £6 students         17TH
                                                              FEAT. ROY G. HEMMING
     Fri 23rd Apr 8.30pm                                      MOTOWN ON TOUR
     ANGEL BROTHERS                                    SUN
                                                              PROG. ROCK SPECIAL
     £13/£12 concs / £11 members / £6 students                THE AURORA PROJECT
                                                              (HOLLAND) + AREA 39
     Sun 25th Apr 8.00pm                                      (UK) + ANDONOVA (UK)
     HAZEL O’CONNOR &                                  WED FROM THE USA - MODERN DAY BLUES LEGEND

                                                              LARRY GARNER
     £15/£14 concs / £13 members / £7 students
                                                              WITH THE NORMAN BEAKER BAND

                                                              SAW DOCTORS
     MAY                                               22ND

     Sat 8th May 8.00pm
                                                              LIVEWIRE )
                                                       FRI                              (AC/DC)
     KING KING FEATURING                                                                       )
     £12/£11 concs / £10 members / £6 students
                                                       24TH   KICK UP THE 80S +
     Sun 9th May 8.00pm                                       BOOTLEG BLONDIE
     THE OLD DANCE SCHOOL                              SUN
                                                              PROG. ROCK SPECIAL          ) )
     £12/£11 concs / £10 members / £6 students
                                                              THE REASONING
     Friday 14th May 8.30pm                                   + ACOUSTIC ZEPPELIN
     EMPIRICAL                                         TUE    FROM THE USA SOUL LEGEND

                                                              CANDI STATON
     £13/£12 concs / £11 members / £6 students         27TH

     Friday 28th May 7.30pm
     LAUNCH OF FUSE                                    WED
                                                       28TH   MATT SCHOFIELD )
     THE EVENT IN A TENT                                      BLUES & NEW ORLEANS FUNK
     Birmingham Folk Ensemble
     Lichfield Wildfire Folk
                                                       29TH   THE RING OF FIRE
                                                              THE ULTIMATE JOHNNY CASH TRIBUTE
     £12/£11 concs / £10 members / £6 students
                                                       30TH   THE ELO EXPERIENCE
     For a programme or further information contact:
            Donegal House, Bore Street,                )01902 401 211
               Lichfield. WS13 6LU
         BOX OFFICE 01543 262223
                                                             MOUNT PLEASANT, BILSTON,                             WOLVERHAMPTON WV14 7LJ
                You can now book on-line
                                                       )        ROBIN 2 HOTEL                 )
                     For Reservations call: 01902 497860

The Assembly, Leamington Spa, Wed 28 April
                                                                                                                        Mon 26 April - Sun 2 May
Brit hard rock and heavy metal band UFO are
forty-one-years-old in 2010, and visit the
Midlands to promote their latest album, The
Visitor. “The parameters for our new tracks are
that they have to work live,” says vocalist Phil
Mogg. “So clear arrangements, catchy                     Candi Staton
melodies and a certain energy are required - all         The Robin, Bilston,
elements which we paid attention to when we              Tues 27 April
worked on The Visitor.”                                  Her gospel roots served
                                                         her solo career as a
                                                         Southern Soul star well,
                                                         garnering Candi Station
                                                         sixteen R&B hits and
                                                         gaining her the title of
                                                         First Lady Of Southern
                                                         Soul for her Grammy-
                                                                                              Nerina Pallot
                                                                                              The Assembly, Leamington Spa, Tues 27 April
                                                         nominated R&B rendi-
                                                         tions. She entered the               Nerina Pallot is a rare talent indeed, having been naturally
                                                         pop mainstream with the              gifted on the piano before adding guitar and violin to her
                                                         hit You Got The Love, a              repertoire. She secured fame as Bryan Adams’ opening
                                                         club-styled dance tune.              act, before becoming the unfortunate victim of an on-air
                                                         Staton has since begun               mishap that cost her her debut release. She finally resur-
                                                         to sing some of her old              faced with the terrific Fires, issued on her own label. The
                                                         R&B hits again, as well as           LP proved a commercial favourite, with its lead single,
Good Shoes                                               recording some new mes-              Everybody's Gone To War, becoming a top twenty hit.
Little Civic, Wolverhampton, Tues 27 April               sage-oriented pop songs
This platinum-selling Texan quintet have shared
stages with the likes of Stone Sour, Deftones
                                                         for the new era.
                                                                                             The Assembly, Leamington Spa, Thurs 29 April;
and Evanescence. They perform alternative                                                    Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton, Fri 30 April
metal, alternative rock and post-grunge music.
                                                                                             With plenty of top-ten albums and singles, not to mention
It’s also sometimes claimed that they perform                                                sell-out concerts across Europe, to their name, Levellers
Christian rock - though the band themselves                                                  continue to hit all the right chords for a phenomenal cross-
aren’t entirely comfortable with this view,                                                  section of people, from 'crusties' to students through anar-
despite the fact that all of them are Christians!                                            cho punks and hippies. This latest tour finds the Brighton-
                                                                                             based folk-punk band airing songs from their most recent
                                                                                             album, as well as rabble-rousing favourites from their
                                                                                             impressive back-catalogue.

                                                                                             Scouting For Girls
                                                         Dance Gavin                         O2 Academy, Birmingham, Fri 30 April
                                                         Dance                               This whimsical indie pop group formed in 2005, playfully
                                                         O2 Academy, Birmingham,             naming themselves after a scouting handbook published in
                                                         Thurs 29 April                      the early years of the twentieth century. The band signed
                                                         Emo-leaning and volatile            with Epic Records in early 2007 before releasing their first
                                                         post-hardcore outfit Dance          EP single, It's Not About You. Soon after, their self-titled
                                                         Gavin Dance, somewhat               debut reached the top slot in the UK album charts, thanks
                                                         similar to peers Chiodos            largely to the popularity of such singles as She's So Lovely,
                                                         and The Fall Of Troy, fea-          Elvis Ain't Dead, and Heartbeat.
                                                         ture former members of
                                                         Farewell Unknown and
The Rimes                                                Ghost Runner On Third.
O2 Academy, Birmingham, Fri 30 April                     The sextet hooked up with
Rock/indie guitar melodies are the name of the           Rise Records in late sum-
game as far as the up-and-coming Rimes are               mer 2006 and debuted
concerned. The band cite The Arctic Monkeys              that November with the EP   ,
as one of their influences. In truth, though, The        Whatever I Say Is Royal
Rimes have successfully created a sound that             Ocean. The band stop off
seems just about as unique and ‘influence’-free          at the O2 Academy in sup-
as you could hope to find. Expect to hear plen-          port of their 2009 release,
ty more about them in the months and years to            Happiness.

Other highlights Mon 26 April - Sun 2 May            Huntingdon Hall,
                                                                                 EUROPEAN TOUR 2010 fea-
                                                                                 turing Dying Fetus,
                                                                                                           Academy, Birmingham
                                                                                                           THE SOLID SILVER 60'S
                                                                                                                                         DEFINITELY MIGHT BE -
                                                     WATERLOO Thurs 29 Apr,      Beneath The Massacre,     SHOW Sat 1 May, The           TRIBUTE TO OASIS Sun 2
POWDERFINGER Mon 26       Birmingham                 Crewe Lyceum                Origin, Revocation and    Grand Theatre,                May, The Robin, Bilston
Apr, 02 Academy,          THREE TRAPPED TIGERS Tue   ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE         Man Must Die, Fri 30 Apr, Wolverhampton                 WISHBONE ASH Sun 2 May,
Birmingham                27 Apr, Hare & Hounds,     Thurs 29 Apr, 02 Academy,   02 Academy, Birmingham    LIMEHOUSE LIZZY Sat 1         The Sugar Mill, Stoke-on-
BLACK SPIDERS & SLAVES    Birmingham                 Birmingham                  THE BON JOVI EXPERIENCE   May, The Assembly,            Trent
TO GRAVITY Mon 26 Apr,    CHEW LIPS Tue 27 Apr, The  RAVE ON - TRIBUTE TO        Fri 30 Apr, Malvern       Leamington Spa                HAWKWIND Sun 2 May, The
The Slade Rooms,          Sugar Mill, Stoke-on-Trent BUDDY HOLLY Fri 30 Apr,     Theatres, Worcestershire; BEYOND THE BARRICADE Sat      Assembly, Leamington
Wolverhampton             ARCH ENEMY, SABBAT &       Tamworth Assembly           Sat 1 May, The Robin,     1 May, Palace Theatre,        Spa
THE PRIMITIVES Mon 26     ENSLAVED Tue 27 Apr,       Rooms                       Bilston                   Redditch                      MARK LANEGAN Sun 2 May,
Apr, The Assembly,        Wulfrun Hall,              DR TEETH BIG BAND Fri 30    KIDS BRITISH Sat 1 May,   ATTACK ATTACK Sat 1 May,      The Slade Rooms,
Leamington Spa            Wolverhampton              Apr, Cox's Yard, Stratford- The Sugar Mill, Stoke-on- 02 Academy, Birmingham        Wolverhampton
LCD SOUNDSYSTEM Mon 26    JOHNNY COPPIN & MIKE       upon-Avon                   Trent                     THE SECRET POLICE Sat 1
Apr, 02 Academy,          SILVER Thurs 29 Apr,       THE THRASH & BURN           CATHEDRAL Sat 1 May, 02   May, Cox's Yard, Stratford-

­                                          FOR THE LATEST GIGS LISTINGS VISIT:

     Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury, Fri 23 April
     Voted best group and best live band in the 2007                                       .
     BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, Bellowhead have really                                           Cheltenham Jazz Festival
     taken the folk scene by storm over the past couple                                        Various locations throughout Cheltenham,
     of years, presenting traditional songs with a wit and                                     Wed 28 April - Mon 3 May
     energy that defies categorisation.                                                        A performance by Jamie Cullum features among the high-
                                                                                               lights at this year’s festival. Jamie’s joined at the event by
 Adrian Edmondson And                                                                          an array of hugely talented performers, including ‘the first
 The Bad Shepherds                                           Melody Gardot
                                                                                               lady of musicals’ Elaine Paige. Craig Charles, Eric Bibb,
                                                                                               Imelda May and Paloma Faith are among other star
 The Glee Club, Birmingham, Sun 18 April
                                                             Symphony Hall,                    names making a contribution.
 Adrian Edmondson may be                                     Birmingham,
 best known as an actor -                                    Mon 19 April
 most famously, of course, as
 Vyvyan in the hit 1980s alter-
                                                             Bursting onto the scene
                                                             with her 2008 debut
                                                                                           Glen Campbell
 native comedy The Young                                                                   Symphony Hall,
                                                             album, Worrisome Heart,       Birmingham, Fri 30 April
 Ones - but he’s certainly no                                smoky-voiced singer-
 slouch when it comes to                                     songwriter Melody             A real international super-
 musicianship, as his time                                   Gardot has garnered a         star, Glen Campbell has
 spent fronting The Bad                                      reputation as a per-          sold over forty million
 Shepherds is ably illustrat-                                former who takes tradi-       albums in a career
 ing. The band say of them-                                  tional jazz and blues and     stretching way back to
 selves: “We play punk                                       transforms them into a        the 1960s. Hits include
 songs on folk instruments,                                  sound that’s unique to        By The Time I Get To
 not as a gag but because                                    herself.                      Phoenix, I Wanna Live,
 we really like the noise. We do songs by The Sex                                          Wichita Lineman,
 Pistols, The Clash, The Stranglers, The Jam, Sham                                         Galveston, Rhinestone
 69, The Undertones, Talking Heads, Squeeze and                                            Cowboy and Southern
 others, even Kraftwerk! Alright, they’re not all punk,                                    Nights.
 but they come from roughly the same era. We’ve
 mostly given the songs a kind of Celtic feel, and
 we’ve added the odd reel and jig for excitement.”
                                                                                           Hazel O’Connor & The Bluja Project
                                                                                           Lichfield Guildhall, Sun 25 April
                                                                                           Saxophonist Clare Hirst (Bellestars, Communards, David
     Joan Armatrading                                                                      Bowie) and pianist/vocalist Sarah Fisher (Eurythmics, Sax In
     Symphony Hall, Birmingham, Sat 1 May                                                  The City) here join singer/songwriter Hazel to present a pro-
     Once described as 'Britain's first lady of song', the                                 gramme which blends plenty of O’Connor originals with a
     brilliant Joan Armatrading has been nominated for                                     range of standard classics, re-interpreted to fit the line-up of
     a Grammy Award on three occasions. Boasting a                                         sax, piano and vocals.
     unique voice and an equally unique line in strong
     and rhythmical acoustic guitar playing, she's back
     on the road in 2010, stopping off in the region to
     perform a concert that's heavy with hits such as
                                                             John Renbourn
     Love And Affection, Willow, Lovers Speak and Drop       and Robin
     The Pilot.                                              Williamson
                                                             Birmingham Town Hall,
                                                             Mon 26 April
                                                             An evening for guitar
                                                             music lovers not to miss!
                                                             Renbourn is quite simply
                                                             one of the very best,
                                                             practising a revolutionary
                                                             guitar style that explores
                                                             the instrument’s potential
                                                             in a range of unusual
                                                             ways. Williamson, mean-
                                                             while, is highly regarded
                                                             not only for his songwrit-
                                                             ing but also for his dis-
                                                             tinctive interpretations of
                                                             traditional song.

Norma Waterson and
                                                                                       Jazz/Roots/Folk & World
Martin Carthy
The Red Lion Folk Club, Birmingham,
Sat 10 April
One of folk music's greatest innovators,
Martin Carthy has been plying his trade for
more than forty years. His skill, stage pres-
ence and natural charm have won him
many admirers, while his services to
English music have earned him a well-
deserved MBE. He’s joined for this gig by
his wife Norma, who Mojo once upon a
time declared was “possibly the greatest
English singer alive today”.

Beres Hammond
Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, Sun 2 May
Reggae singer Beres has been around a
good while now, his career launching way
back in the 1970s. He enjoyed his greatest
successes in the
1990s, in particu-
lar with the
dancehall smash
Tempted To
Touch and fol-                                            Rufus Wainwright
low-up chart                                              Symphony Hall, Birmingham, Tues 20 April
entries Is This A                                         Blending the deeply personal with sharp social commen-
Sign? and                                                 tary, Rufus Wainwright has established himself as one of
Respect To You                                            modern music's shining talents.
Baby. He’s                                                The son of folk singers Loudon Wainwright III and Kate
joined for this                                           McGarrigle, Wainwright came out as gay while he was still
gig by Gregory                                            a teenager, and this desire for openness and honesty in
Isaacs and The                                            his life is something which translates extremely effectively
Heptones.                                                 to his music.

             Other highlights Mon 5 April - Sun 2 May                          BBC BIG BAND: A            28 Apr, Old Joint Stock
                                                                               TRIBUTE TO LOUIS &         Theatre, Birmingham
                                                                               ELLA Fri 23 Apr,           ST GEORGES DAY
 QUILL Mon 5 Apr, The       Apr, The Robin, Bilston   CALEDON - SCOTLAND'S     Birmingham Town Hall       CONCERT Sat 24 Apr,
 Robin, Bilston; Thurs      ALLAN YN Y FAN AND        TENORS Sat 17 Apr,       DAVE STAPLETON             Dudley Concert Hall
 29 Apr, Cox's Yard,        DELYTH JENKINS Wed        Ludlow Assembly          QUINTET & THE MARK         TIM VAN EYKEN Sat 24
 Stratford-upon-Avon        14 Apr, Huntingdon        Rooms                    LOCKHEART QUINTET Fri      Apr, The Red Lion Folk
 THE SOLDIERS: THE          Hall, Worcester           STEPHEN TIFFITT -        23 Apr, CBSO Centre,       Club, Birmingham
 COMING HOME TOUR           AYNSLEY LISTER &          SINATRA LIVE AT THE      Birmingham                 MATT SCHOFIELD Wed
 Wed 7 Apr, Symphony        GRAHAM WALKER'S           SANDS Sun 18 Apr,        ANGEL BROTHERS Fri 23      28 Apr, The Robin,
 Hall, Birmingham           PROPELLOR Thurs 15        Royal Spa Centre,        Apr, Lichfield Guildhall   Bilston
 ALL AMERICAN NIGHT         Apr, Cox's Yard,          Leamington Spa           GRAND ST GEORGE'S DAY      TRYSTAN WILLIAMS
 WITH B D LENZ Fri 9        Stratford-upon-Avon       TOM CAWLEY'S CURIOS      CONCERT Fri 23 Apr,        QUARTET Thurs 29 Apr,
 Apr, The Queen's Head      STACKRIDGE Thurs 15       Sun 18 Apr, Lichfield    Tamworth Assembly          Old Joint Stock
 Inn, Bromsgrove            Apr, The Robin, Bilston   Guildhall                Rooms                      Theatre, Birmingham
 9 Apr, Symphony Hall,      Thurs 15 Apr,             18 Apr, Lichfield        Apr, Theatre Severn,       JOHNNY CASH TRIBUTE
 Birmingham                 Huntingdon Hall,          Garrick                  Shrewsbury                 BAND Thurs 29 Apr,
 PANDIT SHIV KUMAR          Worcester                 MIKE JANISCH & THE       OOJAMI - An evening of     The Robin, Bilston
 SHARMA - MASTER OF         WE'LL MEET AGAIN Fri      SAXAPHONE Sun 18         Turkish music & dance      JOOLS HOLLAND & HIS
 SANTOOR Fri 9 Apr,         16 Apr, Crewe             Apr, Hare & Hounds,      Sat 24 Apr, Ludlow         RHYTHM & BLUES
 Birmingham Town Hall       Lyceum;Mon 19 Apr,        Birmingham               Assembly Rooms             ORCHESTRA Thurs 29
 DENNIS LOCORRIERE Fri      Prince Of Wales           THE BARRON KNIGHTS       MANDOLIN MEDLEY            Apr, Warwick Arts
 9 Apr, Symphony Hall,      Centre, Cannock; Wed      Sun 18 Apr, Crewe        FEATURING PANDIT           Centre, Coventry
 Birmingham                 28 Apr, Theatre           Lyceum                   SUGATO BHADURI &           TOBIE CARPENTER TRIO
 KENT DUCHAINE Fri 9        Severn, Shrewsbury;       BIRMINGHAM GAY           PRABIR MITRA Sat 24        Fri 30 Apr, Old Joint
 Apr, Lichfield Guildhall   Thu 29 - Fri 30 Apr,      SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA       Apr, Arena Theatre,        Stock Theatre,
 BEYOND THE BARRICADE       The Grand Theatre,        - A NIGHT AT THE         Wolverhampton              Birmingham
 Sat 10 Apr, Alexandra      Wolverhampton             MOVIES Sun 18 Apr,       LLANELLI MALE VOICE        MALANDRAS DEL TANGO
 Theatre, Birmingham        DENNIS ROLLINS Fri 16     Adrian Boult Hall,       CHOIR Sun 25 Apr, The      Fri 30 Apr, Warwick
 DJANO BATES DANISH         Apr, Ludlow Assembly      Birmingham               Grand Theatre,             Arts Centre, Coventry
 TRIO Sat 10 Apr, CBSO      Rooms                     PAUL BRADY & BAND        Wolverhampton              THE PETER STEPHENSON
 Centre, Birmingham         LAURA MARLING Fri 16      Tue 20 Apr,              LIVE BOX FEATURING         MEMORIAL CONCERT Sat
 THE STEVE PACITO           Apr, Alexandra Theatre,   Birmingham Town Hall     EURGH V SOWETO KINCH       1 May, Huntingdon
 QUARTET Sat 10 Apr,        Birmingham                LARRY GARNER AND THE     Sun 25 Apr, The Drum,      Hall, Worcester
 Lichfield Garrick          TOMMY FLEMING IN          NORMAN BEAKER BAND       Birmingham                 TOM MCCONVILLE BAND
 AMAAN & AYAAN ALI          CONCERT Sat 17 Apr,       Wed 21 Apr, The          ANDY HAMILTON & THE        Sat 1 May, The Red
 KHAN Sat 10 Apr,           Birmingham Town Hall      Robin, Bilston           BLUE NOTES Sun 25          Lion Folk Club,
 Birmingham Town Hall       THE BEN HOLDER            BRIDGET ST JOHN &        Apr, The Drum,             Birmingham
 THE IGUANAS Sat 10         QUARTET Sat 17 Apr,       MICHAEL CHAPMAN Wed      Birmingham                 THE BIG CHRIS BARBER
 Apr, Cox's Yard,           Lichfield Garrick         21 Apr, Lichfield        CHRIS DEAN'S SYD           BAND Sat 1 May, Artrix,
 Stratford-upon-Avon        RED SHOES & BECK SIAN     Guildhall                LAWRENCE ORCHESTRA         Bromsgrove
 DANIEL KOEK - SONGS        Sat 17 Apr, The Red       THE SONGS OF NICK        Sun 25 Apr, Theatre        SONGS FROM THE
 FROM THE MUSICALS          Lion Folk Club,           DRAKE Thurs 22 Apr,      Severn, Shrewsbury         MUSICALS Performed
 Sun 11 Apr, Old Rep,       Birmingham                Solihull Arts Complex;   RICHARD FOOTE TRIO         by Cannock Wood and
 Birmingham                 WES FINCH & THE           Thu 29 Apr, Prince Of    Tues 27 Apr, Old Joint     Gentleshaw Music
 DARBAR FESTIVAL Sun        TREEHORNS Sat 17 Apr,     Wales Centre,            Stock Theatre,             Society, Sat 1 May,
 11 Apr, Curve Theatre,     Belgrade Theatre,         Cannock; Fri 30 Apr,     Birmingham                 Victoria Hall, Stoke-on-
 Leicester                  Coventry                  Palace Theatre,          ZUM - REDEFINING           Trent
 THE RAT PACK LIVE Mon      JAKE & ELWOOD - THE       Redditch                 WORLD MUSIC Tue 27         LIVE BOX FEATURING LA
 12 - Sat 17 Apr, Curve     BLUES BROTHERS Sat 17     BRASS MONKEY Thurs       Apr, Theatre Severn,       BOUTIQUE FANTASTIQUE
 Theatre, Leicester         Apr, Stafford             22 Apr, Huntingdon       Shrewsbury                 Sun 2 May, The Drum,
 BRIAN KENNEDY Wed 14       Gatehouse Theatre         Hall, Worcester          JAZZ IN THE BAR Wed        Birmingham


                               FOR THE LATEST MUSIC LISTINGS, VISIT:

                                                         Orchestra of the
                                                         Swan: Vivaldi’s
                                                         Four Seasons
                                                         Birmingham Town Hall,
                                                         Wed 28 April
                                                         Violinist and director
                                                         Tasmin Little here pre-
                                                         mieres the third of four
                                                         new seasons from
                                                         Roxanna Panufnik, com-
                                                         missioned by Orchestra of
                                                         the Swan. Along with the
                                                         new work, entitled Indian
                                                         Summer, and Vivaldi’s leg-
                                                         endary Four Seasons, the
                                                         programme also features
                                                         Mozart’s Divertimento
                                                         K136 and Grieg’s Holberg

     Manchester Camerata:
     Night And Day
     Stafford Gatehouse Theatre, Fri 23 April
     The shimmering images of a hot afternoon and                                      All Angels
     the poetry of romantic love on a summer’s                                         The Assembly, Leamington Spa, Tues 6 April
     evening are at the heart of this concert. It fea-                                 With the likes of Sir Paul McCartney lending his voice to
     tures Debussy’s Prèlude á l’après midi un Faune                                   their growing band of advocates, All Angels have taken the
     and Berlioz’s Les Nuis d’été. These are present-                                  classical-crossover market by storm. The girls work beautiful
     ed alongside the intensely rich textures of                                       four-part harmonies around classical, opera and pop tunes,
     Brahms’ sextet, arranged here for a larger          Tasmin Little                 and have crafted a unique and entrancing sound in the
     strings force.                                                                    process.

                                                                               Ex Cathedra
                                                                               Symphony Hall, Birmingham, Fri 2 April
                                                                               Birmingham Town Hall, Sat 1 May
                                                                               Ex Cathedra, Birmingham’s highly rated Early Music ensemble, are
                                                                               giving period-instrument performances of two great Baroque mas-
                                                                               terpieces by JS Bach. On Good Friday, they perform the dramatic
                                                                               St John Passion at Symphony Hall, and on Sat 1 May, they pres-
                                                                               ent the epic Mass in B Minor at Town Hall, Birmingham.
                                                                               Ex Cathedra’s recent recording of another Bach masterpiece, the
                                                                               St Matthew Passion, received some great reviews in the press, so
                                                                               these are concerts not to be missed!

St George’s Day Concert                                                                                                                      Classical
West Bromwich Town Hall, Fri 23 April
This concert of classical music by English com-
posers celebrates the National Day of                                                           BCMG Family Concert:
England’s Patron Saint. The performance is                                                      Serenade For A Satellite
given by the Sandwell Youth Music Orchestra.                                                    CBSO Centre, Birmingham, Sun 18 April
                                                                                                The musical worlds of composers Luciano Berio, Param Vir,
                                                                                                David Lang, Peter Wiegold and Charlotte Bray are visited in
                                                                                                this concert of brand new soundscapes. Bruno Maderna's
                                                                                                Serenade For a Satellite also features - and lends the con-
                                                                                                cert its name - in a programme conducted by Peter
                                                              Jean-Yves Thibaudet

   Other highlights 5 April - 2 May                          Symphony Hall, Birmingham,
                                                             Thurs 15 April
THE EDWARDIAN CELLO A        Symphony Hall,
typical evening of music     Birmingham; Thurs 22 Apr,       Berlioz’s colourful score
from 1912, Fri 9 Apr,        Civic Hall, Wolverhampton
Lichfield Garrick            SNAPSHOT: REPERTOIRE
                                                             focuses on the fantasies of a
PHILHARMONIA ORCHESTRA       ORCHESTRA Programme to          spurned lover. It takes the lis-
Programme to include         include works by Dvorak,        tener on a journey that
works by Smetana,            Ravel & Smetana, Thurs
Beethoven & Dvorak, Fri      22 Apr, Adrian Boult Hall,      ranges through a glittering
9 Apr, Cheltenham Town       Birmingham                      ball, love in a meadow dur-
Hall                         EUROPEAN UNION CHAMBER          ing the drowsy heat of the
PRIETO RAMIREZ               include works by Haydn,         afternoon, an execution and
Programme to include         Mendelssohn & Mozart,           a supernatural encounter in a
works by Bach, Mozart &      Fri 23 Apr, Artrix,
Raul's own transcriptions    Bromsgrove                      churchyard at night.
of the music of Liszt, Sat   CBSO FRIDAY NIGHT CLAS-         Performed by the
10 Apr, Victoria Hall,       SICS: SILENT HEROES Fri 23      Luxembourg Philharmonic
Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent       Apr, Symphony Hall,
ORGAN PROM WITH ROBERT       Birmingham                      Orchestra and conducted by
SHARPE Sat 10 Apr,           LINDSAY SHAKESHAFT & THE        Emmanuel Krivine. Jean-
Victoria Hall, Hanley,       LINDEN PARK SINFONIA
Stoke-on-Trent               Programme: Beethoven            Yves Thibaudet is the pianist.      Charlotte Bray
NATIONAL CONCERT BAND        Piano Concerto No.3,
FESTIVAL Sat 10 Apr,         Op.37, Fri 23 Apr, Adrian
Adrian Boult Hall,           Boult Hall, Birmingham
Birmingham                   THE PEARL FISHERS             Francesco Attesti & Organ
BBC RADIO 3 LUNCHTIME        Swansea City Opera pres-      Master Michael Rhodes,
CONCERT Programme to         ent Bizet's grand opera of    Wed 28 Apr, Victoria Hall,
include works by Barber &    passion, loyalty and ten-     Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent
Chopin, Mon 12 Apr,          sion, Sat 24 Apr, Lichfield   TRIO: 21 Wed 28 Apr, Old
Birmingham Town Hall         Garrick                       Joint Stock Theatre,
BACH DOUBLED Tue 13 Apr,     Featuring soloists from the   CITY OF BIRMINGHAM SYM-
Stratford Civic Hall         Amsterdam Baroque             PHONY ORCHESTRA
CBSO PICTURES AT AN          Orchestra, Sat 24 Apr,        Programme includes
EXHIBITION Wed 14 - Sat      Birmingham Town Hall          works by Wagner, Bartok
17 Apr, Symphony Hall,       AN ENGLISH CELEBRATION        & Tchaikovsky, Wed 28
Birmingham                   FOR ST GEORGE’S DAY           April, Warwick Arts Centre,
BERLIOZ'S SYMPHONIE          Featuring Sovereign           Coventry
FANTASTIQUE Thurs 15 Apr,    Brass, Phoenix Singers,       CBSO: CENTRE STAGE Thurs
Symphony Hall,               Male Voice Choirs &           29 Apr, CBSO Centre,
Birmingham                   Darren Hogg (organ), Sat      Birmingham
JACOB TER VELDHUIS:          24 Apr, Symphony Hall,        CBSO - TUNED IN
CLOUD CUCKOOLAND Thurs       Birmingham                    Programme:
15 Apr, Recital Hall,        MATTHEW MILLS IN CON-         Shostakovich's Fourth
Birmingham Conservatoire     CERT Programme to             Symphony, Thurs 29 Apr,
MOZART'S REQUIEM Fri 16      include works by Schubert     Symphony Hall,
Apr, Symphony Hall,          & Liszt, Sun 25 Apr, The      Birmingham
Birmingham                   Recital Hall, Birmingham      SMALL ENSEMBLE SERIES:
BBC PHILHARMONIC             Conservatoire                 SPOTLIGHT ON HARP
Programme to include         CANOLDIR MALE CHOIR 44TH      Featuring Jiyoung Lee,
works by Mozart,             ANNUAL CONCERT Sun 25         Rita Schindler, Vera Khait,
Beethoven & Wagner, Fri      Apr, Symphony Hall,           Rebecca Hung & Claire
16 Apr, Victoria Hall,       Birmingham                    Haynes, Thurs 29 Apr, The
Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent       PHILHARMONIA ORCHESTRA        Recital Hall, Birmingham
NATIONAL YOUTH WIND          Programme to include          Conservatoire
ORCHESTRA OF GREAT           works by Tchaikovsky,         ST CHAD’S MUSIC FESTIVAL
BRITAIN Sat 17 Apr, CBSO     Wagner & Britten, Sun 25      Thurs 29 April - Mon 9
Centre, Birmingham           Apr, Adrian Boult Hall,       May, Various locations
HAROLD TAYLOR -              Birmingham                    throughout Shrewsbury.
BROMSGROVE FESTIVAL          LUNCHTIME ORGAN CON-          For further information visit
FRINGE Programme to          CERT WITH THOMAS TROT-
include works by             TER Mon 26 Apr,               THE KING'S SINGERS Fri 30
Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt     Birmingham Town Hall          Apr, Artrix, Bromsgrove
Artrix, Bromsgrove           Mon 26 Apr, The Old Joint     OF CANCER RESEARCH
THE ARMED MAN Featuring      Stock Theatre,                Programme to include
The Black Dyke Band and      Birmingham                    works by Glinka,
the Halifax and Sheffield    CBSO - NELSONS CONDUCTS       Rachmaninov & Dvorak,
Choral Societies, Sun 18     SHOSTAKOVICH Programme        Fri 30 Apr, Adrian Boult
Apr, Symphony Hall,          to include works by Bartok    Hall, Birmingham
Birmingham                   & Shostakovich, Tues 27       ARMIDA New York's
CBSO - FAVOURITE MOZART      Apr, Symphony Hall            Metropolitan Opera Live in
Programme to include         CHARITY GALA EVENING          HD, Sat 1 May, Warwick
works by Schumman &          Featuring Concert Pianist     Arts Centre, Coventry &
Mozart, Wed 21 April,                                      Malvern Theatre,

 ­ FILMS still showing                                               ­
   in APRIL
     Shutter Island         15         business partners whose           woman who, in order to
                                       lives are thrown into disarray    escape her isolation, makes
     Director Martin Scorsese
                                       when twin seven-year-olds         a life-changing journey to
     returns to the horror genre
                                       are put into their care.          Lourdes.
     for the first time since Cape
     Fear with this tense, claus-
     trophobic thriller.               Nanny McPhee                      I Love You
                                       And The Big Bang          U       Phillip Morris    15
                                       A labour of love for Emma
                                       Thompson, the British
                                       actress writes and stars in
                                       this family sequel to the pop-
                                       ular 2005 film.
                                                                                                          Alice In Wonderland       PG

                                                                                                          Nothing is more likely to haunt your dreams this year than
     Motherhood        15                                                                                 Tim Burton’s suitably twisted reimagining of Alice In
                                                                         Jim Carrey stars as a gay,       Wonderland, the king of the subversive fairytale sprinkling
     A mother of two is preparing
                                                                         lovesick prison inmate who       his dark magic deep inside the rabbit hole...
     for her daughter's sixth birth-
     day party, unaware of the                                           goes to hilarious lengths to
                                                                         reconnect with his old cell-     discover that even the           Chloe    15
     challenges she's about to
                                                                         mate.                            wealthiest families have         An untrusting wife attempts
     face in order to pull off the
                                                                                                          skeletons in their closets.      to prove that her husband is
                                       The Blind Side      12a                                                                             cheating by hiring an escort
                                       Taken in by a well-to-do fam-                                      Case 39     15                   to seduce him, inadvertently
                                       ily, a homeless teen devel-                                        As movies go, this one really    endangering her entire fami-
                                       ops into a star athlete in this                                    isn’t very good. It focuses on   ly in the process…
                                       sports-themed drama                                                the struggle of a social work-
                                       inspired by author Michael                                         er to save a child from an
                                       Lewis' best-selling novel.                                         abusive household, only to
                                                                                                          discover that the situation is
                                                                         The Bounty Hunter       15
                                                                                                          worse than she ever imag-
     Green Zone        15                                                Conceived as a kind of Mr        ined.
     Colin Firth delivers a tour de                                      And Mrs Smith meets The
     force performance in a role                                         Break-Up, The Bounty
     that has finally allowed him                                        Hunter is an action-leaning
     to escape from rom-com                                              romantic comedy.                                                  The Scouting
     purgatory.                                                                                                                            Book For Boys      15

     Old Dogs                                                            The Girl With The                                                 The witty and sombre sides
                  PG                   Lourdes     U
                                                                         Dragon Tattoo 18                                                  of growing up in working-
     This charming family come-        Award-winning film about                                                                            class Britain are explored in
     dy tells the story of close       Christine, a wheelchair-using     A discredited journalist and a                                    this coming-of-age drama.
                                                                         mysterious computer hacker

Kakera: A Piece Of
                                                                                                                Films released from Fri 2 April
Our Life       15

Starring Hikari Mitsushima, Eriko Nakamura,
Tasuku Nagaoka, Ken Mitsuishi, Toshie Negishi
Directed by Momoko Andô (Japan)
Anybody with an interest in Japanese culture
will be at home watching Kakera. While this is
no tourist advert, fans of cinema and culture-
enthusiasts alike should certainly enjoy the little
flourishes of genius that make Momoko Andô’s
drama a delight. The story features Haru, a
quiet college student, and Riko, who meet one
day by chance. Riko shows an immediate inter-
est in Haru, and this simple encounter proves
the catalyst for the entire tale…
                                                        Double Take             tbc

                                                        Starring Alfred Hitchcock
                                                        Directed by Johan
                                                        Grimonprez (UK)
                                                        Universal Studios
                                                        California, 1962. Alfred
                                                        Hitchcock, on the set of
                                                        The Birds, is called to the
                                                        production office for an
                                                        urgent message. When
                                                        he arrives, he's shocked
                                                        to be confronted by his
                                                        doppelganger, claiming
                                                        to be the real Alfred
                                                        Hitchcock, who declares:
                                                        'If you meet your double,
                                                        you should kill him. Or he
                                                        will kill you. Two of you is
                                                        one too many. By the
                                                        end of the script, one of
                                                        you must die'...                   Clash Of The Titans               12a

                                                        Using archive footage,             Starring Sam Worthington, Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neeson,
                                                        the film uses Hitchcock's          Gemma Arterton Directed by Louis Leterrier (UK/USA)
                                                        own sardonic wit to                The cult 1981 mythological fantasy adventure is resurrected,
                                                        explore his preoccupa-             complete with glossy blockbuster finish, in this remake from
                                                        tion with doubles - a              Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier. Led by a stellar cast,
                                                        recurring theme in his             the story sees Perseus (Avatar’s Sam Worthington) carrying
                                                        films.                             out a series of quests in order to win the hand of the impris-
                                                                                           oned princess Andromeda (Alexa Davalos).

Samson And Delilah                 15

Starring Marissa Gibson, Rowan MacNamara,
Mitjili Gibson, Scott Thornton
Directed by Warwick Thornton (Australian)
Two teenagers find love in this comedy-drama
from Australia. Samson (Rowan McNamara) is
fifteen-years-old and lives in a shabby town in
the outback. One day, he meets Delilah (Marissa
Gibson), a girl who follows a different path in
life. When the two become victims of violence,
Samson and Delilah hit the road and begin look-
ing for a town where they can lead a better

                                                       Remember Meon, Pierce Brosnan, Emilie de Ravin,

                                                        Starring Robert Pat                           ulter (USA)
                                                                               n Directed by Allen Co
                                                        Chris Cooper, Lena Oli                                ,
                                                                                 the summit of teen pop
                                                        Continuing his rise to                          rs towards more
                                                        Twilight heart-thro  b Robert Pattinson vee
                                                                                                              story focus-
                                                                                     vyweight drama. The
                                                        adult territory in this hea           ous New Yorker, who
                                                                                 ), a rebelli
                                                        es on Tyler (Pattinson                               en buried
                                                                                 de Ravin’s Ally. But wh
                                                        finds love with Emilie                                       er
                                                                                   r the young couple apart, Tyl
                                                         secrets threaten to tea                 rth fighting for…
                                                                                 es love is wo
                                                         realises that sometim

­                                          TO WATCH THE LATEST MOVIE TRAILERS, VISIT:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Monday 19 April –
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Saturday 15 May 2010
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      in venues and locations across
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Birmingham and the West Midlands

                                                                                                                                                                  A fantastic line up of dance from across the globe comes to Birmingham
                                                                                                                                                                  once again, as DanceXchange and Birmingham Hippodrome present the
                                                                                                                                                                  second International Dance Festival Birmingham.

                                                                                                                                                                             Dancing the Waterways                                            Pere Faura / Club Fisk
                                                                                                                                                                             Mon 19 April – Sat 8 May // West Midlands                        Double Bill: This is a picture
                                                                                                                                                                             Canal Network                                                    of a person I don’t know &
                                                                                                                                                                             Four dance artists travel part of the region’s canal
                                                                                                                                                                             network performing a newly commissioned site-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Tue 27 & Wed 28 April // The Patrick Centre,
                                                                                                                                                                             specific piece on and off a canal barge. Wave them off
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Birmingham Hippodrome
                                                                                                                                                                             on their three week dance adventure on Monday 19
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Featuring famous scenes from musicals (This is a
                                                                                                                                                                             April, when the barge will depart from Brindleyplace.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              picture...) and a good dose of classic Scandinavian
                                                                                                                                                                             Mark Morris Dance Group                                          minimalism (Forestillinger ), this double bill is
Dancing the Waterways image: The Mailbox – Barges, photographer Ell Brown (; All other images courtesy of visiting companies

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              nostalgic, funny and poetic.
                                                                                                                                                                             L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed
                                                                                                                                                                             il Moderato                                                      Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui /
                                                                                                                                                                             Thu 22 – Sat 24 April //                                         Sadler’s Wells London
                                                                                                                                                                             Birmingham Hippodrome
                                                                                                                                                                             Boasting 24 dancers and the orchestra and chorus of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Tue 27 & Wed 28 April //
                                                                                                                                                                             English National Opera, Birmingham welcomes the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Birmingham Repertory Theatre
                                                                                                                                                                             return of this brilliant and majestic work by the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Celebrated Flemish/Moroccan choreographer Sidi
                                                                                                                                                                             ‘Mozart of modern dance’ (Washington Post),
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Larbi Cherkaoui presents a dance work featuring 17
                                                                                                                                                                             Mark Morris.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              monks from the original Shaolin Temple in China,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              inspired by their skill, strength and spirituality.
                                                                                                                                                                                  WORLD PREMIERE
                                                                                                                                                                             Rosie Kay Dance Company                                          National Ballet of Cuba
                                                                                                                                                                             5 SOLDIERS                                                       Magia de la Danza & Giselle
                                                                                                                                                                             The Body is the Frontline                                        Tue 27 April – Sat 1 May //
                                                                                                                                                                             Fri 23 & Sat 24 April // The Patrick Centre,                     Birmingham Hippodrome
                                                                                                                                                                             Birmingham Hippodrome                                            With guest appearances by Carlos Acosta (27 & 28
                                                                                                                                                                             A timely, thought provoking and moving exploration of            April), Birmingham welcomes one of the most
                                                                                                                                                                             war in modern times, this dance theatre work weaves              prestigious dance companies in the world on its first
                                                                                                                                                                             a journey of physical transformation, helping us                 UK tour, performing two programmes accompanied
                                                                                                                                                                             understand how soldiers are made and how war                     by the Royal Ballet Sinfonia.
                                                                                                                                                                             affects them.

                                                                                                                                                                             Liquid Loft / Chris Haring
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Outspoken – new performance
                                                                                                                                                                             Running Sushi                                                    from Arab artists
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Thu 29 April – Sun 2 May //
                                                                                                                                                                             Thu 22 – Sat 24 April //
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The Patrick Centre & Ikon Eastside
                                                                                                                                                                             Birmingham Hippodrome
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Be surprised, moved and engaged as IDFB brings you
                                                                                                                                                                             A witty comment on contemporary life, performed
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              the UK’s first performance season dedicated to new
                                                                                                                                                                             on a stage-cum-platter with chopstick-wielding
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              choreography from Arab artists, featuring work from
                                                                                                                                                                             high jumping and dance dishes served up like a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia.
                                                                                                                                                                             sushi menu.

                                                                                                                                                                  Buy your tickets and follow the Festival story
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      IDFB is working in partnership with the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      West Midlands Culture Programme for
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      London 2012, along with a range of other
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      exciting programmes including People
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Dancing, to celebrate and engage people
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      with the region’s world-class cultural offer.

Whip It     12a
Starring Drew Barrymore, Ellen Page, Juliette
                                                                                                              Films released from Fri 9 April
Lewis, Marcia Gay Harden, Alia Shawkat
Directed by Drew Barrymore (USA)
Drew Barrymore makes her directorial debut
with this story of an ex-beauty pageant contest-
ant named Bliss who joins a roller-derby team.
While her mother would prefer that Bliss unlace
her skates, the rebellious teen instead seeks
the wisdom of rowdy mentor Malice in
Wonderland (Kristen Wiig), in order to learn the
tricks of the circuit track.

                                                       The Infidel          15

                                                       Starring Omid Djalili, Paul
                                                       Kaye, Amanda Hart,
                                                       Mina Anwar, Matt Lucas,
                                                       Archie Panjabi Directed
                                                       by Josh Appignanesi
                                                       Comedian David Baddiel
                                                       (of Baddiel and Skinner
                                                       fame) is the man behind
                                                       this new British movie.
                                                       Directed by Josh
                                                       Appignanesi, The Infidel
                                                       is an ‘identity crisis’-
                                                       themed comedy based
                                                       around the character of             I Am Love          15

                                                       Mahmud Nasir (Djalili), a           Starring Tilda Swinton, Flavio Parenti, Edoardo Gabriellini
                                                       successful businessman              Directed by Luca Guadagnino (Italy)
                                                       and salt-of-the-earth East          Tilda Swinton learned both Russian and Italian in order to
                                                       End Muslim who discov-              star in this intriguing film. A tragic love story set in Milan at
                                                       ers not only that he's              the turn of the millennium, it follows the fall of the haute
                                                       adopted but also that               bourgeoisie, when the forces of passion and uncondition-
                                                       he’s Jewish!                        al love are brought to bear on a troubled family.

Shelter     15

Starring Julianne Moore, Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Directed by Måns Mårlind, Björn Stein (USA)
Dr Cara Jessop’s strong faith in both science
and God are put to the test when she’s intro-
duced to a new patient named Adam. The
more information she unearths about the young
man, the more her life and the lives of those
closest to her come under threat...
Great things are expected of Shelter, coming,
as it does, from the directors of The Ring and
Identity. That said, the producers also have the
not so good Amusement on their CVs, so don’t
                                                     Cemetery Junction Hughes, Jack
get too excited just yet...                                                           15

                                                                 oke, Tom
                                                     Starring Christian Co Emily Watson, Ralph
                                                     Doolan, Felicity Jones, Matthew Goode
                                                     Fiennes, Ricky Gerva is, Stephen Merchant (UK)
                                                     Directed by Ricky Ge                        c-     dire
                                                                              to Britain by co-writer/
                                                     Hailed as a love letter               ction is unlike any-
                                                                                 tery Jun
                                                     tor Ricky Gervais, Ceme                             co-
                                                                                his Office and Extras
                                                     thing that Gervais and
                                                                              ant hav  e ever produced
                                                     writer Stephen Merch                                  e
                                                                                  edy, it centres on thre
                                                      before. A 1970s-set com                          urance
                                                      upstart professional   men working at an ins
                                                                                  their days joking, drin
                                                      company and spending                      Freddie gets a
                                                                                  s. But when
                                                      fighting and chasing girl
                                                                                     salesman and bumps
                                                      new    job as a door-to-door
                                                                                eetheart Julie (Felicity
                                                       into his old school sw                         ices that
                                                       Jones), the gang    are forced to make cho
                                                                                fore ver.
                                                        will change their lives

­                                        TO WATCH THE LATEST MOVIE TRAILERS, VISIT:
         Films released from Fri 16 April
                                                                                                                  It’s A Wonderful Afterlife                  PG

                                                                                                                  Starring Jimi Mistry, Shabana Azmi, Goldy
                                                                                                                  Notay, Danny Dyer, Sanjeev Bhaskhar, Zoe
                                                                                                                  Wannamaker, Mark Addy, Sally Hawkins
                                                                                                                  Directed by Gurinder Chadha (UK)
                                                                                                                  Bend It Like Beckham director Gurinder
                                                                                                                  Chadha steps into horror-comedy territory
                                                                                                                  with this intriguing caper that details the mur-
                                                                                                                  derous lengths a mother will go to in an
                                                                                                                  attempt to find her daughter a husband.

         The Ghost       12a

         Starring Pierce Brosnan, Ewan McGregor, Kim Cattral, Tom Wilkinson, Timothy Hutton
         Directed by Roman Polanski (France, Germany, UK)
         Based on Robert Harris’ acclaimed novel, Ghost is the story of a ghostwriter hired to take
         over writing the memoirs of one former British Prime Minister, after the ex-PM’s first co-
         writer dies in an accident. Soon after the Ghost accepts the assignment, a high-ranking
         British official accuses the ex-Prime Minister of illegally seizing suspected terrorists and
         handing them over for torture to the CIA.

     Crying With Laughter              15                                                   Date Night       15

     Starring Stephen McCole, Malcolm Shields,                                                                                        .
                                                                                            Starring Steve Carrell, Tina Fey, Taraji P Henson, Mila Kunis,
     Andrew Neil, Jo Hartley, Laura Keenan, Micaiah                                         Jimmi Simpson, Leighton Meester, Mark Wahlberg
     Dring Directed by Justin Molotnikov (UK)                                               Directed by Shawn Levy (USA)
     A comedian's life suddenly takes some very                                             Steve Carell and Tina Fey star in director Shawn Levy's comedy
     unfunny turns in this independent comedy-                                              about a couple whose routine date becomes anything but when
     drama. Joey Fisk (Stephen McCole) is a                                                 dinner and a movie just won't suffice anymore. With their union in
     Scottish stand-up comic whose career is on the                                         imminent danger of becoming hopelessly monotonous, the des-
     rise. But while Joey's professional life is going                                      perate couple go to unprecedented lengths to preserve the spark.
     well, his personal life is a mess. After meeting
     Frank (Malcolm Shields), the two set off on an
     all-night bender that neither can remember,
     leading to some truly unexpected incidents…

                                                           Cop Out         12a

                                                           Starring Bruce Willis, Tracy
                                                           Morgan, Adam Brody,
                                                           Kevin Pollak Directed by
                                                           Kevin Smith (USA)
                                                           It seems that Bruce Willis
                                                           and Clerks director Kevin
                                                           Smith became pretty close
                                                           after the latter agreed to
                                                           cameo in Willis’ 2007
                                                           blockbuster Die Hard 4.0.
                                                           Now Willis stars in Smith’s
                                                           directorial follow-up to
                                                           Zack And Miri Make A
                                                           Porno, a brash comedy
                                                           adventure from writing duo
                                                           Robb and Mark Cullen.
                                                           The plot see Willis team up
                                                           with Tracy Morgan for a
                                                           buddy adventure about a
                                                           detective investigating the
                                                           disappearance of a base-
                                                           ball card…

Repo Men         18
                                                                                                          Films released from Fri 23 April
Starring Jude Law, Forest Whitaker, Liev
Schreiber, Alice Braga Directed by Miguel
Sapochnik (USA/Canada)
Writers Eric Garcia and Garrett Lerner team with
director Miguel Sapochnik to adapt Garcia's
dark sci-fi novel about a repo man named
Remy whose body has been constructed
almost entirely of artificial organs. When Remy
(Jude Law) fails to keep up on payments for his
recent heart transplant, his former partner vows
to take back the organ - by force if necessary….

                                                         Life During
                                                         Wartime          15

                                                         Starring Shirley
                                                         Henderson, Roslyn Ruff,
                                                         Michael Lerner, Directed
                                                         by Dean DeBlois, Chris
                                                         Sanders (USA)
                                                         Controversial filmmaker
                                                         Todd Solondz returns with
                                                         this quasi-follow-up to
                                                         1998's Happiness. It’s a
                                                         dark comedy drama,              Centurion        15

                                                         focusing on the efforts of      Starring Michael Fassbender, Dominic West, Noel Clarke,
                                                         friends, family and lovers      Olga Kurylenko, Liam Cunningham, David Morrissey
                                                         to find some kind of            Directed by Neil Marshall (UK)
                                                         meaning and purpose in          Neil Marshal, one of the most talented directors working in
                                                         a war-torn world.               British cinema today, moulds the tense atmosphere that he
                                                                                         brought to The Descent with the epic battle scenery of
                                                                                         Doomsday in this all-out action adventure. Featuring a
Cherrybomb            15                                                                 strong cast, Centurion sees a splinter group of Roman sol-
                                                                                         diers fight for their lives behind enemy lines after their legion
Starring Rupert Grint, Robert Sheehan, Kimberley Nixon
Directed by Lisa Barros D’Sa, Glenn Leyburn (UK)                                         is decimated in a devastating guerrilla attack…
This stylish yet realistic portrayal of contemporary teenagers tells a simple story.
Two best friends (Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint and Robert Sheehan) meet a girl
(Kimberley Nixon) who challenges the boys to compete for her affection, leading
to disturbing results. Despite the presence of the much-recognised Ron Weasley,
this dark, artsy movie is no Harry Potter, but rather a film that deals with the chal-
lenges of growing up, accepting responsibilities and falling in love for the first

                                                                                         The Joneses           15

                                                                                         Starring Demi Moore, David Duchovny, Ben Hollingsworth,
                                                                                         Amber Heard Directed by Derrick Borte (USA)
                                                                                         A movie designed to illustrate the fact that ‘keeping up with
                                                                                         the Joneses’ can have dire consequences, The Joneses
                                                                                         tells the story of two couples - Ally and Mitch, and Paul and
                                                                                         Suzanne - for whom a pleasant suburban existence just
                                                                                         doesn’t seem satisfying enough. In an attempt to spice up
                                                                                         their lives, they engage in a game of one-upmanship with
                                                                                         each other. The problem is, their ‘healthy competition’ soon
                                                                                         turns into something a little more serious - so-much-so that
                                                                                         even the furniture isn’t safe anymore!
                                           TO WATCH THE LATEST MOVIE TRAILERS, VISIT:
                                                                                                saved my

     American funnyman Reginald D Hunter talks about his stand-up beginnings in the Midlands,
     his love of England, and how a drunk pulling a gun inspired his move to the UK...
     You started in stand-up in Birmingham,           trying to be supportive but there I was          think that’s really true of comedy as well.
     didn’t you? What are your recollections          talking about f*****g someone and it’s like,     The tough part is dealing with your own
     of the city and the region?                      “hey, we’re trying to be supportive, man,        crap, and I admire anybody who’s got what
     I just remember having a really great time       we really are, but you never used to talk        it takes to get out on that stage and give it
     there. Back in those days everybody and          like that before you went to England!”.          their best shot. I’m really supportive of new
     his mamma owned a small comedy venue,            Down in the Christian south, it’s a very         stand-up comedians, but at the same time,
     and there was this small group of us who         different world, you know. Over here I often     there’s no denying there’s nothing funnier
     knew each other really well. In fact, we         call people ‘sir’ or ‘ma’am’ and everybody       than a stand-up routine really dying on its
     used to help each other with our material.       thinks I’m terribly polite, but actually it’s    ass!
     But what I remember most about those             because that kind of courtesy is burned
     days, cos I’d only just arrived in the UK,       into you when you’re young. In the deep          Do you feel you get a fair press - you’re
     was discovering how different people were        south, if you were a kid and you so much         often accused of misogyny, and you’ve
     over here. For instance, if you had a really     as interrupted two adults talking, you’d get     had issues about your use of the ‘n’
     rough gig, you'd have it explained to you        hit across the face.                             word.
     that you were maybe a little too confident.                                                       Well, you know, I don’t actually read
     That confidence thing is the biggest             What attracted you to England?                   reviews, although the truth is that I should.
     difference between Americans and English         Well, my older sister had spent some time        The great thing about the UK is that
     people. In the US, if you listen to somebody     here and I’d always been fascinated by the       comedy is afforded almost as much
     for long enough, they’ll tell you how great      stories she’d told me about England, about       respect by the critics as theatre, and that
     they are. Over here, if you listen to            how small the refrigerators were and shit        doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world.
     somebody for long enough, they’ll tell you       like that. Then, one night I was taking part     That’s why this country is a great place for
     how crap they are!                               in a card game, and this drunk I was             a comedian to perform.
                                                      playing with realised I was cheating, so he
     What drew you towards stand-up?                  pulled a gun on me. And it’s true what they      How do you evolve a joke?
     I was in the UK and really didn’t have many      say about your life flashing before your         There are plenty of ways, including
     options. In fact, just before my first stand-    eyes, except I also became acutely aware         beginning with the punchline. But really,
     up gig, I saw an advert asking for sperm         of the things I hadn’t yet done. In that nano-   that whole ‘working backwards’ thing is just
     donors, and I was seriously considering it.      second, I realised that if I got out of the      about trying to find a way to say something
     Then I tried the stand-up gig and realised       situation alive, one of the things I had to do   that’s real f****d-up to some nice middle-
     there were maybe some better options             was visit England, this place my sister had      class white folks!
     available for me!                                told me so much about.
                                                                                                        Reginald D Hunter appears at
     Being brought up via a strict church             What’s the hardest thing about being a            Victoria Hall, Hanley, Sun 2 May;
     education, what do your family think             stand-up comedian?                                Birmingham Town Hall, Mon 3 May;
     about your style of stand-up and its             Well, I’d say it’s overcoming yourself,           The Place, Oakengates Theatre, Tues
     subject matter?                                  overcoming your own insecurities. I read a        4 May; Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry,
     Well, I did a gig in Atlanta a couple of years   piece by a mountaineer a couple of years          Sun 16 May; Artrix, Bromsgrove, Tues
     back, and some of my family came along. It       back who was talking about climbing K2,           18 May & Wed 26 May; Malvern
     was in this real red-neck bar, and there my      and I remember him saying, “you don’t             Theatres, Worcestershire, Fri 21 May
     folks were in their church gear! They were       beat the mountain, you beat yourself”. I

                                                                   Andrew Maxwell                                                                                     April
                                                                   The Glee Club,
                                                                   Birmingham, Wed 21 April;
                                                                   Warwick Arts Centre,
                                                                   Coventry, Sun 30 May;
                                                                   Little Civic,
                                                                   Thurs 3 June
                                                                   Andrew Maxwell is widely
                                                                   regarded to be one of the
                                                                   most talented stand-up
                                                                   comedians in the UK. A
                                                                   sell-out hit in both the UK
                                                                   and Ireland, he's appeared
                                                                   on shows such as Have I
                                                                   Got News For You and
                                                                   Argumental, and has been
                                                                   nominated for both the
                                                                   Edinburgh Comedy Award
                                                                   and the Time Out Award.

    Katy Brand’s Big Ass Tour
    Artrix, Bromsgrove, Mon 26 April; Theatre
    Severn, Shrewsbury, Wed 19 May; Stafford
    Gatehouse Theatre, Sat 22 May; Warwick Arts
    Centre, Coventry, Sun 23 May; Alexandra
    Theatre, Birmingham, Mon 31 May
    A familiar telly face on programmes such as
    Have I Got News For You, Peep Show, and her
    very own Big Ass Show, Katy is here presenting
    a show blending anarchic comedy, celebrity                                                            Frankie Boyle
    satire and music spoofs, and which the funnygirl                                                      Symphony Hall, Birmingham, Wed 21 - Thurs 22 April;
    herself describes as 'silly, sassy and smart'.                                                        Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, Fri 7 - Sun 9 May
                                                                   Bradley Walsh                          Mock The Week favourite Frankie has certainly hit the
     Kevin Bridges                                                 Lichfield Garrick,
                                                                   Fri 23 April
                                                                                                          bigtime now, and is much in demand wherever he
     The Glee Club, Birmingham,                                                                           appears. This latest show promises to lift the lid on plenty
     Wed 7 April; Wulfrun Hall,                                    Funnyman Bradley is                    of taboo subjects, on a tour that's certainly not going to
     Wolverhampton, Fri 16 April                                   perhaps best remembered                be lacking bums on seats...
                                                                   for his acting stint in
     Kevin Bridges has come                                        Coronation Street, but
     a long way in a short                                         before his stop-off in                Rhod Gilbert
     time, having not set                                          Weatherfield, he’d made a             Victoria Hall, Stoke-
     foot inside a comedy                                          name for himself as a                 on-Trent,
     club before his first                                         stand-up comedian. He                 Wed 7 April
     open-mic spot six                                             returns to the role of
     short years ago.                                                                                    Welsh misery Rhod
                                                                   laughter-merchant in                  Gilbert takes to the
     Blending social                                               Lichfield, where he
     commentary with                                                                                     road again. With
                                                                   presents his latest one-              sell-out shows at
     astute                                                        man show.
     observations and                                                                                    the Edinburgh
     sharp one-liners,                                                                                   Festival and
     he’s arguably the                                                                                   performances at
     hottest comedy act                                                                                  venues across the
     to come out of                                                                                      globe to
     Scotland in the last                                                                                recommend him,
     ten years.                                                                                          Rhod was recently
                                                                                                         voted one of the
                                                                                                         Top Fifty

    Other highlights Mon 5 April - Sun 2 May                   WELCOME, ZOE LYONS &
                                                               GAVIN WEBSTER Thurs 15 -
                                                                                            Huntingdon Hall,
                                                                                            Worcester; Thurs 22 Apr,
                                                                                                                        ANDY WHITE, TOM DEACON,
                                                                                                                        STEVE ROYLE & GAVIN
                                                                                                                                                     NEWHART & TOM LEHRER
                                                                                                                                                     Peter Gill and Andy Meller
                                                               Sat 17 Apr, The Glee Club,   Stafford Gatehouse          WEBSTER Fri 23 - Sat 24      perform some of the best
    FREDDIE STARR Wed 7 Apr,      Belgrade Theatre, Coventry   Birmingham                   Theatre; Sat 24 Apr,        Apr, Famous For Comedy,      sketches and songs from
    Crewe Lyceum                  MATT READ, LLOYD             ANDY ROBINSON, BARRY         Wulfrun Hall,               Birmingham                   the catalogue of two of
    CHAMBERS & NETTLETON          LANGFORD, SIMON B. COTTER    DODDS, ANDREW BIRD &         Wolverhampton               REAL DEAL COMEDY JAM Sat     America’s greatest satirists
    Thurs 8 Apr, Lichfield        & ANDY ASKINS, Fri 9 - Sat   OWEN O’NEILL Fri 16 - Sat    ERIC'S TALES OF THE SEA     24 Apr, Alexandra Theatre,   of the 50s and 60s, Fri 30
    Garrick                       10 Apr, Famous For           17 Apr, Famous For           One-man show with a         Birmingham                   Apr, Huntingdon Hall,
    SEAN LOCK Thurs 8 Apr,        Comedy, Birmingham           Comedy, Birmingham           difference, Thurs 22 Apr,   JIM DAVIDSON Sun 25 Apr,     Worcester
    Civic Hall, Wolverhampton;    DARA O'BRIAIN Tue 13 Apr,    ROY WALKER Sat 17 Apr,       Old Joint Stock Theatre,    Civic Hall, Wolverhampton    MIKE MILLIGAN, ROY WOOD
    Sat 10 Apr, Theatre Severn,   Civic Hall, Wolverhampton;   Royal Spa Centre,            Birmingham                  ROY 'CHUBBY' BROWN Tue       JR & PAUL TONKINSON Fri 30
    Shrewsbury                    Sun 25 Apr, Warwick Arts     Leamington Spa; Fri 23       JOHN FOTHERGILL, JIMMY      27 - Wed 28 Apr, Crewe       Apr, Famous For Comedy,
    TOM STADE, KEITH FARNAN,      Centre, Coventry             Apr, Solihull Arts Complex   MCGHIE, IAN COGNITO &       Lyceum                       Birmingham
    JAMES GOLDSBURY & SEAN        ISSY SUTI Wed 14 Apr,        FERGUS CRAIG, ROB DEERING    STEPHEN CARLIN Thurs 22     JETHRO Wed 28 Apr,           RUSSELL KANE Sun 2 May,
    COLLINS Thurs 8 - Sat 10      Kitchen Garden Cafe,         & MC ED GAMBLE Sun 18        Apr, The Glee Club,         Bedworth Civic Hall          Warwick Arts Centre,
    Apr, The Glee Club,           King’s Heath, Birmingham     Apr, Theatre Severn,         Birmingham                  PIERRE HOLLINS, STEVE        Coventry
    Birmingham                    RICKY TOMLINSON'S            Shrewsbury                   JOHN FOTHERGILL, JIMMY      HARRIS, STEVE BEST &         KEN DODD Sun 2 May,
    UNDERBELLY BELLY LAUGHS       LAUGHTER SHOW Thurs 15       JEFF DUNHAM COMEDY           MCGHIE, IAN COGNITO &       PATRICK MONAHAN Thu 29       Birmingham Hippodrome
    LIVE! FEATURING ANDRE         Apr, Alexandra Theatre,      VENTRILOQUIST Mon 19 Apr,    OWEN O'NEILL Fri 23 - Sat   Apr - Sat 9 Apr, The Glee
    VINCENT, PETE JONAS, PETE     Birmingham                   Civic Hall, Wolverhampton    24 Apr, The Glee Club,      Club, Birmingham
    CAIN & SMILEY Fri 9 Apr,      TOM WRIGGLESWORTH, MATT      JOHN BISHOP Wed 21 Apr,      Birmingham                  AN EVENING WITH BOB

                                                       FOR THE LATEST COMEDY LISTINGS VISIT:
        At The
     Prince of Wales Centre
      Friday 9 April
      Monday 19 April

      Fri 23 April
      THE KINX

      Saturday 24 April
      Sunday 25 April
      That’s Entertainment/Mr Blue Sky 'That's Entertainment'
      a brand new double-bill featuring two new comedies of
      back-stage life by Lichfield writer Phil Preece, author of
      cult 'House of Pain'.

      Thursday 29 April
      Thursday 6 May

      Friday 7 May
      Saturday 8 May
      Friday 28 May

      Saturday 29 May

      Friday 11 June

      Wednesday & Thursday 16 & 17 June

      Friday 18 June
      Friday 25 June
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                                                                                                                                          From Mon 5 - Sat 11 April
Belgrade Theatre, Coventry,
Tues 6 - Sat 10 April
Barry Howard and Nikki Kelly, who starred in the
original telly show, are both present-and-correct
in this new version of the stage production, last
performed in the West End in 1984. The show’s
revival follows on from the recent stage-version
successes of other popular TV sitcoms like
Dad’s Army, Porridge and Last Of The Summer

                                                                  What Black
                                                                  Women Want
                                                                  Grand Theatre,
                                                                  Sun 11 April
                                                                  An exploration of the lives
                                                                  of black British women,
                                                                  writer Yaw Asiyama’s play
                                                                  brings together a selection
                                                                  of sympathetically told
                                                                  short stories which reveal
                                                                  the private lives and
                                                                  thoughts of twelve very dif-
                                                                  ferent women.

Antony & Cleopatra                                                Stop Messing
The Courtyard, Stratford-upon-Avon,
Sat 10 April - Thurs 28 August
                                                                  The Grand Theatre,
Politics and passion sit at the very heartland of                 Wolverhampton,
this captivating and oft-performed                                Fri 9 - Sat 10 April
Shakespearian tragedy, which finds two charis-                    Sketches, parodies and                  Les Miserables
matic and powerful leaders embarking on an                        songs are brought together              Birmingham Hippodrome, until Sat 17 April
unavoidable collision-course with one another.                    in this intriguing show,                Gareth Gates stars in Cameron Mackintosh's twenty-fifth
RSC Artistic Director Michael Boyd directs Darrell                which is set during a live              anniversary production of the world's longest running musi-
D'Silva and Kathryn Hunter in the title roles.                    BBC recording that reunit-              cal. Lavish, magnificent and awesome in its power, Les Mis
                                                                  ed Kenneth Williams with                grips from start to finish, presenting a universal story of
                                                                  Hugh Paddick and his                    struggle and survival that's both memorable and heartrend-
                                                                  Carry On co-star Joan                   ing. And throughout it all, there's Schonberg’s score and
                                                                  Sims.                                   Bloubil’s original lyrics to enjoy; simple but forceful.

                                                                                                          An Audience With The Chuckle
                                                                                                          Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton, Sat 3 - Sun 4 April;
                                                                                                          Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham, Tues 6 April
                                                                                                          Paul and Barry make a welcome return to the Midlands with
                                                                                                          their latest show. Classic routines and plenty of audience
                                                                                                          participation feature in the latest production, which follows
                                                                                                          hot on the heels of the twenty-first BBC TV series of the ever-
                                                                                                          successful Chucklevision.

    Other highlights Mon 5 - 11 April                          Garrick Youth Theatre,
                                                               Tues 6 - Sat 10 Apr,
                                                                                             fine this truly sensational
                                                                                             musical for a new genera-
                                                                                                                             TELFORD'S TALENT 2010
                                                                                                                             Fun-packed night for all
                                                                                                                                                             HUG The People's Theatre
                                                                                                                                                             Company present a family
ARTHUR & GEORGE Powerful       senter Peter Hillier, Tue 6     Lichfield Garrick             tion, Wed 7 - Sat 17 Apr,       the family, Fri 9 Apr, The      performance that's adapt-
new stage adaptation           Apr, Solihull Arts Complex      THEO THE MOUSE'S MUSICAL      The Dream Factory,              Place, Oakengates Theatre       ed from Steven Lee's col-
that's based on Julian         FASCINATING AIDA Tue 6          MADHOUSE Brand new            Warwick                         DON'T LET THE PIGEON DRIVE      lection of short stories, Sat
Barnes' semi-fictional         Apr, Solihull Arts Complex      interactive show for young    THE STORYTELLER WHO FOR-        THE BUS Big Wooden              10 Apr, The Swan Theatre,
novel, Fri 1 - Sat 10 Apr,     AN EVENING WITH GERVAISE        children, Tue 6 Apr, Royal    GOT The Babbling                Horse Theatre Company           Worcester
Birmingham Repertory           PHINN Tue 6 Apr, Theatre        Spa Centre, Leamington        Vagabonds present an            present a lively show full of   THE MAYOR'S VARIETY
Theatre                        Severn, Shrewsbury              Spa; Tue 13 Apr, Palace       epic adventure that follows     fun, feathers and laughter,     SPECTACULAR Sat 10 Apr,
BEHUD (BEYOND BELIEF)          SERENADING LOUIE Donmar         Theatre, Redditch             one man's quest to find a       with original music and lots    Palace Theatre, Redditch
Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti's con-    Warehouse presents              HIGH SCHOOL ROCKS             story fit for a king, Thurs 8   of audience participation,      TWO STORIES HIGH A dou-
troversial story about an      Landford Wilson’s portrait      Interactive production fea-   Apr, Tamworth Assembly          Fri 9 Apr, Solihull Arts        ble bill of devised drama
artist struggling to be        of two suburban American        turing the hits from High     Rooms                           Complex                         from Perdiswell Young
heard. Suitable for ages 14    couples, Tue 6 - Sat 10         School Musical 1, 2, 3;       TALES OF THE COUNTRY The        POSTMAN PAT - A VERY            Peoples Leisure Club, Sun
plus, Sat 1 - Sat 10 Apr,      Apr, Curve Theatre,             Hannah Montana & Camp         award-winning Pentabus          ROYAL MISSION Fri 9 Apr,        11 Apr, The Swan Theatre,
Belgrade Theatre,              Leicester                       Rock, Wed 7 Apr, Palace       Theatre Company present         Theatre Severn,                 Worcester
Coventry                       THE 39 STEPS Version of         Theatre, Redditch             the world premiere of their     Shrewsbury                      BROADWAY & BEYOND Mix of
THE SECRET OF SHERLOCK         Alfred Hitchcock's classic      CUTTINGS A selection of       latest production, Thurs 8      THAT'LL BE THE DAY ROCK 'N'     live music, movement and
HOLMES Mon 5 - Sat 10          spy thriller, direct from the   readings and performanc-      Apr, Theatre Severn,            ROLL TOURING SHOW Fri 9 -       wit, performed by eight
Apr, Malvern Theatres,         West End, Tue 6 - Sat 10        es from new young writers,    Shrewsbury; Thurs 22 Apr,       Sat 10 Apr, Stafford            versatile West End profes-
Worcester                      Apr, Curve Theatre,             Wed 7 & 9 Apr,                The Rose Theatre,               Gatehouse Theatre; Thurs        sionals, Sun 11 Apr, Royal
CBEEBIES BOOGIE PETE LIVE!     Leicester                       Birmingham Repertory          Kidderminster                   29 Apr, Royal Spa Centre,       Spa Centre, Leamington
New interactive stage          WEST SIDE STORY Amateur         Theatre                       WHO MOVED THE EGG Thurs         Leamington Spa                  Spa
show from CBeebies pre-        production by the Lichfield     HAIR Playbox Theatre rede-    8 Apr, Stratford Civic Hall     HOW THE KOALA LEARNT TO


­                                                     FOR THE LATEST THEATRE LISTINGS VISIT:
     April highlights at Artrix
                                        Wednesday 7th April
                                        CHRISTINE WALKDEN                                                                                             Saturday 31 March | 7.30pm
                                        Audience with the gardening expert from The One Show
                                                                                                                                                      Jazz iN THe Bar
                                        Friday 9th & Saturday 10th April                                                                              Free Event Featuring The Rachael Cohen Trio
                                        SWAN LAKE                                                                                                     Friday 9 April | 3pm & 7.30pm
                                        Magical ballet form Vienna Festival Ballet
                                        Sunday 11th April                                                                                             A double bill of plays from Opus Theatre
                                        DR PHIL HAMMOND                                                                                               Thursday 22 April | 8pm
                                        Rude Health Show with Dr Phil
                                                                                                                                                      eriC’S TaleS of THe Sea:                  a Submariner’s yarn
                                        Subday 18th April                                                                                             A Comedy Night with a difference from Jon Briley’s BEST MEDICINE
                                        ALBERT LEE & HOGAN’S HEROES
                                        One of the World’s finest guitar players                                                                      Monday 26 - Friday 30 April | Jazz 7.30pm
                                                                                                                                                      oJS Jazz & Beer feSTival
                                        Saturday 24th April                                                                                           Celebrate Old Favourites and New Guest Ales along with
                                        JOHN COOPER CLARKE                                                                                            Old Favourites and New Jazz Musicians
                                        Legendary punk poet with Spoz
                                                                                                                                                      Saturday 8 May | Special 2.30pm Matinee
                                        Monday 26th April                                                                                             THe CHeeKy CHappie
                                        KATY BRAND                                                                                                    Dave Sealey presents his show about comedian Max Miller
                                        Star of ITV2s Big Ass Show
                                                                                                                                                                           Now here’s a reason to come
     Forthcoming cinema includes:                                                                                                                                         into Birmingham on a Sunday!
     LOVELY BONES (12A) // PONYO (U) // SEX & DRUGS & ROCK & ROLL (15)                                                                                          We are now opeN SuNday’S from 12noon - 5pm.
     PRINCESS & THE FROG (U) // INVICTUS (12A) // BOYS ARE BACK (12A)                                                                                            ServiNg food from 12noon - 4pm and playing
     DEATH IN VENICE (12A) // A SONG TO REMEMBER (U) // A PROPHET (18)                                                                                                    live Jazz from 1pm - 3pm.
     MICMACS (12A) // PRECIOUS (15) // THE WHITE RIBBON (15) // CRAZY HEART (15)
     The new Artrix brochure is available                                                                                                                                                              Box Office:
     to download on                                                                                                               0121 200 0946 / 0121 303 2323 / 0845 680 1926
     For bookings & full details log onto                                                                                                             or Book On-line at: / or phone 01527 577330                                                                                                                     The Old Joint Stock, 4 Temple Row West Birmingham, B2 5NY.
     Artrix, Slideslow Drive, Bromsgrove B60 1PQ Free parking on-site                                                                                                     Web:

                                                                                                                                 SIDI LARBI CHERKAOUI /
                                                                                                                                 SADLER’S WELLS LONDON
                                                                                                                                 Tuesday 27 & Wednesday 28 April // 8pm
                                                                                                                                 Birmingham Repertory Theatre
                                                                                                                                 Celebrated Flemish/Moroccan choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui presents
                                                                                                                                 a dance work inspired by the skill, strength and spirituality of Buddhist
                                                                                                                                 Shaolin monks. He has collaborated closely with Turner Prize-winning artist
                                                                                                                                 Antony Gormley, who has created a design consisting of 21 wooden boxes,
                                                                                                                                 repositioned during the performance to create a striking, ever changing on-
                                                                                                                                 stage environment.
                                                                                                                                 Featuring 17 Monks directly from the original Shaolin Temple in China, the
                                                                                                                                 piece also includes a beautiful brand new score for piano, percussion and
                                                                                                                                 strings by Polish composer Szymon Brzóska, which is played live.
                                                                                                                                 A Sadler’s Wells Production. Co-produced with Athens Festival, Festival de
                                                                                                                                 Barcelona Grec, Grand Théãtre de Luxembourg, La Monnaie Brussels
                                                                                                                                 Festival d’Avignon, Fondazione Musica per Roma and Shaolin Cultural
                                                                                                                                 Communications Company.
     “Exceeds even
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Image: Hugo Glendinning

     our highest                                                                                                                      Tickets: £12-£20                                                                                    Dance in

                                                                                                                                      Buy tickets by phone: 0121 236 4455
     expectations.”                                                                                                                   PLEASE NOTE TRANSACTION CHARGES MAY APPLY.

                                                                                                                                      Buy tickets online:
     HHHHH                         THE TIMES

                                                                                                                                     producers                                  funders                                media                       accommodation
     International Dance Festival Birmingham 2010 runs from Monday 19 April –                                                                                                                                          partner                     partner
     Saturday 15 May in venues and locations across Birmingham and the West
     Midlands. To find out more about the fantastic line up of performances and opportu-
     nities to get involved, follow the Festival story at

             IDFB is working in partnership with the West Midlands Culture Programme for London 2012, along with a range of other exciting programmes including People Dancing, to celebrate and engage people with the region’s world-class cultural offer.

                                                                        My Mother                                                    From Mon 12 - Sun 18 April
                                                                        Said I Never
                                                                        Swan Theatre, Worcester,
                                                                        Wed 14 - Sat 17 April;
                                                                        Crescent Theatre,
                                                                        Birmingham, Sat 17 - Fri
                                                                        23 April
                                                                        Chosen by the Royal
                                                                        National Theatre as one
                                                                        of the hundred most sig-
                                                                        nificant plays of the
                                                                        twentieth century, My
                                                                        Mother Said I Never
                                                                        Should moves back and
                                                                        forth through the lives of
                                                                        four women, and sets
                                                                        the enormous social
                                                                        changes of the last cen-
                                                                        tury against the desire to
Girls’ Night Out                                                        love and be loved.
Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, Mon 12 - Sat 17 April;                                                         Frankie & Johnny
Regent Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent, Tues 13 - Sat 17                                                           Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton, Mon 12 - Sat 17 April
July; Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham, Mon 19 - Fri
23 July                                                                The Carnival                        “It’s a story about two adults who’ve been damaged by life,”
                                                                       The Drum, Birmingham,               says Hollywood actress Kelly McGillis of Frankie & Johnny,
Jane is preparing for the biggest day of her life,
                                                                       Wed 14 - Fri 16 April               the new stage version of which Kelly is currently starring in.
and that wouldn’t be complete without a traditional
                                                                                                           “One of them is really keen to have a relationship, the
hen night with the girls. Meanwhile Tony and the                       Presented by students of
                                                                                                           other’s more cautious. It’s a funny play that deals with how
boys are making the final changes to their make-                       Young Gifted Brum, this
                                                                                                           people come to terms with their own baggage.”
or-break ladies-only show...                                           pantomime performance
Girls’ Night Out has been described as ‘a story of                     is suitable for all the fami-
love, laughter and men in thongs’, and comes                           ly. Clive secretly admires
complete with a pop soundtrack that’s been                             the carnival queen - but
designed with the intention of getting you dancing                     the sixty-six-year-old rub-
in the aisles!                                                         bish man would rather
                                                                       take her place than take
Sherlock Holmes...                                                     her out! Planning to res-
                                                                       cue a failing Birmingham
The Last Act                                                           carnival, Clive unknowing-
Lichfield Garrick,                                                     ly burns the hand that
Fri 16 April                                                           feeds him...
A highly original one-
man play, The Last Act!
finds England's greatest
sleuth drawn from two
year's Sussex retire-
ment for the funeral of
his friend, Dr. Watson -
an event which pre-
cipitates a return to
Baker Street to
resolve the last act of
a truly epic career...
                                                                                                           Tejinder The Terminator
Exams Are Getting Easier                                                                                   The Drum, Birmingham, Sat 17 - Sun 18 April
The Rep, Birmingham, Thurs 15 - Sat 17 April                                                               Performed in Punjabi and combining humour, poetry, dance
Commissioned for and developed with members                                                                and music, Tejinder The Terminator tells the story of a lazy
of The Young Rep, this new play by Ben                                                                     cop who's sent on a special mission to England to terminate
Musgrave, winner of the 2006 Bruntwood                                                                     the infamous serial killer Swarn Kaur. It isn't long, though,
Playwriting Competition, asks where self-respect                                                           before Tejinder finds that his mission is a lot more confusing
comes from.                                                                                                than he'd imagined it would be...

                                                                              Contact and Birmingham            Barry Manilow's famous song,      plus, Thurs 15 Apr, Ludlow
    Other highlights Mon 12 - 18 April                                        Repertory Theatre present an      Wed 14 - Sat 17 Apr, Tamworth     Assembly Rooms
                                                                              anarchic and energetic piece of   Assembly Rooms                    MARC THOMPSON - CLOSE UP
 THE HISTORY BOYS Alan Bennett’s         Donaldson's magical tale for chil-   theatre, Tue 13 - Sat 17 Apr,     JOE POWER - PSYCHIC Wed 14        MAGICIAN Thurs 15 Apr, Lichfield
 award-winning play that’s set in a      dren, Mon 12 - Tue 13 Apr,           Curve Theatre, Leicester          Apr, Royal Spa Centre,            Garrick
 school in the North of England,         Stafford Gatehouse Theatre           CAROUSEL The Arcadians present    Leamington Spa                    TOM OWEN - TREADING THE
 where a bunch of boisterous             DEAD GUILTY The Nonentities          the Rodgers & Hammerstein         A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE     BOARDS Fri 16 Apr, The Swan
 sixth-form boys attempt to fight        present a tense psychological        multi-award-winning musical,      WAY TO THE FORUM Amateur pro-     Theatre, Worcester
 off all distractions in a bid to gain   study of guilt & obsession, Mon      Tue 13 - Sat 17 Apr, Crescent     duction presented by Mad Cow      PAM AYRES Sat 17 Apr, Bedworth
 entrance to Oxford or                   12 - Sat 17 Apr, The Rose            Theatre, Birmingham               Productions, Wed 14 - Sat 17      Civic Hall; Wed 21 - Thu 22 Apr,
 Cambridge, Mon 12 - Sat 17              Theatre, Kidderminster               PEPPA PIGS PARTY Stage produc-    Apr, Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury   Lichfield Garrick
 April, Malvern Theatre, Worcester       BRASSED OFF A touching and sav-      tion of the award-winning chil-   CERI DUPREE One night, One        TALES OF TERROR Featuring the
 COPACABANA Performed by                 age account of a tight-knit min-     dren's TV favourite, Wed 14 -     man, One dozen Divas, Wed 14 -    stories of MR James and
 Coleshill Operatic Society, Mon         ing community's struggle when        Thurs 15 Apr, The Place,          Fri 16 Apr, Old Rep, Birmingham   Lafcadio Hearn, Sat 17 Apr,
 12 Apr, Solihull Arts Complex           their local pit faces closure, Tue   Oakengates Theatre                A LITTLE PRINCESS Image Musical   Artrix, Bromsgrove; Fri 23 - Sat
 THE GRUFFALO Tall Stories present       13 - Sat 17 Apr, Lichfield Garrick   COPACABANA Hit, though rather     Theatre present an interactive    24 Apr, Lichfield Garrick
 their adaptation of Julia               GHOST BOY 20 Stories High,           contrived musical based on        performance for children aged 4


­                                                         FOR THE LATEST THEATRE LISTINGS VISIT:

                                                              COMING SOON TO THEATRE SEVERN
                                                     R YO
                                                   BROCHUUR                  Thur 1 April
     THaT’ll Be THe day                                                      BREABACH
     fri 9 - Sat 10 april                                                    The acclaimed quartet Breaback are one of the most diverse
     Often referred to as
                                                                             and inventive bands to have emerged from the Scottish folk
     the hottest show in                                                     scene in recent years. Having appeared at the Shrewsbury Folk
     town, the legendary                                                     Festival for the past two years, the band never fail to impress
     That’ll Be The Day, the                                                 their audience with their collective charm and talents.
     nation’s most success-
     ful touring production
     returns.                           7.30pm, £19                          Thur 15 April

     THe gruffalo
                                                                             STEPHEN VENABLES
                                                                             IN THE STEPS OF SHACKLETON
                                     Mon 12 -                                Stephen brings Ernest Shackleton’s extraordinary expedition to
                                     Tue 13 april                            life, using his highly acclaimed photos and natural storytelling
                                     A Tall Stories                          gifts to illustrate this treacherous journey and capture the thrill
                                     Production Based on                     of climbing, skiing and sailing in a place of such haunting
                                     the Award Winning
                                     Picture Book by Julia
     Mon-1.30pm,Tue-11.30am & 1.30pm Donaldson & Axel
     £10, Family Ticket (for 4) £34 Scheffler.
                                                                             Wed 21 & Thu 22 April
     JaKe aNd elwood                                                         RICHARD ALSTON DANCE COMPANY                                          Oh What A
     THe BeST BlueS BroTHer
     SHow iN THe world ever!
                                                                             Theatre Severn welcomes back Richard Alston Dance Company
                                                                             with a programme that includes OVERDRIVE, SHUFFLE IT
                                                                                                                                                   Lovely War!
                                                                             RIGHT and the exquisitely beautiful LIGHT FLOODING INTO               Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, Tues
     Sat 17 april
                                                                             DARKENED ROOMS. Please ask about Richard’s pre-perform-               20 - Sat 24 April; Malvern Theatre,
     Jake and Elwood invite
     you to spend an
                                                                             ance talk and the dance workshops available.                          Worcestershire, Tues 11 - Sat 15
     evening in Chicago and                                                                                                                        May
     witness their musical                                                   Sun 25 April                                                          Joan Littlewood’s scathing satire
     extravaganza as they
     explode on stage with                                                   CHRIS DEAN’S                                                          on the events of the Great War
     classics like Everybody                                                                                                                       unfolds in music hall style, pre-
     Needs Somebody and I                                                    SYD LAWRENCE ORCHESTRA LIVE                                           senting a series of tableaux that
     Feel Good.                   8.00pm, £17 (£15.50 conc)                  A captivating and exciting performance packed with sizzle,
                                                                             transports you to those glory days of live music with the ‘Best
                                                                                                                                                   transport the audience from the
     MaNCHeSTer CaMeraTa                                                     Big Band In The Land’. Featuring the music of Glen Miller,            grim realities of the battlefield, via
     NigHT aNd day                                                           Count Basie, Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman Billy            the home front, to the headquar-
                                                                             May, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and many, many more.              ters of General Haig, where deci-
                                    fri 23 april                                                                                                   sions were made which brought
                                    The shimmering
                                    images of a hot after-
                                                                                                                                                   about the loss of thousands of
                                                                             Wed 28 April
                                    noon and the poetry                                                                                            young lives. The songs are
                                    of romantic love on a                    WE’LL MEET AGAIN                                                      famous, the jokes as old as the
                                    summer evening are at                    Hits from the Blitz. Starring Andy Eastwood, brilliant musical
          7.30pm - Concert,         the heart of this con-                                                                                         hills, and the sketches laced with
                                                                             star, comedian Steve Barclay, star vocalists Shelley James and        humour. This production also fea-
            £15 (£13 conc)          cert.
                                                                             Tony Leyton, and host Mervyn Francis in a show promising to
                                                                             evoke the spirit of wartime Britain.
                                                                                                                                                   tures members of the original
     we’ll MeeT agaiN                                                                                                                              cast.
     HiTS froM THe BliTz
     wed 5 May
     Relive the spirit of the                                                Wed 5 & Thu 6 May
                                                                                                                                                   Beauty & The Beast
     40s with this wonder-                                                                                                                         Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton,
     ful afternoon perform-                                                  THE PEARL FISHERS                                                     Tues 20 to Sat 24 April
     ance of Hits from the
     Blitz, with lots of sing-
                                                                             Swansea City Opera’s visual and dramatic production of
                                                                             Bizet’s steamy tale of a tautly woven friendship, loyalty and for-
                                                                                                                                                   When a young woman is captured
     along tunes that will
     bring back warm mem-                                                    bidden love.                                                          by a hideous beast, she finds herself
     ories.                        2.00pm, £12 (£10 conc)                                                                                          facing a life of isolation in his myste-
                                                                                                                                                   rious palace. The Beast, too, is
     aN eveNiNg wiTH                                                                                                                               trapped, seemingly forever, inside
     paM ayreS                                                               Wed 19 May                                                            the grotesquery of his physical
                                    Mon 10 May                               KATY BRAND’S BIG ASS TOUR                                             appearance, the consequence of a
                                    Pam Ayres brings her                     Following the success of her hit TV show, Katy is returning to        spell cast upon him by an evil witch.
                                    current show to the
                                    Gatehouse, thirty-five
                                                                             her live roots with this silly, sassy and smart evening of comedy.    Only Beauty’s ability to look beyond
                                    years after she first                    Featuring old favourites and new material, there’s something          his ugliness and see the person
                                    appeared on the                          here for everyone. Recommended ages 14+.
                                    Britain’s Got Talent TV
                                                                                                                                                   within can save him.
                                    show of its day,                                                                                               This is an amateur production by the
            7.30pm, £17.50          Opportunity Knocks.                                                                                            West Bromwich Operatic Society.
                                                                             Fri 28 May
     THe MaN wHo
     CyCled THe world                                                        BALLET CENTRAL 2010 TOUR                                              Imperfect
                                                                             Ballet Central is proud to bring their 25th anniversary tour          Belgrade Theatre, Coventry,
     Sat 15 May                                                              to Theatre Severn offering a varied programme of ballet, con-         Thurs 22 to Sat 24 April
     In 2008 Mark                                                            temporary and jazz from some of the world’s leading choreogra-
     Beaumont broke the                                                      phers.                                                                Do today’s youngsters live in con-
     world record for
     cycling solo around the
                                                                                                                                                   stant denial of who they really are,
     world. In 2009 he set                                                                                                                         locked in a battle of self identity?
     out on a second ultra-                                                                                                    VISIT OU            Imperfect examines the damage that
     endurance solo, cycling                                                                                                 WEBSITE R
     the 15,000 mile length                                                                                                  VIEW MO O             society is inflicting on future genera-
     of the American                                                                                                                  RE           tion and explores the idea that peo-
     Cordillera.                  7.30pm, £13.50 (£12 conc)                                                                   SHOWS!
                                                                                                                                                   ple are restricted not by who they
                                                                                                                                                   are, but by who they think they’re
       BOOKONLINE                                             Box Office 01743 281 281                               Frankwell Quay,               not.
                                                                                                                     Shrewsbury, Shropshire,
     Box office 01785 254653                                  Book Online                    SY3 8FT                                                                                                            ­
                                                                                                                                     From Mon 19 - Sun 25 April
The Rep, Birmingham, Thurs 22 April - Sat 8 May
This German play arrives at The Rep with the
distinction of having once been banned! With
the ban now lifted, Lutz Hubner’s hard-hitting
piece about sexual attitudes, provocation and
intercultural confusion follows the experiences
of four teenagers on a daytrip to Cologne. By
the end of the night, one of them is dead, two in
police custody, and the fourth recovering from
stab wounds. Police psychologist Kobert is left
with the task of trying to find out what hap-

                                                                Gordon Smith
                                                                Wulfrun Hall,
                                                                Wed 21 April
                                                                Along with Colin Fry, Tony
                                                                Stockwell and Derek
                                                                Acorah, Gordon Smith is
                                                                one of Britain's best known
                                                                psychics, and is a familiar
                                                                face on all manner of 'talk-
                                                                ing to the dead' satellite TV
                                                                You either have time for
  Sing-a-long-a Rocky Horror                                    this kind of gig or you                Dreamboats And Petticoats
  Picture Show                                                  don't. If you do, Smith will
                                                                impress you big-time. If
                                                                                                       Malvern Theatre, Mon 19 to Sat 24 April
                                                                                                       Birmingham Hippodrome, Mon 17 May - Sat 22 May
  Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham, Fri 23 April
                                                                you don't, no amount of                This touring musical is inspired by the best-selling album of
  Sing-a-long-a shows are all the rage nowa-                    bigging him up will make a             the same title. Set in 1961, it follows the fortunes of young
  days, and this one promises to be particular-                 ghost of a difference to               musicians Norman and Bobby as they compete to win the
  ly memorable. The evening features a                          you...                                 hearts of their adoring female fans - and, more specifically,
  screening of Richard O'Brien's cult 1970s
                                                                                                       the gorgeous Laura... The show features hit songs from the
  Picture Show movie version (certificate 15) -
                                                                                                       likes of Roy Orbison, The Shadows, Eddie Cochran, Billy
  and with die-hard Rocky Horror fans needing
  little by way of invitation to get dressed up                 Return To The                          Fury and Chuck Berry.
  and act outrageously, this should be a fun                    Forbidden
  night out indeed!
                                                                Planet                                 The Secret Lives Of Henry & Alice
                                                                The Place, Oakengates                  Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton, Fri 16 April;
                                                                Theatre, Tues 20 - Sat 24              Stafford Gatehouse Theatre, Wed 21 - Sat 24 April
                                                                April                                  For Henry Smith - actor, raconteur, sporting hero, socialite,
                                                                Distinguishing itself as the           business tycoon, secret agent, Casanova and acting
                                                                best of all the cult musi-             President of the United States, life was rarely dull. For Alice
                                                                cals, Return To The                    Smith - housewife - life was rarely anything else! Enter
                                                                Forbidden Planet is a crazy            Michel, a French waiter; tall, dark and available. Exactly what
                                                                sci-fi version of                      happened next, no one's quite sure, except that it involved a
                                                                Shakespeare’s The                      deck chair and a bottle of neck-rub...
                                                                Tempest, featuring rock-
                                                                ’n’roll classics aplenty from          That’s Entertainment/Mr Blue Sky
                                                                the 1950s and ’60s, includ-
                                                                                                       Prince Of Wales Centre, Cannock, Sun 25 April
                                                                ing I Heard It Through The
                                                                Grapevine, The Monster                 This is a double-bill of plays from Midlands writer Phil
                                                                Mash, Good Vibrations and              Preece. That’s Entertainment finds national TV stars Joe and
                                                                Great Balls Of Fire...                 Lee locked in a backstage battle on a big ‘awards’ night...
                                                                This is an amateur produc-             Mr Blue Sky, meanwhile, focuses on ageing rocker Vince
                                                                tion presented by Tadlop.              Megre and the unexpected emotions that are stirred within
                                                                                                       him by a young female autograph hunter...

                                                                        SHIRLEY WILLIAMS Wed 21 - Thurs     MIDDAY VARIETY Les Wilson hosts      let their imaginations run away
  Other highlights Mon 19 - 25 April                                    22 Apr, Lichfield Garrick           an evening of entertainment,         with them, Sat 24 Apr, Curve
                                                                        UNDER MILK WOOD Stage2 present      complete with live music and a       Theatre, Leicester
NIGHTMARE - THE FRIGHT OF YOUR      OLIVER! Amateur production pre-     their version of the Dylan Thomas   variety line-up, Fri 23 Apr,         ENCHANTED BURLESQUE DREAMS
LIFE Mon 19 - Sat 24 Apr, Crewe     sented by the Studley Operatic      classic, Wed 21 - Fri 23 Apr,       Belgrade Theatre, Coventry           COME TRUE Burlesque returns to
Lyceum                              Society Musical Theatre Group,      Crescent Theatre, Birmingham        TWO PART CONTENTION A double-        the theatre in a shower of glitter
BACK TO BROADWAY Celebration of     Tue 20 - Sat 24 Apr, Palace         MARK BEAUMONT - THE MAN WHO         bill of one-act plays, Fri 23 Apr,   and razzle dazzle to make your
the best of the West End and        Theatre, Redditch                   CYCLED THE WORLD Thurs 22 Apr,      Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton         heart sing. This show is for those
Broadway, Tue 20 Apr, Dudley        GOOD OLD DAYS Stu Francis hosts     Malvern Theatres, Worcester         DEBBIE REYNOLDS: ALIVE AND           aged 18 years and above, Sat
Concert Hall                        an afternoon of live music & com-   THE ETHICS OF PROGRESS              FABULOUS A hilarious, touching       24 Apr, Old Rep, Birmingham
CALAMITY JANE Amateur produc-       edy, Tue 20 Apr, Victoria Hall,     Presented by Unlimited Theatre      and uplifting evening of music       NODDY IN TOYLAND Sing-a-long,
tion by the Worcester Operatic &    Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent; Thurs 22    in co-production with Oxford        and comedy, Sat 24 Apr, Malvern      dance-a-long party for all the
Dramatic Society, Tue 20 - Sat 24   Apr, Royal Spa Centre,              Playhouse and Leeds Met Studio,     Theatres, Worcester                  family Sat 24 Apr, Prince Of
Apr, The Swan Theatre,              Leamington Spa                      Thurs 22 - Sat 24 Apr, Curve        THIS IS A THAT Musical journey       Wales Centre, Cannock
Worcester                           AN AUDIENCE WITH BARONESS           Theatre, Leicester                  about a father and daughter who


                                                    FOR THE LATEST THEATRE LISTINGS VISIT:
                                                                 Derren Brown:                                                  From Mon 26 April - Sun 2 May
                                                                 Alexandra Theatre,                         Sweet Nothings
                                                                 Birmingham, Tues 27 April -
                                                                 Sat 1 May; Regent Theatre,                 Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry, Tues 27 April - Sat 1 May
                                                                 Stoke-on-Trent, Mon 17 -                   This is a translation of Arthur Schnitzler’s fin-de-siècle
                                                                 Wed 19 May; Alexandra                      drama, Liebelei, and focuses on the story of two upper-class
                                                                 Theatre, Birmingham, Mon                   young men who ‘collect’ love affairs. But on the eve of a big
                                                                 15 - Sat 19 June
                                                                                                            war, their attempts to enjoy themselves lead to tragic conse-
                                                                 Psychology, illusion and                   quences...
                                                                 showmanship combine in
                                                                 Derren Brown's stage
                                                                 shows. Derren is widely
                                                                 regarded to be one of the

                                  Le                             country's most revered live

                                                                 performers, and has made
                                     tham                        a real name for himself via
                                  st   ars!
                                                                 his hit Channel Four telly
                                                                 series. Speaking about his
                                                                 latest show, Enigma,
                                                                 Derren says: “Like previous
                                                                 shows, I will absolutely
Dad’s Army Marches On                                            push myself to the limit.
                                                                 The challenge is to create
Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, Mon 26 April -                       new material that shocks,
Sat 1 May; Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham,
Mon 7 - Wed 9 June
                                                                 surprises and defies expla-
                                                                 nation. The audience will
Leslie Grantham returns to the Midlands to star
in this touring stage version of the hit BBC TV
                                                                 be taken for a theatrical
                                                                 rollercoaster ride, and I
                                                                                                            Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor
comedy series from Jimmy Perry and David                         hope it’s an experience                    Dreamcoat
Croft. It's actually a sequel, following on from the             that they will never forget.”              Regent Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent, Mon 26 - Sat 1 May; Theatre
hugely successful original show of a couple of                                                              Severn, Shrewsbury, Tues 11 - Sun 16 May; Birmingham
years back...                                                                                               Hippodrome, Tues 24 August - Sun 12 September
                                                                                                            Any Dream Will Do finalist Craig Chalmers stars in this spec-
                                                                                                            tacular production of the classic Andrew Lloyd Webber/ Tim
                                                                                                            Rice show. It tells the story of a boy driven into slavery by
                                                                                                            his calculating brothers, who’re all envious of his coat of
                                                                                                            many colours. Joseph’s ability to predict the future from his
                                                                                                            dreams, however, ultimately frees him and wins him a place
                                                                                                            among the highest in the land...

                                                                  Modern Millie
    Jus’ Like That                                                Stafford Gatehouse,
    Malvern Theatre, Worcestershire, Thurs 29                     Tues 27 April - Sat 1 May
    April - Sat 1 May; Grand Theatre,                             The fun and adventure of
    Wolverhampton, Sun 2 May; Lichfield
    Garrick, Tues 1 June
                                                                  New York City in the 1920s
                                                                  lures Millie to the Big
    Clive Mantle - best known for his role as Dr.                 Apple, intent on marrying
    Mike Barratt in Casualty and Holby City -                     her rich boss - whoever he
    takes on the role of the legendary comedian                   may be! Presented by
    Tommy Cooper, complete with trademark fez                     Stafford and District
    and dodgy magic tricks!                                       Operatic Society.

    Other highlights Mon 26 April - Sun 2 May                           Spa Centre, Leamington Spa
                                                                        FOOTLOOSE THE MUSICAL Amateur
                                                                                                               NO IDEA Presented by Lisa
                                                                                                               Hammond and Rachael Spence,
                                                                        production presented by the            Fri 30 Apr, Ludlow Assembly
SECOND SKIN Random Line             Lichfield Garrick                   Musical Theatre Academy, Thurs         Rooms
Performance Company take the        FIDDLER ON THE ROOF Amateur         29 Apr - Sat 1 May, The Place,         SONGS FROM THE STAGE
audience on a theatrical journey    production from the Bournville
                                                                        Oakengates Theatre                     Showcasing a multitude of musi-
where characters develop and        Musical Theatre Company, Tue        CIDER WITH ROSIE Presented by          cal theatre greats, featuring per-
the nature of reality is ques-      27 Apr - Sat 7 Apr, Crescent
                                                                        the Theatre Royal Bury St              formances from The Little Shop
tioned, Mon 26 - Tue 27 Apr,        Theatre, Birmingham                 Edmunds, Thurs 29 Apr - Sat 1          of Horrors, Fame, and Hairspray,
Curve Theatre, Leicester            THE STRANGE CASE OF DR JEKYLL       May, The Swan Theatre,                 plus many more, Fri 30 Apr - Sat
FOOTLOOSE Performed by the          & MR HYDE European Arts pres-
                                                                        Worcester                              1 May, Arena Theatre,
Solihull Operatic Society, Mon      ent the gruesome story of Dr        SAUSAGE & SAMOSA One-woman             Wolverhampton
26 Apr - Sat 6 Apr, Solihull Arts   Jekyll and his charismatic alter-
                                                                        comedy that explores the com-          THE SNIP SNAP DRAGON Children's
Complex                             ego, Wed 28 Apr, Artrix,            plexities of relationships, Thurs      theatre from Angela Lanyon, Sat
ANYTHING GOES Amateur produc-       Bromsgrove                          29 Apr - Sat 1 May, Belgrade           1 May, The Swan Theatre,             Sausage & Samosa -
tion from Lichfield Operatic        STEPHEN HOLBROOK - EVENING OF       Theatre, Coventry                      Worcester                            Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
Society, Tue 27 Apr - Sat 7 Apr,    CLAIRVOYANCE Thu 29 Apr, Royal


­                                                   FOR THE LATEST THEATRE LISTINGS VISIT:

     Mark Morris Dance Group this month return to Birmingham
     Hippodrome to perform the monumental L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il
     Moderato, a pastoral ode by George Frideric Handel based on the
     poetry of John Milton.
     This visually compelling production will only be performed at the London
     Coliseum and Birmingham Hippodrome, where it opens this year’s
     Birmingham International Dance Festival. Here, Mark talks about the
     piece, and his perspectives on dance in general...

     Is there any distinction between modern dance and traditional chore-
     ography as far as you’re concerned, Mark?
     The only difference - a very big difference - is that in the classical ballet
     industry the technique differs enormously between men and women. It's a
     different kind of dancing for each of them in classical ballet. And in my
     work for my own company, that’s not true! Also, when I work with ballet
     companies, I choose to work on pointe, because I like that, and they do it
     much better than they do when they're not dancing on pointe. But that’s it.
     I can only speak for me. I’m very comfortable in both departments. For
     me, it’s the same, especially as I'm still working from music.

     Aspects of your work, such as taking inspiration from pre-existing
     material, seem comparable with the way in which Matthew Bourne
     He directs a lot more shows; we’re working in different arenas. But cer-
     tainly he’s a legitimate choreographer. I’ve known him for many years and
     I like him, but our work isn’t for us to talk about really. L’Allegro, il
     Penseroso ed il Moderato is not a pre-existing dance in any way; it’s
     never been choreographed, except by me, that I know of, whereas some-
     thing like Swan Lake or something like Carmen is a reinterpretation, a
     reading on pieces that have a life in the canon. I have a Nutcracker that I
     did called The Hard Nut, and that could be a way of finding out if Matthew
     Bourne and I have similarities, that’s true.

     What attracted you to the piece in the first place?
     Well, the piece itself, of course! I mean, Handel wouldn’t have written such
     incredibly rich and thrilling music if he hadn’t identified with this extremely
     gorgeous text of Milton’s, so of course the poem started everything. What
     Handel and Jennens (his librettist) accomplished in the piece is a miracle
     of word-painting and description. It’s an amazing piece of music. It’s very
     much unlike the other oratorios and operas that Handel wrote.

     L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato is performed by the Mark
     Morris Dance Group at Birmingham Hippodrome from Thursday 22 to
     Saturday 24 April.

  Richard Alston Dance Company
  Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury,
  Wed 21 - Thurs 22 April

  Richard Alston Dance
  Company here presents
  a triple-bill of works. The
  first piece, entitled
  Overdrive, takes
  up the pulsating
  rhythm of Terry
  Riley's music and
  runs with it. Then it’s
  time for Shuffle It Right, a
  lighthearted work featur-
  ing the jazzy songs of
  Hoagy Carmichael.
  The triple-bill is complet-
  ed by Light Flooding Into
  Darkened Rooms, a
  piece performed to works
  by the seventeenth cen-                                                                                  Magia de la Danza - Ballet
  tury lute master Denis
                                                                                                           Nacional de Cuba
                                                                                                           Birmingham Hippodrome, Tues 27 - Thurs 29 April
                                                                                                           This is a stop-off on Ballet Nacional de Cuba’s first
                                                                                                           ever UK tour, and sees them performing extracts from
                                                                                                           seven of the company’s most famous ballet classics,
                                                                                                           including The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Coppelia
                                                                                                           and Swan Lake.
Rhythm Of The Dance
Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham, Thurs 22 April
This is a special edition tenth anniversary ver-
sion of The National Dance Company of
Ireland’s highly regarded show. The production
has played to over three million people in forty-
three countries during the last decade, and
blends breathtaking dance with great music and
beautiful costumes.

                                                                Torvill & Dean’s
                                                                Dancing On Ice
                                                                LG Arena, Birmingham,
                                                                Fri 30 April - Mon 3 May
                                                                The stage version of Jayne
                                                                and Chris’s hit ITV1 show
                                                                is back, this time with for-
                                                                mer King of the Jungle
                                                                Christopher Biggins join-
Sutra                                                           ing fellow panelists Karen
                                                                Barber and Nicky Slater.
Birmingham Repertory Theatre,
Tues 27 - Wed 28 April
                                                                Kyran Bracken, who was
                                                                crowned ice dancing
No fewer than seventeen monks from the origi-
nal Shaolin Temple in China perform this explo-
                                                                champion in the 2007 telly             Apsaras
                                                                version of the show, also              The Drum, Birmingham, Fri 23 April
ration of the philosophy and faith behind the                   joins the panel.
Shaolin tradition and its relationship with Kung-                                                      Seduction, manipulation and fantasy are all much in evi-
                                                                Performers in this year’s
Fu. The work makes use of twenty-one wooden                                                            dence in Sâmir Bhamra’s new dance production. The piece
                                                                production include Clare
boxes that shift and evolve, and which have                                                            focuses on Apsaras, supernatural celestial maidens who
                                                                Buckfield, Mikey Graham,
been designed by Turner Prize-winning artist                                                           lure men to their downfall. Gifted in the art of dancing, they
                                                                Gary Lucy, Gaynor Faye
Antony Gormley. The production forms part of                                                           descend to Earth and indulge in secret rituals of temptation
                                                                and Ray Quinn.
the Birmingham International Dance Festival.                                                           and vengeance at the behest of their eternal master.

                                                                       Opera, Thurs 22 - Sat 24 Apr,        Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry        CIRCA Circus acts fused with
  Other highlights April                                               Birmingham Hippodrome                DOUBLE BILL: PERE FAURA & CLUB       dance, light, sound & video, Fri
                                                                       TAP DANCE FEVER A whistle-stop       FISK Two multi-disciplinary per-     30 Apr - Sat 1 May, Birmingham
SWAN LAKE Vienna Festival Ballet   DANCERS OF TOMORROW The             tour of the greatest tap dance       formances, Tues 27 - Wed 28          Repertory Theatre
present a lavish production of     Maxine Grant School of Dance        moments in showbusiness histo-       Apr, The Patrick Centre,             AATABA (THE THRESHOLD)
one of the best known love sto-    present a selection of classical,   ry, Thurs 22 - Sat 24 Apr, Regent    Birmingham                           Presented by Taoufig Izeddiou
ries of all time, set to           contemporary jazz and character     Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent              TRIPLE BILL: MUHANAD RASHEED -       (Morocco), Sat 1 May, The
Tchaikovsky's enchanting score,    dances, Fri 16 - Sat 17 Apr,        RUNNING SUSHI Performed by           IRAQUI BODIES, AHMED KHEMIS &        Patrick Centre, Birmingham
Fri 9 - Sat 10 Apr, Artrix,        Palace Theatre, Redditch            dancers Stephanie Cumming &          SALAH EL BROGY Part of the           Hippodrome
Bromsgrove; Fri 16 April, Royal    JUST ADD WATER Performed by         Johnny Spoofs, Fri 23 - Sat 24       Outspoken performances, Thurs        DANCEFEST A vibrant evening of
Spa Centre, Leamington Spa         the Shobana Jeyasingh Dance         Apr, Ikon Eastside, Birmingham       29 Apr, The Patrick Centre,          dance, created and performed
DYNAMICS New musical & dance       Company, Tue 20 Apr, Curve          5 SOLDIERS - THE BODY IS THE         Birmingham Hippodrome                by young people from
spectacular presented by the       Theatre, Leicester                  FRONTLINE Rosie Kay Dance            THE ASSASSINATION OF OMAR            Herefordshire and
Angela Beardmore School of         L’ALLEGRO, IL PENSEROSO ED IL       Company present a powerful           RAJEH Presented by the               Worcestershire, Sun 2 May, The
Dance & Performing Arts, Wed       MODERATO Presented by Mark          dance-theatre production that        Maqamet Dance Theatre                Swan Theatre, Worcester
14 - Sat 17 Apr, Regent Theatre,   Morris Dance Group with the         explores the physicality of mod-     (Lebanon), Fri 30 Apr, The Patrick
Stoke-on-Trent                     Orchestra of the English National   ern warfare, Tue 27 - Wed 28 Apr,    Centre, Birmingham Hippodrome

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The most comprehensive what’s on listings website for Birmingham and the West Midlands

’80s TV favourite takes top
                                                                                                                                WEST END
                                                               Ayckbourn’s hit                                            NEWS, REVIEWS & LISTINGS
billing as London show transfers                               farce opens at
Michael Brandon, best
known for his role in the                    NEWS              the Duke of                         Love Never Dies                      REVIEW
1980s TV series Dempsey                                                                            Adelphi Theatre, booking until Sat 23 October
And Makepeace, this                                            York’s      NEWS
                                                                                                   Given that even some of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s
month stars in Oliver                                          The Rose Theatre,                   staunchest fans have turned against this production,
Cotton’s Wet Weather                                           Kingston production of              there’s little wonder that plenty of people are visiting the
Cover, as the show trans-                                      Alan Ayckbourn's Bedroom            Adelphi Theatre with more than a little trepidation regard-
fers from the Fringe’s                                         Farce has transferred to            ing what they’re about to witness.
King's Head Theatre to the                                     the West End's Duke of              In truth, Love Never Dies, for all the pannings it’s
West End's Arts Theatre on                                     York's theatre, and is book-        received, is actually an extremely impressive production
6 April. Directed by Kate                                      ing till 10 July. The produc-       - as long as you view it on its own
Fahy, it’s the story of two actors, a Brit and an              tion stars Jenny Seagrove           merits and forget any idea that
American, trapped in a leaking trailer, who find               and is directed by Sir Peter        it’s a worthy sequel piece to
themselves at odds over issues of status, ego                  Hall.                               Phantom Of The Opera.
and national identity.                                                                             Its soundtrack and staging
                                                                                                   are both impressive, and
                                                                                                   its leading performers do a
Les Miserables returns home                                                                        great job of conveying all
The new touring production of Les                                                                  the pain and passion
Miserables, which is this month contin-
                                          NEWS                                                     of the two princi-
uing its run at Birmingham Hippodrome, will play                                                   pal protagonists
London’s Barbican Theatre (where it originally                                                     - but Phantom 2
premiered in 1985) from 14 September to 2                                                          it most definitely
October, as part of the show’s twenty-fifth                                                        is not!
anniversary celebrations.                                                                          Our advice if
The anniversary production opened in Cardiff in                                                    you’re contem-
December last year and continued in                                                                plating going to
Manchester, Norwich and now Birmingham.                                                            see it?
Future tour dates include Edinburgh, Paris,                                                        Keep an open
Bristol, Salford and Southampton prior to the cel-            Arlene Phillips                      mind and you’ll
                                                                                                   have a great
ebratory season at the Barbican in the autumn.
                                                              choreographs                         night.
                                                              Flashdance NEWS
                                                               Former Strictly
                                                               Come Dancing judge
                                                               Arlene Phillips is choreo-
                                                               graphing Flashdance The
                                                                                                  West End stars set to turn out
                                                               Musical, which opens at the        for fundraiser                                                   NEWS
                                                               Shaftesbury Theatre on 27          A star-studded fundraising event in aid of Survival
                                                               September (booking to 26           International, We Are One, a celebration of tribal peoples, is
                                                               February 2011). Set in             this month being held at the Apollo Theatre, Shaftesbury
                                                               Pittsburgh, the musical tells      Avenue (Sunday 18 April). The event has been created and
                                                               the story of eighteen-year-        directed by Mark Rylance. The evening will be a perform-
                                                               old Alex, a welder by day          ance of tribal prose and poetry from some of the UK and
                                                               and ‘flashdancer’ by night,        Hollywood’s best known stars. Leading actors who’ll be con-
                                                               whose dream is to obtain a         tributing (subject to availability) include Julie Christie,
                                                               place at the prestigious           Mackenzie Crook, Sinead Cusack, Colin Firth, Emilia Fox,
                                                               Shipley Dance Academy.             Michael Gambon, Kevin Spacey, Juliet Stevenson and Zoe

                                                          Drury Lane, booking until    Theatre, booking until 30    Warehouse, booking until      Trafalgar Studios 1 Theatre,
    West End Listings                                     26 Feb 2011                  Apr 2011                     22 May 2010                   23 Apr - 3 July 2010
                                                          PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE                                    THE MOUSETRAP St Martins      INGREDIENT X Royal Court
MUSICALS                       DIRTY DANCING Aldwych
                               Theatre booking until 23
                                                          DESERT THE MUSICAL Palace
                                                          Theatre, booking until      DRAMA                         Theatre, booking until 20
                                                                                                                    Nov 2010
                                                                                                                                                  Theatre Upstairs, 20 May -
                                                                                                                                                  19 June 2010
                               Oct 2010                   26 Feb 2011                                               THE WOMAN IN BLACK
ALL THE FUN OF THE FAIR                                                                                                                           JERUSALEM Apollo Theatre,
                               DREAMBOATS & PETTICOATS    SISTER ACT London            ALL MY SONS Apollo Theatre   Fortune Theatre booking       booking until 24 Apr 2010
Garrick Theatre from 17 Apr    Playhouse Theatre, booking                              19 May - 11 Sept 2010
                                                          Palladium Theatre booking                                 until 18 Dec 2010             LA BETE Comedy Theatre,
10 - 5 Sep 2010                until 29 May 2010
                                                          until 1 Jan 2011             ANN BOLEYN Shakespeare’s     WOMEN BEWARE WOMEN
AVENUE Q Wyndham’s                                                                                                                                28 June - 28 Aug 2010
                               GREASE Piccadilly Theatre                               Globe 24 July - 21 Aug       Olivier National Theatre,
Theatre booking until 25       booking until 4 Sep 2010   STOMP Ambassadors            2010                                                       LONDON ASSURANCE Olivier
Sept 2010                                                 Theatre, booking until                                    booking until 8 June 2010     National Theatre, booking
                               HAIR Gielgud Theatre book-                              BEDLAM Shakespeare’s
BILLY ELLIOT – THE MUSICAL                                19 Dec 2010                                               WAR HORSE New London          until 2 June 2010
                               ing until 8 Jan 2011                                    Globe 5 Sept - 1 Oct 2010
Victoria Palace Theatre                                   SWEET CHARITY Haymarket                                   Theatre, booking until 12     MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR
                               JERSEY BOYS Prince Edward                               CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF
booking until 18 Dec 2010                                 Theatre royal, booking until Novello Theatre, booking     Feb 2011                      Shakespeare’s Globe 14
                               Theatre, booking until 10
BLOOD BROTHERS Phoenix         Apr 2011                   8 jan 2011                   until 10 April 2010                                        Aug - 2 Oct 2010
Theatre booking until 27                                  THE LION KING Lyceum         ENRON Noel Coward Theatre                                  PRIVATE LIVES
Nov 2010 Regional tour
                               LEGALLY BLONDE THE
                               MUSICAL Savoy Theatre,     Theatre, booking until 30    booking until 8 May 2010     COMEDY                        Vaudeville Theatre, booking
coming to the Midlands in      booking until 20 Feb 2011  Jan 2011                     GHOSTS Duchess Theatre                                     until 1 May 2010
2010                           LES MISÉRABLES Queen's     THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA     booking until 15 May 2010    AS YOU LIKE IT                REALLY OLD, LIKE FORTY FIVE
CANNIBAL! THE MUSICAL          Theatre booking until 26   Her Majesty's Theatre,       JOE TURNER’S COME AND        Old Vic Theatre 12 June -     Cottesloe National Theatre
Leicester Square Theatre       Feb 2011                   booking until 26 Feb 2011    GONE Young Vic Theatre,      21 Aug 10                     booking until 20 April 2010
Basement 27 July 2010 - 11     LOVE NEVER DIES Adelphi    THRILLER LIVE Lyric Theatre, booking until 3 July 2010    CHILDREN OF DARKNESS          THE 39 STEPS Criterion
Sept 2010                      Theatre, booking until     booking until 12 Sept 10     KING LEAR Donmar             Leicester Square Theatre      Theatre, booking until 23
CHICAGO Cambridge Theatre      23 Oct 2010                Regional tour coming to the  Warehouse, booking until 5   Basement, 11 - 29 May         Oct 2010
booking until 30 Oct 2010                                 Midlands 2010                Feb 2011                     2010                          THE MISANTHROPE Comedy
                               MAMMA MIA! Prince of Wales
DEBBIE REYNOLDS - ALIVE        Theatre, booking until 26  WE WILL ROCK YOU             MRS WARREN’S PROFESSION      GRUMPY OLD WOMEN 2            Theatre, booking until 13
AND FABULOUS Apollo            Mar 2011                   Dominion Theatre, booking    Comedy Theatre, booking      Novello Theatre, 14 Apr - 5   Mar 2010
                                                          until 23 Oct 2010            until 19 June 2010           June 2010
Theatre 28 Apr - 9 May         OLIVER! Theatre Royal,
                                                                                       POLAR BEARS Domar
2010                                                      WICKED Apollo Victoria                                    HOLDING THE MAN

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                BRIAN CO                                                       WHITNEY HOUSTON               STARS AS                                                     ON A DRESS!
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                                                                   WHITNEY HOUSTON
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                                                                                                                                     DON PASQ
          ALE                                                                                                                        DONIZETTI UALE
                                                                                                                                     THE MARRIAGE
THE MARRIAGE                                                                                                                         OF FIGARO
OF FIGARO                                                                                                                            MOZART

Art Gallery
 The latest venue to feature in our occasional Profile series of Midlan
 galleries and museums is Wolverhampton Art     Gallery...

                                       youngsters when they need a         The venue also has a cafe -
 With the Easter hols in mind,
                                       helping hand.                       open from 10.30am till 4.30pm
 Wolverhampton Art Gallery is a
                                       The gallery also has children’s     - and a shop, situated at the
 great place to take the kids if
                                       furniture throughout, and areas     entrance of the gallery and
 you’re looking for some family-
                                       within exhibitions which can        selling a changing selection of
 friendly activities.
                                       be discovered together as a         cards, books and craft items.
 The venue’s custodians are
                                       family.                             Current exhibitions include
 keen to stress that they under-
                                       A programme of regular, free        Pork Knocker Dreams - recent
 stand how difficult it can be to
                                       drop-in workshops and activity      work by Donald Locke - Shona
 visit anywhere with little ones,
                                       sessions further ensures            Illingworth’s Balnakiel, and The
 and have worked hard to
                                        there’s plenty to keep kids of      Northern Ireland Collection:
 ensure that the gallery is an
                                        all ages happily occupied.          Fresh Perspectives.
  engaging place to explore and
  have fun.                             The gallery itself is located in
  The venue has dedicated fami-         the city centre, and boasts an
                                        impressive collection of con-      Wolverhampton Art Gallery,
  ly facilities, from high chairs, a
                                        temporary art, including the       Lichfield Street, Wolverhampton
  buggy park and colouring
                                        best Pop Art collection outside    WV1 1DU. Tel: 01902 552055
  sheets to a family activity trail,
                                         of London, as well as superb      Email: ArtGallery@wolverhamp-
  children’s feedback area and
                                         displays of Victorian and
  Hippychick Hip Seats - to help
  parents and guardians carry            Georgian paintings.


     Object, Sound And Image
     Wolverhampton Art Gallery,
     Sat 24 April - Sat 22 May
     The tensions between perception, form and
     sound are explored in this exhibition by George
     Clark-Roden. Roden seeks to develop material
     and sonic encounters with the public, creating
     a dialogue between art and the viewer.

                                                            Still Dancing
                                                            The Custard Factory,
                                                            Birmingham, Mon 19 April -
                                                            Sat 8 May
                                                            With dancing nowadays
                                                            more popular than ever, a
                                                            Birmingham-based photog-
                                                            rapher has chosen to spot-
                                                            light dancers with his latest
                                                            collection of images.
                                                            Richard Battye’s Still
                                                            Dancing showcases over
                                                            two years work in captur-
                                                                                            Take Thirty
                                                                                            Broadfield House Glass Museum, Stourbridge,
                                                            ing dancers, photographed
                                                                                            Sat 3 April - Sun 8 August
                                                            in the studio and at eye-
                                                            catching locations in and       Thirty artists, representing the variety of artists and glass-
                                                            around the city.                makers that the museum has worked with during its three-
                                                                                            decade history, have been invited to exhibit their work as
                                                                                            part of the venue’s thirtieth anniversary celebrations.
                                                                                            Amongst those taking part are Diana Dias-Leão and Harry
                                                                                            Seager, both of whom had solo shows at the museum;
                                                                                            David Reekie and Bruno Romanelli, two of twelve artists who
         Susan Collis: Since I Fell                                                         took part in the Millennium Commissions; and David
         For You                                                                            Prytherch, who created the Glass Dance windows for the
                                                                                            museum’s pavilion.
         Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, until Sun 16 May
         Susan Collis’ most comprehensive exhibition
         to date highlights her interest in the idea of                                     Writings On The Wall
         the double-take, whereby the viewer is                                             The Drum, Birmingham, Mon 5 - Fri 30 April
         required to look again. Her practice involves                                      Issues which local people think are important to them within
         the representation of everyday objects, cre-                                       their neighbourhoods is the subject of this exhibition.
         ated through a painstaking use of ‘craft’                                          Comprising a series of community murals, designed to
         processes and precious materials. Susan’s                                          express a colourful view of local people and their everyday
         subtle interventions into exhibition spaces                                        lives, the display focuses on subjects such as environmental
         are beautiful simulations of things usually                                        issues, local jobs for local people, how young people view
         concealed.                                                                         the place in which they live, and how the elderly reminisce
                                                                                            about ‘the good old days’.

                                                           Objects Of Affection
                                                           The Barber Institute,
                                                           Fri 30 April - Sun 4 July
                                                           This groundbreaking exhibi-
                                                           tion focuses on the portrait
                                                           work of artist John Brett.
                                                           Brett is best known for his
                                                           early Pre-Raphaelite paintings
                                                           - The Stonebreaker and Val
                                                           d’Aosta - and his late
                                                           seascapes of the coast of
                                                           Scotland, Wales and the West
                                                           Country. His portraiture, by
                                                           comparison, has been largely
                                                           ignored. This exhibition aims
                                                           to put that right.

     ­                                           FOR THE LATEST VISUAL ARTS LISTINGS VISIT:
                                                                                                                                      visual arts
    Teenage Rebels At The Ace                                                                                                                               Highlights in April
    Worcester City Museum & Art Gallery,
    until Sat 17 April
                                                                                                               Antony Sher: The Audience
                                                                                                               Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry,
    Celebrating a memorable era in the history of                                                              Fri 9 - Wed 28 April
    legendary venue The Ace Cafe, with the
                                                                                                               This exhibition, comprising paintings, drawings and sculp-
    emphasis on the motorcycle-riding Rockers
                                                                                                               tures, sees acclaimed actor, novelist, playwright and director
    who hung out at the venue, this touring exhi-
                                                                                                               Antony Sher displaying work which draws on his life in the
    bition features a selection of historic Ace
                                                                                                               theatre. Pieces include self-portraits in many of his roles, as
    Cafe artefacts. These include 1950s and ’60s
                                                                                                               well as portraits of other actors, including Laurence Olivier,
    household objects, music and movie memo-
                                                                                                               Marlon Brando, Judi Dench and Ian McKellen.
    rabilia, as well as a host of iconic black-and-
    white images.

Matisse, Drawing With
Scissors: Late Works
1950 - 1954
The New Art
Walsall, Sat 24
April - Sun 27
One of the
twentieth cen-
tury’s most
artists, Henri
Matisse is
known not
only for his
                                                                     Made Of String
painting but                                                         Bilston Craft Gallery, Sat
                                                                     17 April - Sat 15 May
also as a
sculptor and designer. The Frenchman was cre-                        Using a unique technique
ating highly original works even into his ninth                      with sculpted forms, tex-
decade, while confined to his bed, and through-                      tured with natural string,
out his career produced works which continue                         Bill Orton produces wildlife
to be celebrated for their extraordinary richness                    paintings which have been
and luminosity of colour. This exhibition focuses                    widely admired for their
on his later, bed-bound art projects, which saw                      life-like quality.
him creating his now-famous cut-outs.

     Other highlights                  April                                 have never before been on public
                                                                             display, until Sun 16 May, The
                                                                                                                    A PROSPECT OF WORCESTER
                                                                                                                    Inspired by the painting of the
                                                                                                                                                            of domestic interiors, landscapes
                                                                                                                                                            and places of industry, Thurs 1
                                                                             Barber Institute, Birmingham           same title, this exhibition charts      Apr - Mon 10 May, Three White
GIFT Exhibition that contains           thought-provoking set of installa-   WHO I THINK I AM Exhibition by         the fortunes of Worcester through       Walls Gallery, Birmingham
some of the museum’s most               tions by young people from           Vancouver-based artist Ron             the eighteenth century, until Sat       TRANSPORT FOR DISABLED PEOPLE
prized acquisitions, until Wed 7        around the UK and Sandwell,          Terada, whose art is formed            17 July, The Commandery,                Unique and innovative exhibition
April, Wolverhampton Art Gallery        until Sun 25 Apr, The Public,        using text from street signage,        Worcester                               of vehicles from the last century
POP - JANN HAWORTH Award-win-           West Bromwich                        popular music and advertising,         HOUSE OF FAIRY TALES This exhibi-       to the present day, all designed
ning artist Jann Haworth was a          BALNAKIEL BY SHONA ILLINGWORTH       until Sun 16 May, Ikon Gallery,        tion features a series of images        specifically for disabled people,
major player in the Pop Art move-       A mesmerising journey into sight,    Birmingham                             from twenty-three international         Thurs 1 Apr - Sun 4 July,
ment of the 1960s, and this not-        sound and memory, until Sat 1        BRIDGET RILEY: FLASHBACK This          artists, all of whom have been          Coventry Transport Museum
to-be missed exhibition is the first    May, Wolverhampton Art Gallery       exhibition is the first in a new       inspired by fairy tales, until Sat 16   UP CLOSE A macro-photographic
UK solo show of her work to be          TURNER TO SAMUEL PALMER This         series of solo artist exhibitions      Oct, The New Art Gallery, Walsall       exhibition by artist and photogra-
staged in a public gallery since        exhibition of British Watercolours   from the Arts Council Collection,      HERBERT AT 50 Celebration of the        pher Sharon Johnstone, Fri 2
1972, until Sat 10 April,               draws entirely on the Museum’s       until Sun 23 May, Birmingham           Herbert’s 50th anniversary with a       April - Sun 31 Oct, Blakesley Hall,
Wolverhampton Art Gallery               collection and includes a major      Museum & Art Gallery                   display that reflects 50-years of       Birmingham
COLLAGRAPH PRINTS An exhibition         showing of works from the J          PORT KNOCKER DREAMS Unique             collecting. A new item will be dis-     DODDA MAGGY In this exhibition,
of atmospheric collagraph prints        Leslie Wright bequest, acquired      exhibition that explores elements      played each week throughout             Icelandic artist Doddy Maggy
from artist Clare Sherwen, many         in 1953. Until Sun 2 May,            of modernism and folk art, with        2010, until Sun 2 Jan 2011, The         explores the role of women in
based on ruins and castles,             Birmingham Museum & Art              distinct influences of Western         Herbert Art Gallery & Museum,           films, recreating and exaggerat-
including some from the local           Gallery                              Caribbean and Southern African         Coventry                                ing women’s trials and stereo-
area, until Sat 10 Apr, Bilston         WEST MIDLANDS OPEN A wide            culture, until Sat 29 May,             OUTSIDE IN New project that sees        types on screen, Sat 3 Apr - Sat
Craft Gallery                           range of visual art forms are cov-   Wolverhampton Art Gallery              artist Sean Burn working with The       29 May, Wolverhampton Art
KATHARINE BARKER ARBSA                  ered in this selection of works,     SAXONS AND VIKINGS - A LIGHT ON        New Art Gallery on a year-long          Gallery
Exhibition of prints and paintings,     submitted by artists from across     THE DARK AGES Exhibition that          residency, until 28 Feb 2011, The       A QUANTUM LEAP IN THE DARK
until Sat 10 April, RBSA,               the region, until Sun 2 May,         traces the growth of the invaders      New Art Gallery, Walsall                Artist Trevor Lay uses a series of
Birmingham                              Birmingham Museum & Art              whilst looking at their far-reaching   RETURN OF THE DINOSAUR                  abstract paintings to explore the
WATER-SHED Exhibition by                Gallery                              legacy, until Wed 30 May, Dudley       Permanent exhibition that charts        invisible forces of the Universe,
Edmund de Waal, one of Britain’s        FASHION V SPORT This touring         Museum & Art Gallery                   the story of the dinosaurs, until       Wed 7 Apr - Sun 2 May, Artrix,
leading ceramic artists, until Sun      exhibition from the V&A explores     CRAFT SHOP SPRING SHOWCASE             Mon 1 Aug 2011, Dudley                  Bromsgrove
11 April, The Royal Pump                the influence of sportswear on       Featuring jewellery by Silver          Museum & Art Gallery                    OUR BACK YARD Exhibition that
Rooms, Leamington Spa                   fashion, and how both industries     Kitsune and bright ceramics by         POP PROTEST: ART FOR AN ANXIOUS         includes storytelling, film, photog-
THE BUSINESS OF ART Exhibition of       have been inspired by street         Ken Eardley, until Sat 12 Jun,         AGE Exhibition that explores and        raphy, mosaic tapestries and
prints that examines a number of        style, until Mon 3 May, Herbert      Bilston Craft Gallery                  compares two turbulent periods          environmental art, Sat 10 Apr -
the more prestigious art guilds         Art Gallery, Coventry                WOMEN OF THE AIRFORCE New              in recent history, 1965 - 1975 &        Sun 4 July, Birmingham Museum
that operated throughout Holland        MAKING SENSE Interactive, tactile    temporary exhibition that’s dedi-      2000 - 2010, both characterized         & Art Gallery
during the 17th century, until Sun      exhibition that provides a multi-    cated to women’s service in the        with works from well-established        WORCESTER OPEN EXHIBITION OF
11 Apr, The Barber Institute,           sensory experience, until Sun 9      Royal Air Force, until Sun 27          artists, including Gerald Laing,        CONTEMPORARY ART In collabora-
Birmingham                              May, Shire Hall Gallery, Stafford    June, RAF Cosford, Shropshire          Derek Boshier, Jann Haworth,            tion with Worcestershire
MATTHEW BURT: IDEA TO OBJECT            TABLETOP TREATS Exhibition of all    HOLYLANDS BY SEAMUS HARAHAN            Colin Self & Joe Tilson, Thurs 1 -      Contemporary Artists and the
Exhibition that includes over 25        things culinary, until Sun 9 May,    This exhibition presents the           Fri 30 Apr, Wolverhampton Art           PITT Studio, Worcester City Art
new pieces of work, ranging from        Shire Hall Gallery, Stafford         gallery’s latest contemporary          Gallery                                 Gallery here co-hosts the fourth
a dramatic pyramid-shaped               MATTHEW BOULTON & THE ART OF         acquisition, a film by Belfast-        OLD ENGLAND This solo exhibition        Worcester Open exhibition, Sat
dresser to a fan-shaped tray, until     MAKING MONEY More than 140           based artist and filmmaker             from Richard Heeps takes the            24 Apr - Sat 26 June, The
Sat 17 Apr, Bilston Craft Gallery       coins, medals and tokens are         Seamus Harahan, until Sat 3 July,      audience back to bygone years           Commandery, Worcester
HEARING UNHEARD VOICES A                exhibited here, some of which        Wolverhampton Art Gallery              through a series of photographs

­                                                      FOR THE LATEST VISUAL ARTS LISTINGS VISIT:
Other highlights Mon 5               - Sun 11 April
                                                                              Chec                                     From Monday 5 - Sunday 11 April
EASTER HATS & BEAUTIFUL              SHOP Fun, themed crafts for              EA out our                 Antiques for Everyone
able for ages 8 plus, Tues 6
                                     the holiday, Wed 7 Apr, The
                                     Hive, Shrewsbury
                                                                       ATTR STER
                                                                        on p ACTI
Apr, The Hive, Shrewsbury            EASTER BUNNY TRAIL Wed 7                                            NEC, Birmingham, Thurs 8 - Sun 11 April
SPRING SURPRISE Messy have-          Apr, Bantock House Museum,             ages ON
a-go sessions for all the family,    Wolverhampton                              4&
                                                                                     S                   This tri-annual showcase is this year celebrating its quarter-
Tue 6 Apr, Broadfield House          BIG STUFF Workshop to make                                          century at the NEC. As usual, the show is separated into two
Glass Museum, Dudley                 oversized everyday objects,
CRACKING EGG CODES Follow            inspired by the Jann Haworth
                                                                                                         sections. The first provides visitors with a sophisticated
the clues to find as many            exhibition, Wed 7 & Fri 9 Apr,                                      museum-style ambi-
birds’ eggs as possible and          Wolverhampton Museum & Art        9 - Sun 11 Apr, Weston Park,      ence in which to
solve the cracker code, Tues 6       Gallery                           Staffordshire
Apr, Coombe Country Park,            BRITISH OPEN SHOW JUMPING                                           appreciate and pur-
                                                                       QUILTS EXHIBITION Fri 9 - Sun
Warwickshire                         CHAMPIONSHIPS Wed 7 - Sat 10      11 Apr, Trentham Gardens,         chase superb pieces of
ASTON VILLA SOCCER SCHOOL            Apr, LG Arena, Birmingham         Stoke-on-Trent                    furniture, fine porce-
Join the Aston Villa coaches to      EASTER ANIMATION WORKSHOP         WENLOCK POETRY FESTIVAL Fri 9
pick up some football skills.        Suitable for 8 - 13 year olds,    - Sun 11 Apr, Various locations
                                                                                                         lain, distinguished
For more information or to           Thurs 8 Apr, The Hive, Shrews-    around Much Wenlock, South        paintings and a wealth
book, contact Aston Villa on         bury                              Shropshire
0121 3261552, Tue 6 - Fri 9          ART CART Free, drop-in themed                                       of desirable objets
                                                                       IT'S FULL STEAM AHEAD Get all
Apr, Ragley Hall, Warwickshire       workshops suitable for children   steamed up when steam             d’art. The second sec-
STEP BACK IN TIME Make your          aged 6 - 12 years, Thurs 8 Apr,   power takes over the museum,      tion appeals to collec-
own gasmask case and go              The Royal Pump Rooms,             and the colliery steam winder
back to school 1939-style, Tue       Leamington Spa                    and fan engine turn the pres-
                                                                                                         tors at all levels, with
6 - Fri 9 Apr, Mon 12 - Fri 16,      GADGET SHOW LIVE 2010 Suzi,       sure on!, Sat 10 Apr & Sat 24     more than two hun-
RAF Cosford, Shifnal                 Jason, Jon and Ortis return       Apr, Black Country Living
ART EXPLORERS Two weeks of           with the latest top gadgets for                                     dred-and-fifty dealers
                                                                       Museum, Dudley
drop-in family activities, experi-   you to see, try and buy from      V.I.P MUSIC FAIR Sat 10 Apr,      on hand to help find
menting with some of the             around 200 exhibitors, Thurs      Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton       that precious article.
many inspiring techniques that       8 - Sun 11 Apr, NEC, Birming-     GTI SPRING FESTIVAL Run What
artists use, including sculpture,    ham                               Ya Brung day for water-cooled
painting, printing and lots
more..., Tue 6 - Fri 9 Apr, Tue
13 - Fri 16 Apr, Herbert Art
                                     EASTER ACTIVITY DAYS - PAINT-
                                     ING RACING CARS Free family
                                     drop-in activities. Children
                                                                       VWs, auto jumble, Show 'n'
                                                                       Shine plus club displays, Sun     Shropshire Modellers Show
                                                                       11 Apr, Santa Pod Raceway,        RAF Cosford, Wolverhampton,
Gallery & Museum, Coventry           must be supervised at all         Northampton
MAKE MY MAGAZINE Workshop            times, Thurs 8 Apr, Heritage                                        Sun 11 April
                                                                       TROLLEY BUSES Hop aboard the
during which you can create a        Motor Centre, Gaydon
brand new publication for            ANIMAL MOBILE WORKSHOP
                                                                       Whispering Giants for an envi-    Examples of aircraft, ships, cars and
                                                                       ronmentally-friendly trip down
young people, Tue 6, 8 & 13          Thurs 8 Apr, Bilston Craft        memory lane, Sun 11 Apr, Sun
                                                                                                         commercial vehicles all feature in a
Apr, The Public, West                Gallery, Wolverhampton            18 Apr, Sun 25 Apr & Sun 2        show that comprises hundreds of
Bromwich                             EASTER WORKSHOPS Thurs 8,         May, Black Country Living
POSTER POWER Workshop to             Wed 14 & Thurs 15 Apr, Ikon                                         models. Other attractions include club
                                                                       Museum, Dudley
design and create your own           Gallery, Birmingham                                                 displays and trade stands. A tombola
unique message, Wed 7 Apr,           SPRING HORSE TRIALS Event                                           runs throughout the day, offering a
The Public, West Bromwich            incorporating dressage, cross-
EGG ART & EASTER CARD WORK-          country and show jumping, Fri                                       range of prizes, and there’s also an
                                                                                                         open competition where modellers of
                        LOOKING FOR VENUE INFORMATION? SEE THE VENUE                                     all ages and abilities can enter their
                    DIRECTORY ON PAGE 76 OR BOOK ONLINE AT
                                                                                                         creations to win an award.

We celebrate our 21st birthday with a
great line-up of some of the finest jazz
and blues bands plus our usual renowned
real ales. This year we will have a larger
marquee and improved seating.
This years line up includes…
•   The Blues Band • Bare Bones Boogie Band
•   Tommaso Starace Quartet • Chicago Red
•   Kingsize Five • Sarah Gillespie with Gilad Atzmon
•   The Big Easy • Asaf Sirkis Trio
•   Back Door Too • Zoë Gilby Trio
•   Led Bib • The Alan Price Set


Booking Office: 01543 262 223
   Full Festival Ticket: £36, Concessions: £33, Members: £30, Students: £18
                    21st Lichfield Real Ale, Jazz & Blues Festival, 24th - 27th June.
                      Lichfield Rugby Club, Tamworth Road, Lichfield. WS14 9JE
All Star Wrestling                                               Servant’s Tour                                   From Monday 12 - Sun 18 April
The Place, Oakengates, Fri 16 April
                                                                 Wightwick Manor, Wolver-
The latest team of
World Federation
                                                                 hampton, Tues 13 April
                                                                 Perhaps the best surviving
                                                                                                A Code-cracking Easter
                                                                                                Avoncroft, Bromsgrove, Thurs 1, Sun 4 & Mon 5 April;
Superstars battle                                                example of a home fur-         Wed 7 & Thurs 8 April; Wed 14, Thurs 15 April
it out in an action-                                             nished under the influence     & Sun 18 April
packed, two-hour                                                 of the arts & crafts move-     Holiday-time visitors to Avon-
spectacular                                                      ment, Wightwick Manor is       croft can enjoy a code-cracking
against a home                                                   a late Victorian manor         Easter with Mary, Queen of
team of British                                                  house, built in the ‘Old       Scots, on the 4th and 5th of
Stars. And if you                                                English’ style by local        April. Travel back to the time of
book ten or more                                                 industrialist Theodore Man-    the Tudors for mystery, intrigue,
tickets, you get                                                 der. Guided tours of the       and plots of treason and treach-
the opportunity to                                               property take place on a       ery.
meet the stars                                                   regular basis, and offer the   Then, on the 7th and 8th, visi-
backstage too!                                                   ideal opportunity to discov-   tors get the chance to solve
                                                                 er a venue which features      crimes in the style of legendary
                                                                 many original wallpapers,      Victorian sleuth Sherlock
Other highlights Mon 12 - 18 April                               fabrics and furnishings by     Holmes.
                                                                 William Morris, artwork by     The 14th and 15th, meanwhile,
HOLIDAY SPECIAL Family fun        MUSIC PRODUCTION & INSTRU-     Rossetti and Burne-Jones,
including rides on Tristan the    MENTAL WORKSHOP Thurs 15                                      provides an opportunity to
Runaway Tractor, Sheep-           Apr, The Hive, Shrewsbury      glass by Charles Kempe,        learn about famous spies and
stakes Sheep racing, Daft         CORTINA 90'S Indie, dance      and ceramics by William        codes, including the Enigma
Duck trials, children’s shows,    and pop classic's from the
farmyard favourites, adven-       90's, Fri 16 Apr, The Assem-
                                                                 de Morgan.                     machine.
ture play and much more...        bly, Leamington Spa
Mon 12 - Sun 18 Apr, Hatton
Country World, Warwick
                                  10TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRA-
                                  TIONS Daily performances
                                                                                                Spring Walk With The
WORKSHOP Chance to make
                                  from magician Paul Dabek,
                                  Sat 17 - Sun 18 Apr, Park                                     Head Gardener
beautiful textile creations for   Hall Countryside Experience,                                  Powys Castle, Thurs 15 April
the home. Suitable for 8 - 13     Oswestry
year-olds, Tue 13 Apr, The        LAMBING WEEK AT THE FARM                                      Visitors to the delightful Powys
Hive, Shrewsbury                  Sat 17 - Fri 23 Apr, Tatton
FAMILY ACTIVITY DAYS -            Park, Cheshire
                                                                                                Castle should think about
FABLES & TALES Tue 13 Apr &       BONSAI DEMONSTRATION Sun                                      coinciding their trip with this
Thurs 15 Apr, Hanbury Hall,       18 April, Birmingham Botani-                                  traditional and always inter-
Worcestershire                    cal Gardens
DRAMA WORKSHOP Wed 14                                                                           esting event. Join the head
Apr, The Hive, Shrewsbury                                                                       gardener and see how the
           LOOKING FOR VENUE INFORMATION?                                                       garden springs into life with
          SEE THE VENUE DIRECTORY ON PAGE 76                                                    help from his garden team.

Other highlights Mon 19 - Sun 28 April                             European                                           From Monday 19 - Sun 25 April
FACTORS OF CULTURAL              where you can observe the
Nicholas Ripley reveals what
he discovered behind the
                                 people at the cutting-edge
                                 of style and learn their tricks
                                 with street dance crews,
                                                                   National Indoor Arena,         St George’s Day
                                                                   Birmingham, Wed 21 - Sun
scenes at the Herbert, Tues
20 Apr, Herbert Art Gallery &
                                 skaters and parcours
                                 traceurs, Sat 24 Apr, Herbert     25 April; Wed 28 April -       Celebrations
                                                                   Sun 2 May
Museum, Coventry
                                 Art Gallery & Museum,
                                                                                                  Various locations
SCENES Gallery group for         WONDERFUL WEAVE Weaving           Featuring around eight hun-
                                                                                                  St George’s Day celebra-
young people aged 14 - 25,       workshop for children aged        dred of Europe’s best gym-
Wed 21 Apr, Wolverhampton        8-plus. All sessions must be                                     tions are certainly not in
                                                                   nasts from forty countries,
Museum & Art Gallery             pre-booked on 02476                                              short supply this year!
MARK BEAUMONT - THE MAN          294755, Sat 24 Apr, Herbert       the European Gymnastics
                                                                                                  One such homage to ‘the
WHO CYCLED THE WORLD             Art Gallery & Museum,             Championships is one of
Thurs 22 Apr, Malvern The-       Coventry                                                         saintly one’ takes place at
                                 SEASONAL GARDEN TOUR Sat
                                                                   the highlights of the Euro-
atres, Worcestershire                                                                             Dartmouth Park in Sandwell, where a stage and arena, brass
VW BIG BANG CAMPER & BUS         24 Apr, Trentham Gardens,         pean circuit, and the third
SHOW Fri 23 - Sun 25 Apr,        Stoke-on-Trent                                                   band, poetry, song and dance, and sport and medieval
                                                                   most prestigious artistic
Santa Pod Raceway,               JEWELS ON THE CUT: CANAL                                         sideshows all feature in a family-friendly programme of activi-
Northampton                      WALKS Guided walks from           gymnastics event in the
                                                                                                  ties. Bilston Craft Gallery and Blists Hill Victorian Town at
DEER PARK RIDES Tractor &        the Bonded Warehouse,             world gymnastics calendar.
trailer rides through the deer   Stourbridge, to the Red                                          Ironbridge Gorge are among various other places where St
                                 House Glass Cone, Sun 25
                                                                   The event incorporates
park, Sat 24 - Sun 25 Apr,                                                                        George is being suitably honoured!
Attingham Park, Shrewsbury       Apr, Bonded Warehouse,            team and individual compe-
STREET SLAM Drop-in event        Stourbridge                       titions for seniors and jun-
      FOR THE LATEST EVENTS LISTINGS VISIT:                        iors in both men’s and
                                                                   women’s artistic gymnas-
                                                                                                  Spring Living History Weekend
                                                                   Black Country Living
                                                                   tics.                          Museum, Dudley,
                                                                                                  Sat 24 - Sun 25 April
 Shrewsbury International                                                                         Rejecting twenty-first century
 Cartoon Festival                                                                                 luxuries such as central heat-
                                                                                                  ing, hot and cold running
 Various locations around Shrewsbury Town
 Centre, Thurs 22 - Sun 25 April                                                                  water and touch-of-a-button
                                                                                                  living, the Friends of the
 Attracting around forty full-time, professional
                                                                                                  Museum here give some of
 cartoonists and caricaturists from the UK and
                                                                                                  the houses and cottages on
 abroad, this festival has been running since
                                                                                                  site a spring clean - 1920s-
 2003 and offers unique opportunities to see
                                                                                                  style! Dressed in period cos-
 artists at work; twenty of them on huge boards
                                                                                                  tume, the Friends cook, clean,
 in the town square during the weekend, others
                                                                                                  eat and play as people did in
 drawing caricatures, and some running car-
                                                                                                  the past. Talk about making a
 toon workshops for all ages.
                                                                                                  clean sweep of things!

     What’s On in                                                  Bilston

                                                                   Mount Pleasant,
                                          Open March to October    Bilston,Wolverhampton
                                         Every Day 10am to 5pm
                                          0121 557 9643            Tel: 01902 552507
                                           Fax: 01902 552504

                                         Grrrrrrreat                                                     Dudley­Zoo
     5 April 10.30am - 3.30pm                                                                            W
                                                                                                         ­ here­education
     EASTER FAMILY                                                                                       helps­conservation
     FUN DAY
     Top class entertainment,
     quizzes, competitions, art
     activities and great food. Free.

     7 April
     10.30am - 12.30pm (5-7s)
     1.30pm - 3.30pm (8-12s)
                                        TRANSPORT MUSEUM
     Create colourful bugs from          Millennium Place,
     recycled materials. £1.50.             Hales Street,
                                         Coventry. CV1 1PN                                                  01384­215313
     Booking essential. Under 8s
     must be accompanied.                 Tel: 024 7623 270                                    
     8 April 10.30am - 12.30pm,
     1.30pm - 3.30pm                                                                                     SHIRE HALL GALLERY
     With Jim Morris. FREE.

     15 April 10.30am - 12.30pm,
     1.30pm - 3.30pm                    The New
     STAGE MAKE-UP                      Art Gallery
     A great opportunity for all bud-
     ding make-up artists to learn
     the basics of stage make-up.
     Suitable for 8+. £1.50. Book-
     ing essential.
                                         Gallery Square, Walsall                                          The Shire Hall Gallery,
                                                                   Wellingborough, Northants, NN29 7XA    Market Square, Stafford
     16 April 10.30am - 12.30pm,           T: 01922 654400              Tel: 01234 782828                 Telephone: 01785 278345
     1.30pm - 3.30pm                                                
     Fly high with drop-in kite-mak-
     ing sessions. FREE.

     24 April 10.30am - 3.30pm
     Create a wonderful purse knit-
     ted from recycled plastic bags.
     £12.50 (all materials includ-
     ed). Booking essential.

       FREE ADMISSION                                                                                    Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm:
      Open Tues-Sat, 10am-5pm
                                                                                                          Enquiries and information:
        Walsall Leather Museum                                                                              0121 202 2222
      Littleton Street West, Walsall
             Tel: 01922 721153
                                                                                                            Birmingham science museum                                                                              Millennium Point, Curzon Street
                                                                                                                Birmingham , B4 7XG

Monster Truck Nationals
Santa Pod Raceway, Northampton, Sat 1 May
                                                       May Day Bank                                  From Monday 26 April - Mon 3 May
It’s judgement day at Santa Pod (or so the pub-        Holiday Fun                                                                             IN
                                                                                         The British Falconry,
licity describes it!), courtesy of the Monster Truck   Shugborough Estate,
                                                       Staffordshire, Mon 3 May
Nationals event! Head-to-head car crushing,                                              Raptor & Country Fair
Monster Truck free-style action, motorcycle
stunts aplenty and a sure-to-be-impressive per-
                                                       May Day Bank Holiday fun
                                                       comes in various shapes
                                                                                         Chetwynd Park, Newport,                          EVENDAY
formance by the Fireforce jet car all feature in       and sizes at Shugborough
                                                                                         Sun 2 & Mon 3 May
what promises to be a fairly loud programme of         on the 3rd of the month,          Not surprisingly, given the event’s
events!                                                so why not get along and          name, the majestic sport of falconry is
                                                       get involved!                     high on the list of main arena attractions at this year’s British
                                                       Even without a selection of       Falconry, Raptor & Country Fair! But there’s much more to
                                                       special activities to recom-      the show than just birds of prey. There's also the chance to
                                                       mend it, the Complete             check out beagle and ferret shows, terrier shows, black
                                                       Working Historic Estate is        powder shooting, archery and dog agility events. Children’s
                                                       a great place to visit in its     quad bikes and various rides and amusements feature, too,
                                                       own right. Visitors can join      ensuring there’s something for the whole family to enjoy.
                                                       historic costumed charac-
                                                       ters cheese-making, dolly-
                                                       pegging and mangling!
                                                       Then there are the rare
                                                       breeds and their newborns
                                                       to enjoy, and the chance
                                                       to take a fun ride on Lucy
May Day Celebrations                                   the Train to the Servants’
Black Country Living Museum, Mon 3 May                 Quarters, where the head
Professional dancers demonstrate the age-old           cook will be waiting to
tradition of Maypole dancing at this special event     make sure visitors’ nails
- and visitors are encouraged to join in and have      are clean and their hair
a go too! There are English country dance les-         tidy before they’re set to
sons in the school, with the professionals pass-       work!
ing on top footwork tips! Children, meanwhile,
can enjoy some good old-fashioned fun, as
Punch and Judy entertain the crowds.

                                                       May Madness
                                                       Mary Arden’s Farm,
                                                       Sun 1 - Mon 2 May
                                                       The sights, smells and            Fancy Dress Salsa Ball
                                                       activities of rural life in the   Birmingham Town Hall, Sun 2 May
                                                       1570s can be experienced          Building on the success of their sell-out winter salsa balls,
                                                       at Mary Arden’s Farm.             SalsaFever returns with what its organisers are describing
                                                       The venue is home to              as ‘a Bank Holiday weekend showcase spectacular’! The
                                                       rare-breed pigs, goats,           fancy dress theme for the evening is ‘anything beginning
                                                       sheep and horses, and             with the letter P’. The winner will receive £50, and there are
                                                       there’s also a scenic             plenty of prizes available for second and third place too.
                                                       woodpecker trail. Further
                                                       regular attractions include
                                                       some real Tudor-style
                                                       As well as checking out
                                                       the venue’s May Madness
                                                       event this month, why not
                                                       pop along to the farm’s
                                                       Tudor festival as well (29 -
                                                       31 May), which comes
Grand Day Out                                          complete with archery,
Acton Scott Museum, Church Stretton,                   music, feasting and a tra-
Shropshire, Mon 3 May                                  ditional hand fasting cere-
A fun place to take the family this Easter, Acton      mony.
Scott provides the chance to experience ‘every-
day life’ as it was on an upland farm one hun-
dred years ago. The venue offers a busy events
programme which reflects the changing seasons                                            Robin Hood
on the farm. Visitors can see milking by hand                                            Avoncroft Museum, Bromsgrove, Sun 2 & Mon 3 May
and butter-making in the dairy. There are weekly                                         Enter Robin Hood’s camp and experience what life would
visits from the wheelwright, farrier and black-                                          have been like for the famous adventurer in medieval Eng-
smith, and plenty of cows, pigs, poultry and                                             land. Enjoy the kiddie drill, have-a-go archery, a special fal-
sheep in the farmyard and fields.                                                        conry display and plenty more.
Steam In Miniature
Blists Hill Victorian Town, Ironbridge,                                                                                  From Monday 26 April - Mon 3 May
Sun 2 - Mon 3 May
See Blists Hill Victorian Town’s smaller steam                                                          Meccanuity
machines in their full working splendour at this                                                        Enginuity, Ironbridge, Shropshire, Sat 1 - Mon 3 May
annual steam weekend.
                                                                                                        If you’re forty-plus years of age, chances are you encoun-
                                                                                                        tered Meccano at some stage of your childhood. The once-
                                                                 Guided Tours                           popular model construction system no longer has wide-
                                                                                                        spread appeal for children, but there remain plenty of
                                                                 Tamworth Castle,
                                                                 Sun 2 - Mon 3 May
                                                                                                        enthusiastic adults
                                                                                                        more than happy to
                                                                 Enjoy one of Tamworth                  fly the ‘Meccano is
                                                                 Castle’s ever-popular cos-             great’ flag. Some of
                                                                 tumed guided tours. The                them, the Telford
                                                                 tours provide visitors with            Meccano Society
                                                                 an opportunity to discover             ones, this month
                                                                 fascinating facts about the            bring examples of
                                                                 castle, and listen to (hope-           their finest work to
                                                                 fully!) spellbinding stories.          Enginuity, presenting
                                                                 Each tour is interactive,              all manner of moving
                                                                 lasts for an hour, and oper-           and interactive mod-
                                                                 ates on a ticketed ‘first              els, shows and
                                                                 come, first served’ basis.             demonstrations.

                                                             Grange Garden, Stafford-     CLUN GREEN MAN FESTIVAL         IRONBRIDGE GORGE WALK-       SPRING GARDEN & CRAFT
Other highlights Mon 26 April - Sun 2 May                    shire                        Featuring live music, street    ING FESTIVAL Annual walk-    FAIR Sun 2 - Mon 3 May,
                                                             FUN MAY BANK HOLIDAY         fair, craft fair, plus much     ing festival organised by    Ragley Hall, Warwickshire
FOCUS ON: PERIOD GARDENS      IT'S A GAS Volunteers bring    ACTIVITIES Sat 1 May,        more... Sat 1 - Mon 3 May,      the Green Wood Centre,       MAY DAY CELEBRATION Mon
Find out how the museum       the gas engines to life in     Wightwick Manor, Wolver-     Various locations around        Sat 1 - Sun 9 May, various   3 May, Upton House &
planned and planted out       the Cinema Power House         hampton                      Clun, South Shropshire          locations around Iron-       Gardens, Worcestershire
its period garden, Thurs 29   and the Trap Shop, Sat 1       THE ALL AMERICAN SHOW        TUG BOAT EVENT Sat 1 -          bridge, Shropshire           SHEEP & GOAT GRAND
Apr, Avoncroft Museum,        May, Black Country Living      For owners and enthusi-      Mon 3 May, Black Country        HERITAGE LAND ROVER          NATIONALS Mon 3 May,
Bromsgrove                    Museum, Dudley                 asts of muscle cars, hot     Living Museum, Dudley           SHOW Highlights include:     Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom
MARSTON COLLECTION            TEA DANCE Friendly relaxed     rods, classic drags and      RSPB WEEKEND Activities         Land Rover Heritage Run,     SOUTH SHROPSHIRE HUNT
Motoring marvels from the     event with live music, Sat 1   beyond, Sat 1 - Sun 2 May,   include bird feeder-mak-        trade village & specialist   POINT-TO-POINT Mon 3 May,
early 1900s up to the         May, Herbert Art Gallery &     Santa Pod Raceway,           ing, dragonfly-making,          talks, Sun 2 May, Heritage   Eyton-on-Severn Race-
1930s take centre stage.      Museum, Coventry               Northampton                  making bird masks, plus         Motor Centre, Gaydon         course, Shrewsbury
Sat 1 May, Black Country      BONSAI WEEKEND Sat 1 -         BOOK FAIR Sat 1 - Mon 3      goodies to take home, Sat       TRADITIONAL DANCE Sun 2 -
Living Museum, Dudley         Sun 1 May, Biddulph            May, Attingham Park,         1 - Mon 3 May, Trentham         Mon 3 May, Dudmaston,
                                                             Shrewsbury                   Gardens, Stoke-on-Trent         Bridgnorth

                                                     FOR THE LATEST EVENTS LISTINGS VISIT:

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 3000 friends in the West Midlands        across the West Midlands. Lots of
 (and 15,000 nationally!) who really      our members are single and come        0121 353 6161         (24 hours)
 know how to enjoy themselves?            along on there own, but we also        email
                                          welcome couples and groups of          or visit
 Well here’s your chance. We’re a         friends. There’s no hidden agenda
 friendly, local action, adventure and    – we’re just one happy family of
 social group offering a wide variety     friends. Members are all ages
 of opportunities for our members to      (18–80!) and from all walks of life.
 have fun together.
                                          The one unifying factor of anyone
 There’s literally something for          joining Spice is that they want to
 everyone; be it the latest adrenaline    live life to the full.
 pumping outdoor activities…
 weekends & holidays… sports              Membership is equivalent to the
 nights… workshops on fascinating         cost of just a pint of beer a             So what will you be
                                          week. In fact, our money back
 subjects… or social nights including
                                          promise means that satisfaction
                                                                                     doing tomorrow?
 theatre, parties and ‘behind the
 scenes’ visits to all sorts of unusual   is guaranteed.

               “It’s an opportunity to get to do lots of things you wouldn’t otherwise do ...a
   life of Spice...
                     What our members are up to in April 2010
         THURSDAY APRIL 1st                            • Studio Photo Shoot Evening Workshop          •   Badminton
       • Archery Beginners Indoor Evening              • Tandem Skydive from 12,000ft                 •   Beginners Horse Riding Stage 1
       • Halesowen and Quinton Pub Night               • Tank Battle Experience                       •   Pride and Prejudice Dance Experience
       • Uncouth Workshop                              • West Midlands Police Air Operations          •   Spring Into Summer for Heart Research
           FRIDAY APRIL 2nd                              MONDAY APRIL 12th                                FRIDAY APRIL 23rd
       •   Borrowdale Easter Walking Break             • Badminton                                    •   Center Parcs (Oasis) Spring Weekend
       •   Chester and Liverpool Weekend               • Solihull Pub Night                           •   Sailing Weekend - Racing in the Solent
       •   Easter Welsh Walking Break                                                                 •   Spice Hits Town at the Jam House
       •   Ennerdale and Loweswater Easter               TUESDAY APRIL 13th                           •   Welsh Ridge Walking Weekend - The Arans
           Walking Break                               • Indoor Climbing - Beginners                      SATURDAY APRIL 24th
       •   Gower Peninsula Easter Walking Break        • Indoor Cricket Evening at Edgbaston
       •   Sail Sardinia with EnCompass Sailing                                                       •   Abseiling for the Terrified
       •   Sailing Weekend Poole, Weymouth                 WEDNESDAY APRIL 14th                       •   Alexander Technique All Day Workshop
           over Easter                                                                                •   Auto Stunt School
                                                       •   Birmingham Pub Treasure Trail              •   Awesome Foursome Experience at The Abyss
       •   Sutton Hot Cross Bun Ramble                 •   Coventry Pub Night                         •   BBC Birmingham Behind the Scenes
           SATURDAY APRIL 3rd                          •   Dinner Shuffle at The Vaults               •   Cathedral Library Tour with Canon Pete
                                                       •   Sutton Pub Night                           •   Chinese Cooking Masterclass
       •   Canadian Canoeing on the Trent
       •   Caving for the Terrified                        THURSDAY APRIL 15th                        •   Communicate and Present Yourself
       •   Chester/Liverpool - Magical Mystery Tour    •   Archery Beginners Indoor Evening               with Confidence
       •   Climbing the Longstone Pinnacle             •   Golf for Beginners 4 Week Course           •   Hippodrome Back Stage Tour
       •   Extreme Dodgems Experience                  •   Les Miserables                             •   Hopton Castle and
       •   Hash House Harriers Run - Easter            •   Memory Masterclass Evening                     Clunberry Ramble
           Bunny Run                                   •   Unihoc                                     •   Kayak River Adventure Day
       •   Ledbury to Malvern Ramble and Train                                                        •   Lamborghini Thrill
       •   Market Bosworth Bike Amble                      FRIDAY APRIL 16th                          •   Nuclear Bunker Supper Night by Coach
       •   Recording Studio Session                    •   Drawing and Watercolour Weekend            •   Perfume Workshop
       •   Spring Wildlife at Middleton Hall           •   Fly Fishing Weekend                        •   Relaxation and Stress Relief Morning in
                                                       •   Murder Mystery Evening and Buffet              Walsall
           SUNDAY APRIL 4th                            •   Skipton and The Pendle Way Challenge       •   Triple Whammy Experience at The Abyss
       •   Apedale Ramble                                  Weekend                                    •   Wild Survival Day for Beginners
       •   Beginners Horse Trek                        •   Skipton and the Yorkshire Dales Weekend        SUNDAY APRIL 25th
       •   Carsington Easy/ Try Mountain Biking
       •   Comedy at the A+B                               SATURDAY APRIL 17th                        •   Abseiling for Beginners in Bewdley
       •   Go Ape in Cannock                           •   Dinghy Sailing Morning for Beginners       •   Badminton Afternoon at Barr Beacon
       •   Macclesfield Forest Ramble                  •   Guide Dog Training Centre Visit            •   Boogie Woogie, Real Ale and Supper Cruise
       •   Warwick Easter Egg Treasure Hunt            •   Hoar Cross Easy Ramble and Lunch           •   Branston Water Park Easy Ramble
                                                       •   Lichfield Cathedral Afternoon Tour         •   Digital Photography for Beginners
           MONDAY APRIL 5th                                + Cream Tea                                •   Indian Head Massage Workshop (Arden
       •   Birmingham Canals Walk                      •   Nottingham City Walk                           Hotel)
       •   Bradwell Ramble                             •   Oil Painting in a Day - The Bob Ross Way   •   Make an Impact with your Voice
       •   Chadwick End Easy Ramble                    •   Ombersley Ramble                           •   Ten Pin Bowling (Coventry)
       •   Ladybower Improvers Mountain Biking         •   Pole Dance Workshop with Pure Joy              MONDAY APRIL 26th
           TUESDAY APRIL 6th                           •   Rugby Match Day Experience/Tour
                                                       •   Rumba and Quickstep Dance Introduction     •   Quiz
       •   Badminton                                   •   Sailing Taster Day on the Solent               TUESDAY APRIL 27th
       •   Ten Pin Bowling (Broadway Plaza)            •   Silver Jewellery Making Taster Course      •   Badminton
           WEDNESDAY APRIL 7th                         •   White Water Rafting                        •   Owl Handling Experience
       •   Alvechurch Twilight Ramble                  •   World's Wackiest Racers                    •   Preview Night Birmingham
       •   Scuba - PADI Referral - 5 Week Programme        SUNDAY APRIL 18th                              WEDNESDAY APRIL 28th
       •   Scuba Foundation - 3 Week Programme         •   Avon Gorge Mega Abseil
       •   Tamworth + Lichfield Pub Night                                                             •   Ballet Nacional de Cuba - Magia de la Danza
                                                       •   Compton Verney - Walking Festival Ramble   •   Scuba Taster Evening
           THURSDAY APRIL 8th                          •   Compton Verney Easy Ramble -
       •   Volleyball                                      Walking Fest                                   THURSDAY APRIL 29th
                                                       •   Maps, Navigation + First Aid -             •   Austrian Experience Dinner Shuffle
           FRIDAY APRIL 9th                                Walking Festival                           •   Trampoline
       •   Barn Dance and Supper                       •   Pottery Workshop
                                                       •   Stratford without Shakespeare (With            FRIDAY APRIL 30th
       •   Ghost Hunting and Supper
                                                           Walkfest!)                                 •   Adrenaline Cocktail Weekend
           SATURDAY APRIL 10th                         •   Walking with Wolves - Reading              •   Bank Holiday Dance Weekend Extravaganza!
       •   Bourton on the Water + Slaughters Ramble        MONDAY APRIL 19th
                                                                                                      •   Coastal and Limestone Lakeland Walking
       •   Emotional Freedom Technique for Beginners                                                      Break
                                                       •   Boudoir Photography Session                •   Highlight (was Jongleurs) Famous for
       •   Flying Lesson                               •   Bromsgrove Pub Night
       •   Knowle Locks Easy Ramble                                                                       Comedy Night
                                                       •   Cemetary Junction                          •   Lynton Bank Holiday Walking Weekend
       •   Long Mynd Classic Mountain Bike Ride
       •   Power Kiting and Land Boarding                  TUESDAY APRIL 20th                         •   Sail Sardinia with EnCompass Sailing
       •   Stonehenge Walk                                                                            •   Sailing weekend - Cross Channel
                                                       •   Assay Office Tour                          •   Welsh Camping Long Weekend
       •   Turkish Bath and Swim                       •   Earlswood Twilight Ramble + Supper
       •   Walk with Wolves - Bedford                                                                 •   Whitby Bank Holiday Walking and Social
                                                       •   Kings Heath Pub Night                          Weekend
       •   Wyre Forest Beginners Mountain Biking
                                                           WEDNESDAY APRIL 21st
           SUNDAY APRIL 11th                           •   Drumming Experience for Beginners
       •   Dambusters Ramble                           •   Kababish Dining Experience
       •   Longdon Easy Ramble                         •   Learn the Secrets of Mind Reading                For future listings visit:
       •   Quad Endurance Trekking                                                                
       •   Smestow Valley Railway Walk                     THURSDAY APRIL 22nd

and meet lots of people you wouldn’t otherwise meet”. Jamie, Spice member
     dvd releases

 Nine                               Law Abiding Citizen               Humpday                             Alvin And The                     The Stepfather
 Daniel Day-Lewis is joined by      An incriminating look at the      It’s been a decade since            Chipmunks 2: The                  When a teenage boy begins
 a huge cast of A-listers in this   inconsistencies of an over-       Ben and Andrew were the             Squeakquel                        to suspect that his new step-
 big budget musical that’s set      loaded justice system. Jamie      bad boys of their college           Sequel movie in which the         father is a notorious serial
 in early 1960s Venice. It fol-     Foxx stars.                       campus. When Andrew                 chipmunks, now a world-           killer who prays on broken
 lows a famous film director as     Released 12 April                 shows up unannounced on             famous singing trio, contend      families, he races to gather
 he struggles to complete his                                         Ben’s doorstep, they easily         with the pressures of school,     the evidence that will back up
 final project on the eve of his                                      fall back into their old            celebrity - and a rival female    his fear before it’s too late.
 fortieth birthday.                                                   dynamic of one-upmanship.           music group known as the          Released 19 April
 Released 12 April                                                    Released 12 April                   Chipettes! Released 12 April

 The Men Who Stare                  The Box                           Avatar                              St Trinian’s 2: The               Carriers
 At Goats                           When a married couple             A band of humans find them-         Legend Of Fritton’s               An apocalyptic tale explor-
 Every bit as funny, smart          receive a mystery box, they       selves in a battle against a dis-   Gold                              ing a viral pandemic that
 and provocative as you’d           find themselves faced with        tant planet’s indigenous popu-      The girls of St Trinian’s go      sweeps across the United
 expect a film to be which          a choice that could lead          lation in director James            on the hunt for buried treas-     States, Carriers focuses on
 features the talents of            either to one million dollars     Cameron’s blockbuster tale...       ure, after discovering head-      four fleeing friends who dis-
 Clooney, McGregor, Bridges         or to death...                    Released 26 April                   mistress Miss Fritton is relat-   cover that they are far more
 and Spacey.                        Released 19 April                                                     ed to a famous pirate...          dangerous to one another
 Released 19 April                                                                                        Released 26 April                 than any airborne
                                                                                                                                            Released 26 April

                                                            Plan B                                 Gabriella Cilmi
     cd releases                                            The Defamation
                                                            Of Strickland
                                                                                                   Citing the likes of Blondie and Donna
                                                            Banks                                  Summer as her inspiration, Cilmi has pro-
                                                                                                   duced an album that, in her own words,
                                                            This second album from the             has helped her to find her inner disco
                                                            lad from London’s Forest               diva! Packed with electronic dancefloor
                                                            Gate presents a new musical            sounds reminiscent of the 1980s, Ten sees
                                                            genre designed to tell the             a reunion between Cilmi and Xenomania,
                                                            story of Strickland Banks, a           producers of her previous hit single,
                                                            British soul singer who finds          Lessons To Be Learned.
                                                            fame with bitter-sweet love            Now available.
                                                            songs - only to face losing
                                                            everything when he ends up

     Songs From The
                                                            in court for a crime he didn’t
                                                            commit. Plan B, aka Ben                Paul Weller
     Red Room
                                                            Drew, prefers to refer to him-
                                                            self as just a storyteller, but
                                                                                                   Wake Up The Nation
     This is the first album to be recorded by              with his soft vocal delivery of
                                                                                                   This latest album sees the genius that is
     Siobhan Fahey in over ten years. Featuring             tracks like She Said and
                                                                                                   Paul Weller rekindle his relationship with
     collaborations with Terry Hall (Was It Worth It)       Prayin’, he’s proved that he’s
                                                                                                   fellow Jam musician Bruce Foxton, col-
     and Whitey (Pulsatron), it sees Fahey, as she          also a force to be reckoned
                                                                                                   laborating together on two of the album’s
     so eloquently puts it, “taking music back from         with as a soul
                                                                                                   sixteen tracks. Other contributors include
     what it’s become - this inferior thing that’s          singer.
                                                                                                   Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields, The
     associated with Pop Idol and X Factor”.                Available
                                                                                                   Move’s Ben Bevan and legendary ses-
     Electrifying tracks like It’s A Trip and Bad           12 April
                                                                                                   sion drummer Clem Cattini.
     Blood should help her get her point across.                                                   Available 12 April
     Available 12 April

                                                                                                                              NEW STUFF
books                                                                     Always
                                                                          Looking Up My Family And Other
                                                                          By Michael J. Fox
Misadventures Of A                                                        Multi-award-winning  Strangers: Adventures In
Big Mouth Brit                                                            actor Michael J. Fox
                                                                          rose to fame in the  Family History
By Piers Morgan                                                1980s with starring roles in         By Jeremy Hardy
Piers Morgan is a bit like Marmite; you either love him        Back To The Future and Family        Geneology has become quite a popular
or hate him. Whatever your preference, there’s no              Ties. Nowadays, he channels          pastime of late, courtesy of a high volume of
doubting that this ex-tabloid journalist has what it takes     his energies into advocating a       celebrities publicly tracing their roots. Comedian Jeremy Hardy
to blag his way into the best parties, always enticing         cure for Parkinson’s, the debili-    is no exception! After growing up listening to a wealth of leg-
bits of juicy gossip from A-listers. Now the time has          tating, degenerative disease         ends and myths about his ancestors, he took it upon himself to
come for Piers to share the gossip he’s accumulated            that has taken over his life.        investigate. Were the dubious claims that the family descended
from his time spent across ‘the pond’. From chinwags           In Always Looking Up, Fox            from a certain seventeenth-century architect true, and was his
with Naomi Campbell to a cigar-smoking session with            presents an honest, informative      Great Grandfather really a royal bodyguard? A humorous read,
Arnold Schwarzenegger, hilarious tete-a-tetes with             and poignant memoir about the        My Family And Other Strangers is a must for anyone who’s
Cheryl Cole and an account of his bizarre encounter            journey that he’s taken since        tried to decipher the 1911 census, or who simply wishes that
with Paris Hilton, this entertaining read offers an eye-       he came to terms with his con-       they’d asked their grandparents more about their lives when
opening, often shocking account of his adventures. A           dition, and how and why he           they had the chance. An entertaining read!
treat for anyone obsessed with celebrity!                      continues to remain optimistic.

television: ones to watch out for...

Over The Rainbow                   Britain’s Got Talent                Jersey Shore                     Ashes To Ashes                         Supersize Vs
Friday, BBC1, 9pm                  ITV1 from mid-April                 Sunday, MTV, 9pm                 Friday, BBC1, 9pm                      Superskinny
Charlotte Church is joined by      Yes, it really is twelve months     Brand new Reality TV show        Philip Glenister and Keeley            Tuesday, C4, 8pm
Sheila Hancock and John            since the Subo craze kicked-        that follows eight twenty-       Hawes return in the third and final    The mother of all weight pro-
Partridge in this search to find   off, which means it’s time again    somethings as they spend         series of the time-travelling police   grammes returns, with Dr
the right gal to fill Dorothy’s    for Simon, Piers and the blub-      their summer sharing a New       drama.                                 Christian offering advice to
ruby slippers.                     bering Amanda to dominate           Jersey Beach House. Expect                                              those who take their eating
                                   Saturday night TV.                  plenty of sexual tension!                                               habits to the extreme.

The Restoration Man                Comedy Gala                         Russell Howard’s                 Outnumbered                            Facejacker
Sunday, C4, 9pm                    Friday 5 April, C4, tbc             Good News                        Thursday, BBC1, 9.30pm                 Friday, C4, 10pm from 16 April
Ever-passionate architect          All the current comedy greats       Thursday, BBC3, 10.30pm          Return of the multi-award-win-         Kavyan Novak returns with his
George Clarke returns with a       are brought together in this, the   Howard turns news junkie         ning off-the-wall comedy. This         array of fictional characters.
brand new series in which he       biggest live stand-up show in       once again, entertaining the     new series covers an array of          This time round, he enlists the
helps to rescue neglected          UK history. Filmed at London’s      nation with his spin on both     subjects, including sex educa-         aid of prosthetics to come
architectural treasures across     O2 Arena, it also includes a col-   the week’s headlines and         tion, colonoscopies and WW2            face-to-face with his unsus-
Britain.                           laboration between Alan Carr,       numerous overlooked stories.     re-enactments.                         pecting subjects.
                                   Bill Bailey and Stomp.

Shameless                          The Delicious Miss Dhal             The Vampire Diaries              Damages                                Desperate Housewives
Tuesday, C4, 10pm                  Tuesday, BBC2, 8.30pm               Tuesday, ITV2, 9pm               Wednesdays, BBC1, 10.45pm              Wednesday, C4, 10pm
New series of the award-win-       A new series that follows the       Spinetingling show direct from   Glenn Close returns as ruthless        Watch out as John
ning comedy. Expect laughs         author, food writer and former      the US that’s packed to the      lawyer Patty Hewes in the third        Barrowman joins the resi-
aplenty as we’re treated to        model as she trawls through the     rafters with tension, drama,     series of the high-powered liti-       dents of Wisteria Lane in this
even more outlandish behav-        finest food emporiums, searching    mystery and romance - not to     gation drama that’s packed with        latest series of the cult
iour from the residents of the     for the finest ingredients with     mention the odd spot of          plot twists and season-long sto-       American soap/drama.
Chatsworth Estate.                 which to cook up delicious yet      bloodsucking!                    rylines.
                                   simple ‘meals for one’.
     April                                                             Get rockin’
 Erick Morillo                                                         Subculture
 Gatecrasher Birmingham, Sun 2 May
                                                                       & Tribal
 Currently one of the most in-demand and instantly recognis-
                                                                       Subculture &
 able DJs in the world, the super-talented Erick Morillo plays
                                                                       Tribal is the UK’s
 Birmingham at the beginning of next month. Erick’s DJing
                                                                       biggest rock club,
 schedule is truly prolific, and has seen him criss-crossing the
                                                                       and takes place
 globe to play as many as a staggering thirty gigs a month,
                                                                       every Saturday at
 along the way scooping coveted awards such as Best
                                                                       the O2 Academy in
 International DJ and Best House DJ.
                                                                       Birmingham. It’s
                                                                       open from 10pm
                                                                       to 3am. Previous
                                                                       guests at the club
                                                                       have included
                                                                       New Found Glory,
                                                                       Funeral For A
                                                                       Friend, Bullet For
                                                                       My Valentine,
                                                                       Hoobastank, Page
                                                                       3 Girl Of The Year
                                                                       Michelle Marsh,
                                                                       Millencolin and
                                                                       Less Than Jake.      Al Fresco
                                                                       Resident DJs         Godskitchen, Air, Birmingham, Sat 1 May
                                                                       Dave Juste, Big
                                                                       Jim Booth, Curt      Check out Godskitchen’s Al Fresco event at Air in
                                               Erick                   Allen, Rob           Birmingham this 1st of May. The show features a giant
                                            Morillo                    Dickens and Ben
                                                                       Marston are on
                                                                                            outdoor main stage, boosting the venue capacity to a
                                                                                            well-impressive four thousand. Armin Van Buuren (pic-
                                          in Birm                                           tured) takes top billing, making his only UK appearance
                                                  gham!                hand to keep the
                                                                       discs spinning.      until the summer. The sounds of Axwell, Mark Knight,
                                                                                            Kim Fai and Paul Thomas can also be heard on the

                                                                                                  LESBIAN & GAY

                                             Boy George                                              Sponsored by
                                             Club Chic, Birmingham,
                                             Sat 3 April
                                             His 'young, slender and
                                             pretty' days may be a
                                                                                    Dead Celebrity Ball
                                                                                    Nightingale Club, Birmingham, Sat 1 May
                                             long way behind him, but
                                             Boy George certainly                                                    If you’re into the music of Queen
                                             retains his long-held tal-                                              and Freddie Mercury, Michael
                                             ent for headline-making.                                                Jackson or Elvis (c’mon, surely
                                             He's had a few well-publi-                                              you must be into the music of at
                                             cised legal problems of                                                 least one of ’em?), then the
                                             late, and has also been                                                 Nightingale Club’s Dead
                                             fighting a battle of the                                                Celebrity Ball is one event you
                                             bulge for probably more                                                 really mustn’t miss!
                                             years than he cares to                                                  On stage for the gig are Mike
                                             remember. For all his vari-                                             Solo as the King of Rock’n’Roll,
                                             ous trials and tribulations,                                            Monarchy - performing as Mr
                                                                                                                     Mercury and Queen - and Glenn
An Evening With Glen                         however, his fans have
                                             stayed loyally behind him,                                              Jackson as his namesake
Chevannes and his                            happy to recall the Boy's                                               Michael.
                                                                                                                     And the tribute performers won’t
Stunning Showgirls                           bygone glories in those
                                             heady Culture Club days
                                                                                                                     be the only ones dressed as
The Castle Hotel, Tamworth,                                                                                          celebrities either, because the
                                             of old. He appears at                                                   Ball is actually a fancy dress
Saturday 10 April                            Club Chic having just                                                   event, meaning you and your
One of the scene’s best-known theatre        released a brand new sin-                                               pals can get kitted out too!
faces is busy preparing for his latest       gle entitled Amazing                                                    What’s more, if you get your out-
show in Tamworth. Singer Glen Knott,         Grace.                                                                  fit from Mardi Gras on Hurst
who uses the stage name Glen                                                                                         Street, you get free admission to
Chevannes, is intending to perform An                                                                                the Nightingale for the event.
Evening With Glen Chevannes And His                                                                                  You can choose to dress as a
Stunning Showgirls at The Castle Hotel                                                                               celebrity from the world of pop,
in Tamworth this month. This is the fifth                                                                            TV, film, politics or royalty. Mardi
year Glen has presented the show at the                                                                              Gras is located in the City Centre
venue.                                                                                                               south car park on Hurst Street.
Tickets for Candlelit Cabaret are priced
at £28.50 and are available by phoning
the Castle Hotel on 01827 317700.                                               ­       FOR THE LATEST GAY LISTINGS VISIT:

    C O N T E M P O R A RY    B A R   •     O U T S I D E   G A R D E N     •       C H A M PA G N E    &   C O C K TA I L   B A R     •   D I N I N G

     Be there...
     FRIDAY NIGHTS: 9 til late The Bleu Light Collective “An                    SATURDAY NIGHTS: Audiotonik “Remixed, commer-
     eclectic mix of cutting edge tracks from today and years                   cial & up-front funky music to hit the
     gone by... Vinyl meets CDJ”                                                spot and sooth the soul... style it out!”

     Enjoy premium brands and champagne
     cocktails in one of the most sexy, stylish and
     chic places in Birmingham.
     And every Friday and Saturday we’re open
                                                                                            TheLoft ounge
     until 3am and it’s free admission too!
                                                                                          143 Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham, B5 6RG
                                                                                    Tel: 0121 622 2444


         Miu Miu ‘Violet’ sunglasses,
         £115. Available from

Ronnie Wood for Liberty -
London Blue Orchid Racer
dress, £300.
                                           Flower Bow headband, £3.
                                           Available from a/wear

                                                 French Connection Summer
                                                 Embroidery Clutch, £55.

                                        Jaegar wide double buckle
    Toodle Loo Hearts Courts,           belt, £80.
    £59.99. Available from

                                                          Main image:
                                                          White puff sleeve blouse £65,
                                                          Pink soda orange & pink
                                                          ruffle skirt, £30; Therapy red &
                                                          orange stripe belt, £20; socks
                                                          from a selection from French
                                                          All available at House of Fraser

                                                                                               Butler and Wilson large blue and
                                                                                               pink two flower necklace, £69.95.
                                                                                               Available from
                                                     Paul Smith floral cardigan
Matthew Williamson silk-georgette                    £174.99 Available from
shift dress, £1535. Available from         
Cruise                                                                          Vivienne Westwood Red Label
                                                                                                        Ebury floral print bag, £845.
                                                                                                        Available from Harvey Nichols
                Storm Vesta Crystal Watch,
                £89.99. Available from

                                            Pink and yellow neon bracelets, £65
                                            each. Available from House of Fraser

                                     Maise Moo paisley print wheel tote,
                                     £79.99; holdall, £26.99. Both
                                     available from Tripp

                                                                                   Dove Brooch, £29. Available
                                                                                   from Hobbs


          Time to find true love...
          IT’s easy TO RePLyTO aDs!                                                                              OR TexT: Reply to ads                                                Example: GZ222079 Hi,
                                                                                                                                                                                      saw your ad, want to

          Just call 0906 200 8350                                                                                with              symbols to 85122
                                                                                                                                                                                      chat? (Your mobile num
                                                                                                                                                                                      ber is kept confidentia -

          & enter the ad Box number                                                                              Send GZ followed by a space Box Nº followed
                                                                                                                 by a space your message and send to 85122

         Women seeking Men
     LET’S GET TOGETHER                ema, country walks & pets.          CALLING MR. RIGHT                 IN THE FRAME FOR LOVE            HAPPY TOGETHER                     WALKING COMPANION?
     Bubbly, outgoing blonde, 66,      WLTM similar, health-con-           Pretty F, 21, 5’5”, slim build,   Divorced F, 52, full-figured,    Divorced F, 54, n/s, enjoys        Honest lady, 65, 5’4”, sol-
     likes eating out, walks & the     scious M, 38-44. B’ham.             brunette, seeks her Mr. Right     into photography, eating out,    meals out, theatre & visiting      vent, likes gentle country
     coast. Seeks M for relation-      Box 777680                          for everything. Kiddermin-        Motown & holidays. WLTM M        places. Seeks homely,              walks & the arts. Seeks intel-
     ship. West Mids. Box 441903                                           ster. Box 360956                  for friendship+. B’ham.          happy, honest M for relation-      ligent M for loving relation-
                                       ASIAN GIRL                                                            Box 599421                       ship. S. Yorks. Box 820044         ship. Leics. Box 348759
     LADY IN RED                       Slim, petite, friendly British F,
                                       29, likes having a good time.                                         OUT AND ABOUT                    A NEW CHAPTER AWAITS               GOOD TIMES COME
     Attractive lady, 59, warm,
     chatty personality, seeks         Seeks white/Asian M, 27-32,
                                       for friendship. B’ham. Box
                                                                             FIT THE                         Slim attractive widow, 70s,      Fun-loving, slim, pretty Asian     AROUND
     gent, 60-66. B’ham area.
     Box 900720                        798332       MZ 798332                BILL?                           5’7”, enjoys drives, holidays
                                                                                                             & days out. Seeks genuine
                                                                                                             gentleman, 70-80, for com-
                                                                                                                                              F, 26, 5’5’’, likes reading, hu-
                                                                                                                                              mour, travel, cinema, theatre
                                                                                                                                              & enjoying life. Seeks gen-
                                                                                                                                                                                 Affectionate, caring, intellec-
                                                                                                                                                                                 tual, mixed-race F, 59, 5’8”,
                                                                                                                                                                                 widow, seeks solvent, gen-
     A STABLE RELATIONSHIP             MYSTERY LADY                          Free-spirited F, 61,
                                       F, 43, WLTM M for friendship,                                         panionship. B’ham.               uine white M to share inter-       uine gent, 60-77, for friend-
     Honest, genuine, down-to-                                               widow, looking for              Box 484332                       ests, maybe more. West             ship, travel & more.
     earth F, 52, loves cooking,       possibly more. No time-
                                       wasters please. Smethwick.                                                                             Midlands. Box 843298               Northants. Box 955535
     gardening & a passion for                                               charismatic, charm-             WOULDN’T IT BE NICE
     horses. Seeks down-to-earth       Box 173354      MZ 173354                                             Slim, attractive widow, 70s,     BETTER THE BEVEL                   MAKE A DATE
                                                                             ing, intelligent, hand-
     soul mate. B’ham.                 LOVE THE LIFE                                                         5’7”, GSOH, own car, enjoys      YOU KNOW                           Honest black F, 38, 5’8”, sin-
     Box 320677                        WE’RE LIVING                          some M, GSOH, for               holidays & days out. WLTM        Attractive, fun-loving F, 42,      gle mum, WLTM tall, honest
                                       Petite F, 52, 5’, size 12, car-       relationship. Chester-          genuine M, 60-70, for com-       large build, green eyes, likes     gent, 45-55, for relationship.
     STILL SEARCHING                   ing & honest, enjoys holi-                                            panionship. Solihull.            carving, painting, drawing,        Mids. Box 973170
     Brown-eyed Brummie,               days, restaurants & reading.
                                                                             field. Box 392927               Box 343901                       motorbikes & classic cars.
     young 59, smoker, likes mu-       WLTM caring, open, fun M.                                                                              Seeks M for meals out, days        LET’S BE TOGETHER
     sic, cosy nights in & walks.      B’ham. Box 558415                                                     COME CLOSER                      out & romance. Mids.               Laid-back, attractive, caring
     WLTM white M, 55-65, up to                                            YOUR CALL                         Honest Jamaican F, 28, very      Box 305674                         black F, 36, likes quiet
     5’10”. Box 476702                 THE LOOK OF LOVE                    Genuine F, 40s, likes wining,     attractive, WLTM white M,                                           evenings in & meals out.
         MZ 476702                     Attractive, genuine F, 66,          dining, bingo & countryside.      30-40, for fun & intimacy.       TALK TO ME                         Seeks honest gent for rela-
                                       5’7”, medium build, enjoys          Seeks M with similar inter-       Birmingham. Box 166780           Curvaceous F, 35, likes gar-       tionship. Mids. Box 694518
     LOOKING GOOD                      theatre & cosy nights in by                                                                            dening, photography, books
     Feminine, fashionable F, 58,      the fire. Seeks tall M, 65-70.      ests for friendship+. Worcs.      NIGHTS TO REMEMBER                                                  TAKE A PEW
                                                                           Box 595961                                                         & travel. Seeks mate for
     caring, likes countryside,        B’ham. Box 736246                                                     Black F, 38, 5’7”, GSOH, en-     good times & relationship.         African F, 50, 5’3”, size 18,
     gardening & live music.                                               FOLLOW THE SUN                    joys going out. WLTM             Northants. Box 362303              likes church & meals out.
     WLTM genuine, kind M, 55-         STILL AVAILABLE                                                       black/white M, with own                                             WLTM loving, caring, con-
                                       You’ve tried the rest now try       Adventurous F, 40s, loves
     65. B’ham. Box 271443                                                 trips to the Caribbean, gym,      house & car, n/s. Tipton.        THE ONE FOR ME?                    sider M for long-term rela-
                                       the best ! Anything else you                                          Box 933020                       Genuine black F, 33, size 10-      tionship. Coventry. Box
     LOVELY LADY                       want to know, just leave a          cinema & wine bars. Seeks
                                                                           M for friendship & fun+.                                           12, single mum, seeks white        228096       MZ 228096
     Attractive, witty, confident F,   message. F, 60s. B’ham.                                               COUNTRY COMFORTS                 M, 35-47, for relationship &
     43, likes gym, shopping, cin-     Box 811962                          B’ham. Box 944012                 Divorced F, 56, n/s, loves                                          TAKE MY HAND
                                                                                                                                              marriage. Birmingham.
                                                                                                             country walks, gardening &       Box 480698                         Profess F, 43, 5’3’’, slim
                                                                                                             DIY. WLTM genuine M for                                             build, likes walks, cinema,
                                                                                                             companionship+. B’ham.           IT’S A SHORE THING                 animals & meals out. Seeks
                                                                                                             Box 701590                       Profess F, 52, n/s, likes the-     profess M with similar inter-
                                                                                                                                              atre, meals out, country           ests & GSOH, for long-term
                                                                                                             HOPE IT’S YOU                    pubs, the coast, antiques &        relationship. Worcester.
                                                                                                             Single mum, 52, passionate       interesting places. Seeks          Box 829207
                                                                                                             about cooking, gardening &       nice M, n/s, for walks, friend-
                                                                                                             travel. WLTM M soul mate,        ship & much more. Don-             MY SERVE, YOUR RETURN
                                                                                                             companion & friend. B’ham.       caster. Box 832633                 African F, 49, 5’2”, size 18,
                                                                                                             Box 590782     MZ 590782                                            enjoys church, travel & ten-
                                                                                                                                              THE GLASS IS                       nis. Seeks nice M for good
                                                                                                             TAKES LIFE AS IT COMES           DEFINITELY FULL                    relationship. Mids.
                                                                                                             Down-to-earth, caring Irish F,   Genuine F, 39, health pro-         Box 342639
                                                                                                             60s, enjoys country drives.      fess, likes walks, jogging,
                                                                                                             WLTM kind, honest, caring        eating out, cooking & fine         ATTRACTING THE
                                                                                                             Irish M for friendship. B’ham.   wine. Seeks genuine M, 35-         ATTRACTIVE
                                                                                                             Box 797985                       45, to share interests &           Slim, attractive, sophisti-
                                                                                                                                              more. West Mids.                   cated Asian F, 44, likes
                                                                                                             SHE’S THE ONE                                                       travel, cooking & socialising.
                                                                                                             Warm, friendly F, 27, loves      Box 862857
                                                                                                                                                                                 WLTM tall, dark, attractive,
                                                                                                             shopping & socialising.                                             genuine M, 40s, for happy
                                                                                                             WLTM genuine, chilled-out                                           relationship. Mids.
                                                                                                             M, 24-29, for friendship+.
                                                                                                             B’ham. Box 378326
                                                                                                                MZ 378326
                                                                                                                                               SIGN OF                           Box 766663
                                                                                                                                                                                 EASY COMPANY
                                                                                                             HAPPY TOGETHER                    THE TIMES                         Solvent, reserved slim
                                                                                                                                                                                 brunette, 64, would like soul
                                                                                                             Divorced F, 54, n/s, enjoys                                         mate, 64-69, to share love of
                                                                                                             meals out, theatre & visiting     Slim, gentle Scorpio
                                                                                                                                                                                 classical music, walking, the-
                                                                                                             places. Seeks homely,             F, 29, caring & loyal,            atre & holidays. Dry humour
                                                                                                             happy, honest M for relation-     with a passion for                a plus. Mids. Box 939486
                                                                                                             ship. S. Yorks. Box 820044
                                                                                                                                               travel. Seeks kind,               INDEPENDENT WOMAN
                                                                                                             THE FAVOURITE                     caring M, 37-57, for              Feisty, jolly F, 55, loves gar-
                                                                                                             Active, caring F, 32, own                                           dening, volunteer work, the
                                                                                                             horse & dogs, enjoys horse        long-term relation-
                                                                                                                                                                                 arts, walks, cooking & cin-
                                                                                                             riding, swimming & pubs.          ship. Coventry.                   ema. WLTM M to share good
                                                                                                             WLTM genuine M for friend-        Box 365792                        times. Lincoln. Box 736220
                                                                                                             ship+. Kidderminster.
                                                                                                             Box 307985

 aND IT’s easy TO PLace aD:                                                                                                                                                                                  DATING ZONE
  FRee by phone call 0800 839 121
           To collect messages call 0906 7534427
          by TexT                                                                                       Example: GZDate Strong, horny M,
                                                                                                        trav elling seeks M for fun and
                                                                                                                                         27, into clubs and
                                                                                                                                         maybe more.
             send GZDate followed by a space followed                                                                                       inc lude your
                                                                                                        Wolvs. and send to 86122 (Please
             by your advert and send to 86122                                                           age and location in your ad)

  Men seeking Women
                                                   F, 40s, 5’2”ish, size 12.                           LOOKING FOR LOVE
                                                   Shrewsbury. Box 501092                              Attractive M, 38, likes foot-
                                                                                                       ball & pool. WLTM slim, at-
                                                   MATCH OF THE DAY
                                                   Genuine M, 38, likes walks,
                                                                                                       tractive F, 18-38, for friend-
                                                                                                       ship+. Text preferred.
                                                   travel, music, dvds & foot-
                                                   ball. Seeks F, 25-35, who
                                                   enjoys the same. Kidder-
                                                                                                       B’ham/Solihull. Box 591476
                                                                                                           MZ 591476
                                                                                                                                                         & YOU
                                                   minster. Box 625125                                                                                   Genuine black guy,
                                                                                                       CHAMPAGNE NIGHTS
                                                                                                       Dark-haired M, 40s, 5’8”,                         40, 5’10’’, into
                                                   LET’S GET AWAY                                      smoker, enjoys good                               sports, dining out,
                                                   FROM IT ALL                                         food/wine & evenings out.
                                                   Divorced M, 65, own house,                                                                            most & most things.
                                                                                                       WLTM honest F for friend-                         Seeks lovely lady for
                                                   WLTM younger woman for                              ship+. West Mids. Box
                                                   nights out & holidays to-                           173091     MZ 173091                              great times & more.
DON’T TAKE LIFE TOO                                gether. B’ham. Box 720355
                                                                                                                                                         Box 885354
SERIOUSLY                                          DUDE SEEKS DUDETTE                                  HEART TO HEART
Social worker, 43, likes                                                                               Slim, fit M, 46, 5’9”, kind,
movies, theatre, travel,
                                                   Genuine, amusing, tall, slim                        caring & outgoing. WLTM F,                         HORTICULTURE &                                     FIT FOR LIFE                                       EXTREMELY GENUINE &
cooking, soul, R & B & out-
                                                   M, 23, seeks F, similar age,                        similar personality, for                           HOSPITALITY                                        Sporty, slim, athletic M, 38,                      LIFE’S TRUE GENT
                                                   for dating & companionship.                         friendship, love & ro-                                                                                6’3’’, loves cooking, football,                    Extremely genuine,
door activities. Seeks                             Not a crazy person, honest.                                                                            Fit & active M, 64, lives on
black/mixed race F. B’ham.                                                                             mance+. Nuneaton. Box                                                                                 music, days & nights out.                          slim/medium built, blue-
                                                   B’ham. Box 200501                                                                                      own, likes gardening, nights                       Seeks fit F for relationship.                      eyed M, 48, n/s, own house
Box 210344        MZ 210344                                                                            212240                                             in & out, walking, country-
                                                       MZ 200501                                                                                                                                             Stoke. Box 286786                                  & car, loves travel. Seeks
                                                                                                       COULD IT BE YOU?                                   side & driving. WLTM F with
HI LADIES!                                         MY LAST ROLO FOR YOU                                                                                   similar interests. Stafford.                       HONESTY COUNTS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                lady, 37-47. Box 843130
White M, young 50, 5’8”,                                                                               Caring chap, 40, WLTM nice
greeny-blue eyes, shaved
                                                   Attractive, romantic M, 47,                         F for friendship & hopefully                       Box 585502                                         Genuine, honest, caring sin-                       MOST THINGS & YOU
                                                   5’8”, likes running, films, fun                     true love. Birmingham.                                                                                gle man, 45, GSOH seeks                            Genuine black guy, 40,
hair, own home & car, likes                        nights out & good conversa-                                                                            LARGE LOVABLE ROMANTIC                             similar F for friendship,                          5’10’’, into sports, dining
meals out, dancing & bowl-                                                                             Box 119216                                         Kind M, 30, seeks bubbly,
                                                   tion. Seeks similar F. Hale-                                                                                                                              maybe long-term relation-                          out, most & most things.
ing. Seeks F, 25+. B’ham.                          sowen. Box 714114                                                                                      caring, understanding F, 23-
Box 918356      MZ 918356                                                                              SOMEONE TO BE MY                                   32, for lasting relationship.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             ship. Box 445681                                   Seeks lovely lady for great
                                                       MZ 714114                                       PARTNER                                                                                                                                                  times & more. Box 885354
                                                                                                                                                          Lichfield. Box 129440
FELINE PASSIONATE?                                                                                     Amiable M, 37, divorced,
Self-employed M, 57, 5’9”,                                                                             seeks F for LTR. Staffs.
slim, dark hair, likes second-
hand books & cats. Seeks F,                         SLIM HIM                                           Box 304800
                                                                                                       LET’S FALL IN LOVE
40-60s, for friendship, possi-
ble relationship. B’ham.                            Slim, good-looking                                 Genuine M, 40s, likes mu-
                                                                                                       sic, wining, dining, cinema,
Box 963221                                          single dad, 38,                                    DVDs & cosy evenings in.
SEE WHAT HAPPENS                                    GSOH, likes nights                                 Seeks F for fun & romance.
White M, 30 something, at-                          in & out. Seeks F for                              Staffs. Box 904122
tractive, seeks black/Asian                         fun, great company,
F, for fun, friendship, maybe                                                                          YOU WON’T BE
more. Halesowen. Box                                hopefully lasting                                  DISAPPOINTED
951266         MZ 951266                            relationship.                                      M, 51, likes dogs, weight
                                                                                                       training, country walks, car-
                                                    Box 253599
THESE LOVING ARMS                                                                                      boot & antique fairs. Seeks
Outgoing, ex-army M, 24,                                                                               F, 40-55. for romance. Stoke
likes nights out/in. Seeks F                                                                           on Trent. Box 916032
for friendship & fun+. Staffs.                     LET ME TREAT YOU                                    SELLING HIMSELF
Box 577126                                         LIKE A PRINCESS                                     Profess M, 42, works in re-
                                                   Asian M, 46, 5’7”, n/s, non-
COME INTO MY LIFE                                  drinker, likes cinema, the-                         tail, seeks F, under 44, pro-
Athletic, sporty, profess                          atre, travel & sports. WLTM                         fess, fun & outgoing, for
black M, 39, 5’11”, GSOH,                          F, 18-65. B’ham. Box                                friendship & relationship.
n/s, seeks slim white F, 25-                       838196                                              Tamworth. Box 653734
40, for relationship. B’ham.
Box 801890                                         SIMPLY THE BEST                                     THE FUTURE LOOKS GOOD
                                                   Caring, understanding M,                            Medium-built M, 45, 5’10”,
SHARE MY WORLD                                     40, GSOH, divorced, enjoys                          likes cycling, cinema, rock
Slim, caring widower, 60, 6’,                      sports, cinema & meals out.                         music & the paranormal.
nice home & job. Seeks his                         Seeks loving, caring F.                             Seeks similar F. Wolver-
soul mate for companion-                           B’ham. Box 539211                                   hamptom. Box 829054
ship & romance. B’ham.                                 MZ 539211
Box 738061      MZ 738061                                                                              TATTOO YOU
                                                   BUILDING SOMETHING                                  M, 49, into tattoos & pierc-
RECIPE FOR LOVE                                    SPECIAL                                             ings, WLTM lady for fun, ro-
Genuine nice M, 37, own                            Tall, solvent, kind M, 50s, no                      mance & relationship. Tam-
home/transport, likes meals                        ties, enjoys DIY. Seeks F,                          worth. Box 910652
in/out, cinema, cooking,                           any age, needing compan-
walking, fast bikes & cars.                                                                            QUEST FOR LOVE
                                                   ionship, fun & pampering.                           Honest, caring M, 33, likes
Seeks F for friendship+.                           B’ham. Box 635923
Warwicks. Box 680933                                                                                   films, nights in/out & nice
                                                        MZ 635923                                      walks. Seeks F for romance
    MZ 680933
                                                   LOOKING FOR LOVE                                    & relationship. Burton.
WRENCH CONNECTION                                  Tall, smart single dad, 38,                         Box 605301
Nice-looking black M, 43,                          n/s, hard-working, enjoys
5’11”, n/s, likes jazz, car me-                                                                        FIRST CHOICE
                                                   eating out, gym & holidays.                         Young, fit mid 50s ex busi-
chanics, good food & com-                          Seeks F for loving relation-
pany. WLTM nice full-figured                                                                           nessman, likes travel, gar-
                                                   ship. Solihull. Box 172895                          dening & entertaining.
F. West Mids. Box 139199
    MZ 139199                                      I’D GIVE YOU MY                                     WLTM F, 45-55, to enjoy the
                                                   LAST ROLO                                           finer things of life. Stafford.
THE FUN STARTS HERE                                Slim, attractive, romantic M,                       Box 839159
Single white M, 45, n/s,                           47, 5’8”, drives, enjoys wine
WLTM black F, 38-48, for                                                                               RELATIVELY ATTRACTIVE
                                                   & conversation. Seeks F for                         PROPOSAL
fun, friendship, hopefully                         loving relationship. B’ham.
more. Shrewsbury. Box                                                                                  Relatively attractive M, 48,
                                                   Box 631545        MZ 631545                         6’, confident, articulate, likes
549468      MZ 549468
                                                   ONE STEP BEYOND                                     reading, football & motorcy-
HEART OF GOLD                                      Self-employed M, 50s, 5’9”,                         cling. WLTM F for friendship,
Self-employed, quiet, hon-                         into science & the paranor-                         maybe more. Stafford.
est M, 40s, likes running,                         mal. WLTM understanding F,                          Box 105357
photography, classical mu-                         40s-60s, for friendship+.
sic, wining & dining. Seeks                        B’ham. Box 886250
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         BOX OFFICE                                                                  Cinemas
                                                                                                                WORKING FARM,              SEVERN VALLEY RAILWAY
                                                                                                                CHURCH STRETTON            01299 403816
                                                                                     CINEMA IN THE SQUARE       01694 781306               SHROPSHIRE HILLS
                                                                                     SHREWSBURY 01743 281281    ATTINGHAM PARK,            DISCOVERY CENTRE,
                                                                                                                SHREWSBURY 01743 708123    01588 676000
                     BIRMINGHAM                                                      CINEWORLD, SHREWSBURY
                                                                                     0871 220 8000              BUILDWAS ABBEY, IRON-      STOKESAY CASTLE, NR
     Cinemas                    NIA                        THE BURROWS GALLERY,      MAJESTIC, BRIDGNORTH       BRIDGE 01952 433274        01588 672544
                                0844 338 8000              THE CUSTARD FACTORY       01746 761815               DUDMASTON HALL,            SUNNYCROFT, TELFORD
     AMC Broadway Plaza,
                                RED LION FOLK              0121 224 7344             ODEON TELFORD              BRIDGNORTH 01746 780866    01952 242884
     Five Ways 0870 755 5657
                                CLUB                       CASTLE GALLERIES          0871 224 4007              ENGINUITY Ironbridge       TELFORD ICE RINK,
     CINEWORLD B’ham Broad St
                                0121 441 6941              0121 633 0016                                        01952 884391               TELFORD TOWN PARK
     0871 200 2000
                                THE ROADHOUSE              IKON GALLERY
                                                                                     Theatre Venues                                        0845 155 9966
     CINEWORLD Solihull                                                                                         HOME FARM, ATTINGHAM,
                                0121 459 5660              0121 248 0708             LUDLOW ASSEMBLY            SHREWSBURY 01743 709243
     0871 220 8000                                                                                                                         WENLOCK PRIORY, MUCH
                                                                                     ROOMS 01584 878141
                                SYMPHONY HALL              RBSA GALLERY                                         HOO FARM ANIMAL KINGDOM,   WENLOCK 01952 727466
     ELECTRIC, B’ham                                                                 THE PLACE, OAKENGATES,
                                0121 780 3333              0121 236 4353                                        TELFORD 01952 677917       WESTON PARK, WESTERN-
     0121 643 7879                                                                   TELFORD 01952 382382
                                                           SNAP GALLERY - FORT                                  IRONBRIDGE MUSEUMS         UNDER-LIZARD, NR SHIFNAL
     EMPIRE Birmingham Great                                                         THEATRE SEVERN,                                       01952 852100
                                Theatre Venues             DUNLOP 0121 748 3408                                 01952 884391
     Park 0871 471 4714                                                              SHREWSBURY 01743 281281                               WONDERLAND, TELFORD
                                ALEXANDRA THEATRE          THREE WHITE WALLS                                    LUDLOW CASTLE
     IMAX Millennium Point                                                                                                                 01952 591633
                                                           GALLERY                                              01584 873355
     0121 202 2222              0844 847 2291
                                                           0121 685 2555
                                                                                     Visitor Attractions                                   WROXETER ROMAN CITY, NR
     ODEON B’ham                BIRMINGHAM HIPPODROME                                ACTON SCOTT HISTORIC       RAF COSFORD, SHIFNAL
                                                                                                                                           SHREWSBURY 01743 761330
     0871 224 4007              0844 338 5000                                                                   01902 376200
     REEL Quinton               BIRMINGHAM REP             Visitor Attractions
     0121 421 5316              0121 236 4455              ACKERS                                  STAFFORDSHIRE
     SHOWCASE B’ham             CRESCENT THEATRE           0121 772 5111
     0871 220 1000              0121 643 5858              ASTON HALL                Cinemas                    LICHFIELD GARRICK          PARK 0844 472 1950
                                                                                                                01543 412121               GO APE, RUGELEY
     VUE CINEMA Star City       DOVEHOUSE THEATRE          0121 327 0062             APOLLO, STAFFORD
                                                                                     0871 220 6000              NEW VIC                    0845 094 9638
     08712 240 240              0121 706 7139              BACK TO BACKS                                        01782 717962               STAPELEY WATER GARDENS,
                                THE DRUM                   0121 666 7671             CINEWORLD, BURTON-UPON-
                                                                                     TRENT 0871 220 8000        PRINCE OF WALES            NANTWICH 01270 299288
     Comedy Venues              0121 333 2444              BIRMINGHAM BOTANICAL                                 CENTRE, CANNOCK            TAMWORTH CASTLE
                                THE MIXING BOWL THEATRE    GARDENS 0121 454 1860     STOKE FILM THEATRE,        01543 578762
     THE GLEE CLUB                                                                   01782 411188                                          01827 709618
     0871 4720400               0121 224 7545              BLAKESLEY HALL                                       REGENT THEATRE, STOKE
                                                                                     ODEON TAMWORTH                                        TATTON PARK, KNUTSFORD
     JONGLEURS                  OLD JOINT STOCK THEATRE    0121 464 2193                                        0870 060 6649
                                                                                     0871 224 4007                                         01625 374400
     0844 844 0044              0121 200 0946              CADBURY WORLD                                        STAFFORD GATEHOUSE         TRENTHAM GARDENS
                                OLD REP                    0845 450 3599             Music Venues               01785 254653               01905 25371
     Music Venues               0121 303 2323              DISCOVERY CENTRE -
     02 ACADEMY                                            MUSEUM OF THE JEWELLERY
                                                                                     LICHFIELD GUILDHALL        Museums &                  TRENTHAM MONKEY FOREST
                                SOLIHULL ARTS COMPLEX                                01543 262223                                          01782 659845
     08444 77 2000              0121 704 6962              QUARTER 0121 554 3598                                Art Galleries
                                                                                     STOURBRIDGE TOWN HALL                                 TUTBURY CASTLE
     ADRIAN BOULT HALL                                                                                          SHIREHALL GALLERY          01283 812129
                                                           NATIONAL SEALIFE CENTRE   01384 812812               STAFFORD 01785 27834
     0121 331 5901                                         0871 423 2110                                                                   WATERWORLD, HANLEY
                                Museums &                                            THE SUGAR MILL, HANLEY     STAFFORDSHIRE MUSEUM,      01782 205747
     THE BARBER INSTITUTE                                  SAREHOLE MILL             STOKE-ON-TRENT
     0121 414 7333              Art Galleries              0121 777 6612             01782 214991
                                                                                                                01889 881388               THE WEDGWOOD MUSEUM
     BIRMINGHAM TOWN HALL       ARTIFEX Sutton Coldfield                                                                                   01782 371900
                                                           SOHO HOUSE                TAMWORTH ASSEMBLY
     0121 780 3333              0121 323 3776
                                                           0121 554 9122             ROOMS 01827 709618         Visitor Attractions        THE WEDGWOOD STORY
     CBSO CENTRE                THE ARTLOUNGE                                        VICTORIA HALL, HANLEY      ALTON TOWERS               BARLASTON 01782 282986
                                                           STAR CITY
     0121 616 6500              0121 685 2555                                        0870 060 6649              08705 204060
                                                           0121 326 6644
                                BARBER INSTITUTE                                     Theatre Venues             DRAYTON MANOR THEME
     CUSTARD FACTORY,                                      THINKTANK
     0121 604 7777              0121 414 7333
                                                           0121 202 2222
                                BIRMINGHAM MUSEUM
     0844 338 8000              & ART GALLERY                                                      WARWICKSHIRE
                                0121 303 2834
                                                                                     Cinemas                    Theatre Venues             Visitor Attractions
                     BLACK COUNTRY                                                   ODEON, COVENTRY
                                                                                     0871 224 4007
                                                                                                                BEDWORTH CIVIC HALL
                                                                                                                024 7637 6707
                                                                                                                                           ANNE HATHAWAY’S COTTAGE
                                                                                                                                           01789 292100
                                                                                     ODEON, NUNEATON            BELGRADE THEATRE,          COVENTRY TRANSPORT
     Cinemas                    BLOXWICH THEATRE           THE NEW ART GALLERY
                                                                                     0871 224 4007              COVENTRY 024 7655 3055     MUSEUM 02476 234270
                                01922 653183               WALSALL 01922 654400
     CINEWORLD                                                                       SHOWCASE, COVENTRY         BRIDGE HOUSE THEATRE,      HALL’S CROFT, STRATFORD-
                                01384 812812               01384 812750              0871 220 1000              WARWICK 01926 776438       UPON-AVON 01789 709661
     0871 220 8000
     ODEON MERRY HILL                                                                0871 220 6000              01926 419555               GAYDON 01926 641188
     DUDLEY 0871 22 44007       WOLVERHAMPTON              ART GALLERY
                                01902 429212               0121 556 0683             ROYAL, LEAMINGTON SPA      ROYAL SPA CENTRE,          KENILWORTH CASTLE
     SHOWCASE, DUDLEY                                                                01926 888997               LEAMINGTON 01926 334418    01926 852078
     0871 220 1000                          ,
                                OLDBURY REP OLDBURY        WOLVERHAMPTON ART
                                0121 552 2761              GALLERY 01902 552055                                 WARWICK ARTS CENTRE        MARY ARDEN HOUSE,
     SHOWCASE, WALSALL                                                               Music Venues               COVENTRY 02476 524524      STRATFORD 01789 204016
     0871 220 1000              THE PUBLIC,
                                                           Visitor Attractions       COX’S YARD, STRATFORD
                                WEST BROMWICH                                                                                              NASH’S HOUSE & NEW
                                                                                     01789 404600               Museums &                  PLACE, STRATFORD-UPON-
     Music Venues               0121 533 7162              BLACK COUNTRY
                                                                                     THE ASSEMBLY,LEAMINGTON    Art Galleries
                                                           LIVING MUSEUM                                                                   AVON 01789 292325
     CIVIC HALL,                Museums &                                            01926 523001
                                                           0121 557 9643                                        COMPTON VERNEY GALLERY     SHAKESPEARE’S BIRTH-
     0870 320 7000              Art Galleries              HIMLEY HALL               THE COURTYARD (RSC)        01926 645540               PLACE 01789 204016
                                BANTOCK HOUSE              01384 817817              STRATFORD-UPON-            HERBERT ART GALLERY
     JB’S DUDLEY                                                                                                                           STRATFORD BUTTERFLY
                                WOLVERHAMPTON                                        AVON 0844 800 1100         COVENTRY 02476 832386
     01384 253597                                          DUDLEY ZOO                                                                      FARM 01789 299288
                                01902 552195               01384 215313              NAILCOTE HALL, BERKSWELL   MEAD GALLERY WARWICK
     ROBIN 2, BILSTON                                                                                                                      TWYCROSS ZOO,
                                BILSTON CRAFT GALLERY                                02476 46 6174              02476 524524
     01902 401211                                          WALSALL LEATHER MUSEUM                                                          ATHERSTONE 01827 880250
                                01902 552507               01922 721153              STRATFORD CIVIC HALL       ROYAL PUMP ROOMS
     STOURBRIDGE TOWN HALL                                                                                                                 WARWICK CASTLE
                                BROADFIELD HOUSE GLASS                               01789 207100               01926 742700
     01384 812960                                          WEST PARK,                                                                      0870 442 2000
                                MUSEUM DUDLEY              WOLVERHAMPTON
                                01384 812745
                                DUDLEY MUSEUM
                                                           01902 558238                            WORCESTERSHIRE
     0870 320 7000                                         WIGHTWICK MANOR
                                & ART GALLERY              01902 761400
                                01384 815575                                         Cinemas                    MALVERN THEATRE            Visitor Attractions
     Theatre Venues                                        WOLVERHAMPTON             WAREHOUSE, KIDDERMINSTER
                                                                                                                01684 892277
                                THE LIGHTHOUSE GALLERY                                                                                     AVONCROFT, BROMSGROVE
     ARENA THEATRE                                         RACECOURSE                01562 747773               PALACE THEATRE
     WOLVERHAMPTON              WOLVERHAMPTON              01902 390000                                         REDDITCH 01527 65203       KIDDERMINSTER
                                01902 716055                                         VUE, WORCESTER                                        01527 831363
     01902 321321                                                                                               ROSE THEATRE,
                                                                                     0871 224 0240
                                                                                                                01562 743745               THE COMMANDERY,
                                                                                                                                           WORCESTER 01905 361821
                                                                                     Theatre Venues             SWAN THEATRE, WORCES-
            FOR FULL VENUE INFORMATION, VISIT:                                       ARTRIX ARTS CENTRE,        TER 01905 611427           WEST MIDLAND SAFARI
                                                                                     BROMSGROVE                                            PARK, KIDDERMINSTER
                                                                                                                Museums &
                                                      01527 577330
                                                                                     HUNTINGDON HALL,
                                                                                                                Art Galleries
                                                                                                                WORCESTER CITY ART
                                                                                                                                           01299 402114
                                                                                                                                           WITLEY COURT & GARDENS
                                                                                                                                           01299 896636
                                                                                                                GALLERY 01905 25371
     To list your venue on this page, email                   01905 611427
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                                                                                                           EATING OUT
New restaurant at Weston Park                                                                                              NEWS & REVIEWS

Spring 2010 sees the opening of a
seventy-seat restaurant in the grounds
of Weston Park stately home, on the                                                       A Rosé outlook for wine
Shropshire/Staffordshire border.
The restaurant, which is called The
Granary Bar and Grill, is located in the
                                                                                          at Loves Restaurant!
                                                                                          Birmingham’s Loves
old malting house of the restored
                                                                                          restaurant is holding a
eighteenth century Granary building,
                                                                                          rosé-tasting evening on
and provides a modern British menu
                                                                                          Wednesday 21 April.
incorporating the region’s finest pro-
                                                                                          The recently opened
                                                                                          eatery, which is owned
Commenting on the new restaurant,
                                                                                          and run by Claire and
Colin Sweeney, Weston Park’s Chief
                                                                                          Steve Love, will be dedi-
Executive, said: “Our latest project will
                                                                                          cating an entire page of
complete the Weston Park all-year-
                                                                                          its summertime wine list
round experience, bringing the very
                                                                                          to this up-and-coming
best of locally sourced food and drink
                                                                                          style of wine. With this
to our customers.”
                                                                                          in mind, the special
                                                                                          tasting evening will
New dishes at Cafe Ikon                             Birmingham                            showcase all of the
                                                                                          venue’s rosés for
Birmingham’s Cafe Ikon is launching a new           restaurant to                         guests to sample.
menu. New dishes include gambas al pil pil
(prawns with chilli and garlic), morcilla
                                                    celebrate Thai
(Spanish black pudding with ham and toma-           New Year                             A real taste of South America as
toes), pintxos morunos (marinated lamb with
spices) and coliflor rebozada (cauliflower tem-
                                                    Thai Edge in Birmingham’s            Brum restaurant launches new
                                                    Brindleyplace is this month
                                                    marking Songkran, the Thai           Spring menu
                                                    New Year festival. Songkran          Las Iguanas in Birmingham has launched a new menu. In
                                                    takes place from the 13th to         true Latin spirit, the menu is packed with plenty of fresh
                                                    the 15th of April. The date          flavours, with every dish being cooked to order. New for
                                                    marks the end of a twelve-           Spring and perfect for sharing are the Tapas Tasting Platters,
                                                    month cycle and the begin-           offering vegetable (£11.90) and meat selections (£12.90).
                                                    ning of a new solar year, as         The lunch and early evening set menu (from £6.90) has a
                                                    the sun moves into Aries in          few new additions, too: sopa de calabaza (a creamy butter-
                                                    April.                               nut squash and coconut milk soup), spicy chicken quesadil-
                                                                                         la, sweet potato fishcakes and asparagus salad with feta and
                                                                                         warmed new potatoes (also available as a starter at £4.60).

Shrewsbury’s Morgans gets
set for summer
With the better weather hopefully on its way,
Morgans in Shrewsbury is confident that its        Get on the jazz at
fully furnished outside terrace will once again
prove to be a huge success with patrons.
                                                   The Public
Morgans Proprietor, Quintin Morgan, said:          The Public in West Bromwich
“Morgans offers a first-class restaurant, com-     is hosting a special Jazz &
fortable lounge seating area, an outside ter-      Dine event on the second
race, bar, a function room for private parties     and fourth Sundays in April
                                                   (the 11th and the 25th).
plus six comfortable en-suite bedrooms. The
doors are open from 8am until late, 2am on         Listen to some live jazz whilst       South Indian cuisine on the menu for
Friday and Saturday, catering for early morn-      enjoying a Sunday Roast for
                                                   two plus a glass of wine or
                                                                                         award-winning chef
ing breakfast, coffee, tea and cakes, with an
                                                   pint of real ale. The Jazz &          Mango Tree in Stonnall is this month launching a new menu
extensive menu offering fresh food all day
                                                   Dine experience costs £15.            that features South Indian cuisine rarely seen around the
every day.”
                                                                                         Midlands. The venue will also be hosting an Elvis Tribute
                                                                                         night on Friday 23 April. As well as enjoying the sounds of
                                                    Birthday fun...                      the King of Rock’n’Roll, diners will be able to sample dishes
                                                                                         from the King of Curry, award-winning chef Murray
                                                    Be prepared to get those hips
                                                    shaking as you dance your
                                                    way to Brum venue
                                                    Broadway Casino’s fifth birth-
                                                    day extravaganza on Friday
                                                    16 April. Irresistible beats, live
                                                    entertainment and sexy salsa
                                                    from numerous showgirls all
                                                    features during what should
                                                    hopefully prove to be a mem-
                                                    orable occasion.

­                                             FOR ALL RESTAURANT LISTINGS VISIT:
     ­                                                                                                 ­

         The Lion Hotel
         Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury SY1 1UY
         Tel: 01743 353107

         Perched proudly at the top of               sounded delicious, both of us were
         Shrewsbury’s Wyle Cop lies the Lion         again drawn to the specials menu,
         Hotel, a former coaching Inn that’s said    myself opting for the baked fillet of tur-   Zorba’s Greek Restaurant
         to date back as far as the sixteenth cen-   bot with king prawns, served with            Arcadian Centre, Hurst Street, Birmingham, B5 4TD.
         tury. A grade one building, this inde-      masago wasabi, lemon potatoes and            Tel: 0121 666 7727.
         pendently owned hotel prides itself on      caper and saffron sauce. This perfectly
         offering classic comfort alongside its      presented, melt-in-the-mouth dish was        That ancient xenophobic warning to ‘beware of
         classic architecture, something which is    both light and delicious.                    Greeks bearing gifts’ is hardly appropriate for the
         a real draw for tourists to this historic   The roast Welsh lamb chops with              enlightened times in which we’re living - and even less
         town.                                       dauphinoise potatoes, baby spinach,          so if the gifts in question happen to be plates of food!
         I pass The Lion daily on my way to          honey and mint sauce chosen by my            After all, is there really anybody out there who doesn’t
         work, but until recently I was unaware      companion was, I was informed, of            enjoy a Greek meal? Well, actually, maybe there are -
         of the culinary delights the venue has      equal quality.                               otherwise, you’d imagine that a city the size of
         on offer. Hayward’s Restaurant lies on      Next came the desserts - and what a          Birmingham might have more than its current meagre
         the first floor of the hotel and is         choice there was! It wasn’t that there       handful of Greek eateries. Brummies are far more
         accessed by its own separate entrance.      was an extensive selection from which        used to the pleasures of Indian and Chinese cuisine
         Soft ambient lighting and unassuming        to choose, it was more the fact that         than they are Greek food, but those who’ve never
         furnishings offer a warm and relaxed        they all sounded heavenly - spicy gin-       sampled the delights of this alluring Mediterranean
         welcome, alongside the attentive but        ger pudding with a lime mouse and Tia        diet really are missing a treat.
         not overbearing staff.                      Maria sauce; baked apple with cranber-       One of the most obvious places to head for if you
         Tables are perfectly spaced to enable       ry served with a set lemon custard,          want to enjoy a Greek meal in Birmingham is Zorba’s.
         your conversation not to be overheard.      Cointreau sauce and petit almond             Now situated in the Arcadian Centre, opposite the
         Our menu soon appeared, and we were         gateau; duo of chocolate consisting of       Birmingham Hippodrome, after years located away
         instantly impressed by the range of         an ice chocolate parfait and a chocolate     from the city centre, Zorba’s has been voted the city’s
         dishes on offer. Starters include native    brownie, both served with clotted            Mediterranean Restaurant of the Year, and prides itself
         lobster and crab tian, fresh scallops       cream and green tea and mint sorbet. If      on providing a ‘warm ambiance and relaxing atmos-
         with artichoke, oyster sauce and chilli     only we could have sampled every-            phere’. It’s a venue that’s rightly proud of its price
         oil; crispy serrano ham and chorizo, all    thing!                                       range, too, boasting an a la carte menu that features
         of which sounded delicious.                 I eventually opted for the passion fruit     plenty of choice, from Moussaka at £9.95 to steaks at
         I opted, though, for a dish from the spe-   creme brulee served with a shortbread        £15.95. And there’s plenty of choice for vegetarians,
         cials menu - asparagus and pea risotto      biscuit (truly dreamy!), whilst the walnut   as well!
         - whilst roast pigeon breast and risotto    pastries in honey syrup, served with         For groups of seven or more, there’s the additional
         was the choice of my companion.             mascarpone and date, along with pista-       choice of having the Party Menu - three courses plus
         My dish was just the right consistency;     chio ice cream, was the choice of my         coffee from £21.95. But the speciality of the house -
         creamy, light and extremely flavour-        companion - again, delicious and beau-       and the one customers come back for again and
         some, with the freshness of the aspara-     tifully presented.                           again - is the Mezzes, a banquet of Greek dishes for
         gus stems very evident.                     Although we’d enjoyed three courses,         £24.95.
         Each mouthful of the pigeon breast was      neither of us felt that we’d over-           As with many a Greek restaurant, a trip to Zorba’s isn’t
         also well worth savouring. Both were        indulged, and both agreed we’d happily       just about the cuisine. While you’re wining and dining,
         perfect choices, though I have a hunch      return to Haywards again, next time tak-     a Bouzouki player is on hand to offer musical enter-
         that we’d have been equally impressed       ing our family and friends along with us.    tainment (mainly on Fridays and Saturdays), after
         with whatever we’d chosen.                  Haywards also offers a varied and            which, when the lights go down, Zorba’s dancers take
         For mains, there’s a vast selection,        enticing lunchtime menu that can be          to the floor to present high-energy displays of tradi-
         which includes roast Welsh lamb can-        taken in the restaurant or in the hotel’s    tional Greek dancing. It goes without saying that
         non with a cinnamon madeira jus; pan -      bar. This is in addition to a bar and        there’s the opportunity to try some of the moves for
         fried wild venison with juniper berries     lounge menu that’s available daily from      yourself! But not to worry if Greek dancing isn’t your
                                                                                                  thing, because there’s also a disco, for anybody who
         and sweet potato cake, and roast but-       11am to 10pm.
                                                     IIIII                                        finds rock’n’roll a little bit easier to grapple with!
         ternut squash filled with spicy green
         lentils, lemon artichoke and corriander
         butternut squash sauce. Although all

                                                                                                     EATING OUT

                                                                                  The Queen’s Head Inn
                                                                                  Sugarbrook Lane, Stoke Pound, Nr Bromsgrove, Worcs,
                                                                                  B60 3AU Tel: 01527 877777

                                                                                  The Queen’s Head Inn, just a short mile from Bromsgrove,
                                                                                  is a hive of activity in summer, but is also more than worth a
                                                                                  visit in the colder months. The Inn combines the charm of a
                                                                                  country pub, with its exposed wooden beams, and the
                                                                                  sophistication of a contemporary bistro (but without any of
                                                                                  the unwanted pretension). Dimmed lighting, plush chairs
                                                                                  and the soft, elegant decor make it easy to relax.
                                                                                  On our visit, there were two dining options - a dinner menu
                                                                                  (which we opted for) and a set menu, which, at £10 for two
                                                                                  courses on weekday evenings, offers real value for money.
                                                                                  Starters on the dinner menu range from Thai prawn & noo-
                                                                                  dle broth (£5.50) to warm salad of smoked haddock, black
                                                                                  pudding, new potatoes, rocket, grain mustard dressing and
                                                                                  boiled egg (£4.95). I chose the vegetarian selection taster
                                                                                  plate (£5.95). This included mushrooms on toast with rocket
                                                                                  and pecorino cheese, watermelon accompanied by plentiful
                                                                                  feta, and a finely diced salad of pepper, onion and avocado,
                                                                                  topped with pesto. This large selection proved a deliciously
                                                                                  fresh combination, but was light enough to leave space for
                                                                                  the main event. My dining partner happily tucked into a
                                                                                  good helping of fresh muscles, served with a side of chunky
                                                                                  chips (£5.50).
                                                                                  The main dishes - there are twenty-one in total - included
                                                                                  braised lamb neck fillet (£13.50), trimmed belly pork
                                                                                  (£12.95), and roasted cod loin wrapped in Parma ham on a
                                                                                  bed of creamed leek risotto (£12.95). My dining partner and
                                                                                  I opted for two very different mains: the linguini in a creamy
                                                                                  wild mushroom sauce, rocket with pecorino cheese
                                                                                  (£10.95), and the slow-cooked blade of beef, mash, thyme
                                                                                  roasted carrots with red wine jus (£12.95). The linguini
                                                                                  exceeded that tasted in many an Italian restaurant. My part-
                                                                                  ner was treated to a very generous portion of beef - so ten-
                                                                                  der the meat fell away when carved - served on a bed of
                                                                                  flavoursome mash.
                                                                                  Desserts included a chocolate dessert plate (the most
                                         (£2.15), light in colour and nicely
Mint Indian and                          presented.
                                                                                  expensive option at £6.95) and mixed berry pavlova with
                                                                                  strawberry ice cream (£4.95).
Bangladeshi                              Our mains were chosen from the
                                         ‘Signature’ and ‘Favourite’ sections
                                                                                  While the menu commands a slightly higher-than-average
Restaurant                               of the menu. I love creamy coconut,
                                                                                  price, the quality and presentation of the food ensures the
                                                                                  extra cost is well worth it. A friendly, relaxed venue, we
Yew Tree Retail Park Unit 3, Stoney      so I was in for a good time when my      could happily have lingered in this cosy inn for the entire
Lane, Yardley, Birmingham, B25 8YP       Jeshore King Prawn (£9.95) arrived       evening.
Tel: 0121 789 8908                       in its rich, hot bhuna sauce.            IIIII                      My friend’s chicken jaipuri (£6.95),
                                         cooked with mushrooms, onions,
On arrival at Mint, my friend and I      peppers and a thick sauce, was
came face-to-face with a large water     devoured in record time. The only
feature made of plastic discs that       disappointment was the garlic nan
cascaded down into a pond full of        (£2.10), which lacked garlic!
fish (carp, I think) and an array of     However, the Bombay spicy wedges
house-bricks, which bemused us           (£1.95) were a real winner, along with
somewhat.                                the mushroom pilau rice (£2.50).
After meeting every member of the        Realising that we were too stuffed to
front-of-house staff, we were greeted    eat anything else, the team insisted
by Aftab, one of the four owners of      that we try some of the home-made
the restaurant.                          desserts. Within minutes, rich and
Poppadoms and an array of fresh          creamy pistachio ice-cream (£3.35)
dips were brought to our table, our      and chocolate cake had appeared in
starters arriving soon afterwards. We    front of us. Both proved to be deli-
ordered Telul Mix (£3.95) - succulent    cious.
lamb and chicken tikka, panfired with    Boasting tasty food, plentiful por-
tamarind, mushrooms, onions and          tions, and warm and friendly staff,
peppers. It was a hearty portion that    Mint is definitely a place we’ll head
looked and tasted divine, bringing       for again in the future.
the tastebuds instantly alive. We also   IIIII
tucked into fresh soft sheek kebab
(£2.50) and a huge onion bhaji

                                          FOR ALL RESTAURANT LISTINGS VISIT:
         EATING OUT
         THE ESSENTIAL RESTAURANT LIST                                                                        BLACK COUNTRY
         CELEBRITY                                                                   ARBOR LIGHTS        THE BLUE BRICK         CATELLANI’S         FOUR STONES         Wolverhampton,
         RESTAURANT                                                                  127 Lichfield       Lower Level            6 School Street,    Adam’sHill,Clint,   WV1 4LP
         IN BIRMINGHAM                                                               Street, Walsall,    Station, Sun Street,   Wolverhampton,      Stourbridge, DY9    01902 424440
                                                                                     West Midlands       Wolverhampton          01902 428928        01562 883260        SIMON’S
                                                                                     WS1 1SY             WV10                   THE COWSHED         FRANZIS             520 Chester
                                                                                     01922 613361        0870 850 6376          Clive Farm Clive    151 Milcote Rd,     Road, Aldridge,
                                                                                     AZZARI TOO          BILASH                 Rd, Pattingham,     Smethwick, B67      Walsall, WS9
                                                                                     204 Lightwoods      2 Cheapside,           WV6 7EN             0121 429 7920       0121 580 9293
                                                                                     Road, B67 5AZ       Wolverhampton,         01902 701888        PARLOUR             THORNESCROFT
                                                                                     0121 429 6621       01902 427762           FARADAYS            10 The Arcade,      Bridgnorth Rd,
                                                                                     BELLA               ALEX’S                 The Waterfront,     Walsall, WS1 1SY    Wolverhampton,
                                                                                     82 Chapel Ash,      5 Bridgnorth Rd,       Brierley Hill,      01922 613407        WV6 7EQ
                                                                                     Wolverhampton,      Wolverhampton,         Dudley, DY5 1UR     RED FORT            01902 700532
                                                                                     01902 427555        01902 759274           01384 473131        Fold Street,

                                                                                     ALBRIGHT HUSSEY     Tern Hill, TF9 3PX     01952 727292        01691 684300        01952 461136
                                                                                     Ellesmere Rd,       01630 638984           GOLDEN CROSS        MAD JACKS           RENAISSANCE
                                                                                     Shrewsbury, SY4     COUNTESS ARMS          14 Princess St,     15 St Mary’s St,    29a Princess St,
                                                                                     01939 290523        Weston Heath,          Shrewsbury, SY1     Shrewsbury, SY1     Shrewsbury, SY1

                                                                                     BUTLERS             Shropshire TF11        01743 362507        01743 358870        01743 354289
                                                                                     Park Street,        01952 691123           HAYWARDS            MORGANS             TRAITORS GATE
                                                                                     Shifnal, TF11       DA VINCI’S             at The Lion Hotel   1 Bellstone,        Castle St, Water
                                                                                     01952 460128        26 High Street,        Wyle Cop            Shrewsbury          Lane,Shrewsbury
                                                                                     CASA RUIZ           Ironbridge, TF8        Shrewsbury SY1      SY1 1HU             SY1 2BX
         AROUND THE WORLD       HA HA BAR & GRILL       PENNY BLACKS                 45 High Street,     01952 432250           1UY                 01743 358870        01743 249152
         IN 80 DISHES           178-180 Wharfside       The Mailbox,132-134          Bridgnorth, WV16                           01743 353107
         9 Brindleyplace, B1    Street, The Mailbox,    Wharfside St, B1 1XL                             DRAPERS                                    OAK TREE            THE MALTHOUSE
                                                                                     01746 210084        10 St Mary’s St        KING & THAI         Burrington,         The Wharfage,
         2HJ 0121 643 5577      B1 0121 632 1250        0121 632 1460                CHEZ MAW            Shrewsbury, SY1        Avenue Road,        Ludlow, SY8 2HT     Ironbridge TF8
         ASHA’S                 THE HOUSE               PEPPERS RESTAURANT           Valley Hotel,       01743 344679           Broseley, Telford   01568 770033        7NH. 01902
         12 Newhall Street,     Bennetts Hill, B2 5RS   5 Broad Street, B15          Buildwas Rd,        THE FEATHERS           TF12 5DL            THE PEACH TREE      433712
         B3 3LX 0121 200        0121 643 2220           0121 633 4411                Ironbridge, TF8     Brockton, Much         01952 882004        21 Abbey            MR UNDERHILLS
         2767                                                                        01952 432247        Wenlock TF13           LA BÉCASSE          Foregate,           Dinham Weir,
                                ITIHAAS                 PICCOLINO
                                18 Fleet Street,                                     CORNHOUSE           6JR 01746 785202       17 Corve Street,    Shrewsbury, SY2     Ludlow
         BANK                                           9 Brindleyplace, B1          59a Wyle Cop,                              Ludlow, SY8 1DA     01743 355055        Shropshire
         4 Brindleyplace, B1    West Midlands B3        2HS 0121 634 3055                                THE FOX INN
                                0121 212 3383                                        Shrewsbury, SY1     46 High Street,        01584 872 325       RAPHAELS            SY8 1EH
         2JB 0121 633 7766                              PURNELL’S                    01743 231991                                                                       01584 874431
                                JIMMY SPICES                                                             Much Wenlock           LION QUAYS          4 Church Street,
         BAR EPERNAY            Regency Wharf,          54 Cornwall Street,          THE COTTAGE         TF13 6AD               Oswestry SY11       Shifnal, TF11
         171-172 Wharfside      Broad Street, B1        B3 2DH. 0121 212

         Street, The Mailbox.   2DS 0121643 2111        9799
         0121 632 1430                                  PUSHKAR
         BAR ESTILO             3-4 Dakota Buildings    245 Broad Street, B1
         110-114 Wharfside      James Street, St        2HQ. 0121 643 7978
         St, The Mailbox, B1                                                         BELLA ITALIA        DE14 2WF               Hanley, ST3 1B      Newcastle, ST5      Lichfield. WS14
                                Paul’s Square, B3       THE RECTORY
         0121 643 3443          1SD 0121 212 3664                                    20 Greengate St,    01283 542321           01782 201166        01782 661983        01543 481807
                                                        50-54 St Paul’s              Stafford,ST1 2HS
         BARTON ARMS            LAS IGUANAS             Square, B3 1QS                                   DENRY’S                THE GREEN ROOM      THE MILL            PORTOFINO
                                                                                     01785 211968        3 St John’s            Castle Dyke,        Mill St, Stone,     38-40 Marsh St
         144 High Street,       Arcadian Centre,        0121 605 1001
         Aston, B6 5UP          Hurst Street, B5 4TD                                 CHANDLERS           Square, Burslem,       Lichfield WS13      ST15 8BA            Stoke-On-Trent,
                                                        SAN PAULO                    GRANDE              01782 838372           01543 412121        01785 818456        ST1 1JD
         0121 333 5988          0121 622 4468
                                                        24 Ludgate Hill, B3                                                                                             Tel: 01782 20944
                                LA TASCA                                             6 Conduit Street,   THE ENGLISH            LODGE BALTI         OLD VICARAGE 2
         THE BERLOIZ                                    1DX 0121 233 1919
         Burlington Arcade,     Regency Wharf, B1                                    Lichfield, WS13     HOUSE                  Shenstone,          Main St,            THE RED ROOM
                                2DS 0121 643 9888       SHIMLA PINKS                 01543 416688
         New Street, B2 4JQ                             Broad Street, B15                                27 Bird Street,        Wood End,           Branston, Burton,   7 Newcastle
         0844 879 9019          LOCH FYNE               1AY 0121 633 0366            CHLOE’S             Lichfield, WS13        Lichfield WS14      DE14 3EX            Road, Congleton
         BLUE MANGO             Mere Green Road,                                     George St,          01543 419999           01543 480003        01283 480050        CW12 4HN
                                Sutton Coldfield.       SHOGUN TEPPANYAKI            Burton. DE14 1DP                                                                   01260 297871
         5 Broad St, B1 2DS                             The Mailbox,113-115                              FOUR SEASONS           MALABAR             THE PEARL
         0121 633 4422          B75 5BL                                              01283 563697        Swinfen Hall           1 Water Street,     18 Market Street,   THE SWAN HOTEL
                                0121 308 9410           Wharfside St, B1
         BLUU                                           1RQ 0121 632 1253            THE CORNER          Lichfield, WS14        Stafford, ST16      Kidsgrove, ST7      46 Greengate
         Fleet St, Summer       THE LOFT LOUNGE                                      HOUSE               0844 567 2407          01785 227500        01782 788887        Street, Stafford
                                143 Bromgrove St,       SHOGUN                       Second Avenue,                                                                     ST16 2JA
         Row, B3 1JH                                    TEPANYAKI                                        GASCOIGNE’S            MARLOES             THE PEAR TREE
         0121 236 1430          B5 0121 622 2444                                     Burton-On-Trent                                                                    01785 258142
                                                        The Waters Edge,                                 89 Regent Road,        13 London Road,     Creperie.
         CAFE IKON              The Glasshouse,         Brindleyplace, B1

         1 Oozells Square,      Canal Square,           2HL 0121 643 1856
         Brindleyplace, B1      Browning St, B16        SIMPSONS
         2HS 0121 248 3226      8FL 0121 454 5151       20 Highfield Rd,
         CELEBRITY              MARAHAJA                Edgbaston 0121 454
         44 Broad St, B1 2EW    23/25 Hurst Street,     3434                         1450 CAFE BAR       01789 267424           GEORGETOWN          NICOLINIS           PEEL’S
         0121 643 8969          B5 0121 622 2641                                     21 Spon Street,     THE CELLAR             13 Sheep St,        14 The Parade,      Hampton Manor,
                                                        STRADA                       Coventry, CV1                              Stratford-Upon-     Leamington Spa,     Hampton-in-
         CHEZ JULES             MATTHEWS                109-111 Wharfside                                5 The Knibbs,
                                                                                     024 7622 9274       Smith St,              Avon, CV37 6EF      CV32 4DW            Arden, Solihull,
         5a Ethel Street, B2    Custard Factory,        St, 0121 643 7279                                                       01789 204445        01926 421620        B92 0EN
         4BG 0121 633 4664      Digbeth B9 4AA.                                      THE ALMANACK        Warwick,
                                                        RED                          Anney End North,    01926 400809           MALBEC              THE ONE ELM         01675 446080
         CHI                    0121 350 9783           4 Temple Street, City        Kenilworth CV18     EGO                    6 Union St,         1 Guild St,         RAFFLES
         61 Newhall Street,     THE MALTHOUSE           Centre, B2 5BN               01926 353637                               Stratford-Upon-     Stratford-Upon-     57 Warwick Rd,
         B3 0121 233 3150       117 Wharfside           0121 643 0194                                    29 The Square,
                                                                                     BROWNS              Kenilworth, CV8        Avon, CV37 6QT      Avon, CV37 6QZ      Kenilworth, CV8
                                Street, The Mailbox,                                                                            01789 269106        01789 404919        01926 864 300
         CHINA RED              Birmingham B1 1RF       THAI EDGE                    Earl Street,        01926 864463
         193-194 Broad                                  6 Oozells Square, B1         Coventry CV1                               NAILCOTE HALL       OSCARS              RESTAURANT 23
                                0121 643 4202                                                            FIVE RIVERS                                39 Chandos St,
         Street, B15 1AY                                2HL 0121643 3993             0247 622 1100                              Nailcote Lane,                          23 Dromer Place,
         0121 632 6688          MECHU                                                                    20-22 Victoria                             Leamington Spa,
                                                        TIN TIN CANTONESE            CARLUCCIOS          Terrace,               Berkswell,                              Leamington Spa,
                                59 Summer Row, B3                                                                                                   CV32 4RL
         CHUNG YING             1JJ 0121 710 4233       The Waters Edge,             13 Waterside,       Leamington Spa,        Coventry, CV7                           CV32 5AA 01926
                                                                                                                                02476 466174        01926 452807        422422
         17 Thorpe Street, B5                           Brindleyplace, B1            Stratford-Upon-     CV31 3AB
         4ST 0121 622 5669      METRO                   2HL 0121 633 0888
                                73 Cornwall Street,                                  Avon CV37 6BA       01926 431999
         CIELO                                          THE VAULTS

                                B3 0121200 1911
         6 Oozells Square,      MIRAGE FUSION           Newhall Place,
         Brindleyplace, B1      220 Ladywood            Newhall Hill, B1
         2JB 0121 632 6882      Middleway,              0121 212 9837
         CUIZENE                Birmingham, B16         ULYSEES                      ANGEL CHEF          CROWN & SANDYS         MASALLA LOUNGE      SINGAPORE           OLD RECTIFYING
         17 Thorp Street, B5       .
                                8LP 0121 456 555        42a Bristol Street, B5       Angel St,           Main Rd,               35 Broad St,        29 Friar St,        HOUSE
         4AT 0121 622 5573      OPUS                    7AA 0121 622 3159            Worcester WR1       Ombersley, WR9         Worcester WR1       Worcester WR1       North Parade,
         DUET CUISINE           54 Cornwall Street,     WOKTASTIC                    01905 731131        01905 620252           01905 729955        01905 613005        Worcester WR1
         Unit 1, Fort Dunlop,   B3 0121 200 2323        Paradise Place, B3           BACCHUS             FOUR SEASONS           ROSEANNAS           GLASSHOUSE 55       01905 619622
         B24 9FD. 0121 748      THE ORIENTAL            3HJ 0121 236 3130            44 Worcester Road   61 Lowesmoor,          St. Andrews         Sidbury,            THAI GALLERY
         1234                   The Mailbox, 128-       WONGS                        Bromsgrove B61      Worcester WR1          Drive, Droitwich,   Worcester WR1       26-32 Friar St,
         EDMUNDS                130 Wharfside                                        01527 877557        01905 27026            WR9 8AL             01905 611120        Worcester WR1
                                Street, B1 1RQ          5-11 Fleet Street, B3
         6 Brindleyplace, B1                            1JP 0121 212 1888                                                       01905 779677                            01905 25451
         2 JB 0121 633 4944     0121 633 9988                                        BROWNS              LITTLE VENICE                              THE HADLEY
                                                        ZIZZI                        24 Quay St,         1 St Nicholas          SAFFRONS            BOWLING GREEN       VALENTINO’S
         GREEN ROOM             PASTA DE PIAZZA
                                11 Brook Street, St     183 High Street,             Worcester WR1       Street, Worcester      15 New St,          Hadley Heath,       43 Foregate St,
         Hurst Street, B5 4DT                           Harborne B17 9QE             2JJ 01905 26263     WR1 1UW                Worcester WR1       Hadley, WR9 0AR     Worcester WR1
         0121 605 4343          Paul’s Square, B3
                                1SA 0121 236 5858       0121 428 4228                                    01905 726126           01905 610505        01905 620294        01905 617773

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