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					Vol. 25 No. 7                                                                                                                                               FREE
                                                                                                     The oldest neighborhood new.paper In St. LouI.

King Commemoration                                                                      Playground Meeting Held
Set for January 15                                                                                                              spoke ~rongty In faYOl of Lucier,
                                                                                             Some Skinker I)eBaliviere
                                                                                        residents and seve ral c hildren        Par k.. Another said he would
      King       Commemoration                                               "0         Joined the Ad Hoc Playground            favor it across the stree t, so that
OJairman Jack Wright was                                                         ~      Cornrnillee at Grace Methodist          no trees WOI.Jld have to come
pleased to announce that Colo--                                                         Church on November 29. They             down.
net Qarence ' 1 armon, chief of                                              ~          disc:ussed the pros and cons of              After about an hour of
the St. Louis Met ropotitan Police                                               ~      placi ng a playground at the            conciliatory conve rsation, the
Depar tme nt. would be the fea-                                                  .-     southea st corne r o f Des Pe res       group fe ll the southwes t corne r
lured speakcr at the 1995                                                        ~.     and King sbury.                         a t Kingsbury and Des l'eres, now
Commemoration. Il armon will                                                     ~           Committee members Dawn             a parking 101. would be the best
speak about the legacy 0( Or.                                                           Blollaum, Beth Bender, and AI·          alternative for the playlot, and
King.                                                                            ~      line Webb spoke 01 the positive         they compromIsed on having
      TI le Commemoration will                                                   ::i'   features of the Four Corners            the lot designed for c:hiklle n 6

take place on Sunday, January                                                           site: its central location. its not     and unde r. TIle Sklnke r De-
 IS, hom 3:00 p.m to 5:00 p.m                                                           being a problem crIme area. 1\          Baliviere Community Council
at the Grace and Peace Fellow·                                                          is dty property. so tiability is not    must approve the plan. 1he
 ship, on Delmar at Oara Jack                                                    2      a problem. Several residents            corTlll1iUee intends to apply to
Wright will serve as master of                                                          said that they supported a play·        the Gateway Foundallon for
                                                Clarence Harmon                         ground, but not at that site. One       funding.
ceremonies. TIle choi r of the
                                              St. Louis Police Chief
 New Cote Brllll ante Churc h of
 God will perforln setections and
 thei r paslor, the Re v. Mikkl Mer·     tow the progTaln aclivitles with
 rill, will denver coru: luding re -     refreshments       furnished       by
 mark s. In addillon, five s.:hooIs      Graee and I'eaee and Com-
 are partk:II)1Itin8 In the event        memoration Commlllee roem-
                                         belS. In the c:ase of a winter                                         In MeD10ri am
 this year. 11lC)' incl ude: New
 City School, Oos$l"oads. 51.            storm, the commemoration will
 Roch, Hamilton, and the Bethel          be mlYVf!d to Jan"al)' 22. For fur·                       Monsignor Robel: t M. Peet
 School. Children will pe rform           the r informalion , c:an the
 skits or offer sollgs that reneel       Skinker DeBaliv\ere Community
 what Dr. King means to the m.           Counc:il. SOCC. Gra<:<! and                                               1908-1994
       Everyone In ou r neighbor·         Peace, New COle BrUlian!e, and
 hood is encou raged to a!tend            the five s.:hooIs a ll Joln in spon·
 this event. A recepllon will fol -       soring this annual even t.

Joe Edwards Works New Magic on Delmar
 by I.a.M Stein
       WUh a strong faith In the          met Linda who had grown up                     and "it's nIce to do something
 a.ea. Joe Edwards has become             on 60xx Pershing and had a                     for the area In lurn." Without a
 an Investor in the rehabilitation        great love of the alea. "The loop              doubt, he feels this is the best
 or the TIvoli building and possi·        at tha t time was at Us low point.             area in SI. louis. There a re
 bly other new construction in            About half the stores were va·                 other good neighborhoods "bu t
 the Loop. Joe and his wife,              ca nt. It was a gamble. "They                  nothing tl ke this a rea." "There is
 Li nda, are famili ar figures to         made it with the he tp of frIe nds'            a grea t range In ho using prices
 many In o ur neig hborhood.              investments. but U was rough                   and a wide variety o f people,
 1hey are long time re sidents of         the Ilrst two years.                           olde r adult s, Wash. U. stude nts,
 Park"Oiew and own Blueberry                    Today. many consultants                  blacks, whites, and Asians. "It's
 Hill, an emporium with fame far          c:onsider Blueberl)' lI ill a prime            vibrant and exciting.'
 beyond the metro a rea. lhcy             example of a way to .um an                           Ntel openi ng Blueberl)'
 have coolrlbuted a great dea l to        area around. Edwards tried 10                  Hill. Joe and Linda Edwards
  the revival of the Loop and they        set a tone for hls place and the               helped to found the special
  are now Choo$lng not to rest on          neighborhood that woukl show                  business distric:t. This district
  their 'aurels and will contribute       lhat certain kinds of behavior                 sets certain $tandards and, most
  to its further growth and suc·           were not ac:ceptable. From the                important, the merchants tax
                                           begi nning,       unaccompanied              -thermelves so they c:an pu t                  wanted Bl ueberry till to
  cess.                                                                                                                         have its own bee r; Blueberry
       On September 8, 1972, the           worno:n could fee t comfortable               money In to thei r area. 1lley put
                                           at Btue berry Hill. He's been very            in dusk·to-dawn !!ghtlng, addi·        Hill is steeped In the rock and
  Edwardses ope ned Blueber ry                                                                                                  ro ll tradition. 11 15 sold In a few
  Hill. Edwards had grown up in            stlict on I.D.s.                              tionat tra,h rec:e ptac:les, and
                                                                                         nower pots fi lled with blooms.        ot her places. In 1986, he started
  OUr area. In both the d ty a nd                                                                                               Blueberry Hill Records. It's a
  Clayton. ~Ie went off to Duke                Edwards sai d that ' it's a               The special business district
                                          wonde rful exIstence to do                      hetps to fund the Holiday Walk        small independent label and Is
   Unive rsity for college. Ret urning                                                                                          used to sponsor the annual SI.
   to the dty, he tried to ligure out     something you ti ke." Blueberry                 and the LoopArts Festival.
                                          lUll is very related to hIs h0b-                     Mer Blueberry Hill was on        louis music: c;ontest. This Is a
   what to do with his life. He fig-                                                                                            song·wtlilng c;ontest that gets
   ured he would open a place he          bies: music and record collect·                 its way, Edwards started Rock 'n
   fell comfortable going to. He          Ing. U's a nice c reative outle t               Roll beer. more or less for fun.                     cr:mtinu«l on pagtI 3
~~~'-         ________CC~____cc____-:______Th ~~
                                           ~.O~T'MES O~':S~.~o~ke~' o.~,,~"~·~~~,~._________________________== ,emberl994
                                                                  C           ·.                            o.~

 Editor's Notebook
 by Lana Stein
     During the latler half dille week of November 14, readers
of the P05I-Dlspalctl and watchen of the local news Ofl 1V
leatned thai an lndercover poI~ offk:er had been shot in the                                                   Neighborhood Meelings
leg after he and his partner Slopped to queSliot:~ pe~ in ~I                                                   12/12194   Skinke r OeBaiIYlere Community Council Board o( Direc-
neighborhood. The wrilte n coverage gave a POSSibly misleading                                                            lars, 6008 Kingsbury, 1:30 p.rn. All residents are welcome.
picture of us as 'Cllme-rldden" or e xperiencing a .e al "rash" of                                             12/13194   Hamilton Elemenlary COITlIoonity Education Ce nter
robberies. Rell. e llably, the media are pari oI lhe pl'Obie m in the                                                     Councit, llarnilJon School. 6:30 p.rn.
public perception of c rtmlll(ll a.;tlvll)'. 1l-.ey lend 10 specialize in                                      ]212W94    Holiday ce lebtallon a t Ila mlllon School fOf the whole
'crime of the nigh'" journalism. 1lleir allenlion to crime and sen-                                                       community. Performances by Sludenls. Re freshme nts. 6
sationalism delrac;ls (rom any chance of obtaining serious <:OV-
                                                                                                                          p. m., 5819 Weslminste r PI., free.
e rage oIlocaJ poIillcs, among other things. And, it ce rtainly leads                                           1I
                                                                                                               1 W95      5DCC Board of DireclOfs. 6008 Kingsbury, 1:30 p.rn.
many people 1 lnferlhat the city 15 a tol less safe than it actually
               0                                                                                               1117/95    Hamillon E1ernenlary COll1munily Educalion Cente r
is. Yes, there Is crime, bot rKllhlns thai justi fies the altitude of
                                                                                                                          Councll, ll amillOil Sehool. 6:30 p.rn.
one of my students, who told me that he, hUSband forbids her
oming easl of Sklnker afte r dark.
     To get bac k to ou r own slt uatloo, ] unders tand that were
some crime s commi tted in Oc tober a nd early Nove mber near
                                                                                                               Other Events of Interest
 the area whe re the o rnce r was shot. Captain I~eath o f the 7th                                             12/4/94    "A Mark Twai n Il 00 iday' slarring auis Li mber a l the His·
Distric t noted an unu sua t bli p in Ihe reports a nd assigned a spe·                                                    tory Museum, 2 p. m. Ad lnbslon Is free.
dal team there. At this wrillng. It Is like ly tha t those apprehended                                         12/8/94    Renowne d historian Jacque line Jones of Brandeis Uni·
in the Incident may have been responsible for the ea rlie r head·                                                         ve rslty will speak on "Pove rty In Ihe La te 20th Ce ntury:
aches. The captain Is ce rtai nly to be commended for his prompl                                                          The Problem of Dlstrcssed Communities' at the St. Louis
response and we send all our best wi shes to the officer who was                                                          Urban Forum, Libr ary and Collecllons Ce nte r, 225 5.
wounded.                                                                                                                  Skinke r, 7 p.m.
     Despite thi s $Cemingly good oulcome, 1 dec ry the nature of                                              12/1W94    Gilded Age Iiollday Fete a t ttle II lstory Museum, to a. m.-2
the CO\Ie rage and am only grateful lhat it didn1 mention our                                                             p.m., free. Fea lures elaborate home decOfations. inlricate
neighborhood's name. 1 have heard OIhers blame the media for                                                              handicra ft s. and I,wish en tertainment.
a lot of our problems, palticula/ty the widespre ad pe rception 0(                                             ]2/28/94   Kwanzaa Celebra tion al the lIistory Museum. Prosram in
cities as war WIleS. We don' to need to hear all this. How low                                                            two parIs: Seed Day and Elders Day. 3 p.rn.-8 p.m., free.
<kles Ule media place lhe common denominator for What il                                                       1!26/9S    Pete r DeSimone will discuss welfare reform, "Welfare
thinks the publ1c wan"? TIle local news Is palt and parcel of the                                                         Theatre: Making1llem Out oru," althe 51. Louis Urban
term ' Iablold journalism" and all that it conveys. Newspapers                                                            Forum, Ubrary and Collections Cenle r, 225 S. Skinker. 7
should be more care ful , especialty If they ale not the New York                                               
     Some of you leading thls now may have been bli55fully un·
awilfe of the Incident. Your lOIN media conslJlT1'l.ion may truly
be a blessl niJ. If any of you dis1l8r,* with Ill)' con"l('nls, please                                        Aldermanic Hearing
$Cnd a lette r. It will be printed. But, before you do, watch the
10:00 o'clock local news and see if these words aren't apt. And,                                              Schedwed on Forest Park
tum on your porch lights all nlght loog and keep youl eyes open
when on the sl reel, espedally aner dark. We need 10 look out                                                     As the paper gocs 10 pless,       attcnd and palticipate. Copies
for ourselves and eac h oIher. We are our own best protection in                                              the public hearing 011 Re$o/u·        of lhe Goals and Policies can be
this neighborhood.                                                                                            lion 178. whIch adopts Ihe            oblained al lhe Mayor's Office,
                                                                                                              Goals and Policies to Guide Fu·       Room 200. o r by calling 622-
                                                                                                              ture Plans for Forest Park dated     3201. If you wish to allend.
                                                                                                              November II , 1994, will be          c heck the dale and time by
                                                                                                              conducted by the Al derma nic        le lephoning the Boa rd of Al-
                                                                                                              Committee on Parks and Envi·         de rmen a t 622-3287.
                                                                                                              ronmental Concerns on Mo n-                The Goals and Po licies
F.diIOl:                               I.....                                                           day, Dece mber 12, 1994, at 6:30
tlu.1iJ1COS M.. ~                      Jo,\nn Void",
                                                                                                                                                   we re prepared by a corrunittee
I'nxll>elicu r.u,,,, ...:             (A,lh,,) MOIj Wrir                                                      p.m., in Room 208 of a ty lIa ll.    that Mayor Bosley appointed
Typooo1li"ll'                          M-:i Wei,                                                              The general public 1 Invited to
                                                                                                                                   5               fotlowing the Forest Park
                                                                                                                                                   summil, held a year ago.
Th r"" .. '" SliIob.. IHIIaIj,i_ " ['UbI,,,,",, .,. Ih. Wal I c.t t'ulolillo,,'8 Co ..• __

-        "~'I .... "" .....1, ...... i,.. ioott _ - . o(llto 1.IoonI o([)ircdono

                               Y"';!a l.a.:
                               I ........ t.lo)<l
                               1:0...: Mo:I.-
                                                               s... M"lh.r.i1ol
                                                               t .oi.~..t~
                                                                                     I ...... SkiM

                                                                                     M.rjori< Wcif
                                                                                     K-IWom Wilt;...
                                                                                                                 The SI. Michael School
                                                                                                                " WhereChildrell Learn How To Leam"                      ~ ~t
                                                                                                                                              .                             ..,~"
                                                                                                                                                         2· 1 YEARS m GRADE 6
A d...,rt;';"1l R. ' Q:                                                                                                                                ' A bobta: cindi"o''Ii IC3donoics.
       1liopIo~ Ao/Yat;,;".:                                                                                                                             !he Regie> Aw-h RI
                 c_.. ..;,n, 2 2S"                        -' ...,. 1" ~ I <0[- Sl<l/inocn;o.; (IU%
                                                    M i,,;,_
                  _~ S 101,............. 0<1. tS% oIi_ . y ~_"O< ' . )
                                                                                                                                                       •tdbbonb"" . for drifun
                                                                                                                                                        ,.., Episo.,." ,i;,;t:
         For ",,,,,,10.. ~Il 0( oi>:co on.[ .....,.. wrile                                                                                               "hn failhs
                                                                                                                                                       , ' - ""'" 7:1tIIrllero / ........ r>Iio
                  ·1tIt Times. (,1 t7 W.....I...... . (,3 I t 2. or 0.1171~~ .

Gui<klirses ror Submittinl Copy
          lloe Ti ..... _1<00 ... ......,tid"", oo:\id.....rlell.... I~.,( I!lo: ..... It w.,
. "d ..,h.rtecr nolw. o( lhe "T~;''' .... rr. Ih. 4, .. 101100.r          '.' 1><
                                                                       ,,(1'''' ro",.o """ oi~~rs
oIer",,,oIo.l 'n t"'lC port 01 ",,"niosioto. n " ,""'..t. rr . .. 'co ...... ,
           All "", ... i.1 ..... "'Ieo. Ieller., "",""",. <I ... ir.:d odo • must be 1)1",,,,i" .. , ""
"'''''''''' PIp<!'. oloo,bl<·-.I ... or .iVoOJ COf')' '''"' be ...bmi,,'" "" '"'''I',,'er 01''''<11       <
if lt", J i>ketl< i, ill lXlS r""nal. W.            ",u"" 1"""" M..       ,,,,o.l,
                                                                                 d,".U... t>iw,II<
.on.. "ootd be ....."POI'io.! b)o • 1";,,,.. ,1of "", .rti<I<. th. ,..,,'" ,of " ", word
proocssi,,, IOn"'.... in ""h"'ll It i. .... ill .. ' ... or Ih, ("n '''''''• • ,or """''''' of!he pat1y 10
",1.." tI .. di'~I. sho"ld be "I",ned, Si" ... "", .. , <On<OpOOkioocc 1 Uo< <>.Iilo.- " .. y
                                                                                      0                                                                          MBluebcny HlU
be om,"'" .,.    '''I''''''.   C.I.. """ ti OlI",ul.. ,1d be pt ....... in '" "0< "'il" 01 72 1 ·1~n.                                                               Is a treat _
0.- ",oiled 10 ,.~~ Ni,,,, l~occ . l):adli"" (or .It GOJO)';' 0 .. t 811, or !he """,u"
           lloe wrioa i. """"",ible for Ih. occun.: , 01 U .Iota. ;,"1 ........ l;'n<I. oloIeo.
                                                                    ..                                                                                             vt,uat. aura.!
I"o.h.....or poroioulol ty U """lti ... 0( "",..,..
                                    ..                                                                                                                           and gustatory.           M

            I'l0l..... or itt""""l;"'"   _lei     i'Ic Iw bIoclt ...r o.1oile. Cob' I~~" 010_                                     . ~U51 Stantey Elkin                • .Joe Pollack,
' q>l00u0:c: oct!.                                                                                                6S040efma r                                            &~.
            lloel!di\Ol ..... , !he 'ip! lO ..niI .. ot ....,' n>Ol<riot.                                                                                             _·DUpr>tcIo
December 1994                                                    The TIMES of Skinker 0e&1iviere

 Questions for Alderman Irving Clay, D-26                                                Edwards
                                                                                         conflnU6d from pllge 1
by Lana Stein
    Akfennan Clay. I under-                                                              entries In all categories: novelty                    wards plans it "to become the
.tand that there were 10 be                                                              songs, Christmas music, pop,                          landmark It used to be." It ac-
 renovaUo,. a t the Ruth Po rter                                                           ~try, )au. blues, alternativt!>.                    tually Is the largest building in
 Mall on Delmar, bejlnnlng at                                                              There Is some folk and gospel,                      the Loop and 115 location and
 the e nd o r De SaIMere.                                                                  too. TItere are over $10,000                        size are very important to the
      Yes. actually the Improve_                                                           worth of prizes. The contest                        Loop. It was sti ll solid structur-
 ments were finished In late July.                                                         slarls April 2 of every year. The                   ally, bu l lhey are putting In all
 LiSht5 will be Installed but lhe                                                          record label has bfought ou t                       new wiring, heating and cool-
 there Is a new sign, the super-                                                           certain St. Louis groups to hope-                  ing, a nd plumbing. They are
sl ruc ture has bee n paInted, the                                                         rully help them up the flC)(t step                 also remoldins lhe Oflginal pias-
sidewalks have been shored up,                                                            on the ladde r.                                     ter whe re il had been damaged.
the re has been planting. and                                                                   In 1988, the Edwardses                        The ll voll 15 expected to be
new trash receptacles. It's a                                                              founded Ihe non-profit 5t. l o uis               , ready In ml d.January.
nice addition to the new Social                                                           Walk 0( Fame. They now have                               The new Iheate r will show
Security building Irrvnedialely 10                                                        57 stars in the pavement along                      firsl-run ar' films, foreign films,
Its west.                                                                                 Delmar In lhe Loop. It costs                        and some classics. it wltl be
      Whal hi happening with the renovatlo .... al People'. Clinic?                       about $55,000 each year to put
                                                                                                                                              able to $how films by the best
      Constructio n will begin again SOOI1. There is $500,000 In this                     on; they get a lot or In-kind con·                  and Inl"lOVative d irectors In the
yeMs CommunIty Deve lo pment Bloc k Grant budget to assIst the                            tributlons. Edwards feets the                       country.
Clini c. It will get movlng after February.                                               Walk gi ves a 5ense or pride and
                                                                                                                                                    tn conjunction with the
     What kind or .ervk:e. are at the new Social Security building?                       provides role models In a \01 0(                    theate r, al l 9 stOfe flonls are
      Il ls a (ull-service office and leplaces lhe one on EUClid                          different disciplines. II gIves a                   being totally renovated They
     There hal becln menlkm o f new OOmei betllfl bullt In the                            sense of cult ura l heritase.
                                                                                                                                             wilt be ready no! long a fter the
neig hborhood 10 the north of ours. How hi til .. co ml llfl along?                             Blueberry Hill also Is noted                  theate r opens. "The second
     Work has begun along Belt and roundations have been laid.                            ror lis very colorful and unique                    phase Is the rel"lOVation of 45
TIle homes will go a lo ng Belt up to N cade a nd alo ng Cabanne 1    0                   window displays. Edwalds said                      studio apa rtments. This won'l
Maple. They will covet 10 acres or glotJnd. The cos ts of construction                    that Linda does the5e displays .                   start till some lime in 1995, a fter
are runded by the Missouri Housing Developmenl Corporation. Pro-                          'Slte's a creat1ve wizard."                        the theater and st orefronts a re
spective buyers musl meet ce rtain requirements regarding Income                                BluebeTT)' Hill is also home                 done. The5e will be aparlments
and ramily size. They will receive $ 1,500 to cover closing costs a nd                    to lhe targesl and oldest publicly                 for yoo!lS people who may
have a morlgage o r about S440 a month. Northside Preservation                            sponsored dart tournament in                       work In the area and ror sh...
Commission is handli ng appl ications ror the homes 'Nhi ch have 3 or                     the United States in the last                      denls. They will have a lot 0(
4 bedrooms, a garage, a ru ll basement, and a 5ecurily system. The                        week o( Fe bfu ary,                                bullt·ln Items such as shel ves
1015 a re 50 reel wide and 200 reet deep. They are designed to be                               Now Edwards is Investing in                  and ~bfe optic cables.
slmil31 to hou5eS already exisling in the area. They will be 2 to 2 and                   the Tivoli. He calls it an                               There 15 a pQ5sibili\y he
V2 stories. We ~ a tso bfeaking ground rOf a n unit 5enlOf cit izen                      "impulsive acl." As lale as this                    may be part 0( new construc-
building near by. To (mt ller develop the general area, we Witt COIl-                    past ~1ay, he had not planlted to                   tion 0 11 lots in the loop. These
tlnue making Home Improveme nt Granls to allow owners, many or                           se t Involved. It wasn't untll the                  would be re!ait and offices.
whom are older people, to shore up the e xterior or their praperly.                      theate r was being shut clown                       More details talel.
Fot those who qualify, Ihls Is money they do not have to re pay. I be·                   that he sald,'No. 1\ was 100 Im-                          lie and his family find
gan In 1991 and we have given out $600,000 in the5e grants. There                        portant fOI the LOOp to have 11                     Parkvlew a vel)' pteasant ~IS h­
are lSI flOW planned for lhe coming year. This helps to stabilize the                    theate r. Too important for                        borhood In 'Nhich to live. There
community.                                                                               Washinston University and                          are 1015 and lois 0( trees and all
                                                                                         Ski nker DeBali'liele. It's such a                 kinds 0( sizes and styles of
                                                                                         wonderful neighborhood rille<!                     houses. There are lots of pro-
                                                                                         with artistic groups, galle ries,                  ressors and other different types
                                                                                         bookstores, tive music ctubs                       "who h a~e a tol of interes ting
                                                                                        and restaurants. It needs to                        things 1 say." It's a 'peacerul,
                                                                                         have a movie theater .. the pre·                   beau tirul neighborhood. The
                                                                                         mle re art theater In this pari 0(                Edward5eS also have round it
                                                                                         the Midwest.                                      wonde rfut to have SI. Roch
                                                                                               Edwards became a devel·                     school available to their chil-
                                                                                        ape r. Jl was difr. cull finding the               dren.
                                                                                        fin ancing for the project. Two                            Edwlllds th ink s Ihal eve n-
                                                                                        bank, came through:             Alle-              tually the Loop development
                                                                                        giance and Undell Bank and                         will spill east on Delmar. The
                                                                                        Trusl. There will be a 3 screen                    Irees that have been planted
                                                                                        Iheate r. One screen Wilt seat                     make It a lot more a ll ractive.
                                                                                       500 and the re Will be two With                    You need people willins to take
                                                                                        200 seats. FacilitieslSolutlons is                a risk early. It won't happen aver
                                                                                        the a rchltecVdesigner. The main                  night, he said. ' Look how long
                                                                                        theater Is being reno~ated to the                 it 's taken with the Loop."
 Don't forget 10 re lurn the Vote r Registration (orm whic h                            wooderrut beauty it had when it
 s ho Uld h ave arrived at the homes of aU who are registered to                       opened In 1924. The lobby and
 VOle in the City of SI. Louis. Ir you don't relurn it, your n ame                     the vestibutes are being recre-
 may be removed (rom tile registered vote r rolls. Let's keep                          a ted A copy of the original ve r·
                                                                                       tical sign lhat hung In rront is
 Out area strong Ihrough high registra tio n n umbers and signi fi-
                                                                                       be ing made. This Will be the 3rd
 ca nt VOler turno ut.                                                                 targest theater in St. Louis. Ed·

                                      OF'.r.l l _
                                      ItU . ftJ4CI"

                                                                                            KI NGSBURY                                      COLONIAL
                                                                                         ANIMAL H OS PITAL                                RUG COMPANY
                                                                                            420 N. S ki"k~ , I . 1 Ki"""",.,.)
                                                                                                                                                  6191 Delmar
                                                                                             . _........-.IorOVIl
                                      KARLEEN O. HOERR
                                        ...FE o.oEM8EII ........,.. 0CIl.l..0fl CWII          c...r.Io I\aoIG ..... "" OVM                 Comp lete Floor Service
   #1 BURGER
         fl B est Deeo r
                                        WtwKA ..... T>1OUlOH I)OU.OItCWII
                                                                                          ful Stnoitt (;,_'"" Av•        ....w.
                                                                                                      By """"'n ..........
                                                                                        ~·.dO-..n.u...'~:JO fri . JII).~         s...o.
                                                                                                                                          Remnants Always In Stock

                                                                                                                                                     em Schltler
                                      DNI.~'. " .....It<l MAl. l i T... . co.
         I t Jukebo~
         I t Restaurant BIU"
                                      H I N. lI<lNKlII .LVI>.
                                      1l . ~ D""I. W ISIOUlti UIH
                                                             The TIMES of Skinker DeBaliviere                                            December 1994

Skinker DeBaliviere Recollections:
Bonding with a Neighborhood
~ Joan Bender
    Authots nole: II occurred 10        many chil dren playing. We vis·
me /I!(Jt with tile upcoming 251h       ited John and Jane Cross on
onnitJenory of The TillIe'S 01          Kingsbury. who were referre d to
Skin/rer    l)eBaliviere,     many      us by a mut ual friend back eas t.
neuJeT resJden/5 m ight like (I         When we mentiooed oor pre·
peek a/ SOf1le recent Ilistory. 11le    dicament, Jane jumped up and
following are recollections of          pointed to the house across
our 26 years here . ..                  from theirs and exclaimed.
          In 1960, my husband, Ric k,   '"lllat one's for sale."        Su re
and I attended a confere nce in         enough, we found a ' For Sale"
51. Louis and spent a good deal          sign behind some bushes. The
of time e xploring the dty. The          hoose was li sled wilh the com-
west end and Forest Pa rk really         pany we we re dealing with. 11
irnpl"essed us, so lhat, in 1968,        looked occupied because cur-
 when Rick accepted a position           tains had been left behind.
 at 51. Louis University, we knew               We immediately went to
 where to look for II home.              0lII agenl wilh the news. She
          Movi ng S children and a       cheCked her flIe a nd was puz-           paper o n an occasional basis.             The houses for sale In
 dog from 3 and V2 acres In lhe          zled: It wasn'l listed. Then she         That w as probably lhe begin-         Skinker !)eBaliviere had pel'
 iUborbs of Pillsburgh, Pa. was a        e xcused heuelf and said she             ning notion of 11Ie Pa~ (now          SOIlalized adverlising. People
 formldable ltask. 11115 new ploce       would check a no the r file. She         known as The Times 01 Sltinker        would spt"e ad Ihe word at their
 had sidewalks. Our kids we re           returned looking a shen and dis·         l)eBaliukre).                         wol1l.places and invite the per·
 fasdnated by them since In the          gusted and apologIzed beeause                   Joa nne and Susie knew Ihe     spective buyeri to see Ihe
 country we had oone.                    thi s house was in a file ' For          wife of anothe r Wash. U. grad        homes. Men from the neighbor-
           We also wanted an inte-       BlackS Only:             This was -      student who was e xperienced          hO<.Xl contacted banks to en·
 grated nelghoorhood. Our third          Wedne sday and by Fri day we             In newspaper work. She e x-           courage home loans for Ihe
 son, Hugh, has a skin pigment            had bought the house. afler             plained what they should do 10        area . When a potenlial buyer
 that lans very easily and he was         some heated discussioos with            sel it up and lay it 001. They put    found a house, la-...yers Joh n
  always complime nted o n hi s           Ihe rea llors. The Crosses Inlre-       ou t a ca ll fo r slaff and had a     Roach a nd the late Richard lIarl
  Ian.. Once In Pillsburgh, when          d oced us 10 Susie and John             good response. Jody Creighloo         handled the closings.
  he was about foor, Rick took            Roach. and he ha ndled the              was the nrst e dilor and TIle Pa-          Al so, we must re mem ber
  Ihc boys to the county swim·            dosing for us.                          per was founded in 1970.              and be thankful for Ihe late Phil
  ming pool where some African                  On .... ugust 8. 1968, we                 Inte restingty, in 19n, a     lucier, who lived in I'arkvlew.
  Americans wefe swi mming.               moved in a nd me t so many               group of wome n [ro ll1 the Cen·     lie believed In the ne igh bor-
  Hug h was exciled and said to           wonderful, energetic and inter-          Iral West End paid oor staff a       hood and backed up his belief
  Rick, ' look at the great sun tans      esting people. To our delight.           visit to learn how to go about       wilh seed mooey fOl'" We st End
  they have, 0001' "Thai', "," we         we dllCovcred thai in Ihe 40             beginning the ir newspaper a nd      Townhouse. an enlightened de ·
  decided. ' When we move, it'll           homes0Il61 n: Kingsbury. there          lhe West End Word was born.          velopment corporation. Throogh
  be 10 the re al WOfld."                  were about 140 children from                   In order to counter the       his gene rosity, buildings were
           In May, 1968, we le ft Ihe     cradle UlIou yh high school .            btock bustlng, Susie roonded up      bought and rehabbed.
  children with a sHIer a nd came               There were suspidoos that          a group or women to form a                Suzanne a nd I spenl ~r
   10 St. Louis for a week to lind a       real estate peOple were steering        not-for-profit Resident Ial Se rv-   live yealS showi ng the homes
   home in the we st e nd. We had          whiles away from the neighbor·          ice. It worked with. but was in- for sale. We were weekend
   to lind a real estate company           hood. In fact, it was lhe begin-        dependent of. lhe Skinker !)e. street walkers showing inte r-
   and Ihls was lhe real eye-              ning of "Block Busting.' This           BaliYiere Community Counci l. In ested people available housing.
   ope ner. seve ral realtors would        was brought up time and again           fact. the re was no ofrlCe. It Early 00, Susie and Pat took real
   not show anyIhlng in the                al neighborhood galherings.             seemed to run out of the apron estate COlIrses and got their li-
   Sklnke r-OeBalivi ere are a and         Beside s the 'while flight' aspec~       pockets of Ihose ( then) young, censes in o rder to betler under·
   Indicated that we did not un-           of all 0( thi s. there were many        e ne rgetic, ldealislic women, stand wilal the service was up
   dersland the raciat situation in        fine black families who lefl be-        who had understandi ng and ·against. The refore, they acted as
    51. l ouis. I spoke with one on        cause Ihey kne w wh at had               helpful husbands.                   advisors to Ihe service. 1l1ey
    the phone who said frankly,            happened e lsewhere. No Iooge r                One- group kept lhe files for each were spark plugs generat-
    .... 00 don't want to buy there        able to be silent about suspi-          a parlment re ntals ava ilable and Ing fru itful ideas.
     (Sklnker DeBaliviere). U's going      dons, the neighbors talked              anothe r had a liI e of home s for        I spoke with Suzanne lI art
     1 be all black In two or three
      0                                    ope nly about il and looked for          sale. Initially, this was a word of recently. We reflected 00 lhose
     years." Stunned and shocked,           action and soIu1ions.                   mouth operalion throughoutlhe live ye ars of showing homes.
     we moved forwa rd and signed                In my opi nion, Susie Roach        neighborhood. If yoo wanted to She commented Ihat I.lIlleu
     00 with ooe company lhat didn'!        (now Mrs. Dan Fe inbe rg). was          sell your home, the Residential residents are tuned in to neigh-
     mention racial dimate. We              the 'energizer bunny" of thai           Se rvi ce wou ld he lp.             borhood eve nts, a simllar
     were assigned a young. new             era. She and Joanne Iludde                     MarleT\(! Me stres and Betty housing situallon could happen
     agent who said she'd look bul          (wife of a Wash. U. grad slu-           Newsham were the mainsta)'5         again. Some of the peOple wllO
     couldn't find anything in this         dent) had begun an art show on          o f the Apar tment Rental sec tion. we re inlroduced to thei r
      ne lghoo.hood.                        M Olhe~s Day or 1968 on St.             Susie, Pal Kahn, Suzanne lIarl. by the Residential Service were
            Rick and I spenl mornings       Roch's pl ayground fe nce. They         and I held up the ~' omes for Steve & !)ee Vossmeyer, Sam &
      and evenings wa lking around          a lso c ranke d out a mi meo-           Sa le e nd. 11lere we re a lo t of l u Gre en on Westml nster; Torn
      the neI ghborhood and noticed         graphed neighborhood news·              helpers for both whe n needed.      & Karlecn Hoe rr 00 Washing-
                                                                                                                        ton; Ric k & VenUa Lake on Wa·
                                                                                                                        te rman; Arline Webb 00
                                                                                                                        Pe rshing: Gene & Dolores Hoe-
                                            OfF.72 1_
                                            ~n . H J ..ono
                                                                                                                        felon McPherson; and Rocco &
                                                                                        DELMAR                          Bernadelte 0 1 Lorenzo. Bob &
                                                                                                                        Debbie Biacey, Pete r & Maggie
                                                                                       CLEANERS                         Ma rcus on Kingsbury--to f1l/!n-
                                                                                           Your neigh.borhood d ".. ner tlon but a few. Vi nce Schoo-
                                            RENNI SHUTER, GRI                               w;lh complete dNning &:     lneht. Jr. was a big";slonary. Ill s
        Blueberry lUll Is more                l "" ""'_II wa.u;)H DOl.l.AA ClUB                  layndry servio;".      wife Lois sa id he bought his
                                                    RHOC ~lO< SPECw..IS T
       thaD a b ..... more tha n B                                                                                      house whlle they were dating.
             restaW"&D.t ...                                                                    6t42 ~ma, IlIvd.
                                                                                                                             In 1969, the nrst Mothe~s
          it·• • way o f nfe. ~            DA.H'f L i . ~lIN8EIIO ~ !AL Es tAU                     C.1l7Z7 ~
                                           UQ H. SKIH K!R BLVD .                                                        Oay Nt Falr was he ld on the
          .   S~ I.D~ Po$I·D!$paIC"
                                           IT. LOUIS. "'ISSOYIU  "13.                                                   6l xx block of Kingsbury. It was
December 1994                                                The TIMES 01 Skinker De&Uviere                                                             e.g. 5

 nOl a "cele bra! ion of self" as has        A few years Inlo the fair,             MOTlIER'S DAY ART fAIR/tIOUSE
 been reported on seve ral occa-                                                                                               I believe It was the lirst of
                                          Oon & Sue Tepas on MCPherson                          TOUR
                                                                                                                          its kiod In lhe city, and it lasted
 sions.     Raltler,    i!   w as    a     felt there was a need for a                6 tOO Kln8fool)' May   xx. 197X     until 1981. 11lles Park and ot her
 "markeling tool"--alrnost a des-          breakfast restau rant to acc0m-             This bfalnstOfm was eKe-
                                                                                  cuted by Pat Kahn, Susie Roach,        neiShborhoods followed OUr
 perat e rnellsure 10 bring ~ple           modate easly asriving artists and
 inlo tile neighborhood.                                                          Belly Newsham aod probably a           le ad and had l !leir CM'Il art fairs
                                           early rising neighbors. They re-
                                                                                  few others. TIley used a lar!rC        and house lOOts. Perhaps we
      This was where residenls             cruited vast numbers 01 Scllae.
  from all OYer our neighborhood                                                  canvas 10 reach across Skinker.        ran out 0( lias. but we fell our
                                           mehls and Ol/le l neighbors 10
                                                                                 Bill Kahn designed the leltering        mission was accom pJimed.
 helped wit h the physical sel·up          WOfk 11.
 and lake-down of the snow                                                        and the wonlen put out word            While we well' remi niscing
                                                TIle House Tour made its
 fence for l he art work and by                                                  lhat Ihey needed large scrap~ of       about those days, Suzanne re-
                                           debut In ]974 and remained II
 volunteering       for or       being                                           brightly coloted material for the       marked that, "we were lunatics."
                                          part of the Art fai r until the lasl
 dragged o nt o a committee, of                                                   tellen, whi ch would be sewn           Ye s, I suppose we were. But,
                                          one in 1981. TIlls was the extra
 whi ch Ihere we re many.                                                        on. One dily, I stopped at Pat's        the neighborhood was worth H!
                                          mark et ing measure to irrt roduce
      !Joy Scou! Troop !)8 o f SI.                                               horne and there were tadje~ on                EDITOR'S NOTe: n'l! Times
                                          people to the area. Pl ann in g for
 Roch's lIeeded a fund raiser and                                                her !ivinS and d ining room floor      welcomes reminiscences of Ihis
                                          the who le affai r besan no/ later
 their wise guy s.:outmaster de.                                                 with poitable sewing machines          killd. Please write up recollec-
                                          than October in order to tine up
 cided to hosl it In the Bender                                                  afliKing the letters to the ban·       lions from earlier days and send
                                          loor ho mes astd to staff them
 backyard. It featured hoi dog .                                                 nero t quic kly ten! They com·         Ihem 10 me a/ 58SS Nina. <Au
                                          with host arrd hostess house
and Polish $(Iusage sarrdwiches                                                  pleled this; glorious banner and       April/ssue (1I1e acl<lU/ 25th anni-
and Pepsi or beer. Somethirrg                                                    il catted oul 1 all who IIave!ed
                                                                                                0                       versary) will be chock full of
                                               In the mid to late 19705                                                 them and I WQ(I/d like to ploce
for eve ry tastel 1be Scou ls and        someone had II great P.R. idea!         Skinker 1 come 10 the Fair and
sorne parents WOfked hard, and                                                   Ho uS(' Tour. II was a tremen-         lllem in OIher UfJCotning issues
                                         That's how eve rything seemed                                                  as well. nlis IIf!i!J11borlrood was
it prospered and lasted fo r lhe         to      happen:     great     idea-     dous su<;cess and a pretty Cla5'>y
tife 0( the fair. Irrlerestingly, sev-                                           event through the years. People        a pioneer and is probably
                                         ent husiasm-yelling 'lei's do it":-                                            unique In /lie counlry in the
eral times viSitors ret urned the        and then gelling to work! This          came from all over and saw a
fol lowing week hoping to lind                                                   neighborhood take charse of its        stability wl/llin it flos
                                         idea was 1 have a huge banner                                                  achieued.
the beer garden <)perri                  across Skinker at Waterman ad-          own destiny.
                                         verti sing:

                                                                                     IiAAvI;y W. SMAll.., !>.N.D.

                                                                                  VAI£RIl! PAItIS O·8.o.NNON. D .D.
                                                                                                                                   61 70   I)f,,,, ••
                                                                                                                                Sr. Looos. MO 63112
                                                                                     The Dorchester             __                 862.-6868
                                                                                     665 S . Sklnker
"VIew 01 the dining rOOm of a Parkvlew home on one of the las!.
                                                                                   St. 1..ouI., HO 63105     a;
netghborhood house tours.                                                             725-0988               '"Fr
                                                                                                                                          December 1994
"",.6                                                     The TIMES of SIdnker DeBaliviere

Introducing Jackie Wellington,
Neighborhood Stabilization Officer                                              HaDoween Party, 1994
by Lana Stein
    Mayor Bosley recently c re-         reanon. neighborhood market-
ated Neighborhood Stabilization         ing. and clean-up and beautifi-
orrlC1!rs to assist every neigh-        cation, She will basical ly be a
borhood in the city. Neighbor-          lialsoo ~Iween clly services
hood Stabilization replaces the         and re sidents. working In con-
neighborhood liaison officers           Junction       wilh      Aldermen
and Operation Con$t:l'Y.                McGulre and Oay. She wants 10
    Jackie Wellington, a resi-          see thai 5eMceS are provided
dent 01 the Central West End,           fOf specirlC communlty needs.
has been assigned to Skinker            She will also Iry to organize
DeBallviere , DeBallvtere Place,        nelghborhood·based block units
and Sklnker Wydowo. At one              where none exist. The di ffe r-
time, Wellington worked al the          ences of the communities will
Cornrnunlty        Devdopmenl           be taken into account. In
Agency. handling lax Incentive          Skinlcer DeBali\lle,e. Well1ngton
pl'ograms. For the past II years,       noIed that there is an ellisting
she has worked In a famity-             strong neighborhood organlza-
owned construclioo company.             Jlon.
She Is married and has two                    We llington is exci ted about      AI the Rosedaie Nelgltborhood Associati on Iialloween Pa rty over
chUdren. Her son Is a freshman          he r new Job. She had spent two          30 Children were ente.talned by the Juggling of Charley Oarnpell
al Emory University and her             weeks In training afier coming           and h15 friend. The costume prize winners were: Carlos OOIiety.
daughter, a graduate of New             on board on Oct. 24. The train-          Joke,; Elena tl ayes. Witch; Luke He llwig. Devil; L. Jackson. Doctor;
aly School, is now a freshman           ins dealt with this new program,         D. Ross, Samurai; S. Ross. Policeman; Anne Sappington, Prlnce$$;
at John Burroughs.                      familiarized participants with           B. Underwood. Minnie Mouse; Carsen larin, Thumbelina; Max la·
     Wellington has an omce at          city services and showed the             rin, The Grim Reaper.
the Ford Communlly Education            NSO's how to access litem.
Cente r. TIle stablllzallon office rs         Wellington is particularly
are using four of these cente rs        urging neighbors to call here if
as offices. Her hoors are II a.m .      they notice graUiti. debris. p0s-       Rosedale Plans
10 S p.rn. and she eao be               sible drug activity. derelict cars.
reached at 454-9749. Oli:rens           refuse accumulaling in alleys.          Holiday Party                            Hamilton Invites
VIIIlh problems may al$O call lhe       Wl':eds over 7 incheS tall. dam-
downlown office al 622-462g,            aged dumpsters. or to lalk aboul             Conll nuing it s yearly tradi-      Neighborhood to
       Wellington's primary focus       problem residents. Neighbors
Vlllil be crime prevenlion and          are also welcome to stop by he ,
                                                                                tion, Rosedale Neighbors will            Holiday Celebration
                                                                                hold a holiday party on Satur-
neighborhood stability. She             FOfd School office at 5599              day. Dece mber 17 f'Ofn 1     0:00
wishes to focus on public               Ridge.                                  a.m. ' O 1:00 p.m. Sant" Claus will           The Ilamillon EJemenlary
safely. housing. educa llon. rec-                                               be lhere to listen to the wishes         ComfTlltnlly Education Cenler Is
                                                                                of every boy and gi rl. The re will      inviting all residents of Skinke r
                                                                                also be refreshrnents , All chll·         OeBaliviere to a holiday festival
                                                                                dren in the Skinke. DeBallviere          at the school on Tuesday, De-
                                                                                neighborhood and their parents           ce mbe. 20. at 6 P.ITL TIle school
A New Direction at DeBaIIvlere Place                                            a.e invited to attend                    is at 5819 Weslminster Pl. Ilam.
                                                                                                                         illon has students from over a
      In 1994, Nallonal Housing          nne restaurants nearby. such as                                                 dozen dirrelent countries. The
Partnerships of Was hington,             the Tango Grill.                       Notes from the                           theme o f their performance Is
D.C .. took over the management               Powell report s thai the                                                   sharing how holidays are cele-
or 1.109 apartment units and lhe         Plojcet Is now 91% occupied.
                                                                                Housing Corporation
                                                                                                                         brate d in other lands. Each of
commero.; ial space in De-              NIIP is laking over the space at                                                 the 24 classrooms wHl adopt a
Ballvie.e Place. NHP had actu-          Pershing and Bell fOfffiCrly oc-                                                 o;ountry and spend the Il10Ilth or
any been the CM'Iler or this proj-      cupied by 2 Black Cals to use                TIle Housing Corporation            Dece mbe. s ludying it. On De-
ec t for some time. Its parent          rOf offices and meeting room,           recenlly sold the property at            cember 20, they Will present
company is owned by the Har-            Powe ll has been retOOling the          6047 McPherson to the Martine z          songs or sk its about Ihese coun·
vard Endowment Fund and pli-            ~trueture of many of the build·         family. They are rehabbing the           tri e,. TIte evening VIIIll not be
vate Investors. An Act of Con-          ings and will address the e n-          build1ng themselvcs and plan to          comple te without a visit from
gress established the entity in         trances and lobbies in 1995.            live in ooe of the two units.            Santa. There also will be re-
1968 to develop housing for the         Apai"tment units are also being         llouslng Corpor ation member             freshments furnished by the
Department of Housing and Ur-           upgraded.                               Amrit Gill noted the high qualily        Palent Teacher Organlzatlon.
ban Development.                             Powell also has tried to ad·       of their wo,kmanship.                    Everyone Is Invit ed to come and
      NHP now handles resident          dress the issue of security by               TIle Housing Corporallon is         see the c hildren perfo rm. Ilam·
services. marketing. leasIng,           starting a citizens' wat ch. Block      now engaged in a revislOfl of            ilton has been comple tely reno-
subsidized housing units, and           caplal ns have been Identified          Skinke r DeBaliYie,e's housing           vated and this will give every-
malnte~ fOf a large portion             and 3 meetings we.e held reo            plan. Some parts of It need up-          one an opportunity to see how
of the DeBaliviere Place area..         garding .he community walch.            dating because initial goals             wonderful the building looks.
NHP's on-sile manaser Is Mary           Each was standing room only.            have already been ac«Im-                 TI1e even t is open to al1 and Is
Ann Powell. A native or Allanta,        Powell also In.ends to begin a          plished. As part of thl$ process.        free of charge. For more Infor-
she had worked for NIII' the re.        OeOallviere Place newsleller            Jac kie Wellington. our Neigh·           mation, ple ase call the school a t
She has enjoyed her lTIO'>'e to St.     and will do resldenl Interviews         borhood Stabilizallon Officer            361-(1S52.
Louis. DeBaliviere Place re-            wllh the marry interesllng peo-         (NSO). will begin a survey of all
 minds her of the Virginia-             ple who live there. Powell Is           neighborhood properties in Of-
IIlghland area in Allanta. She          very positive about DeBativiere         de r to update the housing con-
likes the convenience and the           Place and OUr nelghboo"hood        '0   dition map ror Sklnker De-
                                         the Wl':sl.                            Baliviere,

                         Wesl End Wines                                                                         Chris Lange
                        Ii'Te ~. beerI. ~ "     ••_ .
                                              oc:~                                                              Sales Associate
                            Experience D/Yenily                                  R_   31~1-8261

                       Treat Your self To The Wine Bar                           o,....o,n e. flwOUt<; Ru.< E.'~'" Co.
                                                                                 JeO N, So<W+<ER """"'V~T\O
  309 hit aI,...tW!g                             r.....·n..n.. SaI ltam . 1pm    s • . LOOJIS. Mossoo~t 83130
  DoI~PIoc.                                                   '~tlam·8
December 1994                                            The T!MES of Skinker DeBaliviere

Pet Talk
By Stephen A Brammeier, DVM
     A zoonotic disease has the        Pet SelecUo n                         Pet Ca re
ability to be transmi tted from         • Se lect a pet whose tem-            • Keep your pet clean and well          o   Be sure your bird's seed is
animals to people. Under nor-             perament. energy level, and           groomed wilh toenails kepl                fresh.
mal health and hygienic condi-            environmental needs match             shorl and blunt.
tions, disease tram mission be-           yours.                              • Always wal k your pel on a           O ther Preca ullo l'l8
tween pets and their owne rs is         • Consider an older pet who             leash. Minimize you r pet's           o Don'l allow you r pet to lick
not a problem. Uowever, people            may be safer than a young             contact wilh other animals or           your face.
who have weakened or sup-                 one. Avoid reptiles and mon-          lheir fecal droppings.                o Wash your hands after han-
pressed Immune systems are at             keys.                               o Prevent hunting and scaveng·
greater risk for acquiring dis-                                                                                         dling your pet.
                                                                                ing.                                  o Use a letter box liner (trash
eases from their pels. I~ I V ROSi-
tive people, people undergoing                                                                                          bags work well). Throw away
chemolherapy, and people re-                                                                                            the liner and IiUer daily. Keep
ceiving organ transplanls may                                                                                           the li tter box away from food
have suppressed or depressed                                                                                            areas.
immune systems. Pets are im-                                                                                          o Wear rubber gloves and a
portant emotional support for                                                                                           face mask when cleaning the
chronically o r seriously ill peo-                                                                                      Iilter box, aquarium, or bird
ple: il is important for people to                                                                                      cage.
keep lheir pets as long as pos·                                                                                       o Minimize contact with urine,
sible. Education about possible                                                                                         blood, feces, and vaginal dis-
disease transmission between                                                                                            charges . Clean soi led areas
pets and immunosuppressed                                                                                               with a solution of one ounce
owners can help aSSUre the                                                                                              bleach per quart of water,
conlinuation of the re lationship                                                                                       Wear rubber gloves and
between pet and owner.                                                                                                  wash your hands afler each
     The following guidelines                                                 o Don't allow your pe t to drink          clean-up.
                                        oHave a veterinarian examine            from the toi let.
are taken from a pamphlet pro-                                                                                       • Don't allow birds to fly free in
                                         new pets and run blood and           • Keep your pet's tiving and
duced by the School of Veteri-                                                                                         your horne. You must avoid
                                         fecal tests.                           feeding areas clean.
nary Medicine at Tuskegee Uni-                                                                                         their droppings.
                                       o Keep your pet's vaccinations         • Assure a balanced diet by
                                         current,                               feeding only comrne.rcially
                                       • Seek veterinary care imme-             prepared pet foods.
                                         diately for sick pets.               o Never feed raw meats or un-
                                       o Control fleas and other pests.         pasteurized m ilk.

                                            Sklnker DeBfllivlere Community Council Board o f Dl reclon
                                                       Novem ber 14, 1994 Meeting Mi nutes
                                                                                 Rec reatio n      Presenlly              Fundraildng . B. Bender
       In attendance were: Direc ·                                           looking for a basketball coach:
tors Ruth Johnson, Gary Hayes,               5700 DeG lvervUIe - II was                                              reported that lellers have been
                                                                             anyone interested should call           sent to every "Friends or con-
Shirley Polk, Miki Merritt, Dexter     reported Ihat the SO/50 grant has
                                                                             862-5122.                               tributor who should receive a
Bordes, Cari Marinella, Jack           been utilized by residents to re-
                                                                                    Yo uth Cycles - B, Bender        membership card and a tisting
Wright, Beth Bender, Joe Miller,       pair sidewal ks.
                                                                             reported that YOllth Cycles is          of merchants who will offer dis·
Sara Johnson, Arline Webb:                   Kingsbury         Kingsbury
                                                                             working with Hamilton Com-              counts.
Neighborhood Stabilization Offi·       Square was commended for
                                                                             munity School. Selling bicycles              By-La_    - B. Bender re-
cer Jackie Wellington.                 Adopt-A-Park participaUon and
                                                                             to Washington University stu-           polted that a meeting sched·
       B. Bender caned the meet·       will appear on Channel 16 in
ing 10 order al 7:32 p,m ,             mid-Novembe r.       Construction     denls is being considered in or-        uled two weeks ago was can-
                                       has resumed on new housing.           der to raise money.                     ce led.
       L. Stein introduced our new
                                       BI-5 tale is considering building           Social Services - B. Bender            Employment - B. Bender
Neighborhood Stabilizallon Offi·
                                       a sound wall.                         reporled that SLU students are          reported thai the committee wi ll
cer. Jackie Wellington. J. We l-
lington described the main fo-               Parkvlew . It was reported      slill in Ihe process of wealhe ri z·    be looking at various inues 10
cus of her office as crime pre -                                             ing senior citizens' homes for          create a personne l policy, such
                                       that the gates Were favorably
                                                                             the winter. A food drive will be        as disability, _maternity. sick
vention, workinS with block            received by residents. Also, a
                                                                             held on Saturday, December 3.           leave, education, elc. Sample
units, facil itating services of the   new security company will be
area, working with the aider·          patrolling the neighborhood.          Notices will be sent out to block       personnel pol icies (rom various
men, beautificalion. education,              RotOoo ate - J. Miller re-      captains one week prior. Volun-         organizations in the area are
                                                                             teers are needed to help collect        being collected to help with the
housing, and public safety. She        ported that the Ualloween Party
welcomes all call s and visits.                                              food; meet at SDCC Saturday at          process. A formal review proce-
                                       was very successfUl with 20 to
                                                                             9 a.m.                                  dure of Ihe policy needs to be
I.      R~view of Minules              30 children in attendance. Ap-
                                                                                   Co mmunity Fund - J. MUler        finalized.
       A. Webb moved, "That the        proximately 70 to 100 people
                                                                             presented the final bingo repor!.            By·Laws _ Nominations for
minutes of the October Board           are expected to attend the
                                                                             Thank you to Mary Brown for             officers of the Board of Direc-
meeling be accepted as read' ;         happy hour on November 16 at
seconded by S. Polk and                Lyrics Jan Club. TIlis year's Sat -   doing all the bookkeeping for          lors will be taken in December
moved.                                 urday wi th Santa will be held On     bingo.                                 and the elections will be held in
11 . Treasurer 's Report               December 17 from 10 a.m. to I                                                January 1995.
       J. Miller presented Ihe         p.m. at SDCC,                                                                      NEW BUSINESS
TreaslJIer's Report to the Board.           HOUII lng Corporatio n . A                                                    Code o f Fai r Ca mpaign
Discussion followed regarding          leiter received from CDA stales                                              PracliCCII - Confluence SI. Louis
some of the dollar amounts. S.         that we will receive fu ll funding                                           asked for an endorsement (or
Polk moved, "That acceptance           in 1995 but 1996 funding will be                                             fair campaign practices, de -
of the Treasurds Report be             distributed based on a perform·                                              signed \0 decrease racial poIari -
postponed until clarification          ance review. Presently looking                                               7)ltion in the political arena. R.
was made"; seconded by G.              for more information in order to                                             Johnson moved, "ThaI SDCC
 Hayes and moved.                      determine what Sleps need to              MLK Commemorallon - J.             endorse Ihe Code of -Fair Cam-
 III . CommittedAs.ociation Re-        be taken. The newly landscaped        Wrighl reporled that the MLK           paign Practices' ; seconded by J.
     ",rt.                             1 al 519-52 1 Des Peres will be
                                        01                                   Commemoration will be held             Miller and moved,
    Commerdal Planning - No            correc ted \0 allow water to          January IS from 3 10 5 p.m. al               Meeling adjourned al 8:41
repor!.                                drain prope rly.                      Grace and Peace Church.                p.m.
"   Page 8                                                    The TIMES of Skinker DeBaliviere                                                    December 1994

     In Your Ear
    by Hawkeye p, Hoerr
    Dear Uncle leke,
        I am sorry that I tlaven't          llvee nea s did show some p!)-                Here's the bIg news ... The          fOCUf.lng on creating categories
    written for a white. I hope that        le ntial , At least lhey haven't es-    filst wife has been appl'oached            for the book. Some time in the
    you're Ollt or $OIltal}' coofine-       c aped 10 a nea resort s0me-            ~ Zephyr Press aboul doing a               next few months they'll send
    ment. Remembe r, the screws             where In the house. To help de-         eoITee lable gift book for the '95         someone to come by for the
    an: lifers too; lust Ignore 'eml        velop rapport with them, we've          holIday season!          Yes, we're        actual photographs. She's far
    You're due for a palole hearing         named lhem Donner, Btitzen,             Pfetty elicited It's always grallf)'-      from finishe<l, but the initial
    in the next couple of months,           and Ra tphie. 11'5 not lhe easiest     ing when someone you know                   ca tegorie s celller around: sea-
    and you don't want to }eopard-          of lasks, leke, but I figure that       has their interests, eIIpertise.           son; lace, slip-on, tie, Of Velcro;
    Ize your chanc;:es by doing             thi s has the: potential to be a       and talents lecogni zed. Slle's             COUlltl}' of origin; nickname;
    something ~tup1d. I be t now you        gleal show for Iocat cable TV          worked hard for years, and de -             famlty lineage, and color. Fortu-
    regret using the kool-aid pow-          company. Already the team and          serves this. It's on ly In the first        nately. the first wife has all
    der to make your teeth blue for         I are more interesting than any-       draft stage, but the workinS title          300+ va irs of her shoes re-
    the tast hearing. Sure, 11 was          thing on JIBO o r the Family           is SIIOES r ,/,0, VC KNOWN AND LOVF.D,      corded on JXS ca rds and listed
    funny, but who gol the last             Network;         1·lome   Shopping            How Ihi s came to be Is an           by name and other variables, so
    laugh? Yo u're stllllni                 Channel, on the o ther hand,           interesting tale in itself. Appar ·         this Isn't as daunting a task as it
           II's been busy here. Kec l)-     would be much tougher com·             ently      representatives        from      mlgllt sound.
    ing up with the OJ Trial, a tone,       petition.                              Zephyr Press went to Ireland                      I will tl}' to send you some
    lakes time each day, And I'm                  But e nough of me, Uncle         and tat ked to some shoe factory            newspaper c lippings and cook·
    spending an hour or two on e-           Zeke, I hope thai you're holding       e llec ulives (you may remembe r            le s. I'd like to write lonse r, but f
    mait daily (TRl loerr@AOL.COM)          out OK, The wife and I loved the       that we visited the shoe fac to-            have to go now , My good friend
    chatting with folks I hope never        last photo of you, really of your      ries the re a couple 01 years               Judge Ito is about to make a
    to meet. TIlen there's the time         rlewly tattooed back. No, you're       ago) . The lephyr people al·                Pfonouncement about the use
    that I'm spending training my            right, I wouldn·t have recog-         ready had the topic for the book            of elect ronic devices in lhe
    dogs' pets. That's right, my dogs'      nized you. Heck, your skin is          but were looking for 5OIlleone.             ha llways.
    pets, the pels that belong to my        just tike a mural with all those       a collector of note. to take the                        8est,
    two dogs. rm not sure whettlel          talloos. 1 can see why the other       lead in organizing and writIng It                       Hawkeye
    or not I wrote about this earlier,      pl'isooer$ caU you "Sisl ine'" And     TIley told lIS that evel}' shoe ell-
    but the first wife and I decKled        ;1 remarkable the way that
                                              ',                                   eclltive they met. a dozen or so,
    to that we would get Into tile          lhey could re-make lhe old ta t-       gave lhem two or three names.
    nea-trai ning business. You see,        too of your ell·wife. For a min-       but that Karleen was lhe Ollly
    the dogs, Moxie and Boomer,             ute or two t though it was an          person wI~        w.,     ~~d by
    have fleas again this year. lIav-       orIginal drawing or Ricka, but         each and evel}' one of the m.               Did you find our little envelope
    ing fleas Is sort or a sllrnmer/fall
    rUual in SI. Louis, tike complain-
                                            Ihen I recognized that the eye s       Thai's no smaU feat! (Gel II ,              ;" Ihis isslle 0/ T1>e Times?
                                            belonged 10 Babs. Your ell-wife        Zeke7)                                      Every year we insert a ,emit-
    ing about the humidity and be-
    ing disappointed with the Car-
                                            always was a nay·sayer. (Get ii,
                                            Zeke?)                                 spent
                                                                                         Thus far the fi rst wife has
                                                                                            ",       time conc;:e plua tly ,   ~"'" envelope
                                                                                                                                                    "" <h~
                                                                                                                               you who wilnt to help us in our
    dinals. Regardless of how onen
    we hathe the pooches in flea                                                                                               efforts  '0'<h, neighborhood .
    soap, clip them, or use vaseline                                                                                           Wh8tever you Cll n spare wiU be
    and tweezers to catch the fleas,                                                                                           greatly appreciated and will be
    Ihey keep their pels.
           ·So why not train 'e m?" we
    thought! t me an, how difficult
    can it be 10 get these mile flcas
    to jump through hoops and pull
                                                                      Joe Lange
                                                    Cabinet m a ker, Carp ent er , Ge n er a l Co nt ractor
                                                                                                     {J I4 )J6I·626 1
                                                                                                                               acknowledged in print.
                                                                                                                                  in advanCE'!

                                                                                                                               The TImes Staff
    tiny wagons? We're nol talking
    about solving quadratic equa-
    tiOlu or performlnR in a mare/I'
     ing band he re! This Is not
     Rocket Science,
           Given lhe number of neas
     on the <klsg05, collecting them,                     IF YOU'RE COllEGE BOUND,
     unfotlunately, was Pfetly easy. It
     waS easy as shooting fish In a
     barrel or idenlifying fools at a
                                                              YOU'RE BOUND TO
     Republkan Nat10nal C<>OVen-
     lion. We jllst picke d the bug-
     ~B--fIe3$, not Republie3ns-.ofr
                                                                 NEED A LOAN.
     IIle dogs and slOfed them In an                Whether you're 18, 38, o r 58, if you're going to college.
     old pill bottle.
           Training the fleas, on the
                                                    you'll probably need a loan. At Ccmral West End Bank ,
     other hand, was much tougher                   we s pecialize in student loans. We've gOl: all the fact s about
     than I expected. FIe3$ must not                Stafford loans for dependent children , loans for
     have ears t>ecaU5e they couldn't               parents, and Supplemental Loans for adults who are back in
     hear me telling them what to
     do. t mean, they just hipp-
                                                    college. Our experienced staff is always ready to give
                                                    you helpful and courteous service. Whate ver yOll{ age,

     hopped everywhere! Asse rtive
     discipline didn't WQrk at all; neI-             check with us about student loans.
     ther did usIng the M   egaSklll s.
                                                                                                       415 DeBal;v;ere
            t was able to get OIle illite
      fella, I named him Napoleon , to
      balance on a toothpi ck. Actu·
      ally, he did it twice and then I
      tost him. Heaven knows where
      he's balancing now, bul Ihere's
                                                                C,'                •

                                                                CENTRAL WEST END BANK
                                                                                                  A Fede rol Sovi ngs Bo nk

                                                                                                                                          Mc,,,bec ED.I.e.

      a I1"Iy5terious Itch In my beardl
                                                            Everylbingyou need to k " ow abo"t stlld ent loans,