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issue 6 _Winter 04_


									winter 2004

inspirationalminds                                                     the quarterly magazine for mental health matters

                                                        Helpline sent to Coventry
                                                          Our successful telephone helpline has been                    indications are that it’s proving successful. Director of
                                                       commissioned by Coventry PCT Mental Health Services              Mental Health for Coventry, Colin Merker, wrote a letter to
                                                       to deliver a 24-hours a day, seven days a week service           MHM thanking staff for getting it up and running very
                                                        to people living in the Midlands city.                          quickly and saying how well it’s going.
                                                            The extension of the service outside the North East            John added: “Thanks go to Sheila Maughan, Helpline
                                                         for the first time has come about through MHM’s                Service Manager and her team for all their hard work and
                                                          growing reputation in the mental health field.                efforts to make the service operational in Coventry less than
                                                              Helpline staff have a directory of all the services on    seven weeks after the first approach was made to MHM
                                                           the ground, so the service can be linked into local          thanks go to Mark Graham, Development worker for his
                                                            NHS provision in Coventry.                                  support.”
                                                                MHM Executive Director of Modernisation, John              Staff who man the line have all had mental health
                                                             Smith, explained: “They approached us because of           experience and counselling training.
                                                             our reputation and we managed to get the service              Though the majority of callers are mental health service
                                                              up and running within seven weeks. The people of          users, people who are not already using primary care
                                                              Coventry will be treated as if the helpline is actually   services and are suffering from anxiety, depression and
                                                               in the city.”                                            bereavement, also ring up for help. The helpline is open
                                                                   The Coventry extension came on stream at the         throughout the evening and at weekends when other
                                                                end of September, but though it’s early days,           services are closed.

                                                                   Coventry: 0800 616171 24 hrs 7 days                             Newcastle: 0845 6012457
                                                                           Minicom: 01642 356847                               North Tyneside: 0845 6012458
                                                                           Durham: 0800 0857027                                South Tyneside: 0800 0851719
                                                                         Gateshead: 0800 0851718
                                                                                                                        Redcar and Cleveland: 0800 0520658
                                                                        Sunderland: 0800 0130626
                                                                         Hartlepool: 0845 0457110                                   Stockton: 0800 0527349
                                                                    MHM Residents: 0800 0851720                              Middlesbrough: 0800 0527350
                                                                      5pm-9am 24hrs at Weekends                                      6pm-6am 7 days a week

                                                                          THE SANCTUARY PROJECT AWARDED 4 STAR STATUS
                                                                             Sanctuary - our service providing therapy        beacon status. The feedback received from the
                                                                          and support to refugees living in the Nortn East    consultants stated that:”To gain a beacon status in
                                                                          was recently awarded 4 star status by a Home        the next assessment would require only marginal
                                                                           Office evaluation for its work in the region.      improvement and gaining 4 stars is an achievemnt
                                                                              The Sanctuary Project was assessed by a
                                                                                                                              in itself.”
                                                                            research organization subcontracted by the
                                                                             Home Office to carry out an evaluation of           The project is at the present time looking at
                                                                             projects funded under the Home Office            sources of further funding to continue this successful
                                                                           Refugee Integration Challenge Fund 2003 -          pilot past its funding period that comes to an end in
                                                                    2004. The project was assessed against five criteria      February 2005.
    inside this issue:                                              and indicators of relevance, efficiency, effectiveness,      Zuzana Bubenikova, Project Coordinator said “We
    IIP Award Renewed                   2                           outcomes and sustainability.
    Improving Services in St Helens     3
                                                                                                                              are delighted that our work has been recognised.
                                                                      The rating system follows similar approaches            This is a much needed service and we hope that
    Tempo2 Makes Headlines              4                           adopted by health authorities, social services and
    Celebrating World Mental Health Day 5                                                                                     many more people will benefit from it in the future.
                                                                    housing directorates in England, Wales and
    New MHM Department                6/7                           Scotland.                                                 We are determined to find new sources of funding to
    Barrow Woods Busier Than Ever       8                             The assessor’s comments about the service were:         make this happen
    Modernisation Bulletin              9                                                                                        If you would like an further information regarding
                                                                    “A well run project that faced and overcame several
    NUPAC News                         10
                                                                    unforeseeable difficulties and provides an efficient,     the project and services provided, please contact
    Autumn Weekend in Windermere        11
                                                                    professional service”. The project was only two           Zuzana Bubenikova on 01642 352 689 or
    Cooking Up More Business           12
                                                                    points way from gaining 5 stars and therefore a           alternatively on 07788635533.

mental health matters - a company limited by guarantee.
registered charity no. 514829. registered in england no. 1786914

                                                                                                                                                  mental health matters
     IIP AWARD RENEWED                                     We are proud to announce that MHM’s IIP status has been
                                                     maintained following our recent assessment for renewal.
                                                           Commenting at the Staff Conference, Carolyn Steel, Director of
                                                                                                                                 Thanks for
                                                     the NIHME East Midland Development Centre said: “Having read
                                                     MHM’s IIP report I can honestly say its one of the best I’ve ever
                                                                                                                                  Thanks go to Laura Gettings, a
                                                           Chief Executive Ian Grant added “On behalf of the Chair and
                                                                                                                                supporter of MHM, who kindly
                                                     Trustees, I would like to thank Sonia McGough and her team for             donated her sponsorship money after
                                                     their huge effort which has resulted in our Achieving IIP for a            completing the Great North Run.
                                                     second time.

       MHM has recently welcomed a new Deputy                    He has also worked for Manchester Enterprises
    Director of Employment and Community Support              (formerly Manchester TEC), managing a number of
    to the organisation.                                      community based employment centres, offering
       David Robinson has taken up the new post that
                                                              employment and training support to adults in
    combines Employment with Community Support
    Services.                                                 disadvantaged areas of the city, many of whom
       David is responsible for overseeing all                had a variety of barriers to accessing employment
    employment focused projects in the north of               and / or training. Barry Hastings has also joined the
    England, with shared responsibility for community         staff team recently as Senior Finance Officer. Barry
    support focused services.                                 describes his new job as “an all round financial
       He said: “I’ve really enjoyed my first few weeks       role”, working with our projects and speaking to
    with MHM. I’m very impressed with the                     funders. “It’s going well,” he said.
    enthusiasm and commitment of the staff I’ve met so           Employment Services Co-ordinator, Colin
    far, I’m looking forward to helping to further            Branthwaite, has extended his remit to cover South
    strengthen and develop our employment and                 Tyneside and Sunderland in addition to Newcastle
    community support services.”                              and Gateshead. He’s now responsible for four of                                          David Robinson
       In his career to date, he has worked in a variety      our cafes – the Oasis in Newcastle, the Connect at
                                                              Gateshead, Coffee Life in South Shields and             the Helpline as a Support Worker and became
    of roles and brings experience from both the                                                                      Service Co-ordinator with the Helpline before being
    private and public sectors. He previously worked in       @thatcaff in Sunderland, as well as care managing
                                                              our Employment Coaches.                                 appointed Deputy Director for Community Services
    East Durham as a Business Broker, getting                                                                         in 2002.
    businesses involved in the regeneration of the area          Kerry Robinson left MHM after nine years to join
    as part of a national Government funded pilot             Mental Health Care. She started as a housing
    project.                                                  Support Worker in 1995, was then with

      THE ‘STARS’ OF
         A winning art design of Reflections member, Patrick Hartigan, has
      now been transferred into mosaic tiles to brighten a rear yard wall at
      the Darlington centre.
         The work was completed by the men’s group at the centre after
      Patrick won the art competition with his bold interpretation of the solar
         Senior Support Worker, Christine Penketh, said the months of hard
      work have now paid off. “Not only was it fantastic to see everyone
      working together on the mosaic, but it has now created new ideas for
      the rest of the wall,” she explained.
         Patrick had an appropriate plaque put at the bottom of the mosaic,                                                                                      Above:
      which reads: ‘We are all stars’.                                                                                                                      Patrick with
                                                                                                                                                   his finished mosiac

   Celebrating Sucess at the Staff Conference
     Fun and thought provoking activities marked the       Henderson (Administrator).                               with their enthusiasm and participation.”
   MHM Staff Conference 2004.                                 Addresses were given by Chief Executive, Ian             The evening party, including dinner, a raffle and
     The theme of the event held in Chester-le-Street      Grant, on values and beliefs, Elaine on Investors in     live band Jimmy Two Times, was on a Halloween
   on October 22 was Celebrating Success.                  People, John Smith, Executive Director of                theme that encouraged participants to get dressed
     Deputy Director Corporate Services Sonia              Modernisation, on the future of MHM and Carolyn          up. Amongst attendees were the Grim Reaper
   McGough co-ordinated the event along with               Steele of the National Institute of Mental Health in     himself, Count and Countess Dracula, A Little Devil
                         Antoinette Freeman Danby          England spoke on the future of mental health in the      or Three, Witches and a Couple of Pumpkins.
                           and Elaine Harrison             voluntary sector sector.                                    Carolyn Steele, Director of
                            (Training            and          The day’s activities included audio-visual            NIHME       East     Midlands
                             Development      Team)        presentations (produced by Mark Owens, Co-               Development Centre, said:
                             and Hazel                     ordinator of Jarrow Pop – In), video diaries, group      “The conference was a
                                                                activities and afternoon workshops, including       great     success    and
                                                                    relaxation techniques, music, art, service      showed the outstanding
                                                                     user success stories, mental health in the     commitment and drive of
                                                                     prison      service     and     knowledge      the staff and managers
Ian Grant                                                            management.                                    at MHM. The Celebrating
                                                                         Sonia, said: “The aim of the day was to    Success theme couldn’t
                                                                     recognise the valuable contribution our        have been more
                                                                     staff make to the organisation, to reflect     appropriate”
                                                                     on good practice and achievements
                                                                     made within our services and perhaps
                                                                    most importantly, to give staff from across
                                                                   the organisation the opportunity to network
                                                                  with each other. Feedback has been
                                                                  extremely positive and everyone who
                                                                   attended the day, made it a huge success,

                                                                                                          Sonia McGough

                                                                              BELFORD CENTRE TAKES TO THE ROAD AGAIN
       MHM has been given lead         mid-November         to    begin
   responsibility to bring about       mapping out the services we
   much needed changes to the          want to get to them.”
   way employment and daytime             The     target     date     for
   mental health services in St        transferring the services from
   Helens operate.                     the statutory sector to MHM
       The organisation will be        and its partners is next October,
   working in partnership with the                                              Our Northern Causeway centre at              over, sometimes just taking members out
                                       but John said that the project
                                                                             Belford is roadworthy again since taking        for a bar lunch,” explained Support Worker
   NHS, Social Services, MIND,         would be gradually brought on         delivery of a new 17-seater mini-bus this       at the centre, Margaret Jeffrey.
   Making Space and several            line over the coming months.          autumn, bought with the help of donations           “Unfortunately, after the accident, the
   other voluntary and community                                             from former service users.
                                       Our Development Consultant,                                                           insurance company decided the bus
   sector partners in the exciting                                              Service users from the centre enjoy
                                       Guy Howland, is working on the                                                        would cost too much to repair. However,
   new enterprise..                                                          going horse-riding, ten-pin bowling and to
                                       project along with the central                                                        we did manage to hire a bus from an
       The link with the North West                                          all sorts of venues. But, an accident earlier
                                       Management Team                                                                       outward bound centre nearby. They have
   has come about through our                                                in the year, when another driver crashed
                                          “The employment and day            into their bus, put the brakes on their         been very kind to us, but when they’ve
   new Executive Director of
                                       services in St Helens are fairly      activities to for a while.                      been using their bus, it’s been difficult, so
   Modernisation, John Smith, This
                                       traditional and don’t necessarily        “We’ve always had a bus and we go all        it’s great to have our own wheels again.”
   is the first time that MHM has
   been given responsibility for the   focus on getting people back
   co-ordination of other agencies.
       The process towards re-
                                       into work and training,” said
                                       John. He added that once
                                                                              Dream Comes True for Vicky
                                       they’ve been re-designed by           A dream was fulfilled at Barrow Woods when former service user, Vicky Carroll,
   designing the way day-time
                                       MHM and its partners, they            progressed to become a paid employee of MHM.
   mental health services in St
                                                                             Vicky advanced through the BEL Project at Bristol, then came back as a volunteer after
   Helens are provided is already      should greatly benefit service
                                                                             completing it. Now, she’s covering maternity leave for Linda Powell, a traditional
   underway. John explained: “The      users in the St Helens area.
                                                                             woodland craft worker who has been running the basket weaving course. Vicky will be
   first meeting with stakeholders     Look out for further updates          covering for Linda for the next six months.
   has already taken place and a       on this story in the next edition     Project Manager at Barrow, Ross Michael, said: “It’s always been a dream of ours to be
   further meeting is planned for      of Inspirational Minds.               able to offer paid work to former service users and with Vicky, this dream has come true.”
       Our Tempo2 project, which provides     voluntary work, for people who don’t
    a range of employment and training        want to go straight into paid
    opportunities for mental health service   employment.
    users across Birmingham and Solihull,
                                              Jamie told the Evening Mail: “T2 is for
    recently made the front page of the
    jobs section in the Birmingham            unemployed people aged 18 – 65 with
    Evening Mail.                             a diagnosed mental health problem
       The MHM partnership project has        who currently live in Birmingham and
    helped 15 people into full-time work      Solihull. We ensure that all clients are
    and four into part time jobs since its    at the recovery stage of their mental
    launch with JobCentre Plus funding        health issues or are developing
    last year – a record that Team Leader,
                                              strategies for managing them.
    Jamie Crew, thought was worth
    shouting about. “We approached the        “We look at people’s interests,
    Evening Mail to ask if they’d like to     ambitions and strengths to help them
    feature us,” explained Jamie. “We         decide their vocational goals and then
    wanted to improve the referral rate       plan the necessary steps to achieve
    and a number of people have come to       them. We aim to be a client led service
    see us as a result of the article. We
                                              and work with the wider community to
    were very pleased with the page lead
    we got on the first of the Thursday job   educate and eradicate the stigma
    pages.”                                   surrounding mental health.”
    Reporter, Cath Hendrick, explained        The project, which ran as Tempo for a
    how Tempo2 helps people access            long time before MHM took it over two
    training and sort out work experience     years ago, has also made a recent
    placements in the areas they want to      link with the Prison Service. A local
    work in, while the staff team also
                                              resettlement department manager
    advises on CV writing, application
    form filling and interview techniques,    made contact to see how ex-prisoners
    as well as helping with alternatives,     with mental ill health might be            Picture Above: Tempo2 Team Leader, Jamie Crew, pictured with Daniella
    such as further education and             referred for help after their release.     T’Arna, Debbie Mills, Robin Shepherd, Michael Williams, Ed Somerville,
                                                                                         Michael Preece and Kath Gleeson from the project.

                                                                                         Self Harm
          Reflections                                                                    Support Group
        Members Take                                                                     at the Grange
                                                                                             Service users at the Grange on

         to the Road                                                                     Teesside have been helping to raise
                                                                                         awareness           about
                                                                                         surrounding self harm.

                                                                                             Not only did they take the initiative
                                                                                         in asking staff if they could start a
                                                                                         self harm support group, but one
                                                                                         member was interviewed by local
                                                                                         paper The Evening Gazette and an
                                                                                         article was published on the subject.
                                                                                             Area Coordinator, Lisa Cole,
                                                                                         explained: “Service users felt
                                                                                         forming a support group was an
                                                                                         important way to help people deal
                                                                                         with this issue. Staff supported it and
                                                                                         provided a member to help facilitate
                                                                                         it. The group now meets every week
                                                                                         and members find it’s really useful.”
                                                                                             Staff are now seeking funding to
                                                                                         support the group further and
                                                                                         spread the membership to people
                                                                                                                                         Graphic by Marie Caven.
                                                                                         living in Redcar and Cleveland.             individuals to know that they are not
                                                                                             “The group creates a very safe          alone in dealing with this issue and
                                                                                         place to talk about a very sensitive        for people to find alternative coping
                                                                                         issue,” added Lisa. “It’s important for     strategies.”

                                                                                              SISTER POP-IN STARTS
                                                                                                  IN HEBBURN
                                                                                            A Hebburn Pop-In facility started in October at the South Tyneside town’s
         Reflections’ members in Darlington staged their own version of a mini fun        community centre in Argyll Street.
      run one hot day in August.                                                            The new initiative on Tuesdays has come together as a partnership
         And, as a group, the sporting runners, including five members and four
                                                                                          project between Mental Health Matters, South Tyneside Council and MHIST
      staff, managed to raise £307 for the centre. Though it was tiring because of
                                                                                          (Mental Health in South Tyneside) and is a sister project to the already well-
      the hot weather, everyone managed to complete the two kilometre fun run
                                                                                          established and popular, Jarrow Pop-In.
      around Darlington town centre and received a medal to mark their effort.

   World Mental Health Day at the
beginning        of    October    was
                                            encouraging people to look at mental
                                            health in a more positive way.
                                                                                        Centre on October 9.
                                                                                           The Team Leaders of Tempo2 and
celebrated all over the country to          Information Worker, Keith Metcalf,          Workability, Jamie Crew and Liam
raise awareness of mental health.           said: “Hundreds of people were there        Coyle, respectively, gave out
Inspirational Minds dropped in on           and it was a really lovely day. Some        information       about       our   four
some of the celebrations at the             people got caught up in it because          employment projects in the city
projects…                                   they were walking the dog or taking         (including HERBS and the Park Lane
   Launchpad members and friends            their kids for a Sunday trip to the park.   Garden Centre) and talked to
got a bird’s eye view of Newcastle             “People with mental health               shoppers.
four times over at their event to           problems felt appreciated and part of          “Our stall was one of a collection of
celebrate World Mental Health Day.          the wider community while people            stalls at the all-day event,” explained
   A group from the user led project,       with no knowledge of mental health          Jamie. “We got a good response from
including health service staff and          hopefully came away with a                        people wanting to know more
service users, climbed Newcastle’s          positive experience of                                   about the services and
four tallest buildings on October 9.        service users and                                             mental health.
   They went to the top of the Civic        facilities there to                                                “It     was     a
Centre, Grey’s Monument, St Nicholas        help them.”                                                        worthwhile
Cathedral and the Castle Keep to               O u r                                                             exercise and
raise awareness of the event.               Gateshead                                                              provided a
   The ‘climbers’ also got sponsorship      b a s e d                                                               g o o d
before the day and were expecting to        Connect                                                                  opportunity
raise up to £500 for the anti-stigma        C a f é                                                                  for us to
work, based at St Nicholas Hospital.        provided                                                                 network
   Hundreds of people got involved in       catering                                                                 with    the
the celebrations at Saltwell Park in        for      the                                                            o t h e r      the budding singers showed off their
Gateshead on October 10. The event          event in                                                                m e n t a l    skills in the karaoke session that
was organised by Gateshead Mental           the form of                                                            h e a l t h     again had a country and western
Health Promotion Team to try to             over        100                                                      projects in the   theme.
reduce stigma in the Gateshead              picnic lunches                                                    Birmingham              Staff and service users from the
area.                                       of sandwiches,                                                  area.”                 Grange in Cleveland offered their
   There were two big marquees,             fruit and home-                                                 Fun was on the         support, while £123 was raised for
while various buildings were involved       made biscuits.                                          minds of staff and service     funds. “A big thank-you goes to
around the park with stalls and                Two of our staff in                          users at our Reflections project in    everyone who helped make the day
presentations on health and fitness,        Birmingham were involved in                 Darlington when they held a World          the success it was,” added Christine.
alternative therapies, workshops,           manning         the  Pan-Birmingham         Mental Health Day event at a local            A day out at Whitby to celebrate
drama and music.                            Partnership stall at the event              community centre on October 8.             World Mental Health Day was the
   Gateshead Mental Health User             organised by Mental Health                     Senior Support Worker, Christine        choice of members and service users
Forum had a stall and showed a film         Promotion in the Bullring Shopping          Penketh, explained that it was a           from Hartlepool’s Job Placement
                                                                                        collective decision to stage a themed      Scheme.
                                                                                        country and western day with fancy            The trip on October 8 was
                                                                                        dress.                                     organised by the Assertive Outreach
                                                                                           Line dancer, Nicola Silcock,            Team and Tees Valley Wildlife
                                                                                        managed to get most people up on           Volunteer Group who are supported
                                                                                        the dance floor in the morning. “Not       by our Employment Link Worker at
                                                                                        only was it great to see everyone          Hartlepool.
                                                                                        participating, but it is such a good          Everyone enjoyed the pub, crazy
                                                                                        way to keep fit,” said Christine.          golf, the amusements and the local
                                                                                           After a pie and peas lunch, the         shops in Whitby, as well as a fish and
                                                                                        fancy dress competition was won by         chip lunch, but one service user
                                                                                        service user, Veronica Pickles, who        who’d already had his fill on sea
                                                                                        dressed as a Puritan and had made          food, doughnuts, candy floss and ice-
                                                                                        the impressive outfit herself. Then, all   cream, couldn’t manage his lunch!

STAFF SUCCESS IN NVQs                                                                        Tiny Tots                      Bright Lights of Blackpool
                                                                                                                              for Fairfield Residents
   Two Fairfield House support
workers have recently worked
                                            providing a very clear, structured
                                            portfolio of evidence.                          Benefit to                       The bright lights of Blackpool will be
“extremely hard” to achieve their NVQ          “Their     performance     in    the                                       remembered by two residents of Fairfield
Level 3 Promoting Independence              workplace has been a pleasure to                the Tune                      House in Newcastle through the winter
within six months.                          witness and it has been very satisfying                                       months.
   The commitment of Kathryn Holt
and David Lewis at our Newcastle
                                            to see the dedication that these two
                                            individuals have put into their
                                                                                             of £150                         The residents, with their key workers Kevin
                                                                                                                          Storey and Les Drinkeld, enjoyed a three-night
residential home has been typical of        awards,” she said.                               A raffle, run by the         mid-week break in a health friendly hotel in
our housing staff in the current drive to      Both had previous awards in care           elderly users’ group at the     November.
improve standards and qualifications.       which they took before joining the staff      Oasis Café in Newcastle’s          Fairfield Home Manager, Derek Malcolm,
   Tutor, Jean Ross, said they’d            at Fairfield. Kathryn has worked there        Cruddas Park, has raised        explained the trip was important to the
attained the level through “the             for about a year and David for two            £150 for the Tiny Lives         residents who are from the older age group
culmination of hard work and effort in      and a half years.                             charity.                        and don’t get very far.
      Since the focus on housing in the last edition of Inspirational Minds, there          ensure people maintain the tenancies of their homes, helping them to complete
    have been some significant changes to the structure of the department and               forms and access health care professionals and take part in social activities,”
    to the role of Deputy Director of Housing, Ian Chapman.. This time, we                  explained Bill.
    continue the focus on housing by highlighting the changes and the roles and                “We have informally surveyed service users and their lives in general have
                                 achievements within the new department.                    been shown to be much improved through floating support, by having people
                                                                                            to talk to and help them.” The service will be evaluated by the Supporting People
                                            THE Housing department within MHM has           Team in the near future.
                                         now broadened its remit and welcomed                  Bill added: “We have excellent working relationships with the integrated team
                                         Community Support Services on board.               of care managers in Berwick. We can definitely say, through monitoring with the
                                            The new job title of Deputy Director for        care managers, that through our community work, we have prevented a
                                         Housing, Ian Chapman, to Regional Deputy           number of hospital admissions.”
                                         Director – Housing and Community Support
                                         Services, encapsulates both the regionalised
                                         approach of the organisation and also reflects
                                                                                                                             Newcastle, North Tyneside
                                         the range of services now in the department.                                        and Penrith
                                            The newly re-vamped department includes                                                 Marie Burdess-Baker is Team Co-ordinator
                                         outreach and floating support services and                                              for six supported housing projects, based in
                                        some of the day and drop in centre provision. Its                                        Newcastle, North Tyneside and Penrith.
    geographical spread covers North Tyneside, Cleveland, North Yorkshire, and                                                      In addition to these services, she said: “I
    has now extended its northerly border to include Northumberland.                                                             have recently had good news relating to
       Ian explained: “The benefit of these changes is that, for the first time, all                                             planning consent for a development in
    Supporting People Services are managed under one team which allows a                                                         Tynemouth and I remain optimistic regarding
    strategic approach to contract management and encourages the on-going                                                        the pending agreement of a second
    development of policy, procedure and standardisation to continue in a uniform                                                development in Whitley Bay, which, if
    manner, enhancing and sharing good practice.                                                                                successful, will make way for a much needed
       “I am looking forward to the challenges in both housing and the new areas,           respite and crisis facility for the North Tyneside area.”
    especially around the modernisation agenda at service level, as well as                    Though the new developments are eagerly awaited by most, local residents
    continuing to make Mental Health Matters Supporting People Services                     have come together to oppose the new developments and a meeting has been
    strategically fit for the future,” he said.                                             held with several Tynemouth residents, a couple of whom were willing to listen
                                                                                            and have since pledged their full support to the new project.”
                                                                                               Marie added: “For me, the proposed developments in North Tyneside have
                                      Prevention Spells Success in
                                                                                            endorsed the need for development of a different type – that of community
                                      North Northumberland                                  education and the promotion of social inclusion.”
                                         Heading the North Northumberland day
                                      centre, outreach and floating support services
                                      is Team Co-ordinator, Bill Dinning. Bill leads a
                                                                                                                             Cleveland and North
                                      team of three full-time staff and four part-time                                       Yorkshire
                                      staff members. As well as providing three                                                  Gill Worton is Team Co-ordinator for six
                                      services, their geographical area covers the                                            supported housing services and one floating
                                      Berwick-upon-Tweed Borough and includes                                                 support service in Cleveland and North
                                      Wooler, Seahouses and Bamburgh and                                                      Yorkshire.
                                      extends almost as far south as Alnwick. It is,                                             The housing projects are situated at
                                     says Bill, “a small service for a huge area”.                                            Middlesbrough (three projects with 28 beds in
       The Northern Causeway day services, at Belford and Berwick, were already                                               total), Stockton (12 beds), Saltburn (providing
    running when Bill joined the organisation in 1997. The outreach service was                                               space for ten people), Malton, which has a six-
    added in 1998 and the floating support just two years ago - all the services are                                          bedded housing project, and a floating support
    fully subscribed. In a future re-focusing, the day service will be run at Berwick                                        service with 12 clients.
    only, but transport will be provided to ensure service users will still be able to         Recently, Gill has taken over the management of a new service – Imor Kour
    attend.                                                                                 – which is a project funded by the Department of Health, supporting refugees
       Both services are funded by the Northumberland Care Trust. The out reach             who have mental health problems and assisting clients in finding homes within
    service provides 35 hours a week for between ten and 12 service users in the            the community.
    community. Referred by care managers, they are given long-term support,                    The Abbeyfield housing project in Middlesbrough and the Saltburn housing
    determined by the needs of their illness.                                               projects have a new Deputy Co-ordinator, Alison Walton. Alison has replaced
       The floating support, funded by Supporting People, caters for the social             Jan Elliott.
    needs of 21 service users in a short-term, service user led capacity. “It consists         Gill said: “The housing projects are currently preparing for their first
    of providing the social support that’s not provided by the statutory services to        Supporting People review and all the team members are working towards

 positive results. These will result in being offered steady state contracts which        users and got top scores in those areas. I’m really pleased with that,” he said.
 will give supported housing a secure base.                                                  “Our future plans are to maintain the high standards of service delivery and
    “We are also actively looking for options to expand the services that are             maximum independence for service users with the appropriate care and
 offered in Cleveland and North Yorkshire and we have built up an excellent               support where needed.
 network with all the external agencies to raise the profile of Mental Health                “From a service user perspective, residents are now arranging the
 Matters in the Cleveland and North Yorkshire area.”                                      expenditure for social activities themselves and budgeting for trips away. In a
                                                                                          recent trip to York, they were involved in planning what they were going to do
                                                                                          before they went rather than staff taking the lead.”
                                    Sunderland and South
                                    Tyneside                                                                               Newcastle
                                      Joanne Barraclough has been Team Co-                                                    Derek Malcolm, Home Manager at Fairfield
                                    ordinator for the Sunderland and South                                                 House in Newcastle, has also been with the
                                    Tyneside housing services for a number of                                              organisation for seven years, starting in day
                                    years. They include Cherry Tree Lodge, Toward                                          services, then supported accommodation
                                    Road, St Barnabas, Sunderland Dispersed                                                before moving into residential care.
                                    Project, the Lewis Project and South Tyneside                                             He and the rest of his staff of seven are
                                    Accommodation Project. Recently, she’s added                                           working towards promoting good practice and
                                    the Easington Community Support Service,                                               the highest levels of staff training. Both are
                                    Jarrow Pop-In and Community Link Scheme                                                needed to meet standards required by the
                                   and South Tyneside Out of Hours services to her                                         Commission for Social Care Inspection, but
 remit.                                                                                                                    they’re also part of the Fairfield House strategy
    “Despite the obvious increase in workload, I am pleased to be taking over                                            of moving people on as opposed to being in a
 these services and I can already see that the forthcoming months are going to            long-term care home, said Derek.
 be challenging yet rewarding!” said Joanne.                                                 Now, well on target for meeting the training standards required, the home’s
    “Easington Community Support has been running for many years and                      recent annual inspection showed it is exceeding the standards in a couple of
 provides an invaluable outreach service to 25 people living in the Easington             areas. Like our other two residential homes, this is a significant improvement on
 District. The service’s success is due to the hard work and commitment of the            the last annual inspection.
 staff team, Denise Thompson (Senior Support Worker) and Lesley Carr (Support                “I’m very impressed with how hard staff are working towards their NVQs and
 Worker). In 2003 the service received additional funding through Supporting              how quickly Kathryn Holt and David Lewis (both Support Workers) have
 People and is due to be reviewed under the programme over the next few                   achieved their Level 3 Promoting Independence awards,” added Derek. He and
 months. Denise, Lesley and myself are currently preparing for the review and             Deputy Home Manager, Connie Milton, have started their Registered Manager’s
 are hopeful that it will go as well as the reviews already completed in other            Award.
 MHM services.
    “I am working in Jarrow and South Tyneside with Service Co-ordinator, Mark
 Owens. Mark has only been in post for a matter of months, but has already had
                                                                                                                                Gateshead Team Co-ordinator at our
 an extremely positive impact on the services and this is reflected in Social
                                                                                                                            Alexandra Project, a registered care home,
 Services recently extending our contract by a further three years. One of the
                                                                                                                            and Richmond Terrace, a low support housing
 most exciting areas has been the establishment of the Community Links
                                                                                                                            scheme is Carol Holland who joined us last
 Scheme, the aim of which is to increase social inclusion and to move away from
                                                                                                                            year after previously working in mental health
 traditional building based day care.
                                                                                                                            and residential care for the elderly.
    “The housing services in Sunderland and South Tyneside have all recently
                                                                                                                                The Alexandra Project’s 13 bedsit units have
 been reviewed under Supporting People. The initial feedback has been
                                                                                                                            been full for the last six months with waiting
 extremely positive and I would like to thank all the staff in these services for their
                                                                                                                            lists for people to come into the project, while
 hard work during the review process.”
                                                                                                                            the project’s provision for people suffering from
                                                                                                                            drug and alcohol addiction, is in “really high
                                     Whitley Bay                                                                         demand”.
                                        Neill Ternent, who has worked for MHM                 During its recent inspection, the project achieved 39 out of 43 standards,
                                     since 1997 when he joined as a Support               which residents and the staff team were very pleased with, as it marked an
                                     Worker, is Home Manager at Percy Road in             improvement on the last inspection. “Improvements are still on-going with all
                                     Whitley Bay.                                         staff being trained and updated on planning procedure and formats,” she said.
                                        This summer’s announced inspection at the         Meanwhile, choice within the project is being widened with residents choosing
                                     residential home brought some really good            venues for outings and celebrations themselves.
                                     news for residents at Percy Road, Neill and his          The Richmond Terrace Project is doing “extremely well” with hardly a vacancy
                                     staff. “We’re currently exceeding the national       in ten years, except for one last December, which was filled almost the minute
                                     minimum standards with particular emphasis           it appeared!
                                     on the individual needs and choices of service
     PLACES BUSIER THAN EVER                          There will be no time for sleeping at Barrow               South Gloucestershire, Somerset and beyond. The

                                                   Woods Forest Farm this winter as our Bristol project          expansion is exciting, but then this type of project –
                                                   becomes busier than ever.                                     linking the teaching of traditional crafts to trying to
                                                      The felt-making enterprise and the natural plant           help people recovering from mental health problems
                                                   dyes have moved from Hebron House to the forest               – is unique.
                                                   site near the city and fit into their new surroundings           “We have a wonderful team, including four paid

                                                   well, as does the woolcraft, explained Project                staff, three volunteers and three tutors, who work
                                                   Manager at Barrow, Ross Michael. “We have a huge              with service users towards nationally recognised
                                                   loom to weave rugs on and, hopefully, we’ll move              qualifications. The team building is fantastic and
                                                   into clothing.”
                                                                                                                 Barrow is a magical place.
                                                      And that’s not all. Basket weaving has proved a
                                                                                                                    “The quality of work absolutely amazes me,”

      OASIS                                        popular course this year. Charcoal production,
                                                   recycling of natural and man-made materials and
                                                   small scale eco-building are all in the ever growing
                                                   melting pot at Barrow, together with the traditional
                                                   wood crafts.
                                                                                                                 added Ross; produce goes on sale at various outlets
                                                                                                                 and there’s talk of making clocks from wood. What’s
                                                                                                                 more, service users who come off the training
                                                                                                                 programmes continue to develop their skills and
                                                      If the trial charcoal burn proves successful, there        build their confidence with a social enterprise
                                                   are hopes of marketing it. Workers are building a             volunteer.
                                                   shelter out of hazel rods and a tarpaulin near the               On the forest management side, workers have
                                                   charcoal kiln to keep them dry while they oversee the         been clearing drainage ditches that run through the
                                                   burn.                                                         woodland, improving a woodland track, chopping
                                                      “It’s exceptionally busy,” said Ross. “We have more        and delivering logs, while there are plans to start
                                                   than 30 trainees at the project and the list is growing       coppicing an area within the wood, then putting the
                                                   on a weekly basis. We’re now getting interest from            hazel rods on sale.

       The Oasis has been on the move this
                                                   New Art Room for Jarrow Pop-In
    summer with several trips away and more          There’s now no excuse for members of Jarrow                 away before we ate. We have moved offices, so the
    in the pipeline up to Christmas.               Pop-In to fine tune their brush strokes since the South       room where we were has become the new art room
       Customers at the Newcastle café took        Tyneside facility has opened a new, dedicated art
    their children on an outing to South                                                                         and materials can be left there, so it’s much better.”
    Shields in the school holidays and though                                                                         Jarrow Pop-In is looking forward to getting new
                                                     Support Worker, Diane Davenport, explained: “We
    it wasn’t a beach day, everyone made the
                                                   used to do the art work in a long area where we had           computer equipment, including a scanner, to further
    most of the experience by enjoying the
    delights of the funfair, explained Café        our lunch, which meant everything had to be cleared           enhance its resources.
    Supervisor, Paul Gorringe.
       The elderly users’ group from the Oasis
    chose a venue a bit further afield for their
    summer outing and travelled to Whitby.
    They were luckier with the weather and
                                                    Cost of Mental Health
    enjoyed the sea air with walks up to the           National mental health charity Maca recently

    abbey and along the coast. “People went        demanded an immediate review of funding of mental
                                                   health services following the publication of a report
    their own way and some had a boat trip,”
                                                   showing the cost of mental illness in England is £77.4
    said Paul.

                                                   billion, double previous estimates. The report, by the
       “Outings keep us working closely with
                                                   Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health, reveals the cost of
    the community and give our service users
                                                   patient care (£12.5 bn), lost economic output (£23.1 bn)
    and customers a nice break away,” he
    added. A trip to Stockton Market was also
    enjoyed by the group, while members
    were looking at the possibility of a pre-
                                                   and the reduced quality of life for people with a mental
                                                   illness (£41.8 bn).
                                                       Maca Head of Public Affairs, Simon Lawton-Smith, said:
                                                   “This new study illustrates the true cost to society of
    Christmas shopping excursion, perhaps          mental illness. If things are to get better it is essential that
    to Leeds.                                      the Government now acts upon its prioritising of mental
                                                   health by ensuring that the funds are available for Primary
                                                   Care Trusts to commission the full range of services that
                                                   are so badly needed - and that includes prevention and
                                                   early diagnosis.”
                                                       There is limited evidence that extra money promised by
                                                   the Government has yet reached front-line services.
                                                   Simon Lawton Smith added, “Funding services for the
                                                                                                                             Berwick service user, Alan Ryan, enjoys
                                                   mentally ill is vital, but in fact it only a small part of the
                                                   overall cost of mental illness to the country. The                     getting out his pen and doodling and the
                                                   Government must also learn that money spent on                         fruits of his labours (reproduced above) are
                                                   prevention and tackling stigma and discrimination is, in               not only very detailed, but they’re very
                                                   the longer term, money well spent. Until then we are all               attractive too. He draws freehand without
                                                   going to continue paying the price for failing to reduce the           copying. “They come straight out of my
                                                   prevalence of mental illness.”                                         head,” said Alan, who enjoys attending
                                                       For information on Maca, contact Simon Lawton-Smith                our Northern Causeway centre in Berwick
                                                   on 020 7061 3456.                                                      twice a week, as he’s done for many years.
  HITTING THE HIGH                                                                 MODERNISATION
                                                                                      As MHM continues to plot its future course, our new Executive Director
                                                                                   of Modernisation, John Smith, continues to share his thoughts and views
                                                                                   with staff and members of the organisation through Inspirational Minds. In
                                                                                   an attempt to include everyone in the all important process, this is his
                                                                                   second dialogue with readers…

                                                                                     Membership Strategy
                                                                                      The Board of Trustees, on behalf of the membership, have requested
                                                                                   that we develop a membership strategy. This strategy will detail what the
                                                                                   organisation would like to achieve by way of increasing membership and
                                                                                   the involvement of members in the work of MHM.
                                                                                      The strategy has been written and is due to go out to consultation. It
                                                                                   will be an agenda item for the December Board meeting.
                                                                                      As usual it will be available via the MHM website.

                                                                                     Information Technology
   The Reflections choir hit the right   nursing homes, hospices and other
chords when they were the                charities. It started at Christmas last      Our Corporate Services Director, Sonia McGough, has completed the
entertainers at the Annual General       year when the choir sang a number         analysis of the data from the recent staff questionnaire on Information
Meeting of the local branch of MIND      of carols and festive favourites.         Technology.
in September.                               “The music sessions continue to           You will remember we offered to enter all staff who completed the
   Senior Support Worker, Christine      be popular and we are always              questionnaire into a prize draw, as an incentive to respond. The winner of
Penketh, said: “Though nerves were       rehearsing new ideas ready for the        the gift tokens is Vince Cole from the Dennis Johnstone Centre
running high, the performance was                                                     This information will be utilised to help us develop a strategy for
                                         next event,” explained Christine.
a great success and the three songs                                                Information Technology usage within MHM. The full report is available on
                                         “We’re currently practising songs for
the choir sang were enjoyed by                                                     the website but the key findings were that the majority of MHM
                                         the Christmas Stars in Their Eyes
everyone.”                                                                         employees have a good basic grasp of IT and although most of their
   The choir, made up of six service     competition which we’re all looking
                                         forward to.                               knowledge has been gained informally, the majority of staff from the
users and three members of staff,                                                  survey would like to undertake more training.
was formed as a result of popular           “We’ve found that the music
music      appreciation     sessions.    sessions at Reflections really help
Christine thought it would be nice to    people build confidence, share a            What’s in a Name?
share members’ enthusiasm for            common interest and have a lot of
music by performing at a variety of      fun!”                                        Well, it finally happened! I got a letter from one of our staff in response
                                                                                   to my request for people to get in touch to start an open discussion on

Success Stories                                                                    issues or ideas.
                                                                                      The staff member asked about how we make decisions about names
                                                                                   and brands for the types of things that we do and how this influences
                                                                                   what people think about us or even whether they contact us in the first

  in Saltburn
   Two residents of Pearl Street in Saltburn have recently branched into new
                                                                                   place. The point was made following attendance at a meeting where
                                                                                   people who use our services asked the same question.
                                                                                      Below is a quote from a book about corporate branding which I hope
                                                                                   will stimulate some discussion out there on this issue. It certainly is one of
directions with their studies and are finding success along the way.               the key discussions that needs to be addressed in the Positive About
   Stephen Swan, a resident of some ten years at the supported housing             MHM consultation that will inform our strategic plan for the next five to ten
scheme, is now working towards completing an introduction to using                 years. This process is currently ‘live’ and we will be providing details of the
computers course after already getting a preliminary Information Technology        outcome and arranging a follow up event early in the new year to share
attainment under his belt. He’s a mature student at Saltburn Terminus, a           thoughts and ideas. For anyone who has missed this, details are available
local provider that works in conjunction with the University of Teesside.          on our website.
   And Darren Porritt, who has lived at Pearl Street for the last three or four       “Products are made in the factory, but brands are made in the
years, is currently undertaking a woodworking course at Redcar and                 mind.” agencies have all moved away from the idea that they are
Cleveland College of Further Education and is enjoying it very much.               flogging a product made by someone else, and have come to think of
                                                                                   themselves instead as brand factories, hammering out what is of true
Autumn Bazaar at Belford                                                           value: the lifestyle, the attitude.Brand builders are the new primary
                                                                                   producers in our so-called knowledge economy.”
   There was joy and sadness at the      number of years. We were very                (No Logo, by Naomi Klein)
autumn bazaar, held by our               touched that she remembered us in
Northern Causeway project at             her will. Her family have been very         Development Team
Belford in Northumberland at the         kind, keeping in touch since she
end of October.                          died and giving us things that
   The event on October 29 was a         belonged to Barbara. She had lots            The Development Team is available to work with any of our services to
good social and pre-Christmas            of books, tapes and CDs.”                 help in the planning or implementation of change.
fundraising affair, but staff and           Northern Causeway was also                We really want to help and support you, our colleagues, in making
service users remembered one of          selling bric-a-brac, jewellery, clothes   MHM a vibrant and forward facing organisation.
their members, Barbara Sage, who         and cakes at the event, while some           The Helpline has taken us up on this offer and we are having a joint
died earlier in the year.                of the service users made little bags     planning day in November to look at where they want to go and how the
   Support Worker, Margaret Jeffrey,     and knitted dolls which were for          skills of the two teams can be used to achieve this. If you want to work
explained: “Barbara was involved         sale. There was also a tombola and        with the Development Team in this way, please give us a call (0191
with the user group and had been         a big hamper was raffled to make          5163500). We are here to support our current services as well as
coming to Northern Causeway for a        funds for the project.                    developing new things.
         – Art Work Adorns South Shields Cafe

          Our South Shields café has taken a new step              Through the rapport we built up, we discovered         a perfect representation of leaves, but the other
         into the art world with its first exhibition of           she is an artist who exhibits her work.                two have a lot more freedom and emotion. It’s
         original art work adorning its walls.                      “Displaying Stella’s work in the café is of mutual    quite ground-breaking for us here and Stella is
           ‘Leaves’ consists of three original studies in oils     benefit. It gives service users and customers the
                                                                                                                          excited that her work is on show at Coffee Life.
         by local artist, Stella Bell, who has recently had        chance to view her work and was a chance for
                                                                                                                            “The pictures prompt a reaction from people
         her work displayed at an exhibition in Jarrow.            us to get rid of the department store pictures and
           Employment Link Worker, Paul Nicol, explained:          put something more original on the walls.              and provoke emotion in different ways, showing
         “Stella is a customer and when she realised we               “The three pieces could be described as an          how individuals’ taste varies in art and they’ve
         did computer courses here, she enrolled on one.           alternative view of the subject. The first is almost   led to quite a bit of interest and discussion.”

      The ‘Noise’                                                                                                                 York Day Trip
     Newsletter has                                                                                                               Arranged by
     Done it Again!                                                                                                                Whitley Bay
        Staff and service users at the Grange have received
     funding for another year to produce their successful
     newsletter, Noise.                                                                                                             Residents from Percy Road in Whitley Bay
        The newsletter is a completely service user led                                                                          enjoyed the autumn sunshine and the
     initiative that is distributed across Redcar and Cleveland.                                                                 attractions of York all the more because they
     It covers issues related to mental health and allows                                                                        organised the October day trip themselves.
     service users to develop their skills.                                                                                         Home Manager, Neill Ternent, explained:
                                                                                                                                 “We used to put everything on a plate for
        But, more than that, the newsletter has been “an
                                                                                                                                 residents. But we’ve been trying to involve
     excellent promotion for Mental Health Matters,” said
                                                                                                                                 them more and the trip to York was the first
     Area Co-ordinator, Lisa Cole, who added that the
                                                                                                                                 time they’d done a lot of the organising
     Teesside services have received many referrals due to                                                                       themselves, ringing up for ticket prices to
     people reading the newsletter.                                                                                              places in advance.
        “The newsletter is a great way to get members                                                                               “Five residents and two members of staff
     involved, it is produced in an extremely professional way                                                                   went on the trip. They visited York Minster
     and the end product is much better than what we staff                                                                       and the National Railway Museum. The
     could do. I’m looking forward to seeing how the                                                                             residents’ greater involvement made it more
     newsletter develops in the coming year,” she said.                                                                          their own outing.”

                                                                                               NUPAC – the National User Policy        part of 2005 to involve service users

                                                 NUPAC                                      Advisory Council – is still on a
                                                                                            recruiting drive and would welcome
                                                                                                                                       further, so members are urged to keep
                                                                                                                                       an eye out for information on future

                                                                                            further new members to its ranks.          activities.
                                                                                               The on-going aim is to “encourage
                                                                                                                                          Meanwhile, anyone who would like
                                                                                            all service users to become members,
                                                                                                                                       to add their voice to the growing
                                                                                            so giving them a stronger voice within

                                                DRIVE FOR                                   MHM and in the wider field of user
                                                                                            involvement,” said NUPAC Chair, Rob
                                                                                                                                       number of NUPAC members are
                                                                                                                                       invited to contact Central Office on

                                                 MEMBERS                                    Henderson.                                 0191          5163500    or      email

                                                CONTINUES                                      Road shows are planned to take
                                                                                            place across the country in the early
                                                                                                                                       for more information.
WINDERMERE                                                                                                                                 The Lakes

                                                                                                                                          We took a
                                                                                                                                          beautiful w
                                                                                                                                                      break at th
                                                                                                                                                      as the wea
                                                                                                                                                                   e Lakes
   An autumn weekend by Lake Windermere was                 The afternoon was filled with shopping, walking and                          that enhanc               ther
enjoyed by 14 service users and three members of            paddling in the lake with everyone enjoying what                                           ed the scen
                                                                                                                                         with thoug                  ery
staff from Jarrow Pop-In.                                   turned out to be fabulous weather.                                                       hts floating
   The party enjoyed youth hostel accommodation at             The group stayed in a hostel and split up to cater for                   The atmos
Ambleside during the two nights away between                personal preferences during the evenings and                                            phere ther
                                                                                                                                        was nothin              e
September 17 – 19 and had a lot of fun.                     enjoyed a range of food, from Italian to Indian, then                                   g to fear, m
                                                                                                                                       as every p                 y dear,
                                                                                                                                                   erson with
   “The weather wasn’t very good, but we went on            spent the rest of the time playing cards and telling                       could sens              in th
                                                                                                                                                   e their inne e group
walks, did a scavenger hunt and had an afternoon trip       jokes.                                                                    beginning                 r selves
                                                                                                                                                  to take aw
to Keswick,” explained Support Worker at the South             The next day they visited Windermere some                              of every da              ay the stra
                                                                                                                                                  y life.                 in
Tyneside group, Diane Davenport.                            members of the group took a boat ride around the
  The Grange goes to Penrith area                           lake.                                                                      They did no
                                                                                                                                                    t have a fe
   Boating, paddling, picnics and eating out were all          Service users were unanimous in their appreciation.                     once again              ar
                                                            “The holiday was enjoyed by everyone and staff                                          I will say
part of a short break in the Lake District, organised by                                                                              tranquillity
                                                                                                                                                   was there
staff and members of the Grange day centre in               worked really hard to ensure it was well planned and                     for all to sh
Cleveland.                                                  fun. Well done the Grange staff!”
   A total of 16 staff and members enjoyed what is             This poem was written by one of the service users                     So make no
now an annual short holiday from the Grange.                who went on holiday to the Lake District with the                       of a most re istakes
                                                                                                                                                 markable b
   The party travelled by minibus and arrived in            Grange…                                                                 by the lake            reak
Penrith in time to enjoy a picnic in the main square.

   Attention poets and                                                                                                                ADMIN TEAM
   storytellers                                                THE HIPPO THE
                                                                             RHINO & ME
                                                               We all sat toge
                                                               The hippo, the
                                                                                 ther at the end
                                                                                                       of the world
                                                                                                                                        MHM Central admin team has
                                                                                                                                     welcomed two new workers to the fold.
                                                                                                                                     Elaine Andrews (left) joined us in
      A new publication of writing by people                                     rhino and me                                        September as our new receptionist
                                                               Wondering alou
   who have experienced mental ill health is                                      d at the beautifu                                  and Lisa Robson (right) is responsible
                                                              As far as our ey                           l sights
   being compiled. Colin McFarlane recently                                      es could see                                        for admin suport to the Directors along
                                                              Lets build a big
   came into contact with MHM and asked if we                                    rocket and fly                                      with looking after the Membership.
                                                              And wish on a                          to the moon
   could help out with the book he intends to                                   star as it falls                                     Elaine said -"We've both settled in well
                                                             Then slide dow
   publish called Poems of the Heart by the                                     n a rainbow an                                       and are really enjoying it - the other
                                                             And burst the                           d run through
   Walking Wounded.                                                           black ones so                            the clouds    staff are great and have been very
                                                             We’ll capture th                     rain falls
      If you would like to contribute a poem you                               e thunder and                                         supportive to us both"
                                                             On the houses                          make lightning
   have written, please send it in with                                        and trees far be                         strike
                                                            And ask the no                           low
   your name, address and                                                     rth wind to blow
                                                            So there’s plen                           hard and long
   telephone number and a                                                    ty of room for
                                                            Then when that                       the snow
   brief description of                                                       ’s all over we’ll
                                                           And bathe in hi                         speak to the su
   how you came to                                                           s hot shining ra                         n
                                                           Lets hope that                          ys
   write     it  to                                                         we please him
                                                          And pray that                           by our kindly w
   Inspirational                                                           this summer he                            ords
                                                          Lets swim in th                         stays
   Minds at                                                                 e oceans and
                                                         Kissing dolphins                      glide over wav
   Central                                                                    and whales as                        es
                                                         And ride on a                              they pass
   Office.                                                                porpoise to King
                                                         Where mermai                             Neptune’s cave
                                                                           ds play games
                                                           We’ll build sand                     in the grass
                                                                              y castles with bu
                                                              Then surround                          ckets and spad
                                                                                them with wat                            es
                                                               And play bucc                        er filled moats
                                                                                aneers with cu
                                                               As we sail in ou                      tlass in hand
                                                                                   r new paper bo
                                                               Lets travel to Sa                        ats
                                                                                  turn and count
                                                              And bring back                            all her rings
                                                                                 some Venusia
                                                              Watch dying sta                         n rock
                                                                                  rs as they give
                                                             And on cresce                             their last light
                                                                              nt moon hang
                                                       But our day is                              a sock
                                                                       now over and
                                                      As we wearily                       its time for bed
                                                                       walk home for
                                                      Such fun that w                      tea
                                                                        e’ve shared, su
                                                      The hippo, the                        ch places we’v
                                                                       rhino and me.                            e been

        Two new cooks are helping to spice up business          and Scottish Open Golf tournaments, St James’                 hoping to get more of them involved,” said Jayne.
     at a couple of our cafes – the Connect Café in             Park,and the Rugby World Cup semi-finals at                     She’s been in catering for 16 years, working in
     Gateshead and @thatcaff in Sunderland.                     Twickenham.                                                   establishments for older people with mental health
        Kelly Harrison has swapped catering at big                 Kelly, who lives near to the Connect, said: “I’m           problems, with young children and autistic adults,
     sporting events for a part-time Assistant Café             really enjoying it. It’s quite relaxed and everybody is       as well as in a variety of pubs and restaurants.
     Supervisor’s job at the Connect. She replaces Nigel        really friendly.”
     Murray who has left to take up a full-time position           The new Assistant Supervisor of @thatcaff in
     elsewhere.                                                 Sunderland is a cook by name and trade! Jayne
        “Having another member of staff makes a big             Cook joined Café Supervisor, Wendy Schofield-
     difference,” explained Newcastle, South Tyneside           Marlowe, in the summer and says she’s settled in
     and Sunderland Co-ordinator, Colin Branthwaite. “It        really well. “We work well as a team and with two
     releases Café Supervisor, Tony Duffy, to do more           of us, takings have doubled because we’re able to
     one-to-one training, provides cover for him and            do a lot more business.”
     means the café can do more buffets.” Kelly’s job is           @thatcaff have been really busy with buffets over
     funded through the Gateshead Food Alliance.                the last few months for a wide range of
        Kelly, a former South Tyneside College catering         organisations and their van is being put to good
     student, used to work at Saltwell Towers in Saltwell       use, delivering sandwich orders for customers,
     Park and has been employed at various sporting             while more people are coming into the cafe. “It’s all         @thatcaff delivery van provided by
     functions in a catering capacity, including the British    good experience for service users and we’re                   Sunderland Social Services

                                                   Fruit Co-operative
     PROVES                                          at the Grange
     POPULAR                                                                                                                Our Grange day centre in Cleveland has started its
                                                                                                                        own version of a food co-operative to promote the NHS’s
                                                                                                                        ‘Five a Day’ campaign and increase the amount of fruit
       A popular basket weaving OCN                                                                                     and vegetables eaten within the local community.
     course,   run    in   conjunction    with                                                                              Members advertise the project and take orders for
     Cannington College, has been piloted                                                                               fruit and vegetables from service users and people living
     at Barrow Woods this year.                                                                                         nearby. They then place the order with a local retailer
       The course, which has been much in                                                                               and have the fruit delivered for the Grange to bag up
                                                                                                                        and distribute among the local community.
     demand, has centred around making
                                                                                                                            The benefit of the project is that everyone who helps
     round baskets with handles, though
                                                                                                                        gets some fruit or vegetables to take home which, in
     some of the trainees have excelled and                                                                             turn, has encouraged MHM members to increase their
     experimented with other shapes                                                                                     intake of fruit and vegetables. Staff now report it’s
     successfully.                                                                                                      running “really well” and they hope to continue the
       Each member of the group has had                                                                                 scheme into the coming year.
     a day trip to Coates Willow Centre in
     Somerset as part of the training and          Friday Socials a Talking Point at the Forum
     also to obtain supplies of willow. Tutor,
     Linda Powell, explained: “This has              Service users in Gateshead now have the chance to get             to get members and staff to come together in a relaxed
                                                  together socially on a Friday afternoon each month and               environment over refreshments where they can share
     proved to be a valuable educational          chat about issues that concern them.                                 their opinions about what’s going on in Gateshead.”
     resource from an historical and                 The new social afternoon has been organised by the                    He added that for some members, it may well be a
     professional weavers’ point of view          Gateshead Mental Health User Forum as a means of                     stepping stone to more active involvement if they see that
                                                  giving people a say without the need to take
     and has been a pleasant break from                                                                                it’s not such a big deal going to meetings, attending
     the workshop.”                                                                                                    courses or perhaps writing for the Forum’s own
                                                     Information Worker at the Forum, Keith Metcalf,
       However, before the course took off,                                                                            newsletter.
                                                  explained: “The Forum is a group set up by Mental Health
                                                  Service Users in Gateshead to express their opinions                     The first Friday afternoon social was held at the
     Barrow planted its own willow bed with
                                                  about the delivery of services in the area. But that can             Tyneside Women’s Health Building in the centre of
     100 cuttings, so in three years’ time, the                                                                        Gateshead from 2 pm on November 5. There were hopes
                                                  mean attending quite high-powered meetings which
     project can start using the willow and       service users could find intimidating at first.                      of holding further meetings on the first Friday of each
     save some money.                                “We thought that one way of bridging the gap would be             month.

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