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                  Cumann Geinealais na hÉireann

Ireland’s Genealogical Gazette
                                          (incorporating “The Genie Gazette”)

Vol. 5 No. 4                                                                                     April : Aibreán 2010

                                         Archives Crisis or Opportunity?
                                   Dr. Peter Crooks of Trinity Col-                                                afforded by the required new
                                   lege Dublin has to be warmly                                                    legislation to deal with the many
                                   congratulated on the enormous                                                   issues raised. Thirdly, the GSI
                                   turnout at the public meeting held                                              proffered the idea of ’legislative
                                   in TCD on Saturday April 10th.                                                  amalgamation’ that ensures the
                                   The meeting was called to high-                                                 ’maintenance of the separate
                                   light the very serious implications                                             functions and identities’ of the
                                   of the Government’s proposed                                                    National Archives and the Na-
                                   amalgamation of the National                                                    tional Library. Finally, the GSI
    GENEALOGY                      Archives, National Library and                                                  insisted that the first objective of
                                   the Irish Manuscript Commission.                                                the proposed ’Action Committee’
      HERALDRY                     Although announced in 2008 as a                                                 should be to demand a meaningful
                                   ’budgetary measure’ this proposed                                               public consultation process in
  VEXILLOLOGY                      merger, as currently envisaged,                                                 advance of the production of any
                                   could be enormously costly and                                                  draft legislation. As the latter
                                   hugely disruptive. Moderated by                                                 point was the last contribution
SOCIAL HISTORY                     Prof. Diarmaid Ferriter of Univer-                                              from the floor, after the meeting
                                   sity College Dublin, the meeting                                                many attendees expressed their
  Heritage Matters                 was addressed in turn by Irish        Mr. Pádraic Ingoldsby, MGSI               support for the constructive ap-
                                   Society of Archivists representa-     (above) was elected Cathaoirleach         proach advocated by the GSI. As
    Book Reviews                   tive, Caitríona Crowe, Irish Times    of the GSI at the AGM last month.         a totally independent genealogical
                                   journalist, Fintan O’Toole, and                                                 organisation, arguably the most
   Open Meetings                   TCD Professor Eunan O’Halpin.          No cost-benefit analysis, no com-        experienced in legislative matters,
                                   These presentations were fol-          parative study, no comprehensive         the GSI has sought membership of
  News & Queries                   lowed by numerous contributions        plan and yet, ‘Heads of a Bill’ have     the ’Action Committee’. The GSI
                                   from the floor dealing with all        been prepared according to various       views this issue as an immensely
                                   aspects of Irish archival heritage.    speakers. Whilst many organisations      important opportunity for legisla-
                                   GSI Board member, Séamus               used the opportunity to publicly air     tive reform offering a bright fu-
                                   O’Reilly, raised the serious and       their grievances and concerns re-        ture for both the National Library
                                   anomalous position of the records      garding the state of Irish archives,     and the National Archives.
                                   of the Irish Land Commission           this Society’s contribution focussed
                                                                          on a strategic response to the pro-      The Society extends its sincere con-                which have been moved from the
                                                                          posed merger. Firstly, the Society       dolences to the Polish Ambassador,
                                   National Archives building in                                                   H.E. Dr. Tadeusz Szumowski, his
                                   Dublin to a storage facility in Co.    cautioned against an open confronta-     wife Agata Szumowska and the
                                   Laois. Speaker after speaker con-      tion with the new Minister Mary          members of the Polish community in
        CONTENTS                   demned the apparent lack of any        Hanafin, TD, on this so called           Ireland on the tragic accident that
                                   detailed analysis of the implica-      ’budgetary measure’ as a coopera-        claimed the lives of the President of
The Viking Age—Ireland        2    tions of the proposed merger           tive approach may prove more effec-      Poland, Mr. Lech Kaczyński, his
                                                                          tive. Secondly, the Society urged the    wife, Maria Kaczyńska, and the
and the West                       before it was announced as Gov-                                                 others in the air crash on Saturday
                                   ernment policy in October 2008.        meeting to welcome the possibilities
                                                                                                                   10th April 2010. RIP
Family History with Style     2

New Director for NLI          2                                  Cathaoirleach Nua
                                   Pádraic Ingoldsby MGSI was              our members and other research-         and numerous management com-
                                   elected as the sixth Cathaoirleach      ers. Pádraic is a Dubliner, who         panies. He is the current ‘Ireland
James Scannell Reports..      3    (Chairperson) of the Genealogical       joined the Society initially to seek    Representative’ for the London
                                   Society of Ireland at the AGM           out more information on his fam-        based Guild of One Name Studies
                                   held on March 9th 2010. Pádraic         ily – a job that is still concentrat-   and would like to see more em-
GSI Lecture Programme         3    has been a member of the Board          ing his mind. He worked in the          phasis on such studies in Ireland.
Membership of the GSI              of the Society for the past two         Bank of Ireland Group for thirty-       Pádraic brings to his new post a
                                   years holding the National Pro-         five years before retiring as a         wealth of business and administra-
                                   jects portfolio. He has been pri-       Senior Manager and Deputy Head          tive experience that will be, with-
Glasnevin Cemetery            4    marily concerned with the impor-        of Compliance in Group Treasury         out doubt, a considerable asset to
                                   tant task of securing a permanent       in 2000. Currently he sits on the       the Society. Pádraic Ingoldsby is
                                   home for the Society's growing          Solicitor’s Disciplinary Tribunal       married to Kathleen, they have
Diary Dates                   4    Archive and making such a valu-         as a lay member, is a Director of       two grown up daughters and live
New GSI Board                      able resource more accessible to        Gheel Autism Services Limited           in Blackrock, Co. Dublin.

                            Monthly Newsletter of the Genealogical Society of Ireland
                                                                                                                                                              ISSN 1649-7937

PAGE 2                              I R E LA ND ’ S G E NE A LO G I C A L G A Z E T T E ( I NC O R P O R A T I NG “ T HE G E NI E G A ZE T T E ” )                   V O L. 5 NO . 4

                                     The Viking Age—Ireland and the West
                                                  Proceedings of the Fifteenth Viking Congress
Edited by John Sheehan, Senior Lecturer at the Dept. of       Sitruic, and of the king of Munster, Donnchadh, son of         foreign coins, which can arise between neophytes as
Archaeology, University College Cork and Donnchadh            Brian’. Gormliath was, it seems, a ’king’s consort thrice      well as established coin users, testifies to a fundamental
Ó Corráin, Emeritus Professor of Medieval History at          over’ - but this is just one case of intermarriage. Indeed,    commercial motivation behind coinage’ - an example of
University College Dublin, ‘The Viking Age—Ireland            in his paper, Colmán Etchingham of NUI, Maynooth,              the penetration of Viking commerce into Gaelic Ireland
and the West—Proceedings of the Fifteenth Viking              explores what the Irish annals referred to as the ’Fair        well beyond their coastal settlements? Unfortunately
Congress’ is a monumental work by any standard. Pub-          Foreigners’ and the ’Dark Foreigners’ as he considers          space precludes any hope of adequately portraying the
lished last month by Four Courts Press (ISBN 978-             ’the identity and provenance of Vikings in ninth-century       immensity of the research underpinning the fifty papers
84682-101-1, 610pp; colour ills. Price €50.00 h/bk) it        Ireland’. The genetic mix of these Vikings is concisely        presented in this volume. However, as our knowledge of
consists of papers read at the Fifteenth Viking Congress      presented by Kevin J. Edwards and Douglas B. Borth-            the Hiberno-Scandinavian world is increasingly benefit-
held in Cork between August 18th and 27th 2005. Before        wick in their examination of settlement of the Faroe           ing from new and exciting insights into the archaeology
briefly outlining some of the wealth of information and       Islands where 87% of the male settlers were of Scandina-       and, of course, from advances in technology, questions
the depth of the research presented in this volume, it is     vian descent with up to 13% of British or Irish ancestry.      of ancestry, genetics, linguistics and culture emerge.
worth noting that for most Irish people, especially gene-     Females, on the other hand, were 83% of British or Irish       Maeve Sikora of the National Museum of Ireland in
alogists, few ever think of the Vikings in terms of ances-    ancestry with only 17% of Scandinavian origin. Would           her paper on ’The Finglas burial: archaeology and
try irrespective of the archaeological evidence. Though,      not the percentages for Viking Ireland prove interesting,      ethnicity in Viking-Age Dublin’ explores some of these
as the Editorial Assistant on this volume, Shannon            especially, in the era leading up to and after the conver-     issues by reference to burial goods—deliberate deposi-
Lewis-Simpson of Memorial University, St. John’s,             sion of the Vikings to Christianity—a topic very interest-     tion possibly signifying ethnicity and/or culture. While
Newfoundland reminds us ’In a hybrid society, intermar-       ingly explored by Lesley Abrams of Oxford. Once                Senior Consultant Archaeologist, Linzi Simpson, looks
riage is bound to occur between cultural communities,         again, the interaction between the Irish and the Scandi-       at the evolution of Viking Dublin in relation to ’recent
especially among the elite. By marrying into powerful         navians is highlighted by the Irish annals and, as Abrams      emerging archaeological evidence’ and explains that the
local families, medieval settlers (quoting Bartlett) ’could   points out ’while Vikings killed Irish secular and ecclesi-    site chosen by the Vikings for what was to become
establish their position, since they would immediately        astical leaders, as the annals repeatedly attest, they also    Dublin was not a virgin site, as the annalistic sources
acquire kin, property and patrons’. Viking Dublin, like       allied with them and married their sisters and daughters’.     record the presence of an Irish monastic settlement at
the other Viking settlements around Ireland, was cer-         Quoting Clarke, Abrams points to a society around              Duib-linn (Old Irish, ’Black Pool’). She states that the
tainly a ’hybrid’ society and increasingly so following       Dublin with a population of ’cohabiting Irish and Scandi-      evidence has forced a re-think of the evolution of Vi-
the Viking acceptance of Christianity. So where is the        navians’ easing the path to Christianisation. Economic         king Dublin and offers examples from recent excava-
evidence for the genealogist or local historian of any        factors too must be considered when looking at Irish-          tions in the capital. This volume is lavishly illustrated
ancestral links to this Viking or more correctly, Hiberno-    Scandinavian interaction and, in this regard, the paper by     with both black and white and colour plates, line draw-
Viking, past? Dr. Lewis-Simpson in her paper on               Kristin Bornholdt Collins of Cambridge on the role of          ing and maps. With works of such quality and accessi-
’Viking-Age queens and the formation of identity’             cons in the tenth-century offers intriguing insights into      bility, a greater public awareness, understanding and
mentions the death circa 1030 of Gormlaith ‘daughter of       the more than 130 silver hoards discovered in Ireland.         knowledge of this important period in our history will
Muchadh mac Finn, mother of the king of the foreigners,       She observes that ’Both the need and preference for            most certainly fuel the questions of ancestry.       MM

                                                    Family History with Style
At a recent Morning Open Meeting, Tom Con-                    as well as Mullins from Carrick-on-Suir. The                    fellow GSI member, Pat O’Shea, intend to offer
lon presented “The Conlons of Monkstown” a                    book is hard-covered with image-wrap. This                      a family history book preparation/printing ser-
draft family history as an advanced work-in-                  gives a gloss finish with high-quality images on                vice to genealogists and to the general public.
progress. Tom outlined his long-held interest in              the covers and the title on the spine. Inside,                  Tom Conlon and Pat O’Shea are currently
history, with a particular interest in the history            there are over 70 photographic quality pages                    creating a website which
of printed material, and he has a significant                 with text, photos, documents, family trees, etc.                will set out the various production options and
collection of original early 17th century maps.               The quality of printing, binding, presentation is               other services connected with the publication of
Also, that as a long-standing user of desk-top                much better than can be achieved with your                      family histories ‘with style’. Tom explained to
publishing, it was not surprising that when                   home printer – and it will be stable and fade-                  the Open Meeting that this is intended to be a
creating a family history, there was almost as                free. One person at the meeting described it as                 private commercial venture and, as such, a
much emphasis on the quality and style of print               “genealogy meets Hello Magazine”. Tom re-                       contractual arrangement between client and
as on the content. He set out to make a beautiful             plied ‘it is unashamedly intended to be a treas-                producer would cover matters of production and
book using the most modern facilities. Names                  ured book which the family will be proud to                     copyright etc. Such new commercial ventures
in the Conlon family history include Conlons,                 own, to leave on the coffee table, to show                      aimed at filling a niche in the ’roots market’ are
Nortons, Gleesons, Cormicks and Donegans                      around, and to pass on to the future genera-                    to be welcomed and we wish them every suc-
from the Westmeath side of Athlone, Gleesons                  tions’. Understanding that others may like such                 cess. Tom Conlon can be contacted on e-mail:
of Upperchurch, Tipperary, Tooles & O’Tooles                  for their own family, Tom, with a friend and           for further details.

                                                                                                                                 MICHAEL CUNNIFFE, RIP
           New Director for National Library
                                                                                                                               Michael Cunniffe of Kilternan, Co. Dublin and
                                                                                                                               formerly of Roscommon, Tipperary and Ban-
The Board of the National Library of Ireland                   the Board in January 2010. As a former Direc-                   try, Dept. of Enterprise, Trade and Employ-
appointed Ms. Fiona Ross to succeed Mr.                        tor of the National Library and its Chief Herald,               ment and late of Dept. of Finance, died on
Aonghus Ó hAonghusa as Director. Mr. Ó                         it was Mr. O’Donoghue who presented a Grant                     April 1st 2010 after a short illness borne with
hAonghusa who held the position from 2005,                     of Arms to this Society in 2001. The position of                great fortitude at the Beacon Hospital; Son of
left to return to the Civil Service on January                 Chief Herald remains vacant following the                       the late John and Evelyn, dearly loved husband
15th 2010. Ms. Ross took up her position on                    retirement of Mr. Fergus Gillespie in November                  of GSI Member, Deirdre (Carroll), and father
March 8th 2010 and brings to her new post                      2009. Mr. Gillespie had been Chief Herald from                  of Diarmuid and Ronan, father-in-law of Anna
considerable managerial and administrative                     2005 and, indeed, was Deputy Chief Herald                       and brother of Rosaleen (Holy Faith Sisters).
experience and knowledge as a graduate of                      until that position was put into ’cold storage’ in              Mourned by his many relatives, neighbours
UCD, TCD and QUB in a number of disciplines                    September 2003 with the retirement of his                       and a wide circle of friends and colleagues.
including History & English, Business Studies                  predecessor. The future of Irish heraldic ser-                  Requiem Mass held on April 6th in St. Mary's
and a Law Masters in Governance & Public                       vices are, once again, in serious doubt as the                  Church, Sandyford followed by interment at
Policy. Other changes at the NLI include the                   appointment of a new Chief Herald may be very                   Glencullen Cemetery. We extend our sincere
retirement of Mr. Brendan O’Donoghue from                      low on the list of priorities for the NLI Board.                condolences to Deirdre and her family. RIP

                                 Monthly Newsletter of the Genealogical Society of Ireland
                                                                                                                                                             ISSN 1649-7937

           V O L. 5 NO . 4          I R E LA ND ’ S G E NE A LO G I C A L G A Z E T T E ( I NC O R P O R A T I NG “ T HE G E NI E G A ZE T T E ” )                          PAGE 3

                                   James Scannell Reports...
     HYDE’S 150th ANNIVERSARY                                 his leaving office, he moved into a new home in                 the error is not repeated on the on-line data-
                                                              the grounds of Áras an Uachtaráin (Presidential                 bases in Irish history. It has been suggested than
Douglas Hyde, the first President of Ireland was              palace) where he resided until his death on July                an inexperienced editor may have attempted to
born on January 17th 1860 near Castlerea,                     12th 1949.                                                      explain the Civil War in a small article and
County Roscommon. In 1867 his family moved                                                                                    confused history with a mistaken perception
to Frenchpark in that county where his father                        ABBEY THEATRE ACTRESS                                    about sectarianism and the ‘Troubles’ in North-
served as a Church of Ireland (Anglican) cler-                                                                                ern Ireland during the latter part of the twentieth
gyman. While growing up he took a great inter-                Ciara O’Dowd, English Dept, NUI Galway, is                      century.
est in the Irish language and he maintained this              seeking information on Aideen (Una) O’Connor
interest when he moved to Dublin to study at                  who joined the Abbey Theatre Company in                              THE EMERGENCY (1939–1946)
Trinity College. Fluent in French, Latin, Ger-                1933 and traveled to the U.S.A. on a number of
man, Greek and Hebrew, he embarked on a                       occasions. She married an Abbey actor and                       Joe Millar, Archivist and Council Member of
career as a distinguished scholar. In 1893 he                 producer Arthur Shields and settled in Holly-                   the Irish Red Cross Society is currently trying
was a founder member and first president of                   wood where she died in 1950. Ciara seeks to                     to put together a showcase in the National Mu-
Conradh na Gaeilge (Gaelic League) which                      contact the family of Frollie Mulhern, a close                  seum of Ireland to coincide with the Society’s
was established to preserve and promote the                   friend of Aideen when she worked in the theatre                 70th Anniversary and currently requires the
Irish language. When the Irish Free State was                 in Dublin and whose scrapbooks are in the                       following Red Cross items such as nurses’
established in 1922 he was appointed as a Sena-               National Library. Contact Ciara at e-mail:                      uniforms: aprons, dress/frock, veil also blue
tor but lost his seat in 1925. He resumed his                                            cape and hat. And men’s blue denim informs
career as an academic and worked as Professor                                                                                 with side caps and leggings. Information is also
of Irish at University College Dublin and had                       RED FACES AT BRITANNICA                                   sought from anyone who was an Irish Red
retired by 1938 when he was appointed again to                                                                                Cross worker, or knew an Irish Red Cross
the Seanad (Senate). He was appointed as the                  It has emerged that the concise edition of the                  worker in Saint-Lô, France, in 1945. Any pho-
first President of Ireland that year following the            Encyclopedia Britannia has wrongly described                    tos, books, records of interest up to 1950 would
enactment by the people of the 1937 Constitu-                 the Irish Civil war (1922–23) over the Anglo-                   be much appreciated. Joe can be contacted by
tion of Ireland. In this new role he proved him-              Irish Treaty as one between Catholics and Prot-                 leaving a message for him at the reception of
self to be immensely popular and completed his                estants. It is believed that this error may have                the Irish Red Cross Society, 16, Merrion Square
term of office in 1945 even through he had                    lain unnoticed in the printed version for a num-                North, Dublin 2 or phone 01-642 4600 / e-mail:
suffered a massive stroke in 1940. Following                  ber of years but the editors are confident that       

                                            GSI Lecture Programme
PRÉCIS OF THE AGM LECTURE                                     Prof. Mulcahy brought home the human and family                 views about historians in general’ and nevertheless he
                                                              side of one of our nation’s founding fathers. A parlia-         has left us with a wealth of information which was
On Tuesday March 9th 2010, the Society was hon-               mentarian from 1919 until 1961, General Mulcahy                 donated to the UCD Archives in 1970-71. Unfortu-
oured to hear a fine lecture by the eminent cardiologist      served in government and on the opposition benches,             nately his War of Independence records ’were cap-
                                                              as Teachta Dála (MP), Minister and a Senator. Earlier           tured by the British in November 1920’ and were
Professor Risteárd Mulcahy on the life, career and
times of his father General Richard Mulcahy, TD.              he served as ’military head of the army from March              destroyed in WWII by a ’doodle bomb’ in London. A
Prof. Mulcahy explained that although General Mi-             1918 until the ratification of the Treaty in January            fine lecture which was very much appreciated by all.
chael Collins, TD, is often regarded as the key military      1922, and again from June 1922, at the beginning of
figure in the War of Independence (1919-21) and the           the Civil War, to its end, in May 1923 (except for the             GSI LECTURE PROGRAMME
Civil War (1922-23), his own father, Richard Mul-             period from 13 July to 22 August 1922 when Collins
cahy, was arguably a more central figure in the mili-         was commander-in-chief)’. It was on the latter point            Tues. April 13 – Tim Carey, Heritage Officer, Dún
tary and political evolution of the State in the 1920s.       that Prof. Mulcahy explained his recent contacts with           Laoghaire Rathdown County Council – ‘In Honour
Drawing on his father’s extensive archive, Prof. Mul-         the Irish Army to clarify its stated position of the            and Memory - Memorials of Dun Laoghaire-
                                                              position of General Michael Collins. Prof. Mulcahy
cahy recently published a book ’My Father, The                                                                                Rathdown’. Tues. May 11 – Mary Beglan – ‘On-Line
General—Richard Mulcahy and the Military History              also gave his listeners an unique insight in to the
                                                                                                                              Sources of Irish Genealogy’. Tues. June 8—James
of Revolution’ (Liberties Press, 2009, ISBN 978-1-            personality of his father—a man who was very con-               McGuire - ’The Dictionary of Irish Biography’. Any
905483-63-1). Though many of his listeners had heard          scious of his place in the history of his country and yet,      suggestions on the Society lecture programme please
                                                              very reluctant to talk about the past. According to Prof.
of General Mulcahy and may have known of his career                                                                           contact Séamus Moriarty, MGSI by e-mail on
in formation and stabilisation of the Irish Free State,       Mulcahy, his father ‘expressed strong and trenchant   

                Membership of the Genealogical Society
In the annual review of the Membership Pack-                  School or Institutions assumed Arms or em-                    prefer, simply download the form and forward it
ages the Board agreed, under Res: 09/11/718 to                blems registered with the Society free of charge              with your remittance to the Society’s Director of
maintain the Annual Subscription for 2010 for                 to a maximum of ten registrations; occasional                 Finance, Mr. Tom Conlon, MGSI, 24, Carrick-
Irish and Overseas Members at the level agreed                group projects; Members’ internet forum; ge-                  brennan Lawn, Monkstown, Co. Dublin, Ireland.
in 2007 of €40.00 to include the following:                   nealogical, heraldic and vexillological advice;
Member voting rights; optional second house-                  and the facility to publish your research in the               Tracing Your Irish Ancestors
hold member with voting rights; Membership                    GSI Journal. This Membership Package shall be
Card (s); right to use GSI post-nominal; copy of              applied as and from Jan. 1st 2010 and be subject                              by John Grenham
the Annual Journal; monthly newsletter; use of                to annual review, however, existing Member-
the Society’s Archive; monthly meetings/                      ship Packages shall be honoured until their                   Highly recommended by this Society for EVERYBODY
lectures; special prices of up to 50% off se-                 annual renewal date. Also under Res: 08/11/636                 researching Irish family history at home or overseas.
                                                                                                                                Doing your Family Tree? You need this book!!
lected Society publications; right to register                persons under twenty-five years can still avail
your own assumed Arms or emblems with the                     of 50% reduction on the membership fee.
Society free of charge; right to have your Club,              Membership can be renewed on-line or, if you                    

                                Monthly Newsletter of the Genealogical Society of Ireland
                                                                                                                                            ISSN 1649-7937

                      is published by the                                               GLASNEVIN CEMETERY
            Genealogical Society of Ireland Limited
     11, Desmond Avenue, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland
                                                                      Like the great city cemeteries of Paris, London and other European capitals, Dublin’s
                                                                      Glasnevin Cemetery will take its place among the great resting places of the world
                                                                      according to An Taoiseach, Brian Cowen, TD, who official opened the revamped ceme-
                   Charity Reference: CHY10672                        tery and new museum on Thursday April 8th 2010. Costing an estimated €11 million,
      The Society is a Nominating Body for Seanad Éireann             this cemetery where circa 1.5 million persons are interred is set to become one of the
                                                                      country’s most popular tourist attractions. The newly restored memorial stones, includ-
             Board of Directors 2010-2011                             ing the impressive O’Connell mausoleum, and the widespread landscaping of this huge
                                                                      cemetery has created a wonderful public amenity for the citizens of Dublin and indeed,
Pádraic Ingoldsby (Cathaoirleach : Chairperson); Gerry Hayden         for the entire nation. Many famous figures from the pages of modern Irish history are
(Leas-Chathaoirleach : Vice Chair); Michael Merrigan (General
Secretary : Company Secretary); Tom Conlon (Finance); Sharon
                                                                      buried in this cemetery including its founder, the “Liberator” Daniel O’Connell, Gen-
Bofin (Membership & Publications); Séamus O’Reilly (Archive);         eral Michael Collins, President Eamon de Valera, Charles Stewart Parnell, Jeremiah
Barry O’Connor (Cemetery Projects); Séamus Moriarty (Lecture          O’Donovan Rossa, Arthur Griffith and Countess Markiewicz. Many of our literary and
Programme), Fíona Tipple (Education & Social Inclusion) Bartosz       cultural greats were also laid to rest in Glasnevin including, Brendan Behan, Luke
Kozłowski (Poland) (Internet Services); John Hamrock (National        Kelly, Gerard Manley Hopkins, and the famous actor, Michael Cusack. It is an educa-
Projects) and Pat Feenan (Sales & Marketing).                         tional resource in itself wherein so many of those who moulded modern Ireland are laid
                                                                      to rest alongside countless others, for whom, no marker save a line entry in the register
                JOIN ON-LINE                                          records their presence. Founded in 1832 as a resting place for persons of all denomina-
                                                                      tions and none, a point stipulated by O’Connell, he soon became Ireland’s answer to
                    @                                                 Paris’s Cimetière du Père-Lachaise and with the interment of Ireland’s revolutionary
                                                                      dead it became our very own version of Arlington National Cemetery. The new mu-
                                   seum, operated by the Glasnevin Trust, features exhibits charting the history of the
                                                                      cemetery, on its famous ‘inhabitants’ and even on the activities of body snatchers who
                                                                      provided cadavers for the medical schools in Dublin. The Glasnevin Trust has also
                 DIARY DATES                                          provided genealogical research facilities which can be accessed on-line at
        Tuesday Apr. 13th & May 11th 2010                    and a restaurant with a breathtaking panorama of the cemetery,
             Evening Open Meeting                                     along with information on its marvellous array of funerary monuments and historic
     Dún Laoghaire College of Further Education                       graves. The Genealogical Society of Ireland was represented at the official ceremony by
                                                                      President Rory Stanley and Mrs. Roz Stanley, Vice-President, The O Morchoe and
         Cumberland Street, Dún Laoghaire
                                                                      Cathaoirleach Pádraic Ingoldsby. The Office of Public Works and the Glasnevin Trust
               20.00hrs—22.00hrs                                      have to be warmly congratulated on this restoration project as it is an outstanding
     Wednesday Apr. 28th & May 26th 2010                              achievement that will, without a doubt, become one of Dublin’s most popular visitor
                                                                      attractions over the coming years.
             Morning Open Meeting
   Weir’s, Lower George’s Street, Dún Laoghaire
               10.30hrs—12.30hrs                                                  FOUR COURTS PRESS
                                                                              Irish History, Genealogy, Local History and much more
              Contribution €3.00 p.p.                                            
     (Coffee/Tea included at Morning Meetings)                                  Checkout the Sale Items - 10% Reduction On-Line

  NEW GSI BOARD                                         (Education & Social Inclusion, Volunteerism &
                                                        Gender Equality, Outreach Programme, Society
                                                                                                                MEDAL SOCIETY OF IRELAND
                                                        Records, Development of Digital Archive, Social       GSI Members researching ancestors or relatives who
At the Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday           History & Genealogy) Bartosz Kozłowski                served in the Irish, British, Commonwealth, American
March 9th 2010 in the Dún Laoghaire College of          (Internet Services, Society’s Website, Digital        or other armed forces or in the mercantile marine will
Further Education members elected a new Board           Photographic Archive, Assisting with Digital          find the publications and meetings of the Medal
of Directors of the Society. After the election,        Archive); John Hamrock (National Projects,            Society of Ireland of interest. Find out more about
                                                                                                              those medals so cherished by the family and handed
the President of the Society, Rory Stanley,             Legislative Campaigns, Overseas Societies Liai-
                                                                                                              down through generations. For further information on
FGSI, presented the new Cathaoirleach, Pádraic          son, Diaspora Liaison, Honorary Herald Liaison,       the Society visit its website at:
Ingoldsby, MGSI, with his Chain of Office as he         Heraldic Register, Heraldry & Genealogy) and
takes over from Séamus Moriarty, FGSI who               Pat Feenan (Sales & Marketing, Website Devel-
held the office since 2008. The new and ex-             opment for Sales & Marketing, Web Links, Mod-           DEMOLITION OF CHAPEL
panded Board held its first meeting on April 1st        erator of the MOA, Vexillology & Genealogy). As               OPPOSED
2010, at which, those elected without portfolios        reported last month, the GSI Board operate a
were allocated functions and duties in accor-           ‘cabinet style’ governance of the affairs of the      An Bord Pleanála (Planning Appeals Board)
dance with the Society’s three new Policy Docu-         Society for and on behalf of the members. Each        has received a number of objections to the
ments. The new Board is as follows [please              Director is responsible for his/her specific area     Planning Permission granted by Dublin City
note:- besides the title of the position, other         reporting to the Board. With the adoption by the      Council to a property development company
areas of responsibility are shown in italics]:          outgoing Board of three substantial policy docu-      for the construction of an eight storey private
Pádraic Ingoldsby (Cathaoirleach : Chairper-            ments aimed at providing a framework for the          hospital in the grounds of St. James’s Hospital
son); Gerry Hayden (Leas-Chathaoirleach :               development of the Society over the next five         in Dublin City. Apart from the height of the
Vice Chair, Protocol Officer & Buildings Man-           years, the Board members are each expected to         proposed building, objectors are opposed to the
ager, Presidential Liaison, Twentieth Anniver-          bring forward proposals to implement these poli-      scheme as it would involve the demolition of
sary Celebrations); Michael Merrigan (General           cies. These proposals will be considered by the       the hospital’s late nineteenth century chapel
Secretary : Company Secretary, Gazette Editor,          Board as a whole and, if adopted by way of reso-      which has been proposed for listing as a
Policy & Media, Irish Language Officer, Local           lution, implemented by the Society. It is envis-      ‘protected structure’. A number of Dublin City
Authority Liaison, Genealogy/Heritage Commu-            aged that ‘working groups’ consisting of Direc-       Councilors and local Teachtaí Dála (MPs) are
nity Liaison); Tom Conlon (Finance, Budgets,            tors and ordinary members may be established to       concerned that building as yet has not been
Liaison with Auditors, External Financial Risks         assist in the planning and implementation of          listed as a protected structure by Dublin City
Assessor); Sharon Bofin (Membership & Publi-            policies, strategies or functions. Hopefully, such    Council. As far back as 2008 a committee of
cations—Membership Records, Editor of the GSI           ‘working groups’ will familiarize ordinary mem-       the Council agreed to initiate the process for
Annual Journal); Séamus O’Reilly (Archive,              bers with the running of the Society and encour-      listing the chapel as a listed structure. It now
Development & Maintenance of GSI Archival               age many to seek election to the Board of Direc-      appears that although the process was initiated,
Collections, On-line Catalogue); Barry O’Con-           tors at a future AGM. Whilst, wishing all the         the report on the submissions was not placed
nor (Cemetery Projects, Stock Control & Sales           members of the Society’s new Board every suc-         before a full meeting of the City Council as
Dispatch); Séamus Moriarty (Lecture Pro-                cess in their portfolios our appreciation for ser-    required and the process was then halted as the
gramme, Liaison with College of Fellows, Mili-          vices rendered goes to Denis Ryan, MGSI, who          Council was made aware of a proposed devel-
tary History & Genealogy), Fíona Tipple                 stepped down as Director of Finance at the AGM.       opment on the hospital site. James Scannell

                               Monthly Newsletter of the Genealogical Society of Ireland

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