HANOVER'S FOUR EAGLE'S by fjzhangweiqun


									        WINTER 2003
Volume 26              Number 1

      John J. Finnigan, Jr.
         610-317-2372                                   A NEWSLETTER   PUBLISHED BY   HANOVER TOWNSHIP, NORTHAMPTON COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA
     John N. Diacogiannis
        Vice Chairman
      Dr. Frank T. Colon
                                            HANOVER’S FOUR EAGLE’S
      Stephen R. Salvesen
          Public Works
       Glenn R. Walbert
      Planning and Zoning
    Jim Sterner

         Jay Finnigan                      Richard                                                Christopher
                                                                       Jeffrey                                               John
       610-317-2373 fax                    Eugene                      David                      Scott                      Joseph
                                           Santee                      Carlson                    Osipower                   Finnigan, III
I N S I D E                                Nickname: Ricky             Nickname: Jeff             Nickname: Chris            Date Eagle Awarded:
PAGE                                       Date Eagle Awarded:         Date Eagle Awarded:        Date Eagle Awarded:        December 16, 2002
2      Meet Your Township Associates       September 16, 2002          December 5, 2002           December 16, 2002          Parent’s name: Mona
3      Community Center Activities         Date of Eagle Court of                                 Parent’s name(s): Mary-
                                                                       Parent’s name(s):                                     and Jay
4      Lions Club News
                                           Honor: February 8,          Kenneth and Barbara        susanne and D. Scott       Sibling’s Name: James
       Facts About Hanover
5      Meet Your Supervisors
                                           2003 @ Advent               Sibling’s Name: Daniel     Sibling’s Name: Andrew     Troop: 302, First
6-9    Community Center News               Moravian Church             Troop: 302, First          Troop: 302, First          Presbyterian Church
10     Halloween Parade Winners            Parent’s name(s):           Presbyterian Church        Presbyterian Church        Eagle Project
       Board of Supervisors                Mollie and Rick             Eagle Project              Eagle Project              Description: John
       Family Fun Day                      Sibling’s Names:            Description: Jeff recon-   Description: Sand          installed the Flag Pole
       Township Briefs
                                           Maddie, Kate and            ditioned the bicycle       Island beautification –    and Holiday on the
       Concert Info
11     We’re HANOVER, not Bethlehem
                                           Tommy                       and footpath area of       the clearing of trees,     grounds of the
       Tax Bills                           Troop: 302, First           Sand Island. He and        shrubs and debris          Hanover Township
       Get Ready to Read - again!          Presbyterian Church         his troop laid down 75     along the river.           Community Center.
12     Asa Packer News                     Eagle Project               tons of gravel on over     Organization or group      With the assistance of
       Citizen Police Academy              Description: Ricky          1500 feet of pathway.      that benefited: The City   his fellow scouts,
       Miller Memorial Blood Center
                                           designed and built a        The work included          of Bethlehem and all       numerous local busi-
13     Recycling Calendar
                                           prayer labyrinth on         conditioning, cleaning     visitors to the park       nesses and adult vol-
14     A Time of Transition - Rep. Dally
       Impressions - Sen. Dent             the grounds of the          & weeding, leveling        School Attending:          unteers over 200
15     Bethlehem Public Library Schedule   Advent Moravian             and resurfacing.           Midshipman the             hours were expended
16     Hanover Elementary School News      Church. The use of          Organization or group      United States Naval        to transform the
                                           prayer labyrinths to        that benefited: The        Academy, Annapolis,        entrance over the
Information deadline                       enhance meditation                                     MD., majoring in
for next newsletter:
                                                                       City of Bethlehem                                     Community Center.
                                           and prayer dates back       and its citizenry who      engineering.               Organization or group
April 15, 2003
                                           at least to the Middle      use Sand Island recre-     Other extra curricular     that benefited: The res-
Township Office
3630 Jacksonville Rd.                      Ages. Ricky’s project       ation area.                activities and honors:     idents and visitors to
610-866-1140                               consisted of designing      School Attending: Jeff     Captain of the Liberty     Hanover Township
610-758-9116 Fax                           and laying out the          plans to attend Penn       High School Swim           School Attending: John
www.hanovertwp-nc.org                      intricate labyrinth pat-    State after graduating     team, Academic All         is currently a senior at
Community Center                           tern and embedding          from Liberty High          American, Member of        Bethlehem Catholic
610-317-8701                               more than three hun-        School                     the National Honor         High School. He has
610-317-8704 Fax                           dred paving stone in        Employed by: Keystone      Society – Lamp of          been accepted to
HTCC@enter.net                             accordance with the         State Distributing         Learning Award             Wentworth Institute
Printed on                                 pattern. The project        Other extra curricular                                of Technology in
recycled paper                             involved more than 30       activities and honors:
                                                                                                                                    continued on page 12

                                 Meet Your Township Associates
N. James (Jim) Sterner                                      Kevin T. Healy
Township Manager                                            Public Works Director
Responsibilities: Oversees the day-to-                      Responsibilities: Supervise and main-
day operations of the Township,                             tain all aspects of Public Works. Re-
overall responsibility for the devel-                       sponsible for the upkeep and main-
opment of the Township budget, hir-                         tenance of all municipal roads, storm
ing and training of employees, assist-                      sewers, buildings and grounds,
ing the Board of Supervisors in the                         parks, pool and storm sewers. Addi-
planning and development of the                             tional responsibility is public relations
Township & establishment of Township                        with all residents.
Policies and Procedures. Works with other                   Employed by township since: 1970
governmental agencies, officials and developers.            Resides in: Hanover Township
Employed by township since: 1967                            Spouse: Sharen, children: Thomas & Christy and two grand-
Resides in: Hanover Township                                children Ashley and Alexis
Spouse: Linda, Children: Nathan and one grandson, Sam       Hobbies: Grandchildren, walking, hiking, race fan, golf and
Hobbies: Auto racing, fishing and most of all watching my   traveling the USA
Additional information: My goal is to make Hanover          Vincent (Vince) Milite
Township the best place to live, work and play. This has    Road Supervisor and Animal Enforcement Officer
always been and will always be my goal as Township          Responsibilities: Directing the day-to-
Manager.                                                    day operations of the road crew.
                                                            Schedule upcoming projects and par-
Linda J. Sterner                                            ticipate in the day-to-day operations
Tax Collector (elected) Township Secretary Treasurer        such as road maintenance, sign main-
(appointed)                                                 tenance, park maintenance, leaf collec-
Responsibilities: Attend Supervisors                        tion, building and vehicle maintenance,
meeting and take minutes. Compile                           snow plowing, park and recreation facili-
the budget and handle the day-to-                           ties and swimming pool.
day finances of the Township.                               Employed by township since: 1984
Communicate with developers con-                            Previous employment: Hanover Township lifeguard and
cerning deadlines and agreements;                           head lifeguard 1982 and 1983 respectively. Head of Security
compose agendas for meetings, pension                       at the Tally Ho from 1988 to present
fund administrator and insurance overseer.                  Resides in: Hanover Township
Employed by township since: 1975                            Spouse: Debra, children: Kaitlyn, Allison and Rebecca
Resides in: Hanover Township                                Hobbies: Power boating, swimming, camping, beach and travel
Spouse: Jim, Children: Nathan and one grandson, Sam         Additional information: I have lived in Hanover Township
Hobbies: Car racing, crochet and reading                    since 1976. It is a wonderful place to grown up, get married
Additional information: Board member, Pennsylvania Local    and raise a family. Thank you Hanover Township!
Government Secretary’s Association; Vice President,
Northampton County Association of Township Officials;       Lori Stranzel
President, Keystone Municipal Insurance Trust; President    Assistant Secretary Treasurer and
Pennsylvania Municipal Insurance Program; Certified         Recycling Coordinator
Governmental Secretary and Certified Municipal Clerk        Responsibilities: Communicates with
                                                            businesses on recycling. Accounts
                                                            payable, balancing of accounts for
    Special Events Committee Annual Events                  monthly closings, assistance with
                                                            budget, transcribe minutes of meet-
      •      Sousa Concert 05/04/2003
                                                            ings, payroll and customer service.
      •      Family Fun Day 05/24/2003
                                                            Employed by township since: 1993
      •      September 11th Remembrance                     Resides in: Forks Township
             & Flay Retirement Ceremony 09/11/2003          Children: Erik and Tyler
      •      Halloween Parade & Party 10/25/2003            Hobbies: crochet
      •      Holiday Tree Lighting 12/06/2003               Additional information: Certified Municipal Clerk and Certi-
                                                            fied Government Secretary

Alphonse (Al) Fiore                                           Deanna Skinner
Building Inspector, Ordinance Enforcement Officer             Office Clerk
and Zoning Administrator                                      Responsibilities: General office duties,
Responsibilities: Building Inspector,                         handling of plan and appeals billings
Ordinance Enforcement Officer and                             and records payment, assists with
Zoning Administrator. Application                             collection and recording of real estate
and administration of Zoning Ordi-                            taxes and customer service.
nances, issuance of building and occu-                        Employed by township since: 1987
pancy permits and perform inspections                         Resides in: Hanover Township
according to BOCA.                                            Spouse: Charles, children: Michael
Employed by township since: 1987                              and James
Previous employment: Bethlehem Steel and an independent       Hobbies: crochet
Resides in: Hanover Township                                  Ronald (Ron) J. Smith
Spouse: Luisa, children: John & James                         Member of the Road Crew – Equipment Operator
Hobbies: sports, music and dancing                            Responsibilities: road maintenance,
                                                              sign maintenance, park maintenance,
Catherine A. (Cathy) Heimsoth                                 leaf collection, building and vehicle
Recreation Director                                           maintenance, snow plowing, park
Responsibilities: Responsible for the                         and recreation facilities and swim-
daily operation of the Hanover                                ming pool maintenance.
Township Community Center,                                    Employed by township since: 1982
Township Parks and recreational                               Previous employment: United States Navy
activities within the Township. Im-                           1976-1979, United States Naval Reserve
plementation of Winter, Spring,                               1979-1983
Summer and Fall activities for the                            Resides in: East Allen
youth and adults of all ages.                                 Spouse: Cathy, children: Zachary and Jeremiah
Communication of Recreational Program-                        Hobbies: Baseball and soccer with children and bowling
ming and needs to the Board of Supervisors and the            Additional information: I enjoy working with the public!
Recreation Advisory Board. Responsible for the Summer
Parks Program and the staffing of the program.                David (Dave) M. Savage
Employed by township since: 1998 at the Community Center      Member of the Road Crew – Equipment Operator
as an aerobics instructor, front desk staff member and mar-   Responsibilities: road maintenance,
keting director. Member of the Recreation Advisory Board      sign maintenance, park maintenance,
from 1999 to 2000. Appointed Recreation Director in June      leaf collection, building and vehicle
of 2000.                                                      maintenance, snow plowing, park
Resides in: Hanover Township                                  and recreation facilities and swim-
Spouse: Neil, children: Nicole, Neil, Adam, Andrea and TJ     ming pool maintenance. Maintains
Hobbies: Horseback riding                                     and repairs all townships trucks and
                                                              vehicles. If it’s broken you’ll probably
                                                              see Dave trying to fix it.
Nancy Wagner                                                  Employed by township since: 1987
Township Manager’s Secretary                                  Resides in: Palmerton
Responsibilities: Quarterly sanitary                          Spouse: Gari Lee, children: Natalie and David
sewer debt service billing, issue per-                        Hobbies: boating, hunting, skiing and traveling
mits for registrations of alarms,
maintains recycling and mailing lists,
handle letters and correspondence of
                                                               Community Center Annual Events
Township Manager, general clerical                               ✘       Karate Tournament 5/3/2003
duties as needed. Customer service.                              ✘       Ready to Read program starts 5/15/2003
Employed by township since: 1994                                 ✘       5th Grade Dance 6/13/2003
Resides in: Hanover Township                                     ✘       Women’s 5k Walk/Run 6/14/2003
Spouse: Don, children: Michael                                   ✘       Youth Triathlon 7/19/2003
Hobbies: crochet                                                 ✘       Summer Reading Finale 8/14/2003
                                                                 ✘       Candidates Night 10/13/2003
                                                                 ✘       Annual 5K Road Race 11/13/2003

Joe Lettich                                                                          Duane Breidenbach
Member of the Road Crew-Equipment Operator                                           Member of the Road Crew-Equipment Operator
Responsibilities: road maintenance, sign                                             Responsibilities: road maintenance,
maintenance, park maintenance, leaf                                                  sign maintenance, park maintenance,
collection, building and vehicle main-                                               leaf collection, building and vehicle
tenance, snow plowing, park and re-                                                  maintenance, snow plowing, park
creation facilities and swimming pool                                                and recreation facilities and swim-
maintenance, painting and tiles.                                                     ming pool maintenance.
Employed by township since: 1989                                                     Employed by township since: 1989
Previous employment: Bethlehem Steel and                                             Resides in: Upper Nazareth
American Nickeloid                                                                   Spouse: Denise, children: Collin
Resides in: Hanover Township                                                         Hobbies: weight lifting and mountain biking
Spouse: Patricia, children: Regina and Melissa                                       Additional information: I was born and raised in Hanover.
Hobbies: football, baseball and works part-time in a restaurant                      My father was the Township’s first Recreation Director and
Additional information: It’s a pleasure living in Hanover                            held that position for 25 years
                                                                                     Jeremy Bucko
Jim Skinner                                                                          Member of the Road Crew – Equipment Operator
Member of the Road Crew-Equipment Operator                                           Responsibilities: road maintenance, sign
Responsibilities: road maintenance, sign                                             maintenance, park maintenance, leaf
maintenance, park maintenance, leaf                                                  collection, building and vehicle main-
collection, building and vehicle main-                                               tenance, snow plowing, park and
tenance, snow plowing, park and                                                      recreation facilities and swimming
recreation facilities and swimming                                                   pool maintenance.
pool maintenance.                                                                    Employed by township since: 2001
Employed by township since: 1988                                                     Previous employment: Guardian Insurance
Resides in: Hanover Township                                                         Resides in: Upper Nazareth
Spouse: Jane, children: Hayley, Kyle and Tyler                                       Hobbies: working out and coaching wrestling
Hobbies: hunting, fishing and boating
Additional information: Member of the Hanover Township
Volunteer Fire Company since 1985. Born and raised in                                    L I O N S               C L U B            N E W S
Hanover Township.
                                                                                        The Lions Club has been busy with fund raisers includ-
                                                                                     ing White Cane Days at WaWa, Journey for Sight in Bangor,
    FACTS ABOUT HANOVER                                                              selling Entertainment Books, selling tickets for Charity
    Legal Entity: Second Class Township under the Pa. Municipalities Planning Code   Days at Bon◊Ton, a Turkey raffle and Spaghetti Dinner.
    Legislative Body: Elected Board of Supervisors                                   Raising a total of $1,800.00 for charitable programs.
                           John J. Finnigan, Jr., (R) – Chairman                        The fund raisers allowed the Lions Clubs to donate food
                           John N. Diacogiannis (R) – Vice Chairman                  baskets, Christmas and monetary to two area families,
                           Dr. Frank T. Colon (D)                                    $450.00 to Lions District 14K charitable projects and $500.00
                           Stephen R. Salvesen (R)                                   to the Hanover Township Community Center towards the
                                                                                     purchase of a defibrillator.
                           Glenn R. Walbert (D)
                                                                                        Currently the club is collecting mugs with nice sayings or
    Township Website: HTCC@enter.net                                                 pictures for Westminster Village, non-perishable food items
    Located in the 15th Congressional District: Patrick J. Toomey (R)                for the Second Harvest Food Bank, eyeglasses and con-
    Located in the 16th State Senatorial District: Charles W. Dent (R)               ducting bingo parties for the clients of the Visual
    Located in the 138th State Legislative District: Craig A. Dally (R)              Impairment & Blindness Services, Northampton County.
    Township Manager: N. James Sterner (Appointed)                                      Former Township resident Tina Neos Marzigliano
    Public Works Director: Kevin T. Healy (Appointed)                                addressed a recent club meeting regarding her son
    Tax Collector: Linda J. Sterner (Elected)                                        Nicholas, who suffers from a metabolic disease called
                                                                                     CDGS, carbohydrate deficient glycoprotein syndrome and
    Township Secretary: Linda J. Sterner (Appointed)
                                                                                     is need of a special type of transplant that is currently in the
    Recreation Director: Catherine A. Heimsoth (Appointed)
                                                                                     experimental stage.
    Police Protection: Colonial Regional Police Department                              The club will host their Spring Spaghetti Dinner, March
    Fire Protection: Hanover Township Volunteer Fire Company #1                      29, 2003 from 4 to 7 p.m., at the Christ UCC Fellowship
    Ambulance Service: Hanover Township Volunteer Ambulance Corp                     Hall, 5050 Airport Road. Adults $6.00 and children 6-12
    School District: Bethlehem Area                                                  $2.75. Anyone wishing information on any Lions Club
    Water Service: Utilities, Inc. and the City of Bethlehem                         event or the club itself should contact Bernice Kulp at

                                                                                    Meet the
                                                                                    Board of

                                                                                    Seated: Vice Chairman John Diacogiannis,
                                                                                    Frank Colon & Glenn Walbert
                                                                                    Standing: Steve Salvesen &
                                                                                    Chairman Jay Finnigan

John J. (Jay) Finnigan, Jr., Chairman, Board of Supervisors       Spouse: Helen, children: Andrew
Member of the Board of Supervisors since: 2000, being elected     Hobbies: Golf, singing and playing the trombone
in 1999, Vice Chairman 2001-2002, Chairman 2003                   Additional information: Trustee Advent Moravian Church,
Member of the Recreation Advisory Board from 1998-1999            Chairman Advent Moravian Church Budget Committee,
as Treasurer                                                      Mason, Shriner and Lion. Black Belt in Karate – Tang Soo
Current Occupation: Relationship Manager                          Do, former instructor at Bethlehem YMCA. Former
Employed by: D&B, Inc.                                            Basketball Coach – Advent Moravian and member of the
Resident of Hanover since: 1997                                   church softball team.
Spouse: Mona, children: John a senior at Bethlehem Catholic
and James an eighth grader at Notre Dame of Bethlehem             Dr. Frank T. Colon, Member of the Board of Supervisors
Hobbies: Vice President Thunder Youth Hockey, coach               Member of the Board of Supervisors since: 1982, being elected
Bantam A Team, coached baseball and basketball. Member,           in 1981; Vice Chairman 1986-2000
AABC Umpires Association. Skiing and politics.                    Member of the Hanover Township Zoning Board 1969 -
Additional information: Employed by the same organization         1981
since February 1979, having worked in Boston and                  Current Occupation: Professor of Political Science
Springfield, MA; New York, NY; Hartford, CT and now               Employed by: Lehigh University
Bethlehem, PA. I have been on both sides of corporate             Resident of Hanover since: 1968
downsizing, as an offset associate and being re-hired due to      Children: Brian & Geoffrey
restructuring the sales channel.                                  Hobbies: Travel, reading & volunteer work. Chairman of the
                                                                  Colonial Regional Police Board since 1995
Glenn R Walbert, Member of the Board of Supervisors
Member of the Board of Supervisors since: 1986, being elected     John N. Diacogiannis, Vice Chairman, Board of Supervisors
in 1985                                                           Member of the Board of Supervisors since: 1985, being appointed
Current Occupation: Recently retired from Agere Systems           and elected in 1984. Vice Chairman 2003
Resident of Hanover since: 1967                                   Member of the Township Planning Commission 1979 to
Spouse: Karen, children: Todd who resides in Glen Elyn, IL;       1983, last two years as Chairman.
Bryan who resides in Bethlehem and Lori who resides in            Current Occupation: Corporate Risk & Insurance Supervisor
San Diego, CA                                                     Employed by: PP&L, Inc.
Hobbies: Gardening, home repairs, skiing and wood work-           Resident of Hanover since: 1972
ing                                                               Spouse: Elene, children: Telly, Niko and Evan
                                                                  Hobbies: Gardening and music
Stephen R. (Steve) Salvesen, Member of the Board of Supervisors   Additional information: Holds an M.B.A. from Lehigh and is
Member of the Board of Supervisors since: 1984, being elected     a CPLU. Member of the Lehigh Valley Planning Com-
in 1983; Chairman 1986-2002                                       mission and Moravian College Business and Industry Com-
Member of the Planning Commission in Hanover and                  mittee. Trustee, St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Trust
Trustee – Village of Bloomingdale, IL.                            Fund; Director, Lehigh County Agricultural Society
Current Occupation: Executive Director                            (Allentown Fair); Charter Member and Treasurer – Beth-
Employed by: Bethlehem Authority                                  lehem Soccer Club and Director – Lehigh Valley Chapter of
Resident of Hanover since: 1987                                   the CPLU Society.

HANOVER TOWNSHIP                                                 2002 HANOVER TOWNSHIP HALLOWEEN PARADE WINNERS
FAMILY FUN DAY                                                      We knew the rain would stop for our Parade &
                                                                 Party and it did! We had many great entrants

     aturday, May 24th, Hanover Township will hold it’s          but we had to narrow it down to just one win-
     2nd “Family Fun Day” at the Municipal Complex               ner in each category. The winner of the
     from 12:00 to 6:00 p.m. The Special Events Committee        Gateway Holiday Inn gift basket and night’s
would like to invite everyone to attend this fun filled day of   stay for the Best Adult Costume was the
music, food, games, prizes and Community Spirit. We will         Mazda Miada Club’s Grim Reaper. The win-
bring back some of the celebrated events from last year like     ner of the Linda Marlow gift basket for Best
the dunk tank, sumo suit wrestling, sea dragon and kids          Child Costume went to Greg Marshall as the Jr.
games but this year will bring many new items as well. You       Motorcycle Officer. The winner of the Carmike
will be able to climb a giant rock wall or challenge your        Theatre movie passes for Best Group went to the
neighbor to a race through the obstacle course just to name      Broadway Family as Hershey Kisses. The winner of
a few. We will also have live demonstrations from the            the Wegmans gift certificate for Funniest Costume
Lenape Indians including a real tee pee! Come and enjoy a        went to The Airport Self Storage Ensemble. The
day with your family, friends and neighbors.                     winner of the Wegmans gift certificate for
                                                                 Most Original Costume went to Brownie
                                                                 Troop #712 for re-creating Captain Hook’s and Peter Pan’s
TOWNSHIP BRIEFS                                                  Ship. And the winners of the King and Queen essay contest
                                                                 were Andrew & Courtney Milham. The Special Events
                                                                 Committee would like to thank everyone for sponsoring,
v Please remember if you have sidewalk adjoining your
                                                                 volunteering, participating and attending the Parade and
  property all snow must be removed within 36 hours
  after a storm. Please do not shovel snow into the streets!     Party. We hope you enjoyed it and we can’t wait to see you
v If you have a fire hydrant on or near your property,           all at this year’s Parade on Saturday, October 25th.
  please assist the Fire Company by clearing snow away
  from it.
v Please Do not shovel or snow blow snow into the town-
                                                                 Board of Supervisors
                                                                    At their Annual Re-organization meeting, the Super-
  ship roads
                                                                 visors elected and made the following appointments:
                                                                 • Jay Finnigan was elected Chairman.
v Please DO NOT put material out for pickup before 6:00
                                                                 • John Diacogiannis was elected Vice Chairman.
  P.M. Monday night.
                                                                 • Appointed Todd J. Bushta, CPA as the Township Auditor
v Please keep all trash and recycling cans behind the curb
                                                                 • Re-appointed James Broughal as the Township Solicitor.
  and NOT in the street.
                                                                 • Re-appointed James Birdsall as Township Engineer.
v All garbage shall be stored in containers with lids for
                                                                 • Re-appointed Robert VanWhy as the Township Fire
v Corrugated (cardboard) tie in separate flat bundles no
                                                                 • Re-appointed Francis Almer as Director of Emergency
  larger than 2’ x 3’
v Grass clippings shall be in bags strong enough to hold
                                                                 • Re-appointed Al Fiore as Ordinance Enforcement Officer.
  the contents and shall not weigh more than 35 lbs.
                                                                 • Re-appointed Kevin Healy as Ordinance Enforcement
v Please refer to recycling calendar for complete list of
  recyclable materials.
                                                                 • Re-appointed Vincent Milite as Animal Control Officer.
v Thank-you to all residents for your continued recycling
                                                                 • Re-appointed Cathy Heimsoth as Recreation Director.
                                                                 • Appointed Natalie Miller as Community Relations
JOHN PHILIP SOUSA CONCERT                                        • Re-appointed the following as member(s) of the Planning
   The Hanover Township Special Events Committee and             Commission: Joseph Hilton
The Westgate Mall are proud to sponsor the 6th Annual            • Re-appointed the following member(s) to the Shade Tree
                                                                 Commission: Dan Roman & Joan Witiak
John Philip Sousa Concert. The concert will be held at the
                                                                 • Re-appointed the following to the Impact Advisory
Hanover Township Community Center Sunday, May 4,
                                                                 Committee: Frank Arner, Marie Lychak, Paul Kuehne,
2003 at 2:00 p.m. The Liberty Alumni and Easton Municipal
                                                                 Joseph Trinkle, Kerry Wrobel and LeRoy Wilson.
Bands are returning to guarantee an extraordinary concert.
                                                                 • Re-appointed the following members of the Special
This year the Special Events Committee and the Veterans          Events Committee: Irv Good
Administration will present Hanover Township Korean              • Re-appointed Robert Schoenen, Jr. as Township Repre-
War Veterans with special Commemorative Plaques to               sentative to the Bethlehem Public Library.
thank them for their service to our country. We hope you         • Appointed the Supervisors Chairman of Committees:
will join us in honoring these fine men. This concert is free    John Diacogiannis – Administration; Glenn Walbert –
to all and sure to be a memorable experience. Wegmans’           Planning & Zoning; Frank Colon – Development and Steve
cookies and punch will be served before the show.                Salvesen – Public Works

This is         Hanover, not Bethlehem!                                                       2003 Tax Bills
                                                                                              Tax bills will be mailed to each
W       hat European settlers' first saw
        when they looked upon the land
that now comprises Hanover
                                            opening of Hanover Elementary
                                            School, Hanover Township joined with
                                            three other local townships and the
                                                                                          property owner by the end of Jan-
                                                                                          uary or first week of February. If
                                                                                          you do not receive by mid-
Township, Northampton County, was           City of Bethlehem to form the Beth-           February please call the office.
a watersparse wilderness covered with       lehem Area School District. A second          610-866-1140
scruboaks. It is hardly surprising,         elementary school, Asa Packer, was                Please make sure you forward
therefore, that they called it "The         built at the western end of Stoke Park        your tax bill to your mortgage
Barrens" or "The Dry Lands". By the         Road in 1967.                                 company, bank or whoever is
early nineteenth century, however,
Pennsylvania Dutch farmers had
turned the area into some of the most
                                            P    opulation growth in the Township
                                                 remained slow and steady until the
                                            1920's when the trend toward subur-
                                                                                          responsible for paying your taxes.
                                                                                              There will be a Three ($3.00)
                                                                                          Dollar service charge for a dupli-
fertile farmland in the state.              banization began. Hanover's popula-           cate tax bills.
   Originally, the Township was part of     tion doubled between 1950 and 1960
23,000 acres which formed John and          and nearly tripled in the decade that
Richard Penn's "Manor of Fermor". In        followed. The 1990 Census showed
1747, it became part of Allen               7,136 individuals living in the              Get “READY TO
Township, which was comprised of            Township. During the next 10 years the
what are now Allen, East Allen, and         population increased by 34% with the          READ” again!
the two Hanover Townships. Hanover          2000 Census showing 9,563 residents.
Township was officially incorporated           Hanover Township today is a resi-           Hanover Township Community
as a separate entity on August 8, 1798.     dential community with excellent            Center and Lehigh Valley PBS are get-
   The Township acquired its present        recreation facilities, highlighted by the   ting “Ready to Read” again! June will
boundaries in 1812 when Lehigh              Hanover Township Community                  be Hanover Township Literacy
County was created. At that time,           Center that opened in November of           Month and the start of the HTCC
Hanover was split into two separate         1996. The township is located north-        Summer Reading Program and we
townships with approximately one-           west of the City of Bethlehem allowing      want to start it right! The kick-off
third of the land and one-half of the       easy access to urban facilities. Well-      party will be held at the Community
population remaining in Northampton         planned employment districts are cur-       Center on Thursday, May 15th from
County.                                     rently being developed, which will          12:00 until 2:00 p.m. Tele Bear and
                                            allow employment opportunities with-        Thunder will be there to meet all of the
   Farming predominated Township
                                            in the Township.                            children ages 2-6 who want to get
life throughout the nineteenth century
                                                                                        “Ready to Read”. There will be
and into the twentieth. During that
time, development centered around
the village of Hanoverville in the east
                                            H      anover Township is a Second
                                                   Class Township under the
                                            Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning
                                                                                        refreshments and entertainment for
                                                                                        everyone! Listen to stories read by
                                                                                        Supervisor Finnigan, Senator Dent,
and Schoenersville in the west. Each        Code and is governed by a five-mem-
                                                                                        Representative Dally, Dr. Pagano, the
had a tavern, a store, a post office, and   ber Board of Supervisors. The current
                                                                                        Allentown Ambassadors, the Valley
a handful of dwellings. Power for grist     board of Supervisors is comprised of
                                                                                        Dawgs, the Tooth Fairy and some
and sawmills and a brewery was pro-         John J. (Jay) Finnigan, Jr., originally
                                                                                        other very special surprise guests. Win
vided by the Township's only stream,        elected in 1999, Dr, Frank Colon, origi-
                                                                                        prizes from Wegmans, Westgate Mall,
the Monocacy, which flows along the         nally elected in 1981, John N. Diacogi-
                                                                                        Allentown Art Museum, The Great
southeastern boundary.                      annis, originally elected in 1984, after
                                                                                        Allentown Fair, Weis, Steak & Ale, The
   Until 1956, three one-room schools       being appointed during 1984, Stephen        Holiday Inn Gateway and many,
were the locations for the education of     R. Salvesen, originally elected in 1983     many others. Every child who attends
Township children. Schortz School, the      and Glenn R. Walbert, originally elect-     will receive a free book from Tele Bear
oldest of the three, is located on          ed in 1984. The Township Manager, N.        and a special gift bag
Jacksonville Road, across from the pre-     James Sterner is responsible for the        including prizes and
sent Hanover Elementary School.             day-to-day operations of the township.      information on how to
Knauss School stands in the northeast-      A thirty-six year employee of the           start your children on
ern section of the Township on              Township Jim was appointed the              the road to reading.
Hanoverville Road directly behind           township’s first Township Manager in        Join us for the fun.
Golden View Dinner. The third school,       March of 1990. The Hanover Township         Reservations         are
Rudolph, was located on Jacksonville        Volunteer Fire Company #1 provides          required so call the
Road near the Schoenersville Road           fire protection and police protection is    Community Center at
intersection and now houses a Tanczos       handled by the Colonial Regional            610-317-8701.
Beverages. In 1965, nine years after the    Police Department.

                                                Miller Memorial                         Citizens Police Academy
                                                 Blood Center                              On November 20, 2002 fifteen indi-
                                                                                        viduals graduated from the Colonial
                                                   “Give the Gift of Life”              Regional Police Citizens Police
                                                                                        Academy. The graduates comprised
                                                Since 1971, the mission of the          residents from Hanover and Lower
                                             Samuel W. Miller Memorial Blood            Nazareth Townships and the Bor-
                                             Center has been to provide a safe and      oughs of Bath and Chapman.
                                             adequate blood supply for our local           The graduates participated in a six-
Richard Eugene Santee cont’d                 communities. The Blood Center oper-
                                                                                        week, one night a week program that
Scouts, friends and leaders and took         ates three fixed donor centers in,
                                                                                        was presented by members of the
more than two days to complete.              Bethlehem (Hanover Township),
                                                                                        CRPD. The intent of the program was
Organization or group that benefited:        Allentown and Bangor. Additionally
Advent Moravian Church                       it holds in excess of 500 bloodmobiles
                                                                                           • Familiarize citizens with the vari-
School Attending: Ricky is currently a       on an annual basis. To register for a
                                                                                        ous functions of the police department
senior at Liberty High School and has        donation or for more information on
                                                                                           • Provide basis understanding of
applied for admission to Colgate             any of their programs and services,
                                                                                        the role of the police in the criminal
University, Schreyer Honors College          call 610.691.5850 or 800.223.6667.
                                                                                        justice system and the role of the
at Penn State, Dickson College and              You can also visit their Website at
                                             www.MMBL.org/blood.                        police in increasing the quality of life
the University of Virginia.                                                             in a community
Other extra curricular activities and                                                      • Familiarize citizens with the ele-
honors: National Honor Society,
                                                                                        ments of crimes, the various grades of
varsity soccer (co-captain and Liberty
                                                                                        crimes, the Pennsylvania Crimes
HS Scholar-Athlete Award), president
                                                                                        Code, Vehicle Code and municipal
of LHS Grenadier Band, LHS Band
First Company, LHS Orchestra,
                                                                                           • Provide an understanding of the
referee for the Greater Bethlehem
                                                                                        citizen’s role in basic crime preven-
Church Basketball League. Ricky
served as Senior Patrol Leader for
                                                                                           The student’s curriculum included
Troop 302 and was a Patrol Leader
                                                                                        a tour of the department, history of
for the area contingent to the
National Jamboree in 2000.                   Asa Packer                                 policing in the United States, discus-
                                                                                        sions of applicable case law on arrests,
Jeffrey David Carlson cont’d                 School News                                statements and confessions, search
                                                Good news was received just before      and seizure and the use of force. Stu-
Member of the National Honor
                                             the winter holiday; notification from      dents had the opportunity to lift latent
Society. He has been a member of the
Liberty High School Ski Club and the         the Pennsylvania Department of             fingerprints and learned what is phys-
Presbyterian Youth Fellowship of 1st         Education that Asa Packer has earned       ical evidence and DNA. There were
Presbyterian of Catasauqua.                  a performance award of $8,280.00 for       also presentation on drugs and drug
                                             Maintenance of High Standards. This        paraphernalia, traffic enforcement and
John Joseph Finnigan, III cont’d             new state award is designed to recog-      accident investigation, the use of
Boston and is waiting to hear from           nize a school’s sustained high achieve-    canines and crime prevention.
Lafayette, Northeastern, Drexel and          ment in the Grade 5 PSSA’s over sev-          The citizen students from Bath were
Olin. John plans on majoring in engi-        eral years.                                Frank Wunderler and Karen Skipper,
neering.                                        January focus has also been on the      from Hanover Township Martha
Employed by: Hanover Township                weather and fitness. Ed Hanna,             Kuhns, John Rosenthal, John Weber,
Community Center                             weatherman for Channel 69, has             Michale Coogan, Francis “Red” Fedor,
Other extra curricular activities and hon-   scheduled a visit with third grade stu-    Irv Good, Frank Colon, Karen Van
ors: John is member of the Notre             dents. Ice skating instruction for fifth   Why, Edward Corrigan and Patricia
Dame of Bethlehem High School CYO            grades’ physical education class as        Stonaker, from Lower Nazareth Town-
Basketball Team. In 2000 he was              well as a PTO sponsored school-wide        ship Barbara Hoell and Tract Hoell
named the teams Most Dedicated               ice skating event at Municipal Ice Rink    and from Chapman Borough Dorothy
Player. John served as Troop 302’s           has fit well into the January weather      Niklos.
Librarian and Assistant Patrol Leader.       patterns. Hanover Township Com-               It was the consensus of the students
He also served as Den Chief for Cub          munity Center personnel will help us       that the program was interesting and
Pack 352, Den 7.                             close out the month with a special         enjoyable. It provided them with a
                                             Fitness Day, providing fitness activi-     better insight into the role of the police
                                             ties for the entire student body.          in their community.


2003                                                            2004                                PROGRAM
                                                                                              v Rinse and clean all bottles,
                                                                                                jars & cans. Labels can
                                                                                                remain on.

                                                                                              v Remove any lids and caps
HANOVER TOWNSHIP RESIDENTS RECYCLE!                                                             from bottles & jars. Only
Normal refuse pick-up is every Tuesday. In weeks with a Holiday (H), it moves to Wednesday.     metal caps are recyclable.
                          Re-cycling days are identified with a “R”
                                                                                              v Place all recyclables in
         APRIL 2003                       MAY 2003                       JUNE 2003              your container.
S M       T    W T     F   S    S M       T    W T     F   S    S M       T   W T     F   S
          R1   2   3   4   5                       1   2   3    1    2    3   4   5   6   7        RECYLABLES
                                                                                              v Aluminum & tin cans
 6   7     8   9 10 11 12       4     5    6   7   8   9   10   8   9 10 11 12 13 14
13 14 15 16 17 18 19
      R                        11 12 13 14 15 16 17
                                     R                          15 16 17 18 19 20 21          v Glass jars & bottles (clear,
20 21 22 23 24 25 26           18 19 20 21 22 23 24             22 23 24 25 26 27 28
                                                                      R                         brown & green)
27 28 29 30
      R                         25 26 27 28 29 30 31
                                   H      R                     29 30
                                                                                              v Plastic bottles & jugs
                                                                                                Soda bottles, (green &
                                                                                                clear), Milk & Water, others -
                                                                                                detergent, lotion, shampoo,
         JULY 2003                    AUGUST 2003                   SEPTEMBER 2003              etc. Most products labeled
S M       T    W T     F   S    S M       T    W T     F   S    S M       T   W T     F   S     #1 or #2 are acceptable.

           1   2   3   4   5                           1   2      H1      2 R3 4 5 6          v Empty Aerosol Cans
 6   7R8 9 10 11 12              3   R4
                                      5 6 7 8 9                 7 8       9 10 11 12 13         Empty through normal
13 14 15 16 17 18 19           10 11 12 13 14 15 16             14 15 16 17 18 19 20            use. Remove plastic lids
                                                                      R                         unless attached.
20 21 22 23 24 25 26
      R                        17 18 19 20 21 22 23
                                      R                         21 22 23 24 25 26 27
27 28 29 30 31                 24 25 26 27 28 29 30             28 29 30
                                                                      R                       v Poly Coated Containers
                                                                                                Milk & Juice Cartons
                                                                                                Rinse & flatten - do not
                                                                                                include straws

     OCTOBER 2003                    NOVEMBER 2003                  DECEMBER 2003             v Newspapers with colored
S M       T    W T     F   S    S M       T    W T     F   S    S M       T   W T     F   S     or glossy inserts, should
               1   2   3   4                                1        1    2   3   4   5   6     be tied with a cord or
                                                                                                placed in a brown paper bag.
 5   6     7   8   9 10 11       2    3    4   5   6   7    8   7    8 9
                                                                      R 10 11 12 13
12 13 14 15 16 17 18
      R                          9 10 11 12 13 14 15
                                      R                         14 15 16 17 18 19 20          v Magazines tied or bundled
19 20 21 22 23 24 25            16 17 18 19 20 21 22            21 22 23 24 25 26 27            separately.
26 27 28 29 30 31
      R                         23 24 25 26 27 28 29
                                      R                         28 29 30 31                   v Corrugated (cardboard
                                30                                                              boxes). Tie in separate
                                                                                                flat bundles.
                                                                                                No larger than 2' x 3'.
     JANUARY 2004                    FEBRUARY 2004                   MARCH 2004               v Junk Mail
S M       T    W T     F   S    S M       T    W T     F   S    S M       T   W T     F   S
                                                                                                Bundle with newspapers.
                   1   2   3     1    2 R3 4 5 6 7                   1    R2 3 4 5 6            Do not include plastic or foil
 4   5  6 7 8 9 10               8    9 10 11 12 13 14          7    8     9 10 11 12 13        wrappings
11   2 13 14 15 16 17          15 16 17 18 19 20 21
                                     R                          14 15 16 17 18 19 20
                                                                      R                                Problems?
18 19 20 21 22 23 24
      R                        22 23 24 25 26 27 28             21 22 23 24 25 26 27             Call Waste Management @
25 26 27 28 29 30 31           29                               28 29 30 31
                                                                      R                                1.800.621.2100

A Time of Transition in Harrisburg                                  Impressions
by Rep. Craig Dally (R-138)                                         By State Senator Charles W. Dent, 16th Senatorial District
                                                                       The end of 2002 marked the end of the Pennsylvania
     HARRISBURG – January 2003 will be remembered as a              General Assembly’s two-year Legislative Session. It is a
time of transition here in the State Capitol. The 2003-04           good time to look back on some of the major issues that we
Session of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives                considered during the Session.
opened Jan. 7 with the election of Rep. Matthew J. Ryan (R-            The last two years saw changing economic conditions
Delaware) to a historic sixth term as speaker.                      nationally, which severely impacted most state budgets.
     Later in the month former Philadelphia Mayor Ed Ren-           Fortunately, at a time when other states were raising taxes
dell became the 45th governor of Pennsylvania.                      or cutting programs and services, Pennsylvania continued
     Republicans hold a 108-94 majority in the House. There         to reduce the tax burden on working families and job-cre-
is one vacancy. This is the fifth consecutive session               ators. Pennsylvania was better prepared than many states
                                                                    to handle a tightening economy thanks to healthy reserves
Republicans will control the House. It is the longest consec-
                                                                    in the Rainy Day fund and good fiscal policies in the past.
utive Republican tenure since the GOP controlled the
                                                                    As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, I
House in the late 1940s and early 1950s.
                                                                    strongly backed those prudent steps.
     In the state Senate the Republicans hold a 28-21 advan-
                                                                       A major highlight of the 2001-02 Legislative Session was
tage with one vacancy.                                              the landmark investment in health care. The Legislature
     One of the top priorities of the House in the new ses-         approved a sweeping tobacco settlement bill in 2001 that is
sion will be education and dealing with growing property            dedicated to improving health care by providing health
taxes. These two issues are difficult to separate as public         coverage to more needy Pennsylvanians, promoting smok-
schools receive most of their funding from property taxes.          ing cessation and prevention programs and enabling more
     With nearly half of the state budget already devoted to        senior citizens to live independently in their homes, along
education, it is questionable how much more state taxpay-           with other initiatives.
ers can do but we can encourage education innovation by                Another important accomplishment was increased edu-
giving schools more local options.                                  cation funding and accountability. The Senate and House
     Health care is expected to remain a focus of the early         approved legislation that increased special education fund-
days of the legislative session.                                    ing, established tutoring grants for families, expanded
     Last year the House took up some major initiatives to          options for schools, and provided professional develop-
help our doctors, hospitals and more importantly, our               ment opportunities and requirements for educators.
patients address the medical malpractice insurance crisis.             In the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks,
Yet apparently more still needs to be done due to the high          the Legislature approved measures to improve public safe-
costs of medical liability insurance for doctors and hospi-         ty and develop a coordinated Homeland Security Program
tals. Preserving Pennsylvania’s world-class health care will        in Pennsylvania. We passed a number of additional laws to
be a major challenge.                                               better protect citizens from criminals and make
     With the national economy not growing at the rapid             Pennsylvania’s legal system more equitable.
rate of the past few years, the House, Senate and                      Reform measures targeting government and the courts
Governor must work together in a bipartisan manner to               were important developments, as well. The Legislature
                                                                    gave final approval to an election reform measure that will
pass a fiscally prudent spending plan.
                                                                    establish a statewide uniform voter registration system to
     Following the swearing in of House members,
                                                                    protect the accuracy and integrity of Pennsylvania’s voter
Schweiker in his final address to a Joint Session of the
                                                                    registration rolls. We also approved legislation that gives
General Assembly, thanked legislators for their work to
                                                                    citizens greater access to public records.
make Pennsylvania a healthier, safer and more economical-              A major lawsuit reform measure replaced “joint and sev-
ly secure place to live.                                            eral liability” – under which a defendant found to be one-
     He also emphasized Pennsylvania’s economic and fis-            percent liable could be forced to pay 100 percent of the
cal stability. Thanks to fiscally prudent decisions when            damages -- with proportional liability. The Legislature also
times were good, the Commonwealth’s budget remains                  approved significant medical malpractice reform legisla-
balanced and there is $250 million in the rainy day fund. We        tion designed to ensure access to doctors, reduce costly liti-
are in good condition relative to other states.                     gation, improve patient safety, and strengthen physician-
     Two-thirds of states report declining revenues and more        reporting requirements.
than half of states face expenditures that exceed levels project-      Under the heading of environmental protection, the
ed in their fiscal year 2003 budgets, according to the National     Legislature approved bipartisan legislation that will launch
Conference of State Legislatures’ State Budget Update.              the first comprehensive review of Pennsylvania’s water
     As we progress through these transitional months, I            supplies in more than 25 years.
welcome your ideas and suggestions about state govern-                 Finally, the Session concluded with the passage of legis-
ment. You may contact me via e-mail at cdally@pahouse-              lation protecting PACE prescription drug benefits for
gop.com or at my district offices located at 354 W.                 seniors who were in danger of losing their eligibility.
Moorestown Rd. Nazareth, PA, 18064 or 5300 Nor-Bath                    To be sure, plenty of work faces us in the upcoming 2003-
Blvd., Northampton, PA, 18067. The telephone number is              04 Legislative Session. But, the 2001-02 session was a very
(610) 746-2100.                                                     productive one on behalf of Pennsylvania citizens.

                                      Winter & Spring Bookmobile Schedule
Effective January 1, 2003 - 610 867-3761

HANOVER TOWNSHIP- Mondays (except for Southland & Toni)
• TOWNSHIP BLDG., JACKSONVILLE RD . . . . . . . . . . . . .Schedule                          . . . . . . .A&B . . . . . . . .3:00 – 4:00
• MERRIVALE at CLEARVIEW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Schedule             . . . . . . .A&B . . . . . . . .4:00 – 4:45
• STONEWOOD DR. & BELAIRE RD. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Schedule                    . . . . . . .A&B . . . . . . . .5:00 – 5:45
• LORD BYRON DR. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Schedule   . . . . . . .A&B . . . . . . . .6:45 – 8:15
• SOUTHLAND DR. & GRACE AVE.- Thursday . . . . . . . . .Schedule                             . . . . . . .A . . . . . . . . . . .4:45 – 5:45
• TONI LANE at CRAWFORD DR.- Thursday . . . . . . . . . . .Schedule                          . . . . . . .B . . . . . . . . . . .4:45 – 5:45

SCHEDULE A                                                                              SCHEDULE B
MON        TUES                       WED                THURS                          MON        TUES                          WED           THURS
Feb 3      Feb 4                      Feb 5              Feb 6                          Feb 10     Feb 11                        Feb 12        Feb 13
CLOSED     Feb 18                     Feb 19             Feb 20                         Feb 24     Feb 25                        Feb 26        Feb 27
Mar 3      Mar 4                      Mar 5              Mar 6                          Mar 10     Mar 11                        Mar 12        Mar 13
Mar 17     Mar 18                     Mar 19             Mar 20                         Mar 24     Mar 25                        Mar 26        Mar 27
Mar 31     Apr 1                      Apr 2              Apr 3                          Apr 7      Apr 8                         Apr 9         Apr 10
Apr 14     Apr 15                     Apr 16             Apr 17                         Apr 21     Apr 22                        Apr 23        Apr 24
Apr 28     Apr 29                     Apr 30             May 1                          May 5      May 6                         May 7         May 8
May 12     May 13                     May 14             May 15                         May 19     May 20                        May 21        May 22
CLOSED     May 27                     May 28             May 29

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Hanover Township Newsletter                                                                                    STANDARD
3630 Jacksonville Road                                                                                      US POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                             BETHLEHEM PA
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18017-9303
                                                                                                             PERMIT NO. 303

                                     Hanover Elementary School News
                                    In October, we held our annual “GreatPerson’s Day.” Nearly 300
                           grandparents and “great” persons were able to visit and interact with their
                        favorite Hanover students. The Book Fair was also a huge success and included
                     pony rides, despite the overcast weather.
                      November brought two programs for our students on the topic of American heroes. We
               were fortunate to have a visit from Ronald Lantz, the truck driver for Bass Transportation who
           called the authorities to report the DC snipers and then blocked the snipers’ exit by pulling his tractor-
        trailer across the roadway. Jonathan Sprout, a singer/songwriter, was also here to perform an “American
     Heroes” program.
      In early Fall, our students participated in a hat, glove and mitten collection to help provide warm winter clothing to
 fellow BASD students in need. They did a wonderful job of collecting 114 items!
      Our staff, parents and other members of the community were out walking and running in November to help support
 one of our parents in her ongoing battle against cancer. More than 240 people turned out for the event.
      In December, our Student Council headed up our “Giving Tree” project once again. Students and staff selected an
 ornament that contained the name of a person and their special gift wish. Northampton County Family Services that ser-
 vices 2,000 individuals provided the names. The students and staff donated gifts for 240 people to help them enjoy their
             We had two concerts in December—instrumental and vocal. The second-year instrumental music stu-
            dents performed, and we heard from our 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders in the vocal concert. We had a won-
               derful turnout for both concerts.
                       Plans are underway for a new event this year, a Talent Show. We are looking forward
                     to seeing our students and staff “perform” this Spring.
                             It may not seem much like Spring now, but plans are also underway for our
                           Spring Festival, scheduled for Friday, June 13, from 4:30 to 7:30. This
                                fundraiser is a wonderful opportunity for an enjoyable time as well
                                   as a chance to help support Hanover Elementary School.
                                      Please join us!

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