A Guide to Diecast Toy Collecting

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                                                 A Guide to Diecast Toy Collecting
                                                               By Janet Ashby

   Collecting diecast toys has been a favourite hobby for both children and adults for many years.
These mini replicas of full size vehicles have fascinated many generations. Many diecast toys in
perfect condition, complete with the original box, special markings and price tags have increased in
value enormously. Some of these models were specially made for store openings, launches of new
products or special events. They were offered for sale in stores, given as prizes in competitions or sold
through catalogs where they could be purchased as sets.

 Originally only a few models were produced but over the years they have been manufactured for
major racing events, releases of new car lines and to promote cereals, popular drinks and cartoons. All
the common vehicles can be found as diecast models including police cars, farm vehicles, ambulances
and army tanks.Some popular models include John Deere toy tractors, diecast toy trucks and diecast
toy cranes.

 The box that the diecast model came with was usually made from thin cardboard or plastic and those
models with their original case in good condition are particularly prized. As the boxes were made of
flimsy material they can easily be damaged by moisture, sunlight or dirt. Keeping the box in perfect
condition is often more of a challenge than preserving the diecast vehicle itself!

 Diecast models are often displayed in plastic showcases but some collectors store their prized models
in plastic bags or storage boxes. This will keep the cars and boxes dry and away from damaging
sunlight. If displayed in showcases the models need to be dusted often with a dry cloth. A damp cloth
should not be used on boxes as this can fade the ink or wrinkle the box.

 Diecast toys kept over from childhood may be worth collecting if they are examples of rarer models.
These include models made for a particular product that is obsolete, or a model made to represent a
sports personality. Information on rarity values can be found from speciality magazines, collectors
catalogs or your local library. Clubs and conventions are good places to find enthusiasts with the
information you need, and to trade, sell or buy diecast toys.

 The condition of diecast vehicles may be described as below. Mint generally means that there are no
defects or wear marks.

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 Mint condition – There are no broken, missing or misaligned parts. The paint is perfect and there are
no glue marks or other assembly marks.

Mint in Box – These are mint condition models in their original box and packaging.

Mint on Card – These are models still enclosed in the original blister packaging.

 Some examples of Diecast Toys that are much sought after by collectors and therefore more valuable
include the following.

 Limited Editions – These diecast toys were produced in a restricted number and the cast was then
destroyed. Limited editions are highly collectible and the number of models produced in the run should
be included in the information supplied with the model.

Limited Production Cars – Examples include Matchbox Challenge cars, Treasure Hunt Hunt Wheels,
Racing Champion's Chase cars and Johnny Lightening White Lightening cars.

 Retired Toy Cars – Toy vehicles that the manufacturer has stopped making. They may decide to
reissue the vehicle later with color or detail changes.

Toy Vehicles with Certificates – Vehicles produced by Franklin Mint or Danbury Mint may include
Certificates of Title or Certificates of Authenticity.

 Diecast toys with their original paperwork and packaging will be more valuable than the same model
without the packaging. If you plan to sell a toy vehicle keep the original packaging in as good condition
as possible.

For more information on collecting diecast toy vehicles and some good deals visit or
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                                          How to Start Your Toy Airplane Collection
                                                             By Bryan Howard

Collecting Toy Airplanes

 Most people engage in different hobbies as a distraction from their everyday lives. When people
consider a particular activity as a hobby typically people find that the activity pleasurable and
enjoyable. Collecting toy airplanes is a hobby for some and a passion for others.

 Toy collections start out innocently, people unpack belongings stored in attics and basements only to
find toy airplanes from their youth. They become enamored with these remnants of their childhoods
and begin their quest to increase their collection.

 Another way toy collectors get started is through the purchase of a miniature model. These tiny toy
replicas can be cars, trucks or airplanes. Next thing you know, they're hooked on collecting miniature
toy airplanes and find their collection growing.

 A third way to start collecting toy airplanes is through gifts. When it becomes apparent that you or a
loved one has a collection, then you can grow your collection through gift giving. When birthdays and
holidays arrive, your collection will simply grow and grow.

Toy Airplane Guide Books

 Once you know what kind of toy you want to start to collect, you'll need to find guide books. There will
be two kinds of guides you'll need. The first will be your guide to collecting. This guide will entail the
different kinds of toy airplanes, the different models, the different models, and the history. Learn as
much as you can about the type of toy airplanes that you want to collect.

 The next guide book you will need is a price guide. Purchase a price guide for the type of toy airplanes
that you have decided to collect. There are price guides for just about every kind of toy from toy
airplanes, cars, and trucks to plastic farm animals, dolls and stuffed animals. There are also price
guides specifically for antique or vintage toy airplanes.

 You can find guide books at your local bookstore or an on line bookstore. There are many books
available at libraries and bookstores, as well as on line guides, that will help him learn the necessary
information so that you are a smart toy collector.

Toy Airplane Collection Groups

 Once you've established a collection and you have read the guide books and price guides, your next
step will be to join an on line toy collectors group. These groups are filled with others who have similar
interests and will want to share your love of toy airplanes, and your toy collection. Moreover these
groups will have forums for you take part in discussions and have a lot of resources for toy collectors.

Toy Airplane Collection Stores

As your collection grows you will find it harder and harder to find specific toy airplanes that you will

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need for your collection. However, there are many options for you to purchase hard to find toy

 Scour local antique and collectible stores, flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales in your area, you
may find hidden gems to add to your collection. The Internet is full of on line auction sites, vintage toy
sites and antique and collectible sites. Also, there are on line classified ads that you can scour as well.
You can also attend local toy shows that take place throughout the year.

Bryan Howard is an avid toy collector. He runs a website devoted to his hobby, collecting airplanes. To
take advantage of special deals on toy airplanes to add your collection visit his site at

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