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									 College Newsletter
From the Principal
                                      Hurstbridge Rd, Diamond Creek Ph: 9438 1411-Newsletter No 12-Friday 21 August 2009
                                      Web link- Click on Newsletters

                                                                                                         Thanks to our student Team
                                                                                                         Leaders and Choreographers
                                                                                                         and Co-host: Stephanie White,
                                                                                                         Brooke Pinsent, Lauren Manning
                                                                                                         and Tahliah Fleming Sarah
                                                                                                         Saladino, Shannan Owen,
                                                                                                         Matthew Bunn, Kane Sexton,
                                                                                                         Jack Cameron, Nathan Searl,
                                                                                                         Kazmer Parker, Victoria Elward,
                                                                                                         Mitch Betheras and Marnie
                                                                       And thanks to all of our Rocka sponsors.
 Rock Eisteddfod: The Fantasy of Reality - Happily Never After
 On Friday 14th August Diamond Valley College competed in the          I encourage all parents and family members to come to the Rock
 Rock Eisteddfod heats at Hisense Arena. This was a fantastic          Eisteddfod performance to be held at the school at 7:30 pm on
 colourful and thought-provoking performance which portrayed           Tuesday 25th August..
 aspects of greed and corruption in society through the            Welcome to Ian Patching and Peter Sartori!
 adaptation of some of the best known fairy tales. Our Rocka       Two youth workers, Ian Patching and Peter Sartori, have
 team managed to overcome a couple of hurdles, including an        commenced working with Diamond Valley College. They will be at
 injury during the rehearsal, to earn praise from the judges for all
                                                                   the school for two days each week developing student
 aspects of the performance. Unfortunately we have just missed     engagement and building relationships with a view to possibly
 out on going through to the finals. Nevertheless, tremendous      developing a student project later in the year. Peter has visited
 thanks must go to the members of staff, parents and especially    some classes and has been working with Year 8 students on their
 students who have worked very hard over many months on the        community project at the Hub at Hurstbridge. Ian attended the
 sets, costumes, music and dance that all make up the Rock         Operation Newstart Program, along with James Anderson, that
 Eisteddfod performance.                                           was attended by four of our students as well as students from
 In particular I want to thank Shane Osmond, our Rock Eisteddfod Whittlesea SC.
 Co-ordinator, for his incredible organization and leadership in   Student Leaders‘ ‗Second Strike‘ Program
 this production. Thanks to the staff members who are part of the Our College Captains and student leaders from Year 11 have
 Rocka Team: Judie Ayres, Kelly Meade, James Anderson, Ben         participated in the Second Strike program. On the first day of this
 Strickland and Kath Corben.                                       two day program, our leaders examined aspects of ‗leadership‘
 Thanks to the parents who volunteer so many hours of work on and then developed a program where leadership skills,
 sets, costumes, videoing and ticketing: Lisa Dower, Janine White, motivation, and engagement could be fostered in others. On the
 Anna McQuillan, Denise Jones, Jan Banks, Brett Owen, Michael      second day our student leaders conducted a full day program for
 Kennett, Jenni Sexton, Roz Saladino and the Madge Family.         Year 5 students from Diamond Creek East Primary School. This
                                                                   has proved to be a highly successful and positive experience for
                                                                   all students involved.
                                                                       Parent Opinion Survey
                                                                       The Parent Opinion Survey will be conducted over the next two to
                                                                       three weeks. A random sample of parents has been identified.
                                                                       Once the survey materials have been received from DEECD they
                                                                       will be posted out.
                                                                       Greg Williams
Rock Eisteddfod Theme 2009
The Reality of Fantasy – Happily Never After

Shane Osmond                Janine White
Judie Ayres                 Anna McQuillan
Lisa Dower                  Denise Jones
Brett Owen                  Jan Banks
Kelly Meade
Ben Strickland              The Madge Family
Roz Saladino
Michael Kennett             Kath Corben
Sam Cutting

TEAM 1                                                         TEAM 2
1.    KANE SEXTON                   LEADER                     1.TAHLIAH FLEMING      LEADER
2.    KAZMER PARKER                 LEADER                     2.Georgia Andrew       -    7
3.    Emilie White                  -    10                    3.Bridgette Glide      -    7
4.    Samantha Gunn                 -    9                     4.Olivia Shearman      -    7
5.    Cassie Marone                 -    10                    5.Brianna White        -    7
6.    Elise Smeath                  -    8                     6.Holly Thompson       -    7
7.    Mitch Betheras                -    10                    7.Shanae Smeath        -    8
8.    Brianna Mason                 -    8
9.    Tess Pollock                  -    10

 TEAM 3                                                        TEAM 4
1.    LAUREN MANNING                LEADER                     1.STEPHANIE WHITE      LEADER
2.    Sara Jones                    -    10                    2.Nicola McQuillan     -    10
3.    Kristy Lucas                  -    9                     3.Ashleigh Edwards     -    10
4.    Sarah Jarvis                  -    10                    4.Leah Paisley         -    10
5.    Kristy Knowles                -    10                    5.Christina Deriu      -    10
6.    Tennielle Robertson           -    10                    6.Dayna Pinsent        -    9
7.    Hayley Ruedin                 -    8                     7.Victoria Elward      -    8
8.    Emma Lehmann                  -    11                    8.Jess Fell            -    10
9.    Dustin Flannagan              -    11                    9.Kayla Smith          -    8
10.   Marnie Scott                  -    12

TEAM 5                                                         TEAM 6
1.    JACK CAMERON                  LEADER                     1.BROOKE PINSENT       LEADER
2.    NATHAN SEARL                  LEADER                     2.Hannah Dower         -    10
3.    Emily Dingle                  -    8                     3.Jessica Kelleher     -    10
5.    Jasmine Smith                 -    8                     5. Emily Smeath        -    8
6.    Breanna Holborn               -    10                    6. Lauren Annear       -    8
7.    Vanessa Bowie                 -    8                     7. Brodie Walker       -    8
                                                               8. Bridget Knowles     -    8
                                                               9. Emma Moratto        -    7

TEAM 7                                                         TEAM 8
1.    MATTHEW BUNN                  LEADER                     1.SARAH SALADINO       LEADER
2.    SHANNAN OWEN                  LEADER                     2.Janaya Dean          -    8
3.     Lauren Marsh                 -    12                    3.Sara Beale           -    7
4.    Chelsie Steve                 -    7                     4.Gloria Lucas-Euler   -    10
5.    Nadine Robertson              -    12                    5..Jasmine Collins     -    7
6.    Georgia Kennett               -    7                     6.Kellie White         -    9
7.    Leah Steve                    -    9                     7.Rebecca Keith        -    7
8.    Billy Jo Mackanzie            -    8                     8.Alysha Anderson      -    10
                                                               9.Emily Gutknecht      -    7
                                                               10. Ashleigh Brett     -    9
                                                               11. Matthew White      -    9
Rocka Heats                                                           The Fantasy of Reality-
On Friday 14th                                                        Happily Never After
August or Rock
Eisteddfod Team
performed as part
of the State Rock
Challenge. As
                                                                                DIAMOND SPONSORS
usual it was a very                                                            Cadbury Chocolates
long day, leaving                                                                        9727 3441
school at 7.30m                                                               Bendigo Bank Diamond Creek
and not returning
until 12.30am the                                                                        9438 4133
following morning.
Our theme ―The                                                                   PLATINUM SPONSORS
Fantasy of Reality
– Happily Never
                                                                                        Eltham Glass
After‖ was one                                                                                  9438 1970
that judges were very interested in taking into account that we
have lead the way in presenting strong issues concepts now for
many years.
                                                                                      GOLD SPONSORS
Our feedback from our performance was very good; however we                 Stars Gourmet Catering
missed 4 performance awards in the areas of choreography,
concept, costumes and soundtrack by only a few points. While this                         0412 187 089
is disappointing, what we should be focused on is the fact that our         The Panel Shed
team worked exceptionally well together and once again presented                           9438 4344
a convincing and dynamic performance. On behalf of the                  Brian Smith Automotive
Production team and the college I would like to say how proud we
are of the effort and enthusiasm our team showed.
                                                                                           9438 5551
Our team was successful in being the only recipients of two
                                                                            Barry Plant Diamond Creek
individual awards; these were the Award of Excellence for School                           9438 1133
Initiative in Performance and the Award of Excellence for Student           Rain Florist
Achievement. A very big thank you to all who have been involved                             94385565
this year.
                                                                            BCK Automotive
Initial discussions for 2010 have already taken place with our team                      94381666
members filling in their theme suggestion sheets last week. We
have approximately 30 student ideas to further discuss with the
team and then with the Production Group. Thanks to the students                     SILVER SPONSORS
who submitted great ideas.                                              Coles Diamond Creek
The area we are most in need of help and support with next year is                         9438 1999
with backstage. While our crew worked hard this year we are in
need of more senior students or students who are to manage the
physical requirements of the backstage team. Students who are
interested in being an on stage performer, backstage crew
member or part of the hair & make up group should place their
names on the Rocka audition sheets in the A wing.                            Hurstbridge & District Community Bank
Our college performance of the 2009 Rock Eisteddfod will take           Supporting Academic Achievement and Our College
place on Tuesday 25th August in the gym at 7.30pm. We look                            Leadership Program
forward to seeing you there and presenting a quality performance
for our local community.
Shane Osmond
Rock Eisteddfod Liaison Co-ordinator
Stadium                                                        Build A Burger Day
The launch of the fundraising campaign was held at Diamond     A great initiative from our Canteen Manager, Annie Brownrigg,
Valley College on Tuesday 18th August. State Member for Yan    was the Build a Burger Day held on Wednesday 19th August.
Yean, Danielle Green, basketball legend Lindsay Gaze and CEO   Students and staff were able to pre-order healthy beef, chicken
of Basketball Victoria Wayne Bird were at the fundraising      or vegie burgers which were then accompanied by a range of
campaign launch to show support for the project. This was a    yummy salads to make up a most appetizing lunch. Thanks to
successful event with Diamond Creek and Hurstbridge            Annie and Liz in the canteen for all of the work they put in. What
Community Banks announcing a $250,000 donation to the          really made this such a great day was the fantastic help and
campaign. There are three ways in which community members      contribution from so many parents in preparation for the day
can contribute to the campaign:                                and with the cooking of the burgers and serving of the salads on
 bank with the Hurstbridge or Diamond Creek Community         the day.
Bank®                                                          Thanks to all of the volunteer parents - and grandparent - who
 donate to the Australian Sports Foundation                   helped out: Karen Annear, Angela Bilston, Maureen Brock,
                                                               Kerrie Burrell, Kim Fleming, Anita Euler, Elsa Jackson, Carol
 local business owners can sponsor the project through
                                                               Jenkinson, Paul Kitchell, Jan Lewis, Angela and Rocky Landmann,
their business.
                                                               Megan Rothwell, Roz Saladino, Sue Simpson, Carolyn Taylor and
Reminder: Year 9 students                                      Christina (Belinda Clarkson‘s mum!). Thanks also to our student
City Campus, 14-18 September is only a few weeks away.         helpers Emily Turner, Briallen Davies and Marnie Scott. And of
Please remember to return all permissions forms, including     course very special thanks to Annie!
the medical form, to the front office as soon as possible.     This is yet another example of the tremendous way in which
Geoff Portbury-City Campus Co-ordinator                        parents, staff and students of Diamond Valley College work
                                                               together to make this such a great school community.
                                                               Security Cameras
              Diamond Valley College                           A number of security cameras have now been installed around
                                                               the outside of buildings at the college. It is expected that these
    Rock Eisteddfod Community                                  will act as a deterrent to potential vandalism of the kind that has
                                                               occurred out of school hours from time to time. The cameras are
            Performance                                        of such quality that should anyone commit acts of vandalism or
  with Battle of the Bands and DC                              other unwanted behaviour then they will be able to be identified.
                                                               We will continue working with the DEECD Emergency and Security
          East PS J Rock                                       Management Department and, when necessary, the police, to
         Tuesday 25th August                                   maintain the security of our excellent facilities and grounds at
                                                               Diamond Valley College.
               7.30pm                                          Greg Williams-Principal
      in the College gymnasium
                                                               College Working Bee Sunday 30 August
     Parents and family members                                9.00am-1.00pm -
            most welcome.                                      All Welcome
                                                               Notices available 7 August newsletter and website
 Careers News                                                                       WHAT IS MONASH COLLEGE?
                                                                                    It offers diploma courses which act as a pathway to about 60 Monash Uni.
REMINDERS                                                                           degrees. They are designed to prepare students for their destination degree.
Sun 30 Aug Open Day – Australian Catholic Uni (Ballarat); Ballarat Uni; La          With smaller classes and extra study assistance a Monash College program
     Trobe Uni (Bundoora)                                                           provides preparation for university study. When successfully completed with
Sat 5 Sept Public relations seminar at RMIT –           the required grades, diplomas allow entry into 2nd year at the university. Info:
Wed 2 Sept Parent/student Info Sessions – Swinburne (Hawthorn) and
Wed 16 Sept (Lilydale);                                                             QANTAS APPRENTICESHIPS                          Qantas Engineering offers a variety of apprenticeships to enable people to
                                                                                    train and become qualified tradespeople within the aircraft industry. You
7th – 18th Sept YEAR 10 WORK EXPERIENCE                                             must have at least Year 10 with passes in Maths, Science and English.
30th Nov - 11th Dec Forms due YEAR 9 WORK EXPERIENCE                                Several trade streams are available such as avionics, mechanical and
                                                                                    structures. Expressions of interest and applications: http://
Now Open -VTAC APPLICATIONS                                               
30th September 2009 VTAC APPLICATIONS Close for timely application                  MELBOURNE UNIVERSITY MUSIC
                                                                                    Two Bachelor degrees: The B. Music is for those pursuing a specialisation in
OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY                                                                performance, composition, musicology or ethnomusicology and those wishing to
                                                                                    extend their education through graduate training to be music educators or music
Interested in a career in healthcare? Then attend the Austin Health info./
                                                                                    therapists. The B. Music Performance is for those pursuing a specialisation in
demonstration evening. Occupational therapy is a healthcare profession              improvisation and who might aspire to further graduate study. Info: 9685 9419, vcam
offering skills and advice aiming to increase a person‘s safety, independence or
and quality of life. When: 6.15 for 6.30pm till 8pm, Thurs 17 Sept; Where:
Education Precinct, Level 4, Austin Tower, Studley Rd, Heidelberg, Mel 31K4;
                                                                                    RETURN TO STUDY AT DEAKIN
Parking: Austin Tower (reduced fee with a car park voucher available on night);      ‗Destination Deakin‘ is for non-school leavers about transition into university study
RSVP: Mon 14 Sept; Info: Loretta Hanson 9490 5105,                                  and student services. Speak to uni representatives about course options and                                                       receiving credit for prior learning. When: 6.30-8.30pm, Tues 15 Sept; Where:
MONASH PARENT INFORMATION EVENINGS                                                  Burwood: Info:
Parents of Year 11 & 12 students are invited to find out how they can support       A CAREER IN MINING
their child as they consider future options. Find out about courses,                If you are in Year 10 or 11 2009 and want to find out about earth and environmental
applications, equity and access, student support services, scholarships,            sciences, geology, mining and minerals engineering and exploration then don‘t miss
accommodation and fees. When: 7-8pm, Tues 8 Sept; Where: Caulfield campus           this opportunity. Applications are open for the 2010 University of NSW (UNSW)
(sessions also at Ballarat on 24 Aug, Geelong on 27 Aug and Wodonga on 1            Minerals Summer School, a 4 day, fully residential and supervised event. Find out
                                                                                    about careers and opportunities, investigate university courses, join workshops, visit
Sept); Info/book:
                                                                                    underground/surface mines, mine rehabilitation sites. Commence at the University of
VTAC SESSION FOR STUDENTS WITH HEALTH CONDITION OR DISABILITY                       NSW and travel to the Hunter Valley with male and female supervisors and share good
A session on the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre and the Special Entry         quality accommodation. You should be studying subjects like chemistry, physics,
Access Scheme (SEAS); application processes, how selection officers interpret       maths or biology and have a genuine interest in careers in the mining industry. When:
SEAS applications, career/course selection, support services at TAFE/university     Mon 11 – Thurs 14 January, 2010; Cost: $220 (subsidised); Apply: Forms in Careers
for students with disabilities, how to access support. TAFE and university          Room; Info:, (02) 9385 5006.
representatives will attend. When: 6.15-8.30pm (6.15-7pm talk to stall              WHAT IS MECHATRONICS
holders), Tues 1 Sept; Where: Building X, 221 Burwood Hwy, Deakin University.       Year 11 and 12 students can experience cutting edge mechatronics technology.
Auslan interpreters and real time captioning available; wheelchair accessible.      Participate in the following: temperature control experiments, Robotino wireless
Book: (name/number coming/email). * Event                      programs, Mitsubishi robot pick and place and SAGE industry demonstration of
                                                                                    targeted technology introduction modules. When: 10am-3pm, Fri 25 Sept; Where:
coordinated through the DEEWR funded National Disability Coordination Officer
                                                                                    RMIT‘s Bundoora campus (Plenty Rd); Cost: Free (incl lunch); Book:
for Eastern Melbourne and Deakin University supported by VTAC.                      aero-mech; Info: Tim Peters, 9925 6167,
The transport industry in Victoria employs 238,000 people and is looking for        Swinburne (Lilydale) has an information session for Year 12‘s interested in enrolling
young people who want a long term career, including in management and               in cookery, hospitality/events and tourism courses. Talk to staff and consider options.
operations roles. TDT Victoria offers 20 Year 12 students the Transport and         When: 7-9pm, 24 Aug; Where: Mitchells‘ View Restaurant, TAFE bld LB, Level 3 (light
Logistics Cadetship Program for positions in Melbourne/Shepparton/Geelong/          refreshments); Book: 9215 7047 by 19 Aug.
regional Victoria. Be employed fulltime by companies in the areas of transport,     BACCHUS MARSH SCHOOL of AVIATION
logistics, manufacturing and food processing and complete the Diploma of            Flightcamp is held during the school holidays. OPEN DAY & PILOT CAREERS SEMINAR
Logistics. Applicants: Send letter of application and resume with education         will be held 13th Sept. For info on courses or a CD/DVD presentation email:
results, work experience, other relevant info. and at least two verbal referees ph: 5369 5162
(one your career counsellor or Year 12 teacher) to Mrs Kerri Langes, TDT            ELITE STUDENT ATHLETE & PERFORMERS SUPPORT PROGRAMS –
Victoria, 173 Roden St, West Melbourne 3003 or            Monash Sport offers a program supporting student athletes, helping them                                                                  under-take higher education while continuing to train and participate in
DEFERRING AT DEAKIN                                                                      sport at an elite level. Offers: course advice, faculty support, access
Deakin has introduced a policy of deferring study for up to 24 months (instead           sporting facilities and sometimes financial help (
of 12). This means you can postpone your studies, but still retain your place at
the University. Inquire: 1300 334 733,                       Australian Catholic University (ACU) caters for students who are also pursuing
CHECK OUT PHARMACY                                                                        athletic goals during their formal academic studies. The university will
The Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Monash is holding an               consider admitting a limited number of students who have outstanding
information evening and tour. Find out about courses, entry requirements,                 sporting or appropriate recreational or vocational performance but do
curriculum, teaching facilities and uni life. When: 6-7.30pm, Tues 8 Sept; Where:         not meet the usual entry criteria (see:
Parkville campus, 381 Royal Parade; Info/registration:                              Melbourne University is committed to working with students who are elite                  athletes or performers to facilitate progress in their studies concurrently with
                                                                                    their participation in sporting or other activities
                                                                                    More over page
Careers News
The university has developed Course Search, a site where you can search career/course options. Check it out at:
RMIT University is one of Australia‘s first Fair-Trade universities with industry links in green careers. RMIT runs a range of programs focussing on environmental,
sustainability and social responsibility issues. To find out more, go to RMIT website:
For more than 25 years the electrical contracting industry has been conducting pre-selection assessments for students interested in an electrical or electronic
career. This assessment is highly regarded by employers. A successful result in this assessment will greatly enhance employment prospects as an apprentice
The assessment is not difficult & is set at about a Year 10 level for literacy & numeracy skills.
Apply or
Applications are now open for Work Experience NEXT YEAR at Melbourne Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary or Werribee Open Range Zoo. Application
forms must be completed no later than 4:00pm on Friday October 9th 2009. Any interested student – especially if you are in Year 9 this year -
should see me in the Careers Room ASAP. Applications submitted directly by students will not be considered by Zoos Victoria.
VTAC Guide 2010, giving details of courses and how to apply, is now available. Applications opened on-line on Mon 3 August and close Wed 30 September. The
processing fee is $23 if you pay by credit card or $31 if you have an invoice sent. You can apply after 30 Sept but it will cost $82. You can apply for up to 12
courses, placed in order of most preferred to least preferred. Be sure to read the Selection Mode and Extra Requirements for any course for which you apply.
You can change your preferences after you receive your results on 14 Dec (till 21 Dec).
Check out the Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) administered by VTAC to see if any of the 10 categories apply to you (mature age, non-English speaking
background, indigenous Australian, family circumstances, socio-economic background, rural/isolated, under-represented schools, women/men in under-
represented disciplines, disability or medical condition, refugee).
VTAC publishes A Guide to University Scholarships (copies in Senior Sub-school & Careers Room). There are institutional Access and Equity Scholarships,
Commonwealth Scholarships and Merit Scholarships. Applications close on 30 October 2009.
The Institute of Quantity Surveyors is offering twenty $3,000 scholarships for first year students in accredited quantity surveying courses. What do they do?
They work as part of a team of advisers estimating and monitoring construction costs. After construction they may be involved with tax depreciation,
replacement cost estimation for insurance purposes and, if necessary, mediation and arbitration. Information on the program and about cadetships is at and at
20Cadetship%202009.pdf. Information can also be found at:
Transition to tertiary education is a big step for students and parents. These sessions will give a parent‘s perspective on the transition from school to tertiary
study, a student‘s perspective on going to further study, information about entry, fees, scholarships, pathways, and a chance to ask questions. Where/when (all
6.30-7.30pm): Wed 2 Sept, Swinburne Hawthorn (TD building, room 121); Wed 16 Sept, Swinburne Lilydale (Council Room, LA building) (also sessions at
Shepparton and Sale). Info/reg‘n:
Anne Goddard Careers Coordinator

                                                                                                      Supercars - Super Day!!
                                                                                                      31st of July was an eventful day for the year 8s
                                                                                                      of the college as they set out to Sandown
                                                                                                      Racetrack for a day of fun and excitement.
                                                                                                      Preceding the V8 Supercars Norton 360
                                                                                                      Sandown Challenge, the track was opened for
                                                                                                      schools to experience the sights and sounds of
                                                                                                      a race weekend. Students had the opportunity
                                                                                                      to meet and be given a signed poster by their
                                                                                                      favourite drivers such as Mark Winterbottom,
                                                                                                      Jamie Whincup and ex student of the school,
                                                                                                      Craig Lowndes. There were plenty of activities to
                                                                                                      fill in time for everyone not overly interested in
                                                                                                      the racing. If you were a V8 fan, or just looking
                                                                                                      for a good day out, it was a great day for us all.
                                                                                                      By Scott G. 8.3

     Yr 8s Scott, Michaela, Karlie & Joey with Mark Winterbottom and past DVC student, Craig Lowndes.
                                GO ON A SAFARI DURING
                         CHILDREN’S BOOK WEEK IN THE LIBRARY
                                                                                                           Love, Aubrey by Suzanne LaFleur LAF
                                                                                                           A tragic accident has turned eleven-year-old
                                                                                                           Aubrey‘s world upside down. Starting a new
                                                                                                           life all alone, Aubrey has everything she
                                                                                                           thinks she needs: SpaghettiOs and Sammy,
                                                                                                           her new pet fish. She cannot talk about what
                                                                                                           happened to her. Writing letters is the only
                                                                                                           thing that feels right to Aubrey, even if no one
                                                                                                           ever reads them. You will care for Aubrey
                                                                                                           from page one and will watch her grow until
                                                                                                           the very end, when she has to make one of
                                                                                                           the biggest decisions of her life.
                                                                                                           Macbeth, You Idiot! By Don Henderson HEN
Monday 24th August– Book Charades. Pick up a plain mask to design for             Andy Macbeth is the star player on his school‘s football team. He
entry to Wednesday‘s party.                                                       knows a trick or two but does he know enough to survive his first year
Tuesday 25th August– Animal Games including ‗Pick the Animal‘ and Animal          of high school?
Sudoku. Bring in your favourite ‗animal‘ story to show to the group.              Prom Nights From Hell : paranormal prom stories from five hot
Wednesday 26th August– Book Club party featuring Children‘s Book Council          authors PRO
shortlisted texts for 2009. Food provided. You must wear an animal-themed         In this exciting collection, bestselling authors Meg Cabot (How to Be
mask to attend this party.                                                        Popular), Kim Harrison (A Fistful of Charms), Michele Jaffe (Bad Kitty),
Thursday 27th August– Talent Quest (sing, dance, tell a story, read a poem.)      Stephenie Meyer (Twilight), and Lauren Myracle (ttyl) take bad prom
Story or poem must feature an animal.                                             nights to a whole new level—a paranormally bad level. Wardrobe
Friday 28th August - Film screening with popcorn.                                 malfunctions and two left feet don't hold a candle to discovering your
Guess the number of animal lollies in the jar. The winner keeps the lolly jar!    date is the Grim Reaper—and he isn't here to tell you how hot you
ALL WEEK                                                                          look. From angels fighting demons to a creepy take on getting what
*Display of current and previously shortlisted Children‘s Book Council            you wish for, these five stories will entertain better than any DJ in a
texts .*Huge competition with lots of prizes. More details in the library.        bad tux. No corsage or limo rental necessary.
1st prize – Book pack worth $70         2nd prize- Book pack worth $30            The Reformed Vampire Support Group by Catherine Jinks JIN
3 rd prize- $ 10 printing credit                                                  Nina became a vampire in 1973 when she was fifteen, and she hasn‘t
                                                                                  aged a day since then. But she hasn‘t had any fun either because her
NEW FICTION                                                                       life is so sickly and boring. It becomes worse when one of the other
Beautiful Dead (Book 1-Jonas) by Eden Maguire MAG                                 vampires in her therapy group is staked by a mysterious slayer.
Something strange is happening at Ellerton High. Phoenix is the fourth            Threatened with extinction, she and her fellow vampires decide to hunt
teenager to die within a year. His street fight stabbing follows the deaths of    down the culprit. Trouble is, they soon find themselves up against
Jonas, Summer and Arizona in equally strange and sudden circumstances.            some gun-toting werewolf tracffickers who‘ll stop at nothing.
Rumours of ghosts and strange happenings rip through the small community          Stolen by Lucy Christopher CHR
as it comes to terms with shock and loss. Darina, Phoenix‘s grief-stricken        Told in a moving letter to her captor, sixteen-year-old Gemma relives
girlfriend, is on the verge. She can‘t escape her intense heartache, or the       her kidnapping from Bangkok airport while on holiday. Taken by Ty,
impossible apparitions of those that are meant to be dead. And all the while      her troubled young stalker, to the wild and desolate Australian
the sound of beating wings echo inside her head …                                 Outback she reflects on a landscape from which there‘s no escape. A
Free? : Stories Celebrating Human Rights by Amnesty International FRE             story of survival, passion and darkness, Gemma reveals how she had
One universal declaration proclaims thirty rights and freedoms for                to deal with the nightmare, or die trying to fight it.
everybody. But sixty years on, millions of people around the world are still      Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? By Denise Colby COL
denied full human rights. Fourteen acclaimed storytellers take inspiration        Chloe and Emma are thrilled when they win a Summer holiday to a
from their struggle.                                                              tropical island. Two weeks of freedom with sun, sea, sand – and
The Greatest Blogger in the World by Andrew McDonald MCD                          maybe even romance! When they meet a famous pop star, they can‘t
Charlie Ridge has one secret goal in life – to win the greatest Blogger in the    believe their luck. But little do Chloe and Emma know….their lives are
World competition. Charlie has plenty to blog about. His best mate runs an        about to change forever.
illegal red-cordial business at school. His little brother insists on wearing a   VICTORIAN PREMIER‘S READING CHALLENGE
tuxedo to kinder. And then there‘s his pet duck, Barcode. But can he keep         Don‘t forget that the VPRC finishes on Friday 31st August. Drop into
his blog a secret if he also wants to Be the Hero, Get the Girl and Save the      the Library at lunchtime to stock up on new books to read.
Day?                                                                              Remember Years 7-9 students need to read 15 books between
Killer Instinct (Horror High series) by Caroline B. Cooney COO                    January and 31st August, 2009 to successfully complete the
Beauty's only skin deep. Bethany is tired of feeling plain and ordinary. Tired    Challenge. At least 10 books need to be from the Challenge list and
of being ignored, if only she was beautiful then everyone would want to be        up to 5 books can be of your own choosing. Students need to give
her friend, everyone would take notice - even Ryan. When a mysterious man         Library staff the list of books they have read (with a signed note from
offers to make all of Bethany's wildest dreams come true, she jumps at the        parents) so they can be added and verified on the VPRC website.
chance. But she has no idea of the terrible price that she'll have to pay...      For further information, have a look at the website http://
                                                                                  Georgia Flaskas-Library Co-ordinator
Challenger St, Diamond Creek (Near baseball ground/netball
Clinic 1 :Tuesday 22nd September, 2009 10.30 – 1.30

Clinic 2 :Thursday 24th September, 2009 10.30 -1.30

Come and try tennis – Great fun, very social, great for fitness.
Professional coaching
BBQ Lunch, games, prizes all included
Beginner to advanced juniors
Text, call or email me your name and number, and which day you
would like to attend.

David Wildsmith
Tennis Coaches Australia Club Professional Coach
Home : 9841 8481
Mobile : 0412 272 678
Email :

Are you Moving?
Please contact the
college as soon as
possible if you are
planning to move out of
the area. The college needs this information for planning
                                          Future Excursions, Incursions & Camps 2008
Group               Date                 Excursion Details & Teacher in Charge-DVC Notices Web link:                            Cost          Date Due
                                Click On ‘Notices’                                                  Pay/Perm/

Yr 10               Mon 24 Aug           Kinglake project-David Williams                                                        $10.00        Fri 21 Aug

Yr 11               Mon 24 Aug           Zoo Excursion Biology Unit 2 studies-Graham Sinclair                                   $28.00        Fri 14 Aug

VCAL                25 Aug,1,8,15 Sep    Cultural study of Melbourne-Ben Strickland                                             -             Mon 24 Aug

Yr9 & 10 Italian    Fri 28 Aug           A Day in Pompei-Melbourne Museum-Enza Natalizio                                        $27.00        Wed 19 Aug

Yr 7                Tue 1 Sep            Ancient Civilisations-Melbourne Museum and Imax-Maurice Colin                          $22.00        Fri 28 Aug

Yr 7 Teams          Thu 10 Sep           Table Tennis DVC-Keith King                                                            $5.00         Mon 7 Sep

Yr 7                Thu 10 sep           Basketball Girls EHS / Boys Coburg Stadium– Keith King                                 $10.00        Mon 7 Sep

Music Students      14-16 Sep            Music Camp to Camp Manyung-Mornington –Gary Nichols-$240 total cost                    $50 deposit   Mon 22 June

Yrs 7 & 8           Fri 18 Sep           Barnum Live-YMCA for bushfire affected schools-Peter Hollier                           -             Fri 28 Aug

                    Note Please::        There is an 80% attendance requirement for all excursions. If this is not met by the
                                         due date the excursion will be cancelled and money refunded.

Diamond Valley College Bus Travel                                     IMPORTANT COLLEGE DATES 2009
*Please check the website regularly for updates of bus                DVC Web link- Click on ‗Calendar‘
services. Copies of applications and timetables are                   Tue 25 Aug       R. E. Community Performance/Battle of the Bands/
available on the Notices page and under Student                                        DC East PS J Rock 7.30pm gym
Information-School Bus Travel of the website- http://                 Fri 28 Aug       The Matthew Temby Day-Footy & Pie Day                                              Sun 30 Aug       Working Bee Term 3 9.00am-1.00pm
Anne McMahon-Bus Network Co-ordinator                                 Wed 2 Sep        Parent Teacher Interviews-No formal classes.
                                                                                       DVC Buses will not be running
2009 College Council Members
                                                                      Fri 4 Sep        Year 10 Formal-Plenty Ranges
Debbie Kenny, Brett Owen, Belinda Clarkson, Kate Boundy,
Steve Fleming, Dianne Smith, Lynne Keith, Mark Mann, Paul             7-18 Sep         Year 10 Work Experience
Kitchell, Annette Betheras, Allison Bennett, Julie Granger and        14-18 Sep        Yr 9 City Campus
Greg Williams                                                         14-16 Sep        Music Camp
                                                                      Tue 15 Sep       School Council Meeting 7.30
Diamond Valley College Uniform Shop                                   Fri 18 Sep       End of Term. 3.00pm dismissal
The normal opening hours for the Uniform Shop are:                    Mon 5 Oct        Start of Term 4
Tuesday: 10.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.                                      Thu 8 Oct        Year 7 Immunizations
Thursday: 2.30 p.m. to 4.00 p.m.
Please ring Roz on 94388250 to arrange a ½ hour personal              Fri 9 Oct        Last Day for 2010 Bus applications
fitting appointment if times are inconvenient.                        Thu 15 Oct       Arts Festival Opening Night
Not open student free days or holidays. Cash or credit only.          Wed 21 Oct       Yr 12 Graduation-Agora La Trobe University
Thank you                                                             Sun 15 Nov       Working Bee Term 4 9.00am-1.00pm                               Wed 18 Nov       VCE Formal-San Remo Ballroom
Roz Saladino –Uniform Shop Manager                                    30 Nov-11 Dec Yr 9 Work experience
                                                                      Mon 7 Dec        Yr 10/11 Awards Night –Ashton Manor
Would you prefer to access the College                                Tue 8 Dec        Orientation Day Yr 7 2010
Newsletter via the Website and save the trees?                        Mon 14 Dec       Yr 9 debrief/Yr 7 Lunar Park/ Yr 8 Funfields
If you no longer wish to receive a hard copy of our
                                                                      Thu 17 Dec       Students dismissed at 3.00pm
College newsletter please follow the link on the Website or
                                                                      Fri 18 Dec       End of Term 4-Students by appt only
email the Newsletter Manager on with your details
College Website
Newsletters, Notices, Calendar of Events, Curriculum
Handbooks, Virtual tours are available .
                                                                           Absence Line-94388200                Bus Enquiries 94388202

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