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   APRIL   2007                  MAGAZINE
2007 FOE GRAND CONVENTION                                                    SPOKANE, WA

                  2007 PRE-CONVENTION REGISTRATION
                   Pre-registration fee of $30 US or $35 CAN must accompany this
                    application. Please check title after names below. If not a Past
                      President (PP) or Ten Year Secretary (TYS), check Member

 ______________          ________________________________ ❏ PP ❏ TYS ❏ Member
 GA ID#                   Name (Print!)

 ______________           ___________________________________________________
 Aerie/Aux No.           Address

 ______________          ________________________________ ❏ PP ❏ TYS ❏ Member
 GA ID#                   Name (Print!)

 ______________           ___________________________________________________
 Aerie/Aux No.            Address

   Number of pre-registrations _________ at $30 US/$35 CAN each. Total amount remitted: $__________

                 Make checks payable to: Grand Aerie FOE. Memo: Pre-Registration Fee

                             Clip form and send with check by June 22 to:
                  Grand Secretary, 1623 Gateway Circle South, Grove City, OH 43123

    If you play a musical instrument, the Spokane Eagles Concert Band invites you to sit in for a
 rehearsal and several concerts during Grand Convention Week (including possibly one on Sunday,
             July 15). Anyone interested should contact Director Rod Roberts (6403 N.
          Fleming, Spokane, WA 99208; 509-327-4784) or Gina Sloan (509-953-7447).
                        Please be sure to specify your musical instrument.
                   JULY 16 – 19
                                                                                   THE EAGLE MAGAZINE,
  Tony Orlando, The Lettermen and Rat                                                                    April, 2007

   Pack Tribute Show will entertain us                                            Vol. 93                                               No. 6

                             Singer Tony Orlando, whose performance was                             Table of Contents
                           the talk of last year’s Grand Convention, will open
                           the 2007 Grand Convention with a performance at
                                                                                  Believe –– For Others Everywhere
                           the “Welcome to Spokane!” Show on Sunday                   By GWP Bill Loffer........................2
                           evening, July 15.
                              Appearing with Tony at the convention kick-off
                           will be “The Rat Pack is Back: A Tribute to Frank,     FOE Joins Students to Protect Bald
                           Sammy, Joey and Dean,” hailed by Player                   Eagles and Promote Literacy..........3
                           Magazine as “the best show in Vegas.”
                             The Lettermen, one of the world’s most popular       Azusa’s Jump’n Eagles...........................4
                           and successful singing groups for the last 45 years,
      Tony Orlando         will headline the Auxiliary Members Banquet on
                           Monday, July 16.                                       A Box of Eagles
  Tony Orlando will also give the keynote speech at opening session of the           By Pat Quinn.................................6
109th Grand Aerie Convention, Monday, July 16. The consummate
entertainer, one of the world’s most beloved performers, has vowed to top
                                                                                  Aeries In Action................................10
the show he gave at last year’s convention, though anyone who was there
doubts it is possible.
                                                                                  High Fliers .......................................12
                                                                                  Auxiliary Bouquets To.......................16

                                                                                  People Helpers..................................18

                                                                                  Auxiliaries Want To Know
                                                                                     By Denise L. Sprague..................20

                                                                                                    ON THE COVER:

                                                                                  California Eagle District 23 Chairman
                                                                                  Dave Durrell (who usually jumps out of
                                                                                  airplanes wearing a helmet) is founder of
                                                                                  the Jump’n Eagles skydiving club at Azusa
                                                                                  Aerie/Auxiliary 2810. The group now
                   The Lettermen            The Rat Pack is Back                  numbers 34 Eagles from Azusa and other
                                                                                  Aeries/Auxiliaries, and is attracting lots
                                                                                  of attention for the Eagles and skydiving.
              PRE - REGISTER AND ORDER TICKETS BY                                 Story on Page 4.

                                                                                     Visit us on the Web at
        Tickets are required for convention special events, and JUNE 22 is
    the deadline for ordering them and for pre-registering for the convention 
  by mail. Ticket prices are listed below in both U.S. and Canadian
  currency. Please send your personal check, made out to “Grand Aerie                                 EAGLE (USPS 768-230)
  FOE,” to the Grand Secretary’s Office (1623 Gateway Circle South; Grove          Published bi-monthly by the Fraternal Order of Eagles. As
                                                                                   its official publication, this magazine carries authoritative
  City, OH 43123). For additional information call the Grand Secretary’s           notices of the Fraternal Order of Eagles. Otherwise no
                                                                                   responsibility is assumed for statements of authors.
  Office at 614-883-2200.
                                                                                   Office of Publication: 1623 Gateway Circle South,
                                                                                   Grove City, OH 43123. Mailing Address: 1623 Gateway
  ■ Convention Pre-Registration: $30 US/$35 CAN (See opposite page)                Circle South, Grove City, OH 43123.

  ■ Registration at Convention: $35 US/$40 CAN                                     Contents copyrighted, 1995, by the Grand Aerie, Fraternal
                                                                                   Order of Eagles.
  ■ Prayer Breakfast (July 16): $15 US/$17 CAN                                     Editor: Pete Ehrmann. Layout aid provided by the Danester.
  ■ Auxiliary Members Banquet (July 16): $30 US/$35 CAN                            Periodical postage paid in Grove City, Ohio and additional
                                                                                   entry offices.
  ■ Auxiliary Members Banquet SHOW ONLY: $15 US/$17 CAN
  ■ Mr. & Mrs. Banquet (July 17): $35 US/$40 CAN                                   Postmaster: Send address change to EAGLE, 1623 Gate-
  ■ Mr. & Mrs. Banquet SHOW ONLY: $15 US/$17 CAN                                   way Circle South, Grove City, OH 43123. In Canada —
                                                                                   Agreement Number 41170010. Change of address or
  ■ REAC Luncheon (July 18): $20 US/$23 CAN                                        undeliverable copies should be sent to: IMEX, PO Box
                                                                                   4332, Station Road, Toronto, ON M5W 3J4, Canada.
APRIL 2007                                                                                                                                     1
                                 BELIEVE – FOR OTHERS EVERYWHERE!
                                              By Grand Worthy President Bill Loffer

                           s members of the Fraternal Order of Eagles we have united in
                           brotherhood to make necessary social change. We have played an
                       important role in history serving as a benchmark for such initiatives as the
                       founding of Mother’s Day and the support of the enactment of the Social
                       Security Act. Throughout history, the Eagles have been “People Helping
People.” It was with the Eagles’ keenness of vision that we have become 1.1 million members

strong, and it is as Eagles we will continue to play            a permanent national American Eagle Day.
active roles in our communities by supporting their
leaders and providing valuable resources for our fellow           The bald eagle has been a great and integral part of
citizens.                                                       American history, same as the Fraternal Order of
                                                                Eagles. On June 20, 1782, the bald eagle was selected
  As part of our commitment to our local and national           to serve as the official emblem of the United States of
community, it is my pleasure to introduce to you                America, and ever since it has represented power, spirit
Timberlin Creek Elementary’s (TCE) American Eagle               and, most importantly, the freedom and independence
& Literacy Challenge program. This national initiative          that are the hallmarks of our great country. (Since
to support and raise awareness of the American bald             1944, I’m proud to say, the FOE has observed June 20
eagle and literacy was spearheaded by elementary                as “Emblem Day.”)
school students in Florida and organizations including
the Fraternal Order of Eagles.                                    I encourage you to support this initiative to promote
                                                                two of the most significant aspects of our nation: the
  The ultimate goal of the program is to not only               importance of literacy and the preservation of our most
promote literacy and encourage the preservation of our          honorable national symbol, the bald eagle.
national symbol, the bald eagle, but to also have all 50
state Governors proclaim June 20, 2007 as American                Through our combined efforts, may children’s
Eagle Day. Once all 50 official proclamations have              education continue to flourish and the American bald
been secured, students will take the matter before the          eagle continue to soar in our nation’s skies as we
President of the United States and seek his support for         preserve one of the greatest American traditions.

        Bald eagle “Challenger” visits Grand Aerie headquarters to help kick off
               FOE support for literacy and national American Eagle Day
       Grand Aerie headquarters                                                           of people from all walks of
    in Grove City, Ohio                                                                   life.”
    welcomed Challenger the
    bald eagle and Al Cecere,                                                               Cecere and other
    founder of the American                                                               employees of the AEF
    Eagle Foundation, last                                                                spend more than 100 days
    December 19 as part of the                                                            taking Challenger to school
    FOE’s initiative to support                                                           assemblies, sporting events
    literacy and the AEF’s bald                                                           and corporate functions.
    eagle restoration efforts.
                                                                                            In early 2007, the
      “This is the first eagle in                                                         American bald eagle is
    U.S. history trained to free fly                                                      expected to be taken off
    into stadiums during the                                                              the endangered species list.
    National Anthem,” said                                                                For more information about
    Cecere. “When you see a                                                               Challenger and the
    World Series or a Pro Bowl                                                            American Eagle
    game, it’s Challenger. He has      GWP Bill Loffer, Al Cecere of the American Eagle   Foundation, visit
    met Presidents and all kinds       Foundation and Challenger at FOE headquarters.

2                                                                                                                 EAGLE
  FOE Joins Students to Protect Bald
    Eagles and Promote Literacy
   The American Eagle & Literacy                                                      making June 20 “American Eagle
Challenge is an initiative started in       MAKING JUNE 20                            Day” in the United States.
St. Augustine, Florida by Timberlin       “NATIONAL EAGLE DAY”
Creek Elementary School students                                                        Students are now asking their
to support and raise awareness for             IS ALSO THE GOAL                       fellow eagle mascot schools in
the American bald eagle and                                                           Florida to raise $1,000 each. Fifty
literacy. A major goal is to assist the                                               percent of the money raised will
non-profit American Eagle                 Winter Conference in Orlando,               benefit bald eagle care/recovery
Foundation in its quest to have the       Timberlin Creek students talked             through the AEF, and the other half
Governors of all 50 states proclaim       about the program, explaining that          will promote literacy. If every school
June 20th as “American Eagle Day”         after all 50 proclamations have been        raises $1,000, Florida alone would
and support its “American Eagle           gathered, President George W. Bush          raise $150,000 to support bald
Fund” endowment for bald eagle            will be asked for his support in            eagles and literacy.
recovery and protection efforts.
                                          Top: Bald eagle Challenger soars over         In April 2007, State Aerie
   The Fraternal Order of Eagles has      students at Timberlin Creek School dur-     President Ernie Repp is joining
joined the effort, with Aeries and        ing the Statewide Kickoff last October 9,   students throughout Florida in
Auxiliaries throughout the United         Below: State Eagles President Ernie Repp    challenging schools in the other 49
                                          introduces teacher Kim Kendall and stu-
States aiding the cause. “Sponsoring      dents Gavin Powell, Chad Kendall, Taylor    states to also raise $1,000 apiece. If
this program is a natural fit for us,”    Hohmann, Katie Hohmann and Dana             each state matches Florida’s goals,
said Grand Worthy President Bill          Kendall at the Eagles Mid-Winter Confer-    the initiative could raise $7.5 million,
Loffer. “We provide our                   ence in Orlando, Florida.                               which would be equally
fundraising efforts to those                                                                      divided to support literacy
organizations vowing to                                                                           projects and the AEF’s
make a difference in our                                                                          “American Eagle Fund.”
communities. Promoting
literacy and preserving our                                                                        In addition, each of
beloved bald eagle is                                                                            Florida’s Eagles Aeries is
something we truly believe                                                                       “adopting” an eagle
in supporting.”                                                                                  mascot school to assist
                                                                                                 them in reaching their
  At the 2007 Eagles Mid-                                                                        goals.
APRIL 2007                                                                                                                     3

                                                                                              made at least one tandem
H     ow many times have
      you heard the
question, “Why would
                                                                                              parachute jump – one of
                                                                                              whom is 85-years old.
anyone jump out of a
perfectly good airplane?”                                                                       Interest is growing all
                                                     The Jump’n Eagles
If you ask the Eagles of                                                                      the time, and the Jump’n
Azusa, California                                                                             Eagles have gotten lots of
Aerie/Auxiliary 2810 who have, you’ll get answers like:                                       skydivers to join the
“It’s awesome!” “Fantastic!” “There’s no way to describe       Aerie/Auxiliary because of the group and because, says
it!” They know what it’s like to truly soar like an eagle.     Dave, “They like what the FOE stands for.”

  Long-time skydiver and District 23 Chairman Dave             Anyone planning to be in California this August is
Durrell had tried for years to get people into skydiving,    invited to attend the Jump’n Eagles’ first fundraising
without much luck. What it took was for an Azusa             “Boogie” – a weekend of skydiving, camping (hotels are
member to win a tandem skydive as a raffle prize two         near by) and fun. The proceeds from the event will go to
years ago at a fundraiser at Hesperia Aerie 4181. The gift   the Sires Unit 2 Jr. Blind Fund.
certificate for the jump got passed around for almost a
year and was ready to expire when Azusa’s John
(Cowboy) Short decided to take the plunge. Auxiliary
member Anet Cilente came along to watch, staunchly
                                                             T   he only requirements for membership in the Jump’n
                                                                 Eagles are that you be a member of the FOE and have
                                                             made at least one military or sport parachute jump. But if
insisting that her feet would remain on the ground.          you don’t jump and would like to get involved as ground
                                                             support, the Jump’n Eagles would love to hear from you.
  But as John and Dave came in for a landing over Anet’s     Check out their website at:
head, she yelled “I want to do that!”                        respln27/; or call Dave Durrell at (626) 636-6074, or
                                                             email him at Daveramair
  Two weeks later Anet, Past Worthy President Jose Alba
and Past Madam President Nicole Auger all made tandem          By the way, for members who prefer to find their fun
jumps.                                                       on terra firma, Azusa Aerie/Auxiliary also have their own
                                                             camping group called "The Big Dogs," a boating group
  Now the group has grown to 34 members from Azusa           called "The Penguins," and the "Eagle Riders"
and other Aeries/Auxiliaries in District 23 who have         motorcycle group.

4                                                                                                                  EAGLE
APRIL 2007   5
                                           “This is the Eagles.”                  Yet they were treating me like I was
O     ff of a small side street in
      downtown Marlboro is a
building. It is not a particularly
                                              We went in, and within five
                                           minutes someone bought me a beer
                                                                                  a long lost friend. I felt strangely
                                                                                  right at home.
pretty building; as a matter of fact it    for no reason at all.                     I soon found myself making
is quite ugly. There are no windows           I had never been in this building   excuses to visit this club. I could
for you to guess its function. It          before, never even met these people.   spend hours after work just playing
doesn’t have a flashy sign on a pole                                              pool and meeting new people. I met
proudly displaying its name, just a                                               Jim, who seemed to be the head
plain fluorescent light over its lone         A member of Marlboro,               honcho. Everyone was either talking
entrance. An uninformed person              Massachusetts Aerie 3565, Pat         to him or buying him a beer. So I
would never give this drab building a       Quinn is a husband, father and        bought him a beer and introduced
second glance. Yet to those of us that      working man who also attends          myself.Then there was “Old Bo.” He
know, this place is home.                                   Mass Bay              was an old scrawny looking fellow,
   I moved back home to Marlboro                            Community             but had an infectious smile. I met
in 1991, after my mother passed                             College. Given an     Dave, a pretty good pool player, and
away. When I first got home, I                               assignment in his    we quickly became best of friends. If
buried myself in day-to-day                                  freshman English     I saw his car in the municipal lot, I
activities. The pretext of learning                          class to write an    knew it would be a long night of
my father’s business allowed me to                            essay about a       pool, beer, and laughs. I met Mark
push the thought of meeting new                               special place,      and his wife Martha, two peas in a
people to the back of my head. My                             Pat wrote about     pod; and Fred and his wife Patty,
father, however, was on to my little                           Aerie 3565. His    who seemed physical opposites yet
stalling ploy. On the first warm                               essay earned       were just perfect for each other.
spring day he and I drove to this box                          him an ‘A,’ and       Every time I went to the box, I met
of a building.                              we agree with Aerie 3565’s Nick       more people. What had started as
   In all my previous years of living in    Nolte that his essay, excerpted       once-a-week visits soon became a
Marlboro, I never knew this building        here, “will resonate in the hearts    daily pit stop. Before I knew it, I had
existed. My father, answering my            of Eagles everywhere.”                been a member for a year, and I had
unspoken question, simply told me,                                                begun to learn what the Eagles was

                                                                                                                            Photo by Pat Quinn. Above photo by Lisa Quinn

    A B OX                                        OF                  E AGLES
6                                                                                                                  EAGLE
really about. Their motto was               spare time, yet they chose to come          standing in awkward silence.
“People Helping People” and they            down to this box and give of                   Now I look forward to volunteer
meant it. They sponsored boys and           themselves for no reason except to          bartending there myself, even though
girls sport teams. Thousands of             just give. This went against my logic       I sometimes don’t get home until two
dollars were donated to worthy              and common sense, but I was                 in the morning. Why? Because
causes from cancer to diabetes to           beginning to understand. The more I         sometimes there is nothing in the
park benches. Once a month at the           got to know these people, the more I        world like walking into a place and
box, volunteers would put on a              wanted to be just like them.                hearing friends calling out your name
dinner and dance for mentally                 As the years went by, I grew closer       just because they are happy to see
disadvantaged adults. The Eagles            to my Eagle family and my box-away-         you.
supplied the food, the music and the        from-home. I no longer noticed its
hall free of charge.
  And they donated their time. These
were all volunteers, and that struck
                                            drab appearance or minded parking
                                            a half a block away in the middle of
                                            winter. It seemed I was developing a
                                                                                        M     y son is four now, my wife has a
                                                                                              fulltime job, and I am a college
                                                                                        freshman. My time to spend in the
me as odd. I don’t think I had ever         purpose to my life. I no longer             box is being chipped at from all
given anyone anything, at least not         questioned the “Why?” of doing              directions, but this just makes me
without an ulterior motive.                 something for someone else; now I           enjoy my time there even more. On
                                            was asking, “What could I do next?”         our infrequent date nights, my wife

T   hen, before I knew what
    happened, I was helping. Some
cleaning here and there, a coat of
                                            and actually enjoying myself.
                                              My ties to the box were cemented
                                            for eternity a couple years later. I
                                                                                        and I still plan part of the evening
                                                                                        around a quick trip to see our box
                                                                                        family. This is where we began.
paint when I had an idle Saturday           met my wife at the Eagles. What had            Ian Frazier wrote in “A Lovely Sort
morning, and I even became a                started one Saturday night when I           of Lower Purpose”: “It is a classic
volunteer bartender. One day Jim            played pool with a pretty young             marginal, anything-goes sort of place,
and I were having a beer, and I told        stranger culminated in her giving           and at the moment I prefer it to just
him if he ever needed anything done         birth to our son a couple of years          about anywhere I know.” Frazier was
here at our box, to just give me a          later. Our wedding party had Eagle          talking about an open space of land,
call. He hugged me. I was a little          members, both male and female. If it        but what he says holds true for my
shocked at first, and he could see          was not for the etiquette of having to      box of Eagles. I still marvel at how
that. Jim then told me a little more        mail wedding invitations, we could          much of my life revolves around the
about the Eagles. He told me he was         have just hollered into the box for all     box. What had started with me
one of the charter members, the             to come to our wedding, and the box         almost judging a book by its cover
group of guys who had started the           would have emptied.                         has turned into a place for me to go
Aerie back in the 1970s. “Old Bo”             At the reception, I couldn’t help         to feel like life is worth living. It is so
was part of that group too. These           notice that if all the Eagles had left at   much more than just being
men had jobs, families, and could do        the same time, my grandparents and          comfortable in a bar and a lot more
a million other things with their           the bartender would have been left          like feeling like you are home.

  EAGLES HELP TO REBUILD                                            Sacramento, California Aerie 9 presented a $5,000
                                                                  donation on behalf of the Grand Aerie to the Avondale
MAX BAER PARK IN SACRAMENTO                                       Glen Elder Neighborhood Association to help rebuild
                                                                  Max Baer Park after it was destroyed by arson.
                                                                    “Max Baer was a great heavyweight boxing champion
                                                                  and a great member of Aerie 9,” said Past Grand Worthy
                                                                  President Chris Lainas, who joined Worthy President Joe
                                                                  Samuels in presenting the grant to Dept. of Parks and
                                                                  Recreation Volunteer Program Coordinator Julie Mier and
                                                                  Avondale/Glen Elder Neighborhood Association
                                                                  President Jermain Gill.
                                                                    When Max Baer died of a heart attack in 1959, the
                                                                  Eagles created a charity fund as a tribute to his memory
                                                                  and as a means of combating the disease that killed him.
                                                                  The Eagles Max Baer Heart Fund’s primary purpose is to
                                                                  aid in heart research and education. Since the fund
                                                                  started millions of dollars have been donated to
                                                                  universities, medical centers and hospitals across the
                                                                  United States and Canada for that purpose.

                                                                    ■ KO heart disease by helping our Max Baer Heart
    Chris Lainas Jr., Julie Mier, Jermain Gill, Joe Samuels       Fund, says Director Mike Lagervall Jr. Page 14

APRIL 2007                                                                                                                        7
                                    Rockin’ & Talkin’
                                                                         A LOOK AT WHAT’S NEW AT EAGLE VILLAGE
                  J. Shaw         The Eagle Village Directors and Board of Grand Trustees jointly announced in
                             February that applications for Eagle Village residency will now be accepted from
                          members of the FOE Ladies Auxiliary. “For the first time in the 46-year history of the
                     Village, the women of our Order will, on their own 15 continuous-year memberships, be able to
apply either singly or accompanied by their spouses, for a unit at our Order’s senior housing program in Bradenton,
Florida,” said Eagle Village Board Chairman Larry Hanshaw. “We are all very excited about this new step toward an
even stronger and more unified Fraternal Order of Eagles.”

  Equally excited is Grand Madam President Stephanie Smith, who said: “This is a totally awesome and terrific move.
There are many single Sisters, and many of them have felt that in order to gain admittance to Eagle Village they
would have to resign from their Auxiliaries and join the Aerie. Now, thanks to our Grand Aerie Brothers listening to
the pleas of their Grand Auxiliary officers, our Sisters will
be allowed to remain in their Auxiliaries and live at Eagle

  “Sisters, please take the time to thank our Grand Aerie
Board for helping to keep our Auxiliaries strong.”

  At the recommendation of the Board of Grand Trustees,
the Village Directors also revised one of the Qualifications
for Application to Eagle Village: “Meeting the other             “We are all          “This is a totally   “I am so happy and
qualifications, upon the death of the applicant, the spouse      excited about        awesome and          excited to be the
may remain a resident of the Village if they are a member        this new step        terrific move.       first woman to
of an Aerie or Auxiliary at the time when the Annual             toward an even       Now Sisters can      apply and be
Lease Renewal is required. Only Eagle Aerie or Auxiliary         stronger and         remain in their      accepted at Eagle
members may sign a lease for Eagle Village residency.”           more unified         Auxiliaries and      Village. I look
                                                                 Fraternal Order      live at Eagle        forward to
  The two-year co-residency requirement for the                  of Eagles.”          Village.”            retirement there.”
continued residency of the surviving spouse has been
                                                                 – Larry Hanshaw      – Stephanie Smith    – Christine Lambert

  Just two weeks after these history-making actions, Christine Lambert, 23-
year member of Brunswick, Ohio 3505, became the first Auxiliary member to apply and be accepted for Eagle Village
residency. “I became an Eagle because my mother was a charter member of the Brunswick Auxiliary,” says Christine.
“She believed in the sense of community that being an Eagle gives you, and over the years I have also enjoyed the
fellowship being an Eagle brings. I am so happy and excited to be the first woman to apply and be accepted at Eagle
Village. I look forward to retirement there. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.”

    The milestones established throughout the history of our Order’s senior haven at Eagle Village have been many
                               indeed; now the inclusion of the Eagle Auxiliaries in this program will, without a doubt,
                               have the greatest impact on its future development. To the hundreds of Auxiliary Sisters
                               who have asked when they will be allowed to make application, we can now, at long
                               last, say the time is here and the LADIES ARE IN!

                               ■ From December 23, 2006 – February 27, 2007, a total of $4,451 in Eagle Village
                               contributions was received from: FLORIDA: Orlando Aerie 3496 ($450) INDIANA: Butler
                               Aerie 2733 ($2,000) MAINE: Portland Aerie 565 ($250) MICHIGAN: Ypsilanti Aerie 2250
                               ($1,000); Grayling Aerie 3465 ($200) MINNESOTA: Bemidji Aerie 351 ($351) MISSOURI:
                               Dexter Auxiliary 4062 ($200)

                               ■ Contact Eagle Village, Inc., 4710 14th Street West, Bradenton, FL 34207;
                               Ph: 941-755-1976; Fax: 941-758-4042; email:

                               Florida State Aerie Trustee Geoff Robe (right) presented the $450 donation from Orlando Aerie
                               3496 to Eagle Village Administrator Tom McGriff.

8                                                                                                                       EAGLE
                             Your Foundation
                                In Action
                                           From the Hearts of the Eagles

  At the February, 2007 meeting of the Eagles Memorial                    to the 30 students listed at the bottom of this page.
Foundation Board of Directors, several clarifications
were made concerning medical benefits available to                        ■ From June 1, 2006 through February 28, 2007, a total
children currently receiving Foundation coverage. One                     of $36,698.90 was donated to the Eagles Memorial
was to add to the categories of psychiatric treatment,                    Foundation. Here are the contributions broken down by
hospitalization and orthodontic treatment the treatment                   state/province: ALABAMA – $200 ALBERTA/SASK – $200
for the excessive use of alcohol. The limit placed on bills               ALASKA – $500 ARIZONA – $50 ARKANSAS – $2,154.62
combined in these four areas has been increased from                      CALIFORNIA – $2,593 FLORIDA – $2,929.50 HAWAII – $25
$10,000 to $20,000.                                                       ILLINOIS – $304 INDIANA – $3,867 KANSAS – $450
  The directors also decided that Eagles Memorial                         KENTUCKY – $400 MARYLAND – $200 MASSACHUSETTS –
Foundation medical benefits will not be paid for a                        $500 MICHIGAN – $706 MINNESOTA – $1,595 MISSOURI –
Foundation child’s pregnancy, and that no benefits will                   $2,410.07 MONTANA – $660 NEBRASKA – $610 NEVADA –
be paid for elective cosmetic surgery.                                    $733.22 NEW HAMPSHIRE – $325 NEW YORK – $750
  Education grants paid by the Eagles Memorial                            NORTH DAKOTA – $985 OHIO – $2,871.99 OREGON –
Foundation today remain at $6,000 per school year, up                     $615.50 PENNSYLVANIA – $800 TEXAS – $300 UTAH –
to a total of $30,000.                                                    $100 VERMONT – $250 VIRGINIA – $1,960 WASHINGTON –
   The 2006-2007 school year will see more than                           $150 WEST VIRGINIA – $400 WISCONSIN – $150
$172,000 in Foundation education grants made available                    WYOMING – $1,500 MISCELLANEOUS – $1,904

 Student                                School                                                      Course of Study

 John Bassett                           University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO             Criminal Justice
 Ryan Bohn                              Northland Community & Tech College, E. Grand Forks, MN      Sales, Marketing & Management
 Keith Dillon                           Ohio University, Athens, OH                                 General
 Bonnie Hancock                         Northeast Methodist College, Omaha, NE                      Nursing
 Amanda Irish                           Franklin University, Columbus, OH                           Business & Administration
 Ashley Irish                           Northwest Academy of Massotherapy, Maumee, OH               Massage Therapy
 Jacqueline Masters                     California State University, Northridge, CA                 Civil Engineering
 Jadda Mois                             Valley City State University, Valley City, ND               Human Resources
 Brooke Schramm                         University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Green Bay, WI            English Literature & Cultural Studies
 Matthew Schramm                        Northwest Wisconsin Technical College, Green Bay, WI        Law Enforcement
 Michael Sims Jr.                       Penn State University, New Kensington, PA                   Undecided
 William Walsh                          Northwest Technical Institute, Eagan, MN                    CAD Drafting

 Home On The Range Students, Sentinel Butte, ND

 Jonathan Bricker                       University of Montana Tech College, Missoula, MT            Business Management
 Jacob Brownell                         Northland Community & Tech College, E. Grand Forks, MN      Welding
 Gavin Chadwick                         Bismarck State College, Bismarck, ND                        Power Plant Tech
 Timothy Flick                          Minnesota State Comm. & Tech College, Moorhead, MN          Architectural Drafting
 Lindsay Gilleshammer                   Minnesota State University, Moorhead, MN                    Speech Language Pathology
 Kayleigh Herbst                        Aakers College, Bismarck, ND                                Massage Therapy
 Heidi Jacobs                           Minot State University, Minot, ND                           Psychology
 Amber Lafferty                         Northland Community & Tech College, E. Grand Forks, MN      Nursing
 Sadie Jo Lewis                         Minnesota State Comm. & Tech College, Moorhead, MN          Auto Mechanics
 Savannah Miller                        Minot State University, Minot, ND                           General
 Adam Mund                              Concordia College, Moorhead, MN                             Athletic Trainer
 Jenna Pierce                           Minnesota State Comm. & Tech College, Moorhead, MN          Sales, Marketing & Management
 Brandy Schock                          Aakers College, Bismarck, ND                                Medical Lab Technician
 Karen Simpkins                         Minot State University, Minot, ND                           Broadcasting
 Christopher Timm                       Dickinson State University, Dickinson, ND                   Attorney, Criminal Defense

 Bob Hope High School Students, Port Arthur, TX

 Omar Balderas Jr.                      Lamar State College, Port Arthur, TX                        Business Degree
 Leslie Gregory                         Lamar State College, Port Arthur, TX                        Software Developer
 Bobbie Jo McDonald                     Lamar State College, Port Arthur, TX                        Academic Studies

  Questions about the Eagles Memorial Foundation may be addressed to the Eagles Memorial Foundation, 4710 14th Street West, Bradenton, FL
   34207; Ph: 941-758-5456; fax: 941-758-4042; email: Foundation information, brochures and posters may be
       obtained at the above address or through the Grand Aerie Program Department, 1623 Gateway Circle South, Grove City, OH 43123.

APRIL 2007                                                                                                                                  9
AERIES            IN
                         ACTION                  DES MOINES, IA – When Newton Speedway opened last fall, members of
                                               Aerie/Auxiliary 109 volunteered at the inaugural racing events held there. The
EMPIRE, MI  – Every Christmas, Aerie                  Eagles raised a total of $16,058 for Aerie home improvements.
4404 sponsors a food basket/toy
drive for at least 12 local families in
need. In 2006 the local Eagles
topped all past efforts by raising
$2,270 to help 33 families have a
brighter holiday.

KEIZER, OR  – Aerie/Auxiliary 3895
raised $1,564.61 for Victory Junction
Gang Camp in Randleman, North
Carolina, which serves terminally ill
youngsters. The latest donation is
more than double the amount raised
by the local Eagles a year ago.
“We’re proud to help such a worthy                                                     hospitalized after an accident and
cause,” said Secretary Robert                  My daughter was hospitalized            underwent multiple surgeries, says
Hansen.                                      for several months with Crohn’s           Worthy President George Crouse.
                                             disease and had three operations.
FREEPORT, PA    – Last December 12 a         Then our boiler blew up and we            ROCKLAND, MA – The local D.A.R.E.
three-alarm fire broke out on main           went several days without heat.           program got $1,000 and the Meals
street that left six families with           Out of the greatness of their             On Wheels program received $2,500
nothing but the clothes on their             hearts, members of Cobbossee              from Aerie 841. The latter donation
backs. Located just a block away,            Aerie/Auxiliary 4330, in                  was made by Secretary Doug Billings
Aerie 1732 sprang into action. The           Gardiner, Maine, gave us the best         at a special day at the Aerie home for
following weekend the Eagles                 Christmas present ever – a check          the Rockland Senior Citizens that
sponsored a benefit dance for the            that enabled us to get heating oil.       included food, bingo, prizes and
victims that raised $902. A life             We then got to bring our                  entertainment. Ed and Beverly
member made it an even $1,000, and           daughter home for Christmas.              Borges co-chaired the event.
then the Aerie matched that amount.            I cannot thank these Eagles
By the time local businesses weighed         enough. My family is very                 SHEBOYGAN, WI    – Aerie 277 donated
in, the final tally was $2,320. “Each        grateful and will never forget the        a 25-ft. flagpole and U.S. flag to
child made homeless by the fire was          kindness we received.                     Calvey Cemetery, and made
given a check for $385 in time for                   – Jennifer Anderson               monetary donations to the Salvation
the Holidays,” reports Chaplain Jeff                    Richmond, ME                   Army and St. Vincent de Paul,
Lowers.                                                                                reports Worthy President Frank D.
BREWER, ME – Proceeds from the             were donated to Garry and Judy
Aerie/Auxiliary 3177 Harvest Supper        Bladen Buzzell. Garry was

                                                                                       LAKEVIEW, OH    – Universal Home
                                                                                       Health & Hospice Care honored
                                                                                       Aerie 3615 for its continued
                                                                                       financial support. The Eagles’ most
                                                                                       recent donation of $40,000 was
                                                                                       raised throughout the year from
                                                                                       bingo and donations. Pictured above
MONTGOMERY, WV – Aerie/Auxiliary 1040 held a Christmas Party for area young-           are, l-r, Club Manager Sally Henry,
sters at Valley High School. Almost 200 children 12-and-under enjoyed themselves,      Universal administrator Mary Argo
especially the four winners of drawings for brand new bicycles.                        and Aerie Secretary Garry Layman.
10                                                                                                                         EAGLE
              S an J ose S antas
  SAN JOSE, CA – Thanks to Aerie/Auxiliary 8, 215 special    do, but actually we need to thank them as it is a great
  needs youngsters had a merry Christmas last year. On       honor and privilege to be allowed into their lives at this
  Sunday, December 10, 2006, the local Eagles bused          special time of year.”
  the kids -- all selected on the basis of need and            Grand Madam President Stephanie Smith, Grand
  because they had shown improvement over the                President-Elect John Potter, and Grand Madam
  previous year in school attendance, behavior and           President-Elect Margaret Cox joined State Presidents
  academic performance -- to the Target store. Each child    Dave Kaufman and Gayle Moore and Western
  had a personal escort and $150 to buy anything he/she      Regional President Dennis McKiernan in chaperoning
  wanted for themselves and their family.                    kids during the spree.
    Also among the kids were seven who recently lost           Target opened an hour early for the event, which
  one or both parents. Two years ago, the mother of          accommodated twice as many youngsters as the 2005
  Marilyn, Gonzalo and Stephanie Cruz was killed by a        Eagle Shopping Spree, thanks to the generosity of
  hit-and-run driver. Last Halloween, their father was       several area businesses. Tim Casey Construction
  murdered. After reading about the children in the San      donated $5,100 in gift cards, and the Nicholson
  Jose Mercury News, Aerie 8’s Greg Colburn and Robert       Company and Bay 101 Casino each donated $1,500.
  Prieto specially invited them as special guests of honor   The Garden City Casino contributed $500.
    Auxiliary Chairman of the event was Kay Hackett,           A total of $32,250 was raised by the Eagles for the
  who said: “The kids and parents thank us for what we       Shopping Spree.

PETERSBURG, VA – “You need to have      President McNeer are Scholarship          their charity events. Recently the
good people to make good things         Committee Chairman Barney Leddy           Eagles presented Beefway with a
happen,” said James B. McNeer,          (l) and Aerie Secretary J.T.              plaque of appreciation for helping
President of Richard Bland College.     Holloway. “We anticipate future           them. Last year alone the local
He was referring to members of          donations to this fund by the Aerie to    Eagles raised $29,000 for charity.
Aerie 882, whose contribution of        increase the amount of scholarships       Pictured below, l-r: Past President
$16,000 over the last two years has     awarded,” said Barney Leddy.              Ron Watson, Jerry Doveren and
established a permanent Aerie 882                                                 Jonah Gartlan-Close of Beefway,
Endowment Scholarship Fund that         VANCOUVER, BC – For more than 25          Worthy President Don Chunn,
will aid Bland students majoring in     years, Beefway Meats Ltd. has sup-        Madam President Jeannie Hounslow
selected allied health programs.        plied Aerie/Auxiliary 2075 with           and Past Madam President Nikki
Pictured below presenting a check to    quality reduced-price meats for           Adamson.

APRIL 2007                                                                                                                11
                                                              Clarion’ s Muralist
                                                                Extraor dinair e
     high fliers
     high fliers
     high fliersEAGLES IN THE NEWS
BELLFLOWER, CA    – After 19 years of
distinguished service as editor of the
“Eagle Visitor,” the fine
Aerie/Auxiliary newsletter, Jesse
Hazlip recently retired with the
thanks of the membership for a job
well done. “We are very grateful for
Jesse’s outstanding work, and wish
him the very best,” said Worthy
President Mark T. Sack.

VINCENNES, IN  – When Grand Worthy         CLARION, PA  – When he was nine, Daniel McAdoo was diagnosed with
President Bill Loffer visited Aerie        Wilson’s disease, a debilitating ailment whereby copper accumulates in
384 recently, he presented Mason           the system and inhibits motor skills and makes verbal communication
                     DeLisle with his      difficult. But the member of Aerie 3807, now 32, hasn’t let it keep him
                     Gold Card for         from becoming a renowned artist. Recipient of a Fine Arts degree from
                     being Past            Clarion University, Dan “communicates very well with the world with his
                     President of the      excellent artwork,” says Victoria A. Ishman, publicity chairperson for
                     Hoosier Jr.           Aerie/Auxiliary 3807. “His paintings and sculptures bring life to rustic
                     Eagles 384.           scenes, religious events and everyday surroundings.”
                     Mason bowled            A specialty is murals, such as the one Dan is shown with above that he
                     delegates over        did for the Aerie 3807 home. He has also done murals for the local
                     with his speech       Moose Lodge and various churches. “Dan has sold hundreds of pieces of
about the Jr. Eagles program at last       his artwork, and has won numerous awards for his paintings and
year’s Grand Aerie convention in           sculptures,” says Victoria. “But he doesn’t paint strictly for financial gain,
Orlando, Florida.                          but states that it is part of a grander scheme and refers to his religious
                                           works as his ‘art ministry’. He has not let the challenges that life has given
EUGENE OR   – Aerie 275 celebrated its     him prevent him from living a full and rewarding life.”
104th birthday last November 12 by
initiating 12 new members and            SPENCER, IA– Members of Aerie             hook up to the Internet thanks to
saluting veteran members, reports        2273 can bring their laptop               member Bill Slawson, who donated
Worthy President Russell Hawkins.        computers to the Aerie home and           the wireless equipment to the Aerie.

     Thanks to the efforts of the public relations firm of Fahlgren Mortine, news of and about the FOE has been
increasingly featured by media outlets, print and electronic, throughout North America. Here are some of the recent
      stories that have appeared through their efforts, the media outlet in which they appeared, and the date.

 ■   Woodland (CA) Daily Democrat—Eagles group host 31st annual art contest, February 6
 ■   The Daytona Beach (FL) News-Journal––Super Bowl Party, January 31
 ■   The St. Johns (FL) Recorder––Timberlin Creek’s eagle efforts fly in Orlando, January 26
 ■   The Virginia Beach (VA) Beacon––Elvis impersonator knows fundraising benefits, January 25
 ■   Mt. Carmel (IL) Daily Republican Register––Eagles to celebrate new Mt. Carmel FOE 3066, January 19
 ■   Lovelock (NV) Review-Miner––Eagles’ Ladies Auxiliary sought for Lovelock, January 18
 ■   The Columbus (OH) Dispatch–– Iraq War victim’s family: moving on as best it can, December 31
 ■   This Week: Grove City (OH) Record––Eagles host namesake in Grove City, December 28
 ■   The Winchester (VA Star)––Area clubs working to replenish their ranks, November 24
 ■   Wausau (WI) Daily Herald–– Local man inducted to FOE State Hall of Fame, October 6
 ■   The Patriot-News––FOE named Bob Wahls Honorary Past Grand Worthy President, September 27
 ■   Community News––Eagles induct Fancher into Hall of Fame, September 23
12                                                                                                                   EAGLE
Washington Eagle gearing up for another dry run                                  “Hero of the Year” by the local
                                                                                 chapter of the American Red Cross,
VASHON, WA    – Gene Amondson didn’t join Vashon Island Aerie 3144 a few         in recognition of his efforts that
years ago to belly up to the bar. “They have the best steak dinners in town,     saved the life of persons suffering
and many of my island friends are there,” explains the man who ran for           heart attacks (including Past Worthy
President of the United States three years ago on the Prohibition Party ticket   President Carlos Valderrama). “Tom
and calls the Prohibition era, when making and drinking alcohol were illegal,    is not only a credit to ARC training,
“America’s greatest 13 years.”                                                   but to himself, to Aerie 244 and
  “If I don’t like you sober, I won’t like you after a drink or two,” says       Eagles everywhere,” said the Aerie
Preacher Gene. Another of his favorite lines is, “Drinking responsibly is like   244 bulletin.
teaching a pig to eat with a spoon. Can’t happen.” A 1966
graduate of Asbury Seminary, Gene’s hero is Billy Sunday,                        WATERTOWN, SD   – Donald Brownell
the early 20th century preacher who vowed to “make                               and Eugene Phillips received 45-year
America so dry a man is going to have to be primed before                        membership pins at Aerie 1362’s
he can spit.” Gene even does a one-man Billy Sunday                              101st anniversary celebration on
show, giving the “Booze” sermon that the liquor industry                         March 20, reports Secretary Verdi
reportedly offered Sunday $1 million to stop giving. “When                       Bell.
Sunday preached in Bellingham, 40 saloons closed the next
week,” says Gene approvingly.
  From time to time he also dresses up like the Grim
Reaper to picket breweries and wineries. “If you stop alcohol,” says Gene,
                                                                                    2007 EAGLES
“you solve many things, lower prison rates, less cancer, fewer accidents.” His    DART TOURNAMENT
message has not exactly resonated with the public -- on the ballot in just two
states in 2004, Gene got a total of 1,944 votes -- but the man once described    February 16-18 ● Orlando, FL
as “an affable Dick Cheney” is planning another presidential run in 2008.
   Meanwhile, the eclectic Pastor Amondson also paints, sculpts, authors                      CHAMPIONS
cookbooks and children’s stories, and enjoys the company of his fellow             ■ TEAM: Palm Harbor, FL 4408
members of Aerie 3144 in spite of their bibulosity. “They are great people,”       ■ BLIND DRAW: Domingo
he says, “and we have fun there.” Gene’s website is                                Moralez, Santa Fe, TX                                                              ■ MIXED DOUBLES CRICKET:
                                                                                   Shea Reynolds/Chris Sams, Palm
                                                                                   Harbor, FL
NEWPORT, OR   – U.S. 20 is the only     Aerie home (below) painted by 80-          ■ TEAM CRICKET: Janet Wright,
national highway that runs from the     year-old Howdy Eddleman (inset), a         Damon Painter, Randy
East to the West Coast, a total of      24-year member of the Eagles. “We          Gozzard,Marvan D. Avedelon,
3,365 miles. Starting in Boston, it     have 225 Aerie and 175 Auxiliary           Largo, FL
terminates just 200 feet west of the    members,” says Howdy, “and we              ■ MEN’S SINGLE CRICKET:
front door of Aerie 2817, and           donated $7,500 to charity in the last      Christopher Samms, Palm
travelers who go all the way to the     year.” Howdy says lots of folks visit      Harbor, FL
              end, a half-mile from     the Aerie home because of the sign.        ■ WOMEN’S SINGLES CRICKET:
              the Pacific Ocean, are                                               Shea Reynolds, Palm Harbor, FL
              greeted there by the      SAN DIEGO, CA – Aerie 244’s Tom            ■ MEN’S DOUBLES CRICKET:
              sign on the roof of the   Holman was honored as a 2006               Chris Griggs/Chris Sams, Palm
                                                                                   Harbor, FL
                                                                                   ■ WOMEN’S DOUBLES CRICKET:
                                                                                   Shea Reynolds/Shelly Drexler,
                                                                                   Palm Harbor, FL
                                                                                   ■ MIXED 2 ON 2 501: Chris
                                                                                   Sams/Shea Reynolds, Palm
                                                                                   Harbor, FL
                                                                                   ■ MEN’S 2 ON 2 301: Bryan
                                                                                   Dawson/Domingo Moralez,
                                                                                   Santa Fe, TX
                                                                                   ■ WOMEN’S 2 ON 2 301: Shea
                                                                                   Reynolds/Brandi Griggs, Palm
                                                                                   Harbor, FL
                                                                                   ■ MENS 1 ON 1 501: Chris
                                                                                   Sams, Palm Harbor, FL
                                                                                   ■ WOMEN’S 1 ON 1 501: Shea
                                                                                   Reynolds, Palm Harbor, FL

APRIL 2007
Nevada,                               WAYCROSS, GA – At the institution of Okefenokee Aerie        Vesely Brothers
                                     and Auxiliary 4502 last September 16, charter Worthy Presi-
Pennsylvania                          dent David Davis and charter Madam President Suzanne         offer quality
start ‘07 off with                   Jones presented a $1,000 donation to Sheriff Bryan Adams
                                               of Ware County for bulletproof vests.
                                                                                                   moving service
new Auxiliaries                                                                                       A strong member of
                                                                                                   Eagledom’s family of cor-
   The seventh and eighth                                                                          porate sponsors is United
new Auxiliaries of the                                                                             Van Lines/Vesely Broth-
2006-07 fraternal year                                                                             ers Moving & Storage.
were instituted in the first                                                                       Founded in 1921, Vesely
two months of calendar                                                                             Brothers offers a full-time
2007.                                                                                              office staff, professional
   ■ LOVELOCK, NEVADA                                                                              sales and customer service
Auxiliary 1557 was insti-                                                                          staff, local and long-dis-
tuted on January 27.                                                                               tance drivers, crating and
Patricia Lee is the orga-                                                                          packing personnel.
nizer of the new unit,                                                                                For Eagle members dis-
which came in with 33                                                                              count information contact
charter members.                                                                                   Mike Pikula, United Van
   Dorothy Tover is char-                                                                          Lines/Vesely Brothers
ter Madam President of                                                                             Moving & Storage, 316
Auxiliary 1557.                    in Stuart, St. Cloud and         Florida; Waycross, Geor-       Finley Rd., Belle Vernon
   ■ LATROBE, PENNSYL-             Green Cove Springs,              gia, and Cornelius, North      PA 15012; 1-800-523-
VANIA Auxiliary 1188 was                                                                           4691, Ext. 32; fax 724-
                                   Florida; Ava, Missouri;          Carolina.
instituted on February 18.         Waycross, Georgia; and
Chris Shupe and Jean               Cornelius, North Caroli-
Tressler are co-organizers         na.
of the Auxiliary, which               Four new Aeries were
boasts 73 charter mem-             instituted from June 1,
bers.                              2006, through February
   Beth Howell is charter          28, 2007, at Stuart and
Madam President of the             Green Cove Springs,
Latrobe Auxiliary.
  Previously instituted in
2006-07 were Auxiliaries                                                                           930-8080; e-mail
                                                                                                   Or visit their website:

                                    YORK, NE  – It was an especially poignant occasion
                                    when Auxiliary 3990 and the family of Don Prince
                                    presented a $3,000 donation to the York Fire Dept. on
                                    January 4. The contribution was originally scheduled
                                    to be made last October at the Aerie’s anniversary
HOUSTON, TX – Legendary             celebration. But the night before, fire consumed the
Eagle Judge Bill Hatten was
recently honored for his 70         Aerie home and most of the local main street. Funds
years of membership in and          for the donation were made possible through
                                                                                                   ALBION, MI – It was a green
outstanding service to Aerie        memorials for Don Prince and a grant from the Eagles           Christmas in Michigan, so
63. Worthy President William        Max Baer Heart Fund. Now ensconced in a temporary              Santa (Vice President Pilar
Wright Jr. ( right) presented a     home, the Eagles also served a buffet luncheon to the          Rivera Jr.) showed up at Aerie
special certificate to the noted                                                                   1265 on his Harley instead of
jurist and fraternalist.            local firefighters.
                                                                                                   a sled.
14                                                                                                                         EAGLE
  Support for our FOE Diabetes and Heart Funds can save lives
D    iabetes doesn’t have to be a killer. When diagnosed
     early and treated, a person with diabetes can live a
long, healthy life. The key is early diagnosis. Have you
                                                               T   his fraternal year is fast coming to a close. The Eagles
                                                                   Max Baer Heart Fund is doing good, but we are
                                                               behind last year in contributions. With a couple months
                  had a blood glucose screening at your        to finish strong, though, I'm confident
                  Aerie? You can usually find a person to      we will surpass last year’s results.
                  conduct one at a local hospital or clinic.      According to the American Heart
                  Set up the public screening at your          Association, more than 71 million
                  Aerie home and advertise in your             Americans are affected by heart disease.
                  newspaper. If you have room at your          How would you feel if someone you
                  Aerie, make it available for diabetes        know had a heart attack or stroke, and
                  education classes.                           you had no clue how to deal with the
   Bob Hansen        These are two ways to help your           situation? Some ways to help include             Max Baer
                  community. Plus, a donation to the           sponsoring public CPR classes, blood
Eagles Judge Bob Hansen Diabetes Fund can make you             pressure checks and blood sugar screenings at your
eligible for a matching grant for the organization             Aerie, conducted by licensed instructors.
conducting the screening or class.                                Grand Worthy President Bill Loffer urges us to
   For publicity material about the Judge Bob Hansen           BELIEVE, and I believe that as long as we Eagles
Diabetes Fund and to download a universal grant                continue to raise funds for our worthwhile charities,
application, go to                                    cures will surely follow.

        – Leonard Blakely, International Director                     – Mike Lagervall Jr., International Director
        Eagles Judge Bob Hansen Diabetes Fund                               Eagles Max Baer Heart Fund

             Hugh Baker, 46-year                                                                Loyd “Mr. Vernon”
                                                                                                Nease Jr. longtime
             member and Past
             Worthy President of
                                             IN MEMORIAM                                        member of Savannah,
             Sanger, California                                                                 Georgia Aerie 330
             Aerie 1147; Past State                                                             (where he was named
             Aerie President; Past        Elizabeth “Betty” Ford, age 98, 58-                   “Eagle of the Century”)
  Western Regional President;             year charter member of Livermore,        and charter member of St. Marys
  inductee into the California Eagle      California Auxiliary 609, and 1950-      Aerie 4379. “We need more Eagles
  Hall of Fame. “Hugh was an Eagle        51 Madam President. “She was our         of Mr. Vernon’s character and
  that always had a smile on his face     oldest member and will be dearly         integrity,” said Dr. James H.
  and will be missed greatly,” said       missed,” said Madam Secretary            Burnham, Aerie 4379 Secretary.
  State Trustee Greg Colburn.             Valerie Olson.
                                                                                               Bernardine Newmann,
             Martha Basselli, 65-         John Gates, member of Irwin,                         Nebraska State Madam
             year charter member          Pennsylvania Aerie 1671. “He                         President, 1953-54;
             and Past Madam               enjoyed the Eagles so much and                       West Central Regional
             President of Wilkeson,       really believed in what they stand                   President, 1978-79.
             Washington Auxiliary         for,” said his fiancee, Dianne                       “She was an inspiration
             1409. “She was active        Vendetti.                                to the State Auxiliary,” said Past
  to the end,” said Aerie Secretary                                                State Madam President Janis
  Bill Ostlund, “often driving two        Neva Hawkins, 60-year-plus charter       Thomas. “Her devotion to the
  miles on Friday evenings to enjoy       member of Tooele, Utah Auxiliary         Ritual was unsurpassed.”
  a meal and reminisce at the Aerie       164; Past Madam President; Past
  home.”                                  State Madam President. “She was a                   Milton “Metz”
                                          true Eagle Sister and always served                 Ukrainetz, 56-year
             Phyllis Bush, 30-year        ‘For Home, For Country and For                      charter member of
             member of Ketchikan,         God,’” said the local Eagles                        Cranbrook, British
             Alaska Auxiliary 162,        Newsletter.                                         Columbia Aerie 3032;
             and charter Jr. Past                                                             Provincial President,
             State Madam President.       Don LaRochelle, Secretary of             1978-79; Pacific Northwest
             “Phyllis was                 Middletown, Connecticut Aerie 681,       Regional President, 1984-85;
  instrumental in starting our            and 2006-07 State Outside Guard.         inductee, British Columbia Eagle
  Alaska State Auxiliary, and will be     “He loved the Eagles and everything      Hall of Fame. “A great Eagle and
  missed,” said Auxiliary 162             we stand for,” said State Secretary      an even greater man,” said
  Secretary Nancy Ball.                   Joe Markovich.                           Provincial Secretary Will Heigh.

APRIL 2007                                                                                                                15
                A U X I L I A R Ys
                 to .

TOOELE, UT   – Auxiliary 164 Madam
President Barbara Denner and Past
Madam Presidents Karlyn Bishop
and Rosalie Fox received certificates
                                               KALKASKA, MI – Auxiliary 4496 celebrated its first anniversary recently. “We have had
for perfect attendance at Auxiliary            a lot of hills to climb, but we made it,” says Madam Secretary Gayle Phillips.
meetings for the last year. Past
Madam President Dianne Moore was               Lucille for her commitment and              DEER PARK, WA   – Another Eagle
presented with a 15-year                       service to our Order,” said Madam           bulletin editor who recently retired is
membership pin. Past Madam                     President Zina Regan.                       Marge McWold, who for over 30
President Margene Colledge recently                                                        years put out the Aerie/Auxiliary
received a pin for her 45 years of                                                         3564 News. “Marge will now have
membership in the Auxiliary.                                                               more time for all the volunteer jobs
                                                                                           she does for the Eagles,” said Madam
EL CERRITO, CA – When Auxiliary
                                                                                           President Lori Hoffman. “She is an
2323 celebrated its anniversary on                                                         indispensible Sister.”
February 27, 40-year membership
pins were presented to Alta Blakely,                                                       BISMARCK, ND – Named “Mrs. Eagle”
Nancy Santos, Jackie Savage,                                                               for 2006 at the Auxiliary 2237
Catherine Schmidt and Nell Wilson.                                                         Christmas Party was Judy Kopp.
Bobbie Gibson and Mary Jackson
received 30-year pins.                                                                     HOUGHTON LAKE, MI   –
                                                                                           Aerie/Auxiliary 3201 continue to set
BREWER ME   – After 20-plus years as                                                       the pace in the community, reports
editor of “The Brewer Eagle Flyer,”                                                        Kathy Pease. The local Eagles float in
the excellent monthly publication of
Aerie/Auxiliary 3177, Lucille Guay
has hung up her eyeshade. “The
entire membership is grateful to

                                                 MANCHESTER, NH   – Ninety-one-
                                                 year-old Agnes Warren joined
                                                 Auxiliary 290 on December 11,
                                                 1945, and has been through all
                                                 the chairs. She served as Madam
                                                 President twice, and was a
                                                 member of the Auxiliary Degree
                                                 team. For the last two years,
                                                 Agnes has been Vice-President of
                                                 the Auxiliary, and “has always
                                                 been an asset to our Auxiliary,”
                                                 according to Secretary Sandra
FARIBAULT, MN – Every week this crew             Moore, who joined Madam
of Auxiliary 1460 Sisters makes lunch for        President Freida Boulanger and
Tuesday Night Bingo at the Aerie home.           other Auxiliary officers in
Their efforts bring in over $1,000 month-        presenting Agnes with an                  KIRKLAND, WA – Stephanie Pierce, 45-
ly for charity. L-r: Gloria Cloutier, Gladys                                               year member of Auxiliary 2681, was
Roell, Sylvia Mollenhauer, Geri Ableman,         Appreciation award at a meeting
                                                                                           named Evergreen State Eagle “Woman of
Donna Wittheoft, Loretta Tupa, Marilyn           in January.                               the Year” at the last State Auxiliary Con-
Walker. (Not shown: Joyce Drager.)                                                         vention.
16                                                                                                                             EAGLE
LADYSMITH, BC – For the past decade, members of Auxiliary 2101 have been making and selling meat pies. “We started out small
with just 150 pies,” says Irene McFadyen, who heads up the volunteer program, “but it has grown in popularity and last October 31
we put together 750 pies.” It took three days to make them all. Proceeds from the annual pie sales help defer Aerie/Auxiliary oper-
ating costs and are also donated to the Eagle charities.

the last Memorial Day received lots                             AUBURN, WA –
of compliments, and the second                                  Auxiliary 2298
                                                                Madam President
annual Car Show for the Special                                 Sandy Barron (mid-
Olympics raised over $3,000.                                    dle) is shown with
                                                                members of the
OLYMPIA, WA – Is your community                                 Auxiliary Escort
served by its own newspaper, either                             Team that is in
                                                                demand throughout
daily or weekly? If so, Grand Madam                             the Evergreen State
Vice President Pat Durham, a                                    for installations and
member of Auxiliary 21, and Past                                other Eagle func-
Madam President Virginia Baker                                  tions.

                                                                                                                              have an idea for you: write an article
           BE A                         2007 GRAND CONVENTION                                                                 about your Aerie/Auxiliary and
                  HE...                                                                                                       submit it to the paper. That’s what
        STAR IN T                       ALL-EAGLE TALENT SHOW                                                                 they did, and so readers of The
                                                                                                                              Thurston-Mason Senior News found
                                            JULY 18                 ●      SPOKANE, WA                                        out all about the FOE and what it
                                                                                                                              and Aerie/Auxiliary 21 have to offer.
                                                                                                                              “We are volunteers and have fun
                                 OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM                                                                          doing it,” said the well-written article
  NAME_______________________________________________________________                                                         that gave some of the history of the
                                                                                                                              Eagles and invited residents to join.
  CITY/STATE/PROV ____________________________________________________
                                                                                                                              GLENDALE, AZ – Auxiliary 2843
  PHONE______________ EMAIL_______________ AERIE/AUX_______________                                                           members helped Marion Reich
                 Check One: DIVISION: ❑ ADULT ❑ 18-UNDER                                                                      celebrate her 90th birthday last
          CATEGORY: ❑ VOCAL ❑ INSTRUMENTAL ❑ COMEDY ❑ VARIETY                                                                 August 13. Marion is a charter
                                                                                                                              member of the Auxiliary.
        1____________________________________________________                                                                                      TOLEDO, OH –
        2____________________________________________________                                                                                      Margaret Barner
                                                                                                                                                   of Auxiliary 197
        3____________________________________________________                                                                                      looked lots better
        4____________________________________________________                                                                                      in her Hawaiian
                                                                                                                                                   garb than the Aerie
                                                                                                                                                   members dressed
               MAIL ENTRY BY JULY 4                TO: CAROL INGE, 27 Locust Dr.,                                                                  up as hula dancers
              Munford, TN 38058;                   OR BY EMAIL TO:                                                              at the recent Luau.
                                                                                                                                                   “They were good
RULES & INSTRUCTIONS: 1: Entries will be accepted only from members in good standing, their children and grandchildren.
2: Minor children must be accompanied by an adult. 3: All entries must be postmarked by July 10, 2005. No entries will
                                                                                                                                                   sports and every-
be accepted after that time. 4: Participants must report to a designated committee member 30 minutes prior to their                                one had a good
scheduled performance. 5: Props and music to be provided by entrant. 6: Each act will be no longer than four (4) min-                              time,” says Mag-
utes, or you will be penalized. 7: Decision of the judges will be final. 8: Acknowledgement will be sent on receipt of your                        gie.
entry. 9: Trophy or plaque to be presented to top three in youth category and to top three in adult category.

APRIL 2007                                                                                                                                                          17
SILVIS, IL – Last Christmas was
bright for many in the community
thanks to Auxiliary 1839. The Sisters
conducted a coat-and-hat drive for
Eagle Ridge School in Carbon Cliff,
holding bake sales and chili dinners
that brought in $600 in just two           EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, MO – Fourteen needy families were adopted by
weeks. That enabled the Sisters to         Aerie/Auxiliary 3917 last holiday season. The local Eagles spent several
provide 88 coats and hats and gloves       months collecting enough food, presents and money to complete the
to students, plus 57 coats to              Christmas wish lists of all 14 families, plus present each one with a $20
residents of local retirement homes.       Price Chopper gift card. The items were presented to the Good Samaritan
They also helped the Village and Fire      Center. Shown below with GSC’s Martha Buckman are Eagles Eileen
Dept. with a Holiday food drive that       Lusco, Madam President Kathy Hogan, Garry Mosley, Parry Workman,
provided 47 families with Christmas        Patti Henson, Rick Weig, Patrick White, Lee Brooks and Roy Pitts.
dinner, and 37 families enjoyed
Thanksgiving dinner thanks to their                                                 Christmas gifts for the children at
efforts in conjunction with the                                                     Wal-Mart.
Village of Carbon Cliff and the local
Fire Dept. “I am so proud of our                                                    TEMPE, AZ   – When Auxiliary 3468
Auxiliary,” said Aerie Secretary Fred                                               celebrated its anniversary last
Erickson. “They are truly People                                                    November 1, the Sisters also kicked-
Helping People.”                                                                    off a drive to collect items for a local
                                                                                    needy family. A baby shower was
CLEARWATER, FL    – Members of                                                      held that brought in gifts for the
Aerie/Auxiliary 3452 responded with                                                 family’s newborn girl, “Cherish,”
open hearts to the Auxiliary’s appeal                                               reports Madam Secretary Carrie
for funds for the family of members                                                 Atwell.
Jim and Fay O’Connor, which lost
everything in a house fire in                                                       FEDERAL HEIGHTS, CO – Members of
Alabama. The Eagles and VFW Post                                                    Aerie/Auxiliary 4019 sponsored a
10304 joined forces to raise $2,400                                                 Christmas Party for disadvantaged
                                         CRESAPTOWN, MD – Auxiliary 2883
for the family at several fundraising    members Linda Carter, Bev Warnick, Jan-    youngsters, providing gifts, candy
events, and Auxiliary member             ice Mercer and Margie Anderson pre-        and games for the students from
Heather Scott spearheaded a drive to     pared food baskets donated by the Eagles
                                                                                    Federal Heights Elementary School.
raise additional money to purchase       to needy families last holiday season.

CLINTON, IL – Auxiliary 593 donated $500 to Debby Douglas      READING, OH – Presenting their latest annual donation to Dar-
of Operation Homefront for Christmas care packages for area    nell Wilson of St. Aloysius Orphanage were Auxiliary 1095’s
soldiers. The money was raised at a Rummage Sale. L-r: Vicki   Hazel McDade, Lisa Schmidt, Darlene Rininger, Cathy Sieler,
Redman, Mindy Cornell, Debby Douglas, Norma Duvall and Tina    Madam President Bonnie Bolser, and Cindy Harris, who chaired
Burroughs.                                                     the fundraising event that brought in $3,600.

18                                                                                                                     EAGLE
                                            WORTHINGTON, MN   – Auxiliary 3282
                                            donated $100 to the local D.A.R.E.        ALEXANDRIA, MN – Madam Presi-
                                                                                       dent Rhennea Johnson presented
                                            program, reports Madam Secretary          $2,000 from Auxiliary 3063 to Jenny
                                            Elayne Murray. D.A.R.E. Officer Fitz     Hevern and Jennifer Haugen of PLUS
                                            is shown above accepting the              Kids, a non-profit organization. The
                                            donation from several Sisters.              money was raised at a Spaghetti
FORD CITY, PA – The Aerie/Auxiliary         INTERLACHEN, MI   – An annual event
606 Relay of Life Team sold $1 Angels       at Aerie/Auxiliary 3503 is collecting   Sue Kelsey and a crew of 20
made of ribbons for their Christmas tree,   items for Thanksgiving and              assistants collect the gifts and food
and raised $209 for the Cancer Society.     Christmas baskets for area needy        that go into the baskets. The
The team has made annual donations
through fundraisers in excess of $10,000.   families. In recent years over 20       Interlachen Eagles are well known
                                            families have been helped by the        throughout the community for living
CABALLO, NM – When it comes to
                                            generosity of the Eagles. Chairperson   up to the Eagle motto of “People
community support, Aerie/Auxiliary          Melissa Kelsey, Madam President         Helping People.”
4308 are at the head of the line. The
local Eagles donate needed supplies          COMINS, MI – In mid-1999, a tornado swept through this community of
to Hatch Valley school each year,            600 residents, destroying most of its main street. “‘People Helping People’
members of the Auxiliary’s “Sew              is the motto of the Eagles, and it was never so evident as the weekend of
Cuddies” made lap robes for                  the tornado,” says Bonnie Carter of Auxiliary 3544. “Our members
residents of the Veterans Center, and        assisted with cleanup, repairs, donated food and helped in any way they
the Garfield Fire & Rescue Dept.             could.” Almost six years later, Comins has been rebuilt. “The church is
was able to purchase backboards and          bigger and better, the Township office is brand new, the Fire Dept. has a
related supplies thanks to an Eagles         new building and the park has new playground equipment,” says Bonnie.
Lew Reed Spinal Cord Injury Fund             Among the other improvements are a streetscape with flowerbeds, park
grant presented by Worthy President          benches and street lamps. “New street banners (below) were donated by
C.W. Muerer and Madam President              the Auxiliary to add to the street lamps,” says Bonnie. “We are proud to
Debra Kelch.                                 be a part of the rebuilding of our community, and will continue to work
                                             towards growth and development for Comins.”
PINELLAS PARK, FL  – Aerie/Auxiliary
recently had a Poker Run and Toga
Party that raised $1,200 for the                                           COMINS EAGLES AID
Eagles Jimmy Durante Children’s
Fund.                                                                     COMMUNITY COMEBACK
LITTLESTOWN, PA – Aerie/Auxiliary
2226 sponsored members Doug
McKenzie and Bea Beaubien with a
$250 donation in the Leukemia &
Lymphoma Society’s “Light the
Night Walk.” Individual members
donated another $150 to bring the
total to $400. “We participated in
honor of everyone battling blood
cancer,” said Doug and Bea. “These
people are real heroes, and they need
our support to help find cures and
give them hope.”
APRIL 2007                                                                                                                 19
                                                    want to k            By DENISE L. SPRAGUE
    FOE                                                 Assistant to the Grand Madam President
                                                               Grand Auxiliary Office Coordinator
Tournament                                    We recently heard that if a candidate for membership in the
                                           Auxiliary cannot attend a regularly scheduled meeting for initiation,
        July 7-8, 2007                     then the Madam President and one witness can perform the initiation
                                           in the Auxiliary Office. Is this true?
        Winchester, VA
                                              No! There is absolutely no “short form” of initiation to be performed in
● Men’s & Women’s Division                 the Auxiliary Office or Meeting Room by only one or two officers. Every
● All pitching at Aerie 824 and            Auxiliary candidate should be initiated at a meeting which is opened and
  Pavilion; sand pits, no clay             closed in proper form in accordance with the Auxiliary Ritual. If a candi-
● Food will be sold at pits                date has a scheduling problem, the Madam President may call a Special
● No coolers on pits                       Meeting specifically for the purpose of initiation in accordance with Sec-
● $20 entry fee must accompany             tion 3.2 of the Rules and Regulations.
● NHPA rules                                  You could also ask the candidate to attend a District Meeting with you
● Eagles only; cards will be checked       to be initiated or you could ask another Auxiliary in the vicinity to perform
● Averages – 50 shoe pitched or            the initiation for you if they meet on a different night which does not con-
  verified league averages                 flict with the candidate’s schedule.
● Entry deadline: June 25

A dance with disc jockey will be held at     As an Auxiliary Member, may I purchase a copy of the Aerie
Aerie 824 Saturday, 8 p.m.-                Constitution and Statutes? If so, how do I go about ordering one?
midnight. Admission: $8, couple; $5,
single. Breakfast served at the Aerie         Auxiliary members certainly may purchase a copy of the Aerie Consti-
Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m.-noon.          tution and Statutes. Since supplies can only be ordered by Secretaries, you
                                           should ask your Auxiliary Secretary to order one for you from the Grand
                                           Aerie Supply Department via this office. She can do that by calling 1-614-
       Shoney’s Inn – 540-665-1700
                                           883-2200, or by e-mailing
       Comfort Inn – 546-887-5066
       Best Western – 540-662-4154
       Holiday Inn – 540-667-3300
       TravelLodge – 540-665-0685            Would you please explain the proper procedure for filling vacant
         Days Inn – 540-667-1200           Officer chairs at an Auxiliary Meeting? Is it the duty of the Auxiliary
          Super8 – 540-665-4450            Trustees to fill a vacant chair, or should that chair be filled from the
       Hampton Inn – 540-678-400?          membership attending the meeting?

                                              I presume you are referring to an Officer’s station that is vacant for one
     For official entry blanks and more    meeting only due to absence. In that case the Madam President appoints all
           information, contact:
                                           Officers pro-tem (Section 10.1a of the Rules and Regulations) from among
            Grand Aerie FOE
                                           the members in attendance.
        1623 Gateway Circle South
          Grove City, OH 43123

     Tournament Director Roy Swartz
             PO Box 2604                                    Have a question? Send it to:

                                           ??                                                            ??
         Winchester, VA 22604                                          Denise L. Sprague
                                                                Grand Auxiliary Office Coordinator
             Aerie 824                                            1623 Gateway Circle South
700 Baker Lane, Winchester, VA 22601                                 Grove City, OH 43123

20                                                                                                                   EAGLE
                                                 Open Enrollment
You will receive a Contribution Election Form in the mail. Submit it to the Pension Office no later than June 1.
Depending upon the Aerie at which you are employed, your contributions can be deducted from your paycheck or
can be withdrawn directly from your bank account.

Your election will be effective July 2, 2007 – June 30, 2008.

                                     HOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR INCOME
                               Participants have the option to select from three benefit accrual levels:

                                        Contribute 0% of Monthly Earnings, earn 1.5% accrual
                                       Contribute 2.5% of Monthly Earnings, earn 2.25% accrual
                                       Contribute 5.0% of Monthly Earnings, earn 3.0% accrual

                                                  Example: Monthly Earnings of $2,000

       Contribution Rate                                Monthly Contribution Amount                             *Monthly Benefit Earned

                0%                                                  $ 0.00                                                  $ 2.50
               2.5%                                                 $ 50.00                                                 $ 3.75
                 5%                                                 $100.00                                                 $ 5.00
       * The benefit you earn is based on an annuity payable monthly for your lifetime, beginning at your Normal Retirement Date (generally age 65).

Fraternal Order of Eagles                                                                                            The Employee’s Pension Fund
Employees’ Pension Fund                                                                                                      Welcomes:
1623 Gateway Circle South
Grove City, OH 43123                                                                                                  Aerie 2397, Los Angeles, CA
(614) 883-2192                                                                                                             Illinois State Aerie

                2007 EAGLES BOB OUTLAND
                      GOLF TOURNAMENT
                            August 11-12 and 18-19
                        Rich Valley and Carlisle Barracks Golf Clubs
                               CARLISLE, PENNSYLVANIA
                                      Hosted by Carlisle Aerie 1229
                                                                                                         Bob Outland
                 ● Deadline for entries is June 15, 2007 or the first 500       ■ CARLISLE AERIE 1299
                 entries, whichever comes first. Entries received after June    26 E. HIGH ST.
                 15, 2007 will be assigned any available tee times or           CARLISLE, PA
              returned. No entry fee refunds. If something prevents you
from playing in the tournament, substitute a man from your Aerie and col-       ■ DAYS INN & SUITES – CARLISLE
lect the entry fee from him.                                                    101 ALEXANDER SPRING RD.
                                                                                CARLISLE, PA 17015
● All entries must complete the tournament entry form in full. Please print     ALL ROOMS: $62 + TAX
or type so the information is legible. YOUR GRAND AERIE MEMBERSHIP              CUT-OFF DATE: JULY 10
NUMBER IS A MUST, NO EXCEPTIONS. There will be no switching of                  ■ QUALITY INN – CARLISLE
teams at the golf course. The only substitutions will be to replace a golfer    1255 HARRISBURG PIKE
who is unable to play. It is your responsibility to make sure that your entry   CARLISLE, PA 17015
has the right playing partner.                                                  ALL ROOMS: $76 + TAX
                                                                                CUT-OFF DATE, 1ST WEEKEND: JULY 28
                                                                                CUT-OFF DATE, 2ND WEEKEND: AUGUST 4
● This is a soft spike only golf course. NO EXCEPTIONS. There will be no
switching of teams at the golf course. The only substitutions will be to        ■ RICH VALLEY GOLF COURSE
replace a golfer who is unable to play. It is your responsibility to make       277 RICH VALLEY RD.
sure that your entry has the right playing partner. Please note: You may        MECHANICSBURG, PA
not wear denim (bluejean material) on the Barracks course. No excep-
tions.                                                                          ■ CARLISLE BARRACKS GOLF COURSE
                                                                                JIM THORPE RD.
                                                                                CARLISLE BARRACKS BLDG. 901
● Entry fee is $80 per person. This includes green and cart fees for 36         CARLISLE, PA
holes of golf. Make checks payable to: “Grand Aerie Golf Tournament.”           1-717-243-3262

                                             F.O.E. Golf Tournament
                                            1623 Gateway Circle South
                                              Grove City, OH 43123

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