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  Dams of
Sale Horses
           Dams of
         Sale Horses

   he following section lists the dams of all weanlings, yearlings, and 2-year-
   olds sold at most North American public auctions plus major sales in
   England, Ireland, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand
in 2008. Horses that did not bring their reserve prices (RNAs) are not included.
The dams are listed alphabetically, followed by the type of offspring sold
(weanling, yearling, or 2-year-old) and the offspring’s sire. If a mare had more
than one offspring sell in 2008 then each is listed. Prices, buyers, hip numbers,
and other information on a particular offspring can be found listed alphabeti-
cally by the sire’s name in Dec. 27 Blood-Horse Auctions Digest.
Dams                                                                             Production
                                                                               AFFAIR WITH MOLLY, wnlg by
                                                                                                                      A J'S HONEY, yrlg by Thunder Gulch
                                                                                                                      AKHIRA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Tobougg
                                                                                                                                                              ALICE LADY LUCK, yrlg by The
                                                                                                                                                                Trader's Echo
                                                                                                                                                                                                      ALL THE MOVES (SPR), yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ALWAYS SUNNY, yrlg by Ciano Cat
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ALWAYS TWINING, yrlg by Wildcat
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       It's True
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     AMERICAN MISS, wnlg by Sky Mesa
                                                                                 Limehouse                              (IRE)                                 ALICE WHITE, yrlg by Forest Camp        ALL THE VEES (SPR), yrlg by                Heir                                AMERICAN PASHA, yrlg by Full
AARON AVENUE,                            Score                                 AFFECTATION, yrlg by Hennessy          A KISS A DANCE, yrlg by Matty G         ALICIA (IRE), yrlg by Encosta de Lago     Yonaguska                              ALWAYS WAITING, yrlg by Frisk Me        Mandate
AATUSH, yrlg by Mobil                  ACQUILATA (SPR), yrlg by Act One        AFFIRMATIVE CHOICE (SPR), wnlg by      AKUNA BAY (SPR), yrlg by                  (AUS)                                 ALL THINGS (SPR), yrlg by Cuvee            Now                                 AMERICAN PROFILE, 2yo by Thunder
ABBERY, yrlg by Megas Vukefalos          (GB)                                    Flower Alley, yrlg by Strong Hope      Johannesburg                          ALICITA MY LOVE, wnlg by Awesome        ALL TWO ONE, yrlg by D'wildcat           ALY ALY FREE, 2yo by Leestown           Gulch
ABBY CURESTHEBLUES, yrlg by            ACQUIRED TASTE (SPR), 2yo by            AFFIRMED AMBIENCE (SPR), 2yo by        AKURATOR, yrlg by Kahuna Jack             Again, yrlg by North Light (IRE)      ALLUMETTE (GB), yrlg by Starcraft        ALYANCER (SPR), yrlg by Tejano Run    AMERICAN QUEEN (FR), yrlg by
  Hold That Tiger                        Cape Canaveral, yrlg by Kafwain         Rossini                              ALABAMA ANNE (SPR), yrlg by City        ALIDA, yrlg by Maria's Mon, 2yo by        (NZ)                                   ALY CAPRI (SPR), yrlg by Stephen        Verglas (IRE)
ABBY GIRL, yrlg by Ghostzapper         ACROSS THE CREEK, 2yo by Event          AFFIRMED CALL, yrlg by Slewdledo         Street                                  Sky Mesa                              ALLURAH (IRE), 2yo by Tagula (IRE)         Got Even                            AMERICAN SKIPPER, 2yo by
ABBY NORMAL, yrlg by Wiseman's           of the Year, yrlg by Unusual Heat     AFFIRMED CLASS, yrlg by More Than      ALABASTRINE (GB), yrlg by Rock of       ALIDIVA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Giant's    ALLURING, yrlg by Dixie Union            ALYCEPTIONAL, yrlg by In Excess         Awesome Again
  Ferry                                ACTCEPTIONAL (SPR), yrlg by               Ready                                  Gibraltar (IRE)                         Causeway                              ALMANSA (IRE), yrlg by Key of Luck         (IRE)                               AMERICAS CAT, yrlg by Offlee Wild
ABBY'S MAGIC (SPR), yrlg by              Eddington, 2yo by Pulpit              AFFIRMED SPY, 2yo by Swiss Yodeler     A LADY'S CARESS, yrlg by Honour         ALIENATED, yrlg by Vindication          ALMA'S ALIBI (SPR), yrlg by Tethra       ALYDASH, yrlg by Medaglia d'Oro       AMERICAS PRIDE, yrlg by Free At
  Birdstone                            ACT OF GLORY, yrlg by Monarchos,        AFFIRMED TOOR, yrlg by Posse             and Glory                             ALIEN STRIKE, 2yo by Pure               ALMA'S MILL, yrlg by Alfaari             ALYETTE (SPR), yrlg by Castledale       Last
A B C AMANDA (SPR), 2yo by Put It        2yo by Point Given                    AFFIRMITY, yrlg by Freefourinternet    A LADY WITH APPEAL (SPR), yrlg by         Precision                             ALMAVIVA (IRE), 2yo by Acclamation         (IRE)                               AMERITOP (SPR), 2yo by Alke
  Back                                 ACT OF KINDNESS, yrlg by Salt Lake      AFFIRM THE GOLD, yrlg by Pollard's       Saarland                              AL IHSAS (IRE), yrlg by Rahy              (GB)                                   ALYGRIA (SPR), yrlg by Roar           AM FLIPPY (SPR), yrlg by Exchange
ABERDOVEY (GB), yrlg by Galileo        ACTRESS, yrlg by Big Country              Vision                               ALAKANANDA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by          ALINECHKA, yrlg by Grand Slam           ALMOND FLOWER (IRE) (SPR), yrlg          ALY MCBELL (SPR), yrlg by City Zip      Rate, 2yo by Storm Day
  (IRE)                                ACT SO NOBLE, 2yo by Harlan's           AFFORDABILITY, yrlg by Marino            Indian Ridge (IRE)                    ALI'S CHARGER, yrlg by Golden             by Acclamation (GB)                    ALYNAMIX (IRE), yrlg by Bertolini     AMIATA (GB), yrlg by Exceed And
ABIDE (FR), yrlg by Dubawi (IRE)         Holiday                                 Marini                               ALARME BELLE (GB), yrlg by Marju          Missile                               ALMOST A LADY (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by       ALYOUSUFEYA (IRE), yrlg by              Excel (AUS)
ABINGTON ANGEL (GB), yrlg by Marju     ACT STORMY, yrlg by Prime Timber        AFILLYATE, 2yo by Peace Rules            (IRE)                                 ALI'S DANCER (SPR), 2yo by                Antonius Pius                            Footstepsinthesand (GB)             AMICA (GB), yrlg by Dubai Destination
  (IRE)                                ACTXQUISITE, yrlg by Light of Mine      AFIRMADA, yrlg by Grand Reward         ALARMING PROSPECT (SPR), yrlg by          Congaree, yrlg by Marino Marini       ALMOST AMBER, yrlg by Exceed And         ALY'S CONQUEST (SPR), yrlg by         AMIERA RIVER (SPR), 2yo by Time
A BIT SPECIAL (GB) (SPR), 2yo by       ADALGISA, yrlg by Tapit                 AFLEET CANADIAN, yrlg by High Fly        Medaglia d'Oro                        ALISON'S WINNER, yrlg by City Zip         Excel (AUS)                              Consolidator                          Bandit, yrlg by Time Bandit
  Smart Strike                         ADALIA, yrlg by Purge, wnlg by Purge,   AFLEET CAT, 2yo by Whadjathink         ALAROUND PLEASURE, yrlg by Mobil        ALITHINI (IRE), yrlg by Refuse To       ALMOST BLUE, yrlg by Maria's Mon         ALY'S CROWN, yrlg by Tapit            AMIRATI (SPR), wnlg by
ABNER LENORE, yrlg by Eurosilver         yrlg by Purge                         AFLEETKITTY, 2yo by Broken Vow         ALASANA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Sinndar      Bend (IRE)                            ALMOST LOGICAL, yrlg by Castledale       ALYSOFT (SPR), wnlg by Aldebaran,       Johannesburg
ABOUT RESPECT, yrlg by Perfect         ADAMAS (IRE), yrlg by Invincible        AFLEET MIRACLE (SPR), yrlg by            (IRE)                                 A LITTLE BIT VALID (SPR), yrlg by         (IRE)                                    2yo by Behrens                      AMISTAD (GER), yrlg by Acclamation
  Soul (IRE)                             Spirit (IRE)                            Aptitude                             ALASKAN WINTER, wnlg by                   Milwaukee Brew                        ALMOST MIDNIGHT, yrlg by Rainbow         ALY'S QUESTION (SPR), yrlg by El        (GB)
ABOVE AVERAGE, yrlg by Offlee Wild     ADAM'S TIME, yrlg by Smart Strike       AFLEET'S GOLD (SPR), wnlg by             Eddington                             A LITTLE EVIL, yrlg by Eddington, 2yo     Blues (IRE)                              Corredor                            AMITY, yrlg by Forest Camp
ABOVE LIMITS, yrlg by Thunder Gulch    ADDAYA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Alhaarth      Wildcat Heir                         ALASKA SLEW, yrlg by Liberty Gold         by Grand Slam                         ALMOST SAINTLY, 2yo by Yonaguska         ALYSTONE LANE, yrlg by Atticus        AMIZETTE (SPR), yrlg by Medaglia
ABOVE MORALITY, yrlg by Belong to        (IRE)                                 AFLEET WOULD, yrlg by Limehouse        ALBACORA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by           ALIZE, yrlg by Yes It's True            ALMOST SUNNY, yrlg by Service            ALZIANAH (GB), yrlg by Compton          d'Oro
  Me                                   ADDED ASSET, wnlg by                    AFNAN, yrlg by City Zip                  King's Best                           ALIZEA'S SONG, yrlg by Forestry           Stripe                                   Place (GB)                          AMORAMENTE, yrlg by Aldebaran
ABOVE PERFECTION, yrlg by Dixie          Consolidator                          AFRICAN PRINCESS, wnlg by              AL BEEDAA, yrlg by Fusaichi             ALIZO'S DREAM, yrlg by West Acre        ALOHA MOTEL, yrlg by One Way             AMADA, yrlg by More Than Ready        AMORE CIELO (SPR), yrlg by
  Union                                ADDED TIME (SPR), 2yo by Forest           Mineshaft                              Pegasus, wnlg by Mr. Greeley          ALJAFLIYAH (GB), yrlg by Exceed And       Love                                   AMADAY (SPR), wnlg by Peace Rules       Theatrical (IRE)
ABOVE REPROACH (SPR), yrlg by            Wildcat                               AFRICAN SUNRISE, wnlg by Rockport      ALCADIA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Bachelor     Excel (AUS)                           ALONG CAME LOVE (SPR), yrlg by           AMANDA'S CROWN, yrlg by Mr.           AMOROUS PURSUITS (GB), yrlg by
  Kela                                 ADDICTED TO LOVE (GB), yrlg by            Harbor                                 Duke                                  ALKIFAF, wnlg by Ad Valorem               Wimbledon                                Greeley                               Arakan
ABOVE THE LINE (SPR), yrlg by            Pastoral Pursuits (GB)                AFTER AFTER AFTER, 2yo by Alke         ALCEA, yrlg by Langfuhr                 ALL ABILITY (SPR), 2yo by Cuvee         A LOOSE KISSER, yrlg by Offlee Wild      AMANDA SLEW, yrlg by Sea of           AMORY (GER), wnlg by Encosta de
  Mineshaft                            ADDITIVE, yrlg by One Cool Cat          AFTER ALL (IRE), yrlg by Lemon Drop    ALCHIMIE (IRE), yrlg by Bahamian        ALL A BLUR, yrlg by Tomahawk            ALOUCHIER (FR), yrlg by Intikhab           Secrets                               Lago (AUS), yrlg by Rakti (GB)
ABOVE THE MARKET, yrlg by Value        ADELANTADA (SPR), yrlg by Arch            Kid                                    Bounty (GB)                           ALL ABOUT COLOR, yrlg by                ALOUETTE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by             AMANDIAN (IRE), yrlg by Shamardal     AMOUR MIO, yrlg by More Than
  Plus                                 ADEPTATION, yrlg by Rakti (GB)          AFTER DINNER FLIRT, 2yo by Snuck       AL CORNICHE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by          Greatness                               Selkirk                                AMARELLE, 2yo by Kafwain                Ready, wnlg by Tale of the Cat
ABOVE THE SALT (SPR), yrlg by          ADINATHA, yrlg by Doneraile Court         In                                     Exceed And Excel (AUS)                ALL AFFIRMED SAY I, yrlg by Full        A LOVE STORY (SPR), 2yo by               AMARETTA, yrlg by Saint Liam          AMPLE (SPR), yrlg by Mojave Moon
  Alphabet Soup                        ADIOS CARR, yrlg by Kipling             AFTERNOON DREAMS, yrlg by Forest       ALDA'S WILL, yrlg by Ford Every           Mandate                                 Northern Afleet                        AMARICE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Verglas   AMSICORA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by
ABRADE (SPR), wnlg by Posse            ADIOS LA CUCARACHA, 2yo by                Wildcat                                Stream                                ALL AMERICAN BLOND, wnlg by             AL PERSIAN (IRE), yrlg by Dubawi           (IRE)                                 Kheleyf
ABSOLUTE GLEE, yrlg by Noverre           Seneca Jones                          AFTER TEA, yrlg by Elusive Quality     ALDEBARAN LIGHT (SPR), yrlg by            Jump Start                              (IRE)                                  AMATHIA (IRE), yrlg by Cape Cross     AMUNITED, yrlg by Desert Darby
ABSOLUTELY GENIUS, yrlg by Proud       ADIOS MEADOWLAKE, yrlg by               AFTER THE BEEP, 2yo by Monashee          Giant's Causeway                      ALLA PRIMA (IRE), yrlg by King's Best   ALPHABET GOLD, yrlg by Bwana               (IRE)                               AMUSINGLY, yrlg by Action This Day
  Accolade, wnlg by Spanish Steps        Alphabet Soup                           Mountain                             ALDEENA, 2yo by Sweetsouthernsaint      ALL AT ONCE, 2yo by Kafwain               Charlie                                AMATHUSIA (GB), yrlg by Dalakhani     AMYBDANCING, yrlg by
ABSOLUTE MAGIC, yrlg by                ADJALISA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by           AGAIN ROYALE (IRE), yrlg by Verglas    AL DESIMA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Mr.       ALL DAY AFFAIR, 2yo by                  ALPHABULOUS (SPR), 2yo by                  (IRE)                                 Johannesburg
  Vindication                            Oratorio (IRE)                          (IRE)                                  Greeley                                 Housebuster                             Repent                                 AMAZED (SPR), yrlg by Avonbridge      AMY 'N JILL, yrlg by War Chant
ABSOLUTE PRECISION, yrlg by            ADJTIYA (IRE), yrlg by Intikhab         AGAINST THE CODE, yrlg by              ALEGRANZA (IRE), yrlg by                ALL DEUCES WILD, yrlg by                ALPHACAT, yrlg by Tenpins                  (GB)                                AMY'S GIRL, yrlg by Najran
  Kyllachy (GB)                        ADLIBBING, yrlg by Milwaukee Brew         Montbrook                              Footstepsinthesand (GB)                 Vindication                           ALPHA LIGHT, yrlg by Purge               AMAZING BUY, yrlg by Unbridled's      AMY'S HALO (SPR), yrlg by Alyzig,
ABSOLUTISM, yrlg by Benchmark,         ADMIRAL MINNIE (SPR), yrlg by           AGE OF SILVER (SPR), yrlg by           ALESSIA (GER) (SPR), yrlg by Cape       ALLEGEDLY, yrlg by Milwaukee Brew       ALPHA MAMA (SPR), yrlg by                  Song                                  2yo by Erlton
  wnlg by Swiss Yodeler                  Langfuhr                                Distorted Humor                        Cross (IRE), wnlg by Galileo (IRE),   ALLEGED TOUCH, 2yo by Clodovil            Awesome Again                          AMAZING DREAM (IRE), yrlg by          AMYS RANSOM (SPR), yrlg by
ABSOLVE, wnlg by Elusive City          ADMIRER, yrlg by Sky Mesa               AGGIE SISTER, yrlg by Desert Darby       2yo by Refuse To Bend (IRE)             (IRE)                                 ALPHA SAPHIRE, yrlg by North Light         Tiger Hill (IRE)                      Century City (IRE)
ABSURDE (FR), yrlg by                  ADMIRING, yrlg by Rock of Gibraltar     A GIRLS GOTTA EAT (SPR), 2yo by        ALEXANDER AMBITION (IRE), yrlg by       ALLEGRO LADY, yrlg by Consolidator        (IRE), 2yo by Touch Gold               AMAZING MADELINE (SPR), 2yo by        ANABATIC, yrlg by Mass Market
  Leroidesanimaux (BRZ)                  (IRE)
                                                                                 Tomorrows Cat                          King's Best                           ALLEMANDE RIGHT, 2yo by Albert          ALPHE (SPR), yrlg by Grand Slam            Hook and Ladder                     ANAGALIA, wnlg by Consolidator
ABUELA ESTHER (URU), 2yo by            ADORABLE LADY, yrlg by Silver
                                                                               AGNES ROSE (SPR), 2yo by               ALEXANDER ANAPOLIS (IRE), 2yo by          the Great                             ALPINE AT CLARK, yrlg by Pollard's       AMAZING TURN, wnlg by Toccet          ANAKID, yrlg by Toccet
  Songandaprayer                                                                 Montbrook                              Danetime (IRE)                        ALL EMBRACING (IRE), yrlg by              Vision                                 AMBASSADRESS, wnlg by Monsieur        ANAKOTA, yrlg by Saarland
                                       ADORABLE LYDIA (SPR), yrlg by
A'BUNADH, 2yo by Invincible Spirit                                             A GOLD MOMENT, 2yo by City Place       ALEXANDER BALLET (GB), yrlg by            Danehill Dancer (IRE)                 ALPINE GEM, yrlg by Favorite Trick         Bond (IRE)                          ANAPOLA (GER), wnlg by King's Best,
                                         Buddha, 2yo by Tale of the Cat
  (IRE)                                                                        AGOUTI (GB), yrlg by Choisir (AUS)       Firebreak (GB)                        ALLENCAT, yrlg by Smart Strike          ALPINE ICE, yrlg by Tiznow               AMBER GOLD, yrlg by Jump Start          yrlg by Xaar (GB)
                                       ADORED SLEW (SPR), yrlg by Roman
ABUNDANCIA, yrlg by Lacotte (IRE)                                              AGREE TO DISAGREE, yrlg by Trippi      ALEXANDER CAPETOWN (IRE), yrlg          ALLESPAGNE (SPR), 2yo by Haafhd         AL RIBH, yrlg by Eddington               AMBER MILL (GB) (SPR), yrlg by        ANASTAZI, yrlg by Perfect Soul (IRE)
ABUNDANT (GB), yrlg by Haafhd (GB)                                             AGRIPPINA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by            by Chevalier (IRE)                      (GB)                                  ALRISHA (IRE), yrlg by Dr Fong             Firebreak (GB)                      ANATASE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Reset
                                       ADORYPHAR (SPR), wnlg by Stormy
ABUNDANTLY BLESSED (SPR), yrlg                                                   Dubai Destination                    ALEXANDER COMPOSER (IRE), yrlg          ALL FOR LAURA (GB), yrlg by Oasis       AL SHADEEDAH, yrlg by Exceed And         AMBER'S BLUFF (GB), yrlg by             (AUS)
  by Tiznow                                                                    AGUARA, yrlg by Alphabet Soup            by Choisir (AUS)                        Dream (GB)                              Excel (AUS)                              Firebreak (GB)                      ANAYID (GB), 2yo by Indian Ridge
                                       ADVANCING STAR (SPR), yrlg by
ABU QIR BAY, yrlg by Perigee Moon                                              AGUILAS PERLA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by     ALEXANDER CONFRANC (IRE) (SPR),         ALL GIRLS BAND, yrlg by Van             ALSHOOWG (SPR), wnlg by Holy             AMBERSENT, yrlg by Desert God           (IRE), yrlg by Motivator (GB)
                                         Unbridled's Song
ABYAAN (IRE), yrlg by Tobougg (IRE)                                              Alhaarth (IRE)                         yrlg by Medicean (GB)                   Nistelrooy                              Roman Emperor (IRE)                    AMBER'S WAY, 2yo by The Cliff's       ANCHORAGE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by
                                       ADVENTURE, 2yo by Five Star Day
ACADEMIC ANGEL, yrlg by Grand                                                  AHDAAB (SPR), yrlg by Danehill         ALEXANDER ELIOTT (IRE), yrlg by         ALLIE NORTH, yrlg by Vicar              ALSTEMERIA (IRE), yrlg by Pivotal          Edge                                  Compton Place (GB)
                                       ADVENTURE PASS, wnlg by
  Slam                                                                           Dancer (IRE)                           Chineur (FR)                          ALLIESUNRUN, yrlg by Omega Code,          (GB)                                   AMBER TIDE (IRE) (SPR), 2yo by        ANCIENT HIGHWAY, 2yo by Wild
ACANTHUS, yrlg by Dixie Union                                                  AH SHE CAN DANCE, 2yo by               ALEXANDER ICEQUEEN (IRE), yrlg by         2yo by Put It Back                    ALTAR CALL, wnlg by With Distinction       Exceed And Excel (AUS), yrlg by       Event
                                       ADVENTURESS (GB), wnlg by Dr
ACAPELLA CHICK, yrlg by Dixieland
                                         Fong                                    Afternoon Deelites                     Marju (IRE)                           ALLIGATOR ALLIE (SPR), yrlg by          ALTAR GIRL, yrlg by Awesome Again,         Xaar (GB)                           ANCLOTE, 2yo by Ten Most Wanted
  Band                                 AEGEAN MAGIC (GB), yrlg by              AIAIE (GB), yrlg by Captain Rio (GB)   ALEXANDER PHANTOM (IRE), yrlg by          Forestry                                2yo by Horse Chestnut (SAF)            AMBER TOKEN, yrlg by Empire Maker     AND, yrlg by Five Star Day, wnlg by
ACCELL, yrlg by Siberian Summer          Kyllachy (GB)                         AIDIN AND ABETTING (IRE), yrlg by        Invincible Spirit (IRE)               ALLIGRAM (SPR), yrlg by Fantastic       ALTAWEELAH (IRE) (SPR), 2yo by           AMBITION UNBRIDLED, yrlg by             Pure Prize
ACCEPTING FATE, yrlg by Purge,         AEGEAN SEA, yrlg by Bertolini             Bertolini                            ALEXANDER QUEEN (IRE), yrlg by            Light                                   Sakhee                                   Forestry                            ANDALUCIAN (GB), yrlg by War Chant
  wnlg by Silver Train                 AE KAE AE, yrlg by Xaar (GB)            AILETTE (GB), yrlg by Monsun (GER)       Oasis Dream (GB)                      ALLINDUETIME, yrlg by Dome              AL THERAAB (SPR), yrlg by Rahy           AMBIT'S BULLET (SPR), yrlg by         ANDERSON COUNTY, 2yo by
ACCESS (SPR), yrlg by Kafwain, 2yo     AERAIOCHT (IRE), 2yo by Verglas         AIMEE, yrlg by Southland Blues         ALEXANDER THREE D (IRE), yrlg           ALLISON'S EYES, 2yo by                  ALTOS DE CHAVON, yrlg by Street            Karen's Cat                           Meadowlake
  by More Than Ready                     (IRE)                                 AIMEE'S DELIGHT (GB), yrlg by            by Bernstein                            Sweetsouthernsaint                      Cry (IRE)                              AMELIA, yrlg by Dynaformer            ANDITALLADDSUP (SPR), yrlg by
ACCOMPLISHED FACT, 2yo by Snow         AERIAL BALLET (SPR), yrlg by Rahy         Camacho (GB), wnlg by Sleeping       ALEXANDRIA (IRE), yrlg by               ALLISON'S HOPE, yrlg by Street Cry      ALTRUISTE, yrlg by Montjeu (IRE)         AMELIE POULICHE (FR), wnlg by           Cobra King
  Ridge                                AERIAL MEETING (SPR), 2yo by              Indian (GB)                            Footstepsinthesand (GB)                 (IRE)                                 ALVINIA, wnlg by Great Notion, yrlg by     Proclamation (IRE)                  AND NOBODY KNOWS, yrlg by Royal
ACCOUNTESS (SPR), yrlg by Closing        David Copperfield                     AIM FOR THE TOP (SPR), yrlg by         ALEXANDRINE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by        ALLISON'S PRIDE (SPR), yrlg by            Kela                                   AMENDMENT (IRE), yrlg by Hennessy       Academy
  Argument                             AEROBIC EXERCISE (SPR), yrlg by           Montjeu (IRE)                          Dubawi (IRE), wnlg by Oasis Dream       Broken Vow                            ALWAYS A STAR (SPR), yrlg by             AMENIXA (FR) (SPR), wnlg by Selkirk   ANDORA SPRINGS, yrlg by Afleet
ACCUSATION, yrlg by Yes It's True        Safe in the U S A                     AIMING UPWARDS (GB), yrlg by One         (GB)                                  ALL MYUN NOW, yrlg by Deputy              Wandering                              AMERICAN AFFAIR, yrlg by Deputy         Alex, 2yo by Dixieland Band
ACES (SPR), yrlg by Posse              AERODYNA (SPR), yrlg by Ecton Park        Cool Cat                             ALEXANDRITE, yrlg by Lost Soldier         Commander                             ALWAYS AWESOME, 2yo by                     Commander                           ANDOVER LADY, yrlg by Stephen Got
ACE'S VALENTINE, yrlg by Gulch         AERWYN (SPR), yrlg by Compadre          AIN'T HAZEL, yrlg by The Trader's      AL HASNAA (GB) (SPR), wnlg by           ALL OR NOTHING, yrlg by Demidoff          Vindication                            AMERICAN BABY, 2yo by Vicar             Even
A CHANCE OF STORM (SPR), wnlg by       AESCULUS, yrlg by Thunder Gulch           Echo                                   Green Desert                          ALL OUR HOPE (SPR), yrlg by High        ALWAYS FRIENDLY (GB) (SPR), yrlg         AMERICAN CZARINA, 2yo by Golden       ANDOVER SQUARE (SPR), 2yo by
  Mr. Greeley                          AFARE, yrlg by Successful Appeal        AIRISTAR (SPR), 2yo by El Corredor     ALHEYRAH (GB), 2yo by Dream Run           Chaparral (IRE)                         by Invincible Spirit (IRE)               Missile, yrlg by Olmodavor            Hook and Ladder
ACHARI, yrlg by Lion Heart             AFAREL (SPR), 2yo by Indian Charlie     AISHAH (SPR), yrlg by Giant's          ALHUFOOF (SPR), wnlg by Piccolo         ALL PRIMED, yrlg by Mineshaft, 2yo      ALWAYS MINE (GB), yrlg by Alhaarth       AMERICAN DOLLAR, yrlg by Lion         ANDOVER SWEEP (SPR), yrlg by
ACICULA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Kheleyf   AFFAIRE D'AMOUR (GB), yrlg by             Causeway                               (GB)                                    by Tale of the Cat                      (IRE)                                    Heart                                 Western Expression
ACLASSYSASSYLASSY, yrlg by Yes           Oratorio (IRE)                        AISLE SEEYA, 2yo by Posse              ALIADO, wnlg by Closing Argument        ALL SKIPPED OUT, 2yo by Safe in the     ALWAYS NETTIE, yrlg by Monarchos         AMERICAN DYNASTY, yrlg by             ANDREA GAIL (SPR), yrlg by
  It's True                            AFFAIRE ROYALE (IRE), wnlg by           AISLING (SPR), 2yo by House Burner     ALICANTINA (ARG), yrlg by Lemon           USA                                   ALWAYS ON MY MIND (GB), yrlg by            Tiznow                                Distorted Humor
ACONITE (GB), yrlg by Pastoral           Oratorio (IRE)                        A JAZZY VENTURE (SPR), yrlg by           Drop Kid                              ALL THAT'S TRUE, yrlg by Touch Gold       Dr Fong                                AMERICAN HOUR, 2yo by                 ANDRIA'S FOREST, yrlg by
  Pursuits (GB)                        AFFAIR OF HONOR, yrlg by Run              Cahill Road                          ALICE BLACKTHORN (GB), yrlg by          ALL THE COLORS, wnlg by Forest          ALWAYS ON THE GO (SPR), 2yo by             Songandaprayer                        Montbrook
ACQUIESCENT, yrlg by Even the                                                  AJI CARIBE, 2yo by Eavesdropper          Zafeen (FR)                             Wildcat                                 Roar of the Tiger                      AMERICAN IN PARIS, 2yo by Yes         ANDROMEDA, yrlg by Forest Camp

2             THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                 THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                     3
Dams                                                                          A. O. L. HAYES, yrlg by Mr. Greeley
                                                                              AONACH MOR (GB), yrlg by
                                                                                                                    APT TO STAR, yrlg by Northern Afleet
                                                                                                                    AQABA (GB), yrlg by Barathea (IRE)
                                                                                                                                                            ARKWRIGHT, 2yo by Scrimshaw
                                                                                                                                                                                                    ASHWOOD TIE, yrlg by In Excess
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Victory Gallop
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ATOYAC (SPR), yrlg by Slewdledo
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    AUTO BE DEL, wnlg by Lion Tamer,
                                                                                Avonbridge (GB), wnlg by            AQUAMARINE, wnlg by Langfuhr            ARLECCHINA (GER), wnlg by Green         ASIAN EMERALD, 2yo by Golden            ATRIUM COURT, yrlg by Holy Bull           yrlg by Placid Fund
AND TOTO TOO (GB), wnlg by Araafa      ANNIE'S GOT A GUN, yrlg by               Proclamation (IRE)                  A QUIET CHAT (SPR), yrlg by Ghostly       Tune                                    Missile                               ATTABABE, yrlg by Kela                  AUTOGRAPHED COPY, yrlg by Richly
  (IRE), yrlg by Bahamian Bounty         Freespool                            APACHE CANYON, yrlg by                  Moves                                 ARM CHARM, yrlg by                      ASIAN INFLUENCE, yrlg by                ATTACHE' GAL, yrlg by Malibu Moon         Blended
  (GB)                                 ANNIE'S HALO (SPR), yrlg by              Songandaprayer                      AQUILONIA (GB), yrlg by Galileo (IRE)     Leroidesanimaux (BRZ)                   Olmodavor                             ATTACHMENT, yrlg by Indian Ridge        AUTUM BLAZE, yrlg by Honor Glide
ANEARLYBIRD, yrlg by Invincible          Limehouse                            APACHE DANCER, yrlg by Roar of the    ARAADH, yrlg by Royal Academy           ARMORIQUE (IRE), yrlg by Medicean       ASIAN LOVE (GB), wnlg by Diktat           (IRE)                                 AUTUMN (FR), 2yo by Masterful
  Spirit (IRE)                         ANNIE'S NO ORPHAN, 2yo by Traffic        Tiger                               ARABELLA, yrlg by Harlan's Holiday        (GB)                                    (GB), yrlg by Kyllachy (GB)           ATTAGAL, yrlg by Aldebaran              AUTUMN MOON (SPR), yrlg by
ANELYN'S GIFT (GB), 2yo by Mujahid       Circle                               APACHEE'S MEMORY, yrlg by The         ARABIAN NIGHTS, yrlg by Desert          ARMOURETTE, wnlg by First Samurai       ASIAN NATIVE, yrlg by In Excessive      ATTASLIYAH (IRE) (SPR), 2yo by Lion       Thunder Gulch
ANETTA J, yrlg by Lite the Fuse        ANNIE'S TUFF, yrlg by Bernstein          Fed                                   Warrior                               A ROSE FOR CHRIS, wnlg by North           Bull                                    Heart                                 AUTUMN MUSIC (SPR), yrlg by
ANGEL AGAIN (SPR), yrlg by Even the    ANNIE TIME GIRL, yrlg by Doneraile     APACHE PINES (SPR), yrlg by           ARABIAN PENINSULA, yrlg by Stormy         Light (IRE)                           ASK CAROL (IRE), yrlg by Arakan         ATTAWAY TO GO BABY, 2yo by Honor          Closing Argument
  Score                                  Court                                  Drewman                               Atlantic                              A ROSE FOR SHANNON (SPR), wnlg          ASK FOR A STAR, yrlg by Aptitude          Glide                                 AUTUMN PEARL (GB), yrlg by
ANGELA'S TUNE, wnlg by Suave           ANNIHILATOR, 2yo by Valid              APACHE SIGNAL, yrlg by The Fed        ARABIAN SPELL (IRE), yrlg by              by North Light (IRE), 2yo by Sky      ASK FOR THE MOON (FR), yrlg by          ATTEMPTRESS, wnlg by Good                 Barathea (IRE)
ANGEL DEHERE, yrlg by Tale of the        Expectations                         APACHE STAR (GB) (SPR), yrlg by         Dynaformer                              Mesa                                    Giant's Causeway                        Reward, yrlg by Sky Mesa              AUTUMN PROSPECTOR, yrlg by
  Cat                                  ANNIKA RULES, yrlg by                    Montjeu (IRE)                       ARABIS, yrlg by Unbridled's Song        A. ROYAL AFFAIR, yrlg by Repent         ASK HER AGAIN, yrlg by Royal Albert     ATTENDANCE, yrlg by Langfuhr              Storm of the Night
ANGELENO (IRE), yrlg by Rainbow          Songandaprayer                       APACHE TEARDROP (SPR), 2yo by         ARABIS (GB), wnlg by Librettist         ARPEGGIO, wnlg by Purge                   Hall                                  ATTENTION SEEKER, yrlg by Haafhd        AUTUMN RHYTHM (GB), yrlg by
  Quest                                ANNIVERSARY (GB), yrlg by Green          Greatness                           ARAB MISS, yrlg by Maria's Mon          ARRASTRA (SPR), 2yo by During, yrlg     ASK LINDA, wnlg by                        (GB)                                    Pulpit
ANGEL GIFT, yrlg by Dixie Union          Desert                               APALACHEE DANCER (SPR), yrlg by       ARAGUAIA (IRE), yrlg by Starcraft          by Yonaguska                           Leroidesanimaux (BRZ)                 ATTI GIRL FERGIE, yrlg by Repent        AUTUMN RIDGE, yrlg by North Light
ANGELICO (IRE), 2yo by Pyrus           ANNOCONNOR, yrlg by                      Peaks and Valleys                     (NZ)                                  ARRESTING BEAUTY, yrlg by Buddha        ASK ME NO SECRETS, yrlg by              ATTITRE (FR) (SPR), 2yo by Rock of        (IRE)
ANGELIC SONG (SPR), yrlg by              Leroidesanimaux (BRZ)                APALACHEE WIND, 2yo by Drewman        ARANDA, yrlg by Sligo Bay (IRE)         ARRIVED YESTERDAY, 2yo by Safe in         Distorted Humor                         Gibraltar (IRE)                       AUTUMN SLEW (SPR), wnlg by
  Montjeu (IRE)                        ANN OF OXFORD, yrlg by                 A. P. ANDIE, 2yo by Touch Gold        ARAVONIAN (GB) (SPR), yrlg by              the U S A                            ASKMOLL (IRE), yrlg by Invincible       ATTITUDE, yrlg by Eurosilver, wnlg by     Flower Alley
ANGELIC SOUNDS (IRE) (SPR), yrlg         Stonecoldbroke                       APASIONATA SONATA (SPR), yrlg           Observatory                           ARRIVING (GB) (SPR), yrlg by              Spirit (IRE)                            Tale of the Cat                       AUTUMN WEALTH (IRE), yrlg by
  by Shamardal                         ANN'S DILEMMA, wnlg by Toccet            by Smarty Jones                     ARAWYN (SPR), yrlg by Regal               Medicean (GB)                         ASPENELLE (SPR), yrlg by Lion Heart     ATTLONGGLAST (GB), yrlg by Central        Cape Cross (IRE)
ANGELINA CAPOTE, yrlg by Mr.           ANNUL (SPR), 2yo by Arch, yrlg by      APELIA (SPR), yrlg by Vindication       Intention                             ARRUHAN (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by            ASPEN HIGHLANDS, wnlg by Golden           Park (IRE)                            AVA DARLING, yrlg by Malibu Moon,
  Greeley                                Cherokee Run                         APENNINA (SPR), yrlg by Royal         ARAY, yrlg by Consolidator                Kyllachy (GB)                           Missile                               ATTRACTION FATALE (SPR), yrlg by          2yo by Orientate
ANGELINA J, 2yo by Macho Uno, yrlg     ANNUS IUCUNDUS (IRE), 2yo by             Applause (GB)                       ARBELA (SPR), yrlg by Afleet Alex       ART FAIR, wnlg by Mr. Greeley           ASPEN WHISPER, yrlg by Orientate          Wando                                 AVA KNOWSTHECODE (SPR), yrlg by
  by Newfoundland                        Verglas (IRE)                        A PENNY MAID, yrlg by Gotham City     ARBIE FALCON, yrlg by Toccet            ART FORM, yrlg by Hold That Tiger       ASPIRATION (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by         ATTRACTIVE MISSILE (SPR), wnlg by         Yes It's True
ANGEL IN THE WIND, yrlg by Action      ANOTHERBUSRIDE, wnlg by Sharp          APHOBIC LADY, yrlg by Bold n'         ARBOR, yrlg by Fusaichi Pegasus         ARTFUL AVIATOR, 2yo by Open               Danehill Dancer (IRE)                   Aldebaran                             AVANCE, yrlg by Valid Belfast
  This Day                               Humor                                  Flashy, wnlg by More Than Ready     ARBORESQUE (SPR), wnlg by Sharp           Forum                                 ASSETS ON ICE (SPR), yrlg by Roar       ATTUNE (GB), yrlg by Red Ransom         AVANI, wnlg by Indian Charlie
ANGEL OF THE GWAUN (IRE), yrlg by      ANOTHER CASE, wnlg by Dance With       APHRA BENN (IRE), wnlg by Exceed        Humor                                 ARTIC ENCHANTRESS (SPR), 2yo              of the Tiger                          ATTYMON LILL (IRE), yrlg by             AVANT'S GOLD, yrlg by Benchmark,
  King's Best                            Ravens                                 And Excel (AUS), yrlg by Redback    ARBORETA (IRE), yrlg by Choisir           by Uncle Abbie                        ASSEVERATE, yrlg by Invincible Spirit     Invincible Spirit (IRE)                 2yo by Decarchy
ANGEL PUSS (SPR), 2yo by Seeking       ANOTHER DAY, yrlg by Milwaukee           (GB)                                  (AUS)                                 ARTIC MIST (SPR), yrlg by Tribunal        (IRE)                                 ATUF, yrlg by Pleasant Tap, wnlg by     AVARICITY, yrlg by Menifee
  the Gold                               Brew, 2yo by Running Stag            A. P. INTEREST (SPR), yrlg by         ARCA DE ORO, yrlg by Golden             ARTIC PARTY, yrlg by Cuvee, 2yo by      ASSOMBRIE (SPR), yrlg by                  Pleasant Tap                          AVARYL, wnlg by Bachelor Blues
ANGELSAVER, wnlg by Put It Back        ANOTHER EPISODE, 2yo by Black            Distorted Humor                       Missile, 2yo by Running Stag            Mr. Greeley                             Greatness, 2yo by Greatness           AU BAR (SPR), yrlg by Trajectory        AVAST, yrlg by Even the Score
ANGEL'S CAMP, wnlg by Striking           Mambo                                APOCALYPTIC, yrlg by During, wnlg     ARCADIANA, yrlg by Mr. Greeley          ARTISTE (SPR), yrlg by Bernstein        ASTAIRE CASE, yrlg by Stormy            AUCILLA (SPR), yrlg by Mineshaft        AVENUE SHOPPER (SPR), yrlg by
  Ambition (GB)                        ANOTHERHAPPYENDING (SPR), yrlg           by Pollard's Vision                 ARCHDUCHESS, yrlg by Indy King          ART OF DESIRE, yrlg by Value Plus         Atlantic                              AUDACIEUSE (GB), yrlg by Royal            Cozzene
ANGEL SONG, yrlg by Arch                 by Jackpot                           APOLLO CAT, yrlg by                   ARCH ENEMY, yrlg by Closing             ART OF ILLUSION (SPR), 2yo by A. P.     ASTARINTHEFAMILY, yrlg by                 Applause (GB)                         AVERAGE FORUM, 2yo by Drewman
ANGEL'S OUR STAR (SPR), wnlg by        ANOTHER NIGHTMARE (IRE), yrlg by         Songandaprayer                        Argument                                Delta, yrlg by Trippi                   Gimmeawink, 2yo by Three              AUDACIOUS (SPR), yrlg by More Than      AVERINSKY, wnlg by Hennessy
  In a Walk, yrlg by Sefapiano           Sulamani (IRE)                       APOLOGY ACCEPTED, yrlg by Malibu      ARCHERS MIST, yrlg by Bold              ART'S LADY, 2yo by Black Mambo            Wonders                                 Ready                                 AVIAN ASSEMBLY (SPR), yrlg by
ANGEL'S TEARLET (SPR), yrlg by         ANOTHER PAR THREE, yrlg by Forest        Moon                                  Executive                             ART STUDENT (SPR), 2yo by               ASTARTE (SPR), yrlg by Saarland         AUDITION (GB), yrlg by Antonius Pius      Fusaichi Pegasus
  Mineshaft                              Danger                               APPEALING ANDOVER (SPR), 2yo by       ARCHIPOVA (IRE) (SPR), wnlg by            Orientate                             ASTELLA, wnlg by Macho Uno              AUGUST MOON DANCER, 2yo by              AVIATRESS, 2yo by Easyfromthegitgo
ANGLE CAT, yrlg by Vicar               ANOTHER RAGE, 2yo by Menifee             Indy King, yrlg by Milwaukee Brew     Refuse To Bend (IRE)                  ARTSY ANNIE, 2yo by Announce            ASTICKYPROPOSITION, wnlg by               Johannesburg                          AVIDE (SPR), yrlg by Eurosilver
ANGRY BARK, yrlg by Starcraft (NZ)     ANOTHER REALITY, yrlg by Soft Gold     APPEALING BABY, yrlg by Buddha,       ARCTIC AFFAIR (SPR), yrlg by            ARTSY LADY, 2yo by Three Wonders          Malibu Moon, 2yo by Yes It's True     AUGUST STORM (SPR), yrlg by Dixie       AVIEMORE (SPR), yrlg by Brunswick
ANGRY REPLY, yrlg by Point Given         (BRZ)                                  wnlg by El Corredor                   Monarchos, 2yo by Officer             ARTY'SVIRGINIAGIRL, 2yo by              ASTORBILT, yrlg by Touch Gold             Union, 2yo by Lemon Drop Kid          AVIE'S ROBERTA, yrlg by Eddington
ANGUILLA, yrlg by Giant's Causeway     ANOTHER SPARKLE, 2yo by Middle         APPEALING BRIDE, wnlg by E Dubai      ARCTIC DOVE, yrlg by Formal Dinner        Malibu Moon, yrlg by Tapit            ASTORG (SPR), yrlg by Montjeu (IRE)     AUNT ANNIE, yrlg by Union Place         A VISION IN GRAY, wnlg by
ANIKAWI, yrlg by Ford Every Stream       Man                                  APPEALING FLOWER, yrlg by             ARCTIC HIGH (GB), wnlg by Sakhee        ARZACHENA (FR), 2yo by Indian           ASTRA, yrlg by El Prado (IRE)           AUNT BETH, yrlg by El Corredor            Pomeroy, yrlg by Songandaprayer
ANITAFLEET, yrlg by Dove Hunt          ANOTHER VEGETARIAN (SPR), yrlg           Limehouse                           ARCTIC HUNT (IRE), yrlg by Rock of        Haven (GB)                            ASTRAL DREAMER (SPR), 2yo by            AUNT DUE, 2yo by The Cliff's Edge       AVITRIX, yrlg by Quiet American
ANITA MADDEN, yrlg by Mr. Greeley        by Indian Charlie                    APPEALING GREELEY, 2yo by Touch         Gibraltar (IRE)                       ARZO, yrlg by Cozzene                     Majesterian                           AUNT ELAINE, wnlg by Two Punch          AVON LAKE, yrlg by Concerto
ANITA VIA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by         ANOTHER WONDER, wnlg by                  Gold                                ARCTIC'S ANGEL, yrlg by Forest          ASAAWIR (GB), wnlg by Oasis Dream       ASTRID (SPR), yrlg by                   AUNTE RHODY (SPR), 2yo by A Little      AWAAMIR (GB), yrlg by Arch
  Oratorio (IRE)                         Shaniko, yrlg by Stephen Got Even    APPEALING JEWEL, yrlg by                Danger                                  (GB)                                    Songandaprayer                          Illegal                               AWAASER, wnlg by Aussie Rules, yrlg
ANJA, wnlg by Johannesburg             ANQOOD (IRE), yrlg by Exceed And         Eddington                           ARCTIC SILK (GB), yrlg by Green         AS A DAY IN JUNE (SPR), yrlg by         ASTROLOGICA (ARG), yrlg by              AUNT FLO (IRE), yrlg by Dansili (GB)      by One Cool Cat
ANKLET (SPR), wnlg by Maria's Mon        Excel (AUS)                          APPEALING LINE, wnlg by Alphabet        Desert                                  Consolidator                            Eddington                             AUNTIE BELLUM, 2yo by Favorite          AWARD FOR MORGAN, yrlg by The
AN MOSEY, yrlg by Galileo (IRE)        ANSWERED PRAYER (GB), wnlg by            Soup, yrlg by Bernstein             ARDENT LADY (GB), yrlg by Orpen         A SAINT SHE AINT, yrlg by Cuvee         ASTUTI (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Bertolini     Trick                                   Cliff's Edge
ANNA AMALIA (IRE), yrlg by Dubawi        Dubawi (IRE), yrlg by Fantastic
                                                                              APPEALINGLY REGAL, 2yo by Golden      ARDEN VILLAGE (SPR), 2yo by Three       ASCALON (SPR), yrlg by Strive           ASUN, yrlg by Milwaukee Brew            AUNT MOTTZ (SPR), yrlg by Street        AWARE AND BEWARE (SPR), 2yo by
  (IRE)                                                                         Missile                               Wonders                               ASCENSION (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by          ASWHATILLDOIS (IRE), wnlg by              Cry (IRE)                               Toccet
                                       ANTEQUERA, yrlg by Smoke
ANNA K., yrlg by Medallist                                                    APPEALING PRIDE, 2yo by Rossini       ARD NA SIGHE (IRE) (SPR), 2yo by          Johannesburg                            Sleeping Indian (GB)                  AUNT PANSY (SPR), 2yo by Repent         AWAY (SPR), yrlg by Empire Maker
ANNA KAREENA (IRE), yrlg by Verglas                                           APPEALING SUSIE, yrlg by Lion Heart     Exceed And Excel (AUS)                ASCOT MISSY, yrlg by Kinshasa           A TAD EARLY, yrlg by Sefapiano          AUNT SADIE (GB), yrlg by Muhtathir      AWAY TO FAME, 2yo by Lido Palace
                                       ANTHYLLIS (IRE), yrlg by Compton
  (IRE)                                                                       APPEASEMENT, yrlg by In Excessive     ARDUM RELAUNCH, 2yo by                  ASCOT STARRE (SPR), yrlg by Smarty      ATALEOFTWOKITTIES, 2yo by Proud           (GB)                                    (CHI), yrlg by Lido Palace (CHI)
                                         Place (GB)
ANNA KARENINA (SPR), yrlg by                                                    Bull                                  Champali                                Jones                                   Citizen                               AUNT SUSAN (GB) (SPR), yrlg by          AWAY TO ME (GB), yrlg by Tobougg
                                       ANTICS UPSTAIRS, wnlg by With
  Danehill Dancer (IRE)                                                       APPELLA (SPR), wnlg by Three          A REAL EYE OPENER (SPR), yrlg by        ASCOT TOBIE, yrlg by Street Cry (IRE)   ATALINA (FR) (SPR), yrlg by Key of        Barathea (IRE)                          (IRE)
                                         Distinction, yrlg by Woke Up
ANNALINA, yrlg by Azamour (IRE)                                                 Wonders                               Cherokee Run                          ASCOT YAEL, yrlg by Speightstown          Luck                                  AUNT TATE (GB) (SPR), 2yo by            AWE CHERYL, yrlg by Even the Score
ANNAPURNA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by                                                APPLAUDING (IRE), wnlg by Choisir     A REAL FANCY GAL, 2yo by Omega          ASDAF (SPR), yrlg by Roaring Fever      ATATEKA, 2yo by Hook and Ladder           Medicean (GB)                         AWESOME ALEXIS, 2yo by Full
                                       ANTIFREEZE (SPR), yrlg by Ecton
  Dubai Destination                                                             (AUS)                                 Code                                  ASHBILYA, 2yo by Nayef                  ATE A GATOR, 2yo by Cimarron            AUNTY MARY (GB), yrlg by Oasis            Mandate
                                         Park, 2yo by Storm Boot
ANNA'S ANGEL (SPR), wnlg by Forest                                            APPLECROSS (GB) (SPR), yrlg by        A REAL HOWITZER (SPR), yrlg by          ASHDOWN PRINCESS (IRE), yrlg by           Secret                                  Dream (GB)                            AWESOME AVIE, yrlg by Candy Ride
                                       ANTIGONEL (IRE), yrlg by Clodovil
  Danger                                                                        Tiger Hill (IRE)                      You and I                               Royal Applause (GB)                   AT EASE DIABLO, 2yo by Millennium       AUNTY ROSE (IRE), 2yo by Pivotal          (ARG)
ANNA'S GIRL, yrlg by Snow Ridge                                               APPLE OF ONE EYE, 2yo by Express      A REAL LADY, yrlg by El Corredor        ASHEYANA (IRE), yrlg by                   Wind                                    (GB)                                  AWESOME DEDUCTION, yrlg by
                                       ANTIGUA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Kyllachy
ANNA'S RUCKUS, 2yo by City Place                                                Tour                                A REAL NOR'EASTER, 2yo by Roaring         Footstepsinthesand (GB)               ATELIER, yrlg by Distorted Humor        AU PAIR, 2yo by Menifee, yrlg by          Candy Ride (ARG)
ANNATOGA, yrlg by Maria's Mon                                                 APPLE SAUCE (GB), yrlg by Whipper       Fever                                 ASHFORD CASTLE, yrlg by                 ATHENA'S MON, yrlg by The Cliff's         Menifee                               AWESOME FRANCES, 2yo by King
                                       ANTIOQUIA (GB), wnlg by Montjeu
ANNCLOATKEY, yrlg by Honour and          (IRE)                                APPLESOLUTELY, yrlg by Medaglia       AREYDNE, 2yo by Alysweep, yrlg by         Singspiel (IRE)                         Edge                                  AURA OF GLORY, 2yo by Malibu              Cugat
  Glory                                ANTIQUE AMBER, 2yo by Put It Back        d'Oro                                 Max's Pal                             ASHIRAH (SPR), yrlg by Hawk Wing        ATHENA'S SMILE (SPR), yrlg by             Moon, yrlg by Tale of the Cat         AWESOME IN SEATTLE, yrlg by
ANNE BOLEYN (GB), wnlg by Tiger        ANTITHESIS (IRE), 2yo by Auction       APPOMATTOX, wnlg by Borrego           ARE YOU FIT, yrlg by Arch               ASHLEE'S LADY, yrlg by El Corredor        Where's the Ring                      AURELIA (GB), yrlg by Hawk Wing           Precocity
  Hill (IRE)                             House                                APPROACH THE BENCH, yrlg by           ARE YOU HOME, 2yo by Cherokee           ASHLEY AT THE GATE, yrlg by Devil       ATHENA STARWOMAN, yrlg by               AURORA (SPR), yrlg by Empire            AWESOME JOY, yrlg by Victory Gallop
ANNECY, yrlg by Devil His Due          ANTOINETTE, yrlg by Northern Afleet      Choisir (AUS)                         Run                                     His Due                                 Include                                 Maker                                 AWESOME LASS, yrlg by Langfuhr
ANNELIINA (GB), yrlg by Acclamation    ANTONIA'S CHOICE (GB) (SPR), yrlg      APPROPRE, 2yo by Put It Back, yrlg    ARGENT FRANCAIS (FR), wnlg by           ASHLEY GAYLE, wnlg by Honour and        ATHERBEST (SPR), wnlg by Bellamy        AURORA MYSTIC, yrlg by Malibu           AWESOME POWERS, yrlg by One
  (GB)                                   by Royal Applause (GB)                 by Put It Back                        Cozzene, 2yo by Silver Deputy           Glory                                   Road                                    Moon, wnlg by Purge                     Nice Cat
ANNE-LISE (GB), wnlg by Bahamian       ANTONIA'S FOLLY (GB), yrlg by          APPROVER (SPR), wnlg by First         ARGENTI, 2yo by Ghazi                   ASHLEY'S CLAN, wnlg by War Front        ATHLUMNEY LADY (GB) (SPR), yrlg         AURORA'S CHARM, wnlg by Broken          AWESOME THRILL, yrlg by
  Bounty (GB)                            Avonbridge (GB)                        Samurai                             ARIADNE'S CROWN, yrlg by Full           ASHLEY'S COY, wnlg by Imperialism         by Marju (IRE)                          Vow, yrlg by More Than Ready            Milwaukee Brew
ANNE O ' KEEFE (SPR), yrlg by Cahill   ANTONIETTE (SPR), yrlg by Quiet        APRIL FIFTEENTH (SPR), yrlg by          Mandate                               ASHLIE'S DIAMOND, 2yo by                A THOUSAND SMILES (IRE), yrlg by        AURORA SLEW (SPR), yrlg by Najran       AWESOME VIEW, 2yo by Delaware
  Road                                   American                               Broken Vow                          ARIADNE'S DANCE, yrlg by Equality         Henriques                               Rakti (GB)                            AURORA TOO, yrlg by Devil His Due         Township
ANNETTAS JET (SPR), yrlg by            A NUMBER ONE, wnlg by Aldebaran        APRIL GATOR (SPR), wnlg by Gators     ARIES (GER), yrlg by Bahamian           ASHLYN'S ANGEL (SPR), yrlg by           ATHRUZ BREEZE, yrlg by Langfuhr         AURORA WINNERS, yrlg by Bertrando       AWFUL SMART (SPR), yrlg by Golden
  Sweetsouthernsaint                   ANXIETY ATTACK, yrlg by                  N Bears                               Bounty (GB)                             Unforgettable Max                     ATITUDEOFGRATITUDE (IRE), yrlg by       AUSPICE, yrlg by Menifee, 2yo by          Missile
ANNIE AMELIA, yrlg by Fastness (IRE)     Changeintheweather                   APRIL HONORS, yrlg by Action This     ARION'S CREEK, yrlg by Buckle           ASH MOON (IRE), yrlg by Compton           Hennessy                                Menifee                               A WILD KITTY (SPR), yrlg by Yankee
ANNIE CAKE, wnlg by Dance With         ANYAAS (IRE), yrlg by Haafhd (GB)        Day                                   Down Ben, 2yo by Lil's Lad              Place (GB)                            ATLANTIC HERO, 2yo by Put It Back       AUSPICIOUS (GB) (SPR), wnlg by            Gentleman
  Ravens                               ANYONE'S DAUGHTER, 2yo by Turn         APRIL IN CALGARY, 2yo by              ARION'S WISH, 2yo by Lightnin N         ASHOVER AMBER (GB), yrlg by             ATLANTIC OCEAN, yrlg by Medaglia          Medicean (GB), yrlg by Starcraft      AWMA'S MUSIC, yrlg by Seeking
ANNIE'S ANGEL (SPR), yrlg by Union       West                                   Aldebaran, yrlg by Peace Rules        Thunder                                 Orpen                                   d'Oro                                   (NZ)                                    Diamonds
  Place                                ANYTIME KRIS, yrlg by Artax            APRIL STARLIGHT (SPR), yrlg by        ARISTOCRATIQUE (GB) (SPR), wnlg         ASHRAAF, yrlg by Elusive Quality        ATLANTIDE, yrlg by Sadler's Wells       AUSTRALIAN DREAMS (GB), yrlg            A WOMAN'S QUEST, yrlg by Perfect
ANNIE'S APPLE (SPR), wnlg by           AOIFE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Whipper       Fusaichi Pegasus                      by Shirocco (GER)                     ASHWOOD C C, yrlg by Harlan's           ATNAB (SPR), wnlg by Haafhd (GB)          by Shamardal                            Soul (IRE)
  Candy Ride (ARG)                                                            APT PRELUDE, yrlg by Trust N Luck     ARJUNAND (SPR), yrlg by Rock Hard         Holiday                               ATOCHA QUEEN (SPR), yrlg by             AUTISTIC GIRL, yrlg by Quiet            AWWALIYA (GB), yrlg by Arch

4            THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                    5
Dams                                                                           BALWARAH (IRE), wnlg by Dubawi
                                                                                                                       BASIN STREET BLUES (IRE) (SPR),
                                                                                                                         yrlg by Antonius Pius
                                                                                                                                                              BEAUALLIS, yrlg by Easyfromthegitgo
                                                                                                                                                                                                     BEGUILED, yrlg by Olmodavor
                                                                                                                                                                                                     BEGUILING, yrlg by Benchmark
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              BELLE'S APPEAL, 2yo by Macho
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Uno, yrlg by Milwaukee Brew
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       yrlg by Teton Forest
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     BE SILVER, 2yo by Trippi
                                                                               BAMBA, yrlg by Stormy Atlantic          BASQUE SONG, yrlg by Roar of the       BEAU BANDIT, yrlg by Vying Victor      BE HAPPY MY LOVE, yrlg by El             BELLE'S BLUFF, yrlg by Tale of the     BE SIX, yrlg by Richter Scale
AYANKA (SPR), yrlg by Mingun           BAHRI'S CROWN, yrlg by A. P. Delta      BAM BAM BULL, yrlg by Roman               Tiger                                BEAU BLUSH, yrlg by E Dubai              Corredor, 2yo by Speightstown            Cat                                  BEST AUNTIE, yrlg by Grindstone
AYRES HALL, 2yo by Horse Chestnut      BAILEY'S BLAZE (SPR), yrlg by             Ruler                                 BASTA BARBARA (SPR), yrlg by           BEAUCETTE, yrlg by A.P. Indy           BEHAVING (SPR), 2yo by Mr. Greeley       BELLE'S EDGE (GB), wnlg by Royal       BEST BUY (IRE), yrlg by Tale of the
  (SAF), wnlg by Jump Start              Came Home                             BAMBOO FOREST, 2yo by                     Eurosilver                           BEAUCHAMP POINT (SPR), 2yo by          BEHIND THE BLUFF, yrlg by The              Applause (GB)                          Cat
AZARBA, yrlg by Tapit, 2yo by Tapit    BAILEYS CREAM (GB) (SPR), yrlg by         Songandaprayer                        BASTE, yrlg by Saarland                  Untuttable                             Cliff's Edge                           BELLE STORY, yrlg by Came Home         BEST FEATURE (SPR), yrlg by
AZELNA (FR) (SPR), yrlg by Purge         Camacho (GB)                          BAMBOULA (SPR), yrlg by Repent          BASTILLE OPERA (SPR), 2yo by Hook      BEAUTIFUL, wnlg by Artie Schiller      BEHLAYA (IRE), wnlg by Green Desert      BELLE TURQUOISE (FR), yrlg by            Eurosilver
AZIA (IRE), yrlg by Verglas (IRE)      BAILEYS DANCER (GB), yrlg by            BANANA WALK, yrlg by                      and Ladder                           BEAUTIFULBALLERINA, wnlg by            BEHRENS BREEZE, yrlg by Formal             Speightstown                         BEST FRIEND, yrlg by Yes It's True
AZOLIA (IRE), 2yo by Xaar (GB), yrlg     Exceed And Excel (AUS)                  Sweetsouthernsaint                    BATES CHOICE, yrlg by                    Anabaa                                 Dinner                                 BELLE VISAGE (SPR), wnlg by            BEST IN THE WEST (SPR), 2yo by
  by Zafeen (FR)                       BAILEY'S ON ICE, wnlg by Where's        BANBA (IRE), yrlg by Bertolini            Consolidator                         BEAUTIFUL BEAU, 2yo by                 BEIJIO, 2yo by Tomorrows Cat               Truluck                                Vindication
AZUMA AWAY, yrlg by Left Banker          the Ring                              BANCO SOLO (GB) (SPR), yrlg by          BATES MONARCH (SPR), yrlg by Free        Gimmeawink                           BELGIUM GIRL, yrlg by Event of the       BELLEWOOD (SPR), 2yo by                BEST LANDING (SPR), yrlg by
AZUSA (SPR), yrlg by Five Star Day     BAILONGUERA (ARG) (SPR), yrlg by          Chineur (FR)                            At Last                              BEAUTIFUL DANCE, yrlg by Dance           Year                                     Greatness                              Kafwain
BAALBEK (GB), yrlg by Sakhee             Mr. Greeley                           BANDANNA (GB), wnlg by Compton          BATHE IN LIGHT, 2yo by Exceed And        Master, wnlg by Pico Central (BRZ)   BELIEVABILITY (SPR), yrlg by             BELLISSI (IRE), yrlg by Invincible     BEST OF MEMORIES (SPR), yrlg by
B. A. BABE, yrlg by Con Artist         BAJAN BLUE (GB), yrlg by Kyllachy         Place (GB), yrlg by Dansili (GB)        Excel (AUS)                          BEAUTIFUL DIAMOND (SPR), yrlg by         Eddington, wnlg by Silver Train          Spirit (IRE)                           Aldebaran, 2yo by Touch Gold
BABA COOL (IRE), yrlg by Kafwain         (GB)                                  BANDEAU, yrlg by Golden Missile         BATH HOUSE BET, yrlg by Jaunatxo         Formal Dinner                        BELIEVE (SPR), yrlg by Devil His Due     BELLONA (SPR), 2yo by Montbrook        BEST OF THE BLUES (SPR), 2yo by
BABAE (CHI), yrlg by Distorted         BAKLAVA, wnlg by Johar, yrlg by         BAND QUEEN, yrlg by Holy Bull, 2yo      BATHILDE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by          BEAUTIFUL IMAGE, 2yo by Full           BELIEVE INDEED, yrlg by Eurosilver       BELLS ARE RINGING (SPR), yrlg by         Frisk Me Now
  Humor                                  Sunday Break (JPN)                      by Holy Bull                            Fantastic Light                        Mandate                              BELIEVE IN HEATHER, yrlg by Ford           Smarty Jones                         BEST OF THE SEA (SPR), 2yo by
BABA GONZO, yrlg by Tale of the        BALA, 2yo by Deputy Commander,          BANGLED (SPR), 2yo by Medaglia          BATILDE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Xaar      BEAUTIFUL INGENUE, yrlg by High          Every Stream                           BELLS FOR MARLIN, yrlg by Dixie          Double Honor
  Cat                                    yrlg by Sligo Bay (IRE)                 d'Oro                                   (GB)                                   Demand                               BELIEVE IN MISSY, yrlg by Dehere           Union                                BEST OKAY (SPR), wnlg by Leestown
BABAI DANZIG, 2yo by Cherokee          BALALAIKA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by           BANGTHEGONG, 2yo by                     BATIQUE (SPR), yrlg by Empire          BEAUTIFUL SPY, yrlg by Safe in the U   BELIEVE IN ROSE, wnlg by Traffic         BELL'S LASS, yrlg by Victory Gallop    BEST PART, yrlg by Midnight Royalty
  Run                                    Shamardal                               Expressionist, yrlg by Silver Ray       Maker                                  SA                                     Circle                                 BELONGS ON TOP, wnlg by City           BEST PRACTICES, yrlg by Grand
BABBS BE GOOD (SPR), yrlg by           BALCOVY, 2yo by Forest Camp             BANG UP PLAY, 2yo by Catienus           BATONYA (SPR), yrlg by In Excessive    BEAUTIFUL STRANGER (SPR), yrlg         BELIEVE IT BELOVED (SPR), yrlg by          Place                                  Reward
  Equality                             BALDACHINO, wnlg by Philanthropist      BANISSA (SPR), 2yo by Good and            Bull                                   by Two Punch                           El Corredor                            BELONG TO KATIE, yrlg by Compadre      BEST SIDE (IRE), yrlg by Azamour
BABCARY (GB), wnlg by Piccolo (GB)     BALDELLIA (FR), yrlg by Malibu            Tough                                 BATSCAN, yrlg by Cat Dreams            BEAUTIFUL SUNSHINE, wnlg by            BELLA AND WHISTLES, 2yo by               BELONG TO LASSIE, 2yo by Forestry,       (IRE)
BABEINTHEWOODS (SPR), yrlg by            Moon                                  BANK ONAHOMERUN, yrlg by City           BATTENKILL, yrlg by Saint Liam           Eddington, 2yo by Songandaprayer       Johannesburg                             yrlg by Roman Ruler                  THE BEST SISTER, yrlg by Gators N
  Medaglia d'Oro                       BALDEMARA (FR), yrlg by One Cool          Zip                                   BATTLE AT DAWN, yrlg by Storm          BEAUTY AND STYLE, yrlg by Candy        BELLA BALLADO, yrlg by Grand             BELOVED, 2yo by Silver Deputy            Bears
BABE'S FLAIR, yrlg by Consolidator,      Cat                                   BANKRUPT, yrlg by Dance With              Passage                                Ride (ARG)                             Reward                                 BELOVED BY ALL (SPR), yrlg by          BET, yrlg by Purge
  wnlg by Hennessy                     BALD N BLUE, wnlg by Pleasantly           Ravens                                BATTLELADY (SPR), yrlg by Point        BEAUTY BUG, yrlg by Stormy Atlantic    BELLA BAMBINA (GB), 2yo by Reset           Songandaprayer                       BETHASTAN, yrlg by Irish Road
BABY BARFLY, yrlg by Liberty Gold        Perfect                               BANNER DANCER (SPR), 2yo by               Given                                BEAUTY HALO (ARG), wnlg by               (AUS)                                  BELSAY (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Danehill    BETHESDA (GB), yrlg by Bertolini
BABY BODGIT (SPR), yrlg by Byars       BALDSKI'S FINESSE, yrlg by Pollard's      Mineshaft                             BATTLE TYPE, yrlg by Kiridashi           Bluegrass Cat, yrlg by Successful    BELLA BELLA (IRE), yrlg by Kalanisi        Dancer (IRE)                         BETH'S OUR CHOICE, yrlg by
BABY BUNTING (GB) (SPR), yrlg by         Vision                                BANSHEE WINDS (SPR), yrlg by A.P.       BATTY FRONTERIZA (ARG), yrlg by          Appeal                                 (IRE)                                  BEL SERENATA, 2yo by Smart Strike,       Precocity
  Bahamian Bounty (GB)                 BAL DU BOIS (SPR), yrlg by Oratory,       Indy, wnlg by Bernardini                Diesis (GB)                          BEAUTY QUEEN (SPR), yrlg by            BELLA BIMBA, yrlg by Old Topper            yrlg by Smart Strike                 BETH'S WONDER, yrlg by Mr. Jester
BABY HELEN, 2yo by Posse                 wnlg by Parker's Storm Cat            BAPPYCHEW, yrlg by Cuvee                BAUHAUSER (ARG), 2yo by Giant's          Harlan's Holiday, wnlg by Value      BELLA CANTATA (GB), yrlg by              BEL TEMPO (GB), wnlg by Halling        BETIDO, 2yo by Sultry Song
BABY JANE, yrlg by Roar of the Tiger   BALI BEAUTY (SPR), yrlg by Regal        BARACHOIS PRINCESS, yrlg by               Causeway                               Plus                                   Compton Place (GB)                     BELTERRA, yrlg by Dixie Union          BET ON TRACK, yrlg by Commitisize
BABY JINX (SPR), yrlg by Wekiva          Intention                               Sampower Star (GB)                    B. A. VALENTINE (SPR), yrlg by         BEAUTY'S DUE (SPR), yrlg by Chapel     BELLA CHICA (IRE), yrlg by Bertolini     BELTISAAL (FR) (SPR), yrlg by          BET OR BELIEVE HER, 2yo by Valid
  Springs                              BALI CRUISE, yrlg by Forest Wildcat     BARANQUILLA (GB), yrlg by                 Perfect Soul (IRE)                     Royal                                BELLADERA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by             Oratorio (IRE)                         Belfast
BABY LETS CRUISE, yrlg by Afleet       BALINESE, yrlg by Street Cry (IRE)        Fantastic Light                       BAVARIAN GIRL, yrlg by Chapel Royal    BEAUTY UNBRIDLED, 2yo by Candy           Acclamation (GB), wnlg by Shirocco     BE MAGIC (GB) (SPR), yrlg by One       BETRAYER (ARG) (SPR), 2yo by Rahy
  Alex                                 BALI ROYAL (GB), 2yo by Danetime        BARAROO (SPR), 2yo by Three             BAY BARRISTER, yrlg by Yes It's          Ride (ARG)                             (GER)                                    Cool Cat                             BETROTH, yrlg by Langfuhr
BABY LOU, wnlg by El Corredor            (IRE)                                   Wonders                                 True                                 BEAUX DOROTHY, 2yo by Alke             BELLA DI NOTTE (CHI), yrlg by            BE MINE, wnlg by Closing Argument,     BETROTHAL (IRE), yrlg by Dubawi
BABY MILLIE (SPR), yrlg by             BALI SILVER, wnlg by Da Stoops          BARBARA O'BRIEN (SPR), 2yo by           BAYBROOKE, yrlg by Black Mambo,        BEA WARE, yrlg by Outofthebox, 2yo       Consolidator                             yrlg by Officer                        (IRE)
  Unforgettable Max                    BALLA BALLA, wnlg by Proud and            Storm Creek                             2yo by Delaware Township               by Pure Precision                    BELLAGAL, yrlg by Marino Marini          BE MINE AGAIN, yrlg by Tomahawk        BETSY BLUE EYES, yrlg by Include
BABY SLIPPERS, yrlg by                   True                                  BARBARA'S HALO, 2yo by Spanish          BAY HARBOR (SPR), 2yo by Golden        BEBE ANI, yrlg by Aldebaran            BELLA MADAME (CHI) (SPR), 2yo            BEMMALOU, yrlg by Safely's Mark        BETTER BE SURE (SPR), yrlg by
  Cryptoclearance                      BALLAD (SPR), yrlg by Five Star Day       Steps                                   Missile, yrlg by Stephen Got Even    BE BOP ALOHA (GB), yrlg by Piccolo       by More Than Ready                     BE MY BABY (SPR), 2yo by Cherokee        Successful Appeal
BACARDI CAT, 2yo by Mr. Greeley        BALLADO HILL, yrlg by Include           BARBARA SUE (SPR), yrlg by Purge        BAYLEAF (GB) (SPR), yrlg by              (GB)                                 BELLA MIRANDA (GB), yrlg by Red            Run, yrlg by Forest Danger           BETTINA'S CHOICE, yrlg by Pleasant
BACCARAT BABE, yrlg by Macho           BALLADO MELODY, yrlg by Ten Most        BARBARELLA (GB), yrlg by Noverre          Singspiel (IRE)                      BECAUSE THAT'S WHY, 2yo by               Ransom                                 BE MYSELF (SPR), 2yo by Montbrook        Tap
  Uno, wnlg by Red Bullet                Wanted                                BARBI TWINS, yrlg by Double Honor,      BAYLETTA (IRE), yrlg by Rakti (GB)       Sweetsouthernsaint                   BELLA RAGAZZA, yrlg by Cuvee             BE MY WISH (GB), yrlg by Captain Rio   BETTORS DELIGHT, yrlg by Exchange
BACCATA'S SURPRISE (SPR), yrlg by      BALLADO'S BABY, yrlg by Smoke             2yo by Spanish Steps                  BAYLOR B., 2yo by Salt Lake            BECHARMED, 2yo by Alphabet Soup,       BELLAROSE, yrlg by Cuvee                   (GB)                                   Rate, 2yo by Tactical Cat
  Medford                                Glacken                               BARBOUKH (GB) (SPR), yrlg by            BAY OF ANGELS, yrlg by Aldebaran,        yrlg by Golden Missile               BELLASARA, yrlg by Mr. Jester            BENDIS (GER), yrlg by                  BETTY B, yrlg by North Light (IRE),
BACK ALLY CAT, yrlg by Cobra King      BALLADO'S HALO, yrlg by Elusive           Compton Place (GB)                      wnlg by Cherokee Run                 BECKY IN PINK, yrlg by Saint Liam      BELLA SELENE, yrlg by Wimbledon            Footstepsinthesand (GB)                2yo by Touch Gold
BACKATEM (SPR), wnlg by Forest           Quality, 2yo by Speightstown          BARB'S PROMISE, yrlg by Runaway         BAYOU MIST (SPR), yrlg by Stephen      BECKY VIRTUE, yrlg by Truluck,         BELLA SIENA, yrlg by Teton Forest,       BENITA, yrlg by Posse                  BETTY C, yrlg by Littlebitlively
  Danger                               BALLDO, 2yo by Monarchos, wnlg by         Groom                                   Got Even                               wnlg by Truluck                        2yo by Van Nistelrooy                  BENJARONG (GB), yrlg by                BETTY'S COURAGE, wnlg by Wildcat
                                         Strong Contender
BACKGAMMON BECKY, yrlg by                                                      BARBUDA (GB), wnlg by Shirocco          BAY TREE (IRE), yrlg by Dynaformer     BEDFORD JOY (GER), yrlg by Exceed      BELLA SIGNORA, yrlg by Silver              Avonbridge (GB)                        Heir
  Doyen (IRE)                          BALLEA QUEEN (IRE), 2yo by Choisir
                                                                                 (GER)                                 B B CHOICE, 2yo by Sarava                And Excel (AUS), wnlg by Haafhd        Deputy                                 BENO (SPR), yrlg by Mingun             BETTY'S SOLUTIONS (SPR), yrlg by
BACK ON TOP, yrlg by Foxtrail                                                  BARCELONA BEAUTY, yrlg by Golden        B'DEVILED BEAU, yrlg by Cuvee            (GB)                                 BELLA TRIESTE, yrlg by Military          BENT CREEK CITY (SPR), yrlg by           Eddington
                                       BALLERINA PRINCESS (SPR), yrlg by
BACK TO CAPETOWN, yrlg by Hold                                                   Missile                               BEACH BUNNY, yrlg by                   BE DIGNIFIED (IRE), yrlg by Rock of    BELLA TUSA (IRE), yrlg by Malibu           Golden Missile                       BETWEEN FRIENDS, yrlg by Gulch
  That Tiger                                                                   BARE NECESSITIES, yrlg by Tale of         Songandaprayer                         Gibraltar (IRE)                        Moon                                   BENTLEY'S BUSH (IRE), yrlg by One      BETWEEN THE STICKS (SPR), yrlg by
                                       BALLET (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Trade Fair
BACK TO EARTH, yrlg by Rock Hard                                                 the Cat                               BEACH GIRL, 2yo by Mr. Livingston      BEDROOM CHATTER (SPR), yrlg by         BELLA VIE (IRE), yrlg by Pearl of Love     Cool Cat                               Avonbridge (GB)
  Ten                                                                          BARFLY NANNIE (SPR), yrlg by            BEACHHOUSE, yrlg by                      Afleet Alex                            (IRE)                                  BERCHTA (SPR), 2yo by Put It Back      BETWEEN THE WINDS, yrlg by
                                       BALLET BALLON, yrlg by Hawk Wing
BACK TO THE FUTURE (IRE), yrlg by                                                Barricade                               Tannersmyman                         BEDROOM WINDOW (SPR), yrlg by          BELL BRASS, 2yo by Whywhywhy             BERENICA (IRE), wnlg by Camacho          Acclamation (GB)
                                       BALLET COLONY, yrlg by Stormin
  Champali, wnlg by Whywhywhy                                                  BARKNIGHT, yrlg by Liberty Gold         BEACH PARTY, wnlg by Broken Vow          Lost Soldier                         BELLE ARTISTE, yrlg by Cherokee            (GB)                                 BETWINEYOUANDME, wnlg by
BACKYARD, yrlg by Medallist                                                    BARNABAS (ITY) (SPR), wnlg by           BEACH PLUM, 2yo by Big Country         BEDSIDE MANNER, yrlg by Purge            Run                                    BERGA (SPR), yrlg by Speightstown        Bandini, 2yo by Hook and Ladder
                                       BALLET PARTNER (GB), yrlg by Royal
BADEMAUS, yrlg by One Way Love                                                   Invincible Spirit (IRE)               BEACH WALK, 2yo by Civilisation        BEDTIME FOR JR., wnlg by               BELLEAU WOOD, 2yo by Marino              BERGAMOT, yrlg by Awesome Again        BEVCO, yrlg by Lit de Justice
BADGER BEAUTY (SPR), yrlg by                                                   BARNEY'S MISTRESS (SPR), yrlg by        BEACON SILVER (GB), yrlg by Zafeen       Speightstown                           Marini, yrlg by Swiss Yodeler          BERG ROSA, 2yo by Devon Lane           BEVERLEY BELL (GB), yrlg by
                                       BALLET PRINCESS (GB), yrlg by
  Sunday Break (JPN)                                                             Forest Camp                             (FR)                                 BEEBE LAKE, yrlg by Consolidator       BELLE A VERSAILLES, wnlg by Out of       BERINE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by              Needwood Blade (GB)
BADGETT AT NIGHT, yrlg by Cahill                                               BARN SWALLOW (SPR), yrlg by             BEADING (GB), wnlg by Iceman (GB)      BEECHNUT (IRE), yrlg by Lucky Story      Place, yrlg by Slew City Slew            Aldebaran                            BEWARE OF THE ACE, yrlg by Black
                                       BALLET SCHOOL (IRE), yrlg by
  Road                                                                           Northern Afleet                       BEAFLEET (SPR), yrlg by Closing        BEEFEATER BABY, yrlg by                BELLE BUOY (SPR), yrlg by                BERKELEY NOTE (IRE), wnlg by Royal       Tie Affair (IRE)
BAD INTENTIONS, yrlg by Island                                                 BARRA STEEL, yrlg by Action This          Argument                               Powerscourt (GB)                       Knockadoon                               Applause (GB)                        BEWITCHING, yrlg by Outofthebox
                                       BALLIAMO (IRE), yrlg by Antonius
  Storm                                  Pius                                    Day                                   BE A GOOD DANCER, yrlg by Wild         BEE FLAT, yrlg by King Tutta           BELLE DE CADIX (IRE) (SPR), wnlg by      BERKSHIRE PRINCESS, yrlg by            BEWIXED, wnlg by Candy Ride (ARG),
BAD KITTY, yrlg by Royal Applause      BALLYMALOE, yrlg by Eavesdropper,       BARRING ORDER (IRE), yrlg by              and Wicked                           BEEJAY (GB), yrlg by Mark of Esteem      Acclamation (GB)                         Smoke Glacken                          yrlg by Essence of Dubai
  (GB)                                   2yo by Eavesdropper, yrlg by            Pivotal (GB)                          BEAMING BELLE, yrlg by Closing           (IRE)                                BELLE DE NUIT (IRE), yrlg by             BERKSHIRE SHOPPER (SPR), yrlg by       BEXLEY, wnlg by Indian Charlie
BAD N BEAUTIFUL, yrlg by Swiss           Eavesdropper                          BARRISTER KATHLEEN, yrlg by Out           Argument, wnlg by Power by Far       BEELINE, 2yo by Cappuchino               Avonbridge (GB)                          Olmodavor                            BEYOND MEASURE, wnlg by Victory
  Yodeler                              BALLY STORM (SPR), yrlg by Indian         of Place                              BEAMING YEAR, yrlg by Old Topper       BE ELUSIVE (SPR), yrlg by Afleet       BELLE DE SOLEIL (SPR), 2yo by            BERLIN BLUES, yrlg by Alphabet           Gallop
BAFFERTA, yrlg by Medallist              Charlie                               BARTERED BRIDE (SPR), yrlg by           BE A PROSPECTOR (SPR), yrlg by           Alex                                   Alke                                     Soup, 2yo by Red Bullet              BEYOND PRICE, yrlg by Limehouse
BAG LADY JANE, yrlg by Macho           BALMORAL GAP, wnlg by Greeley's           Johar                                   Giant's Causeway                     BEE MY HONEY, yrlg by El Corredor      BELLE ERZULIE, yrlg by Bernstein         BERLINETTE (SPR), 2yo by Black         BEYOND THE FENCE, yrlg by
  Uno                                    Galaxy, yrlg by Oratory               BAR THE WAY, yrlg by Oratory            BEARLEE NAKED, yrlg by Cahill Road     BEE MY VISION (SPR), yrlg by Tapit     BELLE ET DELUREE (SPR), wnlg by            Mambo                                  Powerscourt (GB)
BAG OF COOKIES (SPR), yrlg by          BALTIC BALLERINA, yrlg by               BARTOK'S BELLE, 2yo by Old Topper       BEAR NO EVIL (SPR), wnlg by Show       BEE'S CAT, yrlg by Trust N Luck          Medicean (GB), yrlg by Starcraft       BERMUDA BRIDE, 2yo by Gold Case,       BE YOUR BEST (SPR), yrlg by
  Louis Quatorze                         Eurosilver, wnlg by Tapit             BARTOK'S DANCER, yrlg by Tribal           Tune                                 BEES 'N' MONEY, 2yo by                   (NZ)                                     yrlg by Truluck                        Fusaichi Pegasus
BAG OF MINE, yrlg by Lydgate           BALTIC BEAUTY, yrlg by E Dubai            Rule                                  BEARS LITTLE ANGEL, yrlg by Tiger        Authenticate                         BELLEHOP (SPR), yrlg by Mr. Greeley      BERNSTEIN'S BABE, yrlg by Saint        BEZANT (IRE), yrlg by Kheleyf
BAG OF SUGAR, 2yo by Leestown          BALTIC DIP (IRE), yrlg by               BAR U MOOD (SPR), yrlg by                 Trap                                 BEE THE ONE (SPR), yrlg by             BELLE OF COZZENE, yrlg by Cuvee            Liam                                 B GONE BLUES, 2yo by Alphabet
BAG OF TRICKS (SPR), yrlg by El          Johannesburg                            Alphabet Soup                         BEAR TRAP, yrlg by Lightnin N            Leestown                             BELLE OF HONOUR, yrlg by Sadler's        BERRY CHERRY (SPR), wnlg by Holy         Soup
  Corredor                             BALTIC NATIONS, yrlg by Distorted       BARZAH (IRE), yrlg by Elusive Quality     Thunder                              BEFORE THE WIND, wnlg by                 Wells                                    Bull                                 BG XPRESS DELIVERY (SPR), yrlg by
BAG'S GAL (SPR), yrlg by Ide             Humor                                 BASBOUSATE NADIA (GB), yrlg by          BEAT BECKY, yrlg by El Corredor, 2yo     Woodman, yrlg by Woodman             BELLE OF PERINTOWN (SPR), yrlg           BERRY SPRINGS, 2yo by Service            The Deputy (IRE)
BAGTHEMONEY, yrlg by Honour and        BALTIC SEA (SPR), yrlg by Chapel          Exceed And Excel (AUS)                  by Northern Afleet                   BEG BORROW N STEAL (SPR), yrlg           by Unbridled's Song                      Stripe                               BIA VALENTINE, yrlg by General
  Glory                                  Royal                                 BASE STEALER, yrlg by Eddington         BEAT IT, 2yo by Came Home                by Pollard's Vision                  BELLE OF THE BLUES (IRE), wnlg by        BERT'S LADY JESTER, yrlg by Down         Royal
BAHAMAMIA (GB), 2yo by One Cool        BALTIMORE BOUND, 2yo by Put It          BASHFUL CHARMER (SPR), wnlg             BEATMICHIGANAGAIN, yrlg by             BEGIN THE BEGUINE (IRE), yrlg by         Goodricke (GB)                           the Aisle                            BIBI DAHL, yrlg by Quick Action
  Cat                                    Back                                    by Medaglia d'Oro, 2yo by Sky           Came Home                              Key of Luck                          BELLE OF THE NIGHT (SPR), 2yo by         BESEECHING, yrlg by Pyrus              BIBLIONIC, 2yo by Concerto
BAHIA GOLD, yrlg by Purge                                                        Mesa                                  BEAT YOUR FEET, yrlg by Yes It's       BEGUILE, yrlg by Tapit                   Demidoff, yrlg by Sam Lord's Castle    BESIGE (SPR), wnlg by Aldebaran,       BIC'S PICK, yrlg by Friends Lake

6            THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                  THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                    7
Dams                                                                             BLONDAWAY, 2yo by Awesome
                                                                                                                           BLUSHING BECCA, yrlg by Malibu
                                                                                                                                                                 BOLD MIRAGE, yrlg by Stephanotis
                                                                                                                                                                 BOLD MIST, yrlg by Stormy Atlantic
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Kyllachy (GB)
                                                                                                                                                                                                        BORDERS BELLE (IRE), yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               BRANSTON GEM (GB), yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Bahamian Bounty (GB)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      BRIGADIERS BIRD (IRE) (SPR), yrlg
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        by Xaar (GB)
                                                                                 BLOND DANCER, wnlg by Tiznow              BLUSHING BULL (SPR), yrlg by El       BOLD'N BREEZY, yrlg by Porto             Barathea (IRE)                       BRASS DOLL (SPR), 2yo by Storm         BRIGGSMAID (GB), yrlg by Compton
BIDA DISTRACTION (SPR), 2yo by             BISCUIT BUN, yrlg by Wild Gold        BLONDE AMBITION, yrlg by Grand              Corredor                             Foricos                               BORN BEAUTIFUL, yrlg by Danehill         and a Half                             Place (GB)
  Kafwain                                  BISHOP'S DELIGHT (SPR), 2yo by          Reward                                  BLUSHING CALLER, wnlg by Two          BOLD N DARK, yrlg by Toccet              Dancer (IRE)                         BRASSY BELLE, yrlg by Kiridashi        BRIGHER (IRE), 2yo by Daggers
BID AGAIN, yrlg by Tejano Run                Smooth Jazz                         BLONDZ AWAY, yrlg by Read the               Punch                               BOLD PEGASUS, yrlg by Lost Soldier     BORSHOI BALLET, yrlg by Mineshaft      BRASSY NANCY, yrlg by Kiridashi          Drawn, yrlg by Verglas (IRE)
BIDDING PRO, yrlg by Tactical Cat          BISHOP'S LAKE (GB), yrlg by Chineur     Footnotes                               BLUSHING DEED, yrlg by Alphabet       BOLD THREAT (SPR), yrlg by Gold        BOSTON BEAUTY, yrlg by Vicar           BRAVE NEW BOUNDARY, yrlg by Pure       BRIGHT ASSET, 2yo by Cuvee
BIDING TIME, yrlg by Stormin Fever           (FR), 2yo by Tillerman (GB)         BLOOMING, yrlg by Pleasant Tap              Soup                                 Tribute                               BOSTON FLYER, yrlg by City Zip           Prize                                BRIGHT BANK (IRE), yrlg by Danehill
BID OF FAITH, 2yo by Three Wonders         BISHOP'S MATE (SPR), yrlg by          BLOOMING AGAIN, yrlg by Wildcat           BLUSHING GLEAM (GB) (SPR), yrlg       BOLD TIGRESS, yrlg by Where's the      BOSTON IVY (SPR), wnlg by Ad           BRAVE PASSING, yrlg by Tomahawk          Dancer (IRE)
BID OF FUN (SPR), wnlg by Siberian           Vindication                           Shoes                                     by Red Ransom                        Ring                                    Valorem                              BRAVE THE STORM (SPR), yrlg by         BRIGHTEST FUTURE, yrlg by Wildcat
  Summer                                   BISSEXTILE, 2yo by Wild Zone          BLOOMIN THUNDER (SPR), yrlg by            BLUSHING GREEN, yrlg by Include       BOLD VEVILA, yrlg by Perigee Moon      BOSTON NOVA, wnlg by Forestry, yrlg      Vindication                            Heir
BIENANDANZA, yrlg by Smart Strike          BISTRANOVA, yrlg by Avonbridge          Lion Heart                              BLUSHING HEIRESS (SPR), 2yo by        BOLD WORLD (SPR), yrlg by Afleet         by Forestry                          BRAVINGTHETHUNDER (SPR), yrlg by       BRIGHTON WAY, yrlg by Broken Vow
BIEN BROOKE, yrlg by Redattore               (GB)                                BLOOMY (SPR), yrlg by A.P. Indy             Strong Hope                          Alex                                  BOSTON SONG, yrlg by Alke                Event of the Year                    BRIGITTA (IRE), yrlg by Pivotal (GB)
  (BRZ)                                    BITTERSWEET HOUR (SPR), yrlg by       BLOSSOMED, yrlg by Forest Wildcat         BLUSHING HOPE, yrlg by Alke, 2yo      BOLERO AGAIN (IRE), yrlg by            BOSTON SYMPHONY, yrlg by Tale of       BRAVO DANCER (GB), wnlg by             BRILLANO (FR), yrlg by Redback (GB)
BIEN JOLIE (SPR), yrlg by Kela               Grand Reward, 2yo by Strong Hope    BLOSSUM (SPR), wnlg by Truluck              by Lightnin N Thunder                Bachelor Duke                           the Cat                                Ishiguru, yrlg by Trade Fair (GB)    BRILLIANT BETTINA, wnlg by
BIG AND BEAUTIFUL, yrlg by                 BITTERSWEET MINT, yrlg by A P         BLOWN WEST (SPR), yrlg by Purge           BLUSHING ISSUE (SPR), yrlg by         BOLERO ROSE, 2yo by Indy King          BOTTIGLIA, yrlg by Dixie Union         BRAZEN ACT, yrlg by Sikorsky             Fusaichi Pegasus, yrlg by Lost
  Fusaichi Pegasus                           Valentine                           B. L.'S PRINCESS, yrlg by Proud             Consolidator                        BOLLIN SOPHIE (GB), yrlg by Lucky      BOTTOM DOLLAR, 2yo by Bayou            BRAZEN BEAUTY, yrlg by Smoke             Soldier
BIG BAND TALENT, yrlg by Grand             BITTERSWEET RAIN, yrlg by               Accolade                                BLUSHING RIVER, yrlg by Honour         Story                                   Hebert                                 Glacken                              BRILLIANT BLAZE (SPR), yrlg by
  Slam                                       Wheelaway                           B L'S SOCIETY GIRL, yrlg by Time            and Glory                           BOLLIN VICTORIA (GB), 2yo by           BOUCHE BEE, yrlg by Friends Lake       BRAZEN CHARM, yrlg by Peaks and          Forest Danger
BIG CITY JOY, yrlg by Pico Central         BITTY GIRL (SPR), 2yo by Champali,      Bandit                                  BLUSHING SUNRISE (SPR), yrlg by        Needwood Blade (GB)                   BOUDICA (IRE), yrlg by Whipper           Valleys                              BRILLIANT FLYER (SPR), yrlg by
  (BRZ)                                      yrlg by Even the Score              BLUE BANNER (IRE), wnlg by                  Dubai Destination                   BOLSA, wnlg by Silver Train            BOUNCE (FR), yrlg by Dubawi (IRE)      BRAZILIAN MAMA, yrlg by Sligo Bay        Atticus
BIG D'S LIL BUNDY, yrlg by El Sancho       B. J.'S GIRL, yrlg by Oro Bandito       Fasliyev, yrlg by Pearl of Love (IRE)   BLUSHING TRISH (SPR), yrlg by         BOLSENA, yrlg by Bahamian Bounty       BOUNDLESS BEAUTY (SPR), wnlg by          (IRE)                                BRILLIANT LEW, yrlg by Blazonry, 2yo
BIGGER ABILITY (SPR), 2yo by               BLABBY B. (SPR), wnlg by Exchange     BLUE BASIN (SPR), yrlg by Gold              Yankee Gentleman                     (GB)                                    El Corredor, yrlg by                 BRAZILIAN SAMBA (IRE), yrlg by           by Posse
  Explicit                                   Rate                                  Tribute                                 BOARDROOM SCANDAL, yrlg by            BOLSHAYA (GB), yrlg by Tiger Hill        Songandaprayer                         Starcraft (NZ)                       BRILLIANTLY RICH (SPR), yrlg by
BIG HEADACHE (SPR), yrlg by Free At        BLACK BELT SHOPPER (IRE), yrlg by     BLUE BEGONIA, yrlg by Olmodavor             Cherokee Run                         (IRE)                                 BOUND ON BI, yrlg by Outflanker        BRAZILIAN SUN (IRE), yrlg by Captain     Burning Roma
  Last                                       Dubai Destination                   BLUEBIRD DAY (IRE), yrlg by Thunder       BOARDWALK BABY, 2yo by                BOLSHOI BALLERINA, yrlg by Golden      BOUND TO BLUSH, yrlg by Aptitude,        Rio (GB)                             BRILLIANT TOUCH, yrlg by Wildcat
BIG MISS, yrlg by Purge                    BLACKBERRY, yrlg by Placid Fund         Gulch                                     Congaree                             Missile                                 2yo by Victory Gallop                BREADKNIFE, yrlg by Montbrook            Heir
BIG NEWS, yrlg by Indian Charlie, 2yo      BLACK CODE, 2yo by Double Honor       BLUE BROAD, yrlg by Gold Case             BOAT HOUSE (SPR), yrlg by Action      BOLSHOI BELLE (IRE), wnlg by Indian    BOURBON BLUES (SPR), 2yo by Lion       BREAKFASATBLUEBIRD, yrlg by            BRINDISI (GB), yrlg by Halling
  by Runaway Groom                         BLACKENED (SPR), yrlg by Even the     BLUE CHIP LADY, yrlg by Zavata              This Day                             Haven (GB)                              Heart, yrlg by Value Plus              Kiridashi                            BRINGING HOPE, yrlg by Marquetry
BIG RED FLOAT, yrlg by Repent                Score                               BLUE CLOUD (IRE), yrlg by Oratorio        BOATMAN ROAD (SPR), 2yo by            BOLTIN' BRIDE (SPR), yrlg by           BOURBON MINT, yrlg by Purge            BREAKING STORM, yrlg by Full           BRINGING UP SUSAN, wnlg by
BIG SCORE, 2yo by Successful               BLACK ESCORT, yrlg by Elusive           (IRE)                                     Harlan's Holiday                     Domestic Dispute                      BOURNE ROYAL, yrlg by Van                Mandate                                Broken Vow
  Appeal                                     Quality                             BLUE COUNTRY (SPR), yrlg by Swiss         BOAT RIDE, yrlg by Eurosilver         BON CARO (SPR), 2yo by City Place,       Nistelrooy                           BREAK OF DAWN, yrlg by One Cool        BRING ME JOY (SPR), yrlg by Buddha
BIG SPRUCER, yrlg by Dark Kestrel          BLACK FOOT BEAUTY (SPR), wnlg by        Yodeler                                 BOBBIE'S BIG GIRL, yrlg by Halory      yrlg by D'wildcat                     BOUTIQUE (GB), yrlg by Fasliyev          Cat                                  BRING ON THE MUSIC, yrlg by
BIG TEASE, yrlg by Saint Liam                Hennessy                            BLUE CRUSH (IRE), 2yo by Marju              Hunter                              BOND SHAKIRA (GB), 2yo by              BOUVET, wnlg by Bandini                BREATH OF LIFE, 2yo by Toccet            Marino Marini
BIG TIME LUCK, 2yo by Native               BLACKHAWK RIDGE (SPR), yrlg by          (IRE)                                   BOBBIE USE, yrlg by Awesome            Monsieur Bond (IRE)                   BOW BELLS REEF (SPR), wnlg by          BRED TO FLY, yrlg by Forest Wildcat,   BRING PLENTY, yrlg by Azamour (IRE)
  Regent, yrlg by Native Regent              Announce, wnlg by Toolighttoquit    BLUE CRYSTAL (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by           Again, wnlg by Ghostzapper          BONEFIDE REASON, yrlg by War             Alajwad                                2yo by Posse                         BRING YOUR GREEN, wnlg by
BIJOU QUEEN, yrlg by Stephen Got           BLACK JACK GIRL (IRE), 2yo by           Intikhab                                BOBBY'SFIRST (SPR), yrlg by            Chant                                 BOWER'S WAY, yrlg by Formal Dinner     BREEZE LASS (SPR), yrlg by Northern      Graeme Hall
  Even                                       Elnadim                             BLUE DREAM (IRE), 2yo by Dr Fong            Alydeed                             BONGO BOBBIE, yrlg by Country Be       BOWERY CARE, 2yo by Strong Hope          Afleet                               BRIOLETTE (IRE), yrlg by Danehill
BIKINI RANSOM, yrlg by Safe in the U       BLACKSTONE CLOCK, yrlg by Forest      BLUE GRASS DANCER, yrlg by                BOBO'S TRICKSTER, yrlg by Lucky        Gold                                  BOWL OF CHERRIE'S, yrlg by             BREEZETHRUTHETREES, yrlg by              Dancer (IRE)
  SA                                         Danger                                Wildcat Heir                              Lionel, 2yo by New Way              BONITA MEADOW (SPR), wnlg by             Eurosilver, 2yo by Ten Most Wanted     Wiseman's Ferry                      BRIONEY (IRE), yrlg by Arakan
BILLET (IRE), yrlg by Galileo (IRE)        BLACKTIE BID, yrlg by Grand           BLUEGRASS LASSIE, yrlg by                 BOB'S LADY, yrlg by High Brite         Awesome Again                         BOWL OF EMERALDS, yrlg by              BREEZY, yrlg by Orientate              BRISANT, wnlg by Full Mandate
BILOXI BLUES, yrlg by Gold Tribute           Reward                                Repriced                                BOCA BEACON, yrlg by Orientate        BONITO DIA (SPR), yrlg by Cee's          Awesome Again                        BREEZY BRILLIANCE (SPR), yrlg by       BRISE MARINE (IRE), yrlg by Bertolini
BIMBOETTE, yrlg by High Cascade            BLACK TIE KISS (SPR), 2yo by Smart    BLUE HOLLY (IRE), yrlg by Chevalier       BOCAMIS (SPR), yrlg by Lion Hearted    Tizzy                                 BOW RIVER GOLD (GB) (SPR), yrlg by       Not For Love                         BRISKER, yrlg by Trust N Luck
BIMINI BREEZE, yrlg by Roman Ruler           Strike                                (IRE)                                   BODACIOUS RED, yrlg by Exchange       BONNAT EHRIE (SPR), yrlg by              Dynaformer, 2yo by Refuse To Bend    BREEZY LOUISE (GB), wnlg by            BRISQUETTE (SPR), yrlg by Forestry
BINALEGEND, 2yo by Smoke                   BLACK TIE ROYALTY, yrlg by City       BLUEHUE, yrlg by Seneca Jones               Rate                                 Leestown                                (IRE)                                  Monsieur Bond (IRE)                  BRISTOL GLITTER, yrlg by Even the
  Glacken, yrlg by Stephen Got Even          Place                               BLUE KAT (SPR), 2yo by City Place         BODEGUITA (FR), yrlg by Whipper       BONNE MERE (FR), yrlg by Elusive       BOWSTRING (IRE), yrlg by Rock of       BREFNY (SPR), yrlg by Atticus            Score
BINN ATTITUDE (SPR), 2yo by Black          BLACK TRUFFLE, yrlg by Malibu         BLUE LAVA, yrlg by Classic Account        BODY MOVES (SPR), wnlg by Holy         City                                    Gibraltar (IRE)                      BRENDA D S (SPR), wnlg by Candy        BRITE HORIZON, yrlg by Formal Gold
  Mambo                                      Moon                                BLUE MISSILE (SPR), yrlg by                 Bull                                BONNE MUSIQUE (SPR), 2yo by            BOXING DAY, yrlg by Stormy Atlantic      Ride (ARG)                           BRITE'S HIGH (SPR), yrlg by
BINNOPOLY, yrlg by Macho Uno               BLAENAVON (GB), yrlg by Sakhee          Pioneering                              BOGUS PLAN, yrlg by Old Topper         Alex's Pal                            BOX OF JEWELS, yrlg by Forest          BREWMATIC, yrlg by Outofthebox           Limehouse
BINT AL BALAD (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by         BLAIR'S FAVORITE, yrlg by Old         BLUE MOONLIGHT (SPR), wnlg by             BOIS D' AMOUR, yrlg by Sky Mesa       BONNIE BAUGH (SPR), 2yo by               Danger                                                                      BRITETONZMYDAY, yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               BRIAN'S BEAUTY, yrlg by Hold That
  One Cool Cat                               Topper                                Mineshaft                               BOIS DE CITRON (SPR), yrlg by          Canadian Frontier                                                                                                     Orientate
                                                                                                                                                                                                        BOX OF JOY (SPR), 2yo by                 Tiger
BINT ALHAARTH (IRE), 2yo by Namid          BLANCA DELIA, 2yo by Greatness        BLUE MOON MARIE (SPR), yrlg by              Barathea (IRE), 2yo by Exceed And   BONNIE BRIGHTON, yrlg by                 Montbrook                            BRIARA, wnlg by Cuvee                  BRITISH COLUMBIA (GB), yrlg by
  (GB)                                     BLANDISH, wnlg by Motivator (GB)        Storm Day                                 Excel (AUS)                          Robannier                             BRAARI (SPR), yrlg by Danehill         BRIARS BUTTON (SPR), yrlg by             Forest Wildcat
                                           BLANE HEATHEN, yrlg by Rocky Bar
BINT AL HAMMOUR (IRE), yrlg by                                                   BLUE OASIS (IRE), 2yo by Dalakhani        BOLARO, yrlg by Stephen Got Even      BONNY RUAN (GB), wnlg by Tobougg         Dancer (IRE)                           Hurricane Center                     BRITTAN LEE (SPR), yrlg by Forest
                                           BLARIN SPEED, yrlg by Van
  Pastoral Pursuits (GB)                                                           (IRE)                                   BOLAS (GB) (SPR), 2yo by Beat          (IRE), yrlg by Zamindar               BRAC DRIFTER, 2yo by Alphabet          BRIARTIC BLAST, yrlg by You and I        Camp, 2yo by Forest Camp
BINTALREEF, 2yo by Dynaformer, yrlg                                              BLUE ORCHID, wnlg by Include                Hollow (GB)                         BONUS EXTRA, 2yo by Black Mambo          Soup                                 BRICKETY SPLIT, yrlg by Native         BROAD DYNAMITE (SPR), 2yo by
                                           BLARNEY GIRL (SPR), yrlg by Midway
  by Galileo (IRE)                                                               BLUE RHAPSODY, yrlg by Five Star          BOLD AMERICAN, yrlg by Lion Heart     BOOGIE BEACH BLUES (SPR), yrlg by      BRACKENBER, yrlg by Belong to Me,        Regent                                 Forestry, yrlg by Ghostzapper
BINT ZAMAYEM (IRE) (SPR), wnlg by                                                  Day                                     BOLD AND SILVER, yrlg by Alydeed       Afleet Alex                             2yo by Gilded Time                   BRICK HOME (SPR), yrlg by Erlton       BROAD HINT (SPR), 2yo by Smoke
                                           BLAST, yrlg by Cadeaux Genereux
  Invincible Spirit (IRE), yrlg by Oasis                                         BLUE RIDGE MISS (SPR), yrlg by            BOLD AND STORMY, yrlg by              BOOGIE PIANO, yrlg by Indian Charlie   BRACKLOON, yrlg by Singspiel (IRE)     BRIDAL GLOW, 2yo by Proud Citizen,       Glacken
  Dream (GB)                                                                       Saarland                                  Freefourinternet                    BOOKLORE (SPR), yrlg by Chapel         BRADAMANTE (GB), yrlg by Tiger Hill      wnlg by With Distinction             BROAD ISSUE, 2yo by Delaware
                                           BLAZE OF COLOUR (GB), yrlg by
BINYA (GER), yrlg by Giant's                                                     BLUE ROUGE, yrlg by Desert Warrior        BOLD ARRIVAL, wnlg by Include          Royal                                   (IRE)                                BRIDAL MEMORIES, yrlg by Tiznow          Township, yrlg by Snow Ridge
                                             Dansili (GB)
  Causeway                                                                       BLUE SIROCCO (GB) (SPR), yrlg by          BOLD ASSUMPTION (GB), yrlg by         BOOK OF FORTUNE (SPR), yrlg by         BRADLEY ROAD (SPR), yrlg by            BRIDAL PATH (GB), yrlg by Where Or     BROAD PATH, yrlg by Fusaichi
                                           BLAZING ALERT, 2yo by Migrating
BIOGIO'S KIDS, yrlg by Roman Ruler                                                 Starcraft (NZ)                            Footstepsinthesand (GB)              Domestic Dispute, 2yo by Lion           Leestown                               When (IRE)                             Pegasus
BIOGIO'S ROSE, yrlg by Giant's                                                   BLUE SKY BABY, yrlg by Mingun             BOLD BLAST (SPR), wnlg by Silver       Hearted                               BRAD'S SWEET GIRL, 2yo by              BRIDAL SUITE, 2yo by Chapel Royal,     BROAD PICTURE, yrlg by Honour and
                                           BLAZING BARTOK, wnlg by
  Causeway                                                                       BLUE SLIP (SPR), yrlg by Real Quiet         Deputy                              BOOK OF PENNIES, 2yo by Roar of          Untuttable                             yrlg by Stephen Got Even               Glory
BIOGRAPHIE (GB), yrlg by Galileo                                                 BLUES ON PARADE, 2yo by Action            BOLD BLUFF, yrlg by Indy King          the Tiger, yrlg by The Cliff's Edge   BRADY'S BEST, 2yo by Golden            BRIDAL TEA (SPR), yrlg by Valid        BROAD QUEEN, yrlg by Mr. Greeley
                                           BLAZING CAT, yrlg by Buddha
  (IRE)                                                                            This Day                                BOLD BUNNY (GB), yrlg by              BOOMANJI, yrlg by Perfect Soul (IRE)     Missile                                Expectations                         BROAD STRIKE, 2yo by Stormy
                                           BLAZING CAT TRACKS, yrlg by Indian
BIRD BAG, yrlg by Full Mandate, 2yo                                              BLUE SPEED, yrlg by Your Eminence           Needwood Blade (GB)                 BOONE'S BAND (SPR), yrlg by Is It      BRAGADOCIOUS, yrlg by Cuvee,           BRIDE IN THE WINGS, yrlg by Touch        Atlantic
  by Put It Back                           BLAZING KADIE (SPR), wnlg by Arch,    BLUE SPRINGS, yrlg by Milwaukee           BOLD CAPTIVE, wnlg by Stephen Got      True                                    2yo by Yonaguska                       Gold                                 BROAD VICTORY, 2yo by During,
BIRD CHATTER, wnlg by Aragorn                yrlg by Langfuhr                      Brew                                      Even                                BOONE'S BLUFF, yrlg by D'wildcat       BRAMASOLE, yrlg by Unbridled's         BRIDELINA (FR) (SPR), yrlg by            yrlg by Limehouse
  (IRE)                                    BLENNERHASSETT, yrlg by Bernstein     BLUES SWEEPER, yrlg by Champali           BOLD CLASSIC, wnlg by Danehill        BOONE'S BREEZE, yrlg by Bold             Song                                   Invincible Spirit (IRE)              BROADWAY EXPRESS (SPR), yrlg by
BIRDIE, 2yo by Royal Academy               BLESS SHOE (SPR), yrlg by Stormy      BLUE STREAM (SPR), yrlg by                  Dancer (IRE)                         Executive                             BRANCHBURY, yrlg by Maria's Mon        BRIDGE EDITION, yrlg by Eurosilver       Songandaprayer
BIRDIE (GB), yrlg by Montjeu (IRE)           Atlantic                              Canadian Frontier                       BOLD COREY, yrlg by Mobil             BOONE'S GOLD, yrlg by Mizzen Mast      BRANCHE D'OR (IRE), yrlg by Bwana      BRIDGE PLAYER, yrlg by Stormy          BROADWAY HIT (GB), yrlg by King's
BIRD IN BLUE (IRE), yrlg by Chineur        BLINDING (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by         BLUE SYMPHONY (GB) (SPR), yrlg by         BOLD DESIRE (GB), wnlg by Good        BOO PATCH, yrlg by Zavata                Charlie                                Atlantic                               Best
  (FR)                                       Bertolini                             Montjeu (IRE)                             Reward                              BOOSWILLOW, yrlg by Luftikus           BRANDEXE (IRE), yrlg by Bold n'        BRIDGE TO CROSS (SPR), 2yo by          BROADWAY MISS, 2yo by In a Walk
BIRD OF PREY (IRE), wnlg by                BLINDING ELEMENT, wnlg by             BLUE WARBLER, yrlg by Mr. Greeley         BOLDEST, yrlg by Royal Academy        BOOT SCOOTIN, yrlg by Chapel Royal       Flashy, wnlg by Survivalist            Malabar Gold                         BROADWAY PARK, wnlg by Harlan's
  Firebreak (GB)                             Exchange Rate, 2yo by Snow Ridge    BLUFFER, yrlg by Essence of Dubai         BOLDEST OF ALL, yrlg by Not For       BOOTSEY, yrlg by Limehouse             BRAND NEW BEAT (IRE), yrlg by          BRIDLE BEAUTY, 2yo by Unbridled          Holiday
BIRDSONG (IRE), yrlg by Noverre            BLINKANDSHESGONE, yrlg by Louis       BLUFF FOR BLUFF (SPR), yrlg by              Love                                BOOTSHINE GIRL (SPR), yrlg by Pico       Celtic Swing (GB)                      Time                                 BROADWAY'S MARIA, wnlg by
BIRTHDAY (IRE), yrlg by One Cool Cat         Quatorze, wnlg by Luftikus            Came Home                               BOLD EVER MORE, yrlg by Where's        Central (BRZ)                         BRAND NEW GATOR, yrlg by Closing       BRIDLED, yrlg by Speightstown            Truluck
BIRTHDAY SUIT (IRE), yrlg by Tiger         BLINX BABE, yrlg by Tiznow            BLUFFING (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by               the Ring                            BOOTS 'N JACKIE (SPR), yrlg by           Argument                             BRIDLESTONE, yrlg by Evansville        BROADWAY STAGE, yrlg by K. O.
  Hill (IRE)                               BLISSFUL (SPR), yrlg by Storm Cat       Oratorio (IRE)                          BOLD GLITTER, yrlg by Full Mandate,    Vindication                           BRANDON'S RIDE (SPR), 2yo by             Slew                                   Punch
BIRTHDAY WIRE, yrlg by Cuvee               BLISSFUL KISS, yrlg by Hennessy       BLUFFING GIRL, wnlg by                      2yo by Omega Code                   BOOT THE KID, yrlg by Sir Cherokee       Drewman                              BRIEF BLISS (SPR), yrlg by             BROCATELLE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by
BIRTHRIGHT, wnlg by Bellamy Road,          BLISSFUL TRIP, yrlg by Grand Slam       Speightstown                            BOLD KISS (SPR), 2yo by Golden        BOOZIN' SUSAN, yrlg by Smarty          BRANDY BE BOLD, yrlg by Storm            Limehouse                              Pivotal (GB)
  yrlg by Stormy Atlantic                  BLITHE (GB), wnlg by Medicean (GB)    BLUFFING LADY, yrlg by Mutakddim            Missile                              Jones                                   Victory                              BRIEF CONTACT (SPR), yrlg by           BROCKY'S DREAM (AUS), yrlg by
BISBEE (SPR), yrlg by Strong Hope          BLITZ KISS, 2yo by Macho Uno          BLUFF'S DIVIDEND, yrlg by Holy            BOLD LADY LOVELY, yrlg by Cloud       BORDER DISPUTE (SPR), 2yo by           BRANDY LAKE, yrlg by Hennessy            Yankee Gentleman                       Halory Hunter
BISBEE'S PROSPECT, 2yo by                  BLODWEN (SPR), yrlg by Mark of          Bull                                      Hopping                              Johannesburg, yrlg by Rock Hard       BRANDY SHINE, 2yo by Trippi            BRIEF FAIRY (IRE), yrlg by Antonius    BROGAN'S WELL (IRE), 2yo by
  Giant's Causeway                           Esteem (IRE)                        BLUSHING BARADA (SPR), yrlg by            BOLD MAGESTRATE (SPR), yrlg by         Ten                                   BRANSTON BERRY (IRE), yrlg by            Pius                                   Verglas (IRE)
BISCAYNE BAY, 2yo by Dynaformer                                                    Alhaarth (IRE)                            Tribunal                            BORDER MINSTRAL (IRE), yrlg by           Ishiguru                             BRIEF SUNRISE, yrlg by R. Cooper       BROKEN MOON, yrlg by Outofthebox

8              THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                 THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                     9
Dams                                                                          BUZZOVERTOMYHOUSE (SPR), yrlg
                                                                                by Holy Bull
                                                                                                                       Seattle Sleet
                                                                                                                     CALLING CARD (SPR), 2yo by Suave
                                                                                                                                                            CANDY WAR, yrlg by Winthrop
                                                                                                                                                            CANDY WOOD, yrlg by Dance Master
                                                                                                                                                                                                    CARA MARISA, yrlg by Desert God
                                                                                                                                                                                                    CARAMBOLA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Bellamy Road, yrlg by Madraar
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          CARROM, 2yo by Middle Man
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     CASTLE SPRING, yrlg by Arch
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     CAST OF CHARACTERS, yrlg by
                                                                              BUZZ SONG, yrlg by Speightstown          Prospect                             CANEY CREEK, yrlg by Pollard's            Rainbow Quest                       CARR STAR (SPR), yrlg by Eugene's            David Copperfield
BROKEN ROMANCE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg        BUFF 'N POLISH, yrlg by Pleasant      BY CHARTER (GB) (SPR), yrlg by         CALLING CARD (GB), yrlg by Green         Vision                                CARAMEL QUEEN (NZ), 2yo by              Third Son                                CASUAL FEAT, yrlg by Dixie Union
  by Green Desert                         Tap                                   Sadler's Wells                         Tune                                 CAN IHAVETHISDANCE, yrlg by               Johannesburg                        CARSHADON, wnlg by Finance the             CASUAL LOOK, yrlg by Distorted
BROKEN TIARA, yrlg by Wildcat           BUFFY BLUEGRAZZ, yrlg by              BYEBYEBABYBYEBYE, yrlg by              CALLING DIXIE, yrlg by Eddington         Cherokee Run                          CARA'S NATIVE, 2yo by Olympio           Cat                                        Humor
  Shoes                                   Forbidden Apple                       Rossini                              CALLING YOU, yrlg by Domestic          CANIS STAR (GB), yrlg by Dansili (GB)   CARCAVA, yrlg by Dove Hunt            CARSOMATIC, 2yo by Olmodavor               CASUAL RENDEZVOUS (SPR), yrlg by
BROKE SLOWLY (SPR), yrlg by Ecton       BUFFY ONE, yrlg by Performing         BYE BYE BRAZIL, 2yo by Concerto          Dispute, 2yo by Hold That Tiger      CANNONS CROWN, yrlg by Street Cry       CARDAMINE (SPR), 2yo by Cape          CARSONA (SPR), yrlg by Yankee                Touch Gold
  Park                                    Magic                               BYE THE BYE (SPR), 2yo by Lion         CALLIOPE'S SPIRT, yrlg by Gilded         (IRE)                                   Town                                  Gentleman                                CASUARINA, wnlg by More Than
BRONCO BETTY, yrlg by Devon Lane        BUFFY THE SLAYER, 2yo by City           Heart                                  Time                                 CANOUAN (IRE), yrlg by One Cool Cat     CAREER DAY, yrlg by Put It Back       CARSONALITY (SPR), yrlg by Malibu            Ready
BRON HILDA (IRE), yrlg by Kheleyf         Place                               BY THE BOOK, yrlg by Value Plus        CALL ME ALICE (SPR), yrlg by Big       CAN RIANNE, yrlg by Omega Code          CAREER FAIR, yrlg by Seeking the        Moon                                     CATABALLERINA (SPR), yrlg by More
BRONWEN (IRE), yrlg by Mark of          BUGSY MAE, yrlg by Yankee             BYZANTINE, yrlg by Smarty Jones          Shuffle                              CAN SHE TALK, yrlg by Alfaari             Gold                                CARSON CITY LADY (SPR), 2yo by               Than Ready
  Esteem (IRE)                            Gentleman                           CABARET ARTISTE (GB), yrlg by          CALLMEANICEPICK, yrlg by Big           CANTAGREE, yrlg by Sudden Storm         CAREER TIME, yrlg by Aldebaran          Hold That Tiger, yrlg by Omega           CATALINA CAT, 2yo by Montbrook
BRONZE AUTUMN, yrlg by More             BUKAT TIMAH (GB), yrlg by Rakti         Bahri                                  Country                              CANTALOUPE (GB), yrlg by Key of         CAREFREE CHEETAH (SPR), yrlg by         Code                                     CAT AND THE FIDDLE, 2yo by More
  Than Ready                              (GB)                                CABERNET QUEEN (SPR), yrlg by          CALL ME DANCER (SPR), 2yo by             Luck                                    Mr. Greeley                         CARSON CITY RED, wnlg by Artie               Than Ready
BRONZE ROUTE, yrlg by Unbridled's       BULL RIDE, yrlg by Montbrook            Omega Code                             Concorde's Tune                      CANTARE (SPR), yrlg by Pollard's        CAREFREE FLYER (SPR), yrlg by           Schiller, yrlg by Hold That Tiger, 2yo   CATATONIC (GB), yrlg by Alhaarth
  Song                                  BULL'S CROWN (SPR), wnlg by           CABILDO BAG, yrlg by Lunarpal          CALL ME GRANNY, yrlg by Pollard's        Vision                                  Officer, 2yo by Two Punch             by Proud Citizen                           (IRE)
BROOKDALE, 2yo by Cozzene                 Halling, yrlg by Mark of Esteem     CABORIG (IRE), wnlg by Dalakhani         Vision                               CAN'T BE DENIED, yrlg by                CARE FREE HIGHWAY, yrlg by Slew       CARSON CITY SHAM (SPR), yrlg by            CAT ATTACK (SPR), wnlg by
BROOKLANDS LODGE, 2yo by                  (IRE)                                 (IRE)                                CALL ME KRYSTAL (SPR), yrlg by           Commander's Flag                        City Slew                             Bernstein                                  Greatness, yrlg by Greatness
  Elusive City                          BULLY'S DEL MAR, 2yo by Cherokee      CABO SUNRISE, yrlg by Forestry           Leestown                             CANTERBURY LACE, yrlg by                CAREFREE KATE (SPR), 2yo by           CARSON COUNTESS (SPR), yrlg by             CATBABY, yrlg by Grand Slam
BROOKLYNSANGEL, yrlg by Roman             Run, yrlg by Rock Hard Ten          CACHONDINA (IRE) (SPR), 2yo by         CALL ME UP, yrlg by Rock Hard Ten        Footstepsinthesand (GB)                 Officer                               Wheelaway                                CAT BALLADO, yrlg by Value Plus
  Ruler                                 BUMBLE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Oratorio     Spinelessjellyfish                   CALL MY AGENT (SPR), 2yo by            CANTERLOUPE (IRE), yrlg by Exceed       CAREFREE PROSPECT, yrlg by            CARSON DANCER, yrlg by Galileo             CAT BLEU, yrlg by Full Mandate
BROOKLYN'S SKY (GB), yrlg by              (IRE)                               CADILLAC BLACK (SPR), 2yo by City        Maria's Mon                            And Excel (AUS), wnlg by Red            Deputy Wild Cat                       (IRE)                                    CATCH, wnlg by Beat Hollow (GB)
  Compton Place (GB)                    BUMPER DOO, yrlg by Dome                Place                                CALL OUT, yrlg by Lido Palace (CHI)      Ransom                                CAREFUL APPROACH (SPR), yrlg by       CARSON KIT, yrlg by Purge                  CATCHASER, yrlg by Millennium Wind
BROOK'S APPROVAL, yrlg by Victory       BUNDLE UP (SPR), 2yo by Bahamian      CADILLAC MOUNTAIN, yrlg by             CALLY (SPR), yrlg by Pico Central      CANTILENA, yrlg by Stephen Got            Five Star Day                       CARSON'S BABY, yrlg by Milwaukee           CATCHER (SPR), yrlg by El Corredor
  Gallop                                  Bounty (GB), yrlg by Desert Sun       Colonial Colony                        (BRZ)                                  Even                                  CARENAGE (SPR), yrlg by Gold            Brew                                     CATCHER APPLAUSE (GB), yrlg by
BROOKS LOVE AFFAIR, wnlg by               (GB)                                CAERNACOPIA, yrlg by Alke              CALL YOUR BID, yrlg by Freud           CANTINA (SPR), yrlg by Harlan's           Tribute                             CARSON'S STAR, yrlg by Lion Heart            Elnadim
  Proud and True                        BUNDLING (SPR), yrlg by Hero's        CAESAREA (GER) (SPR), yrlg by          CALL YOUR MOTHER (SPR), 2yo by           Holiday                               CARENAGE (IRE), yrlg by Hernando      CARSON'S VANITY, yrlg by Malibu            CATCH ME DEPUTY, yrlg by Alphabet
BROOKS MASQUERADE (GB), yrlg by           Tribute                               Rainbow Quest                          Impeachment, yrlg by Safely's Mark   CANTONESE BED (IRE), yrlg by              (FR)                                  Moon                                       Soup
  Captain Rio (GB)                      BUNK, yrlg by Gotham City             CAFE CONCERTO, yrlg by Maria's         CALMING, yrlg by Hennessy                Whywhywhy                             CARESSING, yrlg by Distorted          CARTIER, wnlg by Trajectory                CATCH ME FOOL, yrlg by Magic Cat
BROOKS N BOOTS, 2yo by City Place       BUNTING (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Doyen       Mon                                  CALONNOG (IRE), yrlg by Red            CANT STOP THE FIRE, yrlg by Indian        Humor                               CARTIER BIJOUX (IRE) (SPR), 2yo by         CATCH THE BLUE HAT, wnlg by
BROUGHTON SINGER (SPR), yrlg by           (IRE)                               CAFE CREME (IRE), yrlg by Verglas        Ransom                                 Charlie                               THE CARETAKER (IRE) (SPR), 2yo          Verglas (IRE)                              Malibu Moon
  Medicean (GB)                         BUON AMICI (GB), yrlg by Mujahid        (IRE)                                CALYPSO DANCER (FR), yrlg by           CANVAS SPIRIT, 2yo by Scrimshaw           by Cherokee Run                     CARY CREEK, 2yo by Omega Code,             CATCH THE BOUQUET, yrlg by Daring
BROUGHTONS MOTTO (GB) (SPR),            BURANT ORANGE, yrlg by Dehere         CAFE ESPRESSO, yrlg by Olmodavor         Antonius Pius                        CAPABLE MISS (SPR), 2yo by              CARIADA, 2yo by Forestry                yrlg by Omega Code                         Bid
  yrlg by Kyllachy (GB)                 BURAQ, yrlg by More Than Ready        CAFE FLORE, yrlg by Pollard's Vision   CALYPSO STAR, yrlg by City Zip           Capsized                              CARIBBEAN HIDEWAY (SPR), yrlg by      CASA NEKIA, yrlg by Broken Vow             CATCH THE JOY, yrlg by Cat Dreams
BROWN EYES (GB) (SPR), yrlg by          BURGHMUIR (IRE), yrlg by Doyen        CAFE WEST (SPR), wnlg by Show          CAMARET (IRE) (SPR), wnlg by           CAP D'ARGENT, yrlg by Outofthebox         Lost Soldier                        CASANNA (SPR), yrlg by Five Star           CATCHY, yrlg by Eddington
  Giant's Causeway                        (IRE)                                 Tune                                   Pivotal (GB)                         CAPE, yrlg by Belong to Me              CARIBBEAN SOL (SPR), 2yo by             Day                                      CATCHY PATTON (SPR), yrlg by
BRUANNA, yrlg by Afleet Alex, 2yo       BURL, wnlg by Unbridled Energy        CAFFEINE RUSH, 2yo by Tenpins          CAMARGO (IRE), yrlg by Point Given     CAPE ANN, yrlg by Deposit Ticket          Forest Wildcat, yrlg by Golden      CASANOVA CONSORT, yrlg by Touch              Graeme Hall
  by Smoke Glacken                      BURMESE PRINCESS, yrlg by             CAFFE LATTE (IRE), yrlg by War         CAMASSINA (IRE), yrlg by Le Vie Dei    CAPE CHARLOTTE (GB), wnlg by              Missile                               Gold                                     CATDOG, yrlg by Yonaguska
BRUCES BLUE LOU (SPR), yrlg by            Noverre                               Chant                                  Colori (GB)                            Pastoral Pursuits (GB)                CARIBBEAN STAR (GB) (SPR), yrlg by    CASANOVA JUNCTION (SPR), yrlg by           CATHERINOFARAGON, wnlg by
  Cape Town                             BURMESE RUBY, yrlg by Halo's          CAHILL GIRL, yrlg by Deputy Rokeby     CAMBRIA GOLD, yrlg by Stephen Got      CAPE COLUMBINE (GB), wnlg by              Exceed And Excel (AUS)                Stormin Fever                              Invincible Spirit (IRE)
BRUNELLA, wnlg by Came Home               Image                               CAHILL MISS (SPR), yrlg by Elusive       Even                                   Whipper                               CARINAE, yrlg by War Chant            CASANOVA STORM (SPR), yrlg by              CATHY'S DYNASTY (SPR), 2yo by
BRUNSWICK STAR, yrlg by Even the        BURN (GB), yrlg by Antonius Pius        Quality                              CAMEO MIO, yrlg by Read the            CAPE FINISTERRE (IRE), yrlg by          CARINI (GB), wnlg by Aragorn (IRE)      Songandaprayer                             Smoke Glacken
  Score                                 BURN BRIGHTLY (SPR), 2yo by           CAILOTO, yrlg by In Excess (IRE)         Footnotes                              Celtic Swing (GB)                     CARLA (FR) (SPR), wnlg by Poliglote   CASANOVA STRIKER (SPR), yrlg by            CATINCA, yrlg by Distorted Humor
BRUSH BACK (SPR), yrlg by Honour          Montbrook                           CAIRINA CARSON, 2yo by Jaunatxo        CAMIRING (FR), yrlg by Candy Ride      CAPE FIRE (SPR), 2yo by Woodman           (GB)                                  Include                                  CAT IN DEED, 2yo by Desert Warrior
  and Glory                             BURNED DIVIDEND, wnlg by Ruler's      CAJUN DOLL, yrlg by Rock Slide           (ARG)                                CAPE FOG, yrlg by Grand Reward          CARLEA, yrlg by Vindication           CASA'S KIDS, 2yo by Orientate, wnlg        CATISFACTION, yrlg by Medford
BRUSHED BEAUTY, yrlg by Offlee            Court                               CAJUN MOON, yrlg by Stormy             CAMPANITA (SPR), yrlg by Free At       CAPE GRACE, 2yo by Old Topper           CARLEE'S CUPID (SPR), yrlg by           by Peace Rules, yrlg by                  CATMAKER, wnlg by Cuvee
  Wild                                  BURNING HOPE (SPR), yrlg by             Atlantic                               Last                                 CAPEHART (JPN), yrlg by Rock Hard         Candy Ride (ARG)                      Songandaprayer                           CATNABOUT, yrlg by Trippi, 2yo by
BRUSHED HALORY (SPR), yrlg by             Songandaprayer                      CAJUN TWO STEP, yrlg by Tiznow         CAMPESTRAL (SPR), yrlg by Titus          Ten                                   CARLIESLUCKYLADY, 2yo by Smooth       CASCADE CORONA, yrlg by You                  Van Nistelrooy
  A.P. Indy                             BURNISHED MISS, yrlg by Mineshaft     CALA (FR), yrlg by Smarty Jones          Livius (FR)                          CAPE NORTH (SPR), wnlg by Forest          Jazz                                  and I                                    CATNIPPED (SPR), yrlg by Redoute's
BRUSHED LIGHTLY (SPR), yrlg by          BURQA (GB), wnlg by Haafhd (GB)       CALADIRA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by          CAMPFIRE, yrlg by E Dubai                                                      CARLI'S COMMAND, yrlg by              CASE OF BUBBLY, yrlg by Mobil                Choice (AUS)
  Snow Ridge                            BURREN (SPR), yrlg by Buddha            Sadler's Wells                       CAMPIBROGAN, yrlg by Oratory           CAPER, wnlg by Chapel Royal, yrlg by      Friendly Lover                      CASH DEAL, yrlg by Mr. Greeley             CAT OUT, 2yo by El Corredor
BRUSHED WITH GOLD, yrlg by              BURROWS (SPR), 2yo by Medaglia        CALAMANDER (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by        CAMPIGLIA (IRE), wnlg by Celtic          Menifee                               CARLOTTA MARIA (SPR), yrlg by         CASHEL QUEEN, yrlg by Dr Fong              CATPANDU (SPR), yrlg by Game Plan
  Johannesburg                            d'Oro, yrlg by Roman Ruler
                                                                                Refuse To Bend (IRE)                   Swing (GB)                           CAPESSA (IRE), yrlg by Invincible         Candy Ride (ARG)                    CASHMERE (GB), yrlg by Bertolini           CATRINA, yrlg by Event of the Year
                                        BURSTING UP (SPR), yrlg by
BRUSH HOUR (SPR), yrlg by Mr.                                                 CALGARTH (IRE), yrlg by King's Best    CAMPTOWN GYPSY, 2yo by El Prado          Spirit (IRE)                          CARMEN AMAYA, yrlg by Desert          CASH RUN (SPR), yrlg by Giant's            CAT'S CRADLE, wnlg by Exchange
  Greeley                                                                     CALIFORNIA FLYER, 2yo by Mr.             (IRE), yrlg by Vindication           CAPE TOWN CLASSIC, yrlg by                Warrior                               Causeway                                   Rate, yrlg by Medaglia d'Oro
                                        BURST OF DAWN, yrlg by Peaks and
BRUSH OVER, yrlg by Stormy                                                      Livingston                           CANADIANA HOPEFULL, yrlg by              Chapel Royal                          CARMEN COPY (SPR), 2yo by Halo's      CASH THE CHECK, yrlg by Alke               CAT'S FAIR, yrlg by El Corredor
  Atlantic                                                                    CALIFORNIA LOVE, yrlg by Slew City       Captain Bodgit                       CAPIANA, yrlg by Partner's Hero           Image                               CASING, yrlg by Mayakovsky                 CATSUIT, yrlg by Johannesburg
                                        BURTON ASH (GB), wnlg by Tobougg
BRUSH RIPPLES (SPR), 2yo by                                                     Slew                                 CANADIAN ALLIANCE, yrlg by Stormy      CAPITOLA, yrlg by Proud Citizen         CARMENS HALO, yrlg by Seattle Fitz    CASINO BOUND (SPR), yrlg by                CATTLEWASH, yrlg by Exchange Rate
  Worldly Ways (GB)                                                           CALIFORNIA SUNSET, yrlg by Afleet        Atlantic                             CAPOTE ANN (SPR), yrlg by Champali        (ARG)                                 D'wildcat                                CATTY MISS CAT, yrlg by Seneca
                                        BUSHABLAZE (SPR), 2yo by Colony
BRUSH STROKES (GB) (SPR), yrlg by                                               Alex                                 CANAPUDDLEJUMP, yrlg by Midas          CAPOTE LADAY, yrlg by Roman Ruler       CARNI GAL (SPR), yrlg by Cahill       CASSEATTACK, 2yo by Najran                   Jones
  Tiger Hill (IRE)                                                            CALIFORNIE (IRE), yrlg by Oasis          Eyes                                 CAPOTE'S KATARINA, wnlg by                Road                                CASSEEM (IRE), yrlg by Fasliyev            CATY'S QUEST (SPR), yrlg by Black
                                        BUSH CAT (SPR), yrlg by Shamardal
BRUSQUE, yrlg by Purge                                                          Dream (GB)                           CANBERRA, wnlg by Around the             Include                               CARNIVAL GAL, yrlg by Grand           CASSIDY, yrlg by Proud Citizen               Tie Affair (IRE)
                                        BUSHRA, yrlg by Quiet American,
BRYANSTOWN GIRL (IRE), wnlg by                                                CALLADA, wnlg by Littleexpectations      Cape, yrlg by David Copperfield      CAPOTE'S WAY, 2yo by Silver Deputy        Reward, 2yo by Proud Citizen        CASSIE ANNE, 2yo by Benchmark              CAUGHT IN THOUGHT, 2yo by
                                          wnlg by Songandaprayer
  One Cool Cat                                                                CALL A JUDGE, yrlg by Benchmark        CANDACE IN ASPEN, wnlg by Grand        CAPPADOCE (IRE), yrlg by Pyrus          CARNIVAL MUSIC, yrlg by Friends       CASTANEA, wnlg by Bernardini, yrlg           Atticus, yrlg by Lit de Justice
                                        BUSHY'S PRIDE, wnlg by Grand
BRYNES GIRLS, yrlg by Northern                                                CALLANISH (GB), yrlg by                  Reward                               CAPPUCCINO (IRE), yrlg by Titus           Lake, 2yo by Rossini                  by Giant's Causeway                      CAUGHTLIONAGAIN, yrlg by Macho
  Afleet                                                                        Footstepsinthesand (GB)              CANDEELITE, yrlg by Pleasant Tap         Livius (FR)                           CARO CITY, 2yo by Domestic Dispute    CASTANETTA (IRE), yrlg by                    Uno
                                        BUSSALMA (SPR), yrlg by Leestown
B T DELITE (SPR), 2yo by Spanish                                              CALL BRAND (SPR), 2yo by Kafwain       CANDELABRA (GB), yrlg by Cape          CAPPUCCINO SPRINGS, yrlg by             CAROLINA SUNRISE (SPR), yrlg by         Acclamation (GB)                         CAUMSHINAUN (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by
                                        BUSY, yrlg by Medaglia d'Oro
  Steps                                 BUSY MIS (SPR), yrlg by Action This   CALL CLETA (SPR), yrlg by During         Cross (IRE)                            Rocky Bar                               Maria's Mon                         CASTARA BEACH (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by           Refuse To Bend (IRE)
BUBA'S BANDIT (SPR), yrlg by Devil        Day                                 CALLDARA, yrlg by Include, 2yo by      CANDESCENT (GB), 2yo by Key of         CAPPUCINO BAY (SPR), wnlg by            CAROLINE ISLAND (IRE), yrlg by          Footstepsinthesand (GB), wnlg by         CAUSE SHE'S A STAR, yrlg by Mass
  His Due                               BUSY WINDSONG (SPR), yrlg by            Mizzen Mast, wnlg by Woke Up           Luck                                   Giant's Causeway                        Western Fame                          Medicean (GB)                              Market
BUBBI PRIZE (SPR), yrlg by Trajectory     During                                Dreamin                              CANDI CAPRI, yrlg by Salt Lake         CAPRICE MISS, wnlg by Thunder           CAROL'S AMORE, yrlg by High Fly       CASTELLANE (FR), yrlg by Barathea          CAUY, yrlg by Songandaprayer
BUBBLE BE GOOD, yrlg by Dark            BUT MOMMY, yrlg by Two Punch          CALLED TO ORDER, 2yo by Illinois       CANDID MOMENTS (SPR), 2yo by             Gulch                                 CAROL'S LITTLEBIT (SPR), 2yo by         (IRE)                                    CAVEAT APT (SPR), yrlg by Act of
  Kestrel                               BUTTERCUP'S SONG, 2yo by Lion           Storm                                  Maria's Mon                          CAPRICHA, yrlg by Forest Wildcat          Chelsey Cat, yrlg by Chelsey Cat    CASTELLETTO (GB), wnlg by                    Duty
BUBBLE DANCE, yrlg by Mach One            Heart, yrlg by Roman Ruler          CALLER KARLA, wnlg by Harlan's         CANDLEINTHEDARK, yrlg by Elusive       CAPTAIN'S SURPRISE, 2yo by All          CARO MOUNTAIN, yrlg by Storm            Oratorio (IRE)                           CAVEAT COMPETOR, 2yo by Silver
BUBBLE N SQUEAK, yrlg by Indian         BUTTERFLY COVE, yrlg by Fusaichi        Holiday                                Quality                                Thee Power, yrlg by Richly Blended      Center                              CASTELLI'S DANCE, yrlg by                    Deputy, yrlg by Speightstown
  Charlie, wnlg by Tiznow                 Pegasus, 2yo by Fusaichi Pegasus    CALLER WAITING, yrlg by Tenpins        CANDY APPLE (ARG), 2yo by              CAPTIVA CAT, wnlg by Closing            CARONI, yrlg by Dehere                  Knockadoon                               CAVE CREEK QUEEN, yrlg by Old
BUCKLE AND TRUCKLE, yrlg by             BUTTER KNIFE (IRE), yrlg by Arakan    CALL GRANNY, yrlg by My Friend           Aldebaran                              Argument                              CARPET LADY (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by      CASTING PEARLS, wnlg by Delaware             Topper
  Finance the Cat                       BUTTERSCOTCHRIPPLE, 2yo by              Max                                  CANDY CANE (ARG) (SPR), 2yo by         CAPTIVATING (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by          Tagula (IRE)                          Township, yrlg by Yes It's True          CAVERNISTA (GB), wnlg by Haafhd
BUCQUESTOR (SPR), wnlg by                 Shrubs                              CALL HER CLEVER (SPR), 2yo by            Johannesburg                           Galileo (IRE)                         CARREAMIA (GB), yrlg by Reset         CASTLE BET (SPR), yrlg by Tizbud             (GB), yrlg by Invincible Spirit (IRE)
  Macho Uno                             BUY, 2yo by Horse Chestnut (SAF)        Scrimshaw                            CANDY CHARM (SPR), yrlg by             CAPTIVATING CANE, yrlg by Lido            (AUS)                               CASTLE BRAVO (SPR), yrlg by He's           CAVIARE (GB), yrlg by Verglas (IRE)
BUD DRAFT PLEASE, yrlg by Cuvee         BUY OUT TIME, wnlg by Maria's Mon     CALL HER MAGIC (SPR), yrlg by            Johannesburg                           Palace (CHI)                          CARRENA ROSE, yrlg by Yankee            Tops                                     CAYCE LADY, yrlg by Cactus Ridge
BUFFALO, yrlg by Storm Creek            BUY THE DIPS (SPR), yrlg by Read        Successful Appeal                    CANDY CLOUDS, yrlg by Roman            CAPTIVE MISS (SPR), yrlg by               Gentleman                           CASTLEMANIA (SPR), 2yo by                  CAYETANA'S RAID, yrlg by Bahamian
BUFFALO BIRD WOMAN, yrlg by               the Footnotes                       CALLIE D., yrlg by Boone's Mill          Ruler                                  Leroidesanimaux (BRZ)                 CARRIE ANN (SPR), yrlg by You and I     Johannesburg, yrlg by Silver               Bounty (GB)
  Canadian Frontier                     BUY YOU A BEAR, yrlg by Placid        CALLIGRAPHY (GB), yrlg by              CANDY EXPRESS, yrlg by Richter         CAPTIVE NUMBER, 2yo by Jump             CARRIE THE FLAG (SPR), yrlg by          Deputy                                   CAYLOS, yrlg by Semoran
BUFFELS (SPR), wnlg by Candy Ride         Fund                                  Avonbridge (GB), 2yo by Royal          Scale                                  Start                                   Say Florida Sandy                   CASTLE MEY (SPR), yrlg by Kafwain          CAYMAN SOUND (GB), yrlg by
  (ARG), yrlg by Stormin Fever          BUZZING B'S, 2yo by Honor Glide         Applause (GB)                        CANDYTUFT (SPR), yrlg by Maria's       CAPUA, yrlg by One Cool Cat             CARRIETTE, 2yo by Untuttable          CASTLE QUEST (IRE), yrlg by                  Exceed And Excel (AUS)
BUFFETT, yrlg by Repent                                                       CALLING ALL ANGLES, 2yo by               Mon, 2yo by Sir Cherokee             CARAH, yrlg by Najran                   CARRION COMFORT (SPR), wnlg by          Danehill Dancer (IRE)                    CAY WHY, 2yo by February Storm

10            THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                               THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                        11
Dams                                                                             (ARG)
                                                                               CHARLOMAINE, wnlg by Silver
                                                                                                                    CHEEKY WEEKY (GB) (SPR), yrlg by
                                                                                                                      Invincible Spirit (IRE), wnlg by Rakti
                                                                                                                                                                 by Trippi
                                                                                                                                                               CHIANG MAI (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                                                                     CHRIS'S PRINCESS (SPR), yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Smoke Glacken, 2yo by Smoke
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Montjeu (IRE)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  CLASSIC REIGN (SPR), yrlg by
                                                                                 Deputy                               (GB)                                       Danehill Dancer (IRE)                 Lion Heart                          CIRCUS ACT, 2yo by Unbridled's           Vindication, 2yo by Vindication
C B CARM (SPR), yrlg by D'wildcat        CHALOUCHI, 2yo by Forestry            CHARLOTTE'S DANCER (GB), 2yo by      CHEER CHEER, yrlg by Southern              CHICADO, yrlg by Hold That Tiger      CHRISTEL FLAME (GB), yrlg by            Image                                CLASSIC SANDS, 2yo by Evansville
CC CANOVA (GB), wnlg by Needwood         CHAMELA BAY (IRE), yrlg by King's       Elnadim                              Image                                    CHIC ANITA (SPR), 2yo by Chapel         Galileo (IRE)                       CIRCUS TIME (SPR), yrlg by               Slew
  Blade (GB)                               Best                                CHARLOTTE'S EGO, yrlg by B. G.'s     CHEERS AGAIN, yrlg by Olmodavor              Royal                               CHRISTIE LIGHT (SPR), 2yo by            Gentlemen (ARG)                      CLASSIC THREAT (SPR), yrlg by
C C FOREVER, yrlg by Cactus Ridge        CHAMPAGNE CAKES (SPR), yrlg by          Drone                              CHEERS AND TEARS, yrlg by                  CHICA ROCA, yrlg by Indian Ridge        Invisible Ink                       CIRQUE DU SOLEIL, 2yo by Gulf            Came Home
CEANNANAS (IRE) (SPR), wnlg by             Brahms                              CHARM ALONE, yrlg by Suggest           Macho Uno, wnlg by Tiznow                  (IRE)                               CHRISTINA CZARINA (SPR), yrlg by        Storm                                CLASSIC VISION (GB), yrlg by Exceed
  Tiger Hill (IRE)                       CHAMPAGNEFORAQUEEN, yrlg by           CHARMANDER, yrlg by Broken Vow,      CHEF'S CHOICE, yrlg by Northern            CHIC JOY, yrlg by Medaglia d'Oro        Orientate                           CISTE (IRE), yrlg by Rainbow Blues       And Excel (AUS)
CEANOTHUS (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by             Sarava                                2yo by More Than Ready               Afleet                                   CHICKA HERMOSA, yrlg by The           CHRISTINA'S OFFICE, yrlg by Action      (IRE)                                CLASSIEST CARAT, yrlg by Perfect
  Motivator (GB)                         CHAMPAGNE FOREVER (SPR), yrlg         CHARMANT FOREST, wnlg by             CHELSEA ANNE (SPR), yrlg by Bold             Lady's Groom                          This Day                            CITADELLA, yrlg by Seattle Shamus,       Soul (IRE)
CECILIA'S CHOICE, 2yo by Prime             by War Chant                          Speightstown                         Executive                                CHICKASAW, 2yo by Tapit               CHRISTMAS AFFAIR (SPR), yrlg by         wnlg by Seattle Shamus               CLASSIKAS, yrlg by Othello
  Timber                                 CHAMPAGNE GLOW (SPR), yrlg by         CHARM AWAY (SPR), yrlg by Quiet      CHELSEY DANCER (SPR), yrlg by              CHICKY BABY, 2yo by Turkoman            Indian Charlie                      CITISCAPE, 2yo by Street Cry (IRE)     CLASS KRIS (SPR), yrlg by
CECILIA'S CROWN, yrlg by                   Medaglia d'Oro                        American                             Afleet Alex                              CHIC PLAYGIRL, yrlg by Chelsey Cat    CHRISTMAS CRACKER (FR), wnlg by       CITI SOUNDS (SPR), yrlg by Lion          Ghostzapper
  Speightstown                           CHAMPAGNE N' TOAST, yrlg by           CHARM CITY HEROINE, 2yo by Pine      CHELSEY FLOWER (SPR), yrlg by              CHIC THIEF (SPR), yrlg by Honour        Oratorio (IRE)                        Heart                                CLASS SKIPPER, yrlg by Scrimshaw
CEDAR CLIFF, yrlg by Lion Hearted          Tannersmyman                          Bluff                                Dixie Union                                and Glory, wnlg by Tapit            CHRISTMAS JONES, yrlg by              CITI SUNRISE, yrlg by Devon Lane       CLASSY ALY (SPR), yrlg by Victory
CEDAR KNOLLS, yrlg by Fusaichi           CHAMPAGNE ROYAL, yrlg by              CHARMED GIFT (SPR), yrlg by          CHELSEY'S FINEST, 2yo by Chelsey           CHIEF WITCH (GB) (SPR), wnlg by         Speightstown                        CITIVIEW, yrlg by Sky Mesa               Gallop
  Pegasus                                  Bernstein                             Distorted Humor                      Cat, yrlg by Chelsey Cat                   Prized                              CHRISTMAS KISS (GB), 2yo by           CITRINE (IRE), yrlg by Zamindar        CLASSY ASSETS, yrlg by Alphabet
CEDAR SEA (IRE), yrlg by Cape Cross      CHAMPAGNE ROYALE, yrlg by Afleet      CHARMIE'S SECRET, yrlg by Value      CHELSIE'S HOUSE, wnlg by                   CHIFNEY RUSH (IRE), wnlg by             Redback (GB)                        CITY BAND (SPR), yrlg by Eddington       Soup
  (IRE)                                    Alex                                  Plus                                 Successful Appeal, yrlg by Yes It's        Invincible Spirit (IRE)             CHRISTMAS LIGHTS, wnlg by             CITY CHARMER, yrlg by Wayne            CLASSY DISTINCTION (SPR), yrlg by
CEE KNOWS (SPR), yrlg by                 CHAMPAGNE SPARKLE (IRE), yrlg by      CHARMING AMANDA, wnlg by Jump          True                                     CHILD BRIDE, yrlg by Lemon Drop         Rockport Harbor                       County (IRE)                           Proud Accolade
  Sweetsouthernsaint                       Chineur (FR)                          Start, yrlg by Mizzen Mast         CHEMISTRY (SPR), yrlg by Bwana               Kid                                 CHRISTMAS LIST (SPR), yrlg by Alke    CITY COLLEGE (SPR), yrlg by Giant's    CLASSY HENBANE, yrlg by Indian
CEE'S DANCING NOW, yrlg by Day of        CHAMPAGNE TONI (IRE), yrlg by         CHARMING DREAMER (SPR), yrlg by        Charlie, 2yo by Exchange Rate            CHILD PRODIGY (IRE), yrlg by Refuse   CHRISTMAS PARTY, yrlg by Strong         Causeway                               Ocean
  the Cat                                  Mujadil                               Najran                             CHENOA (SPR), yrlg by Eurosilver             To Bend (IRE)                         Hope                                CITY FAIR, yrlg by Maria's Mon         CLASSY ME, yrlg by Be Like Mike
CELEBRATED ANNA, yrlg by Union           CHAMPLAIN SUNSET, wnlg by Action      CHARMINGLY, yrlg by                  CHERIE BABY, 2yo by Holy Bull              CHILLING EFFECT, yrlg by Northern     CHRISTMAS ROSE (SPR), yrlg by         CITY MAIDEN, yrlg by Exceed And        CLASSY MIRAGE (SPR), yrlg by
  Place                                    This Day, 2yo by Pure Prize           Footstepsinthesand (GB), 2yo by    CHERIE YVONNE (SPR), yrlg by                 Afleet                                Grand Reward, 2yo by Scrimshaw        Excel (AUS)                            Afleet Alex, 2yo by Empire Maker
CELESTE CIELO, 2yo by Read the           CHAMP'S OLE', yrlg by Marino            Hawk Wing                            Smoke Glacken                            CHILLING PROSPECT, yrlg by            CHRISTMAS ROSE (GB), wnlg by          CITY MISS, 2yo by Champali             CLASSY SOLUTION, yrlg by
  Footnotes                                Marini, 2yo by Renteria             CHARMING PAIGE, 2yo by Black Tie     CHERISH DESTINY, 2yo by Empire               Harlan's Holiday                      Sleeping Indian (GB)                CITY OF DREAMS, yrlg by Stormy           Tomahawk
CELESTIAL CHOIR (GB), yrlg by            CHAMROUSSE, yrlg by Menifee             Affair (IRE), wnlg by Oratory        Maker, yrlg by Pulpit                    CHILL SEEKING (SPR), yrlg by Indian   CHRISTMAS STRIKE (SPR), 2yo by          Atlantic                             CLAUSTRA (FR), yrlg by Azamour
  Footstepsinthesand (GB)                CHANCE FOR PEACE, wnlg by             CHARMING PERFORMER (SPR), yrlg       CHERISHED TIMES (SPR), yrlg by               Ridge (IRE)                           Lion Hearted                        CITY OF GOLD (IRE), yrlg by Halling      (IRE)
CELESTIAL MOMENT, yrlg by Wando            Chapel Royal, yrlg by Monashee        by Service Stripe                    Sunday Break (JPN)                       CHILUKKI CAT, yrlg by Afleet Alex     CHRISTOPH'S GIRL (GB) (SPR), yrlg     CITY RAIN, yrlg by Grand Reward        CLAWS'N DAGGERS, 2yo by Fini
CELESTIAL PRINCESS (GB), wnlg by           Mountain                            CHARMING SHEBA, yrlg by City         CHERISHED TRICK, wnlg by Tapit             CHIMED, 2yo by Keats                    by Titus Livius (FR)                CITY SLEEPER, 2yo by Hennessy, yrlg      Cassette
  Barathea (IRE)                         CHANCE'S DOMAIN, 2yo by Cee's           Place, 2yo by Lido Palace (CHI)    CHEROKEE, yrlg by Mr. Greeley              CHIMERA, yrlg by Yonaguska            CHROMOGENIC (SPR), 2yo by Reel          by Sky Mesa                          CLAXTON'S SLEW (SPR), yrlg by
CELESTIAL WELCOME (GB) (SPR),              Tizzy                               CHARMING TRICK, yrlg by Even the     CHEROKEE CANYON, yrlg by Holy              CHIMES MISS, yrlg by Old Topper         On Reel                             CITY SLICK (SPR), yrlg by Honour and     Galileo (IRE)
  yrlg by Tobougg (IRE)                  CHANCES ONLY (SPR), yrlg by Just        Score                                Bull                                     CHIMICHURRI, yrlg by A.P. Indy        CHRYSALIS (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Oasis     Glory                                CLEAN UP KRIS, yrlg by Castledale
CELINDA (FR), yrlg by Sulamani (IRE)       Cash                                CHARMING VIEW, yrlg by Flatter       CHEROKEE CROSSING (SPR), yrlg by           CHIMING DIXIE, wnlg by Swiss            Dream (GB)                          CITY SOUER, yrlg by Cherokee Run         (IRE)
CELLA LUNA, 2yo by Hook and              CHANDELLE (SPR), wnlg by Empire       CHARMING WORDS, yrlg by Whiff of       Purge                                      Yodeler                             CHUGGER (SPR), 2yo by Lost Soldier    CITY STYLING, yrlg by Yankee           CLEARANDCONCISE, wnlg by
  Ladder                                   Maker                                 Indy                               CHEROKEE DAMSEL, yrlg by Avenue            CHIMING MUSIC, yrlg by Scatmandu      CHUNKY CHEEKS, 2yo by Put It Back       Gentleman                              Birdstone, 2yo by Chapel Royal
CELLARS SHIRAZ, yrlg by Tiznow           CHANDI TARA, yrlg by Hero's           CHARM POWER (SPR), yrlg by Cat         of Flags                                 CHINE (GB), wnlg by Dr Fong           CHUNTER'S JOY (SPR), yrlg by Value    CITY TACTICS, 2yo by                   CLEAR DECISION, wnlg by
CELONA'S GIRL, 2yo by Jaunatxo             Pleasure                              Dreams                             CHEROKEE EYES, yrlg by Royal               CHINESE EMPRESS (SPR), yrlg by          Plus                                  Littleexpectations                     Unforgettable Max
CELTIC MELODY, yrlg by                   CHANDRINA, yrlg by Bernstein          CHARM THE STARS (GB) (SPR), yrlg       Academy                                    Eddington                           CHURCH MICE (IRE), yrlg by Chineur    CITY ZONE (IRE), yrlg by Daylami       CLEAR IMPRESSION (IRE), yrlg by
  Unbridled's Song                       CHANGARI, yrlg by Trans Island (GB)     by Medicean (GB)                   CHEROKEE FLOAT, 2yo by Indian              CHINESE TEA, yrlg by Dixieland Band     (FR)                                  (IRE)                                  Dubai Destination
CELTIC RHAPSODY, yrlg by                 CHANGEABLE, yrlg by Bernstein         CHARNOCK BATES ONE (IRE), yrlg by      Charlie                                  CHINOE ROAD, yrlg by Mr. Greeley      CHURCH ROAD (IRE), yrlg by Captain    CIVIC DUTY (IRE), yrlg by Whipper      CLEAR IN THE WEST, 2yo by Touch
  Outflanker                             CHANGEABLE (GB), wnlg by                Pearl of Love (IRE)                CHEROKEE FLOWER, yrlg by Snow              CHIP, yrlg by Roman Ruler               Rio (GB)                            CLAIR DE LUNE, yrlg by Broken Vow        Gold
CELTIC SAPPHIRE (FR), wnlg by              Medicean (GB)                       CHARTREUSE (SPR), 2yo by               Ridge                                    CHIQUEADA (SPR), yrlg by Not For      CIA, yrlg by Saint Liam               CLAIRE'S SMILE (SPR), yrlg by          CLEARLY A QUEEN, yrlg by Tiznow
  Trade Fair (GB)                        CHANGE OF HEART (IRE), yrlg by          Medaglia d'Oro                     CHEROKEE FLYER, 2yo by Omega                 Love                                CIDER SLEW (SPR), yrlg by               Menifee                              CLEARLY NATIVE, yrlg by Trajectory
CENTIFOLIA (FR), yrlg by Pivotal           Compton Place (GB)                  CHASE IT DOWN, 2yo by Not For          Code                                     CHIRIMOYA, yrlg by Yes It's True        Petersburg                          CLAMOROSA, yrlg by Empire Maker,       CLEAR SPRING, 2yo by Pivotal (GB)
  (GB)                                   CHANGE OF VENUE, 2yo by                 Love                               CHEROKEE KISS, yrlg by Point Given         CHI SA, yrlg by Trippi                CIEL BLEU (GB), yrlg by Royal           2yo by Lion Heart                    CLEARWATER, yrlg by Golden Missile
CENT NOUVELLES, yrlg by Spanish            Rainmaker                           CHASETHEGOLD, yrlg by Cherokee       CHEROKEE LADY, 2yo by Desert               CHITA RIVERA (GB) (SPR), wnlg by        Applause (GB)                       CLANCY CAN, 2yo by Devon Lane          CLEITO, yrlg by Maria's Mon
  Steps                                  CHANGING TUNES (SPR), yrlg by           Run                                  Warrior, yrlg by Desert Warrior            Tiger Hill (IRE)                    CIELO'S ECLIPSE (SPR), yrlg by        CLARABELLA, 2yo by Concorde's          CLEMENTIA, 2yo by Catienus
CENTURY SWEETHEART (SPR), yrlg             Forest Wildcat                      CHASETHEWILDWIND (SPR), yrlg by      CHEROKEE LIGHTS, yrlg by Holy Bull         CHIT CHATTER (SPR), yrlg by             Score Quick                           Tune                                 CLEMENTINE'S CAP, yrlg by Friends
  by Bertrando                           CHANGING WORLD, yrlg by Empire          Rock Hard Ten                      CHEROKEE LOVE, yrlg by Holy Bull             Awesome Again                       CIELO'S MISS, yrlg by Stephen Got     CLAREMONT, wnlg by Good Reward           Lake
CERCATORE, wnlg by First Samurai           Maker                               CHASE YOU, 2yo by Even the Score     CHEROKEE MAIDEN, yrlg by Perfect           CHITKA, yrlg by Hennessy                Even                                CLARICE ORSINI (GB) (SPR), wnlg by     CLERICAL ETOILE (ARG) (SPR), 2yo
CERCIDA (SPR), yrlg by Cuvee, 2yo        CHANNA (SPR), 2yo by Cuvee, yrlg by
                                                                               CHASING A RAINBOW, yrlg by             Soul (IRE)                               CHLOE POND, yrlg by Quiet American    CIELO STORM, yrlg by Haus of            Elusive City, 2yo by Kyllachy (GB)     by Yes It's True
                                           Even the Score
  by Strong Hope                                                                 Freefourinternet                   CHEROKEE MISS (SPR), 2yo by Lion           CHO CHO SAN, 2yo by Smoke               Dehere                              CLARINDA (IRE), yrlg by Halling        CLEVELAND BROWNI (SPR), yrlg by
                                         CHANNEL CROSSING (SPR), wnlg by
CERIDWEN (SPR), yrlg by Chapel                                                 CHASING LIGHTNING, 2yo by Gold         Heart                                      Glacken, yrlg by Stormin Fever      CIENCIA (SPR), yrlg by Aldebaran      CLARINOVA (SPR), yrlg by Cuvee           Orientate, wnlg by Touch Gold
                                           Lion Heart
  Royal                                                                          Token                              CHEROKEE ROXIE, yrlg by Royal Cat          CHOCOLATE BROWN, 2yo by Sky           CIGARLIGHTER (SPR), 2yo by            CLASS CHOICE, yrlg by                  CLEVER ACTRESS (SPR), yrlg by
                                         CHANNEL VISION, yrlg by Storm Day
CERISE, yrlg by Menifee                                                        CHASING YIELD, yrlg by Pleasantly    CHEROKEE TREASURE, yrlg by                   Mesa                                  Whywhywhy                             Songandaprayer                         Hook and Ladder, 2yo by Peace
                                         CHANNING WAY, yrlg by Indian
CERITA, yrlg by Five Star Day                                                    Perfect                              Perigee Moon                             CHOCOLATE CRUNCH, yrlg by             CIMA, yrlg by Newfoundland, wnlg by   CLASSICAL CODE, yrlg by Van              Rules
CERTAIN HARMONY, wnlg by Red                                                   CHASIN'RAIN, yrlg by Even the        CHERRY FLAMBE, yrlg by North Light           Runaway Groom                         Strong Contender                      Nistelrooy                           CLEVER ADELE, yrlg by Unforgettable
                                         CHANSON DE SOLEIL, 2yo by Patton
  Bullet                                                                         Score                                (IRE), 2yo by Olmodavor                  CHOCOLATE FUDGE (SPR), yrlg by        CIMMARON LADY, yrlg by Stormy         CLASSICAL DANCER (GB), wnlg by           Max
                                         CHANTERELLE (IRE), yrlg by Royal
CERTAM DE MAY (SPR), yrlg by                                                   CHASSERESSE (SPR), yrlg by Rock      CHERRY GOLD, yrlg by Indy King               Mineshaft                             Atlantic                              Araafa (IRE)                         CLEVER CHATTER, 2yo by Lightnin N
                                           Applause (GB)
  Toccet                                                                         Hard Ten                           CHERYL M. D. (SPR), yrlg by Woke           CHOICE COMMENT (SPR), yrlg by         CINALLIS (SPR), yrlg by Tejano Run    CLASSIC APPROVAL (SPR), yrlg by          Thunder, wnlg by Three Wonders
                                         CHANTILLY LIGHT, yrlg by Saint
CERTITUDE, yrlg by Tiger Ridge                                                 CHASSEUR DAME (SPR), yrlg by           Up Dreamin                                 Yankee Gentleman                    CINCINNATTI (BRZ), yrlg by              Unbridled's Song                     CLEVER COUNTY, yrlg by Highland
C'EST BIEN, yrlg by Perfect Soul (IRE)                                           Salt Lake                          CHERYLVILLE SLEW, yrlg by                  CHOICE HOUSE, wnlg by                   Olmodavor                           CLASSIC BEAUTY, 2yo by West Acre         Ruckus
                                         CHAO PRAYA (SPR), yrlg by Saint
C'EST LA CAT, 2yo by Mr. Greeley,                                              CHASTE, yrlg by Mr. Greeley            Songandaprayer                             Johannesburg                        CINDERELLA BALL, yrlg by Action       CLASSIC BETH (SPR), yrlg by During,    CLEVER CREW, 2yo by Gold Regent
  yrlg by Thunder Gulch, wnlg by                                               CHATEAUMIST (SPR), yrlg by           CHE SARA SARA (SPR), 2yo by                CHOIR, yrlg by War Chant                This Day                              2yo by Tomahawk                      CLEVER EMPRESS (GB) (SPR), 2yo
                                         CHAPOSA, yrlg by Tiger Ridge
  Thunder Gulch                                                                  Stephen Got Even                     Greatness                                CHOLITA, wnlg by Limehouse            CINDY B, yrlg by Burbank              CLASSIC BREEZE, 2yo by Indian            by Toccet
                                         CHAPSKICK, wnlg by Tapit
C'EST L' AMOUR, yrlg by Medaglia         CHARETTE (SPR), yrlg by City Zip      CHATHAM HALL, yrlg by Orientate,     CHESHIRE CAT (IRE) (SPR), 2yo by In        CHOOBLOO (SPR), 2yo by Repent         CINDY JEAN, yrlg by Kitten's Joy        Charlie                              CLEVER EXCHANGE (SPR), yrlg by
  d'Oro                                  CHARGE ACCOUNT, 2yo by Delaware         2yo by Orientate                     Excess (IRE)                             CHOOSE A CROWN (SPR), yrlg by         CINDY'S HERO, yrlg by Ghostzapper     CLASSIC COLLEEN (IRE), 2yo by            Pollard's Vision
CHABUKA, wnlg by Pure Prize                Township                            CHATTER CHATTER, 2yo by              CHESSIE, yrlg by Defrere                     Strong Hope                         CINDY'S HOBBY, yrlg by Woke Up          Bachelor Duke                        CLEVER HOU, yrlg by Consolidator
CHAGUARAMAS (IRE), 2yo by Pentire        CHARGE D'AFFAIRES (SPR), yrlg by        Speightstown, yrlg by              CHESTNUT GAME, yrlg by Werblin             CHOOSE A ROSE, 2yo by Kafwain           Dreamin                             CLASSIC CORRIDOR (SPR), yrlg by        CLEVER MONIQUE (SPR), 2yo by
  (GB)                                     Successful Appeal                     Speightstown                       CHESWELL, wnlg by Candy Ride               CHOOSE THE RIGHT, 2yo by Rossini      CINDY'S STAR, yrlg by Antonius Pius     My Friend Max                          Elusive Quality, yrlg by Rock Hard
CHAIN OF LOVE, yrlg by North Light       CHARGE MORE FOR ME, yrlg by           CHATTIN (SPR), 2yo by Medaglia         (ARG)                                    CHOOSE WISELY, yrlg by Action This    CINEFILA (SPR), yrlg by Purge         CLASSIC ELEGANCE, 2yo by A.P.            Ten
  (IRE), 2yo by Stanislavsky               Perfect Circle                        d'Oro                              CHEVALIER BAY, yrlg by Finest Hour           Day                                 CIN ISA LUV, yrlg by Exceed And         Indy                                 CLEVERMONT, yrlg by
CHAIRWOMAN (SPR), yrlg by Unusual        CHARGING WATER, yrlg by Devil His     CHATURANGA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by       CHEVIOT INDIAN (IRE), wnlg by Titus        CHOPARD, yrlg by City Zip               Excel (AUS)                         CLASSIC GARBO, wnlg by Even the          Rationalexuberance
  Heat                                     Due                                   Refuse To Bend (IRE)                 Livius (FR)                              CHOPPERS PASSION, yrlg by             CINNAMON BELLE, yrlg by Roaring         Score, yrlg by Powerscourt (GB)      CLEVERNESS, 2yo by Decarchy
CHALAMONT (IRE) (SPR), wnlg by           CHARISMATIC LADY, yrlg by Langfuhr    CHAYA, yrlg by During                CHEYANNA, 2yo by Essence of                  Devon Lane                            Fever                               CLASSIC IMP (SPR), yrlg by             CLEVER PHRASE (SPR), 2yo by Two
  Aragorn (IRE)                          CHARITABLE GIFT (SPR), yrlg by        CHEAP BUT HAPPY (SPR), 2yo by          Dubai, yrlg by Roar of the Tiger         CHORAL BELLE, yrlg by Gilded Time,    CINNAMON GIRL, 2yo by Forest            Changeintheweather                     Punch
CHALICE WELLS (GB), yrlg by                Birdstone                             Prime Timber                       CHEYANN SCOUT, 2yo by Exchange               2yo by Kafwain                        Camp                                CLASSIC INTENTION, yrlg by             CLEVER PLACE, yrlg by Indian Ocean
  Oratorio (IRE)                         CHARIZARD, yrlg by Halo's Image       CHECKERSPOT (SPR), yrlg by Tale of     Rate, yrlg by Wildcat Heir               CHORALIST (GB), wnlg by Singspiel     CINNAMON ROSE (SPR), yrlg by Tiger      Eurosilver                           CLEVER RACHE (SPR), yrlg by Malibu
CHALK BUSTER, yrlg by Taste of           CHARLESTON, yrlg by Roman Ruler         the Cat                            CHEYENNE CITY (SPR), wnlg by                 (IRE)                                 Hill (IRE)                          CLASSIC JENNY (IRE), yrlg by Arakan      Moon
  Paradise                               CHARLESTON SPRINGS (SPR), yrlg        CHECK LINEAGE (SPR), wnlg by           Grand Reward                             CHORALLI (GB), 2yo by Distant Music   CINNAMON SPICE, yrlg by Tiznow        CLASSIC KARI, yrlg by K. O. Punch      CLEVER SONG, 2yo by Toolighttoquit
CHALK FACE, yrlg by Tribal Rule            by Artax                              Posse, yrlg by Wiseman's Ferry     CHEYENNES APPROVAL, 2yo by                 CHOSEN TICKET, 2yo by Officer         CIRCLE COMMAND (SPR), yrlg by         CLASSIC MANUVER (SPR), yrlg by         CLEVER SQUAW, 2yo by Lion Heart
CHALMETTE, yrlg by Sky Mesa              CHARLEY'S ALADA, wnlg by Around       CHEEKS EIGHTYEIGHT, yrlg by            Trippi, yrlg by Wildcat Heir             CHRISO GALLY, 2yo by Kalu               Mint                                  Safe in the U S A                    CLEVER TIDE (SPR), yrlg by Tiznow
CHALONNAISE, yrlg by Yonaguska             the Cape                              Seattle Fitz (ARG)                 CHEYENNE SPIRIT (GB) (SPR), yrlg           CHRIS' ROCKET GIRL (SPR), yrlg by     CIRCLE OF GOLD (SPR), yrlg by More    CLASSIC MILLENNIUM (GB), yrlg by       CLEVER TISH (SPR), yrlg by
CHALOSSE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by             CHARLMAR, yrlg by Seattle Fitz        CHEEKY GIRL (GB), wnlg by Exceed       by Whipper                                 Trippi                                Than Ready                            Starcraft (NZ)                         Limehouse, 2yo by Strong Hope
  Antonius Pius                                                                  And Excel (AUS)                    CHI, yrlg by Delaware Township, 2yo        CHRIS'S LASS, yrlg by Voyagers        CIRCLE OF GOLD (IRE), yrlg by         CLASSIC PARK (GB) (SPR), yrlg by       CLEVER TO ME, yrlg by Pollard's

12            THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                              THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                   13
Dams                                                                          Bahamian Bounty (GB)
                                                                             COMING OUT PARTY (SPR), yrlg by
                                                                                                                  CONSPIRING, yrlg by Dynaformer
                                                                                                                                                         Applause (GB)
                                                                                                                                                        CORN FUTURES (SPR), yrlg by Key of
                                                                                                                                                                                               COUNT THE BID, yrlg by Fast
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       CRADLE OF LOVE, yrlg by Galileo
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              CRIMINATIVE (SPR), 2yo by Distorted
                                                                              Johannesburg                        CONSTANCE DO (GB), 2yo by Pelder       Luck                                  COUNT THE OUNCES, yrlg by               CRADLE ROCK (IRE), yrlg by Xaar          Humor, wnlg by Flower Alley
  Vision                               Expression                            COMMANDING LADY, 2yo by Smoke        CONSTANT TOUCH, yrlg by Mr.           CORNISH PASTIE, 2yo by Straight          Unusual Heat                            (GB)                                 CRIMSON CASHMERE, yrlg by Adcat,
CLICKETY CLICK, yrlg by               COLEE BEAR, 2yo by Teton Forest,        Glacken                              Greeley                               Man                                   COUNT TO SIX (SPR), yrlg by Maria's     CRADLESONG (SPR), wnlg by                2yo by Alke
  Newfoundland                         wnlg by Unbridled Energy, yrlg by     COMMANDRA, 2yo by Mayakovsky         CONSTITUTIONAL, yrlg by Pollard's     CORONADO'S QUEEN, yrlg by                Mon                                     Bluegrass Cat, 2yo by El Leopardo    CRIMSON FLAGSHIP, 2yo by Cactus
CLIENT DEVELOPMENT (SPR), yrlg         Wildcat Shoes                         COMME CA (GB), yrlg by Exceed And     Vision                                Dehere                                COUNTUS AFFAIR (SPR), yrlg by           CRAFT, yrlg by Rossini                   Ridge
  by Alydeed                          COLE'S FUTURE, 2yo by Full              Excel (AUS)                         CONSULTANT STYLIST (IRE), 2yo by      CORONA SUNRISE, yrlg by Alfaari          Mingun                                CRAFTIMAE (SPR), 2yo by Van            CRIMSON GIRL, yrlg by Deputy
CLIMBEVERYMOUNTAIN, yrlg by            Mandate                               COMME IL FAUT, yrlg by Flatter        Trans Island (GB)                    CORONATION CUP (SPR), yrlg by          COUNTY COURT, yrlg by Caracal             Nistelrooy                             Commander
  Yonaguska                           COLLECTED (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by         COMMENCEMENT, yrlg by Champali       CONTINENTAL LEA (SPR), yrlg by         Rock Hard Ten                         COUNTY FAIR (SPR), yrlg by              CRAFTY ATLANTIC (SPR), yrlg by         CRIMSONS CONTENDER, wnlg by
CLINCHER (SPR), yrlg by Broken Vow     Whipper                               COMMERCIAL KISSER, 2yo by Out of      Cozzene                              CORONDA ROSE, 2yo by Gulch, yrlg         Hennessy, wnlg by Johannesburg          Grand Reward                           Action This Day
CLINCHER CLUB (GB) (SPR), yrlg by     COLLECTORS CORNER, yrlg by              Place                               CONTINUOUS (IRE), yrlg by Barathea     by Rock Hard Ten                      COUP DE COEUR (IRE), yrlg by            CRAFTY BRAT, yrlg by Eddington         CRIMSONUM, 2yo by Storm Day
  Bahamian Bounty (GB)                 Bwana Charlie, 2yo by Smooth          COMMITTED ACTRESS, yrlg by            (IRE), 2yo by Refuse To Bend (IRE)   CORONITA, 2yo by Digging In              Bertolini, 2yo by Refuse To Bend      CRAFTY BUT SWEET, 2yo by Toccet        CRINKLE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Mujahid
CLINK CLINK, 2yo by Sequoia Slew       Jazz                                   Smart Strike                        CONTINUOUS MELODY, yrlg by Hook       CORPORATE ASSET, yrlg by Stephen         (IRE)                                 CRAFTY COSMAH, 2yo by Essence of       CRISSY'S COMET (SPR), 2yo by
CLIPPER (GB), wnlg by Araafa (IRE),   COLLODIA (SPR), yrlg by Sunday         COMMITTEE BOAT (SPR), 2yo by          and Ladder                            Got Even                              COUPLED, wnlg by Artie Schiller           Dubai                                  Mecke
  yrlg by Danehill Dancer (IRE)        Break (JPN)                            Rossini                             CONVERSION, 2yo by Chapel Royal,      CORPORATE SPIRIT, 2yo by Posse         COURAGEOUS, yrlg by Yes It's True       CRAFTY DEVIL, yrlg by Doneraile        CRISTAL (CHI) (SPR), yrlg by
CLOCHARD, yrlg by Even the Score      COLOMA (JPN), 2yo by Danetime          COMMODORE STREET, 2yo by              wnlg by Sky Mesa                     CORPORATE VISION (SPR), yrlg by        COURAGEOUS MAIDEN, 2yo by                 Court                                  Speightstown
CLOCHETTE (IRE), yrlg by Camacho       (IRE)                                  Unbridled's Image                   CONVEYOR'S ANGEL, wnlg by              Medaglia d'Oro                          Medaglia d'Oro, yrlg by Silver        CRAFTY GAL (SPR), yrlg by Value        CRISTINA, yrlg by Whywhywhy
  (GB)                                COLONELLA (SPR), yrlg by Smart         COMMON KNOWLEDGE (GB), yrlg by        Stormy Atlantic                      CORRE SCOUT, wnlg by Point Given         Deputy                                  Plus                                 CRITICAL CAT, yrlg by Northern Afleet
CLODORA (SPR), wnlg by Azamour         Strike                                 Dubawi (IRE)                        COOGEE COO, wnlg by Da Stoops         CORRIGAN, yrlg by Hennessy             COURTIER (GB) (SPR), yrlg by            CRAFTY GOLD, yrlg by Woke Up           CRITICAL CREW (SPR), yrlg by
  (IRE)                               COLONIAL ALLY (SPR), yrlg by           COMMON RUMPUS (IRE), 2yo by          COOKIE CUTTER (IRE), yrlg by Night    CORRINE (IRE), yrlg by Galileo (IRE)     Danehill Dancer (IRE)                   Dreamin                                Unbridled's Song
CLORIDJA (GB), yrlg by Oasis Dream     Smarty Jones                           Exceed And Excel (AUS)               Shift                                CORTONA (IRE), yrlg by Mark of         COURTING DREAMS, 2yo by Graeme          CRAFTY JAM, wnlg by Orientate          CRITIKOLA (ARG) (SPR), yrlg by
  (GB)                                COLONIAL BANNER, yrlg by Medallist     COMPANY BINNESS (SPR), yrlg by       COOKIN CAROL, wnlg by Closing          Esteem (IRE)                            Hall, yrlg by Werblin                 CRAFTY JOSIE (SPR), yrlg by Game         North Light (IRE)
CLOSE MARQUE, yrlg by Career Best     COLONIAL CAT, yrlg by Eurosilver,       Tale of the Cat                      Argument                             COSA LUCINANTE (SPR), yrlg by          COURTLANDT QUEEN, wnlg by                 Plan                                 CROESO CARIAD (GB), yrlg by
CLOSET COWGIRL (SPR), 2yo by           2yo by Maria's Mon                    COMPLETE APPROVAL, yrlg by           COOKINGWITHMARTHA, yrlg by War         Repent                                  Araafa (IRE), yrlg by Kyllachy (GB)   CRAFTY LUCK, yrlg by Consolidator        Shamardal
  Snow Ridge                          COLONIAL CURRENCY (SPR), 2yo by         Benchmark                            Chant                                COSA RARA (SPR), yrlg by Where's       COURTLY ATTIRE (SPR), yrlg by           CRAFTY MEMORY (SPR), yrlg by Valid     CROFTERS CEILIDH (GB) (SPR), wnlg
CLOSE TO HEAVEN (SPR), 2yo by          Mutakddim                             COMPLETELY ELEGANT (SPR), yrlg       COOL ALICE, yrlg by Dixieland Band     the Ring                                Suave Prospect                          Bidder                                 by Sleeping Indian (GB), yrlg by
  Alex's Pal                          COLONIAL GLITTER, yrlg by Afleet        by Suave Prospect                   COOL BABY (SPR), yrlg by Tenpins      COSMIC COLORS, yrlg by More Than       COURTLY COLORS, yrlg by Cee's           CRAFTY NAN (SPR), 2yo by Richter         Trade Fair (GB)
CLOSE TO PERFECT, yrlg by Menifee      Alex                                  COMPLICATION (GB), yrlg by           COOL COZZENE, 2yo by Sunday            Ready                                   Tizzy                                   Scale                                CRONY HILL (ARG) (SPR), yrlg by
CLOUD BREAK (SPR), wnlg by            COLONIAL METEOR, yrlg by Lightnin       Bachelor Duke                        Break (JPN)                          COSMIC GLORY, 2yo by Lightnin N        COURTLY QUEEN, yrlg by Yes It's         CRAFTY NOTEBOOK, yrlg by                 Mass Market
  Distorted Humor, yrlg by             N Thunder                             COMPLIMENTARY PASS (GB) (SPR),       COOL DECOR, yrlg by Trippi             Thunder                                 True                                    Montbrook                            CROOKED WOOD, wnlg by Beat
  Songandaprayer                      COLONIAL MINSTREL (SPR), 2yo            yrlg by Sakhee                      COOL DIXIE, yrlg by Purge             COSMIC LADY, yrlg by Scatmandu         COURT OF APPEAL, yrlg by Quiet          CRAFTY PROMISE (SPR), yrlg by            Hollow (GB)
CLOUD HILL (GB), yrlg by Dubai         by Elusive Quality                    COMPOSE (GB), yrlg by Dubai          COOL GAMBA, 2yo by Chapel Royal,      COSMIC PUZZLE, 2yo by Dr. Caton          American                                Pollard's Vision                     CROSERA (ITY), yrlg by Whipper
  Destination, wnlg by Dubawi (IRE)   COLONIAL REEF, 2yo by Tale of the       Destination                          yrlg by Wildcat Heir                 COSMIC SECRETS, wnlg by                COURT OF LAW (SPR), 2yo by              CRAFTY RIVER, yrlg by Deputy           CROSSANO, yrlg by Grand Score
CLOUD'S AMBRE (SPR), 2yo by            Cat, yrlg by Tenpins                  COMPOSITION (GB), yrlg by Trade      COOL GRADES (SPR), yrlg by Colony      Unbridled Energy                        Graeme Hall                             Commander                            CROSSBREEZE, yrlg by Indian Ridge
  Maria's Mon                         COLONIAL REVIEW (SPR), yrlg by          Fair (GB)                            Light, 2yo by Double Honor           COSMIC WING, wnlg by Henny             COURT SENSE, yrlg by Captain            CRAFTY ROBYN, yrlg by Lydgate            (IRE)
CLOUDY COLORS (SPR), yrlg by           More Than Ready                       COMPRADORE (GB), yrlg by             COOL JAZZED, 2yo by Maria's Mon        Hughes, yrlg by Mineshaft               Bodgit                                CRAFTY RUTH, wnlg by Mizzen Mast       CROSSED WIRE, 2yo by Gold Tribute,
  Orientate                           COLONIAL SUE, yrlg by Wild Zone         Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2yo by     COOL KISS (SPR), 2yo by Leestown      COSMIC WISH, yrlg by Grand Slam        COURT TOUR (SPR), yrlg by Parker's      CRAFTY SIREN (SPR), yrlg by              yrlg by On Target
CLOVER GIRL, yrlg by Cobra King       COLONNA TRAIANA (CHI) (SPR),            Kheleyf                             COOL KITTY, yrlg by Taste of          COSMOLOGY, yrlg by Pastoral              Storm Cat                               Hennessy                             CROSSETT, yrlg by Southern States
CLOVIS POINT (GB) (SPR), yrlg by       yrlg by Fusaichi Pegasus              COMPRESSED, 2yo by High Yield,        Paradise                              Pursuits (GB)                         COVENTINA (IRE), yrlg by Selkirk        CRAFTY TENDERONI (SPR), yrlg by        CROSS TAB, 2yo by
  Dixieland Band                      COLONY BAY (SPR), yrlg by Gulch         yrlg by Johannesburg                COOL LOOK, yrlg by One Way Love       COSTA BRAVA (IRE), yrlg by Indian      COVER, yrlg by Eddington                  Point Given                            Sweetsouthernsaint
CLUB MEETING, 2yo by Put It Back      COLORADO SONG, yrlg by                 COMSTOCK QUEEN, yrlg by Gone         COOLRAIN LADY (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by     Ridge (IRE)                           COVER GIRL, wnlg by Rockport            CRAFTY TOAST, 2yo by Bernstein         CROW JANE, yrlg by Tale of the Cat
CLUETT (SPR), yrlg by Ide              Speightstown                           West, 2yo by More Than Ready         One Cool Cat                         COSTA PRETTY PENNY, 2yo by Ide           Harbor, yrlg by Sky Mesa              CRAFTY VILLE, 2yo by Unbridled's       CROWN JUBILEE (SPR), yrlg by
COASTAL CONNECTION (SPR), yrlg        COLORBYNUMBERS, yrlg by                COMTESSE (SPR), 2yo by Turn West     COPA DE ORO, yrlg by Johannesburg     COSTA RICA (IRE), yrlg by Danehill     COVER GIRL (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by           Image                                  Domestic Dispute
  by Taste of Paradise                 Lasersport                            CONCEITED MISS, yrlg by More Than    COPELAN'S PIANO, yrlg by Posse         Dancer (IRE)                            Desert Style (IRE)                    CRAIGMILL (GB) (SPR), yrlg by          CROWN OF JEWELS (SPR), yrlg by
COASTAL FLAG, yrlg by Forest Camp     COLOR HER GONE (SPR), yrlg by           Ready                               COPELAN'S TRADE, yrlg by Werblin      COSUMMATECONSUMER, yrlg by             COVET (GB), yrlg by Halling               Dubawi (IRE)                           Maria's Mon, wnlg by Street Cry
COAST MERIDIAN, yrlg by Defy Logic     Even the Score, 2yo by Snow Ridge     CONCHITA VILLA, 2yo by Delaware      COPELIA, 2yo by Pure Precision         Singletary                            COVEY OF ANGELS, 2yo by Unbridled       CRAVINGS, wnlg by Value Plus             (IRE)
COAX CLASSIC (SPR), yrlg by           COLOR MAGIC (SPR), wnlg by Came         Township, yrlg by D'wildcat         COPEWITHTHISCOYOTE, 2yo by            COTINGA, yrlg by Olmodavor               Time                                  CRAZI, yrlg by Pikepass                CROWN THE QUEEN, yrlg by Peace
  Kitten's Joy                         Home                                  CONCISE, 2yo by Outofthebox           Wheelaway                            COTTAGE FLOWER (SPR), yrlg by          COXCOMB, yrlg by Posse                  CRAZY CYD, yrlg by Champali              Rules
COBBLESTONE ROAD, yrlg by Malibu      COLOR ME FAST, yrlg by Skip Away       CONCORD MISS, yrlg by Champali       COPING DIABLO, 2yo by Concorde's       Bernstein                             COYOTE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Azamour      CRAZY OLD LADY, yrlg by Point          CROZET, yrlg by Roman Ruler
  Moon                                COLORMEGREEN, yrlg by Grand            CONDELEEZZA S., yrlg by Eurosilver    Tune                                 COTTAGE GARDEN, wnlg by Tiznow           (IRE)                                   Given                                CRUISE LINE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by
COBBLESTONE STREET, yrlg by            Appointment                           CONEY ISLAND GIRL, yrlg by Not For   COPO (SPR), yrlg by Doneraile Court   COTTON GRACE (IRE), 2yo by             COZAAM, yrlg by Smart Guy               CRAZY SUMMER FLING, yrlg by Holy         Kitten's Joy
  Najran                              COLOR THAT BRONZE, yrlg by              Love                                COPPER BELLE, yrlg by Perfect Soul     Danetime (IRE)                        COZELIA, 2yo by Grindstone                Bull                                 CRUISING HAVEN (SPR), yrlg by
COBBLEY SLEW, yrlg by Seattle Fitz     Lexicon
                                                                             CONFEY LASS (IRE), 2yo by Imperial    (IRE)                                COTTON HOUSE BAY, 2yo by Dixie         COZIGOLDI (SPR), yrlg by Alke, 2yo      C. R. BALLERINA (SPR), yrlg by Sky       Elusive Quality
                                      COLOUR COORDINATED (IRE), wnlg
  (ARG)                                                                       Ballet (IRE)                        COPPER LAKE, yrlg by Big Country       Union                                   by Double Honor                         Mesa                                 CRUMBLEY'S HEART, yrlg by Joe's
                                       by Oratorio (IRE)
COBILION (SPR), 2yo by Brassy Wells                                          CONFIDENT, yrlg by Rosetti           COPPER ROSE, wnlg by Arch, yrlg by    COTUIT BAY, yrlg by Wheelaway          COZY AT DAWN, yrlg by Include           CREAM OF SOCIETY (IRE), yrlg by          Son Joey
                                      COLOURFAST (IRE), yrlg by Singspiel
COBRA'S STING, yrlg by Caller I. D.                                          CONFIDENTIALLY (SPR), wnlg by         Strong Hope                          COULDYOUMAKEMYDAY, yrlg by             COZY B. J., 2yo by Maria's Mon, yrlg      Xaar (GB)                            CRUMPETSFORTEA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg
COCKTAIL (GB), yrlg by Fantastic                                              Hennessy                            COPPER WING, yrlg by Yankee            Whywhywhy                               by Maria's Mon                        CREAM RISES, yrlg by Tenpins             by Danehill Dancer (IRE)
                                      COMANCHE STAR, yrlg by Successful
  Light                                                                      CONFIDENT KAREN, yrlg by              Gentleman                            COUNTESS CLEVER (SPR), yrlg by         COZY COLLEEN, yrlg by Bold              CREAM TEASE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by        CRUSADER'S POETRY (SPR), yrlg
COCNEY LASS, 2yo by Milwaukee                                                 Leestown                            COPY-CAT (GB), yrlg by Pastoral        Street Cry (IRE)                        Executive                               Azamour (IRE)                          by Mr. Groush
                                      COME AWAY WITH ME (IRE), yrlg by
  Brew                                                                       CONFIDING WINNER, yrlg by Grand       Pursuits (GB)                        COUNTESS DIANA (SPR), 2yo by           COZY LADY (SPR), yrlg by El             CREATE A DREAM, yrlg by Act of         CRUSADING MISS COX, wnlg by Pure
                                       Haafhd (GB)
COCOA CREAM, yrlg by Even the                                                 Slam                                COQUETTE ROUGE (IRE), yrlg by          Elusive Quality                         Corredor, 2yo by Forest Wildcat         Duty                                   Prize
                                      COMEDY AT THE MET, wnlg by Valid
  Score, wnlg by With Distinction                                            CONGRATULATIONS (SPR), yrlg by        Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)              COUNTESS GOLD (SPR), wnlg by           COZY MARIA, yrlg by Oasis Dream         CREATIVE IMAGE (SPR), 2yo by           CRY CHICK (SPR), yrlg by Seattle Fitz
COCONUT POPSICLE, 2yo by Valid                                                Rock Hard Ten                       COQUILA ROSE, yrlg by Lion Heart,      Eurosilver                              (GB)                                    Chapel Royal, yrlg by Consolidator     (ARG)
                                      COMEDY YEAR (SPR), yrlg by Arch
  Expectations                                                               CONGRESS (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by         2yo by Malibu Moon                   COUNTESS OF MINE, yrlg by Ten          COZY SUSIE, wnlg by Salt Lake           CREATIVE KAREN, yrlg by Van            CRY ME A RIVER (SPR), 2yo by
                                      COME FLY WITH ME (GB), yrlg by
COCONUT WILLAMINA (SPR), yrlg by                                              Fasliyev                            COQUINE, yrlg by Honour and Glory      Most Wanted                           COZY UP DOC (SPR), yrlg by Offlee         Nistelrooy                             Cuvee, yrlg by Friends Lake
                                       Dansili (GB)
  Cozzene                                                                    CONNATE (NZ), yrlg by Forest Camp    CORAGIL (SPR), yrlg by                COUNTESS PEGGY, yrlg by Afleet           Wild                                  CREATIVITY, yrlg by Holy Bull          CRY MISTY, yrlg by Grand
                                      COME FORTH AS GOLD, yrlg by
COCOON OF SUMMER, yrlg by                                                    CONNIE BAR (SPR), yrlg by             Songandaprayer                        Alex                                  COZZEKIKI (SPR), yrlg by Pollard's      CREDIT-A-PLENTY (GB), yrlg by            Appointment, wnlg by On Target
  America's Storm                     COME ON BID (SPR), yrlg by Afleet       Petionville                         CORAL HARBOUR (SPR), yrlg by          COUNTESS TONI, yrlg by Mr. Nugget        Vision                                  Dubawi (IRE)                         CRYPTOCARI, yrlg by Performing
CODE CLEAR, wnlg by Defrere            Alex                                  CONQUERING DUCHESS, yrlg by           Devon Lane                           COUNTING BLESSINGS (GB), yrlg by       COZZENA (SPR), yrlg by Smarty           CREDIT CRUNCH (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by       Magic
CODE FORTY, 2yo by Even the Score     COME ON GET HAPPY, yrlg by Roar         Limehouse                           CORAL NECKLACE (SPR), yrlg by          Redback (GB)                            Jones                                   Chineur (FR)                         CRYPTOCAT, 2yo by Double Honor
CODE NINE SIX, 2yo by Mutakddim        of the Tiger                          CONQUESTALITY, 2yo by Tale of the     Awesome Again                        COUNTING HALOS, yrlg by                COZZENA COZZENA, yrlg by Strong         CREED'S HEROINE, 2yo by Colony         CRYPTO CREAM, yrlg by
CODE OF ETHICS, yrlg by               COMET CAT (SPR), 2yo by Broken          Cat                                 CORAL SEA (SPR), 2yo by Langfuhr,      Littleexpectations                      Hope                                    Light                                  Consolidator, 2yo by Roaring Fever
  Vindication                          Vow                                   CONQUISTADOR BLUE (SPR), yrlg by      yrlg by Mineshaft                    COUNTLESS AFFAIRS (SPR), yrlg by       COZZENE'SAFFAIR, yrlg by Thunder        CREEK 'N ALONG, yrlg by Sugar's        CRYPTO GRANDE, yrlg by Stormy
COESSE GOLD (SPR), yrlg by            COMETUSEIBELLA (SPR), 2yo by            Cactus Ridge                        CORAL STRAND, yrlg by Encosta de       Grand Slam                              Gulch                                   Saint                                  Atlantic
  Johannesburg                         Seattle Fitz (ARG)                    CONQUISTAS JESSICA, yrlg by           Lago (AUS)                           COUNTRY DREAM (SPR), yrlg by           COZZENE'S ANGEL (SPR), 2yo by           CREME CARAMEL (SPR), wnlg by           CRYPTO GREEN, yrlg by Alke, 2yo by
COEUR DE LA MER (IRE) (SPR), yrlg     COME WITH THUNDER, wnlg by              Devon Lane                          CO RATE (SPR), 2yo by                  Cahill Road                             Giant's Causeway, yrlg by Sadler's      Librettist                             Exchange Rate
  by Barathea (IRE)                    Touch Gold                            CONQUISTRESS (SPR), yrlg by Point     Sweetsouthernsaint                   COUNTRYFIDE, yrlg by Canadian            Wells                                 C R EMMAUS ROAD, yrlg by Secret        CRYPTOQUEEN (SPR), yrlg by Stormy
COFFEE COMMERCIAL (SPR), 2yo by       COMFORT A BELLE (SPR), yrlg by          Given                               CORDELIA (GB), wnlg by Encosta de      Frontier                              COZZIE MAXINE, 2yo by El Corredor         Romeo                                  Atlantic
  Malabar Gold                         Straight Man                          CONRADLEY, 2yo by Citidancer,         Lago (AUS)                           COUNTRY MARQUET, yrlg by Cuvee,        COZZY (SPR), yrlg by Bertrando          CREOLE, yrlg by Aljabr                 CRYPTOS' BEST, wnlg by First
COFFEE SPRINGS (SPR), 2yo by Lion     COMFORT ZONE (SPR), 2yo by              wnlg by No Armistice                CORDIAL RUSSIAN, yrlg by Souvenir      2yo by Sunday Break (JPN), wnlg       COZZY FLYER (SPR), yrlg by Forest       CREPE GINGER (IRE), wnlg by              Samurai
  Heart, yrlg by Purge                 Kafwain, yrlg by Proud Citizen        CONSENSUS (IRE), yrlg by Camacho      Copy                                  by Woke Up Dreamin                      Wildcat                                 Oratorio (IRE)                       CRYPTOSHOOTINGSTAR, 2yo by
COHERENT, yrlg by Elusive Quality     COMIC (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Motivator    (GB)                                CORDLESS PHONE, yrlg by Devil's       COUNTRY MELODY (SPR), yrlg by          COZZY LOVE, yrlg by Afleet Alex         CRESSIDA, wnlg by Midas Eyes             Unbridled Native
COLD AWAKENING (SPR), 2yo by           (GB)                                  CONSISTENTLY, yrlg by Distorted       Cry                                   Forestry                              COZZY PROSPECTS, 2yo by Chapel          CRESTA LIL (SPR), yrlg by Anasheed     CRYSTAL (IRE), yrlg by Dubawi (IRE)
  Yonaguska                           COMIC RELIEF, yrlg by Bernstein, 2yo    Humor                               CORINIUM (IRE), yrlg by Singspiel     COUNTRY ROMANCE, 2yo by                  Royal                                 CRESTMISS, yrlg by Your Eminence       CRYSTAL BALLET, 2yo by Distorted
COLD PORRIDGE (SPR), yrlg by           by Montbrook                          CONSORT MUSIC, yrlg by Stormin        (IRE)                                 Storm Cat                             COZZY TEMPER, yrlg by Ecton Park        CRICKET WICKET, yrlg by Maria's          Humor, yrlg by War Chant
  Offlee Wild                         COMING HOME (GB), yrlg by               Fever                               CORLISS, yrlg by Lunarpal             COUNTRYWISHINGWELL (SPR), 2yo          CRACKLE (GB) (SPR), wnlg by               Mon                                  CRYSTAL CAVERN (SPR), yrlg by
COLD STARE, yrlg by Western                                                  CONSORT'S CHOICE, yrlg by Raj        CORNDAVON (SPR), yrlg by Royal         by Gimmeawink                           Pastoral Pursuits (GB)                CRIMINAL PRINCESS, yrlg by Value         Fantastic Light

14           THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                           THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                    15
Dams                                                                           Saarland
                                                                             DANCE DARLING, wnlg by Indian
                                                                                                                      (IRE), 2yo by War Chant
                                                                                                                    DANCIN COLORS, wnlg by Wised Up
                                                                                                                                                          DANSE DU DIABLE (IRE) (SPR), 2yo
                                                                                                                                                            by Mr. Greeley
                                                                                                                                                                                                 DASH FOR MONEY, yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        DEANNA DUZ, yrlg by Snow Ridge
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        DEANS MILL, yrlg by Offlee Wild
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               DELILAH (IRE), yrlg by Galileo (IRE)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               DELILAH'S PARTY, 2yo by Orientate
                                                                               Charlie                              DANCIN DAZE, yrlg by Chief Seattle    DANSE KONGO, yrlg by Mingun            DASH TO THE TOP (GB), yrlg by          DEAR DELILAH, 2yo by Ronton            DELIRIO, yrlg by Graeme Hall
CRYSTAL CITY (GB), yrlg by Antonius      Destination                         DANCE DELIGHT (SPR), 2yo by            DANCING ALI, 2yo by                   DANSETTA LIGHT, yrlg by Yes It's         Danehill Dancer (IRE)                DEAREST DEE (SPR), yrlg by             DELIVERY DAY (SPR), yrlg by Harlan's
  Pius                                 CYCLONE FLYER (GB) (SPR), wnlg by       Graeme Hall                            Easyfromthegitgo                      True                                 DATE MATE (SPR), yrlg by Indian          Yonaguska                              Holiday
CRYSTAL COVE, yrlg by Medaglia           Indesatchel (IRE)                   DANCEDETIDE, yrlg by One Way           DANCING BLUES, yrlg by Broken Vow     DANSEUSE DU BOIS (SPR), yrlg by          Haven (GB)                           DEAR LADY, yrlg by Salt Lake           DELLAROSA, wnlg by Two Punch
  d'Oro                                CYGOGNE, yrlg by Private Gold           Love                                 DANCING CAPOTE, yrlg by In              Fasliyev                             DATSAFACT, yrlg by Wiseman's Ferry     DEBBIE'S NEXT (SPR), 2yo by            DELPHIE QUEEN (IRE), yrlg by
CRYSTAL CURLING (IRE), yrlg by         CYNICAL PRINCESS, 2yo by Gold         DANCE FOR DIXIE (SPR), yrlg by           Excessive Bull                      DANSEUSE DU SOIR (IRE) (SPR),          DATSDAWAYITIS (SPR), yrlg by Grand       Alhaarth (IRE)                         Azamour (IRE)
  Oratorio (IRE)                         Case                                  Rock Hard Ten                        DANCING CASEY (IRE), yrlg by Holy       yrlg by Barathea (IRE)                 Reward                               DEBBY D'OR, 2yo by El Corredor         DELPHINIUM (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by
CRYSTAL CURRENT, wnlg by               CYPRIATA, yrlg by Vindication         DANCE FOR FREE (SPR), yrlg by            Bull                                DANS LA VILLE (CHI), yrlg by Smart     DATTTSDAWAYILIKEIT, 2yo by Grand       DEBBY DOT COM, yrlg by Hero's            Westerner (GB)
  Maria's Mon                          CZIPRA (SPR), yrlg by Pleasant Tap      Forest Camp                          DANCING COURTESAN, yrlg by              Strike                                 Slam                                   Tribute                              DELRAY DIAMOND, yrlg by Leestown
CRYSTAL DELIGHT, yrlg by Cozzene       DABTIYRA (IRE), wnlg by Ivan          DANCE FOR HOSS, yrlg by                  Peaks and Valleys                   DANSWITHALEXIS, 2yo by Tiznow          DATTT WAY, yrlg by Chapel Royal        DEBIT ACCOUNT (SPR), yrlg by           DELTA BULL, yrlg by Halory Hunter
CRYSTAL DOWNS (SPR), yrlg by             Denisovich (IRE)                      Newfoundland                         DANCING DEVLETTE (SPR), yrlg by       DANZIG DARLING (SPR), yrlg by          DATURA (GB), yrlg by Barathea (IRE)      Giant's Causeway                     DELTA DANIELLE (SPR), yrlg by
  Fusaichi Pegasus                     DA CHOICE (SPR), yrlg by Dance With   DANCE FOR JAN (SPR), wnlg by             Smarty Jones                          Buddha                               DAT YOU MIZ BLUE, yrlg by              DEBIT OR CREDIT, yrlg by Southern        Oratory
CRYSTAL FLAG (SPR), yrlg by Bright       Ravens                                City Zip                             DANCING DIANA (GER), yrlg by          DANZIG ISLAND (SPR), yrlg by Mr.         Songandaprayer                         Image                                DELTA DAYLIGHT (SPR), 2yo by Good
  Launch                               DA DANCE, yrlg by Peace Rules         DANCE FORTHE GREEN, 2yo by               Almutawakel (GB)                      Greeley                              DAVID'S CASTLE (SPR), 2yo by           DEBRA C., yrlg by Officer                and Tough
CRYSTAL FLUTE (GB), 2yo by Dubai       DADDYS LITTLE GIRL, yrlg by             Scrimshaw                            DANCING EVENT (SPR), yrlg by Our      DANZIG MARATHA (SPR), yrlg by            Eavesdropper, yrlg by Omega Code     DEBRAH'S DEBUT, wnlg by Freud          DELTA PRINCESS, yrlg by Seeking
  Destination, yrlg by Verglas (IRE)     Tenpins                             DANCE FOR VANNY, yrlg by Full            New Recruit                           Freefourinternet                     DA VINNA, 2yo by Peaks and Valleys     DEB'S CHARM, wnlg by Giant's             the Gold
CRYSTAL FOREST, yrlg by Captain        DAFFODIL PRINCESS, yrlg by              Mandate                              DANCING FIRE (SPR), wnlg by           DANZIG'S LEGACY, yrlg by               DAVIS EYES, yrlg by Friends Lake         Causeway, 2yo by Speightstown,       DELTA QUICK, yrlg by Posse
  Bodgit                                 Johannesburg, wnlg by Lion Heart    DANCEHALL DEELITES, yrlg by              Dubawi (IRE)                          Desperately                          DAWAYTOGOLD, yrlg by Devon               yrlg by Speightstown                 DELTA SENSATION, 2yo by Yes It's
CRYSTAL GEM, yrlg by Toccet            DAFTARA (IRE), yrlg by Whipper          Forest Camp                          DANCING FLOWER (IRE), yrlg by         DANZIVANA, yrlg by Your Eminence         Lane                                 DEBS PET, yrlg by Lucky So n' So         True
CRYSTAL LYRIC, yrlg by Tale of the     DAGANYA (IRE), yrlg by King's Best    DANCEHALL FLOOZY (SPR), yrlg by          Haafhd (GB)                         DANZOLIN (GB), yrlg by Elusive City    DAWN AIR, yrlg by Rock of Gibraltar    DEBUTANTE BALL, yrlg by B L's          DELTATEER, yrlg by Stephanotis
  Cat                                  DAHLIA DEAREST, yrlg by Roman           Silver Deputy                        DANCING GLORY, yrlg by Honour and     DAPPRIMA (GER) (SPR), yrlg by            (IRE)                                  Appeal                               DELUXURY, yrlg by Benchmark
CRYSTAL MAGIC, yrlg by Canadian          Ruler                               DANCE HALL GIRL, yrlg by Silver          Glory                                 Galileo (IRE)                        DAWN CHORUS (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by       DECADES OF STYLE (IRE), wnlg by        DEMA DEMA DANCER, wnlg by
  Frontier                             DAHONI (SPR), 2yo by Two Punch          Deputy                               DANCING GULCH, wnlg by                DAQTORA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Namid        Intikhab                               Badge of Silver, yrlg by Roman         Gators N Bears
CRYSTAL MINE, yrlg by Medallist        DAILY DANCE, yrlg by Formal Gold      DANCE IN THE SUN (SPR), yrlg by          Bluegrass Cat                         (GB)                                 DAWN OF PROMISE (SPR), yrlg by           Ruler                                DEMANDED, wnlg by Hold That Tiger
CRYSTAL MT. STEVIE, yrlg by Cahill     DAILY DOUBLE (FR), yrlg by Catcher      Ghostly Moves                        DANCING IN PUDDLES, 2yo by Turn       DARA, yrlg by King Cugat                 Formal Gold                          DECEPTIVE (SPR), yrlg by Honour        DEMERGER (SPR), yrlg by Kyllachy
  Road                                   In The Rye (IRE)                    DANCELENA (SPR), yrlg by Captain         West                                DARABAKA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by          DAWN PRINCESS, yrlg by Distorted         and Glory                              (GB)
CRYSTAL MUSIC (SPR), yrlg by           DAILY PROVERB, yrlg by                  Bodgit                               DANCINGINTHECLOUDS (IRE), yrlg          Refuse To Bend (IRE)                   Humor                                DECIDEDLYDIFFERENT, 2yo by             DEMETER, yrlg by Danroad (AUS)
  Distorted Humor                        Unforgettable Max                   DANCE LESSONS, yrlg by E Dubai           by Hawk Wing                        DARA GOLD, yrlg by Two Punch           DAWN'S BLACK TIE, yrlg by Midway         Whywhywhy                            DEMI COUNTRY, 2yo by Running
CRYSTAL PENDENT, 2yo by Black          DAILY ROUTINE (SPR), yrlg by Freud    DANCE LIGHTLY, 2yo by Colony Light     DANCINGINTHERAIN, yrlg by             DARARA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Tiger        Road                                 DECOMPRESSED, 2yo by High Yield          Stag, yrlg by Storm Passage
  Minnaloushe                          DAISIES AND NITES, 2yo by             DANCELIKETHEDEVIL (SPR), yrlg by         Saarland                              Hill (IRE)                           DAWN'S FLAME (SPR), yrlg by            DECORETTE, yrlg by Snow Ridge          DEMODEE (ARG) (SPR), yrlg by Lion
CRYSTAL SHARD (SPR), yrlg by             Speightstown                          Prime Timber                         DANCING LAKE, yrlg by Touch Gold      DARBY LAKE (SPR), yrlg by Northern       Stormin Fever                        DE DANCER, 2yo by Belek                  Heart
  Golden Missile                       DAISYAGO, yrlg by Theatrical (IRE)    DANCE LIVELY, yrlg by Azamour (IRE)    DANCING LANE, yrlg by Reformer          Afleet                               DAWN SURPRISE, yrlg by Green           DEEDAY BAY (IRE), yrlg by Redback      DEMON FEVER, yrlg by Pure Prize
CRYSTAL SPRINGS (IRE), yrlg by         DAISY CUTTER, 2yo by                  DANCE MAGIC (SPR), yrlg by Kalu          Rally                               DARBY SHUFFLE (SPR), yrlg by             Desert                                 (GB)                                 DEMURE DIVA, yrlg by Macho Uno,
  Verglas (IRE)                          Sweetsouthernsaint                  DANCE ME INSIDE, wnlg by Tethra        DANCING LAUR, yrlg by Scrimshaw         Medaglia d'Oro                       DAY AFTER, yrlg by Wiseman's Ferry     DEE DEE'S WILDCAT, yrlg by Action        wnlg by Pomeroy
CRYSTAL STAR (GB) (SPR), yrlg by       DAISY DOOLITTLE, yrlg by Eurosilver   DANCE MOCCASIN (SPR), yrlg by          DANCING LIEBLING, yrlg by Grand       DARE SHE GOES, 2yo by Put It Back,     DAY AFTER DAY, yrlg by Grand             This Day                             DENAMAX, yrlg by Desperately
  Tiger Hill (IRE)                     DAISY DUKES (SPR), 2yo by Silver        Grand Reward                           Reward                                yrlg by Snow Ridge                     Reward                               DEEP BLUE SKIES, 2yo by Northern       DENICE (GB), yrlg by Oasis Dream
CRYSTAL SWEET, 2yo by Kafwain            Deputy                              DANCE OF SUNSHINE (SPR), yrlg by       DANCING LILLIAN, yrlg by Here's       DARIAN SKYE, yrlg by Proud             DAYBYDAYBYDAY (SPR), 2yo by              Afleet                                 (GB)
CRYSTAL VIEW (IRE), yrlg by            DAISY'S A PLEASURE, yrlg by             Aldebaran                              Zealous                               Accolade                               Milwaukee Brew                       DEEP DEEP BLUE (GB), wnlg by           DENIM BLUE, yrlg by Kafwain
  Shamardal                              Easyfromthegitgo                    DANCEOFTHEFLAGS, wnlg by               DANCING MEG, wnlg by Afleet Alex      DARING DIVA, yrlg by Bernstein         DAY IS DAWNING (IRE), yrlg by            Royal Applause (GB)                  DENISE'S LAUGHTER, yrlg by Gibson
CTESIPHON, yrlg by Shinko Forest       DAKINI, yrlg by Powerscourt (GB)        Touch Gold                           DANCING MIRAGE (SPR), yrlg by         DARK CHAMPAGNE (SPR), 2yo by El          Antonius Pius                        DEEP IN MY HEART, 2yo by Big             County
  (IRE)                                DAKKARI (SPR), yrlg by Dehere         DANCE ON DESTINY (SPR), 2yo by           Afleet Alex                           Corredor                             DAY JEWELS, 2yo by Lit de Justice        Country, yrlg by Lemon Drop Kid      DEN MEETING, yrlg by Souvenir Copy
CUDDLESKIN, yrlg by Western            DAKOTA LIGHT, 2yo by                    Storm Day                            DANCING NATURALLY (SPR), wnlg by      DARK EYED LADY (IRE) (SPR), wnlg       DAYJUR'S DEELITES, 2yo by Alex's       DEEP IN THE WOODS, yrlg by Lemon       D'ENOUGH (SPR), yrlg by Forest
  Outlaw                                 Songandaprayer                      DANCE ON THE GREEN (SPR), yrlg           Silver Train                          by Iceman (GB)                         Pal                                    Drop Kid                               Danger, 2yo by Forestry
CUDDLEY, yrlg by Mr. Greeley           DAKOTA RUBY, yrlg by Seneca Jones       by Formal Dinner, 2yo by Smarty      DANCINGONTHEWATER, yrlg by One        DARK INDIAN (IRE) (SPR), wnlg by Val   DAYLA, yrlg by Leroidesanimaux         DEEPLY SMITTEN, yrlg by Prime          DEPELCHIN, yrlg by Indian Charlie
CUKEE, yrlg by Consolidator, 2yo by    DALAAUNA (GB), yrlg by Dr Fong          Jones                                  Way Love                              Royal (FR)                             (BRZ)                                  Timber                               DEPUTY, yrlg by Posse, 2yo by
  Kafwain                              DALAL (GB), yrlg by Chineur (FR)      DANCE PARADE, yrlg by Danehill         DANCING RHYTHM, yrlg by Roman         DARK JEWEL (SPR), yrlg by Cherokee     DAYLIGHT COME (SPR), 2yo by            DEEP RAVINE, yrlg by Royal Applause      Yonaguska
CULLBERG BALLET (IRE), yrlg by         DALANNDA (IRE), yrlg by Tiger Hill      Dancer (IRE)                           Ruler                                 Run                                    Alphabet Soup                          (GB)                                 DEPUTY BELLE, yrlg by Cahill Road
  Pulpit                                 (IRE)                               DANCER'S PROSPECT, yrlg by             DANCING STEPS (GB), yrlg by           DARK RHYTHM, yrlg by Action This       DAYLIGHT DREAMS (GB), wnlg by          DEEP SOUTH, 2yo by Stormy Atlantic,    DEPUTY CURES BLUES, yrlg by
CULTURAL ROLE (GB), yrlg by            DALIA DOLLY, yrlg by Posse              Grindstone                             Redback (GB)                          Day, wnlg by Bandini                   Storming Home (GB)                                                            Roman Ruler
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          yrlg by Tapit
  Avonbridge (GB), wnlg by Trade       DAMAGE, yrlg by Pioneering            DANCE SEQUENCE (SPR), wnlg by          DANCING TEMPEST, 2yo by Officer,      DARK ROSALEEN (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by     DAY PLANNER, yrlg by Max's Pal         DEER CHASE (SPR), yrlg by Dance        DEPUTY DEAR (SPR), yrlg by Broken
  Fair (GB)                            DAME AGAIN (AUS), wnlg by               Iceman (GB), yrlg by Kyllachy (GB)     yrlg by Tapit                         Marju (IRE)                          DAY'S SUNSET, yrlg by Maria's Mon        With Ravens                            Vow
                                         Ghostzapper, yrlg by Giant's
CULTURED PEARL (IRE) (SPR), yrlg                                             DANCE SLIGHTLY, wnlg by Artie          DANCINGTIDE, 2yo by Trippi            DARKSIDE, yrlg by Toccet               DAY STAR (GB), yrlg by Kyllachy (GB)   DEERUSSA (IRE), yrlg by Clodovil       DEPUTY DEMANDER, yrlg by Value
  by King's Best                                                               Schiller                             DANCING WATER, yrlg by Roman          DARLEY DANCER (SPR), yrlg by           DAYTIME DRAMA, wnlg by Mingun            (IRE)                                  Plus
                                       DAME ALICIA (IRE), yrlg by
CUORE DI ALIANTE (GB), yrlg by                                               DANCE SOLO (GB), yrlg by Lando           Ruler                                 Candy Ride (ARG)                     DAYVILLE (SPR), yrlg by                DEER VALLEY GIRL, yrlg by Yankee       DEPUTY DREAMER, yrlg by Mobil
                                         Footstepsinthesand (GB)
  Footstepsinthesand (GB)                                                      (GER)                                DANCIN KRIS (SPR), 2yo by Trippi      DARLIN (SPR), yrlg by Rock Hard Ten      Footstepsinthesand (GB)                Gentleman                            DEPUTY MAIDEN, yrlg by
                                       DAME AVIE (SPR), yrlg by Holy Bull
CUP AND A HALF, 2yo by Benchmark                                             DANCE SPECIAL, yrlg by Gone West       DANDY ANDY, yrlg by Old Topper        DARLIN ECHO (SPR), yrlg by Macho       DAZZLE CAT, yrlg by Tizbud             DEE'S JUSTICE, yrlg by Alphabet          Speightstown
                                       DAME BLANCHE (IRE), yrlg by
CUPASOUP, yrlg by Lido Palace (CHI)                                          DANCE STAR, 2yo by Golden Missile,     DANDY LASS, yrlg by Red's Honor         Uno                                  DAZZLE TRICK, yrlg by Ten Most           Soup                                 DEPUTY ROSE, yrlg by Unbridled's
                                         Oratorio (IRE)
CUPID'S COMET, yrlg by Dehere                                                  yrlg by Milwaukee Brew               DANDY POSITION, yrlg by Mass          DARLING (GB), yrlg by Sadler's Wells     Wanted                               DEE'S LOVE, yrlg by Vying Victor         Song
                                       DAME D'LOC, 2yo by Aldebaran
CUPIDY DOLL (SPR), yrlg by Midnight                                          DANCE STEPPE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by         Market                              DARLING BEE, yrlg by Pioneering        DAZZLING CONTRAST, 2yo by              DEEVEEDEE, 2yo by Spanish Steps,       DEPUTY SARAH, wnlg by Smoke
                                       DAME GEORGETTE (SPR), 2yo by
  Royalty                                                                      Red Ransom                           DANDY'S SUNSHINE (SPR), yrlg by       DARLING CLEMENTINE (GB), yrlg by         Medaglia d'Oro, yrlg by Roman          yrlg by Spanish Steps                  Glacken
CUP OF CHEERS (SPR), yrlg by                                                 DANCES WITH QUACK (SPR), yrlg by         Leestown                              Captain Rio (GB)                       Ruler                                DEFENSIVE BOAST (SPR), wnlg by         DEPUTY'S DELIGHT (SPR), 2yo by
                                       DAME'S ROCKET (SPR), 2yo by
  Outofthebox                                                                  Dance With Ravens                    DANE DANCING (IRE), 2yo by            DARLING DANA, yrlg by Bowman's         DAZZLING CRYPTO, 2yo by Gilded           Not For Love                           Trust N Luck
CURIOUS (SPR), yrlg by Pure Prize                                            DANCE TO DAWN, wnlg by Tale of the       Intikhab                              Band                                   Time                                 DEFER WEST (SPR), yrlg by              DEPUTY'S HONEY, yrlg by Pollard's
                                       DAMEWOOD (SPR), yrlg by Lion
CURRANE, yrlg by Dixie Union                                                   Cat                                  DANEHILL'S DREAM (IRE), wnlg by       DARLING DEPUTY, yrlg by Richter        DAZZLING DANCER, yrlg by Purge           Ghostzapper                            Vision
CURRIED CASEY, yrlg by                                                       DANCE TROUPE (GB), yrlg by               Hurricane Run (IRE)                   Scale                                DAZZLING DEELITE, yrlg by Tiger        DEFINING (SPR), yrlg by Perfect Soul   DERDNIK (SPR), yrlg by Ford Every
                                       DAMI, yrlg by Maria's Mon
  Petersburg                                                                   Azamour (IRE)                        DANE'S LADY (IRE), yrlg by One Cool   DARLING HARBOUR, wnlg by Beat            Ridge                                  (IRE)                                  Stream
                                       DAMSEL (GB), yrlg by Motivator (GB)
CUSTOM MADE, yrlg by Cat Thief         DAMSON (IRE), yrlg by Giant's         DANCE UP STREAM (SPR), yrlg by           Cat                                   Hollow (GB)                          DAZZLING DIVA, yrlg by Mr. Light       DEFINING STYLE, yrlg by Eurosilver     DERRIANNE, 2yo by Pulpit, yrlg by
CUT A WAGER, yrlg by Pollard's           Causeway                              Hook and Ladder                      DANE'S LANE (IRE) (SPR), 2yo by       DARLING JEB, yrlg by Black Mambo         (ARG), wnlg by Wiseman's Ferry       DEGANNWY (SPR), 2yo by Medicean          Smart Strike
  Vision                               DANASKAYA (IRE), yrlg by Montjeu      DANCEWITHADOLLY, yrlg by Burning         Invincible Spirit (IRE)             DARLING KATEY, wnlg by Empire          DAZZLING DIXIE (SPR), yrlg by            (GB)                                 DERRYNANE, 2yo by Trippi
CUTELILBLONDECHICK, yrlg by Arch         (IRE)                                 Roma                                 DANETIME OUT (IRE), wnlg by             Maker                                  Cutlass Fax                          DEHERE OF THE DOG, 2yo by Mr.          DESCANT, yrlg by Rakti (GB)
CUTE N NOBLE, yrlg by Orientate        DANA'S LUCKY LADY, yrlg by Pico       DANCEWITHAVIXEN (SPR), yrlg by           Majestic Missile (IRE)              DARLING MY DARLING, yrlg by Sky        DAZZLING PARK (IRE), yrlg by             Greeley, yrlg by Tale of the Cat     DESCAPATE, yrlg by Giant's
CUTIE LUTTIE (SPR), yrlg by Storm        Central (BRZ)                         Deputy Commander                     DANGEROUS DIVA (IRE), yrlg by           Mesa                                   Azamour (IRE)                        DE ICE, yrlg by Kitten's Joy             Causeway, 2yo by Storm Cat
  Day                                  DANCAPADE (SPR), yrlg by              DANCE WITH CARSON (SPR), yrlg by         Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)             DARLING SMILE (IRE), yrlg by           DAZZLING SILVER, yrlg by Van           DEJEUNER, yrlg by In Excess (IRE)      DESCRIPTIVE (IRE), wnlg by Iceman
CUTLASS MISS, yrlg by Read the           Yonaguska                             Vicar                                DANGEROUSLY CLOSE, yrlg by              Whipper                                Nistelrooy                           DELAGE (GB) (SPR), 2yo by Invincible     (GB), yrlg by Xaar (GB)
  Footnotes                            DANCE ACCOUNT, yrlg by Black Tie      DANCE WITH ESSENCE, yrlg by A. P.        Bowman's Band                       DARLING SOLA (SPR), 2yo by Macho       DEACONESS BONNIE, yrlg by                Spirit (IRE)                         DESERT BLOOM, wnlg by Bandini
CUTLASS PRINCESS (SPR), 2yo by           Affair (IRE), 2yo by Greatness        Delta                                DANGEROUS THING, wnlg by                Uno                                    Orientate                            DELAUNCY (GB) (SPR), yrlg by           DESERT BLUES (IRE), 2yo by Choisir
  Mark of Esteem (IRE)                 DANCE A DREAM (GB) (SPR), wnlg        DANCE WITH FRANCES, 2yo by               Finance the Cat                     DARMAGI (IRE), yrlg by Royal           DEAD AIM, yrlg by Quiet American         Montjeu (IRE)                          (AUS)
CUTPURSE MOLL (GB) (SPR), yrlg by        by Kingsalsa                          Afternoon Deelites                   DANG IT, yrlg by In Excessive Bull      Applause (GB)                        DEAD ENDER (SPR), yrlg by Snuck In     DEL CARMEN, yrlg by Foxtrail           DESERT BRIDE, 2yo by Clodovil (IRE)
  Fantastic Light                      DANCE AWAY (GB), wnlg by              DANCE WITH JEAN (SPR), yrlg by         DANIELLE'S JEWEL (SPR), yrlg by E     DARNED IF YOU DONT, yrlg by Ecton      DEADLY BUZZ (IRE), yrlg by Galileo     DELIA, yrlg by Refuse To Bend (IRE)    DESERT DEED, wnlg by North Light
CUT SHORT, yrlg by Elusive Quality       Medicean (GB), yrlg by Where Or       Essence of Dubai                       Dubai                                 Park                                   (IRE)                                DELICATE VINE (SPR), yrlg by             (IRE)
CUT TO COMMERCIAL, yrlg by               When (IRE)                          DANCEWITHTHEBRIDE, 2yo by              DANIELLI (IRE), yrlg by Soviet Star   DARN THAT MARDELL, yrlg by             DEAL DIRECT, 2yo by Freespool, yrlg      Honour and Glory                     DESERT DESIGN (GB), yrlg by
  Kafwain                              DANCEAWAY DIXIE, yrlg by Shrubs         Pleasantly Perfect, yrlg by Sky      DANI RIDGE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by         Western Pride                          by Freespool                         DELICIAS BLUES, wnlg by Medallist        Redback (GB)
CUZ I SAID SO, yrlg by Medallist       DANCE AWHILE (SPR), yrlg by Afleet      Mesa                                   Acclamation (GB)                    DARRIEN, yrlg by Repent                DEAL US IN, yrlg by Sunday Break       DELICIEUSE LADY (GB) (SPR), yrlg by    DESERT DREAM, yrlg by
CYBER CAT (SPR), yrlg by Mineshaft       Alex                                DANCEY KATE (SPR), 2yo by              DANKEE, yrlg by Max's Pal             DARSHAY (FR) (SPR), wnlg by              (JPN)                                  Montjeu (IRE)                          Eavesdropper
CYBERSIMON, yrlg by Scatmandu          DANCE DANCE DANCE (IRE), yrlg by        Pleasantly Perfect                   DANSE CLASSIQUE (IRE), yrlg by          Tobougg (IRE), yrlg by Trade Fair    DEAL WITH HER (SPR), yrlg by           DELIGHTED (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by         DESERT FLOWER (GB), wnlg by
CYBINKA (GB), yrlg by Dubai                                                  DANCINANDSINGIN, yrlg by El Prado        Dansili (GB)                          (GB)                                   Leestown                               Elusive Quality                        Bahamian Bounty (GB)

16           THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                            THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                   17
Dams                                                                             (IRE)
                                                                               DIDDYMU (IRE), yrlg by Zafeen (FR)
                                                                                                                       DISTINCTIVE FLAG, yrlg by Friends
                                                                                                                                                               DIXITY DO DAH (SPR), wnlg by
                                                                                                                                                                 Unbridled Energy
                                                                                                                                                                                                       DON'T TELL ASHLIE, yrlg by Afleet
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             DOWN PRETTY HIGH (SPR), 2yo by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     DUBAI VISIT, yrlg by Pulpit
                                                                               DIEVOTCHKINA (IRE), 2yo by Kheleyf      DISTINCTIVELY BLUE (SPR), 2yo by        DIZZY, yrlg by Werblin                  DON'T TELL BESS, yrlg by R. Cooper      Action This Day                       DUBIOUS (GB), yrlg by Rock of
DESERT FROLIC (IRE) (SPR), wnlg by      DEVIL'S NELL (SPR), 2yo by Victory     DIFFERENT STORY, 2yo by                   Northern Afleet                       D LAN LADY, yrlg by Taste of Paradise   DONTYOUJUSTLOVEIT, yrlg by Full       DOWN SOUTH TRICKIN, yrlg by City          Gibraltar (IRE)
  Shamardal                               Gallop                                 Acclamation (GB), yrlg by Grand       DISTINCTIVE MISS, yrlg by Gold          D ME N MORE, yrlg by Kafwain             Mandate                                Place                                 DUCHCOV (GB), wnlg by Librettist
DESERT GLOW (IRE), yrlg by Brahms       DEVILS ORCHESTRA, yrlg by Kela           Reward, wnlg by Orientate               Token, 2yo by Thunderello             D' MONSTER (SPR), 2yo by Forest         DOOHULLA, yrlg by Selkirk             DOWNSTREAM BLUES, wnlg by Holy          DUCHESS KISS (SPR), 2yo by Silver
DESERT GOLD (IRE), wnlg by              DEVIL'S QUEST, yrlg by Dehere          DIFFICULT (SPR), wnlg by Suave, 2yo     DISTINCTLY BLU (IRE), yrlg by             Camp                                  DOONESBURY LASSIE, yrlg by B.           Bull                                    Deputy
  Acclamation (GB)                      DEVIL'S QUID, yrlg by One Way Love       by Tapit                                Firebreak (GB)                        DOASYOUARETOLD (SPR), yrlg by            G.'s Drone                           DO YA WANNAGO, 2yo by Cashel            DUCHESS MAGGIE, wnlg by
DESERT GROUSE, yrlg by Cape             DEVILS RIVER, yrlg by Chapel Royal     DIGAMIST GIRL (IRE), yrlg by Intikhab   DISTINGUISH FORUM, yrlg by                Performing Magic                      DOO WOP, yrlg by Dixie Union            Castle, yrlg by Cashel Castle           Consolidator
  Cross (IRE)                           DEVIL'S ROAD, 2yo by Castle Arms       DIGIT (SPR), 2yo by Forestry              Stormy Atlantic                       DOC'S HONEY, 2yo by Graeme Hall,        DOPPIO ESPRESSO (SPR), yrlg by        DOYENNE (SPR), yrlg by Ecton Park       DUCHESS OF ACK (SPR), yrlg by
DESERT JO (SPR), yrlg by Benchmark      DEVIL'S SWAP (SPR), yrlg by Salt       DIGNIFIED WOMAN (SPR), 2yo by           DISTORTED BLAZE (SPR), yrlg by            yrlg by Trippi                         Pulpit                               DO YOU REALIZE, yrlg by Closing           Powerscourt (GB)
DESERT LYNX (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by          Lake                                   Montbrook                               Buddha                                DOCTOR DANIELLE (SPR), yrlg by          DORAN'S MIRACLE, yrlg by Grand          Argument                              DUCKMORE BAY (IRE), yrlg by
  Dubai Destination                     DEVIL'S TERRITORY, 2yo by Posse        DI GRAZIA GIRL, yrlg by Posse           DITCH THE BRIDE (SPR), 2yo by             Indian Charlie                         Reward                               DOYOURTHING (SPR), yrlg by A. P           Clodovil (IRE)
DESERT NOVA, yrlg by Wildcat Heir       DEVIL'S WALTZ (SPR), 2yo by Hook       DIJITAL POWER (GB), wnlg by               Formal Dinner                         DOCTOR DIANE, wnlg by Hook and          DORA'S FAVORITE, 2yo by Harlan's        Jet                                   DUCK OVER (GB) (SPR), yrlg by
DESERT ORCHID (SPR), yrlg by Purge        and Ladder                             Librettist                            DITHER (SPR), yrlg by Speightstown        Ladder                                 Holiday, yrlg by Include             DRAGONADA (SPR), yrlg by                  Verglas (IRE)
DESERT RADIANCE (SPR), wnlg by          DEVINE, yrlg by Tale of the Cat        DIJON, yrlg by Speightstown             DITTANY, yrlg by Defrere                DOCTORESSA, yrlg by Cherokee            DOREI (SPR), yrlg by Yonaguska          Aldebaran, 2yo by Smarty Jones        DUCK TRAP, 2yo by Jump Start
  Aragorn (IRE), yrlg by Offlee Wild    DEVINE DECADENCE, yrlg by Bold         DILIGENTLY SEEKING (SPR), 2yo by        DIVA DIOR, 2yo by Lido Palace (CHI)       Run                                   DOROTHY ANN, yrlg by Langfuhr         DRAGON FLYER (IRE), yrlg by             DUCKTRAP HARBOR, 2yo by
DESERT ROYALTY (IRE), yrlg by             Executive                              Kafwain                               DIVA GIRL, yrlg by Not For Love         DR. P., yrlg by Woke Up Dreamin         DOROTHY'S WAGER, 2yo by Alke            Mujahid                                 Northern Afleet
  Dansili (GB)                          DEVINE DINING, yrlg by Rossini         DILLYDALYDEED, yrlg by Out of the       DIVERSA, yrlg by Thunder Gulch          DR. REDOUBTABLE, 2yo by Medaglia        DOT C C, yrlg by Indian Charlie       DRAGON'S WHISPER, 2yo by                DUE IN SEATTLE, yrlg by Unbridled
DESERT STORMETTE (SPR), yrlg by         DEVINE DOVE, yrlg by Prince of the       Crisis                                DIVERSIFY, wnlg by Kafwain                d'Oro                                 DOT COM DOT (GB), yrlg by Act One       Favorite Trick                          Time
  Elusive Quality                         Mt.                                  DIMANCHE (IRE), yrlg by War Chant       DIVIDED WE FALL (SPR), yrlg by          DOCTRINE (GB), yrlg by Namid (GB)        (GB)                                 DRAMA'S WAY (SPR), 2yo by               DUELLING (GB), yrlg by Dr Fong
DESERT VIEW (GB), yrlg by Saint         DEVINE LAUGHTER, yrlg by               DIME ACROSS, wnlg by Whywhywhy            Smoke Glacken                         DODIE MAE (SPR), yrlg by Gone West      DOT DOT DASH (SPR), yrlg by Street      Unbridled Time, yrlg by Wildcat       DUEL TO THE END, 2yo by Toccet
  Liam                                    Vindication                          DIME QUEEN (SPR), wnlg by               DIVINA MIA (SPR), yrlg by Dubawi        DOENEY LOVE YOU, yrlg by Golden          Cry (IRE)                              Heir                                  DUENA (GB), yrlg by Mark of Esteem
DESIGN APPEAL, 2yo by                   DEVIN'S ABBEY, 2yo by Put It Back        Cherokee Run, yrlg by Orientate         (IRE)                                   Slew                                  DO THE DIXIE, yrlg by Wheelaway       DRAMATICAL (SPR), yrlg by Afleet          (IRE)
  Songandaprayer                        DEVOTED (SPR), yrlg by Chapel Royal    DIMONDONARINGOGOLD (IRE), yrlg          DIVINE CLASS, yrlg by Where's the       DOLLY BLUE (IRE), yrlg by Captain       DO THE HONOURS (IRE), 2yo by            Alex                                  DUE NATION, yrlg by Say Florida
DESIGN PERFECTION, yrlg by Nayef        DEVOTED DANZIG, wnlg by Straight         by Verglas (IRE)                        Ring                                    Rio (GB)                               Seeking the Gold                     DRAMATIC JOY, yrlg by Limehouse           Sandy
DESIGN QUEEN, yrlg by Kafwain             Man                                  DIM OTS (GB), 2yo by Kyllachy (GB)      DIVINE DIVA (SPR), yrlg by              DOLLY BY GOLLY, yrlg by Eurosilver      DO THE MAMBO (SPR), 2yo by            DRAWING A BLANK, wnlg by Officer        DUESCALS, yrlg by Strong Hope
DESIRAES MY CANDY, yrlg by              DEWANS ADVOCATE (SPR), yrlg by         DINACH, 2yo by Soto                       Limehouse, 2yo by Proud Citizen       DOLLYSISTER (FR) (SPR), yrlg by          Pleasantly Perfect                   DRAX HALL, yrlg by Sky Mesa             DUET, yrlg by Dixie Union
  Speightstown                            Kafwain                              DINA MARIE, yrlg by Werblin             DIVINE GRACE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by         Verglas (IRE)                         DO THE TANGO, yrlg by Van             DRAXHALL JUMP, yrlg by Kitten's Joy     DUE TO SHINE, yrlg by French Envoy
DESIRAY, yrlg by Broken Vow, 2yo by     DEWEY'S WAY, 2yo by Eavesdropper,      DINDI, yrlg by Stormy Atlantic            Hawk Wing, wnlg by Oratorio (IRE)     DOLPHEEN, yrlg by Ten Most Wanted        Nistelrooy                           DREAMA, yrlg by Lightnin N Thunder      DUE WEST (GB), yrlg by Trade Fair
  Officer                                 yrlg by Wheelaway                    DINER DE LUNE (IRE), yrlg by            DIVINE LINE (SPR), 2yo by Golden        DOLYDILLE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by          DOTSIE'S DOLL, yrlg by Kafwain        DREAM AFFAIR, yrlg by Milwaukee           (GB)
DESIREUX (SPR), yrlg by Orientate       DIABAIG, yrlg by Mark of Esteem          Lomitas (GB), wnlg by Shirocco          Missile                                 Galileo (IRE)                         DOTTED LINE, yrlg by Closing            Brew                                  DUFFEL, wnlg by Domestic Dispute
DE SISTER, yrlg by Tomahawk               (IRE)                                  (GER)                                 DIVINE ROCKETTE, yrlg by Graeme         DOMASCA DUCHESS, yrlg by                 Argument                             DREAM AGAIN (GB), wnlg by Where         DUKE'S ENYA, wnlg by Cherokee's
DESNUDA, yrlg by Consolidator           DIABLO CREEK, yrlg by Capsized         DINGALING (SPR), yrlg by Grand            Hall                                    Trajectory                            DOUBLE ARTEMIS (SPR), yrlg by St        Or When (IRE)                           Boy, yrlg by Purple Passion
DESPERATE LADY, yrlg by Smoke           DIABLO'S BLEND (SPR), yrlg by            Reward                                DIVINE SECRET (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Dr    DOMASCARAMA (SPR), 2yo by Bold           Averil                               DREAMAWHILE (SPR), yrlg by              DULCET, yrlg by Dehere, 2yo by Two
  Glacken, wnlg by Smoke Glacken          Dehere                               DINGHY (SPR), yrlg by Trippi              Fong                                    Executive                             DOUBLE BLING, 2yo by Trippi             Singspiel (IRE)                         Punch
DESPOT, 2yo by Lost Soldier, yrlg by    DIABLO'S CARVEATE, yrlg by Island      DINNER ATTHE STEER, yrlg by             DIVOT DOLL, yrlg by Honour and          DOMENICA'S DREAM, wnlg by Royal         DOUBLE BOARDED (SPR), 2yo by          DREAMBRIDE, yrlg by Johannesburg        DUMAS, yrlg by Action This Day
  Tapit                                   Storm                                  Western Fame                            Glory                                   Academy                                Harlan's Holiday, yrlg by Southern   DREAM CITY, 2yo by Posse                DUNCAN'S DANCER, yrlg by Ide
DESTINATION (SPR), yrlg by Gone         DIABLO'S MADAM, 2yo by Drewman         DINNER DATE, 2yo by Ironman             DIXIANA SKY, yrlg by Zavata             DOMINANT DANCER (GB), 2yo by El          Image                                DREAM DAY, yrlg by Valid Wager          DUNDEL (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Indian
  West                                  DIABLO'S MUSIC, yrlg by Prime            Dehere                                DIXIE CARD (SPR), yrlg by Mr.             Corredor                              DOUBLE CUPCAKE, 2yo by Graeme         DREAM DREAM DREAM, yrlg by                Ridge (IRE)
DESTINATION MIR (SPR), yrlg by El         Timber                               DINNER GHOST, yrlg by Burning             Greeley                               DOMINATING, yrlg by City Zip, wnlg       Hall                                   Posse                                 DUNDRUMMIN', yrlg by Forestry
  Corredor                              DIABLO'S PEACE, yrlg by Touch            Roma                                  DIXIECHICKADEE (SPR), yrlg by             by Dehere                             DOUBLE DEPUTY, yrlg by Gators N       DREAM GABLE, yrlg by Lost Soldier       DURABLE SILVER, wnlg by Holy Bull
DESTINED (SPR), yrlg by                   Gold                                 DINNER PARTY, yrlg by Trust N Luck        Monarchos                             DOMINATING VISTA (GB), yrlg by One       Bears                                DREAM GENIE (GB), wnlg by Aussie        DURANTS, yrlg by Northern Afleet
  Songandaprayer                        DIABLO'S SECRET, 2yo by Intidab        DINNER TICKET, yrlg by Gotham City      DIXIE CHIMES (SPR), yrlg by               Cool Cat                              DOUBLE DEVILS FOOD, 2yo by              Rules, 2yo by One Cool Cat            DUST (GB), yrlg by Pastoral Pursuits
DESTINY AWAITS (SPR), 2yo by            DIAKI, yrlg by Came Home               DINNER WITH KRISTI, yrlg by Snuck         Mineshaft                             DOMINICA (GB), wnlg by Cadeaux           Stormy Atlantic                      DREAMINGATDAYBREAK, yrlg by               (GB)
  Kafwain                               DIAL A SONG, 2yo by Congaree,            In                                    DIXIE DAZZLE, yrlg by Mingun              Genereux (GB)                         DOUBLE DIDGIT BABY, yrlg by Vicar       Successful Appeal                     DUST FLICKER (GB) (SPR), wnlg by
DESTINY DANCE (SPR), yrlg by              wnlg by El Prado (IRE)               DIN'S DIVA, 2yo by French Envoy         DIXIE DELIGHT, yrlg by Broken Vow       DOMINION ROSE (SPR), yrlg by            DOUBLE DOUBLEVILLE, wnlg by           DREAMING WATERS (GB), yrlg by             Diamond Green (FR)
  Noverre                               DIAL FOR MISSY, 2yo by Rainmaker       DIORAMA, wnlg by Bellamy Road           DIXIE DEVILLE (SPR), yrlg by Storm        Fantastic Light                        Value Plus                             One Cool Cat                          DUSTI'S TUNE, yrlg by Forest Camp,
DESTINY NOW (SPR), yrlg by Wildcat      DIALI (SPR), wnlg by Danehill Dancer   DIPPERS, 2yo by Johar, yrlg by            Passage                               DOMINIQUE'S LASS (SPR), yrlg by         DOUBLE ENCOUNTER (SPR), 2yo by        DREAM MARY (SPR), yrlg by High            2yo by Tale of the Cat
  Heir                                    (IRE), yrlg by Sadler's Wells          Theatrical (IRE)                      DIXIE DIGGER, yrlg by Erlton              Unforgettable Max                      Gimmeawink                             Brite                                 DUSTY ANSWER (GB) (SPR), yrlg by
DESVIACION (SPR), yrlg by Fusaichi      DIAMETER, yrlg by Buddha, wnlg by      DIPTEROUS (IRE), yrlg by Oratorio       DIXIE DOS, yrlg by Wild and Wicked      DONA GOYITA (CHI), 2yo by               DOUBLE FACED, yrlg by The Cliff's     DREAM OUT LOUD, yrlg by Gone              Red Ransom
  Pegasus                                 Forest Danger                          (IRE)                                 DIXIE DRIVE, yrlg by Mingun               Benchmark                              Edge                                   West                                  DUSTY RAVI, yrlg by Southern Image
DETECT (SPR), yrlg by Roman Ruler       DIAMOND BRACELET, yrlg by              DIRECT ATTACK, yrlg by Jaunatxo         DIXIE DUCHESS, yrlg by Tiger Trap       DONATION (SPR), yrlg by Smarty          DOUBLE FLYIGHT (SPR), wnlg by         DREAM PRINCESS, yrlg by                 DUSTY SPARKLE, yrlg by Omega
DEUX AMOURS (SPR), yrlg by Peace          Dixieland Band
                                                                               DIRTY HARRYETTE, 2yo by During          DIXIE FAVOR (SPR), yrlg by Fantastic      Jones                                  Chapel Royal, yrlg by Outofthebox      Outofthebox                             Code
                                        DIAMOND CRAZY (SPR), yrlg by
  Rules, 2yo by Unbridled Time                                                 DIRTY RUSH, wnlg by Tiznow                Light                                 DON CAT, 2yo by Forest Camp             DOUBLE GAMBLE (GB), yrlg by           DREAM PROFIT, yrlg by Hennessy,         DUTCHESS DEAR, yrlg by Honour
                                          Woke Up Dreamin
DEUX ANES (GB) (SPR), yrlg by                                                  DISAPPEAR, 2yo by With Approval         DIXIE FELINE, yrlg by Flatter           DONNA HAJJI, yrlg by Richly Blended      Desert Style (IRE)                     wnlg by Hennessy                        and Glory
                                        DIAMOND DERBY, yrlg by Dome
  Royal Academy                                                                DISARRAY, wnlg by Silver Train          DIXIE FLAG, yrlg by Not For Love,       DONNAREE, yrlg by Honour and Glory      DOUBLE JEOPARDY, yrlg by Saint        DREAMS (SPR), yrlg by El Prado          DUTCH MAID, yrlg by Friends Lake
                                        DIAMONDINTHESAND, wnlg by
DEUXIEME (IRE), 2yo by Galileo (IRE)                                           DISCO DARLIN', yrlg by Holy Bull          2yo by Pulpit                         DONNA'S DAY, yrlg by Mass Market         Liam                                   (IRE), yrlg by Refuse To Bend (IRE)   DUTY DANCE (SPR), yrlg by Came
DEVANT, yrlg by City Zip                                                       DISCO LADY, yrlg by Eurosilver          DIXIEGRACE, yrlg by Grand Slam          DONNA'S DEAL, yrlg by Daring Bid        DOUBLE OVERTIME (SPR), yrlg by        DREAMSCAT, 2yo by Wiseman's Ferry         Home
                                        DIAMOND KITTY, yrlg by Teton Forest
DEVELOPING STORM, yrlg by                                                      DISCO MILLIE (SPR), wnlg by Great       DIXIE HOLIDAY (SPR), yrlg by Afleet     DONNA VITA (GB), yrlg by Kyllachy        Royal Albert Hall                    DREAM SCHEME, yrlg by Mineshaft         D' WILMA (SPR), yrlg by Gold Tribute
                                        DIAMOND RIVER, yrlg by Shrubs
  Unbridled's Image                                                              Notion, yrlg by Woke Up Dreamin         Alex                                    (GB)                                  DOUBLE SCHOTT, 2yo by Horse           DREAM STORM, yrlg by Full Mandate       DYNABID, yrlg by Dance With Ravens
                                        DIAMOND RUBY, 2yo by Officer
DEVIL DANCING, yrlg by Salt Lake                                               DISCOVERED SECRET (SPR), 2yo by         DIXIE IMAGE, 2yo by Rossini             DONNELLY'S HOLLOW (IRE), wnlg by         Chestnut (SAF)                       DREAM VISION, wnlg by Oratorio          DYNADANCER, yrlg by Pollard's
                                        DIAMONDSANDRUBYS (SPR), 2yo by
DEVILETTA (SPR), yrlg by Macho Uno,                                              Northern Afleet                       DIXIE JEWEL, yrlg by More Than            Invincible Spirit (IRE)               DOUBLE SCOOP, yrlg by Afleet Alex       (IRE)                                   Vision
                                          Dream Run
  2yo by Red Bullet                                                            DISCOVER SILVER, yrlg by Roaring          Ready                                 DONNYBROOK LASS, yrlg by Where's        DOUBLESHOT OF GOLD, yrlg by           DREAMY DREAM, 2yo by Repent             DYNA DEL, yrlg by Thunder Gulch
                                        DIAMONDS FOR LIL, yrlg by Gone
DEVILISH AMOUR, yrlg by Saarland                                                 Fever, wnlg by Tomorrows Cat          DIXIELAKE (IRE), yrlg by Montjeu          the Ring                               Action This Day                      DREAMY MEETING, wnlg by Cat             DYNA FLYER, yrlg by Rock of
DEVILISH DELIGHT, yrlg by Finality                                             DISCREET BRIEF (IRE), yrlg by             (IRE)                                 DO NOT FORSAKE ME, yrlg by              DOUBLE'S LASS (SPR), yrlg by Proud      Dreams                                  Gibraltar (IRE)
                                        DIAMONDSIFYOUDO, yrlg by Victory
DEVILISH DEVA (SPR), yrlg by                                                     Montjeu (IRE)                         DIXIELAND DANCER (SPR), 2yo by            Proud Accolade                         Citizen                              DREAMY MIMI, yrlg by Medaglia           DYNA GIRL, yrlg by City Place
  Decarchy                                                                     DISCREET CRIS, yrlg by Snow Ridge         Olmodavor                             DO NOT PANIC, yrlg by Deputy            DOUBLE SUNRISE (SPR), 2yo by            d'Oro                                 DYNAKITTEN, yrlg by Holy Bull
                                        DIAMONDS INCLUDED, wnlg by
DEVILISH DORIS, 2yo by                    Strong Contender                     DI'S DELIGHT, yrlg by Rock Hard Ten     DIXIELAND EVENT, yrlg by Indian           Commander                              Unbridled's Song                     DREIZEHN, yrlg by Include               DYNAMIA, yrlg by Johar
  Eavesdropper, yrlg by Surachai        DIAMOND SKY, yrlg by Equality          DISPERSE A STAR, 2yo by Exchange          Ocean, 2yo by Stormy Atlantic         DON'S DONNA (SPR), yrlg by Tribunal     DOUBLETHEPLEASURE, yrlg by            DRESS CODE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by         DYNAMIC BROAD (SPR), yrlg by
DEVILISH GIFT, yrlg by Meadow           DIAMONDSNEMERALDS, yrlg by Lost          Rate                                  DIXIELAND GULCH, yrlg by Halo's         DON'T ANSWER THAT, wnlg by               Cherokee Run                           Hawk Wing                               Gilded Time
  Prayer                                  Soldier                              DISPUTE, yrlg by Tiznow                   Image                                   Bellamy Road, yrlg by Pollard's       DOUBLE VALLEY, 2yo by Mojave          DRESSED FOR ACTION, yrlg by             DYNAMIC GIRL, yrlg by Posse
DEVILISH QUEST, yrlg by                 DIAMONDS SPARKLE, 2yo by Najran,       DISRUPT, yrlg by Speightstown           DIXIE LINEDANCER, wnlg by Aragorn         Vision                                 Moon                                   Fusaichi Pegasus, 2yo by Red          DYNAMIC LADY, yrlg by Roman Ruler
  Tannersmyman                            yrlg by Posse                        DISTANT MUSIC (GB), yrlg by               (IRE)                                 DON'T BE FORGETTIN, yrlg by Vicar       DOUBLEYOURPLEASURE (SPR), yrlg          Bullet                                DYNAMIC LOOK, yrlg by Saratoga Six
DEVIL MISS DO, 2yo by Monashee          DIAMONDS TO ME, yrlg by Eurosilver       Tobougg (IRE)                         DIXIE LYNN, yrlg by Compadre            DON'T CARE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by          by Cactus Ridge                      DREXEL MONORAIL, 2yo by                 DYNAMIC REACTION (SPR), yrlg by
  Mountain                              DIAMOND TIARA (SPR), yrlg by           DISTANT ROAR, yrlg by Unbridled's       DIXIE MEDLEY, yrlg by Proud               Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)               DOUBLY DEVIOUS, 2yo by Wiseman's        Distorted Humor, yrlg by Tiznow         Holy Bull
DEVIL'S BANNER (SPR), 2yo by              Successful Appeal                      Song                                    Accolade                              DON'TELLMICHELLE, yrlg by Thunder        Ferry                                DRIFA, yrlg by Medaglia d'Oro           DYNA MIGHT (SPR), wnlg by Roaring
  Lightnin N Thunder, yrlg by Wildcat   DIAMOND WHITE (GB), yrlg by            DISTANT SHORE (IRE) (SPR), 2yo by       DIXIE MELODY (SPR), yrlg by Elusive       Gulch                                 DOUBTLESS, 2yo by Exchange Rate       DRINA (SPR), yrlg by Speightstown         Fever
  Heir                                    Bertolini                              Clodovil (IRE)                          Quality                               DONT FEAR THE HEAT (SPR), yrlg by       DOUGHTY, yrlg by Gulch                DROP A DIME, yrlg by Freespool          DYNAMISM, yrlg by Quiet American
DEVIL'S DIP, yrlg by Jump Start         DIANA HAS MONEY, yrlg by Beautiful     DISTANT VALLEY (GB), 2yo by High        DIXIE QUEST, yrlg by Grand Reward,        Proud Citizen                         DOULA (SPR), wnlg by Galileo (IRE)    DROP IT IN (SPR), yrlg by Finality      DYNAMISTIC, yrlg by Thunder Gulch
DEVIL'S FRIEND, yrlg by Left Banker       Indy                                   Chaparral (IRE)                         wnlg by Lion Heart                    DONTGETINMYWAY, wnlg by                 DOVE CRY (SPR), 2yo by City Zip       DRY LIGHTNING (GB) (SPR), yrlg by       DYNAMITE BLOND (SPR), yrlg by
DEVIL'S HOLD, yrlg by Sunday Break      DIANA'S READY, yrlg by Terrell         DISTINCT BEAUTY (SPR), yrlg by          DIXIE SATIN, yrlg by Purge                Rockport Harbor                       DOVER COURT (SPR), wnlg by              Arakan                                  Posse
  (JPN)                                 DIANE DINAN, yrlg by Trippi              Taste of Paradise                     DIXIE SCHIC, yrlg by Grand Slam         DON'T PAT GINA, yrlg by Mongoose,        Imperialism                          D'S SECRET CODE, yrlg by                DYNAMITE DUCK, yrlg by Sligo Bay
DEVIL'S HOLLOW, 2yo by Pikepass,        DIANE'S BIRTHDAY (SPR), yrlg by        DISTINCT HABIT (SPR), yrlg by           DIXIE SIXES, yrlg by El Corredor          2yo by Skip to the Stone              DOVE WING, wnlg by Successful           Limehouse                               (IRE)
  yrlg by Pikepass                        Congaree                               Congaree, wnlg by Consolidator        DIXIE SUE, 2yo by Chapel Royal, yrlg    DON'T RING ME (SPR), yrlg by             Appeal                               DUAL AGENT (SPR), yrlg by Skimming      DYNAMO HUM, yrlg by The Cliff's
DEVIL'S IMP (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by        DIANNA CAT, yrlg by General Royal      DISTINCTIVE CASH, 2yo by In a Walk        by Purge                                Eurosilver, 2yo by Gilded Time        DOVIE, yrlg by North Light (IRE)      DUAL MONARCHY, 2yo by Tiger               Edge
  Dubai Destination                     DIARSHANA (GER), yrlg by Montjeu       DISTINCTIVE CODE, yrlg by Empire        DIXIE TALENT, yrlg by Mizzen Mast       DON'T RUFFLE ME, yrlg by Ecton          DOWAGER LADY, 2yo by Greatness          Ridge, yrlg by Tiger Ridge            DYNAMOUS, yrlg by Maria's Mon
DEVIL'S MINE, yrlg by Put It Back                                                Maker                                 DIXIE TIME (SPR), wnlg by Intimidator     Park                                  DOWN IN DIXIE, yrlg by Wild and       DUBAI SURPRISE (IRE), yrlg by           DYNA'S DESTINY, wnlg by Distorted

18            THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                 THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                   19
Dams                                                                             ELITE SOCIETY (IRE), yrlg by
                                                                                    Medicean (GB)
                                                                                                                        EMILYNA, yrlg by Malabar Gold
                                                                                                                        EMILY RING, yrlg by Saint Liam
                                                                                                                                                                EN GARDE, yrlg by Danehill Dancer
                                                                                                                                                                                                        ESTATICALLY, yrlg by Gilded Time
                                                                                                                                                                                                        ESTEEMED LADY (IRE), yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Game Plan
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 EVER HOPEFUL, yrlg by Empire
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        EXPLODING TOWER, yrlg by
                                                                                 ELIZABETHAN AGE (FR), yrlg by          EMILY'S ANGEL (SPR), yrlg by            ENGLAND'S ROSE, yrlg by                   Bahamian Bounty (GB)                     Maker                                   Kentucky Lucky
   Humor                                 EDITORS SHAKE, 2yo by El Corredor          Galileo (IRE), wnlg by Motivator      Eurosilver                              Speightstown                          ESTERLINA (IRE) (SPR), wnlg by           EVER IMELDA (SPR), yrlg by City Zip    EXPLOITED WINE, yrlg by Seeking
DYNASHARP, yrlg by Successful            ED'S HOLY COW (SPR), yrlg by               (GB)                                EMINENCE GIFT (GB), wnlg by Ad          ENGLISH LADY, yrlg by Dixieland           Redback (GB)                           EVERYONE'S HONOUR, yrlg by Tapit          Greatness
   Appeal                                  Thunder Gulch                         ELIZA DONNER (SPR), yrlg by Mr.          Valorem                                 Band                                  ESTHER ROSE, yrlg by Dynaformer          EVERYTHING, yrlg by Roman Ruler        EXPLO ROYALE, yrlg by Tejano Run
DYNASTY (SPR), yrlg by Afleet Alex       EDWINA, wnlg by Unbridled Energy           Greeley                             EMMA PEEL (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Red       ENJOY THE DREAM, wnlg by Pure           ESTHERS BALL, yrlg by Margie's           EVIE HONE (IRE), yrlg by Kyllachy      EXPLOSIVE ACTION, 2yo by
DYNASURE, 2yo by Out of Place            EDWINA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by             ELLA ERIA (FR), 2yo by Medaglia          Ransom                                  Prize                                   Wildcat                                  (GB)                                    Tomorrows Cat
DYNATREK (SPR), yrlg by Jump Start         Acclamation (GB)                         d'Oro                               EMMA'S STAR (ITY), 2yo by               ENJOY THE MOMENT, yrlg by               ESTHER'S JOY (SPR), yrlg by              EVIL DEED (SPR), wnlg by Personal      EXPLOSIVE BEAUTY, wnlg by
DYNAWAVE, yrlg by Offlee Wild            EFFECTUAL, yrlg by Forestry             ELLA F., yrlg by Vicar                   Acclamation (GB), yrlg by Le Vie        Roman Ruler                             Pleasant Tap                             First, yrlg by Yonaguska, 2yo by        Forest Danger, yrlg by
DYNELLA, 2yo by Even the Score           EFFERVESCENT (GB), yrlg by              ELLA'S WISH (IRE), yrlg by Doyen         Dei Colori (GB)                       ENLISTED (IRE), yrlg by Choisir (AUS)   ESTO HUNTER, yrlg by Mass Market           Zavata                                  Speightstown
EARFUL, yrlg by Commitisize                Superior Premium (GB)                    (IRE)                               EMMITT FOR SIX (SPR), yrlg by Regal     ENNUHWAY, 2yo by Montbrook              ESTRELLA FUGAS, yrlg by Golden           EVIL EVY, yrlg by Omega Code           EXPLOSIVE GIRL (SPR), yrlg by
EARLY DELIVERY (SPR), yrlg by            EFFIE BLAND, yrlg by Desert Warrior     ELLE, yrlg by North Light (IRE)          Intention                             ENNUI, yrlg by Tiznow                     Gear                                   EVIL EYED CZARINA (SPR), wnlg by          Scottish Halo
   Trajectory                            EGGS BINNEDICT (SPR), yrlg by Dixie     ELLEBANNA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by          EMMY'S LULLABY, yrlg by Western         ENOUGH SAL, 2yo by Gold Legend          ESTRELLA VOLADORAS, yrlg by Holy           Imperialism                          EXPLOSIVE KATE, yrlg by
EARLY EARLY ECHO, 2yo by Richly            Union, 2yo by Lion Heart                 Cadeaux Genereux (GB)                 Fame                                  ENOUGH TOUGH, yrlg by Perfect             Bull                                   EVIL MIND (SPR), 2yo by Repent            Stagecoach
   Blended                               E GOLDEN HONEY (SPR), yrlg by           ELLE EST REVENUE (IRE) (SPR), 2yo      EMOTIONAL OUTBURST (SPR), 2yo             Soul (IRE)                            ESTRICK, 2yo by Seneca Jones             EVIL'S CAUSEWAY, yrlg by Southern      EXPLOSIVE MISS, yrlg by
EARLY MAUD (SPR), yrlg by Behrens          Honour and Glory, wnlg by Touch          by Strong Hope                        by Gone West                          ENRAPTURE, yrlg by Kyllachy (GB)        ETAAQ (IRE), yrlg by Rock of Gibraltar     Image                                   Consolidator
EARN INTEREST, yrlg by Waquoit             Gold                                  ELLENA, yrlg by Closing Argument       EMOTIONAL STORM, yrlg by Cape           ENSENADA, yrlg by A.P. Indy               (IRE)                                  EVITA VILLA, 2yo by Royal Academy      EXPLOSIVE PEACHES (SPR), yrlg by
EARTH, 2yo by Point Given                EGYPTIAN QUEEN, yrlg by Montjeu         ELLENSBURG, wnlg by Awesome              Town                                  EN SILENCE, wnlg by Tapit               ETCETERA ETCETERA, wnlg by               EVROBI, yrlg by Kafwain                   Ghostly Moves
EARTHLY ANGEL (SPR), 2yo by                (IRE)                                    Again                               EMOUNA (GB), wnlg by Kyllachy (GB),     ENTERPRIZING CAT, 2yo by Macho            Domestic Dispute                       EVVY, 2yo by City Zip                  EXPONENT (SPR), yrlg by Camacho
   Forest Wildcat, yrlg by Tale of the   EH LA BAS CHERE (SPR), yrlg by          ELLERAY (IRE), yrlg by Efisio (GB)       yrlg by Trade Fair (GB)                 Uno, yrlg by Milwaukee Brew           ETCHED IN SILVER (SPR), yrlg by          EXAGGERATE (SPR), wnlg by                 (GB)
   Cat                                     Pioneering                            ELLIE, yrlg by Domestic Dispute        EMPHATIC, wnlg by Read the              ENTHRALLED (GB), wnlg by Royal            Royal Albert Hall                        Exchange Rate                        EXPOSE, wnlg by Ghostzapper, yrlg
EARTHQUAKE RIDE, yrlg by Forest          EIGHTEEN CARAT, 2yo by Cuvee            ELLS CHANA DONNA, yrlg by Rossini        Footnotes                               Applause (GB)                         ETERNAL BEAUTY, yrlg by Tiger Hill       EXCELABRATE, yrlg by Hold That            by Mr. Greeley
   Wildcat                               EIGHT OR BETTER, yrlg by Cactus         ELLS ONCE AGAIN (SPR), 2yo by          EMPRESS ANNA (IRE), yrlg by Gulch       ENTHUSED (SPR), yrlg by Mingun            (IRE)                                    Tiger                                EXPOSEE, yrlg by Swiss Yodeler
EARTH TO JACKIE, yrlg by                   Ridge                                    Stephen Got Even                    EMPRESS CATHERINE, yrlg by Beau         ENTICED (SPR), 2yo by Yes It's True     ETERNAL CUP, 2yo by Successful           EXCELLENT (GB), wnlg by Medicean       EXPRESS CHECKING, yrlg by Storm
   Leroidesanimaux (BRZ)                 EILEEN ALANA, 2yo by Honor Glide        ELLWAY QUEEN, yrlg by Auction            Genius                                ENTORIA, yrlg by Is It True               Appeal                                   (GB)                                    Day
EASABEAU FILLE (SPR), yrlg by            EISHIN AUSTIN, yrlg by Buddha              House                               EMPRESS OF CHINA (SPR), yrlg by         ENTRE NOUS, yrlg by Spanish Steps       ETERNAL LEGEND (SPR), yrlg by            EXCELLENT CHOICE, yrlg by Chief        EXPRESS FOR MINDY, 2yo by Three
   Fusaichi Pegasus                      EISHIN BERRY, yrlg by Stormy            ELLZEY (SPR), yrlg by Eurosilver         Marino Marini                         ENTWINE (GB), yrlg by Kyllachy (GB)       Benchmark                                Seattle                                 Wonders
EASILY PLEASED, yrlg by Power              Atlantic                              ELMINE, 2yo by Chapel Royal            EMPTY PORTRAIT, yrlg by Southern        EPICA, yrlg by Northern Afleet          ETERNAL OPTIMISM, 2yo by                 EXCELLENTLY, yrlg by Cuvee             EXPRESS LOGIC (GB), wnlg by
   Storm                                 EISHIN BRIDLE (SPR), yrlg by Grand      ELM STORE (SPR), yrlg by Taste of        Image                                 EPISTOLA, 2yo by Songandaprayer           Congaree                               EXCEPTIONALLY, yrlg by Yes It's True      Acclamation (GB)
EAST BAY (SPR), yrlg by Roman Ruler        Slam                                     Paradise                            EMPTYTHETILL, yrlg by Indian            EPISTOLIERE (IRE), yrlg by Marju        ETERNAL ORBIT (SPR), yrlg by             EXCESS ATTITUDE (SPR), yrlg by         EXPRESS LOVER, yrlg by Lite the
EAST CAPE (SPR), yrlg by                 EISHIN ONTARIO, yrlg by Harlan's        ELMSWOOD (SPR), yrlg by Orientate        Charlie, 2yo by Songandaprayer          (IRE)                                   Matricule                                Marino Marini                           Fuse
   Consolidator                            Holiday                               EL NAFIS (SPR), yrlg by Dynaformer     ENABRU (SPR), yrlg by Purge, 2yo by     EPITHET (SPR), yrlg by Tiznow           ETERNAL RHYTHM, yrlg by Wildcat          EXCESS FLIGHT, yrlg by Silver Ray      EXPRESSO CAT (SPR), yrlg by
EASTER BUNNETTE, yrlg by Saint           ELABORATE (GB), wnlg by Marju (IRE)     EL NORA, yrlg by Speightstown            Soto                                  EPI TOMBE (SPR), yrlg by Decarchy         Shoes                                  EXCESSIVELYCASUAL, yrlg by Gators         Stephen Got Even, 2yo by Toccet
   Liam                                  ELAINA, yrlg by El Corredor             ELOPA (GER), yrlg by Dalakhani (IRE)   ENAMOURED (GB), yrlg by Tagula          EPPING (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Galileo      ETERNELLE (GB), yrlg by Domedriver         N Bears                              EXPRESS YOURSELF, yrlg by
EASTER BUTTER, yrlg by Congaree,         ELAINE'S ANGEL, yrlg by Forest          ELORA, wnlg by Personal First, yrlg      (IRE)                                   (IRE)                                   (IRE)                                  EXCESSIVELYSMITTIN, yrlg by Halory        Leestown
   2yo by Stormy Atlantic                  Danger                                   by Tiznow                           ENCANDILADORA (ARG), yrlg by            EPSILON, yrlg by Indy Mood              ETERNITY RING (GB), 2yo by                 Hunter                               EXQUISITE CASSIE, yrlg by
EASTER HEROINE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by      ELAINE'S WAY, yrlg by Offlee Wild       EL STARO, yrlg by Catahoula Parish       Leroidesanimaux (BRZ)                 EQUAL JUSTICE, yrlg by Oratory            Dalakhani (IRE), wnlg by Red           EXCESSIVE WONDER, yrlg by Storm           Unforgettable Max, 2yo by Victory
   Danehill Dancer (IRE)                 EL ALMA (IRE), yrlg by Clodovil (IRE)   EL SUENO, 2yo by Monashee              ENCANTO ORO, 2yo by Horse               EQUIDEED, yrlg by Mobil                   Ransom, yrlg by Tiger Hill (IRE)         Creek                                   Gallop
EASTERN DIVA (SPR), yrlg by Storm        ELA PAPAROUNA (GB), yrlg by Green          Mountain                              Chestnut (SAF)                        EQUITY LOAN, wnlg by Forest Camp,       ETHEL, yrlg by Toccet                    EXCESS'S BEST, yrlg by Hennessy        EXQUISITE PRO (SPR), 2yo by
   Boot                                    Desert                                ELTISHA, 2yo by Peace Rules, yrlg by   ENCHANT (GB), yrlg by Kyllachy (GB)       yrlg by Yonaguska                     ETHEL ANNA, yrlg by Mineshaft            EXCITING AVENUE (SPR), yrlg by            Afternoon Deelites, wnlg by Smoke
EASTERN MEMORY, 2yo by Vicar             ELARA, yrlg by Dansili (GB)                Pico Central (BRZ)                  ENCHANTED, yrlg by Grand Reward         EQUITY PRINCESS (GB), yrlg by           ETHELDREDA (SPR), yrlg by Johar            Consolidator                            Glacken
EASTERN MOON (SPR), 2yo by Hold          ELATED IMAGE, yrlg by Bold              ELUCIDATE, yrlg by Harlan's Holiday    ENCHANTED KISS, yrlg by Belong to         Mujadil                               ETHEL IS BEST, yrlg by Cuvee             EXCITINGLIKEGOLD, yrlg by Doug Fir     EXTEND, yrlg by Ghostzapper
   That Tiger                              Executive                             ELUSIVE A. C., wnlg by Bandini           Me                                    ERASE, yrlg by Eddington                ETHEREAL, 2yo by Rhythm                  EXCITING TIMES (FR) (SPR), yrlg by     EXTRA APPEALING, yrlg by Burning
EASTERN RUCKUS (SPR), wnlg by            ELAUYUN (IRE), yrlg by Danehill         ELUSIVE ASHLEE, yrlg by Singletary     ENCHANTED KITTEN, 2yo by Smoke          ERIN MOOR, yrlg by Songandaprayer       ETHERIAL IMPERIAL, yrlg by Taste of        Dubawi (IRE)                            Roma
   Pomeroy                                 Dancer (IRE)                          ELUSIVE GOLD (SPR), wnlg by              Glacken                               ERMINE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Nayef         Paradise                               EXCLUSIVE APPROVAL (SPR), yrlg by      EXTRA CASE (SPR), 2yo by
EASTER PARADE (GB), yrlg by Rakti        ELAYOON, wnlg by Halling                   Bluegrass Cat, yrlg by Five Star    ENCHANTED SPELL (SPR), yrlg by          ERREUR (IRE), yrlg by Verglas (IRE)     ETHYL MAE, yrlg by Strong Hope             Alhaarth (IRE)                          Sweetsouthernsaint
   (GB)                                  ELBA (IRE), 2yo by Invincible Spirit       Day                                   Stormy Atlantic                       ERTIQAA, yrlg by Roman Ruler            ETICA (IRE), 2yo by Acclamation (GB)     EXCLUSIVELY WILD, yrlg by Forest       EXTRA CHANGE, wnlg by Offlee
EASTER SONG, yrlg by Royal                 (IRE)                                 ELUSIVE ROAD, yrlg by Forest           ENCHANTING EVE (GB) (SPR), wnlg         ESCAPADE, yrlg by Kafwain               ETIOLE, yrlg by Elusive Quality            Danger                                  Wild
   Applause (GB)                         EL DIVINO (IRE), 2yo by Dansili (GB),      Danger                                by Blue Dakota (IRE)                  ESCAPE TO VICTORY (GB) (SPR), yrlg      ETIQUETTE, 2yo by Chapel Royal,          EXCLUSIVE MIST, yrlg by Humming        EXTRA HOLY, yrlg by Alphabet Soup
EASTSIDE BALLAD, 2yo by Forest             yrlg by Hawk Wing                     EMAN'S JOY (GB) (SPR), yrlg by         ENCLAVE, yrlg by Exceed And Excel         by Bernstein                            yrlg by Posse                          EXCLUSIVE PRINT, wnlg by Sharp         EXTRA SWIFT, yrlg by Dome
   Camp, yrlg by Purge                   ELEANOR'S SONG, yrlg by Eurosilver         Barathea (IRE), 2yo by Needwood       (AUS)                                 ESCAPING (SPR), yrlg by Exchange        ETIZAAN (IRE), yrlg by One Cool Cat        Humor                                EXTREME BEAUTY, yrlg by Dubawi
EASTSIDE WESTSIDE (SPR), yrlg by         ELECTION SPECIAL (GB) (SPR), 2yo           Blade (GB)                          ENCORE DU CRISTAL, yrlg by                Rate                                  ETOUFEE (SPR), 2yo by Yonaguska          EXCUSE ME MISS, wnlg by Lion              (IRE)
   Vindication                             by Kheleyf
                                                                                 E. M. BARBIE DOLL (SPR), 2yo by          Avonbridge (GB)                       ESCAPING GLORY, 2yo by Peace            E T PHONE LAURA, yrlg by Five Star         Heart                                EXTREME DELIGHT, yrlg by Harlan's
                                         ELEGANT APRIL (SPR), yrlg by
EASY APPROVAL, 2yo by Jaunatxo,                                                     Tiger Ridge                         ENCOURAGEMENT, yrlg by Forest             Rules                                   Day, wnlg by Tapit                     EXELLENSEA, yrlg by Smoke Glacken         Holiday
                                           Victory Gallop
   yrlg by Shrubs                                                                EMBASSY (GB), yrlg by Cape Cross         Camp                                  ESCHASSE, 2yo by Exceed And Excel       ET TOIS, yrlg by Old Topper              EXHIBITOR, wnlg by Kingsalsa           EXTRY, yrlg by War Chant
                                         ELEGANT COLORS, yrlg by Kela
EASY MOVER (IRE), wnlg by                                                           (IRE)                               ENDLESS DREAM, yrlg by Orientate          (AUS)                                 EURIDICE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Dubai      EXHILARATION (SPR), yrlg by            EXUBERANT ENCORE, 2yo by Omega
                                         ELEGANT DESIGNER, yrlg by Peace
   Proclamation (IRE)                                                            EMBASSY BELLE (IRE), yrlg by           ENDLESS GLORY, 2yo by                   ESCOPAZZO (SPR), yrlg by Tribunal         Destination                              Stephen Got Even                        Code
EASY 'N GOLD (SPR), yrlg by Tale of                                                 Verglas (IRE)                         Spinelessjellyfish                    ESCROW AGENT (SPR), yrlg by             EUROBID (SPR), 2yo by Skip to the        EXING (CHI) (SPR), yrlg by Aldebaran   EXULTATE JUBILATE, yrlg by
                                         ELEGANT LILLY (SPR), wnlg by City
   the Cat                                                                       EMBLEM OF HOPE (SPR), 2yo by           ENDLESS HEART, wnlg by Margie's           Distorted Humor                         Stone, yrlg by Straight Man            EXIT LAUGHING, 2yo by Forest              Singspiel (IRE)
EASY NUMBER, wnlg by Congaree                                                       Dance Master                          Wildcat                               ESHAARA, wnlg by Green Desert           EURO EMPIRE, wnlg by Dr Fong               Wildcat                              EYE BRIGHT, yrlg by Max Forever
                                         ELEGANT MERCEDES, yrlg by Devon
EASY PASS (SPR), yrlg by Yes It's                                                EMBLEM'S GLORY, yrlg by Eurosilver     ENDLESS HONOUR, wnlg by Tale of         ESKIMO BABE, yrlg by Even the           EUROLINKA (IRE), wnlg by                 EXOGENETIC (SPR), yrlg by Giant's      EYEFUL, yrlg by D'wildcat
   True                                                                          EMBOSSED, yrlg by Golden Missile         the Cat                                 Score                                   Proclamation (IRE)                       Causeway                             EYE OF THE ARTIST, wnlg by
                                         ELEGANT MOMENT (SPR), yrlg by A.
EASY SUNSHINE (IRE), yrlg by Bahri                                               EMBRACE LAUREN, 2yo by Stephen         ENDLESS PEACE (IRE), yrlg by            ESKIMO MOM, yrlg by Western Pride       EUROPE AGAIN, 2yo by Chapel              EXOTIC DANCER (SPR), yrlg by Value        Cherokee Run
                                           P Jet
EASY TO COPE (SPR), yrlg by                                                         Got Even                              Redback (GB)                          ESMAY (AUS), yrlg by Decarchy             Royal, wnlg by Lemon Drop Kid            Plus                                 EYES A SCREAMER (SPR), yrlg by
                                         ELEGANT RIDGE (IRE), yrlg by Cape
   Thunder Gulch                                                                 EMBUR SUNSHINE (SPR), yrlg by          ENDLESS PLEASURE, 2yo by Full           ESPANA (GB), wnlg by Iffraaj (GB)       EUROSTAR (SPR), yrlg by Stormy           EXOTIC ELEGANCE, yrlg by Tiznow           Perfect Soul (IRE)
                                           Cross (IRE)
EASY TO IMAGINE, yrlg by                                                            Unbridled's Song                      Mandate, yrlg by Wildcat Heir         ESPECIALLY (SPR), yrlg by                 Atlantic                               EXOTIC ORCHID, wnlg by Forest          EYESASPECIAL, 2yo by Greatness
                                         ELEGANZA, wnlg by Grand Slam
   Traditionally                                                                 EMERALD DANCER (GB), yrlg by           ENDLESS REWARD, 2yo by Proud              Ghostzapper                           EVA LUNA (IRE), yrlg by Acclamation        Wildcat                              EYES OF A DOVE (SPR), yrlg by Devil
                                         ELEKTRALINE, yrlg by Consolidator
EASY WEEKEND, yrlg by Crafty             ELEMENT OF TRUTH, yrlg by                  Compton Place (GB)                    Citizen, yrlg by Rock Hard Ten        ESPECIALLY NOW (SPR), wnlg by             (GB)                                   EXPANSE (SPR), yrlg by Afleet Alex        His Due
   Prospector                              Fantastic Light                       EMERALD FIRE (GB), yrlg by Nayef       ENDLESS SEA, 2yo by Malibu Moon,          Larrupin'                             EVA MAE, yrlg by Kela                    EXPECT ANNA, yrlg by True Direction    EYES OF SILVER, yrlg by National
EBARAYA (IRE), yrlg by Pivotal (GB)      ELENI (SPR), yrlg by Storm and a        EMERALDFORAJUDGE, yrlg by                yrlg by Maria's Mon, wnlg by Silver   ESPRIT D'ESCALIER (SPR), yrlg by        EVANGEL, yrlg by Gulch                   EXPECTATION (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by          Saint
ECCENTRIC LADY (SPR), yrlg by              Half, 2yo by Storm Boot                  North Light (IRE)                     Train                                   Strong Hope                           EVANGELINE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by             Whipper                              EYES ON MOLLY (SPR), yrlg by
   Kafwain                               ELEVATE (SPR), 2yo by Catienus, yrlg    EMERALD ISLE, yrlg by Toccet           ENDLESS SUMMER, wnlg by                 ESPRIT LIBRE (GB), yrlg by Diktat         Danehill Dancer (IRE)                  EXPECT AWHILE (SPR), wnlg by              Afternoon Deelites
E. CHERIE (SPR), yrlg by Canadian          by Kitten's Joy                       EMERALD MAGIC, 2yo by Storm              Consolidator                            (GB)                                  EVANGELIZER, yrlg by Malibu Moon           Mass Media                           EZANA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Soviet Star
   Frontier                              ELEVEN O'CLICK (SPR), yrlg by Taste        Creek                               ENDOGENOUS, yrlg by Tiznow              ESPY, yrlg by Strong Hope               EVEN AGAIN, yrlg by Monarchos            EXPECTED LUCK, yrlg by Mobil           EZILLA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Cape
ECHO D'OR, yrlg by Eddington               of Paradise                           EMERALD PEACE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg        END SWEEP'S GIRL (SPR), yrlg by         ESQUILINE (SPR), yrlg by Motivator      EVENING CHARM (IRE), wnlg by Beat        EXPECTED ROLL, yrlg by Northern           Cross (IRE)
ECHO ECHO ECHO (SPR), wnlg by            EL FASTO, yrlg by Canadian Frontier        by Bahamian Bounty (GB)               Lost Soldier                            (GB)                                    Hollow (GB)                              Afleet                               E. Z. TO KNIGHT (SPR), yrlg by Royal
   Friends Lake                          ELFIN LAUGHTER (GB) (SPR), yrlg by      EMERALDS AND RUBYS, 2yo by             ENDURE (IRE), yrlg by                   ESSENCE OF JONES, yrlg by               EVENING LAUNCH (SPR), yrlg by            EXPECTED SONG, yrlg by Proud              Albert Hall
ECLIPSE BAY, yrlg by More Than             Shamardal                                Eavesdropper                          Footstepsinthesand (GB)                 Intimidator                             Cape Canaveral                           Accolade, wnlg by With Distinction   FABLIAN, 2yo by Exchange Rate
   Ready                                 ELFIN QUEEN (IRE), yrlg by Invincible   EMERALD SEA, yrlg by Five Star Day     ENDURING CHARM (SPR), yrlg by           ESSENCE OF SUCCESS, yrlg by             EVENING PRINCESS, wnlg by Came           EXPECTED TEMPER, 2yo by Peace          FABUCO (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Tagula
ECOUTILA (SPR), yrlg by Medicean           Spirit (IRE)                          EMERALD STORM, yrlg by Xaar (GB)         Kela                                    Songandaprayer                          Home                                     Rules                                   (IRE)
   (GB)                                  EL GATO LOCO (SPR), yrlg by Tactical    EMERGING GLORY, yrlg by Rock           ENDURING WILL, yrlg by Grand            ESSEN 'N FRESSEN (SPR), yrlg by         EVENING'S ALL STAR (SPR), 2yo by         EXPECT EXCELLENCE, yrlg by             FABULIST, wnlg by Harlan's Holiday,
ECSTASY LADY, yrlg by Whywhywhy            Cat, 2yo by Trust N Luck                 Hard Ten                              Slam                                    Chapel Royal                            Candy Ride (ARG)                         Medallist                               yrlg by Malibu Moon
ECSTATIC GIRLS, yrlg by During           ELISITA (ARG), yrlg by Consolidator,    EMERITE, yrlg by Omega Code            ENEMY ACTION (SPR), yrlg by             ESTABLISHMENTCREEK, wnlg by             EVENING SHADOWS, yrlg by Seattle         EXPENDABLE, yrlg by Woke Up            FABULOUS BONUS, wnlg by Chapel
EDEN ROSE, yrlg by Sky Mesa                2yo by Forest Wildcat                 EMERY BOARD, yrlg by Smart Strike        Shamardal                               Aragorn (IRE)                           Fitz (ARG)                               Dreamin                                 Royal
EDENS TRICK, yrlg by Mobil               ELITE GUEST (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by        EMILION (GB), wnlg by Shirocco         ENEMY MINE, yrlg by Smoke Glacken       ESTAR DE PRISA, 2yo by Alajwad          EVENTUALLY, 2yo by Hennessy, yrlg        EXPLODED'S GIRL (SPR), yrlg by         FABULOUS FAVOR, yrlg by
EDENTON (SPR), yrlg by Chelsey Cat         Danehill Dancer (IRE)                    (GER)                               ENERGISE (SPR), wnlg by Orientate       ESTATE SALE, yrlg by Yankee               by Johannesburg                          Cascadian                               Yonaguska
EDETANA, yrlg by Oratorio (IRE)                                                  EMILY HA HA, yrlg by Roaring Fever     ENGAGING (SPR), yrlg by Jump Start        Gentleman                             EVERGREEN BEAUTY (SPR), 2yo by           EXPLODING STAR, yrlg by Smoke          FABULOUS GOER (SPR), yrlg by King

20            THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                    THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                     21
Dams                                                                         FASHION GUIDE (IRE), wnlg by
                                                                               Choisir (AUS)
                                                                                                                    FELT BLUE, yrlg by Outofthebox
                                                                                                                    FELUCCA, 2yo by Johar
                                                                                                                                                              FINAL LOOK, yrlg by Kafwain
                                                                                                                                                              FINALLY (AUS), yrlg by Mutakddim
                                                                                                                                                                                                       FIT N' PRETTY (SPR), 2yo by Stormy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               FLATTERED, yrlg by Quiet American
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               FLAUTIST (GB), 2yo by Put It Back
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        FLY BORBOLETA, yrlg by Distorted
                                                                             FASHION LOVER, yrlg by French          FEMININE, 2yo by Broken Vow               FINAL OPINION (IRE), yrlg by Bertolini   FIT PERFORMER, yrlg by                  FLAWLESS DIAMOND (SPR), yrlg by          FLYBYKISS, yrlg by Yankee
  of the Hunt                         FANCY DRINKS (SPR), yrlg by              Envoy                                FEMININE TOUCH (IRE) (SPR), 2yo by        FINAL PURSUIT (GB), yrlg by Exceed         Songandaprayer                          Dance Master                             Gentleman
FABULOUS SONG, yrlg by B L's            Pollard's Vision                     FASHION MISS (SPR), yrlg by               Kheleyf                                  And Excel (AUS), wnlg by Fasliyev      FIT RIGHT IN, 2yo by Read the           FLE'CHE ROUGE, wnlg by Devil His         FLYFISHER (SPR), wnlg by Refuse To
  Appeal                              FANCY LEGS, wnlg by Sharp Humor          Perfect Soul (IRE)                   FEMMA (SPR), yrlg by Not For Love         FINAL SHOT (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by            Footnotes                               Due                                      Bend (IRE)
FACE THE STORM (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by   FANCY 'N FABULOUS, yrlg by Say         FASHION PLANNER, yrlg by Tale of       FEMME FEMME, yrlg by Mujahid                Avonbridge (GB)                        FIT TO CLEAN, yrlg by Parker's Storm    FLEET CANOE, yrlg by Mr. Greeley         FLY FRANCIE FLY, wnlg by The Prime
  Chineur (FR)                          Florida Sandy                          the Cat                              FENCE, yrlg by Horse Chestnut (SAF)       THE FINAL TOY, yrlg by Posse               Cat                                   FLEET COZZENE, yrlg by                     Minister
FACE TURNER, yrlg by Soto             FANCY RULER (SPR), wnlg by Silver      FAST AND EARLY (SPR), yrlg by          FENG SHUI (SPR), wnlg by Perfect          FINDINAPLEASURE, yrlg by Hero's          FITTONIA (FR), yrlg by Avonbridge         Outofthebox                            FLYING AFLEET (SPR), yrlg by
FACTICE (SPR), wnlg by Val Royal        Train                                  Ghostzapper                             Mandate, yrlg by Royal Cat               Tribute                                  (GB)                                  FLEET DREAMER, yrlg by Monarchos           Monarchos
  (FR)                                FANCY TALE, yrlg by Quiet American     FAST AND FREE, yrlg by Regal           FER DE LANCE (IRE), yrlg by Choisir       FINDING BUCKS (SPR), wnlg by             FIT TO WIN, 2yo by El Corredor, yrlg    FLEETENGLY, yrlg by Repent               FLYING BISCUIT, yrlg by Terrell
FACT OF MATTER, 2yo by Came           FANNY'S FANCY (GB), yrlg by Beat         Intention                               (AUS)                                    Imperialism                              by Limehouse                          FLEET HILL (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by          FLYING CARPET (GB) (SPR), yrlg by
  Home, yrlg by Stephen Got Even        Hollow (GB), wnlg by Oasis Dream     FAST AN SEXY (SPR), wnlg by Indian     FERGIE, yrlg by Proud Accolade            FINE DESIGN, 2yo by Wised Up             FIVE CORNERS, yrlg by Value Plus          Mark of Esteem (IRE)                     Lomitas (GB), 2yo by Lucky Story
FA E DESFA (GB), yrlg by Invincible     (GB)                                   Charlie, yrlg by Sky Mesa            FERRYBRIDGE (IRE), yrlg by                FINE DETAIL (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by         FIVE FISHES (FR), 2yo by Belong to      FLEETING APRIL, wnlg by Gibson           FLYING FINISH (FR), wnlg by
  Spirit (IRE)                        FANS GALORE, yrlg by Saarland          FAST BROOK, wnlg by City Place,           Zamindar                                 Barathea (IRE)                           Me, yrlg by Dynaformer                  County                                   Compton Place (GB)
FAGER CHIC, wnlg by Artax, yrlg by    FANTAISISTE (GB), yrlg by Cadeaux        yrlg by City Place                   FESTAL (SPR), 2yo by Action This Day      FINE FASHION, yrlg by Act of Duty        FIVE GOLD STARS (SPR), yrlg by          FLEETING RAINBOW (GB) (SPR), yrlg        FLYING GAL, yrlg by Purge, wnlg by
  Fast Play                             Genereux (GB)                        FASTER TAPPER, wnlg by Silver          FESTIVE MADAM, yrlg by Dehere, 2yo        FINE FOCUS, 2yo by Pikepass                Leroidesanimaux (BRZ)                   by Nayef                                 Tiznow
FAHRENHEIT, yrlg by Midway Road       FANTASIA GIRL (IRE), 2yo by Rahy         Deputy                                  by Kafwain                             FINE HONOR, 2yo by Lido Palace           FIVE NICKELS, yrlg by El Corredor       FLEET JUSTICE, yrlg by Golden            FLYING GRETCHEN, 2yo by Siphon
FAIR ADVICE (SPR), yrlg by Harlan's   FANTASTIC ACCOUNT (GB), yrlg by        THE FASTER YOU GET, 2yo by             FESTIVE MOOD, 2yo by Gulf Storm             (CHI)                                  FIVE O'CLOCK, yrlg by Gotham City         Missile                                  (BRZ)
  Holiday                               Refuse To Bend (IRE)                   Untuttable                           FEY LADY (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by             FINE LADY (GB), wnlg by Aussie           FIVE RIVERS, yrlg by In Excess (IRE)    FLEET OF LIGHT (GB), 2yo by              FLYING HONORS (SPR), 2yo by
FAIR AMOUR, yrlg by Mobil             FANTASTIC CAROLINE, yrlg by More       FAST FRIMMER, yrlg by Snow Ridge          Antonius Pius                            Rules                                  FIVE STAR FUND, 2yo by Read the           Danetime (IRE)                           During
FAIRFIELD (SPR), yrlg by Benton         Than Ready                           FAST FUSE, wnlg by Indian Express,     FIABA (GB), 2yo by Almutawakel (GB),      FINERY, wnlg by Mineshaft                  Footnotes, yrlg by Value Plus, wnlg   FLEET PACT (SPR), 2yo by Friends         FLYING KITTY, 2yo by Harlan's
  Creek                               FANTASTIC CITY, yrlg by Cozzene          2yo by Trippi                           yrlg by Kheleyf                        FINE THE LINE (SPR), 2yo by Roar of        by Value Plus                           Lake                                     Holiday
FAIRFLIGHTMISS, yrlg by Domasca       FANTASTIC FLAME (IRE) (SPR), wnlg      FAST GIN FIZZ (SPR), yrlg by The       FIAMMA ROYALE (IRE), yrlg by                the Tiger                              FIVE STAR MEETING, yrlg by              FLEUR DE SOIE (SPR), yrlg by             FLYING LAUREN, wnlg by Eddington
  Dan                                   by Bering (GB)                         Trader's Echo                           Avonbridge (GB)                        FINE WINE, yrlg by Trippi                  Saarland                                Eugene's Third Son                     FLYING MAXINE, yrlg by Crafty C. T.
FAIRLY WELL TUNED, yrlg by            FANTASTIC FLIRT, yrlg by Broken        FAST GOAT, 2yo by Explicit             FICKLE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Motivator      FINEZA (SPR), yrlg by Point Given        FIVE STAR NIGHT (SPR), yrlg by Two      FLEUVE D'OR (IRE), yrlg by Celtic        FLYING NIGHTENGALE (SPR), wnlg
  Eavesdropper                          Vow                                  FAST LOVER, yrlg by Vicar                 (GB)                                   FINICIA (SPR), 2yo by Acclamation          Punch                                   Swing (GB)                               by Not For Love, yrlg by Read the
FAIR MISS, 2yo by Zavata              FANTASTIC SANTANYI (GB), wnlg by       FAST MOUSE, yrlg by Hero's Tribute     FIDDLE-DEE-DEE (IRE), yrlg by               (GB)                                   FIXED ASSET, yrlg by Slew City Slew     FLEXIBLE PRINCESS, yrlg by Roman           Footnotes
FAIR SETTLEMENT (SPR), yrlg by          Green Desert                         FAST 'N FLEET, yrlg by Successful         Starcraft (NZ)                         FIN MOCHA, 2yo by Dr. Lewis              FIZZ UP (GB), yrlg by Whipper             Ruler                                  FLYING PASSAGE, yrlg by Empire
  Proud Citizen                       FANTASTIC SHERRY, 2yo by B L's           Appeal                               FIDDLE FOR ME, wnlg by Yonaguska          FINNEGANS DILEMMA (IRE), 2yo by          F J R'S FIT, yrlg by Crimson Classic    FLICK, 2yo by Menifee                      Maker
FAIR'S FAIR, yrlg by Blazonry           Appeal                               FAST RAPIDS, yrlg by Champali          FIDDLIN DEVON (SPR), yrlg by Rock           Spartacus (IRE)                        FLAG (GB), yrlg by Royal Applause       FLICKER, wnlg by A. P. Warrior           FLYING PASTER GIGI (SPR), 2yo by
FAIR WAGER, yrlg by Old Topper        FANTASTIC WOMEN (SPR), wnlg by         FATAH (SPR), yrlg by Burning Roma,        Hard Ten                               FINNINE, yrlg by Le Vie Dei Colori         (GB)                                  FLIGHT CHECK, yrlg by Rainmaker            Lucky Lionel
FAIRWAY DYNASTY (SPR), yrlg by          Anabaa                                 wnlg by Gold Tribute                 FIDELIO'S MIRACLE, yrlg by Red              (GB)                                   FLAG BURNER, yrlg by Golden             FLIGHT OF TIME, yrlg by City Zip         FLYING PULPIT, wnlg by More Than
  Cuvee                               FANTASY (GB), yrlg by Johannesburg,    FATAL LEAP (SPR), 2yo by Sand             Ransom                                 FINTY (IRE), yrlg by Redback (GB)          Missile                               FLIGHT SURGEON, wnlg by Old                Ready
FAIRWAY FLAME (SPR), yrlg by Dark       2yo by Mizzen Mast                     Ridge                                FIDRA (IRE), yrlg by Choisir (AUS)        FINVARRA (SPR), yrlg by Arch             FLAGSHIP (GB), 2yo by Refuse To           Topper                                 FLYING RIDGE (IRE), yrlg by Kheleyf
  Kestrel                             FANTASY FEST, yrlg by Greatness,       FATEFULLY (SPR), yrlg by Selkirk       FIELDFARE (GB), yrlg by Fasliyev          FIRE AND SHADE (SPR), yrlg by              Bend (IRE)                            FLIGHT WINGS, 2yo by Indian Charlie      FLYING SQUAW (GB) (SPR), yrlg by
FAIRWAY FREEDOM, yrlg by Officer        2yo by Greatness                     FAULTLESS EDNA, 2yo by Turn            FIELD OF DREAMS (SPR), yrlg by              Malibu Moon                            FLAG SUPPORT (SPR), yrlg by             FLING (GB), yrlg by Rakti (GB)             Lomitas (GB)
FAIRWAY GOLD, yrlg by Pollard's       FANTASY RIDGE, yrlg by Wake At           West                                    One Nice Cat                           FIRE ATTACK, yrlg by K One King            Speightstown                          FLINTHEART, yrlg by Flatter              FLYING STUKA, wnlg by Forest Camp
  Vision                                Noon                                 FAUNA, yrlg by Bernstein               FIERCE LADYLIBERTY, yrlg by Vision        FIREBABY, yrlg by El Corredor            FLAG THE MINT DOWN, yrlg by             FLIP 'N' BARGAIN, yrlg by Western        FLYING TASSIE (SPR), yrlg by Brahms
FAIRWAY VICE, yrlg by Not For Love    FANTASY ROYALE, yrlg by Gone West      FAUX PAS (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Ecton       and Verse                              FIREBAND, yrlg by Canadian Frontier        Eurosilver                              Fame                                   FLYING TIGRESS, wnlg by Candy
FAIR WEATHER (IRE), 2yo by            FAPINDY (SPR), yrlg by El Corredor,      Park                                 FIERY MISS, yrlg by Richter Scale         FIREBELLY (GB), wnlg by Cadeaux          FLAKES OF NACCA, 2yo by Captain         FLIP THE BIRD (SPR), yrlg by Point         Ride (ARG)
  Zamindar                              wnlg by Indian Charlie               FAVORITE FUNTIME, yrlg by              FIERY PEGASUS, wnlg by Unbridled's          Genereux (GB), yrlg by Compton           Countdown                               Given                                  FLYING WIND (GB), yrlg by Kirkwall
FAIRY DANCER (SPR), yrlg by           FAPPABURST (SPR), yrlg by                Mineshaft                               Song                                     Place (GB)                             FLAMBOYANT (GB), 2yo by Redback         FLIRTACIOUS GIRL, yrlg by Macho            (GB)
  Johannesburg                          Unforgettable Max                    FAVORITE TIMES, yrlg by Eddington      FIERY SALSA, yrlg by Yonaguska            FIRE FEET, 2yo by Alke, yrlg by            (GB)                                    Uno                                    FLY IN STYLE (GB), wnlg by Kyllachy
FAIRY OF THE NIGHT (IRE), wnlg by     FAPPADOON, yrlg by                     FAWAAYID (SPR), yrlg by Xaar (GB)      FIESTA DANCER, 2yo by Tenpins               Bwana Charlie                          FLAMES (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Redback      FLIRTATION CARD, yrlg by B L's             (GB)
  Invincible Spirit (IRE)               Turnofthecentury                     FAYPOOL (IRE), yrlg by Chineur (FR)    FIESTY ICE, yrlg by Seneca Jones          FIRE HOT, yrlg by Midas Eyes               (GB)                                    Appeal                                 FLYLIGHTLY (SPR), yrlg by El
FAIRY QUEEN (IRE), 2yo by Dr Fong     FAR AFIELD, yrlg by Mizzen Mast        FAYRANA (IRE), yrlg by Tempolake       FIESTY JONES, yrlg by Duckhorn            FIREMAN'S BALL (SPR), 2yo by             FLAMES IN THE SAND, yrlg by             FLIRTING, yrlg by Johannesburg             Corredor
FAIRY SONG (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by E     FARAH LOVE, yrlg by Bwana Charlie,     FAYSTON, yrlg by Repent                FIFTEENTH EAST, yrlg by                     Pleasantly Perfect                       Closing Argument, wnlg by Two         FLIRTING WITH FATE, 2yo by Chapel        FLY THE COLORS, yrlg by Smart
  Dubai                                 wnlg by Peace Rules                  F B EYE, 2yo by Friends Lake              Speightstown                           FIRE REPLY, yrlg by Celtic Swing (GB)      Punch                                   Royal                                    Strike
FAIRY STORY (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by      FARASHA, yrlg by Cee's Tizzy           FEATHER BOA (IRE), yrlg by Rakti       FIFTH AVENUE (GB), yrlg by Zamindar       FIRESTEED (IRE), yrlg by Bahamian        FLAME STITCH, yrlg by Grand             FLIRT WITH FAME (SPR), wnlg by           FLY THE CONNECTION (SPR), yrlg by
  Noverre                             FAR AWAY LADY, yrlg by Came              (GB), 2yo by Royal Applause (GB)     FIFTH AVENUE DOLL, yrlg by North            Bounty (GB)                              Reward                                  Freud                                    Esteem
FAIRY TALE, 2yo by Pleasantly           Home, 2yo by Trippi                  FEATHER BRIDE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by        Light (IRE)                            FIRESWEEPER (SPR), yrlg by Dehere        FLAMING BAY, wnlg by Royal              FLIRTY MCGUERTY (SPR), yrlg by           FOARD COUNTY, yrlg by Monashee
  Perfect                             FARAWAY LEGEND, yrlg by Alphabet         Oratorio (IRE)                       FIFTH AVENUE FLIRT, 2yo by                FIREY FORTUNE (SPR), yrlg by               Academy                                 Storm Boot                               Mountain
FAIRYTALESCOMETRUE, wnlg by             Soup
                                                                             FEATHERED CROWN (SPR), yrlg by            Scrimshaw                                Midway Road                            FLAMING DUNE (IRE), wnlg by             FLOATING ISLAND, yrlg by Mr.             FOG, yrlg by Cloud Hopping
                                      FARDA AMIGA, yrlg by Storm Cat
  Artie Schiller                                                               Orientate                            FIFTH EMERALD (GB), yrlg by               FIRMNESS, yrlg by Forestry                 Pastoral Pursuits (GB)                  Greeley                                FOG DANCE, yrlg by Leroidesanimaux
                                      FAREWELL MY LOVELY, 2yo by
FAIRY WEST, yrlg by Sky Mesa                                                 FEATHERINMYCAPP, yrlg by Great            Lomitas (GB)                           FIRST ACE (GB), yrlg by Avonbridge       FLAMING MIRAGE (SPR), yrlg by           FLOATIN ON XTACY, 2yo by                   (BRZ)
                                        Candy Ride (ARG), yrlg by Forest
FAIT ACCOMPLI, wnlg by Arch                                                    Pyramid (IRE)                        FIFTY FIVE (IRE), yrlg by Oratorio          (GB)                                     Forest Danger                           Spinelessjellyfish                     FOLIE DU SOIR, yrlg by Five Star Day
FAITHFUL HEART, yrlg by Saf                                                  FEATHERS OF HOPE (SPR), yrlg by           (IRE)                                  FIRST ATTRACTION, 2yo by                 FLAMINGO FLOWER, wnlg by Tiger          FLO JO (SPR), yrlg by Orientate          FOLLOW, 2yo by A.P. Indy, yrlg by
                                      FAREWELL TO LOVE (IRE), yrlg by
FAITH TESTED RAYE, wnlg by Taste                                               Maria's Mon                          FIFTY TWO WIN, yrlg by Ford Every           Songandaprayer, yrlg by                  Hill (IRE)                            FLOOD WARNING, yrlg by Woke Up             Golden Missile
                                        Giant's Causeway
  of Paradise                                                                FEATURE ARTICLE (SPR), yrlg by            Stream                                   Unforgettable Max                      FLAMINGO SEA (SPR), yrlg by               Dreamin                                FOLLOW MY HEINEKEN, yrlg by
                                      FAREWELL TOUR (SPR), 2yo by
FAKE PLASTIC TREE, yrlg by El                                                  Forest Wildcat                       FIGHTING COUNTESS (SPR), yrlg             FIRST BANK (FR), yrlg by Fasliyev          Rainbow Quest                         FLOPPIE (SPR), wnlg by Monsieur            Alyzig, wnlg by Pulling Punches
  Leopardo                                                                   FEATURE FILM, yrlg by Act of Duty         by Bernstein                           FIRST BEAM, yrlg by Alysweep             FLANDERS (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by             Bond (IRE)                             FOLLOW MY LEAD (GB), yrlg by
                                      FARMA LOVE (SPR), yrlg by Roman
FALASHA, 2yo by Richter Scale                                                FEDERAL CASE, 2yo by Black             FIGHTING MOM (SPR), yrlg by Heckle        FIRST CABIN, yrlg by Soto                  Oasis Dream (GB)                      FLORA BURN (UAE), wnlg by                  Nayef
FALCONET (SPR), yrlg by Bright                                                 Minnaloushe                          FIGHTING ZONE, yrlg by City Zip           FIRST CLASS DONNA (SPR), yrlg by         FLAPPER DANCER (SPR), yrlg by             Sleeping Indian (GB)                   FOLLOW THAT DREAM (GB), yrlg by
                                      FARMA WAY GAL, yrlg by Trajectory,
  Launch                                                                     FEDERAL RESERVE, yrlg by North         FIGHTIN THE SYSTEM (SPR), yrlg by           Pollard's Vision                         Holy Bull                             FLORA'S TEMPLE, yrlg by Bernstein          Medicean (GB)
                                        2yo by Yonaguska
FALCON PATROL, yrlg by Karen's Cat                                             Light (IRE)                             The Cliff's Edge                       FIRST FANTASY (GB), yrlg by              FLASHBACK DANCER, yrlg by Ten           FLORISTA, 2yo by Richter Scale           FOLLOW THE MONEY, yrlg by
                                      FAR OUT LADY (SPR), yrlg by
FALCON QUEEN, yrlg by Snow Ridge                                             FEE (SPR), yrlg by Monarchos           FIGHT TO LOVE (SPR), yrlg by                Hernando (FR)                            Most Wanted                           FLO'S Z FURY (SPR), wnlg by                Elusive Quality
FALEH, yrlg by Celtic Swing (GB)                                             FEE ERIA (FR), 2yo by Danetime (IRE)      Consolidator                           FIRST FLYER, yrlg by Kafwain             FLASHDANCE MISSY, 2yo by Kafwain          Wildcat Heir                           FOLLY DOLLAR (SPR), yrlg by
                                      FAR POST, wnlg by Alhaarth (IRE),
FALLING LEAVES, wnlg by Broken          yrlg by Whipper                      FEEL FREE, yrlg by West Acre           FIGUREHEAD (SPR), 2yo by                  FIRST LADY (ARG), yrlg by More           FLASHY CAT, 2yo by Good and Tough       FLOWER CANYON, yrlg by Forest              Awesome Again
  Vow                                 FAR REACHING, yrlg by Dubai            FEELING BLUE (GB), yrlg by                Bertrando                                Than Ready                             FLASHY DECORATOR, yrlg by                 Wildcat                                FOND, yrlg by Grand Reward
FALLS CHURCH, 2yo by Roaring            Destination                            Bahamian Bounty (GB)                 FIINA (GB), wnlg by Aussie Rules          FIRST MELODY (GB), yrlg by Cat             Kafwain, 2yo by Mr. Greeley           FLOWER MARKET (GB), wnlg by              FONTABELLE, yrlg by Touch Gold
  Fever                               FAR SIGHTED SAL, yrlg by Lightnin N    FEELING EASY, yrlg by Silver Deputy    FILAMENT (SPR), 2yo by Waquoit              Thief                                  FLASHY FOUR (SPR), yrlg by                Bertolini, yrlg by Invincible Spirit   FOOFARAW, yrlg by Johannesburg
FALUN DAFA, yrlg by Cherokee Run        Thunder, 2yo by Lightnin N Thunder   FEELIN GROOVY (SPR), yrlg by           FILLE DE JOIE (IRE), yrlg by Tiger Hill   FIRST MUSICAL (GB), yrlg by Royal          Fusaichi Pegasus                        (IRE)                                  FOOLHEARTEDMEMORY, wnlg by
FAMILY AT WAR (SPR), yrlg by          FARTHING (IRE), yrlg by Invincible       Robyn Dancer                            (IRE)                                    Applause (GB)                          FLASHY FRENCH OIL (SPR), yrlg by        FLOWERS FOR M'LADY (SPR), 2yo              Good Reward, yrlg by Honour and
  Camacho (GB)                          Spirit (IRE)                         FEEL THE HEAT, yrlg by Thunder         FILLIANO (SPR), yrlg by Distinction       FIRST NADIA (IRE), yrlg by Fath            Bravo Bull                              by Chapel Royal                          Glory
FAMILY BUSINESS, yrlg by              FAR WISER, wnlg by War Front             Gulch                                FILLIE MAYS, yrlg by Horse Chestnut       FIRST ROW, wnlg by Afleet Alex, yrlg     FLASHY KATHERINE, yrlg by               FLOWING MELODY (SPR), yrlg by            FOOLINGWITHFIRE, 2yo by Lightnin
  Successful Appeal                   FASCINATING GAL, wnlg by Rock          FEEL THE PRIDE (SPR), yrlg by Snow        (SAF)                                    by Jump Start                            Trajectory                              Holy Bull, 2yo by Medaglia d'Oro         N Thunder
FAMILY ENTERPRIZE (SPR), yrlg by        Hard Ten, yrlg by Smart Strike         Ridge                                FILM BUFF (GB) (SPR), wnlg by             FIRST STAR I SEE (SPR), wnlg by          FLASHY N SMART (SPR), yrlg by           FLOWS LIKE WINE, yrlg by Touch           FOOLISH KISS, yrlg by Cherokee Run
  Olmodavor                           FASCINATION STREET (IRE), yrlg by      FEET OF FLAME, yrlg by Modigliani,        Bertolini                                Prospected                               Sky Mesa                                Gold                                   FOOLISH LINE (SPR), yrlg by Roman
FAMILY FLAIR (SPR), yrlg by Teton       Tiger Hill (IRE)                       2yo by Redback (GB)                  FINAL COVENANT, yrlg by One Way           FIRST TIME BYAR, yrlg by Peace           FLASHY SCRATCH (SPR), yrlg by           FLUORESCENCE, yrlg by Broken Vow           Ruler
  Forest                              FASHIONABLE DONNA (GB), wnlg by        FEIJOADA, yrlg by Repent                  Love                                     Rules                                    Catastrophe                           FLUORESCENT, yrlg by Limehouse           FOOLISH PARTY, yrlg by Pollard's
FAMILY TROUBLE, wnlg by Put It          Bahamian Bounty (GB)                 FEISTY CHEROKEE, yrlg by Harlan's      FINAL CROSSING (SPR), 2yo by Hook         FISCAL GOLD (SPR), yrlg by Arch          FLASHY THREE (GB), yrlg by Afleet       FLUSH RUSH (GB), yrlg by                   Vision, 2yo by Wheelaway
  Back                                FASHION CAT, yrlg by Ghostzapper         Holiday, wnlg by Holy Bull              and Ladder                             FISCAL YEAR (SPR), yrlg by Rahy            Alex                                    Acclamation (GB)                       FOOL'S LAST WORD, yrlg by
FAMOUS COLONY (SPR), yrlg by          FASHION EDITOR (SPR), yrlg by          FEISTY FERDINAND (SPR), yrlg by        FINAL CUT, yrlg by Midway Road            FISSION (GB), yrlg by Kyllachy (GB)      FLASHY THUNDER, yrlg by Stephen         FLUTTERFREE (SPR), 2yo by Sarava           Dumaani
  Canadian Frontier                     Grand Slam                             Kitten's Joy                         FINAL DEMAND, 2yo by Magic Cat            FIT FIGHTER (SPR), yrlg by Delaware        Got Even                              FLUTTERY DANSEUR (SPR), 2yo by           FOOT PICK, yrlg by Tapit
FANCIFUL (SPR), yrlg by Point Given   FASHION FILE (SPR), yrlg by Peaks      FEISTY PRINCESS, wnlg by Tale of       FINALE HOPPER (SPR), wnlg by                Township, 2yo by Straight Man          FLAT FLEET FEET (SPR), yrlg by            Cozzene                                FOPPY DANCER (SPR), yrlg by Forest
FANCY, yrlg by Liberty Gold             and Valleys                            the Cat                                 Songandaprayer                         FITNAH (SPR), yrlg by Awesome              Storm Cat                             FLYAMORE (FR), yrlg by Green Tune          Wildcat
FANCY DRESS, yrlg by Newfoundland                                            FELLWAATI (SPR), yrlg by Lion Heart    FINAL LEGACY, yrlg by El Corredor           Again                                  FLATLINE, yrlg by Point Given           FLY BIRDIE FLY, 2yo by Gulf Storm        FOR ALL TIMES, yrlg by El Corredor

22           THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                    THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                    23
Dams                                                                           Successful Appeal
                                                                             FOXY GAL, yrlg by Tomorrows Cat
                                                                                                                    FRENCH OPERA (SPR), 2yo by Forest
                                                                                                                                                           FULL LIFE (SPR), yrlg by Dance With
                                                                                                                                                                                                 GAMBADER (SPR), yrlg by Arch
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           High Demand
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         GENETTA (GB), 2yo by Intikhab
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  GIFT SHOPPE (SPR), wnlg by Service
                                                                             FOXY PENNY (SPR), yrlg by He's         FRENCH PARFAIT, 2yo by General         FULL MOON (SPR), yrlg by Othello      GAMBLER'S FAITH (SPR), 2yo by           GENIAL JENNY (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by        GIGI'S MAGIC, yrlg by Yes It's True
FOR ALL WHO DREAM (SPR), yrlg            Outofthebox                           Tops                                   Meeting                              FULL MOON TONIGHT, yrlg by              Appealing Skier, yrlg by Cimarron       Fasliyev                               GILAH (IRE), yrlg by Bertolini
  by Eurosilver                        FORMAL FLING, yrlg by Authenticate    FOXY QUEEN, yrlg by Posse              FRENCH PUNCH, wnlg by Bop                Unbridled's Song                      Secret                                GENIE'S FLIGHT (SPR), yrlg by            GILDA TIME, wnlg by Hold That Tiger
FOR ALL YOU DO, yrlg by Hennessy       FORMAL JACKIE, 2yo by Deputy Wild     FOXY RED, wnlg by North Light (IRE)    FRENCH QUILL (SPR), 2yo by Lido        FULL OF FABLE, yrlg by Storm and a    GAMBLER'S HOPE, yrlg by Chapel            Yonaguska                              GILDED CONNECTION (SPR), yrlg by
FORBES FAVORITE (SPR), 2yo by            Cat                                 FOXY WILDCAT (SPR), yrlg by El           Palace (CHI)                           Half                                  Royal                                 GENNIFER WREN, yrlg by Philadream          Posse
  Roar of the Tiger                    FORMAL LACE (SPR), wnlg by Snow         Corredor                             FRENCH REVIVAL (SPR), yrlg by Oro      FULL OF LIFE (SPR), 2yo by Ide        GAMBLERS PASSION, wnlg by               GENNY LIM (IRE), yrlg by Kyllachy        GILDED IMAGE, yrlg by Saarland
FORBES SPARKLER (SPR), yrlg by El        Ridge                               FOZZIE LADY, 2yo by Five Star Day        Bandito                              FULLY CONFIDENT, yrlg by Thunder        Silver Train                            (GB)                                   GILDED LADY, yrlg by Wiseman's
  Corredor                             FORMAL LASS, yrlg by Even the         FRAGRANT CLOUD, wnlg by Came           FRENCH RIBBON, 2yo by Sultry Song        Gulch                               GAMBLING CHAMP (SPR), yrlg by           GENTILLE ALOUETTE, yrlg by                 Ferry
FORBIDDEN DEED, yrlg by Domestic         Score                                 Home                                 FRENCH SATIN, yrlg by Mineshaft,       FUMBLE, wnlg by Forestry                Broken Vow                              Touch Gold                             GILDED LEAF (SPR), yrlg by Mizzen
  Dispute                              FORMAL NIGHT, wnlg by Alphabet        FRAGRANT OASIS, yrlg by Singspiel        wnlg by Mineshaft                    FUN CITY LADY, yrlg by                GAMBLING GIRL, 2yo by Lion Heart,       GENTILLY, yrlg by Dixieland Heat,          Mast
FORBIDDEN FRUIT, yrlg by Here's          Soup                                  (IRE)                                FRENCH SEDUCTION, yrlg by                Sweetsouthernsaint                    yrlg by Successful Appeal               wnlg by Dixieland Heat                 GILDED MINSTREL (SPR), yrlg by
  Zealous                              FORMAL PROCESS (SPR), wnlg by         FRAGRANT STORM, yrlg by Maria's          Pollard's Vision                     FUN CROWD (SPR), yrlg by Hennessy     GAMBLING THYME, yrlg by                 GENTLE BELLE (SPR), yrlg by Morluc         Vindication
FORBIDDEN KISS, yrlg by Macho            Eddington                             Mon, 2yo by Monarchos                FRENCH SNOB, yrlg by Margie's          FUN HOUSE, yrlg by El Prado (IRE)       Yonaguska                             GENTLE BUCK, yrlg by Devil Begone        GILDED NIP (SPR), yrlg by Trajectory
  Uno                                  FORMAT, yrlg by Officer               FRAME OF MIND, yrlg by Seattle Fitz      Wildcat                              FUNNY MOOD (ARG), yrlg by             GAMBOL GOLDFISH, yrlg by Bartok         GENTLEMAN'S COPY, 2yo by Worldly         GILDED TWINE, 2yo by Menifee
FORCE ABOVE, 2yo by Malabar Gold       FORMER DRAMA, yrlg by Orpen             (ARG)                                FRENCH STRIPE, yrlg by Act of Duty,      Speightstown, wnlg by Stormy          (IRE)                                   Ways (GB)                              GILDED VANITY (IRE), yrlg by Danehill
FORCE FIVE GAL, yrlg by Limehouse      FORMIA, yrlg by Consolidator          FRANCESCA'S RUCKUS (SPR), 2yo            wnlg by Roar of the Tiger              Atlantic                            GAMBOLWITHDESTINY, yrlg by Bold         GENTLEMEN'S GUEST, yrlg by                 Dancer (IRE)
FORCE IN THE WINGS (IRE), yrlg by      FOR PETER'S SAKE, 2yo by                by Even the Score                    FRESA BABY, 2yo by Alke                FUNOON (IRE), yrlg by Woodman           Executive                               Pleasant Tap                           GILDEY (SPR), yrlg by Kafwain
  Zafeen (FR)                            Outofthebox, yrlg by Prime Timber   FRANCESCA STALLONE, yrlg by Mr.        FRESADORA, 2yo by Freespool            FUNSIE (FR) (SPR), yrlg by Rock of    GAME GAL, yrlg by Say Florida Sandy     GENTLE MIND, yrlg by Roman Ruler         GILD THE LILY, wnlg by Gulf Storm,
FORCE THE WAY, yrlg by Even the        FOR RUBIES, yrlg by Afleet Alex         Livingston                           FRESAL, yrlg by Tizbud                   Gibraltar (IRE)                     GAME PLAYER (SPR), yrlg by Friends      GENTLE NIGHT (GB), yrlg by Danehill        2yo by Omega Code
  Score, wnlg by Posse                 FORTHELIFEOFME, yrlg by Congaree      FRANCES IN THE SKY, wnlg by Van        FRESHBROOM, 2yo by Belong to Me        FUN TIME, yrlg by Milwaukee Brew        Lake                                    Dancer (IRE)                           GIMMIE A LITE, 2yo by Concorde's
FOR DIXIE (SPR), yrlg by Vindication   FORTHELOVEOFJULES, 2yo by               Nistelrooy                           FRESH TRACKS, yrlg by                  FUR WILL FLY (GB) (SPR), yrlg by      GAME TRICK (SPR), yrlg by Medaglia      GENTLE WAVE, yrlg by El Corredor,          Tune
FORDYCE (SPR), yrlg by Pleasantly        Hoopsworld                          THE FRANCHISE, yrlg by Gone West         Songandaprayer                         Dubawi (IRE)                          d'Oro, wnlg by Value Plus               2yo by Sky Mesa                        GIN AND JAZZ, yrlg by Soto
  Perfect                              FOR THE MUSIC, 2yo by Alajwad         FRANCIE, yrlg by Canadian Frontier     FREYA'S FIRE, wnlg by Roar of the      FUSAICHI'S ANGEL, yrlg by Purge       GANDIA (IRE), yrlg by Medicean (GB)     GENUINE ANGEL, yrlg by Delaware          GINANICOLE, yrlg by Saratoga Six
FOREIGN FORCE (SPR), yrlg by           FORTUESQUE, yrlg by Cherokee Run      FRANCIE WON ON ONE, 2yo by               Tiger                                FUSSY FEVER, yrlg by Ide              GAN'S GIRL (SPR), yrlg by Stormy          Township                               GINA TRIBBIANI (GB), wnlg by
  Drewman                              FORTUNATE DAMSEL, yrlg by               Double Honor                         FRIENDLIER (GB), yrlg by Dubawi        FUTURE ACT (SPR), yrlg by Gulch         Atlantic                              GENUINE GOER (SPR), wnlg by                Bertolini
FOREIGN LANGUAGE, wnlg by                Roman Ruler, wnlg by Vindication    FRANCISCO ROAD (SPR), 2yo by             (IRE)                                FUTURE EQUITY (SPR), yrlg by          GARANCIERE (FR), wnlg by Cape             Wildcat Heir                           GIN BUZZ, yrlg by Reformer Rally
  Halling                              FORTUNATELY FAST, yrlg by Bwana         Grand Slam                           FRIENDLY DAME, 2yo by Yonaguska          Stephanotis                           Cross (IRE)                           GENUINE LACE, yrlg by Kiridashi          GINDEED, yrlg by Dome
FOREST BAY, yrlg by Holy Bull            Charlie                             FRANGLAIS (GER) (SPR), yrlg by         FRIENDLY MICHELLE, yrlg by A.P.        FUTURE FLIGHT (GB), yrlg by           GARDEN CITY, wnlg by Stormy             GENUINE LIES, wnlg by Stormy Jack        GINGER THOMAS (SPR), yrlg by Van
FOREST BLAZE (SPR), yrlg by            FORTUNATE PASS, yrlg by Yankee          Selkirk                                Indy                                   Dalakhani (IRE)                       Atlantic                              GENUINELY (IRE), wnlg by Exceed            Nistelrooy
  Whywhywhy                              Gentleman, 2yo by Yonaguska         FRANKIE'S IMAGE, yrlg by Macabe        FRIENDOFTHEFAMILY, 2yo by              FUTURE GUEST (SPR), yrlg by           GARDEN DANCE, yrlg by Eurosilver          And Excel (AUS), yrlg by Soviet Star   GIN N GINGER, yrlg by Mobil
FOREST CALL (GB) (SPR), yrlg by        FORTUNATE PRINCESS, yrlg by           FRANSCAT, yrlg by Fusaichi Pegasus       Congaree, yrlg by Roman Ruler          Doneraile Court                     GARDEN ROSE (IRE), wnlg by Cape         GENUINE PROMISE, yrlg by Marino          GINNY AUXIER (SPR), 2yo by Vicar
  Footstepsinthesand (GB)                Graeme Hall                         FRAN'S FLASH, wnlg by Borrego          FRIENZIEDFRUITCAKE, 2yo by Freud       FUTURE RAINBOW, 2yo by Mr.              Town                                    Marini                                 GIN RUNNING (SPR), yrlg by Dixie
FOREST FIRE (SWE), yrlg by Mujahid,    FORTUNATETESTIMONY (SPR), yrlg        FRAN'S FOLLY, yrlg by Flatter          FRIGIDETTE (SPR), yrlg by Purge          Livingston                          GARDEN SECRETS (SPR), 2yo by            GENUTECH (SPR), wnlg by Exchange           Union
  wnlg by Val Royal (FR)                 by Concerto                         FRAPPAY, wnlg by Broken Vow, yrlg      FRINK, yrlg by Governor Brown          FUTURES MARKET, yrlg by Awesome         Speightstown                            Rate                                   GIORGIA RAE (IRE), wnlg by Dubawi
FOREST FLIGHT, wnlg by Giacomo,        FORTUNATE THING (SPR), yrlg by          by Cherokee Run                      FRISCO BELLE, yrlg by Empire             Again                               GARDEN SPOT, yrlg by Dynaformer         GEORGE SAND, wnlg by Omega                 (IRE)
  2yo by Macho Uno, yrlg by              Richter Scale                       FRAPPE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Sadler's     Maker                                FUTURE STARLET (SPR), wnlg by         GARDEN STREET, yrlg by                    Code                                   GIPSY MOTH (GB) (SPR), yrlg by
  Milwaukee Brew                       FORTUNATE VISION (SPR), wnlg by         Wells                                FRISKY KITTY, yrlg by Even the Score     Action This Day                       Consolidator                          GEORGIA K. (SPR), yrlg by Silver           Dubawi (IRE)
FOREST KEY (SPR), yrlg by Elusive        Broken Vow                          FRASCATI (GB), yrlg by Royal           FRISKY'S FINALE (SPR), yrlg by         GABACHA, yrlg by Rahy, 2yo by         GARDEN WHIMSY, yrlg by Yankee             Deputy                                 GIPSY ROSE LEE (IRE), yrlg by Trade
  Quality                              FORTUNATE WAY, yrlg by Seneca           Applause (GB)                          Storm Day                              Stravinsky                            Gentleman                             GEORGIALINA (SPR), yrlg by Cuvee           Fair (GB)
FOREST LADY, yrlg by Dynaformer          Jones                               FRAULEIN (GB) (SPR), yrlg by           FRITTA MISTA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by      GABBIE MAWDIE, wnlg by Chief          GARNET MINE (SPR), yrlg by Parker's     GEORGIANA LAKE, 2yo by Ten Most          GIRL CHILD (SPR), yrlg by Canadian
FOREST MYSTERY, yrlg by Indy King      FORTUNE LADY, yrlg by Read the          Seeking the Gold                       Acclamation (GB), 2yo by Namid         Seattle                               Storm Cat                               Wanted, yrlg by Tiznow                   Frontier
FOREST PRIZE (GB), yrlg by               Footnotes                           FRAU LOUISE, 2yo by Catienus             (GB)                                 GABRIELES PRINCESS, wnlg by           GASALINA, yrlg by Dark Kestrel          GEORGIANNA J., yrlg by                   GIRL IN VELVET (SPR), yrlg by
  Invincible Spirit (IRE)              FORTY GRAN (SPR), yrlg by             FRAYNE, yrlg by Buddha                 FRITZY RITZ, yrlg by Alke                Silver Train                        GATA SECRETA, wnlg by Roman               Winninginexcess                          Cherokee Run
FOREST SECRETS (SPR), yrlg by            Songandaprayer, wnlg by             FREDDY FENTER, yrlg by Bwana           FRIVOLOUSLY, yrlg by Drewman           GABRIELLINA GIOF (GB), wnlg by          Ruler, yrlg by Sky Mesa               GEORGIAN QUEEN, yrlg by Chapel           GIRL OF GOLD, wnlg by Pulpit
  Pulpit                                 Successful Appeal                     Charlie                              FRIVOLOUS PIRATE (SPR), wnlg by          Lemon Drop Kid                      GATED ENTRANCE, 2yo by Full               Royal                                  GIRL SCOUT, 2yo by Not For Love
FOREST SONG, wnlg by Greatness         FORTY NINE HEARTS (SPR), yrlg by      FREDORA (GB), wnlg by Avonbridge         Benchmark                            GABY G, yrlg by Dream Run               Mandate                               GEORGIA VENTURE (GB), yrlg by One        GIRLSGONEWILD, yrlg by Read the
FOREST STORM (SPR), yrlg by              Sky Mesa                              (GB)                                 FRIVOLOUS SAL (SPR), yrlg by           GAGAJULU (GB) (SPR), wnlg by          GATHERING FLOWERS (SPR), yrlg by          Cool Cat                                 Footnotes, wnlg by Ten Most
  Clodovil (IRE)                       FORTYNINEJULES, wnlg by Full          FRED'S DREAM (GB), yrlg by Exceed        Seattle Fitz (ARG)                     Singspiel (IRE)                       Lydgate                               GERA, yrlg by More Than Ready              Wanted
FORET NOIRE, yrlg by Devil His Due       Mandate, yrlg by Indian Ocean         And Excel (AUS)                      FROLIC AWAY, 2yo by Forestry           GAIL'S BRUSH (SPR), yrlg by           GATO NUMERO UNO (SPR), yrlg by                                                   GIRL WARRIOR, yrlg by Giant's
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         GERANIUM, yrlg by Seinne (CHI)
FOREVER BOUND, yrlg by Read the        FORTYNINER FEVER (SPR), wnlg by       FRED'S RUBY, yrlg by Golden Slew       FROLICING FROG, yrlg by Kipling          Eddington                             Demidoff                              GERRI N JO GO (SPR), yrlg by               Causeway
  Footnotes                              Hennessy, yrlg by Saint Liam        FREE AT LAST (GB) (SPR), yrlg by       FROM SEA TO SEA (SPR), 2yo by          GAIL'S FALCON (SPR), yrlg by          GATTO SELVAGGIO, yrlg by Tenpins          Medaglia d'Oro                         GIRTON GATE, yrlg by Value Plus
FOREVERCHARISMATIC, yrlg by            FORTY NINE STEPS, yrlg by Kafwain
                                                                               Act One (GB)                           Johannesburg                           Yankee Gentleman                    GAVIOLA, 2yo by Unbridled's Song        GERTIGO, yrlg by Caller I. D.            GIST, 2yo by Red Bullet
                                       FORTY PAULINA (ARG), yrlg by
  Midas Eyes                                                                 FREEBIE FROM JACK, 2yo by              FROM THE WORD GO, yrlg by              GAILY PHEASANT, yrlg by Posse         GAYE'S BLOSSOM (SPR), wnlg by           GES WHO'S GIRL, yrlg by Nicholas         GITANE (FR) (SPR), wnlg by Bahamian
                                         Awesome Again
FOREVER LAND (SPR), yrlg by El                                                 Sweetsouthernsaint                     Songandaprayer                       GALADRIEL (SPR), wnlg by Proud          Cat Thief                               Ds                                       Bounty (GB)
                                       FORWARD IMPACT, 2yo by Roar of
  Prado (IRE)                                                                FREECIELO (SPR), yrlg by Eurosilver    FROM TIME TO TIME, yrlg by E             Accolade                            GAYE'S LOCKET, yrlg by Canadian         GET AN EYE FULL, wnlg by Aptitude,       GIVE A WHISTLE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by
                                         the Tiger
FOREVER PARTNERS, 2yo by                                                     FREEDOM FRIES, 2yo by Malabar            Dubai                                GALA FANTASY, yrlg by Out of Place      Frontier, wnlg by Canadian Frontier     yrlg by Maria's Mon                      Statue of Liberty
                                       FOUFA'S HUNTER, wnlg by Stormy
  Alphabet Soup, yrlg by North Light                                           Gold                                 FROM VENUS, yrlg by Tribunal           GALA GOLD DIGGER, yrlg by Not         GAY FORCE, yrlg by Reuben               GETAWAY GIRL, wnlg by Giant's            GIVEN MOMENT (SPR), yrlg by
  (IRE)                                                                      FREEDOM MARCH, yrlg by                 FROND (GB) (SPR), wnlg by Araafa         For Love                            GAYLE'S GLORY, yrlg by Gold Tribute,      Causeway                                 Johannesburg
                                       FOUND GOLD, yrlg by Graeme Hall
FOREVER SONIC, 2yo by Repent                                                   Katowice                               (IRE), yrlg by Namid (GB)            GALA GOLDIE'S BEST, yrlg by             2yo by Peace Rules                    GET CONTROL, yrlg by Commitisize         GIVEN US HOPE, yrlg by Canadian
                                       FOUNDIT, yrlg by Vindication
FOREVER SPLENDID (SPR), yrlg by                                              FREEDOM'S SPIRIT (SPR), 2yo by         FRONT PAGE NEWS, 2yo by Prime            Limehouse                           GAY MOOD, yrlg by                       GET DOWN GIRL, yrlg by Seeking             Frontier, 2yo by Canadian Frontier
                                       FOUNTAINHEAD, yrlg by Powerscourt
  Ecton Park                                                                   High Demand                            Timber                               GALENA (GER), yrlg by Where Or          Changeintheweather                      Diamonds                               GLACKEN'S GRACE, yrlg by
FOREVER VALENTINE (SPR), yrlg by                                             FREEHEELIN, yrlg by Yonaguska          FRONT ROW CENTER, yrlg by                When (IRE)                          GAY ROMANCE (GB), yrlg by Sakhee        GET IT IN GEAR, yrlg by Leestown           Montbrook, wnlg by Not For Love
                                       FOUNTAIN SQUARE (SPR), yrlg by
  Olmodavor                                                                  FREE OF CHARGE, yrlg by Value            Highland Ruckus                      GALE THE QUEEN (SPR), yrlg by Five    GAZELLA FOREST, 2yo by Full             GET IT STRAIGHT, yrlg by Cherokee        GLAD COMPANY (SPR), yrlg by Erlton
                                         Forest Camp
FOREVER YOUNG, yrlg by Value Plus                                              Plus                                 FROSTY BAR U (SPR), 2yo by Wild          Star Day                              Mandate                                 Run                                    GLAMADOUR (IRE), wnlg by Fasliyev
                                       FOUR DUNIE YOGA (SPR), yrlg by
FOR EXAMPLE (SPR), yrlg by Cape                                              FREEPORT FLIGHT (SPR), 2yo by            Horses                               GAL FROM IPANIMA, 2yo by              GAZELLE BELLE, yrlg by Even the         GET LOST, yrlg by Successful Appeal      GLAMOROUS AIR (IRE), 2yo by
                                         Regal Intention
  Cross (IRE)
                                       FOUR GIRLS, yrlg by Even the Score      Alphabet Soup, yrlg by Olmodavor     FROSTY KISS, 2yo by Milwaukee            Drewman                               Score                                 GET LUCKY (SPR), yrlg by Storm Cat         Invincible Spirit (IRE)
FOR FREEDOM (IRE), yrlg by Peintre     FOUR GRACES, yrlg by Storm Day        FREEROLL, yrlg by Pulpit                 Brew, yrlg by Posse                  GALILANI, yrlg by El Corredor         GEENARITA, yrlg by Doug Fir, 2yo by     GET THE RING (FR), yrlg by Country       GLAMOROUS HABIT (SPR), yrlg by
  Celebre                              FOUR GREEN (FR), yrlg by King's       FREE SPIRIT (IRE), wnlg by Bertolini   FROSTY NOTE, 2yo by Take Me Out        GALILEO'S STAR, yrlg by Champali        Mi Cielo                                Reel                                     Northern Afleet
FORGE AHEAD, yrlg by Eurosilver          Best                                FRENCH BRAIDS, yrlg by Afleet Alex     FROST YOURSELF, wnlg by Mass           GALLANTIN GAL, yrlg by In Excess      GEE ONE, yrlg by Your Eminence          GETTIN AFTER IT, yrlg by Commitisize     GLAMOROUS ONE, yrlg by Dehere,
FORGET ABOUT IT (IRE) (SPR), yrlg      FOURTEEN WISHES, yrlg by The          FRENCH BUSTER, yrlg by                   Media                                  (IRE)                               GEEZE LOUISE, yrlg by Wildcat Heir      GET UP, yrlg by Quarry                     2yo by Saarland
  by Saint Liam                          Cliff's Edge                          Vindication                          FROSTY PEACE (SPR), wnlg by            GALLANTRY, yrlg by Lydgate            GEEZER SQUEEZER, yrlg by Peaks          GHANA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Danehill      GLAMOR QUEEN, 2yo by Roar of the
FORGET ME NOT (IRE), yrlg by           FOURTH DAUGHTER, yrlg by Sky          FRENCH FACTOR, 2yo by Hold That          Grand Reward                         GALLELUJAH, 2yo by Not For Love         and Valleys                             Dancer (IRE)                             Tiger
  Motivator (GB)                         Mesa                                  Tiger                                FROSTY WELCOME, yrlg by Selkirk        GALLEON, yrlg by Golden Missile       GEIGER'S LASS (SPR), yrlg by            GHARAM (SPR), wnlg by Iffraaj (GB)       GLAMOUR BAR, 2yo by Canadian
FORGET PARIS (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by      FOUR TWENTY SEVEN, yrlg by Snow       FRENCH FEMININA, 2yo by                FROZE (SPR), yrlg by Storm Boot        GALLINACCIA, yrlg by Slew City Slew     Tomahawk                              GHAZO (SPR), yrlg by Indian Charlie        Frontier
  Fasliyev                               Ridge                                 Mutakddim                            FROZEN ROPE (SPR), yrlg by Purge       GALLOPING GAL, yrlg by Dixie          GEMINI (ARG) (SPR), wnlg by Grand       GHITA (IRE), yrlg by Oratorio (IRE)      GLAMOUR CAT, wnlg by Aptitude
FOR GOLD'S SAKE, yrlg by One Nice      FOUR WINGS (IRE), yrlg by Medicean    FRENCHGLEN, 2yo by Yes It's True       FRUSTRATION (GB), 2yo by Dr              Union, wnlg by Officer                Slam, yrlg by Successful Appeal       GHOSTLY (IRE), 2yo by Red Ransom         GLAM ROCK (GB), yrlg by Motivator
  Cat                                    (GB)                                FRENCHIE, wnlg by Harlan's Holiday       Fong, wnlg by Peintre Celebre        GALLURA, 2yo by Meadowlake            GEMINI DIAMOND (IRE), yrlg by           GHOSTLY FLIGHT, yrlg by Offlee Wild        (GB)
FORGOTABOUTIT, yrlg by Domestic        FOXCALLER (SPR), yrlg by Forestry     FRENCH JEANNETTE, yrlg by Broken       FUDGE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Doyen        GAL OF MINE (SPR), yrlg by Cherokee     Azamour (IRE)                         GHOSTOFALADY (SPR), yrlg by Full         GLANCE AGAIN, yrlg by Pollard's
  Dispute                              FOXEY'S FINEST (SPR), yrlg by           Vow                                    (IRE), wnlg by Royal Applause (GB)     Run                                 GEM LOCK (SPR), 2yo by Deputy Wild        Mandate                                  Vision
FORLADIESONLY (SPR), yrlg by             Chelsey Cat                         FRENCH JUBILEE, 2yo by Omega           FUERZA MARINA, yrlg by Eurosilver      GAL O GAL, yrlg by Sky Mesa             Cat                                   GIANNINA PINK (SPR), yrlg by Peaks       GLANCE WINK SMILE, yrlg by Slew
  Deputy Commander                     FOXY CANADIAN (SPR), yrlg by            Code, yrlg by Roar of the Tiger,     FULLA FINESSE, 2yo by Roar of the      GAL ON THE GO (SPR), yrlg by          GEM TRECK (SPR), yrlg by Roman            and Valleys                              City Slew
FORMAL APPROVAL, yrlg by Danehill        Western Trick                         wnlg by With Distinction               Tiger                                  Pleasantly Perfect                    Ruler                                 G I C VERDICT, 2yo by Najran             GLARING SENORITA, yrlg by Golden
  Dancer (IRE), wnlg by Dansili (GB)   FOXY COXY, 2yo by Successful          FRENCH LINE (SPR), 2yo by Sky          FULL APPROVAL (SPR), yrlg by           GALOSHA, 2yo by Strategic Mission,    GENDER DANCE, yrlg by Maria's Mon       GIFT OF JOY, 2yo by Five Star Day          Slew
FORMAL BEAUTY, yrlg by Rock Hard         Appeal                                Mesa, yrlg by Songandaprayer           Roman Ruler                            yrlg by Wheelaway                   GENERAL JEANNE (SPR), yrlg by           GIFT OF SPRING, yrlg by Kheleyf          GLASS SLIPPER (SPR), yrlg by Halo's
  Ten                                  FOXY FRIEND, 2yo by Cuvee, yrlg by    FRENCH MADAM (SPR), yrlg by            FULL FIGURE (SPR), yrlg by El          GALOSHES, 2yo by Toccet                 Pleasantly Perfect                    GIFTS GALORE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by          Image
FORMAL EVENING, yrlg by                                                        Milwaukee Brew                         Corredor, 2yo by Toccet              GAL'S FORUM, yrlg by                  GENERAL LIZ, 2yo by Fruition, yrlg by     Barathea (IRE)                         GLEAM OF LIGHT (IRE) (SPR), 2yo by

24           THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                              THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                     25
Dams                                                                          GOLDEN CORONA, 2yo by Alphabet
                                                                                                                    GOLDEN TRAIN, yrlg by Proud Citizen
                                                                                                                    GOLDEN TREVALLY, yrlg by Five Star
                                                                                                                                                           GOODNIGHT IRENE (SPR), wnlg by A.
                                                                                                                                                            P. Warrior
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Pastoral Pursuits (GB)
                                                                                                                                                                                                 GRANDE ARMEE, wnlg by Harlan's
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Barathea (IRE)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          GRECIAN GRAIL (IRE), yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                GROWTH STOCK, 2yo by Sky Mesa,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  yrlg by Songandaprayer
                                                                              GOLDEN DANCE, yrlg by Rainmaker        Day                                   GOOD OPPORTUNITY, wnlg by               Holiday                                 Acclamation (GB)                     GRYADA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Sadler's
  Reset (AUS)                          GLOW RUBY GO, yrlg by Wiseman's        GOLDEN DARLING (SPR), yrlg by Tale    GOLDEN TRICK, yrlg by Whywhywhy         Cozzene                              GRANDEL (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Arakan       GRECIAN HALO, yrlg by Pastoral          Wells
GLEASON, 2yo by Trippi                   Ferry                                 of the Cat                           GOLDEN TRIP, wnlg by Consolidator      GOOD SECRETARY (SPR), 2yo by          GRANDEUR (SPR), 2yo by Canadian           Pursuits (GB)                        G'S OUT DANCIN', yrlg by Texas
GLEEFUL FEMME (SPR), yrlg by           GO AGAIN GIRL (SPR), 2yo by Trippi     GOLDEN DAYJUR, yrlg by Magic Cat      GOLDEN TRUMPET, yrlg by                 Bertrando                              Frontier, yrlg by Friends Lake         GREEDY GIRL, wnlg by Chief Seattle,     Glitter
  Tizbud                               GO AGAIN VALID, yrlg by Afleet         GOLDEN DEW (IRE), yrlg by Shinko       Anasheed                              GOOD SOLUTION, yrlg by Najran, 2yo    GRAND FAN, yrlg by Powerscourt            yrlg by Wheelaway                    G. STARR, yrlg by Sadler Slew
GLENARCY, yrlg by Pulpit                 Alex, 2yo by Belong to Me             Forest (IRE)                         GOLDEN TRUTH, 2yo by Virginia           by With Approval                       (GB)                                   GREEK ICON (GB) (SPR), yrlg by        GUAJIRA (FR), wnlg by Beat Hollow
GLENDALE, yrlg by Wildcat Heir         GO BETWEEN (GB), yrlg by               GOLDEN DRAGON (FR), yrlg by Even       Carnival                              GOOD VIBES, yrlg by Grand Reward      GRAND GALA, yrlg by More Than             Tagula (IRE)                           (GB)
GLENDA LOUGH, yrlg by Mobil              Avonbridge (GB)                       the Score                            GOLDEN WITNESS, yrlg by Alysweep       GOODWOOD BLIZZARD (GB), yrlg by         Ready                                  GREEK MYTH (IRE), yrlg by Arch        GUARANDA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by
GLENMARA (SPR), wnlg by Encosta        GO BLADE GO, yrlg by Royal Cat         GOLDEN ENCOUNTER (SPR), yrlg by       GOLDETTA, yrlg by Bay Head King         Medicean (GB)                        GRANDIOSITY, yrlg by Tale of the Cat     GREELEY CREEK, yrlg by In Excess        Bertolini
  de Lago (AUS)                        GO CLASSIC, yrlg by Pleasantly          Wagon Limit                          GOLD FLAIR (SPR), yrlg by Rock of      GOOGOOSH (IRE), 2yo by Verglas        GRANDJEAN, yrlg by Event of the           (IRE)                                GUARD DANCE (SPR), 2yo by
GLENNA (IRE), yrlg by Catcher In The     Perfect                              GOLDEN ENVOY (SPR), 2yo by E           Gibraltar (IRE)                        (IRE)                                  Year                                   GREELEY'S STARRE, yrlg by Langfuhr      Service Stripe
  Rye (IRE)                            GODDESS OF LOVE, 2yo by Global          Dubai, yrlg by Eurosilver            GOLD GARTERS, yrlg by Tiger Ridge      GO OUT BACKWARDS (FR), yrlg by        GRAND MIRAGE, yrlg by Successful         GREELY'S DREAM (SPR), 2yo by          GUARDED HEART, 2yo by
GLIDER (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by              Mission                              GOLDEN EPIC, 2yo by                   GOLDGORIAN'S ALDEN (SPR), yrlg          Exceed And Excel (AUS)                 Appeal                                  Friends Lake                           Catastrophe
  Avonbridge (GB)                      GODMOTHER, yrlg by                      Capitalimprovement                    by Louis Quatorze, 2yo by Not For     GORBAND, yrlg by Rock of Gibraltar    GRAND SPLASH (SPR), yrlg by City         GREEN AND BLUE, 2yo by Tartarus       GUARDIAN SPIRIT (GB), yrlg by
GLIDING LIGHT, 2yo by Hold That          Songandaprayer                       GOLDEN FAN, wnlg by Monarchos          Love                                   (IRE)                                  Zip                                    GREEN AND GOLD, yrlg by Eddington       Redback (GB)
  Tiger                                GO DONNA GO (SPR), 2yo by              GOLDEN FIORD (SPR), yrlg by Perfect   GOLD HUNTRESS, yrlg by Ecton           GORDY'S DANCER (SPR), yrlg by         GRAND SPLENDOUR (SPR), yrlg by           GREEN ANGEL, yrlg by Posse            GUD AFTANOON, yrlg by Red Bullet
GLIFTER, yrlg by Limehouse               Exchange Rate                         Soul (IRE)                            Park                                   Wild Zone, 2yo by Wiseman's Ferry      Galileo (IRE)                          GREENBERG, yrlg by Maria's Mon        GUERMANTES (GB), wnlg by Kyllachy
GLIMMER, yrlg by Distorted Humor       GOD'S LITTLE GIRL, 2yo by Pistols      GOLDENFLAG, yrlg by Benchmark         GOLDIEROX, yrlg by Trajectory          GORGEOUS PRINCESS, 2yo by             GRANDSTONE, yrlg by Medaglia             GREEN BONNET (IRE), yrlg by Sakhee      (GB)
GLIMMERING (IRE), wnlg by Street         and Roses                            GOLDEN GALE, yrlg by Grand Slam       GOLDIE'S ROAD, yrlg by Cat's At         Storm and a Half                       d'Oro                                  GREEN BOULEVARD, 2yo by Even the      GUIDE, yrlg by Forest Wildcat
  Cry (IRE)                            GOES AROUND, yrlg by Malibu Moon       GOLDEN GATITA, yrlg by Mizzen Mast     Home                                  GORGEOUS TRIESTE, wnlg by             GRAND STORM, wnlg by Tiznow               Score                                GUIGNOL (IRE), yrlg by Galileo (IRE)
GLIMMERING HALO (SPR), 2yo by          GOES A TREAT (IRE), yrlg by            GOLDEN GAZELLE (SPR), yrlg by         GOLDILOCK'S BEAR, wnlg by The           Thunder Gulch                        GRAND VERANDA, 2yo by                    GREEN DANUBE, 2yo by Tobougg          GUILT FREE, 2yo by Read the
  Perfect Soul (IRE)                     Needwood Blade (GB)                   Ecton Park                            Daddy                                 GOSH ALL GET OUT, yrlg by Medallist     Sweetsouthernsaint                      (IRE)                                  Footnotes
GLIMMER TWIN, yrlg by Indian           GO FOR BAIL, yrlg by Northern Afleet   GOLDEN GLOW, 2yo by Safely's Mark     GOLD INCENTIVE, yrlg by Mi Cielo       GOSLAR (GB), yrlg by Alhaarth (IRE)   GRAN MUJER (CHI), yrlg by                GREEN DAUPHINE, 2yo by Suave          GUILTY PLEASURE (SPR), 2yo by
  Charlie                              GO FOR IT LADY (SPR), yrlg by          GOLDEN GORSE (SPR), 2yo by            GOLD IN MY STARS (SPR), 2yo by El      GOSSAMER (SPR), yrlg by Storm Cat       Songandaprayer                          Prospect                               Dream Run
GLIMPSE (GB), yrlg by Kyllachy (GB)      Vindication                           Medaglia d'Oro                        Corredor                              GOSSIP, wnlg by Southern Image        GRANNY CLAMPETT, yrlg by To Teras        GREEN EYED KAY, 2yo by Doneraile      GULCH GIRL, yrlg by Bernstein
GLINTING DESERT (IRE), yrlg by         GO FOR JACKIE (SPR), yrlg by           GOLDEN HANDCUFFS, 2yo by              GOLD LINED (SPR), yrlg by Peaks        GO SUPERSONIC (GB), yrlg by           GRAN OLE FLAG, yrlg by Cuvee              Court                                GUSHER, yrlg by Prime Timber
  Danehill Dancer (IRE)                  Slewdledo                             Brahms, yrlg by Honour and Glory      and Valleys                            Compton Place (GB)                   GRAN SENORITA (SPR), yrlg by             GREEN HEIGHTS, 2yo by Forest          GUST OF GLORY, yrlg by He's Tops
GLISTEN, yrlg by Kitten's Joy          GO FOR PUDDIN, yrlg by Dixieland       GOLDEN HOPE, yrlg by Midterm          GOLD LURE, 2yo by Macho Uno            GOT KOKO, yrlg by A.P. Indy             Songandaprayer                          Camp                                 GUT APPROVAL, yrlg by Halifax
GLISTER GIRL, yrlg by Yes It's True      Band                                 GOLDEN JENNY, yrlg by Eurosilver      GOLD MARK (GB), yrlg by Galileo        GO TO THE INK, yrlg by Forestry       GRAN TRACE BAG, wnlg by                  GREEN JEWEL, yrlg by Mobil            G WAITIN ON O, yrlg by During
GLITTERBALL (SPR), wnlg by Gibson      GO GALE, yrlg by Good and Tough        GOLDEN JEWEL BOX (SPR), yrlg by        (IRE)                                 GOTTAH PENNY, wnlg by                   Entepreneur                            GREEN LADY (IRE), yrlg by             GWEDDA (SPR), yrlg by Stormin
  County, 2yo by Three Wonders         GO GET IT, yrlg by El Corredor          Songandaprayer                       GOLD MIST (GB), yrlg by Rock of         Johannesburg                         GRAPEVINE (IRE), yrlg by                  Cherokee Run                           Fever
GLITTERBDANCING, yrlg by Roman         GO GO (SPR), yrlg by Pleasantly        GOLDEN K K, yrlg by Gotham City        Gibraltar (IRE)                       GOTTA TEMPER, 2yo by Macho Uno          Consolidator, 2yo by Tale of the Cat   GREENLAW, yrlg by Champali            GWYNETH (GB), yrlg by Verglas (IRE)
  Ruler                                  Perfect                              GOLDEN LAKE, yrlg by El Corredor      GOLD N CASH, 2yo by Van Nistelrooy     GOTTA WEAR SHADES (SPR), yrlg by      GRASS SKIRT (SPR), yrlg by Medallist     GREEN LIFE (GB), yrlg by Noverre      GYMNASTIC GIRL, yrlg by
GLITTER BEE, yrlg by Freud             GO GO JACK, yrlg by Winter Glitter     GOLDEN MADE, yrlg by North Light      GOLD NOT DIAMONDS, yrlg by              Dream Run                            GRATEN (IRE) (SPR), wnlg by Whipper      GREEN LIGHT (SPR), yrlg by Stormin      Hollycombe
GLITTER B GLITTER, yrlg by Even the    GO HIGH, yrlg by Rock Hard Ten          (IRE)                                 Montbrook                             GOT THE VOTES (SPR), yrlg by Lion     GRATORIOUS, yrlg by Burning Roma          Fever                                GYPSY HOLLOW (SPR), yrlg by Purge
  Score                                GO HONEY, 2yo by Time Bandit           GOLDEN MARLIN, yrlg by Smarty         GOLD NOTEBOOK, yrlg by Repent           Heart                                GRAVIERES (FR) (SPR), yrlg by            GREEN MILL, yrlg by Taste of          GYPSY SWAP (SPR), yrlg by
GLITTER BOND, 2yo by Flatter           GOING ASHORE, 2yo by                    Jones                                GOLD PAGE, yrlg by Misnomer            GOWESTFORLUCK, yrlg by Seattle          Whipper                                 Paradise                               Eddington, wnlg by Include
GLITTERING AFFAIR, yrlg by Souvenir      Songandaprayer                       GOLDEN MEAN, wnlg by Dixieland        GOLD PARODY (SPR), 2yo by Peace         Shamus                               GRAVINA (SPR), 2yo by War Chant          GREEN READER (SPR), yrlg by Offlee    GYRENE, 2yo by Skimming
  Copy                                 GOING AWAY, yrlg by Finance the         Band                                  Rules                                 GOWNS N CROWNS, yrlg by Peace         GRAY CACHE, yrlg by Saarland              Wild                                 HABAZA (IRE), wnlg by Kheleyf
GLITTERING DIAMOND, yrlg by Alke         Cat, wnlg by Truluck                 GOLDEN MELODY, yrlg by Domasca        GOLD PATTERN (SPR), yrlg by             Rules                                GRAY CASHMERE, yrlg by Medaglia          GREEN ROOM (SPR), yrlg by             HABBY'S STUFF, yrlg by Teton Forest
GLITTERING IMAGE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg     GOING AWAY BLUES, 2yo by Mecke,         Dan, wnlg by Where's the Ring         Leroidesanimaux (BRZ)                 GRAB GINGERLY (SPR), yrlg by            d'Oro                                   Hennessy                             HABERDASHI, yrlg by Ciano Cat
  by Governor Brown                      wnlg by Pomeroy                      GOLDEN MIRAGE, wnlg by Include        GOLD PLUM (SPR), wnlg by Forest         Roman Ruler                          GRAY DART, 2yo by Wagon Limit            GREEN SWALLOW (FR), yrlg by           HABIBOO, yrlg by Forest Wildcat
GLITTERING JANE, 2yo by On Target      GOING DIXIE, yrlg by Storm and a       GOLDEN MONARCH, yrlg by Broken         Wildcat                               GRABLE (SPR), yrlg by Leestown        GRAY FEVER, yrlg by Read the              Anabaa                               HABIT, yrlg by Honour and Glory
GLITTERINGMISCHIEF, yrlg by Grand        Half, 2yo by Vision and Verse         Vow, wnlg by Littleexpectations      GOLD PRINCESS, yrlg by Forest          GRABLE (IRE), yrlg by Rock of           Footnotes                              GREGG'S MISTAKE, yrlg by Chopin       HADDIE (SPR), yrlg by Posse
  Reward                               GOING OUR WAY, yrlg by Grand Slam      GOLDEN NUN (GB), yrlg by Dubawi        Danger                                 Gibraltar (IRE)                      GRAY OAKS DAY, yrlg by Cuvee             GREGORIAN CHANCE, yrlg by             HADIF'S BALLERINA, yrlg by Favorite
GLITTERING SKY (SPR), yrlg by          GOLCONDA (IRE), yrlg by Celtic          (IRE)                                GOLD RANSOM (SPR), yrlg by Grand       GRACE AVENUE, 2yo by Cactus           GRAY RYDER, yrlg by Your Eminence         Aldebaran                              Trick
  Indian Ocean                           Swing (GB)                           GOLDEN PATH (SPR), yrlg by             Slam                                   Ridge                                GRAY SAPPHIRE, yrlg by Dehere,           GRENOUILLERE (SPR), yrlg by One       HADIFS QUALITY, yrlg by Devon Lane
GLITTERING TAX, yrlg by Eddington      GOLD AND BLUE (IRE), yrlg by Indian     Mutakddim                            GOLD RUSH QUEEN (SPR), yrlg by         GRACE CREEK, yrlg by Kafwain            wnlg by Lemon Drop Kid                  Cool Cat                             HAFHAFAH (GB), yrlg by Mull of
GLITTER TIME, yrlg by Vicar              Haven (GB)                           GOLDEN PENNY, yrlg by Value Plus       A.P. Indy                             GRACEFUL AIR (IRE), 2yo by Xaar       GRAY TOUCH (SPR), yrlg by Touch          GRETA D'ARGENT (IRE), yrlg by One       Kintyre
GLOBAL, yrlg by North Light (IRE)      GOLD AND GLORY, yrlg by Buckle         GOLDEN PETAL (SPR), yrlg by Grand     GOLD TEMPO, yrlg by Repent              (GB)                                   Gold                                    Cool Cat                             HAFIFAH, yrlg by Dixieland Band
GLOBAL FINANCE (SPR), yrlg by            Down Ben                              Reward                               GOLDTHROAT (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by        GRACEFUL BID (SPR), 2yo by Pure       GRAY TRICK, yrlg by Omega Code           GRETNA (GB), yrlg by Oasis Dream      HAGERSTOWN, yrlg by Hidden City
  Lion Heart                           GOLD BAR LADY, yrlg by During
                                                                              GOLDENRAIN, yrlg by Compton Place      Antonius Pius                          Precision, yrlg by True Direction    GRAZETTES (SPR), yrlg by Closing          (GB)                                 HAGWAH, 2yo by Bahamian Bounty
                                       GOLD BELT (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by
GLOBAL STAR (SPR), yrlg by Value                                               (GB)                                 GOLDTOWN BEAUTY, yrlg by Kyle's        GRACEFUL CAT, yrlg by Maria's           Argument                               GREY BALLET, 2yo by Peace Rules         (GB), wnlg by Dubai Destination,
                                         Makbul (IRE)
  Plus                                                                        GOLDEN REALITY (SPR), yrlg by          Our Man                                Mon                                  GRAZIE PAPA, yrlg by Devon Lane          GREYCIOUSNESS, yrlg by Stormy           yrlg by Royal Applause (GB)
                                       GOLD BOWL, yrlg by Action This Day
GLOBAL TOUR, yrlg by Tomahawk                                                  Consolidator                         GOLF GIRL (SPR), yrlg by Saint Liam    GRACEFUL LASS (GB), yrlg by Rock      GREAT AUNT ALICE, wnlg by Grand           Atlantic, wnlg by War Front          HAIL, 2yo by Good and Tough
                                       GOLD BRACELET, 2yo by Five Star
GLOOMY KNOT, yrlg by D'wildcat                                                GOLDEN REEF (SPR), yrlg by Storm      GOLUBITSA (IRE), yrlg by Reset (AUS)    of Gibraltar (IRE)                     Reward                                 GREY DAWN GREY (SPR), yrlg by         HAIL HILLARY, 2yo by
GLORIA'S GOLD, yrlg by Deputy                                                  Cat                                  GO MARTHA (IRE), yrlg by Bertrando     GRACEFUL LEIGH (SPR), yrlg by         GREAT BUY, yrlg by War Chant              Friends Lake                           Johannesburg
                                       GOLD BRASH, yrlg by Mingun
  Commander                                                                   GOLDEN REMARK, yrlg by Cobra          GOMIAGO, yrlg by Posse                  Afleet Alex                          GREAT COLORS, wnlg by Good               GREY GABLES, 2yo by Sefapiano         HAIL HOLY QUEEN, yrlg by El
                                       GOLD BUZZ, yrlg by Milwaukee Brew
GLORINDA, yrlg by Van Nistelrooy                                               King                                 GO MISTY GO, yrlg by Kiridashi         GRACEFUL NANCY, yrlg by The Cliff's     Reward                                 GREY SPELL, yrlg by Tenpins             Corredor
                                       GOLD CHALICE (SPR), 2yo by
GLORIOUS (GB), yrlg by Whipper                                                GOLDEN REPUTASHN, wnlg by Silver      GO N CAMPIN, wnlg by Philanthropist     Edge                                 THE GREAT FLORA, yrlg by Cactus          GREY TOBE FREE, yrlg by Mass          HAIL THE FLAG, yrlg by Stephen Got
GLORIOUS CAT, yrlg by More Than                                                Train                                GONCHAROVA, yrlg by Montjeu            GRACIE GALE, 2yo by Werblin             Ridge                                   Market                                 Even
                                       GOLD COAST KRIS, yrlg by Mister
  Ready, 2yo by Posse                                                         GOLDEN RHYTHM, yrlg by Southern        (IRE)                                 GRACIE LADY (IRE), yrlg by Fusaichi   GREAT FUN (SPR), yrlg by Gilded          GREY TRAFFIC, wnlg by Pleasantly      HAIL THE PRINCESS, 2yo by Malabar
GLORIOUS HONOUR, yrlg by Even                                                  Image                                GONE TO BOSTON, yrlg by Anasheed        Pegasus                                Time                                    Perfect, yrlg by Saint Liam            Gold
                                       GOLD COURT, yrlg by Grand Reward
  the Score                                                                   GOLDEN RIVER, yrlg by Blazonry        GONE WEST LADY, wnlg by It's No        GRACILITY, yrlg by Limehouse          GREAT IMPULSE (SPR), 2yo by              GRIN AND DARE IT, yrlg by E Dubai     HAIL THE QUEEN (SPR), wnlg by
                                       GOLD CREATIONS, yrlg by Holiday
GLORIOUS JENNA, 2yo by Even the                                               GOLDEN SCRIPTURE, yrlg by Maria's      Joke                                  GRACINHA, yrlg by Birdstone             Repent                                 GRINCH, yrlg by Mr. Greeley             Congrats
  Score                                                                        Mon                                  GO NICHOLAS GO (SPR), 2yo by           GRACIOUS AIR, yrlg by Kyllachy (GB)   GREAT LADY SLEW (SPR), yrlg by           GRINDSTONE LASSIE, yrlg by            HAITI DANCER (GB), wnlg by Haafhd
                                       GOLD DUSK, yrlg by Cuvee
GLORIOUSLY BRIGHT, yrlg by Indian      GOLDEN ABERDEEN, yrlg by One           GOLDEN SIGNET, yrlg by Grand           Cryptoclearance                       GRACIOUS GIRL, yrlg by Cee's Tizzy      Roman Ruler                             Kitten's Joy                           (GB)
  Ridge (IRE)                            Way Love                              Reward                               GONNA BE (SPR), yrlg by Not For        GRACIOUS GRETCLO (GB), yrlg by        GREAT LOOKING MISS, yrlg by              GROOM LANDING, 2yo by Red             HALCYON DAZE (GB), wnlg by Dr
GLORIOUS SENSATION (SPR), yrlg by      GOLDEN ANTHEM, yrlg by Key of          GOLDEN SILCA (GB), yrlg by             Love                                   Camacho (GB)                           Milwaukee Brew                          Bullet                                 Fong
  Kela                                   Luck                                  Shamardal                            GOOD BYE GOLDEN, yrlg by Dehere        GRACIOUS HOPE, yrlg by Street Cry     GREAT MAJESTY (SPR), 2yo by              GROOM SERVICE (SPR), 2yo by           HALEYCLAIRE, 2yo by Saarland
GLORY AND GRACE, wnlg by Elusive       GOLDEN ANTIGUA (SPR), wnlg by          GOLDEN SLIVER (SPR), yrlg by          GOODBYE RUBYTUZDAY, yrlg by             (IRE)                                  Delaware Township                       Desert Warrior, yrlg by Prime        HALEY'S CLASSIC, wnlg by
  Quality, 2yo by Silver Deputy          Ghostzapper, yrlg by Golden           Najran                                One Way Love                          GRACIOUS LIVING, yrlg by              GREAT MEADOW (SPR), 2yo by                Timber                                 Songandaprayer
GLORY DAYS (GER), wnlg by Araafa         Missile                              GOLDEN SONATA, yrlg by A.P. Indy      GOOD ENOUGH (FR) (SPR), yrlg by         Ghostzapper                            Sunday Break (JPN)                     GROOVETTA, yrlg by Rock Hard Ten      HALEYS FURY, wnlg by Grand Slam
  (IRE)                                GOLDENASKANBE, wnlg by Offlee          GOLDEN SPHINX, yrlg by Elusive         Oasis Dream (GB)                      GRADE A STAR (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by     GREAT PLAINS LADY (SPR), yrlg by         GROOVIN' BOOGIE (SPR), yrlg by        HALF GOLD, 2yo by Pure Precision
GLORY GLORY, yrlg by Mr. Greeley         Wild                                  Quality                              GOOD FORECAST (SPR), 2yo by Two         Redback (GB)                           Speightstown                            Robyn Dancer                         HALF HOLY, yrlg by Halory Hunter
GLORY HIGH, wnlg by Orientate          GOLDEN ASTER (SPR), yrlg by Malibu     GOLDEN SUNRAY, yrlg by Golden          Punch                                 GRADUATE OF HONOR, 2yo by             GREAT SHOT GRACE, yrlg by Devil          GROOVY (GB), yrlg by Chineur (FR)     HALLAND PARK GIRL (IRE), wnlg
GLORY ROAD, yrlg by Formal Gold          Moon                                  Missile                              GOOD HEAVENS, yrlg by Closing           Quarry                                 His Due                                GROOVY ANGEL, yrlg by Tricky            by Compton Place (GB)
GLORY'S INN, yrlg by Omega Code,       GOLDEN AUTUMN (SPR), yrlg by           GOLDEN SWALLOW, yrlg by Holy           Argument                              GRAIL, yrlg by Oasis Dream (GB)       GREAT THREADS, yrlg by                   GROOVY BROAD, yrlg by City Zip        HALLEY'S FIELD, yrlg by Formal Gold
  2yo by Omega Code, yrlg by             Chapel Royal                          Bull, 2yo by Skip Away               GOOD HUMOR GAL, wnlg by Silver         GRAIN OF GOLD (GB), yrlg by Pivotal     Successful Appeal                      GROOVY HANNAH, yrlg by K. O.          HALLIE LYN, yrlg by Lemon Drop Kid
  Omega Code                           GOLDEN BALLET (SPR), yrlg by           GOLDEN TANGO, yrlg by El Corredor      Train                                  (GB)                                 GREAT TRICK (SPR), 2yo by Put It          Punch                                HALLOW WEAN (SPR), yrlg by Posse
GLORY WON (SPR), yrlg by                 Distorted Humor                      GOLDEN TEMPER, yrlg by Elusive        GOOD LADY LUCK, yrlg by Salt Lake      GRANDALEA (GB), yrlg by Motivator       Back                                   GROOVY MINISTER, yrlg by Not For      HALO ALFAARI, yrlg by Where's the
  Outofthebox                          GOLDEN BAND, yrlg by Vindication        Quality                              GOOD MOOD (SPR), yrlg by Tiger          (GB), wnlg by Pivotal (GB)           GREAT TRIUMPH, yrlg by Buzzy's            Love                                   Ring
GLOVED HAND (GB), wnlg by              GOLDEN CHATTER, 2yo by Chapel          GOLDEN THATCH (SPR), wnlg by           Hill (IRE)                            GRANDAUGHTER, yrlg by Kinshasa          Gold                                   GROUP ESTATE, yrlg by Haus of         HALO BLUE, 2yo by Snow Ridge
  Cadeaux Genereux (GB)                  Royal, yrlg by Kafwain                Giant's Causeway                     GOODNESS, 2yo by Empire Maker          GRAND CAP D, yrlg by Freud            GRECIAN AFFAIR, yrlg by Ten Most          Dehere                               HALO FEMME (SPR), yrlg by Salt
GLOWING HONOR, yrlg by Five Star       GOLDEN CINEMA, yrlg by Purge           GOLDEN TIY (SPR), yrlg by Tiznow      GOODNESS GRACIOUS (IRE), yrlg by       GRAND DEED, wnlg by Mineshaft           Wanted                                 GROVE CITY (SPR), wnlg by Candy         Lake
  Day                                                                         GOLDEN TOAST, yrlg by Olmodavor        Medicean (GB)                         GRAND DESIGN (GB), wnlg by            GRECIAN BRIDE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by        Ride (ARG)                           HALO KITTY KAT, yrlg by Entepreneur

26           THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                             THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                   27
Dams                                                                           HEART OF WHIMSY, 2yo by
                                                                                                                       Medaglia d'Oro
                                                                                                                     HEIR TODAY (IRE), 2yo by
                                                                                                                                                            HESPERUS, yrlg by Turnofthecentury
                                                                                                                                                            THE HESS EXPRESS (SPR), 2yo by
                                                                                                                                                                                                    HIGH SOCIETY (IRE), yrlg by Rock
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            HOLLY GOLIKELY, wnlg by Giacomo
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            HOLLYWOOD AND WINE, yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    HONOR PRINCESS, 2yo by
                                                                               HEART RIVER (SPR), yrlg by Erlton       Benchmark, yrlg by Skimming            Newfoundland                            of Gibraltar (IRE)                     Indian Charlie                         HONOR SOCIETY, 2yo by Lightnin N
HALO MY BABY (SPR), 2yo by Zavata         Pegasus                              HEARTS DELIGHT, 2yo by Tenpins,       HEIR TO THE QUEEN, yrlg by El          HESTER LOU (SPR), wnlg by Borrego,      HIGH SPEED ACCESS, yrlg by              HOLLYWOOD BALDCAT, yrlg by Sky           Thunder
HALO MY CAT, yrlg by Friends Lake       HARTSTOWN HOUSE (IRE), yrlg by           yrlg by Tenpins                       Corredor                               2yo by Whywhywhy                        Dynaformer                             Mesa                                   HONOR THE LADY, yrlg by Tempolake
HALORY LEIGH, yrlg by Elusive             Kheleyf, 2yo by Noverre              HEART'S DESIRE, yrlg by Siberian      HEJRAAN TWO (IRE), 2yo by Red          HESTER PRYNNE (SPR), yrlg by            HIGH STANDARD (GB) (SPR), 2yo by        HOLLYWOOD DIVA, 2yo by Storm            HONOUR MARIANNE, yrlg by Chapel
  Quality                               HARVE DE GRACE, yrlg by Tapit            Summer                                Ransom                                 Oratory                                 Exceed And Excel (AUS)                 Passage                                 Royal
HALO SILVER, 2yo by Arch                HARVEST ROAD, yrlg by Where's the      HEART'S DESIRE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by   HELENA'S PARIS (IRE), wnlg by          HETTY (IRE), yrlg by Choisir (AUS)      HIGHTSHIFT (SPR), wnlg by Forest        HOLLYWOOD PRINCESS, yrlg by             HONOUR OFF, yrlg by Omega Code
HALO SUN, wnlg by During, yrlg by         Ring                                   Night Shift                           Barathea (IRE)                       HEVER ROSINA (GB), yrlg by Fayruz         Camp, yrlg by Pure Prize               Eurosilver                             HOODWINK (IRE), yrlg by Invincible
  Zavata                                HASH IT OUT, yrlg by Stormy            HEARTSET, yrlg by Mingun              HELEN BLUE BLAZES, 2yo by David          (GB)                                  HIGHWATER JANE (SPR), yrlg by           HOLY BLITZ, 2yo by Sligo Bay (IRE)       Spirit (IRE)
HANDSOME ANNA (IRE), wnlg by              Atlantic                             HEARTS R GONA ROLL (SPR), yrlg by       Copperfield, yrlg by Storm Day       HEYAM, wnlg by Storm Boot                 Regent Act                            HOLY BOLLA (SPR), yrlg by Cherokee      HOOKED ON NINERS, wnlg by
  Antonius Pius, yrlg by Intikhab       HASTA (SPR), 2yo by Falbrav (IRE)        Tin Can Sailor                      HELEN CORDELIA, yrlg by Mr. Jester     HEY BOB A REBA, 2yo by Peace            HIGHWOOD PASS, 2yo by Rainmaker          Run                                     Johannesburg
HANG UP, yrlg by Stormin Fever          HASTE (GB), yrlg by Avonbridge (GB)    HEART STOPPING, yrlg by Oratorio      HELEN SHARP (GB), yrlg by Exceed         Rules                                 HI LILI, wnlg by Speightstown           HOLY BUBBETTE, yrlg by Empire           HOOKEDONTHEFEELIN (SPR), yrlg
HANNAHANNABOBANNA, wnlg by              HASTEN, yrlg by Dubawi (IRE), wnlg       (IRE)                                 And Excel (AUS)                      HEY GHAZ (SPR), yrlg by Gilded Time     HILLARY STREET, yrlg by Crafty Shaw      Maker                                   by Distorted Humor
  Announce                                by Oasis Dream (GB)                  HEART THAT MATTERS, yrlg by           HELIBEL (IRE), yrlg by Redback (GB)    HEY HAZEL, yrlg by Limehouse            HILL COUNTRY GIRL, 2yo by Valid         HOLY GOLIGHTLY, 2yo by                  HOOSIER CAT, yrlg by Ford Every
HANNAH'S DOLL, yrlg by Flatter          HASTY APPEAL (SPR), 2yo by               Tiznow                              HELIOPAUSE, yrlg by In Excessive       HEY SEATTLE, wnlg by Toccet               Belfast                                Milwaukee Brew                          Stream
HANNAH'S INK (SPR), yrlg by Indian        Runaway Groom, yrlg by Southern      HEART WARMER (SPR), yrlg by             Bull                                 H. F. BRIMSTONE (SPR), 2yo by           HILLSIDE GIRL (IRE), yrlg by Exceed     HOLY HINDU, 2yo by Lucky Lionel         HOOTEN ANNIE, yrlg by Toccet
  Ocean                                   Image                                  Storm Boot                          HELLO FANNY (SPR), yrlg by Out of        Yankee Gentleman                        And Excel (AUS)                       HOLY HOUR, yrlg by Peaks and            HOPE FOR LOVE, 2yo by Grand Slam
HANNAH'S THUNDER (SPR), yrlg by         HASTY ARRIVAL (SPR), yrlg by Five      HEART WARMING, wnlg by Cactus           Place                                HIAWAKI (SPR), wnlg by Zavata           HILL TOP FARMA, 2yo by Patton, yrlg      Valleys                                HOPE OF NATIONS, yrlg by Repent
  Nicholas Ds                             Star Day                               Ridge, 2yo by Essence of Dubai      HELLO GRANNY, 2yo by Honor Glide       HIDDEN AGENDA (FR), yrlg by               by Turn West                          HOLY LIGHTNING (SPR), 2yo by            HOPE'S AHEAD, 2yo by Tapit
HANNAH'S TIME, 2yo by Cimarron          HASTY DANCE, yrlg by E Dubai           HEARTWOOD, wnlg by Bernstein, 2yo     HELLO JOSEPHINE, 2yo by Lion             Camacho (GB)                          HILL WELCOME (GB) (SPR), yrlg by         Awesome Again                          HOPE'S DIAMOND, 2yo by Forest
  Secret                                HASTY KISS, yrlg by Peaks and            by Doneraile Court                    Heart                                HIDDEN GREETING, yrlg by Lion             Bahamian Bounty (GB)                  HOLY MACKEREL, yrlg by Yonaguska         Camp
HANNA'S NANA, yrlg by Cimarron            Valleys                              HEATHER'S CONCERTO, yrlg by           HELLO KARAKORUM, wnlg by Macho           Hearted                               HIPPICRITICAL, yrlg by Where's the      HOLY NINER, 2yo by Speightstown         HOPE SHE'S A PRO, yrlg by Point
  Secret                                HASTYS BOOK (SPR), yrlg by               Grand Reward, wnlg by Grand           Uno                                  HIDDEN INTENT (SPR), 2yo by Trippi        Ring                                  HOLY PAREE, 2yo by Alke, yrlg by         Given
HANNDA (IRE), yrlg by Singspiel (IRE)     Gimmeawink                             Reward, yrlg by Grand Reward, 2yo   HELLO LUCKY, wnlg by Giant's           HIDDEN MEANING (GB) (SPR), wnlg         HIPS AND LIPS, yrlg by Harlan's          Alke                                   HOPE'S HOPE, yrlg by Tomahawk
HANNERLY, yrlg by Rock Slide            HASTY SWORD, 2yo by Omega Code           by Out of Place                       Causeway                               by Sleeping Indian (GB), yrlg by        Holiday                               HOLY SATURDAY, yrlg by Value Plus       HOPE SOON, yrlg by Bowman's Band
HANSA (SPR), yrlg by Storm Victory      HATTIE DANCER, yrlg by Early Flyer     HEATHER'S DEAL, yrlg by Grand         HELLO MOON (SPR), yrlg by                Trade Fair (GB)                       HIS GINGER (SPR), yrlg by Stroll        HOLY TREASURE, 2yo by Forestry          HOPE TOWN (FR), yrlg by Anabaa
HANSELINA, yrlg by Aptitude             HAUSMAN (SPR), yrlg by Cuvee             Appointment                           Monarchos                            HIDDEN STORM (SPR), 2yo by              HISHIKATSU BALLADO, yrlg by             HOLY VISION R. N., yrlg by Eurosilver   HOPPING HIGGINS (IRE), 2yo by
HANSEL'S LOVE, 2yo by Freespool,        HAUTE (SPR), 2yo by                    HEAT IS ON (SPR), yrlg by Indian      HELL ON HEELS, yrlg by Came Home         Fusaichi Pegasus, wnlg by Mr.           Johannesburg                          HOLY WAY, yrlg by Touch Gold             Lucky Story
  yrlg by Freespool                       Littleexpectations                     Charlie                             HELLO SLEWMAN, yrlg by Monashee          Greeley                               HISHI PEBBLE (SPR), yrlg by             HOLYWOOD PICTURE, 2yo by                HORAH FOR BAILEY, 2yo by Ten
HANTO YO (SPR), yrlg by Dixie Union     HAUTE VOLTA (FR), yrlg by Motivator    HEAVEN KNOWS WHY (SPR), 2yo             Mountain                             HIDDEN TEMPER (SPR), 2yo by Horse         Yonaguska                              Congaree                                Most Wanted
HANYAH (SPR), yrlg by Closing             (GB)                                   by E Dubai, yrlg by Officer         HELSINKA (FR), yrlg by Giant's           Chestnut (SAF), yrlg by               HISTOIRE SAINTE (FR) (SPR), yrlg        HOMAH SAV, 2yo by Catienus              HORATIA (IRE), wnlg by Oasis Dream
  Argument, wnlg by Storm and a         HAVE FAITH (IRE), 2yo by Cape Cross    HEAVEN-LIEGH-GREY (SPR), wnlg by        Causeway                               Powerscourt (GB)                        by Smart Strike                       HOME AGAIN, yrlg by Najran               (GB)
  Half                                    (IRE)                                  Diktat (GB)                         HELSINKI (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Giant's   HIDDEN WINGS, wnlg by Bandini           HISTORICAL DRIVE, yrlg by Out of        HOME COOKIN, yrlg by Outflanker         HORSAFIRE (SPR), 2yo by Buddha
HAPPYANUNOIT (NZ), 2yo by Dr            HAVEN, yrlg by Tiger Ridge             HEAVENLY AURA, 2yo by Street Cry        Causeway                             HIDEAWAY HEROINE (IRE), yrlg by           Place                                 HOME COURT, yrlg by Unbridled's         HORSESHOE PEAK, yrlg by Suave
  Fong                                  HAWAIIAN DANCER, yrlg by Hold            (IRE), yrlg by Street Cry (IRE)     HELWA, wnlg by Rahy                      Street Cry (IRE)                      HISTORIX (FR), yrlg by                   Song                                    Prospect
HAPPY APPROVAL (SPR), wnlg by             That Tiger                           HEAVENLY BAY, yrlg by Red Ransom      HELYNA'S DREAM, yrlg by                HIDE THE BRIDE (SPR), yrlg by             Footstepsinthesand (GB)               HOME FROM OZ, yrlg by Yes It's True     HORSESHOE'S PRIDE, yrlg by Truluck
  Badge of Silver                       HAWAIIAN RHYTHM, yrlg by Aptitude      HEAVENLY CAT (SPR), yrlg by Pulpit      Wheelaway                              Consolidator                          HISTORY, yrlg by Cherokee Run           HOME LASS, yrlg by Flaming West         HORYYA (IRE), wnlg by Beat Hollow
HAPPY BROOK, yrlg by Military           HAWAIT AL BARR (GB) (SPR), wnlg        HEAVENLY DAWN, yrlg by Harlan's       HEMLINE, wnlg by Burning Roma          HIDLE, yrlg by Bernstein                HITCHED TO A STAR, yrlg by              HOME MASTER, yrlg by Mr.                 (GB)
HAPPY EMOTIONS, yrlg by Devon             by Cadeaux Genereux (GB), yrlg by      Holiday                             HENNESSY WALTZ, 2yo by El              HIGH AND LOW (GB) (SPR), 2yo by           Consolidator                           Livingston                             HOSANNAH, yrlg by Malibu Moon
  Lane                                    Dubawi (IRE)                         HEAVENLY GRAY, yrlg by Burning          Corredor                               Beat Hollow (GB)                      HI TECH HONEYCOMB, 2yo by City          HOME RUN HITTER, yrlg by Pulpit         HOT AGNES (GB), wnlg by Pastoral
HAPPY FLIGHT (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by       HAWALA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Danehill     Roma                                HERAKLIA (SPR), yrlg by Roman          HIGH ARCH (SPR), wnlg by Stormy           Zip, yrlg by Pico Central (BRZ)       HOMOGINIZE, 2yo by Domestic              Pursuits (GB)
  One Cool Cat                            Dancer (IRE)                         HEAVENLY HALO (SPR), 2yo by             Ruler                                  Atlantic                              HIT IT HERE CAFE, yrlg by                Dispute, wnlg by Eurosilver            HOT AUGUST NIGHTS (SPR), 2yo by
HAPPY GILDMORE, 2yo by Broken           HAWA MAHAL, wnlg by Borrego, yrlg        Najran, yrlg by Taste of Paradise   HERAT'S TUNE (SPR), yrlg by            HIGH BARN (GB), yrlg by Marju (IRE)       Johannesburg                          HONDO CREEK, 2yo by Smoke                Officer
  Vow, wnlg by Unbridled Energy           by Five Star Day                     HEAVENLY HINDU, yrlg by                 Essence of Dubai                     HIGH BRIDGE (SPR), yrlg by              HIT ON ICE, yrlg by B. G.'s Drone        Glacken                                HOT BABY, 2yo by Jump Start
HAPPY IN REALITY, yrlg by West Acre     HAWAYIL, yrlg by Sky Mesa                Powerscourt (GB)                    HEREAFTER, yrlg by Honour and            Johannesburg                          HIT SONG (SPR), yrlg by Snowbound       HONEST ASHLEIGH (SPR), yrlg by          HOT CHIPOTLE, yrlg by Mr. Greeley,
HAPPY LADY (FR) (SPR), yrlg by          HAWK DANCE, yrlg by Yonaguska          HEAVENLY MEETING, yrlg by Bright        Glory, wnlg by Smoke Glacken         HIGH CASTE, 2yo by Stormy Atlantic      HIT THE DECK (SPR), 2yo by Market        Include                                 2yo by Officer
  Lucky Story                           HAWKEY TALK, 2yo by Forest Camp          Launch                              HERE COMES BETTY (SPR), wnlg by        HIGHER EARNINGS (SPR), yrlg by            Forecast                              HONEST DECEIVER, yrlg by Roman          HOT COLORS (SPR), yrlg by Globalize
HAPPY NUMBERS, 2yo by El                HAWK LAKE FIRE, yrlg by Peaks          HEAVENLY MISS, wnlg by Trippi           Henny Hughes                           Yonaguska                             HIT THE SKY (IRE), wnlg by Hurricane     Ruler, 2yo by Speightstown             HOT COMMUNICATOR, yrlg by
  Corredor, yrlg by Stephen Got Even      and Valleys                          HEAVENLY NOTE (SPR), yrlg by Skip     HERE COMES CHELSIE, yrlg by            HIGHEST GROUND, yrlg by Teton             Run (IRE)                             HONEST GRADE, yrlg by Captain            Eurosilver, 2yo by Malibu Moon
HAPPY OMEN (GB), wnlg by Royal          HAWZAH (GB), wnlg by Aldebaran,          Away                                  Grand Reward                           Forest                                HIWAAYATI (SPR), wnlg by                 Bodgit                                 HOT CRUISER, yrlg by In a Walk
  Applause (GB)                           yrlg by Diesis (GB)                  HEAVENLY PUNCH, wnlg by Cactus        HERE COMES CHERRY, yrlg by Sligo       HIGH FINANCE (IRE), yrlg by Xaar          Proclamation (IRE), yrlg by Zafeen    HONESTLY DARLING, 2yo by                HOTEL CALIFORNIA (IRE), yrlg by
HAPPY PRINCES, 2yo by Cuvee             HAY LAUREN, wnlg by Stormy                                                     Bay (IRE)
                                                                                 Ridge                                                                        (GB)                                    (FR)                                   Unbridled's Song                        Dandoun (GB)
                                          Atlantic, 2yo by Tale of the Cat
HAPPY'S LOVE, yrlg by Richly                                                   HEAVENLY REFRAIN, yrlg by Stormin     HERE I AM LORD, yrlg by Alajwad        HIGH FLYING HONOR, yrlg by Chullo       HO BABY, wnlg by Rockport Harbor        HONEST PROMISE, 2yo by Concerto         HOT EXPECTATIONS, 2yo by Smoke
                                        HAY LET'S DANCE (SPR), wnlg by
  Blended                                                                        Fever                               HERE I GO (SPR), yrlg by Giant's         (ARG)                                 HOBBLES, yrlg by Stagecoach             HONEYBLONDE, yrlg by Zavata              Glacken
                                          Love of Money
HAPPY TO BE HOME, wnlg by                                                      HEAVENLY RHYTHM, 2yo by Northern        Causeway, 2yo by Storm Cat           HIGH FUN, wnlg by Bop                   HOH FLYER, yrlg by Reformer Rally       HONEY BROWN (SPR), yrlg by              HOT FLASH, yrlg by Sadler Slew
                                        HAYLEY'S DANCER (SPR), yrlg by
  Trajectory                                                                     Afleet                              HER EMMINENCE, yrlg by Milwaukee       HIGH GALE, 2yo by Malibu Moon,          HOH INTREPID (IRE), yrlg by              Monarchos, 2yo by Tiznow               HOT GOLDEN JET, yrlg by
HAPPY TO CHAT (IRE), yrlg by                                                   HEAVENLY SPIRITS (SPR), yrlg by         Brew                                   yrlg by Tiznow                          Bahamian Bounty (GB), wnlg by         HONEY GOLD (IRE), yrlg by El Prado       Johannesburg
                                        HAY WHATSAMADDAU, 2yo by
  Captain Rio (GB)                                                               Lemon Drop Kid                      HERE'S KITTY (SPR), 2yo by E Dubai     HIGH HEARTS, yrlg by Kalu                 Bertolini                              (IRE)                                  HOT GOSSIP (SPR), yrlg by
HAPPY TOO, yrlg by Whywhywhy                                                   HEAVENLY TEARS, yrlg by Gilded        HERE'S YA MAMA, yrlg by Tomorrows      HIGH HEELED HONEY (SPR), yrlg by        HOIST (IRE) (SPR), wnlg by Tiger Hill   HONEY IN THE LEAD, 2yo by Lightnin       Performing Magic
                                        HAZEL EYES, wnlg by Aptitude, 2yo
HARBOR BLUES, wnlg by                                                            Time                                  Cat                                    El Corredor                             (IRE)                                  N Thunder                              HOT KITTY, 2yo by Chapel Royal, yrlg
                                          by Service Stripe
  Dynaformer                                                                   HEAVENLY TIMES, wnlg by El            HERE'S YOUR HAWK, yrlg by              HIGH HEELED HOPE (SPR), wnlg by         HOITY TOITY (GB), yrlg by Danehill      HONEYMOON SECRETS, wnlg by               by Purge
                                        HEAD FOR HOME, yrlg by Officer
HARBOR GIRL, 2yo by Maria's Mon                                                  Corredor, yrlg by Limehouse           Malabar Gold                           Bernstein                               Dancer (IRE)                           Bowman's Band                          HOT MATCH (SPR), yrlg by Tiznow
                                        HEAD FOR THE STARS (IRE), yrlg by
HARBOR PRINCESS, yrlg by Salt                                                  HEAVENLY VALENTINE, 2yo by            HERE TO ME (GB), wnlg by Kheleyf       HIGH HUMIDITY (SPR), yrlg by North      HO JOY, yrlg by Chapel Royal, 2yo by    HONEYOFANACT (SPR), yrlg by Score       HOT MOON, yrlg by Southern Image
                                          Catcher In The Rye (IRE)
  Lake                                                                           Formal Gold                         HER GRACE (IRE), yrlg by High            Light (IRE), 2yo by Olmodavor           Gilded Time                            Early                                  HOT NOVEL (SPR), wnlg by Fusaichi
                                        HEAD LAMP, yrlg by Malibu Moon
HARBOR SUNRISE, 2yo by Petionville                                             HEAVENLY WHISPER (IRE), 2yo by          Chaparral (IRE)                      HIGHINDI (GB), yrlg by Oratorio (IRE)   HOLD ALL CALLS, 2yo by Birdstone        HONEY'S ANGLE, 2yo by Flatter            Pegasus
                                        HEAD OVER HEELS, yrlg by Roaring
HARD AGROUND, yrlg by Mingun                                                     Cape Cross (IRE)                    HER LADYSHIP, yrlg by Lion Heart       HIGH IN THE PARK (SPR), 2yo by Five     HOLD THE LIME, yrlg by Closing          HONEY STORM (IRE), yrlg by Titus        HOT N SUNNY, 2yo by Grim Reaper
HARD AND FAST, 2yo by Snuck In
                                        HEADREST (SPR), yrlg by Alhaarth       HEAVEN'S ANSWER, 2yo by Kettle        HER LADYSHIP (GB) (SPR), yrlg by         Star Day                                Argument, 2yo by Omega Code            Livius (FR)                            HOT ODYLE, yrlg by Direct Hit
HARD AS NAILS, yrlg by Champali           (IRE)                                  Won                                   Noverre                              HIGH INTRIGUE (GB), wnlg by Where       HOLD THE SPIRIT (SPR), yrlg by          HONFLEUR (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Mr.       HOT PILLOW (SPR), yrlg by Aldebaran
HARDERTHANPRIDE, yrlg by Forest         HEART BEATS TRUE, yrlg by City Zip     HEAVEN'S NOTEBOOK, 2yo by             HERMIONE'S MAGIC, yrlg by Value          Or When (IRE)                           Consolidator                           Greeley                                HOT QUEEN, 2yo by Gulf Storm
  Wildcat                               HEARTBREAKER, yrlg by Malibu             Concorde's Tune                       Plus                                 HIGH LADY, yrlg by Roman Ruler          HOLD YOUR PLACE, yrlg by City           HONKY TONK PAT, yrlg by Saint Liam      HOT RED, 2yo by Vindication
HARDLY A LADY, 2yo by                     Moon                                 HEAVEN'S RUN (SPR), yrlg by           HERMITESS, wnlg by Da Stoops           HIGHLAND STRIKE, yrlg by                  Place                                 HONOLUA BAY (SPR), yrlg by              HOT SALSA (SPR), yrlg by Malibu
  Sweetsouthernsaint                    HEART LAKE, yrlg by Grand Slam           Burning Roma                        HEROIC FLIGHT, 2yo by Indian             Wheelaway                             HOLIDAY BALL (SPR), yrlg by Not          Limehouse                               Moon
HARDLY FAIR, wnlg by Tale of the Cat    HEART OFA CHAMPION, yrlg by            HEAVEN'S TEAR, wnlg by Alke, 2yo        Charlie, yrlg by Purge, wnlg by      HIGHLEY'S SADIE, yrlg by Doug Fir         For Love                              HONOLULU GOLD (SPR), yrlg by            HOT SERVE, 2yo by Cuvee
HARD TO MANAGE, 2yo by                    During, 2yo by Prime Timber            by Drewman                            Victory Gallop                       HIGHLY ESTEEMED, yrlg by Storm          HOLIDAY GOLD, yrlg by Mr. Greeley        Gold Case                              HOT TO TANGO, yrlg by Domedriver
  Gimmeawink                            HEART OF A CHIEF, wnlg by Silver       HEAVEN TO EARTH, yrlg by High         HERONETTA (GB), yrlg by American         Creek                                 HOLIDAY RUNNER (SPR), yrlg by           HONORABLE CAT, yrlg by Gone West         (IRE)
HARDY HAR HAR, wnlg by El                 Train                                  Demand                                Post (GB)                            HIGH ONA DREAM, 2yo by Erlton, yrlg       Ghostzapper, 2yo by Speightstown      HONORABLY, 2yo by Ide                   HOT WEEKEND, 2yo by Broken Vow
  Corredor                              HEART OF AMERICA (SPR), 2yo by         HECKLE (GB), wnlg by Iffraaj (GB)     HERO'S LOVE (SPR), yrlg by Holy          by Eugene's Third Son                 HOLIDAY SALE (SPR), yrlg by Five        HONORARY GUEST (SPR), 2yo by            HOUDINI'S HONEY, yrlg by Awesome
HAREM QUEEN, 2yo by Concerto              Halo's Image                         HEDGE RATIO (SPR), 2yo by Dixie         Bull                                 HIGH ON GIN, yrlg by Double Honor         Star Day                               Wild Gold                               Again
HARFLEUR, wnlg by Golden Missile        HEART OF HONOR, wnlg by Stormy           Union                               HER OWN TERMS, yrlg by Monarchos       HIGH ON LOVE, yrlg by Grand             HOLIDAY SNOW (SPR), 2yo by Mr.          HONORETT, yrlg by Aldebaran             HOUSE IN WOOD (FR) (SPR), wnlg by
HARIYA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Noverre       Atlantic                             THE HEEBSTER, yrlg by Pollard's       HER REALITY, 2yo by Hook and             Appointment                             Greeley                               HONOR HER PRESENCE, yrlg by              Oasis Dream (GB), yrlg by Rock of
HARMATTAN, yrlg by Bernstein            HEART OF INDIA (SPR), yrlg by            Vision                                Ladder                               HIGH PETERGATE (IRE), 2yo by            HOLLIE COLLIE, wnlg by The Daddy         Beau Genius                             Gibraltar (IRE)
HARMONIC SOUND (IRE), yrlg by             Avonbridge (GB)                      HEEREMANDI (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by       HER SHE KISSES, yrlg by Indian           Mujahid                               HOLLIE'S ENTRE, wnlg by With            HONORIA (SPR), 2yo by More Than         HOUSE OF CHEER, yrlg by
  Barathea (IRE)                        HEART OF THE BULL (SPR), 2yo by          Giant's Causeway                      Charlie, wnlg by Street Cry (IRE)    HIGHPOINT PRINCESS, yrlg by Even          Distinction                            Ready, yrlg by Successful Appeal        Turnofthecentury
HARMONIST, yrlg by Selkirk                Alke                                 HEIDI OHIO (SPR), yrlg by Rosetti     HER SHE SHAWKLIT (SPR), 2yo by           the Score, 2yo by Service Stripe      HOLLOW DESIGN (SPR), yrlg by            HONORINE (IRE), wnlg by Galileo         HOUSEOFCREEK (SPR), yrlg by
HARRIET'S TOUCH, yrlg by Grand          HEART OFTHE MATTER (GB), yrlg by       HEIRESSTOTHETHRONE, yrlg by             Speightstown                         HIGH POTENTIAL, yrlg by Street Cry        Wildcat Heir                           (IRE)                                   Nicholas Ds
  Reward                                  Kingsalsa                              Point Given                         HER SIRENITY, yrlg by Formal Dinner      (IRE)                                 HOLLY BLUE (GB), yrlg by Rock of        HONOR LASS, wnlg by Fusaichi            HOUSE PARTY, yrlg by A.P. Indy
HARRIETT LANE, wnlg by Fusaichi                                                HEIRLOOM DIAMOND, 2yo by              HESITANT LADY, yrlg by Champali        HIGH SILVER, 2yo by Ten Most              Gibraltar (IRE)                        Pegasus, yrlg by Thunder Gulch         HOUSE VIRGIN (SPR), 2yo by

28            THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                   29
Dams                                                                            I'LL BE THE ONE, yrlg by Offlee Wild
                                                                                I'LL BE WAITING (GB), yrlg by Refuse
                                                                                                                         I'M RIGHT, wnlg by Motivator (GB)
                                                                                                                                                                 INGOZI (GB) (SPR), yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                                   Footstepsinthesand (GB)
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Applause (GB)
                                                                                                                                                                                                        INTRIGUING SLEW, yrlg by Lemon
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 IRON FEATHER (SPR), yrlg by Sky
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ITS ON THE AIR (IRE), yrlg by Rahy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           IT'S OUR TIME, yrlg by Touch Gold
                                                                                   To Bend (IRE)                         I'M SO AGREEABLE (SPR), 2yo by          IN HER GLORY (SPR), yrlg by                Drop Kid                             IRON'S ADVANCE (SPR), yrlg by             IT'S SILENT (SPR), 2yo by Petionville
  Monarchos                            HYMENEE (SPR), yrlg by Dubawi (IRE)      I'LL DO IT MY WAY, yrlg by Medaglia         Candy Ride (ARG)                       Aldebaran                            IN TRIPLACATE (SPR), yrlg by                Truluck                                IT'S SPOOKY, yrlg by More Than
HOUSTON BELLE, yrlg by Crimson         HYMN OF THE DAWN, 2yo by                    d'Oro                                 I'M SWEETER, yrlg by                    IN HER HONOR (SPR), yrlg by Dance          Petionville                          IRON SOD, yrlg by Sadler Slew                Ready
  Hero                                    Medecis (GB)                          I'LL GET THERE (SPR), yrlg by Elusive       Songandaprayer                         With Ravens                          INTRODUCER, yrlg by Smoke                IRON VEIN, yrlg by Mingun                 IT'S THE BERRIES, yrlg by Fistfite
HOUSTON TUNE (SPR), 2yo by Peace       HYPNOTIZE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by               Quality                               I'M TRAPPED (SPR), 2yo by Wised Up      INHERIT, yrlg by Broken Vow, wnlg by       Glacken                              IRREGARDLESS, yrlg by Benchmark           IT'S TIME TO FLY (SPR), wnlg by
  Rules                                   Hernando (FR)                         I'LL NEVER FORGET, yrlg by               INASPECIAL WAY (SPR), yrlg by             Broken Vow                           IN TRUTH, yrlg by Giant's Causeway       IRRESISTABLE YOU, 2yo by West                Sunday Break (JPN)
HOWARD'S BABY, 2yo by Lost             HY VANITY, yrlg by Indian Ocean             Fantasticat                              Indian Ocean                         INJAAZ (GB), yrlg by King's Best       INUENDO (SPR), 2yo by                       Acre                                   IT'S TRUE BLUE, yrlg by Omega Code
  Soldier                              I AIM HIGH (SPR), 2yo by Point Given     ILLUCINATION, 2yo by Bernstein           INCA EMPRESS (SPR), 2yo by              INK POT, wnlg by Acclamation (GB)          Birdonthewire                        ISABEAU (SPR), wnlg by Bernstein          ITS TUESDAY, wnlg by Alke
HOW 'BOUT CHRIS, 2yo by Not For        I AIN'T P T, 2yo by Not For Love         ILLUSORY, yrlg by Grand Reward              Century City (IRE)                   IN LOVE AGAIN, 2yo by Holy Bull        INVADE, yrlg by Cuvee                    ISABELLA D'ESTE (IRE), wnlg by            IT'S YOUR FAULT, yrlg by Unbridled's
  Love                                 IANERA (GB), 2yo by Pyrus                ILLUSTRATED (SPR), yrlg by               INCARSONATE, yrlg by Vicar              INNATENESS (SPR), yrlg by Proud        INVINCIBLE (SPR), yrlg by Vicar             Diktat (GB)                               Image
HOW CAN THAT BE (SPR), yrlg by         I BE SHY, 2yo by Valid Belfast              Aldebaran                             INCATINKA, yrlg by Lucky Story            Citizen                              INVINCIBLE (GB), 2yo by Medicean         ISABELLA ROSE, wnlg by Fusaichi           IT TAKES TWO (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by
  Devon Lane                           I. B. FORTY (SPR), yrlg by Taste of      IMABOVE YOU (SPR), wnlg by Hook          INCHA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Dynaformer    INNER CIRCLE, 2yo by Peace Rules           (GB)                                    Pegasus, yrlg by Gulch                    Acclamation (GB)
HOWL AT THE MOON, wnlg by                 Paradise                                 and Ladder                            INCHALONG (GB), yrlg by Lucky           INNOCENCE (GB), yrlg by                INVITETHEBLUES (SPR), yrlg by            ISABEL'S FURY, yrlg by Personal First     IVANAVINALOT, yrlg by Grand Slam
  Olmodavor, yrlg by Proud Citizen     IBTIHAL (IRE), yrlg by Verglas (IRE)     I'M A CAUTION, yrlg by Johannesburg         Story                                  Footstepsinthesand (GB)                  Concerto                             ISADORA (GB), yrlg by King's Best         IVAR'S HONEY, 2yo by Freud
HOW'S EVERYTHING, yrlg by Safely's     IBTIKAR (SPR), yrlg by Danehill          IMACOOKIETOO (SPR), yrlg by              INCHENI (IRE), yrlg by Pivotal (GB)     INNOCENT AFFAIR (IRE), 2yo by          INYA LAKE (GB), yrlg by Trade Fair       I'S A FACT, yrlg by Posse                 I'VE BEEN A GEM, yrlg by Jump
  Mark                                    Dancer (IRE)                             Werblin                               INCHIRI (GB), yrlg by Oratorio (IRE)      Cherokee Run                            (GB)                                  ISANA (JPN), wnlg by Iffraaj (GB), yrlg      Start
HOW SPECIAL, yrlg by Bold              ICANSEEYOUNOW, yrlg by                   I'M A DEVIL DUE, yrlg by Proud           INCH MARLOWE (SPR), yrlg by Honor       INNOVATE, yrlg by Mr. Greeley          INY BELLE, yrlg by Bwana Charlie            by Refuse To Bend (IRE)                I'VEGOTHEMUSICINME, 2yo by
  Executive                               Monarchos                                Accolade                                 Glide                                INNY RIVER (SPR), 2yo by Arch, wnlg    IN YOUR DREAMS (IRE), yrlg by High       ISAYGO (SPR), wnlg by Roman Ruler            Cuvee, yrlg by Forest Danger
HOXSEY, 2yo by Lion Heart              I CANT HELP MYSELF (SPR), 2yo by         IMAGINARY CAT (SPR), yrlg by Saint       INCHYRE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Cape          by Arch                                 Chaparral (IRE)                       ISBELL AMBIEL (SPR), yrlg by              IVGOTTOPASS, yrlg by True Direction
H R HENNESSY, yrlg by Gone                Lite the Fuse                            Liam                                     Cross (IRE)                          INOMA SLEW (SPR), yrlg by Johar        IONIAN BRIDE (SPR), yrlg by Grand           Pioneering                             IVORDANCE, yrlg by Full Mandate
  Hollywood                            ICANTNO (SPR), yrlg by Dome              IMAGINARY MONARCH, yrlg by               INCIRCLE MISS (SPR), yrlg by Afleet     IN PASSING, yrlg by Colony Light          Reward                                I SCREAM MELISSA (SPR), yrlg by           IVOR'S SONNET, wnlg by Flatter, yrlg
HUDDLE, wnlg by Century City (IRE)     ICE CARNIVAL, yrlg by Forest Camp           Victory Gallop                           Alex                                 IN ROME, yrlg by El Corredor           IONLYHAVEEYESFORU (SPR), yrlg by            Lydgate                                   by Stroll
HUDSON VALLEY, yrlg by Medaglia        ICE COOL MISS, yrlg by Suggest           I'MAKNIGHTSCHOICE (SPR), yrlg            INCLINATION, yrlg by Malibu Moon        INSAN MALA (IRE), wnlg by Aragorn         Strong Hope                           IS KYLIE GOOD, 2yo by Golden              IVORY BRIDE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by
  d'Oro                                ICE CREAM CONE, 2yo by Medaglia             by Posse                              INCONTESTABLE, yrlg by Roar of the        (IRE)                                I OWE SILVER, yrlg by Grand Reward          Missile, yrlg by Macho Uno                Arakan
HUFFLEPUFF (IRE), yrlg by Compton         d'Oro, yrlg by Royal Academy          I'M A LITTLE BUSY (SPR), yrlg by City       Tiger                                INSEARCHOFGOLD (SPR), yrlg by          IOWEYOUTWENTY (SPR), 2yo by Put          ISLANDAGORE (IRE), yrlg by Trans          IVORY PERFECTION, yrlg by Perfect
  Place (GB)                           ICE CREAM LADY, yrlg by Minardi             Zip                                   INCREDIBLE BLUES, wnlg by                 Offlee Wild                             It Back                                  Island (GB)                               Soul (IRE)
HUGMELIKEYOULOVEME (SPR), 2yo          ICEE CHEASPEAKE, 2yo by Moscow           I'M ALYMATT (SPR), yrlg by Mud              Seattle Shamus                       INSEPARABLE, yrlg by Johannesburg      IPANEMA BEACH (GB), yrlg by              ISLAND COLONY, yrlg by Lomitas            IVORY'S JOY (GB), yrlg by Kyllachy
  by Stormy Atlantic                      Ballet                                   Route                                 INCREDIBLE ME (SPR), 2yo by             INSIDE OR OUTSIDE (SPR), yrlg by          Exceed And Excel (AUS)                   (GB)                                      (GB)
HULA HULA, yrlg by Closing             ICEE SARA (SPR), wnlg by Lion Heart      I'M AN ISSUE (SPR), yrlg by El              Friends Lake, yrlg by Purge            Stephen Got Even                     I. P. C. BABY, 2yo by Gulf Storm, yrlg   ISLAND DESTINY (GB), 2yo by Red           IVORY TRICK, wnlg by Limehouse
  Argument                             ICE STAR, yrlg by Medallist                 Corredor                              INCUMBENT, wnlg by Forest Wildcat       INSIDE STORY, 2yo by Chapel Royal,        by Smooth Jazz                           Ransom                                 IVOWEN, wnlg by Refuse To Bend
HULAMORE, 2yo by Monarchos             ICE THE PUCK, yrlg by Smooth Jazz        IMA PURE OKIE LADY, yrlg by              INDELIBLE MARK, yrlg by                   yrlg by Lion Heart                   IREALLYNEEDEDTHIS (SPR), 2yo by          ISLAND ECHO, yrlg by Limehouse               (IRE)
HULA QUEEN, 2yo by Green Tune          ICON (GB), yrlg by Celtic Swing (GB)        National Saint                           Whywhywhy                            INSINUATION (IRE), wnlg by Carnival       Put It Back, wnlg by                  ISLANDER BLUES, yrlg by Act of Duty       IVY COAST (SPR), yrlg by Beau
HUMBLE (SPR), yrlg by Langfuhr         ICY CAT, yrlg by Not For Love            I'M A REAL COWGIRL, wnlg by Best         INDEMNIFY, yrlg by Belong to Me           Dancer (GB)                             Sweetsouthernsaint                    ISLAND ESCAPE, wnlg by Giant's               Genius
HUMBLE FIFTEEN, yrlg by Danehill       ICY DEMEANOR (SPR), wnlg by Dixie           of Luck                               INDEPENDENCE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by        INSOMNIE, yrlg by Johannesburg         IRENE'S TALKIN (SPR), yrlg by               Causeway                               IVY LEAGUE MISS, wnlg by Bwana
  Dancer (IRE)                            Union                                 I'M A SLICK CHICK, yrlg by                  Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)              INSPIRATIONAL (SPR), 2yo by Golden        Songandaprayer                        ISLAND FIRE (SPR), yrlg by War               Charlie
HUMBLE MAGGIE, 2yo by Southern         ICY ICE, yrlg by Suggest                    Eddington                             INDIAN BELLE (IRE), yrlg by Rock of       Missile                              IRGUN'S TRIAL, 2yo by Volponi               Chant                                  IVY QUEEN (IRE), wnlg by Oratorio
  Forest                               ICY MINISTER, yrlg by Elusive Quality    IMASPEEDYGIRL, yrlg by Storm and            Gibraltar (IRE)                      INSPIRED HEIRESS, yrlg by Old          IRIDESCENCE (SPR), yrlg by Tale of       ISLAND LORE, wnlg by Vindication             (IRE)
HUMBLE ONE ONE ONE, 2yo by             IDADIDIT, 2yo by Dixie Union                a Half                                INDIAN GIFT (GB), yrlg by Medicean        Topper                                  the Cat                               ISLAND MAZE, yrlg by Mizzen Mast          IZA BON BON (SPR), 2yo by
  Southern Forest                      I DEAL CAT, 2yo by Voyagers Quest        I'M A STARMAKER, yrlg by Macabe             (GB)                                 INSPIRED KISS, yrlg by Rock Hard       IRINA (IRE), yrlg by Azamour (IRE),      ISLAND PARK, yrlg by Limehouse               Rainbow Blues (IRE), yrlg by Swiss
HUMBLING (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Indian   IDEAL IMAGE, yrlg by Broken Vow,         I'M A TROOPER (SPR), yrlg by Roar        INDIAN JEWEL, yrlg by Friends Lake        Ten                                     wnlg by Marju (IRE)                   ISLAND QUEEN (SPR), yrlg by                  Yodeler
  Charlie                                 2yo by Broken Vow                        of the Tiger, 2yo by Tiger Ridge      INDIAN MOONLIGHT, 2yo by Master         INSPIRED VERSE (SPR), yrlg by Old      IRINATINVIDIO (GB), 2yo by Invincible       Hennessy                               IZANA (SPR), yrlg by Pleasantly
HUMILITY (GB), wnlg by Nayef           IDEAL INDEX (SPR), yrlg by               I'MBACKINACTION, wnlg by Rock               Bill                                   Topper                                  Spirit (IRE)                          ISLAND RACE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by              Perfect
HUMOR HER, yrlg by Stormy Atlantic        Limehouse, 2yo by Tapit                  Slide                                 INDIAN PAINTBRUSH, 2yo by Storm         INSTORE, yrlg by Touch Gold            IRISH BARONESS, yrlg by Dance With          Dubawi (IRE)                           IZIBI (SPR), yrlg by Tagula (IRE)
HUMPHREYETTE, yrlg by Mass             IDEAL RELATION, yrlg by Midas Eyes       IMELDA (SPR), yrlg by Indian Ridge          Day, yrlg by Storm Day               INSURED DEPOSIT, wnlg by Bellamy          Ravens                                ISLAND RHYTHM (SPR), yrlg by Afleet       JAAN'S BRUSH, yrlg by Runaway
  Market                               IDEAL SCENARIO, yrlg by Mingun              (IRE)                                 INDIAN SNOW, yrlg by Tiznow               Road                                 IRISH BRICK (SPR), 2yo by Jump              Alex                                      Groom
HUNTER'S GOLD, yrlg by Mingun          IDLE DAY, yrlg by Desert Warrior         I ME MINE, yrlg by Appealing Skier       INDIAN SUNSET (SPR), yrlg by City       IN SUZANNE'S HONOR, yrlg by               Start                                 ISLE GO WEST (SPR), yrlg by Forestry      JABALI (FR), 2yo by Galileo (IRE)
HUNTING FOR ACTION, yrlg by            IDMA (GB), yrlg by Zamindar              I'M IN CELEBRATION (SPR), yrlg by           Zip                                    Tribunal                             IRISH CHERRY (SPR), 2yo by               ISLEMISSYOU, 2yo by Barkerville,          JACKET REQUIRED, 2yo by
  Katahaula County                     IDOL GIFT (SPR), 2yo by Leestown            Grand Slam                            INDIENNE (IRE), 2yo by Invincible       INTEND TO WIN (SPR), yrlg by              Medaglia d'Oro, yrlg by Storm Cat        yrlg by Zavata                            Exchange Rate
HUNTING JADE, wnlg by North Light      IDOLS EYE, yrlg by Bernstein             I'M INDY MOOD, yrlg by Gold                 Spirit (IRE)                           Songandaprayer                       IRISH COCO (SPR), yrlg by Empire         ISLE OF FLAME (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Dr      JACKIE 'N BOOTS, 2yo by Omega
  (IRE), 2yo by Toccet                 IDONTDOMORNINGS, 2yo by Even                Tribute                               INDIGENE, yrlg by Vindication           INTENSE DESIRE, yrlg by Jump Start        Maker                                    Fong                                      Code
HUNTING TRIP, yrlg by Malibu Wesley       the Score                             IMITATION (GB), yrlg by Kalanisi (IRE)   INDIHASH, yrlg by High Chaparral        INTERGALE, 2yo by Score Quick          IRISH CONNECTION, yrlg by Action         ISLE OF GREY (SPR), yrlg by Ford          JACKIE'S OPERA (FR) (SPR), yrlg by
HUNTING VALLEY (SPR), yrlg by          I DREAM A DREAM, yrlg by Yankee
                                                                                I'M LADY LIKE, wnlg by Bwana                (IRE)                                INTERIM PAYMENT, yrlg by Night            This Day, wnlg by Pleasant Tap           Every Stream                              Fantastic Light
  Saarland                                                                         Charlie                               INDOCHINA, yrlg by Bwana Charlie,         Shift                                IRISH D J, yrlg by Aldebaran             ISLE OF TUNES, yrlg by Safe in the U      JACKPOT BELLE, yrlg by Freespool
                                       IF ANGELS SANG, 2yo by Seeking the
HUNZY (IRE), yrlg by Chineur (FR)                                               I'M MAGIC (GB), 2yo by Compton              2yo by Gulf Storm                    INTERPOSE (GB), yrlg by Oasis          IRISH DOON (SPR), yrlg by Monashee          SA                                     JACQUARD (SPR), yrlg by Suave
                                          Gold, yrlg by Tale of the Cat
HURDY GURDY (SPR), 2yo by Black                                                    Place (GB)                            INDY CHARMER, wnlg by Officer             Dream (GB)                              Mountain                              ISMELDA (SPR), yrlg by Bowman's              Prospect
                                       IF BALD MUSIC (SPR), yrlg by
  Mambo                                                                         IMMEDIATE ANSWER (SPR), yrlg by          INDYFENDANT, 2yo by Lightnin N          INTERPRETIVE MOOD (SPR), yrlg by       IRISH DYNASTY, yrlg by Stroll               Band                                   JACQUELINE, yrlg by Private Gold
                                          Harlan's Holiday
HURRICANE ALERT (SPR), yrlg by                                                     Greenland                                Thunder                                Indian Charlie                       IRISH FANTASY, yrlg by                   ISN'T IT FUN, yrlg by Street Cry (IRE)    JACQUI BEE GOOD, yrlg by Sugar's
                                       I FELL FOR IT (SPR), yrlg by Buddha
  Tiznow                                                                        IMMORTAL (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by            INDY FLASH (SPR), yrlg by Roman         INTERREGNUM (GB), yrlg by                 Johannesburg                          ISOLA PIU BELLA (CHI), yrlg by               Saint, 2yo by Wind Whipper
                                       I FELL FOR THE PRO, yrlg by
HURRICANE HALEY, 2yo by Valid                                                      Menifee                                  Ruler                                  Monsieur Bond (IRE)                  IRISH FLOWER (SPR), 2yo by Graeme           Giant's Causeway                       JADE ASPEN, yrlg by Street Cry (IRE)
                                          Wiseman's Ferry
  Belfast                                                                       IMPACT NOW, wnlg by Borrego              INDY FUTURE, yrlg by Came Home,         INTERRUPTION, yrlg by Value Plus          Hall                                  ISOLATE (SPR), yrlg by Benton Creek       JADE RANSOM, 2yo by Late Edition
                                       IFFY, yrlg by Successful Appeal
HURRICANE HELEN, yrlg by Victory                                                IMPATIENTE (SPR), yrlg by Doyen             wnlg by Rockport Harbor              IN THE BRIG, yrlg by Desert Warrior    IRISH IMPULSE (SPR), yrlg by             ISOTTA (GER), wnlg by Red Ransom          JADEWOOD (SPR), yrlg by
                                       IF IT'S MEANT TO B, wnlg by
  Gallop                                                                           (IRE)                                 INDY GOLD, yrlg by Lemon Drop Kid       INTHECOOLOFTHENITE, wnlg by Sky           Ishiguru                              ISRAAR (GB), yrlg by Exceed And              Parisianprospector
                                          Fusaichi Pegasus
HURRICANE JUDY (SPR), 2yo by                                                    IMPENDING BEAR, yrlg by Saint            INDY POWER, yrlg by Tale of the Cat       Mesa                                 IRISH INTRIGUE, yrlg by Esteem              Excel (AUS)                            JA GANHOU (GB), yrlg by Invincible
                                       IF LILOY (SPR), yrlg by Indian Charlie
  Aldebaran, yrlg by Tiznow                                                        Liam                                  INDY QUEEN, 2yo by Macho Uno            INTHEFASTLANE, 2yo by Vicar            IRISH LIGHT (SPR), wnlg by Royal         I'S RIGHT (SPR), yrlg by Yes It's True       Spirit (IRE)
                                       I FUR GET, 2yo by Van Nistelrooy
HURRICANE LILY (IRE), 2yo by                                                    IMPERIAL BEAUTY, wnlg by                 INEXCESSIVELYLUCKY (SPR), yrlg by       IN THE FUTURE, 2yo by Forest Camp         Applause (GB)                         ISTARIA, yrlg by Gotham City              JAKES LIL SISTER, yrlg by Eurosilver
                                       IF WE ONLY KNEW, yrlg by Alke
  Elusive City                                                                     Kingmambo                                Woke Up Dreamin                      IN THE LIMELIGHT (IRE), yrlg by        IRISH LINE, 2yo by Repent                ISTIKBAL, wnlg by Bandini, yrlg by        JALISCO (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Indian
                                       IFYOUPREFERSILVER, yrlg by Mr.
HURRICANE SHONDA, yrlg by Mud             Greeley                               IMPERIAL GRAF, yrlg by Invincible        INEXCESSIVE SPEED, yrlg by                Danehill Dancer (IRE)                IRISH LINNET (SPR), wnlg by Artie           Giant's Causeway                          Ridge (IRE)
  Route                                IF YOU'RE LUCKY, wnlg by Tribal             Spirit (IRE)                             Sunday Break (JPN)                   IN THE PINK (IRE), yrlg by Alhaarth        Schiller, yrlg by Yes It's True      ITAB (SPR), yrlg by Action This Day       JAM (IRE), wnlg by Captain Rio (GB)
HURRICANE VICTRESS, wnlg by               Rule                                  IMPERIALIST (IRE), yrlg by Elusive       INFAMOUS ANGEL, yrlg by Black             (IRE)                                IRISH LOVER, yrlg by Trans Island        ITALIAN DIVA, yrlg by Decarchy            JAMAICAN ME SMILE (SPR), yrlg by E
  Military                             I GOT SILVER, wnlg by Whywhywhy             City                                     Minnaloushe                          IN THE STORM (SPR), yrlg by                (GB)                                 ITAMA, yrlg by Malibu Moon                   Dubai
HURRICANE WARNING, yrlg by             I HAD TO LAUGH, yrlg by Devil His        IMPERIAL STATE, yrlg by Avenue of        INFANT, yrlg by Black Minnaloushe         Unbridled's Song                     IRISH MELODY, yrlg by Forestry           ITCHY GIRL, 2yo by Freespool, yrlg        JAMAICAN PUNCH (IRE), 2yo by
  Medaglia d'Oro                          Due                                      Flags                                 INFINATE IMAGE, yrlg by Commitisize     IN THE TILL (SPR), yrlg by Menifee     IRISH RANSOM, yrlg by Bernstein             by Freespool                              Choisir (AUS)
HURRY HOME, yrlg by Forest Danger,     IISASPECIAL STAR, yrlg by                IMPERTINENT LADY (SPR), yrlg by          INFINITELY BETTER (SPR), 2yo by         IN THE WILD (SPR), yrlg by Tiznow      IRISH STARLET (SPR), yrlg by State       IT IS PRIVATE, yrlg by El Prado (IRE)     JAMERICA (SPR), yrlg by Three
  2yo by Orientate                        Itchetucknee                             Exchange Rate                            Trust N Luck                         IN THE WILL (SPR), 2yo by Dixie            City                                 ITNAB (GB), yrlg by Seeking the Gold         Wonders
HURRY TO DANCE, yrlg by Najran         IKAN (IRE), yrlg by Xaar (GB)            IMPOLITE, yrlg by Yes It's True          INFINITELY GREEDY, yrlg by Deputy         Union, yrlg by Rock Hard Ten         IRISH TOAST (SPR), yrlg by Cee's         IT'S A DANCE, yrlg by Rahy                JAMES HALL, wnlg by E Dubai
HURRYUPANDWAIT, yrlg by Friends        IKNOWALITTLEGIRL, 2yo by                 IMPORTANT DAISY (BRZ) (SPR), wnlg           Commander, 2yo by Montbrook          THE IN THING, yrlg by Five Star Day        Tizzy                                ITS A GIRL (SPR), yrlg by Forest          JAMESTOWN LADY (SPR), 2yo by
  Lake                                    Decarchy, yrlg by Lit de Justice         by Malibu Moon                        INFINITY, 2yo by Exchange Rate          INTIMATE AFFAIR, yrlg by Stephen       IRISH TOBY, yrlg by Where's the Ring        Camp                                      Smooth Jazz
HUSHED GOODBYE (SPR), 2yo by           IKNOWHOWTODANCE, 2yo by Slew             IMPOSSIBLE AFFAIR (SPR), yrlg by         INFLATION (SPR), yrlg by Prospector       Got Even                             IRISH TWIRL, 2yo by Ghazi                IT'S A SUNNY DAY, yrlg by Deal            JAMIE LOVE, 2yo by Awesome of
  Dixie Union                             City Slew                                Emancipator                              Jones                                INTIZAA, yrlg by Footstepsinthesand    IRISH VERSE (IRE), yrlg by Choisir          Breaker                                   Course
HUSSY, yrlg by Victory Gallop          IKTIDAR (GB) (SPR), yrlg by King's       IMPRESSIVE ONE, wnlg by                  INFORMATIVE, 2yo by Cherokee Run          (GB)                                     (AUS)                                IT'S A TRIP, yrlg by Graeme Hall          JAMIE'S COCO POP, yrlg by
HUSSY BELL, 2yo by Cornish Snow           Best                                     Congressionalhonor                    INFORMATIVE STYLE (SPR), yrlg by        INTO TEMPTATION (SPR), yrlg by         IRISH WASP, wnlg by Announce             IT'S A WRAP, yrlg by Trust N Luck            Eurosilver
HYBABY, 2yo by Eavesdropper            ILARO COURT, yrlg by Consolidator        IMPROBABLE (SPR), 2yo by Comic              Eurosilver, 2yo by Proud Citizen       Songandaprayer                       IRLANDO, yrlg by Gone Hollywood          ITSIBITSI (IRE), yrlg by High Chaparral   JAMIE'S SECRET, yrlg by Tomahawk
HYDE HALL (GB), yrlg by Tiger Hill     ILIKETODANCE (SPR), yrlg by Dome            Strip                                 INFRINGE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by            INTOXICATED (SPR), yrlg by Grand       IRMA (SPR), 2yo by Drewman                  (IRE)                                  JAMIE'S SUNSHINE, wnlg by
  (IRE)                                I'LL BEDAZZLED, 2yo by Dance             IMPRUDENT LOVE (SPR), wnlg by               Zamindar                               Appointment                          IRON CITY LADY, yrlg by Malabar          IT'S LOVE AGAIN (SPR), 2yo by                Giacomo, yrlg by Malibu Moon
HYDRANGEA, 2yo by Not For Love            Master                                   Songandaprayer                        INGEBURG (GB), yrlg by Bertolini        INTRICATE (SPR), yrlg by Benchmark         Gold                                    Migrating Moon                         JAMILAH, yrlg by Closing Argument,
HYDROPONIC, yrlg by Bold Executive                                              I'M QUITE HIGH (SPR), 2yo by             ING ING (FR), wnlg by Elusive Quality   INTRIGUING (IRE), yrlg by Royal        IRON DUCHESS, yrlg by Red's Honor        ITSMYLIFE, 2yo by Gilded Time                2yo by Read the Footnotes

30           THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                       THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                     31
Dams                                                                           JOAN KATHERINE, yrlg by Seattle
                                                                                 Fitz (ARG)
                                                                                                                        J'S CRAFTY CAT, 2yo by Read the
                                                                                                                                                               JUST EVERYTHING, wnlg by New
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Rockport Harbor
                                                                                                                                                                                                       KARATISA (IRE), yrlg by Invincible
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               KEEN ON CHARLIE, wnlg by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      KHEYRAH (SPR), 2yo by Freud
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      KHUBZA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Dubawi
                                                                               JOANNE JUBILATION, wnlg by Hook          J'S HAPPY HALO (SPR), 2yo by Gulf      JUST FLOW, yrlg by Gneiss                 Spirit (IRE)                          KEEP 'EM HONEST, 2yo by Running          (IRE)
JAMRAT JUMAIRAH (IRE), yrlg by         JENNY DARLIN, yrlg by Doug Fir            and Ladder                               Storm                                JUST FLY (SPR), 2yo by Empire Maker     KAREN B., 2yo by Thunderello              Stag                                 KIALOA, yrlg by Lasersport
   Singspiel (IRE)                     JENNY LAKE, yrlg by Tiznow              JO ANN'S GAL, yrlg by Macho Uno          J'S JULE, yrlg by Full Mandate         JUSTFOR LINDSAYLOO, yrlg by             KAREN S. (SPR), yrlg by Lion Heart      KEEPER OF THE STAR, 2yo by             KIANA (PER), yrlg by Theatrical (IRE)
JANA O, yrlg by Liberty Gold           JENNYMEG (SPR), yrlg by Broken          JOCASTA, 2yo by Outofthebox, yrlg        JUBILEE LADY (SPR), yrlg by Sam          Dramatic Show                         KAREN'S MAGIC (SPR), wnlg by              Colony Light                         KIARA'S SONG, 2yo by Action This
JANE JUBILEE (IRE), wnlg by Where        Vow                                     by Wildcat Heir                          Lord's Castle                        JUSTFORTHEGIRLS, 2yo by Peace             Silver Train                          KEEPERS DAWN (IRE), yrlg by              Day
   Or When (IRE)                       JENNY O, yrlg by Storm Day              JOCEY'S DANCE (SPR), wnlg by             JUCINDA, yrlg by Generous (IRE)          Rules                                 KAREN'S SUPPER, 2yo by Three              Danehill Dancer (IRE)                KIAWAH QUEEN (SPR), yrlg by
JANGADA (SPR), yrlg by Aptitude        JENNY'S PRINCESS, yrlg by Wildcat         Omega Code                             JUDITH'S GAMBLE, 2yo by Buddha,        JUST FOR YOU, yrlg by Belong to Me        Wonders, yrlg by Three Wonders        KEEPERS HILL (IRE), yrlg by              Honour and Glory
JAN LUCK, yrlg by Roar of the Tiger      Shoes                                 JODE (SPR), yrlg by Dynaformer             yrlg by Kafwain, wnlg by Star        JUST FUN, yrlg by Afleet Alex, 2yo by   KARINDA, yrlg by Joey Franco              Wiseman's Ferry                      KICKAPOO PRINCESS, yrlg by
JAPANESE MONEY, yrlg by Five Star      JENNY'S SEARCH, 2yo by Drewman          JODY G. (SPR), yrlg by Aldebaran           Dabbler                                Forestry                              KARIYH, yrlg by One Cool Cat            KEEP IT GOING, wnlg by Harlan's          Woke Up Dreamin
   Day, wnlg by Mingun                 JEN'S FASHION (SPR), 2yo by Gulch       JODYS DEELITE, yrlg by Forest            JUDY E F, 2yo by Canadian Frontier     JUST GIN'N, 2yo by El Corredor          KARLA JUNE (GB), yrlg by Azamour          Holiday                              KICKEN HIGH, yrlg by Arch
JARDIN ROYAL (IRE), yrlg by Fasliyev   JERA (SPR), 2yo by Congaree               Camp, 2yo by Thunder Gulch             JUDY'S DELTA QUEEN (SPR), 2yo by       JUST GOLD, yrlg by Whywhywhy              (IRE)                                 KEEPITSIMPLESTUPID (SPR), yrlg by      KICK THOSE DAISIES, 2yo by
JASMINE BREEZE (GB), yrlg by           JERI'S TESTAMONY, 2yo by Super          JOE'S DANCER (GB), yrlg by Doyen           My Friend Max                        JUST GORGEOUS, 2yo by Sarava            KARLIYNA (IRE), yrlg by Pivotal (GB)      Entepreneur, 2yo by On Target          Appealing Skier
   Kyllachy (GB)                         Special                                 (IRE)                                  JUICEY (SPR), yrlg by Where's the      JUST ICE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Oasis      KARMINSKEY PARK (GB), yrlg by           KEEP ME SAFE, yrlg by Street Cry       KIDNAP KATIE, yrlg by Kela
JASMINOLA (FR) (SPR), yrlg by          JERRY BOMB (SPR), wnlg by Stormin       JOEY'S EGO (SPR), yrlg by Unbridled        Ring                                   Dream (GB)                              Compton Place (GB)                      (IRE)                                KIDS TODAY (SPR), 2yo by Vicar, yrlg
   Victory Gallop                        Fever                                   Time                                   JULE ROYALE (SPR), yrlg by Full        JUSTINE (SPR), yrlg by Alke             KARON'S DREAM (SPR), yrlg by            KEEPONDEALING, yrlg by Strong            by Vicar
JATHIBIYAH (SPR), 2yo by Trippi        JERSEY MAMBO, yrlg by Purge             JOEY'S GIRL, wnlg by Wildcat Heir          Mandate                              JUST IN LOVE (FR) (SPR), yrlg by          Mizzen Mast                             Hope                                 KIITOS, yrlg by Ascot Knight
JAVA (GB), yrlg by A.P. Indy           JESSICA, yrlg by Kela                   JOHNNIE MAE (SPR), yrlg by Devil         JULES (IRE), yrlg by High Chaparral      Bertolini                             KAROUSEL KAREN (SPR), yrlg by           KEEP QUIET (GB), yrlg by Kyllachy      KILBRIDE LASS (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by
JAVA DRUMS (SPR), yrlg by              JESSICA'S DREAM (IRE), yrlg by            Hunter                                   (IRE)                                JUST KISS ME QUICK, yrlg by Dehere        Even the Score                          (GB)                                   Trans Island (GB)
   Leroidesanimaux (BRZ)                 Pivotal (GB)                          JOHN'S KINDA GIRL, wnlg by El            JULES ANGEL, 2yo by Unbridled's        JUST LIKE A LADY, yrlg by Gulf          KARRIE THE MAGIC, yrlg by Read the      KEEP THIS CAT, wnlg by Bandini         KILDARE LADY (IRE), yrlg by
JAVA GAL (SPR), yrlg by Limehouse      JESSIE SUE, wnlg by Storm and a           Corredor                                 Image                                  Storm, 2yo by Gulf Storm                Footnotes                             KEEPYOURWITSABOUTU, wnlg by              Invincible Spirit (IRE)
JAVA RIDGE, 2yo by Read the              Half                                  JOHN'S LOVE (SPR), yrlg by Repent        JULES BEST, yrlg by Consolidator       JUST LIKE A WOMAN, wnlg by              KARTAJANA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by            Forest Danger                        KILLARNEY KUTIE, yrlg by Running
   Footnotes                           JESSI TAKE CHARGE, yrlg by Giant's      JOHNS PLACE, wnlg by Quiet               JULIA DOMNA (GB) (SPR), wnlg by          Cozzene                                 Halling                               KEESLER, wnlg by Songandaprayer          Stag
JAVA STAR (SPR), yrlg by Cherokee        Causeway                                American                                 Monsieur Bond (IRE)                  JUST LIKE CELIA, yrlg by Finality       KASHELON, 2yo by Greatness              KELBEY (SPR), wnlg by Friends Lake,    KILLISTOS, yrlg by Time Bandit
   Run                                 JESTRESS, yrlg by Dark Kestrel          JOI'S FLAME (SPR), yrlg by Indian        JULIANNE (IRE), yrlg by Intikhab       JUST LIKE ELISE, yrlg by Mass           KASOTA (IRE), yrlg by Key of Luck         yrlg by Indian Charlie               KILLOE, wnlg by Bluegrass Cat
JAWAHER (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by           JES YOU WILL, yrlg by Lydgate             Charlie                                JULIE MIS (SPR), yrlg by Vindication     Market                                KASSARIYA (IRE), wnlg by Oratorio       KELLI CAT (SPR), yrlg by Unbridled's   KILLONE LADY (IRE), 2yo by Hawkeye
   Dalakhani (IRE)                     JETABILITY, 2yo by Sasha's Prospect     JOJEEMA (GB), yrlg by Oratorio (IRE)     JULIES CONNECTION, 2yo by Three        JUST LIKE FRANCES, yrlg by Sky            (IRE)                                   Song                                   (IRE)
JAYE'S HOPE, yrlg by Slewdledo         JETBEEAH (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Doyen     JOKE, 2yo by Unbridled's Song              Wonders                                Classic                               KASZTANKA, yrlg by Rossini              KELLI'S RANSOM, 2yo by Distorted       KIMBAJAR (GER), yrlg by Danehill
JAYHAWK JUDY, 2yo by Candy Ride          (IRE)                                 JOLIE BOUTIQUE (SPR), yrlg by            JULIE'S PROSPECT (SPR), wnlg by        JUSTLY ROYAL, yrlg by Johannesburg      KATAME, yrlg by Halo's Image, 2yo by      Humor, yrlg by Malibu Moon             Dancer (IRE)
   (ARG)                               JET CAR, yrlg by Eavesdropper             Broken Vow                               Henny Hughes, 2yo by Vicar, yrlg     JUST NOT ENOUGH, 2yo by Partner's         Put It Back                           KELLY KEY, 2yo by Holy Bull            KIM BAKER, yrlg by Werblin
JAY'S WILL, 2yo by Songandaprayer,     JETHER WORLD, wnlg by Leading           JOLIE CLARA (FR), yrlg by                  by Wildcat Heir                        Hero                                  KATARIYA (IRE), yrlg by Noverre         KELLY KRIS, 2yo by Canyon Run          KIMEO, yrlg by Cornish Snow
   yrlg by Songandaprayer                the Parade                              Footstepsinthesand (GB)                JULIET'S KISS, yrlg by Strong Hope     JUST ONE LOOK (GB), yrlg by             KAT CAN DANCE, yrlg by Congaree         KELLY NICOLE (IRE), yrlg by            KIM IMPOSSIBLE, wnlg by Storm Day
JAZAN (IRE), wnlg by Verglas (IRE)     JETINTO HOUSTON, 2yo by El              JOLIEJOLIE TIME, yrlg by Pico            JULY ORCHID, 2yo by Perfect Soul         Captain Rio (GB)                      KATE'S HURRAHY (SPR), yrlg by El          Shamardal                            KIMONINA (SPR), yrlg by Smarty
JAZMINE ROSE, yrlg by Old Topper         Corredor, yrlg by Speightstown          Central (BRZ)                            (IRE)                                JUST ONE NOTE, yrlg by Stormin            Corredor                              KELLY'S PAC GIRL, yrlg by Choosing       Jones
JAZZ BABY (IRE), yrlg by Bertolini     JET N' EXPECTATION (SPR), yrlg by       JOLIE'S DREAM, yrlg by Lion Heart        JUMAIRAH SUN (IRE) (SPR), wnlg by        Fever                                 KATE SIRAH SIRAH, yrlg by Supremo         Choice                               KIM'S BLUES (SPR), yrlg by Elusive
JAZZ FAN, yrlg by Purge                  Kafwain                               JOLIE'S LILLIAN (SPR), yrlg by Indian      Kyllachy (GB)                        JUST OUT (SPR), 2yo by Unbridled's        Secret, 2yo by Texas Glitter          KELPIE (IRE), yrlg by Galileo (IRE)      Quality
JAZZ GAL, wnlg by Marciano             JET READY (SPR), yrlg by Formal           Ocean                                  JUMBERCA, yrlg by Cat Dreams             Song                                  KATE'S LAW, 2yo by Alysweep             KELSEY KID (SPR), yrlg by Malibu       KINCOB, yrlg by Oasis Dream (GB)
JAZZ MEETING, wnlg by Rock Hard          Dinner                                JON'S KIMBERLY (SPR), yrlg by            JUMEELA (GB), wnlg by Beat Hollow      JUST PRICELESS, yrlg by A Fleets        KATHERINE JEAN (SPR), yrlg by             Moon                                 KINDLE (GB), yrlg by Dansili (GB)
   Ten                                 JETT MISSILE, yrlg by Graeme Hall         Repent                                   (GB)                                   Dancer                                  Newfoundland                          KELSO MAGIC, 2yo by Kyllachy (GB)      KIND LENA, yrlg by Unforgettable
JAZZ RAGS, yrlg by Johannesburg        JETTO, wnlg by City Zip                 JOOP (SPR), 2yo by Mineshaft             JUMEIRAH GLORY, yrlg by Cherokee       JUST SAY SO, yrlg by Smoke Glacken      KATHERINE SEYMOUR (GB), yrlg by         KELUCIA (IRE), wnlg by Cadeaux           Max
JAZZ TRADITION, yrlg by Mineshaft      JET TO VICTORY, wnlg by Five Star       JORDANA, yrlg by Lion Hearted              Run, 2yo by Johar                    JUST SCARLET, 2yo by Catastrophe          Elusive Quality                         Genereux (GB)                        KINDNESS (GB), yrlg by Consolidator
JAZZ UP (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Alhaarth     Day, 2yo by Friends Lake, yrlg by     JORDANESQUE, yrlg by                     JUMILLA (SPR), yrlg by Kheleyf         JUST TOPS, 2yo by Zavata                KATHEY'S ATTITUDE, yrlg by Proud        KENAI, yrlg by Hidden City             KIND OF APPEALING, yrlg by City
   (IRE)                                 Indian Charlie                          Songandaprayer                         JUNEAU, yrlg by Bernstein              J VIVENDI, yrlg by Strive                 Citizen                               KENBU (FR) (SPR), yrlg by El             Place
JAZZY ACHIEVER, yrlg by Southern       JEWELED LADY (SPR), yrlg by Salt        JORDYN'S THEATRICS, yrlg by Wild         JUNE IN GREEN BAY, 2yo by              KABEEB, yrlg by Yes It's True           KATHLEEN MAHVERYAN, yrlg by               Corredor                             KIND OF FUN, 2yo by Chapel Royal,
   States                                Lake                                    West                                     Unbridled's Image                    KABILI STAR, 2yo by Scrimshaw             Alke, 2yo by Favorite Trick           KENDALL HILL, wnlg by Medaglia           wnlg by Congrats
JAZZY CARR, 2yo by Honor Glide         JEWELED SKY, yrlg by Rainbow            JORGHINIA (FR), yrlg by Choisir (AUS)    JUNGLE QUEEN, yrlg by North Light      KA BRE, yrlg by B. G.'s Drone           KATHRYNS BIRTHDAY, yrlg by Devon          d'Oro                                KIND RECEPTION (SPR), 2yo by Out
JAZZY DANCER, yrlg by Lion Heart         Blues (IRE)                           THE JOTTER (GB) (SPR), yrlg by             (IRE)                                KABYLIA (IRE), yrlg by Smart Strike       Lane                                  KENDRA, wnlg by Hold That Tiger          of Place
JAZZY ONE (SPR), yrlg by Midas         JEWEL FOR A KING, yrlg by A.P. Indy       Avonbridge (GB)                        JUNGLE RHYTHM (SPR), yrlg by           KADIE'S QUEST, yrlg by Olmodavor        KATHY CAERLEON (IRE), wnlg by           KENEMA (IRE), yrlg by Choisir (AUS)    KINDRED SOUL (SPR), 2yo by Storm
   Eyes                                JEWELL OF JEWELS (SPR), 2yo by          JOUET, 2yo by In Excess (IRE), yrlg by     Macabe, 2yo by Siphon (BRZ)          KADIJA (SPR), yrlg by Mr. Greeley         Shamardal                             KENTUCKY STORM (SPR), yrlg by            Creek
J B'S MONEY (SPR), 2yo by Parker's       Awesome Again, yrlg by Sligo Bay        Marino Marini, wnlg by Salt Lake       JUNGLE WOMAN (SPR), yrlg by Full       KADJA CHENEE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by        KATHY COLLEGE (IRE), wnlg by              Forest Wildcat                       KINDRED SPIRIT (IRE), yrlg by
   Storm Cat                             (IRE)                                 JOUET (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Dansili          Mandate                                Captain Rio (GB)                        Green Desert                          KENTUCKY WHISPER (SPR), yrlg by          Kyllachy (GB)
J. C.'S GEM, yrlg by Formal Dinner     JEWEL OF THE EAST, yrlg by Purge          (GB)                                   JUNKINTHETRUNK (SPR), 2yo by           KADWAH (SPR), yrlg by Tactical Cat      KATHY K D, yrlg by Mr. Greeley            Malibu Moon                          KING RING, yrlg by Louis Quatorze
J. D. AND WATER (SPR), wnlg by         JEWEL OF THE NIGHT, yrlg by                                                        Arch, yrlg by Eddington
                                                                               JOULED RHYTHMS (SPR), yrlg by                                                   KAFAF (SPR), yrlg by Afleet Alex        KATIBA (SPR), yrlg by Lion Heart        KERASANA (IRE), yrlg by Intikhab       KING'S FANCY, 2yo by Dixieland
                                         Northern Afleet
   Good Reward, yrlg by Rahy                                                     Limehouse, 2yo by More Than            JURISPRUDENCE (SPR), yrlg by           KAFAYEF (SPR), yrlg by Bertolini        KATIE KATIE, 2yo by Flatter, yrlg by    KERNEL OF TRUTH, yrlg by                 Band, yrlg by Dixie Union, wnlg by
                                       JEWELOFTHESEA, yrlg by Decarchy
J. D. FLOWERS (SPR), yrlg by Smarty                                              Ready                                    Empire Maker, 2yo by Forestry        KAHLO, yrlg by Buddha                     Value Plus                              Singletary                             Indian Charlie
                                       JEWEL PRINCESS (SPR), yrlg by
   Jones                                                                       JOURNAL TIME, yrlg by Chapel Royal       JUROAR, 2yo by Yonaguska               KAHLUA BAY, yrlg by Seeking the         KATIE KOSMOS, yrlg by K One King        KERPLOP (SPR), yrlg by Century City    KING SHOOTING STAR, yrlg by
                                         Giant's Causeway
J. D'S LASSIE, yrlg by Mr. Jester                                              JOVETTA, wnlg by High Fly                JUS'CHILLIN' (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by        Gold                                  KATIE MCLAURY (SPR), 2yo by               (IRE)                                  Dynaformer
                                       JEWELS N JADE, wnlg by Valid
JEALOUS FORUM, yrlg by                                                         JOVETTE, yrlg by Wimbledon                 Westerner (GB)                       KAHLUA OF KUSHOG, yrlg by                 Songandaprayer, yrlg by Wildcat       KERRY COLLEEN, wnlg by Lightnin N      KING'S INTEREST, yrlg by El Prado
   Unbridled's Song                                                            JOVIAL JEM, 2yo by Wised Up              JUSOOR, yrlg by Nayef                    Tomahawk                                Heir                                    Thunder, 2yo by Unbridled's Image      (IRE)
                                       JEZEBELLA (SPR), wnlg by Forest
JEANNE JONES (SPR), yrlg by                                                    JOVIAN (GB), 2yo by Colossus (IRE)       JUST A BARONESS, yrlg by City Zip      KAILEYSGAL, yrlg by Cat Thief           KATIE'S CURE, yrlg by Closing           KESH KUMAY (IRE), yrlg by Peintre      KINGS LYNN (SPR), 2yo by Malibu
   Roman Ruler                                                                 JOVITE, yrlg by Pollard's Vision         JUST ABOUT TIME, yrlg by Harlan's      KAJUN WALTZ, yrlg by Keats                Argument                                Celebre                                Moon
                                       JIBBER JABBER, wnlg by Gilded
JEANNE'S FANCY, 2yo by Erlton, yrlg                                            JOYCE ANN, yrlg by Mineshaft               Holiday                              KALAHARI CAT, yrlg by Ghostzapper       KATIN, 2yo by Action This Day           KETSHUP (SPR), 2yo by Alex's Pal       KING'S RAEMALI, yrlg by Najran
   by Leestown                                                                 JOYCEE POO (SPR), wnlg by K One          JUST A BROAD (SPR), yrlg by Pure       KALANDIKA (GB), wnlg by Motivator       KATINA, yrlg by Singspiel (IRE)         KEVINS CHEROKEE, 2yo by Cashel         KING'S WIFE, wnlg by Candy Ride
                                       JILLI'S DREAM, yrlg by Repent
JEANNE'S HONOR, yrlg by Peace                                                    King                                     Prize                                  (GB)                                  KATIYFA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Sadler's     Castle                                 (ARG)
                                       JILL ROBIN L, yrlg by Successful
   Rules                                                                       JOYCEE POO'S WISH, yrlg by Twilight      JUST A KNOCKOUT, yrlg by Street        KALDOUNYA (GB), yrlg by Numerous          Wells                                 KEW GARDEN (SPR), yrlg by Smarty       KING WORLD LADY (SPR), 2yo by
JEDDAH HARBOR, yrlg by Forest                                                    Agenda                                   Cry (IRE)                            KALIDASA, yrlg by Medicean (GB)         KATRINA (IRE), yrlg by Dansili (GB)       Jones, 2yo by Speightstown             Full Mandate
                                       JILL'S SKY, wnlg by In Excess (IRE)
   Danger                                                                      JOYFUL CRYSTAL, wnlg by E Dubai          JUST AN ANGEL (SPR), yrlg by Free      KALI DEAREST (SPR), 2yo by Alajwad      THE KAT'S WHISKERS, yrlg by             KEWPIE DOLL (SPR), yrlg by             KINKY KINKY, yrlg by Bertrando
                                       JILL'S ZI ZI, yrlg by Grand Reward
JEDDAI JUDY, yrlg by Nicholas Ds       JIM WAS RIGHT, 2yo by Omega Code        JOYFUL JOVIAN, wnlg by Ten                 At Last                              KALIHI MAGGIE, 2yo by Old Topper          Alydeed                                 Scatmandu                            KINLIN, yrlg by More Than Ready
JEET, yrlg by Indian Ocean             JINGLE BERRY, yrlg by Stormy              Centuries                              JUST ANOTHER MECKE, 2yo by             KALINDI (GB) (SPR), yrlg by             KATY KAT, yrlg by Tiznow                KEY ACADEMY (GB), yrlg by Selkirk      KIOWA KANDY, yrlg by Mt. Bellewood
JEFFERSON'S SECRET, yrlg by Sir          Atlantic                              JOYFULLNESS (SPR), yrlg by Kheleyf         Drewman                                Medicean (GB)                         KATYROADPINK, 2yo by Spanish            KEY BUY (SPR), 2yo by Montbrook        KIPPER QUILA, yrlg by Macho Uno
   Cherokee                            JINNY'S GOLD, yrlg by Johannesburg      JOYFUL PAT, yrlg by Act of Duty          JUSTBETWEENFRIENDS, yrlg by            KALPITA, yrlg by Arch                     Steps                                 KEY OF E, yrlg by Dark Kestrel         KIRIS WORLD (GB), wnlg by
JELIKIT, yrlg by Beau Genius           JIS PERFECT (SPR), yrlg by Storm        JOYFUL WAGER, 2yo by Peace                 Zamindar                             KALYPSO KATIE (IRE), 2yo by             KATZEN, yrlg by Buddha                  KEYSTONE COUNTESS, 2yo by                Dalakhani (IRE)
JELLETT (IRE), yrlg by Smart Strike      Day                                     Rules, yrlg by Wildcat Heir            JUST CALL, yrlg by Alke                  Fusaichi Pegasus, yrlg by Giant's     KATZ ME IF YOU CAN, yrlg by               Devon Lane                           KIRK (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Shamardal
JELLICENT (SPR), yrlg by Illinois      JITTERBUG (IRE), 2yo by Exceed And      JOYING (SPR), 2yo by Saarland, yrlg      JUST CALL ME ANGEL (SPR), 2yo by         Causeway                                Tiznow                                KEY TO MONTANA, 2yo by Doug Fir        KIROV (GB), yrlg by Starcraft (NZ)
   Storm                                 Excel (AUS)                             by Toccet                                Mayakovsky                           KAMAAL (SPR), 2yo by                    KAYLA'S A GEM, yrlg by Devil His        KEY TO MY HEART (SPR), yrlg by A.P.    KIRSTEN DOLL, yrlg by Cactus Ridge,
JELLY ROLL FROLIC, 2yo by Cuvee        JIVE TALKER (SPR), yrlg by The          JOY IN THE MORNING, yrlg by              JUST CALL ME CANDY, yrlg by              Songandaprayer                          Due                                     Indy, wnlg by Vindication              wnlg by Grand Slam
JEMALINA, yrlg by Kheleyf                Cliff's Edge                            Partner's Hero                           Mass Market                          KAMAREYAH (IRE), yrlg by Proud          KAYLEE BAILEY, yrlg by Wild Gold        KHAIYALA (FR), wnlg by Desert Style    KIRUNA (GB), wnlg by Iceman (GB)
JEMIMA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Dixie       JIVING BEAUTY, yrlg by Exchange         JOY N SPIRIT, yrlg by Midway Road        JUST CALL ME GRACE, yrlg by              Citizen                               KAYLEE QUEEN, yrlg by Tenpins             (IRE)                                KISBEY, 2yo by Holy Bull, yrlg by
   Union                                 Rate                                  JOYOUS AFFAIR, yrlg by Roar of the         Liberty Gold                         KANDY KRIS, 2yo by Roar of the Tiger    KAYLEIGH S., yrlg by Regal Intention    KHALIFA OF KUSHOG (SPR), yrlg by         Sligo Bay (IRE)
JENEPHER, wnlg by Eurosilver           J J'SDREAM, yrlg by Maria's Mon           Tiger                                  JUST CALL ME OPIE, yrlg by             KAN FLO (SPR), wnlg by Storm and a      KAYSERENA, wnlg by The Badger's           Johannesburg                         KISSALYSSA, yrlg by Erlton
JENNAMARA (GB), yrlg by Captain        J J'S KITTY (SPR), yrlg by Pleasantly   JOYOUS SONG, wnlg by Rock Hard             Domestic Dispute                       Half                                    Comin                                 KHALKISSA, yrlg by Singspiel (IRE)     KISS A MISS (SPR), yrlg by
   Rio (GB)                              Perfect                                 Ten                                    JUST DIVINE, yrlg by Barkerville       KANISFLUH (GB), yrlg by Monsieur        KAYSOME, 2yo by Action This Day         KHAWAFI (GB), yrlg by Verglas (IRE)      Vindication, 2yo by Vindication
JENNA S., yrlg by Gulch                JOANIE MARONEY, yrlg by Groovy          JOY ST CLAIR (IRE), 2yo by Catcher       JUST DREAMS (GB) (SPR), wnlg by          Bond (IRE)                            KAYS RUNNER, 2yo by Lexicon             KHAWATER, 2yo by Statue of Liberty     KISS AND FLY (IRE), wnlg by
JENNIFER KAY, wnlg by Pomeroy            Jett                                    In The Rye (IRE)                         Marju (IRE)                          KAPSIKI, yrlg by Giant's Causeway       KAZATZKA (GB), wnlg by Marju (IRE)      KHAYRAT (IRE), yrlg by Indian Ridge      Motivator (GB), yrlg by Starcraft
JENNIFER ROSE, yrlg by Macho Uno       JOANIE'S SMILE, 2yo by Toccet           JOY TO RAISE (SPR), 2yo by Full          JUST ELATED (SPR), yrlg by Perigee     KARAKORUM GALORE (SPR), 2yo by          KAZIAH (SPR), yrlg by Native Regent       (IRE)                                  (NZ)
JENNIFER'S AFFAIR, yrlg by Grand       JOAN JOAN JOAN, yrlg by Repent            Mandate                                  Moon                                   Announce, wnlg by Time Bandit         KAZUMINA (SPR), yrlg by Cherokee        KHAZI, yrlg by Halory Hunter           KISS BOOBOO, 2yo by
   Reward, 2yo by Yonaguska                                                    JO ZAK (SPR), yrlg by Medaglia d'Oro     JUSTE SMILE, yrlg by Seattle Shamus    KARAOKE DANCER, wnlg by                   Run                                   KHE SANH, 2yo by Good and Tough          Littleexpectations

32           THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                   THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                    33
Dams                                                                            Dancer (IRE)
                                                                              LAC DU PRINTEMPS, 2yo by More
                                                                                                                       LADY CARA, yrlg by Out of Place
                                                                                                                       LADY CARSON (SPR), yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                              LADY LINKS (GB) (SPR), yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                                                                    LADY ZOOM ZOOM, yrlg by Put It
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           L'AMOUR, wnlg by Hawk Wing
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  LAST PUFF, yrlg by Deputy
                                                                                Than Ready                               Giant's Causeway                       Bertolini                             Back, 2yo by Trippi                  L'AMOUR TOUJOURS (SPR), 2yo by         LAST SONG, wnlg by A.P. Indy, yrlg
KISSES AND HUGS, 2yo by City Place      Wonders                               LACES, 2yo by Delaware Township,         LADY CHANCE, yrlg by Dehere            LADY LIVERMORE (SPR), 2yo by Red      L.A. EXPLOSION, 2yo by Peace Rules       Strong Hope                             by A.P. Indy
KISSES FOR MY GAL, yrlg by Sky        KONA QUEEN, yrlg by Devon Lane            yrlg by Lightnin N Thunder             LADY CHEYNE, yrlg by Smarty Jones        Bullet                              LA FAZENDA (GB), yrlg by Doyen         LAMU LADY (IRE), 2yo by Bertolini      LAST TRY, yrlg by Sweetsouthernsaint
  Mesa                                KOOKA MUNGA, 2yo by Max's Pal           LA CHARITA, yrlg by Cee's Tizzy          LADYCHOKE, yrlg by Caracal             LADY-LOVE (GB), yrlg by Auction         (IRE)                                LANAI CITY, 2yo by Kafwain, wnlg by    LAST WIGGLE, 2yo by Lion Heart
KISSES TO YALL, wnlg by Artie         KOOKY AUNT ALICE (SPR), yrlg by         LA CHATTE, yrlg by Canadian Frontier     LADY CHRISTINA, yrlg by Swiss            House                               LA FELICITA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by          Roman Ruler                          LATE NITE FAN, yrlg by Montbrook
  Schiller                              Swiss Yodeler                         LA CHIFLOTA (CHI), wnlg by Silver          Yodeler                              LADY LUCIA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by         Shamardal                            LANDAU (SPR), yrlg by Gotham City      LATE NITE MARTINI, yrlg by Gold
KISSIE (SPR), yrlg by Cherokee Run,   KOOL KATHERINE (GB), 2yo by               Train                                  LADY CORDELIA, yrlg by Wild Gold         Catcher In The Rye (IRE)            L'AFFAIRE MONIQUE (GB) (SPR), yrlg     LANDELA (GB), yrlg by Royal               Case
  2yo by Johannesburg                   Namid (GB)                            LACIE GIRL, yrlg by Saint Liam           LADY CORONA, 2yo by Officer            LADY LUST, yrlg by Hold That Tiger      by Pivotal (GB)                        Applause (GB)                        LATE NOTE, 2yo by Pure Precision
KISSING GIRL (ARG), yrlg by Suances   KOOTENAI, yrlg by Eddington             LA COLOMBARI (ITY), yrlg by Catcher      LADY COZZENE (SPR), yrlg by            LADY MADONNA, yrlg by Indian          LAFITE (GB), yrlg by Halling           LANDHOLDER (SPR), 2yo by Proud         LATERAL (SPR), yrlg by Storm Boot
  (GB)                                K. O. QUEEN, wnlg by Personal First,      In The Rye (IRE)                         Buddha                                 Charlie                             LA FOLICHONNE (FR), yrlg by Fair         Citizen                              LATEST CHAPTER (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by
KISSIN RENE (SPR), yrlg by Indian       yrlg by Soto                          LA COMETE (SPR), 2yo by                  LADY COZZETTE, yrlg by Harlan's        LADY MANOLO, 2yo by Salt Lake           Mix (IRE)                            LANDINGHAM'S LOVER (SPR), yrlg            Pearl of Love (IRE)
  Charlie                             KOROLIEVA (IRE), wnlg by                  Speightstown                             Holiday                              LADY MARGOT, 2yo by Cherokee Run      LA GALEISA (IRE), yrlg by Barathea       by Gold Legend                       LATEST JOKE (BRZ), yrlg by
KISSIN SECRETARY, yrlg by Alyzig,       Indesatchel (IRE)                     LA CONSTANCIA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by        LADY DALA, 2yo by Whywhywhy            LADY MARILYN, yrlg by Forest Camp       (IRE)                                LAND LADY, yrlg by Indian Ocean           Theatrical (IRE)
  2yo by Entepreneur                  KORY CHRISTINA, 2yo by Repent             Mull of Kintyre                        LADY DALLIANCE, 2yo by Anasheed        LADY MELESI (SPR), wnlg by            LA GANDILIE (FR) (SPR), yrlg by        LANDMARK, yrlg by Danehill Dancer      LATE SUMMER, yrlg by Dubai
KISSIN THE BREEZE, 2yo by Full        KOSMIC VIEW, wnlg by Bertolini          LA CONTESSA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by          LADY DIGBY (IRE), wnlg by Antonius       Bluegrass Cat, yrlg by Saint Liam     Danehill Dancer (IRE), 2yo by          (IRE)                                   Destination
  Mandate                             KOTDIJI (GB), yrlg by Antonius Pius       Formal Gold                              Pius, yrlg by Azamour (IRE)          LADY MORANBON (SPR), yrlg by            Pivotal (GB)                         LAND ON YOUR FEET, wnlg by Jump        LATINA (IRE), yrlg by Avonbridge (GB)
KISS ME NOT, yrlg by Medaglia d'Oro   KOUKALOVA (IRE), yrlg by One Cool       LA COQUETA (GER), yrlg by Verglas        LADY DI HUNTLEY, wnlg by Roaring         Kheleyf                             LA GATA, 2yo by Monashee Mountain        Start, 2yo by Tapit                  LATIN LYNX, yrlg by Quiet American
KISS N MAKE UP (SPR), yrlg by           Cat                                     (IRE)                                    Fever                                LADY NAOMI, 2yo by King               LAGAYLIA, 2yo by Harlan's Holiday      LANGFUHR'S MAGIC, yrlg by              L. A. TOOTIE, yrlg by Atticus
  Yonaguska                           KOURNIKOVA (SAF), yrlg by Sakhee        LACQUARIA, yrlg by Rock Hard Ten         LADY DISCREET, 2yo by Montbrook          Charlemagne                         LA GOMERA (IRE), wnlg by Bluegrass       Skimming                             LATOUR (GB), wnlg by Act One (GB)
KISS N'TELL, wnlg by Gibson County    KRAFTY KELLI KAYE, wnlg by Good         LA CREMA, yrlg by Forest Wildcat         LADY DI'S PRINCESS, yrlg by            LADY NESSA (SPR), yrlg by Night         Cat, yrlg by Grand Slam              LANGLING, yrlg by Trust N Luck         LAUGH LAST, wnlg by Two Punch
KISSOGRAM (GB), yrlg by Galileo         Reward, yrlg by Hennessy              LA CROISETTE (CHI), yrlg by Grand          Littlebitlively                        Shift                               LAGO TRAFUL, 2yo by Arrested           LANGOUSTINE (AUS), yrlg by Red         LAUNCH TIME (SPR), yrlg by Arakan
  (IRE)                               KREISLERIANA, yrlg by Giant's             Slam                                   LADY DIXIE, yrlg by Empire Maker       LADY NIAGARA, yrlg by Liberty Gold    LA GRAN BANDERA, yrlg by                 Ransom                               LAURA LEE, 2yo by Max's Pal
KISSOUT, yrlg by Skimming               Causeway                              LA CUCINA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by           LADY DOMINATRIX (IRE) (SPR),           LADY NICHOLAS (SPR), yrlg by Mr.        Wiseman's Ferry                      LAN KWAI FONG (AUS), yrlg by           LAURA MARGARET (SPR), yrlg by
KITTEN JONES, yrlg by Cuvee           KRISALYA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Dubawi       Speightstown                             yrlg by Barathea (IRE)                 Greeley                             LA GRANDE AFFAIRE (SPR), yrlg by         Smart Strike                            Xaar (GB)
KITTY CAR, 2yo by Candy Ride            (IRE)                                 LA CUMBRE (GB) (SPR), 2yo by             LADY DORA (SPR), yrlg by               LADY OF BEAUTY, yrlg by Saint Liam      A. P. Delta                          LANTANA (SPR), yrlg by Eurosilver      LAURA'S LUCKY ONE, yrlg by
  (ARG), yrlg by Grim Reaper          KRIS PIT (SPR), yrlg by Dixie Union       Sunday Break (JPN)                       Eddington                            LADY OF KILDARE (IRE), yrlg by        LA GRANDE ZOA (IRE), wnlg by           LA OTRA, yrlg by Roman Ruler              Yonaguska
KITTY CARSON, yrlg by                 KRIS'S INTENTION (SPR), 2yo by          LACY MY LOVE, yrlg by Silver On          LADY DRAMA, 2yo by During, yrlg by       Noverre                               Alhaarth (IRE)                       LA PASCUA (SWI) (SPR), yrlg by         LAURA'S MINSTREL, 2yo by Proud
  Johannesburg                          Medaglia d'Oro, yrlg by Mr. Greeley     Silver                                   Grand Reward                         LADY OF LOURDES, 2yo by Indian        LA GUERIERE (SPR), 2yo by Smarty         Menifee                                 Citizen
KITTY GALORE, 2yo by Decarchy, yrlg   KRIS'S LOVE, 2yo by Red Bullet          LA DANZADORA (ARG), yrlg by              LADY DYNAMITE (GB), 2yo by               Charlie                               Jones                                LA PAZ (SPR), yrlg by Unbridled's      LAURA'S PISTOLETTE, 2yo by
  by Decarchy                         KRIS STAR, yrlg by Forest Danger,         Bwana Charlie                            Karinga Bay (GB)                     LADY OF PEACE, wnlg by Forestry       LAHAINA LASS (SPR), wnlg by Forest       Song                                    Proud Citizen
KITTY KNIGHT, yrlg by Alphabet          2yo by Silver Deputy                  LADEENA (IRE), yrlg by Cape Cross        LADY ELYSEES, yrlg by Choisir (AUS)    LADY OF TALENT, yrlg by                 Wildcat                              LA PERDIDA, wnlg by Friends Lake,      LAUREL DELIGHT (GB) (SPR), yrlg by
  Soup                                KRISSY, 2yo by Holy Bull                  (IRE)                                  THE LADY EXCAVATE, yrlg by               Johannesburg                        LAHINCH (IRE) (SPR), wnlg by Mr.         yrlg by Friends Lake                    Galileo (IRE)
KITTY LOU, yrlg by Congaree           KRISTENING (SPR), 2yo by                LA DIABLA, wnlg by Shaniko                 Leestown                             LADY OF THE LAKE (SPR), yrlg by         Greeley                              LA PIAZZA (IRE), yrlg by Tobougg       LAUREN (SPR), yrlg by Dubawi (IRE)
KITTY ON THE TRACK (SPR), 2yo           Tomorrows Cat                         LADIES DANCE, yrlg by                    LADY FABIOLA, yrlg by Desert Style       Five Star Day                       LAIKA DAWN, 2yo by Deputy                (IRE)                                LAUREN LYNN, yrlg by In Excessive
  by Golden Missile, yrlg by          KRISTI (SPR), yrlg by Hennessy            Easyfromthegitgo                         (IRE)                                LADY OF VISION (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by     Commander                            LA PRADA, yrlg by Chapel Royal            Bull
  Milwaukee Brew                      KRISTINA'S STAR, 2yo by Smooth          LADIES NITE OUT (SPR), yrlg by Yes       LADY FAIRFAX (GB), yrlg by               Monashee Mountain                   LA ILUMINADA (SPR), yrlg by            LA PROMENADE (ARG), yrlg by            LAUREN'S WAY, 2yo by Dixieland
KITTY'S GOLD, yrlg by Birdstone         Jazz                                    It's True                                Theatrical (IRE)                     LADY OF WICKLOW, yrlg by Gulch          Limehouse                              Mineshaft, wnlg by Mineshaft            Band
KIUAH, yrlg by Catastrophe            KRYPTOS (SPR), yrlg by Domestic         LADIES PARTY (SPR), yrlg by              LADY FARMA (SPR), wnlg by E Dubai      LADY OF WINLOC, 2yo by Wheelaway      LAIRD'S HONOR, yrlg by Even the        LAPTOP, yrlg by Gone West              LAURENTIA (SPR), yrlg by Exceed
KIVA STEP, yrlg by Yonaguska            Dispute                                 Benchmark                              LADY FETTUCCINE (SPR), yrlg by         LADY ORIANDE (GB), yrlg by Exceed       Score                                LAQUIERA, yrlg by Broken Vow, wnlg        And Excel (AUS)
KIVI, yrlg by More Than Ready         KRYSTAL ROSE, yrlg by Supah Blitz       LADOMA, yrlg by Harlan's Holiday,          Yoonevano                              And Excel (AUS)                     LAISSEZ FAIRE (IRE), 2yo by              by Eddington                         LAURENZIANA (SPR), wnlg by Action
KIWI HOUSE (SPR), 2yo by Ghazi        KSHESA'S FLAG, yrlg by Silver Ghost       wnlg by Silver Train                   LADY FROM LIMA, yrlg by E Dubai        LADYOTE, yrlg by Wild and Wicked        Acclamation (GB)                     LARA WANTS (SPR), 2yo by Drewman          This Day, yrlg by Malibu Moon
KIWI SUNSHINE, wnlg by Rockport       KUMARA, yrlg by Indian Territory        LADY ADARE, 2yo by Great Notion          LADY FROM LIMERICK (IRE (SPR),         LADY PAHIA (IRE), 2yo by Medicean     LAKABI (SPR), yrlg by Pulpit           LARKING CAT, yrlg by Even the Score    LAURICA, yrlg by Wildcat Heir
  Harbor, yrlg by Sky Mesa            KUMARI CONTINENT, yrlg by               LADY ADNIL (IRE), yrlg by Danehill         yrlg by Whipper                        (GB)                                LAKE BARATARIA, yrlg by Chapel         LA RONGE, yrlg by Olmodavor, 2yo by    LAURIE HOPE, 2yo by Gold Token
KLASSY BRIEFCASE (SPR), wnlg by         Elusive Quality                         Dancer (IRE), wnlg by Oratorio (IRE)   LADY GASTON, 2yo by Alysweep           LADY PRETENSE, 2yo by Zanferrier        Royal                                  War Chant                            LAVENDER, 2yo by Elusive Quality
  Tapit                               KURLICUE (IRE), yrlg by Saint Liam      LADY AFLAIR, yrlg by Stephen Got         LADY GENERAL, yrlg by Vicar            LADY PURDUE, yrlg by Northern Devil   LAKE BESSIE, yrlg by Bowman's          LARRUPIN GAL, yrlg by Lion             LAVENDER BABY, yrlg by Posse
KNEEL, 2yo by Monarchos               KUSOX, 2yo by Seattle Pattern             Even                                   LADY GEORGIA (GB), wnlg by             LADY QUATORZE (SPR), yrlg by El         Band                                   Hearted                              LAVENDER GIRL, yrlg by Sky Mesa
KNIGHTRESS OXIDE (SPR), yrlg by       KWAITO, yrlg by Oratory                 LADY AFLEET, yrlg by Roar of the           Ishiguru                               Corredor                            LAKE BROOK (SPR), yrlg by Larrupin'    LA SARTO (SPR), 2yo by Action This     LAVENDER LASS, 2yo by Yes It's
  Tribunal                            KWESTIONABLE KISS, 2yo by City            Tiger                                  LADY GEORGINA (GB), yrlg by            LADY RUSHMOORE, wnlg by Officer       LAKE CHAMPLAIN, yrlg by Bernstein        Day                                     True
KNIGHT ROSE (SPR), 2yo by Crown         Place                                 LADYAGO (SPR), yrlg by Royal               Fasliyev                             LADY SCARLETT (GB) (SPR), yrlg by     LAKEFRONT, yrlg by Fusaichi            LASCIVIOUS LASS, yrlg by Lion Heart    LAVENDER LOVER, wnlg by Forest
  Ambassador                          KYANADAN, yrlg by Peaks and               Academy                                LADY GIAN, wnlg by Sabre d'Argent        Oratorio (IRE)                        Pegasus                              LASER CRYSTAL (IRE), yrlg by              Danger
KNIGHT'S PLACE (IRE), wnlg by           Valleys                                                                        LADY GIN (SPR), yrlg by Dr Fong
                                                                              LADY ALBA, yrlg by Hold That Tiger                                              LADY SECRETARY, yrlg by Gulf Storm    LAKE LADY, yrlg by Empire Maker          Auction House                        LAVERLOCHERE, 2yo by Colony Light
                                      KYDA, yrlg by Haafhd (GB)
  Invincible Spirit (IRE)                                                     LADY ALLEMONT (SPR), 2yo by              LADY H, 2yo by Malibu Moon             LADY SENECA, yrlg by Intimidator      LAKE LEMAN, yrlg by Offlee Wild        LA SHALAK (IRE), 2yo by Statue of      LA VETA MADRE, 2yo by Formal
                                      KYLEMORE (IRE), yrlg by Dubawi
KNOCKIN BOOTS, wnlg by Swain                                                    Lucky Lionel, yrlg by New Way          LADY HEN (GB), wnlg by Singspiel       LADY SHOWTIME (SPR), yrlg by          LAKE MERCED, yrlg by Black               Liberty                                 Dinner, yrlg by Three Wonders
  (IRE)                                                                       LADY ALLIE, wnlg by Don't Get Mad          (IRE)                                  Leestown                              Minnaloushe                          LASIK, yrlg by Here's Zealous          LA VICTORIA (GER), yrlg by
                                      KYLE RHEA (GB) (SPR), wnlg by
KNOCK N SEE, yrlg by Marquetry                                                LADY ALOMA (SPR), yrlg by                LADY HOUSTON (SPR), 2yo by             LADY SIPHONICA, 2yo by Congaree       LAKE NYASA (IRE), yrlg by Dubai        LA SILA (SPR), yrlg by Rock Hard Ten      Needwood Blade (GB)
                                        Dubai Destination
KNOCK OFF (SPR), yrlg by Kitten's                                               Speightstown, 2yo by                     Toccet, yrlg by Value Plus           LADY'S KISS, yrlg by Posse              Destination                          LASKAY, 2yo by Sasha's Prospect        LA VIDA LOCA, yrlg by Chapel Royal
                                      KYLIE, yrlg by Memo (CHI)
  Joy                                                                           Speightstown                           LADYINASTORM, yrlg by Zarbyev          LADY SKY RACER (SPR), wnlg by         LAKE OKEECHOBEE (SPR), yrlg by         LAS MALVINAS, yrlg by Strong Hope      LA VIDA MIA (SPR), yrlg by King of
                                      KYLIE IS FOR REAL, yrlg by City
KNOCK ON HEAVEN, yrlg by Stormin                                              LADY ANGELINA, yrlg by Whywhywhy         LADY IN DANGER (SPR), yrlg by            Eddington, yrlg by Value Plus         Lion Heart                           LAS MANITAS (SPR), yrlg by Thunder        Scat
                                        Place, 2yo by Omega Code
  Fever                                                                       LADY ANGHARAD (IRE), yrlg by               Devon Lane                           LADY'S LEGACY (SPR), yrlg by          LAKE PRINCESS (SPR), yrlg by             Gulch                                LAWLESS BRIDGET (GB) (SPR), wnlg
                                      KYTHIA (IRE), yrlg by Pastoral
KNOCKOUT CROWN, wnlg by Mizzen                                                  Arch                                   LADY IN POWER (SPR), yrlg by Forest      Malibu Moon                           Chapel Royal                         LA SORBONNE (ARG) (SPR), yrlg by          by Blue Dakota (IRE)
                                        Pursuits (GB)
  Mast                                                                        LADY ANGOLA, yrlg by With Approval         Camp                                 LADY'S MANTLE, wnlg by Valid          LAKE VICTORIA (IRE), yrlg by Kheleyf     Afleet Alex                          LAW REVIEW (IRE), yrlg by Titus
                                      LA ALLEGED, yrlg by Stormy Atlantic
KNOCK TWICE (SPR), wnlg by                                                    LADY ANNALIESE (NZ), yrlg by             LADY IN TAILS, yrlg by Toccet            Expectations                        LAKEVILLE, 2yo by Dixie Union          LA SORPRESA (ARG), yrlg by Sligo          Livius (FR)
                                      LA BALLERINE, yrlg by Pure Prize
  Awesome Again, yrlg by Silver                                                 Medaglia d'Oro                         LADY IN WAITING (SPR), yrlg by Quiet   LADY'S MANTLE (IRE), yrlg by          LAKEWATER, yrlg by Northern Afleet       Bay (IRE)                            LAY LINE (SPR), wnlg by Aragorn
                                      LA BARBERINA (SPR), 2yo by Chapel
  Deputy                                                                      LADY ARGO (SPR), yrlg by Trippi            American                               Souvenir Copy                       LAKEWAY (SPR), yrlg by Distorted       LA SPIA, yrlg by Lion Heart               (IRE), 2yo by Olmodavor
                                        Royal, yrlg by Fusaichi Pegasus
KNOOSH (SPR), 2yo by City Zip                                                 LADY BE NASTY, yrlg by Pioneering        LADY IN WAITING (GB), yrlg by Red      LADY SMITH (GB), 2yo by Monsieur        Humor                                LASQUETI ISLAND, yrlg by Exchange      LAZARRA, yrlg by Outofthebox
                                      LA BARONESS, yrlg by Catienus
KNOT SO CLEVER, yrlg by North                                                 LADY BERING, yrlg by Bowman's              Ransom                                 Bond (IRE)                          LAKE WEST, yrlg by Limehouse             Rate                                 LAZER POWER, 2yo by Eavesdropper
                                      LA BATAILLE, yrlg by Stormy Atlantic
  Light (IRE)                         LA BELGA (ARG), yrlg by Singspiel         Band                                   LADY JANELL, 2yo by Gibson County      LADY SNERD (SPR), 2yo by              LAKE WINDERMERE (SPR), yrlg by         LASSIE'S LEGACY (SPR), yrlg by         LA ZULI, yrlg by Sky Mesa
KNOWN CLASS (SPR), yrlg by              (IRE)                                 LADY BETAMBEAU (IRE), yrlg by            LADY JAZZ (SPR), yrlg by Omega           Momentum                              Ghostzapper                            Distorted Humor                      LAZYLOU CAFE, yrlg by Bold
  Bahamian Bounty (GB)                LA BELLA VISTA, 2yo by Indy King          Exceed And Excel (AUS)                   Code                                 LADY SONYA, yrlg by Purge             LAKME, yrlg by Regal Classic, 2yo by   LASSO (GB), yrlg by Medicean (GB)         Executive
KNOWN FEMINIST (SPR), yrlg by         LA BELLE CREOLE (SPR), yrlg by          LADY BEX (IRE), yrlg by Dubawi (IRE)     LADY JULIA, yrlg by Malibu Moon        LADY TABITHA (SPR), yrlg by             Tapit                                LAST EXHIBIT (GB), yrlg by             L B SPITFIRE, yrlg by Quarry
  Tapit                                 Stephanotis                           LADY BISCAYNE, yrlg by Eurosilver        LADY JULIE, yrlg by Wekiva Springs       Limehouse                           LALECTRA (GB), yrlg by Namid (GB)        Observatory                          LEADING BALLERINA, yrlg by
KNOWN ROMANCE (SPR), wnlg by          LA BELLE DAME, yrlg by Honor Glide      LADY BLOCKBUSTER (SPR), wnlg             LADY JUSTINE, yrlg by Ecton Park       LADY TAP, yrlg by More Than Ready     LA LEE LA, yrlg by On Target           LAST FEVER, yrlg by Grand Slam            Demidoff
  Pulpit                              LA BELLE KATHERINE, yrlg by               by First Samurai, yrlg by Roman        LADY KILKEELAN, 2yo by                 LADY TIARA (SPR), yrlg by Not For     LALIQUE (IRE), wnlg by Avonbridge      LAST FOOL'EM, yrlg by Philadream       LEADING LIGHT, yrlg by Theatrical
KNOWN TO PLAY, 2yo by Valid             Kheleyf                                 Ruler                                    Songandaprayer                         Love                                  (GB), yrlg by Soviet Star            LAST IMPRESSION (GB), wnlg by             (IRE)
  Belfast                             LABRUSCA (GB), yrlg by Danehill         LADY BLUE EYES, 2yo by Is It True        LADY KRISTA, yrlg by St Averil         LADY VYE, yrlg by Trajectory          LALKA, 2yo by Richter Scale, yrlg by     Elnadim                              LEADING MUSIC, 2yo by Sefapiano
KNOWN TOUCH, yrlg by Thunder            Dancer (IRE)                          LADY BROOK, yrlg by Came Home            LADY LAHAR (GB) (SPR), yrlg by         LADY WELLS (IRE), yrlg by               Richter Scale                        LAST IMPULSE, yrlg by Keats            LEADING PRINCESS, 2yo by Tobougg
  Gulch                               LA CAMPANELLA (IRE), yrlg by            LADY BUCK TROUT, yrlg by Avenue            Hawk Wing                              Footstepsinthesand (GB)             LA LOMITA, yrlg by Flatter             LASTING CHANCE (SPR), yrlg by             (IRE)
KNOW WHAT, yrlg by Leestown             Decarchy                                of Flags                               LADY LAIKA (SPR), 2yo by Medaglia      LADY WILDCAT, wnlg by Medaglia        LA MANCHE (SPR), 2yo by Skip Away        Key of Luck                          LEADING ROLE, wnlg by Truluck
KOBELLA BEAN, wnlg by Awesome         LA CAPRICE (SPR), yrlg by Dansili       LADY BUTTERCUP, yrlg by Stormy             d'Oro                                  d'Oro                               LA MARIAH (SPR), yrlg by Liberty       LASTING PLEASURE, wnlg by Maria's      LEADING THE WAY, yrlg by Ecton
  Again                                 (GB)                                    Atlantic                               LADY LE QUESNE (IRE), yrlg by Trade    LADY WILLOW, yrlg by Exchange           Gold                                   Mon                                     Park, 2yo by Harlan's Holiday
KOBEMON, 2yo by Pioneering, yrlg      LA CATALANE (IRE), yrlg by One Cool     LADY BUTTON EYES (SPR), 2yo by             Fair (GB)                              Rate                                LAMBETH BELLE, yrlg by Zaha            LASTING SENSATION (SPR), yrlg by       LEAD NOTE, 2yo by Dansili (GB)
  by Tomorrows Cat                      Cat                                     Spanish Steps                          LADY LIBERTY (NZ) (SPR), yrlg by       LADY WINDERMERE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg     LAMBKINS, yrlg by Johannesburg           Slew City Slew                       LEAD SOPRANO, yrlg by Even the
KOKA KOLA KWEEN, yrlg by Indian       LAC DAWAT (SPR), 2yo by Three           LADY CAKES (SPR), yrlg by Mass             Royal Academy                          by Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)          LAMEES (SPR), wnlg by Auction          LAST LOOK, 2yo by Wised Up                Score
  Ocean                                 Wonders                                 Market                                 LADY LIESEL (GB), yrlg by Kheleyf      LADY WOODWIN, 2yo by Action This        House                                LAST NO BREAK, yrlg by Stroll          LEAD STORY, yrlg by Storm Cat
KOLUCTOO'S GIN, yrlg by Well Noted    LAC DESSERT, yrlg by Danehill           LADY CANNA, yrlg by Fusaichi             LADY LINDA, 2yo by Tale of the Cat       Day, yrlg by Kela                   LA MIENNE, yrlg by Cape Canaveral      LAST OASIS, 2yo by Red Bullet          LEA LARKSPUR, yrlg by A P Valentine
KOMBAT LAKE, 2yo by Three                                                       Pegasus                                LADY LINDSLEY, yrlg by Twilight        LADY XARA (IRE), wnlg by Namid        LA MOULINE (IRE), yrlg by Sadler's     LAST PHONE CALL, yrlg by Tribunal      LEAN QUEEN COBRA (SPR), yrlg by

34           THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                               THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                    35
Dams                                                                            LIGHTLY GO LIGHTLY (SPR), 2yo by
                                                                                  Northern Afleet
                                                                                                                         LINDA'S HONOUR, yrlg by City Zip
                                                                                                                                                                  LITTLE CHEERLEADER, 2yo by
                                                                                                                                                                                                         LOCAL FLAVOR, yrlg by Benchmark
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 LORI'S LUCK (SPR), yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Hennessy, 2yo by Sky Mesa
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          LOVE SICK, yrlg by More Than Ready
                                                                                LIGHT MOZART (GB), wnlg by               LINDA'S PARADISO, yrlg by Najran           Drewman                              LOCHARIA (GB), yrlg by Compton          LORLINE, yrlg by Silver Deputy           LOVE'S ISLAND, wnlg by Wildcat Heir
  Smarty Jones                          LESTER'S LEGEND, yrlg by Choosing         Footstepsinthesand (GB)                LINDA VI, yrlg by Matty G                LITTLE DOLL (GB), wnlg by Exceed         Place (GB)                            LORRAINE'S SECRET (IRE), 2yo by          LOVE SONNET (GB), wnlg by Ad
LEAPING WATER (GB) (SPR), yrlg by         Choice                                LIGHTNING FORBES (SPR), 2yo by           LINDESBERG (GB) (SPR), wnlg by             And Excel (AUS)                      LOCH FYNE (GB), yrlg by Avonbridge        Celtic Swing (GB), yrlg by Whipper       Valorem
  Montjeu (IRE)                         LET ALONE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by             Graeme Hall                               Librettist                            LITTLE GREENBIRD (GB) (SPR), yrlg        (GB)                                  LOST BRIDE, yrlg by Dixie Union          LOVE SPANISH (SPR), yrlg by
LEAPUS CREEK (SPR), yrlg by               Exceed And Excel (AUS)                LIGHTNING LYDIA, yrlg by Alke            LINDFIELD BELLE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by       by Compton Place (GB), wnlg by       LOCHLIN SLEW (SPR), 2yo by Teton        LOST COMMAND, yrlg by Woke Up              Meadow Monster
  Pioneering                            L'ETE (CHI), yrlg by Giant's Causeway   LIGHTNING PACE, yrlg by Wildcat             Zafeen (FR)                             Sleeping Indian (GB)                   Forest                                  Dreamin                                LOVE SPIEL (SPR), 2yo by Chief
LEAP YEAR LINDA, 2yo by                 LET FLY (SPR), yrlg by Johannesburg       Heir                                   LINDRICK (SPR), yrlg by Mobil            LITTLE HUSSY, yrlg by Monarchos        LOCHMADDY (GB), wnlg by Green           LOST ICON (IRE), yrlg by Marju (IRE)       Seattle
  Benchmark                             LETHAL LOVER, yrlg by Buddha            LIGHTNING SHOW, yrlg by More Than        LINDSAY FROLIC (SPR), 2yo by             LITTLE INDIAN GIRL, yrlg by Tiznow       Desert                                LOST IN THE STORM, yrlg by               LOVE STING, yrlg by Posse
LEARS AND LIMOS, yrlg by                LETITHAPPENCAPTAIN, yrlg by               Ready, wnlg by Unbridled's Song           Dixie Union, yrlg by Fusaichi         LITTLE LADY LIAR (SPR), yrlg by        LOCHNESSA, 2yo by Entepreneur,            Awesome Again                          LOVESWEPT (SPR), yrlg by Chapel
  Limehouse                               Songandaprayer                        LIGHTNING STITCH (SPR), yrlg by             Pegasus                                 Honour and Glory                       wnlg by Eugene's Third Son, yrlg by   LOTSOFDIAMONDS, yrlg by                    Royal
LEARY LASS (SPR), wnlg by Cactus        LET'S COAST, yrlg by Domestic             Vying Victor                           LINEAGE LACE, yrlg by Go Bam Bam         LITTLE MARY R. N. (SPR), yrlg by         Grand Appointment                       Outofthebox                            LOVE TOKEN (SPR), yrlg by
  Ridge                                   Dispute                               LIGHT ON HER TOES, 2yo by Johar             Go                                      Harbor the Gold                      LOCUST WIND, yrlg by Marciano           LOTUS MOON (SPR), yrlg by Cat              Benchmark
LEASEARS (SPR), yrlg by Yankee          LET'S ESCAPE (SPR), 2yo by              LIGHT SHIP (GB), yrlg by Medicean        LINENS N LACE (SPR), 2yo by Out of       LITTLE MAY (SPR), yrlg by Arch         LOGICAL ENSIGN, 2yo by Lightnin N         Thief, wnlg by Saarland                LOVETRIP, yrlg by Muqtarib
  Gentleman                               Medaglia d'Oro, yrlg by Mr. Greeley     (GB)                                      Place                                 LITTLE MISS DEB, yrlg by Grindstone      Thunder                               LOUELLA (SPR), yrlg by Medicean          LOVE U FRAN (SPR), yrlg by Tapit
LEAVE NO PRINTS, yrlg by More           LETS GET COZZY, yrlg by Pleasantly      LIGHT SHOW (SPR), yrlg by Smart          LINE'S BUSY (SPR), yrlg by Value         LITTLE MISSILE, yrlg by Yonaguska      LOG JAMMER, yrlg by                       (GB)                                   LOVE WHISPER, yrlg by Tejano Run
  Than Ready                              Perfect                                 Strike                                    Plus                                  LITTLE MISS MOLLY (SPR), 2yo by          Cryptoclearance                       LOUGHMORE LASS, yrlg by Bernstein        LOVE YOU MADLY, yrlg by Afleet
LEDGE, yrlg by Monarchos                LETS GET OUT, wnlg by Exchange          LIGHTS ON, yrlg by Storm Cat             LINE SQUALL (SPR), yrlg by Tenpins         Century City (IRE)                   LOLABELL, 2yo by Chapel Royal,          LOUISA, yrlg by Quest                      Alex
LEENANE (IRE), yrlg by                    Rate                                  LIGHT THE WAY (SPR), yrlg by             LING, 2yo by Dixie Union                 LITTLE MISS ROCKET, yrlg by Finest       wnlg by Medaglia d'Oro                LOUISE'S RIDGE, yrlg by Lion Heart,      LOVING DUCK, wnlg by Pleasantly
  Footstepsinthesand (GB)               LET'S GO HOME, yrlg by City Zip            Broken Vow                            LINGQUOIT (SPR), yrlg by Saarland          Hour                                 LOLA HILL, yrlg by Bernstein              2yo by Proud Citizen, wnlg by Pure       Perfect
LEEWARD CITY, yrlg by                   LET'S HOLD HANDS, yrlg by Chelsey       LIGHT UP NEW YORK, yrlg by City          LINK TO ERIN (SPR), 2yo by Lion          LITTLE MONDAY (SPR), yrlg by           LOLA SAPOLA (IRE), yrlg by Compton        Prize                                  LOVINGHERISEASY, yrlg by Najran
  Johannesburg                            Cat                                     Zip, 2yo by Yonaguska                     Heart                                   Concerto                               Place (GB)                            LOUISE'S TIME, yrlg by Mr. Greeley       LOVING LUCY, 2yo by Go for Gin,
LEEWARD PASSAGE, yrlg by Five           LETSLETMEROLL (SPR), yrlg by            LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE, yrlg by Illinois     LIP SERVICE (SPR), 2yo by                LITTLEMOUNTAINGIRL (SPR), 2yo by       LOLA'S DANCER, yrlg by Theatrical       LOU'S FROSTY (SPR), 2yo by                 yrlg by Silver Deputy
  Star Day                                Esteem                                  Storm                                     Redattore (BRZ)                         Scrimshaw                              (IRE)                                   Littlebitlively                        LOVIN SPOONFUL (SPR), 2yo by
LEGACY'S SILVER (SPR), yrlg by          LET'S SEE (IRE), wnlg by Fasliyev       LIGNIFY (ARG), yrlg by War Chant         LIQUID DELIGHT, wnlg by Gulch            LITTLE NONI, wnlg by Raffie's          LOLO CREEK (SPR), 2yo by Syncline,      LOUVOLITE (IRE), yrlg by Redback           Macho Uno
  Wildcat Heir                          LETTER OF INTENT, yrlg by Smart         LIHOU ISLAND (GB), yrlg by Kyllachy      LISA BE SMART, yrlg by Mojave              Majesty                                wnlg by Taste of Paradise               (GB)                                   LOWCOUNTRY, yrlg by Aldebaran
LEGAFINO, 2yo by Marquetry                Strike                                  (GB)                                      Moon                                  LITTLE OPRAH, yrlg by Gun Power        LOMALOU (IRE), 2yo by Exceed And        LOVE AND AFFECTION (SPR), yrlg           LOWRIANNA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by
LEGAL COUNT, yrlg by Katahaula          LETTERTOTHEEDITOR, yrlg by              LIKE IT IS LIL, wnlg by Kitten's Joy     LISA'S FAIR LADY, 2yo by Stored          LITTLE PASSWORD (SPR), yrlg by           Excel (AUS)                             by Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)               Kyllachy (GB)
  County, 2yo by Stephanotis              Kitten's Joy                          LIKELY MINISTER, yrlg by Officer         LISA THE GREAT, wnlg by Exchange           Value Plus                           LOMAPAMAR (GB), yrlg by Dubai           LOVE AND HAPPINESS (SPR), yrlg by        LOW TOLERANCE (SPR), yrlg by
LEGAL MISS (SPR), yrlg by Pure Prize    LEVER TO HEAVEN (IRE) (SPR), yrlg       LIKELY RUCKUS, yrlg by Graeme Hall          Rate                                  LITTLE RUTHIE, yrlg by Milwaukee         Destination                             Unbridled's Song                         Dixie Union
LEGAL STEPS (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by          by The Cliff's Edge                   LIKELY SUSPECT, yrlg by Exchange         LISCUNE (IRE), wnlg by Oasis Dream         Brew                                 LONDONNET (IRE), yrlg by Fasliyev       LOVE AND LAUGHTER (IRE), yrlg by         LOYALAMBIC (SPR), yrlg by
  Marju (IRE)                           LEVITATION (SPR), 2yo by Phone            Rate, 2yo by Straight Man                 (GB)                                  LITTLE SCOOP, 2yo by Invisible Ink     LONE FLIGHT, 2yo by Action This Day       High Chaparral (IRE)                     Montbrook
LEGAL WAIVER, yrlg by Pollard's           Trick                                 LILAC'S STAR (SPR), yrlg by Lemon        L. IS FOR LOVE, wnlg by Benchmark        LITTLE SIOUX, 2yo by Black Mambo       LONE PEAK, yrlg by Lion Heart           LOVE AND MARRY (SPR), yrlg by            LOYAL AMERICAN, 2yo by Hook and
  Vision                                LEWINSKY, yrlg by Peaks and Valleys       Drop Kid                               LISHAWAY (SPR), yrlg by Dubawi           LITTLE SWITZ, yrlg by Eavesdropper     LONE SPLENDOR, 2yo by Hook and            Sligo Bay (IRE)                          Ladder
LEGENDARY DESTINY (IRE), yrlg by        LEXILOUSH, yrlg by Seattle Fitz (ARG)   LIL COZETTE (SPR), 2yo by Toccet            (IRE)                                 LITTLETALKINTOOTIE, yrlg by Value        Ladder                                LOVE BALLAD, yrlg by Southern            L P ENSIGN, yrlg by Roar of the Tiger
  Cherokee Run                          L'EXTRA HONOR (SPR), yrlg by            LILISSA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Danehill    LISIEUX (SPR), wnlg by Sharp Humor         Plus                                 LONGA (SPR), yrlg by Acclamation          Image                                  LT'L MANDY A, yrlg by Eddington
LEGENDARY PRINESS (SPR), yrlg             Black Minnaloushe                       Dancer (IRE)                           LISKA, yrlg by Finance the Cat, wnlg     LITTLE TREASURE (FR), yrlg by            (GB)                                  LOVE CATCHER, yrlg by Singletary         LUANNE'S GIFT, wnlg by Gold Tribute,
  by Songandaprayer                     LEXY MAY, 2yo by Ecton Park             LIL LISA CAN, yrlg by Street Cry (IRE)      by The Prime Minister                   Unbridled's Song                     LONG DRIVE HOME (SPR), wnlg by          LOVE DESTINY (SPR), yrlg by Forest         yrlg by Kela
LEGEND OF ARAGON (GB), wnlg by          LEZA (SPR), 2yo by Posse                LILL'S CUTLASS (SPR), yrlg by            LISKA (IRE), yrlg by Rock of Gibraltar   LITTLE TWILIGHT, yrlg by Nicholas Ds     Rockport Harbor                         Danger                                 LUBICON (SPR), yrlg by D'wildcat
  Tobougg (IRE)                         LHOTSE, yrlg by Freud                     Cherokee Run                              (IRE)                                 LITTLE VENICE, yrlg by Quiet           LONG GONE LADY (SPR), 2yo by            LOVE EXCELLING (FR), yrlg by Rock        LUCENTA, yrlg by Where's the Ring
LEGGY LOU (IRE), 2yo by                 LIABILITY ISSUE, yrlg by Tizbud         LILLY AND ICE, yrlg by Knockadoon        LISKA'S DANCE (SPR), yrlg by Dr            American                               Peace Rules                             of Gibraltar (IRE)                     LUCINA (GB), yrlg by Bertolini
  Dynaformer                            LIANDA, yrlg by Rock Hard Ten           LILLYATTHEHELM, yrlg by Strategic           Fong                                  LITTLE WARRIOR, yrlg by Mobil          LONGINGTOBEME, yrlg by Point            LOVE IS ALL (IRE), 2yo by Reel Buddy     LUCINDA (SPR), yrlg by Souvenir
LEGGY SUPER MODEL (SPR), yrlg by        LIBBY'S JULE, 2yo by Lightnin N           Mission                                LISMORE LADY (SPR), wnlg by Henny        LITTLE WHISPER (IRE), yrlg by            Given                                 LOVEJOY, yrlg by Halifax                   Copy
  Sligo Bay (IRE)                         Thunder                               LILLYBUSTER (SPR), yrlg by Roman            Hughes                                  Bertolini                            LONG MESSAGE, wnlg by Medaglia          LOVE KISS, yrlg by Golden Missile        LUCK AND FAME, wnlg by Tale of
LEGIT (SPR), 2yo by Not For Love        LIBBY'S WISH, yrlg by The Cliff's         Ruler                                  LISTEN, wnlg by Vindication              LITTLE ZIP, yrlg by Awesome Again        d'Oro                                 LOVELEAVES (GB) (SPR), yrlg by             the Cat
LE GRAND EPIC, yrlg by Even the           Edge                                  LILLY GEE (IRE), yrlg by                 LISTENING POST, wnlg by                  LIVELY NUMBER, yrlg by Ford Every      LONG STEMMED ROSE, yrlg by                Avonbridge (GB)                        LUCKY AGAIN, 2yo by Two Punch
  Score                                 LIBERADA (SPR), yrlg by Roman             Footstepsinthesand (GB)                   Congressionalhonor                      Stream                                 Vindication                           LOVE LINE, yrlg by Pleasant Tap          LUCKY ASSET (SPR), yrlg by Avenue
LEIGH LAKE, yrlg by Grand Reward          Ruler                                 LILLY THE PINK (IRE), 2yo by             LISTEN MISSY, yrlg by Pollard's          LIVELY SPIRIT (SPR), yrlg by Winter    LONGTERMINVESTMENT, yrlg by             LOVELY AND PROUD, yrlg by Western          of Flags
LEILANI'S SONG, yrlg by Yes It's True   LIBERTY (GB), wnlg by Medicean            Medecis (GB)                              Vision                                  Glitter                                Cherokee Run                            Expression                             LUCKY BAYOU (SPR), yrlg by Placid
LEISA B WARE, 2yo by Favorite Trick       (GB)                                  LIL MAC ATTACK, 2yo by Essence of        LISTEN NOW (SPR), wnlg by                LIVE ON LOVE (SPR), 2yo by De          LONG TERM WISH, yrlg by Salt Lake       LOVELY BID (SPR), 2yo by Black             Fund
LEKKA DING (IRE), yrlg by Orpen         LIBERTY FLAG, yrlg by Saint Liam          Dubai, wnlg by With Distinction           Bernardini                              Guerin                               LONI GIRL, yrlg by Trippi                 Mambo                                  LUCKY BIDDER, 2yo by A P Valentine
                                        LIBERTY STICK, 2yo by Three
LEMONADE STAND (GB), yrlg by                                                    LIL' MARY'S KITTY, yrlg by Even the      LISTEN TO MY SONG, yrlg by Malibu        LIVERMORE LADY (SPR), 2yo by           LONNIES SONG, yrlg by Deerhound         LOVELY CABRINI (SPR), 2yo by Trippi      LUCKY DYNAMO, yrlg by Precocity
  Mingun                                                                          Score                                     Moon                                    Songandaprayer                       LOOKAWAY DIXIELAND, yrlg by More        LOVELY COZZENE, yrlg by Kitten's         LUCKY E. L., yrlg by Kafwain
                                        LIBRARY FLIRT, 2yo by Tenpins
LEMON DOVE, yrlg by El Corredor                                                 LIL MISS DEVI, yrlg by El Prado (IRE)    LISTENTOTHEBELLS, 2yo by Black           LIVERMORE LESLIE (SPR), yrlg by          Than Ready                              Joy                                    LUCKY HALEY, yrlg by My Friend
                                        LIBRETTO, wnlg by El Prado (IRE),
LEMON DROP CELLO, wnlg by War                                                   LIL MISTRESS, yrlg by Hat Trick X           Mambo, yrlg by Lightnin N Thunder       Eurosilver                           LOOK FOR GOOD, yrlg by Forest           LOVELY DEED, yrlg by Value Plus            Max
                                          yrlg by Sligo Bay (IRE)
  Chant                                                                           Three                                  LISWAKI LADY, yrlg by Prospector's       LIVE YOUR BEST (SPR), yrlg by Black      Camp                                  LOVELY LATER (SPR), yrlg by El           LUCKY LADY LUCY (SPR), yrlg by
                                        LICENCE TO THRILL (GB) (SPR), yrlg
LEMON ICE (SPR), yrlg by In Excess                                              LIL PUNKINDO (SPR), 2yo by Macho            Gift                                    Mambo, 2yo by Montbrook              LOOKIN BOLD BABY (SPR), yrlg by           Prado (IRE), 2yo by Thunder Gulch        Sligo Bay (IRE)
                                          by Exceed And Excel (AUS)
  (IRE)                                                                           Uno, yrlg by Red Bullet                LITCHFIELD HILLS, yrlg by                LIVIA B, yrlg by Mr. Greeley             Dome                                  LOVELY LYCA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by          LUCKY LAVENDER GAL (SPR), wnlg
                                        LICENSE TO SPEED, yrlg by Stormy
LEMON TART, yrlg by Grand Slam                                                  LIL SISSY GIRL, yrlg by Roar of the         Footstepsinthesand (GB)               LIVING COLOR, 2yo by Gulch             LOOKING AFAR, 2yo by Strong Hope          Bahamian Bounty (GB)                     by First Samurai
LE MONTRACHET (GB), yrlg by                                                       Tiger                                  LITCHFIELD INN, yrlg by Medallist        LIVING DOLL, 2yo by Gimmeawink,        LOOKING FOR A STAR, 2yo by Tapit        LOVELY NEDRA (SPR), yrlg by Friends      LUCKY LEFTY, yrlg by Value Plus
                                        LICENSE TO THRILL, 2yo by Trippi
  Danehill Dancer (IRE)                                                         LIL SISTER SLEW, yrlg by Victory         LIT DE LIGHT, yrlg by Alke                 yrlg by Wildcat Heir                 LOOKN AT ANOTHER, yrlg by                 Lake                                   LUCKY LIVI, yrlg by Monarchos
                                        LICORNE (GB), yrlg by Invincible
LEMON TWIST, yrlg by Yes It's True                                                Gallop                                 LIT D' OR, yrlg by Bold Executive        LIVING ON THE LINE (SPR), yrlg by        Northern Devil                        LOVELY RAFAELA, yrlg by                  LUCKY MARTY, yrlg by Milwaukee
                                          Spirit (IRE)
LENARUE, yrlg by Malibu Moon                                                    LIL SISTER STICH, 2yo by Grand           LITE IN THE NIGHT, yrlg by                 Indian Charlie                       LOOKN MIGHTY FINE, yrlg by Point          Unbridled's Song                         Brew
                                        LIDANNA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by
LENATAREESE, yrlg by Fusaichi                                                     Slam                                      Powerscourt (GB)                      LIVIN' ON THE EDGE, yrlg by The          Given                                 LOVELY REGINA, yrlg by Sky Mesa          LUCKY MISTRESS, yrlg by Street Cry
  Pegasus                                                                       LILYFOOT (IRE), yrlg by Refuse To        LITERARY LIGHT, yrlg by Silver             Deputy (IRE)                         LOOKS LIKE A GEM, yrlg by Full          LOVEM AND LEAVEM, yrlg by Kipling          (IRE)
                                        LIDA'S DOUBLE, 2yo by Greenwood
L'ENFANT, yrlg by Cozzene                                                         Bend (IRE)                                Deputy                                LIVIUS LADY (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by         Mandate, 2yo by Put It Back           LOVE MATTERS (SPR), yrlg by              LUCKY NINER, 2yo by Dawn Quixote
LENTA (SPR), 2yo by Lucky Lionel                                                LILY MARTINI, yrlg by Indy King          LITERARY LOVER (IRE), yrlg by              Kheleyf, wnlg by Mujadil             LOOKS SO GOOD, yrlg by Alke               Katahaula County                       LUCKY NITA, yrlg by Cherokee Run
                                        LIFE (FR), yrlg by Strong Hope
LEO LARLA, 2yo by                       LIFEBYTHEDROP, yrlg by Iron Deputy      LILY OF THE VALLEY, wnlg by Sligo           Bertolini                             LIWA'S LAKE, yrlg by Kafwain           LOOKSSTRONGDIGSIN, yrlg by              LOVE ME AGAIN, 2yo by Avanzado           LUCKY ONE, yrlg by Pollard's Vision
  Sweetsouthernsaint, yrlg by Trippi    LIFE HAPPENED, wnlg by Bernstein          Bay (IRE)                              LITE THE CAKE, yrlg by Seattle Fitz      LIZBETH'S DESIRE, 2yo by In Case         Benton Creek                            (ARG)                                  LUCKY RAINBOW, yrlg by Galileo
LEOMADE, 2yo by Unbridled Time          LIFEINTHEFASTLANE, 2yo by Forest        LILY'S AFFAIR, wnlg by                      (ARG)                                 LIZ FICKEN, yrlg by Cat Dreams         LOOK UPON (SPR), yrlg by Congaree       LOVE ME GREELEY, yrlg by Sunday            (IRE)
LEOMINDA (GB), 2yo by Forzando            Camp                                    Ghostzapper, yrlg by North Light       LITEUP MY LIFE (SPR), 2yo by             LIZOTTE (SPR), 2yo by Lite the Fuse,   LOOSECANNONONDECK, yrlg by                Break (JPN)                            LUCKY SABRE, yrlg by Yes It's True
  (GB)                                  LIFELIKE, 2yo by Benchmark, yrlg by       (IRE)                                     Hennessy, yrlg by Smart Strike          yrlg by Siphon (BRZ)                   Indy King                             LOVE MIA (ARG), 2yo by                   LUCKY SHEIKH (SPR), yrlg by
LEONICA (GB), yrlg by Bahamian            Old Topper                            LIMBO (SPR), yrlg by Grand Slam          LIT'L ROSE (SPR), wnlg by Tiznow         LIZZIE ANN, 2yo by Authenticate        LOOSE CHANGE, 2yo by Ghostly              Songandaprayer                           Champali
  Bounty (GB)                           LIFE'S AN E TICKET, yrlg by Spanish     LIMIT (IRE), yrlg by Noverre             LITTELFUSE (SPR), yrlg by Tiznow         LIZZIE WORTHINGTON (SPR), yrlg by        Minister                              LOVE MUSIC, yrlg by Marquetry, 2yo       LUCKY SLEVIN, yrlg by Indian Charlie
LEON SEZ WIN, yrlg by Lightnin N          Steps                                 LIMITED ENTRY, wnlg by Cherokee          LITTER THE GLITTER, yrlg by Sarava         Hook and Ladder                      LOOSE LUCY, 2yo by Early Flyer            by Scrimshaw                           LUCKY SOCKS, yrlg by Bernstein
  Thunder                               LIFTING THE VEIL, yrlg by El Corredor     Run, yrlg by Yes It's True             LITTLE BARBIE, yrlg by Freespool         LIZZY COOL, yrlg by Red Bullet         LOQUACITY (GB), wnlg by Kodiac          LOVE PLAY, wnlg by Personal First        LUCKY STREAK, yrlg by Pollard's
LE PRIVEE, yrlg by Petionville          LIFT MY SPIRIT, yrlg by Exchange        LIMIT PUSHER, yrlg by Nicholas Ds        LITTLEBITPRETTY, yrlg by Canadian        LIZZY'S A DREAM, yrlg by Be Like         (GB)                                  LOVE POWER, yrlg by Golden Missile         Vision
LES BE FRIENDS, yrlg by Formal            Rate                                  LIMPOPO (GB) (SPR), yrlg by                 Frontier, wnlg by Ecton Park            Mike                                 LORD REMEMBER ME (SPR), yrlg by         LOVE QUARREL, wnlg by Fusaichi           LUCY MAKES EIGHT, yrlg by Friends
  Gold                                  LIGHT AS A CAT, yrlg by Yonaguska         Footstepsinthesand (GB)                LITTLEBITSAINTLY, yrlg by Peace          LLIA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Cape Cross      Toccet                                  Pegasus                                  Lake, wnlg by Include
LESLIE, yrlg by Quest                   LIGHT BY DAWN, 2yo by Scrimshaw         LINDA BRITT (SPR), yrlg by Hook and         Rules                                   (IRE)                                LORETTA LANE, yrlg by Slew City         LOVE QUEST (GB), yrlg by                 LUCY'S NIECE, 2yo by
LESLIE'S FORTUNE, yrlg by Seneca        LIGHT FORUM, 2yo by                       Ladder                                 LITTLEBITSPICY, yrlg by Grand            LLOC (GB), wnlg by Cadeaux               Slew                                    Avonbridge (GB)                          Sweetsouthernsaint
  Jones                                   Littleexpectations                    LINDA COQUETA (SPR), yrlg by Yes            Reward                                  Genereux (GB)                        LORIE DARLIN (SPR), yrlg by             LOVER COME BACK, yrlg by                 LUHAN, wnlg by Medaglia d'Oro
LESLIE'S LADY (SPR), yrlg by            LIGHTHOUSE (GB), yrlg by Pivotal          It's True                              LITTLE BONNET, yrlg by Forest            L L 'S KEY, yrlg by Wild Gold            Songandaprayer                          Leroidesanimaux (BRZ)                  LUIA, yrlg by Pleasantly Perfect
  Orientate                               (GB)                                  LINDA'S CODE, yrlg by Black Mambo           Danger, wnlg by Officer               LOADED, yrlg by Birdstone              LORIENTAISE (IRE), yrlg by Clodovil     LOVERE (GB), yrlg by Titus Livius (FR)   LUISA MILLER (IRE), yrlg by Invincible
LESLIE'S VALENTINE, yrlg by Say         LIGHT LINE, 2yo by Seattle Fitz         LINDAS DELIGHT (GB) (SPR), yrlg by       LITTLE BUCKLES, yrlg by North Light      LOBBYIST, yrlg by Royal Cat              (IRE)                                 LOVE RHYTHM, 2yo by Yonaguska              Spirit (IRE)
  Florida Sandy                           (ARG), yrlg by Wildcat Heir             Orpen                                     (IRE)                                 LOBLOLLY BAY (GB), yrlg by Bertolini   LORI'S EXPECTATION, 2yo by              LOVERS BEND, yrlg by Limehouse           LUJIEN LUJIEN, 2yo by Broken Vow
L'ESPRESSO, 2yo by Birdonthewire                                                LINDA'S GORGEOUS, wnlg by Storm          LITTLE BUTTERCUP, yrlg by Northern       LO CAL BREAD (SPR), yrlg by El           Graeme Hall, yrlg by Graeme Hall      LOVERS CLASS, yrlg by Ten Most           LULL, 2yo by Delaware Township, yrlg

36            THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                     THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                      37
Dams                                                                          Eddington
                                                                            MADDY'S PARTNER, yrlg by
                                                                                                                    yrlg by Omega Code
                                                                                                                   MAGIC SISTER (GB) (SPR), yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                            MAJORCA, yrlg by Private Gold
                                                                                                                                                            MAJOR EVENT, yrlg by Chapel Royal
                                                                                                                                                                                                    High Chaparral (IRE)
                                                                                                                                                                                                   MANALAPAN, yrlg by Sir Cherokee
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Tobougg (IRE)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         MARGARITA MISS, yrlg by Cactus
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                MARQUETTA, yrlg by Grand Reward
                                                                              Mutakddim                             Kyllachy (GB)                           MAJOR IDEA, yrlg by Dynaformer         MANCHACA (FR) (SPR), yrlg by           Ridge                                 MARQUETUP (SPR), yrlg by Tapit
  by Wildcat Heir                      LYRICAL PRINCESS (SPR), yrlg by      MADDY'S PRIZE, yrlg by Gold Tribute    MAGIC SMOKE, yrlg by Eddington           MAJORITY, yrlg by Wagon Limit           Fantastic Light                      MARGAY (IRE), yrlg by Barathea (IRE)   MARQUISE MISS (SPR), yrlg by
LULLABY'S MELODY, wnlg by                Five Star Day                      MADE FOR SATIN (SPR), yrlg by          MAGIC TOUCH (GB) (SPR), yrlg by          MAJOR WAGER (SPR), yrlg by             MANDA ISLAND, yrlg by Giant's         MARGI (FR), 2yo by American Post        Alphabet Soup, 2yo by Milwaukee
  Domestic Dispute, yrlg by Parker's   LYRIC POEM (SPR), 2yo by Say           Strong Hope                           Hawk Wing                                Speightstown, wnlg by Vindication      Causeway                              (GB), yrlg by Mujadil                  Brew
  Storm Cat                              Florida Sandy, wnlg by Wiseman's   MADEIRA M'DEAR (SPR), yrlg by          MAGIC TREE (UAE), wnlg by Tiger Hill     MAJUDEL (IRE), yrlg by Desert Style    MANDALAY POINT, wnlg by Aragorn       MARGIN NOTE, 2yo by Omega Code         MARQUISE QUEST, yrlg by Rock Hard
LULU ISLAND (GB), yrlg by Redback        Ferry                                Johannesburg                          (IRE)                                    (IRE)                                  (IRE), 2yo by Point Given            MARIA BALASTIERE (SPR), yrlg by         Ten
  (GB)                                 LYRICS 'N LAUGHTER, yrlg by          MADEIRA MIST (IRE), yrlg by            MAGIC VALENTINE, yrlg by Smarty          MAKARA (GB), yrlg by Dansili (GB)      MANDALAY QUEEN (SPR), 2yo by           City Zip                              MARQUITA'S FIRST, yrlg by
LU LU'S LULLABY (SPR), yrlg by           Buddha                               Montjeu (IRE)                         Jones                                   MAKE CONTACT, 2yo by E Dubai            Pure Precision                       MARIA DELFINA (IRE), yrlg by Rock of    Snowbound
  Lion Heart                           MACADAMIA (IRE), yrlg by Oasis       MADELAINE, 2yo by Parker's Storm       MAGNA CUM LAUDE, yrlg by Pulpit          MAKE HASTE WINS, yrlg by               MANDOLIN (IRE), yrlg by Avonbridge     Gibraltar (IRE)                       MARRIED FOR MONEY, yrlg by More
LULUWA (IRE), wnlg by Stormy             Dream (GB)                           Cat                                  MAGNET (SPR), yrlg by Orientate           Woodman                                (GB)                                 MARIA DONNA, yrlg by Thunder            Than Ready
  Atlantic                             MACARENA GIRL, yrlg by You and I     MADE OF MONEY, yrlg by Buddha          MAGNIFICENTAPROVAL, yrlg by              MAKE KNOWN, wnlg by Elusive            MANDY JUD, yrlg by Eurosilver          Gulch                                 MARRY ME SCARLETT, yrlg by Street
LUMINDA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by           MA CARTER, 2yo by Littlebitlively    MADE TO MEASURE, yrlg by Defrere,       Songandaprayer                           Quality, yrlg by Stormy Atlantic      MANDY MACK (SPR), 2yo by              MARIA GO ROUND, wnlg by                 Cry (IRE)
  Medicean (GB)                        MACCA LUNA (IRE), yrlg by Celtic       wnlg by Midas Eyes                   MAGNIFICENT BABY (SPR), yrlg by          MAKELOVELAST (IRE), yrlg by             Medaglia d'Oro                        Cherokee's Boy                        MARRYMOUNT, yrlg by Include
LUMINOSITY, yrlg by Friends Lake         Swing (GB)                         MADE YA LOOK, 2yo by Concorde's         Johar                                    Barathea (IRE)                        MAN EATER (GB), yrlg by Barathea      MARIAH'S CAT, yrlg by Southern         MARSH HARRIER, wnlg by Hernando
LUMINOUS PRIZE, yrlg by Stephen        MACHIKANE AKAIITO (IRE), yrlg by       Tune                                 MAGNIFICENT BELL (IRE), yrlg by          MAKE MISCHIEF, yrlg by Domestic         (IRE)                                 Image                                  (FR)
  Got Even                               Bachelor Duke                      MADIERA, yrlg by Songandaprayer         Celtic Swing (GB)                        Dispute                               MANELE GRAY, yrlg by Globalize        MARIA LUISA (IRE), yrlg by Key of      MARSHUA'S NYMPH, yrlg by
LUNA DE MIEL, yrlg by City Zip, 2yo    MACHUDI (GB), yrlg by Fantastic      MADISON DOLLIE, yrlg by Closing        MAGNIFICENT STAR (SPR), yrlg by          MAKE'N HER WAY, yrlg by Storm          MANGANO, yrlg by Consolidator          Luck                                   Busterwaggley
  by Northern Afleet                     Light                                Argument                              Leroidesanimaux (BRZ)                    Boot                                  MANGO ESCAPADE, yrlg by Yankee        MARIAMME (SPR), wnlg by Bellamy        MARSHUA'S WORLD (SPR), yrlg by
LUNADINE (FR) (SPR), yrlg by King's    MACINA (IRE), wnlg by Dalakhani      MADISON GRACE, 2yo by                  MAGNOLIA JONES, yrlg by Tribal           MAKETA (IRE) (SPR), 2yo by Cloud        Gentleman                             Road, 2yo by Mr. Greeley               Posse
  Best                                   (IRE), yrlg by Dr Fong               Littleexpectations, wnlg by Woke      Rule                                     Hopping, yrlg by Lightnin N           MANGO GROOVE (IRE), wnlg by           MARIANKA (SPR), wnlg by Strong         MARTINIQUE (SPR), yrlg by Smart
LUNAMIXA (GER), yrlg by Desert         MACKENZIE'S FRIEND (GB), yrlg by       Up Dreamin                           MAGNOLIA POINT, 2yo by Came               Thunder                                Marju (IRE), yrlg by Verglas (IRE)    Hope, 2yo by Yes It's True             Strike
  Style (IRE)                            Exceed And Excel (AUS)             MADISON SONG, yrlg by Officer           Home                                    MAKE THE DEPOSIT, yrlg by Halory       MANHATTAN SUNSET (SPR), yrlg by       MARIANNE'S SONG, yrlg by Repent        MARTRE DAME (SPR), yrlg by
LUNAR COLONY, yrlg by                  MACMANIA, yrlg by Kiridashi          MADISON T., yrlg by Medallist          MAGNUS FIRE (SPR), yrlg by                Hunter                                 Compton Place (GB)                   MARIA'S DREAM, 2yo by Pulling           Tannersmyman
  Speightstown                         MAC MELODY (IRE), yrlg by King's     MADRID LADY, yrlg by Thunder Gulch      Snowbound                               MAKETHEMOSTOFIT, yrlg by               MANHATTAN VICE, yrlg by Roman          Punches                               MARVELLOUS SILVER, 2yo by
LUNA REAL (ARG), yrlg by                 Best                               MADRONE, yrlg by Afleet Alex           MAGOO'S LUCK, yrlg by Mass                Dixieland Band                         Ruler                                MARIA'S REPLY, yrlg by Great Notion     Aldebaran, yrlg by Street Cry (IRE)
  Successful Appeal                    MAD ABOUT JULIE, yrlg by Peace       MADRYN, 2yo by Repent                   Market                                  MAKEWAYFORASTAR, yrlg by Rodeo         MANIA (IRE), yrlg by Fraam (GB)       MARIAWORTH, yrlg by Dehere             MARVELOUS MANDY, yrlg by
LUNA REGALE, yrlg by Wheelaway           Rules                              MAE AND REE, yrlg by Halory Hunter     MAHA AL IMAN, yrlg by Jade Hunter        MAKE YOURSELF GO (SPR), 2yo by         MA N'IEME BICHE, yrlg by Bertolini    MARICOT, 2yo by Kafwain, yrlg by        Langfuhr, 2yo by Smart Strike
LUNAR LIGHT (SPR), 2yo by Repent       MADAM (SPR), yrlg by Grey Memo       MAE RULES, yrlg by Buddha              MAHALO, yrlg by El Prado (IRE)            Salt Lake                             MANILA VANILLI, 2yo by Skip to the     Kafwain                               MARVELOUS MARLENE, wnlg by
LUNAR LUSTRE (IRE), yrlg by High       MADAM ANN, yrlg by Yankee            MAEVE THE RAVE, yrlg by Werblin,       MAHAMUNI (IRE), yrlg by Key of Luck      MAKHSUSAH (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by          Stone                                MARIE DE BLOIS (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by     Awesome Again
  Chaparral (IRE)                        Gentleman                            2yo by Werblin                       MAHARANI (SPR), yrlg by Motivator         Doyen (IRE)                           MANNSARA (IRE) (SPR), wnlg by          Hawk Wing                             MARY BEVERLY, yrlg by Absolute
LUNAR STAR, yrlg by Forest Wildcat,    MADAMASCUS (SPR), yrlg by Forest     M. A. FOX, 2yo by Pleasantly Perfect    (GB)                                    MAKIN A STATEMENT (SPR), 2yo by         Kheleyf                              MARI-ELA (IRE), yrlg by Orpen           Harmony
  2yo by Songandaprayer                  Danger                             MAGARITA MIDNIGHT, yrlg by You         MAHHDOODA (SPR), yrlg by Kafwain          Unbridled's Song                      MANOR FLAG, yrlg by Closing           MARIE LAURENCIN (GB), yrlg by          MARY CAROLYN, yrlg by Castledale
LUNA TINIEBLA (ARG) (SPR), yrlg        MADAME BOULANGERE (GB), yrlg by        and I                                MAIDEN VOYAGE (SPR), wnlg by             MAKING FACES (SPR), yrlg by Strong      Argument                              Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)                (IRE)
  by Uncle Abbie                         Mr. Greeley                        MAGGIE AUXIER, yrlg by Point            Dixieland Band, yrlg by Dixie Union      Hope                                  MANTESERA (IRE), yrlg by Exceed       MARIE'S PRIDE (SPR), yrlg by           MARY GOODNIGHT, 2yo by Skip
LUNCH HONEY, wnlg by Three             MADAME DEPUTY, yrlg by Sky Mesa        Given                                MAID FOR ROMANCE (GB), wnlg by           MAKIN HEAT, 2yo by Repent               And Excel (AUS)                       Thunder Gulch                          Away
  Wonders                              MADAME GALORE, 2yo by Sea of         MAGGIE SIDDONS (GB), 2yo by Score       Oasis Dream (GB)                        MA KITTY, yrlg by Lion Heart           MANTOVA RUN, yrlg by Saarland         MARIE'S ROSE, yrlg by Roman Ruler      MARY HEARTLINE, yrlg by Essence
LUNCH ON NANCY, wnlg by Hook             Secrets                              Early                                MAID IN THE MOON, wnlg by Seattle        MALACCA, yrlg by Tillerman (GB)        MANY CHARMS, yrlg by Exchange         MARIGALANTE, yrlg by Cherokee           of Dubai
  and Ladder, yrlg by Tomorrows Cat    MADAM GRAND, yrlg by Intidab, wnlg   MAGGIE'S PEARLE, yrlg by                Shamus                                  MALAGAR (SPR), yrlg by Native           Rate, 2yo by Exchange Rate            Run, 2yo by More Than Ready           MARY JANE (GB), yrlg by Needwood
LUNCH WITH LULU, yrlg by Event of        by Johar                             Olmodavor                            MAID OF COGNAC, yrlg by Kafwain           Regent                                MANY COLOURS, yrlg by Buddha          MARIKA (GB), wnlg by Oasis Dream        Blade (GB)
  the Year                             MADAM HATTIE, yrlg by Broken Vow     MAGGIE'S SONG, 2yo by Rock and         MAID OF MANILA (SPR), 2yo by Even        MALAHINI (UAE), wnlg by Iffraaj (GB)   MANY MANY GIRLS, yrlg by Flaming       (GB)                                  MARY KIES (SPR), yrlg by Lion Heart
LUNES GRITO, yrlg by Saint Liam        MADAM HERTFIELD, yrlg by Yes It's      Roll                                  the Score                               MALA MALA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Rock     Quest (GB)                           MARILYN MERLOT, yrlg by Stephen        MARYLAND MIST, yrlg by Forest
LUPA, yrlg by City Zip                   True                               MAGGIES STORM, yrlg by Bwana           MAID OF STONE, 2yo by Run                 of Gibraltar (IRE)                    MANZANILLO, wnlg by Memo (CHI)         Got Even                               Danger, 2yo by Gulch
LUPI CAT, yrlg by K One King           MADAME INEZ, 2yo by Northern           Charlie, wnlg by Bwana Charlie        Production, yrlg by Run Production      MALBAY SLEW, yrlg by Benchmark         MAPENGA, yrlg by Eurosilver           MARILYN'S MOMENT, 2yo by               MARYLAND MONROE, yrlg by
LUPULINA, yrlg by Invincible Spirit      Afleet                             MAGGIE VALLEY, yrlg by K One King      MAIDSTONE, wnlg by Harlan's              MALIA, yrlg by Purge                   MAPLE, yrlg by Two Punch               Untuttable                             Pioneering
  (IRE)                                MADAME IVETTE (CHI) (SPR), yrlg by   MAGGIE VIOLA (SPR), 2yo by Three        Holiday                                 MALINDI, 2yo by Full Mandate           MARAFFI (IRE), wnlg by One Cool Cat   MARIMBA BELLE, 2yo by Smart            MARY LINOA (SPR), 2yo by Cuvee
LUREFAN, 2yo by Score Early, yrlg by     Grand Slam                           Wonders                              MAID TO MATTER (GB), yrlg by             MALL CHICK MIMI, 2yo by Wind           MARAGIN, 2yo by Dance Master           Strike                                MARY MCGLINCHY (SPR), yrlg by
  Score Early                          MADAME LA BELLE, yrlg by Regal       MAGICAL CHASE, yrlg by Pleasant         Exceed And Excel (AUS)                   Whipper                               MARAIN (IRE), 2yo by Desert Style     MARINA BELLA, yrlg by Tenpins           Encosta de Lago (AUS)
LURE OF GOLD, yrlg by Orientate          Intention                            Tap                                  MAIL BOAT (GB) (SPR), yrlg by            MALLORY'S GOLD, yrlg by Humming         (IRE)                                MARINA DE CHAVON, yrlg by Mr.          MARY MOLLOY, yrlg by Deputy
LURE OF THE MOON, 2yo by Elusive       MADAM LAGONZA (SPR), yrlg by         MAGICAL CLICHE, yrlg by Rock of         Alhaarth (IRE)                          MALLORY'S STAR, yrlg by Caller I. D.                                          Greeley                                Commander
                                                                                                                                                                                                   MARANIA (IRE) (SPR), 2yo by
  City                                   Afleet Alex                                                               MAIL EXPRESS (IRE), wnlg by King's
                                                                              Gibraltar (IRE)                                                               MALTESE BABY, yrlg by Southern          Invincible Spirit (IRE)              MARINA DUFF (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by       MARYON'S ANGEL, yrlg by Flame
LURINA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Pivotal    MADAM MEADOWLAKE, 2yo by             MAGICAL COLOURS (IRE) (SPR), yrlg       Best                                     Image                                 MARBLE HALLS, 2yo by Mull of           Harlan's Holiday                       Thrower
  (GB)                                                                        by Ecton Park                        MAIL THE DESERT (IRE), yrlg by           MALTESE DIANNE, 2yo by Yankee           Kintyre                              MARINE BAND, yrlg by Candy Ride        MARY READ (GB), yrlg by Dubai
                                       MADAMME OUTFLANKER, 2yo by
LUSH SOLDIER, 2yo by Seeking the                                            MAGICAL MAIDEN (SPR), yrlg by           Pivotal (GB)                             Victor                                MARBLE LADY, yrlg by Ghazi             (ARG)                                  Destination
                                         Flame Thrower
  Gold                                                                        Holy Bull                            MAIN EDITION (SPR), yrlg by Skip         MALTHOUSE GIRL (IRE), yrlg by Xaar     MARBLEOUS ROUTINE, yrlg by            MARINE ODYSSEY (SPR), yrlg by          MARY RICHARDS (SPR), yrlg by Value
                                       MADAME MODJESKA, yrlg by Elusive
LUSI POND, wnlg by Silver Train                                             MAGICAL MASQUERADE, 2yo by              Away                                     (GB)                                   D'wildcat, 2yo by Gimmeawink          Proud Accolade                         Plus
LUSTY GHOST, 2yo by El Corredor                                               Vindication                          MAINE LOBSTER (SPR), yrlg by             MALVADILLA (IRE), yrlg by Zafeen       MAR BLUE (FR), yrlg by Red Ransom     MARIONS RUN, yrlg by Teton Forest      MARY'S CHANCE, wnlg by Out of
                                       MADAM NINETTE (GB), yrlg by
LUTH DE CRYSTAL (FR) (SPR), yrlg by                                         MAGICAL MELODY, yrlg by High Brite      Indian Haven (GB)                        (FR)                                  MARCHE CONCLU (IRE), yrlg by          MARISA, yrlg by Kingmambo               Place, 2yo by Whywhywhy
                                         Medicean (GB)
  Stormy Atlantic                                                           MAGICAL MONDAY, yrlg by Gent           MAIN OPTION, 2yo by Western Trader       MALVERN ROSE, yrlg by Dance With        Stormin Fever                        MARISA (GER) (SPR), yrlg by            MARY SEA (FR), wnlg by Doyen (IRE)
                                       MADAMOISELLE JONES (GB), yrlg by
LUVGETSMEEVERYTIME, yrlg by                                                 MAGICAL PLACE (SPR), 2yo by            MAISON DE REVE, yrlg by Buddha            Ravens                                MARCHELLA, wnlg by Halo's Image        Bahamian Bounty (GB), wnlg by         MARY'S SILVER PEN, yrlg by
                                         Footstepsinthesand (GB)
  Domasca Dan                                                                 Awesome Sword                        MAISON LENNART, 2yo by Bertrando         MAMA CAT, yrlg by Touch Gold           MARCH FORWARD, yrlg by Sultry          Pastoral Pursuits (GB)                 Eavesdropper, 2yo by Greatness
                                       MADAME PIETRA, yrlg by
LUVTHAT' JACKIE, yrlg by Tapit                                              MAGICAL PRINCESS, yrlg by              MAI TAI PAN, yrlg by In Excessive Bull   MAMAISON MISS (SPR), yrlg by Five       Song                                 MARISCAL, yrlg by Songandaprayer       MARY TAVY (SPR), wnlg by Offlee
LUV TO STAY N CHAT, yrlg by Officer                                           Sideburn                             MAJAHUITAS, yrlg by Delineator            Star Day                              MARCHING, yrlg by Pure Prize          MARJORIE C, 2yo by Bernstein, yrlg      Wild
                                       MADAME RED, yrlg by Roman Ruler
LUXURY ON THE LAKE, yrlg by Purge                                           MAGICAL PROMISE, wnlg by Da            MAJBORAH (IRE), wnlg by Kheleyf          MAMARA REEF (GB) (SPR), yrlg by        MARCH NORTH, 2yo by Candy Ride         by Limehouse                          MASADA (SPR), yrlg by Lemon Drop
                                       MADAME ROAR, 2yo by
LUXURY SUITE, yrlg by Tiznow                                                  Stoops                               MAJESTIC AIRHEAD (SPR), yrlg by           Dubawi (IRE), 2yo by One Cool Cat      (ARG)                                MARKER'S MARIAH (SPR), yrlg by          Kid
L X PRETTY WOMAN, yrlg by                                                   MAGICAL TRICK, 2yo by Exchange          Finality                                MAMA RHODA, yrlg by Essence of         MARCH ON AGAIN, yrlg by Woke Up        Regal Intention                       MAS A FUERA (IRE), 2yo by Xaar (GB)
                                       MADAME ROUGE, wnlg by Straight
  Cherokee Run                                                                Rate                                 MAJESTIC ALLURE (SPR), yrlg by            Dubai                                  Dreamin                              MARKET OF MARION, 2yo by Pure          MASAKIRA (IRE), yrlg by Clodovil
LYCA BALLERINA (GB), yrlg by           MADAM WAAJIB (IRE), yrlg by          MAGIC BLUE (SPR), yrlg by Medallist     Tomahawk                                MAMA WARBUCKS (SPR), yrlg by           MARCH STAR (IRE), yrlg by Chineur      Precision                              (IRE), 2yo by Invincible Spirit (IRE)
  Acclamation (GB), 2yo by Tagula        Pastoral Pursuits (GB)             MAGIC CATILLAC, yrlg by Reuben         MAJESTIC DY (SPR), yrlg by Stormy         Benton Creek                           (FR)                                 MARK OF TEXAS, yrlg by Monsieur        MASCARETTA (SPR), yrlg by Dramatic
  (IRE)                                MADAME X SKI, yrlg by Grand Slam     MAGIC FANTASY, 2yo by Benchmark         Atlantic                                MAMBODORGA, yrlg by Kheleyf            MARCHTOTHEMINE (SPR), yrlg by          Cat                                    Show
LYCALLEGED (SPR), yrlg by Sunday       MAD 'BOUT YOU, yrlg by Bold          MAGIC FLARE, 2yo by Van Nistelrooy     MAJESTIC FLYER, 2yo by Dixieland         MAMBO ITALIANO, yrlg by Milwaukee       Crafty C. T., 2yo by Friends Lake    MARKOVA (IRE), yrlg by Hawk Wing       MASHMOUM (GB), wnlg by Pastoral
  Break (JPN)                            Executive                          MAGIC IN THE MUSIC, yrlg by             Band                                     Brew                                  MARCIALA (IRE), yrlg by Fantastic     MARKOVA'S DANCE (GB), yrlg by           Pursuits (GB), yrlg by Trade Fair
LYDIA LOUISE (SPR), 2yo by Brahms      MADCAP, yrlg by Saint Liam             Bernstein                            MAJESTIC GLITTER, wnlg by Gibson         MAMBO MADNESS, yrlg by North            Light                                 Starcraft (NZ)                         (GB)
LYIN GODDESS, yrlg by Awesome          MAD CATTER, yrlg by Gone             MAGICK TOP (SPR), yrlg by Lion          County                                   Light (IRE)                           MARC'S LARK (SPR), yrlg by Saint      MARLEE'S RAIN BOW, 2yo by Jump         MASK, yrlg by Flatter
  Again                                  Hollywood                            Heart                                MAJESTIC LAUNCH (GB), yrlg by            MAMBO MATE, yrlg by Yonaguska           Liam                                  Start                                 MASKUNAH (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by
LYNN'S SONG, yrlg by Max's Pal, 2yo    MADDALENA, yrlg by Giant's           MAGIC MELODY (SPR), yrlg by Lion        Pearl of Love (IRE)                     MAMBO MISTRESS, yrlg by Oasis          MARC'S RAINBOW, yrlg by Mr.           MAROOCHYDORE (IRE), yrlg by             Pivotal (GB)
  by Safe in the U S A                   Causeway, wnlg by Johannesburg       Heart                                MAJESTIC LEGEND (SPR), 2yo by             Dream (GB), 2yo by Peace Rules         Greeley                               Giant's Causeway                      MASQUERADE STAR (SPR), 2yo by
LYNNTINA RUN, yrlg by Vying Victor     MADDASHFORDINNER, yrlg by            MAGIC MERGER (SPR), yrlg by             Fusaichi Pegasus                        MAMBO MONIQUE, yrlg by Malabar         MARE NOSTRUM (GB), yrlg by            MAROZIA (SPR), yrlg by Empire           Saarland
LYNNWOOD CHASE, yrlg by Lemon            Burning Roma                         D'wildcat                            MAJESTIC REPORT (SPR), yrlg by            Gold                                   Medicean (GB)                         Maker                                 MASRORA, wnlg by Doyen (IRE)
  Drop Kid                             MADDELINA (IRE), yrlg by Danehill    MAGIC MISS, yrlg by Buddha              Lunarpal                                MAMBO SLEW, yrlg by Giant's            MARESA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Alke      MARQUEE ATTRACTION, yrlg by            MASSADA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Galileo
LYPHARDEN (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by           Dancer (IRE)                       MAGIC OF LIFE (SPR), yrlg by           MAJESTIC RUCKUS (SPR), yrlg by            Causeway                              MARESHA, 2yo by Mr. Greeley            More Than Ready                        (IRE)
  Pyrus                                MADDER THAN MAD, yrlg by Storm         Powerscourt (GB)                      Roman Ruler                             MAMBO WOMAN, yrlg by Southern          MARFA'S FINALE, 2yo by The            MARQUE GAL, wnlg by Hold That          MASSARRA (GB), yrlg by Pivotal
LYPHARD GAL (SPR), yrlg by Malibu        Boot                               MAGIC OF LOVE (GB), yrlg by            MAJESTIC SPLENDOR, wnlg by The            Image                                  Deputy (IRE)                          Tiger                                  (GB)
  Moon                                 MADDIE, yrlg by Woke Up Dreamin        Bernstein, 2yo by Bernstein           Daddy                                   MAME, yrlg by Kiridashi                MARFA'S SQUALL (SPR), wnlg by         MARQUETESSA, wnlg by Giant's           MATCH THE CACHE, yrlg by Military
LYREBIRD, 2yo by Captain Rio (GB)      MADDIE G., yrlg by Hennessy          MAGIC RAIN DANCE, yrlg by Pure         MAJESTIC STORY, yrlg by Ecton Park       MAMITA (SPR), 2yo by Peace Rules,       Harlan's Holiday                      Causeway                              MATHAAYL (SPR), yrlg by Alhaarth
LYRICAL DANCE (SPR), yrlg by Marju     MADDIE'S CHARM, yrlg by                Prize                                MAJESTIC SUNLIGHT, wnlg by Grand          yrlg by Successful Appeal             MARFIE (SPR), yrlg by Grand Reward    MARQUET NICHE, wnlg by Pure Prize       (IRE)
  (IRE)                                                                     MAGIC SHOW, 2yo by Omega Code,          Slam                                    MAMLAKAH (IRE) (SPR), wnlg by          MARGARET'S GIFT (GB), 2yo by          MARQUET ORDER, 2yo by Pure             MATIKANEHANAFUBUKI (IRE, yrlg by

38           THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                             THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                     39
Dams                                                                           MERIDA (GB), 2yo by Royal Academy
                                                                               MERIDIANA (GER), yrlg by Giant's
                                                                                                                         Pastoral Pursuits (GB)
                                                                                                                       MIDNIGHT CIN, yrlg by Strategic
                                                                                                                                                                 Hill (IRE)
                                                                                                                                                               MILLYANT (GB) (SPR), wnlg by Oasis
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Stephen Got Even
                                                                                                                                                                                                      MIRALOMA, yrlg by Unbridled's
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 MISS COVER GIRL (SPR), yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Pleasant Tap
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Chapel Royal
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        MISS FREEZING, yrlg by B. G.'s
                                                                                 Causeway                                Mission                                 Dream (GB)                             Song                                     MISS COX'S HAT (SPR), yrlg by            Drone
  Bachelor Duke                        MECHILIE (GB), 2yo by Fayruz (GB)       MERION MISS (SPR), 2yo by Elusive       MIDNIGHT KISS (NZ), yrlg by Point       MILLYBAA, 2yo by Royal Applause        MIRIAH (SPR), yrlg by Royal Academy          Friends Lake                         MISS FRIGID CITY, yrlg by Midas
MATOAKA, yrlg by Motivator (GB)        MEDALS GALORE (SPR), yrlg by              Quality, yrlg by Empire Maker           Given                                   (GB)                                 MIRIANA (IRE), yrlg by Invincible Spirit   MISS CRYPTO (SPR), yrlg by Teton         Eyes
MATTABOUTYOU, yrlg by Freespool         Quest                                  MERIT WINGS, 2yo by Aldebaran,          MIDNIGHT LIZ, yrlg by Hero's Tribute    MILLY FLEUR (GB) (SPR), yrlg by          (IRE)                                      Forest                               MISS FRIME (IRE), yrlg by Intikhab
MATTIE BAY, 2yo by Confide             MEDIA MANIA, yrlg by Black Tie Affair     wnlg by Aldebaran, yrlg by Maria's    MIDNIGHT MANGO, yrlg by Royal Cat         Acclamation (GB)                     MIRJAH, wnlg by Champali                   MS. CURTSINGER (SPR), 2yo by           MS. FUPEG, wnlg by Strong
MATTIE CAKES, yrlg by Suave             (IRE)                                    Mon                                   MIDNIGHT NELL, yrlg by Formal Gold      MILLY-M (GB) (SPR), wnlg by Araafa     MIRTA, yrlg by Ecton Park                    Posse                                  Contender
  Prospect                             MEDIA POWER, wnlg by Bandini            MERLE (GB), 2yo by Dansili (GB), yrlg   MIDNIGHT PARTNER (IRE), yrlg by           (IRE)                                MIRTH (SPR), yrlg by Mass Market           MS. CUVEE NAPA (SPR), 2yo by           MISS FURY, wnlg by Orientate
MATTIE KATE (SPR), yrlg by Indian      MEDICINAL, yrlg by Champali               by Dr Fong, wnlg by Oasis Dream         Bertolini                             MI LOUISA (SPR), yrlg by Eurosilver    MISCHIEVOUS MARY J (SPR), yrlg by            Spanish Steps                        MISS GAZON (IRE), yrlg by Cozzene,
  Charlie                              MEDICI PRINCESS (GB), wnlg by             (GB)                                  MIDNIGHT POLKA (SPR), yrlg by           MI LUNA NUEVA, yrlg by                   Suave Prospect                           MISS C'VILLE (SPR), yrlg by National     2yo by Mr. Greeley
MAUDEST, yrlg by Alfaari                Iceman (GB)                            MERMAID ISLAND (IRE), wnlg by             Forest Camp                             Johannesburg                         MISE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Whipper            Saint                                MISS GEMSTONE, yrlg by Oratory
MAUGWENNA (GB), wnlg by                MEDIEVAL EMPRESS (SPR), 2yo by            Galileo (IRE)                         MIDNIGHT ROYAL (SPR), yrlg by           MIMI LA SARDINE (SPR), yrlg by         MISEDGE, wnlg by Zavata                    MISS DAISY, yrlg by Down the Aisle     MISS GHOSTZAPPER, yrlg by Roman
  Acclamation (GB), yrlg by Kyllachy    Whitney Tower                          MERMAID MELODY (GB), 2yo by               Tempered Appeal                         Southern Image                       MISHOR (GB), yrlg by Pearl of Love         MISS DANIELA, yrlg by One Way Love       Ruler
  (GB)                                 MEDINACELI (IRE), wnlg by Xaar (GB)       Alhaarth (IRE)                        MIDNIGHT RUN, yrlg by Langfuhr          MINA (GB), wnlg by Oasis Dream (GB)      (IRE)                                    MISS DARK STAR, 2yo by Toccet          MISS GLITTER, 2yo by Posse
MAUK PLACE, yrlg by Alphabet Soup      MEDINA DE RIOSECO (GB) (SPR),           MERN, 2yo by Holzmeister                MIDNIGHT SHIFT (IRE) (SPR), wnlg by     MINADO, yrlg by Lion Heart             MISKINA (GB), wnlg by Striking             MISS DECEMBER ROSE, yrlg by Ten        MS GLOBAL WARMING, 2yo by
MAURA'S GUEST (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by      wnlg by Piccolo (GB)                   MERRILL GOLD, yrlg by Smarty              Cadeaux Genereux (GB)                 MIN ALHAWA (SPR), yrlg by Sahm           Ambition (GB)                              Most Wanted                            Northern Afleet
  Verglas (IRE)                        MEETING OF MINDS, 2yo by Cuvee            Jones                                 MIDNIGHT SPECIAL (IRE), yrlg by         MIN ASL WAFI (IRE), 2yo by Storming    MISMATCH, yrlg by Grand Reward             MS. DEEP POCKETS (SPR), 2yo by         MISS GOLDEN SANDS (GB), yrlg by
MAURI MOON (GB), yrlg by Pivotal       MEETMEONTIME, yrlg by Werblin           MERRIMACK COUNTY, wnlg by Artie           Chineur (FR)                            Home (GB)                            MISS ABLE CREEK, yrlg by                     El Prado (IRE)                         Avonbridge (GB)
  (GB)                                 MEGA (IRE), yrlg by Medicean (GB)         Schiller                              MIDNIGHT STROLL (SPR), yrlg by          MINDEN MIST, yrlg by Bold n' Flashy      Desperately                              MISS DELTA (SPR), 2yo by               MISS GOOD DEED, 2yo by Leestown
MAXSI, yrlg by Ecton Park              MEGALINA (SPR), 2yo by                  MERRIMENT, wnlg by Ecton Park             Teton Forest                          MINDSET, yrlg by Afleet Alex           MISS ADELAIDE (IRE), yrlg by Haafhd          Songandaprayer                       MISS GRIMSBY, yrlg by Formal Gold
MAYA, yrlg by Yes It's True             Gimmeawink                             MERRY EAGLE (SPR), yrlg by              MIDNITE MISTRESS, yrlg by City Zip      MINE ALONE, yrlg by Gulch                (GB)                                     MISS DEMURE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by       MISS GRINDSTONE, yrlg by Pulpit
MAYAPPLE (SPR), 2yo by Candy Ride      MEGAN'S APPEAL, 2yo by                    Consolidator                          MIDRIFF, yrlg by Orientate              MINE AMINT, yrlg by Millennium Wind    MISSADRYANNAATTO (SPR), yrlg by              Oratorio (IRE)                       MISS GROOM, 2yo by Hollycombe
  (ARG)                                 Olmodavor                              MERRY FESTIVAL (SPR), wnlg by           MIGHTY ACTION (SPR), yrlg by            MINE DARLIN (SPR), 2yo by Chapel         Grand Slam, 2yo by Smoke Glacken         MISS DEVIOUS (IRE), 2yo by Kheleyf,    MS. GROOMSTICK, 2yo by Romance
MAYARA (IRE) (SPR), wnlg by            MEGAN'S HALO, yrlg by                     Tiznow                                  Burning Roma                            Royal, yrlg by Saarland              MISS AFFIRMATION (SPR), 2yo by               yrlg by Refuse To Bend (IRE)           in Time
  Dalakhani (IRE)                       Songandaprayer                         MERRY MAIDEN, wnlg by Congrats          MIGHTY EMY (SPR), 2yo by Hook           MINEISTHESPIRIT, 2yo by                  Erlton                                   MISS DISTANT VIEW, 2yo by Malabar      MISS GUMBO, yrlg by Tiger Ridge
MAYBE LIN, yrlg by Pollard's Vision    MEGARA, yrlg by Yonaguska               MERRYMAKER (ARG) (SPR), yrlg by           and Ladder                              Authenticate                         MISS ALETHIA (SPR), yrlg by Five             Gold                                 MISS HANNAH, yrlg by Mr. Greeley
MAYCOCKS BAY (GB) (SPR), yrlg by       MEGGLES (SPR), yrlg by Decarchy           Dynaformer                            MIGHTY FINE MUSIC, yrlg by Posse        MIN ELREEH (SPR), yrlg by Sky Mesa       Star Day                                 MISS DIXIE DREAMER, yrlg by            MISS HAVANA, wnlg by City Place
  Azamour (IRE)                        MEGLER, yrlg by Holy Bull               MERRY ME IN SPRING, wnlg by Too         MIGHTY FLYER (IRE), 2yo by Fraam        MINER'S BLESSING (SPR), yrlg by        MISS ALEXIS, 2yo by Capsized                 Buddha                               MISS HAWAI (FR) (SPR), yrlg by
MAYETA, yrlg by Monashee Mountain      MEGUILTY (SPR), 2yo by Strong Hope        Much Bling                              (GB)                                    Tale of the Cat                      MISS ALLEN, yrlg by Maria's Mon            MISS DREAMLAND (SPR), yrlg by            Footstepsinthesand (GB)
MAYICUTIN (SPR), 2yo by Prime          MEINE COSMOS (IRE), yrlg by Indian      MERRY MOTEL, 2yo by Graeme Hall         MIGHTY LODE (SPR), 2yo by               MINER'S FRIEND, wnlg by Kafwain        MISS ALLISON, yrlg by Kitten's Joy           Fantasticat                          MS HEARTHROB, yrlg by Wildcat Heir
  Timber                                Charlie                                MERRYVALE, 2yo by Dixie Union             Hennessy, wnlg by Henny Hughes        MINER'S GAL, yrlg by Tizbud            MISS AMERICAN MINK, yrlg by                MISSED PITCH, yrlg by Mingun           MS HEARTS N ARROWS, yrlg by
MAY IN MARYLAND, yrlg by Dream         MELANCHOLY, wnlg by Value Plus          MERRY WIDOW, yrlg by Mizzen Mast        MIGHTY MAGS (SPR), yrlg by Sky          MINERWA (GER), yrlg by Antonius          Tomahawk                                 MISSELLA (IRE), yrlg by                  Vronsky
  Run, 2yo by Dream Run                MELANCHOLY BABY, 2yo by                 MERTENSIA (SPR), yrlg by Pleasant         Mesa                                    Pius                                 MISS AMY R (SPR), yrlg by El                 Footstepsinthesand (GB)              MISS HELLIE, yrlg by Elusive Quality
MAY KIERSEY (IRE), wnlg by Danehill     Montbrook                                Tap                                   MIGHTY MOLLY, yrlg by Outflanker        MINES IN GEAR, wnlg by Prime             Corredor, wnlg by El Corredor, yrlg      MISS ELUSIVE, yrlg by El Corredor,     MISS HONORINE (IRE), yrlg by
  Dancer (IRE)                         MELISMA (SPR), yrlg by Mineshaft        MESA BEAUTY, wnlg by Golden             MIGHTY ROSE (SPR), 2yo by                 Timber                                 by El Corredor                             2yo by Forestry                        Dubawi (IRE)
MAY LIGHT (GB) (SPR), yrlg by          MELISMA'S VALLEY (SPR), yrlg by           Missile, 2yo by Salt Lake               Songandaprayer                        MINEY'S AWESOME, yrlg by Holy Bull     MISS ANABAA (GB), wnlg by Green            MISS EQUINOX (GB), wnlg by             MISS HOT SALSA (SPR), yrlg by
  Monsieur Bond (IRE)                   Grand Slam                             MESABI MAIDEN, yrlg by Purge            MIGHTY SPECTACULAR (SPR), 2yo           MINGE COVE, yrlg by More Than            Desert, yrlg by Oasis Dream (GB)           Avonbridge (GB)                        Dixie Union
MAY STAR, yrlg by Speightstown         MELLOW PARK (IRE), yrlg by              MESHHED, yrlg by Oratorio (IRE)           by Stylish Senor                        Ready                                MISS ASIA QUEST (GB), yrlg by One          MRS BEATTY (GB), wnlg by Noverre       MS HUSH MONEY, yrlg by Cozzene
MAY WEDDING, yrlg by Lion Heart         Bertolini                              METAL BLUES (SPR), yrlg by Not For      MIGRATE (SPR), wnlg by Rockport         MINGORA, 2yo by Selkirk                  Cool Cat                                 MRS BIGSHOT, yrlg by Hook and          MISS ICICLE, yrlg by Tenpins
MAZEL TOV, yrlg by Yankee              MELODY QUE (IRE), yrlg by Giant's         Love                                    Harbor                                MINIATURE MAGIC (SPR), yrlg by         MISS ASSERTIVE (GB) (SPR), wnlg by           Ladder                               MISSILE TOES, 2yo by Honor Glide
  Gentleman                             Causeway                               METALLIKAT, yrlg by Express Tour        MIGYGIAN, 2yo by Canadian Frontier,       Harlan's Holiday                       Antonius Pius, yrlg by Indian Ridge      MRS BROWN (GB), yrlg by Compton        MISS INDEPENDENCE (SPR), yrlg by
MAZEL TOV BETTY, wnlg by Flower        MELROSE MORNING, yrlg by                METEOR CAP, yrlg by Orientate,            yrlg by Proud Citizen                 MINI CHAT (SPR), yrlg by Tale of the     (IRE)                                      Place (GB)                             Bold n' Flashy
  Alley, yrlg by Forest Wildcat         Monarchos                                wnlg by Yes It's True                 MIKEANDMEGANDREW, yrlg by                 Cat                                  MISS ATTACK, yrlg by B. G.'s Drone         MRS CAV IS HERE, yrlg by Woke Up       MISS INDIGO (GB), yrlg by Camacho
MAZEL TRICKXY, 2yo by Maria's Mon      MELT MY HEART (SPR), yrlg by            METEORIC, 2yo by Trippi                   Menifee                               MINICOLONY (SPR), yrlg by Stormin      MIZ AUDACIOUS, yrlg by Street Cry            Dreamin                                (GB)
MAZUNA (IRE), yrlg by Dubawi (IRE)      Wando, wnlg by Wando                   METEOR STAR, yrlg by Not For Love       MIKES BABY (IRE), 2yo by Indian           Fever                                  (IRE)                                    MRS. COORDINATOR, 2yo by Confide       MISS INDY ANNA, yrlg by Medaglia
MAZURKA, yrlg by Proud Accolade        MEMA'S TURNING RED, yrlg by             MET HER DREAM, yrlg by Roaring            Haven (GB)                            MINICONJON, wnlg by Freud              MS. AVIATOR, wnlg by Tribal Rule           MRS FISHER (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by          d'Oro
M. BRASSY, yrlg by Sea of Secrets       Mobil                                    Fever                                 MIKE'S WAY, yrlg by Ministers Wild      MINING MISSHARRIET, yrlg by Tale       MISS BAGFIRE, 2yo by Entepreneur             Saffron Walden (FR)                  MISSINGRBUENO, wnlg by King Bull
MCCASKILL, 2yo by Tapit                ME MEMBER ME, yrlg by Bay Head          METROMANIA, yrlg by Devil His Due         Cat                                     of the Cat                           MISS BAMBEE BELLE (SPR), 2yo by            MRS. FISHER, yrlg by Trajectory        MISSIONARY HOPE (SPR), yrlg by
MCCONNELL SPRINGS (SPR), yrlg by        King                                   METTLE, yrlg by Sky Mesa                MIKE'S WILDCAT (SPR), yrlg by           MINING MY OWN (SPR), yrlg by             A Fleets Dancer                          MRS GRAY (SPR), yrlg by Exceed And       Tenpins
  Chapel Royal                         MEMOGRAM, wnlg by Taste of              MEU PAIXAO (ARG) (SPR), yrlg by           Congaree                                Yonaguska                            MISS BEABEA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by                                                  MS. ISADORA (SPR), yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Excel (AUS)
MCJOLIE, yrlg by Sligo Bay (IRE)        Paradise                                 Peace Rules                           MILADY'S HONOR, 2yo by Dixieland        MINING SECRET, 2yo by Fast Play          Danehill Dancer (IRE)                    MRS. GREELEY (SPR), yrlg by Saint        Eddington
MCKENNA BEACH, yrlg by Forest          MEMORABLE MELODY, yrlg by               MEY INDEED, yrlg by Ascot Knight          Band                                  MINIRIZA (SPR), yrlg by D'wildcat      MISS BID FLASH (SPR), yrlg by                Liam                                 MS ISADORABLE, yrlg by Pleasant
  Danger                                Maria's Mon
                                                                               MEZAMEE, yrlg by Sabona                 MILADY WAKI (SPR), yrlg by Finest       MINI SERIES (SPR), yrlg by K One         Stephen Got Even                         MRS. MARCOS (SPR), yrlg by               Tap
                                       MEMORABLE YEAR, wnlg by Tale of
MEADOW (GB), yrlg by Namid (GB)                                                MEZYA, 2yo by Singspiel (IRE)             Hour                                    King                                 MISS BILLIE DEE (SPR), yrlg by               Songandaprayer                       MISSISSIPPI MADAM, yrlg by
                                        the Hills
MEADOW BRYTE, yrlg by Chapel                                                   MIA BIRD TOO (SPR), 2yo by              MILAGRA (SPR), yrlg by Langfuhr         MINISTER LAKE, 2yo by Pleasant Tap       Whywhywhy                                MRS MARSH (GB), yrlg by Tagula           Orientate
                                       MEMORIES OF GOLD, 2yo by Silver
  Royal, 2yo by Friends Lake                                                     Songandaprayer                        MILDRED (IRE), yrlg by Fath             MINISTERS MUSIC, yrlg by Cherokee      MISS BITS, yrlg by Evansville Slew           (IRE)                                MS JAGUAR TYPE, yrlg by Saarland
MEADOW CONCERTO (SPR), wnlg by                                                 MIA CASA GRANDE, yrlg by Value          MILDRED'S MAGIC, yrlg by The Cliff's      Run                                  MISS BLUES SWEEP, yrlg by                  MRS NASH (GB), yrlg by Kyllachy        MISS JEANNE CAT, yrlg by Mr.
                                       MEMORIES OF MADRID, yrlg by
  El Corredor                                                                    Plus                                    Edge                                  MINISTER THATCHER, yrlg by Malibu        Eddington                                  (GB)                                   Greeley
                                        Powerscourt (GB)
MEADOW DREAM (SPR), yrlg by                                                    MIA FAST TRICK (SPR), 2yo by City       MILKMUSTACHE, 2yo by Performing           Moon                                 MISS BOOT SCOOT (SPR), 2yo by              MRS. O'LEARY, yrlg by Regal Classic    MISS JENNIFER LYNN, 2yo by Macho
                                       MEMORY GREEN (SPR), yrlg by
  Spanish Steps                                                                  Place, yrlg by Werblin                  Magic                                 MINISTER WIFE (SPR), yrlg by Pulpit      Louis Quatorze, yrlg by Louis            MRS. P MINISTER (SPR), yrlg by E         Uno, wnlg by Macho Uno
                                        Singspiel (IRE)
MEADOW HEART, wnlg by Candy                                                    MIA F EIGHTEEN (SPR), yrlg by Beau      MILLAY, 2yo by Wised Up, yrlg by        MINISTRA, 2yo by Cuvee, yrlg by          Quatorze                                   Dubai                                MISS J LIGHTNING, yrlg by Free At
                                       MEMORY ROCK, wnlg by Pomeroy
  Ride (ARG)                                                                     Genius                                  Wised Up, wnlg by Wised Up              Stormin Fever                        MISS BOUNTIFUL, 2yo by Bertrando           MRS SEEK (GB) (SPR), wnlg by             Last
                                       MEMPHIS JUNCTION (SPR), yrlg by
MEADOWLASS, yrlg by Value Plus                                                 MIAMI BREEZES, yrlg by                  MILLE (GB), yrlg by Green Desert        MINISTRADA (SPR), yrlg by Saint        MISS BRICKYARD, 2yo by Dixie                 Footstepsinthesand (GB)              MISS JOKER, wnlg by Closing
                                        Gilded Time
MEADOW LILY, 2yo by Soto                                                         Johannesburg                          MILLE COULEURS (FR), wnlg by              Liam                                   Union, yrlg by El Corredor               MRS SHILLING (GB), yrlg by Roman         Argument
                                       MENDOCINO ROSE, yrlg by Value
MEADOW MELODY, 2yo by Alphabet                                                 MIAMI DREAMS (SPR), yrlg by               Dubawi (IRE)                          MINK ALERT (SPR), wnlg by Candy        MISS CANNON KEYS (SPR), 2yo by               Ruler                                MISS JONESSA, yrlg by Shadow
  Soup                                                                           Limehouse                             MILLENIUM SKY, wnlg by Fire Slam,         Ride (ARG)                             Denouncer                                MRS TING (SPR), yrlg by Shamardal        Hawk
                                       MENEKINEKO (SPR), yrlg by Stormin
MEADOW MISS, yrlg by Forest                                                    MI AMOR (IRE), yrlg by Kyllachy (GB)      yrlg by Werblin                       MINNIE HABIT (SPR), yrlg by Rock of    MISS CAP, yrlg by More Than Ready          MRS. TODD (SPR), yrlg by High Brite    MS. JOVIAL, 2yo by Repent
  Wildcat                              MENJA, yrlg by Mutakddim                MIASMA, yrlg by Theatrical (IRE)        MILLENNIUM DAWN (SPR), yrlg by            Gibraltar (IRE)                      MISS CAROLINA, wnlg by Bluegrass           MRS. VANDERBILT, yrlg by Oratory       MISS KALOOKAN, yrlg by One Man
MEADOW MUSE, 2yo by Proud              MEPANACHE, yrlg by Gone West            MICAYLA'S PEACH, yrlg by Touch            Where's the Ring                      MINNIE THE MOOCHER, yrlg by              Cat, 2yo by Touch Gold, yrlg by          MRS. WEST (SPR), yrlg by Malibu          Army
  Citizen                              MERCEDES ENVOY, yrlg by Roar of           Gold                                  MILLENNIUM TALE (FR) (SPR), wnlg          Catienus                               Vindication                                Moon                                 MISS KINABALU (GB) (SPR), yrlg by
MEADOW MYSTERY, 2yo by Alphabet         the Tiger, 2yo by Tizbud               MICHELE ROYALE, yrlg by Elusive           by Verglas (IRE)                      MINNI MONNIE MONEY, yrlg by            MISS CARRERA, yrlg by Grand Slam,          MISS. EULEE, yrlg by Graeme Hall         Danehill Dancer (IRE)
  Soup, yrlg by Red Bullet             MERCEDES TOO, 2yo by Sky Mesa             Quality                               MILL GUINEAS, yrlg by Giant's             Choosing Choice, 2yo by Choosing       2yo by Tiznow                            MISS EVANS (SPR), yrlg by Peace        MISS KISTLER, yrlg by Awesome
MEADOW MYSTIC (SPR), wnlg by           MERCENARY HAWK (SPR), yrlg by           MICHELLE HICKS (GB) (SPR), yrlg           Causeway                                Choice                               MISS CASEY, yrlg by Dance With               Rules                                  Again
  Proud Citizen                         Roman Ruler                              by Noverre                            MILLIE CURIE, yrlg by Cuvee             MINNY'S NIECE, yrlg by Proud Citizen     Ravens                                   MISS EXCHANGE, yrlg by Forest          MISS KITTY CAT, wnlg by Congaree
MEADOW OAKS, yrlg by Bernstein         MERCH RHYD-Y-GRUG (GB), yrlg by         MICHELLE SHIFT (GB), yrlg by            MILLIE'S CHOICE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg       MINSTREL'S DANCE, 2yo by Pivotal       MISS CHANEL, 2yo by America's                Camp, wnlg by Royal Academy          MIZ KOOL (SPR), yrlg by Decarchy
MEADOW PEACE (SPR), yrlg by             Monsieur Bond (IRE)                      Compton Place (GB)                      by Mizzen Mast                          (GB)                                   Storm                                    MISS EXHILARATION, yrlg by Honour      MISS L, yrlg by Say Florida Sandy
  Macho Uno                            MERCI, wnlg by Closing Argument,        MICHIGAN BLUFF, yrlg by Southern        MILLIE'S QUEST, yrlg by Lightnin N      MINT LEAF (SPR), yrlg by Fusaichi      MISS CHAUSSINI (IRE), yrlg by                and Glory                            MISS LACEY (IRE), wnlg by Aussie
MEADOW STORM, yrlg by Military,         yrlg by Closing Argument                 Image                                   Thunder                                 Pegasus                                Dubawi (IRE)                             MISS FANNY, yrlg by Grand Slam           Rules
  2yo by Monashee Mountain             MERCILESS, yrlg by Avanzado (ARG),      MICHI GRAS, yrlg by During              MILLIGRAM, yrlg by Harlan's Holiday     MINT SPENDER, 2yo by Lion Hearted      MISS CHILDREY (IRE), yrlg by               MISS FEATURE, yrlg by Corporate        MISS LADY BUG, 2yo by Benchmark
MEADOW VICTORY (SPR), yrlg by           wnlg by Sea of Secrets                 MICH'S CURE, 2yo by Wiseman's           MILLION AT DAWN (IRE), 2yo by           MINUTE WALTZ (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by        Azamour (IRE)                              Report                               MIZ LANDY, yrlg by Honour and Glory
  Strong Hope                          MERCY MIA, 2yo by Fine Island             Ferry                                   Chevalier (IRE)                         Dalakhani (IRE)                      MISS CHIPS (SPR), yrlg by Gulch            MISS FLAME THROWER, wnlg by            MISS L ATTACK, wnlg by North Light
MEAN IMOGENE, 2yo by                   MER DE GLACE, yrlg by Tale of the       MICKEY'S QUEENMARY, wnlg by Put         MILLIONDOLLARLADY, yrlg by Van          MIRA (IRE), 2yo by Kris Kin            MISS CITY HALO, yrlg by Tiznow               Margie's Wildcat                       (IRE)
  Speightstown                          Cat                                      It Back                                 Nistelrooy                            MIRABELL, yrlg by Whywhywhy            MISS CONTINENTAL, yrlg by                  MISS FLORIELO, yrlg by Bold n'         MS LITIGATOR, yrlg by Orientate
MEAN MARLENE (SPR), 2yo by             MERE PRESENCE (SPR), yrlg by            MICKI MICHELLE, 2yo by Petionville      MILLION GIFT (JPN), yrlg by A.P. Indy   MIRABILIA (SPR), yrlg by Benchmark       Benchmark                                  Flashy                               MISS LORILAW (FR) (SPR), yrlg by
  Mancini                               Wildcat Heir                           MIDDAY RUNNER, yrlg by                  MILLISCENT (GB), yrlg by Firebreak      MIRACLE ON ICE (SPR), yrlg by          MISS CORINNE (GB), yrlg by Denon           MISS FLUTTERBY, yrlg by Seneca           Bertolini
MEAUX, 2yo by Arrested, yrlg by        MEREWOOD, yrlg by Motivator (GB)          Johannesburg                            (GB)                                    Yonaguska                            MISS CORT'N (SPR), yrlg by Empire            Jones                                MISS LUCY, yrlg by Stormy Atlantic
  Halifax                                                                      MIDNIGHT ANGEL (GB) (SPR), yrlg by      MILL LINE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Tiger     MIRACLE WORKER (SPR), yrlg by            Maker                                    MISS FORMAL AFFAIR, wnlg by            MISS LULU, yrlg by Stephen Got Even

40           THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                     THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                   41
Dams                                                                             (ARG), yrlg by Dehere
                                                                               MIST ON THE BAY, yrlg by Marquetry,
                                                                                                                     MOMSCOMANDWEWILSEE, 2yo by
                                                                                                                      Skip Trial
                                                                                                                                                           MOONLIGHT CRUISE, wnlg by Arch
                                                                                                                                                           MOONLIGHT ELEGANCE (SPR), yrlg
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)
                                                                                                                                                                                                      MOTHERS FOOTPRINTS (IRE), yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              MURPHY'S LAW, 2yo by Valid
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      MY GIRL JEANNIE (SPR), yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Chapel Royal
                                                                                 wnlg by Survivalist                 MOM'S DAY, yrlg by Pioneering           by Eddington                               Clodovil (IRE)                        MUSCHANA (GB), yrlg by Medicean         MY GIRL NATALIE, yrlg by Roaring
MIZ LYNNE KELLY, 2yo by Drewman,        MISS SAIGON, yrlg by Act of Duty       MIST ON THE HILL, yrlg by Two         MOM'S FAVORITE, yrlg by               MOONLIGHT FANTASY, yrlg by Proud           MOTHER'S HOPE (IRE), 2yo by               (GB)                                   Fever
  yrlg by Drewman                       MISS SALSA (SPR), yrlg by                Punch                                Mayakovsky                             Accolade                                   Indian Haven (GB)                     MUSETTA, yrlg by Tactical Cat           MY GOLLY (GB), yrlg by Namid (GB)
MISS MAGNOLIA, yrlg by Maria's            Ghostzapper                          MISTRESS THAMES (GB) (SPR), yrlg      MONA, yrlg by Ciano Cat               MOONLIGHT MISTRESS, yrlg by                MOTION DENIED, 2yo by Tiger Ridge       MUSHROOM COUNTESS (IRE), yrlg           MY GOODBY GIRL, wnlg by Put It
  Mon                                   MISS SALT LICK (SPR), 2yo by Trippi      by Alhaarth (IRE)                   MONACAS BABY, yrlg by Kasparov          Souvenir Copy                            MOUNTAIN BONFIRE (SPR), yrlg by           by Stroll                              Back
MS. MAJOR MINNETTE (SPR), yrlg by       MISS SAND BAR, yrlg by Holy Bull       MISTRESS WINNY, yrlg by Canadian      MONA EM (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by          MOONLIGHT PARADISE, 2yo by                   Mr. Greeley, 2yo by Smart Strike      MUSICAL HALO (SPR), yrlg by Indian      MY GRAY (FR), yrlg by Chineur (FR)
  Point Given, wnlg by Van Nistelrooy   MISS SANDY CLAWS (IRE), yrlg by          Frontier, 2yo by Indian Charlie      Bertolini                              Royal Applause (GB)                      MT. BONSI, 2yo by Successful Appeal       Ocean                                 MY HEART SEZ YES, yrlg by A
MISS MARY (ARG), yrlg by Medaglia         Invincible Spirit (IRE)              MIST YA, yrlg by Grand Reward, 2yo    MONARDA, 2yo by Menhal                MOONLIGHT SAIL, 2yo by Cape                MOUNTAIN DAWN, yrlg by Mr.              MUSICAL KEY (GB), yrlg by Oasis          Fleets Dancer
  d'Oro                                 MISS SANTA ANITA, yrlg by Lost           by Malabar Gold                     MON BELLE, yrlg by Empire Maker         Cross (IRE)                                Greeley                                 Dream (GB)                            MY HIDDEN STORM, yrlg by Malabar
MS MARY C (IRE), 2yo by One Cool          Soldier                              MISTY AYE'S, yrlg by Duckhorn         MON CHERIE (SPR), yrlg by Hold        MOONLITE HUNT (SPR), 2yo by                MOUNTAIN GIRL, yrlg by Distorted        MUSICALLY, wnlg by Toccet, yrlg by       Gold
  Cat, yrlg by Verglas (IRE)            MISS SARAFINA, yrlg by Trippi          MISTY EYED (IRE), 2yo by Key of        That Tiger                             Tenpins                                    Humor                                   Wiseman's Ferry                       MY HONEST MISTAKE, 2yo by
MISS MCGUIRE (GB), wnlg by Trade        MISS SAY, 2yo by Chapel Royal            Luck, yrlg by Shamardal             MONDAY SAINT, yrlg by Put It Back     MOONLIT EVENING, yrlg by Wildcat           MOUNTAIN HIDEAWAY, yrlg by One          MUSICAL MINISTER (SPR), 2yo by           Aptitude
  Fair (GB)                             MISS SERENDIPITY (IRE), yrlg by        MISTY GALLOP, yrlg by Limehouse       MONDENSCHEIN, yrlg by Eddington         Heir                                       Way Love                                Pleasantly Perfect                    MY IDEA, yrlg by Candy Ride (ARG),
MISS MEGGY (GB), yrlg by Dansili          Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)              MISTY HEIGHTS (GB), yrlg by King's    MONDRA, 2yo by Storm Boot             MOONMAIDEN (GB), yrlg by Barathea          MOUNTAIN HONEY (SPR), 2yo by            MUSICAL MISS (SPR), yrlg by Grand        wnlg by Hold That Tiger
  (GB)                                  MISS SHANGRI LA (GB), yrlg by Rock       Best                                MON DRAPEAU, wnlg by Swiss              (IRE)                                      Double Honor                            Slam                                  MY INTENDED (SPR), yrlg by Silver
MISS MEGS (IRE), yrlg by Fasliyev         of Gibraltar (IRE)                   MISTY LEE, yrlg by Tiznow              Yodeler                              MOON OVER PYRITE, yrlg by Burning          MOUNTAIN KITTEN, wnlg by                MUSICAL TIMES, wnlg by Sky Mesa          Deputy
MISS MERCEDES (SPR), yrlg by            MISS SHAWNIE, wnlg by Singletary,      MISTY LIGHT AIR, yrlg by Forest       MONETA COLETA, yrlg by Zavata           Roma                                       Cherokee Run                          MUSICAL TREAT (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by      MY KIND OF LADY, yrlg by Rossini
  Devil His Due                           2yo by Skimming                        Wildcat                             MONEY RUNNER, yrlg by He's Tops       MOONSHINE RUN (SPR), yrlg by               MT. KOBLA, yrlg by Stormin Fever          Oasis Dream (GB)                      MYLANIA (GB), yrlg by Where Or
MS. MICHELA, 2yo by Bring the Heat      MISS SHORT STORY, yrlg by              MISTY MAGIC (SPR), 2yo by Skip to     MONITA'SHISTEPPER (SPR), wnlg by        Bowman's Band                            MOUNTAIN LARK, 2yo by Decarchy          MUSICAL TWIST, wnlg by Haafhd            When (IRE)
MISS MIRASOL (GB), yrlg by One            Saarland                               the Stone                            Entepreneur, yrlg by Gold Tribute    MOONSTONE BAY, yrlg by Strive              MOUNTAIN LAW, yrlg by Alhaarth            (GB)                                  MY LASS (GB) (SPR), wnlg by Cape
  Cool Cat                              MISS SKIPPY, yrlg by Proud and True,   MISTY MINK, yrlg by City Place        MONOPOLY, yrlg by Northern Afleet     MOON TIDE (SPR), yrlg by                     (IRE)                                 MUSIC EXCHANGE, yrlg by Colony           Cross (IRE)
MISS MISFIT, yrlg by Friends Lake         2yo by Smooth Jazz                   MISTY MOON (BRZ) (SPR), yrlg by       MONOPRINT (SPR), 2yo by Najran          Holzmeister                              MOUNTAIN MELODY, 2yo by Mr.               Light                                 MY LIMIT, yrlg by Sligo Bay (IRE)
MISS MOLLIEMAC, yrlg by Spanish         MISS SLEWETTE, yrlg by Harbor the        Aldebaran                           MONO STAR (IRE), yrlg by Xaar (GB)    MOON UNIT (IRE), wnlg by Galileo             Greeley, yrlg by Posse                MUSIC FEVER (SPR), wnlg by Aragorn      MY LIPS ARE SEALED (SPR), yrlg by
  Steps                                   Gold                                 MISTY RAIN, yrlg by Malibu Moon       MONSTER SNITCH, yrlg by Officer         (IRE), yrlg by Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)   MT. MIMOSA, wnlg by Aragorn (IRE)         (IRE), yrlg by Stephen Got Even        Midas Eyes
MISS MOOLA, yrlg by Smoke Glacken       MISS SOFT SELL (SPR), yrlg by          MISTY SHAWN, yrlg by Pioneering       MONSUSU (IRE), yrlg by Statue of      MOON WATCH, yrlg by Cape Town              MOUNTAIN PROSPECT, yrlg by              MUSIC LANE (SPR), yrlg by Arch, 2yo     MYLITTLETART (SPR), yrlg by Bartok
MISS MOONLIGHT (SPR), yrlg by             Giant's Causeway                     MISTY SIXES, yrlg by Distorted         Liberty                              MOORHEAD, yrlg by Stephen Got                Concorde's Tune                         by War Chant                           (IRE)
  Strong Hope                           MISS SPEED (SPR), wnlg by Officer        Humor, 2yo by Unbridled's Song      MONTANA CAT, yrlg by Milwaukee          Even                                     MT. SUNAPEE, 2yo by Gimmeawink          MUSIC MISTRESS, yrlg by Chapel          MY MEOW, yrlg by Leestown
MISS MOORE (IRE), yrlg by               MISS STUKA'S MIDST, wnlg by            MISTY SPRINGS, yrlg by Harlan's        Brew                                 THE MOOSE IS LOOSE, 2yo by                 MOUNT GAY (SPR), 2yo by Graeme            Royal                                 MY MICHELLE, wnlg by Valid
  Footstepsinthesand (GB)                 Equinox                                Holiday                             MONTANA LADY (IRE), yrlg by             Skimming                                   Hall                                  MUSIC PARK (IRE), wnlg by Bertolini      Expectations
MISS MOSES, yrlg by Galileo (IRE)       MISS SUILLEABHAIN (SPR), yrlg by       MISTY WATER, 2yo by Malek (CHI)        Alhaarth (IRE)                       MORALE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Orpen           MOUNTIAN STYLE, yrlg by                 MUSIC WAY, yrlg by Dixie Union          MY MOM JOANIE, 2yo by Malabar
MS. MOSTLY, yrlg by Purge                 Bernstein                            MIS UPSTART (SPR), yrlg by In         MONTEFIORE, 2yo by Bernstein          MORENA PARK (GB), yrlg by Broken             Monarchos                             MUSKOKA COMMAND (SPR), 2yo by            Gold
MISS NAIROBI, yrlg by Comic Strip       MISS SWEEP, 2yo by Forest Wildcat,       Excess (IRE)                        MONTELEONE (IRE), yrlg by Fantastic     Vow                                      MOUNTRHYTHM, wnlg by Trippi               Hurricane Center                      MYNAH (GB), 2yo by Old Topper, yrlg
MISS NOTEWORTHY, yrlg by Your             yrlg by Tale of the Cat              MISUZANNAH (SPR), 2yo by Storm         Light                                MORE OF LAURA, yrlg by Lesters Boy         MOUNT STREET (IRE), yrlg by             MUSKOKA DAWN (SPR), yrlg by Tale         by Old Topper
  Eminence                              MISS TACT, yrlg by Roar of the Tiger     Passage                             MONTESSA, 2yo by Black                MOREOVER (IRE), yrlg by Needwood             Kalanisi (IRE)                          of the Cat, wnlg by Tale of the Cat   MY NEW PAL (SPR), yrlg by Rock
MISS NUREYEV (SPR), yrlg by             MISSTACULAR SUE, yrlg by Repent        MISWILA (SPR), 2yo by Sky Mesa         Minnaloushe                            Blade (GB)                               MOUNTTHATLADDER (SPR), yrlg by          MUSKOKA ICE, wnlg by Canadian            Slide
  Pioneering                            MISS TEMPEST, 2yo by Dance Master      MITCHELLS FOLLY, yrlg by Lion Heart   MONTEZUMA, 2yo by Dashing Lad         MORE RUCKUS, yrlg by Kipling                 Wheelaway                               Frontier                              MYNU GIRL (IRE), yrlg by Verglas
MISS OTIS (GB), wnlg by Bertolini       MISS TERASITA, yrlg by Posse           MITHL AL HAWA (GB), yrlg by           MONTICELLO, yrlg by Cashel Castle     MORE SILVER (SPR), yrlg by Midway          MOUNT TILLY, yrlg by Chapel Royal       MUSTIQUE DREAM (GB) (SPR), yrlg          (IRE)
MISSOULA LULA, yrlg by Elegant          MISS TERNSHIP, yrlg by Mustang           Kyllachy (GB)                       MONTJAC, yrlg by Hook and Ladder        Road, 2yo by Monashee Mountain           MOUSE A ROONIE, wnlg by Act of            by Kyllachy (GB)                      MY NUMBERS UP, 2yo by Ghostly
  Fellow                                  Jock                                 MITRAILLETTE, wnlg by Domedriver      MONTPAR, yrlg by Tapit                MORE THAN A RUMOR, 2yo by Slew               Duty                                  MUTTON MANIAC (SPR), yrlg by             Minister
MISSOURI (GB), yrlg by Bahamian         MISS THERMAL TECH, yrlg by Sky           (IRE)                               MONTSERRAT (GB) (SPR), yrlg by          Gin Fizz                                 MOUSSICA, yrlg by Aptitude                Gulch                                 MYOFFICEWIFE (SPR), yrlg by Pico
  Bounty (GB)                             Mesa                                 MIXED BLESSING (GB), wnlg by           Avonbridge (GB)                      MORE THAN HALF, yrlg by Graeme             MOVE OVER GINGER, wnlg by Point         MY ALLEGIANCE, yrlg by Tapit             Central (BRZ)
MISS PARTY LINE (SPR), yrlg by          MISS THUNDERELLA, yrlg by Indian         Oasis Dream (GB)                    MONTURANI (IRE), yrlg by Cape           Hall                                       Given                                 MY AMERICAN BEAUTY (GB), yrlg by        MY PICTURE, yrlg by The Deputy
  Bahamian Bounty (GB)                    Ocean                                MIZILLABLACK (IRE), yrlg by Xaar       Cross (IRE)                          MORGAN J., yrlg by Malibu Moon             MOVIE QUEEN (GB), yrlg by Pivotal         Bahamian Bounty (GB)                   (IRE)
MISS PENTON (GB) (SPR), 2yo by          MS TIGRESS, yrlg by Cahill Road          (GB)                                MONTURE CREEK (SPR), 2yo by Holy      MORGANZA, wnlg by Officer                    (GB)                                  MY ANNIE T (SPR), 2yo by                MY PLACE (GB), 2yo by Spartacus
  Dansili (GB)                          MISS TIPPINS, yrlg by Mingun           MIZNAPP (GB), yrlg by Invincible       Bull                                 MORISQUETA, 2yo by Hadrian's Wall          MOVIN ALONG, yrlg by Wheelaway            Benchmark                              (IRE)
MISS PHONE CHATTER, yrlg by             MISS TITUSVILLE, yrlg by Double          Spirit (IRE)                        MONUMENTAL UPSET, yrlg by             MORNA'S GIRL (FR), yrlg by                 MOVING MEMO, yrlg by Skimming           MY ANTONIA, yrlg by Jump Start          MY PLACE TONIGHT, wnlg by
  Purge                                   Honor                                MIZZO (SPR), yrlg by Liberty Gold      Sikorsky                               Powerscourt (GB), 2yo by                 MOYESII (SPR), yrlg by Sulamani (IRE)   MY BELLE, yrlg by Alajwad                Songandaprayer
MIZ PICKENS (SPR), 2yo by               MISS T J, yrlg by Midway Road          M. J. BEAN (SPR), yrlg by Congaree    MOOD ELEVATOR (SPR), 2yo by             Skimming                                 M. S. GRIPSHOLM (SPR), 2yo by Roar      MY BOSTON GAL, yrlg by                  MY POCKET ANGEL, yrlg by
  Performing Magic                      MISS TOPAZ, yrlg by D'wildcat, 2yo     M'LADY DOC, yrlg by Wiseman's          Swiss Yodeler                        MORNING ADDICTION, yrlg by Our                                                       Kingmambo
                                                                                                                                                                                                        of the Tiger                                                                   Eurosilver
MISS PINE TOP AZ., wnlg by Tapit          by Macho Uno                           Ferry                               MOOD INDIGO (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by        New Recruit                              MSVEEPEE (SPR), yrlg by E Dubai         M. Y. BRIDLEWOOD, yrlg by Halo's        MY POPPET (GB), wnlg by Iceman
MISS PINKY, yrlg by Lion Heart          MISS TRISH (IRE), yrlg by Refuse To    MOCKINGBIRD VALLEY, yrlg by            Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)              MORNING DEVOTION (SPR), yrlg by            MUBADALAH, yrlg by Indian Ridge           Image                                  (GB)
MISS PLAYBILL, yrlg by Golden             Bend (IRE)
                                                                                 Include                             MOOD MUSIC, yrlg by Arch, 2yo by        Giant's Causeway                           (IRE)                                 MYBROWNEYEDGAL, wnlg by                 MY RACIN' LADY, yrlg by Seneca
                                        MISS TRIXIE, yrlg by Your Eminence
  Missile                                                                      MODELING CLAY (SPR), yrlg by           Cherokee Run                         MORNING QUEEN, yrlg by Tiger Hill          MUCHA PRISA, yrlg by Yankee               Broken Vow, yrlg by El Corredor        Jones
                                        MISS TURKOMANIA (SPR), 2yo by
MISS POMPEI, wnlg by Whywhywhy                                                   Wando                               MOOD SWINGS (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by        (IRE)                                      Gentleman                             MY CADEAUX (GB), yrlg by Namid          MY REEM (SPR), yrlg by Mr. Greeley
                                          Anasheed, yrlg by Yonaguska
MISS POOL, yrlg by Native Factor                                               MODEL PERFORMER, wnlg by               Shamardal                            MORNING SUN (SPR), yrlg by                 MUCH FASTER (IRE), yrlg by                (GB)                                  MY REGAL SOLUTION, yrlg by
                                        MISS TURLINGTON (SPR), yrlg by
MISS POP CARN, yrlg by Buddha,                                                   Flower Alley, yrlg by More Than     MOODY BROAD, yrlg by Buddha             Tiznow                                     Montjeu (IRE)                         MY CHATELAIN, yrlg by Canadian           Oratory, wnlg by Wiseman's Ferry
                                          Successful Appeal
  2yo by Five Star Day                                                           Ready                               MOODY ROYAL, yrlg by Purge            MOSAIQUE BEAUTY (IRE), yrlg by             MUDALLOVERME, yrlg by Full                Frontier                              MY RENEE, yrlg by Oasis Dream
                                        MISS TWEETIE, yrlg by Brite Adam
MISS POPULARITY (SPR), yrlg by                                                 MODEL QUEEN (SPR), yrlg by            MOODY'S CAT (IRE) (SPR), 2yo by         Bertolini                                  Mandate                               MY CHERIE (SPR), yrlg by Stephen         (GB)
                                        MISS UNION AVENUE (SPR), yrlg by
  Stephen Got Even                                                               Motivator (GB)                       During                               MOSCOW'S BUCCANEER (SPR), yrlg             MUDSLINGER, yrlg by Cozzene               Got Even                              MYRIAM (SPR), 2yo by Van Nistelrooy
                                          Peintre Celebre
MISS POUT (GB), yrlg by Sulamani                                               MODEST LADY, yrlg by Alke             MOODY WOMAN, wnlg by Raffie's           by Formal Gold                           MUD WRESTLING (SPR), yrlg by            MY COLORS, 2yo by Freud                 MY RO, yrlg by Hennessy
                                        MIZ UNITED STATES (SPR), yrlg by
  (IRE)                                                                        MODEST MELODY, yrlg by Lion Heart      Majesty                              MOSELLE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by                  Closing Argument                      MYDADDYSTHEMANN, wnlg by Tapit          MYRRH (GB), yrlg by Sulamani (IRE)
MISS POWER PUFF (SPR), yrlg by                                                 MOEL, yrlg by Chief Seattle           MOON BIRD, 2yo by Cuvee, yrlg by        Danehill Dancer (IRE)                    MUFFLED, yrlg by Bertolini              MY DAISYCHAIN (GB), yrlg by Exceed      MYRTH AND GLEE (SPR), yrlg by
                                        MISS VALEDICTORIAN, yrlg by
  Albert the Great                                                             MOHICAN PRINCESS (GB) (SPR), yrlg      Pollard's Vision                     MOSS (SPR), yrlg by Tiznow                 MUJADO (IRE), yrlg by Street Cry          And Excel (AUS)                        Lightnin N Thunder
MISS PRADO, yrlg by Eurosilver                                                   by Galileo (IRE)                    MOONBI RIDGE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by     MOSSFLOWER, yrlg by Medaglia                 (IRE)                                 MY DATE, yrlg by Perigee Moon           MY SAND DOLLAR, wnlg by Tenpins
                                        MISS VALID PACHE (SPR), yrlg by
MISS PRIM (GB) (SPR), yrlg by                                                  MOLLIFY, yrlg by Albert the Great      Rakti (GB)                             d'Oro                                    MUJA FAREWELL (GB), yrlg by             MY DEAR DILLY, yrlg by Desperately      MY SEA CASTLES (SPR), yrlg by
                                          Mineshaft, wnlg by Strong Hope
  Danbird (AUS)                                                                MOLLSBERRY (SPR), yrlg by             MOON BRIGHT, 2yo by Siphon (BRZ)      MOST AWESOME (SPR), yrlg by                  Exceed And Excel (AUS)                MY DENA, yrlg by Proud Accolade          Grand Slam
                                        MISS VALID STORM (SPR), wnlg by
MISS PROOF, yrlg by Full Mandate          Bellamy Road                           Orientate                           MOONCHASER, 2yo by Our Emblem           Swiss Yodeler                            MUKILTEO SMOKE, yrlg by Liberty         MY DILEMMA, 2yo by Kafwain              MY SECRET, yrlg by New Way
MISS PTARMIGAN, yrlg by Storm           MS VERSATALITY (SPR), wnlg by          MOLLY MINISTER, yrlg by Lightnin N    MOON DAZZLE, yrlg by Giant's          MOSTBEAUTIFULSOUND, yrlg by                  Gold                                  MYDISTINCTIVE STAR, yrlg by Gold        MY SECRETARY, yrlg by Gators N
  Boot                                    Songandaprayer                         Thunder                              Causeway                               Forest Wildcat                           MULTICOLOUR (GB), 2yo by Haafhd           Token                                  Bears
MISS QUACKERS, yrlg by Lion             MISS WHAT A DAY, 2yo by Peace          MOLLY MOON (IRE), yrlg by             MOON DIAMOND (GB) (SPR), yrlg by      MOST PRECIOUS (SPR), yrlg by                 (GB)                                  MYELLA, yrlg by Cobra King              MY SECRET BROOK, yrlg by Trippi
  Hearted                                 Rules                                  Bahamian Bounty (GB)                 Camacho (GB)                           Galileo (IRE)                            MULTICOLOUR WAVE (IRE) (SPR),           MY EMBLEM, 2yo by Illinois Storm        MY SIX SISTERS, yrlg by Came Home
MS RANCHO SANTA FE, wnlg by Fire        MISS WITCHY, 2yo by Macho Uno          MOMBASA, 2yo by Distorted Humor,      MOON DROP (GB) (SPR), yrlg by         MOST REMARKABLE (SPR), yrlg by               yrlg by Oratorio (IRE)                MY FANCY AFFAIR (SPR), yrlg by          MY SPECIAL SONG, yrlg by Vicar
  Slam                                  MISS WOODRUFF, yrlg by Omega             yrlg by Gone West                    Danehill Dancer (IRE)                  Sky Mesa                                 MULTIPLICITY, yrlg by                     Byars                                 MYSTERIEUSE ETOILE, yrlg by
MISS RANCHO VISTA, 2yo by                 Code                                 MOMENTARY HOPE (SPR), yrlg by         MOON FEATHER, yrlg by Closing         MOST STUDIOUS, yrlg by Gold                  Johannesburg                          MYFAVORITEDAUGHTER, yrlg by              Cozzene
  Northern Afleet                       MISS YIAYIA, yrlg by Thunder Gulch       Black Minnaloushe                    Argument                               Legend                                   MUMBO JUMBO (SPR), yrlg by                Linkage                               MYSTERIOUS ANGEL, 2yo by
MISS RED INK, 2yo by Royal              MISSY SLEW (SPR), yrlg by Thunder      MOMENT OF PEACE, yrlg by Mobil        MOON FESTIVAL (GB), yrlg by           MOTEL LASS (SPR), yrlg by Forest             Orientate                             MY FILLY (FR) (SPR), yrlg by Fasliyev    Awesome Again
  Applause (GB)                           Gulch                                MOMENTS DELIGHT (SPR), 2yo by          Danehill Dancer (IRE)                  Camp                                     MUMS, 2yo by Tenpins, yrlg by Value     MY FIRECRACKER, yrlg by Halory          MYSTERIOUSLY (SPR), yrlg by
MISS RIMEX (IRE), yrlg by Kyllachy      MISS ZAFONIC (FR), yrlg by Forestry      Lion Heart                          MOON FLOWER (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by      MOTEL LOVE, yrlg by Dance With               Plus                                    Hunter                                 Alphabet Soup, 2yo by Olmodavor
  (GB)                                  MISTA MAYBERRY, 2yo by Arch            MOMENTS OF JOY (SPR), wnlg by          Johannesburg                           Ravens                                   MUNAKASHAH (IRE), wnlg by Intikhab      MY FIRST ROMANCE (GB) (SPR), yrlg       MYSTERIOUS MOLL, yrlg by Ecton
MIZ RIZ, 2yo by Cactus Ridge            MISTIC SUN (GB), yrlg by Orpen           Grand Slam                          MOONLET MINISTER, yrlg by             MOTEL TIME (SPR), 2yo by Flame             MUNCHKIN, yrlg by Seeking the Gold        by Dubawi (IRE), wnlg by Medicean      Park
MISS ROYAL GOLD (SPR), 2yo by           MISTLE THRUSH (SPR), yrlg by Val       MOMMA IN LAW, wnlg by Five Star        Western Pride                          Thrower                                  MUNEERA, yrlg by One Cool Cat             (GB)                                  MYSTERIOUS WOMAN (SPR), yrlg by
  February Storm                          Royal (FR)                             Day, yrlg by Indian Charlie         MOONLIGHT, yrlg by Forest Camp        MOTHER KNOWS BEST (SPR), yrlg              MURANI (IRE), wnlg by Oratorio (IRE)    MY FUNNY VALENTINE (IRE), yrlg           Dream Tripper
MISS ROYAL SPIRIT, 2yo by El            MISTLETOE KISS, 2yo by Awesome         MOMO'S FAVORITE, wnlg by              MOONLIGHT (IRE), 2yo by Medicean        by Zarbyev                               MURIEL (SPR), yrlg by Where's the         by Traditionally                      MYSTERYACHIEVEMENT (SPR), yrlg
  Corredor                                Again                                  Knockadoon                           (GB)                                 MOTHER MAGOO, 2yo by Essence of              Ring                                  MY GIDDY AUNT (IRE), yrlg by             by Eddington
MISS SACHA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by         MIST OF TIME, 2yo by Candy Ride        MOM'S A GENIUS, yrlg by Dayjur, 2yo   MOONLIGHT AFFAIR (SPR), yrlg by         Dubai                                    MURKY WATERS, wnlg by Malibu              Sadler's Wells                        MYSTERY AT SEA, yrlg by Strong
  Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)                                                        by Slew City Slew                    Awesome Again                        MOTHER OF PEARL (IRE), yrlg by               Moon                                  MY GIRL ALISH, wnlg by Posse             Hope

42            THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                 THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                   43
Dams                                                                        NAUGHTY NOTIONS (SPR), yrlg by
                                                                              Northern Afleet
                                                                                                                     NEVERTHELESS, yrlg by Buddha
                                                                                                                     NEVER TO EXCESS, yrlg by Tribal
                                                                                                                                                             NIKKI'S NIGHTMARE, wnlg by
                                                                                                                                                               Personal First
                                                                                                                                                                                                      NO LOST ACTION, yrlg by Petersburg
                                                                                                                                                                                                      NO MORE IRONING (SPR), yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            NOTABLE CRUSADER, yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Ghostly Minister
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  NUN ON THE RUN, 2yo by Favorite
                                                                            NAULT, 2yo by Pulpit, yrlg by Purge        Rule                                  NIKKI'S ROSE, yrlg by City Street         Elusive Quality, wnlg by Smarty        Delaware Township                     Trick
MYSTERY CODE (SPR), yrlg by           THE NAME WAS GONE, yrlg by Cat        NAUSICAA, 2yo by Dubai Destination,      NEVER YIELD (SPR), yrlg by Devil His    NIMPHIDA (GB), wnlg by Kheleyf            Jones                                NOTABLE SWORD (SPR), yrlg by          NURSERY SONG, yrlg by Najran
  Aptitude                              Thief                                 yrlg by Indian Ridge (IRE)               Due                                   NINA'S TAXING, wnlg by Taste of          NO MORE PROMISES, yrlg by One          Limehouse                            NURSE SHARON, yrlg by Mt.
MYSTERY DANCE (SPR), yrlg by City     NAMORA, 2yo by Rainmaker              NAUTICAL BUT NICE, yrlg by Gators        NEVIS, 2yo by Doneraile Court             Paradise                                Nice Cat                             NOTABLY CHARMING, yrlg by               Bellewood
  Zip                                 NANA'S BABE, yrlg by Crafty Shaw        N Bears                                NEVIS PEAK (AUS), yrlg by Hawk          NINA TRANQUILA, yrlg by                  NO MORE TAX, yrlg by Full Mandate      Exchange Rate                        NUSHKA, yrlg by Eurosilver
MYSTERY NUMBER (SPR), yrlg by         NANAS COZY ACCOUNT, yrlg by           NAUTICAL GEM (IRE), 2yo by Clodovil        Wing                                    Unforgettable Max                      NON DIMENTICAR ME (SPR), yrlg by      NOT AN OPTION, yrlg by Sarava         NUTS ABOUT MOM (SPR), yrlg by
  Sky Mesa                              Proud Citizen                         (IRE)                                  NEW ALLIANCE, 2yo by Full Mandate       NINE FLAGS (SPR), yrlg by Purge           Camacho (GB)                         NOTANOTHER NATALIE (SPR), wnlg          Leestown
MYSTERY OF LOVE (SPR), yrlg by        NANCY MALONEY (IRE), wnlg by          NAVAJO PRINCESS, yrlg by Candy           NEW CASTLE LADY, yrlg by Salt Lake      NINE LIVES, yrlg by Include              NONSENSE (IRE), yrlg by Antonius       by Western Fame                      NUVEM, yrlg by Peace Rules
  Alke                                  Diamond Green (FR)                    Ride (ARG)                             NEW DEAL (GB), yrlg by Acclamation      NINI PRINCESSE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by       Pius                                 NOT BASHFUL, wnlg by Tale of the      NWAAHIL (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by High
MYSTERY PLAY (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by     NANCY SLEW, 2yo by High Brite         NAVAJO RAIN, yrlg by Wando                 (GB)                                    Oasis Dream (GB)                       NONSUCH BAY, yrlg by Medaglia          Cat                                    Chaparral (IRE)
  Halling, wnlg by Noverre            NANDU, yrlg by Benchmark              NAVAJO RAINBOW (GB), wnlg by             NEW FOCUS, yrlg by Avenue of Flags      NINTH QUEST, yrlg by Fantastic Light      d'Oro                                NOTEBROOK, 2yo by Mr. Elegance        NYANZA, 2yo by Two Punch
MYSTERY'S ESSENCE, 2yo by El          NANIE'S DINNER, yrlg by Macho           Medicean (GB)                          NEW HARMONY, yrlg by Kingmambo          NIN TWO (SPR), 2yo by Not For Love       NOONAN, yrlg by Yonaguska             NOTESN'DESCRETION (SPR), yrlg by      NYKEE, wnlg by Best of the Bests
  Corredor                              Uno                                 NAVARENE (SPR), yrlg by Arch             NEW JERSEY, yrlg by Lion Heart          NIOBE (GB), wnlg by Librettist           NO. ONE GEM, yrlg by Redattore         Montbrook                              (IRE), yrlg by Whiskey Wisdom
MYSTERY TRIP, yrlg by Smarty Jones    NANNYCAM, yrlg by Smarty Jones        NAVARRO ROSE, 2yo by Judge T C,          NEW LOOK, wnlg by Wando                 NIP, 2yo by Marino Marini                 (BRZ)                                NOTHING SPECIAL (SPR), 2yo by         OAKMOND GAL, yrlg by Gilded Time
MYSTIARA (IRE), yrlg by Danehill      NANNY GOAT, wnlg by Petionville         yrlg by Posse                          NEWLYWED, wnlg by Cuvee                 NIPPY (FR), yrlg by Statue of Liberty    NOONTIME ANGEL, yrlg by Macho           Speightstown                        OASIS (SPR), yrlg by Old Topper
  Dancer (IRE)                        NANOCITY, yrlg by Southern Image      NAVASHA (SPR), yrlg by Lion Heart,       NEW MENU, 2yo by Alajwad                NITA WINN, 2yo by Gimmeawink, yrlg        Uno                                  NOTICE (SPR), yrlg by Macho Uno       OATCAKE (GB), yrlg by Lucky Story
MYSTICAL ELUSION, yrlg by Even the    NAN O SI (SPR), yrlg by Malabar         wnlg by Tapit                          NEW MUSIC, 2yo by Fasliyev                by Roar of the Tiger                   NOON TIME DANCER, 2yo by              NOTJUSTANOTHERBIRD (SPR), yrlg        OATEY (GB), yrlg by Kyllachy (GB)
  Score                                 Gold                                NAVONA, yrlg by Desktop                  NEWSONTHERUN, yrlg by Milwaukee         NIYLA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Sadler's       Yonaguska                              by Closing Argument, wnlg by Da     OATH (SPR), yrlg by Tiznow
MYSTICAL SUSAN, wnlg by City          NAN SCURRY (FR), yrlg by              NAVY MANNER (SPR), wnlg by                 Brew, 2yo by Touch Gold                 Wells                                  NOOR EL HOUDAH (IRE), yrlg by           Stoops                              OBLIGATION, 2yo by Siberian
  Place                                 Johannesburg                          Roman Ruler, 2yo by The Cliff's        THE NEWS' WEST, yrlg by Kafwain         NOACTOREVERLAST, 2yo by Skip to           Mujahid                              NOTJUSTAPRETTYFACE, wnlg by             Summer
MYSTICAL WILDCAT, yrlg by             NANY'S AFFAIR, wnlg by Cape             Edge                                   NEW VALUE, yrlg by Storm Victory          the Stone                              NO OTHER LIKE YOU, yrlg by Teton        Royal Applause (GB)                 OBLIGATORY, 2yo by Milwaukee Brew
  Orientate                             Canaveral                           NAVY SILKS, yrlg by El Corredor          NEW YORK JESSICA, yrlg by               NO APPARENT REASON, 2yo by Line           Forest                               NOT MY STYLE, yrlg by Cape            OBLIQUE (IRE), yrlg by Hernando
MYSTIC BEAUTY (IRE), yrlg by Trade    NANY'S SWEEP (SPR), 2yo by Storm      NAYZAK, 2yo by Royal Applause (GB)         Eurosilver                              In The Sand                            NO PARKING, yrlg by Digitech            Canaveral                             (FR)
  Fair (GB)                             Cat                                 NAZDAROVE (SPR), 2yo by Hook and         NEXT TO NOTHING, 2yo by Roar of         NO ATOLL AT ALL, yrlg by Storm           NORA NOVEMBER, yrlg by Sir            NOT OFFENSIVE, yrlg by Street Cry     OBSESSION FOR GOLD (SPR), yrlg
MYSTIC JADE (SPR), yrlg by            NAO KAM JAY, 2yo by Castle Arms         Ladder                                   the Tiger                               Passage, 2yo by Vicar                   Cherokee                               (IRE)                                 by Pleasant Tap
  Commitisize                         NAOMI WILDMAN, yrlg by Exceed         NEALTON CAT, yrlg by Intimidator         NICE AND NIFTY, 2yo by Memo (CHI)       NO BETTER TIME, wnlg by Pomeroy          NORDICOLINI (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by      NOTROUBLEATALL, yrlg by Southern      OBVIOUSLY, yrlg by Ten Most Wanted
MYSTIC LURE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by         And Excel (AUS)                     NEARLY AN ANGEL, 2yo by Express          NICE BOOTS BABY (SPR), yrlg by          NOBLE CAUSE, yrlg by Indian Charlie       Mull of Kintyre                        Image                               OCALA MIST (SPR), yrlg by
  Motivator (GB)                      NAPPELON (SPR), wnlg by                 Tour                                     Victory Gallop                        NOBLE DESERT (FR), yrlg by Tobougg       NORDICO PRINCESS (GB) (SPR),          NOT SO GENEROUS (IRE), yrlg by          Mutakddim
MYSTIC MOVES (SPR), 2yo by              Leroidesanimaux (BRZ)               NEAR MINT (SPR), yrlg by Indian          NICEBUTNAUGHTY, yrlg by The Cliff's       (IRE)                                   wnlg by Distant Music                  Superior Premium (GB)               OCCHI VERDI (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by
  Thunder Gulch                       NARJIS FLOWER (SPR), wnlg by            Charlie                                  Edge                                  NOBLE GIRL, 2yo by Cyclone               NORDIC WEATHER, 2yo by High           NOT SO INNOCENT (SPR), yrlg by          Smoke Glacken
MYSTIC RHYTHMS (SPR), yrlg by           Eurosilver                          NEAR RELATION (GB), yrlg by Indian       NICE CANTER, yrlg by Maria's Mon        NOBLE HEART, yrlg by Bold                 Demand                                 Devon Lane                          OCEAN CAT, yrlg by Cape Town
  Eddington                           NARNI, yrlg by Canadian Frontier        Haven (GB)                             NICE DANCING (SPR), yrlg by               Executive                              NORFOLK LAVENDER, yrlg by             NOT SO SHY (SPR), yrlg by Gotham      OCEAN DRIVE, yrlg by A.P. Indy
MYSTIC SILVER, yrlg by Ocean          NASARIA (IRE), yrlg by Captain Rio    NEAT TRICK, 2yo by Lightnin N              Fusaichi Pegasus                      NOBLE LADY (GB), 2yo by Royal             Acclamation (GB)                       City                                OCEAN GROVE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by
  Terrace                               (GB)                                  Thunder                                NICE DILEMMA, yrlg by Macho Uno           Applause (GB)                          NORI JEANNINE, 2yo by Category        NOTTING HILL (BRZ), 2yo by Tale of      Tiger Hill (IRE)
MYSTIC TOWER (SPR), yrlg by Ecton     NASCAT, wnlg by Grand Slam            NEBRAAS (GB), yrlg by Tiger Hill (IRE)   NICELY WILD (SPR), wnlg by              NOBLE PEARL (GER) (SPR), yrlg by          Five, yrlg by Category Five            the Cat                             OCEAN MYSTERY, yrlg by
  Park, wnlg by Include               NASKRAMONY, yrlg by Parker's          NEDWA (GB), yrlg by Exceed And             Limehouse, yrlg by The Cliff's Edge     Sholokhov (IRE)                        NORMALLY, yrlg by Chelsey Cat         NOT TOBE FORGOTTEN (SPR), yrlg          Sweetsouthernsaint
MYSTIFY (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Selkirk     Storm Cat                             Excel (AUS)                            NICE MISTAKE, yrlg by Authenticate      NOBLE PEREGRINE (GB) (SPR), yrlg         NORRSKEN (SPR), yrlg by North Light     by Highland Ruckus                  OCEAN OF DEVOTION, yrlg by Saint
MYSTI'S POEM (SPR), yrlg by           NASKRA'S DE LIGHT, 2yo by Gold        NEEDLEPOINT, yrlg by Wild and            NICE 'N GROOVY, yrlg by Aldebaran         by Cadeaux Genereux (GB)                (IRE)                                NOT TO BE OUTDONE, 2yo by Officer       Liam
  Congaree                              Token                                 Wicked                                 NICE ONE CLARE (IRE), yrlg by           NOBLE PURSUIT (SPR), yrlg by             NORTENA (SPR), yrlg by Medaglia       NO TURBULENCE, yrlg by Formal         OCEAN QUEEN (SPR), yrlg by
MY SUNSHINE, yrlg by Finest Hour      NASRANNIE (SPR), yrlg by Awesome      NEEDLES AND PINS (IRE), yrlg by            Indian Ridge (IRE)                      Medallist                               d'Oro                                  Gold                                  Hennessy
MY SWEET COUNTRY (SPR), yrlg by         Buddy                                 Pivotal (GB)                           NICKEL CLASSIC (SPR), yrlg by           NOBLE ROBYN (SPR), 2yo by El             NORTH CIDER ROSE (IRE), yrlg by       NOUSAIYRA (IRE), yrlg by Oratorio     OCEAN RIDGE, yrlg by Elusive
  Afleet Alex                         NASRATTI (SPR), 2yo by Colony Light   NEEDLES LADY (SPR), 2yo by Omega           Afleet Alex                             Prado (IRE)                             Captain Rio (GB)                       (IRE)                                 Quality, wnlg by Elusive Quality
MY SWEET HEART, yrlg by Empire        NASTY LITTLE STAR, 2yo by Grand         Code                                   NICKERS AND BITS, yrlg by               NOBLESSE DE ROBE (FR), yrlg by           NORTH CORK, yrlg by Maria's Mon       NOUSHKEY (GB), yrlg by Shamardal      OCEAN SALT, yrlg by Pioneering
  Maker                                 Slam                                NEEDWOOD EPIC (GB) (SPR), yrlg by          Pioneering                              Footstepsinthesand (GB)                NORTH DREAM, yrlg by Vindication      NOUVELLE, wnlg by Personal First,     OCEAN SHORE, yrlg by Aldebaran
MY SWEET TALKER (SPR), yrlg by El     NASTY NEMISIS, yrlg by Orientate        Celtic Swing (GB)                      NICKLE A KISS, yrlg by Crafty           NOBLE STORK (SPR), 2yo by                NORTH EAST BELLE (SPR), 2yo by          2yo by Proud Citizen, yrlg by       OCEAN SPRINGS (SPR), yrlg by Your
  Corredor                            NASTY STORM, yrlg by Giant's          NEED YOU BADLY (GB), 2yo by                Prospector                              Delaware Township                       Five Star Day                          Yankee Gentleman                      Eminence
MY SWEET WESTLY, yrlg by Devil          Causeway                              Invincible Spirit (IRE)                NICKY'S INTUITION, 2yo by Malibu        NOBLE STRIKE (SPR), yrlg by Saint        NORTH EAST DANCER (SPR), 2yo by       NOUVELLE LUNE (GB), wnlg by           OCEAN VIEW (SPR), yrlg by Starcraft
  His Due                             NATALIE TOO, wnlg by Dr Fong          NEESHANHA, yrlg by Rainbow Blues           Moon                                    Liam                                    Tale of the Cat                        Iceman (GB)                           (NZ)
MYTHICAL DANCER (SPR), wnlg by        NATALINA, yrlg by Southern Image        (IRE)                                  NICOLE AND BEN, wnlg by Our New         NOBLE VIEW, wnlg by Compton Place        NORTHERN ACRE, 2yo by Storm           NOUVELLES DANSEUR, wnlg by            OCTOBER BEAUTY (SPR), yrlg by
  Leroidesanimaux (BRZ)               NAT AND JULIE, yrlg by Wildcat        NEGRIA (IRE), 2yo by Redback (GB)          Recruit                                 (GB), yrlg by Royal Applause (GB)       Passage                                Fruition                              Value Plus
MY THING OF BEAUTY, yrlg by             Shoes                               NELDA BROWN, yrlg by Alex's Pal          NICOLE AND KRISTA (IRE), yrlg by        NOBODY'S ANGEL, yrlg by Oratory          NORTHERN FLEET (SPR), 2yo by          NOVEMBER MOON, 2yo by During          ODALISQUE (IRE), yrlg by Beat
  Stormy Atlantic                     NATIONALARTGALLERY (IRE (SPR),
                                                                            NENAGH (IRE), yrlg by Captain Rio          Galileo (IRE)                         NO CHATTER PLEASE (SPR), yrlg by          Grand Slam                           NOVICE, wnlg by Forest Camp             Hollow (GB)
                                        2yo by Distant Music
MYTHOLOGIE (SPR), wnlg by Galileo                                             (GB)                                   NICOLE'S RED LADY, yrlg by Indian         Cherokee Run                           NORTHERN GODDESS (GB) (SPR),          NOW DATS A STORM, wnlg by             O DANNY GIRL, 2yo by Greatness
                                      NATIONAL BALLET (GB) (SPR), yrlg
  (IRE)                                                                     NE PLUS ULTRA, yrlg by Malibu              Country                               NO CHIT CHAT, 2yo by Peruvian             yrlg by Act One (GB)                   Broken Vow, 2yo by Chapel Royal,    OEDY'S RICHES, yrlg by Eurosilver
                                        by Cape Cross (IRE)
MYTHOMANIA (SPR), yrlg by Strong                                              Moon                                   NIDD (SPR), yrlg by Maria's Mon         NO COMMENT, wnlg by Sky Classic          NORTHERN JOKE, 2yo by Stephen           yrlg by Eddington                   OESTE, yrlg by Aeneas
                                      NATIONAL PASTIME, 2yo by Malibu
  Hope                                                                      NESSELRODE, wnlg by First Samurai        NIFTY LADY, yrlg by Hennessy            NOCTURNAL LADY (GB), yrlg by              Got Even                             NOW SHOWING, yrlg by Country          OFFICE ROMANCE, yrlg by Vision
                                        Moon, yrlg by Tale of the Cat
MY TIME NOW, yrlg by Ghostzapper                                            NESTING (GB), yrlg by Kheleyf            NIGHT AT SEA (GB) (SPR), 2yo by           Tobougg (IRE)                          NORTHERN PINE (SPR), wnlg by            Only                                  and Verse
                                      NATIVE ANNIE, yrlg by Congaree
MY TINA, 2yo by In Excess (IRE)                                             NETHERLAND (ARG) (SPR), yrlg by            Dansili (GB)                          NO EQUITY, yrlg by Momentum               Niigon, yrlg by Peaks and Valleys    NOW THAT'S JAZZ, yrlg by              OFFSHORE BREEZE, yrlg by Dixie
                                      NATIVE EXPRESSIONS, yrlg by
MY TOP SAINT, yrlg by Silver Ghost                                            Vindication                            NIGHT FAX (SPR), yrlg by More Than      NO EXCEPTION (SPR), yrlg by Fisher       NORTHERNSET, yrlg by Bold               Johannesburg, wnlg by Lion Heart      Union
MY TRU LUV (SPR), 2yo by Express                                            NETTIE'S ROSE, yrlg by Royal Cat           Ready                                   Pond                                    Executive                            NOXIE, 2yo by High Yield              OFFTHE BRIDLE, 2yo by Straight Man
                                      NATIVE FEVER, yrlg by Cozzene
  Tour                                                                      NEUMANNS CAT, yrlg by Yonaguska          NIGHT FROLIC (GB), yrlg by Danehill     NOFA'S MAGIC (IRE), yrlg by Bertolini,   NORTHERN SORCERESS, yrlg by Eye       NUEVA (SPR), yrlg by Brahms           OFF THE CHARTS, 2yo by Tenpins
                                      NATIVE GHOST, 2yo by Yankee Victor
MY WHITE CORVETTE (SPR), wnlg                                               NEVADA MISS, yrlg by Wildcat Heir          Dancer (IRE)                            2yo by Invincible Spirit (IRE)          of the Tiger                         NUGENT'S CROSSROAD, yrlg by           OFFTHEOLDBLOCK (SPR), yrlg by
                                      NATIVE SPRUCE (SPR), yrlg by
  by Lion Heart, 2yo by Tapit                                               NEVER A NO HITTER, yrlg by Tiznow        NIGHT GYPSY (GB) (SPR), yrlg by         NO FOUL PLAY (SPR), yrlg by Macho        NORTHERN TEMPTRESS, 2yo by              Stormin Fever                         Aldebaran, 2yo by Came Home
MY WORKING GAL (SPR), 2yo by                                                NEVER A SAINT, wnlg by Quiet               Firebreak (GB)                          Uno                                     Storm Boot                           NUIT CHAUD (SPR), yrlg by Bertolini   OFF TO THE OPERA, yrlg by Woke Up
                                      NATIVE WIND DANCER (SPR), yrlg by
  Spanish Steps                                                               American                               NIGHT HAVEN (GB) (SPR), yrlg by         NO FRIEND (IRE), 2yo by Medecis          NORTHERN ZEAL, 2yo by Leestown        NUIT DE SIAM (FR), yrlg by Lit de       Dreamin
                                        Smarty Jones
NABATINA (SPR), yrlg by Delaware                                            NEVER AWAY (GB), yrlg by Compton           Bahamian Bounty (GB), 2yo by            (GB)                                   NORTHGLEN, yrlg by Kafwain              Justice                             OGYGIANNA, yrlg by Domestic
                                      NATURAL GENIUS (SPR), yrlg by
  Township, 2yo by Graeme Hall          Cactus Ridge, 2yo by Salt Lake        Place (GB)                               Tobougg (IRE)                         NOGALUS, wnlg by Mineshaft               NORTH LAKE JANE, yrlg by Afleet       NUIT SANS FIN (SPR), yrlg by            Dispute
NABBED, wnlg by Flatter               NATURAL GLORY, 2yo by Favorite        NEVERCOMESAGAIN (SPR), yrlg by           NIGHT KISS (FR), yrlg by Avonbridge     NO HABRA NINGUNA (ARG) (SPR),             Alex, 2yo by Speightstown              Kyllachy (GB)                       OGYGIAN'S LOUISE (SPR), yrlg by
NABETHIAN, yrlg by Tomahawk             Trick                                 Storm Creek                              (GB)                                    2yo by Medaglia d'Oro                  NORTH OF RIO, yrlg by High Brite      NULLARBOR (GB), yrlg by Trans           Roar of the Tiger
NACHO VENTURE (FR), yrlg by           NATURALRACER, 2yo by Flame            NEVER ENOUGH (GER), yrlg by              NIGHT MIST (IRE), wnlg by Dubai         NO HI WAY (SPR), yrlg by Yoonevano       NORTHWEST STORM, yrlg by Cape           Island (GB)                         OH BEJ OH BEJ (IRE), yrlg by
  Tobougg (IRE)                         Thrower                               Kyllachy (GB), wnlg by Singspiel         Destination                           NO HOLDING DAVID (SPR), yrlg by           Town                                 NUMANTHIA (IRE), yrlg by Royal          Osorio (GER)
NACHTIGALL (GER), 2yo by Hawk         NATURAL REACTION, yrlg by Omega         (IRE)                                  NIGHT RISK (SPR), 2yo by Smoke            Outofthebox                            NORTOLIXA (FR), yrlg by One Cool        Applause (GB)                       OH DEAR, yrlg by Tomahawk
  Wing                                  Code                                NEVER FAIL, yrlg by Forestry               Glacken                               NO JOKING, 2yo by Sarava                  Cat                                  NUMBER ONE CAT, 2yo by Macho          OH FISCHEL, 2yo by Diligence
NADIRANA (FR), yrlg by Medicean       NATURE COAST, yrlg by Fappie's        NEVER FAULTY (SPR), yrlg by Tactical     NIGHT SCENT (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by        NOJOOM (IRE), yrlg by Exceed And         NORWEGIAN WOOD, yrlg by Purge           Uno                                 OH HEBE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by
  (GB)                                  Notebook                              Cat                                      Footstepsinthesand (GB)                 Excel (AUS)                            NOR'WESTER, wnlg by Fusaichi          NUMBERONEDANCE (SPR), wnlg by           Dalakhani (IRE)
NAGM, yrlg by Tagula (IRE)            NAUGHTY LINDA, yrlg by Harlan's       NEVER GONE, wnlg by Forest Wildcat       NIGHT SPIRIT (IRE), yrlg by Elusive     NO KELP WEED, yrlg by Lucky Lionel        Pegasus                                Beat Hollow (GB)                    OHIO ANN, yrlg by Lydgate
NAHARNOOK (GB), wnlg by Librettist      Holiday                             NEVER IS A PROMISE (SPR), yrlg by          City                                  NOKIA (SPR), yrlg by More Than           NORWOLF, 2yo by Safely's Mark         NUMBERONETREASURE (SPR), yrlg         OH MISS SOPHIE (SPR), 2yo by Our
NAIROBI (FR), yrlg by One Cool Cat    NAUGHTY MAMBO, yrlg by North            Hennessy                               NIGHT TALK, yrlg by Tale of the Cat,      Ready                                  NORWOODS, yrlg by Golden Missile        by Peaks and Valleys                  Emblem, yrlg by Prime Timber
NAJAABA, yrlg by Trans Island (GB)      Light (IRE)                         NEVER LEFT, yrlg by Successful             wnlg by Tale of the Cat               NOKZCATOFFZFENCE, yrlg by                NO SERENADING, 2yo by Friends         NUMERATOR, yrlg by Domestic           OH MY JESSICA PIE (SPR), yrlg by
NAJECAM (SPR), yrlg by Ghostzapper    NAUGHTY NAE, yrlg by Hold That          Appeal                                 NIHONPILLOW MIRAI (IRE), yrlg by          Regal Intention                         Lake                                   Dispute                               Repent
NAKAI, yrlg by Parting Guest            Tiger                               NEVER LOOK BACK, yrlg by                   Statue of Liberty                     NO LAK OF HEART, 2yo by Lucky            NO SMALL WONDER (SPR), yrlg by        NUMERO UNO (SPR), yrlg by Forest      OH MY SURPRISE, yrlg by Where's
NAKISKA WIND (SPR), yrlg by Tapit     NAUGHTY NANNY (IRE), yrlg by            Aldebaran                              NIJINSKYS PRINCESS, wnlg by Dixie         Lionel                                  Trust N Luck                           Wildcat, wnlg by Medaglia d'Oro       the Ring
NAME TAG, yrlg by The Cliff's Edge      Menifee, 2yo by Pulpit              NEVER NAME, yrlg by Broken Vow             Union, yrlg by Roman Ruler            NOLE SECUNDUM (SPR), yrlg by             NO SORROW, yrlg by                    NUMEROUS ANSWERS, yrlg by             OH NELLIE, yrlg by Ghostzapper
NAME THAT TUNERUP, yrlg by Mt.        NAUGHTY NATISHA (SPR), yrlg by        NEVER OUT, 2yo by Victory Gallop         NIKITA MON AMOUR, yrlg by Lion            Regal Intention                         Changeintheweather                     Langfuhr                            OH NO IT'S YOU (SPR), yrlg by
  Bellewood                             Songandaprayer                      NEVEROUTOFTUNE (SPR), yrlg by              Hearted                               NO LITTLE ANGEL, yrlg by Forest          NOSSENKO, yrlg by Tomahawk            NUMEROUS KIDZ, wnlg by Johar            Benchmark
NAME THIS TUNE, wnlg by Petionville                                           Repent                                 NIKKI A, yrlg by Point Given              Camp                                   NO SUGAR TONIGHT (SPR), yrlg by       NUMEROUS MOVES (SPR), 2yo by          OH SAY'S OZILDA (SPR), yrlg by

44           THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                 45
Dams                                                                         OOGIE, yrlg by The Cliff's Edge
                                                                             OOH AAH CAMARA (IRE), wnlg by
                                                                                                                      OUR FLING (NZ), yrlg by Royal
                                                                                                                                                             PACHANGA (GB), yrlg by Celtic Swing
                                                                                                                                                                                                    PAPER MOUNTAIN, 2yo by City Place
                                                                                                                                                                                                    PAPER PRINCESS, yrlg by Lion
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              PASSIONATE BIRD, wnlg by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Exchange Rate
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Stormy Atlantic
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   PEAKS MILL (SPR), wnlg by Mr.
                                                                               Selkirk                                OUR FRIEND HIDAYET (SPR), yrlg         PACIFIC CITY (SPR), yrlg by Yankee       Heart                                   PASSIONATE BLONDE, yrlg by             Greeley
  Wildcat Heir                          Excess (IRE)                         OONAGH, yrlg by Grand Slam                 by Eurosilver                          Gentleman                            PAPIER MACHE, yrlg by Chapel Royal           Perigee Moon                      PEANUTBUTTERNJILLY, yrlg by
OH SHAM BABY, 2yo by Hook and         ONE HOT SUMMER, yrlg by Alajwad        OOOMIAK, 2yo by Robannier                OUR FRIEND TERRY (SPR), yrlg by        PACIFIC GROVE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by      PAQUITA (IRE), yrlg by Tiger Hill (IRE)   PASSIONATE PUNCH, yrlg by Lion         Quarry
  Ladder                              ONE HUNDRED PLUS (SPR), yrlg by        OOPS, yrlg by Mizzen Mast                  Speightstown                           Shamardal                            PARADE QUEEN (SPR), yrlg by                  Hearted                           PEANUT COWGIRL (SPR), yrlg by
OH SO SHARP, yrlg by Free At Last       Cobra King                           OPALITE (GB), yrlg by Tobougg (IRE)      OUR GAL (SPR), yrlg by Smarty Jones    PACIFIC ISLAND, wnlg by One Nice         Dynaformer                              PASSIONATE TERRI (SPR), 2yo by         Werblin
OH TEE, yrlg by Zavata                ONE LAST SALUTE (SPR), yrlg by         OPARI (IRE), yrlg by Pastoral Pursuits   OUR GIRL JOYCE (SPR), yrlg by            Cat                                  PARADISA (SPR), yrlg by Friends Lake         Trippi                            PEANUTELLA, yrlg by Free At Last
OISEAU GRISE (FR), yrlg by Rock of      Roman Ruler                            (GB)                                     Robyn Dancer                         PACIFIC OCEAN SONG, yrlg by More       PARADISE BLUE (IRE), yrlg by              PASS IT, yrlg by Grand Reward        PEANUT GALLERY, yrlg by Indian
  Gibraltar (IRE)                     ONE LOOSE SHOE, 2yo by Tapit           OPEN FLIRT, 2yo by Dixie Union           OUR GIRL SAM, 2yo by Put It Back         Than Ready                             Monsieur Bond (IRE)                     PASS THE VIRTUE, yrlg by Lion          Charlie
O K ELSA, yrlg by Najran              ONE MOMENT IN TIME (SPR), yrlg by      OPENING CEREMONY, yrlg by                OUR HOPE (SPR), yrlg by                PACIFIC SQUALL, wnlg by Mineshaft      PARADISE LAND (URU) (SPR), wnlg              Hearted                           PEARL BRIGHT (FR) (SPR), yrlg by
O K THREE WIRE, yrlg by Doneraile       Saarland                               Kyllachy (GB)                            Footstepsinthesand (GB)              PADDOCK JUDGE, 2yo by Roar of the        by Master Bill                          PASTA DUE, yrlg by Running Stag        Galileo (IRE)
  Court                               ONE MORE BREEZE (SPR), yrlg by         OPENING DAY, yrlg by Hennessy            OUR JOSEPHINA, yrlg by Fusaichi          Tiger                                PARADISE RIVER (SPR), yrlg by             PASTEL GOWN (SPR), 2yo by Ide        PEARL CITY, wnlg by Toccet
O K TO DANCE (SPR), yrlg by Saint       Dixieland Band                       OPEN NAME, yrlg by Bring the Heat          Pegasus                              PADDY'S DAISY, yrlg by Fusaichi          Pleasantly Perfect                      PAST 'N' PRESENT (GB), wnlg by       PEARL EGG (IRE), 2yo by Tagula (IRE)
  Liam                                ONE MORE FLAG, yrlg by Devon           OPENNESS (GB), wnlg by Motivator         OUR JOY, wnlg by Lemon Drop Kid          Pegasus                              PARA SIEMPRE, yrlg by Is It True             Compton Place (GB)                PEARL'S GIRL (GB), wnlg by Phoenix
OLA DOCURA, yrlg by Johannesburg        Lane                                   (GB)                                   OUR JULIETTE (IRE), yrlg by            PAD THE WALLET, yrlg by Tale of        PARDONABLE (SPR), yrlg by Alphabet        PATAGONIA TANGO, yrlg by               Reach (IRE)
OLATHA (SPR), yrlg by Aptitude        ONEREUSE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by           OPEN ROSE, 2yo by Unbridled's              Acclamation (GB)                       the Cat                                Soup, 2yo by Champali                      Yonaguska                         PEARLY BEADS, 2yo by Wind
OLD FASHION GIRL, yrlg by Stormy        Montjeu (IRE)                          Image                                  OUR LAST PIRATE, yrlg by Larrupin'     PADY ASTAIRE, yrlg by Esteem           PAREJA (SPR), yrlg by Lemon Drop          PAT COPELAN (SPR), yrlg by Friends     Whipper
  Atlantic                            ONE RUN BABY, 2yo by Pleasant Tap,     OPEN WINDOW (SPR), yrlg by Forest        OUR LAURA BELL, wnlg by                PAGE DESIGN (SPR), yrlg by Seattle       Kid                                        Lake                              PECAN BAYOU (SPR), yrlg by Lion
OLD FLAME (SPR), yrlg by Forest         yrlg by Scrimshaw                      Wildcat                                  Littleexpectations                     Shamus                               PARENTAL UPROAR (SPR), yrlg by            PATELIN'S LEGACY (SPR), yrlg by        Heart
  Danger, 2yo by Lion Heart           ONESIPHORUS, yrlg by Snow Ridge        OPERA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Invincible     OUR LITTLE C (SPR), yrlg by            PAGODA (FR), yrlg by Starcraft (NZ)      Graeme Hall                                Gulch                             PECOS QUEEN, yrlg by Unbridled
OLD RUTH, yrlg by Medallist           ONE SMOOTH DANCER (SPR), yrlg            Spirit (IRE)                             Yonaguska                            PAIMPOLAISE (IRE), yrlg by             PARIOLI'S GIFT (SPR), yrlg by Even        PATE MAISON, yrlg by Gone West         Native
OLE SWEET SONG, yrlg by Candy           by Running Stag                      OPERA AIDA (IRE), yrlg by                OUR MARIAH, yrlg by Eurosilver           Shamardal                              the Score                               PATH TO GLORY, yrlg by Honour and    PEEP SHOW (GB), yrlg by
  Ride (ARG)                          ONE SPECIAL LADY (SPR), yrlg by          Kingmambo                              OUR MARIELLA, yrlg by Big Country      PAIN PERDU (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by        PARIS GEM (SPR), yrlg by City Zip,           Glory                               Footstepsinthesand (GB)
OLIVE THE TWIST, 2yo by Tribal Rule     Tale of the Cat                      OPERATE QUICK (SPR), 2yo by              OUR MISS JONES, yrlg by Touch            Avonbridge (GB)                        2yo by Proud Citizen                    PATOOIE (SPR), wnlg by Holy Bull     PEEQUI NATIVE, 2yo by Drewman
OLIVIA GRACE, 2yo by Concorde's       ONESTA, 2yo by Whywhywhy                 Omega Code                               Gold                                 PAINTBALL, yrlg by Thunder Gulch       PARISH BUSINESS, 2yo by                   PATRIMONY (GB), yrlg by Rock of      PEERING OVER, yrlg by Doug Fir
  Tune                                ONE STORMY MAMA, yrlg by               OPERETTA, yrlg by Bold Executive         OUR PATTY (SPR), 2yo by Halo's         PAINTED LADY (SPR), yrlg by              Tumblebrutus                               Gibraltar (IRE)                   PEG, yrlg by Crafty Prospector
OLIVIA GRACE (GB), yrlg by Danehill     Leroidesanimaux (BRZ)                OPERISSIMO (GB), yrlg by Chineur           Image                                  Fusaichi Pegasus                     PARISIA, yrlg by Gulch                    PATRIOTFORPEACE, 2yo by Mizzen       PEG'S PUFFIN, 2yo by Buddha
  Dancer (IRE)                        ONE TO FIVE, 2yo by Repent               (FR)                                   OUR PRETTY PICTURE, yrlg by Mi         PAINTED PORTRAIT (SPR), yrlg by        PARISIAN DEPUTY, yrlg by Afleet Alex         Mast                              PEKEEN, yrlg by Cherokee Run
OLIVIA JO, wnlg by Alke               ONE TOUGH CAT, 2yo by Medaglia         OPHIDIAN (SPR), yrlg by El Corredor        Cielo                                  Johannesburg                         PARISIAN STORM, yrlg by Irish Road        PAT'S MY SISTER, yrlg by One Way     PELICAN STRIP, yrlg by Tenpins
OLYANA (SPR), yrlg by General Royal     d'Oro                                OPINIONATED LADY (SPR), yrlg by          OUR RAJA (SPR), yrlg by Diamond        PAINTING THE TOWN, 2yo by              PARIS NEXT YEAR, yrlg by Globalize           Love                              PELICUS AFFAIR, wnlg by Congrats,
OLYMPIC CRISIS, yrlg by Van           ONE TRICK PONY, yrlg by Tribal Rule      One Way Love                           OUR ROYAL DANCER, yrlg by                Scrimshaw, yrlg by Woke Up           PARIS ROSE, yrlg by Dehere                PAT'S POSSIBILITY, yrlg by Peace       yrlg by D'wildcat
  Nistelrooy                          ONE TUFF MUDDER, yrlg by K One         OPTIMISTIC (GB), yrlg by Dansili (GB)      Stormy Atlantic                        Dreamin                              PARIS SKY (SPR), yrlg by Five Star           Rules                             PEMAQUID (SPR), yrlg by Aptitude
OLYMPIC EMBLEM, yrlg by Delaware        King                                 OPTIMIZE, 2yo by Five Star Day           OUR SEATTLE STAR (SPR), wnlg by        PAIR OF DICE, yrlg by Chicago Six        Day                                     PAT'S SISTER (SPR), 2yo by Put It    PEMBER, yrlg by Maria's Mon
  Township                            ONE TWENTY AND ONE, yrlg by            OPTION (IRE), yrlg by Peintre Celebre,     Quiet American                       PAIX, yrlg by Doneraile Court          PARIS SONG (IRE), yrlg by Captain            Back                              PENALTY IN THE BOX, yrlg by
OLYMPIC FUNDING, wnlg by Grey           Flatter                                2yo by Xaar (GB)                       OUR SUZETTE (SPR), yrlg by Hold        PAKEHA, yrlg by Bartok (IRE)             Rio (GB)                                PATSY CAPOTE, yrlg by Con Artist       Moscow Ballet
  Memo                                ONE TWENTY ONE (SPR), yrlg by          OPTION CONTRACT (SPR), 2yo by              That Tiger                           PALACE EMBLEM, yrlg by Closing         PARIS TANGO (SPR), wnlg by                PATTENESS, yrlg by Verglas (IRE)     PENDANT, yrlg by Tejabo
OLYMPIC GAL, yrlg by Bernstein          Friends Lake                           Forest Camp                            OUR THRILLER, 2yo by Zavata              Argument                               Domestic Dispute, yrlg by Saarland      PATTICAKE BLUES (SPR), 2yo by        PENDULUM (GB), yrlg by Pastoral
OLYMPIC HOPE, 2yo by Valid Belfast    ONE WAY'S WIT, yrlg by Domasca         OPULENT, yrlg by Yonaguska               OUR TOMBOY, yrlg by Grand Slam         PALACEGATE EPISODE (IRE)               PARK APPROACH (IRE), yrlg by                 Smoke Glacken                       Pursuits (GB)
OMAN SEA, yrlg by Galileo (IRE)         Dan                                  ORANGEBERRY, yrlg by Smart               OUR TUNE, yrlg by El Corredor, wnlg      (SPR), yrlg by Avonbridge (GB)         Acclamation (GB)                        PATTIMECH (SPR), yrlg by Azamour     PENMAYNE (GB) (SPR), wnlg by
OMINOUS WILDCAT, yrlg by Broken       ONE WEST, yrlg by Officer                Strike                                   by Tale of the Cat                   PALACE INTRIGUE, yrlg by Teton         PARK AVENUE LADY, 2yo by                     (IRE)                               Doyen (IRE), yrlg by Kyllachy (GB)
  Vow                                 ONE WILD RIDE, yrlg by Strong Hope     ORANGE ICE (SPR), yrlg by Lemon          OUTCROSS, yrlg by Purge                  Forest                                 Muqtarib, yrlg by Northern Afleet       PATTI PEACH (SPR), 2yo by Atticus    PENNANT DREAMS, 2yo by Hook and
OMISSION (GB), wnlg by Singspiel      ONEYED CAT, yrlg by Atticus              Drop Kid                               OUT FIELD (SPR), yrlg by Pure Prize    PALACE UPRISING, yrlg by Mobil         PARK CRYSTAL (IRE), yrlg by Galileo       PATTY ROSE (FR) (SPR), yrlg by         Ladder
  (IRE)                               ON HEAVENS WING, 2yo by Put It         ORANGE SUNSET (IRE), wnlg by             OUTLANDISH, yrlg by Cromwell           PALACE WILDCAT, yrlg by Roman            (IRE)                                      Abajo                             PENNANT WINNER (SPR), yrlg by
OMNIA, wnlg by Whywhywhy                Back                                   Motivator (GB)                         OUT LIKE MAGIC (GB), yrlg by             Ruler                                PARKER, yrlg by Alybro                    PAULA'S DAY, 2yo by Peaks and          Elusive Quality, 2yo by Strong Hope
OMY VICE, yrlg by Salt Lake           ON HER TOES (SPR), yrlg by Alydeed     ORCHID ISLAND, yrlg by Van                 Compton Place (GB), 2yo by           PALACOONA (FR) (SPR), yrlg by          PARK HAVEN (IRE), yrlg by Bertolini          Valleys                           PENN CENTRAL (SPR), yrlg by
ONACCOUNTOFYOU, wnlg by Van           ON LONDON TIME, yrlg by Forest           Nistelrooy                               Kyllachy (GB)                          Galileo (IRE)                        PARK ROMANCE (IRE), yrlg by               PAULA SMITH, yrlg by Kitten's Joy      D'wildcat, 2yo by Roar of the Tiger
  Nistelrooy                            Danger                               ORDAINED (GB), yrlg by Groom             OUT OF MONEY (SPR), yrlg by Freud      PALAMAGIC (SPR), yrlg by Vying           Motivator (GB)                          PAUL'S PRETTY PEG, yrlg by Here's    PENNE ALA CAPAESE, 2yo by Officer
ON A LARK (SPR), yrlg by Smoke        ONLY ABOVE (SPR), yrlg by Sarava         Dancer                                 OUT OF POCKET, yrlg by Jump Start        Victor                               PARLA MI D'AMORE (SPR), yrlg by              Zealous                           PENNIE CANOE, yrlg by
  Glacken                             ONLY AN ANSWER (SPR), 2yo by           OREANDA, yrlg by Saint Liam              OUT OF REACH (GB), yrlg by             PALAPA (SPR), yrlg by Mineshaft          Swiss Yodeler                           PAUPERNOT, 2yo by Repent               Sweetsouthernsaint
ON A SOAPBOX (SPR), yrlg by             Roar of the Tiger, wnlg by Roar of   OREGON TRAIL, 2yo by Indian Ridge          Mizzen Mast                          PALAU (SPR), yrlg by Pleasantly        PARTIALTODAMARSHAL, 2yo by                PAUSE TO PRAY (SPR), yrlg by         PENNY ARCADE (SPR), yrlg by
  Singspiel (IRE)                       the Tiger                              (IRE), yrlg by Shamardal               OUT OF SWEETS, 2yo by                    Perfect                                Repent                                     Limehouse                           Songandaprayer
ON BROADWAY (SPR), yrlg by            ONLY ANGEL (SPR), yrlg by              ORE MONEY, yrlg by Roman Ruler             Songandaprayer                       PALAVERA (FR) (SPR), yrlg by Kheleyf   PARTLY SUNNY (GB), wnlg by                PAVLINA, wnlg by Suave               PENNY CROSS (GB), yrlg by
  Kitten's Joy                          Busterwaggley
                                                                             ORGAN TRANSPLANT, 2yo by Mizzen          OUT OF SYNC, yrlg by Hennessy          PALDOUNA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by            Medicean (GB)                           PAVUVU, 2yo by Ore Deal                Motivator (GB)
                                      ONLY AT NIGHT, yrlg by Victory
ONCE AROUND, yrlg by More Than                                                 Mast                                   OUT OF TAXES (SPR), wnlg by Touch        Refuse To Bend (IRE)                 PART WITH PRIDE (SPR), yrlg by            PAWLEY GIRL, yrlg by Purge           PENNY EXPRESS, 2yo by City Place
  Ready                                                                      ORIENTAL DOLL, yrlg by Langfuhr            Gold                                 PALE SPEED (SPR), yrlg by Eugene's       Royal Academy                           PAWYNE PRINCESS, yrlg by Roman       PENNY LAKE, yrlg by Desert Darby
                                      ONLY IRISH, yrlg by Storm Day
ONCEINABLUEMAMOON (SPR),                                                     ORIENTAL GLITTER, yrlg by During         OUT OF TUNE, 2yo by Three Wonders        Third Son                            PARTY ANGEL, yrlg by Liberty Gold            Ruler                             PENNY ROUGE (IRE), yrlg by Bahri
                                      ONLY THE LONELY (FR), yrlg by Hawk
  yrlg by Dixie Union                                                        ORIENT PEARL, 2yo by Five Star Day,      OUTRIGHT BUCK, yrlg by Doctor          PALMETTO BAY (SPR), yrlg by            PARTY CHATTER, yrlg by Rock Hard          PAX ROMANA (IRE), yrlg by            PENNY RYE (IRE), yrlg by Celtic
ONCEUPONALIME, yrlg by Old                                                     yrlg by Sky Mesa                         Mike                                   Graeme Hall                            Ten                                        Shamardal                           Swing (GB)
                                      THE ONLY WAY TO GO (SPR), yrlg by
  Topper                                                                     ORIGINAL SCORE, yrlg by Black            OUTRIGHT WAGER, yrlg by Leestown       PALWINA (FR), yrlg by Dubawi (IRE)     PARTY CIRCUIT, yrlg by Langfuhr           PAYABLE ON DEMAND, yrlg by Holy      PENNY'S FORTUNE, yrlg by A.P.
ONE ACT, yrlg by El Corredor                                                   Mambo                                  OUTSOURCE (SPR), yrlg by Distorted     PAM J (SPR), yrlg by Domestic          PARTY DOLL (SPR), yrlg by                    Bull                                Indy
                                      ONLY YOURS (GB) (SPR), yrlg by
ONE AND TWENTY, yrlg by                                                      ORIOLE WAY (SPR), yrlg by Tapit            Humor, wnlg by Distorted Humor         Dispute                                Medicean (GB)                           PAY BIRD (SPR), yrlg by Street Cry   PENSE, yrlg by Tapit
                                        Monsieur Bond (IRE)
  Cherokee Run                                                               ORISSA, yrlg by Roman Ruler              OUTTA THE PARK, yrlg by During,        PAMPERED R. N., 2yo by Chapel          PARTY DREAMS, yrlg by Jaunatxo               (IRE)                             PENTATONIC, wnlg by Mineshaft
                                      ONLYYOUWOULDKNOW (SPR), yrlg
ONE BEAUTIFUL LADY, yrlg by Rock                                             ORPENDONNA (IRE), yrlg by                  wnlg by Lion Tamer                     Royal                                PARTY DRESS, yrlg by Devon Lane           PAYING GUEST (SPR), yrlg by          PENTELICUS GOLD, 2yo by
                                        by Burning Roma
  Hard Ten                                                                     Firebreak (GB)                         OUT WITH THE OLD (SPR), yrlg by        PAM'S GOLD (SPR), 2yo by Wised Up      PARTY LOVING FOOL, 2yo by Vision             Tomahawk                            Outofthebox
                                      ON MY LAST NERVE (SPR), yrlg by
ONE CARD SHUFFLE, yrlg by Grim                                               ORPHAN LOVER, 2yo by Victory               Saint Liam                           PAM'S ON LINE, yrlg by Wised Up          and Verse                               PAY THE LINE, yrlg by Storm Day      PENTELI DE GRAS, yrlg by Devon
                                        Harlan's Holiday
  Reaper                                                                       Gallop                                 OVAL, 2yo by El Corredor               PAM'S PARADE, yrlg by Monsieur Cat     PARTY MODE, yrlg by Marino Marini         P. C. J. RELAXER (SPR), yrlg by        Lane
                                      ONMYWAYTOHEAVEN, 2yo by
ONE CLASSIE LASSIE (SPR), 2yo by                                             OSCILLATE (SPR), yrlg by Fusaichi        OVERCOME, yrlg by Pastoral Pursuits    PANAMA JANE (SPR), 2yo by Ten          PARTY PIRATE, yrlg by Monashee               Dehere                            PENTERA, 2yo by Black Mambo
  Black Mambo, yrlg by Black          ONORENA (SPR), yrlg by Harbor the        Pegasus                                  (GB)                                   Most Wanted                            Mountain                                PEACEFALLY (IRE), yrlg by Grand      PENTHOUSE BUNNY, yrlg by Closing
  Mambo                                 Gold                                 OSTARA, yrlg by Malabar Gold             OVERDUE NUMBER, yrlg by Red            PAN GALACTIC, yrlg by American         PARTY STRIPES, yrlg by D'wildcat,            Slam, 2yo by Malibu Moon            Argument
ONE DREAM CAT, 2yo by Dixie Union,    ONSLAUGHT, yrlg by Buddha              OTELCALIFORNI, wnlg by Shamardal           Bullet                                 Post (GB)                              wnlg by Toccet                          PEACEFUL APPROVAL, yrlg by           PENTHOUSE JO, 2yo by Stephen Got
  yrlg by Rock Hard Ten               ON THE BIG SCREEN, yrlg by Polish      OUEST BANQUE, yrlg by Najran, wnlg       OVERLOAD, yrlg by Johannesburg         PANNETTE, 2yo by Demidoff              PARTYTIME (IRE), yrlg by Trans Island        Monarch's Maze                      Even
ONE EXCESSIVE LADY, yrlg by             Gift                                   by Ten Centuries                       OVER RATING (GB), yrlg by Invincible   PANORAMIC VIEW (GB), yrlg by             (GB)                                    PEACEFUL KINGDOM, yrlg by Mr.        PENTHOUSE MELODY, 2yo by
  Momentum                            ON THE BRINK (GB), yrlg by             OUGHT TO BE JAZZ, yrlg by Colonial         Spirit (IRE)                           Exceed And Excel (AUS)               PARTY TURN (GB), wnlg by Bahamian            Greeley                             Hook and Ladder
ONEEXCESSIVENITE, 2yo by Read           Firebreak (GB)                         Colony                                 OVERREACTION, 2yo by Matty G, yrlg     PANPIPES, wnlg by Diamond Green          Bounty (GB)                             PEACEFUL LADY, yrlg by Gotham        PENT UP KISS (SPR), yrlg by
  the Footnotes, yrlg by Read the     ON THE DOTTED, 2yo by Pure Prize       OUI MA CHERIE, yrlg by Tribunal            by Stormy Atlantic                     (FR)                                 PARVENUE (FR), yrlg by Montjeu (IRE)         City                                Speightstown
  Footnotes                           ON THE FRITZ, yrlg by Dixie Union      OUI OUI CHEROKEE, 2yo by Pulpit          OVERSEAS ACCOUNT, 2yo by               PANTECCARIA (SPR), yrlg by             PASCALI, yrlg by Gimmeawink               PEACE RIVER LADY, yrlg by Pulpit     PEOPLE'S PRINCESS (SPR), yrlg by
ONE EYE LOVE, yrlg by Came Home       ON THE GREEN, yrlg by Tiger Ridge      OURBURIEDTREASURE (SPR), yrlg              Unbridled Time                         Iskandar Elakbar                     PASCALI (GB), yrlg by Choisir (AUS)       PEACE ROSE, yrlg by Macho Uno          Forestry
ONE FINAL WISH, 2yo by Cactus         ON THE HENLEY, yrlg by Compadre          by Ministers Wild Cat                  OVER THE TRANSOM, yrlg by Let          PANTHERE (GER) (SPR), yrlg by          PASHMINA (SPR), yrlg by Flatter           PEACE SONG, yrlg by Quiet American   PEPPERMINT LILLY, yrlg by Came
  Ridge, yrlg by Tiger Ridge          ON THE MONEY, yrlg by Wando            OUR COOCHOOLOO, yrlg by                    Goodtimes Roll                         Refuse To Bend (IRE)                 PASSATA (FR) (SPR), wnlg by               PEACE TECH (SPR), yrlg by Aptitude     Home
ONEFORTHEDITCH, yrlg by Starcraft     ONTHEQT, yrlg by Mr. Greeley             Skimming                               OWDBETTS (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by          PANTOUFLE (GB), yrlg by Xaar (GB)        Needwood Blade (GB)                     PEACE TIME (GER) (SPR), yrlg by      PEPPER ROSSI, yrlg by
  (NZ)                                ON THE ROUTE, yrlg by In Excess        OUR DALILA, yrlg by Tiger Ridge            Exceed And Excel (AUS), wnlg by      PANTUFLA, yrlg by Smoke Glacken        PASSE PASSE (SPR), yrlg by King's            Galileo (IRE)                       Songandaprayer
ONE GOOD CALL, yrlg by Awesome          (IRE)                                OUR DEAR HELEN (SPR), yrlg by              Sleeping Indian (GB)                 PAOLA MARIA (GB), wnlg by Araafa         Best                                    PEACH ICE, 2yo by Abajo, yrlg by     PEPPY PRISCILLA (SPR), 2yo by
  Buddy                               ON THE TOWN, 2yo by Forest               Exchange Rate                          OWN IT OUTRIGHT (SPR), yrlg by           (IRE)                                PASSING FANCY (SPR), yrlg by Five            Lone Star Sky                       Arch
ONE HOT KITTEN, 2yo by Scrimshaw        Wildcat, yrlg by Grand Reward        OUR DEAR RUTH (SPR), 2yo by                Alke                                 PAPABILE, yrlg by Halling                Star Day, 2yo by Holy Bull              PEACOCK ALLEY (SPR), 2yo by          PERFECT CHARM, yrlg by Forest
ONE HOT LADY, wnlg by Malibu          ON THE TREE TOP, yrlg by Came            Fusaichi Pegasus, wnlg by              OWSLEY, yrlg by Pulpit                 PAPAHA (FR), 2yo by Xaar (GB)          PASSING FANCY (GB), 2yo by Piccolo           Hennessy                            Camp
  Moon                                  Home                                   Rockport Harbor                        OZILDA'S NANCY LEE, yrlg by            PAPER CUT (SPR), yrlg by Domestic        (GB)                                    PEAK MY INTEREST, 2yo by Posse       PERFECT ECHO (GB), yrlg by Dansili
ONE HOT MAMA (SPR), 2yo by In                                                OUR DONNA, yrlg by Thunder Gulch           Essence of Dubai                       Dispute                              PASSING STAR, yrlg by Gilded Time         PEAKS AND SUMMITS, 2yo by              (GB)

46           THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                 THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                   47
Dams                                                                          PIEDS DE PLUME (FR) (SPR), yrlg by
                                                                                Montjeu (IRE)
                                                                                                                          PLATINUM CODE (SPR), yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                                 PLEASE TAKE ME OUT, yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                                   Grand Reward, wnlg by Johar
                                                                                                                                                                                                          of Dubai
                                                                                                                                                                                                        POLISH SILK, yrlg by Forest Wildcat
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Empire Maker
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                POURJEDAJOUR, yrlg by Ford Every
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        PREMIER QUESTION (SPR), yrlg by
                                                                              PIE HIGH (GB), yrlg by Compton              PLATINUM HOPE, yrlg by Exchange        PLEDGED (SPR), yrlg by Eurosilver      POLISH SPENDER, yrlg by Kingkiowa         Stream                                  Cuvee, wnlg by Cuvee, 2yo by
PERFECT ENERGY, yrlg by                  Parisianprospector                     Place (GB)                                  Rate                                 PLENTY, yrlg by Dynaformer             POLISH SPIRIT, yrlg by City Zip         POURQUOI PAS (IRE), 2yo by                Harlan's Holiday
  Congaree                             PETIONVILLE PRIDE, 2yo by Macho        PIERIA, yrlg by Maria's Mon                 PLATINUM PRINCESS, yrlg by             PLENTY OF SILVER (SPR), yrlg by        POLISH STYLE (SPR), 2yo by                Fasliyev                              PREMIER TRAVEL (SPR), yrlg by
PERFECT ISN'T EASY (SPR), yrlg by        Uno                                  PIER SIXTY SIX, yrlg by Forest                Roman Ruler                            Songandaprayer                         Rossini                               POUT, yrlg by Grand Slam                  Sweetsouthernsaint
  Aldebaran                            PETITE CHARME, yrlg by Purge, wnlg       Wildcat                                   PLATINUM TIARA, yrlg by A.P. Indy      PLENTY OF STARS, yrlg by               POLISH SYMPHONY, yrlg by                POWDER BLUE (GB), yrlg by Refuse        PREMIUM RED (SPR), yrlg by
PERFECT LADY, yrlg by Hennessy           by Roman Ruler                       PIGRICIA, yrlg by Street Cry (IRE),         PLATNIUM CARD, 2yo by Texas              Limehouse                              Leestown                                To Bend (IRE)                           Reformer Rally
PERFECT LAUNCH, 2yo by Holy Bull       PETITE D'ACCORD (SPR), yrlg by           2yo by Street Cry (IRE)                     Glitter                              PLUCKY HEIRESS (SPR), yrlg by          POLISH WORDS, yrlg by Werblin           POWDER PUFF (IRE), wnlg by Hawk         PRENUPTIAL PLANS, yrlg by
THE PERFECT LIFE (IRE) (SPR), 2yo        Holy Bull                            PILFER, wnlg by Bernardini                  PLAYA MAYA, wnlg by Indian Charlie,      Drewman                              POLITE REPLY, yrlg by Fantastic Light     Wing                                    Vindication
  by Fusaichi Pegasus, yrlg by         PETITE LOVE, 2yo by Scrimshaw          PILGRIM'S WAY, yrlg by Danehill               yrlg by Silver Deputy                PLUM COUNTRY, yrlg by Cactus           POLITESSE (SPR), yrlg by Hawk Wing      POWDER PUNCH, yrlg by Purge             PREPARE FOR WAR (IRE), yrlg by
  Fusaichi Pegasus                     PETITE MAXINE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by        Dancer (IRE)                              PLAYCALLER (SPR), yrlg by                Ridge                                POLITICAL ALERT, yrlg by Smart          POWER BUILDER, yrlg by The Cliff's        Verglas (IRE)
PERFECTLYDELICIOUS, yrlg by              Camacho (GB)                         PINA COLADA (GB), yrlg by Danehill            Forestry, 2yo by Hennessy            PLUMERIA (GB), yrlg by Namid (GB)        Strike                                  Edge                                  PRESENTLY BLESSED (IRE), wnlg by
  One Way Love                         PETITE NOIRE (SPR), 2yo by Strong        Dancer (IRE)                              PLAY DATE (SPR), 2yo by Stormy         PLUM THICKET (SPR), yrlg by Value      POLLICA, yrlg by Western Trick          POWERFUL NATION (SPR), 2yo by             Ad Valorem
PERFECTLY RIGHT, yrlg by Act of          Hope                                 PINDAR, 2yo by Domestic Dispute               Atlantic                               Plus                                 POLLY ALEXANDER (IRE), yrlg by            Touch Gold                            PRESERVATION HALL, 2yo by
  Duty                                 PETITE N POWERFUL (SPR), yrlg by       PINE FOREST, yrlg by Pollard's Vision       PLAY DAY, wnlg by Sunday Break         PLU PARFAIT, yrlg by Domestic            Stephen Got Even                      POWERFUL WINE, yrlg by                    Saarland, yrlg by Saarland
PERFECT MOMENT, yrlg by Point            Ministers Wild Cat                   PINE FOR ME, yrlg by El Corredor              (JPN)                                  Dispute                              POLLY EVERAFTER, yrlg by Lion             Snowbound                             PRESERVER (SPR), 2yo by
  Given                                PETITE PRINCESS (SPR), yrlg by         PINE VALLEY, yrlg by Finance the Cat,       PLAYDEMROCKS, wnlg by Hook and         PLUS (CHI), yrlg by Deal Breaker         Hearted                               POWER GIRL (GER), wnlg by                 Monarchos
PERFECT PARTNER (GB), wnlg by            Smoke Glacken                          wnlg by The Prime Minister                  Ladder                               PLUS BEAU, yrlg by Military            POLLY LYNCH, yrlg by Domestic             Shirocco (GER)                        PRESIDENT'S GIRL, yrlg by
  Bahamian Bounty (GB)                 PETITE SPECTRE (GB), yrlg by           PINK CASHMERE (SPR), 2yo by                 PLAY FOR FAME, yrlg by Star            PLUTONIA (GB), yrlg by Rakti (GB)        Dispute                               POWERHOUSE BLUSH, wnlg by                 Speightstown
PERFECT PORTRAIT, yrlg by Roar of        Bahamian Bounty (GB)                   Elusive City, yrlg by Invincible Spirit     Programmer                           PLYMSOLE, yrlg by Galileo (IRE)        POLLY PERKINS (IRE), yrlg by              Harlan's Holiday, yrlg by Olmodavor   PRESS MY FIVE, yrlg by Zavata
  the Tiger                            PETOMI (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Bahamian      (IRE)                                     PLAYFORME, yrlg by Rock Hard Ten       PNUT BUTTER COOKIE, yrlg by              Shamardal                             POWER OF LOVE (FR), yrlg by Galileo     PRESS STAR, 2yo by Downtown
PERFECT REASON (SPR), yrlg by            Bounty (GB)                          PINK CHAMPAGNE, yrlg by Dixie               PLAYFUL ACT (IRE), yrlg by Giant's       Indian Charlie                       POLLYWILLDOIT, yrlg by Orientate,         (IRE)                                   Seattle
  Consolidator                         PETRA NOVA (GB), yrlg by Captain         Union                                       Causeway                             PO, yrlg by Swiss Yodeler                2yo by Orientate                      POYLE CAITLIN (IRE), wnlg by            PRESTIGIOUS PRIZE, 2yo by
PERFECT SCRIPT, 2yo by Indy King         Rio (GB)                             PINK CHAMPAGNE (GB), yrlg by                PLAYFUL PRINCESS, wnlg by Proud        THE POACHERS LADY (IRE) (SPR),         POLYANDRY (IRE), yrlg by Azamour          Pastoral Pursuits (GB)                  Yonaguska
PERFECT SWAIN, 2yo by Alke             PETROVNA (IRE), wnlg by Avonbridge       Monsieur Bond (IRE)                         Accolade                               2yo by Bachelor Duke                   (IRE)                                 PRACER, yrlg by Medaglia d'Oro, 2yo     PRESTO VENTO (GB), yrlg by
PERFECT TOUCH, wnlg by Holy              (GB)                                 PINK CRISTAL (GB) (SPR), yrlg by            PLAYFUL SARA, yrlg by Seattle          POCAHONTAS LIMITED, yrlg by            POLY BLUE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by            by Mr. Greeley                          Shamardal
  Roman Emperor (IRE), yrlg by Rock    PETTICOAT JUNCTION, yrlg by              Montjeu (IRE)                               Shamus, wnlg by Seattle Shamus         Rainmaker                              Piccolo (GB)                          PRADO LADY, yrlg by Read the            PRESUMED, yrlg by Soviet Star
  of Gibraltar (IRE)                     Kiridashi                            PINK FOREST (SPR), yrlg by Formal           PLAYING FOOTSIE, yrlg by Pure Prize    POCHO'S DREAM GIRL, yrlg by            POLYGUEZA (FR) (SPR), yrlg by Red         Footnotes, 2yo by Sunday Break        PRESUMED INNOCENT, 2yo by
PERFECT WAVE, 2yo by Toccet            PETTIT (SPR), wnlg by Fusaichi           Dinner                                    PLAYING GAMES, yrlg by Roman             Maria's Mon                            Ransom                                  (JPN)                                   Smart Strike
PERFECT WELCOME (SPR), yrlg by           Pegasus                              PINKING SHEARS (SPR), 2yo by City             Ruler                                POCKETBOOK PASSION, yrlg by            POLYWOLYDOODLE, yrlg by Shadow          PRAIRE KATYDID, 2yo by                  PRETEND, yrlg by Posse
  Shinko Forest (IRE)                  PETTY'S CROWN, 2yo by Saint's            Place                                     PLAYING STAR AGAIN (SPR), 2yo            Harlan's Holiday                       Hawk                                    Cryptoclearance                       PRETIOSA (IRE), yrlg by Tagula (IRE)
PERFECT WINGS (SPR), yrlg by             Honor                                PINK LIPSTICK, 2yo by                         by Aggie Southpaw                    POCKETBROOK (SPR), 2yo by              POMME DUCHESSE, yrlg by Victory         PRAIRIE FLAME, yrlg by Stephen Got      PRETTY BUTTERCUP, yrlg by
  Macabe                               PEWTER LASS (GB), yrlg by Zafeen         Songandaprayer, yrlg by Werblin           PLAY PO (SPR), 2yo by City Zip           Burning Roma, yrlg by Greatness        Gallop                                  Even                                    Dominique's Cat
PERFORMING ARTS (IRE) (SPR), yrlg        (FR)                                 PINK N PROSPEROUS (IRE), 2yo by             PLAY SCHOOL, yrlg by Cozzene           POCUS HOCUS, yrlg by Forestry          PONGEE (SPR), wnlg by Sunday            PRAIRIE MAIDEN (SPR), yrlg by           PRETTY CITY (SPR), yrlg by Matty G
  by Dynaformer                        PEYTO PRINCESS (GB), wnlg by             Redback (GB)                              PLAY SET, yrlg by In Excessive Bull    POETICAL (IRE), yrlg by Medicean         Break (JPN)                             Afleet Alex                           PRETTY CRAFTY, wnlg by Rock Slide
PERICARDIA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by           Singspiel (IRE)                      PINK PILLOW (SPR), 2yo by Colony            PLAY THAT TUNE (GB), yrlg by             (GB)                                 PONTOOK, yrlg by Purge                  PRAIRIE MUSIC (SPR), yrlg by            PRETTY DICEY, yrlg by Stormy
  Exceed And Excel (AUS), wnlg by      PHAEDRA, 2yo by Drewman, wnlg by         Light, yrlg by Colony Light                 Haafhd (GB)                          POETICALLY, yrlg by Mr. Greeley        POOPSIE, 2yo by Milwaukee Brew            Olmodavor                               Atlantic
  Green Desert                           Omega Code                           PINK PUNCH, wnlg by Shaniko, 2yo            PLAYTIME, yrlg by Valid                POETIC ESKIMO, yrlg by Cat's At        POPCORN QUEEN, wnlg by El               PRAIRIE OYSTER, yrlg by Escrito         PRETTY ELEGANT, 2yo by
PERIGEE GIRL, wnlg by Da Stoops        PHANTOM RAIN (GB), yrlg by Rock of       by Turnofthecentury                         Expectations                           Home                                   Corredor                              PRAIRIE PIE, 2yo by Tapit                 Newfoundland
PERILS OF JOY (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by       Gibraltar (IRE)                      PINK STONE (FR), wnlg by Araafa             PLAY WITH FIRE (FR) (SPR), yrlg by     POETRY MISS, yrlg by Chullo (ARG)      POPOCATEPETL (FR), yrlg by              PRAIRIE REIGN, wnlg by Consolidator     PRETTY EYES, yrlg by Strong Hope
  Barathea (IRE)                       PHARI (SPR), 2yo by Vindication          (IRE)                                       Cape Cross (IRE)                     POIANA (GB), 2yo by Medicean (GB)        Compton Place (GB)                    PRAKARA (IRE), yrlg by Invincible       PRETTY FLAME (SPR), yrlg by Dixie
PERKY WONDER (SPR), yrlg by            PHARISEEK (IRE), yrlg by Cape Cross    PINK SUPREME (GB), yrlg by Kyllachy         PLAZA SOUTH, yrlg by Smoke             POILANE (GB), wnlg by Bertolini        POPOZINHA, yrlg by Touch Gold             Spirit (IRE)                            Union, 2yo by Empire Maker
  America's Storm                        (IRE)                                  (GB)                                        Glacken                              POINT ASHLEY, wnlg by Distorted        POP POP'S HOPE, yrlg by Trippi          PRALL STREET, yrlg by Value Plus        PRETTY LILLY, yrlg by Global Mission
PERPETUAL MOTION, yrlg by Royal        PHI BETA, yrlg by Offlee Wild          PINTA (IRE), yrlg by Spartacus (IRE)        PLEASANT BABY (SPR), yrlg by             Humor                                POPPY'S BABY GIRL (GB), wnlg by         PRANCE A DANCE, 2yo by In Case          PRETTY LITTLE, wnlg by Forest
  Academy                              PHILOSOPHERS STONE, 2yo by             PINTAIL, yrlg by Proudest Romeo               Dixieland Band                       POINT BREAK (SPR), yrlg by Beau          The Daddy                             PRATTVILLE, yrlg by Larrupin'             Grove
PERSEA (IRE), yrlg by Noverre            Aptitude, yrlg by Include            PINWHEEL, yrlg by Open Forum                PLEASANT BONNIE, yrlg by The             Genius, 2yo by Cee's Tizzy           POPPY'S JOY, yrlg by Storm Victory      PRAY FOR ACES, yrlg by Monarchos        PRETTY MISWAKI (SPR), yrlg by
PERSIAN BLUE (GB), 2yo by Where        PHI PHI (IRE), wnlg by Beat Hollow     PIONEER GAL, yrlg by Storm Day                Cliff's Edge                         POINTED STAR, wnlg by Offlee Wild      POPPY'S SONG (GB), wnlg by Ivan         PREACHERSNIGHTMARE, yrlg by E             Groovy Jett
  Or When (IRE)                          (GB)                                 PIONEER'S MUSIC, wnlg by Bwana              PLEASANT BROOK, yrlg by Western        POINT GAINED (SPR), yrlg by              Denisovich (IRE)                        Dubai                                 PRETTY PEGGY SLEW, yrlg by
PERSIAN CAT, yrlg by Sandia Slew       PHONE CAROL (SPR), yrlg by               Charlie                                     Pride                                  Songandaprayer                       POPULARAFTERSCHOOL, yrlg by             PREACHING, yrlg by Langfuhr               Harbor the Gold
PERSIAN FLOWER (GB) (SPR), yrlg by       Aldebaran                            PIPALONG (IRE), yrlg by Danehill            PLEASANT COAT, yrlg by Roar of the     POINTS WEST, 2yo by Belong to Me         Trippi                                PREACHTOTHECHOIR (SPR), wnlg by         PRETTY POPPY (GB) (SPR), yrlg by
  Antonius Pius                        PHONE OFTEN, yrlg by Officer             Dancer (IRE)                                Tiger                                POISED TO POUNCE (SPR), 2yo by                                                                                           Compton Place (GB)
                                                                                                                                                                                                        POPULAR NUMBER, yrlg by Not For           Tale of the Cat
PERSIAN PEARL (GB), 2yo by Choisir     PHONE SOPHIA, yrlg by Prime Timber     PIPER'S ASH, yrlg by Avonbridge             PLEASANT DEED, 2yo by                    Not For Love                           Love                                  PREALPINA (IRE), yrlg by Oratorio       PRETTY PROUD, wnlg by Giant's
                                       PHONE THE DOCTOR, 2yo by
  (AUS)                                                                         (GB), wnlg by Iceman (GB)                   Songandaprayer                       POKE SALAD (SPR), yrlg by Honour       POPULATION (IRE) (SPR), wnlg by           (IRE)                                   Causeway
                                         Alphabet Soup
PERSIAN RUBY (IRE), yrlg by Verglas                                           PIP'N JUDY (IRE), 2yo by Atraf (GB)         PLEASANT DELIGHT, yrlg by Lightnin       and Glory                              Dehere                                PRECIOUS CLARE, 2yo by Pleasantly       PRETTY RUN, 2yo by Saarland
                                       PHOTO FLASH (IRE) (SPR), 2yo by
  (IRE)                                                                       PIPPAS SONG (GB) (SPR), wnlg by               N Thunder                            POLA (SPR), yrlg by Tiznow             POQITO POLLY (SPR), 2yo by Spanish        Perfect                               PRETTY SHARP KATE, 2yo by Sunday
                                         Compton Place (GB), yrlg by Night
PERSIAN SALLY (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by                                              Shamardal                                 PLEASANT DILEMMA, 2yo by West          POLAR CAPP (SPR), yrlg by Max            Steps                                 PRECIOUS DARCY, yrlg by Mass              Break (JPN)
  Clodovil (IRE)                                                              PIQUETNOL (SPR), yrlg by                      Acre                                   Forever                              POQUITO NIKAWA, yrlg by Monashee          Market                                PRETTY SUZI, yrlg by Precocity
                                       PHOTOGRAPHIC, yrlg by Grand
PERSIAN SILVER (SPR), yrlg by                                                   Kingmambo                                 PLEASANT EMILY, wnlg by Aragorn        POLAR FLEET (IRE), 2yo by Invincible     Mountain                              PRECIOUS EVENTS, yrlg by Harlan's       PRETTY WOMEN, yrlg by Ide
  Buddha                                                                      PIRATE JENNY, yrlg by Onebadshark             (IRE), yrlg by Rock Hard Ten           Spirit (IRE)                         PORT A, yrlg by Grand Reward              Holiday                               PREVAIL, wnlg by Lemon Drop Kid
                                       PHU CAT, 2yo by Birdstone
PERSIAN WALK (SPR), wnlg by                                                   PIRATE PROSPECT (SPR), 2yo by               PLEASANT FAME (SPR), yrlg by           POLAR KID, wnlg by Aragorn (IRE)       PORTELET (GB) (SPR), yrlg by            PRECIOUS MELODY, yrlg by Indian         PREVAILING, yrlg by Taste of
                                       PHYLE, yrlg by Medaglia d'Oro
  Cacique (IRE)                                                                 Middlesex Drive                             Dixieland Band                       POLAR LADY (GB), 2yo by Clodovil         Bachelor Duke                           Charlie                                 Paradise
                                       PIACENZA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by King's
PERSIMMON HILL (SPR), yrlg by                                                 PIRATE'S SAGA, yrlg by Jackpot              PLEASANT GLORY, 2yo by Peace             (IRE)                                PORTENT, 2yo by Five Star Day           PRECIOUS PEACE, yrlg by Valid           PREVAILING FORTUNE, yrlg by
  Malibu Moon                                                                 PIROSHKA (GB), yrlg by Tobougg                Rules                                POLAR STORM, yrlg by Pastoral          PORT ISABEL, wnlg by Congrats             Wager                                   Harlan's Holiday
                                       PIA MIA'S HOPE, 2yo by Cloud
PERSIMMON HONEY, 2yo by City Zip,                                               (IRE)                                     PLEASANTLY YOURS, wnlg by                Pursuits (GB)                        PORTLAOISE, yrlg by Indian Charlie      PRECIOUS QUEENIE, yrlg by Golden        PRICE DISCOVERY, yrlg by Chapel
  yrlg by More Than Ready                                                     PISCES APPEAL (SPR), 2yo by                   Whywhywhy                            POLEECED (SPR), 2yo by Golden          PORT OF SILVER (SPR), yrlg by             Missile                                 Royal
                                       PIANO AFFECT (SPR), yrlg by Roar of
PERSONAL BELIEF, yrlg by Sefapiano                                              Eavesdropper                              PLEASANT MEMORIES (GB), 2yo by           Missile                                Friends Lake                          PRECISE ACCUSATION, yrlg by             PRICELESS I. D., yrlg by Black
                                         the Tiger
PERSONAL EMBLEM, yrlg by Global                                               PISONI, 2yo by Regent Act                     Auction House                        POLEMBER (SPR), yrlg by Congaree       POSH PET, yrlg by Omega Code              Chapel Royal                            Mambo
                                       PIAZZA DI SPAGNA (CHI) (SPR),
  Mission                                yrlg by Meadow Monster               PITCHSTONE, 2yo by El Leopardo              PLEASANT PASTURES, yrlg by             POLISH ACCOUNT, wnlg by Dance          POSITIVE ATTITUDE, 2yo by               PRECISE TIME, 2yo by Alex's Pal         PRICELESS STORM, yrlg by
PERSONAL HALO, yrlg by Formal          PIB'S RUSH (SPR), wnlg by Purge        PITCHUNIA, yrlg by Sky Mesa                   Pollard's Vision                       With Ravens                            Performing Magic                      PREDICTRESS, yrlg by Harlan's             Mineshaft
  Dinner                               PICABO SILVER, 2yo by Montbrook        PITRIZZA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Key of        PLEASANT PERFORMER, yrlg by            POLISH AFFAIR (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by     POSITIVE ENERGY, wnlg by Tiznow           Holiday, 2yo by Indian Charlie        PRIDE AND PASSION (SPR), 2yo by
PERSONAL LOVE (SPR), yrlg by           PICADILLY'S PET, 2yo by Jaunatxo         Luck                                        Mineshaft                              Noverre                              POSITIVELY STOMPIN, yrlg by             PREFERENCE (GB), yrlg by Pastoral         Skimming
  Cape Cross (IRE)                     PICAFLOR, yrlg by Stormy Atlantic      PIU BELLA, yrlg by A.P. Indy                PLEASANT RING, 2yo by                  POLISH BELLE (GB), yrlg by Royal         Honour and Glory                        Pursuits (GB)                         PRIDE OF MY HEART (GB) (SPR),
PERSUADE, yrlg by Storm Passage        PICARESQUE (GB), yrlg by Storm and     PLACABLE, yrlg by Repent                      Newfoundland                           Applause (GB)                        POSSESSIVE ARTISTE (GB), yrlg by        PRE KERRY US (SPR), yrlg by Indian        wnlg by Verglas (IRE)
PERSUE, yrlg by One Way Love             a Half                               PLACE IN TIME, yrlg by State City           PLEASANT SANDY, wnlg by                POLISH CHOICE, yrlg by E Dubai           Kalanisi (IRE)                          Territory                             PRIMA BEAUTY, yrlg by Vindication
PERT LADY (SPR), yrlg by Afleet Alex   PICCA PEPPER, yrlg by Toccet           PLACE KICKER, yrlg by High                    Eurosilver                           POLISHED IMAGE, yrlg by Southern       POSSULETTA SUE, 2yo by Siphon           PRELUDES OF WAR, yrlg by During         PRIMA NEENYA, 2yo by Toccet
PERTUISANE (GB), yrlg by Dixie         PICK OF THE PACK, yrlg by                Cascade                                   PLEASANT SCHOLAR (SPR), wnlg by          Image                                  (BRZ)                                 PREMIERE DANCE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg        PRIMA SUPRA, yrlg by Quick Action
  Union                                  Greatness, wnlg by Greatness         PLACEMENT (GB) (SPR), yrlg by                 Forest Wildcat                       POLISHED STONE, yrlg by Copelan        POSTERITY, 2yo by Flame Thrower           by Oratorio (IRE)                     PRIME ADVANTAGE (SPR), 2yo by
PERUSE, yrlg by Rage                   PICK'S CHANGE, yrlg by Bold              Dubawi (IRE)                              PLEASANT STATE, yrlg by Orientate        Too                                  POST HASTE, yrlg by Sky Mesa            PREMIERE REVUE, 2yo by A. P Jet           Tapit
PERUVIAN JADE (GB), wnlg by              Executive                            PLACERITA, yrlg by Snow Ridge               PLEASANT SUNSHINE, wnlg by             POLISHED UP (GB), wnlg by Tobougg      POST IT, yrlg by Stormy Atlantic        PREMIER GRAY, yrlg by Even the          PRIMEDEX (SPR), yrlg by Purge
  Proclamation (IRE)                   PICK TEN (SPR), yrlg by Where's the    PLACES TO GO, yrlg by Old Topper              Include                                (IRE)                                POSTULANT, yrlg by Roman Ruler            Score                                 PRIME PLUS ONE, wnlg by Grand
PESCIA (IRE), yrlg by Sadler's Wells     Ring                                 PLAINTIFF, yrlg by Toccet                   PLEASANT TOKEN (SPR), yrlg by          POLISH GLORY, 2yo by Tactical Cat      POTENTIAL PLEASURE (SPR), yrlg by       PREMIER MOMBO (SPR), yrlg by              Reward
PESPITA (IRE), wnlg by Intikhab        PICOLETTE (GB), yrlg by Efisio (GB)    PLAIT, yrlg by Stroll                         Grand Reward, wnlg by Sharp          POLISH HONEY, wnlg by Whywhywhy          Mr. Greeley                             Yes It's True                         PRIMEQUEST, yrlg by Yankee
PETE'S DELITE, yrlg by Perfect Soul    PICTURE PRINCESS (GB), yrlg by         PLANNING SURPRISES, wnlg by High              Humor                                POLISH LAKE (GB), yrlg by Dubai        POTION D'AMOUR (FR) (SPR), yrlg by      PREMIER PLACE, 2yo by Clodovil            Gentleman
  (IRE)                                  Sinndar (IRE)                          Demand                                    PLEASANT VIEW (SPR), 2yo by Full         Destination                            Aldebaran                               (IRE)                                 PRIMERE ROSE, yrlg by Captain
PETE'S FANCY (SPR), wnlg by War        PIEDRAS NEGRAS (SPR), yrlg by Tale     PLAN ONE, yrlg by Closing Argument,           Mandate, yrlg by Western Pride       POLISH NANA, yrlg by Mineshaft, 2yo    POTLUCK DINNER (SPR), 2yo by            PREMIER PRINCESS, 2yo by                  Bodgit
  Front                                  of the Cat                             wnlg by Successful Appeal                 PLEASANT WISH, yrlg by Saint Afleet,     by Not For Love                        Sweetsouthernsaint                      Doneraile Court                       PRIME STEP, yrlg by Holy Bull
PETE'S HEIRESS, yrlg by                                                       PLATA, wnlg by Street Cry (IRE)               2yo by Wised Up                      POLISH RUBY (SPR), 2yo by Essence      POTRINNER (ARG) (SPR), yrlg by          PREMIER PROMISE, 2yo by City            PRIMROSE AND ROSE (GB), yrlg by

48           THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                    THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                    49
Dams                                                                           PROSPECTIVE GAL, yrlg by Ide
                                                                               PROSPECT OF JOY, wnlg by Henny
                                                                                                                       PURELY JUDITH, yrlg by Point Given
                                                                                                                                                                QUEEN HI STRAIGHT, yrlg by Alke
                                                                                                                                                                QUEENHOOD (FR), 2yo by Kutub (IRE)
                                                                                                                                                                                                      THE QUEEN'S SLOOP, 2yo by Suave
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            QUINTESSA, yrlg by Holy Bull
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   RAINBOW PROMISE (SPR), yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Empire Maker
                                                                                 Hughes, yrlg by Yes It's True         PURE MISK (GB) (SPR), 2yo by             QUEENIE (GB), yrlg by Kyllachy (GB)   QUEEN'S TRIOMPHE, wnlg by First       QUISTADORA, yrlg by Deputy             RAINBOW QUEEN (FR), yrlg by
  Mull of Kintyre                     PRIORITE (IRE), yrlg by Sampower         PROSPECTOR'S DAME, 2yo by                 Intikhab                               QUEENIE BELLE, wnlg by Empire           Samurai, yrlg by Forest Wildcat       Commander                              Starcraft (NZ)
PRINCE'S FEATHER (IRE), yrlg by         Star (GB), wnlg by Striking Ambition     Category Five                         PUREPLEASURESEEKER (IRE), yrlg            Maker                                QUEEN ST. WEST (SPR), 2yo by          QUITE HONESTLY (SPR), 2yo by Pure      RAINBOWS FOR ALL (IRE) (SPR),
  Monsieur Bond (IRE)                   (GB)                                   PROSPECTOR'S SONG (SPR), yrlg             by Indian Haven (GB)                   QUEENIE CAT, wnlg by Distorted          Macho Uno, yrlg by Milwaukee          Prize                                  yrlg by Marju (IRE)
PRINCES MELISSA, yrlg by Stephen      PRISSY'S A TEN, wnlg by Truluck            by Pleasantly Perfect                 PURE RADIANCE (SPR), yrlg by              Humor                                  Brew                                QUITTANCE, yrlg by Act One (GB)        RAINBOW STAGE, yrlg by Act of Duty
  Got Even, wnlg by Tale of the Cat   PRISSY'S LEGACY (SPR), 2yo by            PROSPECT'S DREAM, yrlg by Richter         Roman Ruler                            QUEEN ISABEL, 2yo by Smoke            QUEEN'S VICTORY (GB), yrlg by         QUIZ SHOW (GB) (SPR), yrlg by          RAINBOW WISH, 2yo by Essence of
PRINCE'S PASSION (GB) (SPR), wnlg       Forty Won                                Scale                                 PURER THAN PURE (SPR), wnlg by            Glacken                                Choisir (AUS)                         Pastoral Pursuits (GB)                 Dubai
  by Iffraaj (GB), yrlg by Whipper    PRIVATE ACT, yrlg by Ford Every          PROSPECT'S OCEAN (SPR), yrlg by           Officer                                QUEEN KELLY, 2yo by Action This       QUEENSWAY, yrlg by Seeking the        QUIZ TIME (GB) (SPR), yrlg by          RAINDANCING (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by
PRINCESSACONCUERVO, yrlg by             Stream                                   Linkage                               PURE SYMMETRY, yrlg by A.P. Indy          Day, yrlg by Pollard's Vision          Gold                                  Pastoral Pursuits (GB)                 Refuse To Bend (IRE)
  Officer                             PRIVATE BEACH (SPR), yrlg by Swiss       PROSPER (SPR), wnlg by Tale of the      PURGATORY CAT, yrlg by Grand Slam        QUEEN LETIZIA (SPR), wnlg by          QUEENS WHARF (IRE), yrlg by           QUON, yrlg by Essence of Dubai         RAINSTONE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by
PRINCESS ASTRO (SPR), yrlg by           Yodeler                                  Cat                                   PURIFY (GB), yrlg by Barathea (IRE)       Thunder Gulch                          Peintre Celebre                     QUPPY, yrlg by Orientate                 Desert Style (IRE)
  Bravo Bull                          PRIVATE FEELING, 2yo by Mr. Greeley      PROSPERING (GB) (SPR), 2yo by           PURLS LEDGEND (SPR), yrlg by             QUEENLINESS (GB), yrlg by Antonius    QUEEN'S WORD, yrlg by Langfuhr        RABBA JABBA DOO (SPR), 2yo by          RAINY DAY SONG (SPR), 2yo by
PRINCESS ATOOSA, yrlg by Giant's      PRIVATE FUNDS, yrlg by Value Plus          Kyllachy (GB)                           Suave Prospect                          Pius                                 QUEEN TITI (IRE), yrlg by Oratorio      Northern Afleet                        Kyllachy (GB)
  Causeway                            PRIVATE IDAHO (SPR), yrlg by             PROSPEROUS DE ORO, yrlg by              PURPLE HAZE (IRE), yrlg by Cape          QUEEN MAJESTY, yrlg by Sunday           (IRE)                               RABBIT RUN TOOTSIE, yrlg by Two        RAISE, yrlg by Speightstown
PRINCESS BETTY, yrlg by Touch Gold      Orientate                                Champali                                Cross (IRE)                             Break (JPN)                          QUEEN TOMYRA (IRE), yrlg by Dr          Punch                                RAISE A RASCALY (SPR), yrlg by
PRINCESS BLUE, yrlg by Champali       PRIVATE JODY, yrlg by Vicar              PROSPEROUS MOVE, yrlg by Forest         PURPLE HILLS, 2yo by Officer             QUEEN MAMA (SPR), yrlg by               Fong                                RACENE, yrlg by Midas Eyes, 2yo by       Macabe
PRINCESS BRIDE, wnlg by Tribal Rule   PRIVATE LIGHT (SPR), yrlg by Yes           Camp, wnlg by Lion Heart              PURPLE LADY DAY, yrlg by Valid            Eddington                            QUELL, yrlg by Roll Hennessy Roll       Toccet                               RAISE A ROAR, yrlg by Forest Wildcat
PRINCESS CART (SPR), yrlg by            It's True                              PROTEA, yrlg by Buddha                    Expectations                           QUEENMAMBO PAM, wnlg by Purge         QUELLE AFFAIRE (SPR), yrlg by Cat     RACE TO GLORY, wnlg by Closing         RAISE DEVIL, yrlg by Red Bullet
  Include                             PRIVATE PENNANT (SPR), yrlg by           PROTECT THE CHILD (SPR), yrlg by        PURPLE TIGER (IRE), yrlg by Exceed       QUEEN MARGRETHE (GB), yrlg by           Thief                                 Argument, 2yo by Langfuhr, yrlg by   RAISE THE PRIZE (SPR), yrlg by
PRINCESS CAVEAT, 2yo by Cape            Exchange Rate                            Certain Storm                           And Excel (AUS)                         High Chaparral (IRE)                 QUESTAMA (GB), wnlg by Haafhd           Value Plus                             Teton Forest
  Canaveral                           PRIVATE RIVER (SPR), yrlg by             PROUD CIEL (SPR), yrlg by               PURPLE TULIPS (SPR), yrlg by Roll        QUEEN MAYA, 2yo by Successful           (GB)                                RACEY LADY, yrlg by Olmodavor          RAISING KEENE, yrlg by Friends Lake
PRINCESS DEHERE, yrlg by Tiger          Avonbridge (GB)                          Unbridled's Song                        Hennessy Roll                           Appeal                               QUESTINA (SPR), yrlg by Sadler's      RACEY PLAYER, 2yo by Empire            RAISIN GOLDIE, yrlg by Military
  Ridge                               PRIVATE STATUS (SPR), yrlg by A.P.       PROUD COSMAH (SPR), yrlg by Lite        PURRING, yrlg by Motivator (GB)          QUEEN MORGAN, yrlg by Virginia          Wells                                 Maker, yrlg by Yes It's True         RAJAB'S QUEEN, 2yo by Master Bill
PRINCESS EDWINA, yrlg by Lemon          Indy                                     the Fuse                              PURR THREE, yrlg by                       Carnival                             QUESTINA (GER), wnlg by Captain       RACHAEL'S RUMBA, yrlg by Omega         RAJADIDDLE (SPR), wnlg by Bellamy
  Drop Kid, 2yo by Orientate          PRIVATE TREATY, yrlg by E Dubai          PROUD CRUSADER (SPR), yrlg by             Songandaprayer                         QUEEN OF AFRICA, yrlg by Hawk           Rio (GB), yrlg by Refuse To Bend      Code                                   Road, yrlg by Officer
PRINCESS ELOISE (SPR), yrlg by        PRIVILEGED SPEECH (SPR), yrlg by           Include                               PUSH HER (SPR), wnlg by Yankee            Wing                                   (IRE)                               RACHEL'S BOUNTY, wnlg by Red           RAJAS SECRET (SPR), yrlg by Chapel
  Limehouse                             El Corredor                            PROUDEYES (GER) (SPR), wnlg by            Gentleman                              QUEEN OF AMERICA (SPR), yrlg by       QUESTIONABLE PAST, yrlg by Sky          Sky's                                  Royal
PRINCESS FALINA, wnlg by Sky          PRIZE AND JOY, yrlg by Even the            Lomitas (GB)                          PUSHING FIFTY (SPR), yrlg by              Malibu Moon                            Mesa                                RACHEL'S COMMANDER, yrlg by            RAJMATA (IRE), yrlg by Fasliyev
  Mesa                                  Score                                  PROUDFOOT (IRE) (SPR), 2yo by             Brahms                                 QUEEN OF COOL, yrlg by Indian         QUESTRESS (SPR), yrlg by                Kipling                              RAMATUELLE (CHI), yrlg by Pulpit
PRINCESS FRANNY, yrlg by Louis        PROBABLE (IRE), yrlg by Peintre            Bahamian Bounty (GB)                  PUSSYFOOT BUN, yrlg by Rio's Lark         Charlie                                Ghostzapper                         RACHEL'S SONG, yrlg by Purge           RAMAYNA (IRE), yrlg by Peintre
  Quatorze                              Celebre                                PROUD MYTH (IRE), 2yo by                PUTTIN FOR BERTIE, yrlg by Strong        QUEEN OF DANCE (IRE) (SPR), 2yo       QUICK ADVICE, yrlg by Dehere          RACHEL'S VERDICT (GB), yrlg by           Celebre
PRINCESS HELLO, wnlg by Harlan's      PROCURE, 2yo by Songandaprayer             Acclamation (GB)                        Hope                                    by Royal Applause (GB)               QUICK ALERT, 2yo by Freud               Skimming                             RAMBLIN GENES (SPR), 2yo by
  Holiday, yrlg by Purge              PRODIGAL DAUGHTER (GB), yrlg by          PROUD N' APPEAL (SPR), 2yo by           PUXA SACO, yrlg by Unbridled's           QUEENOFEVERYTHING, yrlg by Afleet     QUICK BLONDE (SPR), yrlg by Career    RACINA (GB), yrlg by Dubai               Dance Master
PRINCESS HOPEFUL, wnlg by Pure          Le Vie Dei Colori (GB)                   Johannesburg, yrlg by More Than         Song                                    Alex                                   Best                                  Destination                          RAMBUCKUS, yrlg by Performing
  Precision                           PROFESSORA, wnlg by Stormy                 Ready                                 PUYPE'S DREAM, yrlg by Bernstein         QUEEN OF EXCELISOR, yrlg by           QUICK CONNECTION, yrlg by E Dubai     RACING HEART, yrlg by Grand              Magic
PRINCESS ISABEL, 2yo by Tactical        Atlantic                               PROUD NICOLE, yrlg by Skimming          PYRAMID LAKE (SPR), yrlg by A.P.          Closing Argument                     QUICK COURTSHIP (SPR), yrlg by          Reward                               RAMONA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Galileo
  Cat                                 PROFIT'S DELAY (SPR), 2yo by Storm       PROUD OWNER, yrlg by Empire               Indy                                   QUEEN OF FAIRWAY, yrlg by Stormy        Purge                               RACING RUBY, yrlg by Repent              (IRE)
PRINCESS J. K., 2yo by Kingkiowa        Victory                                  Maker                                 PYRENEE (SPR), yrlg by Trajectory         Atlantic                             QUICK ESCAPE, yrlg by Candy Ride      RACK AND RUIN (IRE), yrlg by           RAMPAGE (GB), yrlg by Trade Fair
PRINCESS KRIS (GB) (SPR), yrlg by     PROJECT LIBERTY, 2yo by Friends          PROUDTOBEAJONES, 2yo by                 PYRITE DANCE, 2yo by Congaree            QUEEN OF FIBRES (IRE), 2yo by           (ARG)                                 Barathea (IRE)                         (GB)
  War Chant                             Lake                                     Authenticate                          PYRITE FOREST, yrlg by More Than          Danetime (IRE)                       QUICK FEET, wnlg by Henny Hughes      RACY BROAD, wnlg by Old Topper         RANAWAY, yrlg by Friends Lake
PRINCESS LANIQUE, 2yo by Cat          PROM DANCER, wnlg by Macho Uno           PROUDTOBEASLEW (SPR), 2yo by              Ready                                  QUEEN OF HAVANA, wnlg by              QUICK GOLD, yrlg by B L's Appeal      RACY RAD, yrlg by                      RANBA (SPR), yrlg by Alke
  Thief                               PROM DATE, yrlg by Taste of                Seneca Jones                          PYRITE GRAND SLAM (SPR), yrlg by          Sleeping Indian (GB)                 QUICK INTERVIEW, yrlg by Say            Sweetsouthernsaint                   RANDAROO, wnlg by Street Cry (IRE)
PRINCESS LATIFA (GB), yrlg by           Paradise                               PROUD TRADITION, yrlg by Tale of          Three Wonders                          QUEENOFLUV, 2yo by Cat Dreams,          Florida Sandy                       RADCLIFFE YARD, yrlg by Limehouse      RANDOM CHANCE, yrlg by Thunder
  Ishiguru                            PROMENADE COLONY (SPR), wnlg               the Cat                               PYRITE GUN, yrlg by Indian Ocean          yrlg by Cat Dreams                   QUICKKEY (SPR), yrlg by In            RADHA (GB), 2yo by Polish Precedent      Gulch
PRINCESS LOUISE (GB), yrlg by           by Giant's Causeway, yrlg by Smart     PROUD WEST, yrlg by Hennessy            PYRITE JET, yrlg by The Deputy (IRE)     QUEEN OF MEAN, yrlg by Partner's        Excessive Bull                      RADIANT ENERGY (IRE), yrlg by          RANDONNEUR (IRE), 2yo by
  Carnival Dancer (GB)                  Strike                                 PROVEN FORM, yrlg by City Zip           PYRITE LADY, yrlg by Crafty Shaw          Hero                                 QUICK QUESTION (SPR), yrlg by           Intikhab                               Invincible Spirit (IRE)
PRINCESS LUNA (GER), yrlg by          PROMENADE LANE (SPR), yrlg by            PROVISOIRE, 2yo by Dansili (GB)         PYRITE PREMIER (SPR), yrlg by Lost       QUEEN OF MONEY (SPR), yrlg by           Quick Action                        RADIANTLY, yrlg by El Corredor         R. AND R., wnlg by Smoke Glacken
  Elusive City                          Partner's Hero                         PROVOLETA, 2yo by Macho Uno               Soldier                                 Eddington                            QUICK RALLY, yrlg by Domasca Dan      RADIANT MEGAN, yrlg by                 RANGELEY LADY, 2yo by Drewman
PRINCESS MANILA (SPR), wnlg by        PROMENADE ROAD, yrlg by Closing          P R ROYAL PRINCESS, yrlg by Old         PYRITE RUSH, yrlg by Crafty Shaw         QUEEN OF MY NIGHTS, 2yo by            QUICK RHYTHM (SPR), yrlg by             Leroidesanimaux (BRZ)                RANGELEY RHYTHM, 2yo by
  Dubawi (IRE), yrlg by Motivator       Argument                                 Topper                                PYRITE SELECT (SPR), yrlg by              Forest Camp                            Stormy Atlantic                     RADIATE (GB), wnlg by Iceman (GB)        Cappuchino
  (GB)                                PROMISED GIFT, yrlg by Liberty           PRUDENT, yrlg by Peaks and Valleys        Tomahawk                               QUEEN OF NIGHT, 2yo by Black          QUICK SILVER DREAM, yrlg by Smart     RADICAL CHICK, 2yo by Proud            RANGOON RUBY (SPR), 2yo by War
PRINCESS MARLISE, yrlg by Tiger                                                PRUDENTLY PATIENT (SPR), 2yo by         PYRITE VELVET (SPR), 2yo by Valid         Mambo                                  Strike                                Citizen                                Chant
                                      PROMISE PROMISE, yrlg by
  Ridge                                                                          Meadowlake                              Expectations                           QUEEN OF SAVOY (SPR), yrlg by         QUICK SMOKE, 2yo by Dream Run         RADIOACTIVITY (SPR), yrlg by Strong    RANSOMED BRIDE (SPR), yrlg by
                                        Songandaprayer, 2yo by
PRINCESS MEDUSA, 2yo by                                                        PSYCH, wnlg by Harlan's Holiday         PYXIS, wnlg by Officer                    Secret Romeo                         QUICK TEMPER, yrlg by Ghostzapper       Hope                                   Limehouse
  Newfoundland                                                                 PUBLICITY SHY, yrlg by Malibu Moon      QASIRAH (IRE), yrlg by Bertolini         QUEEN OF SCOTLAND (IRE), yrlg by      QUICK WINK (SPR), 2yo by Alex's Pal   RADIO CAROLINE, yrlg by Delineator     RANSOM QUEEN, yrlg by City Zip
                                      PROMISE RING, yrlg by Mobil
PRINCESS MOOD (GER) (SPR), yrlg                                                PUCKER LIPS (SPR), 2yo by               Q. E. SLEW (SPR), yrlg by Bwana           Fraam (GB)                           QUIESCENT (GB), wnlg by Ivan          RADYLA, 2yo by Essence of Dubai        RANSOM THE BELLE, yrlg by
                                      PROMISES INTHEDARK, yrlg by Hook
  by Bertolini                                                                   Milwaukee Brew                          Charlie                                QUEEN OF SKYE, yrlg by Yonaguska        Denisovich (IRE)                    RAES IRISH QUEEN, yrlg by Sahm           Monarchos
                                        and Ladder
PRINCESS OBERON (IRE), 2yo by                                                  PUDDY CAT, 2yo by Peace Rules           QHAZEENAH (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Rock       QUEEN OF SPIRIT (SPR), yrlg by        QUIETALADY, yrlg by Announce          RAFFLE, yrlg by Domestic Dispute       RANTER, yrlg by Strong Hope
                                      PROM KISS, 2yo by Skip Away
  Needwood Blade (GB), wnlg by                                                 PUFF O LUCK (SPR), 2yo by Forest          of Gibraltar (IRE)                      Unbridled's Song                     QUIET CELERITY, wnlg by Northern      RAFTING (IRE), 2yo by Dr Fong          RAPHAELA (FR), yrlg by Gold Away
                                      PRO MOTION DAYS, 2yo by Sligo Bay
  Proclamation (IRE)                                                             Wildcat                               Q. P. CAT, wnlg by Unbridled Time        QUEEN OF THE ICE (SPR), yrlg by         Afleet                              RAGING BEAUTY, yrlg by Roman             (IRE)
PRINCESS OF EDEN (GER), wnlg by                                                PULAU PINANG (IRE), yrlg by High        QUADRAHOPE (SPR), yrlg by                 Yonaguska                            QUIET DREAM (SPR), yrlg by              Ruler                                RAPHAEL ROSE (SPR), yrlg by Storm
                                      PROM PRINCESS, yrlg by Macabe
  Sleeping Indian (GB)                                                           Chaparral (IRE)                         Medaglia d'Oro, wnlg by Rock Hard      QUEEN OF THE STORM, yrlg by             Songandaprayer                      RAGING DESIRE, 2yo by Even the           Boot
                                      PRO OCCIDENT, wnlg by Silver Train
PRINCESS PATRICIA, wnlg by First                                               PULCINELLA, yrlg by Indian Charlie        Ten                                     Black Mambo                          QUIET EVENING, yrlg by                  Score, wnlg by Exchange Rate         RAPID BOOTS, wnlg by Proud Citizen
                                      PROOF POSITIVE, wnlg by
  Samurai                                                                      PULLA SURPRISE, yrlg by Point           QUADRI (GB) (SPR), wnlg by Indian        QUEEN OF VALENTINE, yrlg by Grand       Freefourinternet                    RAGING LOVE, 2yo by Holy Bull          RAPID REACTION (SPR), yrlg by
PRINCESS PEGASUS, yrlg by Saint                                                  Given                                   Haven (GB)                              Slam                                 QUIET HEROINE, wnlg by North Light    RAGLAN ROSE, yrlg by Noverre             Creative
                                      PROP, yrlg by Maria's Mon
  Liam                                                                         PULLED TOGETHER, yrlg by Tiznow         QUAERAMUS SERIA (IRE), 2yo by            QUEEN OF WANDS, yrlg by Research        (IRE)                               RAHAB, yrlg by Strong Hope             RAPPIDE (IRE), 2yo by Verglas (IRE)
                                      PROPELLER, wnlg by Limehouse
PRINCESS PENNY, yrlg by Posse,        PROPER CIELO (SPR), yrlg by Purge        PULSE, yrlg by Stormy Atlantic            Captain Rio (GB), yrlg by Invincible   QUEEN OF WOMEN (SPR), yrlg by         QUIET HONOR, yrlg by Five Star Day    RAHBABY, yrlg by Langfuhr              RAPPING (SPR), wnlg by Grand
  wnlg by Value Plus                  PROPER DAME (SPR), 2yo by Three          PUMA KITTEN, yrlg by Tiznow               Spirit (IRE)                            Grand Slam                           QUIET LUCKY (SPR), yrlg by Northern   RAHCAK (IRE), yrlg by Smarty Jones       Reward
PRINCESS RACHELE R, yrlg by             Wonders                                PUNKIN PIE, 2yo by Rossini              QUANAH, yrlg by City Zip                 QUEEN RANDI (SPR), yrlg by              Afleet                              RAHIKA ROSE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by        RAPTUROUS (GB), yrlg by Royal
  Aldebaran                           PROPER DIAL, wnlg by Eurosilver          PUNKINS WILD (SPR), 2yo by French       QUANTUM LADY (GB), wnlg by                Mineshaft                            QUIET MISS, yrlg by Grand Reward        Indian Ridge (IRE)                     Applause (GB)
PRINCESS SEQUOIA, wnlg by Elusive     PROPER LASSIE (SPR), yrlg by               Envoy                                   Kheleyf                                QUEEN'S CODE (SPR), yrlg by Grand     QUIET OPTIMISM, yrlg by Marino        RAH RAH (SPR), wnlg by Value Plus      RAQIQAH (GB), yrlg by Barathea (IRE)
  Quality, 2yo by Teton Forest          Eurosilver, 2yo by Harlan's Holiday    PUPIL, yrlg by El Prado (IRE), 2yo by   QU' APPELLE, yrlg by Buddha               Reward                                 Marini                              RAHY COME HOME, wnlg by                RAQUELA (SPR), yrlg by Cape
PRINCESS SOPHIE, yrlg by Kinshasa     PROPER MIST (SPR), yrlg by                 Touch Gold                            QUARTEIRA (SPR), yrlg by Ecton Park      QUEEN'S COLLEGE (IRE), wnlg by        QUIET STING, yrlg by Johar              Unbridled Energy                       Canaveral
PRINCESS TI (BRZ), yrlg by Cee's        Toolighttoquit                         PURDY DANCIN GIRL, 2yo by               QUE BELLE (SPR), yrlg by Storm Cat        Piccolo (GB)                         QUIET STORM (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by      RAHY DOLLY, yrlg by Empire Maker       RARE BIRD (SPR), yrlg by Forest
  Tizzy, 2yo by Marino Marini         PROPER NITA, yrlg by Sunday Break          Commanchero                           QUEEN (IRE), yrlg by Gone West           QUEEN'S CROWN, 2yo by Downtown          Dubai Destination                   RAHY'S WISH (SPR), yrlg by               Danger
PRINCESS TISH, yrlg by Werblin          (JPN)                                  PURE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Shamardal      QUEEN BLUEBIRD, yrlg by Terrell           Seattle                              QUIET SUMMERNIGHT, 2yo by               Eurosilver                           RARE DAISY, yrlg by Southern States
PRINCESS TOUR, yrlg by Roar of the    PROPER WILDCAT, yrlg by Grand            PURE ADRENALIN, 2yo by Alke             QUEEN CAT, yrlg by E Dubai, wnlg by      QUEEN'S DESIGN, 2yo by Malabar          Cuvee, yrlg by Forest Camp          RAILPRO, 2yo by Esplanade Ridge        RARE DIAMOND, yrlg by Friends Lake
  Tiger                                 Slam                                   PURE CHARM, yrlg by Unbridled's           Quiet American                          Gold                                 QUIET THREAT, 2yo by Honour and       RAINBOW D'BEAUTE (GB), yrlg by         RARE EMY, 2yo by Valid
PRINCESS UGANDA (SPR), yrlg by        PROPOSE TO ME, yrlg by Golden              Song                                  QUEEN CONDO (SPR), yrlg by               QUEENSHIP, yrlg by Alke                 Glory, yrlg by Include                Medicean (GB)                          Expectations, yrlg by Wando
  Pikepass                              Missile                                PURE FOLLY (IRE), 2yo by Key of           Saratoga Six                           QUEEN'S LACE (IRE), yrlg by           QUIET WEEKEND, yrlg by Smart          RAINBOW DREAM (GB), 2yo by             RARE FLIGHT (SPR), yrlg by Brahms
PRINCESS V., yrlg by Roman Ruler,     PROPRIETY (SPR), 2yo by Aldebaran,         Luck                                  QUEEN CRAB (SPR), 2yo by Posse            Bahamian Bounty (GB)                   Strike                                Refuse To Bend (IRE)                 RARE GIFT, yrlg by Dixie Union
  2yo by Strong Hope                    yrlg by Grand Slam                     PURE GLITTER (SPR), yrlg by Cuvee       QUEEN FOR A KNIGHT, yrlg by              QUEEN'S LEGEND (SPR), yrlg by         QUIET WHITE EYES, yrlg by Storm       RAINBOW END (GB), wnlg by              RARE GOLD, yrlg by Stormin Fever
PRINCESS WILLOW (SPR), wnlg by        PROSE QUEEN, yrlg by Kafwain             PURE GOLD (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Marju       Catienus                                Saint Liam                             Boot                                  Bahamian Bounty (GB)                 RARE HEAT (SPR), wnlg by Rockport
  Tapit                               PROSPECTIVE FLIGHT, yrlg by Yes            (IRE)                                 QUEENHANNA, 2yo by Announce              QUEEN'S MUSIC (SPR), yrlg by          QUIET WORD, wnlg by Mineshaft         RAINBOW GIRL, wnlg by Tiznow             Harbor
PRINCESS ZAHRA, yrlg by Dome            It's True                              PURE INSANITY, yrlg by Private Gold     QUEEN HEDWIG, yrlg by Silver              Footstepsinthesand (GB), wnlg by     QUI LIZ, yrlg by Oasis Dream (GB)     RAINBOW GODDESS (GB) (SPR), yrlg       RARE HEIRLOOM, yrlg by Dixieland
PRINCIERE, 2yo by Van Nistelrooy                                               PURELY EXCESSIVE (SPR), yrlg by           Deputy                                  Giant's Causeway                     QUINELLA (GB), 2yo by Bachelor          by Galileo (IRE)                       Heat

50           THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                   51
Dams                                                                           RED SOUL (SPR), wnlg by Mineshaft
                                                                               RED SOVEREIGN (GB), wnlg by
                                                                                                                      REGENT GOLD, wnlg by
                                                                                                                        Footstepsinthesand (GB), yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                            RESERVE SEATS, 2yo by Rainmaker
                                                                                                                                                            RESIDENT ALIEN, wnlg by Harlan's
                                                                                                                                                                                                    RIDAN'S MON, yrlg by Quiet
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            RIVERKEEPER, yrlg by Malibu Moon,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ROMANTIC HONOR, 2yo by City
                                                                                 Avonbridge (GB)                        Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)               Holiday                               RIDGE DRIVE, yrlg by Midas Eyes           2yo by Thunder Gulch                  ROMANTIC MYTH (GB), yrlg by
RARE INDICATION, 2yo by                 Bull                                   RED TAFFETA, wnlg by Forest Camp,      REGENTLY BOLD, yrlg by Officer        RESILIENT, yrlg by Halory Hunter        RIDINGHOOD (SPR), wnlg by Grand         RIVERMAID DANCING (SPR), yrlg by         Shamardal
  Millennium Wind                     REASON TO RHYME, 2yo by                    yrlg by Lion Heart                   REGENT MOON, yrlg by                  RESOUNDING, 2yo by Wheaton                Slam                                    Where's the Ring                      ROMANTIC REASON, yrlg by Forest
RARE OPPORTUNITY (SPR), yrlg by         Northern Afleet                        RED TIE LADY, yrlg by Highland           Cryptoclearance                     RESOUNDING GRACE (SPR), yrlg by         RIDIYA (IRE), yrlg by Fasliyev          RIVERMAN'S TEA, 2yo by Najran            Camp
  Elusive Quality                     REASON TO TALK, yrlg by Fusaichi           Ruckus                               REGENTS FLAME, yrlg by                  Mizzen Mast                           RIETONDALE, yrlg by Afleet Alex         RIVERMEAD, yrlg by Avonbridge (GB)      ROMANTIC SUMMER (SPR), yrlg by
RARE RESOLVE, yrlg by Tapit             Pegasus                                RED VALE (IRE), yrlg by Invincible       Cryptoclearance                     RESTIV STAR, yrlg by Marju (IRE)        RIFFLE (SPR), yrlg by Kafwain           RIVER PATROL (GB) (SPR), yrlg by         Yes It's True
RARE RUBY (SPR), yrlg by Champali     REATA RIOS (SPR), yrlg by                  Spirit (IRE)                         REGENTS GLOW (SPR), wnlg by Hear      RESTLESS APPEAL (SPR), yrlg by          RIGHT ABOUT NOW, yrlg by                  Halling                               ROMANTIC TRICK, yrlg by Ten Most
RARE TOGA, yrlg by Cactus Ridge         Snowbound                              RED VALENTINE, yrlg by Dance With        No Evil                               High Demand                             Yonaguska, 2yo by Zavata              RIVER PRINCESS (SPR), yrlg by            Wanted
RARE TOUCH (SPR), yrlg by Action      REBBY (SPR), wnlg by Sky Terrace           Ravens                               REGINA MARIA, yrlg by Dubawi (IRE)    RESTLESS ONE, yrlg by Grand Slam        RIGHT ANSWER (GB), wnlg by                Congaree                              ROMANTIC VENTURE (IRE), 2yo by
  This Day                            REBECCA'S WISH, 2yo by Catienus          RED ZINGER, yrlg by Singspiel (IRE)    REGINA'S TIME, yrlg by Teton Forest   RESTLESS RICH (SPR), yrlg by Finest       Indesatchel (IRE)                     RIVER ROMAN, 2yo by Anasheed             Peintre Celebre
RASH (SPR), yrlg by Yes It's True     REBEL COUNTY (IRE), 2yo by               REED AND RITE, 2yo by Roar of the      REHEAR (SPR), yrlg by Stormy            Hour                                  RIGHTEOUS WOLF, yrlg by Proud           RIVER SUNSET, yrlg by                   ROMEA (GB), yrlg by Kheleyf
RASHAS WARNING, yrlg by                 Needwood Blade (GB)                      Tiger, yrlg by Roar of the Tiger       Atlantic                            RESTLESS SEA, 2yo by Smart Strike         Accolade, 2yo by Wild Event             Leroidesanimaux (BRZ)                 ROMPIN NELDA G, yrlg by
  Leroidesanimaux (BRZ)               REBEL GAL, yrlg by K One King            REELY RISKY, yrlg by Trippi            REIGNING DYNASTY, yrlg by Aptitude    RESTOCK, 2yo by Safe in the U S A       RIGHTFROMTHESTART (SPR), yrlg by        RIVER TAP, 2yo by Vision and Verse       Scatmandu
RASH GIFT (GB) (SPR), yrlg by         REBELLIOUS NATURE, yrlg by Snow          REEMATNA (GB), yrlg by Exceed And      REIGNING EMERALD, yrlg by Belong      RESTORED HOPE (SPR), yrlg by              Perfect Soul (IRE)                    RIVER VALENTINE (FR), yrlg by           RONDONIA (SPR), yrlg by Barkerville
  Avonbridge (GB)                       Ridge                                    Excel (AUS)                            to Me                                 Afleet Alex, 2yo by Strong Hope       RIGHT HERE, wnlg by Chapel Royal          Verglas (IRE)                         RONIQUE (SPR), 2yo by Medaglia
RASMALAI (GB), wnlg by Phoenix        REBONAH, yrlg by Proud Citizen           REEM ONE (IRE), yrlg by Exceed And     REIGN OF TARA, 2yo by Milwaukee       RETALIATOR (GB) (SPR), yrlg by          RIGHT REGAL, yrlg by Gimmeawink,        RIVIERA COLLEEN, 2yo by Lion Heart       d'Oro
  Reach (IRE)                         REBRIDLED SECRET, 2yo by Sky               Excel (AUS)                            Brew                                  Needwood Blade (GB)                     2yo by Smoke Glacken                  RIVIERA MILL, yrlg by Dehere            ROO (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Oasis Dream
RASPBERRY EGGCREAM (SPR), 2yo           Mesa                                   REFAX, yrlg by Act of Duty             REIGN ROSE, 2yo by Strategic          RETROSPECTIVE (SPR), yrlg by            RIGOROUS, yrlg by Macho Uno             RIZARA, yrlg by Jade Hunter              (GB)
  by Snow Ridge                       RECAPITALIZE, yrlg by More Than          REFER, 2yo by Menifee                    Mission                               Storm Cat                             RILEY ROSE, yrlg by City Zip            RIZO AMORO, 2yo by Galileo (IRE),       ROOM FOR TWO, wnlg by K One
RATIONALE, yrlg by Canadian             Ready                                  REFERENDUM, yrlg by Sky Mesa           REIGN SUPREME, yrlg by Benchmark      RETSINA'S PRINCESS (SPR), yrlg by       RIM, 2yo by Monarchos                     yrlg by Indian Charlie                 King, 2yo by Whiff of Indy
  Frontier                            RECESS IN HEAVEN, yrlg by Tenpins        REFINE (ARG), wnlg by Medaglia         REINE DES NEIGES, yrlg by Point         Soto                                  RIMA, yrlg by More Than Ready           RIZZAMATIC, 2yo by Snuck In             ROOTINTOOTINNANY, wnlg by
RAVEN FACTOR, 2yo by Graeme Hall      RECKLESS VENTURE (SPR), yrlg by            d'Oro                                  Given                               REUNION (IRE), yrlg by Kheleyf          RIMINI ROAD, yrlg by Yankee             R LIL PETITE TEN, yrlg by Holy Bull      Mancini
RAVINE, 2yo by Littlebitlively          Storm of Goshen                        REFLECTANCE (GB), yrlg by Tiger Hill   REINE DU NORD (SPR), yrlg by          REVEALING BLUSH, yrlg by Omega            Gentleman                             R NIELE, yrlg by Gent                   ROPERSANDWRANGLERS, yrlg by
RAVINE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Pivotal    RECONCILE, yrlg by Ide                     (IRE)                                  Slewvescent                           Code                                  RING AGAIN (SPR), yrlg by Van           ROAD AFFAIR, yrlg by Grand Reward        Mineshaft
  (GB)                                RECONSIDER, yrlg by Wheaton              REFLECT THE MUSIC (SPR), yrlg by       REINE WELLS (IRE) (SPR), 2yo by       REVE D'IMAN (FR), yrlg by Marju (IRE)     Nistelrooy                            ROAD TO HONOR, yrlg by Wildcat          ROSA AMARILLA, yrlg by Midnight
RAVINE ROSE, 2yo by Golden Missile    RECORD TIME (GB) (SPR), yrlg by            Tale of the Cat                        Red Ransom                          REVERENCE, yrlg by Tiznow               RING AND A PRAYER, yrlg by Even           Heir                                   Royalty
RAVISH ME (SPR), 2yo by Gulch           Makbul (IRE)                           REFRESHING TOO (SPR), yrlg by          REINFREE (SPR), yrlg by El Prado      REVERIE, yrlg by Gimmeawink, 2yo          the Score                             ROAD TO MANDALAY, 2yo by                ROSA CANINA (GB), wnlg by Doyen
RAWESOME, yrlg by Stormy Atlantic     RED AZALEA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by             Peaks and Valleys                      (IRE)                                 by Smoke Glacken                      RINGING ECHO, 2yo by Strong Hope          Aptitude, yrlg by Gold Token           (IRE)
RAW GOLD (SPR), yrlg by Value Plus      Starcraft (NZ)                         REFUGEE, 2yo by Not For Love           REIN OF FIRE, yrlg by Dramatic Show   REVERSE THE CALL (SPR), 2yo by          RINGLET, yrlg by Afleet Alex            ROANA GALE (SPR), 2yo by Storm          ROSA DE ABRIL (CHI), yrlg by Tenpins
RAYOFSUNSHINE, yrlg by City Street    RED BANDANNA (IRE), yrlg by Royal        REGAL APPROVAL, yrlg by El             REKINDLED ROMANCE, yrlg by              Posse                                 RING OF LOVE (GB) (SPR), wnlg by          Day                                   ROSA ETERNA, yrlg by Gneiss
RAY'S CHOICE (SPR), yrlg by Ghostly     Applause (GB)                            Corredor                               Prized                              REVEUSE DE JOUR (IRE), 2yo by             Cadeaux Genereux (GB), yrlg by        ROARING BEAUTY, yrlg by                 ROSA MUNDI, 2yo by Milwaukee
  Moves                               RED BEACH (IRE), yrlg by Antonius        REGAL BALLAD, 2yo by Montbrook         RELAXING GREEN, yrlg by Indian          Hawk Wing, yrlg by Nayef                Dubai Destination                       Congressionalhonor                      Brew, yrlg by North Light (IRE)
RAYSIZA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by            Pius                                   REGAL BEAUTY, yrlg by Omega Code         Charlie                             REVOLUTIONARY ACT, yrlg by              RING PINK, 2yo by Fasliyev              ROBBERY SUSPECT, yrlg by Fusaichi       ROSANA'S INTENTION, yrlg by
  Azamour (IRE), 2yo by One Cool      RED BOA, wnlg by Grand Slam              REGAL BLAST, yrlg by Yonaguska         RELEVANCE, wnlg by Closing              Dixieland Band                        RINGS AND THINGS, 2yo by Lion             Pegasus                                 Formal Gold
  Cat                                 RED BRAVO, 2yo by Dansili (GB)           REGAL CASE, yrlg by Stormin Fever        Argument, yrlg by Holy Bull         REWARDIA (IRE), 2yo by Needwood           Heart                                 ROBE CHINOISE (GB), yrlg by Selkirk     ROSEANNA (FR), yrlg by Dalakhani
RAZACAT, yrlg by Read the Footnotes   REDCARPETTREATMENT, yrlg by              REGAL CRISIS, 2yo by Storm             RELIC NOTEBOOK, 2yo by Pure             Blade (GB)                            RING STAR (SPR), 2yo by Vindication     ROBIN (GB), yrlg by Marju (IRE), wnlg    (IRE)
RAZANA (IRE) (SPR), wnlg by Noverre     State City                               Passage                                Precision                           R EXCESS, yrlg by Dome                  RING YOUR BELL, 2yo by Tiger Ridge        by Oratorio (IRE)                     ROSE BOURBON (SPR), yrlg by
RAZE (GB), wnlg by Bertolini          RED CASCADE, yrlg by Teton Forest        REGAL DANCER, wnlg by Rock Slide       RELIGIOUS COLONY (SPR), yrlg by       REZIPPED, wnlg by Wimbledon             RIO TEJO (SPR), yrlg by In Excess       ROBINERA, yrlg by Cape Canaveral         Dixieland Band
RAZZI CAT (SPR), yrlg by Eddington    RED CELL, yrlg by City Zip               REGAL DARCEY (IRE), yrlg by              Tactical Cat                        REZISTER (SPR), yrlg by Action This       (IRE)                                 ROBSART (IRE) (SPR), 2yo by Royal       ROSE CITY, yrlg by Grand Reward
RAZZLE (IRE), wnlg by Indesatchel     RED DREAM (SPR), 2yo by Gold               Danehill Dancer (IRE)                RELISH THE THOUGHT (IRE) (SPR),         Day                                   RIOTOUS MISS, wnlg by Roaring             Applause (GB)                         ROSE COLORED LADY (SPR), yrlg
  (IRE)                                 Tribute, yrlg by Grand Appointment     REGALDEBARAN, yrlg by Bold               yrlg by Seeking the Gold            REZZY (SPR), yrlg by Purge                Fever                                 ROCKET MY SOUL, yrlg by Unusual          by Smarty Jones
RAZZLE DAZZLE (IRE), yrlg by Royal    REDEEM, yrlg by Forest Danger              Executive                            RELUCTANT DIVA (GB) (SPR), 2yo by     RHETORICAL LASS (SPR), yrlg by          RIPALONG (IRE), yrlg by Shamardal         Heat                                  ROSE FRANCES (SPR), yrlg by
  Applause (GB)                       REDEEM (IRE), wnlg by Sleeping           REGAL DEBUTANTE (SPR), yrlg by           Hennessy, yrlg by Maria's Mon         Forest Camp                           RIPPLE OF PRIDE (IRE), yrlg by Cape     ROCKIN' KATE, yrlg by Forest             Vindication
R B'S LINDA, yrlg by Lion Hearted       Indian (GB), yrlg by Trade Fair (GB)     Trippi                               RE LYD, yrlg by Storm Boot            RHIANA (SPR), yrlg by Smarty Jones,       Cross (IRE)                             Danger                                ROSE LAW FIRM, yrlg by Sarava
R C U LATER ELAINE, yrlg by Tiger     REDEEMABLE, wnlg by Suave                REGAL ENDORSEMENT, yrlg by             REMEDIATE, yrlg by Arch                 2yo by Speightstown                   RIPTIDE, yrlg by Action This Day        ROCKIN' ROUX, yrlg by Storm Day         ROSELYN (GB), 2yo by Fantastic Light
  Ridge                               RED EMPRESS (GB), wnlg by Pivotal          Marino Marini                        REMEDY (GB), yrlg by Verglas (IRE)    RHINELAND (SPR), yrlg by El Prado       RISE (GB), wnlg by Green Desert, yrlg   ROCK SALT (GB), yrlg by Powerscourt     ROSEMARK, 2yo by Fusaichi Pegasus
R D FILLE (SPR), yrlg by Quiet          (GB)                                   REGAL ESTATE (SPR), yrlg by Cobra      REMISS (SPR), wnlg by Two Punch         (IRE)                                   by Red Ransom                           (GB)                                  ROSE OF LANCASTER, yrlg by
  American                            RED FLAME (IRE), yrlg by Kyllachy          King                                 REMISS (IRE), yrlg by Noverre         RHODELIA, yrlg by Victory Gallop        RISE AND FALL (SPR), yrlg by            ROCK THE BOAT (GB) (SPR), wnlg by        Where's the Ring
REACH THE TOP (SPR), yrlg by            (GB)                                   REGAL HEIR, yrlg by Harlan's           REMISSION, yrlg by Captain Bodgit     RHONDA DEL CIELO, yrlg by Midway          Cozzene                                 Halling, yrlg by Tiger Hill (IRE)     ROSE OF MULL (SPR), yrlg by
  Empire Maker                        RED FUSCHIA (GB), yrlg by Captain          Holiday                              REMODELING, yrlg by Yonaguska           Road                                  RISEN MISS, yrlg by Consolidator        ROCK THE NEST (SPR), 2yo by              Orientate
READ FEDERICA (GB), yrlg by             Rio (GB)                               REGAL IMAGE, 2yo by Cuvee              REMORA, wnlg by Exchange Rate         RHONDA LEGS, yrlg by Gilded Time        RISEN ROXIE, yrlg by Zarbyev              Scrimshaw                             ROSE OF SOPHIA, yrlg by Valid
  Hennessy                            RED HOT CHIQUITA, wnlg by Stormin
                                                                               REGAL KATE, yrlg by Chapel Royal       REMSHEG, yrlg by Tale of the Cat      RHONDALING (GB) (SPR), yrlg by          RISE 'N SHINE (GB), yrlg by Royal       ROCQUETTE, yrlg by Standing On           Belfast
READY FALLS, 2yo by Scrimshaw                                                  REGALLY APPEALING, yrlg by             REMUDA (SPR), yrlg by Strong Hope       Leroidesanimaux (BRZ)                   Applause (GB)                           Edge                                  ROSE OF WENDOVER (SPR), 2yo by
                                      RED HOT STAR, yrlg by Pollard's
READY TO WALTZ, yrlg by Mancini                                                  Unbridled's Song                     RENAISSANCE LADY, yrlg by             RHONDA'S ROCKET, yrlg by Wildcat        RISEN STARLET, yrlg by Malabar Gold     RODEO FAN, 2yo by Hennessy, yrlg         Sea of Secrets
REAGLE MARY, yrlg by Medaglia                                                  REGAL MARK, yrlg by Cobra King           Kingmambo                             Heir                                  RISE TO ROAR, yrlg by Lion Hearted,       by Lion Heart                         ROSE PLAY (SPR), yrlg by Richter
                                      RED JAPONICA (GB), 2yo by Sadler's
  d'Oro                                                                        REGAL MISS COPELAN (SPR), yrlg         RENAISSANCE LADY (IRE), yrlg by       RHUM (SPR), 2yo by Mineshaft, yrlg        wnlg by True Direction                RODEO SPRINGS, 2yo by Roar of            Scale
REAL BAD GIRL, 2yo by Toccet                                                     by Unbridled's Song                    Ishiguru                              by Pulpit                             RISING TIDE, 2yo by Indian Charlie        the Tiger                             ROSES FOR ALYSE (SPR), wnlg by
                                      RED JELLY, 2yo by Cape Canaveral
REAL CAT, yrlg by Afleet Alex                                                  REGAL 'N BOLD, yrlg by Forest Camp     RENAISSANCE WOMAN, 2yo by             RHUMBA RAGE, yrlg by Lemon Drop         RISK (SPR), yrlg by Dixie Union         RODERICKA, 2yo by Lion Heart, wnlg       Smoke Glacken, yrlg by Smoke
                                      RED LEGGINGS (GB), wnlg by
REAL CLEVER TRICK, wnlg by                                                     REGAL PENNANT (SPR), yrlg by             Benchmark                             Kid                                   RISKY KITTEN, 2yo by During, yrlg by      by Zavata                              Glacken
                                        Tobougg (IRE)
  Congrats                                                                       Songandaprayer                       RENEE'S CAT, yrlg by Stroll           RHUMB LINE (SPR), wnlg by Tapit           Prime Timber                          RODE TO OZ, yrlg by Dixie Dot Com       ROSES FOR AVIE (SPR), 2yo by
                                      RED LICORICE, yrlg by Chicago Six
REAL CONCERN, yrlg by Two Punch                                                REGAL POINT, yrlg by Successful        RENEES SECRET, yrlg by Golden         RHYTHM OF DANCE, 2yo by                 RISTNA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by              RODE TO RESOLVE, yrlg by Perfect         Straight Man
                                      RED LITTLE LIES, yrlg by Scrimshaw
REAL COZZY, yrlg by Distorted                                                    Appeal                                 Missile                               Mutakddim                               Greatness                               Soul (IRE)                            ROSES FOR ROSA, yrlg by West Acre
                                      RED LOCKET, yrlg by Cactus Ridge
  Humor                                                                        REGAL RHEANNA, yrlg by                 RENOWNED (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by         RIBBLESDALE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by         RITCHIE TRAIL (SPR), 2yo by During      ROGET'S FACT, yrlg by Toolighttoquit    ROSES IN THE SNOW (IRE) (SPR),
                                      REDMARINA, 2yo by Kafwain
REAL CRAFTY BELLE, 2yo by Posse,                                                 Outofthebox                            Halling                               Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)               RITZCEE, yrlg by Benchmark              ROHITA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Nayef        yrlg by Gulch
                                      REDMOND, wnlg by Bluegrass Cat,
  yrlg by Toccet                                                               REGAL RIBAND (GB), wnlg by             RENOWNED CAT, yrlg by Dynaformer      RIBBONS AND BOWS (IRE), yrlg by         RITZIE APPEAL, 2yo by Abajo             ROKEBY LYNN, yrlg by Saarland           ROSES N BOWS, yrlg by Werblin
                                        yrlg by Mr. Greeley
REAL DOLL, yrlg by Awesome Again                                                 Kyllachy (GB)                        RENT FREE (SPR), 2yo by Cactus          Oasis Dream (GB)                      RIVA ROYALE (GB), yrlg by Hawk          ROKEBY ROSIE, 2yo by Lion Heart         ROSES NEVER FADE, wnlg by Alke,
                                      REDNECK DARLING, yrlg by Perfect
REAL EDGE, yrlg by Storm and a Half                                            REGAL RIGHT (SPR), yrlg by Bold          Ridge, wnlg by Pollard's Vision     RIBOT'S GUEST (IRE) (SPR), wnlg by        Wing                                  ROLEO, yrlg by Five Star Day             yrlg by Full Mandate
                                        Soul (IRE)
REAL EMOTION (SPR), wnlg by           RED PIANO, yrlg by More Than Ready         Executive                            RENVYLE ROSE (IRE), 2yo by              Shamardal                             RIVER ABOUALI (GB), yrlg by             ROLLETTE, 2yo by Point Given            ROSE SOCIETY (GB) (SPR), yrlg by
  Storming Home (GB)                  RED RABBIT (GB), yrlg by Trade Fair      REGAL ROSE (GB), yrlg by                 Invincible Spirit (IRE)             RICADONNA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by             Antonius Pius                         ROLLING CREEK, yrlg by Cherokee          Hawk Wing
REALITY'S AFFAIR, yrlg by Indy King     (GB)                                     Medicean (GB)                        REPAST (SPR), yrlg by Gators N          Noverre                               RIVER BELLE (GB), yrlg by                 Run                                   ROSETOTHEOCCASION, 2yo by
THE REAL JEWEL, yrlg by Macho         REDRIGHTRETURNING (GB), yrlg by          REGAL RUTHIE, yrlg by Avenue of          Bears                               RICH BARONESS, yrlg by Chapel             Shamardal                             ROLPHS WAY, 2yo by Read the              Yankee Gentleman
  Uno                                   Viking Ruler (AUS)                       Flags                                REPEAT ROYALTY (SPR), wnlg by           Royal                                 RIVERBOAT MISS, 2yo by More Than          Footnotes                             ROSEUM (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Peintre
REALLY AMEADOWSTAR, yrlg by           RED RITA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Dubawi     REGAL SNICKER (SPR), yrlg by             Eurosilver                          RICH DANCER (GB) (SPR), yrlg by           Ready, yrlg by More Than Ready        ROMACA, yrlg by Omega Code               Celebre
  Holy Bull                             (IRE)                                    Limehouse                            REPOSSESS (SPR), 2yo by                 Trade Fair (GB)                       RIVER CACHE (SPR), yrlg by Maria's      ROMALLEETA, 2yo by Alajwad              ROSEVA (SPR), yrlg by Iskandar
REALLYAROAN (SPR), yrlg by Offlee     RED ROYALTY (SPR), 2yo by                REGAL STAR (GB), yrlg by Danehill        Newfoundland                        RICHEN (SPR), yrlg by Repent              Mon                                   ROMANCIA, yrlg by Danehill Dancer        Elakbar
  Wild                                  Drewman, yrlg by Five Star Day           Dancer (IRE)                         REPRICED FAME, yrlg by Dream Run,     RICH FIND, yrlg by Songandaprayer       RIVER CARA, 2yo by Act One (GB),          (IRE)                                 ROSEY RIVER, yrlg by Prospector
REALLY GOOD, yrlg by Flatter, wnlg    RED RYDING HOOD (GB), yrlg by            REGAL TALK, yrlg by Tapit                2yo by Dream Run                    RICHIE'S GIRLS, yrlg by Belong to Me      yrlg by Dr Fong                       ROMAN LOVE (IRE), yrlg by                Jones
  by Flatter                            Fraam (GB), wnlg by Kyllachy (GB)      REGAL VELVET (GB), wnlg by Oasis       REPRISE (GB), yrlg by Galileo (IRE)   RICH IN LOVE, yrlg by Lion Heart        RIVER CITY MOON, 2yo by Beat              Footstepsinthesand (GB)               ROSHNETI, wnlg by The Daddy
REALLY KEEN, yrlg by City Zip         RED SATIN SLIPPERS (SPR), 2yo by           Dream (GB)                           REPUTABLE (GB), wnlg by Where Or      RICHLY PLEASANT, yrlg by Broken           Hollow (GB)                           ROMAN ROMANCE, yrlg by El               ROSIE CITY (SPR), 2yo by Leestown,
REAL ROSE, 2yo by Awesome Again         El Corredor                            REGAL VICTRESS (SPR), wnlg by Star       When (IRE)                            Vow                                   RIVER DANCE QUEEN, yrlg by                Corredor                               yrlg by Lydgate
REAL TERRY, 2yo by Rossini            RED SECRET, yrlg by Chapel Royal           Dabbler                              REPUTED STYLE (SPR), yrlg by          RICH PEACE, yrlg by Buddha                Highland Gold                         ROMANTIC BEAUTY, yrlg by Mr.            ROSIE FLIGHT, yrlg by Quiet
THE REAL THING, 2yo by Flatter        RED SHAREEF (GB) (SPR), yrlg by          REGARD, wnlg by Anabaa                   Tejano Run                          RICH STEP, yrlg by Reformer Rally       RIVER DRIVE, yrlg by Mr. Greeley          Livingston                             American
REASONABLY DEVOUT, yrlg by Oasis        Intikhab                               REGARDED LEADER, 2yo by Magic          RESCUE MISSION, yrlg by Jump Start    RICHWOOD GIRL, yrlg by Northern         RIVER DYNA (SPR), yrlg by               ROMANTIC COMEDY, yrlg by El             ROSIE O'GRETA (SPR), yrlg by Hook
  Dream (GB)                          RED SONNET, yrlg by More Than              Cat                                  RESENT, yrlg by Perfect Soul (IRE)      Afleet, wnlg by Sharp Humor             Monarchos                               Prado (IRE)                            and Ladder
REASON TO LIVE, yrlg by Cuvee           Ready                                  REGATTA QUEEN (SPR), yrlg by           RESERVATION (SPR), yrlg by            RICO ENDS WELL (SPR), yrlg by           RIVER EMPRESS, yrlg by Value Plus       ROMANTIC DRAMA (IRE), yrlg by           ROSIE'S POSY (IRE), yrlg by Dubawi
REASON TO RANSOM, yrlg by Holy                                                   Eurosilver                             Medallist                             Posse, 2yo by The Cliff's Edge        RIVER FLOW (SPR), yrlg by Sadler's        Kyllachy (GB)                          (IRE)

52           THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                 THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                   53
Dams                                                                              Menifee
                                                                                RUNAWAY, yrlg by Closing Argument,
                                                                                                                             Fappie's Notebook
                                                                                                                           RUTH ANN D'OR (SPR), yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                                     Elusive Quality
                                                                                                                                                                   SAHIBAH (SPR), yrlg by Eurosilver
                                                                                                                                                                                                           SALLY GAP, yrlg by Tomahawk
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  SAND STAR, yrlg by Roar of the Tiger
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          SARATOGA HONEY (SPR), yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Successful Appeal
                                                                                  2yo by Roar of the Tiger                   Include, wnlg by Southern Image       SAHTAW PRINCESS, wnlg by Alke           SALLY Q, yrlg by Fantasticat           SAND TRICK, 2yo by Repent, wnlg by      SARATOGA HUMOR, wnlg by More
ROSIE THE RIVETER, wnlg by Artie          And Excel (AUS)                       RUNAWAY AB, yrlg by Red Bullet             RUTHENWOOD, wnlg by Show Tune           SAIBHREAS (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Rakti    SALLY SAYS NO, 2yo by Three              With Distinction                        Than Ready
 Schiller                               ROYAL LASSIE, yrlg by Yonaguska         RUNAWAY ALY, yrlg by Buddha                RUTHIAN (SPR), 2yo by Vindication         (GB)                                    Wonders                              SANDY'S STORM (SPR), yrlg by            SARATOGAN, yrlg by Monarchos
ROSKEEN (IRE), yrlg by Noverre          ROYAL LINKAGE (SPR), yrlg by Five       RUNAWAY AM, yrlg by Cimarron               RUTHLESS BABE, yrlg by Pollard's        SAID PRIVATELY (SPR), 2yo by Sky        SALON, yrlg by Graeme Hall               Strong Hope                           SARATOGA RHYTHM (SPR), 2yo by
ROSSA DI RUGIADA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg        Star Day                                Secret                                     Vision                                  Mesa, yrlg by Yes It's True           SALSA AND CHIPS, wnlg by Mingun,       SANDY'S WAY, wnlg by Jump Start,          Cuvee
 by High Chaparral (IRE)                ROYAL MISTRESS (GB), wnlg by Ad         RUNAWAY BIG (SPR), yrlg by Mint            RUTHLESS TOOTHLESS, yrlg by             SAIL BY NIGHT, yrlg by Kheleyf            yrlg by Newfoundland                   yrlg by Teton Forest                  SARATOGA SIZZLE (SPR), yrlg by
ROSTHERN, yrlg by Dixie Union             Valorem                               RUNAWAY BRIDE, yrlg by Lightnin N            Pikepass                              SAILING (GB), yrlg by Sky Mesa          SALSA CITY, 2yo by Tapit               SANGAM, yrlg by More Than Ready           Orientate
ROSY DUDLEY (IRE), yrlg by Refuse       ROYAL MUSKOKA, yrlg by Yankee             Thunder                                  RUTLEDGE (IRE), wnlg by Holy            SAILING SOLO, 2yo by Van Nistelrooy     SALT BREEZE, yrlg by Equality          SANGOMA, yrlg by Cat's At Home          SARATOGA SOCIAL, 2yo by Hook and
 To Bend (IRE)                            Gentleman                             RUNAWAY CHANEL, yrlg by Purge                Roman Emperor (IRE)                   SAILOR PLUTO (SPR), 2yo by              SALT CEDAR (SPR), 2yo by Grand         SANIBEL ISLAND (SPR), yrlg by             Ladder
ROUGE NOIR (SPR), yrlg by Elusive       ROYAL PARADE, yrlg by Tale of the       RUNAWAY DOLL (SPR), yrlg by                RUTLEDGE AFFAIR (SPR), yrlg by            Songandaprayer                          Slam                                   Toccet                                SARATOGA SPRING, 2yo by Honor
 City                                     Cat                                     Newfoundland                               Toccet                                SAIL STORM (SPR), yrlg by Hawk          SALT DE TERE (SPR), yrlg by Action     SANIBEL SUNSET, wnlg by Lion Heart        Glide
ROUGH R. N., yrlg by Bay Head King      ROYAL PERFORMANCE, 2yo by Quiet         RUNAWAY ELEANOR, yrlg by Value             RUTLEDGE DANCER, yrlg by                  Wing                                    This Day                             SANPA FAN (ITY), yrlg by Invincible     SARATOGA SUGAR, yrlg by Tale of
ROUND Z. BEND (SPR), wnlg by              American, yrlg by Read the              Plus                                       Orientate                             ST ADELE, yrlg by Silver Deputy         SALT IT AGAIN, yrlg by Here's            Spirit (IRE)                            the Cat
 Repent                                   Footnotes                             RUNAWAY LIL, wnlg by Pleasantly            RUZNAMA, 2yo by Kingkiowa               SAINT ANGELINA, yrlg by Mineshaft         Zealous                              SANSA, yrlg by Stephen Got Even         SARAZEN BRIDGE, yrlg by Tribal Rule
ROUSSELINO, 2yo by Kheleyf              ROYAL REGISTRY, yrlg by Honour            Perfect                                  R VALID GIRL, yrlg by Devil His Due     SAINT ANN (SPR), yrlg by Dr Fong        SALT LOCH (SPR), yrlg by Five Star     SANTA CRISTINA (SPR), yrlg by           SARDINIA, wnlg by Ole Rebel
ROVIE WADE, yrlg by Forest Camp           and Glory                             RUNAWAY LULU (SPR), yrlg by                RYELLA, wnlg by Awesome Again           SAINT AUBIN (SPR), 2yo by Action          Day                                    Bernstein                             SAREB (FR), yrlg by Night Shift
ROWBOTTOM, 2yo by Lido Palace           ROYAL REMEDY, yrlg by Kitten's Joy        Slewdledo                                RYN (SPR), yrlg by Dixie Union            This Day, yrlg by Buddha              SALTWATER SILENCE (SPR), yrlg by       SANTA ELENA, yrlg by Orientate          SARIANO, yrlg by Stormy Atlantic
 (CHI)                                  ROYAL RESERVES (SPR), yrlg by           RUNAWAY PRINCESS, 2yo by Van               RYVNINE, yrlg by Tapit                  ST AYE, yrlg by Afleet Alex               Limehouse                            SANTA ROSARII (IRE), yrlg by Choisir    SARIE MARAIS, yrlg by Honour and
ROXANIA (GB), 2yo by Tiger Hill (IRE)     Mineshaft                               Nistelrooy                               SABAAH (SPR), yrlg by Shamardal         ST BALLADO'S IMAGE, yrlg by             SALTY BEACH, wnlg by Zavata              (AUS)                                   Glory
ROXY (GB), yrlg by Kyllachy (GB)        ROYAL RING DANCER, yrlg by Devil        RUNAWAY ROYALTY (SPR), yrlg by             SABALARA (IRE), 2yo by Primo              Tiznow                                SALTY LADY (SPR), yrlg by              SANTA'S LADY, 2yo by More Than          SARIFA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Key of
ROXY SLEW, yrlg by Storm Day              His Due                                 Leroidesanimaux (BRZ)                      Valentino (IRE)                       SAINT BELIEVE IT, yrlg by Congaree        Speightstown, 2yo by Trippi            Ready                                   Luck
ROYAL ACTRESS, yrlg by Cactus           ROYAL SANCTION, yrlg by El              RUNAWAY SET, yrlg by Avenue of             SABANDER BAY, yrlg by Peintre           SAINT BERNADETTE, 2yo by Touch          SALTY MANNER, yrlg by Powerscourt      SANTERRA, yrlg by Speightstown          SARINA'S PRINCESS, yrlg by Sahm
 Ridge                                    Corredor                                Flags                                      Celebre                                 Gold                                    (GB)                                 SANTIAGO BLUE, wnlg by Val Royal        SARSAPARILLA, yrlg by In Excessive
ROYAL AMOUR, yrlg by Flatter            ROYALS SPECIAL (IRE), wnlg by           RUNAWAY SILVER, yrlg by Harlan's           SABATHANI, 2yo by Tapit                 SAINT BOOM, yrlg by Street Cry (IRE)    SALTY MISTRESS, 2yo by Upping the        (FR)                                    Bull
ROYAL AND ANCIENT, yrlg by                Marju (IRE), yrlg by Royal Applause     Holiday                                  SABBATH DAY POINT, yrlg by Vision       ST BRIDE'S BAY (GB), 2yo by Night         Ante                                 SANTISIMA TRINIDAD (IRE), yrlg by       SASAFRASS ROSE (SPR), yrlg by Trail
 Powerscourt (GB)                         (GB)                                  RUNAWAY TIGER, 2yo by Phone                  and Verse                               Shift                                 SALTY PERFUME (SPR), yrlg by             Bahamian Bounty (GB), wnlg by           City
ROYAL BALLERINA (IRE), yrlg by          ROYAL STING, yrlg by Congaree             Trick                                    SABELLA, 2yo by Siberian Summer         ST CLAIR RIDGE (IRE), wnlg by             Eurosilver                             Cadeaux Genereux (GB)                 SASIN (IRE), 2yo by Cherokee Run,
 Dalakhani (IRE)                        ROYAL SUITE, wnlg by Eddington          RUN CAT RUN, yrlg by Kela                  SABINDY, yrlg by Five Star Day            Congaree                              SALTY ROCKET, yrlg by Chapel Royal     SANTOLINA, yrlg by Dynaformer             wnlg by Cherokee Run
ROYAL BAUBLE, 2yo by Greatness          ROYAL SWEEP, yrlg by Vindication        RUN CLASSY LADY, yrlg by High              SABOT, yrlg by Sir Cherokee             ST EDITH (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Act One   SALTY SUZY (SPR), 2yo by Afternoon     SANTUARY'S MAK, 2yo by                  SASSANIA (IRE), yrlg by Bertolini
ROYAL BOSSI (IRE), yrlg by Rakti        ROYAL SWEETPEA, yrlg by Posse             Brite                                    SABREEN (SPR), yrlg by Eurosilver,        (GB)                                    Deelites                               Catastrophe                           SASSEY ERIN, yrlg by Unforgettable
 (GB)                                   ROYAL TERESA, yrlg by Pollard's         RUN EARLY RUN FAST, yrlg by                  2yo by Yonaguska                      SAINTE TAVOS, 2yo by Alke               SALUKI, yrlg by Eurosilver, wnlg by    SAPHILA (IRE), yrlg by Starcraft (NZ)     Max
ROYAL CADENCE, 2yo by Favorite            Vision                                  Mingun                                   SABREON (GB), yrlg by Danehill          SAINT GERTRUDE (SPR), 2yo by              Eurosilver                           SAPHIRE, yrlg by High Chaparral (IRE)   SASS IT, yrlg by Crafty Friend
 Trick                                  ROYAL TIGRESS, yrlg by Vindication      RUN FOR JOY, yrlg by Silver Deputy           Dancer (IRE)                            Snuck In                              SALUTE HER, yrlg by Officer            SAPHIRE (GB) (SPR), wnlg by Byron       SASSY BELLE, yrlg by Wimbledon
ROYAL CHARISMA, 2yo by Leestown,        ROYAL WONDER, yrlg by                   RUN FOR LASSIE (SPR), wnlg by              SABRINA'S SECRET, yrlg by Cactus        SAINT GREER, 2yo by Keats               SALUTRESS, yrlg by Lion Hearted          (GB)                                  SASSY BIRD (SPR), yrlg by Danehill
 yrlg by On Target                        Johannesburg                            Langfuhr                                   Ridge                                 ST. HELENS SHADOW (SPR), yrlg by        SALVINIA, yrlg by Dubai Destination    SAPHIRIA, yrlg by Pulpit                  Dancer (IRE), wnlg by Holy Roman
ROYAL CHERRY, wnlg by Alphabet          ROYAL YEAR, yrlg by Salt Lake           RUN IN MY HOSE, yrlg by Werblin,           SABU (SPR), yrlg by Elusive Quality       Tiznow                                SAMARITAN WOMAN (IRE), yrlg by         SAPPHIRE HALO (SPR), yrlg by              Emperor (IRE)
 Soup                                   ROZIE AND ME, yrlg by                     2yo by Yonaguska                         SACAHUISTA (SPR), wnlg by               ST. JOHN DRESS, yrlg by Maria's           Verglas (IRE)                          Chapel Royal                          SASSY DAS, 2yo by Cuvee
ROYAL COCO, yrlg by Malabar Gold          Parisianprospector                    RUNNAWAY DREAM, yrlg by Dehere               Fusaichi Pegasus                        Mon                                   SAMBA SCHOOL, yrlg by Delaware         SAPPHIRE ICE, yrlg by Pure Precision    SASSY TWISTER, yrlg by Medaglia
ROYAL CONFECTION, 2yo by Macho          R SEATTLE SUZIE, 2yo by Muqtarib        RUNNAWAY GIRL, yrlg by Eurosilver          SACAJAWEAH, yrlg by Foxtrail            SAINT JOSY, yrlg by Reformer Rally        Township                             SAPPHIRE N CHIFFON, yrlg by Forest        d'Oro
 Uno                                    RUACANA FALLS, 2yo by Choisir           RUNNEL, yrlg by Eddington                  SACRE COEUR, yrlg by Pulpit             SAINT JUANAS HALO, yrlg by Tapit        SAMBUCA, 2yo by Texas Glitter            Danger                                SASSY WINS, yrlg by In a Walk
ROYAL CORONA, 2yo by Milwaukee            (AUS), yrlg by Elusive City           RUNNING BOLD, yrlg by Where's the          SACRED LOVE (IRE), yrlg by              SAINT KAYTIE (SPR), 2yo by Hook         SAME DAY BLUES, yrlg by Bowman's       SAPPHIRE N' SILK (SPR), yrlg by         SATEEN (GB), yrlg by Galileo (IRE)
 Brew                                   RUBIES FROM BURMA (SPR), yrlg by          Ring                                       Acclamation (GB)                        and Ladder                              Band                                   Mineshaft                             SATIN AND LACE, yrlg by El Corredor
ROYAL DECEPTION (SPR), yrlg by            Footstepsinthesand (GB)               RUNNING DEBATE, yrlg by Smarty             SACRED PEARL (IRE), yrlg by             SAINT LA PETIT (SPR), 2yo by Black      SAM EYE AM (SPR), 2yo by               SARABI (SPR), 2yo by The Cliff's        SATIN AND SILVER, yrlg by Woke Up
 Petionville                            RUBIES N ROSES, yrlg by                   Jones                                      Bertolini, 2yo by Oasis Dream (GB)      Mambo                                   Monashee Mountain                      Edge                                    Dreamin
ROYAL DEVOTION (IRE), yrlg by             Littlebitlively                       RUNNING KITTY, yrlg by Wheelaway           SACRED SUE (SPR), yrlg by Tale of       SAINTLIKE, yrlg by Grand Reward         SAMI TWO PUNCH, yrlg by                SARACANDU, yrlg by Saarland             SATIN DOLL (GB), wnlg by Ishiguru
 Pivotal (GB)                           RUBY AFFAIR (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by        RUNNING MATE, yrlg by Max's Pal              the Cat                               ST. LUCIA, wnlg by War Front              Stephanotis                          SARA CHATTERBOX, yrlg by Snow           SATIN FINISH (IRE), 2yo by Holy Bull
ROYAL DISTRACTION, yrlg by                Dubawi (IRE)                          RUNNIN UTE, yrlg by Silver Deputy          SAD CAFE, wnlg by Littleexpectations    ST LUCINDA (SPR), yrlg by               SAMMIE'SIDLELADY, yrlg by Seinne         Ridge                                 SAT IN SESSION, yrlg by Katowice
 Olmodavor                              RUBYANA, yrlg by Sky Mesa               RUNNIN WONDER (SPR), 2yo by                SADDLESONG, wnlg by Forest Camp           Songandaprayer                          (CHI)                                SARAH KATE, yrlg by Mongoose            SATIN SHOES (SPR), 2yo by Gold
ROYAL DOVE (IRE), yrlg by Arch, 2yo     RUBY BE MINE, yrlg by Bowman's            Harlan's Holiday                         SADDLE UP, yrlg by Abajo                SAINTLY LADY, yrlg by Werblin           SAMOSET, 2yo by Pure Prize             SARAH LANE'S OATES, yrlg by               Tribute
 by Cuvee                                 Band                                  RUNNYMEDE BRIDE, yrlg by Holy              SADIE THOMPSON (IRE), yrlg by           SAINTLY PERSUASION, wnlg by Mr.         SAMRIAH (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by             Silver Deputy                         SATISFIED, 2yo by Whywhywhy
ROYAL DREAM (GB), yrlg by               RUBY CITY, yrlg by Stephen Got Even       Bull, 2yo by Maria's Mon                   Halling                                 Greeley, yrlg by Stephen Got Even       Acclamation (GB)                     SARAH'S GIRL, yrlg by Devon Lane        SATSUMA (SPR), yrlg by Highland
                                        RUBY FRIDAY, yrlg by Malibu Moon
 Needwood Blade (GB)                                                            RUNS IN THE FAMILY (GB), wnlg by           SADINGA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Alhaarth   SAINTLY SCHOLAR, 2yo by Mr.             SAMSUNG SPIRIT (GB) (SPR), yrlg by     SARAHSHAPPYTOO, yrlg by                   Ruckus
                                        RUBY JANE, yrlg by Yoonevano
ROYAL EMBASSY, yrlg by Stephen                                                    Avonbridge (GB), yrlg by Piccolo           (IRE)                                   Greeley                                 Shamardal                              Unbridled Time                        SATURDAY FEELING (SPR), yrlg by
                                        RUBY ROCKET (IRE), yrlg by Pivotal
 Got Even                                                                         (GB)                                     SADLER'S PARK, yrlg by Acclamation      SAINTLY SLUMBER, 2yo by In Excess       SAMUT (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Arch, 2yo   SARAH'S MY ANGEL (SPR), yrlg by           During
ROYAL ENGLISH ROSE, yrlg by                                                     RUNS LIKE A BENZ, yrlg by Even the           (GB)                                    (IRE)                                   by Horse Chestnut (SAF)                Trust N Luck                          SATURDAY'S CHILD, yrlg by
                                        RUBY SLEW'S DAY, yrlg by
 Chapel Royal                                                                     Score                                    SADLER'S PROFILE (SPR), wnlg by         SAINTLY SPEAKING (SPR), wnlg by         SAN ARROYO, wnlg by Dehere             SARAH'S VICTRESS, yrlg by Orientate       Cherokee Run
ROYAL FACT, 2yo by Touch Gold                                                   RUN TO JANE (IRE), yrlg by Galileo           Thunder Gulch                           Street Cry (IRE)                      SANCIA (IRE), yrlg by Azamour (IRE)    SARAH'S WISH, yrlg by Werblin, 2yo      SAUCEMAKESMEFLIRT, yrlg by
                                        RUBY'S ORCHID, 2yo by Stephanotis,
ROYAL FAMILY, yrlg by Lemon Drop                                                  (IRE)                                    SAFA, 2yo by Black Mambo                SAINT NICHOLE, yrlg by Ecton Park       SANCTIFIED, wnlg by Broken Vow           by Werblin, wnlg by Werblin             Shrubs
                                          yrlg by Wandering
 Kid, 2yo by Pulpit                                                             RUNWAY MODEL, yrlg by Storm Cat            SAFE AT THE PLATE (SPR), yrlg by        SAINT'S PLAY, yrlg by Afleet Alex       SANCTIONIZE (SPR), yrlg by Desert      SARAH'S WORLD (SPR), 2yo by             SAUCERAEE, yrlg by City Street
                                        RUBY'S PRIZE, wnlg by Silver Train
ROYAL FEAT, yrlg by Forest Camp                                                 RUN WITHTHE SPIRIT, wnlg by                  Dance With Ravens                     ST. POLY CARP, 2yo by Matty G             Warrior, 2yo by Zavata                 Smarty Jones, yrlg by Yes It's True   SAUCEY JENNIE (SPR), yrlg by
                                        RUBY SQUARE, yrlg by Kipling
ROYAL FIT (SPR), yrlg by                                                          Malibu Moon                              SAFE HARBOR (SPR), yrlg by              SAINT RAY, wnlg by El Corredor, yrlg    SANDALS (ARG) (SPR), yrlg by           SARA LEE MARIE, 2yo by Marco Bay          Burbank
                                        RUBY SUMMER, yrlg by Successful
 Gimmeawink                                                                     RUPERTSROSE, wnlg by Werblin                 Benchmark                               by Tale of the Cat                      Awesome Again                        SARA LUNA (IRE), 2yo by                 SAUCEYRUBIN, 2yo by Turn West
ROYAL FIZZ (SPR), yrlg by Galileo                                               RUSH HOUR (IRE), yrlg by Tobougg           SAFELY, 2yo by Valid Wager              SAINT ROYAL, 2yo by Menifee, yrlg       SAND ANGEL, 2yo by Posse, yrlg by        Acclamation (GB)                      SAUCY, 2yo by Forest Camp, yrlg by
                                        RUBY TANGO, 2yo by During, yrlg by
 (IRE)                                                                            (IRE)                                    SAFE SALUTE (SPR), yrlg by Street         by Menifee                              Trust N Luck                         SARAMACCA (IRE), yrlg by Invincible       Tapit
                                          Sky Mesa
ROYAL FLAME (IRE), yrlg by Mark of                                              RUSH NOTE, wnlg by Kafwain, 2yo by           Cry (IRE)                             SAINT SAMMI, 2yo by Touch Gold          SANDBLASTER (GB), wnlg by Choisir        Spirit (IRE)                          SAUCY BLONDY, 2yo by Saarland
                                        RUBYWOOD, yrlg by Unbridled's
 Esteem (IRE)                                                                     Read the Footnotes                       SAFE T MATCHES, yrlg by Roar of the     SAINTSTRESS, yrlg by Pico Central         (AUS)                                SARAMAR, wnlg by Canadian               SAUCY CHARMER (SPR), yrlg by
ROYAL FLEX (SPR), yrlg by Lemon         RUCIELO, yrlg by Montbrook              RUSH TO GLORY, yrlg by                       Tiger                                   (BRZ)                                 SANDCASTLE ROMANCE, yrlg by              Frontier, yrlg by Include               Offlee Wild
 Drop Kid                               RUCKUS REGENT (SPR), wnlg by              Vindication                              SAFETY DEPOSIT, yrlg by Proud           SAKKARA (IRE), yrlg by Oratorio (IRE)     Proud and True                       SARA MARGARET, yrlg by Malibu           SAUCY CITY, yrlg by Storm Victory
ROYAL FLOTILLA, 2yo by Indy King          Dow Jones U S                         RUSSIAN BRIDE (SPR), 2yo by                  Accolade                              SALAGAMA (IRE), yrlg by Royal           SAND CLOUD, yrlg by Parting Guest        Moon                                  SAUCY MAISIE (SPR), 2yo by
ROYAL GALAXY, 2yo by Champali           RUGGLES, yrlg by Limehouse                Grand Slam                               SAGAMARTHA (GB), yrlg by Azamour          Applause (GB)                         SAND DANCER, yrlg by K One King        SARAMY (SPR), wnlg by Congrats,           Canadian Frontier
ROYAL GLOWING, yrlg by Slew City        RULE BRITANNIA (GB), yrlg by            RUSSIAN BROAD, wnlg by Officer               (IRE)                                 SALAMBRIA (SPR), 2yo by El              SAND DOLLAR (SPR), yrlg by               yrlg by Wildcat Heir                  SAUCY SUCCESS, yrlg by Action This
 Slew                                     Sakhee                                RUSSIAN COUNTESS (SPR), yrlg by            SAGE BURNER, yrlg by Desert               Leopardo, yrlg by Wimbledon             Bernstein                            SARAREGAL (SPR), yrlg by                  Day
ROYAL GREETING, yrlg by Keats           RULER'S CHARM, yrlg by Toccet             Kheleyf                                    Warrior                               SALARIA, yrlg by Gone Hollywood         SANDHILL CHARM (SPR), yrlg by            Milwaukee Brew                        SAUCY VIV, yrlg by Oratory
ROYAL HALO (SPR), wnlg by               RULES OF THE ROAD, 2yo by Trippi        RUSSIAN FLIGHT (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by        SAGE CAT (SPR), 2yo by Street Cry       SALCHOW (SPR), yrlg by Arch               Ecton Park                           SARASARASARA, yrlg by One Way           SAUDIA (SPR), yrlg by Giant's
 Exchange Rate, yrlg by Macho Uno       RULING HOUSE, 2yo by Really               Unbridled's Song                           (IRE)                                 SALEM MAGIC, yrlg by Van Nistelrooy     SANDI M, yrlg by Thunder Gulch           Love                                    Causeway
ROYAL ILLUSION, wnlg by Sharp             Regent                                RUSSIAN LULLABY (IRE), wnlg by             SAGITTA RA, wnlg by Giant's             SALIENT FEATURE (SPR), 2yo by Five      SAND PEBBLES (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by      SARA'S DEVILDANCER, 2yo by Gold         SAUTERNE (GB), yrlg by Pivotal (GB)
 Humor                                  RUMBA PUNCH (SPR), wnlg by Tapit          Elusive Quality                            Causeway                                Star Day                                Afleet Alex                            Alert                                 SAVANNAH BAYOU, wnlg by Forestry,
ROYAL INDISCRETION, 2yo by              RUMBLING GIRL, wnlg by Victory          RUSSIAN MUSE (FR), 2yo by Danehill         SAGRADA (SPR), yrlg by One Cool         SALIM TOTO (GB), yrlg by Dubai          SANDPIPER (SPR), yrlg by Storm         SARA SIX PACK (SPR), wnlg by              yrlg by Vindication
 Concorde's Tune                          Gallop                                  Dancer (IRE), yrlg by Tiger Hill (IRE)     Cat                                     Destination                             Boot                                   Bellamy Road                          SAVANNAH BELLE (GB), wnlg by
ROYAL INDY, yrlg by Fusaichi            RUM CANDI, yrlg by Tiger Trap           RUSSIAN RUBY, 2yo by Half a Year           SAHARA MEADOW, yrlg by Taste of         SALLANCHES, yrlg by King's Best         SANDRA'S ANGEL, 2yo by Crowning        SARA'S PETESKI, yrlg by Skip Away         Dubawi (IRE), yrlg by Royal
 Pegasus                                RUMORED (SPR), yrlg by Tale of the      RUSSIAN RUBY (FR), yrlg by Sakhee            Paradise                              SALLIE MAE, yrlg by Royal Anthem          Storm                                SARA'S SUCCESS, yrlg by                   Applause (GB)
ROYAL INTEREST, yrlg by Closing           Cat                                   RUSTIC (IRE), 2yo by Daylami (IRE)         SAHARA PRINCESS, yrlg by                SALLWA (IRE), yrlg by Celtic Swing      SANDRA'S BID (SPR), 2yo by Came          Montbrook                             SAVANNAH CANON, wnlg by Indian
 Argument                               RUMUZ (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Key of       RUSTIC PRINCESS (IRE), wnlg by               Wimbledon                               (GB)                                    Home                                 SARATOGA APRIL, 2yo by Flame              Charlie
ROYAL IRISH LACE, wnlg by Cuvee           Luck                                    Choisir (AUS)                            SAHARA ROSE (GB), yrlg by               SALLYBROOKE (SPR), yrlg by              SANDSHELL (SPR), yrlg by                 Thrower                               SAVANNAH LIGHT, yrlg by Monsieur
ROYAL JELLY (GB), yrlg by Noverre       RUN AND RUN (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by        RUSTLING, yrlg by Eh                         Observatory                             Aptitude                                Consolidator, 2yo by Saarland        SARATOGA FLOWER, yrlg by                  Cat
ROYAL LADY (IRE), yrlg by Exceed                                                RUSTY RED PENNIES (SPR), 2yo by            SAHARA STAR (GB) (SPR), yrlg by         SALLY ELLIS, yrlg by Pico Central       SAND SPRINGS, yrlg by Sadler's           Consolidator                          SAVANNAH'S HONOR (SPR), yrlg by

54            THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                      THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                   55
Dams                                                                          Joey
                                                                            SEATTLE KITTY (SPR), yrlg by
                                                                                                                     SECRET STATUS, yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                             SEMPRE SOLO (SPR), yrlg by Blumin
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Avonbridge (GB)
                                                                                                                                                                                                   SERRIERA (FR), yrlg by Mark of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           SHALLAT (IRE), yrlg by Exceed And
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Excel (AUS)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   SHAWGATNY (SPR), yrlg by Purge
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   SHAWKLIT DELIGHT (SPR), 2yo by
                                                                              Fusaichi Pegasus                         Ghostzapper                           SENDA, yrlg by Gold Tribute             Esteem (IRE)                          SHALL WE RUN (GB) (SPR), 2yo by           Gone West, yrlg by Mr. Greeley
  Leroidesanimaux (BRZ)               SCORCH, yrlg by Limehouse             SEATTLE LANDING, yrlg by Repent,         SECRET STRIKE, yrlg by Precocity        SEND CHOCOLATES, yrlg by Out of       SESLERIA (IRE), yrlg by Pearl of Love     Beat Hollow (GB)                      SHAWKLIT RUSE (SPR), yrlg by
SAVANNAH SONG (SPR), yrlg by          SCORE FIRST, wnlg by Alphabet           2yo by Texas Glitter                   SECRET TEARS, 2yo by                      Place                                 (IRE)                                 SHALSTAYHOLY (IRE), 2yo by Catcher        Golden Slew
  Kafwain                               Soup, 2yo by High Cascade           SEATTLE MOON (SPR), yrlg by                Eavesdropper                          SEND FOR AN ANGEL, yrlg by El         SETANTA, yrlg by More Than Ready          In The Rye (IRE)                      SHAWNEE COUNTRY, wnlg by
SAVANNAH'S REVENGE, 2yo by Van        SCORESEARLYGALE, yrlg by Regent         Strategic Mission                      SECRET TO LIFE (SPR), yrlg by             Corredor                            SETH'S CHOICE, yrlg by Roman Ruler      SHALWELL (IRE), yrlg by Acclamation       Jump Start, yrlg by Malibu Moon
  Nistelrooy                            Act                                 SEATTLE PAIGE (SPR), yrlg by Storm         Stormy Atlantic                       SENEBROVA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by         SET STATS (SPR), yrlg by Stagecoach       (GB)                                  SHAWNEE DOLL, yrlg by Chopin
SAVANNAH SUNRISE, yrlg by             SCORE SIX, yrlg by Rainbow Blues        Boot                                   SECRET VISION, wnlg by Royal              Shinko Forest (IRE)                 SET STRAIGHT, yrlg by Midway Road,      SHAMAH (GB), yrlg by Whipper            SHAWNEE LEGEND (SPR), yrlg by
  Thunder Gulch                         (IRE)                               SEATTLE PROSPECTOR, 2yo by                 Applause (GB)                         SENECA AVENUE, yrlg by Intimidator      2yo by Parade Ground                  SHAMAIEL (IRE), yrlg by Fantastic         Lion Heart
SAVIERES (IRE), yrlg by Azamour       SCORPION MISSILE, yrlg by Grand         Secret Claim                           SECRET VISTA, yrlg by Kafwain, 2yo      SR. FERRA (SPR), yrlg by Chief        SETTHENITETOMUSIC, 2yo by                 Light                                 SHE AIN'T A SAINT (SPR), yrlg by Sir
  (IRE)                                 Reward                              SEATTLE QUEEN, yrlg by Awesome             by Tactical Cat                         Seattle                               Muqtarib                              SHAMBODIA (IRE), yrlg by Noverre          Cherokee
SAVVY LADY, yrlg by Seeking           SCOTCHBONNETPEPPER, wnlg by             Again                                  SECRET WILDCAT, yrlg by Silver          SENITA LANE, yrlg by City Zip         SEVEE'S CHANCE, yrlg by Albert the      SHAMDAYJUR, yrlg by Zavata              SHE AIN'T MUCH, yrlg by Montbrook
  Daylight, wnlg by St Averil           Aragorn (IRE), yrlg by              SEATTLE SASHAY, 2yo by Touch Gold          Deputy                                SENNEN COVE (SPR), 2yo by Trippi        Great                                 SHAMRIYNA (IRE), yrlg by Montjeu        SHEAR ATTITUDE, yrlg by Wildcat
SAVVY SHOPPER, wnlg by                  Johannesburg                        SEATTLE SHIMMER, wnlg by Afleet          SECURITY INTEREST, yrlg by              SENORINA VALENTINA, yrlg by           SEVEN SEVENS, wnlg by                     (IRE)                                   Heir
  Acclamation (GB)                    SCOTTISH, 2yo by Menifee                Alex                                     Johannesburg, wnlg by Sleeping          Officer                               Consolidator                          SHAMROCK LOVE, yrlg by Eurosilver       SHEATHANNA, 2yo by Street Cry (IRE)
SAWGRASS EXPRESS, yrlg by Grand       SCOTTISH BUBBLY, yrlg by              SEATTLE SUNLIGHT, yrlg by Fruition         Indian (GB)                           SENORITA BALLADO, wnlg by Purge       SEVENSILVERSPOONS (SPR), yrlg by        SHANADE, yrlg by Include                SHEBANE, yrlg by Medaglia d'Oro
  Slam                                  Milwaukee Brew                      SEATTLE WAY (SPR), wnlg by Lion          SEDATE, yrlg by Benton Creek            SENORITA CZARINA, 2yo by Forest         Mr. Greeley                           SHANDRA SMILES, yrlg by Hold            SHEBELONGSTOYOU, yrlg by
SAXON MAID (GB), yrlg by Oratorio     SCOTTISH HEIGHTS (IRE), wnlg by         Heart                                  SEDONA BERRY (SPR), 2yo by                Camp                                SEVERELY (FR), yrlg by Trajectory         That Tiger, wnlg by Posse               Ghostzapper
  (IRE)                                 Invincible Spirit (IRE)             SEATTLE WEEKEND, yrlg by Dixie             Broken Vow                            SENORITA DEHERE, yrlg by Indian       SEVERUS, yrlg by Leestown               SHANLI'S HOPE, yrlg by Stephen Got      SHEBOYGAN (IRE), yrlg by Bertolini
SAY FOREVER (SPR), yrlg by Forest     SCOUTINGFORASTAR (SPR), yrlg by         Union                                  SEDUCE ME, yrlg by Chelsey Cat            Charlie                             SEWARDS FOLLY (GB) (SPR), yrlg by         Even                                  SHE DID TELL, yrlg by Proud
  Danger                                Honour and Glory                    SEBA (GB), yrlg by Distorted Humor       SEDUCER'S SONG, yrlg by Giant's         SENORITA DIABLITA, yrlg by              Oratorio (IRE)                        SHANNEYA, yrlg by High Fly                Accolade
SAY IM GREAT, yrlg by Limehouse       SCRAPE, yrlg by Lion Heart            SEBASTENE (IRE), yrlg by Invincible        Causeway                                Singletary                          SEWICKLEY HEIGHTS, yrlg by              SHANNONAIRE (SPR), yrlg by              SHEEN FALLS (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by
SAYING GRACE (IRE), yrlg by Celtic    SCRATCH PAD, 2yo by Smoke               Spirit (IRE)                           SEDUCTIVELY SMOOTH, yrlg by             SENORITA FOXFIRE, yrlg by               Speightstown                            Eurosilver                              Verglas (IRE)
  Swing (GB)                            Glacken                             SECONDARY SCHOOL, 2yo by Sky               Delaware Township                       Gimmeawink                          SEXY BOOTS, yrlg by Action This         SHANNON DORE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by       SHEEPSCOT (SPR), yrlg by Giant's
SAYITWITHDIAMONDS (SPR), yrlg by      SCRATCH PAPER (SPR), yrlg by            Mesa                                   SEE ASHLEIGH RUN, yrlg by Action        SENORITA JAZZY, yrlg by Five Star       Day                                     Barathea (IRE)                          Causeway
  Prime Timber                          Southern Image                      SECOND BET, yrlg by Bull Market,           This Day                                Day                                 SEXY SAINT, yrlg by Skimming            SHANNON RIVER, yrlg by Congaree         SHEER (SPR), yrlg by Trajectory
SAY IT WITH FEELIN, yrlg by Afleet    SCREAMER (SPR), yrlg by Distorted       2yo by Morluc                          SEEFINN (GB), yrlg by Afleet Alex       SENSATION, wnlg by Giant's            SEXY SIERRA, 2yo by Valid               SHAPELY, yrlg by Galileo (IRE)          SHEER FIRE, 2yo by Souvenir Copy
  Alex                                  Humor, wnlg by Smarty Jones         SECOND CHORUS (IRE), yrlg by Hold        SEEINSBELIEVEN, wnlg by Stormy            Causeway                              Vengeance                             SHAPPY (SPR), wnlg by Henny             SHEER GOLD (SPR), wnlg by
SAY THAT AGAIN, yrlg by Storm Boot    THE SCREAMER (IRE), yrlg by             That Tiger, wnlg by Pollard's Vision     Atlantic                              SENSATION (GB) (SPR), 2yo by          SEYMOUR GOLD, yrlg by Crown               Hughes                                  Bahamian Bounty (GB)
SAZERAC SONG, 2yo by Yes It's True      Imperial Dancer (GB)                SECOND OMEN (GB) (SPR), yrlg by          SEEK, wnlg by Henny Hughes, yrlg by       Daylami (IRE)                         Ambassador                            SHARAFANYA (IRE), yrlg by Hawk          SHEER QUALITY (SPR), yrlg by Action
SCAPADE, yrlg by Thunder Gulch        SCREAMING SHAMAL, yrlg by E             Clodovil (IRE)                           Songandaprayer                        SENSATIONAL MEMORY, 2yo by            SEYOOLL (IRE), yrlg by Red Ransom         Wing                                    This Day
SCARCITY, yrlg by Elusive City          Dubai                               SECOND SYMPHONY (SPR), yrlg by           SEEKING JUSTICE, yrlg by Valid            Muqtarib                            SEZ CITY, yrlg by Leestown              SHARAIJI BLOSSOM, yrlg by               SHEER SABLE, yrlg by Orientate
SCARLET COMBO, yrlg by Black          SCREEN HAPPY, 2yo by Hook and           Afleet Alex, 2yo by Tale of the Cat      Expectations                          SENSIBLY CHIC, yrlg by A.P. Indy      SEZ WHO HONEY (SPR), yrlg by He's         Cherokee Run                          SHEER SENSATION, 2yo by Brahms
  Mambo                                 Ladder                              SECRET AFFAIR (SPR), yrlg by             SEEKING MISS SLEW (SPR), yrlg by        SENSORIOUS KISS, yrlg by Ecton          Tops                                  SHARAMAINE (IRE), yrlg by Oratorio      SHEER WAGER, 2yo by Touch Gold
SCARLET GILIA, yrlg by Gold Tribute   SCREEN PROSPECT (SPR), yrlg by          Orientate                                Dome                                    Park                                SHAANARA (IRE), yrlg by Montjeu           (IRE)                                 SHEEZALADY (GB) (SPR), yrlg by
SCARLET GOLD, wnlg by Delaware          Harlan's Holiday                    SECRET AURA, yrlg by Spanish Steps       SEEKING SUCCESS, 2yo by Forest          SENSUAL LADY, wnlg by Mayakovsky        (IRE)                                 SHARAMANA (SPR), yrlg by                  Bertolini
  Township                            SCRIPT, yrlg by Empire Maker          SECRET BALLAD, yrlg by Rock Hard           Wildcat                               SENTENCED, 2yo by Orientate, yrlg     SHABANU, yrlg by Holy Bull                Footstepsinthesand (GB)               SHEGIVESMEFEVER, yrlg by The
SCARLET LAKE (GB), yrlg by Namid      SCRIPT GAL (SPR), wnlg by The           Ten                                    SEEKING THE ROSES, 2yo by                 by Sweetsouthernsaint               SHABBY CHIC (SPR), yrlg by Selkirk      SHARANDA'S CANDY (SPR), yrlg by           Prime Minister
  (GB)                                  Prime Minister                      SECRET BULLET, yrlg by Closing             Dixieland Band                        SENTIMENT, yrlg by Quest              SHADE DANCE (SPR), yrlg by                Cobra King                            SHE GOES ALONG, 2yo by Rage
SCARLET LETTER, 2yo by Deputy         SCRIPTOCLEARANCE, yrlg by               Argument, wnlg by Real Quiet           SEEKING TRIONES, wnlg by Grand          SENTIMENTAL ANGEL, yrlg by More         Cherokee Run, 2yo by Pulpit           SHARDETTE (IRE), wnlg by Act One        SHEHAZ PAZZAZ, wnlg by Pleasantly
  Commander                             Ministers Wild Cat                  SECRET CIRCLE (GB), yrlg by                Slam                                    Than Ready                          SHADES OF GRACE, yrlg by Tale of          (GB)                                    Perfect, yrlg by Point Given
SCARLET PLUME (GB) (SPR), 2yo         SCRIPTURE (IRE), 2yo by Indian          Avonbridge (GB)                        SEEKING UTOPIA (GB), wnlg by            SENTIMENTAL GIFT (SPR), yrlg by         the Cat                               SHARE, yrlg by Pollard's Vision         SHEHO, yrlg by Tomahawk
  by Refuse To Bend (IRE)               Ridge (IRE)                         SECRET COLONY, yrlg by E Dubai             Doyen (IRE)                             Leroidesanimaux (BRZ)               SHADES OF ROSEGOLD (IRE), yrlg by       SHAREMATA (IRE), wnlg by Refuse To      SHEIKH AWAY, yrlg by Point Given
SCARLET'S TARA, yrlg by Be Like       SCRUMPTIOUS, yrlg by Domestic         SECRET CRUSH, yrlg by Purge              SEE ME THROUGH, yrlg by Forest          SENTIMENTAL TANGO (SPR), wnlg           Oratorio (IRE)                          Bend (IRE)                            SHEILA'S ANGELA M, yrlg by K. O.
  Mike                                  Dispute                             SECRET DATE, yrlg by Wildcat Heir          Camp                                    by Henny Hughes                     SHADOW CAST, yrlg by A.P. Indy          SHARE THE GOLD, 2yo by Alke, yrlg         Punch
SCARLET TANGO (SPR), yrlg by Yes      SCRUPLE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Hawk     SECRET DELIGHT, yrlg by Thorn Cat        SEEMSLIKEAROCKET, yrlg by Silver        SENTIMENTAL VALUE, yrlg by Tiger      SHADOW DANCING (GB), yrlg by              by Double Honor                       SHEILA'S OUTBACK, yrlg by Invisible
  It's True                             Wing                                SECRET DREAM (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by          Deputy                                  Hill (IRE)                            Red Ransom                            SHARE THE WEALTH (SPR), 2yo by            Ink
SCARLETTOTARA, yrlg by Thunder        SCRUPLES, 2yo by Awesome Sword          High Chaparral (IRE)                   SEE U AT MY WINDOW, 2yo by High         SENTIMENTL JOURNEY, 2yo by            SHADOW ISLAND, wnlg by Storm              Petionville                           SHE IS GALLANT, yrlg by Act of Duty
  Gulch                               SEA ANGEL (GB), yrlg by Motivator     SECRET ELEGANCE (SPR), 2yo by              Yield                                   Alex's Pal                            Boot                                  SHARILI SHAPLIN (SPR), yrlg by          SHE IS GRRREAT, yrlg by Globalize
SCARLETT ROSE (GB), wnlg by             (GB)                                  Commanchero                            SEE U LATER GATOR (SPR), 2yo by         SENZA UNICA, yrlg by Forest Wildcat   SHADOW ON THE MOON, yrlg by               Crafty Friend                         SHE IS RAGING, wnlg by Northern
  Footstepsinthesand (GB), yrlg by    SEA CAYLEE RUN (SPR), yrlg by Dixie   SECRET FLAME (GB), wnlg by Pivotal         Cimarron Secret                       SEPARATA (CHI) (SPR), 2yo by            Harlan's Holiday                      SHARI'S GLORY (SPR), 2yo by Alke          Afleet
  Starcraft (NZ)                        Dot Com                               (GB)                                   SEEYOU IN SARATOGA, 2yo by                Pleasantly Perfect                  SHADOW PLAY, yrlg by Johannesburg       SHARIYFA (FR) (SPR), yrlg by Oratorio   SHELLSEEKER, yrlg by Pollard's
SCARPE ROSSE (IRE), 2yo by Arch       SEA CRUISE, 2yo by Cuvee
                                                                            SECRET FOREST, yrlg by Unbridled's         Western Expression                    SEPARATE WAYS, yrlg by Forest         SHADOW'S SMILE, 2yo by In Excess          (IRE)                                   Vision
                                      SEA GLEN (IRE), yrlg by Orpen
SCAT KITTY CAT, 2yo by                                                        Song                                   SEEYOUINSEPTEMBER, 2yo by Put It          Camp                                  (IRE), yrlg by Roar                   SHARONS SONG, 2yo by Doneraile          SHELLSTER, yrlg by Deputy
                                      SEAL INDIGO (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by
  Easyfromthegitgo                                                          SECRET FROM ABOVE (SPR), yrlg by           Back                                  SEPTEMBER SKY, yrlg by Kitten's Joy   SHADY DANCER, yrlg by K One King          Court                                   Commander
                                        Starcraft (NZ)
SCATTER BUY (SPR), 2yo by                                                     Burning Roma, wnlg by Put It Back      SEE YOU LATER (GB) (SPR), yrlg by       SEPTEMBER SPLENDOR (SPR),             SHADY KAN DO, 2yo by Lit de Justice     SHARP APPLE, yrlg by Arch               SHE LOOKS WICKED, yrlg by
                                      SEA MIST, wnlg by Closing
  Buddha                                                                    SECRET GARDEN (IRE) (SPR), yrlg            Bahamian Bounty (GB)                    2yo by Changeintheweather           SHADY LADY JANE, yrlg by Captain        SHARPBROOK, wnlg by Closing               Dixieland Band
SCATTER THE CROWD (SPR), yrlg by                                              by Dynaformer                          SEFA'S SHADOW, 2yo by Richter           SEPTEMBRIST, 2yo by Siberian            Bodgit                                  Argument, yrlg by Proud Accolade      SHE LOVES ME NOT, 2yo by
                                      SEANACHAI, wnlg by Niigon
  Dehere                                                                    SECRET GLOW, wnlg by Love of               Scale                                   Summer                              SHADYSIDE, yrlg by Prime Timber         SHARP CATCH (IRE), yrlg by Cape           Bowman's Band
                                      SEA PUFFIN (SPR), yrlg by Bernstein
SCATTY, yrlg by Kiridashi                                                     Money                                  SEFEMM (GB), yrlg by Bahamian           SEPTET, wnlg by Eurosilver, yrlg by   SHADY WATERS (SPR), yrlg by Cat           Cross (IRE)                           SHELTERFROMASTORM, yrlg by
                                      SEARCH FOR A CURE, yrlg by Not
SCENE MAKER, yrlg by Roman Ruler                                            SECRET HARBOR (SPR), 2yo by The            Bounty (GB)                             Eurosilver                            Thief                                 SHARP CONTRAST, yrlg by Belong to         Maria's Mon
                                        For Love
SCENIC BIDDER, yrlg by Albert the                                             Cliff's Edge                           SEGESTA, 2yo by Dance Master            SERAPHIC TOO, yrlg by Stephen Got     SHAG (SPR), yrlg by City Zip              Me                                    SHEMITA (IRE), yrlg by
                                      SEARCHINGFORSPRING, yrlg by
  Great                                                                     SECRET IMPERATRICE (SPR), 2yo            SEGESTA (IRE), yrlg by Kalanisi (IRE)     Even                                SHAHALIE LAKE, yrlg by Wild and         SHARPE'S LADY (GB), wnlg by               Songandaprayer
                                        Candy Ride (ARG)
SCENT OF HONEY (SPR), yrlg by                                                 by Aldebaran, yrlg by Forest           SEHNA, yrlg by Five Star Day            SERENAD DANCER, yrlg by Redback         Wicked                                  Sleeping Indian (GB)                  SHENKARA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by
                                      SEARCHIN SOUTH, yrlg by
  Offlee Wild                                                                 Wildcat                                SEINE BLEUE (FR), wnlg by Kyllachy        (GB)                                SHAHALO (SPR), yrlg by Indian           SHARP FELINE (SPR), yrlg by Omega         Antonius Pius
                                        Katahaula County
SCEPTRE'S OWN, yrlg by Runaway                                              SECRET INGREDIENT, yrlg by Wildcat         (GB)                                  SERENA'S LADY, yrlg by Hold That        Charlie                                 Code                                  SHE NUIT ALL, yrlg by Maria's Mon
                                      SEARCH MISSION, yrlg by Broken
                                        Vow, 2yo by Stormy Atlantic           Heir                                   SEINITA (ARG) (SPR), yrlg by Roman        Tiger                               SHA HEARAH (SPR), yrlg by Runaway       SHARPHEELS LUCILLE (SPR), yrlg by       SHEPHERD'S MOON (SPR), yrlg by
SCHEDULE (GB), yrlg by Elusive        SEA RHYTHM, yrlg by Yankee            SECRET ISLAND, yrlg by Even the            Ruler                                 SERENA'S PRIDE, yrlg by Posse           Groom                                   Cahill Road                             Silver Deputy
  Quality                               Gentleman                             Score                                  SEJM'S LUNAR STAR, 2yo by               SERENA'S SISTER (SPR), yrlg by        SHAHRA, yrlg by Tejano Run              SHARPLAW STAR (GB), yrlg by             SHEPHERD'S STAR, yrlg by
SCHEMATA, yrlg by Silver Deputy       SEA SAINT (SPR), yrlg by D'wildcat    SECRET LOVE (ARG) (SPR), yrlg by           Harlan's Holiday, yrlg by Proud         Rock Hard Ten                       SHAIEEF (IRE) (SPR), wnlg by              Bahamian Bounty (GB)                    Dynaformer
SCHERZANDO, 2yo by Kafwain            SEA SCREAMER, wnlg by City Place,       Peace Rules                              Citizen                               SERENE NOBILITY (SPR), yrlg by          Proclamation (IRE)                    SHARP MISTRESS, 2yo by Pancho           SHERIFFS LAP, yrlg by Royal
SCHONBRUNN (SPR), yrlg by               yrlg by City Place                  SECRETLY (SPR), yrlg by Limehouse        SELASSIE, wnlg by El Corredor, yrlg       Eddington                           SHAIYBARA, yrlg by Exceed And             Villa, yrlg by Pulling Punches          Academy
  Theatrical (IRE)                    SEASIDE DELI, yrlg by Powerscourt     SECRETLY'S SISTER, yrlg by Midas           by Stormy Atlantic                    SERENE PLACE, wnlg by Stormy            Excel (AUS)                           SHARP REEF (SPR), yrlg by City Zip      SHERRY DARLING (SPR), yrlg by
SCHOOL DAYS (GB), yrlg by               (GB)                                  Eyes                                   SELBORNE (SPR), yrlg by                   Atlantic                            SHAKALAKA BABY (GB), yrlg by            SHARP SOX, yrlg by Wild West              Worldly Ways (GB)
  Acclamation (GB)                    SEASONAL CHANGE, yrlg by              SECRET MOUNTAIN, wnlg by Jump              Consolidator                          SERENGETI DAY, yrlg by Saint Liam       Barathea (IRE)                        SHARP THUNDER (SPR), 2yo by Valid       SHERRY ELIZABETH, yrlg by Hold
SCHUST MADAME (IRE) (SPR), wnlg         Wiseman's Ferry                       Start                                  SELENA SMILE (SPR), yrlg by Storm       SERENGETI SUNSET, 2yo by Essence      SHAKEN AND STIRRED (GB), yrlg by          Expectations                            That Tiger
  by High Chaparral (IRE)             SEASON'S FLAIR (SPR), yrlg by         SECRET MOVES, yrlg by Storm of             Passage                                 of Dubai                              Night Shift                           SHASHANA (IRE), yrlg by Fasliyev        SHERRY'S CALL (SPR), yrlg by Old
SCIENCE FICTION (GB), yrlg by           Macho Uno                             Goshen                                 SELF SEEKER, yrlg by Outofthebox        SERENITY JANE (SPR), yrlg by          SHAKESPEAREAN, yrlg by Grand            SHASHOBEGON, yrlg by Smarty               Topper
  Avonbridge (GB)                     SEATRISCUIT, 2yo by Meadowlake        SECRET OF MECCA, 2yo by Macho            SELINA KYLE, wnlg by Rockport             Dynaformer                            Reward                                  Jones                                 SHE'S A BARRON (SPR), 2yo by
SCIOTO BOOTSKI, yrlg by Awesome       SEATTLE ANGEL, yrlg by Buddha           Uno                                      Harbor                                SERIOUS CONTENDER (IRE), yrlg by      SHAKE THE YOKE (GB) (SPR), 2yo          SHASTA T, yrlg by Cuvee                   Black Mambo
  Again                               SEATTLE BLOOM, yrlg by City Street    SECRET PARTNER (SPR), yrlg by            SELKIRK ROSE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by         Namid (GB)                            by Fusaichi Pegasus                   SHASTRI (SPR), yrlg by Galileo (IRE)    SHE'S A BEAUTY, yrlg by Unbridled's
SCIUNFONA (IRE), wnlg by Royal        SEATTLE CARLA, yrlg by Memo             Empire Maker                             Where Or When (IRE)                   SERIOUS DELIGHT (GB), yrlg by         SHALEV (GER), yrlg by Refuse To         SHATTERED HEART, yrlg by De               Song
  Applause (GB)                         (CHI), 2yo by Memo (CHI)            SECRET RHAPSODY (SPR), yrlg by           SELLETTE (IRE), wnlg by Sulamani          Clodovil (IRE)                        Bend (IRE)                              Guerin                                SHESA BOOKIN (SPR), yrlg by Robyn
SCONNELTOWN ROAD (SPR), yrlg by       SEATTLE CHRISTMAS, yrlg by Smart        Kingkiowa, 2yo by Littlebitlively        (IRE)                                 SER O NO SER (CHI), yrlg by           SHALIMAR (IRE), 2yo by Pivotal (GB),    SHAUNA'S HONEY, yrlg by Refuse To         Dancer
  Domestic Dispute                      Strike                              SECRET SPENDER, yrlg by Valid            SELLSEY, yrlg by Forest Danger            Cherokee Run, wnlg by Malibu          yrlg by Royal Applause (GB)             Bend (IRE)                            SHESABULLWINKLE (SPR), 2yo by
SCONSET ROSE, yrlg by Entepreneur     SEATTLE JINGLE, yrlg by Joe's Son       Expectations                           SELU, 2yo by Tale of the Cat              Moon                                SHALINI, yrlg by El Corredor            SHAWANNI (GB) (SPR), yrlg by              February Storm
SCOOTIN DANA, yrlg by Kafwain                                               SECRETSSAFE WITHME, yrlg by              SEMI LADY, 2yo by Skip to the Stone     SEROTINA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by         SHALITA, 2yo by Chapel Royal              Shamardal                             SHE'S ADARLYN, yrlg by Zavata

56           THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                   57
Dams                                                                            Wells
                                                                              SHOWERY (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Red
                                                                                                                       SILENCIEUSE, wnlg by Johannesburg
                                                                                                                       SILENT (JPN), yrlg by Cape Cross
                                                                                                                                                                SILVER KESTREL, 2yo by Mr. Greeley,
                                                                                                                                                                  yrlg by Royal Applause (GB)
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Ecton Park
                                                                                                                                                                                                         SINFUL MORNING (SPR), 2yo by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   SISTER SPORTY, yrlg by Yonaguska
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   SISTER TO BEA, yrlg by Emancipator
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          SLAMMIN' LIL, yrlg by Holy Bull
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          SLAP ON THE WRIST, 2yo by Royal
                                                                                Ransom                                   (IRE)                                  SILVERLADO, wnlg by Bandini, yrlg by        Menifee                                SISTINE'S HOPE, yrlg by Zavata           Anthem
SHE'S A DELIGHT, 2yo by Desert          Grey Memo                             SHOWMETHEGREENCARD (SPR),                SILENT ALARM, 2yo by Cat Dreams,           Yes It's True                          SING AND SWING (SPR), yrlg by             SISTI'S PRIDE, yrlg by Tiznow          SLAP SHOT (IRE), yrlg by Shamardal
  Warrior                             SHEZHEVENLEE, yrlg by In Excessive        2yo by Chapel Royal                      yrlg by Swiss Yodeler                  SILVER LIGHTS, yrlg by K. O. Punch          Toccet                                 SITARA (GB), wnlg by Galileo (IRE)     SLAYJAY (IRE), wnlg by Mr Dinos
SHE'S A DOCENT, yrlg by Sarava          Bull                                  SHOW ME THE HERO, yrlg by Gold           SILENT ANNIE, wnlg by                    SILVER LURE, yrlg by Sky Mesa            SINGAPORE STING (SPR), 2yo by             SITKA, yrlg by Strong Hope               (IRE)
SHE'S A DOORBELL, yrlg by Essence     SHEZSOSPIRITUAL, 2yo by                   Tribute                                  Johannesburg                           SILVER MINT, wnlg by Pomeroy                Northern Afleet                        SIX JOURNEYS, wnlg by Action This      SLEEK AND POWERFUL, yrlg by
  of Dubai                              Distorted Humor                       SHOW ME THE STAGE, yrlg by               SILENT BUTLER, yrlg by Mogador           SILVER MIRROR, yrlg by Vicar             SINGED (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Medicean         Day                                    Peaks and Valleys
SHE'S A DRUMMER, yrlg by Two          SHIFTING MIST (GB) (SPR), yrlg by         Elusive Quality                        SILENT CIRCLE, yrlg by More Than         SILVER MIST, yrlg by Storm and a Half       (GB)                                   SIX RIBBONS (SPR), yrlg by Mingun      SLEEK 'N' SLEW (AUS), yrlg by
  Punch                                 Tiger Hill (IRE)                      SHOWMETOTHECASHIER (SPR), yrlg             Ready                                  SILVER NITHI, yrlg by Perfect Soul       SINGING GAMBLER, yrlg by Dance            SIXSATIONAL, yrlg by Speightstown,       Cherokee Run
SHESA DUE (SPR), yrlg by Pleasant     SHIFTY MOUSE (GB), yrlg by Exceed         by Storm and a Half                    SILENT DUCHESS (SPR), yrlg by              (IRE)                                     With Ravens                              wnlg by Yes It's True                SLEEP AWAY CAMP (SPR), 2yo by
  Tap                                   And Excel (AUS)                       SHOWMETOTHEVILLA, yrlg by                  Eugene's Third Son                     SILVER NOVA (SPR), yrlg by Not For       SINGING ON A STAR, wnlg by Bandini        SIX TALES, yrlg by Read the              Friends Lake
SHE'S A LADY, yrlg by Rainmaker       SHIMMERING PALETTE, yrlg by               Roman Ruler                            SILENT ESKIMO (SPR), yrlg by               Love                                   SINGING SIREN, yrlg by Eurosilver           Footnotes                            SLEEPING, wnlg by Bandini
SHE'S A LIVELY ONE (SPR), yrlg by       Congaree                              SHOW NO FEAR, yrlg by                      Elusive Quality                        SILVER N SATIN, 2yo by Toccet            SINGING YEAR (SPR), yrlg by Kela          SIXTY FIVE ROSES, 2yo by Slew City     SLEEPLESSNSEATTLE, yrlg by
  Quiet American                      SHIMMERING SEA (SPR), yrlg by             Freefourinternet, 2yo by Greatness     SILENT FIRE (ARG), yrlg by State City    SILVER OPPORTUNITY, 2yo by Wild          SINGIN UP A STORM (SPR), yrlg by            Slew                                   Strategic Mission
SHESALUCKYGIRL (SPR), yrlg by           Hernando (FR)                         SHOW SPECIAL, yrlg by Langfuhr           SILENT NOTE, yrlg by Indian Ocean          Event                                     Tiznow                                 SIXTY QUEENS (SPR), yrlg by            SLEEPLESS RAIN, yrlg by Dixie Union
  High Brite                          SHIMMERING WATER (GB), yrlg by          SHOW THE MARK, wnlg by Greeley's         SILENT OATH, yrlg by Came Home           SILVEROUS, 2yo by Point Given            SINGITTA (GB), yrlg by Chineur (FR)         Outofthebox                          SLEEPYTIME (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by
SHE'S ALWAYS RIGHT, yrlg by             Whipper                                 Galaxy                                 SILENT PARTNER (SPR), yrlg by Rahy       SILVER PATH, yrlg by Act of Duty         SINGLE EVENT, yrlg by Touch Gold          SIXY SURPRISE, wnlg by Came Home         Gone West
  Point Given                         SHIMNA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Cape         SHOW TICKET, wnlg by Private Gold        SILENT POOL, yrlg by Mobil               SILVER POKER, yrlg by Repent             SINGLE MARKET, yrlg by Distant View       SIX ZEROES (SPR), yrlg by Pleasant     SLEET STREET, yrlg by Bright Valour
SHE'S A REBEL TOO, yrlg by Smarty       Cross (IRE)                           SHOW US THE MONEY (SPR), 2yo by          SILENT QUEEN, 2yo by Mutakddim           SILVER PURSE (GB), yrlg by Doyen         SINGLETON (GB), 2yo by Peintre              Tap                                  SLEW CITY DANCER, 2yo by Formal
  Jones                               SHINALL MOUNTAIN (SPR), 2yo by            Wild Event                             SILENT RAPIDS, yrlg by Storm Day           (IRE)                                     Celebre                                SIZZLING DISH, 2yo by Northern           Gold
SHE'S A SELLARDS, yrlg by You and I     Essence of Dubai                      SHRIMP TEMPURA, yrlg by Alajwad          SILENT SENORA, yrlg by Kipling           SILVER PURSUIT (GB) (SPR), 2yo by        SINGSINGASONG, 2yo by Cape                  Afleet                               SLEW CITY LILY, 2yo by Momentum
SHESASMARTLADY (IRE) (SPR), yrlg      SHINE FORTH, yrlg by Harlan's           SHRINK (GB), yrlg by Kyllachy (GB)       SILENT SIREN, yrlg by Thunder Gulch        Intikhab                                  Canaveral                              SIZZLIN SUNSHINE, yrlg by Include      SLEWNAMI (AUS), 2yo by More Than
  by Rakti (GB)                         Holiday                               SHU BIZ ANNIE (SPR), yrlg by Swiss       SILENT STREAM, yrlg by Dixie Union,      SILVER QUEEN (GB) (SPR), yrlg by         SING SWEETLY (SPR), yrlg by               SKATESHEBA (FR), yrlg by Proud           Ready
SHE'S A STARLET, yrlg by In a Walk    SHINING DESERT (IRE), yrlg by             Yodeler                                  2yo by Sky Mesa                          Cape Cross (IRE)                          Orchid's Devil                           Citizen                              SLEW OF FIRE (SPR), 2yo by Black
SHESASTONECOLDFOX (SPR), 2yo            Chineur (FR), wnlg by Kodiac (GB)     SHUFFLE THE DECK, yrlg by Vicar          SILENT TRIBUTE (IRE), wnlg by            SILVER RAIL, yrlg by More Than           SINGULAR MISCHIEF (SPR), yrlg by K        SKAT GIRL (SPR), yrlg by Tiznow          Mambo
  by Thunder Gulch                    SHINING JEWEL, wnlg by El Corredor      THE SHULAMITE, yrlg by Cee's Tizzy         Needwood Blade (GB)                      Ready, 2yo by Smoke Glacken               One King                               SKEHANA (IRE), 2yo by Mull of          SLEWPY'S STORM, wnlg by
SHE'S A STORM, yrlg by Devil His      SHINING LIGHT, yrlg by Value Plus       SHUTTERED, yrlg by El Corredor, 2yo      SILESIAN (IRE), yrlg by Bachelor Duke    SILVER RESERVE, yrlg by Malibu           SINGULAR PLEASURE (SPR), 2yo by             Kintyre                                Medaglia d'Oro, yrlg by Northern
  Due                                 SHINING MEMORIES, wnlg by                 by Five Star Day                       SILHOUETTE (SPR), yrlg by Offlee           Moon                                      Alajwad                                SKEP (SPR), yrlg by Grand Score          Afleet
SHE'S A TALENT (SPR), yrlg by           Bellamy Road                          SHY DORY (ARG), 2yo by Bernstein           Wild                                   SILVER RHAPSODY, yrlg by Peintre         SING YOUR SONG, yrlg by Milwaukee         SKERRAY (GB), 2yo by Clodovil (IRE)    SLEWPY TIME, yrlg by General Royal
  Langfuhr                            SHINING NIGHT, yrlg by Dance to         SHY EDA (ARG) (SPR), 2yo by              SILKEN CAT (SPR), yrlg by                  Celebre                                   Brew                                   SKEW, yrlg by Doyen (IRE)              SLEW'S CORSAGE (SPR), yrlg by
SHE'S A TATTLETALE, 2yo by Golden       Destiny                                 Seeking the Gold, yrlg by Smarty         Unbridled's Song                       SILVER SABLE, 2yo by Put It Back         SINHOUSE, yrlg by One Way Love            SKI AT DAWN (SPR), yrlg by Dehere        Eurosilver
  Missile                             SHINING OASIS (IRE), yrlg by Auction      Jones                                  SILK FAN (IRE), yrlg by Chineur (FR)     SILVER SASH (GER), yrlg by Whipper       SINIBION, yrlg by Black Minnaloushe       SKI BREEZE, yrlg by Dixie Union        SLEW SHADOW, yrlg by Trust N Luck
SHE'S A TEASER, 2yo by Dixieland        House                                 SHY LIL, yrlg by Purge                   SILK LAW (IRE), yrlg by Zafeen (FR)      SILVER SCANDAL, 2yo by West Acre         SINKING (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Sulamani      SKI DANCER, yrlg by Vindication        SLEW SHAKE SLEW, 2yo by Excellent
  Heat                                SHINKOH ROSE (FR) (SPR), yrlg by        SHY PIRATE (SPR), yrlg by Bertrando      SILK PETTICOAT, 2yo by Put It Back,      SILVER SKATES (IRE), 2yo by Danehill        (IRE)                                  SKIDMORE GIRL (SPR), yrlg by             Secret
SHE'S A WARRIOR, yrlg by Even the       Hawk Wing                             SHY PRINCESS (SPR), yrlg by                yrlg by Texas Glitter                    Dancer (IRE)                           SINK OR SWIM, wnlg by Badge of              Montjeu (IRE)                        SLEWVILLE, yrlg by Mizzen Mast
  Score                               SHINY BAND, yrlg by                       Fusaichi Pegasus                       SILK POINT (IRE), yrlg by Chineur (FR)   SILVER SMILE, yrlg by Mayakovsky            Silver, yrlg by Value Plus             SKIER'S DELIGHT, yrlg by Finality      SLEWZIG (SPR), yrlg by Saint Liam
SHE'S A WINNER (SPR), yrlg by           Songandaprayer                        SHY SWAN (SPR), yrlg by Broken           SILKS OF GOLD, yrlg by Harlan's          SILVER SPROUT, yrlg by Stephen Got       SINSIE, yrlg by Peace Rules               SKIES OF BLUE, yrlg by El Corredor     SLICE OFF THE TOP, wnlg by
  Storm Cat                           SHINY CITY SHOES (SPR), yrlg by           Vow, 2yo by Friends Lake                 Holiday                                  Even                                   SINTRA (IRE), yrlg by Danehill Dancer     SKIP A DARE (SPR), yrlg by Golden        Drewman, 2yo by Three Wonders
SHE'S CLASSY, yrlg by Medicean          Arch                                  SIBERIAN FUR (SPR), yrlg by Broken       SILK SUIVANTE (IRE), yrlg by Celtic      SILVER STAGE, yrlg by E Dubai               (IRE)                                    Missile, 2yo by Touch Gold           SLICK TURN BABY (SPR), yrlg by
  (GB)                                SHINY HAPPY GROOVY (SPR), wnlg            Vow                                      Swing (GB)                             SILVER TALER, yrlg by Wando              SIPHILLA, yrlg by Precocity               SKIP LIGHTLY, yrlg by Five Star Day      Leroidesanimaux (BRZ)
SHESCOMINUNDONE, yrlg by High           by Werblin                            SIBERIAN MIST, yrlg by Dark Kestrel      SILK TAPESTRY (SPR), yrlg by             SILVERTINE (IRE), yrlg by Xaar (GB)      SIPHONAL, 2yo by Malabar Gold, yrlg       SKIPPING STONE, yrlg by Erlton         SLIGHTLY DARING, yrlg by Buddha
  Demand, 2yo by Swiss Yodeler        SHIODA (SPR), wnlg by Noverre           SIBERIAN SNOW, yrlg by Golden              Doneraile Court                        SILVER TOES, yrlg by Sligo Bay (IRE)        by Purge                               SKIPPING SWAN, yrlg by Delaware        SLINKYLADY (SPR), yrlg by
SHE'S DISTINCTIVE, yrlg by            SHIP OF ANGELS (SPR), 2yo by Full         Gear                                   SILLY GAME (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by          SILVER TORNADO, 2yo by Fusaichi          SIPHON HONEY, yrlg by Harlan's              Township                               Songandaprayer
  Decarchy, wnlg by Lit de Justice      Mandate, yrlg by Werblin              SICARINA (GB), yrlg by Domedriver          Refuse To Bend (IRE)                     Pegasus, wnlg by Mr. Greeley              Holiday                                SKIP'S STILETTO (SPR), 2yo by          SLIP ASHORE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by
SHE'S ENOUGH, 2yo by Mr. Greeley,     SHIP'S BELLE, 2yo by Littlebitlively      (IRE)                                  SIL SILA (IRE) (SPR), wnlg by Nayef      SILVERVAN, 2yo by Left Banker            SIPHON MELODY, wnlg by Shamardal            Halo's Image                           Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)
  yrlg by Tiznow                      SHIRAZI, yrlg by Johannesburg           SICILY, yrlg by Halling                  SILVER AND BRONZE (SPR), yrlg by         SILVERWIN, yrlg by Eddington             SIPHONOPHORA, 2yo by Cat Dreams           SKIP'S VICTORY, 2yo by Saucey          SLIPPIN CLEAR, yrlg by Taste of
SHE'S EXPENSIVE, 2yo by Chapel        SHIRLEY MOON (IRE), yrlg by Noverre     SIDE VIEW (SPR), yrlg by Theatrical        Tomahawk                               SILVER WIRE, wnlg by Harlan's            SIPPIN' DEVIL, yrlg by Proud Citizen        Avenger                                Paradise
  Royal                               SHIRLEY'S CAT, yrlg by Personal First     (IRE)                                  SILVER BANDANA, yrlg by Oratorio           Holiday                                SIREN'S HOLIDAY (SPR), wnlg by            SKIP THE QUEEN, yrlg by Closing        SLIPTHEJAB, 2yo by Omega Code
SHE'S FANTASTIC, yrlg by Crafty       SHIROYAMA (SPR), yrlg by Touch          SIDS BEAUTY, yrlg by Pure Prize            (IRE)                                  SILVERY TOPPING, yrlg by Include            Northern Devil                           Argument, 2yo by Peace Rules         SLOATS BURG, yrlg by Redback (GB)
  Friend                                Gold                                  SIENNA (SPR), yrlg by Exchange Rate      SILVER BLISS (SPR), yrlg by Closing      SILVESTER LADY (GB), yrlg by                                                       SKIP TRIAL MISS, yrlg by Macho Uno     SLUMBER PARTY, 2yo by Touch Gold
                                                                                                                                                                                                         SIR HARRIETT (SPR), yrlg by
SHE'S FINDING TIME, yrlg by Suave     SHIVA (SPR), yrlg by Offlee Wild        SIENNA LADY, 2yo by During                 Argument                                 Elusive Quality                           Eurosilver, 2yo by Five Star Day       SKIRT AROUND (GB), yrlg by Starcraft   SLY ARRIVAL (SPR), 2yo by Good and
  Prospect                            SHIVAREE (GB), yrlg by Johannesburg     SIERRA'S ATHENA, wnlg by Harlan's        SILVER BRIDE (SPR), wnlg by Badge        SILVIA DILETTA (GB), yrlg by Indian      SIR HARRY'S WALTZ (IRE), 2yo by A.          (NZ)                                   Tough
SHE'SGOTGOLDFEVER, yrlg by            SHIVERING FAX (SPR), 2yo by Dance
                                                                                Holiday                                  of Silver                                Ridge (IRE)                               P Jet                                  SKIRTING THE ISSUE, 2yo by Good        SLY BUTTERFLY (SPR), 2yo by
  Officer                                                                     SIERRAS KIARA (SPR), yrlg by             SILVER CALLING, yrlg by Action This      SIMAAT (SPR), yrlg by Danehill           SIR LINE (SPR), yrlg by Kafwain             and Tough                              Congaree, yrlg by El Prado (IRE)
                                      SHIYRA (IRE) (SPR), 2yo by
SHE'SGOTITGOINON, wnlg by Came                                                  Pollard's Vision                         Day                                      Dancer (IRE)                           SISBUG, 2yo by Parting Guest              SKI RUN (GB), yrlg by Dubai            SMALL ORDER, yrlg by Roll Hennessy
                                        Almutawakel (GB)
  Home                                                                        SIERRA VIRGEN, yrlg by Dr Fong           SILVER CAPTIVE, yrlg by Kitten's Joy     SIMACOTA (GER), yrlg by Lomitas          SI SI GEM, yrlg by Red Bullet               Destination                            Roll
                                      SHOCKING STICKER (SPR), 2yo by
SHE'S GOT IT TOO, yrlg by Sarava                                              SIERVA (GER), yrlg by One Cool Cat       SILVER CHANCE, yrlg by Include             (GB)                                   SIS SHIRLEY, yrlg by Not Tricky           SKI SEATTLE, wnlg by Aldebaran         SMALL PROMISES, yrlg by Rock
                                        Dance Master
SHE'S GRAND, yrlg by Singletary                                               SIGANA, wnlg by Suave                    SILVER CHIEFTRESS (SPR), 2yo by          SIMADARTHA, yrlg by Giant's              SISSI SONG (FR), 2yo by Beau Genius       SKI SONG, yrlg by Concorde's Tune        Hard Ten
                                      SHOCKING TREMOR (SPR), 2yo by
SHE'S HILARIOUS, yrlg by Southern                                             SIGATOKA, yrlg by Gone West                Trippi, yrlg by Trippi                   Causeway                               SISTER ADIBA, 2yo by Game Plan,           SKITTER, yrlg by Quest                 SMALL TOWN GIRL, yrlg by Lion
                                        Richter Scale
  Image                                                                       SIGATOO, yrlg by Kela                    SILVER CHIFFON, 2yo by                   SIMIANNA (GB), yrlg by Reel Buddy           yrlg by Game Plan                      SKY AWAY, wnlg by Unbridled Energy       Heart
                                      SHOCKTICS, yrlg by Officer
SHE'S NITTY GRITTY, yrlg by K One                                             SIGH OF RELIEF, wnlg by Eddington          Sweetsouthernsaint                     SIMONIDA (IRE), yrlg by Kalanisi (IRE)   SISTER BABY, yrlg by Indian Charlie       SKY BIRD (IRE), yrlg by Fusaichi       SMART AND CHARMING (SPR), wnlg
                                      SHONA, yrlg by Verglas (IRE)
  King                                                                        SIGHT O' GOLD, yrlg by Cactus Ridge      SILVER CHIME (GB), yrlg by Exceed        SIMPLE SURPRISE (SPR), yrlg by           SISTER BLUEBIRD (GB), wnlg by               Pegasus                                by Candy Ride (ARG)
                                      SHOOFHA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Toccet
SHESONEINAMILL, yrlg by Broken                                                SIGNATURE TWIST, yrlg by Unbridled         And Excel (AUS)                          Gilded Time                               Araafa (IRE)                           SKYBLUE BOMB, yrlg by Sadler Slew      SMART DARE, yrlg by Turn West
                                      SHOOPER, 2yo by Posse
  Vow, wnlg by Kafwain                                                          Time                                   SILVER CHOICE, yrlg by Black             SIMPLY BRILLIANT, yrlg by                SISTER BUNKER, yrlg by Vying Victor       SKY CRYSTAL, 2yo by Gibson County      SMART DOLL, 2yo by Authenticate
                                      SHOPAHOLIC, yrlg by Action This Day
SHE'S SHEIKH, 2yo by Snow Ridge                                               SIGNME OR TRADEME, wnlg by                 Mambo                                    Unbridled's Song                       SISTER CRIMSON, yrlg by Honour            SKYFORCE, yrlg by Friendly Lover       SMART ERIN, 2yo by Proud Citizen
                                      SHOPAWAYTHEBLUES (SPR), yrlg by
SHE'S SHY, wnlg by Truluck                                                      Peaks and Valleys                      SILVER CIRCLE, 2yo by Alex's Pal         SIMPLY EXCITING, yrlg by Silver             and Glory                              SKYGUSTY (SPR), yrlg by                SMARTER IS BETTER, yrlg by K One
SHE'S SMOKIN (SPR), yrlg by Maria's                                           SIGN OF COURAGE, 2yo by Smoke            SILVERCITY LADY, yrlg by Stormy            Ghost                                  SISTER FIONA, yrlg by Fusaichi              Songandaprayer                         King
                                      SHORE BIRD, yrlg by Safely's Mark
  Mon                                 SHORE LIGHT, yrlg by Lomitas (GB)         Glacken                                  Atlantic                               SIMPLY JOY (SPR), yrlg by E Dubai           Pegasus                                SKY LADY, 2yo by Valid Expectations    SMART HOSTESS (GB), yrlg by
SHE'S SO FRENCH, 2yo by               SHORELINE (SPR), yrlg by Hennessy       SIGNORA PALMA, 2yo by Rodeo              SILVER DASH, wnlg by Best of the         SIMPLY KATIE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by One     SISTER GIRL (SPR), wnlg by Indian         SKYLIT RED, yrlg by Porto Foricos        Compton Place (GB)
  Bowman's Band                       SHOREWALK DRIVE, yrlg by Forest         SIGNS OF GLORY, yrlg by Langfuhr           Bests (IRE), yrlg by Perigee Moon        Cool Cat                                  Charlie, 2yo by Maria's Mon, yrlg by   SKY MIST, wnlg by Greeley's Galaxy,    SMART KASS (SPR), yrlg by Dance
SHE'S SOMETHING, wnlg by Cat            Danger, wnlg by Lion Heart            SIGONELLA (IRE) (SPR), wnlg by           SILVERDEW, 2yo by Not For Love,          SIMPLY MARTY, yrlg by Buddha                Saint Liam                               yrlg by Posse                          With Ravens
  Thief, yrlg by City Zip             SHORTFALL (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Red         Verglas (IRE)                            yrlg by Roman Ruler                    SIMPLY RUNAWAY, yrlg by Lion             SISTER GOLDEN HAIR (IRE) (SPR),           SKY REACH, wnlg by Purge               SMART LACY, yrlg by Suave Prospect
SHE'S SO REGAL (SPR), yrlg by Vying     Ransom                                SIKWAYI, yrlg by Kiridashi               SILVER ECHO (SPR), yrlg by                 Heart                                     2yo by Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)         SKY REPLY, yrlg by Bernstein           SMART LAUNCH, yrlg by Arch
  Victor                              SHORTPOINT, yrlg by Vindication         SILCA BOO (GB), yrlg by Monsieur           Cherokee Run                           SIMPLYTRUTH, yrlg by Friends Lake        SISTER GREELEY, yrlg by Red Bullet        SKY RUCKUS, yrlg by Trippi             SMARTLEE AWAY, wnlg by
SHE'S THE TOPS (SPR), yrlg by         SHORT SHADOW, yrlg by Eurosilver          Bond (IRE)                             SILVEREINE (FR), yrlg by Country         SIN, 2yo by Halo's Image                 SISTER HAZEL, yrlg by Cat Thief           SKYSAIL, yrlg by Native Regent           Congressionalhonor
  Antonius Pius                       SHOT GUN MILLIE, yrlg by Canadian       SILCA-CISA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by             Reel                                   SINCERE FRIEND, yrlg by Siberian         SISTER JONES, yrlg by Yankee              SKY SONG (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by          SMARTLY (SPR), wnlg by Lion
SHE'S UNREAL (SPR), yrlg by Alex's      Frontier                                Pivotal (GB)                           SILVER ELEGANCE, 2yo by Romance            Summer                                    Gentleman                                Shamardal                              Hearted
  Pal                                 SHOULD EXCELL, yrlg by Maria's          SILCA KEY SERVICE (GB), yrlg by            in Time                                SINCERELY SUSAN, 2yo by Smoke            SISTER MARILYN, yrlg by War Chant         SKY SPRITE, yrlg by Bay Head King      SMART N FAST, yrlg by Southern
SHE'S VALID, yrlg by Pioneering         Mon                                     Stormy Atlantic, wnlg by Tale of the   SILVER FILLYNG (SPR), wnlg by              Glacken                                SISTER MICHEL, yrlg by Domestic           SKYTRIAL, wnlg by Sleeping Indian        Image
SHE'S VESTED, 2yo by Mr. Greeley      SHOULDN'T WE ALL (SPR), yrlg by           Cat                                      Touch Gold                             SINCE TIME BEGAN (SPR), yrlg by             Dispute                                  (GB)                                 SMART N SMOOTH, yrlg by Came
SHEWALKSINBEAUTY (SPR), yrlg by         Cherokee Run, 2yo by Sky Mesa         SILENCE IS GOLDEN (GB), 2yo by           SILVER FROST, yrlg by Halifax              Hennessy                               SISTER QUEEN, 2yo by Toccet               SKYWALKER'S GIRL, wnlg by The            Home
  Skimming                            SHOWBIZ (IRE), yrlg by Danehill           Oasis Dream (GB), yrlg by Starcraft    SILVER GAMBLER (SPR), 2yo by             SINEAD, 2yo by Dansili (GB), wnlg by     SISTER QUICK, yrlg by Grand Reward          Prime Minister                       SMART SHOPPER, yrlg by Champali
SHE WILL ROLL, yrlg by Entepreneur      Dancer (IRE)                            (NZ)                                     Include, wnlg by Shaniko                 Dubai Destination                      SISTER ROSIE, 2yo by Essence of           SKYWARD MELODY, 2yo by In              SMART TALLY (SPR), yrlg by Two
SHEZA HONEY, 2yo by Smarty Jones      SHOWBOAT (SPR), yrlg by Elusive         SILENCE PLEASE, yrlg by Malibu           SILVER HUT (SPR), yrlg by Tagula         SINFUL DEVOTION, 2yo by E Dubai             Dubai, yrlg by Wildcat Heir              Excess (IRE), wnlg by Singletary,      Punch
SHEZA PRETTY GAL, yrlg by Sarava        City                                    Moon                                     (IRE)                                  SINFULINDULGENCE, wnlg by Sharp          SISTER SHIRLEY, yrlg by Western             yrlg by Singletary                   SMARTY SMITHETTE, yrlg by Friends
SHEZA ROYAL INCA, 2yo by Arch         SHOWDOWN (GB), 2yo by Sadler's          SILENCER (SPR), yrlg by Malibu           SILVER KANELA, yrlg by Cactus              Humor                                     Pride                                  SKYZAAM, yrlg by In Excessive Bull       Lake
SHEZASEAHEROINE (SPR), wnlg by                                                  Moon                                     Ridge                                  SINFULLY DELICIOUS (SPR), yrlg by        SISTER SPICE, 2yo by Pure Prize           SLAMMA, yrlg by Yonaguska              SMASH HIT, yrlg by Dehere

58           THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                       THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                  59
Dams                                                                         SOMEONE SPECIAL (SPR), yrlg by
                                                                                                                   SOUL COMFORT, yrlg by Benchmark,
                                                                                                                                                           SOXIE D'OR, yrlg by Ford Every
                                                                                                                                                                                                 SPECIAL MISTRESS (SPR), yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Pollard's Vision
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         SPITTING IMAGE (IRE), yrlg by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   STAFFIN (GB), yrlg by Whywhywhy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   STAFF NURSE, 2yo by Green Desert,
                                                                             SOMERBY, yrlg by Malibu Moon            2yo by Benchmark                      SPACE ROCKET, yrlg by Tempered        SPECIAL TACTICS, yrlg by                SPLASH (IRE), yrlg by Clodovil (IRE)        yrlg by Monarchos
SMASHING GAIL, yrlg by Offlee Wild      (IRE), wnlg by Shirocco (GER)        SO MERRILY, 2yo by Pure Precision     SOUL OF DIABLO, 2yo by Colony             Appeal                                Songandaprayer                        SPLASH EM BABY (SPR), 2yo by              STAGE DOOR HONEY, yrlg by
SMASHING HALO (SPR), yrlg by Tapit    SOARING BAY, 2yo by Sir Cherokee       SOMETHING COOL, 2yo by Black            Light                                 SPAIN (SPR), yrlg by Storm Cat        SPECIAL VIRTUE, yrlg by Value Plus         Northern Afleet                          Exchange Rate
SMASH REVIEW, yrlg by Not For Love    SOARING FALCON, 2yo by                   Mambo                               SOUL REASON, yrlg by Silver Deputy      SPANISH CASTLE, yrlg by Touch Gold    SPECTACULAIREONTAP, wnlg by             SPLASHING (IRE), yrlg by Sky Mesa         STAGE PRESENCE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg
SMASH TICKET, yrlg by In Excessive      Unbridled's Image                    SOMETHING CUTE, yrlg by Old           SOUND OF LAUGHTER (FR), yrlg by         SPANISH FIESTA, yrlg by El Prado        Anasheed, 2yo by Roaring Fever,       SPLASHING FANCY (SPR), 2yo by               by Danehill Dancer (IRE)
  Bull                                SOARING SOFTLY, yrlg by Distorted        Topper                                Lujain                                  (IRE)                                 yrlg by Tomorrows Cat                    Goldminers Gold                        STAGE SHY, yrlg by A.P. Indy
SMILE N' MAGGIE, 2yo by Jaunatxo        Humor                                SOMETHING LIGHT (SPR), yrlg by        SOUND OF SLEAT (GB), yrlg by            SPANISH GLITTER (SPR), yrlg by        SPECTACULAR AFFAIR (SPR), yrlg by       SPLASHOFCHAMPAGNE, yrlg by                STAIN (SPR), yrlg by Rowdy Ruckus
SMILIN' ASHLEY, yrlg by               SOARING SULTANA (SPR), yrlg by           Gold Tribute                          Compton Place (GB)                      Afleet Alex, 2yo by Officer           Quiet American                           Cryptoclearance                        STALWART'S SECRET, yrlg by
  Easyfromthegitgo                      Thunder Gulch                        SOMETHING MON (SPR), yrlg by          SOUNDPROOF (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by         SPANISH GOLD (GB), yrlg by            SPECTACULAR DAY, yrlg by Rock           SPLASHY WOLF, 2yo by                        Congaree, wnlg by Touch Gold
SMILING LASS, yrlg by Hold That       SOBINKA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Quiet       Street Cry (IRE)                      Brahms                                  Acclamation (GB)                      Hard Ten                                 Songandaprayer                         STANDARD OF PEACE, 2yo by
  Tiger                                 American, 2yo by Tale of the Cat     SOMETHING OF VALUE, 2yo by Cape       SOUNDTRACK, yrlg by Street Cry          SPANISH HARBOR (SPR), yrlg by         SPECTACULAR FLIGHT, yrlg by             SPLENDID (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Galileo       Mayakovsky
SMILING SPIRIT, yrlg by Strive        SOBRANIE (GB), wnlg by Monsieur          Canaveral                             (IRE)                                   Strong Hope                           Yonaguska                                (IRE)                                  STANDCORRECTED (GB), yrlg by
SMOKE 'EM GOOD, yrlg by Include         Bond (IRE)                           SOMETIME (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by Gone    SOUNDWAVE (GB), yrlg by Starcraft       SPANISH HOUND, yrlg by Officer        SPECTACULAR MISS, yrlg by Closing       SPLENDIDA IDEA (IRE), yrlg by               Chineur (FR)
SMOKEM THEN FROLIC, wnlg by           SOBRINA DEL REY (CHI), wnlg by           West                                  (NZ)                                  SPANISH MELODY, wnlg by Birdstone       Argument                                 Royal Applause (GB)                    STANDSWITHAFIST, 2yo by Golden
  Flower Alley                          Aragorn (IRE), yrlg by Malibu Moon   SOMETIME NEVER (IRE), yrlg by         SO UNUSUAL (SPR), yrlg by               SPANISH MILL, wnlg by Closing         SPECTACULAR MORGAN, wnlg by             SPLENDID LADY, wnlg by Salt Lake            Missile, yrlg by Golden Missile
SMOKE SIGNAL (IRE), wnlg by Diktat    SOCHI (SPR), yrlg by Bernstein           Acclamation (GB)                      Petionville                             Argument, 2yo by Trust N Luck         Unbridled Energy                      SPLENDID LAUNCH (SPR), 2yo by             STAND UP GAL, wnlg by Flatter
  (GB)                                SOCIABLE (GB), yrlg by Medicean        SOMMERGATE, yrlg by The Prime         SOUPS READY, yrlg by Hurricane          SPANISH NOTE, 2yo by With Approval    SPECTACULAR SUE (SPR), yrlg by             Bernstein                              STANFORD REUNION, yrlg by Wildcat
SMOKEY GRAY, yrlg by Tribunal           (GB)                                   Minister, wnlg by The Prime           Center                                SPANISH PLEASE (SPR), 2yo by Put It     City Zip                              SPLENDIDLY SO, 2yo by Drewman               Heir
SMOKIN AFFAIR, wnlg by Posse          SOCIAL CROWN (SPR), yrlg by Flatter      Minister                            SOURCE OF LIFE (IRE), yrlg by             Back                                SPECTACULARVENTURE (SPR), 2yo           SPOILED SPLENDOR (SPR), yrlg by           STAPLOY (GB), yrlg by Choisir (AUS)
SMOKIN BONNIE (SPR), yrlg by          SOCIAL DELIMA, yrlg by Crafty Shaw     SO MUCH MORE, yrlg by Western           Danehill Dancer (IRE)                 SPANKER (GB) (SPR), wnlg by             by Bernstein                             Eugene's Third Son                     STAR ACCOUNT (SPR), yrlg by
  Stormin Fever                       SOCIAL DIRECTOR (SPR), wnlg by           Pride                               SOUTH APPLE (ARG), yrlg by                Acclamation (GB)                    SPEEDING STAR (ARG), yrlg by            SPOKEN PROPOSAL, 2yo by Indy                Sunday Break (JPN)
SMOKING QUALITY, yrlg by Stephen        Speightstown, 2yo by                 SO MUCH SPLENDOR, yrlg by Tapit         Avanzado (ARG)                        SPANKIN', yrlg by Mr. Greeley           Smarty Jones                             Talent                                 STARAWAY (SPR), yrlg by Aldebaran
  Got Even                              Speightstown                         SONATA BLUES, wnlg by Tribal Rule     SOUTH BAY COVE, yrlg by                 SPANK ME SILLY, yrlg by Brahms        SPEEDLAND (SPR), 2yo by Touch           SPONTANEOUS, yrlg by Forestry             STARBOARD STINGER, wnlg by
SMOK'N FROLIC, 2yo by A.P. Indy       SOCIAL EDITOR, 2yo by More Than        SONATA STYLE, yrlg by Benchmark         Vindication                           SPARE THAT TREE, yrlg by Mizzen         Gold                                  SPORTIN BASQUE, 2yo by Valid                Tiznow
SMOOCHIE SMOOCHIE, yrlg by              Ready, yrlg by Valid Expectations    SONGANDAFLASH, yrlg by Forest         SOUTHERLY FLOW, yrlg by Event of          Mast                                SPEED ON THE LEAD (SPR), yrlg by           Vengeance                              STARBOARD TACK (SPR), yrlg by
  Cromwell                            SOCIALISE (GB), yrlg by Auction          Wildcat                               the Year                              SPARKLE, wnlg by Andromeda's Hero       In Excessive Bull                     SPORTY CARD (SPR), yrlg by Buddha           Smarty Jones
SMOOTH AND CLASSY (SPR), 2yo by         House                                SONG AND DANZ, yrlg by Harlan's       SOUTHERN BREEZE, yrlg by                SPARKLE COLONY, 2yo by Lion Heart     SPEEDY SONATA, yrlg by Grand Slam       SPORTY GIRL (SPR), yrlg by Deputy         STARBOURNE (IRE), yrlg by Giant's
  Strong Hope                         SOCIAL JEWEL, yrlg by Will's Way         Holiday                               Castledale (IRE)                      SPARKLE ME, yrlg by Kafwain, 2yo by   SPELLFIRE, yrlg by Eurosilver, 2yo by      Commander                                Causeway
SMOOTH HARMONY, yrlg by               SOCIAL SERVICE (SPR), yrlg by          SONG OF AFRICA (SPR), yrlg by         SOUTHERN BROOK, 2yo by Texas              Officer                               Even the Score                        SPOTLIGHTER, 2yo by Invisible Ink         STARBROW, yrlg by Indian Ocean
  Medallist                             Bayou Hebert                           Songandaprayer                        Glitter                               SPARKLE OF STONES (FR), yrlg by       THE SPELL IS GONE, yrlg by Touch        SPOTTED PROSPECTOR (SPR), yrlg            STARBUSTER (SPR), 2yo by Roar of
SMOOTH INDEED, yrlg by El Corredor    SOCIETY COLUMN, yrlg by Dixieland      SONG OF HOPE (GB), yrlg by Exceed     SOUTHERNCOMFORTGAL (SPR), 2yo             Mr. Greeley                           Gold                                     by Lydgate                               the Tiger
SMOOTH MOVES, 2yo by All Gone           Band                                   And Excel (AUS)                       by Congaree, yrlg by Indian Charlie   SPARKLE PROOF, 2yo by                 SPELL'S LEGACY, yrlg by Brahms          SPRIGHTISH (SPR), wnlg by Friends         STARCHY (GB), yrlg by Galileo (IRE)
SMOOTH PLAYER (SPR), yrlg by          SOCIETY FAIR (SPR), 2yo by Kheleyf     SONG OF SKYE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by      SOUTHERN CROSS (SPR), yrlg by             Songandaprayer, yrlg by Wildcat     SPENCERS STORM, wnlg by                    Lake                                   STARCONI, yrlg by Ford Every Stream
  Forest Camp                         SOCIETY GAL (SPR), 2yo by                Exceed And Excel (AUS)                Include                                 Heir                                  Songandaprayer, yrlg by Victory       SPRING, yrlg by Include, 2yo by           STAR CRUSADER, yrlg by Yonaguska
SMOOTH SWORD, yrlg by Purge             Speightstown                         SONG OF THE MOMENT, yrlg by           SOUTHERN CURE, yrlg by Wiseman's        SPARKLER, yrlg by Bernstein             Gallop                                   Monashee Mountain                      STAR DE MINT, 2yo by Proud Citizen
S'MORE SMOKE, yrlg by El Corredor     SOCIETY SUE, yrlg by Snowbound           Wildcat Heir                          Ferry, 2yo by Wiseman's Ferry         SPARKLING BLUE, yrlg by Closing       SPEND IT RIGHT, yrlg by Tenpins         SPRING ANGEL, yrlg by Exchange            STARETTA, 2yo by Chapel Royal
S'MOR SUNSHINE (SPR), yrlg by         SOCK'S OF GOLD, wnlg by El             SONG OF THE NORTH (SPR), yrlg by      SOUTHERN DAWN, yrlg by Gold               Argument                            SPENDY PRINCESS, yrlg by Royal             Rate                                   STAR EVENT, yrlg by Lion Hearted
  Storm Day                             Corredor                               Tapit                                 Tribute, 2yo by Leestown              SPARKLING BOUNTY (SPR), yrlg by         Cat                                   SPRING FREE, yrlg by Grand Slam           STARFIRE, yrlg by Offlee Wild
SMUGGLE (SPR), yrlg by Tiznow         SO DELICIOUS, yrlg by Roar of the      SONG OF THE SEA, yrlg by Devil His    SOUTHERN DAY, 2yo by Quiet                Favorite Trick                      SPENT GOLD, yrlg by Kitten's Joy        SPRING GARDEN, yrlg by Graeme             STARFIRE VOYAGE (SPR), 2yo by
SNAP CRACKLE POP (IRE) (SPR), yrlg      Tiger                                  Due                                   American                              SPARKLING CLEAR (GB), yrlg by         SPICE ISLAND, yrlg by Pulpit               Hall                                     Favorite Trick
  by Xaar (GB)                        SO DISCREET (GB), yrlg by Firebreak    SONG OF THE SEA (GB), yrlg by         SOUTHERNENGAGEMENT, yrlg by               Zafeen (FR)                         SPICE ISLAND (GB), yrlg by Piccolo      SPRINGHURST (SPR), yrlg by Street         STARGAZE, yrlg by Holy Bull
SNAPPY CHATTER, 2yo by Texas            (GB)                                   Choisir (AUS)                         Arch                                  SPARKLING FOREST, yrlg by               (GB)                                     Cry (IRE)                              STARGIRL, yrlg by Dehere
  Glitter                             SOFISTICADA (SPR), yrlg by Essence     SONG OF VALKYRIE, 2yo by Put It       SOUTHERN GOLD, 2yo by Favorite            Eurosilver, 2yo by Golden Missile   SPICE IS NICE, yrlg by Include          SPRING LOOSE (SPR), 2yo by                STARINTHEMEADOW, yrlg by
SNAPPY LITTLE CAT, yrlg by              of Dubai                               Back                                  Trick                                 SPARKLING FOX, 2yo by                 SPICY ANGELITA, 2yo by Dance               Alysweep                                 Gimmeawink
  Speightstown                        SOFISTICATION (IRE), 2yo by Captain    SONGONTHECHARTS, wnlg by              SOUTHERN HOUSE (IRE), yrlg by             Birdonthewire                         Master, yrlg by Flame Thrower         SPRING MERCEDES, 2yo by Global            STARIYA (IRE), yrlg by Marju (IRE)
SNAPPY LITTLE TUNE (SPR), yrlg          Rio (GB)                               D'wildcat                             Stephen Got Even                      SPARKLING GLITTER, yrlg by Crafty     SPICY LIGHT, yrlg by Saint Afleet          Mission                                STARK PASSAGE, yrlg by Giant's
  by Lion Heart                       SO FOOLISH, yrlg by Saint Liam         SONG QUEEN, yrlg by Forest Camp       SOUTHERN IVY, 2yo by Tapit                Shaw                                SPICY RED, yrlg by Newfoundland         SPRING MORNING (SPR), yrlg by               Causeway
SNAP TO IT (SPR), 2yo by Even the     SO FRENCH, yrlg by Yonaguska           SONG TO REMEMBER (SPR), yrlg by       SOUTHERN LASS, yrlg by Harlan's         SPARKLING MEETING, yrlg by            SPIKES, yrlg by Vindication                Forest Wildcat                         STAR KRISTINA, 2yo by Bernstein
  Score                               SOFT, yrlg by Whipper                    Tiznow                                Holiday                                                                     SPILLED BEANS, yrlg by Point Given      SPRING PITCH (SPR), 2yo by Fusaichi       STARKWATER (SPR), yrlg by Hold
SNAZZY, yrlg by Five Star Day         SOFT SENORITA, yrlg by North Light     SONG TRACK, yrlg by Dynaformer        SOUTHERN MEETING, yrlg by Skip          SPARKLING NUMBER, yrlg by             SPIN A MOOD, yrlg by Vindication           Pegasus                                  That Tiger
SNEAK OUT, yrlg by City Zip             (IRE)                                SONIC BOOM ALY, wnlg by Ascot           Away                                    Songandaprayer                      SPINDARA (IRE), yrlg by Firebreak       SPRING RADE, yrlg by Global               STAR LADY ONE, yrlg by Distinctive
SNICKEEZ, yrlg by Maria's Mon         SOFT TOUCH (IRE), wnlg by Ishiguru
                                                                               Knight                              SOUTHERN MUSICAL, yrlg by Yes It's      SPARKLING PINK, wnlg by Forest          (GB)                                     Mission                                  Cat
                                      SO GLAM SO HIP (IRE), yrlg by Le Vie
SNIFFY, 2yo by Newfoundland, yrlg                                            SONOMA MEADOW, yrlg by Bernstein        True                                    Danger                              SPIN ME AGAIN, yrlg by Harbor the       SPRING RUSH, yrlg by Saint Liam           STAR LANDING, yrlg by Limehouse
                                        Dei Colori (GB)
  by Woke Up Dreamin                                                         SOOTY TERN (SPR), yrlg by             SOUTHERN PEWTER (SPR), yrlg by          SPARK OF SUCCESS (SPR), wnlg by         Gold                                  SPRING SKY, yrlg by Seattle Fitz          STAR LEGEND (SPR), yrlg by Seneca
                                      SOLAR COLONY (SPR), yrlg by
SNOBBY PRINCESS, yrlg by                                                       Aldebaran                             Gilded Time                             Candy Ride (ARG)                    SPINNETTE (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by             (ARG)                                    Jones
  Eurosilver                                                                 SOPHIA SEZ SO, yrlg by Proud          SOUTHERN PSYCHIC, wnlg by               SPARKY'S SONG (GB) (SPR), yrlg by       Bernstein                             SPRINGTIME ROMANCE, 2yo by                STARLET APPROVAL, yrlg by Tethra
                                      SOLAR CRYSTAL (IRE) (SPR), yrlg
SNOOKER (SPR), 2yo by                                                          Accolade                              Iceman (GB)                             Footstepsinthesand (GB)             SPINNING, yrlg by Mr. Greeley              Green Desert                           STARLET NOTE, wnlg by
                                        by Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)
  Littleexpectations                                                         SOPHIE, yrlg by Tale of the Cat       SOUTHERN QUEEN (GB), yrlg by            SPARKY THREE, yrlg by Giant's         SPINNING MOUSE (GB), yrlg by Trade      SPRING VACATION (SPR), yrlg by              Freefourinternet
                                      SOLAR SONG, 2yo by Freud
SNOWBERG, wnlg by Came Home                                                  SOPHIE AND AL, yrlg by Crimson          Cadeaux Genereux (GB), 2yo by           Causeway, wnlg by Mr. Greeley         Fair (GB)                                Comic Strip                            STARLIGHT DREAMS (SPR), yrlg by
                                      SOLDIER'S ANGEL, yrlg by Buddha
SNOWBOUND N DELMAR, yrlg by                                                    Classic                               Selkirk                               SPEAK EASY, yrlg by Songandaprayer    SPINNING THE YARN (GB) (SPR), yrlg      SPRING VALLEY, yrlg by Dehere               Danehill Dancer (IRE)
                                      SOLIDARITA (SPR), yrlg by Event of
  Suave Prospect                                                             SOPHIELU (GB), wnlg by Dubai          SOUTHERNSLUCKYSTAR, 2yo by              SPEAKER'S CORNER, yrlg by               by Dubawi (IRE)                       SPRING WHISPER (IRE), yrlg by             STARLIGHT GAZER, yrlg by Even
                                        the Year
SNOW COUNTY HONEY (SPR), yrlg                                                  Destination, yrlg by Red Ransom       Macabe                                  Johannesburg                        SPIRAL DANCER, 2yo by Harlan's             Namid (GB), wnlg by Royal                the Score, 2yo by Even the Score
                                      SOLID EIGHT (SPR), yrlg by Roman
  by Forest Camp                                                             SOPHIE'S CAT, yrlg by Buddha          SOUTHERN SMILE, yrlg by Supremo         SPEAK HALORY (SPR), yrlg by Pico        Holiday                                  Applause (GB)                          STARLIGHT SMILE (SPR), yrlg by
SNOW DANCE, yrlg by Monarchos                                                SOPHISTICATED MISS, wnlg by Salt      SOUTHERN SWING (SPR), yrlg by             Central (BRZ)                       SPIRE (SPR), yrlg by Gone West,         SPRINT NICKLNIGHTS, yrlg by                 Cape Cross (IRE)
                                      SOLID PLATINUM, yrlg by Tapit
SNOWDRIFT (GB), 2yo by Kyllachy                                                Lake                                  Smart Strike                          SPEAKING OF TIME, yrlg by               wnlg by Songandaprayer                   Onebadshark                            STARLINE (SPR), yrlg by Victory
                                      SOLID ROCKET, 2yo by Chapel Royal
  (GB)                                                                       SOPHORIFIC (IRE), 2yo by A.P. Indy    SOUTHERN VOICE, yrlg by Take Me           Successful Appeal                   SPIRIT CATCHER (SPR), 2yo by            SPRITZERIA (GB), yrlg by Compton            Gallop
                                      SOLID SILVER, yrlg by In Excessive
SNOWDROPS (GB), yrlg by Red             Bull                                 SOPHRANA (IRE), yrlg by Kheleyf         Out                                   SPEAK OUT, yrlg by Southern Image       Erlton, yrlg by Prince of the Mt.        Place (GB)                             STARLIT CITY, yrlg by Indian Charlie
  Ransom                              SOLITARY GOLD, yrlg by Essence of      SO PRETTY, 2yo by Diligence           SOUVENIR DOLL, yrlg by Stormy           SPEC ACCOUNT, yrlg by Strong Hope     SPIRITED MAIDEN, yrlg by Value Plus     SPRY (GB), yrlg by Nayef                  STARLIT SKY (GB), wnlg by Invincible
SNOW FLOWER, yrlg by Macho Uno          Dubai, 2yo by Werblin                SORBIE DUCHESS (SPR), yrlg by           Atlantic                              SPECIAL AMERICAN, yrlg by             SPIRITED MARKET, wnlg by Deputy         SPUN GOLD, yrlg by Stormy Atlantic          Spirit (IRE)
SNOW IMAGE, 2yo by Macho Uno          SOLITARY RIVER, yrlg by Skip Away        Sweetsouthernsaint                  SOVEREIGN LIZ (SPR), wnlg by Came         Eurosilver                            Storm                                 SPUNKY PUNCH, yrlg by Snowbound           STAR LODGE (GB), yrlg by Le Vie Dei
SNOWING (SPR), yrlg by Red Ransom     SOLITARY SAGA, 2yo by Olmodavor,       SO RE SO (SPR), yrlg by Harlan's        Home                                  SPECIAL BALLAD, yrlg by Yes It's      SPIRITED SILVER, yrlg by Benchmark,     SPUR CREEK, wnlg by Afternoon               Colori (GB)
SNOW KITTEN (GB), yrlg by Seeking       yrlg by Oratory                        Holiday                             SOVEREIGNOFTHESEAS, wnlg by               True                                  wnlg by Benchmark                        Deelites, yrlg by Afternoon Deelites   STAR MOUNTAIN, yrlg by Act of Duty
  the Gold                            SOLIZA (IRE), wnlg by Motivator (GB)   SO RIGHT, yrlg by Grand Reward, 2yo     Roman Ruler                           SPECIAL BRUSH (SPR), yrlg by          SPIRIT OF AN ANGEL, yrlg by Pure        SPY NOVEL, yrlg by Ghostzapper            STAR NURSE, yrlg by Forestry
SNOW LADY, wnlg by Proud              SOLO, 2yo by Lemon Drop Kid              by Hold That Tiger                  SOVEREIGN TOUCH (IRE) (SPR), 2yo          Stormy Atlantic                       Prize                                 SQUALL CITY, yrlg by Vindication,         STAR OF BROADWAY, yrlg by
  Accolade                            SOLO ATTACK, yrlg by Ide               SO RITZY (SPR), yrlg by Gone West       by Pyrus                              SPECIAL DANA (SPR), yrlg by           SPIRIT OF FLAG, 2yo by Is It True          2yo by War Chant                         Smarty Jones
SNOW POLINA, yrlg by Cape Cross       SOLVIG, yrlg by Afleet Alex            SORUS, 2yo by Storm Boot              SOVEREIGN WITCH, wnlg by Gilded           Larrupin'                           THE SPIRIT OF PACE (IRE), yrlg by       SQUARE DANCE, yrlg by Cozzene             STAR OF DAWN (SPR), yrlg by Finality
  (IRE)                               SOMAGGIA (IRE), yrlg by Elusive City   SO SAINTLY, yrlg by Even the Score      Time                                  SPECIAL DANCER (GB), yrlg by            Celtic Swing (GB)                     SQUARE DANCE QUEEN, yrlg by               STAR OF GOSHEN (SPR), yrlg by
SNOW PRINCESS (IRE) (SPR), yrlg       SO MANY MEMORIES, yrlg by Formal       SOSALETA SUE, yrlg by Whiskey         SOVIET BELLE (IRE), 2yo by Bachelor       Namid (GB)                          SPIRIT OF TARA (IRE) (SPR), yrlg by        Ballado Chieftan                         Fusaichi Pegasus
  by Indian Ridge (IRE)                 Dinner                                 Wisdom                                Duke                                  SPECIALE, yrlg by Motivator (GB)        Oratorio (IRE)                        SQUARE PANTS, wnlg by Dixie Union         STAR OF SAVANNAH, yrlg by Proud
SNOW QUEEN, yrlg by During            SOMBREFFE (GB) (SPR), yrlg by          SO SAY ALL OF US (SPR), yrlg by One   SOVIETICA (GB) (SPR), yrlg by Peace     SPECIAL JIG, yrlg by Johannesburg     SPIRIT OF WAILEA, yrlg by Posse         SQUAW DANCE (GB), yrlg by                   Accolade
SNOWY APPARITION, yrlg by Purge         Cape Cross (IRE)                       Way Love                              Rules                                 SPECIAL KELL (SPR), 2yo by            SPIRITO LIBRO (SPR), yrlg by Dubawi        Dubawi (IRE)                           STAR OF SHEBA, yrlg by Crowned
SNUCKAWIN, yrlg by Prime Timber       SOME IRISH LEGEND, wnlg by             SO SOCIAL (SPR), yrlg by Heckle       SOVIET NIGHTS (SPR), yrlg by              Kafwain                               (IRE), wnlg by Marju (IRE)            S. S. FINESSE, yrlg by One Nice Cat         King
SNUCK IN SCOTCH, wnlg by Midas          Pleasantly Perfect, yrlg by Point    SO SORRY, wnlg by Speightstown          Pleasant Tap                          SPECIALLY, wnlg by Stormy Atlantic,   SPIRITUAL AIR (GB), yrlg by Rock of     STACEY'S RELIC, wnlg by Southern          STAR OF THE COURSE, yrlg by Mark
  Eyes                                  Given                                SO SPIRITED, yrlg by Mr. Greeley      SOVIET TERMS (GB), yrlg by                yrlg by Successful Appeal             Gibraltar (IRE)                          Image                                    of Esteem (IRE)
SNUGGLING RAHY, wnlg by Toccet        SOMEONE'S ANGEL, yrlg by Kheleyf       SO STRIKING, yrlg by Pure Prize         Bahamian Bounty (GB)                  SPECIAL MESSAGE, yrlg by Finance      SPIRITUAL MAGIC, yrlg by Freespool      STACK FAMA, yrlg by Hennessy              STAR OF THE WOODS (SPR), yrlg by
SO ADMIRABLE (GB), yrlg by Oratorio                                          SOUADAH, yrlg by Monsieur Bond        SO WELCOME, yrlg by Lion Heart            the Cat, wnlg by Truluck            SPIRITUAL SWORD, yrlg by Heckle         STACK SONG, yrlg by Double Honor            Tiznow

60           THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                               THE BLOOD-HORSE ■ AUCTIONS OF 2008                    61
Dams                                                                              Unbridled Energy
                                                                                STORMFEATHER (SPR), yrlg by
                                                                                                                     STRAIGHT TIME, yrlg by Western
                                                                                                                                                            STROKE OF SIX (IRE), yrlg by Le Vie
                                                                                                                                                              Dei Colori (GB)
                                                                                                                                                                                                   SUE S, 2yo by Gneiss
                                                                                                                                                                                                   SUE'S AFFAIR, 2yo by Supremo
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            SUMMERS MAGIC, yrlg by Buddha
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            SUMMER SPICE (IRE), yrlg by Indian
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   SUNSET DREAM, yrlg by Grindstone
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   SUNSET DRIVE, yrlg by Five Star Day
                                                                                  Southern Image                     THE STRAND (GB), wnlg by Kyllachy      STROLLIN SLEW, yrlg by Harlan's        SUES WAY, 2yo by Chapel Royal              Ridge (IRE)                          SUNSET EXPRESS, yrlg by Posse
STAR ONE ONE (SPR), yrlg by               Posse                                 STORM FEVER, 2yo by A. P Jet           (GB)                                   Holiday                              SUFFRAGETTE KITTY, yrlg by               SUMMER SQUEEZE, wnlg by                SUNSET GLITTER, yrlg by Wheelaway
  Exchange Rate                         STELLUCHELLA (SPR), yrlg by Strong      STORM FORCAST, wnlg by               STRAND OF GLITTER, yrlg by Richter     STRONG AND STEADY (SPR), yrlg            Birdstone                                Doneraile Court                      SUNSET MYSTIQUE, 2yo by
STAR OPTION (SPR), 2yo by Confide         Hope                                    Awesome Again                        Scale                                  by Bold Executive                    SUGAR BLUES, yrlg by Hook and            SUMMER STORM (SPR), yrlg by              Benchmark
STAR PEPPER (SPR), yrlg by Old          STEM THE TIDE, 2yo by Noverre           STORM FRONT, yrlg by City Zip        STRAND OF PEARLS (SPR), yrlg by        STRONG CREDENTIALS, 2yo by               Ladder                                   Eurosilver                           SUNSET SEEKER (SPR), yrlg by
  Topper                                STENO, yrlg by Honour and Glory         STORMIN' DAINA, yrlg by Purge          Indian Country                         Golden Missile, yrlg by Successful   SUGAR DIPPED, yrlg by Mizzen Mast        SUMMER STRIKE, 2yo by Doneraile          Golden Missile
STAR QUALITY (ARG), yrlg by Purge       STE. PECHERESSE, 2yo by                 STORMIN' DOWN, yrlg by Leestown,     STRATOCASTER, 2yo by Turn West           Appeal                               SUGAR GAL, yrlg by Yes It's True           Court                                SUNSET SERVICE (SPR), 2yo by
STAR QUEEN, yrlg by Dixieland             Robannier                               wnlg by Lydgate, 2yo by Peace      STRATTER, yrlg by Orientate            STRONGERTHANPRIDE (SPR)