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									        Kitsap County Tobacco Prevention & Control
            Five-Year Program Activity Summary 2001-2006

This summary describes Kitsap County tobacco contracts, workplans, outputs and
closeout as they were reported to the Washington State Department of Health Tobacco
Prevention & Control (TPC) program and recorded in the CATALYST web-based
reporting system from contract years 2001-2006.

The following sections are included in the summary:

     Contract: Kitsap County Health Department was the primary tobacco contractor
     from 2001-2006. Appendix I includes funding sources, total funding per year, and
     FTE allocation by the contractor each contract year.

     Contractor: Appendix II lists all tobacco contacts for fiscal year 2005-2006. This is
     the most recent list of contacts, as the list was updated yearly and old contact data

     Workplans: All tobacco contractors were required to enter their workplans for the
     upcoming fiscal year in the spring. Each year certain activities were required of all
     community contractors. Appendix III lists required activities by year.
     In 2003-2004 workplans contractors were required to write SMART (Specific,
     Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) workplan objectives. Prior to
     workplan approval, contract managers reviewed workplans and negotiated changes
     if necessary. Finalized workplans were locked in CATALYST. Contract years
     began July 1 and ended June 30. Appendix IV shows planned activities with
     SMART objectives by year.
     Outputs: All tobacco contractors were required to report their activities on a
     monthly basis. Monthly reporting included a narrative journal entry as well as
     numbers and description of audiences reached. Appendix V shows the audiences
     reached by each activity conducted by year.

     Closeout: All tobacco contractors were required to close out each of their activities
     in CATALYST for the 2005-2006 contract year. Closeout provided an opportunity to
     assess their work throughout the year and determine if they met their SMART
     objectives in their workplan and to explain if they did not meet their objectives.
     Appendix VI includes closeout comments for 2003-2004, 2004-2005, and 2005-

Note: The information in this report was taken directly from CATALYST and its accuracy
has not been verified.

Appendix I: Contract

  Kitsap County Funding Level     01-02            02-03          03-04          04-05               05-06
 CDC                              $25,169          $25,800        $25,800        $25,800             $25,800
 Settlement                       $105,500         $131,900       $131,900       $131,900            $152,218
 Youth Access                     $19,502          $19,200        $19,200        $19,200             $19,200
 Total Funding                    $150,171         $176,900       $176,900       $176,900            $197,218
 FTE                              NA               NA             2.25           2.75                NA

Appendix II: 2005-2006 Contacts

 Kitsap County Tobacco Contacts
 Contact Type             Name                        Contact information (Phone and Email)
 Primary Contact           Melinda Harmon              (360) 337-5224
 Program Staff
 Advisory Board Member     Bridget Robinson            (360) 478-2366
 Program Staff             Karen Boysen-Knapp          (360) 337-5235 x6272
 Program Staff             Roberta Kowald              (360) 337-5257
 Program Staff             Amanda Scott-Thomas         (360) 337-5257
 Program Staff             Shelley Smith-Rose          (360) 337-5235 x6273
 Health Officer            Scott Lindquist
 Fiscal Contact            Elaine Croteau              (360) 337-5235
 Advisory Board Member     Eric Anderson               (360) 792-6686
 Advisory Board Member     Cyndy Ayers                               
 Advisory Board Member     Karen Bright                              
 Advisory Board Member     Carol Bruce                 (360) 440-3261
 Advisory Board Member     Mary Ellen de la Pena       (360) 337-4878
 Advisory Board Member     Michelle Dower              (360) 405-5824
 Advisory Board Member     Delisha Durham                            
 Advisory Board Member     Awilda Jesionowski          (360) 337-5552
 Advisory Board Member     Wendy Jones                 (360) 478-6871
 Advisory Board Member     Cheryl Lancaster                          
 Advisory Board Member     Janet Mano                  (360) 475-4690 x3
 Advisory Board Member     Pat McFerran                (360) 478-4889
 Advisory Board Member     Sarah Miller                (800) 729-3880 x3
 Advisory Board Member     Beth Mosly                  (360) 779-4408
 Advisory Board Member     Gay Neal, Coordinator       (360) 337-4879
 Advisory Board Member     Tanya Weintraub             (360) 337-5700
 Advisory Board Member     Avila Yvette                (206) 441-5100          yavila@ALAW.ORG
 Advisory Board Member     Chris Zipperer              (360) 297-2646

Appendix III: Required Workplan Activities

   Required Workplan Activities by Contract Year
   01-02*              02-03                      03-04                      04-05                        05-06
                       C1.01 Community            C1.01 Community            C1.01 Community              C1.01 Community
                       Coalition/Advisory         Coalition/Advisory         Coalition/Advisory           Coalition/Advisory
                       C1.04 DOH Contractor       C1.04 DOH Contractor       C1.04 DOH Contractor         C1.04 DOH Contractor
                       Meetings                   Meetings                   Meetings                     Meetings

                       C2.01.01 Synar             C2.01.01 Synar                                          C1.05 Staff Professional
                                                                             C1.05 Other Meetings
                       Compliance Checks          Compliance Checks                                       Development

                                                                                                          C2.01.01 Synar Compliance
                       C2.02 Retailer Education   C2.02 Retailer Education   C1.14 Strategic Planning

                       C2.08 Support              C2.08 Support
                                                                             C2.01.01 Synar Compliance
                       Comprehensive School-      Comprehensive School-                                   C2.02 Retailer Education
                       Based Programs             Based Programs

                                                                                                          C2.08 Support
                       C3.01 Promote Quitline     C3.01 Promote Quitline     C2.02 Retailer Education     Comprehensive School-
                                                                                                          Based Programs

                                                                             C2.08 Support
                       C3.07 Local Assessment     C3.07 Local Assessment                                  C3.07 Local Assessment of
                                                                             Comprehensive School-Based
                       of Cessation Resources     of Cessation Resources                                  Cessation Resources

                                                                             C3.04 Healthcare Systems
                       One activity from Goal 4   One activity from Goal 4

                                                                             C3.07 Local Assessment of
                                                                             Cessation Resources

                                                                             C4.01 Public Education
                                                                             Secondhand Smoke

                                                                             C4.10 Law Enforcement

                       8 required activities      8 required activities      11 required activities       7 required activities

     *2001-2002 required activities not on file.

Appendix IV: Workplans

Kitsap County Planned Activities by Year
Activity Name     01-02                              02-03                               03-04                                  04-05                                 05-06
                                                                                         From July 1, 2003 through June
                                                                                                                                From July 1, 2004-June 30, 2005,      From July 1, 2005-June 30, 2006,
                                                                                         30, 2004, convene monthy
                                                     Convene a group of                                                         convene mohthly meetings of the       convene mohthly meetings of the
                                                                                         meetings of the Tobacco Free
                                                     stakeholders including, but not                                            Tobacco Free Kitsap Coalition,        Tobacco Free Kitsap Coalition,
                                                                                         Kitsap Coalition, increasing the
                                                     limited to the Navy, ESD 114,                                              keeping a membership of at least      keeping a membership of at least 15
                                                                                         number of those regularly
C1.01                                                Port Gamble S'Kallam Tribe,                                                15 active community partners.         active community agencies and
                     convene a community                                                 attending to 15 by June 2004. This
                                                     Group Health, WLCB, school                                                 This group will be drawn from         seeking greater diversity. This group
Community            advisory board for annual and
                                                     nurses, county prevention
                                                                                         group of community partners will
                                                                                                                                across the county including Port      will be drawn from across the county
Advisory Board       or long term plan development                                       be drawn from across the county,
                                                     services, youth, Harrision                                                 Gamble S'Klallam and Suquamish        including Port Gamble S'Klallam and
                                                                                         including Port Gamble S'Kallam
                                                     Hospital etc. to advise on                                                 tribes, ESD 114, health providers     Suquamish tribes, ESD 114, health
                                                                                         and Suquamish tribes, ESD 114,
                                                     tobacco prevention strategies in                                           and other agencies impacted by        providers and other agencies
                                                                                         schools, agencies and individuals
                                                     Kitsap County.                                                             tobacco or engaged in tobacco         impacted by tobacco or engaged in
                                                                                         impacted by tobacco or engaged
                                                                                                                                prevention and control.               tobacco prevention and control.
                                                                                         in tobacco prevention and control.

                                                                                         From July 1, 2003 through June
                                                                                         30, 2004, KCHD staff will meet
                                                                                         monthly with the Youth Executive
                                                                                         Group/STAND! (Stop Tobacco
                                                                                         Use Now, Do It!) which are
                                                                                         comprised of 1-2 students from at      From September 1, 2004 through
                                                                                         least 3 of the 5 community school      June 30, 2005, KCHD staff will
                                                                                                                                                                      From August 2004, through June 30,
                                                                                         districts and/or local youth groups.   meet at least two times per month
                                                                                                                                                                      2005, KCHD staff will meet at least
                                                                                         The Youth Executive                    with tobacco youth clubs in at
                                                                                                                                                                      two times per month with tobacco
                                                                                         Group/STAND! will plan tobacco         least four schools and one low
                                                     Convene STAND! Executive                                                                                         youth groups in schools and in the
C1.02                                                                                    education and prevention activities    income housing after school youth
                     convene a youth                 Board with representatives from                                                                                  community to advise, plan and help
                                                                                         that they will take back to their      group to advise, plan, and help
Youth                coalition/advisory board to     six local high schools to advise                                                                                 implement student driven activities.
                                                                                         school student                         implement student driven anti-
Coalition/Advisory   monitor and help implement      and plan youth related activities                                                                                Activities may include, but are not
                                                                                         organizations/youth groups for         tobacco activities. Activities will
Board                youth activities                for 100 plus member STAND!                                                                                       limited to the Great American Smoke
                                                                                         implementation. Activities may         include, but not limited to, the
                                                     Youth Coalition.                                                                                                 out, Kick Butts Day, Hands Off
                                                                                         include Hands Off Halloween, the       Great American Smokeout, Kick
                                                                                                                                                                      Halloween, World No Tobacco Day,
                                                                                         Great American Smokeout, World         Butts Day, Hands Off Halloween,
                                                                                                                                                                      Its Time for Kitsap Kids and the
                                                                                         No Tobacco Day, Its Time For           World No Tobacco Day, Its Time
                                                                                                                                                                      Kitsap County Fair.
                                                                                         Kitsap Kids Event at the Silverdale    for Kitsap Kids, and the Kitsap
                                                                                         Mall, The Kitsap County Fair           County Fair.
                                                                                         Tobacco Prevention Booth,
                                                                                         presenting plaques to restaurants
                                                                                         that go smoke free, and other
                                                                                         activities as determined by the

                                                     Enable local youth to participate
Regional Youth                                       in regional summit.

C1.03.03                                             Attend Washington State
                                                     Prevention Summit in Yakima.
Statewide                                            Present Kitsap County's "Hands
Prevention Summit                                    Off Halloween" storefront survey.

                                                                                            From July 1, 2003 through June                                                  From July 1, 2005-June 30, 2006,
                                                                                                                                  From July 1, 2004-June 30, 2005,
                                                                                            30, 2004, four KCHD Tobacco                                                     KCHD Tobacco staff will attend each
                                                                                                                                  KCHD Tobacco staff will attend
                                                                                            Program staff will attend the 2 day                                             of the three regional meetings,
                                                                                                                                  each of the three regional
C1.04                                                                                       state contractors meeting, two                                                  (September 05, February 06, and
                                                                                                                                  meetings, (September 04,
                     participate in a summer                                                KCHD staff will attend the 3                                                    May 06) and one staff person will
State/Regional       regional meeting
                                                       Attend DOH contractor meetings
                                                                                            regional one day meetings and
                                                                                                                                  February 05, and May 05) and
                                                                                                                                                                            serve on the State DOH Tobacco
Meetings                                                                                                                          one staff person will serve on the
                                                                                            one staff person will attend the                                                Implementation Advisory Committee.
                                                                                                                                  State DOH Tobacco
                                                                                            State DOH Tobacco                                                               At least one staff person will attend
                                                                                                                                  Implementation Advisory
                                                                                            Implementation Advisory                                                         the TPC state conference in
                                                                                            Committee (IAC) during 2003/04.                                                 November 05.

                                                       Attend State Youth Access            Between July 1, 2003 through
                                                                                                                                  Between July 1, 2004 and June 30
                                                       meetings, ACS Speak Out              June 30, 2004, two KCHD tobacco
                                                                                                                                  2005, at least one KCHD tobacco           Between July 1, 2005 and June 30
                                                       Advisory Committee, ALAW             staff will attend 1 strategic
 C1.05               Attend issue specific national                                                                               staff member will attend the              2006, a minimum of 2 staff will each
                                                       Tobacco Control Committee,           planning training offered by TPRC
                     conferences.                                                                                                 Cultural Competency Training and          attend at least one TPRC training(s)
Meetings/Trainings   Attend issue specific
                                                       State Tobacco Implementation         and two staff will attend at least
                                                                                                                                  all five staff will attend at least one   or conference to increase their skills
- other                                                Advisory Committee, State            one additional TPRC training to
                     statewide trainings.                                                                                         other TPRC training(s) to increase        and knowledge of tobacco
                                                       Healthy Youth Advisory               increase their skills and
                                                                                                                                  their skills and knowledge of             prevention and control.
                                                       Committee, and other meetings        knowledge of tobacco prevention
                                                                                                                                  tobacco prevention and control.
                                                       and conferences as appropriate.      and control.

                                                                                                                                  By November 2004, write news
                                                                                                                                                                            Between July 1, 2005 and June 30,
                                                                                                                                  release(s) and contact 6 local
                                                                                                                                                                            2006 post website information and
                                                                                                                                  newspapers (Bremerton Sun daily
                                                       Continue to recruit recipients and                                                                                   contact 6 local newspapers
C1.07                                                                                                                             paper + 5 bi-weekly community
                     Agency/ organization website      distribute updates on tobacco                                                                                        (Bremerton Sun daily paper + 5 bi-
                                                                                                                                  papers in Kitsap Newspaper
Raising              with updates.                     prevention and control via email,                                                                                    weekly community papers in Kitsap
                                                                                                                                  Group) with local
Awareness/Nat.       Direct mail updates.              website, and/ or direct mail to                                                                                      Newspaper Group) with local
                                                                                                                                  information/events on Great
Media Event          Listserv or email updates         health teachers and community                                                                                        information on national events such
                                                                                                                                  American Smokeout. By May
                                                       advocates.                                                                                                           as Great American Smokeout, Kick
                                                                                                                                  2005, use similar process to focus
                                                                                                                                                                            Butts Day, or World No Tobacco
                                                                                                                                  on World No Tobacco Day and
                                                                                                                                  Kitsap-specific activities.

                                                                                            By June 30, 2004 write news
                                                                                            releases and make contact with 6
                                                                                            local newspapers to include the
                                                                                            Bremerton Sun, and five local
                                                                                            community newspapers
C1.08                                                  Engage the media to piggyback        (Bremerton Patriot, Port Orchard
                     World No Tobacco Day (May)
National Media       media event
                                                       on local events related to the       Independent, Central Kitsap
Events                                                 Great American Smokeout.             Reporter, North Kitsap News and
                                                                                            the Bainbridge Island paper) with
                                                                                            local information/events regarding
                                                                                            Great American Smokeout and
                                                                                            World No Tobacco Day with focus
                                                                                            on Kitsap specific impacts.

                                                                                            By October 2003, KCHD staff will
C1.09                Obtain data from community,                                            complete the community capacity
Community            local school districts, and the                                        assessment in conjunction with
Capacity             state to access need and                                               the Kitsap County Tobacco Free
Assessment           interventions.                                                         Coalition and input results into

                                                                                                 By 6/04, KCHD staff will work with
                                                                                                 ESD 114 staff and Kitsap County
                                                                                                 School district staff to recruit
                                                                                                                                       By 6/05, KCHD staff will work with
                                                                                                 schools to participate in the 2004
                                                                                                                                       ESD 114 staff and Kitsap County
                                                                                                 Healthy Youth Survey through a
                                                                                                                                       School district staff to begin to recruit
                                                                                                 variety of education and outreach
                                                          By 6/30/04,KCHD staff will provide                                           schools to particpate in the 2006
                                                                                                 strategies. KCHD will also work
                                                          technical assistance to ESD staff                                            Healthy Youth Survey through a
                                                                                                 with the ESD to release the results
                                                          and Kitsap County Schools to                                                 vareity of education and outreach
                                                                                                 of the survey to schools in
                     Help recruit newly sampled           recruit school participation for the                                         strategies. KCHD will also participate
C1.10                                                                                            Feb/March 2005. KCHD staff will
                     schools and their administrators     2004 Healthy Youth Survey.                                                   in the community based
                                                                                                 also participate in the community
Support Local Data   in each of 5 local Kitsap County     KCHD staff will also participate in
                                                                                                 based "collaborative needs
                                                                                                                                       "collaborative needs assessment
Collection           districts to participate in the      the community based                                                          process" between February and April
                                                                                                 assessment process" between
                     Healthy Youth Survey.                "collaborative needs assessment                                              2006, in collaboration with DASA,
                                                                                                 February and April 2005 in
                                                          process" to discuss prevention                                               WSLCB, ESD 114, and the Kitsap
                                                                                                 collaboration with DASA, WSLCB,
                                                          planning for alcohol, tobacco and                                            County Community Health and
                                                                                                 ESD 114 and Kitsap County
                                                          other drug use.                                                              Safety Network to develop ongoing
                                                                                                 Community Health and Safety
                                                                                                                                       plan for tobacco, drugs, and alcohol
                                                                                                 Network to develop ongoing
                                                                                                                                       prevention among youth in Kitsap
                                                                                                 prevention strategies and plans for
                                                                                                 tobacco, drugs, and alcohol
                                                                                                 prevention among youth in Kitsap

C1.11                Participate in Speak Out
                     trainings or events by recruiting
Speak Out            local students and utilizing staff
Initiative           time to coordinate.

                                                          By June 30, 2004, a minimum of
                                                          one KCHD Program staff person
                                                          per subject area will participate in   From July 1, 2004 through June
                                                          conference calls including Youth       30, 2005, the appropriate KCHD
C1.12                                                                                                                                  From July 1, 2005 through June 30,
                                                          Access, Media, Cessation, SHS          staff will participate in 10-12
                     Participate in conference calls                                                                                   2006, the appropriate KCHD staff will
DOH Conference       sponsored by DOH.
                                                          and various other issues that may      conference calls and meetings on
                                                                                                                                       participate in 8 conference calls and
Calls                                                     be identified by the                   tobacco issues (ie, Youth Access,
                                                                                                                                       meetings on tobacco issues.
                                                          Implementation Advisory                Media, Youth Involvement,
                                                          Committee for a minimum staff          Cessation, SHS).
                                                          participation of 12 calls during the

                                                                                                 Between July 1, 2004 and
                                                                                                 December 31, 2004 participate in
                                                                                                 the local community strategic
C1.14                                                                                            planning process as outlined in
Strategic Planning                                                                               the Strategic Planning Training's.
                                                                                                 By December 31, 2004 send an
                                                                                                 electronic copy of local strategic
                                                                                                 plan to DOH contract manager.

                                                        Complete Synar compliance
                                                        checks for retail tobacco outlets.
                                                        The Health District does not take                                           Betweem January and June 30,
                                                                                             By June 30, 2004, 30 Synar                                                   Betweem January and June 30,
                                                        students into adult                                                         2005, 30 Synar checks will be
                     Use youth operatives to                                                 checks will be completed by using                                            2006, 30 Synar checks will be
C2.01.01                                                establishments                                                              completed by using recommended
                     attempt to buy tobacco from                                             recommended DOH guidelines.                                                  completed by using recommended
                                                        (taverns/lounges/bars). Those                                               DOH guidelines. Synar checks will
Synar Compliance     retail establishments. Conduct
                                                        drawn will be noted as such on
                                                                                             Synar checks will be entered into
                                                                                                                                    be entered into catalyst, hard
                                                                                                                                                                          DOH guidelines. Synar checks will
Checks               in partnership with local liquor                                        catalyst, hard copies will be                                                be entered into catalyst, hard copies
                                                        the sample returned. Past                                                   copies will be mailed to DOH by
                     control board officers.                                                 mailed to DOH by the designated                                              will be mailed to DOH by the
                                                        experience indicates                                                        the designated dated in July of
                                                                                             date in July of 2004.                                                        designated dated in July of 2006.
                                                        approximately 30-40% of sample                                              2005.
                                                        drawn will be adult, clubs, or
                                                        otherwise unavailable.

                     Use youth operatives to
                     attempt to buy tobacco from                                             By June 30, 2004 150 non-Synar
                                                                                                                                    Betweeen July 1, 2004 to June 30,     Betweeen July 1, 2005 to June 30,
                     additional retail                                                       compliance checks will be
C2.01.02                                                                                                                            2005, 150 non-Synar compliance        2006, 150 non-Synar compliance
                     establishments beyond Synar                                             completed by using recommended
                                                        Complete additional non Synar                                               checks will be completed by using     checks will be completed by using
Other Compliance     requirement for a total sample
                                                        compliance checks.
                                                                                             DOH guidelines. Completed
                                                                                                                                    recommended DOH guidelines.           recommended DOH guidelines.
Checks               of 30 retailers in Kitsap                                               checks will be entered into
                                                                                                                                    Completed checks will be entered      Completed checks will be entered
                     County. Conduct in                                                      catalyst and hard copies will be
                                                                                                                                    into catalyst.                        into catalyst.
                     partnership with local liquor                                           sent to DOH.
                     control board officers.

                                                        Provide information to retailers
                                                        about youth access when              By June 30, 2004 provide
                                                                                                                                    By June 30, 2005 provide              By June 30, 2006 provide outreach,
                                                        conducting successful checks         outreach, technical assistance,
                                                                                                                                    outreach, technical assistance,       technical assistance, and written
                                                        and assist retailers in complying    and written information to 200
                                                                                                                                    and written information to 200        information to 200 local tobacco
                     Provide information to retailers   with Youth Access laws.              local retailers about Youth Access
                                                                                                                                    local tobacco retailers about Youth   retailers about Youth Access Laws.
C2.02                about youth access and assist      Information packets given to         Laws. DOH retailer education
                                                                                                                                    Access Laws. DOH retailer             DOH retailer education packets will
Retailer Education   retailers in complying with        retailers will include information   packets will be delivered and gone
                                                                                                                                    education packets will be supplied    be supplied and reviewed with local
                     youth access law.                  on youth possession and sales,       over with the retailer in person and
                                                                                                                                    and reviewed with local tobacco       tobacco retailers. Follow up
                                                        how to read ID, and self-service     as well as through the mail.
                                                                                                                                    retailers. Follow up consultation     consultation will be provided as
                                                        tobacco displays. Provide press      Follow-up consultation will be
                                                                                                                                    will be provided as needed.           needed.
                                                        releases on compliance testing       provided as needed.
                                                        to local media.

                                                      By June 30, 2004 educate
                                                      community members about the
                                                      importance of reducing youth
                                                                                            By June 30, 2005, educate
                                                      access to tobacco, by submitting
                                                                                            community members about the
                                                      news releases and newspaper
                                                                                            importance of reducing youth
                                                      articles to the Bremerton Sun and
                                                                                            access to tobacco by submitting
                                                      the other five community
                                                                                            newspaper articles to six local
                                                      newspapers (Port Orchard
                                                                                            newspapers articles to the
                                                      Independent, the Bremerton
                                                                                            Bremerton Sun and the other five
                                                      Patriot, the CK Reporter, the North
                                                                                            community newspapers in Kitsap
                                                      Kitsap News and the Bainbridge
                                                                                            County. KCHD staff will also
                                                      Island newspaper) KCHD staff will
                                                                                            participate in the "Hands Off
                                                      also participate in the "Hands Off
                                                                                            Halloween" event held in October
                                                      Halloween" (HOH)event held in
                                                                                            to generate awareness among
                                                      October to generate awareness
                                                                                            tobacco retailers about placement
                                                      among tobacco retailers about
                                                                                            of tobacco products and tobacco.
                                                      placement of tobacco products
                                                                                            KCHD staff will participate and
                     Conduct media advocacy           and tobacco advertising targeting
C2.03                                                                                       recruit youth volunteers to visit
                     campaign on local cable          youth in local stores. KCHD staff,
                                                                                            local retail stores licensed to sell
Public Education -   access television related to     the Tobacco Free Kitsap County
                                                                                            tobacco and alcohol products.
Youth Access         youth access/social sources of   Coalition along with community
                                                                                            Small groups of youth and adults
                     tobacco.                         adult and youth volunteers will
                                                                                            will observe the number of alcohol
                                                      visit 150 local retail stores
                                                                                            and tobacco ads placed inside
                                                      licensed to sell tobacco and
                                                                                            and outside of stores, use of
                                                      alcohol products. They observe
                                                                                            Halloween images or other
                                                      proximiity to a school, number of
                                                                                            images attractive to youth to sell
                                                      alcohol and tobacco ads placed
                                                                                            tobacco and alcohol, and
                                                      inside and outside of each store,
                                                                                            placement of tobacco and alcohol
                                                      use of Halloween images or other
                                                                                            products and advertisements
                                                      images attractive to youth to sell
                                                                                            close to items that might appeal to
                                                      tobacco and alcohol, and
                                                                                            youth. Evaluation will include
                                                      placement of tobacco and alcohol
                                                                                            number of stores checked,
                                                      products and advertisements
                                                                                            number of advertisements and
                                                      close to items that might appeal to
                                                                                            comparisons from year to year on
                                                      youth. HOH will be evaluated by
                                                                                            numbers of ads, images and
                                                      the number of tobacco
                                                      advertisments found, number of
                                                      stores checked, and a comparison
                                                      from year to year.

                                                                                                                                By June 30, 2005, over 300
                                                                                                                                families will be reached through 4
                                                                                           By June 30, 2004, over 200
                                                                                                                                Kitsap County Community
                                                                                           families will be reached through 4
                                                                                                                                newsletters targeted at parents,
                                                                                           Kitsap County community
                                                                                                                                childcare providers and low-
                                                                                           newsletters targeted at parents
                                                                                                                                income housing residents. The
                                                                                           and childcare providers. The
                                                                                                                                media outlets are: The Parenting
                     Coordinate with ESD 114,                                              newsletters are "The Parenting
                                                                                                                                Place (Website), Westpark
                     DASA, PTA's and other            Conduct public education             Place" newsletter, the Westpark
C2.05                                                                                                                           Community Newsletter, "First
                     community partners to provde     campaign including articles in       Community Newsletter, "First
                                                                                                                                Steps to Parent-Child Health", and
Public Education -   tobacco prevention               school newsletters to encourage      Steps to Parent-Child Health," and
                                                                                                                                the "Childcare Connection"
Families             information to parents through   families to talk to youth about      the "Child Care Connection"
                                                                                                                                newsletters. Submissions will be
                     a variety of strategies and      tobacco prevention.                  newletter. Submissions will be
                                                                                                                                made quarterly to each of the
                     activities.                                                           made quarterly to each of the
                                                                                                                                preceding newsletters to
                                                                                           newsletters encouraging families
                                                                                                                                encourage families to talk about
                                                                                           to talk about youth tobacco
                                                                                                                                youth tobacco prevention
                                                                                           prevention and methods to
                                                                                                                                methods, and increase
                                                                                           increase skills to discuss tobacco
                                                                                                                                parent/caretaker skill in talking
                                                                                           issues with their children.
                                                                                                                                with youth about tobacco issues
                                                                                                                                with children and families.

                                                      Work with community agency
                                                      partners to train adult and youth
                                                      volunteers to assess tobacco
                                                      industry marketing materials as a
                                                      part of "Hands Off Halloween"
                                                      event. Youth and adult
                                                      volunteers visit local stores to
                                                      assess point of purchase
                                                      advertising and merchandizing
                                                      practices that might appeal to
                     Educate community retailers      underage youth. The Tobacco
                     about extent of storefront and   Free Kitsap County Coalition and
                     point of purchase tobacco        the Kitsap Substance Abuse
                     advertising.                     Prevention Association sponsor
C2.07                Work with local youth to         the "Hands Off Halloween"
Operation            assess the placement of          Project. Community volunteers
Storefront           tobacco advertising at local     visit nearly all-150 local retail
                     tobacco retailer                 stores licensed to sell alcohol
                     establishments (to be            and/or tobacco products. They
                     accomplished as part of          observe: ú Proximity to a
                     Hands Off Halloween project).    schoolú Number of alcohol and
                                                      tobacco ads placed inside and
                                                      outside of each storeú Use of
                                                      Halloween images or other
                                                      images attractive to youth to sell
                                                      alcoholú Placement of alcohol
                                                      and tobacco products and
                                                      advertisements close to items
                                                      that might appeal to youth ú
                                                      Tobacco products secure from

                                                      Work with ESD and local schools
                                                      to support comprehensive school
                                                      programs. Contact teachers and        By June 30, 2004 staff will meet at                                           By 6/30/06, KCHD staff will meet at
                                                      administrators with youth             least quarterly to develop ongoing                                            least quarterly to develop ongoing
                                                      oriented opportunities for training   plans with ESD 114, school                                                    plans with ESD 114 administrators
                                                      and community service work in         administrators, and school staff to                                           and school staff to increase
C2.08                                                 tobacco prevention. Provide           increase awareness of tobacco                                                 awareness of tobacco issues, youth
Support                                               additional ideas and project          issues, youth activities, and build                                           activities and build additional
Comprehensive                                         descriptions that allow students      additional capacity for youth                                                 capacity for youth tobacco
School Programs                                       to start their own advocacy for       tobacco prevention and cessation                                              prevention and cessation in the
                                                      tobacco free communities.             in the schools.KCHD staff will also                                           schools. KCHD staff will also attend
                                                      Involve ESD 114 in Tobacco            work with school administrators to                                            the Safe and Drug Free Schools
                                                      Free Coalition and project plans      address policy enforcement in the                                             Advisory Committee to develop
                                                      so that there is school buy-in on     schools.                                                                      plans for education and policy.
                                                      tobacco prevention activities in

                                                      Train teen volunteers to develop
                                                      TATU presentations for younger
                                                      youth that describe adverse
                                                      impacts of tobacco use and
                                                      prevention strategies. Recruit
                                                      and orient teacher advisors.
                                                                                                                                  By June 30, 2005 complete TATU
                                                      Provide tubs of presentation
                                                                                                                                  training for students from North
                    Use Teens Against Tobacco         materials (Mr. Gross Mouth,
                                                                                            By June 30, 2004 complete TATU        Kitsap Jr. High, South Kitsap High
C2.10               Use (TATU) peer education         Smokey Sue, Don't Smoke
                                                                                            training in South Kitsap High         School, and Bremerton Jr. High.
                    model to train teen teachers in   Bingo, Breathless Straws) and
Conduct Peer                                                                                School, Bremerton Jr. High, and       These trained students will
                    junior and senior high. Teens     posters for give-aways. Mail
Education                                                                                   Poulsbo Jr. High. These trained       educate 400-450 4th and 5th
                    will provide tobacc education     letters recruiting elementary
Programs                                                                                    students will edutate 400-450 4th     graders on tobacco. Evaluation
                    sessions for 4-6th graders in     classrooms to principals,
                                                                                            and 5th graders on tobacco.           will be done by pre/post testing
                    their district(s).                interventionists, counselors and
                                                                                                                                  the teen trainers and providing
                                                      teachers. Track presentation
                                                                                                                                  copies to ALAW.
                                                      evaluations, numbers and
                                                      location. Provide press releases
                                                      to media. Work with ALAW staff
                                                      to provide support for advisors
                                                      and teams and appropriate

                                                                                            By June 30, 2004, up to 12
                                                                                                                                  By June 30, 2005, up to 12
                                                                                            tobacco prevention/media literacy
                                                                                                                                  tobacco prevention/media literacy
                                                                                            presentations will be provided by
                                                                                                                                  presentations will be provided by
                                                                                            health district staff at the county
                                                                                                                                  health district staff at the county
                                                                                            juvenile detention facility and low
                                                                                                                                  juvenile detention facicility and low
                    Identify appropriate              Instruct youth in media literay       income housing youth groups at
C2.11                                                                                                                             income housing youth groups at
                    community youth and school        skills using TATU, Media Sharp,       West Park Community Center and
                                                                                                                                  the West Park Community Center
Conduct Media Lit   groups and use University of      and NMML materials. Partner           at the Kitsap County Consolidated
                                                                                                                                  and at the Kitsap Consolidated
Programs            Washington media literacy kit     with U.W. Media Literacy for          Housing Authority's "Teen
                                                                                                                                  Housing Authority's "Young Wiser
                    to train youth.                   regional activities.                  Challenge Program." Staff will use
                                                                                                                                  Program". Staff will use Teen
                                                                                            the University of Washington,
                                                                                                                                  Futures Media Network's "Teens,
                                                                                            Teen Futures Media Network's
                                                                                                                                  Tobacco and Media" media kit as
                                                                                            "Teens, Tobacco and Media"
                                                                                                                                  well as other media literacy
                                                                                            Media Literacy kit as well as other
                                                                                            media literacy curricula.

                                                       The quit line will be targeted to
                                                       health care providers serving low
                                                       income populations including
                                                                                                                                  By June 30, 2005, increase the        By June 30, 2006, increase the
                                                       MSS providers, Penninsula
                                                                                                                                  number of Kitsap County calls to      number of Kitsap County calls to the
                                                       Community Clinic, Planned
                                                                                                                                  the quitline by 5% by promoting       quitline (match or exceed percentage
                                                       Parenthood, WIC, Kitsap
                                                                                                                                  the quitline through presentations    of statewide calls as compared to
                                                       Community Resources and              By June 30, 2004, increase the
                                                                                                                                  and other promotional/outreach        Kitsap County percentage of state
                                                       Head Start . The quit line will be   number of Kitsap County calls to
                                                                                                                                  strategies for 50-55 healthcare       population of 3.9%) This will be done
                     Promote knowlege of the Quit      promoted through targeted            the quitline by 10% by promoting
C3.01                                                                                                                             providers, social service agencies,   by promoting the quitline with state
                     Line and services among a         activities and presentations         the quitline through presentations
                                                                                                                                  schools/colleges and individuals.     supplied materials through
Promote Quit Line    variety of agencies and           provided to the county's five        to providers and other groups and
                                                                                                                                  Special emphasis will be made to      presentations and other
Services             organizations that provide        Chambers of Commerce and to          distributing quitline materials to
                                                                                                                                  special population groups such as     promotional/outreach strategies for
                     services to target populations.   worksites directly. The quitline     50-75 social service agencies,
                                                                                                                                  pregnant women and the GLBT           50-55 healthcare providers, social
                                                       will also be promoted through        healthcare providers, and
                                                                                                                                  community. The GLBT community         service agencies, schools/colleges
                                                       restaurant owners in conjunction     schools/colleges.
                                                                                                                                  will be reached through the           and individuals. Special emphasis
                                                       with our smoke free restaurant
                                                                                                                                  "Outlines" newsletter, and the Gay    will be made to special population
                                                       campaign. The quit line will be
                                                                                                                                  Pride event held during the           groups such as pregnant women and
                                                       promoted in a variety of ways to
                                                                                                                                  summer 2004.                          the GLBT community.
                                                       each target group through pay
                                                       check stuffers, newsletters, and

                                                                                                                                  By June 20, 2005, regularly review    By June 20, 2006, regularly review
                                                                                                                                  Kitsap County Cessation               Kitsap County Cessation Resources
                                                                                                                                  Resources brochure for needed         brochure for needed updates.
                                                                                            By June 30, 2004 update Kitsap        updates. Distribute brochures to      Distribute brochures to healthcare
                                                                                            County Cessation Resource             healthcare providers,                 providers, schools/college, social
                                                                                            brochure and distribute to at least   schools/college, social service       service agencies and individuals via
C3.02                                                                                       50 healthcare providers,              agencies and individuals via          Provider Update meetings (Fall
Public Education -                                                                          schools/colleges, and social          Provider Update meetings              2005/Spring 2006), Tobacco Day at
Cessation                                                                                   service agencies via 2 Provider       (October 2004/April 2005),            the Mall event (November 2005),
                                                                                            Update meetings, health fairs,        Tobacco Day at the Mall event         World No Tobacco Day (May 2006).
                                                                                            school/college events and venue       (November 2004), World No             Also promote cessation and
                                                                                            visits.                               Tobacco Day (May 2005). Also          resources via health district provider
                                                                                                                                  promote cessation and resources       newsletter, health district website
                                                                                                                                  via First Steps/Childcare Provider    and visits to healthcare professional
                                                                                                                                  newsletters (Winter 2004).            and social service agency staff.

                     Establish personal contact
                     with employers to encourage
C3.03                promotion of cessation
Policy Education     services and restrictions on
                     youth smoking in the

                                                                                                                                  By June 30, 2005, hold 1-2             By June 30, 2006, hold 2-3 trainings
                                                                                                                                  trainings for 25 health care           for 25-30 health care providers and
                  Support or organize
                                                                                                                                  providers and other stakeholders       other stakeholders in basic tobacco
                  community trainings in the                                               By June 30, 2004, provide or
C3.04                                                 Provide and/or arrange brief                                                in basic tobacco intervention skills   intervention skills and
                  research-based 'brief                                                    arrange 2-3 Brief Tobacco
                                                      intervention training for health                                            and implementation of those skills     implementation of those skills in their
Health Care       intervention' for health
                                                      care providers that supports
                                                                                           Intervention Skills trainings for 25
                                                                                                                                  in their workplace. This may be        workplace. This may be
Systems Change    professionals in a clinic setting                                        healthcare providers in Kitsap
                                                      smoking/tobacco cessation.                                                  accomplished by identifying a          accomplished by identifying a
                  using curricula provided by                                              County.
                                                                                                                                  professional within an established     professional within an established
                                                                                                                                  medical system to be trained as a      medical system to be trained as a
                                                                                                                                  trainer.                               trainer.

                                                                                                                                  By June 30, 2005, work with
                                                      Increase local resources for
                                                                                                                                  Olympic College and Harrison
                                                      adult cessation by working with      By June 30, 2004, work with
                                                                                                                                  Hospital by providing consultation
                                                      various health care providers,       Olympic College and Harrison
                                                                                                                                  and technical assistance in
                                                      community organizations, and         Hospital by providing support,
C3.05                                                                                                                             establishing and expanding
                                                      agencies including Harrision         technical assistance, and
Adult Cessation                                                                                                                   community resources for adult
                                                      Hospital to attemet to establish     consulation in establishing and
                                                                                                                                  cessation. Provide kits of
                                                      two new cessation support            expanding community resources
                                                                                                                                  resources and incentives to
                                                      groups/classes for Kitsap County     for adult cessation.
                                                                                                                                  support special events and
                                                                                                                                  tobacco interventions.

                                                                                                                                  By June 30, 2005 work in               By June 30, 2006 work in
                                                      Increase local resources for
                                                                                                                                  collaboration with local ESD staff     collaboration with local ESD or
                                                      youth cessation support. Work
                                                                                           By June 30, 2004 work in               to increase capacity for youth         school staff to increase capacity for
                                                      will be accomplished in
                                                                                           collaboration with local ESD staff     tobacco cessation efforts in 3         youth tobacco cessation efforts in 3
                                                      collaboration with the five school
                                                                                           to increase capacity for youth         schools. This would be                 schools. This would be
                                                      districts, ESD 114, Port Gamble
C3.06                                                                                      tobacco cessation efforts in 3         accomplished by providing              accomplished by providing support
                                                      S'Kallam Tribe (to assist with
Youth Cessation                                                                            schools by providing support and       support to adults who deliver          to adults who deliver tobacco
                                                      services in North Kitsap Schools)
                                                                                           technical assistance to adults who     tobacco cessation services to          cessation services to youth and by
                                                      and school nurses to attempt to
                                                                                           deliver tobacco cessation services     youth and by assessing training        assessing training needs and
                                                      establish up to three cessation
                                                                                           to youth.                              needs and arranging training for       arranging training for interested
                                                      classes/support groups for youth
                                                                                                                                  interested individuals. The model      individuals. The model to be used
                                                      who smoke in Kitsap County.
                                                                                                                                  to be used is the NOT curriculum       will be NOT, END or TAP/TEG.

                                                                                                                                By June 30, 2005, conduct
                                                                                                                                assessment activities to assist
                                                                                                                                with the planning and
                                                                                                                                                                        By June 30, 2006, conduct
                                                                                                                                implementation of tobacco
                                                                                                                                                                        assessment activities to assist with
                                                                                                                                cessation activities in Kitsap
                                                                                                                                                                        the planning and implementation of
                                                     Develop a process in                By June 30, 2004, conduct a            County. Assessment acitivies will
                                                                                                                                                                        tobacco cessation activities in Kitsap
                                                     collaboration with community        written survey among at least 25       be conducted at least twice during
                                                                                                                                                                        County. Assessment acitivies will be
                                                     partners (Harrison Hospital, ESD    community stakeholders to              the contract period and will include
                                                                                                                                                                        conducted at least twice during the
C3.07                                                114, local school districts, the    determine the availablity of           a written survey among at least 25
                                                                                                                                                                        contract period and will include a
                                                     Navy, school nurses etc) to         tobacco cessation resources.           community stakeholders to
Local Assessment                                     assess issues, barriers, and        Results will be sent to the WA         determine the availability of
                                                                                                                                                                        written survey among at least 25
of Cessation                                                                                                                                                            community stakeholders to
                                                     potential implementation            State Tobacco Quitline. Results        tobacco cessation resources.
                                                                                                                                                                        determine the availability of tobacco
                                                     stragegies for cessation services   will also be used to coordinate        Results will be sent to the quitline.
                                                                                                                                                                        cessation resources. Results will be
                                                     for adults and youth in Kitsap      efforts to increase local cessation    An assessment with consultation
                                                                                                                                                                        sent to the quitline. Results will be
                                                     county.                             resources.                             from DOH, will also be conducted
                                                                                                                                                                        used to identify gaps regarding local
                                                                                                                                to determine training needs
                                                                                                                                                                        cessation resources and training
                                                                                                                                among providers. Results will be
                                                                                                                                                                        needs for providers.
                                                                                                                                used to identify gaps regarding
                                                                                                                                local cessation resources and
                                                                                                                                training needs for providers.

                                                                                                                                By June 30, 2005, convene a
                                                                                         By June 30, 2004 convene a             group of stakeholders on a bi-
                                                     Convene an ad hoc committee of
                                                                                         group of stakeholders on a             annual basis, or more frequently
C3.08                                                community experts and
                                                                                         quarterly basis to assess              for special projects, to assess
                   Convene a special task force      stakeholders to identify
Cessation Task     for tobacco cessation.            resources and gaps in tobacco
                                                                                         cessation resources and make           cessation resources, identify gaps,
Force                                                                                    recommendations for increasing         and make recommendations for
                                                     cessation efforts in Kitsap
                                                                                         capacity for both adults and youth     increasing capacity for cessation
                                                                                         in Kitsap County.                      resources for adults and youth in
                                                                                                                                Kitsap county.

                                                                                         By June 30, 2004, provide 8 news
                                                                                         releases highlighting specific local   By June 30, 2005, provide eight
                                                                                         efforts to curb exposure to            news releases highlighting local
                                                                                         secondhand smoke and its harms,        efforts to recognize the harms of
                   Provide information and
C4.01                                                Use social marketing strategies     targeting the Sun, the Kitsap          secondhand smoke and to curb
                   resources for distribution to
                                                     and media to communicate the        Newspaper Group (which includes        exposure. News releases will be
Pub Education -    agencies and organizations
                                                     dangers from secondhand             the Port Orchard Independent, the      provided to the Bremerton Sun,
SHS                that serve large proportions of
                                                     smoke.                              Bremerton Patriot, the Central         the five Kitsap Neighborhood
                   tobacco users.
                                                                                         Kitsap Journal, North Kitsap           Group newspapers, and the
                                                                                         News, the Bainbridge Island            Kitsap Business Journal and the
                                                                                         nespaper) and the Kitsap               Health District web site.
                                                                                         Business Journal.

                                                     Educate restaurant
                                                     owners/managers about the           By June 30, 2004, provide
                                                     benefits of being smoke free        information on smokefree
                                                                                                                               By June 30, 2005, encourage
                                                     through existing communication      environments by mailing
                                                                                                                               smoke free environments by        By June 30, 2006, encourage smoke
                                                     channels such as newsletters        information to a minimum of 350
                                                                                                                               providing information on public   free environments by providing
                                                     from LDH food safety and            identified hospitality venues and
C4.02                                                                                                                          desire for fresh air dining and   information on public desire for fresh
                    Promote patronization of         chambers of commerce. In            customers in Kitsap County with
                                                                                                                               entertainment. Offer technical    air dining and entertainment. Offer
Business            smoke free restaurants using     media and newsletters, use a        information on the public's desire
                                                                                                                               assistance and in-depth           technical assistance and in-depth
Education-SHS       a smoke free restaurant guide.   series of messages targeted to      for fresh air dining and lodgingand
                                                                                                                               information on policy change,     information on policy change, public
                                                     positive economic impact.           it's local availability. Offer
                                                                                                                               public opinion, and economic      opinion, and economic benefits to
                                                     Provide presentations and           technical assistance and in-depth
                                                                                                                               benefits to 500 restaraunts and   500 restaraunts and managers.
                                                     materials. Communicate public       information on topics including
                                                     support for Fresh Air restaurants   policy change, public opinion, and
                                                     by comitted individuals in          economic benefits.
                                                     supporting restaurant change.

                    Educate worksite
                    management and public
                    housing/apartment managers,
                    about the benefits of
                    secondhand smoke
                    restrictions for employees and
                    Educate restaurant owners/
                    managers about the benefits
                    of being smoke free.
                    Educate college
                    administration about the
C4.03                                                Work with policy makers
                    benefits of smoking
                                                     (college, daycare, business) to
Policy Education-   restrictions on campus.
                                                     educate about the benefits of
Public Venues &     Work with college
                                                     and strategies for restricting
Worksites           administration to support
                                                     secondhand smoke.
                    enforcement of smoking
                    restrictions on campus.
                    Work with youth who have
                    received training to conduct
                    targeted education efforts
                    about the benefit of public
                    policy to reduce secondhand
                    Work with foster home and in
                    home day care agencies to
                    create and establish smoke
                    free policies.

                    Provide advocacy training to
                    youth and adults to promote
                    smoke free restaurants for       Enable providers to conduct brief
                    families.                        interventions that promote
                    Train staff or volunteers who    smoke free homes among their
Training in SHS     work with at-risk parents or     clients. Provide appropriate
                    adults to advocate and advise    materials.
                    for smoke free home

                                                                                                                                                                 By June 30, 2006, update KCHD's
                                                                                                                                                                 Fresh Air Dining Guide in both hard
                                                                                                                           By June 30, 2005, update KCHD's
                                                                                                                                                                 copy and web formats (including
                                                                                                                           Fresh Air Dining Guide in both
                                                                                    By June 30, 2004, update KCHD's                                              DOH website up-dates) a minimum
                                                                                                                           hard copy and web formats a
                                                                                    Fresh Air Dining Guide in both                                               of 3 times. Maintain a database of
                                                                                                                           minimum of 3 times. Maintain a
                  Publish listing of known                                          hard copy and web based format                                               patrons interested in smokefree
                                                                                                                           database of patrons interested in
                  smoke free restaurants.         Up-date existing smoke free       a minimum of 3 times. Maintain a                                             venues, and distribute 3,000 copies
                                                                                                                           smokefree venues, and distribute
                  Encourage local newspapers      guide. Refine versions for web,   database of patrons interested in                                            through venues including Greeters
C4.05                                                                                                                      5,000 copies through venues
                  to publish smoke free           convention bureau, and            smokefree venues, regularly                                                  Service, Visitor & Convention
SF Dining Guide                                                                                                            including Greeters Service, Visitor
                  restaurants list and            Welcome Wagon. Identify           distribute 3,000 copies through                                              Bureau, B & B's, clinics, chambers of
                                                                                                                           & Convention Bureau, B & B's,
                  secondhand smoke                appropriate distribution plans.   Greeters Service, Visitors Bureau,                                           commerce, and libraries. Content of
                                                                                                                           clinics, chambers of commerce,
                  education/advisory articles.                                      Chambers of Commerce and                                                     Dining & Lodging Guide will be made
                                                                                                                           and libraries. Content of Dining &
                                                                                    public sites such as clinics and                                             available to DOH in a non-PDF
                                                                                                                           Lodging Guide will be made
                                                                                    libraries.                                                                   format. Up-date Smokefree
                                                                                                                           available to DOH in a non-PDF
                                                                                                                                                                 Apartment Registry. Make available
                                                                                                                                                                 on HD website as well as DOH.
                                                                                                                                                                 Distribute copies at public events.

                                                                                    By June 30, 2004, survey smoking
                                                                                    policies of all private employers
                                                                                    identified by Economic
                                                                                    Development Council of Kitsap
                                                                                    County as having 50+ employees.
C4.06                                                                               Enter results in Catalyst, including
Community                                                                           business name and brief
Assessment                                                                          description of policy. Release
                                                                                    results to Kitsap Business Journal.
                                                                                    Record public policies that
                                                                                    address exposure to secondhand
                                                                                    smoke including location, code,
                                                                                    and description.

                                                                                    Bu June 30, 2004, work quarterly
                                                                                    with an ad hoc group of six
                                                                                    community experts and housing
                                                                                    stakeholders in secondhand
                                                  Work with an ad-hoc group of
                                                                                    smoke reduction for apartments
                                                  stakeholders to identify
C4.07             Convence a special task force                                     and rental units. Group will give
                                                  resources and barriers for
SHS Task Force    for secondhand smoke.                                             recommendations on SHS
                                                  community secondhand smoke
                                                                                    policies, outreach, and education
                                                  reduction programs.
                                                                                    to owners and managers and
                                                                                    provide key informant insight on
                                                                                    incentives and barriers for SHS
                                                                                    policies in local housing industry.

                                                         By June 30, 2004, provide
                                                         message on SHS through social
                                                                                                 By June 30, 2005, provide
                                                         service (Headstart, DSHS, County
                                                                                                 message on SHS through social
                                                         Prevention Services, WIC) and
                                                                                                 service and health care providers       By June 30, 2006, provide message
                                                         health care offices/providers'
                                                                                                 to target parents' understanding of     on SHS through social service and
                                                         meetings to target parents'
                    Identify and use opportuities to                                             the benefits of smokefree               health care providers to target
C4.08                                                    understanding of the benefits of
                    educate via media and social                                                 homes/autos for themselves and          parents' understanding of the
                                                         smokefree homes/autos for
Public Awareness-   agencies serving low income
                                                         themselves and their children (eg.
                                                                                                 their children (eg, "One of the best    benefits of smokefree homes/autos
SF Homes/Autos      families about benefits of                                                   things you can do for your kids",       for themselves and their children (eg,
                                                         "One of the best things you can do
                    smokefree homes and autos.                                                   EPA Smokefree Home Pledge               "One of the best things you can do
                                                         for your kids", EPA Smokefree
                                                                                                 materials). Use local media to          for your kids", EPA Smokefree Home
                                                         Pledge materials). Use local cable
                                                                                                 provide message of hazards of           Pledge materials).
                                                         access (Bremerton Kitsap Acess
                                                                                                 exposure for children in homes
                                                         Television) to provide message of
                                                                                                 and autos.
                                                         hazards of exposure for children in
                                                         home and autos.
                                                                                                 By June 30, 2005, provide
                                                                                                 education to local agencies
                                                                                                 including fire districts and county
C4.10                                                                                            health district staff detailing their
SHS Law                                                                                          responsibilities for enforcing the
Enforcement                                                                                      provisions of the Clean Indoor Air
Education                                                                                        Act. Provide support for
                                                                                                 developing internal policies where
                                                                                                 none exist and beginning
                    1. Conduct a needs assessment        By June 30, 2004, reduce                By June 30, 2005, reduce
                    through a contract with a survey     exposure to secondhand smoke            exposure to secondhand smoke
                    research firm to determing           by children and adults in Kitsap        for children and adults in Kitsap
                    tenant desire and need for           and Pierce County apartments by         and Pierce County multifamily
                    smoke free housing rental            increasing the number of voluntary      housing by increasing the number
                    choices in Kitsap and Pierce         smoke free policies adopted by          of voluntary smoke free units.1)
                    Counties. 2.Tabulated results will   apartment owners and housing            Quarterly meetings of staff from
                    be analyzed with the help of         entities. 1) Quarterly meetings of      both counties will establish and
                    TPCHD Assessment Unit.3. A           project staff from both counties will   review benchmarks through the
                    written report on tenant need will   establish and review benchmarks         04-05 period. 2) All commerially
                    be issued to stakeholders and        through the 03-04 period. 2) By         identified apartments and property
                    the public and used as a             June 2004 arrange and present to        managers in both Kitsap and
                    baseline for future evaluation of    Washington state landlords and          Pierce counties will be surveyed
                    the availablity of smoke-free        property managers (TRENDS NW            on existing smoke free policies
                    housing.4. KCHD and TPCHD            conference or similar) on the           and interest in supporting
C4.EF.2 SHS         staff will determine the existing    benefits of smokefree rental policy     materials. Smoke Free Housing
                    number of smoke-free living          and protecting tenants from SHS.        Registries for both counties will be
                    units in the two county area         Provide tenant survey results and       up-dated. 3) Policy consultations
                    based on self-reports from           information on policy                   will be given to requesting
                    landlords.5. Landlords in Kitsap     development. 3) A minimum of            businesses and agencies. The
                    will receive a mail survey           eight outreach effforts will be         number of people reached through
                    requesting information on current    made to target groups (housing          consultations and presentations
                    policies. 6. Landlord survey will    authorities military, seniors,          will be noted. 4) A public service
                    determine number of units            families, etc) 4) Policy                announcement campaign will
                    designated as smoke-free,            consultations will be given to          place announcements in local
                    owner willingness to entertain       requesting businesses and               media outlets to raise awareness
                    such designation, and potential      agencies. The number of people          of smoke free housing benefits
                    barriers. 7. Compiled results will   reached through consultations,          and existing options. 5) Key
                    be used to target educational        seminars and presentations will be      informants including owners and
                    presentations and to develop         noted, and records kept for future      residents will continue to be

and disseminate informational         contacts 5) A marketing campaign       interviewed to identify barriers 6)
policy packets. 8. Landlord           that includes newspapers in both       Lessons learned regarding
survey will also be compiled to       counties will be designed and          strategies for policy development
begin development of a Smoke-         implemented. A total of 15 or more     will be shared as presentations
free apartment registry. 9.           ads adressing the benefits             with other colleagues on both a
Landlord survey results will be       smokefree apartments and               state and national level.7) Staff
used to inform and educate other      highlighting the Smokefree             will attend an appropriate
stakeholders and the public. 10.      Registry will be placed. 6) Key        conference (e.g, American
The press will receive                informants such as owners, policy      Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation or
information on results from           makers, low-income, foreign-born,      National Tobacco or Health
landlord survey and information       and military renters will be           Conference) to learn more about
will also be released on how to       interviewed to identify barriers. 7)   trends in smoke free housing. 8)
access educational materials.         Lessons learned regarding              KCHD and TPCHD staff will up-
11. Smoke-free facilities will        strategies for policy development      date their respective Smoke Free
receive recognition in                will be shared with other colleages    Apartment Registries and
newspapers through purchased          (state and national conferences).      participate in a state-wide registry
advertising (1 per county). 12.       A presentation abstract will be        if available.
Specific tools will be developed      submitted to the National
to respond to requests for            Conference on Tobacco or Health
information, including a brochure     to be held December 2003 and
describing how to implement           three staff will be prepared to
smoke free policies in rental         present the campaign. 8) KCHD
units. 13. A supplemental packet      and TPCHD staff will up-date
for policy consultation to meet       Smoke Free Apartment Registry
the needs of specific types of        and participate in state-wide
facilities will aslo be prepared.     registry if available.
14. A power point presentation
supporting policy development
will be designed and available
for public presentations. 15.
Signage recognizing smoke-free
facilities will be designed and
made available for these
facilities. 16. The Smoke Free
Registry will be prepared for on-
line website distributions throuh
the Health District/Department,
with links to reach rental
audiences. 17. A marketing plan
will be prepared to ensure the
registry information is included in
other rental information
publications. 18. Staff will
coordinate a seminar targeting at
least 200 Washington State
landlords and property managers
with survey results and
education information on policy
development. 19. Eight
presentations to target groups
(housing authorities, military,
seniors, families, etc) will be
planned. 20. Information will be
shared with stakeholders noting
consultation availability,
technical support and website
accessible information. 21.
Lessons learned regarding

strategies for policy development
will be shared with other
colleagues (state and regional
conferences. trainings,
publication). 22. Quarterly
meetings of project staff from
both counties will establish and
review benchmarks in
consultation with community
advisory groups and coalition
members. 23. The number of
people reached through
seminars and presentations will
be noted, record of key
stakeholders kept for future
contacts, and print and media
coverage documented.

Appendix V: Outputs

                                                                                                Audience                         Actual #
Activity          Journal Entries                                                               Description (Type)               Reached

YR02 C1.01.02     9/14/2001                                                                     community stakeholders, multi-
Comm Adv          Updated the Coalition on compliance checks, Hands off Halloween event,        cultural populations (Other
Board - ongoing   ETS training and shared the new materials and PSA's available from the                                               101
                                                                                                Race/Ethnic Minority,
                  state.                                                                        Stakeholders)

                  9/14/2001                                                                     Other (Describe in Activity Journal)    12
                  Presentations on UW media Literacy Project, Hands Off Halloween, ETS

                  Planning for Great American SmokeOut activities at Bremerton High
                  School, North Kitsap High School and Klahowya Secondary (Central

                  Discussion about upcoming training "Creating smokefree workplaces and
                  housing"Also Lung Association provided an update on I773

                  The 10/16 meeting included the STAND kids. We discussed the upcoming
                  Hands Off Halloween training and event on Saturday 10/20. Also discussed
                  was the Cessation subcommitee and the Smokefree workplace training.
                  Lots of interest and enthusiasm by Coalition members.

                  Made final plans for workplace training, discussed the Great American
                  Smokeout activities, and the NOT training being provided here by the Lung

                  Recapped the "Creating Smokefree Workplaces and Housing" training, had
                  a discussion on the smokefree restaurants, and a summary of the National
                  Tobacco Conference recently held in New Orleans.

                  Updated the coalition on the statewide Advisory committee, including the
                  impact of 1-773, the youth quit line and upcoming legislation. STAND
                  members attended and updated the group on their activities including the
                  statewide youth advisory group. Also discussed was the ETS and resturant
                  training to be held in April in Kitsap County.

                  Discussed upcoming trainings that the UW is doing with media literacy and
                  Lung Assn training with NOT. Discussed cessation issues at great length
                  amd strategies for coordination. Also discussed the Healthy Youth Survey
                  and marketing it to schools. We also had an update on the upcoming ETS

                  See Melinda Harmon's notes

                  The meeting focused on our upcoming "Fresh Air" Restaurant training on
                  April 6th. We discussed a number of issues including recruitment for the
                  training, materials, speakers, and restaurants to reach. A lot of enthusiam
                  by the group to implement the project.



YR02 C1.02.02     10/10/2001                                                                    Other (Describe in Activity Journal)   58
Yth Coalition -   7-10-2001 STAND! Executive MeetingTuesday, July 10, 20013:30 PM
ongoing           AGENDA I. Introductions, Guests IcebreakerII. Outrage 98119-youth             youth leaders (Advisory Board
                  conference Dawn, James, Jennifer III. Individual ReportsIV. Whaling Days                                             57
                  ParadeV. Smoke Free Concert VI. Smoke Free Parks strategyVII. Summer

                  This media literacy activity was at the specific request of STAND! advisory
                  board and three board members attended and spotlighted STAND!'s

                  STAND! Executive MeetingTuesday, Sept 12, 20013:30 PMAGENDAI.
                  Introductions, Guests II. Individual School ReportsV. Roberta Kowald,
                  Educational Service District 114VI. Hands Off HalloweenVII. Execs needed
                  at Olympic, South VIII. Other Projects


                  STAND! Holiday Meeting. Celebration of accomplishments. Ornament
                  exchange and refreshments. STAND! members invited.

                  1/15/02. Youth Coalition representatives Amy Gibbs and James Bialk attend
                  Tobacco Free Kitsap Coalition to report on youth activities.

                  Meeting with representatives from STAND! advisory board. Discussion
                  includes recruiting new board members, current schools not represented,
                  up-coming training opportunities for Smoke Free Restaurant teams.

                  The meeting was very well attended by the ESD, Port Gamble tribe, the
                  Navy,the county DASA, Aging and Adult services and new employees at the
                  health district. The ESD described their new role amd staff. Lots of
                  discussion about our plans for the year with our "Fresh Air" Campaign and
                  ETS initiatives. Also a discussion on the Healthy YOuth Survey and how we
                  can get more schools involved. All meetings from now on will be held at
                  Jackson Park Family Center on the first Tuesday of each month.

                  Continued to make plans for the upcoming "Fresh Air" Training on 4/6.
                  About 30 people are involved in this event. We have identified 17
                  restaurants to target and give plaques. We have another 10 restaurants to
                  contact about going smoke free

                  Follow-up from Fresh Air" Training. Great responses to the campaign.
                  Excellent media coverage was shared. (I have also forwarded to the state)
                  The coalition has agreed to continue to make ETS issues and smoke free
                  restaurant work the top priorities for the group for the rest of 2002.

                  Melinda Harmon,BKCHD; Barb Smithson, BKCHD; Karen Boysen-Knapp,
                  BKCHD; Shelley Rose, BKCHD;Carter Thomas, South Kitsap High School;
                  Jaymes Bialk, Bremerton High School; Liz Galvez, Olympic High School;
                  Jacob DeVore, Klahowya High School; and Dana Neudorfer, North Kitsap
                  High School.




YR02 C1.04.02                                                                                  county tobacco staff (Adults (delete
Fall Contractor                                                                                                                         3
                  10/10/2001                                                                   03-04))
                                                                                               Other (Describe in Activity Journal)     0



YR02 C1.04.03     2/4/2002                                                                     county tobacco staff (Adults (delete
Winter            Melinda Harmon, Barbara Smithson, Meg Hagemann attend teleconference                                                  6
Contractor        at ESD 114 in Bremerton.
Meeting                                                                                        Other (Describe in Activity Journal)     0
                  3 staff attend Winter teleconference for DOH contractors.



YR02 C1.04.04                                                                                  county tobacco staff (Adults (delete
Spring            8/5/2002                                                                                                              3
Meeting           4/19/2002                                                                    Other (Describe in Activity Journal)     3



YR02 C1.04.05     4/19/2002                                                                    Other (Describe in Activity Journal)     3
Othr DOH Staff-   Meg Hagemann and Barbara Smithson participate in state-wide ETS
Vol Train         conference call. Focus on smoke-free restaurants, Fresh Air campaigns.




YR02 C1.05.02    11/29/2001                                                                    Other (Describe in Activity Journal)     0
Attend Statewide Melinda Harmon and Barbara Smithson attend State Prevention Summit.
Training                                                                                       Staff, Stakeholders/ Volunteers
                  2/4/2002                                                                     (Adults (delete 03-04), Stakeholders)
                  Barbara Smithson attends Youth Access Task Force in Seattle. Opportunity
                  to meet with State DOH staff as well as LCB, local health districts, and
                  retailers. Discussions include education on new drivers license format and
                  current compliance data.

                  Meg Hagemann and Barbara Smithson participate in statewide telephone
                  conference call on ETS and Smokefree restaurant issues.

                  Conference call on specific statewide ETS and restaurant issues.
                  Restaurant guides and media campaigns will be shared through DOH.

                  Barb Smithson attends training on Medline Research (current
                  health/tobacco topics) sponsored by State Library.

                  Staff participates in Environmental Tobacco Smoke statewide conference

                    call. Smokefree restaurant planning and materials shared.



YR02 C1.05.03       10/10/2001                                                                    Other (Describe in Activity Journal)   5
Staff-Vol Train -   New drivers license format may be driving non-compliance rates up. Work
othr                group to be conveniened by DOH staff to pick best materials for retailers
                    and LHD's. Barbara Smithson attended.

                    Barbara Smithson attended. Kitsap Tobacco Free Coalition's suggestion for
                    movie slides had been pursued. Quan slide placed in Silverdale theater.


                    State Youth Access meeting with DOH staff, LHDs, law enforcement and

                    Basic Tobacco Intervention Skills training. Tac-Pierce Co. Health Dept.
                    sponsered training by Penny Brewer.



YR02 C1.07.02                                                                                     Community Stakeholders
Pub Ed - website 6/26/2002                                                                        (Stakeholders)
updates          Spent 3+days developing the tobacco web site for the health district. It is
                 our hope that it will be up and running in July--bainr any unforseen problems    Other (Describe in Activity Journal)   0



YR02 C1.07.04                                                                                     Community Stakeholders, Multi-
Pub Ed - direct     10/11/2001
                                                                                                  cultural population (Other Race/Ethnic 2
mail                                                                                              Minority, Stakeholders)
                    Kathy Forster, school nurse, research on teen cessation.                      Other (Describe in Activity Journal)   0



YR02 C1.07.05       10/11/2001                                                                    Community stakeholders, Multi-
Pub Ed -            Emails to stakeholders on news and research occurred approximately 2-3        cultural population (Other             31
listserv/email      times per month on topics such as youth prevention, medical research,         Race/Ethnic Minority, Stakeholders)
                    youth cessation.
                                                                                                  Other (Describe in Activity Journal)   0
                    Email updates on youth prevention topics to staff at Bremerton Junior High,
                    Bremerton High School, north Kitsap High School South Kitsap High
                    School, Kingston Junior High, Poulsbo Junior High, West Sound Academy,
                    and Central Kitsap Alternative School as well as Liquor Control Board, ESD,
                    and Naval Hospital.

                    Up-dates on tobacco advocacy activities to school partners.



YR02 C1.07.06                                                                                      Other (Describe in Activity Journal)      0
Pub Ed - other



YR02 C1.08.01                                                                                      Other (Describe in Activity
GASO media         11/29/2001                                                                                                             1000



YR02 C1.08.02      4/30/2002                                                                       Other (Describe in Activity Journal)      6
Kick Butts media   Fresh Air Campaign (youth teams) scheduled for 4/6 registered as Kick
event              Butts Day event. Phone contact with Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids west
                   coast office. Press releases prepared for 6 regional papers.



YR02 C1.09.02      2/4/2002                                                                        Other (Describe in Activity Journal)      0
Other Cap-         Encouragement to survey students and utilize adults from BKCHD. Asset
related Ass't      survey published by North Kitsap School District with financial help from       Specify: Adult and youth population
                   Kitsap County Commission on Children and Youth. Total cost: $3,000.                                                     328
                                                                                                   (Adults (delete 03-04))

                   Presentation to the North Kitsap Healtlh Advisory Board on the importance
                   of the Healthy Youth Survey to gather data. HD Director, Dr. Scott Lindquist,
                   offered the Health District's assistance in analyising data and presenting it
                   to the community. Board encouraged Health District presentation to
                   elementary principals (targeted to receive HYS 6th Grade sample).

                   Presented Central Kitsap Health Advisory Board with information on the
                   Healthy Youth Survey and the importance of gathering tobacco use and
                   asset data for Kitsap County. 6th Grade survey form to be reviewed with

                   Contacts with principals encouraging Health Youth Survey fall of 2002.



YR02 C2.01.01                                                                                      Other (Describe in Activity Journal)      0
Synar              9/12/2001
Compliance         4 sales out of 21 attempts, 81% compliance
                                                                                                   Tobacco Retailers (Tobacco
Checks                                                                                             Retailers/Staff/Owner, Adults (delete    41
                   8/5/2002                                                                        03-04))



YR02 C2.01.02      9/12/2001                                                                       Other (Describe in Activity Journal)      0
Other              One sale out of nine attempts, 89% compliance
Compliance                                                                                         Tobacco retailers (Tobacco
Checks                                                                                                                                      24
                   8/5/2002                                                                        Retailers/Staff/Owner)



YR02 C2.02.01     9/12/2001                                                                        Other (Describe in Activity Journal)      0
Tobacco           8/5/2002                                                                         Tobacco Retailers (Tobacco
Retailers         in packets given to retailers the following information was given: certificate   Retailers/Staff/Owner, Adults (delete    65
                  (if no sale), How to Read the New Driver's Licence, Alcohol/Tobacco              03-04))
                  stickers, sale of tobacco legal signMinors' Access to Tobacco Act



YR02 C2.03.02    9/14/2001                                                                         Local Media                              0
Pub Ed - Yth Acc Friends Don't Burn Friends ran on BKAT cable television, community
in Media         announcements section. PowerPoint created by STAND! and Kitsap County             Other (Describe in Activity Journal)     0
                 Housing Authority Teen Challenge workgroup.



YR02 C2.05.05     8/5/2002                                                                         Other (Describe in Activity Journal)      0
Pub Ed Family -   Sent to community relations/communications staff in all 5 local school
other             districts for release to parents in newsletters:Parents Sway Kids on             Parents (Parents/Families, Adults
                  Smoking Despite the popular image of rebellious kids, new research                                                         5
                                                                                                   (delete 03-04))
                  suggests young people are much less likely to smoke if they think their
                  parents would disapprove. Parental disapproval works even if the parents
                  are smokers, and it can also limit the effect of peer pressure, according to a
                  study published in December by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The
                  Bremerton-Kitsap County Health District has pointers to help parents put
                  across the "No Tobacco" message.ú Let your child know you don't want her
                  to smoke (or chew).ú If you use tobacco, be honest about your attempts to
                  quit. Tobacco is very addictive.ú Point out friends and family who've been
                  harmed by tobacco.In the study, youngsters whose parents set strong anti-
                  smoking standards were less likely to start smoking than those whose
                  parents were lenient. In addition, parents who smoked who set nonsmoking
                  expectations on their kids had just as much influence as parents who didn't
                  smoke.For more information on talking to your kids about tobacco, call the
                  Health District at 337-5235.



YR02 C2.07.03     2/4/2002                                                                         Other (Describe in Activity Journal)    150
Policy Ed Ind -   150 letters mailed to local retailers highlighting product placement, tobacco
other             advertising inside and outside stores. Health District staff recruited and
                  obtained permission for students who participated in "Hands Off Halloween"
                  survey and signed letter to retailers.



YR02 C2.08.01     10/10/2001                                                                       Other (Describe in Activity Journal)     22
Opt Storefront    The Health District and Kitsap County Tobacco Coalition and the Kitsap
ass't             County Substance Abuse Prevention Program will team to work toward the           Retailers (Tobacco
                  reduction of underage access to alcohol and tobacco products. The "Hands                                                 150
                  Off Halloween" Kitsap Community Survey is a strategy designed to assess
                  and encourage responsible advertising and merchandizing of tobacco and           Tobacco Retailers                        15
                  alcohol products in Kitsap County. Recruiting materials for student teams
                  from community groups and schools were completed over summer.                    Youth volunteers (Native
                  Individual contacts with teachers were begun in Sept. Arrangements made          Americans)
                  for training session on 10/18 featuring Media Literacy expert Sandra
                                                                                                   Youth volunteers (High school
                  Goldsborough. BKAT will tape for cable replay. 10/9 training for Wayne                                                    30
                                                                                                   youth, Experimenting with tobacco)
                  Gizzi's pre voc class at CKHS. Surveys will be carried out on 10/20. CKHS
                  and Navy Wellness may carry theirs out on weekdays prior. Letters to             Youth volunteers (High school
                  retailers mailed after the 20th.                                                                                          0
                                                                                                   youth, Youth leaders )

                  Trained pre voc class how to fill out storefront survey for Hands Off


                 Needed more specific training on what is an ad (brand name only, size,
                 pricing) and whether survey was silent or announced, if pictures outside




                 PowerPoint outline for Prevention Summit presentation, possible BKCHD
                 proceedures for photos, and Thank-you card for stores.




YR02 C2.09.03    10/10/2001                                                                    Other (Describe in Activity Journal)    7
Media Lit        Conveniened local tribes and one other health district from ESD 114 area.
Training         U.W. staff, Little Boston S'Klallam, Jamestown S'Klallam, Clallam County
                 Health, Kitsap County Health, and Marie Mulroy, Kitsap Tobacco Free
                 Coalition discussed area format for adult mentors and youth groups to do
                 U.W. media literacy project. Commitment from Little Boston and former
                 N.K.H.S. visual communications teacher to do teams



YR02 C2.10.01   3/11/2002                                                                      Other (Describe in Activity Journal)   20
Conduct Peer Ed Twenty-two 9th graders from Poulsbo Junior High and new advisor, Amy
- TATU          Johnson, receive all-day training in Teens Against Tobacco Use from            Teens (Experimenting with tobacco)     46
                BKCHD staff.

                 TATU presentation materials (posters, tobacco bingo, tubs, t-shirts)
                 delivered to teen presentors in Bremerton, South Kitsap.

                 Materials and staff time to support TATU program: Two tubs of equipment
                 include (in each): Smokey Sue, Mr. Gross Mouth, stickers, 3 different
                 posters per classroom, straws for breathing exercise, Don't Smoke bingo
                 game. Evaluations and postage paid envelopes. Letters sent to all 5th grade
                 staff asking them to schedule TATU in their classroom, plus principals,
                 interventionists, nurses.



YR02 C2.10.02    11/29/2001                                                                    Other (Describe in Activity Journal)   31
Conduct Peer     Good response to BB deaths demonstration and Tobacco Timeline activity.
Edu - TAT
                 Class previously requested follow-up and presentation session. Schedule in



YR02 C2.11.01       10/10/2001                                                                     Other (Describe in Activity Journal)   28
Condt Med Lit -     One day training for STAND! youth coalition members gave overview of
UW Model            U.W. toolkit. Navy facility was uncomfortable because youth were too loud,     Youth (Middle/junior high youth)       89
                    room small, and only area where food was to be served was at the far end
                    of building. Successful training.



                    Presentation on media literacy "Read Between the Lines" to 20 alternative
                    school at-risk youth. Review media lit principals, view tobacco company
                    advertising tactics, help students create counter ads from magazines.




YR02 C2.11.02       10/10/2001                                                                     Other (Describe in Activity Journal)   69
Condt Med Lit -     Utilized materials from TATU kit (ads) plus newer magazine ads to analize
othr mod            "image advertising" by tobacco companies. Glamour and normalization
                    concepts from Media Sharp (CDC's media literacy curriculum). Follow-up
                    activity will be Storefront type survey (Hands Off Halloween) in Silverdale.
                    List of 19 retailers left with Mr. Gizzi.

                    Media literacy presentation featured area expert Sandra Goldsborough
                    speaking to 30 Hands Off Halloween youth and adult volunteers.
                    Powerpoint presentation on tobacco and alchohol advertising strategies
                    focused on TV and print images as well as point of purchase marketing. In
                    retrospect, would be better to do training the morning of the Storefront or
                    HOH survey so that volunteers weren't responsible for two separate days.

                    "Beyond Cliches" Media Literacy presentation--"Reading Between the
                    Lines" Used short segment of Ad Libbing It, laminated ads on walls, asked
                    individuals to talke ads pretorn from magazines and "flip them" to give the



YR02 C2.13.02       8/5/2002                                                                       Other (Describe in Activity Journal)    1
Ass't - schl supp   event date 6-11-02. Barb Smithson, Shelley Rose met with school advisor
needs               Joanne Salwei, of the LINK Leadership program

                    Mr. Gross Mouth and posters to Cindy Bush, Heallth Educator at RTJH.
                    Added her to email tobacco update mailing list. Comment received: "Mr.
                    Grossmouth is a big hit with both kids and teachers. Thanks for the posters.
                    Some will be used with our "pressures" activity, and others usedaround the
                    school. I really like the chemicals in tobacco poster."



YR02 C3.01.01       11/29/2001                                                                     Other (Describe in Activity Journal)   210
Pub Ed - Quit
Line mat            5/1/2002
                    50 "You Know it ain't easy" quitline cards to Planned Parenthood for waiting


                100 quitline cards/25 free help/50 restaurants/100 cessation resources in
                KC, 100 second hand smoke bookmarks, 50 best things you can do, 50
                BCHP to Valarie Krier, volunteer for Relay for Life/ south kitsap for this

                Cessation brochures/quitline cards plus holders/6 quitline posters to repro.
                health clinic sites in Brem/PO/Poulsbo

                Met with Ruth Westergaard, MCH at Gateway about the quitline and
                materials that public health nurses are using/distributing. 100 quitline
                cards/holders x3/cessation resources in Kitsap Co, how other moms have
                quit x 100/ 4 quitline posters

                Public Health nurses Liane and Kate - quitline cards x50/holdersGivens
                community center - reception area - quitline poster check, reception at
                health district office/waiting room - 1oo cds/holders x 2/posters x2/cess
                resources x50WIC office at Givens - Juna - 100 quitline cards/1 holder/ETS
                pledge infoTO DO: Bulletin board in entrance to clinics

                Pat DeGracia took 50 quitline cards/holder to ALIVE shelter presentation



YR02 C3.01.02                                                                                      Colleges and organizations serving
Pub Ed - Quit                                                                                                                              1
                                                                                                   young adults (Young Adult/College)
Line serv
                                                                                                   Dental health providers (Health
                10/3/2001                                                                                                                 177
                                                                                                   Care Providers/Organizations)
                Posters containing the quit line were distributed to health care
                providers/agencies, dental health providers, organizations serving low             Health care providers/agencies
                income populations,and colleges. We also ran the Quit Line Number as a             (Health Care                           112
                trailer when we showed the ETS Video and Quit Line Media Campaign                  Providers/Organizations)
                Video on public access stationfor our county.
                                                                                                   Multi-cultrural population - African
                5/15/2002                                                                          American (African Americans)
                We will do a followup with quit line materails for our 17 restaurants that
                                                                                                   Multi-cultrural population-Hispanic
                received smoke free placks this time. Due to time constraints, we only gave                                                0
                                                                                                   (Hispanic/Latino Americans)
                initial quit line materials to the restaurants (13) that were not smoke free.
                Our plan is to do a more focused ditribution of quitline materials later this      Multi-cultrural population-Native
                year.                                                                                                                      0
                                                                                                   American (Native Americans)

                8/5/2002                                                                           Organizations serving at-risk
                Quitline materials to Clinical Services front desks at the health dist. 50 cds/2   families (Parents/Families)
                                                                                                   Organizations serving low-income
                                                                                                   populations (Low income)

                                                                                                   Other (Describe in Activity Journal)    13



YR02 C3.02.01   11/20/2001                                                                         Other (Describe in Activity Journal)    7
Pub Ed - cess   Presented information with School Nurse to 7 pregnant/parenting teens
motivation      using Smoking Fetus Model, discussion and small portion of a video.
                Information on Secondhand Smoke and Kids and cessation resources

                   including the Quit Line was distributed to student and teacher.




YR02 C3.02.02                                                                                 Other (Describe in Activity Journal)    1
Pub Ed -           5/14/2002
cessation other



YR02 C3.06.02      8/5/2002                                                                   Other (Describe in Activity Journal)    0
Youth Cessn -      Work with North Kitsap administration and high school staff to support a
NOT                north county youth cessation opportunity using NOT curriculum.



YR02 C3.06.06                                                                                 Other (Describe in Activity Journal)    2
Youth Cessn -      4/30/2002



YR02 C3.08.01                                                                                 Convenea special task force for
Cessn task force                                                                              tobacco cessation (Health Care           7
                   5/14/2002                                                                  Providers/Organizations)

                                                                                              Other (Describe in Activity Journal)     0



YR02 C3.09.01                                                                                 Other (Describe in Activity Journal)    12
Other Cessn        5/14/2002



YR02 C4.01.02                                                                                 Agencies Serving At Risk Parents
Pub Ed -                                                                                                                              0
                                                                                              (Low income)
home/auto T/A
                                                                                              Agencies serving low-income
                                                                                              (Foster Homes)
                   Distributed ETS Posters,and DOH ETS Brochure with Smokefree Home           Dental Care Agencies (Health Care
                   and Car Decals attached to all physcian and dental offices in Kitsap       Providers/Organizations)
                   County.Distributed by Tobacco Free Kitsap County Coalition members,on
                   Stand!Youth Coalition member and two registered nurses from Old Diminon    Health Care Agencies (Health Care
                   College who were working on an advanced degree. Our outreach nurse         Providers/Organizations)
                   gave two presentations to Family Day Care Home recertification classes
                                                                                              Multi-cultural population (Native
                                                                                              Other (Describe in Activity Journal)    0

                                                                                              Youth Servicing Agencies-School
                                                                                              Districts (School or District           0

                                                                                                  Youth Serving Agencies-Day Care
                                                                                                  (Daycare Providers)



YR02 C4.02.01       8/5/2002                                                                      Other (Describe in Activity Journal)    3
Pub Ed - public     50 restaurant guides, 100 SHS bookmarks, 50 "Best things you can do for
consider            your child"

                    SHS pledge brochure to Juna at WIC office at Givens Community Center

                    Contacts from parent Denise May re smoking at NK Babe Ruth field. Sent
                    materials and arranged contact with supporter and Babe Ruth administrator
                    Art Mickelson.



YR02 C4.02.02                                                                                     Chambers of Commerce
Pub Ed - SF rest                                                                                                                          0
                    10/3/2001                                                                     Health Care Agencies (Health Care
                    Developed Smoke Free Restaurant Guide, printed 3,000 copies and are in        Providers/Organizations, Adults
                    the process of distribution through our Tobacco Coalition membership.         (delete 03-04), Restaurant patrons
                    2/7/2002                                                                      Media (Media(reporters, editorial

                                                                                                  Other (Describe in Activity Journal)    2



YR02 C4.02.05                                                                                     Other (Describe in Activity Journal)    30
Pub Ed - public     5/14/2002
ETS other



YR02 C4.03.01                                                                                     Apartment Managers
                    10/3/2001                                                                                                             44
Policy Ed -                                                                                       (Employers/Management)
                    The training on 11/14, was very successful; we will continue to meet with
worksite ed
                    the 2 consolidated housing authorities re implementing smokefree
                    policies,secured ongoing assistance from panel speakers and presenters        Other (Describe in Activity Journal)    19
                    for those wanting to implement smokefree policies. Presented information to   Public Housing Managers
                    44 apartment managers at their meeting on 11/27 and they ask for a                                                     2
                    training in the spring. As a result of 2 newspaper articles on training, we
                    received 3 phone calls asking for help with secondhand smoke issues           Worksite decision-makers
                    including one from the regional manager for a restaurant chain.                                                        5



YR02 C4.03.02       4/9/2002                                                                      Other (Describe in Activity Journal)    68
Policy Ed - rest.
edu                 4/30/2002                                                                     Restaurant decision-makers
                    Preparation for Fresh Air Restaurant campaign sponsored by Tobacco Free       (Restaurant Owners/Managers)
                    Coalition. Publicity, contacts made to youth-serving agencies for teams to
                    register in advance for 4/6/02 training and restaurant visits. Goal: six to

                    eight teams participate.

                    A lolt of front end detail and worth every miniute.

                    Please contact us for additonal information on this project.



YR02 C4.03.03       12/12/2001                                                                       College Administration
Pol Ed - Coll.      Met with Human Resource Director and provided materials on secondhand                                                     2
admin edu           smoke and the benefits of becomming a smokefree campus to share with
                    the administration and students.                                                 Other (Describe in Activity Journal)     0




YR02 C4.03.04       10/23/2001                                                                       College administration and staff
Policy Ed -         I have researched and sent articles and examples of smokefree policies                                                    1
College admin       from other colleges and universities to the Human Resource Director of
                    Olympic College. The Director sits on our ETS Workgroup and helped in            Other (Describe in Activity Journal)     0
                    planning our Smokefree Workplace and Housing training which she



YR02 C4.03.07       12/12/2001                                                                       Foster Care Agency (Social service
Policy Ed - other   As of 9/28/01 foster homes,group care programs/facilities and child-placing                                               1
                    agencies licensed by Children's Administration must prohibit smoking in the
                    living space of any home or facility caring for children and in motor vehicles   In Home Day Cares (Social service
                    while transporting children.See notes.                                                                                    0

                    2/7/2002                                                                         Other (Describe in Activity Journal)    14



YR02 C4.04.02                                                                                        Day care association (Social service
Training - parent                                                                                                                             3
                    10/24/2001                                                                       providers/organizations)
educ                We give a half hour presentation on Secondhand Smoke and Kids to home
                    day care providers who are required to attend classes each year to maintain      Foster Care Agency (Social service
                    their license. The goal is to educate both providers and the parents of the      providers/organizations)
                    children they care for to not smoke in their homes and cars. Materials
                                                                                                     Head Start Agencies (Low income)         0
                    include: ETS brochure with home & car window decals,video:"Firsthand
                    Lesson in Secondhand Smoke". Provders distribute the brochures & decals          Other (Describe in Activity Journal)     0
                    to parents. Two providers have borrowed the video to share with parents.
                    There are usually 12-14 providers per class.                                     WIC Agencies (Social service
                                                                                                     providers/organizations, Low income)



YR02 C4.05.02       10/24/2001                                                                       General Public (Adults (delete 03-
SF Guide -          Our Food Program Manager updates the Smoke Free Restaurant Guide for                                                    600
publish             the Tobacco Program and includes educational information about going
                    smokefree in her quarterly newsletters to the restaurants.                       Other (Describe in Activity Journal)    0



YR02 C4.05.03      2/7/2002                                                                      Bremerton Sun (Media(reporters,
SF Guide - other   Had 3 phone calls in response to article. Regional manager of Wendey's                                                1
                                                                                                 editorial boards))
                   wanted help with outside smoking issues and cessation help for employees.
                   Employees of two other restaurants asked for information on making            Neighborhood Newspaper Group
                   restaurants smoke free.                                                                                               1
                                                                                                 (Media(reporters, editorial boards))

                   2/7/2002                                                                      Other (Describe in Activity Journal)    0



YR02 C4.07.01      10/24/2001                                                                    Key Stakeholders for secondhand
ETS Task Force     Our 15 member ETS Work Group met monthly, July thru October. Major                                                   15
                                                                                                 smoke (Advisory Board Members)
                   work related to planning for "Creating Smokefree Workplaces & Housing"
                   training in Nov. included; program content and speakers,marketing             Other (Describe in Activity Journal)    0
                   strategies, and publicity. Articles appeared in all 5 Kitsap County Chamber
                   of Commerce,and The West Sound Human Resources Directors Assoc.
                   newsletters Early Warning Post Cards sent in Sept,& brochures sent in
                   October to: county work sites including restaurants, Public Housing
                   Agencies,Apt.Mgrs,and Human Resource Directors.



YR02 C4.08.01                                                                                    Other (Describe in Activity Journal)   12
Other ETS          5/14/2002



2002-2003 Outputs
                                                                                                                         e              Actual
                                                                                                                         Descripti           #
                                                                                                                         on             Reach
Activity   Journal Entries                                                                                               (Type)            ed

C1.01                                                                                                                    Other
Communit                                                                                                                 (Describe in
y Advisory 9/3/2002                                                                                                                        41
Board      8-6-02 Hands Off Halloween, Youth Advocacy Training, Policy Makers Breakfast, State Enhancement               Journal)
           funding, youth prevention/Outrage conference, Fresh Air Restaurant Campaign. Present: Kim Burkey,
           American Lung Association, Mary Ellen de la Pena, KC Preven. Service, Michelle Dower, Educ. Service           stakeholders
           Dist 114, Meg Hagemann, Community advocate, Sarah Miller, American Cancer Society, Shelley Smith-             (Stakeholders)
           Rose, Health district, Chris Zipperer, S'Klallam Tribe, Karen Boysen-Knapp, Health District, Judy
           DeVore, community advocate, Brandee Haefner, Navy Reserve (guest), Janet Mano, Navy Health
           Promotion, Gay Neal, Youth commission, Barbara Smithson, Health District

           Planning for policy makers breakfast, hands off halloween


           11/02Tobacco Free Kitsap County CoalitionMeeting MinutesNovember 5, 2002 Present: Karen Boysen-
           Knapp, Health Dist. Mary Ellen de la Pena, KC Preven. Service Judy DeVore, Community advocate
           Kathy Forester, CK School Dist. School nurse Melinda Harmon, Health Dist. Wendy Jones, ESD 114,
           School Nurse Coord.Janet Mano, Navy Health Promo. Sarah Miller, Amer. Cancer SocietyGay Neal,
           Youth Commission Shelley Smith-Rose, Health Dist.Barbara Smithson, Health Dist. Jaylyn White, Amer.
           Cancer Society Overview Of Current Activities: Janet Mano ▪November is Tobacco Month at Navy
           Hospital ▪Exchange system – discount NRT ▪―Slaying the Dragon‖ – One time workshop with chemical
           dependency pro at Navy Hospital and Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. ▪Celebration breakfast for Great
           American Smokeout, Nov. 21Gay Neal ▪Youth advocacy training was a success, got positive feedback.
           Thanks to Barb, Shelley and Melinda for their help/presentation▪Updating Youth Yellowpages. Please
           submit changesKaren BK ▪Brief Tobacco Intervention Skills instructor training has been scheduled for
           December 5, 2002. There are representatives from Navy Hospital, Harrison Hospital, ESD 114, CK
           School Nurses and the Health District attending.Shelley SR ▪Youth will be attending the FreshAir
           breakfast, November 14, 2002▪Youth will be participating in the ―Tobacco Day at the Mall‖ display,
           November 16, 2002Melinda ▪Health District is making Tobacco a 2003 priority.Wendy ▪Wendy
           introduced herself as the new school nurse coordinator at the ESDSarah ▪Workshops in Thurston
           Co/Grays Harbor Co. – ―Speak Out‖ – leadership skill building. High School students with an adult rep
           Fresh Air Breakfast is November 14, 2002 at the Silverdale Hotel.Coalition members are invited. One
           goal of this educational breakfast is to celebrate our successes. Postcards, personal telephone calls and
           follow up letters have been sent out/made. Partners are Harrison Hospital and the BREATHE alliance.
           There will be display tables (Amer. Cancer Society, Lung Assoc, Navy Hosp, Prevention Services and
           the Health Dist.). Packets will contain SHS restaurant guides, fact sheets on SHS. TATU Training is
           scheduled for November 7, 2002 at the Oyster Bay Inn.Also on the calendar: NOT training December 4,
           2002 in OlympiaGrants are available to school groups from Lung. American Cancer Society Update:
           Jaylyn White, Regional Cancer Control Coordinator, ACS presented information on ACS and it‘s
           objectives. She manages 10 field staff. Jaylyn discussed the challenges of cancer control funding and
           talked about how the focus was tightening to very cost effective interventions with large employers rather
           than general health fairs and community events. TheGreat American Smokeout is still important, but
           ACS is not going to be doing giveaways. The can help with press releases and will provide technical
           assistance around your event, No planning packet.Prevention Summit: Was attended by Mary Ellen,
           Barb, Roberta who did a joint presentation on Hands Off Halloween. Shelley and Karen attended as well
           and had good feedback on offerings. Cessation Outreach Karen reports that the health district will be
           working with the Navy Hospital on a display about tobacco at the Kitsap Mall on November 16th. Quitline
           tagged coffee coasters are scheduled to be arriving soon, no word yet on the cups. If supplies arrive, will
           try to get out to OC for Nov. 21. Also working with public health nurses around providing clients who
           want to quit smoking with resource materials/ access to support. November Mall Event Janet reports that
           Tobacco display at the Kitsap Mall is.scheduled for November 16. The display will be interactive and
           informational. Youth will also be there to share information and engage the public. Event will be geared
           toward promotion of the Great American Smokeout (Nov. 21) and will focus on cessation resources and
           incentives. Quitline info will also be promoted. Next Meeting, Tuesday, December 3, 20028:30 am,

Jackson Park Community Center For information call Barbara Smithson, 360-337-5235

Tobacco Free Kitsap County CoalitionMeeting MinutesOctober 1, 2002 Present: Kim Burkey, Amer.
Lung Assoc. Karen Boysen-Knapp, Health Dist. Judy DeVore, community advocate Melinda Harmon,
Health Dist. Jim Hockstaff, Olympic ESD 114 Roberta Kowald, comm. advocate Janet Mano, Navy
Health Promo. Sarah Miller, Amer. Cancer Society Gay Neal, Youth Commission Shelley Smith-Rose,
Health Dist. Barbara Smithson, Health Dist. Chris Zipperer, S'Klallam Tribe Overview of Current
Activities -Roberta Kowald working on media literacy issues and is planning on doing tobacco cessation
counseling-Health District Melinda Harmon reports the health district received a grant to do work on
second hand smoke issues with apartment managers and tenants. Work will be done with Tacoma-
Pierce Co Health Dept, with Kitsap County Health District being the lead agency. The grant starts Nov. 1.
Questions can be directed to Barb Smithson.-Gay Neal Youth Advocacy Training, October 14, 2002-Kim
Burkey TATU training Nov. 7, 2002 at the Oyster Bay Inn in BremertonNOT training tentatively
scheduled for Dec. 4, 2002-Chris Zipperer Truth Tour Van (American Legacy Foundation) came to
S'Kallam Days celebration September 21.-Sarah Miller "When Harry Quit Smoking", a play by the
Tacoma Opera will run from February 10 thru March ? Fresh Air Breakfast Silverdale on the Bay,
November 14, 2002. Doors open at 7:30am, program from 8:00-9:00 am. An invitation list has been
generated; coalition members have been asked to do follow-up calls. Agenda for the event was
reviewed. Next breakfast planning meeting is scheduled for October 17, 2001 at the Jackson Park
Family Service Center at 8:30am. Hands Off Halloween Youth/adult teams are being formed. Coalition
members sending teams include the Housing Authority, Little Boston S'Klallam Tribe and STAND! youth.
We hope to cover all retail stores in the county with an advertising and placement survey for tobacco and
alcohol products. Smoke-Free Grant will pay for telephone survey to tenants in Pierce and Kitsap.
Apartments Grant A mail survey will seek smoke-free information from owners and managers. The goal
is to create a consumer guide similar to the Smokefree restaurant listing. Local owners/managers
interested in the smoke-free building issue will meet October 16, 2002 at the Golden Tides in Silverdale.
Coalition members are welcome.Quit Line Sleeves Karen reported that the Dept. of Health is offering
coffee cup sleeves and coasters with the Quitline number. Discussion followed about how these could be
distributed and used. Some ideas included distribution at private coffee stands, Starbucks, Olympic
college and hospitals. Karen will order from DOH. Mall Display Janet Mano would like to do a tobacco
display at Kitsap Mall. Ideas on display and times were discussed, with November (Great American
Smokeout) and May (World No Tobacco Day) as possible times. Karen offered to work on this with
Janet. Next Meeting, Tuesday, November 5, 20028:30 am, Jackson Park Community CenterFor
information call Barbara Smithson, 360-337-5235

Goals Next Mtg: Set priorities for coalition Rate 1 through 5 Awareness Current projects/strategies
target: Great American Smokeout Policy Makers Hands off Halloween Kick Butts Day World No Tobacco
Media Smokefree Apartments Cessation/Pregnant Smokers Relay For LifeYouth Involvement STAND
ESD Spectrum School Events/Displays (ie, NK)Collaborations Goal: Work Toward recruiting others in
Public/Private SectorOlympic College Coalition Members Harrison Naval Hospital Suquamish Tac-Pierce
Co. Coalition Bob OkeCollaborative Needs Assess.(Feb/County Goal Setting on drug/ETOH) Training
Increasing Resources Health care profs. NOT TATU Speak Out Youth Summit Adult Summit Advocacy
Legislation Sampling- send ltr of support BREATHE Assessment and Eval of What We Do Include in
each statement _a Measurable Goals in each category _a Assessment Criteria

Tobacco Free Kitsap County CoalitionMeeting MinutesJanuary 7, 2003Present:Karen Boysen-Knapp,
Health Dist. Kim Burkey, American Lung assoc.Judy DeVore,Community advocate Michelle Dower, ESD
114 Melinda Harmon, Health Dist. Janet Mano, Navy health promotionSarah Miller, American Cancer
Soc. Beth Mosley, North Kitsap schoolsGay Neal, Youth Commission Barbara Smithson, Health
Dist.Chris Zipperer, S'Klallam TribeOverview of Current Activities -Sarah Miller The March Speak Out
event in Grays Harbor has been cancelled.The February Speak Out event in Lacey is still taking place.
Reminder of dates for the Summer Summit - June 18-21 in Auburn. -Kim Burkey 2 NOT trainings
scheduled - Feb 6 in Whatcom county March 6 at Puget Sound ESD -Chris Zipperer Wellness
Conference January 31. Presentations on Second Hand Smoke and Asthma. Joe Law to speak.2003
Coalition Priorities Planning see attachment Priorities Subcommittee meeting - January 17, 2003 @ 8:30
am, Jackson Park Community Center Next Meeting Tuesday, February 4, 20038:30 am, Jackson Park
Community CenterFor information call Barbara Smithson, 360-337-52352003 Coalition Priority Setting
WorksheetAwarenessGreat American SmokeoutHands Off HalloweenKick Butts DayWorld No Tobacco
DayPolicy makers breakfastMediaSmokefree ApartmentsCessation/Pregnant SmokersRelay for
LifeSmokefree Restaurants 11X2low3321 Media literacy event, increase teams&stores as goalDuring
spring break-not a good timeMay 31-focus changes each yearIntegrate and designate who will take on
media responsiblily for each eventProvide input and support when needed especially with surveys.
Potential for advocacy.Provide input and support when needed.Encourage youth participationYouth and
adults, increase number of SF restaurantsProvide training . Possible March 14 date.Youth

InvolvementSTANDESD/SpectrumSchool events/Displays 1X1 Support Shelley and integrate youth into
all awareness activitiesHigh priority within each awareness activityCollaborationsOlympic
CollegeCoalition MembersHarrison HospitalNaval HospitalSuquamish TribePierce County Coalition
(TAB)Bob OkeCollaborative Needs Assessment 11XX22X Include coalition members in events. Get OC
on TFKC coalitionIncrease active membershipActive involvement in coalitionGoal - meet with them in
March as a coalitionMake contact - how can coalition help you?TrainingIncreasing ResourcesHealth
ProfessionalsNOT (ALAW)TATU (ALAW)Speak Out Youth InitiativeYouth SummitsAdult Summits X33
Integrate as part of each goalSupport health district effortsUse contacts to spread the word throughout
the countyCoalition members who attend trainings to report back to the
groupAdvocacyLegislationSamplingBREATHEACSALAW Goal - support and increase anti-tobacco
effortsSign up coalition members for Action Network

Tobacco Free Kitsap County Coalition meeting

March 3, 2003 Jackson Park Community Center90 Olding Rd. Bremerton 98312 Meeting Agenda - 8:30
Introductions & Welcome - Janet Mano, ChairWe'll introduce ourselves and share up-dates not on the
agenda, 8:45 Finalizing Priorities/Leadership - Janet Mano, 9:00 March 25th Press Conference - Barb
Smithson, 9:10 Olympic College Plans - Melinda/O. C. representative, 9:20 Planning and prevention
update - Mary Ellen de la PeYa, 9:25 Parent Child Health outreach - Karen Boysen-Knapp, 9:30 Joint
Pierce/Kitsap Meeting Date - Barb Smithson. (possible change of date for April 1st meeting)BREAKAt
our last meeting, the question of how to maximize/revamp youth programs such as STAND! was
discussed. The challenge is to integrate young people into all our work, making their voice an integral
part of what we do. Many people volunteered to attend a special meeting on this subject, so to keep
things compact, the last 45 minutes of today's meeting focuses on this topic. 9:45 Youth Program Status-
Shelley Rose, 10:00 Emerging/new models - Amanda Lazarre/group brainstorm, 10:15 Revisiting our
youth goals - Janet Mano.

Tobacco Free Kitsap CountyA Pro-Health Coalition8:30 AM · Tuesday, June 3, 2003 Jackson Park
Community Center90 Olding Rd. Bremerton 98312Meeting Agenda8:30 Introductions & Welcome Janet
Mano We‘ll introduce ourselves and share up-dates not on the agenda9:00 World No Tobacco Day at
O.C. Laurie Adamson 9:05 Youth Up-date South Kitsap--Shelley Rose Detention Center—Awilda
Jesionowski 9:10 Secondhand Smoke Barb Smithson9:15 Data from Mall Event Mary Ellen de la
Pena9:20 Statewide Grassroots Meeting Janet Mano9:25 Media Literacy / July Conference Roberta
Kowald 9:30 Quitting—What‘s needed in Kitsap County & How do we get it? Group Discussion led by
Karen Boysen-Knapp Present: Mary Ellen de la Pena, Judy DeVore, Robin Carson, Barbara Smithson,
Awilda Jesionowski, Sarah Miller, Barbara Hoffman, Laurie Adamson, Chris Zipperer, Karen Boyson-
Knapp, Janet Mano, Lee Tanuvasa, Roberta Kowald, Meth Mosley, Kim Burkey, Jerome Jianga.

5/6/03 Tobacco Free Kitsap County CoalitionMeeting MinutesMay 6, 2003 Present: Janet Mano, Naval
Hospital Barbara Hoffman, Suquamish TribeKaren Boysen-Knapp, Health Dist. Beth Mosley, North
Kitsap High Michelle & Kennedy Dower, ESD 114 Sarah Miller, Amer. Cancer SocietyWendy Jones,
School Nurse Corps Barbara Smithson, Health District Awilda Jesionowski, Detention Ctr. Shelley Smith-
Rose, Health DistrictMelinda Harmon, Health District Chris Zipperer, P.G. S‘KlallamJill Adair, North
Kitsap High School Amanda Lazarre, Health District People introduced themselves. Shipyard: Janet
announced that the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard with 8,000 workers (7,000 non-military
beneficiaries/civilian) will kick off a Health Promotion campaign tomorrow that will include tobacco. This
is a great opportunity to impact our largest employer.Cessation: Karen‘s Brief Intervention training is
scheduled for 5/26. Our hope is to continue to increase community capacity in intervention and
cessation. North Kitsap: Jill and Beth are pursuing NOT cessation classes for NKHS and Spectrum
students.Suquamish Tribe: Barbara supplies quit kits , has a women‘s health day emphasizing tobacco
and they also do smoke-free activities for youth.Bremerton Elks consider smoke-free policy: Barbara is
scheduled to visit a trustees‘ meeting for the Elks. They are considering going completely smoke-
free.Tobacco Prevention, Olympic College: Laurie Adamson has invited Coalition members to attend the
next for World No Tobacco Day and other tobacco prevention efforts. She‘s applying for a grant from
BREATHE to support their event on May 29th.Compliance Checks: Shelly reports three sales during
recent checks. She is recruiting more youth for checks this summer.―It‘s Time For Kitsap Kids
Celebration‖ showcased tobacco and other prevention materials at the Mall on May 3rd and 4th. This
event had a strong developmental assets structure. We involved two teams of young people and
supplied quitline, Dining Guides, and information on protecting kids from secondhand smoke.Cultivating
Youth Leadership: Amanda attended a dynamic training in Seattle on youth leadership. There was great
information on youth activism and advocacy as well as leadership styles and goal setting. She will be
attending the Human Rights Youth Rally at Bremerton High School this Saturday. Shelley will be working
with youth from South Kitsap on a World No Tobacco Day Event at SKHS. Klahowya youth have an idea

             of creating a Tobacco Free quilt with elementary students.Juvenile Detention: Awilda was introduced as
             the Detention Center‘s education director. She has Roberta Kowald presenting sessions on Tobacco 101
             and Media Literacy at their site. She also supervises counselors and is interested in getting Brief
             Interventions into services. Robyn Carson is the contact for the Mentor program at Juvenile Detention.
             Mentors might also be trained.Naval Hospital: June 25 will be an open house. Janet is inviting STAND!
             to have a tobacco booth and hopes to include Media Literacy and other tobacco topics. Media Literacy:
             will be highlighted in a special track during the national conference to be held in Tacoma during July.
             Next Meeting, Tuesday, June 3, 20038:30 am, Jackson Park Community CenterFor information call
             Barbara Smithson, 360-337-5250

             04/08/2003Tobacco Free Kitsap County CoalitionMeeting MinutesApril 8, 2003 Present: Lee Tanuvasa,
             BREATHE Kim Burkey, Amer. Lung Assoc Wa Karen Boysen-Knapp, Health Dist. Pat McFerran, Liquor
             Control Board Mary Ellen de la Pena, Kitsap Co. Sarah Miller, Amer. Cancer Society Wendy Jones,
             School Nurse Corps Barbara Smithson, Health District Gay Neal, Youth Commission Shelley Smith-
             Rose, Health District Ann Burns, Student Assist. ESD 114 Chris Zipperer, P.G. S‘Klallam People
             introduced themselves. Washington BREATHE: Lee noted the Pierce Co TAB‘s business education
             event ―Clearing the Air‖ is slated for Friday, May 9th. He gave a brief overview of the Legislative Session.
             Both Clean Air bills were unsuccessful. BREATHE is interested in sending a Kitsap representative to
             ―Smoking Out the Snake‖, an LA conference on opposing tobacco sponsorship. Lee noted that there are
             community mini-grants; more information at: . There is a cross-cultural conference in
             Tacoma May 29, 30.Sharing Workplans: ESD 114, has a workplan similar to last year‘s. It includes
             assessing school tobacco policies, substance abuse curriculum, media literacy, training staff in
             motivational interviewing, offering youth cessation, and linking to student activities such as TATU and the
             youth coalition.Port Gamble S‘Klallam Tribe noted that they continue to look for additional dollars to
             boost their program. They have a successful ―Commit to Quit‖ in November, supply quit kits to their WIC
             program, and want to develop a brochure about secondhand smoke. Chris says that attending state
             conferences, supporting the Coalition is an important part of capacity building.Health District: Presented
             a simplified grid of planned tobacco activities with the names of staff responsible. Major areas include
             Capacity Development, Youth Prevention, Cessation, and Secondhand smoke. See attached
             grid.American Cancer Society: Continues their emphasis on youth SpeakOut and advocacy training.
             Sarah will up-date us as time and location (probably Olympic Peninsula) are set. Several North Kitsap
             High school students have applied to attend SpeakOut Camp this summer.Press Conference for
             Secondhand Smoke/Tenants Survey: The press conference March 25th in Gig Harbor was quite
             successful. Janet Mano represented the Coalition. Thirty to forty people attended including
             representatives from several rental owners‘ organizations. Mary Selecky, Secretary of Health and the
             Health Officers from Kitsap and Pierce introduced the results. Most renters want smoke free homes and
             very young and chronically ill populations are disproportionately affected by secondhand smoke
             infiltrating their living space.Tobacco Prevention, Olympic College: Laurie Adamson has invited Coalition
             members to attend the next planning meeting on Wednesday April 16th at 11 am for World No Tobacco
             Day and other tobacco prevention efforts. ―It‘s Time For Kitsap Kids Celebration‖ will showcase tobacco
             and other prevention materials at the Mall on the weekend of May 3rd and 4th. This event has a strong
             developmental assets structure so we‘re relying on young people to be involved and set the tone. This is
             also an opportunity to include materials for the goody bags. The deadline to sign up as a volunteer team
             (four hour shift) is April 24th. Call Mary Ellen at 337-4878. Liquor Control Board: Pat McFerran noted
             their support of compliance checks although they can‘t always be on hand. They are very short of
             personnel and have been promised help in the Bremerton office. Cessation Survey: Thanks! Karen
             appreciates the input of everyone present. Look for a recap of results at our next meeting.Secondhand
             Summit in Northwest Washington: Kim Burkey updated us on ―Untold II‖ a secondhand smoke education
             event scheduled for May 31st. Snohomish, Skaget, Whatcom and other NW counties are joining with
             local tribes on this event.Juvenile Detention: Mary Ellen noted that their mentoring program will continue
             to be funded. She believes that mentors could use brief intervention training, especially since they‘re
             spending 3-4 hours at a time with their youth partners. Next Meeting, Tuesday, May 6, 20038:30 am,
             Jackson Park Community CenterFor information call Barbara Smithson, 360-337-5250



C1.02        3/26/2003                                                                                                      Other
Youth                                                                                                                       (Describe in
Coalition/                                                                                                                                 41
             9/3/2002                                                                                                       Activity
Advisory                                                                                                                    Journal)
Board        summer time not so good youth meetings
             10/7/2002                                                                                                      general
             10/29/2002                                                                                                     (Non-users)

            mtg b4 going to outrage                                                                                       youth
            10/29/2002                                                                                                    board (High
            mtg re: fair                                                                                                  school youth,
                                                                                                                          Youth leaders
            10/29/2002                                                                                                    )
            first mtg since school started, poorly attended

            late mtg per kids request they decided it was too late. will try chat room on-line next week

            first on-line meeting went pretty well, wish jaymes could have joined us

            several students spoke of the impact that shadowing professionals had on them and their career path.

            monthly mtg

            great mtg. chad p. came from gig harbor, shared ideas, stuff that didn't work, how to keep membership.
            food a big hit. 2 adult advisors came, we feel kids would take "ownership" of projects if they came up
            with ideas, worked out implementation on their own first, then share with advisors at a different mtg.
            Remember for next mtg- start weening kids away from soda to healthier choices, juice, water

            Meeting not well attended. end of yr hard to get all kids together. discussed world no tobacco day, lots of
            ideas. discussed up coming events for summer- county fair, compliance checks.



C1.03.02                                                                                                                  Other (Describe
Regional                                                                                                                  in Activity        0
Youth                                                                                                                     Journal)
                                                                                                                          youth (High
                                                                                                                          school youth,
                                                                                                                          Native             5
            1 female can't supervise 5 boys on an all boy floor. Set rules with youth b4 event,
                                                                                                                          Youth leaders )

                                                                                                                          youth (High
                                                                                                                          school youth,      0
                                                                                                                          Youth leaders )



C1.03.03                                                                                                                  county tobacco
Statewide                                                                                                                 staff (Female,
Preventio   10/29/2002                                                                                                                       3
            Hands Off Halloween project presented at state summit by Mary Ellen de la Pena (Kitsap Substance              Tobacco Prev
n Summit                                                                                                                  Staff)
            Abuse Prevention), Barbara Smithson (KCHD), Roberta Kowald (Tobacco Free Kitsap) and Robert
            Guthrie (STAND!). Good attendance. Power Point presentation materials shared with DOH, UW Teen                Other (Describe
            Media Futures.                                                                                                in Activity        2



C1.04       3/19/2003                                                                                                     county            15

State/Regi doh training, went with kbk and met amanda there.                                                             tobacco staff
onal                                                                                                                     (Tobacco Prev
Meetings   3/26/2003                                                                                                     Staff)
           Kitsap County Health will host the next Regional at KCHD on June 11 10-2pm. Conference Room
           reserved.                                                                                                     Other
                                                                                                                         (Describe in
            3-13-03 MSS/First Steps BTIS/Mot. Interviewing training by TPRC. Participated in training, identified self
            as contact for tobacco cessation tech. support. Shared materials on the quitline and on local resources.
            Identified as tobacco champ for Kitsap County Health District maternal/child health nurses in
            attemdance. To follow up at MCH staff meeting later in the month.

            March 4 - 6, 2003 , Tobacco Prevention and Control Annual Conference

            State advisory meeting. Included discussion of SHS Community Assistance project.

            Youth Access mtg. Connected with ESD supervisor for Bainbridge Island.

            youth access meeting. Mark Thomas gave a presentation on what his county is doing with youth ticketed
            for tobacco use in his county.

            Regional meeting hosted by KCHD. Overview of current state media campaign, IAC, local efforts.



C1.05       7/30/2002                                                                                                    county
Meetings/   esd catalyst training                                                                                        tobacco staff
Trainings                                                                                                                                21
                                                                                                                         (Tobacco Prev
- other     9/4/2002                                                                                                     Staff)
            8-20-02 Survey Design and Analysis Workshop for Public Health Staff - Evergreen State College.
            Workshop sessions addressed survey basics, planning a survey and understanding results.                      Other
                                                                                                                         (Describe in
            operation storefront training. very valuable.

            social marketing training, really great

            great training

            National Conference on Tobacco or Health, San Francisco. Contacts made for secondhand smoke and
            housing, restaurant issues. Stan Glantz, Americans for Nonsmokers Rights.

            great not training

            12-5-02 BTIS Instructor Training. Trainers Whitney Taylor and Tina Waite.

            complience check training. great turn out


            2-19-2003 MSS First Steps training. Shared quitline/cessation resource materials.

            19 students showed for our first compliance check training at skhs!! Again, food was a big draw and a
            big hit.

            6 staff, 27 inmates. Showed our tar/phlegm jars and watched the movie "unfiltered". KBK discussed
            cessation. we discussed the the film and had the students complete questionairs on the movie and the
            presentation. The kids loved the movie, wanted more "gross" stuff. Handed out quitline cards. Juvy can
            be a difficult venue because the kids can't get up, no interaction, have to be watched so closely when
            they have pencils, etc.

            Contact with Robin Evans-Agnew on secondhand smoke and asthma. Follow up by end of month.



C1.06       6/2/2003                                                                                                   Other (Describe
Volunteer   world no tobacco day. posters, movies, tar & phlegm jar, stickers, hospital wrist bands, and pledge        in Activity       2
Involveme   sheet. NEED BETTER TAPE NEXT YEAR!!! step stool. taller kids to hang posters higher. use mounted           Journal)
nt          posters, maybe display board.

            met w/ sadd to discuss would no tobacco day. group decided to hold event for two days during all lunch
            periods from 10-12, school has 2,000 pluss students. members will help leah and i "man" the tables.

            met w/ SADD group to discuss World No Tobacco Day (wntd) and any ideas they might have. After
            group discussion decided to have tables with info, wrist bands, give aways related to tobacco, posters,
            and videos. students will sign up to work during their lunches. will meet again on the 22nd.



C1.07       11/6/2002                                                                                                  Health
Raising     very informative mtg w/esd staff, great contacts                                                           teachers
Communit                                                                                                               (General
y                                                                                                                                        4
            12/16/2002                                                                                                 schools
Awarenes    sent info to teachers on Speak out workshops                                                               staff(Delete
s                                                                                                                      03-04) )
            Regular email updates on impact of secondhand smoke on infants and children to MCH staff. 12
                                                                                                                       (Describe in
            studies/responses to questions sent over 4 months.                                                                           30
            Harrison Hospital staff & decision makers. Email updates on Smokefree hospital policies, interventions,    school nurses
            COPD studies.                                                                                              (School
            Public Health Nurses. Update on SHS and SIDS.BBC News Thursday, 19 December, 2002, 00:03 GMT               stakeholders
            Why tobacco raises cot death riskSmoking is not advised during pregnancyScientists believe they may                          34
            have explained why babies born to smokers are at increased risk of cot death. They have discovered
            that exposure to tobacco smoke in the womb appears to slow down a baby's arousal response. Previous
            research has indicated that cigarette smoking by the mother could be implicated in up to 30% of cases of
            cot death. Researchers from the Royal Children's Hospital in Herston, Queensland, Australia, monitored
            the sleep and arousal patterns of 20 babies between the ages of 8 and 12 weeks, which is when cot
            deaths peak. Half the babies' mothers smoked during pregnancy; the other half were non-smokers. All of
            the babies had been born at term and none was sick or had been receiving any treatment. Sound test
            Each baby was given a specialised test to measure the way their bodies reacted to a sudden sound
            while asleep. Faced with a sudden shock to the system, automatic physical processes are triggered that
            are designed to keep a baby's airways open, and protect against a life threatening shortage of oxygen.
            The test was designed to measure how fast these physical safeguards kicked in. The research revealed

no differences in overall sleep patterns among the babies. Neither was there any difference in arousal
times when the babies were tested during the Rapid Eye Movement, or dream phase, of sleep. But five
of the babies whose mothers smoked during the pregnancy did not open their eyes or begin to move
when the test was applied during non-REM, or deep, sleep. The researchers believe their findings may
partly explain the link between smoking and cot death. Lack of oxygen It is thought that tobacco smoke
may act to reduce the supply of oxygen to the brain, leading to stunted mental development, and hence
slower reaction times. Alternatively, nicotine may disrupt the genetic control of the body's mechanisms
for dealing with stress. Researcher Professor Anne Chang told BBC News Online: "It would be
impossible to prove the actual mechanism of death in all sudden infant death syndrome [cot death]
victims and it is likely that SIDS is the end point of variety of abnormalities and thus a variety of
mechanisms probably exist. "The link between altered arousal and SIDS is however strong." In a
statement, The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID) said: "This paper adds weight to the
evidence that smoking must be avoided for the well-being of small infants. "FSID advises parents to cut
smoking in pregnancy, keep their babies smoke free and avoid taking their baby into smoky places".
Sinister effect Clive Bates, director of the anti-smoking charity ASH said: "This suggests smoking during
pregnancy has subtle and sinister impacts deep within the mechanisms that control consciousness of the
unborn baby. "The best any mother can do for herself, her baby and the family is quit smoking, and help
is now available throughout the NHS to make it happen." There is evidence linking smoking in pregnancy
with an increased risk of spontaneous abortion, low birth weight, sudden death and disease in babies.
Ministers are committed to cutting the percentage of women who smoke during pregnancy from 23% to
15% by the year 2010. The research is published in the journal Archives of Disease in Childhood. This
paper adds weight to the evidence that smoking must be avoided for the well-being of small infants
Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths Boxed information:Smoking and cot death Smoking during
pregnancy increases cot death risk by up to 15 timesThe risk of cot death increases according to the
number of cigarettes women smoke per day while pregnantBabies who share a bed with parents who
smoke are more likely to die of cot death

Passive smoke cuts child's vitamin CBy Michael BradleyDecember 28 2002Children exposed to minimal
levels of passive smoking have between 3 per cent and 8 per cent less vitamin C in their blood than
children living in smoke-free environments, a study has found.The study, to appear in the American
Journal of Clinical Nutrition next month, compares the vitamin C levels of more than 500 children aged
between two and 12. Half of the children had parents who smoked, the others came from tobacco-free
households.Normal levels of vitamin C in children are between 40 and 100 millimols per litre. A mol
describes the concentration of a substance and its molecular weight in grams.Researchers found vitamin
C concentrations were on average 3.2 millimols per litre lower for children whose parents smoked,
compared with children not exposed to tobacco. All children consumed equivalent amounts of vitamin
C.The researchers described the decreased vitamin C levels as highly significant and said the reduction
occurred even with very low exposure to environmental tobacco smoke.Vitamin C deficiencies inhibit the
body's ability to fight infection. The researchers, from the University of Puerto Rico, suggest children
exposed to passive smoking should take vitamin C supplements.However, an Australian nutritionist,
Rosemary Stanton, disagrees with the use of supplements. Dr Stanton said vitamin C was only one of
many antioxidants that neutralise the free radicals released by tobacco smoke. She said studies on
adults showed the levels of all these antioxidants were reduced by tobacco smoke.She said that, at best,
vitamin C supplements would be too narrow a treatment and, at worst, could be hazardous."The vitamin
C supplements children would be most likely to take would be chewable tablets, but vitamin C is a potent
acid which has very serious effects upon children's teeth," she said. "I also think the use of vitamin C
supplements would be a really foolish move because excessive amounts of vitamin C act as a pro-
oxidant."Dr Stanton said increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables was the obvious solution."They'd
also get more of the other hundreds of antioxidants, all of which are likely to be adversely affected [by
tobacco smoke] but will not be replaced through a vitamin C supplement."Action on Smoking and Health
chief executive Anne Jones, said studies had shown passive smoking might contribute to learning
disabilities, increased hospitalisation rates and poorer general health among children.

Public Health Nurses:Source: NBC17 (NC), 2003-01-02Study Links Smoking To Sudden Infant Death
Syndrome A new study adds to the growing body of evidence that smoking during pregnancy increases
the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS. Australian researchers studied the airway and
tissue samples from 32 infants who died of SIDS. The scientists say they found evidence that smoking
during pregnancy alters the inner wall of the airway structure. They added that, after birth, exposure to
smoke can cause those inner airways to narrow excessively. They believe such extreme narrowing could
lead to abnormal lung function and other problems. The researchers say the airway changes were more
dramatic in babies' whose mothers smoked more than 20 cigarettes a day.

Public Health NursesMaybe you have already seen this site. If not, check it out. BarbFreedom From
Smoking(R) For You and Your Baby Source: American Lung Association, 2003-01-03You've decided to

           quit smoking. Quitting now that you're going to have a baby is a smart idea. You probably have heard all
           kinds of things about how smoking is bad for you, and bad for your baby. It's true. Smoking is very
           dangerous to unborn babies. These things happen more often to babies whose mothers smoked when
           they were pregnant: Being born too soon or too small Crib death (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or
           SIDS) Colds, other lung problems and ear infections

           Janet Mano, Health PromotionsNEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Vitamin C, an amino acid found in fish
           and a drug long used to treat gout improve blood vessel function in smokers, new research shows. For
           smokers, the best way to prevent vessel damage is still to kick the habit. But studying the vessels of
           smokers may lead to improved treatment for impaired vessel function, which is an early stage of
           hardening of the arteries. "These studies provide further evidence of the damaging effect cigarette
           smoking has on blood vessels," Dr. Sidney Smith, the past president of the American Heart Association,
           said in a statement. "They may also provide insight into the mechanism by which smoking causes injury
           to blood vessels," he added.

           New Online Tool Allows Smokers To Test For Lung DamageDoctors say many smokers have lung
           damage and don't even know it. If you're a smoker and want to find out -- you can now take a new at-
           home test over the Internet.------------------------Marti Perrone smoked for 25 years, and was concerned of
           her wheezing and shortness of breath.But like a lot of smokers, she put off seeing a doctor. "Most
           people, when they have symptoms, are in denial for at least the initial part of the symptoms until
           someone around them or they themselves realize that this is not going away," says Dr. Len Horovitz,
           Pulmonologist."A friend told me that if I clicked onto the web, I could go through this lung profiler and
           have questions answered," says Perrone, "and this is what I really needed to do before going to the
           doctor." The 'lung profiler' is an Internet-based questionnaire, developed by the American Lung
           Association. It helps people find out if their lungs are in bad shape. Among the questions:Do you smoke?
           Are you short of breath? Do you have a lot of phlegm? The profiler then takes your answers and
           calculates the chances you've already damaged your lungs. "The profiler kept prompting me to go to see
           my M.D.," remembers Perrone. "There was lung damage." "The value (of the 'lung profiler') is identifying
           patients who wouldn't otherwise know that they have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease," says Dr.
           Horovitz.Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is also known as smoker's lung, or emphysema. After
           making a diagnosis on Perrone, Dr. Horovitz prescribed a treatment program, including medications that
           you inhale. Perrone's no longer wheezing or short of breath, and she's glad she used the lung profiler
           when she did. "For me it was very valuable," says Perrone. "I probably would never have gone to the
           doctor." It also motivated her to quit smoking. Perrone hasn't had a cigarette in two months.

           News about another hospital going smoke free sent to Harrison Memorial.

           Sent to Navy partnersSource: Honolulu Advertiser, 2003-01-05Author: William Cole / Advertiser Military
           WriterA more than eight-year Department of Defense effort to outlaw cigarette smoking in public
           buildings reached a final phase on Dec. 7 as a three-year grace period ended for recreational facilities,
           including base bars, bowling alleys, and golf course clubhouses, to go smoke-free. . . Predictably,
           smokers aren't as enthusiastic. . . . But military bowlers and club-goers apparently are a hard-smoking lot
           -- reflected in then-Defense Secretary William Cohen's policy letter of Dec. 7, 1999, granting a three-year
           grace period for all Morale, Welfare and Recreational facilities to comply with new no-smoking rules.
           Many went right to the deadline. . . "Although nonsmoking is our strong policy preference, it is important
           for our MWR activities to be seen as available and accommodating for all service members, including
           those who smoke," Cohen said. . . In 2000, the military reported that 34 percent of the nation's 1.4 million
           service members smoked -- down from previous decades, but not enough to satisfy the Defense
           Department, which was spending $930 million per year on healthcare for smoking-related illnesses and
           lost productivity.

           Tobacco Free Coalition Members: FYI, here is an up-date on smoke-free cities. You'll notice that national
           advocate Joe Cherner is emphasizing worker health and not patron preferences in bars and restaurants.
           I'll keep you briefed on national progress on smokefree campaigns in the year ahead. See you at the
           next Tobacco Free Kitsap meeting on February 4th.



C1.08      6/12/2003                                                                                                      local           6
National   05/29/2003 Because OC press releases must compete among many topics it may be best to release

Media        from Health District in the future.For Immediate ReleaseMay 17, 2003Contact: Laurie Adamson,                      newspapers
Events       Manager, Women‘s Programs360-475-7478 or 1-800-259-6718 (Ext. 7478)―World No Tobacco Day‖May                      (Media(reporter
             29, 2003Olympic College will observe ―World No Tabacco Day‖ on Thursday, May 29 with activities in                s, editorial
             the Bremer Student Center at the Bremerton campus located on 16th and Chester. Free cold turkey                   boards))
             sandwiches will be served to the first 100 quitters who show up. In addition, other freebies include stress
             balls and ―I Quit‖ t-shirts.Michael O‘Sullivan, a clean air advocate form the American Cancer Society and         Other (Describe
             John Vaughan, smoking cessation special from Navy Hospital (Bremerton), as well as Roberta Kowald,                in Activity        0
             a tobacco media literacy educator will present a series of programs beginning at 10:00 and ending by              Journal)
             2:00 pm, such as ―Sex, Lies, and Cigarettes‖ at 11:00 am; ―Why Do I Do This and How Do I Stop‖ at
             11:45 am; and ―Big Tobacco, Big Politics‖ at 12:30 pm.Tobacco use is most prevalent among young
             adults and 62% of Olympic College students are 18-24 years of age. Data from Washington State
             indicates that 28% of college smokers started after they entered college. Using a variety of strategies
             including a tobacco-awareness health fair, personal incentives, support resources, and education along
             with promotional give-away items available at the ―World No Tobacco Day‖ Day brings a peer-advantage
             atmosphere to Olympic College for those who want to give up the use of tobacco. For more information,
             contact Laurie Adamson, Manager of Women‘s Programs at Olympic College, at 360-475-7478 or 1-800-
             259-6718 (x7478) or The event is funded by a grant from Washington Breathe
             and includes resources and presenters from the American Cancer Society, Navy Hospital (Bremerton),
             and the Kitsap County Health Department. -END-



C1.10                                                                                                                          Other (Describe
Support                                                                                                                        in Activity       0
Local                                                                                                                          Journal)
Data         12/4/2002
Collection   Contacts with principals to thank for participation or ask for participation. Many did not realize from initial   school
             contact letter that tear-off (section w/ most invasive questions) was possible. Main reason for refusal to        administrators
             participate.                                                                                                      (School or        0



C1.12     7/15/2002                                                                                                            county
DOH       DOH Cessation Conference call                                                                                        tobacco staff
Conferenc                                                                                                                                        11
                                                                                                                               (Tobacco Prev
e Calls   10/2/2002                                                                                                            Staff)
          9-23-02 Cessation conference call
                                                                                                                               (Describe in
             10/7/2002                                                                                                                           0

             Barb was a star reporting on Hands Off Halloween

             Operation Storefront follow-up. The discussion revolved primarily around the completed "Hands off
             Halloween" project in Kitsap County and related questions.

             11-6-02 Cessation conference call

             1-6-03 Cessation conference call.

             3-27-2003 SHS Conference call. We provided an up-date on our smoke-free apartments project.


            4-22 Discussion of SHS and youth campaigns.

            5-7-03 DOH Cessation conference call.

            Requested no separate marketing for 4th-8th grades. Appeal to SHS, justice for others themes.

            3/27/2003 Shared success of Smokefree Apartment Survey Press Conference.



C2.01.01    4/21/2003                                                                                                      Other
Synar       Went to 8 stores in the south kitsap area. thank goodness the two h.s. girls that went with me knew that       (Describe in
Complian    end of the county! I sale, the sales clerk was fired in front of me. I took the time with each clerk in each                      1
ce Checks   store we went in to go over the sheet that shows the difference between the under 18 id's and over.            Journal)

            4/24/2003                                                                                                      stores
            all stores happy to pass their check                                                                           (Tobacco           2
                                                                                                                           Retailers/Staff/   4
            first time using teenage boys doing the checks- BRING MORE FOOD NEXT TIME!!! one sale, boys
            surprised at the trouble clerks with math.

            6 snyar checks, 1 sale. 1 non-sny., 1 sale.



C2.01.02  9/3/2002                                                                                                         Other
Other     10 checks completed                                                                                              (Describe in
Complian                                                                                                                                      0
ce Checks 4/24/2003                                                                                                        Journal)
          kids impressed by store owners who lectured them on the evils of tobacco use
                                                                                                                           (Tobacco           2
                                                                                                                           Retailers/Staff/   6
            last check of the night and a sale was made. I watched the clerk check her id and then sell.

            7 stores, 2 sales. girls are submitting a article re: c.checks to their english teacher and when she's done
            editing, we'll submit to local papers. We're ready now to split into 2 teams, both gal's confident about
            their ability and ready to pass on their skills to 2 new members.



C2.02       3/10/2003                                                                                                      Media
Retailer    2/6/03 Compliance check training at Klahowaya High School with LiquorControl Board.5 attended.                 (Media(reporte
Education                                                                                                                                     0
                                                                                                                           rs, editorial
            3/26/2003                                                                                                      boards))
            took new materials from doh to three stores. Talked to the manager and staff in 2 stores and just staff in
            one. All liked the new materials, some still seemed confused re differences in drivers licence, under 18       Other
            vs older. Took advantage of the teachable moments with staff!                                                  (Describe in
            using doh retailer packets and a coner letter i wrote, mailed 197 pkts and hand delivered 13 to kitsap         stores
            county tobacco retailers. most were happy to receive the pkts but some seemed less than happy that                              21
            compliance checks can be done.                                                                                                   3




C2.03        5/5/2003                                                                                                      Other (Describe
Public       It's Time For Kitsap Kid's mall event. 3 girls in my group. great with the kids. had toss out tobacco bean    in Activity         1
Edu -        bag game, tar jar, phlegm jar, & mr. gross mouth. smokeasu. posters went like wild fire (all gone),           Journal)
Youth        stickers from doh (2 rolls, few left on 2nd ) & coloring books (all gone). lots and lots of young families
Access       visited our table as well as teens and grandparents with their grandchildren.



C2.04                                                                                                                      Other (Describe
Policy                                                                                                                     in Activity         0
Edu -                                                                                                                      Journal)
             meeting at liquor control board



C2.05        9/3/2002                                                                                                      Other
Pub Edu -    Next year we need a bigger booth, more space for handouts, more advance notice for youth so they can          (Describe in       50
Families     participate.4 STAND youth participated. Try to recruit more youth for all the days of the fair. Smoke-free    Activity            1
             zone around bldgs (50 feet). Outside booth. STAND bottles, frisbees, posters-smokeasaurus,Debi,               Journal)
             olympic althletes, us womens soccer, tobacco quizes, Stand interest forms.
             3/19/2003                                                                                                     districts
             Anti tobacco table at mall with naval hospital. kids from nk and ck manned tables with us. great              (Parents/Fami
             interaction with families, one not so great with man on day 2 on not smoking.                                 lies, Adults
                                                                                                                           (delete 03-
             6-7-03 Kitsap County Safety Fair, Kitsap County Fair grounds. Distributed 250 "I will not smoke" coloring
             books. Very well attended and popular yearly event.



C2.07        12/4/2002                                                                                                     Adult mentors
Operation    HOH is an Operation Storefront (OS) project that includes assessment of alcohol ads as well as tobacco        (Adults (delete
Storefront   All retailers in Kitsap County were assessed in one day The survey was performed by approximately 45          03-04), Youth       3
             volunteers in 15 teams, many doing the survey for community service credit hours. One school-based            service             0
             team doing surveys a different day on school time as part of a school project. Recruitment occured from       providers/Orga
             service groups, schools, coalitions over the 6 months prior to the event All participants, youth and adult,   nizations)
             were trained in the program using the powerpoint presentation (available from Tom) The California ads
             (available at were a very helpful resource Surveyors       local
             were given roles (one to count, one to record). Youth conducted a more general survey while adults            newspapers
             conducted the Operation Storefront survey form. Surveyors did not announce themselves, but conducted          (Media(reporte      0
             the surveys in the store silently (except in small stores where behind the counter placement of signs         rs, editorial
             required the teams to identify themselves and in some cases get behind the counters in order to               boards))
             adequately count ads) the OS survey was intensive, requiring 15-20 minutes per store to complete. As
             described above, it was necessary in stores that have behind-the-counter placement of cigarettes to be        Other
             right up near the register or even behind the counter to keep track of the ads. In some cases it interfered   (Describe in        2
             with customer flows and made things more difficult. In those situations, they recommend getting               Activity            0
             permission from the manager/clerk to count behind the counter (gets you out of the way of customers           Journal)
             and makes it easier to keep track). Anecdotal experience in Kitsap indicates that when an adult
             accompanies the surveyor(s) into the store, they are less likely to be asked to leave The youth found the                         3
             experience very informative and motivating Kitsap is will consider a acknowledgement of stores doing a                            0
             particularly good job in limiting in-store ads, this will include a consideration of their youth access                           0
             (compliance check) history. Data gathered will be provided to the county commissioners at a
             presentation, with newspaper article follow-up support                                                        youth (High         4
                                                                                                                           school youth)       0


            During lunch period, all school clibs had the opportunity to have info tables. Amanda staffed the table
            and felt our table was most visited.



C2.08       11/26/2002                                                                                                    ESD 114
Support     school STAND MTG                                                                                              tobacco staff
Comp                                                                                                                      (District/ESD/P    9
School      11/26/2002                                                                                                    &I staff(Delete
Programs    good contacts w/esd staff                                                                                     03-04))

                                                                                                                          (Describe in
            after school program, not well supervised by school staff, children were not well behaved                                        6
            2/27/03 Tobacco presentation by Amanda Lazarre, 6 students present                                            schools
                                                                                                                          high youth)
            Met with Leah's SADD group for the first time. 10 young women grades 10-12, very interested in                schools (High
            activities that STAND does. Food and pencils were a huge hit!! Leah will let me know when I can return        school youth,
            after spring break.                                                                                                              7
            3-21-03 Presentation by Amanda to students at detention facility re: tobacco and self-image issues. Very
            positive feedback from students.



C2.10                                                                                                                     Other (Describe
Conduct                                                                                                                   in Activity        1
Peer Edu    6/24/2003                                                                                                     Journal)
Programs    Compliance check training training. 5 students, 2 called in for the informational packets I brought for the
            training. I had a student from the high school who does checks with me help with the training. The            youth (High
            students responded well to her.                                                                               school youth,
                                                                                                                          Youth leaders )



C2.11                                                                                                                     Other (Describe
Conduct                                                                                                                   in Activity        0
Media Lit                                                                                                                 Journal)
                                                                                                                          youth groups
                                                                                                                          (Middle/junior     1
            1/16/03 Media literacy presentation @ Mt. View Middle School
                                                                                                                          high youth)

                                                                                                                          youth groups
                                                                                                                          (High school       0



YR02        10/7/2002                                                                                                     Other (Describe
C2.10.01    fccla members, susan allen teacher                                                                            in Activity        1
Conduct                                                                                                                   Journal)
Peer Ed -

TATU        11/5/2002
            good group in Sussan Allens class

            great group of 25 9th graders with amy johnson. bldg very cold. more skits next yer



C3.01       7/15/2002                                                                                                     employers/ma
Promote     Education to 2 nurses at Virginia Mason clinic on Bainbridge Island about the Quitline and distributed 3      nagement
Quit Line   posters and 50 quitline cards/1holder, and 3 quitline/cessation packets for Internal medicine/Peds/Family     (Employers/Ma     6
Services    Practice. Also visited health district Bainbridge Island site - talked to Beth RN and Anne - 1 poster/50      nagement,         3
            cards/holder                                                                                                  Adults (delete
            Quitline cards/50 each, holders, cess. resource brochures to 4 provider locations -Dr. Esser, Dr. Tolles,     Health care
            Dr's Clinic Silverdale, Dr. Zarnecki                                                                          providers
                                                                                                                          including MSS,
                                                                                                                          WIC, Planned      1
                                                                                                                          Parenthood,       7
            Quitline materials to Kindercare/Silverdale location via Susan Vitale-Olson, Alternative Response
                                                                                                                          Community         8
                                                                                                                          Clinic, Head
                                                                                                                          Start (Low
            7/23/2002                                                                                                     income)
            Cessation resources/Quitline bulletin board - Givens site
                                                                                                                          (Describe in
            8/7/2002                                                                                                                        4
            Brenda DeBoch, Harrison Hospital Education Services. Quitline cards/postersx3, One of the best things,                          5
            family members also.
            9/3/2002                                                                                                      owners
            8-5-02 Sent Jo at Westsound Community Services - Bangor base Quitline info (50 cards,50 cessation             (Restaurant
            resources)                                                                                                    Owners/Mana
                                                                                                                          gers, Adults
            9/3/2002                                                                                                      (delete 03-04))
            8-6-02 Amanda Lazarre shared Quitline info at National Night Out activities/ Westpark. 25 quitline
            cards/smokeasauras posters

            8-13-02 Quitline materials to PTA Regional meeting via Amanda (x10)

            8-21-02 thru 8-25-02 Kitsap County Fair, quitline cards, verbal info regarding quitline to fairgoers. Also,
            cessation resource brochure and "Best things".

            8-14-02 Info to P. Orchard WIC staff - Janet K. took Quitline cards, pledge cards and SHS brochure

            8-26-02 Meeting with Eric Anderson, Technical Director of Respiratory Care, Harrison Memorial
            Hospital-Bremerton. Shared Quitline cards/posters/cessation resource brochure/3 holders. Eric
            supervises 36 respiratory therapists in hospital setting. Discussed BTIS, Eric interested in instructor
            training - will forward name to state. Hospital adding heart program next year. Discussed desire to
            reduce SHS outside of building - meeting October.

            8-28-02 Peninsula Community Health Clinic - Bremerton site, Dental Program. Attended staff meeting,
            gave info on Quitline and BTIS training planned for fall/winter.35 attended; staff include dentists, dental
            assist, office staff. Distributed 100 quitline cards/4 holders/posters/3 memo pads/3 pens/ 50 cessation
            resource brochures/10 quitline info sheets

9-9-02 Sent Quitline cards, paycheck stuffers, cessation resource brochures and 2 quitline posters to
Marie LaMarche, Director of Human Resources, the Bremerton Sun newspaper.

09/11/2002 Meeting with Kathy Forester, CK school nurse/supervisor. Shared quitline cards, discussed
cessation classes in alternative school already in place. 3 quitline posters, 100 cards and 2 holders. She
will share with nurses corp she supervises. Name submitted to state for BTIS instructor training.

9-16-02 Telephone consultation with client wanting info on cessation resources for husband. Sent
quitline materials, resource info. Also spoke to woman wanting to quit smoking in preparation for surgery
- resources for quitting smoking, including the quitline, shared.

9-17-02 Meeting with Planned Parenthood, mgr Naomi and clinician Diane to discuss quitline and
cessation resources, BTIS. Given 2 quitline posters, 3 holders, notepads, quitline cards x 100, resource
brochures x100.

9-18-02 TC from woman wanting to quit 3 pack a day habit. Referred to quitline, has already spoken with
PMD. Mailed quitline/cessation materials, Basic Health application.

9-23-02 OC College student calls requesting help in quitting smoking - says everyone on campus
smokes! Referred to quitline, quitline info/cessation info mailed at her request.

9-3-02 50 quitline cards/ 2 holders to Maggie Smith, RN, school nurse at North Kitsap Schools
(supervises nurse corp).

10-1-02 Dr. Ingela Thomsen, Silverdale Drs clinic. Discussed quitline and BTIS upcoming trainings.
Shares office space with 3 other family practice doctors (Truong/Pierce/Diamond). Quitline poster x1,
cards x 100, flyers x 10, holders x 4, SHS brochure x 25.

10-8-02 Peninsula Community Health Services Dental program requests more quitline materials. 150
quitline cards, 150 cessation resource brochures

10-8-02 Sue Ablao, clinician, requests more quitline materials for Port Orchard clinic site. cardsx100,
resourcesx100, quitline fact sheets x 25

10-8-02 Breast and Cervical Health, in partnership with Peninsula Community Health Services and
Hallmark had Women's Wellness event at the Kitsap Mall. Had Quitline/tobacco table with quitline cards,
cessation resource brochure and quitline info sheets along with other tobacco cessation materials. 30

10-8-02 Rayna, medical assistant from PCHS took quitline cards x 100, quitline poster x 1, resource
brochure x 50, notecubes x 2 for Bremerton clinic site.

10-16-02 Provider Update presentation. Covered quitline, future BTIS training availability. Resource
table, quitline cards, cubes, brochures, posters available - many takers.

10-17-2002 Andrew Beeman, nurse at Bangor Medical Center, requests quitline info.Sent 3 quitline
posters, 2 card holders, 200 cards, 100 cessation resources brochures.


10-16-02 Request from Dr. Tolles office for more quitline cards. Given 100, plus 50 resource brochures

10-23-02 Attended Maternal/Child health staff meeting. Presented on Quitline and upcoming BTIS staff
training being put on by the state. Discussed pregnant tobacco users and need/lack of resources - follow
up. Quitline materials distributed.l

10-30-02 250 employees, table including Quitline display, materials

10-31-02 Wellness Fair, 4 hours, display/materials. One on one discussions about quitline and cessation
non-stop. Good event.

11-5-02 Met with Kathy Forester, school nurse supervisor regarding what exists now at CKHS and CK
Alternative. Shared resources, including quitline info, posters and cards x 50, 2 holders

11-6-02 Information to Valerie, Kitsap Chest Consultants, 1225 Campbell Way, Bremerton. (Valerie saw
our info at Kitsap Mental Health Employee Wellness fair and contacted us for more info). Quitline
cards/brochures x 50, resources x 50. 4 doctors - Wesley, Carley, Sarwar and Blackman.

11-6-02 Quitline cards/brochures x 50, resources x 50, holders x 3 for thoracic and vascular surgeons
Berni, Adams, Arthur

11-6-02 Mailed Chris Zipperer Quitline brochure/cards x 20 and one holder, restaurant guides x 20

11/12/2002 Kitsap Dental Society presentation at monthly meeting. Discussed tobacco prevention and
control program at health district, BTIS and the 5 "A"'s, info on online class and upcoming trainings at the
health district. Dispensed quitline brochures, quitline cards, holders, resource info, SHS info x 100-200

11-16-02 tobacco day at the mall. Interactive display with prevention and cessation materials. Promoted
Great American Smokeout, quit materials available, quitline brochures, cards, coasters, poster.
Interaction with 100-200 people.

11/18/02 Steven Lee, counselor at Ridgetop Jr. High re:cessation resources. Gave info on quitline and
other cessation resources.

11/20/2002 Meeting with the ESD Prevention Interventionists (at weekly staff meeting). Shared info on
cessation resources, programs and the quitline. Distributed quitline brochures and cards, holders x 10.
Discussed how we can increase resources for youth and how we can work together.

11-21-02 Great American Smokeout. Quitkits x 75 distributed to Planned Parenthood Bremerton,
Reproductive Health program at the health district, (Bremerton site), Maternal Child Health nurses, all
sites. Offered to all staff at the health district. Information kits x 50 to Peninsula Community Health
Services (3 clinic sites). Display also at Olympic College, provided quitline materials, quitline coasters on
tables in the commons

11/25/2002 Genevieve Fale, Peninsula Community Health Services medical assistant to Dr. Felts.
Quitline brochures/cards x 100, holders x2, notecubes x 2. Cessation resource brochure and SHS x 25.

For the month of November, display of "there are easier ways to quit" banner in waiting room of the

health district, along with quitline brochures and cards. Also displayed other cessation information.

12-4-02 Pat DeGracia, health educator, shared info/resources/materials with representatives from the 7
local foodbanks about the quitline and other cessation resources. Gave out packets of brochures(20 ea),
quitline cards(30 ea), holders(1 ea), posters (1 ea) for each foodbank site.

12-6-02 Meeting at Olympic College Student Services. Attended by Richard MacLennan, Vice Pres. of
Student Services, Geraldine Stamm, Outreach and Admissions, Laurie Adamson, Women's Program
Specialist, Theresa MacLennan, Families that Work Coordinator, Crystal, ASOC/Honor Society, Jean
Gallager, Student Center director, Barry J. - codirector of Student Center. Promoted the quitline and
discussed an outreach plan. Passed out quitline cards x 50, holders x 3 and other cessation resource

12-9-02 Presented at class of 6 students and 2 instructors about quitline services and resources. Quitline
brochures/cards x 25 and holders x 2.

12-11-02 Info on quitline and supporting materials (1 poster,50 brochures, 3 holders) and cessation
resource brochures x 50

12-16-02 Visit to wound care services per request for information on cessation resources. Quitline
posters x 2, cards x 50, holders x 2, brochures x 50, along with cessation resources brochures.

1-13-03 Meeting with Holly Blanton, Clinic Coordinator. Quitline posters x 3, brochures x 50, cards x 100,
holders x 3, plus misc. cessation materials.

1-14-03 Presentation to dental hygentists and assistants. Quitline materials distributed. 20 posters, 300
cards/many holders, 200 brochures, clinical practice guidelines x 20

1-15-03 Quitline materials to Silverdale providers: Harlow bldg. OB/GYN's (Christen, Kennedy, Rankin,
McMillin, nurse Mary), Dr. Tolles (MA Deb/Joanne), Dr. Minteer (nurse Lucille) both Family Practice.
Harrison Memorial Hospital pharmacy - Bob, Connie), Dr. Shaw (peds). Also, One of the Best Things

1-30-03 Quitline materials to Olympic College student center (Barry). Posters x 20, brochures x 100,
cards x 300, holders x 17.

1-21-03 Meet with Bill Clark and coworker (pharmacists) about resources and quitline.cardsx100,
holdersx3, brochuresx100. Invited to present at providers meeting 2/12(providers from all 3 sites)

1-28-03 Delivered materials to Chris Zipperer, Youth program coordinator, for display at Wellness
Conference 1-30-03. Cessation materials including culturally sensitive brochures, quitline brochures,

1-28-02 Quitline materials to Emily Grice, teacher at Commodore Center (alternative school). Referral
via Becky Deeter, school nurse.

1/27/03 Quitline and cessation resource materials to 5 apartment buildings - requests generated by
smokefree apartment survey. 36 posters, 60 cards, 25 QL brochures.LaMesa Villa, South Court Apts,
Orchard on the Green, Canyon Park Apts, Madrona Manor

1/29/03 Meeting with Ann Krivokopich, OB Pre-Admit Nurse, Harrison Silverdale campus. Quitline
materials: cardsx100, brochures x100, holdersx3, postersx3

1/30/2003 Tobacco Quit line ad in Olympic College "Activity Alert" newsletter.

2-4-03 Visit to Port Orchard providers. Paul Baker, Sharon Schnare, Harrison Memorial Hospital Urgent
care, Dr. Frederickson, Peninsula Community Health Services-PO site (clinic coordinator "Jennifer" - 4
providers). Shared quitline materials, cessation resource brochure and "One of the best Things" x 25
each, cards and holders, posters x 10.

2-5-03 Tobacco display, focusing on cessation and quitline. Human Resources Service Center "Wellness
Event", Silverdale. Interaction with approx. 50 tobacco users or loved ones of tobacco users. Second
hand smoke materials also shared and displayed.

2-10-03 Meeting with "Beth" who runs Kitsap County Greeters service. Will distribute approx. 300 quitline
cards to "welcome packs" sent to new county residents each month. Quitline cards x 500, brochures x

2-10-03 Olympic College presentation by Pat Degracia to Displaced Homemakers program. Contact -
Julie Johnson. 16 women, quitline and cessation info

2-23-03 Melinda Harmon spoke at Olympic College Honor Society event, distributed quitline

2-24-03 Visit to Givens Senior Center. Quitline cards x 50, posters x 1, brochures x 25, cessation
resource brochure x 25.

2/24/03 Quitline materials, MSS materials to MCH nurses and reproductive health staff.Cards x 100,
brochures x 50, posters x 4. New poster on centers main bulletin board.

2-24-03 Planned Parenthood request for more quitline and cessation resource materials. (per "Bobbie").
Delivered 100 cards, 3 posters, 50 brochures and other cessation materials. Discussed upcoming BTIS

2-24-03 Request from Michelle York, Probation dept, for health promotion materials, including tobacco
cessation. Quitline brochures x 50, posters x 2, cessation resource brochures x 50, cards x 25.

2-18-03 Peninsula Community Health Services dental program requested cessation resources x 50,
quitline cards x 50.

3-3-03 Mailed request for quitline materials to Dr. Minteer's office (who sent me order form). 100 ea
brochures/cards/resources in KC.

3-12-03 Request by Beth at Kitsap Greeters Service for 300 more quitline cards to send out in packets
for new K. County residents.

3-12-03 Event planning meeting with Olympic College regarding tobacco educ. event for May.

Distributed more quitline promotional materials - 15 posters, 200 quitline cards

3-14-03 Presentation on SecondHandSmoke , Olympic College Headstart Family Night, St. Pauls
Church. Distributed quitline info, brochures, cards, posters x 3 for the staff to put up.

3-26-03 Meeting with Harrison Hospital Employee Education Department, Theresa and Rose, regarding
resources for tobacco cessation. Doing Wellness program, will incorporate quitline/resource info for
employees. Quitline brochures, cards, holders and posters shared.

3-31-03 Barbara Hoffman, RN from Suquamish Tribe (met at MSS/First Steps training)Sent quitline
broshures/cards and KCounty Cessation Resources brochures x 100.Will seek video (smoking mom
ultrasound) for Barbara to use.

2-1-03 Quitline ad incorporated into "weekly activities" flyers distributed throughout the campus.

4-2-03 Gayle, Social work dept. from Harrison Hospital, Bremerton. Quitline cardsx 100, holders x 4,
posters x 4, quitline brochures x 100. Discussed upcoming BTIS training, shared invitation flyer.

4-9-03 Presentation on BTIS, quitline to 20 medical providers. Quitline cards x 200, holders x 20, posters
x 20, brochures x 200.

4-17-03 Provider Update at the Silverdale Community Center. 66 providers (physicians, nurses, medical
assistants) attended update organized by health district. Had resource table with quitline brochures,
posters, notecubes, cards and holders. Also advertised upcoming brief intervention training.

4-22-03 Delivered 500 quitline cards to Beth, Kitsap Greeters Service, for inclusion in kits sent to new
Kitsap County residents.

4-22-03 Peninsula Community Health Services, Bremerton requested more quitline supplies - 100
quitline brochures, 2 holders, 200 cards.

4-22-03 Delivered materials for "It's Time for Kitsap Kids" event, May 3 and 4, at the Kitsap Mall. Event
organized by Kitsap County Commission on Children and Youth. Quitline cards x 500 were distributed
via packets given to the public at the mall. Quitline brochures, tobacco prevention coloring books and
SHS info were also distributed. Successful event.

5-7-03 Kitsap County Wellness Health Fair, Givens Community Center - Port Orchard.Wellness Fair
intended for Kitsap County Employees. 160 attendees. Quitline cards, brochures, tobacco cessation
resource guides all distributed. Used quitline note cubes and suckers as well. Very interactive attendees.

5-17-03 Smile Rescuers event put on by Peninsula Community Health Services. Event geared for
parents and children. Provided 200 quitline cards, 200 quitline brochures, 250 "I will not Smoke" coloring
books. Also included 200 "One of the Best things" and Smoke free restaurant guides. Very well attended
- 244 children, 84 volunteers, 85 parents and over 35 teens approached our table.

5-20-03 Senior Fair at the Kitsap Pavillion. Quitline cards, brochures 50 ea, Smoke free restaurant
guides, quitline suckers, 10 quitline magnets. Very well attended.

5-27-03 Presentation on Quitline and tobacco cessation resources to 120 youth and adults who came to

            the Salvation Army for lunch. Many questions and one on one conversations after presentation. Left
            quitline cards, posters, quitline brochures and "One of the Best Things" for resource rack at the center.

            5-28-03 Info on quitline to Child Wellness class at Olympic College presented by Janet K. from clinical
            services as a part of her presentation.

            6-7-03 Olympic Childrens Foundation Childcare Providers invited Health Dist. to do presentation on
            Secondhand smoke, along with tobacco cessation resources. 70 childcare providers throughout the
            county attended. Presentation about quitline and other cessation resources followed secondhand smoke
            presentation. Resource table included quitline cards, cubes, resource brochure, I Love Not Smoking
            coloring books, and SHS literature.

            6-21-03 Westcoast Fitness Center Health Fair. Quitline cards x 50, brochures x 50, cubes x 20

            6-16-2003 200 quitline cards to Dr. Tolles office.

            8-5-02 Toured Peninsula Community Health Center (Deborah Horn, developement mgr), met both
            administrative and frontline staff. Discussed BTIS upcoming trainings and quitline info. Discussed
            training needs, client needs around cessation. Michelle Lippert, Dental Coordinator will call to schedule
            visit to dental staff meeting later in the administrative offices. Shared information on quitline
            with dental, medical and WIC programs. 100 quitline cards/50 cessation resources/3 holders/3 posters

            5-3-03 Amanda took 50 quitline cards to resource table at Human Rights Youth Rally.

            5-20-03 1000 quitline cards to Kitsap Greeters Service that provides resource packets to new Kitsap
            County residents.

            5-20-03 Peninsula Community Health Services requests 4 more quitline posters (plan to place poster in
            each exam room). Also sent 50 "whats in a cigarette" flyers and similar poster, 100 quitline brochures.



C3.02                                                                                                                    Other (Describe
Pub Edu -   7/23/2002                                                                                                    in Activity         5
Cessation                                                                                                                Journal)



C3.04       12/10/2002                                                                                                   Maternity
Health      7-9-02 Met with Karla (clinic supervisor), discussed charting smokers and interventions                      support
Care                                                                                                                     service and
Systems     12/10/2002                                                                                                   WIC staff
Change      7-17-02 Discussed charting smokers and interventions with Deb Kolb, CMA at Dr. Tolles office (family         (Health Care        1
            practice)                                                                                                    Providers/Orga
            12/10/2002                                                                                                   Adults (delete
            8-26-02 Meeting with Eric Anderson, Technical Director Respiratory Care at Harrison Memorial Hospital.       03-04))
            Discussed current system of tracking smokers and ways to document in the chart both smokers and              medical
            interventions done.                                                                                          providers           1
                                                                                                                         (OB's, Family       0
            12/10/2002                                                                                                   Practice,Pediat     2
            8-28-02 Meeting with staff of 35 in the dental program at KCHS Bremerton site. Discussed brief               ricians) (Health

interventions and ways to chart smokers and interventions done.                                              Care
12/10/2002                                                                                                   nizations,
9-17-02 Meeting with Naomi (clinic manager) and Diane (clinician) about brief interventions and tracking     Adults (delete
smokers and those interventions in their charts.                                                             03-04))

                                                                                                             (Describe in
10-1-02 Visit with Ingela Thomsen, MD at Silverdale Drs. Clinic about success of brief interventions and                      0
ways to chart smokers/interventions. Shares space with 3 other doctors - Trong/Pierce/Diamond (family

10-16-02 Provider Update at Harrison Memorial Hospital Annex. 51 providers (doctors, nurses, medical
assistants) from a variety of offices/organizations attended.Discussed resources, and the power of brief
interventions and documenting smoking /interventions in patients charts.

10-23-02 Presented at MCH staff meeting - Gateway Center. Included information on charting
interventions with smokers/ideas on tagging charts of smokers.

11-12-02 Presentation at Kitsap Dental Society monthly meeting - Kitsap County Country Club. Included
information on the power of brief interventions and charting tobacco use/interventions

12-5-02 BTIS Instructor training at Harrison Hospital-Silverdale. Representatives from Harrison Hospital,
CK School Nurses, ESD 114 and Navy Hospital present. Offered info on charting tobacco use
(availability of stickers) and health district as a resource.

12-11-02 Meeting with Becky at Kitsap Orthopaedic Surgeons regarding cessation resources per her
request. Office has 3 surgeons. Discussed charting patients tobacco use and shared info on brief
tobacco interventions.

1-13-03 Meeting with Holly Blanton, Clinic Coordinator for Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe.Discussed
systems change regarding tobacco cessation issues. Shared literature, clinical practice guidelines,
quitline materials. Help support Wellness Conference, 1/30/03.

1-14-03 Presentation to 25 dental hygentists and assistants regarding tobacco addiction, the power of
the brief tobacco intervention, and resources including the quitline. Shared materials: Clinical practice
guidelines, cessation materials, quitline materials, smokeless tobacco info

3-26-03 Attended MCH staff meeting. Discussed MSS/ First Steps training. Shared materials for clients,
stressed that I am here to provide technical assistance regarding BTIS/cessation info for clients. Plan
was made to develope and distribute "quit kits" for pregnant smokers/smoker clients that will contain not
only info about cessation, but second hand smoke as well.

4-9-03 Presentation at Kitsap Community Health Services provider staff meeting. 20 providers
(physicians, PA's, ARNP's, pharmacist) present. Topics included power of the brief tobacco intervention,
5 A's, invitation to 4 hour training in May, Quitline and other tobacco cessation resources. Prepared
packets ahead of time, included clinical practice guideline (quick reference), local data sheets. Quitline
materials - cards, holders, posters, notepads for each providers office/workspace.

4-30-03 Meeting with Peninsula Community Health Services PA - Sara Jane. Discussed the power of the
brief intervention and brainstormed how it can work in her clinic setting. Quitline materials dispensed.
Brochure x 50, cards x 100, "Best Things" x 50. Also shared "What's in a cigarette" flyer and poster, and
ALA info flyers. Invited staff to 4 hour brief intervention training in May.

            6-26-03 BTIS Training, cofacilitated with Kathy Forster, RN from Central Kitsap Schools. 12 participants;
            health district clinical services staff. Follow up will include providing "hanging file" for each site filled with
            tobacco cessation materials and brief intervention guide.



C3.05       2/11/2003                                                                                                            Agencies who
Adult       1/29/03 Meeting with Ann Krivokopich, RN, OB Pre-admit nurse HMH, Silverdale Campus. Discussed                       serve current
Cessation   current services/interventions for pregnant smokers. Gave cessation materials geared for pregnant                    adult smokers
            women. Also, SHS materials.                                                                                          (Social service
                                                                                                                                 providers/organi 4
            4/4/2003                                                                                                             zations, Low
            3-24-03 Meeting with Eugenie Jones, Wellness program coordinator for American Financial Services re:                 income, Current
            development of tobacco cessation program for employees(77 employees, 2/3 who use tobacco).                           Smokers, Adults
            Materials and resources shared. Offered continued technical assistance.                                              (delete 03-04))

                                                                                                                                 Other (Describe
                                                                                                                                 in Activity        0
            4-9-03 Distributed "quit kits" for pregnant and parenting clients of maternal child health nurses who have
            been trained in brief tobacco intervention skills and motivational interviewing, in an effort to support a
            client's quit attempt. The 50 kits were titled "GET READY - a kit for quitting" and included quitline
            brochure, "one of the best things", ACS "Set Yourself Free", "Tobacco Cessation Programs in Kitsap
            County", EPA's "Take the Smoke-free Home Pledge", a pocket planner, insulated mug, stress ball,
            quitline sucker, and my business card all in a ziplock bag. Nurses had a very positive response from
            clients who were planning to quit, and request to be supplied with similar kits once these run out. Nurses
            felt great about being able to offer something to clients to support a quit attempt.

            5-29-03 World No Tobacco Day at Olympic College. Event included "Cold Turkey" exchange (cigs/chew
            for a turkey sandwich), community resource tables from health district, Peninsula Community Health
            Centers, Naval Hospital, and PhiBetaCappa who did a memory bracelet activity. T-shirts (144) with the
            "Hard Yes, Impossible No" logo were also distributed. "Tobacco On Campus" surveys were collected at
            3 different sites on campus, with 403 completed. Surveys addressed both second hand smoke and
            cessation support questions. "Ciggy Butts" and Grim Reaper (Olympic College Students in costume)
            walked the campus to promote event/speakers, as well as film PSA on tobacco issues on campus. Three
            speakers provided presentations: John Vaughan, Cessation specialist from Navy Hospital cessation
            program did "Why do I do this, and how can I stop?", Roberta Kowald did "Sex, Lies, and Tobacco" - a
            presentation on tobacco media literacy, and Sheryl Belcher from the American Cancer Society
            addressed smoke free legislation in Washington State. Event supported by grant from BREATHE.



C3.06       2/11/2003                                                                                                            Other (Describe
Youth       01/28/2003 Cessation materials, BUTTSOUT magazines, website info - to Emily Grice, teacher at                        in Activity        4
Cessation   Commodore Center (alternative school ).                                                                              Journal)

            6/2/2003                                                                                                             youth (High
            i was amazed at the #'s of students this hs holds! i do believe that all most all of them came by to look at         school youth,
            our displays. stickers were a HUGE hit. i think the butt out headbands would have been as big a hit as               Current
            the stickers. NEXT YEAR. also next yr, use something else as a pledge sheet, maybe that board we use                 Smokers)
            to mount posters. more give aways and handouts, students liked the handout on smokeless tobacco.
            most of the quiteline cards were taken. the shop teacher took lots of posters and printed materials, he's
            an ex smoker who believes in "teachable moments"- when he's helping a student work on his car and
            notices that the student smokes (smelly car,diry ashtray) he gives them printed materials, shares the
            posters and his life experience. the bus driver, also an ex smoker, took posters to put in her bus.

            Last day for w.n.t.d. more students bought wrist bands today- at 50cents a band the SADD group made
            $26! We were all pleased. I think the event went well, the students received info that they didn't have
            before. Quitline cards went fast. NEXT YEAR- glue lids on tar & phlegm jars and keep tobacco soup
            closer to adults. Someone "borrowed" items out of the soup but other students found the items and
            returned them to me.

            5-12-03 Meeting with Leah, Prevention Interventionist from South Kitsap High School who has tried to
            provide cessation in the past and requested assistance. Planned to promote cessation class as part of
            World No Tobacco Day activities on May 29 and 30-will have sign up sheet for class on June 5 for
            students wanting to learn more about quitting tobacco. Shared 15 "Butts Out" workbooks (each issue).

            6-5-03 Voluntary youth tobacco cessation group. Members signed up at World No Tobacco Day event.
            Used "Butt Out" books, focusing on book 2. Discussed support and resources for the summer. Worked
            with prevention interventionist Leah G. Very well received. Plans to do NOT group starting in the fall.

            6-23-03 Meeting with Beth Mosley and Jill Adair. Planning meeting for tobacco cessation program (NOT)
            starting in the fall in North Kitsap High School. Jill is an intern who will be facilitating the group. Also
            discussed school based health clinic in area and plans for including tobacco cessation there as well.



C3.07       12/10/2002                                                                                                     Other
Local       12-9-02 Conducted survey of 6 students (some pregnant smokers) for input on interest in maternal               (Describe in
Assessme    smoking cessation class.                                                                                                        7
nt of                                                                                                                      Journal)
Cessation   4/8/2003
            4-8-03 Kitsap County adult and youth resource assessment completed by 11 stakeholders, 8 of which              stakeholders     13
            are interested in further cessation focused work.Kitsap CountyAdult and Youth Cessation Resource
            Assessment Name____________________Issues-What is the most important tobacco cessation issue
            in Kitsap County?_____ training for professionals_____lack of support/cessation groups_____support
            from employers/health care
            systemsOther__________________________________________________Barriers-What do you see
            as the barriers for tobacco cessation in Kitsap County?____lack of health insurance that covers tobacco
            cessation/NRT_____lack of personal intervention from health care provider_____under-utilization of
            existing services (Nicotine Anonymous, NOT)_____lack of knowledge of resources (Quit
            line)Other_________________________________________________Access-What is the best way to
            get information/services to people who want to quit tobacco?Are you interested in providing more
            feedback on tobacco cessation issues? Yes NoIf yes, via bi-annual meeting e-mail phone mailThank

            5-29-03 World No Tobacco Day at Olympic College. Event included "Cold Turkey" exchange (cigs/chew
            for a turkey sandwich), community resource tables from health district (materials included quitline cards/
            brochures, tobacco cessation resource brochure, Set Yourself Free from ACS, "5 day countdown"),
            Peninsula Community Health Centers, Naval Hospital, and PhiBetaCappa who did a memory bracelet
            activity. Free water given out in "Quitline cups" , quitline suckers in baskets for everyone. T-shirts (144)
            with the "Hard Yes, Impossible No" logo were also distributed. "Tobacco On Campus" surveys were
            collected at 3 different sites on campus, with 403 completed. Surveys addressed both second hand
            smoke and cessation support questions. "Ciggy Butts" and Grim Reaper (Olympic College Students in
            costume) walked the campus to promote event/speakers, as well as film PSA on tobacco issues on
            campus. Three speakers provided presentations: John Vaughan, Cessation specialist from Navy
            Hospital cessation program did "Why do I do this, and how can I stop?", Roberta Kowald did "Sex, Lies,
            and Tobacco" - a presentation on tobacco media literacy, and Sheryl Belcher from the American Cancer
            Society addressed smoke free legislation in Washington State. Event supported by grant from



C3.08                                                                                                                      Other
Cessation   7/7/2003
            6-3-03 Tobacco cessation task force meeting. Representatives from Preven. Services, Suquamish Tribe,           (Describe in
Task                                                                                                                                        0
            Detention Center, Navy Health Promo, North Kitsap Schools, Health District, ESD 114, UW Media Lit.,            Activity
Force                                                                                                                      Journal)
            ACS, & BREATHE. Roundtable discussion regarding needs and avenues to fill them. Data from the
            quitline and a review of recent findings on current resources were discussed. A workgroup was formed to        stakeholders
            continue this work, along with two sub-groups for North Kitsap and Juvenile Detention facility.                                 13



C4.01       7/23/2002                                                                                                     Media outlets
Pub Edu -   Newspaper story.                                                                                              (Media(report
SHS                                                                                                                                         6
                                                                                                                          ers, editorial
            7/23/2002                                                                                                     boards))
            Press release on newest Fresh Air restaurant with plug for Smoke Free Restaurant guide and
            educational information on dangers of secondhand smoke. Included digital pictures from presentation at        Other
            Tony's Restaurant. Sent to Sun (Deborah Woolston, Bravo and Julie McCormick) and Bremerton Patriot            (Describe in     52
            (Robin Moody).                                                                                                Activity          6
            Janet Kauzlarich distributed home pledge cards and "Best Things" brochures at class for PO WIC

            Front page story, The SunPUBLIC HEALTHNew baby, new year, new smoking policy More than half
            of Kitsap's restaurants now prohibit smoking. Julie Mccormick Sun StaffJanuary 20, 2003 Sam Luong is
            like a lot of smokers. He's quit many times.But in August, the birth of his first grandchild, a little girl
            named Milan Yen Mar, gave him an extra incentive.He's been smoke-free for three months, and he and
            wife Kim Tang decided to make their restaurant smoke-free Jan. 1.So far, so good, Tang said.Only two
            regular customers of the couple's Emperor's Palace on Kitsap Way in Bremerton left after learning of the
            new policy, but they came back the same day."Everybody is happy," Tang said. "They don't have time to
            smoke because the food comes out so quickly."Smoke-free restaurants were big news in 1995 when the
            Kitsap County Health District began its program to convince owners to ban smoking both for the health
            of their customers and, especially, the health of their workers.Since then, it's been a trend.Of
            approximately 325 sit-down, family-style restaurants in Kitsap County, 220 of them are smoke-free, said
            Barbara Smithson, who runs the health district's program."Smoke-free restaurants are a growing health
            trend," said Smithson.New York City recently went smoke-free in all restaurants and bars with the
            support of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who saw it as a workers' health issue.The Environmental
            Protection Agency blames second-hand smoke for approximately 3,000 lung cancer deaths of non-
            smokers each year. About 37,000 a year die from heart disease due to the same cause, and numerous
            studies have shown that restaurant and tavern employees exposed at work face a particularly high
            risk.California restaurants have been smoke-free since 1995 and its bars also are now smoke-
            free.Delaware restaurants prohibit smoking, and Florida voters gave 70 percent approval for an initiative
            to make their restaurants smoke-free.Smithson said many established restaurants are reluctant to
            change to non-smoking out of fear of losing regular customers.New restaurants typically start out smoke-
            free and established ones often choose to go non-smoking after a remodel, like the Silverdale Olive
            Garden did last year, Smithson said.About a half-dozen restaurants in Kitsap join the smoke-free ranks
            each year."If they like your food, they'll come back," said Tang.Reach reporter Julie McCormick at (360)
            415-2683 or

            Front page story, 5 column Saturday Feb 22, 2003.Smokeless is Silverdale 2 photos"Elsie's Restaurant
            clears the air"Venerable Silverdale eatery goes smoke freeSidebar on "Smoking bans gain headway in

            5-29-03 World No Tobacco Day at Olympic College. Event included "Cold Turkey" exchange (cigs/chew
            for a turkey sandwich), community resource tables from health district, Peninsula Community Health
            Centers, Naval Hospital, and PhiBetaCappa who did a memory bracelet activity. T-shirts (144) with the
            "Hard Yes, Impossible No" logo were also distributed. "Tobacco On Campus" surveys were collected at
            3 different sites on campus, with 403 completed. Surveys addressed both second hand smoke and
            cessation support questions. "Ciggy Butts" and Grim Reaper (Olympic College Students in costume)
            walked the campus to promote event/speakers, as well as film PSA on tobacco issues on campus. Three
            speakers provided presentations: John Vaughan, Cessation specialist from Navy Hospital cessation
            program did "Why do I do this, and how can I stop?", Roberta Kowald did "Sex, Lies, and Tobacco" - a
            presentation on tobacco media literacy, and Sheryl Belcher from the American Cancer Society
            addressed smoke free legislation in Washington State. Event supported by grant from BREATHE.
            Materials included Smoke free dining guides, The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Kids.

            Coverage promised by student newspaper, The Olympian. Also contact with Sun newspaper.


C4.02     12/4/2002                                                                                                     Media
Restauran Letters of Invitation to Fresh Air Breakfast, education on SHS                                                (newsletters,
t/Bar Edu                                                                                                               papers)
            12/4/2002                                                                                                   (Media(report
            Bonnie: Chris Wallace will get 900 copies of the smoke free dining guide to include in the newsletter       ers, editorial
            mailing. Would you please add my name to the mailing list? Thanks for the help in reaching restaurants.     boards))
            Barb Tony's Italian Goes Smoke FreeAfter 36 years in business, a local institution now plans to serve
            fresh air alongside its fresh pizza. Tony's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria informed customers and staff    Other
            that beginning July 1st it would be completely smoke free. "It's the right thing to do," said owner Mike    (Describe in
            Malane. "This (smoke free policy) protects the health of all our customers".It can also be good for         Activity
            business. Malane's restaurant is joining the more than 200 other Kitsap establishments catering to diners   Journal)
            who want good food and fresh air. Drifting cigarette smoke creates an annoyance for many customers.
            Those with asthma, allergies, and emphysema can find that secondhand smoke triggers severe                  Restaurants
            symptoms. Others simply want to avoid the health risk. A brochure featuring local smoke free restaurants    (Restaurant       13
            is enclosed with this newsletter. Copies reach the hands of more than 5,000 diners every year. To           Owners/Man        63
            enquire about adding your business to the Health District's listing phone Barbara Smithson at: 337-5246     agers)
            x 6292 or the Food Safety Program at 337-5674.                                                              Supportive
            12/4/2002                                                                                                   (Asthma
            20 Fresh Air Breakfast postcards out to Better Breathers meeting. Invitation to return 3rd Tue of each      support,
            mo.                                                                                                         Nicotine
            6/9/2003                                                                                                    Coaliton)
            Prepared packet with Smoke Free Dining Guide, To the Health of Your Business (ANR), What Local              (Non-users)
            Restauranteurs Have Said, You'll see the opportunity(smokefree bars ad),BREATHE SHS factsheet, The
            Harmful Effects of SHS (factsheet), What's in Cigarette Smoke?, and Smokefree Trend is Growing.
            Presented to Elks Board of Trustees. Promoted success of local smokefree restaurants, growing national
            trend, benefits to clubs, bars that have gone smokefree (Tides Tavern, Fircrest Golf Club) and their
            strategies. Discussion included information that Poulsbo Sons of Norway have gone smokefree as of last

            Create packets specifically for Elks. Include Fresh Air Restaurant guide, To the Health of your Business,
            BREATHE, DOH, and TPCHD surveys. Make arrangements to present to House Committee.



C4.03       12/4/2002                                                                                                   College
Policy      Meet with Olympic College administratior Dr. Rick McClelland and Dean of Students to discuss possible       decision-
Edu - Pub   cessation and SHS programs on campus.                                                                       makers (Social     3
Venues                                                                                                                  service            2
            4/7/2003                                                                                                    providers/organ
            40 policy makers attend breakfast sponsored by Tobacco Free Kitsap County at Westcoast Silverdale           izations)
            Hotel. Funding support provided through BREATHE and ACS. Speakers include Navy's Epi specialist Dr.
            Bruce Christian, Health Officer, Dr. Scott Lindquist, and policy specialist Nick Federicci from ALAW.       College student
                                                                                                                        leadership         1
                                                                                                                        (Young             1
            12-6-02 Meeting at Olympic College to discuss potential partnership around tobacco prevention, smoke-
            free campus and cessation issues for students and faculty.                                                  Licencer in-
                                                                                                                        home daycare
            4/7/2003                                                                                                    groups (Social
            1-16-2003 Meeting to discuss possible events and how to involve students in tobacco prevention and          service
            policy issues.                                                                                              providers/organ
            4/7/2003                                                                                                    Other
            2-27-03 Focus on World No Tobacco Day during last week of May. Bring in well-known speaker(s).              (Describe in       4
            Resource tables. Include tobacco questions in student satisfaction survey this spring. Use electronic       Activity           7
            survey for staff.                                                                                           Journal)

            3-12-03 Posters for all O.C. campus locations (100+ SHS, quitline cards and posters in addition).
            Planning for spring event.

             3/26/03 Assistance to Bainbridge Housing Resources, Bill Reddy, Director. Fax sample policy and
             timeline. Email other education. survey, and policy materials. 842-1909 phone.

             4-16 Planning for World No Tobacco Day event to be held May 29th. Focus on SHS. Speakers from
             ACS talking about Clean Air Legislation? HD will design poster content, table tents, get Mr. Butts
             costume, solicit additional speakers on media literacy, SHS, and cessation.

             4-30-03 Posters and table tents edited. Speakers incl. ACS on Clean Air/Politics, Medial Lit, Cessation.
             Free Turkey Sandwiches for "cold turkey". Planning for information tables on SHS and other tobacco

             4-24 Charles Radford, manager. 479-1181. SHS policy information. Wanted information on existing
             policies, harms, smokefree restaurant campaign, similar surveys (DOH/Kitsap opinion, BREATHE
             opinion, Tac/Pierce bar survey). HD will prepare information folders for Board of Trustees.

             Preparation for tobacco campaign including SHS survey, World No Tobacco events.

             5/7/2003 Displays to be confirmed. Get Crystal info on hospital bracelets

             Olympic College will include two tobacco questions on spring Student survey. One on perceived SHS
             problems on campus, one on cessation support.



C4.04                                                                                                                       Other
Training -                                                                                                                  (Describe in       6
SHS                                                                                                                         Activity           5
             4/7/2003                                                                                                       Journal)
             Provide introduction to video "Poisoning Our Children" and printed materials for families: "The Best Thing
             You Can Do For Your Kids" and ALAW secondhand smoke fact sheet.                                                WIC, MCH,
             6/9/2003                                                                                                       (Social service
             65 daycare providers for continuing education credit through Olympic Children's Foundation. Contact            providers/organ
             Nina Cook: 479-7750. Materials: Poisoning Our Children video, Best Thing You Can Do trifold, Smoke-            izations,
             free dining guide, Don't let SHS hurt Kitsap Kids posters, KPA Smoke-free Home Pledge, Welcome to                                 4
             our Smokefree Home signs, No smoking symboy clings, Welcome to our Smoke-Free Environment                      serving
             (Kitsap Kids) cling, Breathe Easy This Vehicle is Smokefree clings.                                            organizations,
                                                                                                                            At-risk socio-
                                                                                                                            risk factors)



C4.05 SF     12/4/2002                                                                                                      Business
Dining       Bonnie: Chris Wallace will get 900 copies of the smoke free dining guide to Greg to include in the             sector:
Guide        newsletter mailing. Would you please add my name to the mailing list? Thanks for the help in reaching          Convention
             restaurants. Barb Tony's Italian Goes Smoke FreeAfter 36 years in business, a local institution now            Bureau,            3
             plans to serve fresh air alongside its fresh pizza. Tony's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria informed            Hotels,
             customers and staff that beginning July 1st it would be completely smoke free. "It's the right thing to do,"   Chambers of
             said owner Mike Malane. "This (smoke free policy) protects the health of all our customers".It can also        Commerce
             be good for business. Malane's restaurant is joining the more than 200 other Kitsap establishments
             catering to diners who want good food and fresh air. Drifting cigarette smoke creates an annoyance for         Other
             many customers. Those with asthma, allergies, and emphysema can find that secondhand smoke                     (Describe in      454
             triggers severe symptoms. Others simply want to avoid the health risk. A brochure featuring local smoke        Activity
             free restaurants is enclosed with this newsletter. Copies reach the hands of more than 5,000 diners

           every year. To enquire about adding your business to the Health District's listing phone Barbara          Journal)
           Smithson at: 337-5246 x 6292 or the Food Safety Program at 337-5674. 300 Brochures delivered to
           Beth at Greeters Service 377-1300. 7/15/2002. 200 up-dated Smoke Free Dining to Greeters Service.
           8/30/2002 900 Dining Guides mailed to owners, managers at restaurants and food services with Food
           Safety Newsletter. 500 Dining Guides 10/11/02 to Beth. 600 Up-dated Dining Guides to be delivered to
           new residents by Kitsap Greeter's Service. 12/3/2002.

           1/3/03 Dining Guides to all Environmental Health brochure racks (Port Orchard, Bremerton, Poulsbo,
           Brem. Clinic) Total 350.

           2/10/03 600 Dining Guides to Greeters Service.

           12-30 HD added as member. 100 Dining Guides left with Bureau. Referral to local business considering
           smoke-free status.

           12-30 Executive Director Sam Granato. Submit items of interest to members for newsletter.

           3/12/2003 700 Dining Guides to be distributed by Kitsap Greeters Service.

           5/3/03 It's Time For Kitsap Kids event at Mall. Packet includes restaurant guide. Display materials had
           secondhand smoke information, interactive quiz, free posters.



C4.07      3/28/2003                                                                                                 Community
SHS Task   Smoke Free Housing WorkgroupNovember 26, 2002Meeting NotesNext meeting: Wednesday, February               stakeholders
Force      19th8:30-10am. Kitsap County Consolidated Housing Authority9307 Bayshore Dr NW, Silverdale, WA            (Minority-       13
           98383Present: Meg Hagemann-- Meg is the former secondhand smoke specialist from the Kitsap                serving
           County Health District and now a community advocate; Deb Hillman--Deb is the Administrative Manager       organizations)
           and describes herself as jack-of-all-trades at Bremerton Housing Authority; Deanne Thompson-- Deanne
           is from the Snohomish County Health District and is investigating ways to promote smoke-free housing      Other
           there; Barbara Smithson--Barbara is the current Secondhand Smoke Coordinator at Kitsap County             (Describe in
           Health District. Jan Hillman discussed the Bremerton Housing Authority's public housing properties.                         0
           Terra Heights has 21 units on Pine Road between Sheridan and Sylvan Way. Westpark has 605 WWII            Journal)
           era units. Redevelopment is in the future and would probably disperse public housing locations
           throughout the county. It is not known what percentage of their tenants smoke or have health concerns
           aggravated by secondhand smoke. HUD requires equal accommodation for everyone on a waiting list,
           whether smokers or non-smokers, but there can be separate waiting lists for distinct locations (some of
           which could be smoke-free). Barbara Smithson gave an overview of the Department of Health funding
           for a survey of 800 apartment tenants in Kitsap and Pierce Counties. Renters will be asked about
           whether secondhand smoke has ever been a problem in their unit. Questions will also cover the
           perceived harms of neighbors' smoke and if they would move or pay more to avoid it. Jan is open to
           introducing this survey to their tenants group. Since they also manage Section 8 housing, it might be
           possible to reach subsidized renters as well.Results from similar surveys in Minneapolis and LA were
           shared (see attached "Smokefree Living" newsletter). Locally, landlords and managers will be canvassed
           by mail to determine the number of smokefree apartments currently available. Kitsap County plans a
           Smoke Free Registry on the web to help connect tenants to smokefree dwellings. Contact Barbara at
           360-337-5246 x6292 for more information.Specific tenant and management education is planned. Health
           district staff would like to work with this group to discuss how to shape an effective message for
           owners/managers. The group plans to meet again on Wednesday, February 19th at 8:30 am. Location:
           Kitsap County Consolidated Housing Authority office in Silverdale. Both the landlord survey and the
           tenant phone survey should be completed by then and the group can be briefed on preliminary
           findings.Attachments:Group RosterSmokefree Apartment newsletter (California)American's For
           NonSmokers' Rights sheet

           Discussion of Grant for DOH enhancement funds, tenant survey, smoke free housing registry, education


           Discuss up-coming press conference. Present: Eric Anderson, Deborah Aversano, Tom Gall, Deanne
           Thompson, Barbara Smithson. Review draft of survey report.



C4.08      12/10/2002                                                                                               Headstart
Pub        Ruth Westergaard, KCHD Parent Child Health Liasion. "Best Thing You Can Do For Your Kids" for all        (Social service
Awarenes   public health nurses to use in outreach.                                                                 providers/organ   1
s -SF                                                                                                               izations, Low
Homes/Au   12/10/2002                                                                                               income)
tos        ACS Relay for Life event in North Kitsap. Provide copies of "Best Thing You Can Do For Your Kids".
                                                                                                                    Maternal Child
                                                                                                                    Health (Social
                                                                                                                    service           1
           Best Thing You Can Do and Smokefree Homes Pledge
           Best Thing You Can Do brochure for Kindercare.                                                           Media
                                                                                                                    s, editorial
           Dr. Esser, Silverdale OB-Gyn. Best Thing You Can Do.
           12/10/2002                                                                                               providers
           Dr. Zarnecki, Silverdale. OB-Gyn. "Best Thing You Can Do For Your Kids".                                 (Community
                                                                                                                    Clinic, Ob-Gyn,
           12/10/2002                                                                                               Family
           Dr. Ingela Thomsen. "Best Thing You Can Do For Your Kids"                                                Practice,
                                                                                                                    Pediatrics)       9
                                                                                                                    (Health Care      1
           12/10/2002                                                                                               Providers/Orga
           Harrison Hospital Educational Services office. "Best Thing You Can Do For Your Kids".                    nizations, Low
           12/10/2002                                                                                               Minority-
           Peninsula Community Health Center. Training for 35 Dental providers. "Best Thing You Can Do For Your     serving
           Kids"                                                                                                    organizations)

           12/10/2002                                                                                               (Describe in
           Kitsap County Fair Health District booth. "Best Thing You Can Do For Your Kids".                                           6
           WIC office. Janet Kauzlarich. "Best Thing You Can Do For Your Kids" and Pledge cards for smokefree       WIC (Social
           homes.                                                                                                   service
                                                                                                                    providers/organ   1
                                                                                                                    izations, Low
           12/10/2002                                                                                               income)
           Four doctors in family/OB practices. "Best Thing You Can Do For Your Kids".

           Up date meeting. Presentation to 51 local health care providers. "Best Thing You Can Do For Your Kids"
           x 50.

           Olympic College student health fair. "Best Thing You Can Do For Your Kids".

           Kitsap Dental Society. "Best Thing You Can Do For Your Kids" for patients.

           3-14-03 Presentation to staff/families at Olympic College Headstart family night about second hand
           smoke. Materials :"one of the best things", quitline info, EPA educational brochure (Take it outside),

          window decals, car window stickers

          5/3/2003 Work with Kitsap County Prevention Services and Kitsap County Housing Authority. 500 copies
          of "The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Kids" into packets for Mall Celebration on weekend. Youth
          manned interactive displays.



C4.EF.2   12/4/2002                                                                                                 DOH & LHD
SHS       Review SHS apartments survey, press release. Plan up-coming benchmarks. Discussed possibility of          colleagues
          joint Coalition Press Conf. with survey results in February.                                                                75
          January 10, 2003. 800 renters were budgeted, faster survey time allowed budget to cover more than         Landlords and
          1000 in two county area.                                                                                  managers in
                                                                                                                    Pierce and        21
                                                                                                                    Kitsap             2
          During February, staff members from both agencies discussed appropriate cross-tabs and timeline to
          March 25th press conference in Gig Harbor. Focus will be on vulnerable populations (young children,
          chronic illness).                                                                                         Landlords in
          4/7/2003                                                                                                  (Act.#5)
          Smoke-Free Housing QuestionnaireThank-you for completing this questionnaire and returning it in the
          enclosed self-addressed and stamped envelope1. Do you already have a partial or total smoke-free          Media
          policy? oNO oYes, selected units oYes, 1-2 buildings oYes, entire complex 2. If yes to question #1, may   (Act.#3,10,17,    17
          we contact you or the most appropriate person to obtain more information for our Kitsap County smoke-     20)
          free housing                                                                                              Other
          registry?Contact:_______________________________________________________________ oYes                     (Describe in
          Whom to contact: _________________________________________3. Would you be interested in any                                 21
          of the following materials? ______ Additional information about smoke-free housing ______ Tobacco         Journal)
          Quit Line posters, brochures or cards ______ No Smoking Signs4. Please complete the following
          information:Contact Name:________________________________________ Position:                               Smoke-free
          ____________________ Name of                                                                              facilities         0
          Complex:_________________________________________________________________Address:                         (Act.#11)
          ________________________________________________ Phone: _________________ Additional
          Comments:__________________________________________________________________________                       State rental
          ___________________________________________________________________                                       owners
          4/7/2003                                                                                                  ,18)
          Materials Requested Sent Status #Units Phone Comments Name Complex/Company More info SF No                Tenant and
          Smoking Signs No 377-9194 Barbara Smith, Res. Mgr Parkhurst Apartments No Smoking Signs 17 479-           housing
          6900 Wonderful idea! Joyce Kramer, Property Mngr. Casa del Sol Apts./ Bradley Scott, Inc. 9 Joyce         groups
          Kramer, Property Mngr. Castle Apts./ Bradley Scott, Inc. Finch Place 779-6244 Windsong Apartments         (military,
          Entire complex 692-4747 "I had no trouble turning both complexes into non-smoking buildings." Patti D.                       0
                                                                                                                    seniors, low-
          Welcher Lee Shores Entire complex 692-4747 Patti D. Welcher Lee Shores West More info SFTob. Quit         income)(Act.#
          lineNo Smoke signs No 692-1318 63 units She wants to go SF Magaret Marshall, Manager Crestwood            12,13,14,19,
          Apartments More info SF Tob. Quit lineNo Smoke signs No 876-1818 This is wonderful info! Thank you        20)
          for sending it!J Johnnie Hess, Resident Mngr. Orchard on the Green No Smoke signs No 895-8280
          Carlina Cardinal, CD Arbor Terrace More info SF No 871-2869 Richard Walk Conifer Ridge More info          Tenants in
          SFTob. Quit lineNo Smoke signs No 876-5320 Thanks! Carolyn Holbrook, Resident Mngr. Cedar                 Kitsap and
          Heights Apartments 250 single fam./small multi- 698-7840 "Pickett Property Mgmt has been smoke free                         10
          for over ten years. We have very few violations and lots of favorable comments from prospective                             66
          tenants-The program works!" (ask to quote) Jim Pickett Pickett Property Mgmt. Inc.                        (Act.#1, 16)

          4/7/2003                                                                                                  TPC and
          2-26-02 Presentation to PROA on tenant and landlord surveys.                                              Kitsap staff
          12/18/2002 Heatth DistrictGrant to help find smoke-free housingPg. A7

          12/28/2002More Kitsap apartments likely to go smoke-freepg. A8

1/03/03 Kitsap Business JournalSurvey tests market for smoke free apartments

SURVEYRenters don't want others' smoke Julie McCormick Sun StaffMarch 27, 2003 Bremerton
landlord Jim Adrian doesn't smoke and soon neither will new tenants inside his units.A recent survey of
1,000 renters in multifamily units in Kitsap and Pierce counties showed that most don't smoke and don't
want exposure to second-hand smoke generated by neighbors.That was enough for Adrian, who also is
vice president of Puget Rental Owners Association."I'm making all my new rentals smoke-free," Adrian
said. "I'm no longer going to negotiate on this issue."Adrian, who owns about 90 rental units throughout
the county, said he's also revising rental agreements with existing tenants to prohibit smoking in all of
them.Renters make up 35.5 percent of households in the two counties. They can be exposed to smoke
entering their homes from other apartments and areas like hallways, balconies and patios.Forty-two
percent of tenants who responded to the survey said the smell of others' smoke gets into their
apartments from somewhere in or around the building.Two-thirds of them said they'd like to live in
smoke-free housing. More than 75 percent said they'd choose a nonsmoking building over one that
allows smoking.Half said they'd pay higher rent to live in one.Seventy-two percent of them said it bothers
them and 7 percent said they're thinking about moving because of it.More than half the households
include someone with chronic illness that makes them particularly vulnerable to secondhand smoke.The
survey was paid for with a grant from the state Department of Health, which is encouraging health
jurisdictions, landlords and tenants to promote smoke-free buildings for the health of tenants.The three-
year grant will also pay for a registry of smoke-free rental housing.

3-25-0003 Joint Press Conference is held at smoke-free senior apartment complex to publicize survey
results. State and local attention given to renters' desire for smoke-free living. Mary Selecky, both Health
Officers speak. Handout summary:March 25, 2003 Movement of Secondhand Tobacco Smoke in Rental
Housing Renters make up 35.5% of Kitsap and Pierce County households and can be exposed to
secondhand smoke (SHS) entering their homes from other apartments, from common areas, hallways,
balconies or patios. During January of 2003, more than 1,000 renters in Pierce and Kitsap Counties were
surveyed as part of a project looking at the impacts of secondhand tobacco smoke on tenants in
multifamily housing. The goal was to determine the number of renters exposed to secondhand smoke
from outside their residences. The Washington State Department of Health's Tobacco Prevention and
Control Program provided funding. Key findings: u Rental housing is not isolating residents from the
smell of contaminants generated outside of their own homes. Almost half (42%) of respondents report
that the smell of SHS gets into their rental residence from somewhere else in or around the building. u
Seventy-two percent of residents who encounter the movement of SHS into their homes say that it
bothers them and 7% report that they are so bothered that they are thinking about moving. u More than
one-third of the respondents have a chronic illness that makes them particularly vulnerable to
secondhand smoke. In addition, about one-fifth of the respondents live with someone else who has a
chronic illness. u Young children, the elderly, and people with chronic illnesses are at particular risk
because of the negative impacts on immature or compromised lungs. Almost half of the households with
these "vulnerable populations" experience movement of secondhand tobacco smoke at home. u
Minorities, low-income housing tenants and young children are more likely to suffer. Multifamily rental
residents who live in low-income housing, people of color, or children under the age of five are more
likely to encounter the seepage of SHS into their homes. u Most tenants want to breathe clean air in their
homes. Two-thirds of multifamily rental residents are interested in living in smoke-free housing. u A
demand for smoke-free housing exists in the community. More than three-quarters say they are likely to
choose a non-smoking building over a similar building that allows smoking. Almost half of renters would
pay more rent to live where smoking was not allowed.Secondhand tobacco smoke seeping into
residences from neighboring units poses both a health risk and a significant nuisance, yet it remains a
common occurrence. Health jurisdictions, landlords, and tenants should work together to encourage
designation of smoke-free buildings for the health of their residents. Our goal is to reduce exposure to
secondhand smoke among children and adults in Kitsap and Pierce Counties. For more information
about this survey contact:Jill Smith, RN Population-Based Nurse Tacoma-Pierce County Health
Department (253) 798-4715 5250jsmith@tpchd.orgBarbara SmithsonHealth Educator, Tobacco
Prevention Kitsap County Health District (360) 337-5250 report
available from Tom Wiedemann, DOH Secondhand Smoke or Wa BREATHE website.

Review grant timelines, divide tasks.

SHS in apartments. Tenant questions.


Brochure formats. Finalize Pacific Market Research questions.

Education packets. Planning for press conference.

4-9-03 PO's out to artist, printer for brochures. Lori is doing mock-up. Jill and Barb are compiling Registry
info. Ad quotes are in.

Review brochures and housing groups for presentations.

NARPM Annual meeting (property managers and affiliate members). Presentation on Tenant need
survey, economic benefits of smoke-free rentals, survey managers to include in Registry. Most
companies who specialize in single family homes are going smoke-free.

Deb Howard, KCHA, Don Chase Aquisiton, Tommy Rayfield, Director of Asset Management 535-6155.

Jill Smith presented to Tacoma's Crime Free Housing Program (through City of Tacoma) on May 21st.
Approximately 50 managers/owners/property managers were in attendance.

Puget Rental Owners Association Board. Presentation on Survey, solicit listings for smoke-free registry.

Ad congratulating local apartment (picture) for being smoke-free. "Did you Know, 2 out of 3 tenants
prefer..." Phone numbers direct to local HD staff, Smoke Free Registry.

To view Smoke-Free Housing Registries for Pierce or Kitsap, see addresses

Pierce County Rental Association Board meeting on tenant survey and reasons to go smokefree. Jill

Signage and other materials mailed to surveyed landlords and requests by phone or presentation.

DOH website sites progress:Smoke-free rentals in demandMany Kitsap and Pierce county renters are
interested in smoke-free rental properties and some would even pay more to live in a smoke-free
environment, according to a recent survey. The survey of 1,000 renters was conducted by Kitsap County
Health District and Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department using an enhancement grant from the
Tobacco Prevention and Control Program. Read more about enhancement grants. This survey is part of
a 3-year project that also includes the creation of smoke-free rentals registry as well as ongoing
education of landlords and tenants.

Share smokefree housing survey and project progress with colleagues during conference calls, regional
meetings, IAC, and other meetings.

NARPM annual meeting. All property managers (companies) and affiliate members. Contact, Janice
Beam, Reality Station. Presented tenant survey results, economic arguments for smoke-free rentals.
Survey managers who wanted to be included on Smoke-free registry. Management companies that
specialize in single family homes are often smoke-free already.



2003-2004 Outputs
                                                                                                                Description          Actual #
Activity         Journal Entries                                                                                (Type)               Reached

C1.01            7/2/2003                                                                                       Other (Describe in
Community        Tobacco Free Kitsap County CoalitionMeeting MinutesJuly 1, 2003Thirteen present:                                         13
                                                                                                                Activity Journal)
Advisory Board   Karen Boysen-Knapp, Health Dist. Kim Burkey, Amer. Lung Assoc. Robin Carson,
                 Juvenile Deten. Mary Ellen de la Pena, Prevention Services Michelle Dower, ESD 114
                 Barbara Hoffman, Suquamish Tribe Wendy Jones, ESD school nurse corp Janet Mano,
                 Naval HospitalMarcia Reidel, Harrison Hospital Shelley Smith-Rose, Health Dist. Barbara
                 Smithson, Health Dist. Lee Tanuvasa, BREATHE John Vaughan, Navy Cessation People
                 introduced themselves.BREATHE: Lee reported on the Smokeless States Conference in
                 Delaware.Juvenile Detention Facility: ED 114 has adjusted their workplan to include
                 tobacco education and media literacy in the Juvenile Detention. Wendy Jones will be
                 doing tobacco education in the classrooms of both Clallam and Kitsap Detention
                 Facilities. She also reported attending an Environmental Health Class presented at the
                 University of Washington. Robin Carsen has a contract with the Juvenile Detention
                 Facility to do Aggression Replacement Training and also coordinates the Mentor
                 Program there. Plans are in effect to train mentors in Basic Tobacco Intervention
                 Skills.American Lung Association: Kim reports that TATU has been refunded until June
                 2004. NOT trainings aren‘t being refunded, so there is now a charge for the training‘s
                 materials.Suquamish Tribe: Tobacco education and cessation are being planned for a
                 new high school for the tribe.Compliance Checks: Shelley and several youth are
                 conducting compliance checks this summer.Prevention Services: MaryEllen shared that
                 the state‘s DASA (Department of Alcohol and Substance Abuse) is on the cutting edge
                 with a reporting system to feds funding best practice programs. Because this is her
                 funding stream it impacts cooperative programs that target tobacco.Basic Tobacco
                 Intervention Skills Training: Karen and Kathy Forster, CK school nurse, trained 12 health
                 district clinical services staff in tobacco interventions in June. Another training is being
                 planned for the fall, 2003.Smoke-free Restaurants: The Outback Steakhouse, Bremerton,
                 has gone smoke free! A news release will be sent out including comments on/from
                 Tobacco Free Kitsap.Choice and Consequences: The Naval Hospital once again brought
                 the ―Choice and Consequences‖ presentation to Bremerton. This is a graphic look at
                 what happens to our internal organs from smoking and life-style/substance
                 abuse.Smokefree Housing: Barbara shared an ad layout on the new Smokefree Housing
                 project from Kitsap and Pierce counties. Ads in Kitsap Newspaper Group papers (Port
                 Orchard, Bremerton, CK, NK, and Bainbridge) will be taken out once a month to promote
                 a participating apartment complex and the Smokefree Housing Registry. Janet wanted to
                 know if it was possible to run similar ads for restaurants. Lee suggested a BREATHE
                 grant and Barbara will ask about partial Health District funding as well.Statewide
                 Secondhand Smoke Meeting: Meeting will be held July 9 in Moses Lake and will be
                 attended by Janet Mano and Barbara Smithson.Asthma and Secondhand Smoke:
                 Wendy Jones and Marcia Reidel shared statistics on asthma and the Washington
                 Asthma Initiative. The Washington State Lung Association will pull together a meeting
                 with Health District Director Scott Lindquist and local pediatrician and asthma advocate
                 Dr. Corrales-Diaz later in July. There was consensus that secondhand smoke and
                 asthma are shared areas of interest and that we would include Asthma/Secondhand
                 Smoke as a sub-group as they work on the initiative.

                 18 in attendance. Tobacco Free Kitsap County CoalitionAug 5, 2003 Meeting
                 MinutesPresent: Chris Zipperer, P. G. S‘Klallam Tribe Kim Burkey, Amer. Lung Assoc.
                 Robin Carson, Juvenile Detention Mary Ellen de la Pena, KC Prevention Services
                 Michelle Dower, ESD 114 Barbara Hoffman, Suquamish Tribe Janet Mano, Naval
                 Hospital Wendy Jones, ESD School Nurse Corp. Marcia Reidel, Asthma Educator
                 Shelley Smith-Rose, Health Dist. Barbara Smithson, Health Dist. Lee Tanuvasa,
                 WAPIFASA, BREATHE John Vaughan, Navy Cessation Melanie Newman, BREATHE
                 Camp.Field Dir. Sarah Miller, Amer. Cancer Soc. Kimberly Thornhill, Pen.Com.Health
                 Services Judy DeVore, Community Advocate Gail Heistand, KC Aging & Long-Term
                 CarePeople introduced themselves and offered these up-dates:Wendy Jones, ESD 114
                 will deliver Tobacco and Media Literacy services to Juvenile Detention and school-based
                 chemical dependency sites as a part of their contract this year.Kimberly Thornhill,
                 Peninsula Community Health Services, introduced herself. This is her first meeting with
                 the Coalition.Sarah Miller, ACS announced the 1st Annual Tribal Speakout will be August
                 26, 27 in Bremerton.Robin Carson says staff is able to implement Brief Intervention skills
                 during Detention Center‘s Mentoring program. Because of the Coalition‘s suggestion,

adults have committed not to smoke around youth when mentoring.Barbara Hoffman is
now officially stepping in as the Tribe‘s tobacco lead, they will have their contract later
this fall. The Tribal High School will open next fall. The Tribal Health Fair is September
16th.Mary Ellen de la Pena says youth/adult teams are now being recruited for Hands off
Halloween‘s alcohol and tobacco survey Saturday, October 18th. Call her at 337-
4878.Gail Heistand administers Kitsap County‘s Division of Aging & Long-Term Care.
This is her first meeting (Tanya Weintraub or Paul Early may also attend). Her staff does
case management for many disabled people who struggle with smoking issues. She
would be glad to distribute Smoke Free Restaurant brochures.AGENDA
ITEMS:Compliance Checks: Shelley expects to complete 30 checks with youth this
summer. So far there has been one sale and the store was issued a
warning.Secondhand Smoke: Possible restaurant ads were discussed. The Health
District has a limited budget but would be interested in contributing. Pursuing a
BREATHE mini grant is one option.July Meeting: Coalition representatives from across
the state met to discussed networking, legislative action, and grassroots activities. There
is a strong desire to increase communication and local strategies with BREATHE. An
exercise was done on how to craft key messages.BREATHE Communications: Lee
introduced Melanie Newman, hired in May to be Campaign Field Director. Melanie
shared their confidential strategy for the ―Breathe Easy Workplace Act‖ to be introduced
to the Legislature in January. Focus groups have said that a workers‘ rights focus is more
meaningful than the general phrase: ―Clean Indoor Air‖.The campaign is interested in
bringing faith groups and diverse communities into the discussion. Their message is ―It‘s
your right to breathe easy‖. Individual coalition members are encouraged to lobby on
their own time as well as provide educational materials and local briefings for legislators.
A monthly conference call will be open to all. Weekly e-mail up dates will be provided on
request. Melanie can be contacted at 206-674-4185 or
.ACS looks at specific Legislative Districts: Sarah talked about their desire to reach
legislators who represent parts of Bremerton and Kitsap County and are focused on a
strong business agenda. She asked for contacts of people (restaurant owners,
managers, etc.) who would be strong spokespeople for the Breathe Easy campaign. She
can supply talking points to us for individual meetings and emails to lawmakers.It was
pointed out that if BREATHE is going to do events for public awareness, they could have
a presence at the Kitsap Fair and Rodeo, August 20 –24th. Asthma and Secondhand
Smoke: Wendy Jones and Marcia Reidel were present to discuss an Asthma Initiative.
The Lung Association hosted a meeting with Health District Director Scott Lindquist and
local pediatrician Dr. Corrales-Diaz during July to discuss who might be interested.Dr.
Corrales-Diaz is working with Wendy bring school nurses to a Harrison Hospital's
Pediatrics meeting 7:30-9 am September 11th to review 2002 guidelines and what
school district needs are in regards to asthma. For now Asthma/Secondhand Smoke will
be a sub-group of the Tobacco Free coalition. The Health District, the Navy, Tribes and
Senior Services have clients impacted by asthma and secondhand smoke issues and
want to be involved in a kick-off meeting, perhaps in October.

Tobacco Free Kitsap County CoalitionMeeting MinutesSeptember 2, 2003Twelve
present: Karen Boysen-Knapp, Health Dist. Michelle Dower, ESD 114 Melinda Harmon,
Health Dist. Barbara Hoffman, Suquamish Tribe Wendy Jones, ESD School Nurse Corp
Sarah Miller, Amer. Cancer Society Gay Neal, KC Comm. on Youth Marcia Reidel, Amer.
Lung Assoc. Barbara Smithson, Health Dist. Lee Tanavasu, BREATHE/WAPIFASA
Kimberly Thornhill, Penin. Comm. Health Chris Zipperer, Port Gamble S‘Klallam
TribePeople introduced themselves and provided the following updates:WA Asthma
Initiative: Marcia reports that workgroups are meeting and planning. There is a ―Summit
on Asthma‖ to take place on October 13th at the Yakima Convention Center. It is being
held at the same time as the WA State Public Health Conference. There are 4-5 active
coalitions in the state: Kitsap is now included as a county working on outcomes related to
asthma. Also, the American Lung Association is sponsoring the ―Asthma Educator
Institute‖ October 2 – 4th in Seattle. Check the Lung Association website for more info.
Some scholarships are available.BREATHE: Lee reports BREATHE had a booth at the
Kitsap County Fair. Available at the booth was a sign up for local citizens to tell how
they‘d been affected by tobacco and have a picture taken. These will be sent to the
appropriate legislators. BREATHE is hosting a ―Statewide Coalition Meeting‖ at the
Doubletree in SeaTac on September 11th.Commission on Children and Youth: The
―Youth Advocacy Training‖ is scheduled for November 11th at Olympic College. Those
with Advocacy projects are encouraged to do breakout sessions. The first planning
meeting is Friday 10-12 at Red Cross. Brochures available from Gay to distribute to
youth.ACS Tribal Speakout: The frst Tribal Speakout was held last week August 26-27 at
the Oyster Bay Inn. Four tribes attended. Sarah reports that the speakers were
excellent.Youth Compliance Checks: Shelley, along with several youth, have been doing

many compliance checks this summer. Out of those done last week, no one sold.Kitsap
County Fair Display: The Health District had a booth at the fair. It contained tobacco
prevention and control information and was well received by fair-goers. (We won 2nd
place!)Apartment Ad Update: Barbara reports the latest ad run in the CK Reporter has
been for Lee Shores, a smoke free apartment complex on the waterfront in
Silverdale.Water Pipe Article: The Central Kitsap Reporter ran an article in it‘s August
23rd edition on a tobacco store in Silverdale that promotes smoking tobacco via a water
pipe because it is a ―healthier‖ way to smoke. A decision was made by the coalition to
write a response to the newspaper. Karen has initiated a literature search to gather any
studies on water pipes if available.State Advisory Group Update: Melinda attended the
state Tobacco Advisory Committee meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to
update/provide input on implementation of the state tobacco program. There is work
being done on collecting materials as well as smoke free policies from businesses. The
info will be presented at the Yakima Prevention Conference October 23-24.The Tobacco
Prevention and Control program is conducting a strategic planning process. Included in
the process are legislators, decision makers, partners and local contractors.County data
profiles are coming out later this month from the Department of Health. They are the
result of recent surveys. The Kitsap County data book will be available in December.The
Tobacco Prevention Resource Center provides training, technical assistance, a
speaker‘s bureau and literature searches. Their website is: www.tobaccoprc.orgJefferson
county youth yellow pages have just come out, along with a HELP card. We have been
given permission to use the disk if we‘d like to reproduce a similar edition for
Kitsap.State‘s Community Capacity evaluation: Barb led the group through a SWOT
(Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) analysis of one part of Health
District/Coalition efforts. She will follow up on the remaining sections. Results will be
available for discussion at our October meeting.Hands Off Halloween: Set for Saturday,
October 18th. Contact Mary Ellen de la Pena for more information on signing up a team.

Fifteen in attendance. Tobacco Free Kitsap County CoalitionMeeting MinutesOctober 7,
2003Present: Karen Boysen-Knapp, Health Dist. Michelle Dower, OESD 114John
Vaughan, Navy Cessation Laurie Adamson, Olympic CollegeJudy DeVore, community
member Wendy Jones, ESD School Nurse Corp Sarah Miller, Amer. Cancer Society
Mary Ellen de la Pena, KC Prev. Services Barbara Smithson, Health Dist. Lee Tanuvasa,
BREATHE/WAPIFASAKim Burkey, Am. Lung Assoc. of Wa. Chris Zipperer, Port Gamble
S‘Klallam Shelley Rose, Health District Gail Heistand, Senior Inf. & ReferralJanet Mano,
Naval Health Promotion People introduced themselves.Olympic College: Laurie
Adamson reviewed two campus surveys. A large formal survey conducted in April
covered almost 1500 students. It contained questions about using and quitting tobacco.
Of those surveyed, 10% said they used tobacco and would like to quit. The smaller
voluntary survey conducted around World No Tobacco Day had 443 responses. Seventy
percent of students responding said tobacco ―is a problem on campus‖ or ―is somewhat a
problem on campus‖. A majority (51%) wanted a smoke-free campus.A campus health
fair is scheduled between 10 AM and 1 PM on Thursday, October 3rd in the Student
Center. All Coalition members were invited to provide information and to help staff a
tobacco resource table.Lung Association: Kim shared the Teens Against Tobacco Use
pretest. In order to evaluate the program they are seeking 400 9th-12th grade students
who will be doing TATU training fall or spring. Other news includes: TATU grant
applications are available for up to $500. The newest O2 newsletter was passed
out.Great American Smokeout: We are tentatively scheduled for the Kitsap Mall on
Saturday, November 8th. Students are needed to help staff activities that day. ACS
hopes to have a GAS notebook out sometime this month to provide ideas. Janet will
have Navy-wide activities including a Countdown to Quitting and Adopt a Smoker. The
schools want to schedule activities but need to call it by a different name (smokeout =
marijuana binge). Shelley Rose can provide activity ideas.Community Capacity
Evaluation: Barb reported that we‘d successfully filed the evaluation with the Department
of Health. Feedback was thoughtful and positive. Time was requested at the November
meeting to review the actual comments recorded. Please see the second attachment in
this email to review the Evaluation Report.Wendy Jones: The Secondhand Smoke and
Asthma group met just prior to our Coalition meeting this morning. Seventeen community
partners attended, including tribal, Health District, insurance, hospital, and medical
professionals. They discussed possible small grant funding from DOH and the possibility
of holding Master Home Environmentalist and other asthma training in Kitsap. The group
will meet again just before the November Coalition meeting at 7:30 am. Everyone with an
interest in secondhand smoke and/or asthma is invited. Wendy and Barb will travel to
Yakima next Monday to network on asthma with other organizers from across the
state.Hookah/Water Pipe Article: The Central Kitsap Reporter ran an article in its August
23rd edition on a store that promotes water pipes as a ―healthier‖ way to smoke tobacco.

A letter was sent by the Coalition but not published. ACS and others have since provided
additional research. Karen has contacted the editor and they are willing to publish a 500-
word guest editorial if we will write it. Karen, Sarah, and Wendy volunteered to write,
perhaps including publicity for Great American Smokeout.Restaurant Guides: Our Kitsap
guide is due to be up-dated. Other formats from around the state were shared. Judy and
___ agreed to help Barbara explore possible ways to publish.Smokefree Apartment Ads:
Barb shared the August ad for Lee Shores Apartments in Silverdale and the September
ad for Windsong Apartments in Poulsbo. Windsong is especially significant because it
has just been purchased by Kitsap Consolidated Housing Authority and is that provider‘s
first smoke-free apartment complex.OESD 114 Service Report: Michelle shared the
number of secondary students referred for drug or tobacco interventions over the last
year. The ESD‘s interventionists met with Health District, Lung, and ACS staff to share
resources for student activities last month. Interventionists will plan at least one tobacco
activity at every school.

14 Present: Melinda Harmon, Health District Kimberly Thornhill, Pen. Com Health Serv.
Michelle Dower, OESD 114 Laurie Adamson, Olympic CollegeKaren Boysen-Knapp,
Health District Carol Bruce, Health District, Oral HealthSarah Miller, American Cancer
Society Mary Ellen de la Pena, KC Prev. Services Barbara Smithson, Health Dist. Lee
Tanuvasa, BREATHE/WAPIFASAFran Miller, Suquamish Tribe Chris Zipperer, Pt.
Gamble S‘Klallam Tribe Barbara Hoffman, Suquamish Tribe Janet Mano, Naval Health
Promotion People introduced themselves and shared brief updates. On the
agenda:BREATHE update: The Legislative Session starts January 12th. Two identical
bills are submitted for Clean Air: House Bill 1868 sponsored by J. McDermott and has
gotten support from the committee chair. Senate Bill 5791 is still being held in the Health
Committee. Support is needed to pass it out for a vote on the floor. A Faith Forum is
being held November 19th to reach out to faith communities. BREATHE staff would like
to do local editorial visits to newspapers in December. Volunteers are needed. Melinda
indicated her interest. Great American Smokeout: Will be celebrated Saturday,
November 8th at the Kitsap Mall from 9 am- 4 pm. Local STAND youth will staff the
tables. There will be a GAS display as well at Bremerton Junior High. The Navy is
planning different activities including a display contest and Janet opened it to local
schools. Olympic College will plan a table for their student union building. Sarah now has
an ACS guide for GAS planning.Community Capacity Survey comments: The group
spent a few minutes reviewing specific comments made during September‘s Community
Capacity self-assessment.Waterpipe Editorial: The Coalition reviewed a guest editorial
supplied to the Central Kitsap Reporter responding to an earlier article advocating
waterpipes as a healthy way to smoke tobacco. This will appear on a Saturday prior to
Great American Smokeout and mentions that event and the Quitline.Hands Off
Halloween: Mary Ellen supplied a summary of the retail survey and education event
completed in October and a draft of the letter to be sent to store owners. This year stores
received advance notice of the event and were asked for permission to survey ads that
day. Hands Off Halloween cont, Eleven stores declined to be surveyed. All other stores
received a certificate for participating that recognized their degree of tobacco and alcohol
marketing ―community friendliness‖. Three top scoring stores will be recognized at a
County Commissioners‘ meeting in November. The group discussed business-sized
―courtesy cards‖ to help community members give feedback to their own local stores.
We‘ll get to see the slides showing local tobacco and alcohol advertising at our next
meeting.Hospitality Guides: Our Kitsap guide is due to be up-dated for 2004. We hope to
distribute with the Visitor and Convention Bureau. This year, hotels and bed and
breakfasts that qualify are added under smokefree lodging.Restaurant Ad: The
Department of Health has offered us time on an ad agency consultation call to help craft
a restaurant ad similar to smokefree apartment ads. The Health District would pay for the
space and it would run in December.Chairmanship of Coalition: Janet Mano will continue
Coalition activities but would like to step back from chairing duties. Chris Zipperer is
willing to step into that role and was unanimously acclaimed as Coalition Chair. Many
thanks to Janet for her great promotion of our Coalition‘s work and to Chris for her
willingness to lead us onward.TATU Trainings: Michelle announced that the ESD will
hold a Teens Against Tobacco Use training on December 11th. There is also a training
scheduled for freshmen at NKJH on December 2nd.Olympic College: Laurie will have
student survey updates in January. Their College council is studying the question of a
smoke-free campus and will meet for a briefing with Laurie on Friday. The Health District
is providing resource materials.

Tobacco Free Kitsap County CoalitionMeeting MinutesDecember 2, 20039 Present:

Melinda Harmon, Health District Kimberly Thornhill, Pen. Com Health Serv. Michelle
Dower, OESD 114 Wendy Jones, OESD 114Mary Ellen de la Pena, KC Prev. Services
Barbara Smithson, Health Dist. Janet Mano, Naval Health Promotion Chris Zipperer, Pt
Gamble S‘Klallam Tribe Holly Blanton, Pt Gamble S‘Klallam Clinic People introduced
themselves and shared brief updates. On the agenda:BREATHE update: Lee was
unable to attend but requested anyone interested in visiting local editorial boards re:
smokefree public places to contact him. BREATHE is especially interested in highlighting
teens and workers. Breathe should provide talking points. Cessation Class at North
Kitsap alternative high school: Melinda reported on the quit class being offered at
Spectrum. Twenty-two students indicated interest. Karen Boysen-Knapp will lead this
NOT (Not On Tobacco) curriculum for 8 sessions. One challenge at Specturm is staff
members who smoke with students. One question: Can patches could be provided?
Michelle Dower pointed out that through the ESD tobacco cessation classes are offered
at every school through the Insight (poly drug) education program. Janet offered
incentives (such as squeeze balls) if needed. This success might lead to work at other
alternative schools. Olympic HS has a new alternative program housed in
portables.Dining/Hospitality Guide: Barbara shared a draft of the new guide to smokefree
restaurants, and for the first time, lodging. The Red Lion was recognized as the only
hotel with 100% smokefree rooms. Would the Guide become obsolete if the Legislature
acted on smokefree workplaces? Yes, but this may not happen immediately and would
be welcomed. The group wants both positive and negative courtesy stickers printed to
leave on restaurant bills and comment cards. Stickers would not be included in all guides
because of cost, but would be available for those who support and lobby for smokefree
dining.Pierce County Smoking Ban: The Pierce County Board of Health will hear a
proposal to make all public places smokefree including bars, restaurants, bowling alleys,
casinos and clubs. (This measure was adopted on December 3rd and will take effect in
30 days unless an injunction is granted). The Tacoma/Pierce County Health Department
points out that the most heavily exposed restaurant employees inhale the equivalent
amount of cancer-causing agents as someone smoking up to 2 packs a day
(JAMA1995). They have surveyed people applying for food handler permits and over
one-quarter (5,500) of all food service employees in the county are affected. Hands Off
Halloween: The group reviewed the Powerpoint presentation Barbara had prepared for
this year‘s training showing good and bad marketing of tobacco and alcohol. Many stores
do a good job. This year‘s winners are: Four Corners Grocery, North KitsapSilverdale
Market, Central Kitsap7-11, South Kitsap (Port Orchard)They will receive awards at the
December 8th Commissioners‘ meeting, which will be televised. Mary Ellen shared the
small courtesy cards that all of us can use to give comments on stores‘ tobacco and
alcohol placement and advertising. Everyone committed to do one store by next
meeting.Restaurant Ad: The ad featuring restaurant employees from the Smokefree
Anchorage campaign will be the model for an ad to run in the Sun‘s Arts & Entertainment
section in December. They will also run it additionally in their Neighbor‘s section. The
Silver City Brewery (Silverdale) staff will be featured along with information on how to get
a copy of the Dining Guide.

Tobacco Free Kitsap County CoalitionMeeting MinutesJanuary 13, 20047 Present: Sarah
Miller, American Cancer Society Chris Zipperer, Pt Gamble S‘Klallam Tribe Melinda
Harmon, Health District Kim Burkey, American Lung Assoc. Mary Ellen de la Pena, KC
Prev. Services Barbara Smithson, Health Dist.Kimberly Thornhill, Pen. Com Health Serv.
People introduced themselves and shared brief updates. On the agenda:Hands Off
Halloween Publicity: Mary Ellen dropped off copies of the December 13th article in Kitsap
Newspaper Group papers on ―County lauds retailers for sound marketing‖. The story only
named stores recognized for being responsible marketers but the photo from our
collection showed a bad example: cigarettes and candy where a child could reach them.
Sarah is interested in sharing the Hands Off project with other communities. American
Lung Association of Washington up-date: Kim reported that they have given two mini
grants in Kitsap. One went to South Kitsap High School‘s SADD group for $300, the
other to North Kitsap Junior High‘s Teens Against Tobacco Use for $500. The first TATU
pretests have been given to 650 teen trainers across the state. Evaluation of this
program is crucial because funding is not guaranteed after June. The Legislative session
is starting. Kim will send reminders to allow members to make their voices heard
on clean air and tobacco issues. Training for ―NOT‖ (Not On Tobacco) teen cessation will
probably be offered by Lung at the UW School of Pharmacy in March. Kim is guessing
the date may be March 17 or 24th but will let us know.Dining & Lodging Guide: Barbara
shared the new guide to smokefree hospitality in Kitsap. The Red Lion was recognized
as the only hotel with 100% smokefree rooms. A section on nightlife was also added. The
definition of smokefree was also tightened to eliminate restaurants with smoking lounges.
Kimberly noted that this should apply to El Sombrero in Port Orchard. Ten thousand (!) of

these glossy guides will be distributed throughout the county-- at clinics, community
centers, and at the Visitor and Convention Bureau. Coalition members are offered acrylic
holders and a steady supply of Guides for their agency if they have a place for them. Call
Barb if you‘d like some.Positive and negative courtesy stickers were distributed to leave
on restaurant bills and comment cards. Stickers would not be included in all guides
because of cost, but would be available for those who support and lobby for smokefree
dining.Pierce County Smoking Ban: The ban on smoking in restaurants, bars, bowling
alleys and clubs began January 2nd. So far the courts have not placed an injunction on
it. Sarah noted that compliance is at 90% of establishments. There is a complaint line for
citizens to identify places still allowing smoking. Letters of support from local
communities and Health Districts are welcomed because the negative minority is getting
more publicity right now.Legislative Session: The session has begun (Lee is in Olympia
today). Many are mentioning smoking as a top issue this year. There are four bills being
proposed:1. State-wide Ban on Smoking in Bars and Restaurants2. Removing any
implied barrier to cities or counties enacting their own smoking bans3. Increasing the
distance for smoking areas from public buildings to 35 ft. 4. Making free samples of
tobacco products illegalSarah has Secondhand Smoke information with attached post
cards that allows citizens to mail their messages to decision makers. The return address
is to ACS, where they will match the address to the appropriate legislative district and
send it to the right legislator. She will make them available.Sarah reports North Kitsap
High School LINK students are taking the lead to plan a teen Speakout training that will
take place in May. ACS has also received grant funding from Group Health for a
Speakout training just for tribal youth in Western Washington. Chris Zipperer provided a
letter of support from the Little Boston S‘Klallam Tribe.Restaurant Ad: The ad featuring
restaurant employees from Silver City Brewing Company ran in the Sun‘s Arts &
Entertainment and Neighbors sections one week in December. The Dining Guide was
highlighted. Barbara is keeping an electronic list of people who want the guide and are
interested in smokefree issues.World No Tobacco Day: Melinda brought information on
this year‘s theme of Tobacco Control and Poverty. People asked if Olympic College was
planning an event this year. Sarah said ACS would be a resource. A $2000 grant to help
fund local action is available. Melinda will work on follow-up.

Sarah Miller, American Cancer Society Chris Zipperer, Pt Gamble S‘Klallam Tribe
Melinda Harmon, Health District Kim Burkey, American Lung Assoc. Barbara Smithson,
Health Dist. Kathy Brown, local citizenKimberly Thornhill, Pen Com Health Serv Janet
Mano, Navy Health PromotionJohn Vaughan, Navy Cessation Tanya Weintraub, Senior
Info & ReferralKaren Boysen-Knapp, HD Cessation Amanda Scott-Thomas, HD
PreventionLee Tanuvasa, BREATHE Michelle Dower, ESD 114Pat McFerran, Liquor
Control Board Wendy Jones, School Nurse Corps ESD 114 People introduced
themselves and shared brief updates. On the agenda:Sun Op-Ed Piece: The group read
over the Community Columnist editorial ―Smoking ban? We don‘t need a nanny state‖,
published 1/28 in the Sun. Kathy Brown, a community member attending for the first
time, is interested in responding in writing. She has contacted Jim Campbell of the
editorial page, but hasn‘t had a conversation. Melanie Newman of BREATHE was also
interested in helping us get out a response.Nonsmokers Rights Conference: ―CLEARING
THE AIR: An Institute for Policy Advocacy‖ will be held June 1-4 in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.
This gathering got great reviews two years ago when it was first offered. Lee and Kathy
will get registration/information copies after the meeting. There are scholarships
available. Call Melinda or Barb for further info.Cessation: Karen gave a brief update on
the Not On Tobacco session taking place at Spectrum Alternative H.S. in North Kitsap.
About seven students attend. A couple have stayed quit. NOT will be offered again
following this session. Another school staff member will lead the group. The Health
District will continue to be a resource.American Lung Association of Washington N O T
Cessation TrainingFebruary 26th ESD 114 from 8:30-3:30 Cost: $150Questions or
concerns, contact Karen at 337-5231Cessation Advisory Group: John and Melinda
volunteered to help. Representation from Peninsula Community Health, Port Gamble
S‘Klallam Tribe, Suquamish Tribe, Area Agency on Aging and Harrison Hospital is
encouraged. Please contact Karen at 337-5231 to participate. Karen shared the
Parent/Child health newsletter that focused on quitting. More than 500 women from
Kitsap who get maternal medical support from the state received this
information.American Cancer Society Up-Date: Sarah shared progress on the Speakout
Workshop for tribal youth and a recent workshop in Thurston County on how to talk to
legislators. Several North West Washington counties are traveling by bus on the 5th to
educate legislators in Olympia. Local resident Mary Larson, a smoke-free restaurant
advocate, sent a letter to the recent hearing.Secondhand Smoke Exposure: Janet Mano
is interested targeting Navy parents with messages on not smoking in cars with their
kids. Youth Prevention: Amanda Scott-Thomas updated us on youth activities at

Bremerton Junior High (Grim Reaper program) and Westpark Housing (Tobacco 101 for
youth). Youth in Westpark want to help survey residents on tobacco issues. The Teens
Against Tobacco Use training at Poulsbo Junior High was successful. Dining & Lodging
guides: Barb Smithson brought courtesy stickers to put on bills. John Vaughan pointed
out they‘re even better on comment cards—managers will be sure to read them. She has
dining guides for any agency who can distribute. Tanya took some for Senior Information,
Sarah took a box for local Relays for Life, and Lee took a box for a booth on SHS at the
Tacoma Dome‘s Chinese New Year celebration. Workplan Meeting Melinda Harmon
wants to meet with other Department of Health / Tobacco contractors to compare
common elements in our workplans. Everyone is welcome. A date of February 24th at
1:00 pm at the Health Department was set.

Sarah Miller, American Cancer Society Karen Boysen-Knapp, Health DistrictKim Burkey,
American Lung Assoc. Carol Bruce, Oral Health, HD Barbara Smithson, Health Dist.
Barbara Hoffman, Suquamish TribeKimberly Thornhill, Pen Com Health Serv Janet
Mano, Navy Health PromotionTanya Weintraub, Senior Info & Referral Michelle Dower,
ESD 114Amanda Scott-Thomas, HD Prevention Wendy Jones, School Nurse Corps ESD
114Pat McFerran, Liquor Control Board People introduced themselves and shared brief
updates. On the agenda:Compliance Checks: Shelley Rose was unable to attend but is
working with the new Liquor Control Board Agent, Jim Martinez. They have been able to
do several follow-up checks at establishments that sold once, as well as doing first-time
checks. Pat explained that rechecks reinforce the training an offending store receives.
Shelley is also working with the S‘Klallam reservation to do checks there.ESD 114 Up-
date: Eight out of ten staff are now trained in Not on Tobacco quit curriculum. Michelle
shared a report on the number of students served by Intervention Specialists since
September. Of the 315 students referred, 50% went to Insight Group and 6% were
referred to a tobacco education group. The curriculum for Insight takes eight weeks and
includes one week specifically on tobacco. Pierce Co. Smoking Ban is back: The ban on
smoking in bars and restaurants has been reinstated in Pierce County. A State Supreme
Court decision will not be forthcoming for approximately six months. An editorial from the
Tacoma News Tribune urges Washington state voters to push for a citizen‘s initiative in
Washington if legislators fail to act in Olympia. American Lung Association of
Washington: Kim is willing to send legislative information to home emails. Please see her
to sign up. Last month 14 people trained in Kitsap for the teen cessation program NOT,
including a staff member of Bremerton‘s high school alternative program,
Renaissance.Teens, Tobacco & the Media: Amanda took six Bremerton Junior High
students to Chimacum and took part in this training. They are ready to begin a petition for
smoke-free bowling and want to deliver smoke-free restaurant awards. They would also
like to do an informal health survey with other students.Kick Butts Day, March 31:
Bremerton Junior High has signed up for a Kick Butts project and Klahowya Secondary is
doing a video PSA that will run at the school. World No Tobacco Day: Amanda and
Westpark Housing youth may do a drama presentation. Mini grant funding is available
from the World Health Organization for projects addressing the theme ―Up in Smoke –
Tobacco‘s Cost to the Family‖. The Coalition wanted to pursue a campaign that all
agencies could use. There was discussion around a graphic display on how many packs
of cigarettes added up to common items such as: a trip to Seattle, sealants for teeth, or
childhood immunizations. Carol, Barb, and Karen will put together a proposal for the
Coalition. Janet Mano agreed to be the point of contact.

Sarah Miller, American Cancer Society Chris Zipperer, S‘Klallam TribeKim Burkey,
American Lung Assoc. Carol Bruce, Oral Health, HD Barbara Smithson, Health Dist.
Barbara Hoffman, Suquamish TribeKimberly Thornhill, Pen Com Health Serv Wendy
Jones, School Nurse Corps ESD 114 People introduced themselves and shared brief
updates. On the agenda: American Lung Association of Washington: TATU--Teens
Against Tobacco Use-- has been refunded for ‘04-05. This year‘s focus was on high
school age youth and 600 were evaluated. The focus next year will be on training middle
school youth and assessing the impact.The Asthma Walk is scheduled in Seattle for May
2nd. A team including members from the Tobacco Free Kitsap and the Kitsap Asthma
Coalition will be walking. Kimberly Thornhill might be availavle and will work to get
additional participation from Peninsula Community Health Services. Wendy will send out
pledge forms.Information about ALAW‘s Asthma camps are available at: will be a NOT, Not On
Tobacco, teen cessation training for new facilitators, May 12th. Call Kim Burkey for
details.American Cancer Society: Sarah reported on the teen ―Tribal SpeakOut‖ held in
Bremerton April 2nd and 3rd. Fifty youth and adults attended. Speakers included

younger Quinault, Lummi, and Makah tribal members who had been active on tobacco
issues and presented strong role models for students. Sarah shared ―Look Good, Feel
Better‖, which offers free makeovers, and ―Reach to Recovery‖, a mentor program
offered to women fighting cancer.ACS, along with Heart and Lung, is formally endorsing
the Clean Indoor Air citizens‘ initiative. Signatures will be gathered at events including
local Relays for Life. More information is available at
Secondhand Smoke: Two local restaurants have made the fresh air pledge. Bremerton
Sizzler and Silverdale Applebee‘s (along with 13 other Applebee‘s) have gone smoke
free within the last 45 days. An article appeared in the Sun newspaper. Barbara will be
working with local housing authorities to recruit tenant focus groups. The groups will
include seniors and adults with small children and explore the incentives and barriers to
smoke free apartments.Carol and Kimberly wanted 2 boxes of smoke free dining guides
to hand out at the Smile Rescuers‘ dental health area at Bremerton‘s Armed Forces Day
parade May 15th. World No Tobacco Day: A mini-grant application was made to WNTD
for the theme ―Up in Smoke – Tobacco‘s Cost to the Family‖. The Coalition wanted to
pursue a campaign that featured how many cigarettes add up to common family
needs/outings. Post meeting note: The application was not funded. We will keep our
proposal concept for future use.Other Updates: Kim brought information on new videos
on tobacco, cessation, and secondhand smoke National Health Video, 11312 Santa
Monica Bl #5 Los Angeles, CA 90025, 1-800-543-6803. Website:
Http://www.nhv.comWendy shared new stats on asthma. The Centers for Disease
Control report that nine million U.S. children have been diagnosed with asthma.Kim
Burkey reported on the ―Untold Youth‖ rally that both she and Amanda Scott-Thomas
attended on the Swinomish Tribal reservation. Amanda had brought 5 Kitsap youth who
are going to petition a local bowling alley for smoke free nights.Barbara Hoffman is
inviting people to attend a May 1st presentation by Rick Bender, ―The Man With No Jaw‖,
who will speak at Suquamish about smokeless tobacco. Barb Smithson will forward her
email as soon as it‘s available.ACS Speakout has a new website for youth advocacy:

Chris Zipperer, S‘Klallam Tribe Karen Boysen-Knapp, Health Dist/CessJanet Mano, Navy
Health Promotion Holly Blanton, S‘Klallam Tribal Clinic Barbara Smithson, Health
Dist/SHS Michelle Dower, OESD #114Kimberly Thornhill, Pen Com Health Serv Wendy
Jones, School Nurse Corps ESD 114 Robin Evans-Agnew, Lung Assoc. Lee Tanuvasa,
BREATHE People introduced themselves. On the agenda: Cessation Pilot for Pregnant
Moms: Karen Boysen-Knapp shared that our Health District‘s First Steps program for
pregnant/ new moms has been selected for a special pilot focusing on cessation. Nurses
will receive training in intensive motivational interviewing. Public Health Nurse Lori
Zumwalt and Karen attended the first training in March. All the public health nurses will
now receive training in action plans for clients, how to arrange follow-up, and charting
performance measures.DOH Report on Tobacco: The state Department of Health has
issued a Progress Report on Tobacco Prevention and Control. Highlights include a
decline in 10th grade smokers of 40% between 1999 and 2002 and an 8% decline in
adult smokers. Barbara was also proud to point out a Progress in Secondhand Smoke
section that highlighted local rental owner Jim Adrian. Kitsap has led the state with our
smoke-free apartment project. Secondhand Smoke: Barbara shared the CDC‘s recent
advisory warning that heart patients should avoid buildings with secondhand smoke. As
little as 30 minutes exposure can lead to abnormal blood clotting and cause a heart
attack. For an electronic copy or reprint of this article, call Barb at 337-5250. Robin
shared the Lung Association‘s efforts to gather signatures for Initiative 890, which would
ban smoking in bars and restaurants statewide. Folks may contact him directly for
materials.Kick Butts Day Video: Michelle shared a 10-minute video produced by the
SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) group at South Kitsap and SK‘s video
production class. The video teamed Mr. Butt‘s interviews with SK students and Truth
Campaign ads with a lively soundtrack. Projects at other schools included a ―Boot Out‖
Tobacco Day (students wore boots), appearances by Rick Bender (national speaker who
lost the lower right side of his face to a tobacco-caused tumor) and a student anti-
tobacco video shown during Klahowya‘s lunch period.Other Updates: Lee shared that
Tacoma is sponsoring a free Multicultural forum on tobacco prevention. It is designed to
include members of the Asian-Pacific Islander, African American, Native American,
LGBT, and low-income communities. Stan Glantz, an internationally known critic of Big
Tobacco will keynote on Tuesday night, May 19th. Specific workshops take place on
Friday the 20th. Lee will email registration information.Janet wanted people to know
about East Bremerton Rotary‘s Blast from the Past on Saturday, May 22nd from 11-3
pm. Along with classic cars, there will be health and safety displays. Janet will do one on

                    nutrition and one on tobacco.

                    Present: Chris Zipperer, S‘Klallam Tribe; Carol Bruce, Health Dist/Oral Health; Janet
                    Mano, Navy Health Promotion; Kim Burkey, Lung Association; Barbara Smithson, Health
                    Dist/SHS; Mary Ellen de la Pena, Kitsap County; Kimberly Thornhill, Pen Com Health
                    Serv; Wendy Jones, School Nurse Corps ESD 114; Barbara Hoffman, Suquamish Tribe
                    People introduced themselves. On the agenda: Invitation to training June 16th: Local
                    Tobacco Contractors will meet with the state Department of Health in Bremerton on June
                    16th. There will be a special training on the Clean Air Act and local enforcement options
                    from 1-3 pm. All Coalition members are invited. Please let Michelle Dower (479-0993)
                    know you want to attend and if you will come early for lunch. The meeting will be held at
                    the Bremerton School District Office, 134 N. Marion, in the Curriculum library. Directions:
                    From Kitsap Way, get in the turn lane for Adele Avenue (opposite Marine Drive) at the
                    traffic light. Take Adele through the curve and it becomes Marion. The School Office is
                    the second building on your left.Native American Tobacco Conference: Barbara Hoffman
                    shared her experience last month in San Diego. Chris Zipperer also attended. This may
                    be the last year of the conference because American Legacy funding will be gone.
                    Barbara was impressed with a ―Circle of Life‖ storytelling curriculum that wove in health
                    messages with native stories. She is seeking material that uses fewer Plains stories and
                    focuses on more Northwest cultural messages. Wendy wants to share with Queets and
                    Makah Tribes. Barbara also mentioned the ―Second Wind‖ native cessation training
                    materials.Tobacco Free Nurses: Janet Mano shared the recent ad from
           (check it out). Tobacco Free Nurses is a one-stop shop for
                    all nurses, especially nurses who want to help their patients quit smoking and nurses
                    who want to quit themselves. We are nurses who want to benefit nurses and patients,
                    and promote a tobacco free society. This site is a great source for cessation information
                    targeted to this crucial group of health care professionals.Kitsap County Fair: The
                    possibilities of a display at the Fair were discussed. Wendy said that the Asthma
                    Coalition shares Secondhand Smoke issues with us and would want to partner. Janet
                    mentioned the large tent used by WSU/Cooperative Extension at the Fair. Wendy will
                    contact Gayle Alleman to see if a section of that would be available for an outdoor
                    activity area. Janet was very positive about the ―Blow Bubbles Not Smoke‖ banner and
                    bubble wand activity for kids. Kimberly mentioned that more activities and give-aways
                    were needed for young children. The group brainstormed the ―Smoke Free Kid‖ coloring
                    books and stickers available from DOH and maybe the STAND! inked stamp for
                    children‘s hands. People who would be willing to staff a booth include Janet, Kim, Carol
                    and both Barbaras.Janet talked about how graphic displays were needed. The group
                    brainstormed several ideas including youth with placards, a high chair with tray piled with
                    cigarettes (from the DOH postcard: ―If you smoke around your child, they can inhale the
                    equivalent of 102 packs of cigarettes by age 5‖, and a walking Ciggy Butts with quitline
                    cards to hand out. Carol will buy a used highchair and Barb will get confiscated cigarettes
                    for the highchair display.Poll Results from ―It‘s Time for Kitsap Kids‖ event at the Mall:
                    Mary Ellen wanted to share how effective anti-Tobacco media has been in convincing all
                    ages of the harms of smoking.



C1.02 Youth         6/1/2004                                                                                      Bremerton (High
Coalition/Advisor                                                                                                                           0
                                                                                                                  school youth)
y Board             6/1/2004
                                                                                                                  central Kitsap School
                                                                                                                  district (High school     0
                    Small group, GAS event went well students thought, looking forward to next year having
                    our Mr. Butts costume!                                                                        Klahowya (High
                                                                                                                  school youth)
                    discussed today's club fair, ways to keep new members interested and involved, what           North Kitsap (High
                    activities the students want to participate in. Discussed GAS mall event, students will       school youth)
                    recruit others to work with us at the event.                                                  Other (Describe in
                                                                                                                  Activity Journal)
                    small mtg, 6 students. ideas for events, kids want ways to earn $ for their club. will        South Kitsap              0
                    discuss at next mtg.


Ad Hoc STAND group at Bremerton Junior High conducted a substance abuse
awareness event for the entire student body. Youth leaders dressed in black, painted
faces white, remained silent and held a story about how they expired from substance
abuse. Several students focused on tobacco-related illnesses. During lunch time
students were able to read stories and receive tobacco prevention materials. Display also
set up for 1 month.

group wants to earn money for club via a raffell. members picked tasks to see if this
could be done. to report on progress at next mtg.

There are issures with the school regarding the raffell, club advisor will discuss with staff
and revisit issue with group after vacation.

group giving out ideas for Kick Butts Day, also trying to come up with something to do for
the school- psa, video, etc. lots and lots and lots of ideas. To come to next mtg with one
idea each.

Tobacco Prevention activities for kids school-age kids (4th-8th grade). Watched No Ifs
Ands or Butts film. Discussed film and implications for kids and families.Westpark is a
low-income housing developments with an active community center and lots of kids in
many age groups. Many of the kids are interested in tobacco activities; it can be difficult
at times to work with so many kids at different developmental stages and learning styles.
The kids are used to playing and learning together despite age differences and their is a
real community family oriented feel to the group. Looking forward to a positive
experience with this group.

group would like, after MUCH discussion, to run some anti tobacco video ads. They may
even make and record their own ad or use some from DOH. students assigned to check
with video dept and school.

Played Tobacco Bingo with Kids and gave out prizes. This game worked well with all
ages and even a volunteer parent participated.

group members bithday, cupcakes and punch. ideas about what kind of ad they'd make if
they choose to go that route. will work on getting more members at next mtg.

Tobacco and Media Literacy. Did tobacco ads overhead activity discussed and created
our own ads for submission to O2 magazine (UW).

Discussed a training opportunity through UW in Teens, Tobacco, & Media in Chimacum
on 2/20/2004. All girls are interested in participating. Gave paperwork and discussed
what we could do in the community with the cirriculum.

group want to do emph. straw exercise in addition to video ads. will check with school to
see how to accomplish. more ad ideas tossed around, nothing solid.

Paperwork for Teens, Tobacco, and Media gathered (for the most part) will all be
collected day of event. Decided to meet at school on Friday morning to pick up girls for


Watched film; a really gross tobacco film and the kids were mezmerized. It was pretty
high in shock value with operation scenes and and cancerous tumors. No little kids
present until end of class so no child traumatized.Had discussion after the film about
concern for family members who were smokers. Emphasized that not everyone goes
through drastic sugeries but health problems were very common in smokers. Discussed
the importance of communicating loving messages to important people in their lives and
preventing initiation for themselves and their friends.

Planning meeting for strategizing how to used our training in the middle school and
Viewridge Elementery next door to BJHS. Next meetings will be practice for the in-school

Practiced presenting Teens, Tobacco, & the Media.

Practiced presenting Teens, Tobacco, & Media.

good mtg, 1 new member. Firmed up KBD plans.

finalized plans for KBD. One of the two students who attended todays mtg will contact
the rest of the members regarding their roles.

Girls feeling confident in their presentation skills. I have had difficulty getting into
Viewridge Elementary. Waiting to hear back. With such a long cirriculum we cannot get
into Moutain View Middle school to do all nine sessions.Will secure facilitites to do
sessions at the Westpark Community Center.Also made plans for Kick Butts Day activity.

Back at it after a very busy March. Community Center activities and Health District work
schedule conflicted most of March. Begin a new session with kids. It is hard to work
consistently with this group because of scheduling and time demands but kids got back
into the swing of things easily and retained much of the information, including
rememberting what a stoma is.Developed our own tobacco prevention messages to
decorate community center with banners. Voted on the top three slogans but displayed
all entries around the community center. Kids loved this activity and seeing their work in
large print displayed for everyone to see. Kiesha says: Living Smoke Free is the Best
Way to Be!

Commenced meetings with four interested youth in doing tobacco prevention activities at
BJHS. Discussed ideas and activities. Interested in organizing to do a national
recognition activity, work in elementary schools, and Kitsap County Fair.

Met and discussed news of inability to get into Viewridge Elementary (even with just a
portion of cirriculum) because of teacher inability to allow time.Scheduled Westpark
Community as the place and youth we would present cirriculum to. Scheduled for 4/19,
4/20, 4/21. We will split sessions up and close with pizza party on day of last
session.Composed letter to send to Westpark Lane's owner.

Tobacco 101 Pop Quiz. Reviewed tobacco prevention education that kids learned over
last month and gave out prizes. Also, discussed what type of community activities we
could do around tobacco prevention to promote awareness.


                   Met to recap on presentation and complete group evaluation. Discussed plans for doing
                   class again and brainstormed other activities including World No Tobacco Day activity at
                   school.No response from Westpark Lanes. Letter sent twice. Made phone call; left

                   Made plans for farewell party for outgoing president of STAND. Next yr will be a SADD

                   Thinking about World No Tobacco Day observance at school.

                   Brief meeting. Decided to do World No Tobacco Poster decorating and display in
                   showcase in main hallway. School elections taking place; very busy.

                   mtg/thank you for graduating members.

                   Last meeting while school is in. Will convene in July for scheduling Smoke Free
                   Restraunt Plaques, time-slots for Kitsap County Fair Duty.Have not heard from Westpark
                   Lanes owner. Consulted Carla, decided not to boycott but organize a bowl-in this



C1.03.01 Adult     2/20/2004                                                                                  Other (Describe in
or Youth           Took four youth from Bremerton Junior High School to Teens, Tobacco, & Media                                       0
                                                                                                              Activity Journal)
Summit/Forum       cirriculum training.



C1.04              7/9/2003                                                                                   Other (Describe in
State/Regional     Statewide meeting of community coalitions to discuss current work, policy initiatives.                             0
                                                                                                              Activity Journal)
Meetings           Janet Mano (Kitsap chair) and Barb Smithson attend.
                                                                                                              Staff (Tobacco Prev
                   9/17/2003                                                                                  Staff)
                   Regional meeting in Sequim.

                   Regional Meeting in Port Townsend.

                   Annual Tobacco Prevention and Control 2004 Conference. Staff attend one or more

                   Regional Meeting in Bremerton.



C1.05              6/16/2004                                                                                  Other (Describe in
Meetings/Trainin                                                                                                                      6
                                                                                                              Activity Journal)
gs - other         9/23/2003
                   Logic Model training at CHEF.                                                              Staff (Tobacco Prev
                   Attended Washington State Public Health Conference, Yakima WA.

                  Basic Tobacco Intervention Skills update, Southcenter.

                  TTAC telephone conference with Kerry Cork, Minn.Tob. Control Legal Consortium re
                  policy options for condominium owner with smoking neighbor. Conversation plus legal
                  review electronic document.

                  Was a good training, a little long (like the cirriculum) but girls were enthused about the
                  new opportunities this training presents for community work with kids. I didn't know
                  where in the world Chimacum was and what a drive! Should have teamed up with
                  Anthony from Bremerton High School to share the driving.

                  Behavioral Theory & Program Planning: How to Us Them in the Real World of Tobcco
                  Prevention. TPRC training, Seattle. Barbara Smithson.

                  First Steps Pilot retreat with Lori (MCH nurse).

                  Strategic Planning Training. 4/21- 4/22. Melinda Harmon and Barbara Smithson attend
                  Olympia two-day training.



C1.06 Volunteer   10/22/2003                                                                                    Other (Describe in
Involvement       volunteer fair during lunches, great booth with games, prizes, and club sign up sheets.                               0
                                                                                                                Activity Journal)
                  we all thought our booth was the most visited!



C1.07 Raising     11/14/2003                                                                                    Other (Describe in
Awareness/Nat.    Worked with BJH Intervention Specialist Denise Tesch in facilitating a substance abuse                             2000
                                                                                                                Activity Journal)
Media Event       awareness activity (tobacco being a deadly substance). The Health District purchased art
                  supplies, make-up, and grim reaper costume.Kids decided to dress in black, write stories
                  of their demise by substance abuse, and be removed from their classes by the grim
                  reaper. During the lunch session the dead sat stone-faced with their stories attached to
                  the front of their shirts and the substance and its effects on their backs.Booth was set up
                  on stage, youth came to get information and pick up pamphlets regarding tobacco
                  products. Gave out incentives and offered other youth the opportunity to be involved in
                  tobacco prevention activities at BJHS.Great event, alot of fun; working with Denise was

                  Kick Butts Day activity. Posted posters marketing even. During three lunch periods we
                  had a booth with information, tables, and props. Did Don't Be A Sucker campaign and
                  gave suckers. Also, girls started a petition for a local bowling alley to have smoke-free
                  hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Got over 275 signatures.

                  Took a box of supplies to Anthony Carson to set up display for Kick Butts Day.

                  Worked with Intervention Specialist Norma Barnett. She organized a school-wide Kick
                  Butts event. Door decorating & poster contest.Health District supplied incentives and
                  $50.00 for first place poetry winner, $15.00 Warehouse Music gift card for 2nd place, and
                  $10.00 Subway gift cert. for 3rd place winner. The classroom who won the door
                  decorating contest won a pizza party.Sent winners certificates and interest survey inviting
                  them to join the tobacco preventio team in their school next year, along with their prize.

                 Fun event. Norma was great!

                 Worked with Intervention Specialist Norma Barnett. She organized a school-wide Kick
                 Butts event. Door decorating & poster contest.Health District supplied incentives and
                 $50.00 for first place poetry winner, $15.00 Warehouse Music gift card for 2nd place, and
                 $10.00 Subway gift cert. for 3rd place winner. The classroom who won the door
                 decorating contest won a pizza party.Sent winners certificates and interest survey inviting
                 them to join the tobacco preventio team in their school next year, along with their prize.
                 Fun event. Norma was great!



C1.07 Raising    11/7/2003                                                                                     Other (Describe in
Community        Particpated in Central Kitsap High School's Health Fair which with many other                                       420
                                                                                                               Activity Journal)
Awareness        participating community agencies. 4-hour event. Gave out pamphlets, fact sheet,
                 stickers, rulers, a few posters and attempted to solicit interest in tobacco prevention
                 activities at school with interest survey. Not the best venue. Youth pressed for time with
                 the number of booths to examine and the little time given.

                 Conducted Teens, Tobacco, & Media Cirriculum for youth at West Park Community
                 Center. Broke cirriculum down into 3 parts for three afternoons. Girls did a great job
                 presenting. Alot of kids, 4th-8th grade.



C1.08 National   11/12/2003                                                                                    Newspapers
Media Events     Press release sent to local newspapers re:upcoming Great American Smokeout.Opinion            (TV/Radio/Newspaper     8
                 published in Central Kitsap Reporter regarding hookah trend - No Safe Way to ingest           )
                 tobacco that concluded with GAS promotion, as well as promotion of the Washington
                 State Quitline. Guest editorial was signed by the Tobacco Free Kitsap Coalition.              Other (Describe in     50
                                                                                                               Activity Journal)       0
                 Coalition and health partners write grant for World No Tobacco Day mini-grant funding
                 Tobacco's Cost to the Family. Concept would be picture of families, list of common items
                 that tobacco costs could cover (ie, soccer shoes, dinner at Ivar's, children's
                 immunizations, teeth cleaned, pedicure). Not funded but will save ideas.

                 MR. BUTTS WAS A BIG HIT.


                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Barbara SmithsonMay 17, 2004 (360) 337-
                 5250 WORLD NO TOBACCO DAYUp in Smoke: High Cost of Tobacco Hits
                 FamilyWORLD NO TOBACCO DAY is May 31st. Part of a World Health Organization
                 initiative, the theme of the 2004 event is ―Up in Smoke—Tobacco‘s Cost to the Family.‖
                 With the price of Marlboros hovering above $5.00 and the cost of health care rising, more
                 families than ever have someone trying to shake the habit. These trends underline the
                 seriousness of the problem, notes Health District health educator Karen Boysen-Knapp.
                 ―Quitting can be tough to do. The good news is we‘ve got a free state quitline and

                medications are available to help people beat tobacco addiction.‖Supporters point out
                that dollars spent on tobacco are not available to purchase food, health care, clothing,
                and other goods and services. Locally, people get the message. Four hundred and forty-
                four Kitsap residents have called the quitline for help in the last year. Smoking can have
                devastating impacts on the individual who‘s addicted. Many smokers are also inspired to
                quit because their smoking harms children or spouse. In children, exposure to parents‘
                smoke is linked to bronchitis, pneumonia, chronic ear infections and asthma. Non-
                smoking housemates of any age suffer. One study shows non-smokers married to heavy
                smokers double their risk of lung cancer. The risk is even greater for heart disease.
                Almost 20 times more people die from heart disease brought on by others‘ smoke than
                from lung cancer credited to secondhand exposure. That‘s 37,000 deaths a
                year.Families can fight back against the high financial and health costs of tobacco by
                making themselves, their homes and cars smoke-free. To learn more about making your
                home smoke-free visit the District‘s website at Toll-free support
                for tobacco users who want to quit is available at 1-877-270-STOP.

                World No Tobacco Day posted on KCHD webpage for May with link to World Health
                Organization's WNTD information.



C1.09 Comm      9/3/2003                                                                                      Other (Describe in
Capacity        SCORE SHEET – Community Capacity AssessmentName of Organization: Kitsap                       Activity Journal)
Assessment      County Health DistrictPrimary Contact for Completing Assessment: Barbara
                SmithsonOther agencies/organizations/individuals involved in completing assessment:           Staff (Tobacco Prev
                Chris Zipperer, P. G. S‘Klallam Tribe Kim Burkey, Amer. Lung Assoc.Robin Carson,                                          4
                Juvenile Detention Mary Ellen de la Pena, KC Prevention Michelle Dower, ESD 114
                Barbara Hoffman, Suquamish TribeJanet Mano, Naval Hospital Wendy Jones, ESD                   Stakeholders (Advisory
                School Nurse Corp.Marcia Reidel, Asthma Educator Lee Tanuvasa, BREATHE John                   Board Members)
                Vaughan, Navy Cessation Melanie Newman, BREATHE Sarah Miller, Amer. Cancer Soc.
                Kimberly Thornhill, Pen.Com.Health Judy DeVore, Community Advocate Gail Heistand,
                KC Aging & Long-Term Amanda Lazarre, Health District Melinda Harmon, Health
                DistrictShelley Smith-Rose, Health District Barbara Smithson, Health DistrictDate
                Completed: September 3, 2003 Date Entered into CATALYST: September 3, 2003Core
                Value/Concept Stage (1-9)1. Organizational Capacity 7.62. Program Implementation
                6.83. Program Evaluation 5.84. Use of Data 6.35. Community Mobilization 7.56. Policy
                Advocacy 6.37. Media Advocacy 6.38. Youth Empowerment 6.89. Public Awareness &
                Ed 6.4



C1.10 Support   1/27/2004                                                                                     community stakeholders
Local Data      On January 27, 2004, KCHD staff, ESD staff and the staff coordinator from the                                             0
Collection      Community Health and Safety Network met to discuss strategies for recruitment for the
                Halthy Youth Survey. We discussed various ideas including meeting with the Kitsap             District or school
                County School Superintendents to explain the importance of the survey, answer any             administrator (School or    0
                questions and recruit schools.                                                                District Administrators)

                3/5/2004                                                                                      Other (Describe in
                KCHD staff met with the Kitsap County School superintendents to discuss the Health            Activity Journal)
                Youth Survey. The North Kitsap school superintendent was especially supportive and
                talked to the superintendents about the benefits of the data for his district. South Kitsap
                also seemed very interested and asked a lot of good questions.

                KCHD staff presented the importance of the Healthy Youth Survey to the Central Kitsap
                Health Advisory Committee. There were a lot of questions and some concerns about the
                survey taking away from classroom time. The benefits were discussed and the
                importance of having the data available to measure student attitudes and behaviors.



C1.12 DOH        7/28/2003                                                                                      Other (Describe in
Conference Calls Youth Access mtg, went over items discussed at the 6/18/03 mtg.                                                            0
                                                                                                                Activity Journal)

                  11/19/2003                                                                                    Staff (Tobacco Prev
                  SHSCAP conference call. Barb on agenda to discuss Apartment Brochures (printing for           Staff)
                  whole state) and state-wide apartment registry. Also discussion of whether to include
                  restaurants with patio smoking in 100% smokefree definition (Kitsap definitely does).

                  SHSCAP conference call.

                  SCSCAP conference call. Smoke-free restaurants.



C2.01.01 Synar    1/30/2004                                                                                     Other (Describe in
Compliance        no sales today!                                                                                                           7
                                                                                                                Activity Journal)
                  2/20/2004                                                                                     tobacco retailers          19
                  no sales.

                  2 attempts, one sale. math problems.

                  5 attempts, no sales. use military id. clerks took a very long time looking at youth's dob.
                  great educational opportunities.

                  Chris and I did checks w/Jim from LCB. 5 attempts no sales, 2 stores w/o req state sign.



C2.01.02 Other    7/15/2003                                                                                     Other (Describe in
Compliance        10 attempts, 1 sale, 3 stores w/o required yellow sign.                                                                  24
                                                                                                                Activity Journal)
                  8/6/2003                                                                                      tobacco
                  14 attempted buys, 2 sales. reading and math appear to be the problem.                        establishment             150
                  10 attempts, one buy. again it seems reading the id was the problem.

                  10 attempts, 1 sale, 2 stores without required yellow sign. math and reading the id still
                  the problem.

                  7 attempts, 3 sales. math was the problem.

                  9 attempts, 1 sale, 2 stores w/o required yellow sign.

                  11checks, 1 sale. again, math was the downfall. 6 of the 11 stores didn't have the
                  required yellow sign. worked with our new lcb agent.


                 9 attempts, 5 sales, 3 stores w/o required state sign.

                 first attempt w/military id. first try first sale. math problem. education provided.

                 Chris and I worked w/Jim from LCB today. 4 attempts, 0 sales.

                 6 attempts, 1 sale. Math again the problem

                 PROFANITY WITH OUR YOUTH.

                 1 SALE, MATH PROBLEMS.

                 5 attempts, 2 sales, math problems

                 6 attempts, NO SALES!!!

                 12 ATTEMPTS, NO SALES

                 4 ATTEMPTS, 1 SALE, MATH PROBLEMS.

                 5 attempts, no sales. youth that has been doing compliance checks for over a year said
                 today was the first time she was asked if she was 18 when she asked for a pack of
                 smokes. we feel we're making a difference.

                 5 attempts no sales.



C2.02 Retailer   10/18/2003                                                                                        Other (Describe in
Education        hands of halloween event. more students this year. am training fine tuned from last year,                               200
                                                                                                                   Activity Journal)
                 students liked individual training, less stressful to role play in small groups. retailers were
                 told up front what was going on and this too seemed to sit better with retailers and              Tobacco retailers     150

                 Klahowya student spoke before the county commissioners regarding his HOH
                 experience before store owners were awarded their awards.

                 YOUTH'S ID AND ASK QUESTIONS.



C2.03 Public Edu 6/24/2004                                                                                   media venues
- Youth Access                                                                                                                          0
                  planning mtg for hands off halloween event scheduled for Oct.                              Other (Describe in
                                                                                                             Activity Journal)
                  9/9/2003                                                                                   tobacco retailers
                  planning mtg for hands off halloween                                                       (Tobacco                   0
                  wrap up meeting from hands off halloween. awards will be given at the commissioners
                  meeting in Dec. will recruit some students to present to the commishes.

                  Kitsap Kids Tackle TobaccoYouth from around the county have tackled the many
                  different issues surrounding tobacco in our neighborhood. In October 2003, 47 local
                  youth and adults in partnership with Kitsap County Prevention Services and the Kitsap
                  County Health District surveyed 81 of 110 grocery stores for Hands Off Halloween. In a
                  continued effort to educate area grocery stores on responsible alcohol and tobacco
                  sales, the teams visited the stores checking the amount and placement of alcohol and
                  tobacco ads and products sharing their findings with management.




C2.05 Pub Edu -   9/1/2003                                                                                   newletters that reach
Families          Child Care Connection Newsletter directed at Kitsap County childcare providers.            parents/childcare        500
                  Tobacco Quitline (Hard Yes. Impossible No.) media displayed as well as information         providers (Newsletter)
                  about the 27th Annual Great American Smokeout for November 20th.
                                                                                                             Other (Describe in
                  11/4/2003                                                                                  Activity Journal)
                  Showed No Ifs, Ands, or Butts- Smoking Kills film and discussion with groups male only
                  and female only Sophomores about the hazardous health effects of tobacco and its           Parents and childcare
                  impact on teen and family life. Twelve-30 minute sessions.                                 providers (Website)

                                                                                                             parents and childcare
                  11/8/2003                                                                                  providers (Newsletter)
                  great am. s/out at the mall with NHB. students manned the booth with adults, interactive
                  games, lots of give aways. location not as good as last year. NEXT YEAR- ask to be
                  either in front of the Bon or down by the food court.

                  First quarterly tobacco prevention message in monthly housing newsletter. Short
                  CDCexcerpt regarding benefits of a smoke free home.

                  Quitline card running from June to September.

                  Marketing of upcoming Tobacco Prevention Activities at the Westpark Community Center
                  for middle-school age children. Tobacco 101.

                  March/April PCH & WIC Newsletters; Benifits of a Smoke free home (source CDC.)

                  Media message desinged by youth in print. Loved to see her name in print!



C2.08 Support   8/6/2003                                                                                     ESD 114
Comp School     posters and brochures given for esd training in Sept. 20 each of 4 different posters, 20     (District/ESD/P&I          21
Programs        smoke free restruant brochures.                                                              staff(Delete 03-04))

                10/15/2003                                                                                   High school staff (High
                Advisory Meeting for the 21st Century Grant for planning for after-school programs.          School Staff)
                Coordination of Tobacco Prevention activities for the 2004-2005 school year.
                                                                                                             Junior High Staff
                                                                                                             (Middle/Junior high         3
                11/4/2003                                                                                    staff)
                Met with Norma Barnett to discuss and plan a collaborative education day. All day event,
                30-minute presentations to incoming sophomore male and female students.                      Other (Describe in
                                                                                                             Activity Journal)
                1/21/2004                                                                                    school district
                MET W/IS TO PLAN STUDENT TOBACCO ACTIVITIES.                                                 administrators (School
                                                                                                             or District
                3/3/2004                                                                                     Administrators)


                MTG W/IS BROUGHT ITEMS FOR CLUB DAY ON 10-22.


                PARTICIPATE IN.



C2.10 Conduct   1/10/2004                                                                                    elementary school
Peer Edu        TATU Training. Kim Burkey gave the welcome to 24 students. The 4 adults felt that this       youth (Elementary          20
Programs        years training went even better than last year. REMEMBER FOR NEXT YEAR- need to              school youth)
                rent a space with a fridg.
                                                                                                             Other (Describe in
                3/16/2004                                                                                    Activity Journal)
                9 students present for training. Provided technical assistance to group, great group of
                students. Helped students outline presentations, gave feedback after short demo of what
                they think they want to do in classes. Will return next week for part two of the training.
                Again, tar and phlegm jars huge hit!

                NEXT TWO WEEKS.

                This was hard work. Three Bremerton Junior High School students trained in Teens,
                Tobacco, & Media facilitated a training for 4th-8th graders. The preference would have
                been for a single-grade middle school class but because scheduling and time restrictions
                and this LONG cirriculum the Westpark was the place.The 20 participating kids were
                eager and a good audience but the girls (facilitators) worked hard for the money. Their

                incentive was $100.00 each from the UW for doing the training and a class. On the final
                day we had a pizza party for the kids and cookies. Kids came from every where but the
                information got out and we all had fun.



C2.11 Conduct   4/22/2004                                                                                    juvenile detention
Media Lit                                                                                                    center residents       140
Programs        10/31/2003                                                                                   (Juvenile offender)
                Decision Making Using Media Literacy. Opened with a peer pressure scenario with steps
                leading to the addiction to cigarrettes. Discussed smoking in the media and general          low income youth
                reasons why people smoke, what perceptions are about smoking/smokers in the movies           (Low income)
                and in society in general.Laid out the steps to decision making S.O.D.A. Decision Making
                Model in context to smoking that first/next cigarrette.Lively discussion- great fun.         Other (Describe in
                                                                                                             Activity Journal)

                Tobacco in the media and decision-making skills. Discussed usage of cigarrets in movies
                and popular images. Talked about reasons why people initiate smoking, keep smoking
                and quit.

                Conducted a media lit presentation. Analyzed popular media images and what image
                means. Brought in tobacco ads, discussed hidden messages. Split girls and boys to
                produce a counter ad.

                Conducted media literacy presention using TATU cigarrette ads (overheads) and popular
                images in youth media (Allen Iverson, Eminem, J-Lo). Discussed image projection and
                what it communicates. Discussed are some of the assumptions made about image, how
                image can be misleading (health and smoking) and the problems with stereotyping.What
                does someone smoking communicate about them? What is the image that they as young
                people would like to project to their peers and communities.Very good class. Youth were
                interactive and provided profound input and perspectives.

                Conducted media literacy class focused on smoking in movies and films. Watched
                excerpt of video and discussed implications. Ended with discussion decision-making and
                the PROCESS of making choices, i.e. to smoke or not to smoke.



C3.01 Promote   7/30/2003                                                                                    healthcare providers
Quit Line       7-8-03 Quitline promoted in presentation by Melinda Harmon for class at Westsound                                    0
                                                                                                             (Community Site)
Services        Technical. 30 quitline cards given out.
                                                                                                             Other (Describe in
                7/30/2003                                                                                    Activity Journal)
                7-9-03 Tobacco cessation resource brochure, quitline cards and brochures, 50 ea. to
                North Kitsap Foodline in Poulsbo.                                                            schools/college
                                                                                                             (Community Site)

                7/30/2003                                                                                    social service
                7-2-03 Quitline cards/brochures x 10 each for the Island Grill, a restaurant on Bainbridge   agencies (Community     1
                Island that recently has gone smokefree.                                                     Site)

                Quitline cards x 50 to Klahowya high school intervention specialist Leah.

                North Kitsap Fishline requests new Tobacco Cessation Resource brochure. Sent
                50.Contact: Eunice M.

Quitline/tobacco cessation resources information included as part of a presentation for 6
women in the Women in Transition class at Olympic College.

Pat from NK Fishline requests No Smoking signs - also tobacco cessation resource
brochures, new smokefree dining guides, physical activity info for resource rack.

North Kitsap Fishline - Tobacco Cessation Resources brochure x 100

Olympic College Medical Assistance class. Quitline promotion as a part of health issues
presentation. Gave my card as contact regarding BTIS training available.25 students.

Olympic College Wellness class. 15 students. Tobacco cessation and quitline info.

7-2-03 Quitline paycheck stuffers x 15, quitline cards x 10, quitline poster x 1 for the
Outback Steakhouse and it's employees. The restaurant just went smokefree.

7-2-03 Family Planning Update for providers in the community. Audiences were both
attendees and presenters. Had table with tobacco cessation literature with focus on
pregnant smokers and basic tobacco intervention guidelines. Quitline cards, brochures,
posters, notecubes all distributed. Also, tobacco cessation resource guides. Attended by
46 providers (physicians, nurses, ARNP's, PA's, MA's) and 6 presenters.

7-12-03 PRIDE picnic. Promoted quitline via cards, brochures. Very well attended by
GLBT community.

7-9-03 Tobacco cessation materials to Anne K., intake nurse at HMH labor and delivery
dept. to use in conjuction with her brief interventions with smoking patients.Quitline
brochure, resource brochure, dining guide, best things x 50 each, quitline posters x 3

7-14-03 Materials order from physician at Peninsula Community Health Services, Port
Orchard site. Quitline cards, posters, brochures included

7-15-03 300 quitline cards for inclusion in Welcome Paks for new Kitsap County

Quitline brochures to Diane B. at Planned Parenthood

Quitline brochures, cups x 50 for officers spouses meeting. Presentation by Debbie M.,
health educator about cessation resources.

Naval Shipyard Quitline outreach by office of health promotion at the Navy
Hospital.Distributed quitline cards, brochures to shipyard workers.

Provider Update by Kitsap Co. Health District. Attended by 70 medical providers,
including nurses, MA's, PA's, and physicians (ob/gyn, peds, fam. practice). Distributed
Provider's Tobacco Cessation Resources packets that include quitline brochure, card,
cube, poster along with resource guide and info on online CE for basic tobacco

interventions. Well attended and well received.

Domestic Violence Conference - materials requested for resource table. Susan, social
worker with MCH program is contact. 200 attendees. cubes x 50, quitline brochures x 50,
resource brochures x 50

Toni from Dr. Hadleys office requests quitline cards x 100, brochures x 50 - also sent
resources brochure, SF restaurants, best things , and smokeless tobacco literature for
their patients.

Request from Dr. Burson's dental office for quitline materials. Cards x 200, holders X 7,
posters x 4, resource brochure x 50.

Women in Transitions class at Olympic College - quitline materials. 17 students.

Diane from Planned Parenthood requested more materials. Quitline brochures x 50, 300
cards, 2 holders.

Quitline cards/brochures to ALIVE shelter. 10 residents at this time.

Quitline promotion at RUAD conference. Well attended. Quitline cards x 50, brochures x
50 and resource guides x 50.

Wellness Fair, Olympic College. Quitline display, cards, brochures, suckers 50 ea.Well

Caregivers conference at Kiana Lodge. Distributed 25 quitline cubes/brochures.

Tobacco Day at the Mall. Special occasion to support tobacco cessation via tobacco
education and promotion of cessation resources, including the Quitline.Staffed by health
district, navy hospital and youth from various schools involved in anti-tobacco activities.
Large area in central part of mall - three large tables filled with tobacco education and
cessation displays. Promoted quitline with: brochures, cards, magnets, cubes, suckers
and poster. Other info/materials: tobacco educ. handouts and brochures, smokeless
tobacco,tobacco puzzles, coloring books and crayons, bookcovers, posters, pencils,
stressballs (ACS from Navy), tobacco soup display, tobacco educ. game, tar/phlegm jars,
etc. Very well attended, good for youth as well (educational). Very worthwhile event.
Promoted Great American Smokeout.

300 quitline cards to Beth at Kitsap Greeters Service

Promotion of Great American Smokeout. Many activities: Created banner for health
district staff Countdown to Quitting that went out each day attached to email system.
Countdown included daily tips regarding preparation for quitting tobacco, using
Thursday, GAS day, as the quit date. The message friday included tips about prevention
of relapse. Each day also included info about tobacco cessation resources, Washington
State Quitline services, and ACS website. Well received. The GAS was also promoted
with a display in health district conference room with information as well as quitkits.
Quitkits contained info on GAS, Quitline (cubes, card, brochure, suckers) ACS Set
Yourself Free, ACS Mug (old stock), Kitsap Co. Tobacco Cessation Resources brochure,
and a stressball. 20 kits distributed, with requests for more. All Hands email message the
day of the Smokeout directed employees to the display/kits. Staff also shared info with

clients/customers. Bulletin board in main waiting room of the health district was on
tobacco cessation (There are easier ways to quit banner) for the month of November,
and included tag about GAS event. Quitkits distributed at School Based Health Clinic by
staff along with BTIS intervention- bulletin board in cafeteria also tobacco themed for
November and promoted tobacco cessation resources and GAS event. Students in
STAND at Klahowya High School used quitline cups at their expresso machine in the
cafeteria for GAS.

Quitkits x 10 for environmental health dept. per request from GAS in house outreach. Kits
include quitting tobacco literature along with WA state quitline info.

Washington state quitline promotion materials to local CSO. cards x 100, holders x 2,
brochures x 50, resource guides x 25, 4 posters for interview room bulletin boards. Beth
also requested quitkits to give clients with whom she does tobacco interventions with.
Given 2 I had already made up.

Carole at Kitsap Children's Clinic has been ordering quitline materials directly - requests
other cessation literature. Sent.

Gail from Social Work Dept. at Harrison Memorial Hospital requested 50 quitline
brochures and 50 resources brochures - sent.

Sent Provider Quitline materials order forms to Kim at Peninsula Community Health
Services and Diane at Planned Parenthood.

Clinic nurse here at health district spoke about quitline to class she did for 10 instructors
at Kitsap Childcare. Distributed quitline materials.

Tobacco Resources brochures - (now order quitline materials directly).

Quitline cards for greeters packets - #500

Health Educator presentation about community resources to residents at the ALIVE
shelter (domestic violence safe-house). 9 women present. Quitline promotion. Quitline
cards and brochures shared.

Stocked Westpark Community Center with tobacco cessation materials. 50 quitline
brochures, 25 tobacco cessation resources brochures, 5 quitline posters, 25 You can quit

Washington State Quitline cards were included in Retailer Education Packets sent to 150
tobacco retailers.

Contacted by nurse at clinic at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Requested more materials
for clinic patients. Quitline poster x 1, brochures, tip sheets, updated resource brochure x
100. States all have been trained by Navy MD who has been trained by TPRC as BTIS
instructor in basic tobacco intervention skills. Good contact.

Meeting with staff of new primary care clinic in South Kitsap - Orchard Family Care

Clinic. Quitline and tobacco cessation resources brochures given - 25 ea.

Presentation to residents at ALIVE shelter. 10 women present. Shared tobacco cessation
resources, including quitline.

Tobacco cessation resource brochures x 25, Quitline cards x 50 to Dr. Hadley's office.

Visits to medical providers in South Kitsap to promote WA. state quitline and share
tobacco cessation resource brochure, quitline cards, posters and cubes, and other
cessation materials. Included in packet was the abbreviated version of the Clinical
practice guideline. Visited new Orchard Family Care, South Kitsap Family Care Clinic,
Peninsula Community Health Services. Also visited to Givens Community Center and
Givens Senior Center.

Quitline cards/brochures and resource guides for Kick Butts events at Klahowya and
South Kitsap High Schools.

Greeters service - 300 quitline cards

Harrison Memorial Hospital Social Work Dept. requests tobacco cessation resource
guides x 50, quitline cards x 50, cubes x 15, dining guides x 25, clinical practice
guidelines x 15 and various tobacco cessation brochures for Employee Social to be held
at the hospital for employees.

Childcare providers class - new orientation for 15 providers. Quitline info for all, as well
as SHS and children info.

Quitline cards x 50, Tobacco Cessation Resources x 25, suckers/mints x 25 for wellness
event at American Financial Solutions (for staff of 125).

Emmy C. school nurse for South Kitsap requests tobacco cessation/prevention posters
for youth, brochures on SHS effects on children, youth cessation and quitline.

Quitline posters, cards, resource brochures for residents ( 5 posters, 25 ea of the others).

Request by Marcia R. for quitline and tobacco cessation resources brochure x 25 ea. for
office that has volunteer workers and sees pregnant women. Shared info regarding BTIS

Provider Update. Contact with 45 medical providers. Shared BTIS info, quitline materials,
SHS info. Providers very receptive.

Suquamish Womens Health Event. Quitline cards/mints x 25 ea.

Request for more brochures for employee wellness fair at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-
resources x 100, quitline cards x 100


                  Quitline cards x 100, 2 holders to Dr. Tolles office.

                  PCHS Poulsbo - 50 resource brochures/100 quitline cards

                  Childcare provider orientation. 10 new caregivers. SHS and Quitline info given.

                  ALIVE shelter, 12 women present. Quitline and tobacco cessation resources info.

                  Dr. Tolles office requests 100 quitline cards, 2 holders, new NCI brochure order
                  form.Mailed to his office.

                  Quitline materials, provider cessation resources packet to Central Kitsap Urgent Care.

                  Pharmacy survey - 5 returned/3 request more quitline info. Quitline cards, holders,
                  posters, and Kitsap County resource brochure distributed to Fred Meyer Port Orchard,
                  Costco, Walmart Bremerton.

                  Individual one on one conversations with people planning a quit attempt - sometimes in
                  person and sometimes on the phone. Spoke with 13 people over the course of one year.
                  This does not include conversations with people out in the public at events.



C3.02 Pub Edu -   5/19/2004                                                                                       healthcare providers
Cessation                                                                                                         (Health Care             1
                  7/28/2003                                                                                       Providers/Organizations)
                  Updated and revised the Kitsap County Tobacco Cessation Resources brochure
                                                                                                                  Other (Describe in
                                                                                                                  Activity Journal)
                  Chilcare and First Steps newsletters - Promotion of GAS and quitline. Text: Quit for a          schools/college (School
                  lifetime by starting with just one day That's what the American Cancer Society wants                                       3
                  people to remember when they participate in the 27th annual GAS on November 20th.
                  For anyone who is trying to quit, the Washington State Quitline number on the poster            social service agencies
                  below is a good place to start. For local quit materials, call KBK with the health district     (Community Site)
                  tobacco program at ........ The graphic for hard yes, impossible no followed the article in
                  color. Distribution: 500 childcare providers and first steps recepients.

                  Kitsap County Tobacco Cessation Resources brochure distributed at all Great American
                  Smokeout events/displays.

                  Jan/Feb Childcare and First Steps newletter - Ready to Quit? theme. IN THIS ISSUE-
                  We get tips from a Health Educator at the Health District. HELP FOR YOU: We share
                  information about people and resources to help you get quit. HELP FOR LOVED ONES -
                  We share tips on how you can help a friend or family member take those hard first steps.
                  Included picture of quitkit with heading Ask your nurse or social worker for a quit kit.
                  Included incentive coupons, section on Asthma and Secondhand Smoke, and a list of
                  quit resources including the quitline and a video available from your nurse Stop Smoking
                  Now : Reasons Not to Smoke When You're Pregnant. Distribution: chilcare providers,
                  hospitals, clinics, dr's offices, public health nurses, WIC offices and first steps clients -

                  Kitsap County Health District ad in the Healthy Living Guide 2004 (insert in Bremerton

                 Sun newspaper )- outlined priorities.'Helping You Quit Smoking - Quitline 1-877-270-
                 7867 - call toll free

                 Updated Kitsap County Tobacco Cessation Resources brochure. New Nicotine
                 Anonymous meeting in Bremerton. Sent new info to the quitline and ACS for their
                 website/referral services.

                 Reviewed and updated health district website tobacco cessation page. Added new
                 Nicotine Anonymous info. Deleted SmokeClinic.

                 Shared list of local resources, including educational materials, for new Asthma website.

                 Central Kitsap Community Council Open House event. Quitline promotion, as well as
                 information about other tobacco related issues displayed and passed out to community
                 members, as well as other presenters (social service agencies, county offices and other
                 community based organizations - estimated at 50+).

                 Promotion of World No Tobacco Day, including quitline number in the weekly Kitsap
                 County Bulletin Hot Stuff sheet. Text began: May 31st is World No Smoking Day. With
                 cigarettes hovering at $6 a pack and the cost of health care rising, more families than
                 ever have someone trying to shake the habit .....: Distributed to county employees.

                 Spoke to individuals on the phone or in the health district clinic regarding personal plans
                 to quit tobacco ( 14 adults ). Offered to mail/distribute tobacco cessation resources and
                 quitline brochures.



C3.03 Employer   10/1/2003                                                                                      Other (Describe in
Cessation        Request from Carole from Kitsap childrens Clinic regarding resources available for                                      2
                                                                                                                Activity Journal)
Support          implementing cessation resources/class for employees at the clinic. Shared written
                 materials, list of cessation facilitators and document Cessation in the Workplace.

                 Cessation in the Workplace document sent to Eugenie J. private wellness coordinator for

                 Request for materials for Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Safety program April/May.
                 Posters on tobacco cessation, SHS, Quitline - along with quitline brochures, cessation
                 resource guides, dining guides.



C3.04 Health     9/24/2003                                                                                      Health care providers
Care Systems     Basic Tobacco Intervention Skills training for HIV/AIDS staff at Kitsap Co. Health district.   (Health Care             2
Change           1.5 hours; used 1 hour manual. Casemanagers and outreach worker very responsive to             Providers/Organization   0
                 training. Changed charting system the same afternoon after the training. Also plan             s)
                 articles on tobacco and HIV in monthly newsletter sent to clients. as well as quitline ad.
                 Requested quit kits for clients to support interventions - created and supplied staff with     Other (Describe in
                 15 kits.                                                                                                                0
                                                                                                                Activity Journal)

                 BTIS 1 hour training for Juvenile Detention Mentor program. ESD nurse corp supervisor
                 also presented on tobacco work being done in the detention facility classrooms. 5:30 - 7
                 pm at Detention facility in Port Orchard. Attended by 8 mentors, their coordinator, as well

              as the nurse corp supervisor. Well received. Promoted cessation resources and quitline.
              Given quitline cards, cubes, pens.Used 1 hour BTIS manuel.

              Meeting with health district hygenist Carol Bruce who is doing a presentation to the local
              hygentist society about her tobacco efforts. Shared info on brief interventions, requested
              on line resources for CE on tobacco interventions - shared. Also worked on application
              for Kick Butts grant-more to follow on this. Did presentation myself to this group last year
              ... lack of interest in 4 hour training ... will try again.

              Contact with Harrison Memorial Hospital regarding BTIS training and contact info for
              employee trained to do the BTIS trainings within the hospital system. Emailed instuctor to
              arrange meeting/review implementation plan.

              Meeting with Lori Z., PHN regarding First Steps Tobacco Cessation Pilot action plan.Also
              stocked Givens Community Center with updated Tobacco Cessation Resources
              brochure x 50.

              Meeting with Lori Z. re: first steps pilot. Conference call with Jonnae regarding planning
              for inservice on BTIS/MI 6-17-04

              One on one with pharmacist at Walgreen's in Port Orchard. He has had training in basic
              tobacco intervention skills previously. Offered support. Sent provider packet and quitline

              First Steps Pilot Inservice with 10 public health nurses and 1 social worker for the
              Maternal Child Health program at the health district. Enhanced motivational interviewing
              skills and 5 A's were presented by TPRC. Supported training by developing visual cue
              buttons, literature packets/lamanated 5 A's cards, and client quit kits for support of
              interventions - one for pregnant smokers, one for SHS issues.Inservice followed by
              meeting with other tobacco champion (PHN) and myself, along with TPRC to review
              action plan,discuss next steps and do site review. Feedback positive.



C3.05 Adult   7/30/2003                                                                                      Harrison Memorial
Cessation     7-12-03 PRIDE picnic in Southworth. Mark, AIDs outreach worker took quitline info and          Hospital (Community     0
              distributed 20 quit kits with info geared for GLBT community. Shared tobacco cessation         Site)
              resources brochure as well. Very well received.
                                                                                                             Olympic Community
              7/30/2003                                                                                      College (Community      0
              7-9-03 Distributed 25 quitkits to public health nurses that work with pregnant and newly       Site)
              parenting smokers. Kits are tailored to be used in conjuction with the brief tobacco
              intervention and motivational interviewing. They include quitline info, resource info, and     Other (Describe in
              secondhand smoke info along with other incentives.                                             Activity Journal)

              10 quitkits delivered to HIV/AIDS staff to use with clients that receive basic tobacco

              Gay American Smokeout promotion at Oct. 24 Friday Feast GLBT outreach event.
              Quitkits x 10 along with basket of other tobacco cessation materials. Used GLBT Friendly
              ad from James in Clark Co.

              Started Countdown to Quitting on Save Our Staff banner that appears as staff starts up
              computer each morning. To run the entire week to promote Great American Smokeout

              and tobacco cessation. Quit tips, resources and quitline info all a part of the banner.
              Friday included information on relapse prevention. Well received.

              Quitkit resupply x8 requested by public health nurses. One kit to be photographed for
              upcoming issue of parent-child health newsletter which focuses on tobacco cessation.

              Assembled and distributed 10 Tobacco Quit kits to CSO outreach worker who has been
              trained in BTIS to use in conjunction with her interventions with clients she works with
              around family planning issues. Will give me feedback on kits usefulness throughout the
              remainder of the year.

              CAPRI group wanting info on cessation. Class with 12 clients, 4 staff members.
              Presentation on cessation issues and resources, including the quitline. Shared list of
              other community members who work in cessation to rotate through each new group
              (cessation specialist, SHS specialist, Nic Anon. representative) to keep cessation info in
              the CAPRI program on an ongoing basis. Supplied with cessation, including quitline,
              printed materials. Offered BTIS training to staff. Shared online resources as well.

              Request from church member C.P. about starting a cessation group at Church of Christ
              in Port Orchard. Shared info about current group (Nic. Anony) meeting in the Bremerton
              area plus contact info, website. Made contact with coalition member with cessation/group
              work experience. Offered support to get new group started - want to be part of process
              be it a new Nic. Anony group, or professionally facilitated group.



C3.06 Youth   6/14/2004                                                                                    ESD Staff               2
              4/21/2003                                                                                    Other (Describe in
              Youth cessation handout to stock school                                                      Activity Journal)

              Promotion of upcoming cessation class at Spectrum Community School. Bulletin board
              promoting class as well as Great American Smokeout. Handed out flyers promoting
              classes, obtained list of students interested in quitting tobacco. Stationed myself in the
              cafeteria at lunches.

              Introduction to Tobacco Cessation class (NOT). One hour class, session one. Attended
              by 22 students at Spectrum community school. Provided quit kits in promotion of Great
              American Smokeout. Next mtg. after thanksgiving break, Dec. 2. Discussed level of
              readiness to quit; will set quit date next meeting.

              NOT group, Session 2. 6 students attend - pick quit date of Jan. 6 (after winter break).
              Session included completion of individual information form, review of code of conduct,
              handouts on excuses, excuses, video Unfiltered, journal activity why I smoke and why I
              want to quit.

              NOT group, Session 3. 5 students attend. Session included completion of Tobacco
              pretest, tobacco use history, journaling what I like about smoking, why I want to quit -
              what's a trigger? - tools: exercise, mental vacation.

              NOT group, Session 4. Students attending: 2 (others out sick). Discussion on effects of
              smoking on health, support systems and asking for support- role play and journal -
              surviving the holidays, handout - making my space smoke free. Have contact with staff at
              the school about the classes/hope that staff will take it on and continue NOT in the


                  NOT group, Session 5. QUIT day. 9 students attend. Topics included talking about
                  quitting and knowing what to expect. Handouts - benefits to quitting and signs of healing.
                  Coping with urges and cravings, trigger situations, the 4 d's and deep breathing exercise.
                  Distributed quit kits with water, gum, mugs, suckers, stress balls, and literature.
                  Encouraged contact with the quitline.

                  NOT group, Session 6. Students attending:5. Open discussion - how is it going? Slips
                  and how to deal with all the smokers around you. Video - How I quit smoking and saved
                  my life.

                  NOT group, Session 7/8. 4 attend.

                  NOT group, Session 9. 4 attend.

                  NOT group, Spectrum. Session 10. 2 attend. Evaluations done/distributed.

                  NOT facilitator training. Kim from ALA was trainer. Worked with her, as well as Michelle
                  from ESD 114. Michelle and I recruited those to be trained. 14 participants included PI's,
                  health educator, and nurses. Training borne of need to build capacity in Kitsap
                  Community - to train nurse and health educator at Spectrum Community School to
                  continue cessation work there. Successful collaboration.

                  Meet with Maggie, school nurse at School based Health Clinic at Spectrum Community
                  School re: sustaining NOT program. Discussed summary of last classes, intro class
                  planning (will provide her with intro kits). Plans spring session to begin April 14.

                  Meeting with PI Leah re: NOT at South Kitsap. Discussed plans for recruitment of
                  participants - plan to advertise classes at Kick Butts day event. Shared incentives and



C3.07 Local       2/9/2004                                                                                     community
Assessment of     Washington State Quitline survey completed.                                                  stakeholders            35
Cessation                                                                                                      (Stakeholders)
                  Letter and survey postcard sent to Kitsap County pharmacys. Letter informed                  Other (Describe in
                  pharmacists about quitline, BTIS training availability, and materials promoting cessation    Activity Journal)
                  resources. Survey asked about quitline use, opinion about adequate cessation
                  resources, and contact request for more information/training. 34 letters/survey postcards
                  sent. (Postcards were self-addressed and stamped).



C3.08 Cessation   7/30/2003                                                                                    Other (Describe in
Task Force        7/14/03 Meeting with Robin, Awilda, Pam and Wendy about needs for tobacco cessation                                   0
                                                                                                               Activity Journal)
                  services at juvenile detention facility. Two tracks were identified - BTIS training for
                  volunteer mentors who work with juveniles upon leaving detention facility, and actual        stakeholders
                  cessation program incorporated into the facility. Next meeting, August 19.                                            4

                  Tobacco cessation workgroup meeting. Recruited interested coalition members, or

                  representatives - interest by 3 people (health district, community clinic and navy
                  hospital). Day before meeting, all cancelled due to either other new commitments or lack
                  of support from organization to attend another meeting Decided not to reschedule, but
                  keep informed at coalition meetings and call on for input with any cessation issues that
                  need to be addressed.



C4.01 Pub Edu -   7/7/2003                                                                                        Other (Describe in
SHS               News ReleaseFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Barbara SmithsonJuly 7, 2003                                                 8
                                                                                                                  Activity Journal)
                  (360) 337-5235 Outback Steakhouse Adopts Fresh Air DiningWhere‘s a trendy place to
                  get a steak without coming out smelling like the barbeque pit? Try Outback. The
                  Bremerton steakhouse has gone smoke-free to attract additional customers to its Aussie-
                  themed food and drink. It became official June 15th. Smokers are welcome to dine but
                  may no longer light up in the Outback‘s lounge or inside areas. ―You pay for a dining
                  experience, you want to enjoy the fresh air ,‖ says Buddy Bell, managing partner of the
                  restaurant. Outback intensively markets its brand of good times and family fun and
                  Buddy maintains that sales have continued to grow since the restaurant opened in 1999.
                  Still, admits Bell, ―…it seemed like every day we‘d get a complaint (about the smoke). I‘d
                  get e-mails about it.‖ And having partnered with non-profit health groups on fund-raising
                  efforts, the restaurant wanted to be consistent with its message of nurturing community
                  health and well-being. ―I went bonkers for it,‖ says Bell of the move to become smoke-
                  free. ―It wasn‘t really a tough decision.‖ So starting last month Outback Steakhouse
                  created an atmosphere where customers could savor their Bloomin‘ Onions without
                  inhaling others‘ smoke.While most people think of cancer when they think of secondhand
                  smoke, heart disease is an important consequence of tobacco smoke exposure. A recent
                  study in the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that just 30 minutes
                  of exposure compromised the coronary artery function of health non-smokers.―Smoke
                  free restaurants really reflect a nation-wide trend,‖ notes Janet Mano, Navy Health
                  Promotions coordinator and Chair of the Tobacco Free Kitsap Coalition. Five states:
                  California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, and New York, currently require that all
                  restaurants and bars to be smoke–free. The Washington Legislature considered similar
                  legislation this season and other states such as Massachusetts seem poised to adopt the
                  health-focused trend.Many local restaurants offer smoke-free dining. To get a Smoke
                  Free Dining Guide call the Health District at 360-337-5250 or visit their web site at:

                  News ReleaseFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Barbara SmithsonAugust 4,
                  2003 (360) 337-5250 Island Grill Goes Smoke FreePassersby will now notice a big
                  banner that reads ―NOW NON-SMOKING‖ on the outside of the Island Grill restaurant
                  and lounge on Bainbridge Island. The Island Grill, located at 321 High School Road,
                  made the switch to fresh air June 25th.Owner Brett Hayfield initiated the decision and his
                  manager endorsed it. ―We live in a health conscious community,‖ notes manager Zach
                  Eberspecher. It was a case of ―…the sooner the better.‖ The restaurant‘s casual
                  atmosphere and its food --- including burgers, dinner fare, and homemade desserts ---
                  have always been a draw. But despite loyal clientele, a smoky dining area was hurting
                  business, says Eberspecher. According to Eberspecher, business was dead slow for a
                  few days after the banner went up. But now, the restaurant is busier than ever.―I‘m happy
                  to smoke outside. The clean air is worth it,‖ asserts Eberspecher. A smoker himself, he
                  also got information on the state‘s toll-free quit line --- 1-877-270-STOP --- to share with
                  staff who might want to ditch the habit.The risk of lung cancer for bartenders and
                  waitresses in smoke filled workplaces is 25 - 75% greater than in the general population,
                  says Sarah Miller of the American Cancer Society. The risk can triple, depending on the
                  number of years of work. Miller is a member of the Tobacco Free Kitsap Coalition, which
                  promotes a tobacco-free lifestyle throughout the Peninsula. It‘s definitely a workers rights‘
                  issue,‖ states Kitsap County Health District Director Scott Lindquist. ―Waitresses and
                  bartenders deserve to have the same healthy working conditions as everybody else.‖ A
                  majority of Bainbridge restaurants have taken the smoke-free route to attract customers
                  and protect staff. The Health District‘s ―Guide to Smoke-Free Dining in Kitsap County‖
                  lists 32 restaurants on Bainbridge Island that embrace a smoke-free atmosphere. The
                  guide is available by calling the District at (360) 337-5250 or on-line at

                                                                                                                                         93 under the Featured Topics section. ###

Great American Smokeout News Release SHS

Public smoking indoors must stop editorial in Bremerton Patriot newspaper (background
information provided by SHS program). Quotes Barbara Smithson ...businesses have not
realized a negative impact from changing to a non-smoking policy and Heath Director
Scott Lindquist, ...bartenders and waitresses in establishments that allow smoking can
experience a 25-75% greater risk of cancer.

4x6 Ad in Arts and Entertainment section of Sun newspaper. Smoke Free Restaurants
Get a guided tour of great dining Features picture of staff at Silver City Brewing Co,
Silverdale and directions on getting a smoke free restaurant guide.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Barbara SmithsonJanuary 23, 2004 (360) 337-
5235 Health District Releases 2004 Kitsap Restaurant & Lodging GuideNew Guide
Introduces Nightlife ListingKitsap County Health District has released its 2004 Kitsap
Restaurant and Lodging Guide. The new guide covers more than 200 restaurants and 28
lodging establishments that are totally smoke free. The move to ―Fresh Air‖ has gathered
momentum nationally as jurisdictions from California to New York ban smoking in public
spaces. Legislators in Olympia are considering similar options in Washington State, a
move that could give restaurant and bar staff the same clean air protections as office
workers.(sample quote) People are serious about the right to breathe clean air, said
Scott Lindquist, Health District Director. Our agency has seen a real jump in smoke-free
businesses, adding greater choices for smoke-free dining, entertainment and
employment.The 2004 guide marks the first time the Health District has covered parts of
the local nightlife and music scene. The directory currently lists eight establishments in its
Nightlife section and is looking for others. The District will continue to up-date smoke-free
listings online at under Smoke-free Dining. Many
consumers avoid the annoying smell and noxious chemical in cigarette smoke on
principal. Others, who suffer from heart or lung conditions, must avoid it. For everyone,
exposure to secondhand smoke is linked to increased bronchitis, pneumonia, respiratory
infections and asthma as well as lung cancer and heart disease.To bolster the smoke-
free market, the new guide asks users to make their smoke-free preferences known.
Inside the guide are tucked brightly colored stickers to send a message when paying the
bill. ―Thanks for Serving Fresh Air‖ reads one. There are also stickers for negative
feedback: ―You don‘t provide a completely smoke free environment‖, it reads, ―Consider
serving Fresh Air.‖ To get a set of comment stickers or a copy of the guide, call the
Kitsap County Health District at 337-5250.

Food Newsletter -- Restaurant Guide ReleasedNew Guide Includes Nightlife ListingsThe
Health District has released its 2004 Kitsap County Smoke-Free Restaurant and Lodging
Guide. The new guide covers more than 200 restaurants and 28 lodging establishments
that are totally smoke free. The move to fresh air dining in Kitsap County has gathered
momentum as 98 smoke-free restaurants have been added to the list in the last year and
a half.―We commend these businesses for their commitment to the health of their patrons
and employees, said Scott Lindquist, Health District Director. ― Most people find that
dining and lodging are more enjoyable when the experience is smoke-free and they
support that through their pocketbooks. To qualify for listing, restaurants must be smoke-
free in all indoor areas at all times, eliminating venues with adjoining lounges that allow
smoking. Restaurants that depend on both food and beverage sales, such as Red Robin,
Outback Steakhouse, and Applebee‘s, have set the trend. The most recent change was
at Bremerton‘s Sizzler Restaurant, which went smoke-free on Valentine‘s Day.―We
figured we were a family restaurant and there‘s been lots of news about how bad smoke
is,‖ says Ray Allwine, the general manager of Sizzler Restaurant in Bremerton. ―We had
just a small smoking section, but the smoke could spread. Customers have let us know
they appreciate the change‖. Many diners prefer to avoid cigarette smoke on principal,
yet there are also compelling health reasons to do so. Heart disease may be an
immediate consequence of exposure to secondhand smoke. The effects of smoke on the
cardiovascular system occur within minutes. According a Journal of the American
Medical Association study, just 30 minutes of exposure to secondhand smoke

                   compromises the coronary artery function of healthy non-smokers. Exposure to
                   secondhand smoke is also linked to increased lung disease, bronchitis, pneumonia,
                   respiratory infections and asthma.To get information on going smoke-free or how to be
                   listed in the guide, call the Health District at 337-5250. Up-dates to the listing appear
                   online at under ―Smoke-free Dining‖.

                   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Barbara SmithsonApril 1, 2004 (360) 337-5250
                   Bremerton Steak House Sizzles Without SmokeThe reader board at the Sizzler
                   Restaurant on Wheaton Way in Bremerton spells it out, ―Now Smoke Free.‖ Following
                   the lead of several local competitors, this well-known steak house has decided to boost
                   its friendly reputation with a 100% fresh atmosphere.―We figured we were a family
                   restaurant and there‘s been lots of news about how bad smoke is,‖ says General
                   Manager Ray Allwine. ―We had just a small smoking section, but the smoke could
                   spread. Customers have let us know they appreciate the change‖.The local Sizzler‘s
                   greatest fear was upsetting regular customers who expected to light up. But so far, staff
                   report only two or three disgruntled smokers. Says Sizzler‘s Allwine, ―We‘ve had lots of
                   positive feedback. Now families can sit next to the windows where the smoking section
                   used to be.‖ Sales have stayed the same in the month since the change.―Smoke free
                   restaurants reflect a nation-wide trend,‖ notes Chris Zipperer, Chair of the Tobacco Free
                   Kitsap Coalition and Youth Services Coordinator for the Port Gamble S‘Klallam Tribe.
                   Five states --- California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, and New York --- currently
                   require that restaurants and bars be smoke–free.Secondhand smoke causes real health
                   dangers as well as irritation. In children, exposure to secondhand smoke is linked to
                   increased bronchitis, pneumonia, respiratory infections, and asthma. Environmental
                   tobacco smoke is also a serious health issue for restaurant and tavern workers who
                   experience about four to six times higher exposure than workers in a typical workplace.
                   Secondhand smoke is also classed as a human carcinogen.Many local restaurants offer
                   smoke-free dining. To get a Smoke Free Dining Guide, call the Health District at 360-
                   337-5250, or visit our web site at

                   Kitsap Home Show. 150 Apartment Registry, 100 factsheets, 50 SF Apt. brochures.



C4.02                                                                                                          Bed and Breakfasts
Restaurant/Bar                                                                                                 (Restaurant
Edu                                                                                                                                     26

                                                                                                               Citizens requesting
                                                                                                               smokefree guides          0
                   3/28/2004                                                                                   (Restaurant patrons )
                   Meeting and follow-up to manager Michael Blythe of IHOP 479-1509. Packet included
                   Decision Makers Guide, Outback press release, Dining Guide, Fact Sheets Doves card,         Hotels and motels
                   SF no drag on profits document.                                                             (Stakeholders)

                                                                                                               Other (Describe in
                   4/15/2004                                                                                                           475
                                                                                                               Activity Journal)
                   Information on District's 100% Smokefree Guide, SHS danger re heart attacks, newest
                   smokefree restaurants in Food newsletter.                                                   Restaurants allowing
                                                                                                               smoking (Restaurant     226




C4.03 Policy Edu 1/26/2004                                                                                     Other (Describe in
- Pub Venues     Contact with commuter Michael Carrigan 476-2185x601 re smoking on decks of foot                                         3
                                                                                                               Activity Journal)
                 ferries as well as docks. Scott Lindquist wants to pursue. Contact with John Clausen, KT.

                  Receiving federal transportation funds, NS is mandate. He will send letters to
                  subcontractors and arrange for signage in 30 days.

                  Jeff Wildes, CK Fire & Rescue. Sample policies for smoke-free campuses to avoid
                  smoke and litter just outside public meeting room. Sent making your workplace smokfree
                  a decision maker's guide (CDC), CKSD policy and Kitsap, Clallam County Policies.
                  Successful policy change.

                  Bainbridge Housing Resources, Julie Stone & Bill Reddy want MHE training. Have made
                  all multi-family smokefree, now doing work on private residences, smoking, allergies.

                  Meet with Chris Nicksic, Compliance Director. She has full authority from Tommy
                  Rayfield, Property Management Director, to collect data to move forward with policy
                  change. Most open to family, senior properties. Mitchell Ave (to open) is a possibility.
                  Non-smokers are often the protected class (Disabilities Act). Smokers are not a protected
                  class. Liability issue. Will move forward to collect data from 680 units.

                  Follow-up with M. Carrigan. Signage up on board and at Bremerton Dock. Crew is
                  consistantly reminding passengers of no smoking while underway. Port Orchard dock is
                  still NOT signed. Bremerton dock signage is too small, not clear.



C4.05 SF Dining   8/14/2003                                                                                   Chambers of Commerce
Guide             Smoke Free Dining Guide up-dated and posted to new Health District website.                 (Employers/Managemen      0
                                                                                                              t, Community Site)
                  New expanded format Smoke Free Restaurants & Lodging in Kitsap County Washington            Greeters Service
                  guide added as PDF to website. New sections on lodging (including first 100%                (Community Site)
                  smokefree hotel) and nightlife added. Tighter definition on 100% smokefree (no adjacent
                  smoking lounge) added.                                                                      Health District offices
                                                                                                              (Community Site)

                  1/12/2004                                                                                   Libraries (Community
                  10,000 copies of Smoke Free Restaurants & Lodging in Kitsap County Washington               Site)
                  received. Distribution: 1800 to Kitsap Visitor & Convention Bureau, 300 to Kitsap
                  Regional Library, 300 to Central Kitsap School District Community Schools, 100 to KCHD      Other (Describe in
                  Parent Child Health Program, 50 to KCHD Managers' Meeting, 150 to Tobacco Free              Activity Journal)
                  Kitsap Coalition, 50 to Harrison Hospital, 50 to Kitsap County, 35 to Kitsap Community
                                                                                                              Visitor and Convention
                  Health Forum, 300 to Peninsula Community Health Clinics, 50 to S'Klallam Tribe Clinic.
                                                                                                              Bureau (Community         0
                  Dining Guide presented to Board of Health and County Commissioners (50
                  copies).Chambers of Commerce: Bremerton, 300; Silverdale, 300; Port Orchard, 300. 50
                  copies to Poulsbo and Kingston Chambers. 600 (2 boxes) to Navy Inprocessing Centers
                  for resource racks and newcomer packets at Bangor and Bremerton via Navy Health

                  300 Guides. Kitsap Greeter's Service

                  Update of dining guide list to individual citizens. Mailing done.

                  300 Dining Guides to Peninsula Health Clinic, Poulsbo.600 Dining Guides to Peninsula
                  Health Clinic/Dental Clinic, Bremerton.



C4.07 SHS Task   7/10/2003                                                                                     Other (Describe in
Force            Marcia Reidel, Lung Association, Barbara Smithson, KCHD,and Wendy Jones, ESD 114                                   0
                                                                                                               Activity Journal)
                 re SHS and Asthma Iniative at Harrison Hospital.
                 7/30/2003                                                                                     (Stakeholders)
                 Meeting with Director Scott Lindquist, Robin Evans-Agnew- Lung Assoc, Dr. Corrales-
                 Diaz, Barb Baker, and Barbara Smithson. Agreed to move forward with SHS and Asthma

                 17 community members including PCH social workers, DOH, Lung Association, ESD,
                 Insurance, medical community meet from 7:30-8:30 prior to Tobacco Free Kitsap
                 Coalition meeting to discuss possible actions around secondhand smoke and asthma.

                 Secondhand Smoke and Asthma meeting prior to Tobacco Free Kitsap
                 meeting.Secondhand Smoke and AsthmaNovember 4, 2003 Kitsap CountyOur meeting
                 seeks to bring together community partners to discuss the care of asthma Kitsap County,
                 patient education and environmental triggers such as secondhand smoke. Our goal is to
                 identify community resources, recognize gaps in service, and talk about future initiatives.
                 Group decides to become Kitsap Asthma Coalition (still includes emphasis on SHS) and
                 adopts a mission statement:―Working to ensure quality asthma treatment, education and
                 resources to the citizens of Kitsap county‖

                 Kitsap Asthma Coalition has been formalized from this group. Will meet monthly.Meeting
                 discusses Master Home Environmentalist training. One member, Susie Hamilton of
                 Health District, will be certified. Arrangements are made for Robin Evans-Agnew and
                 Illene Gagney of ALAW to do training on January 15 for Parent Child Health division and
                 community members including Early Head Start staff.

                 Jenny Hoskins, Lung Association, MHEWendy Jones, Educational Service District 114
                 Bonnie Halvorson, Food and Living Environment, Health District Eileen Magalhaes,
                 Peninsula Community Health ServiceBarbara Smithson, Second Hand Smoke, Health
                 DistrictSusie Hamilton, Parent Child Health, Health DistrictJohn Corrales-Diaz,
                 MDSchool Manuals for Asthma Management: Wendy brought extra copies of the school
                 manuals. They are currently being up-dated and Wendy and John are helping with that
                 task. Smoke-Free Dining Guides: Barbara brought quantities of the guides and the
                 courtesy stickers that give feedback when you eat out. The Kitsap Asthma Coalition
                 promotes this Smoke Free guide and our contact number appears on page 21. You can
                 call Barb at 337-5250 to arrange to have copies distributed at your site.

                 Wendy Jones, Educational Service District 114 Bonnie Halvorson, Food and Living
                 Environment, Health District Eileen Magalhaes, Peninsula Community Health
                 ServiceSara Hoover Miller, Central Kitsap School DistrictBarbara Smithson, Second
                 Hand Smoke, Health DistrictSusan Vitale-Olsen, Parent Child Health, Health
                 DistrictBarbara Baker, Department of Health, Asthma ProjectJohn Corrales-Diaz, MD

                 Wendy Jones RN, Sarah Hoover-Miller, Eileen Magahaes, Bonnie Halverson, John
                 Corrales-Diaz MD Breath Easy breakfast: 4/20/04 in Tacoma. There will be a KAC table.
                 Wendy, Sarah, Eileen, and Barb Smithson are planning on going—all are
                 welcome.Action: Barb Smithson . will organize carpooling. All are welcome to come—
                 RSVP to Barb at 337-5250.

                 Wendy Jones, Educational Service District 114 Bonnie Halvorson, Food and Living
                 Environment, Health District Sara Hoover Miller, Central Kitsap School DistrictBarbara
                 Smithson, Second Hand Smoke, Health DistrictRobin Evans-Agnew, American Lung
                 Association of WashingtonHolly Blanton, S‘Klallam Tribal ClinicThe Breathe Easy
                 Breakfast was held in Tacoma on April 20th . Barb & Wendy as well as Melinda Harmon
                 and Scott Lindquist from the Health District made up the Kitsap representatives, along
                 with Jenny Hoskins who was the Master of Ceremonies. Logo: The pinwheel design was

                given good reviews. Bonnie also brought some examples of how graphics might be
                combined with the Coalition‘s title. Sara will contact some school art programs to see if
                these designs could be refined.



C4.08 Pub       5/4/2004                                                                                           Other (Describe in
Awareness -SF                                                                                                                                0
                                                                                                                   Activity Journal)
Homes/Autos     7/1/2003
                300 newsletters sent to daycare providers, Headstart, parents and others serving young             Venue
                children. Focus on Secondhand Smoke, eliminating exposure in homes and cars.                       (TV/Radio/Newspaper       1
                Available materials from Health District and contact number.                                       )

                                                                                                                   Venues (Health Care
                3/2/2004                                                                                           Providers/Organizatio     15
                Graphic of If you smoke around your child... with highchair to Bremerton Kitsap Access             ns, Stakeholders,          6
                Television for Readerboard display.                                                                Community Site)

                3/18/2004                                                                                          Venues (Social
                High chair postcard If you smoke around your child, they can inhale the equivalent of 102          service                   15
                packs of cigarettes by age 5 distributed to 380 KRC Headstart and Early Headstart                  providers/organization     1
                families.                                                                                          s, Community Site)

                500 Highchair postcards to Headstart/Early Headstart families.

                EPA Smokefree Home Pledge materials in Spanish to El Centro coordinator. Packet
                included letter, ordering form for free Spanish materials, poster , pamphlet, reward kit
                families receive, CD of campaign activities.

                Bainbridge Island Broadcasting receives both Highchair and Boy with Ashtray Lungs
                images for broadcast on public access.



C4.EF.2 SHS     7/1/2002                                                                                           apartment owners
                Regular ads for Smoke Free apartment recognition twice monthly in Tacoma News                      and managers (Act. #     200
                Tribune and monthly in Kitsap Newspaper Group July 03-June 04.                                     2,4) (Stakeholders)

                7/23/2003                                                                                          Colleagues (Act. #7)
                July 23rd, Crime-Free Housing, Tacoma, 60 housing people                                           (Tobacco Prev Staff)

                                                                                                                   Key Informants (Act
                8/4/2003                                                                                           #6) (Seniors, Other
                NW Property Management News. Circulation 17,000 (1/2 owners). Larry Diamond                        Race/Ethnic Minority,    350
                (TRENDS Conference) Diamond Productions. 425-869-1444.                                             Low income,
       of three stories instead of Conference slot (he believes                 Stakeholders)
                ineffective).Part I: Smoke-Free Policies Are Market Savvy, Cost ConsciousBarbara
                Smithson, Kitsap CountyAlmost 80% of Washingtonians are non-smokers, and many                      Kitsap and Pierce
                property owners are beginning to explore the benefits of completely or partially banning           staff (Act. #1,8)         3
                smoking in their buildings. Allowing smoking in apartments adds to turnover costs,                 (Tobacco Prev Staff)
                increases the risk of fires, and drives some non-smoking tenants to find new residences.
                Smokers are not a protected class and landlords are perfectly within their legal rights to         Media venues (Act.
                restrict the activity.In a survey of 1,000 renters in Kitsap and Pierce Counties, almost half      #5) (Newspaper Ads)
                of all renters said they would pay more to live where smoking was banned. Health
                                                                                                                   Other (Describe in
                advocates point out that the demand for smoke-free housing outweighs the supply and                                          0
                                                                                                                   Activity Journal)
                will likely grow in the future. In the first of this three-part series, we‘ll take a look at why
                smoke-free apartment policies are a smart marketing strategy.Fresh Air Fills Market                Stakeholders (Act. #3)
                DemandThe appeal of a great view and proximity to shopping or schools certainly helps              (Seniors, Low income,
                ―sell‖ an apartment. Similarly, apartment owners can market their smoke-free status to                                       15
                potential tenants. Renters with chemical sensitivities, asthma, or other health conditions         organizations)
                must actively seek housing that‘s free of smoke. Many health-conscious renters simply
                prefer an environment that guarantees fresh air. ―Our tenants appreciate knowing it‘s
going to be clean and that it won‘t reek of stale tobacco smoke after they move in,‖ says
property owner Terre Rottler of Kitsap County. Terre is one of about 20 identified Fresh
Air Housing providers in her county. It‘s a marketing strategy that‘s worked for her.
Tenants Vote With Their FeetIt‘s rare for a tenant to complain about smoke to
management, so owners may assume if they Haven‘t heard grumbling there‘s no
problem. But the same 2003 renter survey revealed that42% of renters report being
exposed to secondhand smoke from outside their own apartment --and that 4% are so
bothered they‘re thinking of moving. These numbers underscore a strong market for
smoke-free rentals. It‘s a market that remains virtually untapped. Health departments
report regular phone calls requesting information about finding housing that bans
smoking. Renters are unhappy about being exposed to secondhand smoke. They want
landlords to give them smoke-free options.

Smoke-free housing insert in Pierce Co Rental Assoc newsletter. 500 distribution.

Sept. 16th, Crime-Free Housing, Puyallup, 20 hsg people

Sept. 17th, Crime-Free Housing, Lakewood, 25 hsg people

Quarterly meeting of staff. Tacoma. Discussion of materials for National Conference
presentation. Current ads and responses to tenant calls.

Crime-Free Housing presentation on smoke free housing. Jill Smith. 25 owner/managers.

12/10/2003 Poster Presentation at National Conference on Tobacco or Health, Boston.
Marketplace Advocacy for Smokefree ApartmentsAudience: Local practitioners as well
as program managers and evaluators from both state and local levels can benefit from
examining a market driven campaign for smokefree apartment housing.Key Points: The
Fresh Air Apartments project was modeled after local restaurant campaigns that
identified smokefree venues and used marketing and education to present Fresh Air
establishments as desirable. Public health partners and stakeholders were identified and
involved collaboratively throughout the campaign. The project had five major
components. 1) To encourage voluntary policies, existing smokefree apartments were
identified and owners and managers educated about the issues. 3) Empirical information
was needed. To gather evidence of the need for smokefree apartments a tenant phone
survey was used to gather data. 3) Education was needed for separate audiences.
Appropriate printed materials were designed as part of an education campaign. 4)
Information on smokefree apartments had to be easily accessible to the public. A
SmokeFree Registry was developed for on-line and print media. 5) Community norms
can change with appropriate marketing. An advertising campaign was begun to highlight
smokefree housing and the Apartment Registry. Educational Experience: Through
lecture and discussion our audience can consider the comprehensive strategy adopted in
Washington and its applicability to their region. Benefits: State and local programs are
often faced with the need to create voluntary policy change within a free market
atmosphere. By adopting the strategies of regional partnerships, data gathering,
appropriate education and focused marketing there can be marked shifts in voluntary
policy change.

Asthma and Home Environments training at Bremerton Gateway with Lung Association's
Aileen Gagney.

Conference call with Minnesota Tobacco Center Legal Consortium and Stephanie
Farwell (condo owner suing association over SHS issue).

Smoke free apartment brochures shared with Master Home Environmentalist program,

Lung Association.

State Tobacco Contractors Conference. Poster on Smoke Free Apartments and
discussion group with colleagues on how to begin similar programs. Barb Smithson to

Meeting with Pierce to discuss Focus Group needs.

Poster on Smoke free housing market and group discussion with colleagues at State
Tobacco Conference. Barb Smithson.

Presentation to Bainbridge condo owners' board. Stephanie Farwell 842--2910. Re:
change in by-laws to make smoking a named nuisance and the specific responsibility of
smoker to protect neighbors.

Meeting with Jill Smith, Nancy Lee to discuss focus groups at Housing Authorities.
Decision to go with more focused phone survey of affordable housing tenants to move
decisions at Housing Authorities.

Timeline for Public Housing SurveyRough out tenant phone survey framework, # of
questions May18B& J w/N design tenant census (pre-survey)Clear with HA‘s, outline
incentives, distribute to managers May 20Smoker/Non-smokerWilling to participate?
Goal= 1000 samplesBrainstorm with small group of managersissues, barriers for smoke-
free housingMay 24, 26 Nancy designs survey for managers May 27 J & B phone survey
all managers to determine input on issuesMay 27-June 7Nancy reviews manager results,
suggests survey question areas.June 9Review survey questions for tenants Submit
survey to research firm June 11 Survey tenants identified by pre-survey(provided phone
numbers)Tenant Phone Survey June 17-30 Should we focus only on smokers?

Kitsap County Housing Authority asks managers to administer census questionaire on
smoking status, interest in SF housing, willingness to do larger phone study. More than
300 returns give information on housing complex smoking/non-smoking population.

May 20th, Lakewood Crime-Free Housing, 20 managers/other housing key stakeholders.
Presentation on SF apartments.

May 21st, Cross-Cultural Tobacco Conference, 40 community and housing key
stakeholders. Overview of SF public housing efforts and commercial market.

Tacoma Crime-Free Housing. Presentation to managers and other stakeholders on
Smokefree housing.



2004-2005 Outputs
                                                                                                           Audience               Actual #
Activity          Journal Entries                                                                          Description (Type)     Reached

C1.01 Community                                                                                            Advisory Council member
Advisory Board                                                                                             (African Americans,            0
                  7/6/2004                                                                                 Tobacco Prev Staff)
                  Tobacco Free Kitsap County CoalitionMeeting MinutesJune 1, 2004NEXT
                                                                                                           Advisory Council member
                  MEETING:Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004 8:30 am, Jackson Park Community Center90
                                                                                                           (Asian/Pacific Islanders,      0
                  Olding Rd, Bremerton 98312For information call Barbara Smithson, 360-337-
                                                                                                           Tobacco Prev Staff)
                  5250Present: Melinda Harmon, Health District Wendy Jones, School Nurse Corps
                  ESD 114 Janet Mano, Navy Health Promotion Kim Burkey, Lung                               Advisory Council member
                  AssociationBarbara Smithson, Health Dist/SHS Amanda Scott-Thomas, Health                 (Social service                3
                  Dist/Youth Kimberly Thornhill, Pen Com Health Serv Chris Corbin, Health District         providers/organizations)
                  Intern People introduced themselves. On the agenda: Kitsap County Fair: Wendy
                  Jones has a schedule of those staffing the Fair booth. The Kitsap Asthma Coalition       Advisory Council member
                  shares Secondhand Smoke issues with us and will provide members to help staff.           (Parents/Families)
                  Janet was very positive about the ―Blow Bubbles Not Smoke‖ banner and bubble             Advisory Council member
                  handouts. We need to construct the booth so that people can circulate easily inside.     (Native Americans, Health
                  Displays will include asthma facts, an asthma survey, a dining guide in a fancy                                         3
                  restaurant place setting, a high chair with tray piled with cigarettes ―If you smoke     Providers/Organizations)
                  around your child, they can inhale the equivalent of 102 packs of cigarettes by age
                  5‖, and a walking Dust Mite or Ciggy Butts with quitline cards to hand out. Carol        Advisory Council member
                  Bruce got a high chair. Barbara is contacting the Liquor Control Board to get            (Tobacco Prev Staff)
                  confiscated cigarettes for the highchair display.Strategic Planning: Melinda Harmon      Advisory Council member
                  presented the Strategic Plan process sought by the Department of Health. This is                                        1
                                                                                                           (ESD Staff)
                  designed to help us make planning longer range and help implement policy change
                  rather than simple activity. She passed out a one-page handout on the                    Advisory Council member
                  process/timeline and asked for feedback from the TFKC Coalition. Coalition               (Law Enforcement)
                  members agreed that the Health Distirct should begin to look at data and indicators
                  and begin the prioritization process and bring back to the Coalition for discussion at   Advisory Council member
                  the August and September meetings. Members are asked to brainstorm names of              (Health Care                   2
                  stakeholders to be involved in a larger meeting for the Fall.Hands Off Halloween:        Providers/Organizations)
                  Mary Ellen de la Pena could not be present, but asked Coalition members to mark          Advisory Council member
                  their calendars for Saturday, October 30th. We will once again be gathering teams        (Native Americans, Social
                  of youth and adults to visit stores across Kitsap County and assess the availability                                    3
                  and advertising messages for tobacco and alcohol products. This event always gets        providers/organizations)
                  good reviews from participants. Distinct advertising and product placement
                  improvements have been seen since the beginning of this project.Youth: Amanda            Other (Describe in Activity
                  Scott-Thomas gave an overview of recent youth activities in the Bremerton School         Journal)
                  District and through the Housing Authority. She and teams of youth will be delivering
                  plaques to local smoke-free restaurants this summer.Secondhand Smoke and
                  Apartment Housing: Barbara Smithson reported that Kitsap has continued to partner
                  with nearby Pierce County to work on housing issues. A survey of 250 residents
                  was completed last month with specific information on the housing options most
                  preferred. Good data will help Kitsap County Housing Authority move forward,
                  especially on smoke-free senior housing.

                  Present: Chris Zipperer, S‘Klallam Tribe Mary Ellen de la Pena, Kitsap Co.Kimberly
                  Thornhill, Penn. Com. Health Wendy Jones, School Nurse Corps ESD 114 Janet
                  Mano, Navy Health Promotion Robin Evans-Agnew, Lung AssociationMichelle
                  Dower, OESD 114 Barbara Hoffman, Suquamish Tribe Barbara Smithson, Health
                  Dist/SHS People introduced themselves. On the agenda: Kitsap County Fair:
                  Wendy Jones shared a schedule of those staffing the Fair booth. She is looking for
                  additional volunteers. Asthma Coalition members will be helping as well. Janet
                  requested that some ―key messages‖ be e-mailed out to those staffing before the
                  Fair. Barb Hoffman will share some secondhand smoke messages she has
                  outlined.Janet brought her mock-up of the exhibit. The lime green color was eye-
                  catching and should help organize Secondhand smoke and Asthma subject areas.
                  The group was enthusiastic about the Blow Bubbles Not Smoke and ―Don‘t Let
                  Secondhand Smoke Hurt Kitsap Kids‖ themes on the banner. Because many
                  members have pooled money for the Fair we can afford to do T-shirts that identify
                  us. Barb Smithson will be responsible for ordering a lime green with purple printing
                  design that uses the ―Don‘t Let Secondhand Smoke Hurt Kitsap Kids‖ logo. Barb S.
                  and others have ordered promotional items from the Department of Health
                  clearinghouse that we hope to have on hand to give away (posters, postcards,

brochures, stickers, coloring books). Wendy suggested sugar free bubble gum from
Costco. A number of people will label miniature bottles of bubbles with a ―Blow
Bubbles Not Smoke‖ message. Barb Hoffman and others will help hot glue a mound
of cigarettes to the high chair for part of our display with the tag line: ―If you smoke
around your child, they can inhale the equivalent of 102 packs of cigarettes by age
5‖.It would be nice to hold an incentive drawing for people filling out the asthma
survey. A bowl with poker chips or marked candies was suggested as a way to give
―instant‖ results to participants. We have enough $10 grocery cards to give away
three each day.Hands Off Halloween: We will once again be gathering teams of
youth and adults to visit stores across Kitsap County and assess the availability for
tobacco and alcohol products and advertising messages. Mary Ellen de la Pena
asked Coalition members to mark their calendars for Saturday, October 30th. Adults
may work alone to assess the larger chain stores.Mary Ellen feels that we‘ve
created a great format and nothing major needs to be changed. The ESD, tribes,
and Health District all want to send teams. It was agreed that a portion of the
September meeting would focus on Hands Off Halloween planning so that we
wouldn‘t have to have a separate meeting.

Present: Chris Zipperer, S‘Klallam Tribe Mary Ellen de la Pena, Kitsap Co.Kimberly
Thornhill, Penn. Com. Health Wendy Jones, School Nurse Corps ESD 114 Melinda
Harmon, Health Dist Janet Mano, Navy Health Promotion Kim Burkey, Lung
Association Amanda Scott-Thomas, Health Dist/ YouthMichelle Dower, OESD 114
Barbara Hoffman, Suquamish Tribe Barbara Smithson, Health Dist/SHS Karen
Boysen-Knapp, Health Dist/Cessation Sarah Miller, Am Cancer Society People
introduced themselves. On the agenda:Kitsap County Fair: The Fair Booth co-
sponsored with Kitsap Asthma Coalition was very successful. Barb brought photos
of the exhibit. Many thanks to Janet Mano for Fair-goers were attracted by the lime
green & black color scheme and the T shirts with ―Don‘t Let Secondhand Smoke
Hurt Kitsap Kids‖ logo. The cigarette piled high chair has already brought in other
requests for display. Janet and Wendy will take a display of our booth to the national
Chest Conference in Seattle.There was positive feedback on how interactive the
booth was and that youth were great volunteers. Favorite incentives included the
Peak flow challenge, Butts poster, and Smoking Bugs Me bracelets. Chris Zipperer
will sign letters for youth portfolios/community service requirements. Mary Ellen is
open to helping sponsor a booth through her County status next year which would
help with costs.It was proposed that we challenge the County Commissioners on
smoking at the Fair. The venue is geared for families and emphasizes wholesome
fun, but secondhand smoke hangs outside buildings and the Rodeo is sponsored by
tobacco companies. Melinda, Barbara, and Sarah agreed to work on a letter. Karen
noted that a Rodeo toolkit is available to help counter sponsorship.Great American
Smokeout: For smoke-free autos, Janet has purchased a bubble machine and is
using the Blow Bubbles Not Smoke message alongside a decorated car. Karen and
Janet will head up a display at the Mall for Great American Smoke Out in
November. Sarah has warned us that ACS no longer funds incentive items so we
should look elsewhere.Hands Off Halloween: We will have teams of youth and
adults visit stores across Kitsap County to assess tobacco and alcohol products and
advertising messages on October 30th. The group reviewed a survey form and
discussed which organizations will have teams. Michelle can fund some on-site
participation by prevention specialists. The Health District can provide give-aways
such as bubbles and posters. Registration forms were handed out. Please confirm
your participation with Mary Ellen (337-4878) as soon as possible. Mary Ellen
referenced a study just published in Tobacco Control showing that stores where
adolescents shopped frequently contained almost three times more marketing
materials for Marlboro, Camel, and Newport (the most popular youth brands), and
significantly more shelf space devoted to these brands. Henriksen et al. 13 (3) 315 -
- Tobacco Control.Michelle observed that HOH results can be best used by local
residents where they shop.S‘Klallam Youth Programs: Chris reviewed how they had
reorganized summer youth programs. Tribal departments took responsibility for
programming Mon-Thur. Environmental, Health Education, Physical Activity and
Cultural programming were very successful. 84 kids total registered and an average
of 20 primary and 14 9-13 year-olds attended each day. DOH Strategic Planning
Process: Melinda reviewed the timeline for the process. We will plan a Decision
Makers‘ Forum by early November to review the gathered data and initial
recommendations. A core planning group stayed from 10-11 to review analysis and

Tobacco Free Kitsap County CoalitionMeeting MinutesOctober 5, 2004Present: Gay
Neal, Youth Commission Chris Zipperer, Pt Gamble S‘Klallam Melinda Harmon,
Health District Kim Burkey, American Lung Assoc. Mary Ellen de la Pena, KC Prev.
Services Barbara Smithson, Health Dist.Shelley Rose, Health Dist. Sarah Miller,
American Cancer SocKaren Boysen-Knapp, Health District Barbara Hoffman,
Suquamish TribeWendy Jones, School Nurse Corps Janet Mano, Naval Hospital
.Hands Off Halloween: Mary Ellen reports 9 teams currently ready to do this
exercise in point of sale merchandizing and advertising, but forms are slow getting
in. It‘s important for team leaders to know the geographical areas. Janet‘s team will
do Navy. Shelley will do a team. Norma Barnett is a PI in CK and has teams. We
would welcome more people. Mary Ellen shared a recent cartoon about industry
manipulation. Roberta Kowald will be the trainer for the teams. County Fair letter:
We had agreed to write a letter about our experience of smoke at the fair. Three of
us edited this. People thought it was well done. Janet asked to correct the omission
of the Naval Hospital. She also suggested putting a direct request in first paragraph:
―We‘re writing this letter to express our concern about lack of tobacco policy at KC
fair‖. Karen noted that she had attended a totally smoke free rock concert at the WW
state fair in Puyallup. November 13th Saturday at the Mall: This is a great way to get
the community to know we exist. We‘re counting on youth to help put this on. Times
are 10 am –7 pm. Karen will do set-up and Janet take-down. Stuff: Butts are gross
poster and materials to promote Great American Smokeout. 3 tables will be set up.
This is a great opportunity to come work with youth. We will have the high chair
piled with cigarettes to underline the message not to smoke at home or in cars.
Sarah will ask ACS media person how they could pitch story around GAS and our
Nov. 13th Mall event. Send Sarah photo and contacts. Joint Health Conference in
Wenatchee: Barbara up-dated us on the Joint Health Conference. Tobacco
presentations included a Pierce County update on the Public Places Smoke Free
Ban. Their case before the State Supreme Court will be heard on November 16th
and transportation is available from Tacoma. Barb did a very successful
presentation on smoke free apartments.Up-dates from group: Sarah will have Great
American Smokeout packets by Monday. Please email her request. Materials
include a CD. She has been getting a lot of information on FDA regulation of
tobacco. ACS advocates passage of this bill. Others have disagreed, pointing out
that Philip Morris is benefiting from this law. Youth Advocacy Training 10-2:30 OC
Rotunda on October 11th. Columbus Day Holiday for South Kitsap, Bremerton, and
Central Kitsap schools. There are 80 people already signed up. Adults bring teams
of youth, so everyone learns together. Melinda said her daughter learned a lot last
year. This will help give us momentum for the next step, forming a youth congress.
Youth councils by area or school are being piloted by local Parks & Rec. Adults are
trained, plan a youth summit (tentatively Jan 29 Presidents Hall). Youth Councils
can apply for funds for activities they have developed.. Funding might be about
$5,000 per school dist over 3 year period. Ideal would be to cooperate, also
leverage community funding.ACS March 3rd Celebration /Mini Relay. Event will
include cancer survivors and advocates. They will talk to legislators about targeted
issues. Gay would like copy for Advoacy trainingStrategic Planning Forum Nov 16th
for Tobacco Plan at Givens: Purpose is to showcase current work and look ahead to
policy development and prevention. Powerpoint presentation will look at priorities
and data. We‘ll use the Givens‘ Kitsap Room from 8-10 am. We‘re seeking a
speaker on policy—what it is --not just ordinances. There should be time for small
group discussion. Melinda read list of invitees. Letter will be sent that asks for
RSVP.Next meeting Nov 2

Tobacco Free Kitsap County CoalitionMeeting MinutesNovember 2, 2004Present:
Chris Zipperer, Pt Gamble S‘Klallam Janet Mano, Naval Hospital Kimberly Thornhill,
Peninsula Com. Serv. Mary Ellen de la Pena, KC Prev. Barbara Smithson, Health
District Wendy Jones, School Nurse CorpsKaren Boysen-Knapp, Health District
Barbara Hoffman, Suquamish TribeMichelle Dower, OESD 114 .Hands Off
Halloween: Mary Ellen reports that 44 people (12 adults and 32 youth) participated
last Saturday in this retail and advertising check. Schools were better represented
than ever (Norma and Cheryl from the ESD were great). There were 110 stores
visited—about 85% of the possible 140 retailers holding tobacco and liquor licenses.
Only 9% of stores still had ―self-serve‖ cigarette displays and 2% sold cigarettes as
singles. Stores to recognize or follow-up with include: Walgreens, which provides
Nicotine Replacement coupons with tobacco sales. Wendy followed up and reports
this is given out when a customer purchases cigarettes by the carton. Outstanding
revues were given to: Walt‘s on Bainbridge Island, Southworth Grocery, Port

Gamble General Store and the Mini Mart in Jackson Park. Awards will be presented
on November 22 at 10 am at the Commissioners‘ meeting. Participating youth would
be great to have on hand. Mary Ellen will be sending out a press release, and Janet
will focus one for the Navy.Mary Ellen was applauded for her persistence and
patience is nurturing this community project.Olympic College Health Fair: Health
District staff provided information on quitting and the dangers of secondhand smoke
at the college‘s health fair. A number of students left their names as interested in
pursuing a smoke-free campus. Coalition members would like to review the 2003
student survey results from the college and get to talk to Laurie Adamson. Could
she be especially invited to the next meeting?County Fair letter: We had written a
letter to the County Commissioners and Fair Board about revising smoking at the
fair. There has been no response. Barb Smithson will check with the
Commissioners‘ Office.November 13th Saturday at the Mall: Times are 10 am –7
pm. Karen Boysen-Knapp will do set-up, Shelley Rose, Navy personnel, and youth
volunteers will help staff and Janet Mano will do take down. We‘ll be in the J.C.
Penney Court.Navy Focus on Tobacco for November: Janet explained that the
entire month of November (not just Great American SmokeOut) will be used to
emphasize messages on quitting and avoiding secondhand smoke. Projects include
―adopting‖ smokers, quit kits, a breakfast, fun walk, a letter from the Commanding
Officer and bulletin boards.Port Gamble S‘Klallam Tribe does similar activities
during S‘Klallam Commit to Quit.Up-dates from group: Educational Service District
114: Michelle Dower up-dated the group on a new ½ time Tobacco Prevention
Specialist position they are hiring. This person‘s tobacco focus will be added to
Michelle‘s tobacco hours to make up the 1 FTE requirement as a Department of
Health contractor. The new position will replace tobacco hours currently filled by two
staff who coordinate prevention/intervention efforts in Clallam and
Jefferson.Western Washington State Fair: Barb Smithson showed positive
comments from Kitsap residents on why ―I love a Smoke Free Pierce County‖.
Thank you to Pierce County Health Department staff for sharing these with us. The
group decided we‘d like to do something similar when we go to the Mall. Janet will
design and display ―Why I love Smoke Free Air‖ comment forms for November 13th
at the Mall and display them at the Strategic Forum.Family Night Focus on
Strengths: Mary Ellen de la Pena shared a Saturday November 20th display 2-6 pm
at the Mall. The ―Family Night‖ theme focuses on fun and communication. She
suggested that materials on how to talk to your kids about smoking would be
appropriate. The Health District will contribute ―Teach Her to Blow Bubbles Not
Smoke‖ posters.Strategic Planning Forum Nov 16th for Tobacco Planning: The
Health District is inviting the Coalition and interested community members to look
ahead at policy development and prevention on November 16th. This will finalize
work the Coalition did in October. We‘ll use the Givens‘ Kitsap Room from 8-10 am.
Carrie Nyssen from the American Lung Association will speak on policy—what
changes community norms--not just ordinances. We‘ll look forward to seeing
everyone there.Next meeting, December 2nd

Present: Chris Zipperer, Pt Gamble S‘Klallam Yvette Avila, Lung Association
Melinda Harmon, Health District Mary Ellen de la Pena, KC Prev. Barbara Smithson,
Health District Wendy Jones, School Nurse CorpsKaren Boysen-Knapp, Health
District Amy Manchester Harris, Dept. of HealthMichelle Dower, OESD 114
Introductions: Chris Zipperer called the meeting to order. Brief introductions were
made around the table. Amy Manchester Harris was on hand from the Washington
State Department of Health, where she is coordinating a State Asthma Plan. She
had attended the morning‘s Asthma Coalition meeting and been briefed on our work
with asthma, secondhand smoke, and this summer‘s Fair Exhibit. Yvette Avila also
introduced herself. She will replace Kim Burkey at the Lung Association and will
attend TFKC meetings regularly. Hands Off Halloween is our community effort to
reach local retailers about tobacco and alcohol marketing practices. This year
youth/adult teams were trained and visited almost 150 stores on October 30th. The
―Halloween‖ part of the name comes from beer companies advertising this as a
drinking holiday, but the problem of pushing adult products at children continues
year ‗round. Mary Ellen shared press coverage on this year‘s event. Both the Sun
and Kitsap Newspaper Group published stories. The Port Orchard Independent
featured a full color photo of a local store display of a football teddy bear with
COORS shoulder pads. Conversations with store managers are a key strategy
along with recording where products are placed and what kind-of-point of sale
advertising is used. In November four outstanding stores were recognized at a
meeting of the county commissioners. One of those store managers was quoted: ―It
didn‘t take us that much extra work.‖ Mary Ellen wanted to discuss how to move

HOH from a once a year event to a more continuous effort. She commented that
over and over again on evaluations she hears, ―Why do we only do this once a
year?‖ She would like to do more conversations with managers throughout the year
by working with other Tobacco Free Kitsap members. What do people think of each
committing to check a group of stores on a beat— we could use courtesy cards that
have been developed to rank stores on alcohol placement, tobacco placement, and
forms of advertising. We could approach 5 stores each and have a conversation
with the manager. Barb and Mary Ellen volunteered to develop a script for visits.
Melinda said that Shelley Rose was in contact with stores often doing compliance
checks and could assist. Since it wouldn‘t be Halloween, we would identify
ourselves as a community program working with the tobacco and alcohol issue.
Yvette Avilla from the Lung Association was introduced and brought a legislative up-
date from Carrie Nyssen. A State Supreme court decision on the constitutionality of
Pierce County‘s Smoke Free ordinance is expected in March or April. The Lung
Association will continue to approach the legislature with a state-wide bill for smoke-
free public places as well. If a statewide bill is not passed, a citizen‘s initiative is the
next logical step. Yvette graduated from Central Washington University and started
at the Lung Association as an intern, working on the state asthma plan. In her new
position she will be handling training for the peer education program Teens Against
Tobacco Use (TATU). There was a NOT youth cessation training 6 months ago, it
remains to be seen if Yvette will be involved in this. The Strategic Planning Forum
on November 16th was very successful. The comments were valuable and
highlighted youth advocacy, cessation and secondhand smoke. There was
discussion of getting into worksites and using an employee wellness model. We got
a lot of information quickly. The S‘Klallam tribe is doing a mini version of strategic
planning although it is not required. ESD Strategic Plan: The Educational Service
District‘s strategic plan was passed through their Safe & Drug Free Advisory Board.
Key elements include: Improve Tobacco free School Policies; Increase Youth
Educated About Harms of Tobacco Use (curriculum such as Project Alert to all
students); Staff Support for Tobacco Free Messages; Parents Receive Tobacco
Free Messages (under this component, intervention staff will contribute tobacco
information to school newsletters 3x per year.

Present: Chris Zipperer, Pt Gamble S‘Klallam Barbara Hoffman, Suquamish Tribe
Melinda Harmon, Health District Mary Ellen de la Pena, KC Prev. Barbara Smithson,
Health District Wendy Jones, School Nurse CorpsKaren Boysen-Knapp, Health
District Eric Anderson, Harrison HospitalSarah Miller, American Cancer Society
Janet Mano, Naval HospitalIntroductions: Chris Zipperer called the meeting to order.
Brief introductions were made around the table. Eric Anderson from Harrison
Hospital‘s respiratory care department was able to attend. Educating Stores: We are
continuing to work on expanding Hands Off Halloween‘s approach to educating
retailers about point of sale practices for tobacco & alcohol. Mary Ellen suggested
that we see who would be interested in approaching a single store as a customer,
potential customer or community member to share information. Our ―testers‖
are:Ralph's Red Apple - Michelle Indianola Country Store - ChrisDaily Stop -
Barbara S. Albertson's (Sedgwick) - JanetSilverdale Market - Mary Ellen Bangor
Base Exchange - Barbara H.Barbara will send a sample script/guidelines that will
outline an approach. Our intention is to both compliment what stores do well and
remind them of what they might do better to meet community expectations.Poulsbo:
Barbara briefed members on the city of Poulsbo‘s interest in smoke-free ordinances.
Mayor Bruce is willing to move forward but wants to wait until the Legislature and
State Supreme Court have acted this spring. One suggestion for the interim was a
―Consideration Campaign‖ to educate the public and downtown merchants. An ad
campaign might use a theme like ―Breathe Easy in Poulsbo‖. Health District
Strategic Plan: The H.D. tobacco program‘s strategic plan has been submitted to the
state Department of Health. Many thanks to Coalition members who assisted with
this and the Community Forum in November. Based on input from community
partners and staff, there will be a continued emphasis on building diverse
community support for tobacco control. There will also be continued emphasis on
tobacco free community norms through youth advocacy efforts. It‘s important to
gather data and assess our progress. Information taken from birth certificates, the
Health Youth school survey and the adult Behavioral Risk Factor survey can help us
track our progress. We will allow extra time for a discussion about planning in
February‘s agenda.


Tobacco Free Kitsap County CoalitionMeeting MinutesFebruary 1, 2005Present:
Chris Zipperer, Port Gamble S‘Klallam Barbara Hoffman, Suquamish Tribe Karen
Bright, Pen Com Health Services Mary Ellen de la Pena, KC Prev. Barbara
Smithson, Health District Wendy Jones, School Nurse CorpsKaren Boysen-Knapp,
Health District Roberta Kowald, Health DistrictJanet Mano, Naval Hospital Bridget
Robinson, Pen Com Health Delisha Durham, Pen Com Health Services Carol
Bruce, Oral Health, KCHD Cheryl Lancaster, Group Health Yvette Avila, Lung
AssociationIntroductions: Chris Zipperer called the meeting to order. Brief
introductions were made around the table. Port Orchard clinic coordinator Cheryl
Lancaster will be coming to represent Group Health. Pharmacist Karen Bright,
administrative support Bridget Robinson and physician assistant Delisha Durham
will be attending for Peninsula Community Health Services and are interested in
creating cessation support programs for staff and clients. Roberta Kowald greeted
old friends and introduced herself to new faces. She is currently finishing some
contract work with student tobacco and media programs for the Health
District.Educating Stores: Several people had agreed to expand our Hands Off
Halloween approach to stores about marketing tobacco & alcohol to kids. Janet had
handed out praise at the Sedgewick /Sidney Albertsons. They keep tobacco
products locked up and behind a separate counter. Janet had also offered
congratulations at Walt‘s on Bainbridge. Chris reported that the Indianola Store was
an easy stop and the conversation was pleasant. Karen Boysen-Knapp reported a
giant beer company gorilla at the McWilliams Road Safeway Store. Several
members agreed to stop by or look next time they were in the store and comment to
the manager. The Superbowl is Sunday, so we should be aware of future
promotions aimed at sports events and other holidays. Cheryl mentioned Cinco de
Mayo.Youth Celebration at the Mall: is scheduled for the weekend of April 30 & May
1st. Mary Ellen explained how a focus on substance abuse has evolved to a focus
on positive youth development, using the Developmental Asset model. We are
looking for activity leaders among teens/young adults to work with younger kids and
parents at this year‘s event. Popular interactive tables could include face painting,
bubbles, our high chair display or decorated car with the ―Blow Bubbles Not Smoke‖
theme. Barb will explore whether the CKHS Key Club can helpJanet would like to
have young Navy personnel assist but we new talking points for our volunteers.
Windy, Janet and Barb will work on this.We can provide educational materials as
well for the Children‘s Dental Health event at the Mall on February 13th and Smile
Rescuers at the Peninsula Community Health Services parking lot on Armed Forces
Day in Bremerton. Cessation: Karen Boysen-Knapp discussed the new cessation
help for young adults 18-29 years old. ―Stick It to Kick It‖ offers help from the Quit
Line (877-270-STOP) and free counseling and nicotine replacement for this age
group as long as funding allows. See attached ad. There will be a workshop on
―Using Motivational Interviewing in Challenging Settings‖ open to all coalition
members in SeaTac on March 2nd.Mini Grant: We discussed a mini-grant for World
No Tobacco Day (May 31st) which could focus on Medical Professionals. Both
Karens, Barb, Janet, Delisha and Mary Ellen agreed to meet to work on this
between 8 & 9 am on February 8th at the Health District. The idea would be to
feature individual agency‘s staff who have successfully quit.Janet noted that not
every quitter wants a formal cessation program. She‘s prepared a ―Quit Kit‖ that
includes a journal, straw, brochures and business card. We could generate good
publicity by asking for quitter‘s success stories.Mary Ellen mentioned the Youth
Mentor Pledge Walk March 12th at the Mall to raise money for their endowment
fund.Barbara Hoffman had information on the proposed citizen‘s initiative to make
public areas including bar and restaurants smoke free.

Present:Barbara Hoffman, Suquamish Tribe; Mary Ellen de la Pena, KC Prev.
Barbara Smithson, Health District; Wendy Jones, School Nurse CorpsKaren
Boysen-Knapp, Health District; Roberta Kowald, Health District; Janet Mano, Naval
Hospital; Bridget Robinson, Pen Com Health Introductions were made along with a
request to share a story about someone they‘d known or worked with who‘d
smoked/tried to quit. The stories ranged from the boss who had one cigarette in the
ash tray, one in his mouth, and then started to light another… …to digging in the
flower bed for discarded butts during a frantic search for a smoke. The common
theme was how serious this addiction is.Youth Celebration: Mary Ellen discussed
the Mall event to be held April 30 and May 1st. A small vehicle could be the
centerpiece of a SHS focus –Carol has a PT Cruiser if Janet can‘t find a
Volkswagon bug. Set up would be Thursday evening (Teen Fest Big Bad Bash) on
the playground end of the Mall. Car windows could be soaped to look smoky and a
motto like You Smoke I‘ll Croak featured. Tables should include information on Blow

Bubbles Not Smoke, EPA smoke free home pledge, 1st Hand Lesson in 2nd Hand
Smoke, Best thing You can do for Your Kids and the AAP brochure. Group wants
give-aways or posters. There will be interactive things at Center Court. Other
suggestions included: skeletal smoker and an easel with message. Quit line info –
cards should go into take-home bags. Promote ―Stick it to Kick it‖ free nicotine
replacement for 18-29yr olds. Matchbooks coming from state. World No Tobacco
Day May 31: Grant application has been submitted by a team led by Karen Boysen-
Knapp. The focus this year is on health professionals. Barb, Janet, Delisha, and
Karen came up with campaign to highlight individuals in health care who can tell
their stories with a self-portrait to go up in waiting rooms. Stories are personal and
powerful. We want to target specific clinics /organizations by picturing their staff.
Karen suggested visual cues to get patients to talk, Buttons on staff might say, ―I
Quit-- You Can Too.‖ The goals are to educate professionals on the power of their
role in intervention and then educate clients about tobacco cessation. Supplies for
button making and poster graphics would be payed for by $2000 mini-grant. We
want to target chemical dependency providers –Janet will talk to Kitsap Mental
Health and Karen will get list from Mary Ellen of chemical providers. We want to do
this even if we don‘t get grant $. A sample ―kit‖ should be provided describing the
project and putting out materials. Legislative recognition: We want to honor Senator
Bob Oke who has been such a local champion for statewide tobacco legislation.
Currently his anti-tobacco sampling bill is still in front of the House Rules
Committee. Could we give him a plaque from the Coalition for life-long
accomplishment? We could do something when the session is over or maybe on
World No Tobacco Day, May 31st. . Mary Ellen will check with his staff, since his
health has been suffering. Could ACS help us buy the plaque? Barb will ask. Bridget
will look for appropriate quotes on leadership.County Fair: Janet wanted to talk
about a booth at Fair for the week of August 23rd -- last year was our first, very
successful time. This was a joint effort with the Asthma Coalition. . Up-Dates: Karen
showed flyers for ―Stick it to Kick it‖ paycheck stuffers. She will order more for those
who need them. Mart Ellen is doing pledge walk on morning of March 12th for the
Youth Mentor program. This happens the same day as the Youth Congress. $10 fee
goes directly to Endowment. Additional pledge gathering is optional. Olympic
College‘s trustees have passed a resolution to make their campus smoke free
except at designated smoking shelters by fall of 2005. This addresses the issue of
smokers outside doors of classrooms. Barb referred to the successful postcard
campaign at Western Washington State Fair. This might be a way to address getting
a smoke-free campus for our fair. Will people be here for an April 5 (Spring Break)
Coalition Meeting? Barb will check with Coalition members to get a consensus
about the 5th vs. the12th. We‘ll notify everyone in case of a change of date.

Present: Mary Ellen de la Pena,Prevention Services; Janet Mano, Naval Hospital;
Roberta Kowald, Kitsap County Health District; Bridgett Robinson, Peninsula
Community Health Services; Delisha Durham, Peninsula Community Health
Services;Wendy Jones, School Nurse Coordinator ESD 114; Michelle Dower, ESD
114;Karen Boysen-Knapp, Kitsap County Health District. The coalition is pleased
and grateful for Mary Ellen de la Pena‘s offer to be interim chair for the duration of
Chris Zipperer‘s term. Thank you Mary Ellen! Kitsap Mall events report: (TeenFest
and Youth Celebration) Janet Mano‘s Secondhand Smoke car was a hit at both the
Teenfest and Youth Celebration held last weekend at the Kitsap Mall. Messages on
the car included ―Blow Bubbles Not Smoke‖ and ―You Smoke, I Croak‖. Roberta
staffed a table at Teenfest and reports feedback from youth was great! The coalition
also had an informational table at the Youth Celebration. A special thank you to
Roberta, Wendy, Bridget, and Gina who also helped staff the event. Mary Ellen
reports she got pictures. Kitsap Mall was supportive of both events. Its Time for
Kitsap Kids is considering a change in the yearly youth celebration event.
Discussion regarding the future of the events took place. Rather than staffing a two-
day event, health and human services partners are exploring other possibilities that
may be less labor intensive. Perhaps a Kiosk for health promotion in the mall?
Empty shop window displays? More on this in the future – will ad as an agenda item
for the next meeting. Award for Bob Oke: Discussion led by Mary Ellen on
recognition by the coalition for State Senator Bob Oke and his work on anti-tobacco
issues. Mary Ellen will check with the Senator‘s staff on possibility of presenting a
plaque at a lunch or office location. Roberta will check on the health district as a
location. Michelle, Janet, Wendy volunteered to be part of the presentation.
Discussed idea of press release and presentation of plaque to coincide with World
No Tobacco Day on May 31st. Karen will check on ordering the plaque.Update: This
event will now not take place until August. ―I Quit – You Can Too‖ project update:

Janet Mano shared materials she had made (buttons, flyers) to promote the ―I Quit –
You Can Too‖ project. Unfortunately, the coalition was not awarded a World No
Tobacco Day grant for the project. Project members have decided to forge ahead,
and put together a toolkit for healthcare providers to use in their own practices to
encourage their patients to quit tobacco. Hopes are that the toolkits will be ready to
distribute as part of World No Tobacco Day. This years distribution list includes:
Health District (Karen B-K)), Kitsap Recovery Center (Mary Ellen), Peninsula
Community Health Services (Medical – Delisha/Karen Bright). Also possibilities
were Respiratory Care at Harrison Hospital and Kitsap Mental Health. Smoke Free
Sunday, May 15th: Roberta and Karen BK shared information on the upcoming
―Smoke Free Sunday‖ event sponsored by the Washington State Dept. of Health.
Residents across the state are being urged to support smoke-free dining by
patronizing local smoke-free restaurants. Visit
for more information and a local listing of smoke-free restaurants. Kitsap County
Fair:Discussion held on plans for a double booth at this summer‘s Kitsap County
Fair.The booth will be shared by both the Tobacco Free coalition and the Asthma
coalition. Ideas include asthma triggers and screening with peak flow tool area,
activity table for young children and media literacy area with activity for youth.
(―Brick Wall – What‘s Your Anti msg‖). Think Tobacco Free Kids bracelets would be
good incentive for participation in an activity. Discussed orientation (via email?) on
talking points for volunteers working the booth, as well as providing certificates for
youth who volunteer. Group Updates: Wendy – Kitsap Children‘s Clinic has put
together a team to ―Blow the Whistle on Asthma‖ and are participating in the Asthma
Walk sponsored by the American Lung Association, Saturday, May 7th in Tacoma.
Wendy will send coalition members an email with more information.Michelle - ―Safe
and Drug Free schools‖ meeting with Mary Ellen-Healthy Youth Survey results being
evaluated. Karen BK - Handouts: ―Smoke Free Sunday‖ info―DOH prevents tobacco
industry marketing to young adults with groundbreaking concert partnership‖ news
release. ―What‘s New on the Road to Clean Air‖ update from DOH. ―Survey Results:
Secondhand Smoke & Affordable Housing‖

Tobacco Free Kitsap County Coalition Meeting Minutes, June 7, 2005Present:
Yvette Avila, American Lung Association; Kelly Baze, Port Gamble S‘Klallam Tribe;
Karen Boysen-Knapp, Health District; Carol Bruce, Oral Health Program
KCHD,Mary Ellen de la Pena, KC Prevention Services; Michelle Dower, ESD 114;
Melinda Harmon, Health District; Hope Harris, OutKitsap; Barbara Hoffman,
Suquamish Tribe;Wendy Jones, ESD 114 Nurse Corp; Roberta Kowald, Health
District; Janet Mano, Naval Hospital; Bridget Robinson, Peninsula Community
Health Services; Barbara Smithson, Health District. Welcome and Good-bye:
Welcome to Kelly Baze, Port Gamble S‘klallam Tribe health educator, Hope Harris,
OutKitsap and Roberta Kowald, Health District (Coalition, Youth Advocacy and
Secondhand Smoke) . Thanks and farewell to Barbara Smithson, who has taken a
new job in Injury Prevention at the Health District. Smoke Free Housing Report:
Barbara Smithson shared the published report. Major findings include a clear
opinion that people are being exposed to second hand smoke in their homes, and
that they want smoke free housing. There is a keen sense that SHS can cause
harm. Residents, including those that smoke, are in favor of having smoke free
housing available. Half of all smokers do not smoke inside their own homes.
Discussion regarding the next step. What do we do with what we‘ve learned? Ideas
included creating educational posters with the local data. We will make this topic an
agenda item for the July coalition meeting. ―I Quit – You Can Too‖ Campaign: Janet
and Karen reported on World No Tobacco Day centered outreach to several
healthcare providers in the area. ―I Quit – You Can Too‖ informational kits were
distributed to Naval Hospital, Health District clinic, Kitsap Mental Health, Kitsap
Recovery Center, Spectrum School Based Health Clinic, and Peninsula Community
Health Services Medical and Dental Clinics. Response to the kit was smaller than
expected. Efforts to reach both traditional and non-traditional healthcare providers
will continue. Kitsap County Fair: Janet and Wendy led discussion on progress of
plans for asthma and tobacco coalition booth at the fair August 24-28, 2005. Theme
of ―Breathe Easier – 100% Smoke Free‖ was agreed upon, and a banner and
window clings with the theme will be produced. The booth will include sections on
asthma, secondhand smoke and a youth activity (making pinwheels – Susie
Hamilton from the asthma coalition will develop this). Wendy will coordinate the
volunteer schedule and has put out a request for youth involvement. Karen will write
up guidelines for sharing cessation resource information with the public. Hope Harris
will look for loan of a big screen tv. A sub-committee meeting has been scheduled
for Thursday, June 23rd @ 8:30 am at the health district. Collaborative Needs

                     Assessment: Tabled until July meeting. Mary Ellen will present at that time.
                     Announcements: Melinda – Teen Futures Media Conference, March 2006. Media
                     literacy conference; more information to follow. Melinda also passed around the
                     Washington State Dept. of Health Tobacco Prevention and Control Program
                     Progress Report and the Health District Annual Report. The Puget Sound Naval
                     Shipyard Health and Safety Fair will be held on June 22. Health District and Naval
                     Hospital will both be there. The NAACP Health Fair is scheduled for late September
                     at the Government Center. Michelle – The Youth Leadership Conference was held
                     on Friday, May 13th at the Island Lake Crista Camp. Kitsap, Jefferson, Clallam and
                     North Mason counties were all represented. 110 youth participated (target grades 7-
                     9). Speakers included Rick Bender and the ―Tobacco Monologues‖ were performed.
                     Hope Harris – OutKitsap is promoting its GLBTQ Youth Center. OutKitsap will have
                     its annual Pride Picnic this year at Evergreen Park in July.
C1.02 Youth          7/17/2004                                                                             Bremerton Junior High
Coalition/Advisory   Brief meeting with two Bremerton High School youth before deilvering 5 restaurant                                    2
                                                                                                           (Middle/junior high youth)
Board                plaques to Smoke-free establishments. Took pictures. Fun activity.
                                                                                                           Klahowya (High school
                     meeting w/Chris H. to plan for the coming yr. he's had one brief mtg w/new is         Other (Describe in Activity
                     person.                                                                                                              70
                                                                                                           Ridgetop Junior High
                     10/6/2004                                                                                                            0
                                                                                                           (Middle/junior high youth)
                     my first mtg w/this yrs SADD group. planned mtg for the 13th which will be a
                     recruitment mtg. announcements will be made, menu planned for mtg. discussed          South Kitsap High school
                     upcoming officer elections..                                                          (High school youth)
                                                                                                           Westpark Community
                     10/13/2004                                                                            Center (Elementary school      0
                     GREAT SADD MTG. 10 NEW MEMBERS. PASSED OUT INFO ON HOH                                youth)

                     great mtg. confirms the theory- food draws teens! 2 new interested comp. checkers.
                     More info on HOH and mall event. everyone to check cal. and sign up at next 2

                     great mtg today. firming up plans for anti-tobacco week, much discussion on to do a
                     skit or not. red anti-tobacco wristbands were a HUGE success.

                     made plans w/Amy for her to stop by to p/up supplies for t. wk.

                     tobacco wk didn't happen. Rescheduled for March. Gearing up for TATU.

                     Outlined training w/key students. 18 students signed up so far. Training this Fri.

                     Meet with leadership students and staff at Renaissance High School - alternative
                     school in Bremerton serving mostly high risk and at-risk students. Students needed
                     help designing a smoking survey for the school and requested help in strategizing
                     ways to move an informal smoking area. (This space is actually on county property
                     and we discussed ways to make this happen from a policy standpoint).

                     sadd mtg firming up tomorrow's activities for tobacco wk. 6 students present.

                     tobacco week in full swing. at sadd mtg reminded members of lunch shifts, what

                    students needed to do to receive freebies.

                    (Roberta Kowald) Youth Listserve started as youth coalition building activity.
                    Examining the challenges faced by youth coalitions, a regular listerve with action
                    activities once a month and then planned regional activities quarterly or half-yearly
                    seemed a way to overcome regular problems such as drop-out rate and
                    transportation. This month's action activity included a media literacy lesson and
                    action plan focusing on a recent Jane magazine cover advocating smoking as a way
                    to keep from breaking out. (true!) Youth action plan included addresses to write to
                    and a site to add to an existing petition.

                    members broke into tatu presentation groups to brainstorm what they want to
                    present to the 5th/6th grade classes. Discussed transportation issues. Need to have
                    back up food in case the person who was supposed to bring it forgets.

                    groups presented their tatu lessons. realized some needed more work. letters to go
                    to teachers next week.

                    met w/new stand advisor at klahowya. we'd met at the start of the school yr but due
                    to student emergencies, unable to meet again until today. plans made to change
                    group from stand to sadd and have informational/join up tables during lunches.

                    skhs sadd mtg. sadd conf wk end of 4/29. tatu readiness discussed. hoping to hear
                    from teachers soon.

                    skhs sadd mtg. discussed membership for next yr,ideas for recruiting- most
                    members seniors.

                    took lcb agent to the sadd mtg at skhs. spoke to 15 students about comp cks.

                    met with nkjrh tatu group. the teachers of the 6th graders that they spoke to sent
                    them the nicest comments and gifts. one class of 6th graders (each one of them)
                    sent their presenters thank you notes! recruited 17 students who are interested in
                    doing comp cks.

                    recruited for next yr. we had several interactive games which went over very well.
                    youth are really drawn in by gross items and of course, food! made plans for next yr.
                    khs has a new principal- need to make contact with him. would like to see the school
                    embrace the i.s. more.

                    Continued support for OutKitsap Youth group - a GLBTQAA group of 20 young
                    people between 14-21. Looking at changing secondhand smoke policy, secondhand
                    smoke events and will volunteer for secondhand and cessation display at Pride
                    picnic in July 2005. Are also plans to develop a central website in partnership with
                    health Disrtict to outreeach GLBTQAA smokers with secondhand smoke, cessation
                    and tobacco information.
C1.03.02 Regional   3/12/2005                                                                               Other (Describe in Activity
Youth Summit        (Roberta Kowald) Regional youth congress. Tableing and sign-up for regional                                           120
                    listserve for youth advocacy. Youth listserve started and continuing to grow. This
                    seems to be acheiving the goal of a youth coalition without the hassles of
                    transportation and attendance casualties that youth coalitions are fraught with. NB:

                     Number reached only reflects those who signed up for the listerve.

                     Regional Youth Leadership Summit as part of Kitsap chapter of National Youth
                     Congress. 100 youth attended and stopped by the health District anti-tobacco booth
                     for info0rmation on ow to get involved in tobacco and policy issues.
C1.04                5/1/2005                                                                              Other (Describe in Activity
State/Regional                                                                                                                            0
Meetings             9/29/2004
                                                                                                           Staff (Tobacco Prev Staff)     14
                     Regional meeting - Melinda, Barbara and Karen attend.

                     2 day Prevention Institute at the Tacoma Convention Center. Attended by 2 tobacco
                     staff and one Coaliton partner.

                     Regional Tobacco meeting attended by DOH staff, Roberta Kowald and Barb

                     Regional meeting, Port Angeles. Karen and Roberta attend.
C1.05                9/1/2004                                                                              Other (Describe in Activity
Meetings/Trainings   Secondhand Smoke & Environmental triggers working group at State Asthma Plan                                         22
- other              meeting, SeaTac. Work to ensure on-going acknowledgement of SHS impacts for
                     health professionals, public policy, public awareness.                                tobacco prevention staff
                                                                                                           (Tobacco Prev Staff)
                     Designing and Conducting Focus Groups training, Lacey. Attended by Barb
                     Smithson. Instructor Anne Gienapp, Oranization Research Services. Sponsored by
                     Thurston Co HD.

                     Conference call with Environmental triggers working group. Agreement on
                     importance of indoor environments, secondhand smoke, and on-going integration
                     with policies and community action on smoke-free public places.

                     BTIS Instructor update.

                     Conference call with Environmental triggers working group. Agreement that State
                     Asthma plan will address cooperative efforts on Secondhand Smoke. Tom
                     Wiedemann at DOH will review proposed measures & efforts with Tobacco Team.

                     (Roberta Kowald) Meet with both Washington State and Regional After-school
                     consortium. This group, (though one of the most powerful in the country in terms on
                     youth programming representing all youth program organizations in the region) has
                     been shockingly underserved in terms of Tobacco awareness and education
                     services. Many were unaware of any services provided by local health districts.

                     (Roberta Kowald) Met with regional After-school consortium. Ongoing contact with
                     local youth organizations with eye to educational support, capacity building and
                     ongoing formation of youth 'coalition' via listerve.

                 Great training on disparate communities.

                 Great opportunity to bring in a new community partner - OutKitsap, a local GLBTQA

                 Disparities training attended by Barbara Smithson and local community partners.
C1.07 Raising    11/1/2004                                                                                  Other (Describe in Activity
Awareness/Nat.   Great American Smokeout was also featured on the health district website and                                              3
Media Event      Support our Staff banner for the week leading up to the actual day.
                 11/13/2004 GREAT AMERICAN SMOKEOUT MALL EVENT. STUDENTS FROM                               Venue (Website)                2
                 American Smokeout was also featured on the health district website and Support
                 our Staff banner for the week leading up to the actual day.

                 11/17/2004 Sun article: Battle against tobacco use heats up. It is Nov. 16, two days
                 before the Great American Smokout, an annual event to promote quitting...And
                 about 25 tobacco fighters in Kitsap County discuss their ongoing war agains
                 perhaps the biggest death dealer in the country.

                 Faxed and emailed World No Tobacco Day grant application. Theme this year is
                 support of healthcare providers in tobacco cessation work - our theme title -I did it, I
                 believe you can too.

                 The Sun Newspaper (05/12/2005) published an article on the front page of the Sun
                 to include information on our comprehensive school based health clinic, which
                 includes our health education efforts in tobacco prevention. Each of the
                 professionals that work in the clinic spend a great deal of time, both individually and
                 in a group settings discussing tobacco prevention and cessation efforts for both
                 youth and staff at Spectrum Community School.

                 newspaper article in the Kitsap Sun. 3 local youth who are involved w/TATU, comp.
                 cks, and school SADD groups were interviewed re:why and what they did.

                 newspaper article in the NK Reporter. The reporter got the background info on
                 TATU and smoking and then observed a presentation to a 6th grade class.
C1.10 Support    4/11/2005                                                                                  community stakeholders
Local Data       The Healthy Youth Survey was conducted in the fall of 2004. Several school districts                                      5
Collection       participated including South Kitsap, North Kitsap, Central Kitsap, and Bainbridge
                 Island. We feel that we did get more participation than in the past,although we will       Other (Describe in Activity
                 need to do more marketing in 2006 to increase our participation rates for a valid          Journal)
                 county wide sample. In addition, KCHD did do a BRFSS in 2003 and the data was
                                                                                                            school district administrators
                 analyzed and provided to the community. Staff from KCHD have also participated in
                                                                                                            and principals (Stakeholders,
                 a county wide collaborative needs assessment where data was shared among key                                              5
                                                                                                            School or District
                 partners including DASA, WSLCB, the Community Health and Safety Network, the
                 Youth Commission, and the ESD. Recommendations have been made to several

                   groups in the community based on the data collected and the needs identified. The
                   collaborative needs assessment group meets on a regular basis to continue to
                   collaborate and develop programs based on the data. The Healthy Youth Survey will
                   continue to be used to develop priorities as identified in our Strategic Plan. We will
                   also work with the ESD on an ongoing basis to continue to market the Healthy
                   Youth Survey to schools and superintendents. We continue to discuss the benefits
                   of the survey and the tobacco data to key school and community leaders and the
                   need to collect and analyze data about our youth.
C1.12 DOH          8/9/2004                                                                                 Other (Describe in Activity
Conference Calls   Strategic Planning Conference call. The call was short, about half an hour. Carla,                                      0
                   Paul, and Stacey participated. They are eager that people get the process moving
                   since the deadline is December 31.Facilitation help is available from the TPRC.          Staff (Tobacco Prev Staff)     9
                   Wendy Nakasukasa-Ono can arrange for an outside facilitator, which allows
                   Tobacco Staff to be participants in a planning group. BRFFS data will finally be
                   released in the next week. Should come to you electronically, will also be on the
                   website. They have forms for the Strategic Planning Group process that can be filled
                   out as we complete each stage.Stacey asked that we be sure to include the

                   youth access conf call.

                   Cessation conference call.

                   Disparities conference call.

                   Cessation Conference Call

                   Talking About Tobacco key informant interview conference call , 9-11 am with

                   Tobacco Disparities Conference Call

                   New contact for KCHD for youth policy initatives and second hand smoke is Roberta

                   Second Hand smoke conference call

                   Karen in on cessation conference call.
C1.14 Strategic    7/6/2004                                                                                 Other (Describe in Activity
Planning           Melinda Harmon presented the Strategic Plan process/timeline to the Kitsap County                                       0
                   Tobacco Free Coalition. She passed out a one-page handout on the
                   process/timeline and asked for feedback from the TFKC. The Coalition is positive         Strategic Planning Team
                   about strategic planning and their involvement in the process. Members agreed that       (Stakeholders)
                   Health District Tobacco staff should look at data and indicators and begin the
                   prioritization process and bring back to the Coalition for discussion at the August
                   and September meetings. The Coalition will suggest a larger list of stakeholders to
                   be involved in the Fall.

Meeting with health district tobacco staff (Melinda, Barbara, Amanda, Shelley and
Karen) to review Strategic Plan Framework packet. Discussed process for
completing strategic plan and determined core workgroup. Meeting with core
workgroup set for August 30.

Melinda met with Scott Lindquist, Medical Director and Suzanne Plemmons, Nursing
Director of the health district to discuss the strategic plan and obtain input. Scott will
assist us in any way we need him. He will be happy to invite community
stakeholders to a forum and help present data, current and ongoing trends in
tobacco prevention.

Meeting with health district staff, as well as Michelle Dower, ESD 114. Completed
Community Assets Assessment Form, as well as first review of Indicator Score
Sheets. Community Assets Assessment Form to be presented for coaltion at next
meeting on Sept. 7, 2004.

Strategic plan update done at Tobacco Free Kitsap County Coalition meeting
(review of work done thus far). Coalition encouraged to contribute names of
community members they think should be invited to forum. Meeting with core group
(Chris Zipperer, Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe, Mary Ellen de la Pena, Kitsap County
Prevention Services, Janet Mano, Navy Hospital, Michelle Dower, ESD 114 and
health district staff, Melinda Harmon, Barbara Smithson, Amanda Scott-Thomas,
Shelley Smith-Rose and Karen Boysen-Knapp). Reviewed and gathered input on
Community Assets Assessment form - changes noted. Discussed data sources.
Next meeting October 5 @ 10 am. Collect relevant data and come prepared to
review youth indicators.

Meeting with tobacco staff to prepare for next weeks planning group meeting.
Decisions: add Gay Neal (Commission on Children and Youth) to core planning
group, prepare color-coded packets of data for each indicator, draft forum invitation
list, request letter from Dr. Lindquist regarding invitation to forum, write goals and
objectives for forum by Oct. 1 to be ready for presentations to Board of Health and
coalition meetings Oct. 5.

Prioritized indicators within each objective with core group input.

Forum planning - date set on 11/16/04. Melinda, Karen, Shelley, Barbara, Amanda
present at meeting. Agenda outline set, discussed plans to develop powerpoint
presentation - Barbara, Amanda, Shelley and KBK will gather info for slides.
Amanda will create powerpoint.

Strategic planning forum agenda planned, as well as details like breakfast, displays
(health district and community partners), powerpoint presentation.

Shelley, Melinda, Barbara, Karen , Amanda and Dr. Lindquist meet to finalize plans
for community partner forum, as well as review Power Point presentation slides.

Community Forum gathers to review data and input on priority areas for tobacco
activities. 25 community members present. Carrie Nyssen from Lung Association
gives keynote on Why Policy is Important. Emphasis given to variety of ways that
institutions and agencies can change individual policies to make a difference in
community norms around tobacco. Dr. Scott Lindquist reviews Kitsap data and
priorities in Community Partnerships/Capacity, Prevention, Cessation, and
Secondhand Smoke. Event covered by Sun newspaper story, tied to GAS.

                 Meeting to review priorities again taking into account what we learned at community
                 partner forum. Discussed each previously prioritized indicator in preparation for

                 Reviewed final submission for strategic plan with Tobacco Free Kitsap County
                 Coalition at regularly scheduled coaltion meeting.

                 Completion of Strategic Plan; emailed to Carla @ DOH.

C2.01.01 Synar   2/10/2005                                                                               Other (Describe in Activity
Compliance       8 attempts, no sales!                                                                                                  9
                                                                                                         tobacco retailers (Tobacco
                                                                                                         Retailers/Staff/Owner, High    29
                 10 attempts, 2 sales. math problems?
                                                                                                         school youth)

                 7 checks, no sales!!!!

                 4 attempts, 0 sales!
C2.01.02 Other   7/15/2004                                                                               Other (Describe in Activity
Compliance       10 ATTEMPTS, 1 SALE. MATH PROBLEMS                                                                                     33
                                                                                                         tobacco retailers (High
                 7/22/2004                                                                                                             162
                                                                                                         school youth)
                 15 attempts, 1 sale. sales person didn't take time, it seemed, to check id. per store
                 policy, her employment was terminated.

                 15 attempts, no sales


                 9 attempts, no sales. used military id and learners permit. good educational day.

                 12 attempts, 2 sales. used my girls that have just turned 17, using Wa state drivers
                 licences, with both sales girls were not asked for age or id. good education with the
                 staff at both stores.

                 7 attempts, no sales. used two males with military id and learners permit.

                 ID AND SOLD TO A 15 YR OLD.

                 NOTE TO CARLA- when I was on my second to last comp. ck form to be inputed I
                 realized that I had entered the 8-19 checks under the incorrect date of 8-18. Spoke
                 with Shane this am and she said to just leave this note. There is no way to change
                 the dates, they have to be deleated and re entered.

                 20 attempts, no sales!! We did, however, have 911 called on us and have a retailer
                 speak harshly to our youth (LC Agent took care of that).

                 15 attempts, 2 sales. Math was the problem for one sale, the clerk not asking for id
                 was the problem at the second.

                 4 attempts, NO SALES!!!!

                 11 attempts, 2 sales. Dependent military id and math were the problems today.

                 MATH PROBLEMS? RUSHED? TIRED?

                 9 attempts, 1 sale. clerk typed in bday of youth but stated that she didn't know the
                 proper screen to use which allowed the computer to complete the sale. lcb agent
                 educated clerk re: not depending soley on the computer to do the math.

                 3 attempts, NO SALES!!!!!

                 first time with our new lqb agent. 5 attempts, 1 sale. clerk was a long time employee,
                 not really sure what the problem was.

                 9 attempts, 1 sale from same store that sold to same youth last week. Clerk
                 admitted that he didn't ask for id because he looked 18.
C2.02 Retailer   3/3/2005                                                                                 Other (Describe in Activity
Education                                                                                                                                24
                                                                                                          tobacco retailers (Tobacco
                 DOH RETAILER EDUCATION PKTS GIVEN TO 10 RETAILERS DURING                                                            353
                 COMPLIANCE CKS.














DOH retailer ed pkts hand delivered to 6 establishments today. Indepth ed given to
one store where clerk ?'d youth's id, good interaction between store owner and
youth in a situation where the youth was being called a liar.

DOH Retailer Ed Pkts A Guide For Retailers to 9 establishments that sell tobacco

DOH A Guide For Retailers given to 12 tobacco retailers. The issue of printed
materials for military id's came up again today. Will see what can be found, two of
the youth who help with comp cks have fathers who are active duty and may have
some ideas.

DOH Retailer education pkts given to 3 tobacco retail establishments.

DOH Retailer Education Pkts given to 8 local tobacco retailers.

DOH Retailer Education pkts given to 15 area tobacco retailers.

DOH Retailer Education Pkts given to 9 tobacco retailers.

7 DOH Retailer Education pkts given to area tobacco retailers.


doh retailer ed pkts hand delivered to 12 kc retailers. answered ? from staff.

doh retailer ed pkts delivered to 17 retailers. great education for retailers and me. I

                     did not know that there is a beer that looks just like an enery drink. Marketing!

                     hand delivered doh retailer ed pkts to 6 tobacco retailers. Good interaction at most
C2.03 Public Edu -   10/30/2004                                                                                  media
Youth Access         My group of three students had a really good time with this event. They said they'd                                        0
                     never really noticed the amt of ads in stores. Only one store denied us access to
                     their store. On Saturday, October 30, 2004 forty-four (44) youth and adults in              Other (Describe in Activity
                     smallteams visited 110 of the 140 grocery stores in Kitsap County. As partof the            Journal)
                     Hands Off Halloween! Community Survey, they were looking athow local grocery
                                                                                                                 Tobacco Retailers
                     retailers market and merchandise tobacco and alcoholproducts. Do they sell them in
                                                                                                                 (Tobacco                      350
                     ways that encourage underage use or dothey market them only to adults? The
                     survey teams found that 74 (67%)of the stores surveyed had one or more of the
                     following conditions thatmade alcohol or tobacco products either appealing or
                     accessible toyouth.Alcohol Observations58% use advertising images that appeal to
                     youth (i.e., race cars,inflatable toys, cartoon characters) 68% have alcohol products
                     or advertisements placed close to youthitems (i.e., toys, candy)Tobacco
                     Observations11% do not place cigarettes behind the counter or in locked
                     cabinet21% do not secure other tobacco products (i.e., chewing tobacco,cigars)
                     adequately, 25% use ads that appeal to youth 21% have tobacco products or ads
                     placed close to items sold to children(i.e., candy, toys)The good news is that several
                     stores managers told survey team membersthat they had made some positive
                     changes in how they advertise and placealcohol and tobacco products. Over the
                     past four years that the surveyhas been done, tobacco advertising and shelf
                     placement has improved. Amajority of the stores visited do a good job securing
                     cigarettes fromtheft and more are beginning to secure other tobacco products as
                     well. The same cannot be said for beer products. Race cars, football,inflatable
                     displays, and other images that are attractive to childrenand youth are still routinely
                     used to sell beer. In one grocery store,a large teddy bear wearing a football jersey
                     with Coors Lightwritten on its shoulder pads was placed prominently atop a shelf
                     loadedwith chips and soda. Many merchants also continue to place alcohol nextto
                     soft drinks or other items sold to youth rather than using a separatecooler or space
                     for these products that are purchased by adults.It appears as if many merchants are
                     not aware of the ways in which theyare making alcohol and tobacco accessible and
                     appealing to children andunderage youth. With your ongoing support, we will
                     continue to educateretailers about their critical role in marketing these products
                     toadults only.


                     Hands Off Halloween event in which teams of community and youth volunteers
                     survey retail advertising of cigarettes, as well as alcohol in every retail establishment
C2.05 Pub Edu -      6/30/2005                                                                                   Other (Describe in Activity
Families                                                                                                                                        2
                                                                                                                 Parents of young children
                     Olympic College Parent Fair. Tobacco cessation materials, SHS materials                                                    12

                     4/16/2005                                                                                   Public Housing Residents
                     ITs Tme for Kitsap kids event at mall - aimed specifically at families with young           (Newsletter)
                     children. Staff and volunteers provided materials, visual displays and games

                highlighting the dangers of secondhand smoke.

                Smile Rescuers special event put on by Peninsula Community Health Services at
                the Bremerton clinic site. Dental health education event. Tobacco prevention info
                featured,youth oriented tobacco prevention literature, Get Into Your Kids Head
                brochures, and tobacco free kids bracelets were distributed. Attended by 245
                children under 13, 25 teens, 79 parents, and 51 volunteers, many of whom are
                healthcare providers.

                bremerton Sun newspaper has run 5-column width ads in the real estate section,
                twice a month from January to June 2005. Local news editor discussed with health
                district staff the fact that at this time, stories on second-hand smoke issues are not
                compelling enough for the paper, and they will only be interested in paid advertising

                Breathe Easy News newletter developed. Because both the First Steps to Parent-
                Child Health and the Childcare Connection newsletters were discontinued this year,
                a new outlet for our newsletter had to be considered. After looking at the community
                and the audience we wanted to reach, we were given the go ahead to produce a
                newsletter with secondhand smoke issues as the focus, for the Kitsap Community
                Resources WIC offices (5). 500 copies went to the WIC offices, 100 to Health
                District Clinic Services, 100 to the Health District Maternal Health Nurses for
                distribution to clients, and 100 for Westpark Community Center. Quitline also
                promoted on the newsletter. WIC felt that the special newsletter would be the most
                effective way to reach their clients.

                Recurring secondhand smoke ads appeared over 6,000 hours of broadcast time on
                local public access television channel BKAT. These ads reached a total of 50,000
                cable subscribers on the Wave cable network in the entire region (including North
                Mason county)

                American Smokeout was also featured on the health district website and Support
                our Staff banner for the week leading up to the actual day. Info also encouraging
                discussion between parents and their children, many great coversations witnessed
                by volunteers.
C2.08 Support   9/20/2004                                                                                (High School Staff)              6
Comp School     met w/Pat J. I.S. at KHS and Chris H, student, re: tobacco activities for the yr. This
Programs        is Pat's first yr at khs.                                                                ESD 114 (ESD Staff)              9
                                                                                                         middle school staff
                10/5/2004                                                                                                                 0
                                                                                                         (Middle/Junior high staff)
                met w/pat prior to mtg w/students.
                                                                                                         Other (Describe in Activity
                met with skhs i.s. Leah G prior to sadd mtg.                                             school district administrators
                                                                                                         (School or District              3
                met w Leah G prior to sadd mtg.

                met w/ leah g prior to sadd mtg.

Karen and Amanda meet with Michelle and prevention intervention specialists at
ESD 114. Discussed ways in which we can work together on prevention and
cessation activities; offered technical assistance in their tobacco work with youth.
Shared literature, and info on other resources.

met w/leah prior to sadd mtg.

met w/leah prior to sadd mtg.

meet w/leah prior to sadd mtg.

phone mtg w/leah re tobacco wk activities.

phone mtg w/leah re tobacco wk.

met w/leah prior to sadd mtg.

meet w/ leah before tatu mtg.

met w/leah prior to tatu mtg.

met w/leah prior to sadd mtg.

Meeting with Principal and staff at Renaissance High School to coordinate cessation
and outreach programs to High-risk underserved youth.

met w/leah prior to sadd mtg.

met w/leah prior to sadd mtg.

Meet with principal and key staff and administrators at alternative high school to
discuss ways to outreach this population, particulalrly around smoking cessation
and secondhand smoke policy

met w/leah re sadd

met w/leah at esd prior to sadd mtg.

met w/pat prior to school fair.

All TATU presentations completed. NKJRH and SKHS TATU groups presented to
650 elementary students in Kitsap County.


                    MEt with intervention staff to strategize anti-tobacco efforts
C2.10 Conduct     1/28/2005                                                                                    elementary, middle/junior
Peer Edu Programs GREAT GROUP OF STUDENTS! WE HAD SOME BUDDING ACTORS IN OUR                                   high, and high school
                  GROUP. NEED TO ORDER MORE JUST CHEESE PIZZA YR.                                                                            650
                                                                                                               youth (Elementary school
                                                                                                               youth, Non-users)
                                                                                                               Other (Describe in Activity
                    MET WITH TATU STUDENTS. DIVIDED INTO PRESENTATION GROUPS AND                                                              2
                    THEY WILL PRESENT TO US. THEY WERE SAD NO FOOD WAS PRESENT.                                teen teachers (High school
                                                                                                               youth, Non-users)

                    accompained a skhs tatu group to a local elem. school for their presentation. I was
                    so impressed! I'd also forgotten how tiny 6th graders are! I especially liked their
                    refusal skills portion. They did a few skits in front of the class then broke into small
                    groups and really brainstromed with the youth.
C2.11 Conduct      5/17/2005                                                                                   Other (Describe in Activity
Media Lit Programs                                                                                                                            70
                                                                                                               Youth (Juvenile offender)      40
                    Conducted media literacy and decision making presentation. Talked about goal
                    setting, future and the what ifs in life. Discussions regarding what happens due           Youth (Middle/junior high
                    when current decisions (like smoking as a teen) can effect plans (lung cancer                                             56
                    diagnosis). Why advertisers focus on instant gratification and owning the power to of
                    now and the future! Good stuff.

                    Conducted media literacy presentation with youth of various ages. Discussed types
                    of media and where in their community do they see media, specifically tobacco ads.
                    Children (young kids) identified corner store and television as main sources of ads
                    they recognized. Discussed other forms of ad. (clothes, race cars, music etc.).

                    Conducted media literacy class- Developing Your Own Media Message (to people
                    you love and smoke tobacco). Kids got creative and made cards with ad-like
                    messages for important people in their lives and encouraged them to beat tobacco.

                    Played an exciting game of tobacco bingo; interspersed discussion regarding media
                    and bingo facts (for ex.-diseases and what they know about tobacco related illness
                    from TV commercials anti-tobacco promotions).

                    Media Literacy and Tobacco cessation class discussing media literacy and industry
C2.EF.3 Disparities 6/15/2005                                                                                  Other (Describe in Activity
                    OutKitsap is a GLBTQAA youth group supporting young people countywide. This is                                            15
                    a group also interested in public policy and disparity issues.

C3.01 Promote        6/15/2005                                                                                 GLBT Community (Sexual
Quit Line Services                                                                                                                            1
                                                                                                               Minorities, Special Events)
                                                                                                               healthcare providers
                     Quitline ad to run on BKAT (public access TV) that has reach of 50,000 households
                                                                                                               (Health Care
                     for 1 year.                                                                                                             155
                                                                                                               Community Site)
                     Quitline materials (cards x 100, holders x 4, flyers x 50, Best Things x 25, Preg and     MSS Clients/Childcare
                     SHS x 25) per physician request.                                                          providers
                     Family Planning Update. Attended by approx. 40 women's healthcare providers.              Other (Describe in Activity
                     Table with quitline promo materials, as well as Clinical practice guideline,              Journal)
                     interventions with pregnant smokers info.
                                                                                                               (Community Site)
                     Quitline cards / promotion via two booths at Kitsap County Fair and Rodeo - Health        social service agencies
                     District booth and Asthma/Tobacco Free Kitsap booth. Good venue.                          (Social service
                                                                                                               Community Site)
                     Quitline materials to Dr. Sally Fleishman, cards/flyr x 100, holders x10

                     Provider Update held at Harrison Hospital-Silverdale. Facilitated by health district
                     clinical staff - topic was flu season. Staffed resource table with quitline and tobacco
                     cessation resource materials, shs materials, and treating tobacco use and
                     dependance clinical practice guideline. Well attended - doctors, nurses, MA's
                     representing many medical offices attended. very busy.

                     Culture Fest at the Kitsap County Fair Pavillion. Quitline promotion. Well attended
                     by community, several social service agencies represented.

                     Quitline materials, treating tobacco use and dependance clinical practice guideline,
                     availability of in office BTIS training. Materials requested by office - Stacey.

                     New childcare providers orientation. Quitline and tobacco cessation resources, as
                     well as shs literature provided via clinical nurse Janet K.

                     Olympic College Parent Fair. Open to the community. Several social service
                     agencies represented. Quitline promotion done. Moderately attended.

                     Quitline cards x 50 to Kitsap County Jail - for both staff and new releasees.

                     Special event at the Kitsap Mall for women and girls. Many agencies represented.
                     Quitline promotion done in conjunction with Breast and Cervical health promotion.
                     Well attended...plan to do a women and tobacco focus for our part next year.

                     Quitline cards to J. Gunderson, counselor with private practice in Silverdale.

                     Women and Childrens Health Fair event by pharmacy dept. at Walmart in Port
                     Orchard. quitline, cessation resources x 100 ea. Well attended. Kept any remaining
                     materials. Pharmacy now plans to keep quitline cards at their pharmacy counter.

Encouraged BTIS training.

Women in Transition class at Olympic College presentation. Quitline and tobacco
cessation resources shared. 13 students present.

Olympic College Wellness event. Quitline promotion, as well as SHS and prevention
materials. Very worthwhile event. Collected signatures regarding a smokefree

ALIVE shelter meeting. Quitline materials shared. 10 women present.

Thelma from Harrison Memorial Hospital requested 50 resource brochures, as well
as 50 new quitline brochures for employee education services.

Alicia requests restock of quitline materials. Mailed supply of new brochure, cards,
and tobacco cessation resources brochure.

Quitline promotion, as well as promotion of BTIS instruction, and GAS at Strategic
Planning Community Forum. Attended by medical providers, social services
agencies, school representatives, and other organizations interested in tobacco

Medical provider meeting, guest speaker on RSV. Quitline materials, PHS
Guideline, tobacco cessation resources brochure x 25 each for resource table.
Attended by Janet K., clinical nurse.

School nurse at Central Kitsap Alternative School did presentation/outreach effort
regarding tobacco prevention and cessation resources. States was well received.

Quitline cards/brochures to public waiting areas, as well as clinical office areas of
new health district location in Bremerton.

Meeting with reproductive health nurses regarding promotion of Stick it to Kick it
campaign. Discussed promotion of quitline at client refill visits. Filled request for 2
posters when you quit smoking.... for client exam rooms.

Meeting with Linda H., president of OutKitsap to discuss prevention/cessation work
in local GLBT community. Discussed best way of promoting quitline/Stick it to Kick it
campaign, as well as more in-depth cessation work for both adults and youth group.
Discussed possibility of newsletter coverage, or campaign at the center/special
events. Good contact. Will continue to collaborate on efforts.

Quitline and tobacco cessation guide outreach and printed material distribution to
south kitsap providers - Group Health, South Kitsap Family Care Clinic, OB/GYN
office Dr. Bresaw and Dr. Zapata, Harrison Memorial Hospital Urgent Care, an
Peninsula Community Health Services Port Orchard campus.

Stick It to Kick It promo materials to Janet M. at Navy Hospital per her request.


Stick it to Kick it promotional materials to health district clinical staff (reproductive
health, immunization/immigration clinic, hiv services), as well as to all maternal child
health nurses. Sent all hands info on promotion to all health district staff, put flyers
up in both staff and public spaces bulletin boards. Created letter and packet with
flyer and website info, made 50 packets for immunization nurse to take out to 50
medical providers (family practice) as a part of her immunization outreach. Visited
Planned Parenthood in Bremerton, shared same packet/flyers.

Stick it to Kick It promo flyers x 25, along with explanation letter, website materials
to Dr. MacLennan, Vice-President Student Services of Olympic College.

Cessation/SHS materials to Chris at Port Gamble S'Klallam tribe (youth center).250
QL cards, 50 QL brochures, 25 tob. cessation resource guides, 25 EPA smokefree
homes guide, 25 sf dining guides, 15 dove cards, 8 shs posters, 8 phs guidelines for
medical clinic, 1 surgeon gen'l summary, 8 QL posters.

ALIVE shelter QL and Stick it to Kick it promotion. 15 women attend. 2 flyers for the

Sent Linda from OUTKITSAP info (link) about Verbena's efforts in tobacco
cessation, including info on new cessation class. Will discuss plans for cessation
efforts locally in near future.

Stick It to Kick It paycheck stuffers x 190 for all employees of Peninsula Community
Health Services for both promotion of promotion for employees and their families, as
well as the clients/patients with whom they work. To go out with mid-March

Kitsap Community Resources WIC (5 locations) - Stick it to Kick it flyers x 25,
Tobacco Cessation Resource Guides x 100. Mgr: Cyndy

Harrison Memorial Social Work Dept. requests tobacco cessation printed materials
for social work social for all employees. Tobacco Cessation Resource brochure,
Quitline brochure x 100 ea., Stick it to Kick It special promotion materials and SHS

Quitline, cessation resources in Kitsap County, BCHP info to CURVES per worksite

OB Pre-admit nurse Anne - Resource/quitline/Stick it to Kick it materials for OB dept
at Harrison Memorial Hospital, Silverdale.

Provider Update - Janet K., Central Clinic nurse took quitline/cessation resource
brochures/Stick it to Kick it flyers to Provider Update - 50 attend.

North Kitsap provider visits. Quitline cards, holders, posters, brochures and tobacco
cessation resources brochure, as well as BTIS training promo brochure distributed
to Bainbridge Island (Virginia Mason, Hendler, Keyes), Poulsbo Dr's Clinic (5
providers)North Kitsap Urgent Care, North Kitsap Family Practice (Bethel, Sawicki),
Group Health Pousbo, Heritage Medical Group.

Quitline cards x 75 to Klahowyah Secondary school for student fair. All cards were

                  taken by students and staff.

                  Quitline brochure and Tobacco Cessation Resource Guide x 100 each to PCHS
                  Poulsbo site per their request.

                  Naval Hospital Bremerton Health Fair. Stress balls with quitline number x 25,
                  quitline brochures x 100, tobacco cessation resources brochure x 100.

                  Health and Safety Fair within the gates of Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Table
                  devoted completely to tobacco issues, both cessation and SHS. Tar and Phelgm
                  jars were a hit, along with skeletal smoker. Tobacco cessation materials with focus
                  on quitline materials, smokeless tobacco and how to be a support person to child or
                  other family member when quitting. Also had toothbrushes from health district dental
                  hygentist, and featured SHS and cavaties study info. Excellent participation and
                  response from over 1000 shipyard workers (mostly civilian). Excellent community

                  Medical provider office visit. Quitline promotion, tobacco cessation resource and
                  smokefree dining guides x 50 each.

                  Quitline cards to Greeter's Service x 400 (for welcome packs to new Kitsap County

                  Visit to South Kitsap Family Medicine - practice that sees low income clients -
                  quitline cards, tobacco cessation resource brochures x 50 each.

                  Quitline cards and tobacco cessation resource brochure to CSO - 50 each

                  Quitline/tobacco resource brochures to Dr. Bresaw, ob-gyn via coworker. 25 ea.
                  along with btis/ob-gyn specific literature.

                  Quitline cards to Greeter's Service x 400.

                  Quitline cards to greeters service x 500.

                  Quitline cards to Greeter's Service x 500.

                  1000 quit line cards to Beth at Greeters Service.

                  500 quitline cards and 100 dining guides to Beth at Greeter's service for packets.

                  1000 Quitline cards to Greeters Service.
C3.02 Pub Edu -   6/22/2005                                                                              Childcare providers
Cessation                                                                                                                             41

Updated tobacco resources page of health district website. Discussed inclusion of        First Steps Clients
tobacco banners on opening page with info services staff.                                                               1
                                                                                         healthcare providers
                                                                                         (Health Care
Olympic College Parent Fair. Tobacco cessation materials, SHS materials.                                                34
                                                                                         Special Events)
Promotion of cessation resources culminating in Great American Smokeout nov.             Other (Describe in Activity
18.Bulletin board in main waiting room at the Health District (Bremerton) created        Journal)
promoting both the quitline and GAS to remain up the entire month of November.           schools/colleges (Special
Also created Countdown to quitting banner for health district staff, including medical                                  1
providers that will run for 5 days on computer network for the week of GAS. Quit kits
also made available for staff, as well as interested clients.                            social service agencies
                                                                                         (Social service
                                                                                         Community Site)
American Smokeout was also featured on the health district website and Support
our Staff banner for the week leading up to the actual day.

Revised Tobacco Cessation Resources in Kitsap County brochure. Distribution to
coalition members first - widespread distribution to follow.

Meeting with Linda Henderson, OutKitsap executive director regarding tobacco
cessation efforts. Shared cessation info, resources, GLBTQ tailored materials,
quitline special promotion (18-29) for community that visit OutKitsap agency. Plan to
meet again regarding effort to tobacco users in GLBTQ local community.

Updated tobacco cessation page on health district website - new resource info
added and quitline link was added to home page.

Discussion with Cyndy A., Kitsap Community Resources WIC , regarding tobacco
cessation work with WIC clients. Discussed training of WIC staff on BTIS and
motivational interviewing, as last training was two years ago. Plans to do training
assured, will work on setting details. Also discussed possibility of doing a tobacco
issue newsletter for clients - Cyndy will check on how we can do this together.
Shared Stick it to Kick it promo materials, 75 resource brochures. D

Cessation promotional materials to Kathy I., Dental Hygentist, Peninsula Community
Health Services for Smile Rescuers event at the clinic in May. Also gave 50
Tobacco Free Kids 1200 bracelets as incentive/prize for tobacco awareness table
activities. 15 healthcare providers are planned to staff the event.

Youth tobacco cessation/prevention materials to Michelle S., for youth group at
Silverdale Lutheran Church.

Secondhand smoke and pregnancy brochures, as well as Tobacco cessation
Resources in Kitsap County brochures to Silverdale WIC attn: Laura . 5 WIC sites
would like supply of these materials - will order supply.

100 ea. tobacco cessation resources brochure and quitline brochures for helpline
house in North Kitsap.

                    Secondhand smoke and pregnancy brochures, as well as Tobacco cessation
                    Resources in Kitsap County brochures to Silverdale WIC attn: Laura . 5 WIC sites
                    would like supply of these materials - will order supply.

                    World No Tobacco Day packet distribution. Packets promote theme of this years
                    WNTD - the power of healthcare provider interventions - and date of event May 31.
                    Packets include flyer promoting BTIS training availability, ideas for customized
                    posters in a practice, cessation resources brochures, Surgeon Gen'l
                    posters/materials and ordering information, condensed Treating Tobacco Use and
                    Dependance guideline, customized buttons (I Quit, You Can Too, Want to Quit?,
                    Ask Me How, etc). Distributed to Peninsula Community Health Services Medical and
                    Dental clinics, Health District clinic, Spectrum School Health Clinic, Kitsap Mental
                    Health, Kitsap Recovery Center, and Naval Hospital.

                    Cessation resources, quitline, SHS literature to Childcare Providers Inservice via
                    Janet K. (health district clinic.=). Childcare newsletter from MCH dept. no longer
                    being produced. Childcare provider outreach accomplished by presence at this Sat.

                    Kitsap Mental Health made contact regarding World No Tobacco Day outreach
                    packet. Request Within 20 Minutes posters for counseling areas, other cessation
                    materials, including resource guide and quitline, for counselors, waiting rooms, staff
                    room. Met with Jeanine N. regarding new Wellness Committee needs. Discussed
                    BTIS trainings. Shared Employers Guide as a resource in working on tobacco
                    policies. Great relationship.

                    Smoking girl posters x 3 for Port Orchard WIC office. Certifier request.

                    Roberta takes youth cessation materials, posters made from Verbena postcard
                    Quitting is like dating to youth outreach for teen center event at OutKitsap, GLBTQ

                    Health and Safety Fair within the gates of Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Table
                    devoted completely to tobacco issues, both cessation and SHS. Tar and Phelgm
                    jars were a hit, along with skeletal smoker. Tobacco cessation materials with focus
                    on quitline materials, smokeless tobacco and how to be a support person to child or
                    other family member when quitting. Also had toothbrushes from health district dental
                    hygentist, and featured SHS and cavaties study info. Excellent participation and
                    response from over 1000 shipyard workers (mostly civilian). Excellent community

                    Breathe Easy News newletter developed. Because both the First Steps to Parent-
                    Child Health and the Childcare Connection newsletters were discontinued this year,
                    a new outlet for our newsletter had to be considered. After looking at the community
                    and the audience we wanted to reach, we were given the go ahead to produce a
                    newsletter with secondhand smoke issues as the focus, for the Kitsap Community
                    Resources WIC offices (5). 500 copies went to the WIC offices, 100 to Health
                    District Clinic Services, 100 to the Health District Maternal Health Nurses for
                    distribution to clients, and 100 for Westpark Community Center. Quitline also
                    promoted on the newsletter. WIC felt that the special newsletter would be the most
                    effective way to reach their clients.
C3.03 Employer      7/27/2004                                                                                Other (Describe in Activity
Cessation Support   Meeting with Jennifer, human resource assistant with Haselwood Auto group                                              431
                    regarding tobacco cessation services for their employees (300 + employees, many

                    tobacco users). Shared resources, knowledge regarding cessation group facilitators
                    and samples of available materials. Shared quitline cards/info. Will continue to work
                    with this organization to formalize a plan.

                    Follow up with Jennifer. Shared phone number of another possible cessation
                    specialist who does classes.

                    Lynn H. from CPS division of Child Family Services visited to gather materials to
                    promote and support tobacco cessation efforts among their employees. Given
                    quitline materials, employer's guide, and other tobacco cessation materials.
                    Discussed resources to continue tobacco cessation efforts in their organization,
                    along with other wellness efforts.

                    Met with Bridget R., Administration office of Peninsula Community Health
                    Services.Wants to provide tobacco cessation support to community clinic staff (in 4
                    locations). Shared employer guide, as well as contacts at Harrison Memorial
                    Hospital who did their own employee wellness program that included tobacco
                    cessation. Shared printed materials on cessation resources as well.
C3.04 Health Care   7/13/2004                                                                                  healthcare providers
Systems Change      Meeting with Lori Z., public health nurse tobacco champion regarding First Steps           (Health Care                  119
                    Pilot action plan # 2. Discussed inclusion of tobacco on agenda of each MSS staff          Providers/Organizations)
                    meeting and shared agenda items. Discussed evaluation of action plan #1, including
                    effectiveness of kits and materials, intervention f/u greeting cards and handout           Other (Describe in Activity
                    guides. Action plan submitted to TPRC contacts.                                            Journal)

                    BTIS Instructor training recruitment. Contacts made at Bremerton shipyard/Navy
                    hospital tobacco cessation program, Peninsula Community Health Services, and C.
                    Bruce, Dental Hygentist that does community education. Got response from J.
                    Vaughan, Tobacco Cessation specialist at Navy Hospital (works on site at the
                    shipyard) and C. Bruce. - refered contact info to J. Greathouse at TPRC.

                    New medical providers visit. New clinic set up in Bremerton. Outreach to 2
                    pediatricians, one internist and their nurse. Shared info on Clinical practice guideline
                    for treating tobacco dependance and use, as well as availability of in office training
                    on BTIS. Shared quitline materials, SHS materials, and youth prevention and
                    cessation literature.

                    FAX back training via conference call with TPRC. Lori Z., PHN also champion
                    trained. Plan to train First Step maternal child health nurses/social workers on

                    FAX back training of Maternal Child Health division nurses/social workers. 14 staff
                    trained. Very receptive to program.

                    Conference call (Key Informant Interview) with TPRC representative re:Community
                    Guide to Brief Tobacco Cessation Intervention. Melinda also on call.

                    Treating Tobacco Use and Dependance Clinical Practice guidelines x 25 to Janet M.
                    (Health Promotions, Navy Hospital) for provider cart of materials to be used to
                    promote GAS in the hospital.


              Meeting with Lori Z. regarding First Steps pilot evaluation forms. Partially completed.
              Lori plans to survey First Steps nurses in order to complete all forms.

              Quitkits for maternal child health nurses to use when doing BTI's with clients.Two
              different kits resupplied - both very popular - one for pregnant clients, one for
              families with newborns. 40 each.

              Presentation for dental program at Peninsula Community Health Services
              Bremerton site - Health Consequences of Tobacco Use. Tobacco 101 and SHS
              information to 21 providers in preparation for 1 hour BTIS with group in April.

              1.5 hour BTIS training for Dental Hygentist/Dental Assistant group at Central Kitsap
              Junior High School library, 7-8:30 pm. Co-trainer Carol Bruce, RDH. Seven
              participants. Sign in list and evals sent to TPRC.

              1 hour BTIS at Renaissance Medical Center, Bremerton. 2 physicians and 3 medical
              assistance attend. Sign-in sheets and evals sent to TPRC.

              BTIS chart stickers mailed to Stephanie R., dental hygentist to use in her practice.

              1 hour BTIS training for 6 dentists at Peninsula Community Health Services Dental
              program. Co-facilitated with Carol Bruce, RDH.

              Meet with Dr. Mercier at PCHS dental clinic to work on incorporation of brief
              intervention charting system. Shared quit plan materials from several sources for
              review. Want to Quit? buttons for lab coats, employer guide shared also.

              Meet with Dr. Mercier regarding progress on BTIS charting system plan.
              Customized 5 A interview sheet for patient chart.

              Motivational interviewing/BTIS inservice (2.5 hours) for Early Head Start. 20
              attendees. Jonnae Tillman presenter, with Lori Z., PHN at Givens Community
              Center in Port Orchard. Very well received, excellent feedback.

              WIC Inservice - BTIS and Motivational Interviewing, led by Jonnae Tillman. 2.5 hour
              training, 17 participants-15 WIC staff and 2 Naval Hospital Bremerton staff.
              Registration and evaluations sent to TPRC (for BTIS 1 hour). Excellent training,
              feedback extremely positive. WIC want to have Jonnae back for an all day training
              in the near future.
C3.05 Adult   7/28/2004                                                                                 GLBT Community (Sexual
Cessation                                                                                                                             1
              Sent TTAC college link as a resource to Richard (director) and Laurie (womens             Minorities)
              studies) at Olympic college to help with tobacco issues being worked out on
              campus. Will follow up in the fall.                                                       Harrison Memorial Hospital
                                                                                                        (Community Site)

              12/7/2004                                                                                 MSS Staff/HIV
              Eric Anderson, Respitory Therapy department at Harrison Memorial Hospital                 casemanagers (Health
              attends Tobacco Free Kitsap County Coaltion meeting.                                      Care
              1/24/2005                                                                                 Olympic College
              Meeting with Linda H., president of Out Kitsap. Discussed Stick it to Kick it             (Community Site)

              promotion, and tobacco prevention/cessation in general. Brainstormed ways to            Other (Describe in Activity
              provide cessation to services provided GLBT community, as well as GLBT youth                                           14
              group. Literature shared, future activities assured.

              Met with Janet M., Navy Hospital health educator, regarding outreach she is doing
              for pregnant women at the hospital. Is trained in doing BTI's and is making a kit to
              give clients - materials geared toward pregnant women and stressballs x 20 each.

              Presentation Women and Tobacco Use at Salvation Army women's group. 20
              women attend.

              Public Health Nurse Lori Z. requests cessation support materials for 12 spanish
              speaking participants in tobacco cessation information class that she is
              facilitating.Shared variety of spanish language materials.

              Meeting with Laurie A. at Olympic College Student Services bldg. Planning wellness
              program for the fall, for both students and staff. The community college has no
              health center. Policy regarding smoking near buildings is changing in the fall -
              smoking sheds have been place throughout the campus. Shared ideas around
              cessation activities/outreach for the fall, including Tobacco Free U. org as a
              resource. Talks to continue throughout the summer.
C3.06 Youth   1/4/2004                                                                                ESD staff (ESD Staff)          10
Cessation     A. Carson, prevention intervention specialist from Bremerton High School, planning
              prevention and cessation activities for students. Shared info, resources,               Other (Describe in Activity
              brainstormed ideas.                                                                     Journal)

              Meeting with Pat Jensen, new PI at Klahowya junior and senior high school.
              Discussed at length plans to do a cessation group. Pat trained in TAP/TEG. Also
              works at school in Kingston. Shared materials, Butts Out, Smokeless tobacco,
              quitline/tobacco cessation resource info. To follow-up.

              Meeting with M. Smith, RN and C. Cardinal, Health Educator with school based
              health clinic at Spectrum Alternative School regarding plan to offer tobacco
              cessation services at the school. Resources shared, both trained in NOT. Plan to
              offer series of sessions twice during the school year at a minimum - to be
              determined by participation. Will provide continued tech. assistance. Advertising and
              recruitment to occur end of October, series # 1 to begin in November.

              G. Berni, clinician at school based health clinic @ Spectrum school requested
              literature on NRT and teens. Emailed info to her.

              Meeting with Prevention Intervention Specialists at ESD 114 to discuss youth
              prevention and cessation work in the schools; offered support in youth cessation
              efforts. Shared new quitline brochure/cards.

              Kick Butts Day information to Candy C., health educator at Spectrum, along with
              website link. Shared evaluation form master for NOT class Candy has been

              Media Literacy and Cessation class for high-risk youth using Teens Tobacco adn
              media as well as quitline and NOT materials over 4 sessions

C3.07 Local       8/30/2004                                                                               community stakeholders
Assessment of     A core strategic planning group was convened with 5 health district tobacco staff, as                                  28
Cessation         well as reps from Naval Hospital, Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe, ESD 114, Kitsap
                  County Prevention Services, and Kitsap County Community Health and Safety               health care providers
                  Network. This group reviewed local data on cessation issues in order to complete        (Health Care                   12
                  the Strategic Plan Community Assets Assessment Form.                                    Providers/Organizations)
                                                                                                          Other (Describe in Activity
                  11/16/2004                                                                                                             5
                  54 community stakeholders and health care providers were invited to attend a
                  community forum to review data and request input on priority areas for tobacco
                  activities in our community. 25 stakeholders, including some healthcare providers
                  attend the forum. Comments on the Cessation Priority included:-access to
                  groups/meds in many places that are easy to get to-work with healthcare providers,
                  esp dentists, to encourage brief interventions at every visit-have a cessation
                  program - not a phone # - for pregnant smokers-concerned that not many people
                  want to participate in traditional cessationIndicators ultimately chosen for the
                  cessation portion of the strategic plan were picked from the info found from review
                  of local data, as well as through tobacco staff and community input. Cessation
                  indicators that were chosen are:Effective Health Care Provider Interventions
                  (continuing work in BTIS with healthcare providers, both traditional and non-
                  traditional, dental community, public health nurses, WIC programs) and Use of
                  Cessation Resources (distribute cessation info to healthcare community, at medical
                  sites, worksites, college, and community events).

                  First Steps pilot evaluation forms to 10 maternal child health nurses who
                  participated in MI/BTIS pilot training. 5 returned and forwarded to TPRC. Evaluated
                  again 6/8/05, to forward again to TPRC.

                  Quitline Cessation Program Survey sent to Naval Hospital, Bremertin, Adventist
                  Health Services, Nicotine Anonymous, Quit Smoking Tele-Seminars and Smoke-
C3.08 Cessation   9/7/2004                                                                                Other (Describe in Activity
Task Force        Meeting with stakeholders to review Community Assets Assessment as part of the                                         5
                  Strategic Planning process. Reviewed cessation data sources at length. Plan to
                  survey participants at tobacco forum regarding views on cessation in Kitsap County.     stakeholders (Stakeholders)    8

                  Meeting of cessation workgroup. Janet Mano (Navy Hospital), Delisha Durham, PA
                  (Peninsula Community Health Services), Karen Boyen-Knapp and Barbara
                  Smithson (Health District) attend, Karen Bright, pharmacist, unable to make meeting
                  due to conflict. Discussed plans for World No Tobacco Day. This years theme is
                  medical provider outreach. Agreed to apply for WNTD grant for special medical
                  provider outreach and education. I quit, you can too project ideas discussed. Karen
                  BK will write up grant, bring to group for review. Workgroup will meet at next
                  Tobacco Free kitsap county coalition (March 1) and present plans to coalition for
                  review. Karen BK will submit grant in early March. Janet will work on incentive
                  items/buttons. Delisha will field ideas among healthcare providers. Workgroup will
                  meet again in late March, date to be set.

C4.01 Pub Edu -   2/8/2005                                                                                Other (Describe in Activity
SHS                                                                                                                                      1
                                                                                                          Venues                         10
                  Steve Thompsen, Ridgemont Terrace. Complaint with fellow employees smoking

                    close to building. Check with L & I Tacoma office.                                     (TV/Radio/Newspaper)
                                                                                                           Venues (Website)               2
                    Vinyl banner, high chair, posters to Navy for displays.

                    Kitsap County Housing Authority resident (anonomous) complaining of care givers
                    for disabled resident smoking around vulnerable person. Contact Chris Nicksic

                    Bob Stoker, Poulsbo office complex with dental appliance tenant needs core rules
                    for office ETS (ventilation system) L & I referral.

                    Kitsap Transit employee wants to know if smoking allowed in repair bays under
                    second floor office area. L & I information.

                    Dental Fair, Kitsap Mall. Information on SHS and cavities.

                    Contacts with Nick and Donna Jean Bruce re smoke free ordinance in Poulsbo. Will
                    wait for legislative session, Supreme Court Decision.

                    Contact with Dr. Mercier Clinical Director of PCHS Dental. Arranging multi-part
                    trainings for staff on SHS, tobacco.

                    Darla Merker, Silverdale Chamber of Commerce. L & I question re smokers in
                    courtyard and smoke in office building. Confirmed office coverage if smoke leaks in,
                    but courtyard not considered office interior even though entered by door per Don
                    Loftgren, L & I.

                    Press releases proved to be problematic. (Commercial news has not found SHS
                    issues Particularly newsworthy and we have no control for what gets placed -
                    though press releases were written and submitted when issues came up). Given tis
                    - staff felt the best way to keep media involved and press engaged was with paid
                    placement ads in the Real Estate section, highlighting smoke-free family housing.
                    As well, regular ads appeared on BKAT television reaching over 50,000 cable
                    subscriber households across two cunties! (BKAT - Bremerton kitsap Access
                    televison also reaches households in North Mason and parts of Tahuya. Currently
                    there is no breakdown available from Wave Cable on how many of those
                    households are in Kitsap and how many in Mason) These ads focused on families
                    and SHS and children and ran continually for over 6,000 hours of advertising space.
C4.02              7/1/2004                                                                                Other (Describe in Activity
Restaurant/Bar Edu Conversation with owner of Mama Java. List as smoke free. Wants to display holder                                      2
                   and (20) brochures in new organic restaurant.
                                                                                                           Venue (Newsletter)             0
                    Farm Kitschen. Ann. Open by reservation plus Saturday breakfasts. Will list in
                    Smokefree Guide.

                    Text of letter and survey sent to 75 targeted restaurants that continue to allow
                    smoking. Letter includes a survey highlighting challenges they have to making this
                    decision. June 25, 2005 Dear Restaurant Owner or Manager, We‘d like to
                    encourage you to take a look at the option of becoming a totally smoke-free
                    establishment. Over 80% of people in Kitsap County don‘t smoke, and 75% of
                  smokers want to quit.The decision to go smoke-free may seem to be an
                  overwhelming challenge, but research shows that going smoke-free does not
                  impose economic hardship. You‘ll see from the enclosed fact sheet that many local
                  restaurants in this area struggled with the same concerns you may be having. Most
                  found that once they made the switch, their sales revenues increased, as they were
                  able to accommodate the majority of Kitsap County residents. Another benefit of
                  becoming a smoke-free establishment is that your restaurant will appear in our
                  Kitsap County Smoke-Free Restaurant and Lodging Guide. There are currently over
                  200 restaurants and 30 lodging facilities listed in the Smoke Free Guide. Your entry
                  will also reach even more potential customers through the Kitsap Visitor and
                  Convention Bureau website, Washington State Department of Health website, as
                  well as at the Kitsap County Health District website. The Smoke-Free Dining and
                  Lodging Guide is entirely paid for by the Washington State Department of Health
                  and the Kitsap County Health District. Your restaurant could appear in it at no cost
                  to you - saving you valuable advertising dollars. Our goal is always to support you in
                  your decision and we‘d like to hear from you about the unique challenges faced by
                  your business. Please take the time to fill out our short survey about the challenges
                  you have faced on the road to becoming smoke free. Also enclosed are educational
                  materials to help you, a copy of our current Smoke-Free Dining Guide as well as our
                  survey. Please fill out and return the survey in the attached stamped, self-addressed
                  envelope by July 5, 2005. Thank you for your time and consideration of the benefits
                  of becoming a smoke-free facility. If you need more information or have any
                  questions, please contact Roberta Kowald, Tobacco Prevention Health Educator at
                  (360) 337-5257 or at Scott Lindquist, MD MPH
                  Roberta Kowald, BA LLB Director Health Educator Kitsap County Restaurant
                  Survey We are updating our County records and have identified your restaurant as
                  one that allows smoking in all or part of the facility. We would appreciate it if you
                  could take a few minutes to complete this survey and fax to the number below return
                  it in the attached self-addressed envelope. Please return your survey by July 5,
                  20051. Would you be interested in becoming a smoke-free restaurant? Yes No 2.
                  Where is smoking allowed in your restaurant? Smoking allowed in all areas
                  Smoking allowed in a designated ―smoking area‖ Smoking allowed in the bar or
                  lounge area only 3. What would you need to transition to a smoke-free restaurant?
                  Need more information about the benefits of becoming smoke-free Will only become
                  smoke-free if a local ordinance or state law is passed Will only become smoke-free
                  if other restaurants in the area are smoke-free
                  Other_____________________________________________________4. What
                  challenges are preventing your restaurant from becoming smoke-free? Don‘t want to
                  be the only smoke-free restaurant in the area All my Customers smoke ‘ Company
                  policy states that restaurant can‘t be smoke free‘ Don‘t have demand for seating in
                  non-smoking ‘ Will only be smoke-free if a local ordinance or state law is passed ‘
                  Remodeling costs ‘ Small restaurant size ‘ Will only become smoke-free if other
                  restaurants in the area go smoke-free ‘ Don‘t know ‘ Other (please explain)
                  ______________________________________________In order to qualify as a
                  smoke-free restaurant, the entire inside area must be 100% smoke free at all times.
                  Restaurants with adjoining bars that allow smoking are not considered smoke-free
                  establishments. Thank you for completing this survey. Please return to:Roberta
                  KowaldTobacco Prevention Health Educator Kitsap County Health District345 Sixth
                  Street, Suite 300Bremerton, WA 98337FAX: 360-337-4851Phone: 360-337-5257

                  100 bars and taverns sent targeted material on workers rights and regulaations as
                  well as support materials on going smokefree. Letter signed by Director of local
                  health district.

                  75 smoking restaurants sent a specific targeted letter signed by the Director of the
                  Health District, enclosing materials and a county-wide survey of challenges being
                  faced and why they have resisted becoming smoke-free.
C4.05 SF Dining   7/1/2004                                                                                 AAA (Retailer Establishment) 1
Guide             Conversation with owner of Mama Java. List as smoke free. Wants to display holder
                  and (20) brochures in new organic restaurant.                                            Clinics (Community Site)     4
                                                                                                           Greeter Service (Community   1

                7/13/2004                                                                             Site)
                Box of 300 Dining Guides and box of Quit line cards to Greeter's Service.
                                                                                                      Libraries (Community Site)     8
                7/30/2004                                                                             Lodging (Retailer
                Up-date smokefree restaurant guide. Separate bookmark up-dates for 1500 trifolds                                     5
                (include nitelife listing) & Dining Guide booklets. Posted updated on-line version.
                                                                                                      Other (Describe in Activity
                Dining and Lodging guides displayed at Kitsap County Fair. Special cafe front rack    Senior Information & Referral
                at Health District booth. Tobacco Free Kitsap County booth includes guides and        (Community Site)
                sign-up sheet for up-dates.
                                                                                                      Visitor & Convention Bureau
                                                                                                      offices (Community Site)
                Up-date of requests for SF restaurant guides/stickers from individuals.

                Box of 300 dining Guides and box of Quitline cards to Greeter's Service.

                Provider Up-date, Harrison Hospital. 25 Dining Guides + Best Thing.

                SF restaurant guides to Greeeter's Service. 300.

                Jo Decampo Navy Family Info Center/Bangor. 200 Dining guides.

                450 Dining Guides to greeters.

                300 Dining & Lodging Guides to Fleet & Family Support (Navy).

                Dining Guide included on Visitory and Convention Bureau site. High visibility
                website for county.

                500 Restaurant Guides to Greeter's Service.

                100 Dining Guides to Jenny at Naval Hospital-Bremerton.
C4.08 Pub       5/9/2004                                                                              Other (Describe in Activity
Awareness -SF   300 Dining Guides to Greeters Service.                                                                               52
                8/2/2004                                                                                                             1
                Contact with Art Mikelsen. He has included SHS and anti-tobacco messages in Little
                League program to be printed for 2004 season and will send copies. Art willing to     Venues (Health Care
                place 12x24' vinyl banner of African American boy with ashtray lungs at a local                                      26
                field.Copy: How to Say No to Secondhand Smoke Ask smokers not to smoke in
                your home. Don't allw smoking in the car either. It's your right to keep your home    Venues (Social service
                and car free of this health risk.                                                     providers/organizations,       6
                                                                                                      Community Site)
                Pamphlets to four medical offices: Best Things x 25, Preg and SHS x 25 per
                physician request.

                Lisa Tindal, Program Nutritionist, KCR Head Start, ECEAP, Early Head Start picked

up SHS materials for staff and low income client families. EPA smoke-free home
pledges, auto decals, home decals, Best Thing You Can Do For Your Kids,
Secondhand Smoke & Your New Baby, Quit Line cards, posters -- Don't Let
Secondhand Smoke Hurt Kitsap Kids for all 12 sites.

Blow Bubbles Not Smoke booth at Kitsap County Fair cosponsored by TFKC and
Kitsap Asthma Coalition. Posters (Don't Let 2nd Hand Smoke Hurt Kitsap Kids,
Butts are Gross, Kissing A Smoker), bottles of bubbles, SHS and your new baby,
The Best Thing You Can Do, Living With a Smoker, How to Say No to SHS, Don't
Let... bookmarks, Make Your Home a Smokefree Zone magnets, Smoking Bugs me
bracelets, I Love Being a Smokefree Kid coloring book. Excellent response to
coalition volunteers who staffed 12 hrs/5 days.

Request from Ginny Sackett, Kitsap Community Resources, for materials for clients.
Cigarette piled highchair, High Chair post cards, Best Thing You Can Do, If you Live
with a Smoker, Your New Baby, and Don't Let SHS Hurt Kitsap Kids posters for
their offices. Work with TANF clients on employment, education, parenting. Will
keep display thru October.

Provider Up-date, Harrison Hospital. 25 Best Thing You Can Do For Your Kids.

SHS posters to be made at Westhills Elementary. Materials include video Firsthand
Lesson in SHS, Best Thing, Contents of Smoke, and downloads from internet.

Display with Cigarettes in High Chair, SF apartment guides to CHEST Conference.
Emphasis on protecting kids with asthma.

Olympic College Health Fair. Best Thing You Can Do, Don't Let SHS Hurt Kitsap
Kids, Contents of SHS, EPA Smokefree Home Pledge, Make Your Home
Smokefree Zone magnets, car stickers, dove cards.

Tobacco Day at the Mall. Display included I Love Smokefree Air Because cards
filled out and signed by public. Information on Smokefree homes (Smokefree Home
Zone magnets, Smoking Bugs Me bracelets, Best Thing You Can do for Your Kids,
Living With a Smoker).

Materials provided to Family Nite promotion at Mall. Don't let Secondhand Smoke
Hurt Kitsap Kids posters used. Give your child love and affection, not asthma.

Presentation to teen parent class at OHS. Ziplock goody bag included bubbles,
dove cards, best thing, smoke free zone magnets, journey works brochures.

On-going conference calls with Environmental Health workgroup on state asthma
plan results in written elements including cooperative work with state tobacco and
education on SHS in homes.

NKSD committee to assist implementation of exit (senior HS) course in health.
Tobacco elements to include SHS issues.

Provided secondhand smoke and home and auto safety materials to cessation
survey participants including EPA smokefree home pledge materials

                  Port Gamble S'Klallam tribe youth center. 25 EPA smokefrre homes guides, 25
                  dining guides, 15 dove cards.

                  100 Dining Guides to Greeter's Service. SHS brochure to Harrison Social Work
                  Dept. for employees.

                  SHS and EPA materials provided at event. Direct outreach at event focusing on
                  SHS and dental halth issues

                  SHS materials and EPA pledge provided to 5 providers who directly serve familes
                  with oung children

                  Secondhand smoke and pregnancy brochures, as well as Tobacco cessation
                  Resources in Kitsap County brochures to Silverdale WIC attn: Laura . 5 WIC sites
                  would like supply of these materials - will order supply.

                  Provided materials to maternal child health providers at brief interventin training.
                  (Materials inclded EPA and DOH materials)

                  40 childcare providers with materials and information on secondhand smoke,
                  including the EPA SMokefree Home materials.

                  06/28/2005 Breathe Easy News newletter developed. Because both the First Steps
                  to Parent-Child Health and the Childcare Connection newsletters were discontinued
                  this year, a new outlet for our newsletter had to be considered. After looking at the
                  community and the audience we wanted to reach, we were given the go ahead to
                  produce a newsletter with secondhand smoke issues as the focus, for the Kitsap
                  Community Resources WIC offices (5). 500 copies went to the WIC offices, 100 to
                  Health District Clinic Services, 100 to the Health District Maternal Health Nurses for
                  distribution to clients, and 100 for Westpark Community Center. Quitline also
                  promoted on the newsletter. WIC felt that the special newsletter would be the most
                  effective way to reach their clients.

                  Ads on BKAT continue to run centering on secondhand smoke in the home issues.
                  reached a total of 50,000 households in the Kitsap/North Mason region. Ads for quit
                  line and secondhand smoke assistance ran on the BKAT reader board for a total of
                  7,000 hours in 04-05.
C4.10 SHS Law                                                                                              Local agencies and staff
Enforcement Edu                                                                                            (Health Care                   3
                  Letters and materials sent to all area fire chiefs, as well as Kitsap Health District    Local agencies and staff
                  tenants association.                                                                     (Law Enforcement)
                                                                                                           Other (Describe in Activity

C4.EF.2 SHS                                                                                                Apartment owners and
                                                                                                           property managers             250
                  Jill Smith presented smokefree housing materials to a group of 25 housing

keystakeholders at a Lakewood Crime-Free Housing training on July 22nd.                  Other (Describe in Activity
Smoke free apartment packet & materials to Shari Ross, Eastwynd resident. New
management is allowing smoking residents to cool rooms by leaving their doors
open to hallways, hallway fans pull smoke to common areas.

Mike Acfalle, Olympic Management, Puyallup. Contact re complaints at Eastwynd.
Sent packet of materials and letter. 8/29 He agrees to send letter to residents asking
that smokers close doors. 9/13 Recontact re letter not clear that doors are to remain
closed (SHS stays in air, not reasonable put out cig, then open door, and not expect
smoke to migrate). Mike maintains that residents should approach manager not HD.
Resident reports intimidation, being called troublemakers for prior NS petition.

Resident of smoke-free Finch Place Apartments, BI, Shiela Charles calls to
complain of fellow resident, also manager smoking. Lease specifies NS. Quality
Management supervisor (Susan Meyers) not sympathetic, accuses of personal
vendetta. Deborah Aversano at QM interested in situation, eager to maintain SF
registry status, but cannot reveal employee actions. Susan Meyers confirms that
smoking resident has been moved, manager again notified of requirements of
employment. Unaware that offending resident's carpet was first cleaned, then had to
be completely removed. Requests verification of future complaints from other

Jill Smith presented to a group of 25 housing keystakeholders at a Tacoma Crime-
Free Housing training Sept. 16th.

Contact with Seattle Housing Authority re TriCourt experience & HUD approvals.
Errol flager head of Low Income Public Housing 206-770-6801.

Larry Couch, Diamond Productions. Has put me on mailing list for On-Site news.
Will take more articles as available on smokefree apartments, survey work.

Washington State Public Health Association Joint Conference On Health,
Wenatchee Presentation onMarketplace Advocacy for Smokekfree Apartments.
Barbara Smithson

Purchase of No Smoking signs for Housing Authority (Tacoma).

Jim Adrian, Puget Rental Owners contact for new information on SF apartments.
Follow up in Feb.

Protect Your Family Rent smoke-free ads running 2x per mo in rental section,
Bremerton Sun Jan thru June 05. Also run 2x per month, 6 months in rental section
Tacoma News Tribune.

Susan Meyers, Quality Management. Followup on Finch Place/Registry. Smoking
manager no longer there. No more complaints from residents about smoking in

Presentation to Puget Rental Owner's Association on smokefree housing.
Estiimated 45 attending. Recruited more owners to SF registry and presented
brochures on legal and economic issues.Follow-up in March PROA newsletter

(distribution 400).

Fjord Manor and Fjord Vista II (Kitsap Housing Authority) Apartments to be

Survey report on SHS and Affordable Housing complete. Copies to DOH. Highlights
include:· 88% of smokers and 93% of nonsmokers believe that
breathingsecondhand smoke is somewhat or very harmful· Almost half of all
smokers say they never allow smoking inside their own homes· Three quarters of
non-smokers and 37% of smokers say they would likely apply to live in newly
designated smoke-free housing · 81% of non-smokers think a separate non-
smoking site is a satisfactory or very satisfactory solution; 65% of smokers agree·
Only 52% of non-smokers think allowing smoking outside on steps, patios and
balconies would be a satisfactory solutionMore than 40% of all renters think
segregating smoking to a single section or floor is unsatisfactory

All apartments and housing managers identified in Kitsap and Pierce Counties
mailed packet with smokefree survey, incentive offer, introduction letter on the
benefits of SF Housing, Fresh Air and It's Your Decision brochures and SF Registry
from appropriate county.

Puget Sound Parent ad runs, featuring photo of mother, father, baby with Protect
Your Family smokefree living message. PSP has a circulation of 30,000 and is
distributed (free) throughout Pierce, Thurston, and Kitsap. Their target audience is
families/mothers and it is distributed at WIC clinics, hospitals, doctor offices, malls,
retail, daycares, etc.

Per Robin Waldrop, Kitsap Consolidated Housing, Madrona Manor slated to go
smokefree this fall.

National Conference on Tobacco or Health. Project in featured as part of national
panel presentation. Good attendence. Inquiries from Boston to B.C. Focus on our
advertising and outreach to managers.

2005-2006 Outputs
                                                                                                     Audience                      Actual #
Activity          Journal Entries                                                                    Description (Type)            Reached

C1.01 Community                                                                                      Advisory Council Member
Advisory Board                                                                                       (Native Americans, Social           55
                                                                                                     service providers/organizations)
                                                                                                     Advisory Council Member (ESD
                  7/5/2005                                                                                                               16
                  Collaborative Needs Assessment: In the absence of Mary Ellen De La Pena,
                  Roberta presented the executive summary of the countywide collaborative            Other (Describe in Activity
                  needs assessment. This year, in response to community and local leads,             Journal)
                  ESD 112 and other ESDs now hold the responsibility for attending to the
                  training needs of the region. Cessation training will still be undertaken by
                  Free & Clear, which has separated from Group health and is a stand-alone
                  program. ESD 114 has been tasked with putting on 4 trainings for the year,
                  as well as providing technical assistance. Coalition members suggested
                  topics that would be important to them, so that Michelle is able to present
                  this input to the State and regional training coordinators. Firstly – local
                  trainers and local issues were of primary importance to coalition members.
                  Training Issues that are priorities for coalition members present:Working with
                  local tribes. This training should focus specifically on Salish tribes in the
                  region, and include specific cultural and social issues relevant to these
                  tribes. (As opposed to a more ―global‖ training that might include issues not
                  relevant to local tribes.) Cultural Competency. Again, coalition members
                  stressed that this should relate specifically to local needs and local issues
                  and should include input from local agencies. GLBT issues. Sexual
                  minorities have almost twice the smoking levels of ―straight‖ populations, and
                  should be treated as a high priority population. Second-Hand Smoke issues.
                  (Given that Initiative 901 will pass in November, and it is unclear at this pint
                  whether or not the State will be hosting training around this issue – the
                  suggestion was made that the ESD may want to ―hold back‖ a training for
                  later in the year to respond to changing local needs.Shipyard Fair: Karen
                  Boysen-Knapp updated the coalition on the PNS fair serving over 3,000
                  employees. Excellent event with great opportunity to reach a population we
                  have had trouble reaching by other means. Kitsap County Fair: Wendy
                  Jones again asked for volunteers though slots are filling up quickly. Pencils
                  for pinwheels have arrived. This year‘s both will have three ―sections‖ - one
                  for asthma, one for media literacy and one for general countywide tobacco
                  efforts. Janet has produced a banner that says ―Breathe Easy 100% Smoke
                  Free‖. Barbara will send Janet the Suquamish logo for inclusion on the
                  banner. The overall theme of the Booth this year is ―home, family,
                  community. ― with each ‗section‘ transitioning visually from one to the next.
                  The asthma section will feature peak flow meters, as well as information.
                  Roberta will produce talking points for the Media Literacy exercise and
                  simple instructions for an exercise on car racing and tobacco sponsorship.
                  Hope needs a coalition letter to solicit for a big-screen TV. (Update: this has
                  been done)Updates: Staff at the health District has completed their yearly
                  assessment and will rt 05-06 activities in July. Karen Boysen-Knapp has
                  produced a newsletter aimed at pregnant and parenting women about the
                  dangers of secondhand smoke. This will be distributed through WIC,
                  Westpark community centers and family clinics. Roberta Kowald advised the
                  coalition on new activities planned by the health district for youth advocacy
                  recruitment. These will include – an email listerve as the primary method of
                  communication, with regional ―get-togethers‖ a few times a year. Youth will
                  be recruited in schools, but also youth groups and (following the highly-
                  successful ‗Rock the Vote‘ model – at youth venues such as concerts and
                  local events.) Barbara Hoffman advised that the Family Fun event at the
                  Suquamish Tribe was well attended with about 75 families.The Suquamish
                  tribe will be having a health Fair Sept 17th. Barbara Hoffman will be
                  attending the Native Tobacco Conference in Portland August 21-22.The
                  Lower Elwha tribe is hosting the annual canoe trip and is planning a smoke-
                  free event. The Suqamish tribe will be hosting a canoe stop on July 16 and
                  27 as the canoe makes its way to the Hood canal area.OutKitsap has 15-20
                  youth registered in its program and receives 3-4 calls a week from kids who
                  want to know about programs. OutKitsap will be hosting its first public Pride
                  event Saturday July 16 and expects 350-400 people. Kitsap County Health

District will provide GLBT cessation and prevention materials and staff for
this event.Next meeting August 2

Regularly scheduled coalition meeting

Special Event to celebrate Senator Oake's retirement from political office.
Excellent event - though small.

Celebration for Senator Oke and teh 12th year of the Kitsap County
Coalition. Local dignitaries attended including the Kitsap County Sheriff,city
council members, Dr Lindquist, terry Reid and other local community
members of the coalition. Local youth advocate of the year Tessie Goheen
spoke about new youth iniatives in Kitsap County.

Regular coalition meeting

Tobacco Free Kitsap County Coalition MinutesTuesday Nov 18:30 AM –
10:30 AM Present: Mary Ellen de la Pena Kitsap County, Michelle Dower,
Cheryl Thompson, OESD 114, Janet Mano, US Navy Hospital, Roberta
Kowald, Melinda Harmon, Karen Boysen-Knapp, Kitsap County Health
District ―Watch Out‖ Retailer Education program: Mary Ellen de la Pena has
been invited to participate in this retailer education program. This program
would target retailers of tobacco and alcohol products, warning them to
―watch out‖ for adults buying products for or on behalf of minors.
Communities participating in this program engage in a specific, targeted
education program (similar to the retailer education portion of Hands Off
Halloween) in an effort to support retailers in enforcing the law. Current
statistics show that the majority of teens and under-18 year old youth get
their alcohol from friends or family members. Initiative 901: Roberta Kowald
Voting for this smoke-free public place initiative is Tuesday Nov 8. The
health District is the entity charged with enforcement and education on the
new laws, as well as the deciding body for all exemptions to the ―25 foot
rule‖. (IE all businesses that employ people in the state must enforce no
smoking within 25 feet of all doors, windows that open and air intakes.
(Tribal properties, as sovereign nations, are not part of this statewide
legislation. Federal properties IE military bases - are not part of this current
decision but are already subject to federal smoke-free policies).The Health
District will be concentrating on educating current establishments, rather
than punishing offenders. Pierce County had only 6 businesses out of a total
of 3,000 that were difficult to extract compliance from – and within a year all
had become compliant. Kitsap County currently has 134 restaurants that are
considered ―smoking‖ restaurants by Kitsap standards. (IE that smoking
occurs under the same roofline - so if a businesses has an attached bar and
the restaurant is smoke-free but the bar is physically under the same roof as
the restaurant – we would not consider them smoke-free.) Breaking News:
By now folks know that Initiative 901 will go into law on December 8, 2005
making all public places smoke free in Washington State! Kitsap residents
voted almost 2 to 1 in favor of the Initiative (the latest figures available are
61.51% in favor, 38.49% against as of 8:44 PM 11/08/05) Private School
Partnerships: Roberta Kowald Both Roberta and Michelle from the ESD
have recently been invited to speak at a local Seventh day Adventist school,
prompting staff to look at ways to outreach these schools who may not
receive as much information and support from regular sources as
mainstream public schools do. The ESD is able to offer some limited support
to private schools if they are accredited with OSPI, but they would not be
able to support their programs at the level that they can public schools.
Coalition members with connections to local private schools are encouraged
to let staff and coalition members know which schools would be interested in
help with programs or youth projects. Updates: Hands off Halloween OESD
114: This is the first year that the ESD has run HOH and they experienced
some challenges. Overall, feedback from the event was very positive but

they found themselves with significantly less teams than in former years.
Suggestions from the group as to how to get more teams were to outreach
non-school partners (after school programs, community groups etc), ask for
commitments from coalition members weeks in advance, give community
groups a longer ―turnaround time‖ to allow them time to get permission slips
etc in time. Contacts: Cheryl Thompson, Michelle Dower OESD 114 Gay
American Smoke Out: KCHD/OUTKITSAP Outreach to the GLBT community
at the monthly OUTKITSAP Friday Feast and gay Bingo night. Traditionally
held in November, OUTKITSAP is not holding this event in November but
will have materials and information ready at the October and December
Bingo events which both promise to attract record crowds. (Oct bingo had
117 people – one of the largest crowds). Quit Kits were given away and the
banner hung beneath the bingo board.Contact: Karen Boysen-Knapp,
Roberta Kowald KCHD Great American Smoke Out: KCHD: The
Government center will have a table in the foyer with Quit Kits and
information outreaching both the public and employees of the building. If you
would like some ideas on ways to hold a GASO event at your work or
community group please contact Karen Boysen-Knapp. Next Meeting:
Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Strategic Planning process for New Coalition (This is presented as a grid
and doesn't fit well in catalyst! 2006 Plan for Tobacco Free Kitsap County
Coalition Proposed name change to: Kitsap Tobacco, Alcohol and Other
Substances Consortium (KTASC) Vision Statement: A healthy, safe and
substance free Kitsap County.Mission Statement: To promote the assets,
resources, strengths and capabilities of all citizens in Kitsap County, and to
empower them to lead healthier, drug-free lives. GOAL 1. To promote
diversity membership on the KTASC v Invite speakers to roundtable setting
to speak about issues and needs of their communityv Dedicate time each
meeting to focus on issues and concerns of underserved populations
Promote awareness and education through participation in cultural activities
and events persons responsible: Mary Ellen/Coalition members Target
Audience: African-American, API community, Latino community, GLBT, Faith
Community, Local businesses, restaurants owners, bars, Kitsap mall
administrators GOAL 2. To promote Youth involvement in both community
Advocacy and KTASC v Recruit youth membership on KTASC v Dedicate
meeting time to roundtable setting to speak about issues and needs of their
community as well as highlight their activitiesv Participate in youth
awareness and education through participation in cultural activities and
events v Promote awareness/education and policy advocacy support of
tobacco prevention and control issues through youth events and participation
in activities Peresons responsible: Roberta/Coalition membersTarget
Audience: African-American, API community, Latino community, GLBT, Faith
Community, Local businesses, Schools, After-school groups, Private
schools, youth groups and associations, GOAL 3. To promote community
communication through media and a variety of communication sources v
Develop strategy to increase participation in the Healthy Youth Survey v
Develop community fact sheets on tobacco issuesv Develop regular news
releases (Goal: One per qaurter on tobacco/ health/ coalition issues) v
Promote awareness / by attending community events and activities. Persons
responsible: ESD/KCHD/Coalition membersRoberta/Target Audience:
Coalition members HD staff and agencies/Coalition membersCoalition
members School administrators, principals and superintendents Community
at large/targeted groups where necessaryCommunity at large Community at
large GOAL 4. To promote community advocacy and involve the coalition
and its members in local grassroots and legislative efforts v Support and
advocate on Legislative issues pertaining to tobacco and community issues
(IE new fire safe cigarette bill) v Hands Off Halloween v World No Tobacco
day v Great American Smoke Out Persons responsible:Coalition members/
Non-profit partners (ACS, ALA, Americans for Non-smokers rights)
ESD/Coalition members HD staff and agencies/Coalition membersHD staff
and agencies/Coalition members Community at large/targeted groups where
necessaryTarget Audience: Community at large Community at large
Community at largeGOAL Activities Person(s) Responsible Outreach
Targets 5. To promote educational and training opportunities on tobacco and
tobacco related issues of importance to the community and to the coalition v
Encourage coalition members to participate in trainings provided by the ESD

                     and agency offerings pertinent to coalition members. ESD 114/ Health
                     Disrtict Community groups, Coalition members, Tobacco Contractors.
                     Tobacco Calendar of Events 2006Month Event/ location Lead January
                     TFKCC meeting Mary Ellen de la Pena February TFKCC meeting Mary Ellen
                     de la PenaMarch TFKCC meeting Images of Youth conference March 20-21
                     Mary Ellen de la PenaDr Marilyn April
                     TFKCC meeting Kick Butts Day, April 5 Mary Ellen de la PenaRoberta
                     Kowald May TFKCC meeting World No Tobacco Day May 31 Mary Ellen de
                     la PenaRoberta Kowald June TFKCC Meeting PSNS Health Fair Mary Ellen
                     de la Pena July TFKCC Meeting Whaling Days OutKitsap Pride Picnic Mary
                     Ellen de la Pena Community members/ Coalition members OutKitsap/
                     Coalition membersMonth Event/ location Lead August TFKCC MeetingPSNS
                     Health Fair ACS/ Camp Speak Out Mary Ellen de la Pena ACS/ Community
                     youth groups September TFKCC Meeting NAACP Health Fair Suquamish
                     Tribe Health Fair Girls Night Out Mary Ellen de La Pena NAACP/ Coalition
                     membersTribe/ Coalition members October TFKCC meeting Hands Off
                     Halloween OC Wellness Fair Mary Ellen de La PenaESDNovember TFKCC
                     meeting Great American Smoke OutNov 14 Mary Ellen de La PenaKaren
                     Boysen-Knapp/ Health District December TFKCC meeting Anniversary of
                     Smoking Ban in Washington State Mary Ellen de La PenaRoberta Kowald

                     Tobacco Free Kitsap County Coalition Agenda Tuesday, April 11, 20063:00
                     PM – 4:30 AM Jackson Park Community center 90 Olding Road, Bremerton,
                     98312 3:00 Welcome and Introductions Mary Ellen de la Pena 3:20
                     Presentation: Members of local businesses 3:50 Debriefing RUAD Town Hall
                     meeting Mary Ellen de la Pena 4:05 Smoke Free Parks Roberta Kowald 4:20
                     Healthy Youth Survey Updates Mary Ellen de la Pena
C1.02 Youth          9/14/2005                                                                      Other (Describe in Activity
Coalition/Advisory   FIRST SADD MTG. GREAT TURN OUT. DISCUSSED SADD ACTIVITES                                                        116
                                                                                                    secondary youth (Middle/junior
                                                                                                    high youth)



                     First meeting with group from Kitsap Alternative Transitional School (KATS).
                     Unusual in that we have the opportunity to meet with a group for longer than
                     is traditionally seen at Juvenile detention, and these youth go to school at
                     Juvie during the day and go home at night. (They are unreleasable into the
                     general school population until they complete KATS). Very concerned about
                     secondhand smoke issues - vast majority smoke.

                     KATS: lively discussion of which smoking issue is the most pressing. Chose
                     secondhand smoke because lots of epole don't always know about this

                     KATS group want to produce PSA in anti-tobacco. Discussion of the wide
                     range of potential topics

                     KATS group studied media messages and plans what venue would be best
for message dispersal. (Radio, TV both etc.)

KATS: last get-together before holidays: Ways to stay smoke-free when all
around you are smoking theirs...


KATS begins working on script and concept for PSA


KATS PSA: Writing script and dividing jobs amongst participants

discussed upcoming fund raiser. made sure lunches were covered,
discussed where they'd sell, and made some posters.

last mtg before the v.d. fund raiser. the youth made posters and put them up
around the school. I was so impressed with the art work.

KATS PSA: Shot list and script development: Deiscussion of producstion
values and media outlets

KATS group: rehearsals for script - discussion of Industry media targeting of
minorites, how does tobacco define masculine and feminine

broke up into tatu groups to practice. first class coming up soon.

good mtg, discussed tatu presentations that some of the group have done so
far. discussed finishing anti tobacco video and upcoming sadd conf.

sadd mtg- much discussion re mock dui crash for senior's. Sadd group gets
to help wite scripts. sadd conf this wkend

KATS group: Very lively discussion of media images of incarcerated teens -
does this affect the way others see you? How can we change this image?
How does smoking and alcohol play into this whole image making factor?

reviewed tatu schedule for this wk. sadd party next mtg, MUCH discussion re
food to bring. recruited a new person for comp cks.

KATS: FILM DAY! Exhausting - they found out even short films are a lot of
hard work. Lots of jobs are kinda boring but a lot of compliments from staff

                       about what a great group they are.

                       started and finished one world no tobacco day project. this school does a
                       mock dui before prom which falls on the wkend of wntd so we need to do our
                       events before the actual date. today the group of 6 went around the outside
                       of the school on the walkways that the students will take in to school
                       tomorrow and with chalk, wrote tobacco facts. of course now it looks like it
                       might rain.

                       not a huge turnout for the mtg, 4 students. discussed tatu, activities for wntd,
                       mock dui, and prom msgs.

                       good mtg. firming up plans for wntd and mock dui.

                       good mtg. discussed goals and events for next yr and next wk's end of yr

                       Final mtg of sadd for this year. Elections for next year, new president. Plans
                       made for first day of school event with mr butts. farwell party afterwards.
C1.04 State/Regional 9/7/2005                                                                             Other (Describe in Activity
Meetings             Youth Access mtg.                                                                                                      0
                                                                                                          Staff (Tobacco Prev Staff)       10
                       Regional Meeting

                       Annual Tobacco Conference. Attended by Melinda, Roberta, Karen and
                       Americorp Cynthia.

                       Regional meeting.

                       Karen attended regional mtg in Port Townsend.
C1.05                  5/4/2006                                                                           Other (Describe in Activity
Meetings/Trainings -                                                                                                                       21
other                  5/4/2006
                                                                                                          Staff (Tobacco Prev Staff)       19

                       TPRC 05-06 training prioritization/planning meeting with ESD 114. Took
                       training priorities from assessment done at July Tobacco Free Kitsap County
                       Coalition meeting and presented them at this meeting.

                       OutOf School Consortium meeting - KCHD as well as several other agencies
                       serving youth outside of regular school hours. Currently undertaking an
                       Asset mapping project to highlight resourves currently available to agencies
                       and the public.

                       Youth from Kitsap county attended Youth event in Tacoma, prior to Cross-

                  Cultural collaboration conference.

                  Three tobacco staff attended both or one day of the Cross Cultural
                  Collaborative Conference at the Tacoma Museum of Glass. Also attended by
                  another health district health educator who works with La Center de la
                  Familia. Highly worthwhile training.

                  Commission on Children and Youth/Childrens Home Society Youth
                  Advocacy training Day

                  Advocacy Institute Training. Very useful and will help form new plans for
                  revitalizing Coalition and activities.

                  Subcommittee meeting of KTASC to develop strategic plan, goals and
                  objectives while coalition on hiatus

                  travel to Tacoma with members of the KTASC to explore seperate funding
                  for the coalition with DASA dollars under commiunity grantmaking. While the
                  changes the group is undergoing make it inelligible at this time (IE coalition
                  must be in current state for 12 months prior to funding cycle) the framework
                  makes an interesting blueprint to bring back to the coalition for further

                  KCHD staff attended Social Normative Change training

                  Understanding the Strong People training at the Port Gamble K'Klallam
                  Tribe. Attended by 3 TPC supervisor/staff.

                  TPC supervisor and 2 staff attended a Media Relations Training put on by
                  Tim Church and another presenter.
C1.06 Volunteer   9/16/2005                                                                        Other (Describe in Activity
Involvement       Information came to us of a huge push in this area from Swedish match - a                                          1
                  company promoting snuff as a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes. DASA
                  county staff and KCHD observed samplng events in South Kitsap area
                  stores - as well as having the opportunity to note that these were fdeqently
                  stores that had solf to minors in recent compliance checks and were well
                  known to compliance check staff. (FYI - KCHD staff easily obtained cans of
                  snuff and ID was not checked. The person representing Swedish match
                  asked the staff person to write dwon her birthdate so we can get the state off
                  our back.)
C1.07 Raising     10/10/2005                                                                       Newspapers (Media(reporters,
Awareness/Nat.    Two emails promoting Gay American Smokeout - one to the 40's and friends                                          11
                                                                                                   editorial boards))
Media Event       group which reaches 135 lesbian women and allies in the region, and the
                  other to the OutWestSound group which serves 440 members - were sent             Other (Describe in Activity
                  out. Email included facts about tobacco and GLBTQ community. It                  Journal)
                  encouraged participation in the GAS on November 17, and promoted a
                                                                                                   Website (Stakeholders)            3
                  special GayAS night at GLBTQ Bingo and Feast on Friday, October 28.
                  Special GLBTQ quit kits were developed and available upon request at both
                  the bingo night, and via a phone call or email to the health district. During
                  bingo the caller and Roberta (health district) both talked about the quit kits

and the quit line. 10 kits were given out at bingo; the rest were sent with
OutKitsap for their young mens group. Kits will also be available at
December's Bingo, which expects the biggest turn out.

Promotion of Great American Smokeout begins. Count down to Quitting tips
start on health district intra-website (reaches over 130 employees); to run all
week around GAS. Shared countdown with ESD 114 and Mary Ellen at
Prevention Services at the county. Developed special quit tip bookmark
which includes info on the quitline and how to be supportive to someone
planning a quit attempt. Bookmarks and other GAS promo materials
(buttons) distributed to health district clinical staff, HIV casemanagers and
clinic staff, Peninsula Community Health Clinic Dental staff, Port Gamble
S'Klallam Tribe Clinic, and the health clinic at Spectrum Alternative School
where special tobacco cessation outreach efforts are planned for GAS. GAS
informational table and display in the lobby of the gov't center all day on
11/17. Staffed so that ques. could be answered. Quit kits given out for gov't
center display visitors and health district staff. Press release out to all 6 local
newspapers - article in the Bremerton Sun (front page) promoting GAS and
the display, as well as the Washington State Quitline.

News release promoting cessation with the new year and new 901 law sent
to all 5 local newspapers...Make 2006 the Year to Stop SmokingFree
patches or nicotine gum is available for smokers 18-29BREMERTON—With
the new year around the corner and the passage of the new indoor smoking
law (I-901), now is the time to time to consider making 2006 the year to kick
the habit! If you are a Washington state resident wanting to quit smoking,
help is available. You can call the toll-free Washington State Tobacco Quit
Line at 1-877-270-STOP (in Spanish, 1-877-2NO-FUME) for free counseling,
referrals to cessation programs, and quit kits. The Tobacco Quit Line is
confidential and toll free. By calling the Quit Line at 1-877-270-STOP, you
will have access to some of the best cessation specialists in the state that
can give you:· Private counseling and continued support.· A personalized
quit plan.· Tools and skills to help you succeed.· Information about additional
resources such as insurance benefits and other quitting programs in your
area.· A Tobacco Quit Kit mailed to your home.In addition, if you are a
Washington resident between 18-29 you can enroll in a program to quit
tobacco called Stick It To Kick It, which includes free nicotine patches or
gum and counseling to help you kick tobacco once and for all. The Stick It to
Kick It program, available until January 31, 2006, includes over $300 in
patches and gum to qualified individuals. Heath insurance is not required. ---
-MORE: Make 2006 the Year to Stop SmokingThe Tobacco Quit Line
specialists understand that quitting tobacco take time. It may take the
average person eight attempts to quit. Calling the Quit Line improves your
chances of quitting by 20 percent. When you call the Quit Line, you will be
able to talk to a specialist who has helped others and may be an ex-smoker
themselves. They answer your questions and provide helpful easy to follow
materials that allow you to take control of the quitting process and become a
quitter for life. Here are some other practical tips that have worked ........ For
more information on cessation services in Kitsap County, contact Karen
Boysen-Knapp at 337-5231. Websites to help you quit include, or For information on the Health
District‘s new Smoke Free Places Information and Referral Line contact
(360) 337-5244. This line includes basic information about I-901, allows
residents to file a compliant, and allows callers to talk to a Health District
employee about the new law.

Through with Chew Week (Feb 12-18) and Great American SpitOut (Feb 16)
promotion via flyer and chew fact sheet developed in house. Distributed via
Children's Dental Health Month event at the Kitsap Mall Feb. 12, as well as
stocked in health district areas (staff/clinic/reception area), OutKitsap,
Spectrum Alternative School, Peninsula Community Health Services
(medical/dental in Poulsbo and Bremerton Sites), 4 Poulsbo dental offices
and Juvenile Detention Center. Also distributed via members of Tobacco
Free Kitsap County Coalition (7 members took materials). Included Quitline

                      flyer and cards for those that needed supply.

                      skhs sadd groups world no tobacco event. the students had obtained
                      permission from the pt o mayor for their event. they were going to write
                      tobacco facts and wntd 5/31/2006 on the sidewalks of the main street in
                      town. DONT DO THIS AGAIN. store owners were rude to the students and
                      after the kids had written their slogans in sidewalk chalk the store owners
                      poured buckets of water on the sidewalks. one man did follow us around
                      asking questions, telling the kids how tobacco had effected his life, the
                      students educated him about the quit line. he left us carrying a quit line card.
                      Not all of the store owners were ill mannered NEXT YEAR- the students
                      could wear sandwich boards telling facts and dates of wntd.
C1.10 Support Local   5/10/2006                                                                           community stakeholders (School
Data Collection       Series of meetings with School and School District Personnel to encourage                                          10
                                                                                                          or District Administrators)
                      participation in Healthy Youth Survey. Bremerton School District will now
                      participate in they survey - making ciountywide data possible in this area.         Other (Describe in Activity
                      (Interesting community partner - our local Commission on Children and               Journal)
                      Youth which makes small community grants available for after-school
                      programming, made one of the criteria for elligibility participation in the HYS.)
C1.12 DOH             7/1/2005                                                                            Other (Describe in Activity
Conference Calls      DOH I-901 Conference calls: 1/12/2006: SHS conference call 1/19/006: SHS                                              1
                      conference call 1/26/2006:SHS conference call 2/7/2006: SHS Conference
                      call2/21/2006: SHS Conference call 3/27/2006: Media Conference                      Tobacco prevention and control
                      Call4/6/2006: Cessation Conference call 4/13/2006: SHS Conference Call              staff (Tobacco Prev Staff)
                      4/27/2006: Disparities Conference call5/15/2006: SHS Conference call ;
                      6/6/06: Smoke-free apartments call;
C1.EF.3 Disparities   7/16/2005                                                                           Other (Describe in Activity
                      Kitsap Pride 2005. First time event held in public space (prior to this has                                           32
                      been on a donors farm.) was extraordinarily successful event - almost
                      doubling the expected number of folks attending from last year. (Previous
                      year 250 - this year 500 attendees) Cessation materials, QuitLine, posters
                      and information provided.

                      Cultural Competency training at OESD 114.

                      Meet with OUTKTISAP staff to plan for Verbena grant. Strategized two or
                      three alternatives - OK staff decided that they would like to workl with KCHD
                      to develop a Media Litearcy program for GSA's on Industry targeting of
                      GLBT youth as well as Industry sponsorship of GLBT events. (OUTKITSAP
                      has already been approached by ALTRIA and almost unwittingly applied for
                      funding, unaware of who the organization actually is.)

                      Ethnic Unity Coalition retreat - important networking with other agencies
                      representnig the disparate populations as well as other providers.

                      Meet with Justin Mitzlaff (Program manager) and Linda Henderson
                      (Executive Director) at OUTKITSAP to plan and strategize development of
                      GLBT anti-smoking activities. We will design and develop in conjunction with
                      their growing youth rpogram a media literacy peer education program
                      focusing on Industry targeting of GLBT youth and the ways in which GLBT

                    stereotypes are perpetuated. This will be pilot tested with GSA's in three

                    Partnership forged with Ethic Unity Coaltion to support ongoing efforts with
                    muticultural Kitsap Community.

                    Ongoing meetings with Ethnic Unity Council...

                    Presentation to staff and youth group on tobacco 101, cessation and nicotine

                    Presentation to OK Board Meeting on ALTRIA. OK staff had been
                    approached to apply for funding for youth programming and was unaware of
                    who exactly this company is...Because KCHD staff has a close, good
                    relationship with the Executive staff and Board - they were able to educate
                    the organization on Industry targeting of the GLBT community. OK Board will
                    not take funds from Tobacco or alcohol sponsors at this time.

C2.01.01 Synar      2/9/2006                                                                        high school youth (High school
Compliance Checks   5 cks, no sales.                                                                                                  6
                                                                                                    Other (Describe in Activity
                    2/16/2006                                                                                                         2
                    one Synar ck, NO SALE!
                                                                                                    tobacco retailers/staff/owner
                    3/2/2006                                                                        (Retailer Establishment)
                    MATH PROBLEMS.

                    11 cks, no sales.

                    1 ck, no sale.

                    1 ck no sale much to owners relief- they'd sold etoh the night before. Much
                    kudo's for a great job cking id.

                    4 cks, no sales. THIS YEAR-27 CKS, 1 SALE.
C2.01.02 Other      7/21/2005                                                                       high school youth (High school
Compliance Checks   11 attempts, 3 sales. one store attempted to sell a single cig out of an open                                     20
                                                                                                    Other (Describe in Activity
                    17 attempts, 3 sales. Math confusion seemed to be the problem, and over         tobacco retailers (Retailer
                    riding the machine.                                                                                              160

                    23 cks, 2 sales. Math and over riding the machine were the problems today.

                 19 cks, 4 sales. Math and not even asking for id were the problems today.
                 One store didn't have a tobacco licence but was selling cigs.

                 12 cks, 5 sales. Math and inattention were today's problems.

                 4 checks on stores that have previously sold, 2 sales today. Math problems.

                 9 cks, 1 sale.

                 3 checks, NO SALES!

                 16 CHECKS, 1 SALE. CLERK DID NOT ASK FOR ID.

                 4 checks, NO SALES!!!!

                 5 checks, NO SALES!! Also did I-901 education.

                 1 ck, no sale.

                 10 checks, NO SALES!!

                 6 checks, 1 sale. math problems.

                 6 checks, no sales.

                 5 cks, one sale. clerk did not ask age or for id.

                 for yr 05-06 151 cks, 23 sales
C2.02 Retailer   7/11/2005                                                                        Other (Describe in Activity
Education        DOH RETAILER ED. PKTS DELIVERED TO 2 TOBACCO RETAILERS.                                                           58
                 REVIEWED ID'S AND SIGNAGE.
                                                                                                  tobacco retailers (Tobacco


                 returned to a tobacco retailer who the first time, said they were finishing
                 building the shelfs for the cigs, today I was told they were waiting for their
                 tobacco licence. No tobacco products in sight.






Delivered spanish version of DOH's A GUIDE FOR RETAILERS to
employees of tobacco retailer in our county.





retailer ed given to 4 area tobacco retailers.


retailer ed given to 3 area tobacco stores

retailer ed given to 2 area tobacco establishments.

retailer ed reviewed with one area tobacco store.

retailer ed reviewed with 9 local tobacco stores.

retailer ed reviewed with 7 local tobacco retailers.



                     reviewed retaler ed with 3 local tobacco retailers

                     reviewed retailer ed with 5 county tobacco retailers

                     retailer ed given to 9 county tobacco retailers.

                     reviewed retailer ed with 8 local tobacco retailers.




                     DOH Retailer Education pkts given to 6 local tobacco retailers.



                     retailer ed given to 7 area tobacco establishments.
C2.03 Public Edu -   10/29/2005                                                                       Other (Describe in Activity
Youth Access         Annual HANDS OFF HALLOWEEN survey. Team of two community adults                                                      43
                     and three youth surveyed alcohol and tobacco retail marketing in 12 stores
                     in Kitsap county.

                     Discussed youth access issues with 30 students and 1 teacher. The class
                     has a plan to distribute DOH $5,000 fine posters to tobacco retailers in their
                     part of the county.
C2.08 Support Comp   11/9/2005                                                                        middle/high school staff
School Programs      GREAT TATU TRAINIG. 3 STUDENTS FROM LAST YR HELPED WITH                                                              44
                                                                                                      (Middle/Junior high staff)
                     PRESENTATIONS TO ALL SK 6TH GRADES.                                              Other (Describe in Activity
                     1/12/2006                                                                        school administrators (ESD
                     Meeting with Student Assistance Professionals (12 attending) at the ESD.                                             14
                     Shared activities in the schools (prevention and cessation) and discussed
                     work that can be done together in the remainder of the year.

                     We had such a good time today! A really fun group of 30 9th graders from

                     Poulsbo Jr. High. 27 girls and 3 brave young men. We've worked with their
                     teacher for the past 3 yrs and work well as a team. Instead of the usual ice
                     breaker we asked the group to tell us one thing about 9th graders that we
                     might not know. Interesting responses. As always, I am so impressed with
                     their drama and artistic skills. The presentations of their 5th grader and the
                     refusal skills skits are still my favorite part of the training. But I also enjoy
                     seeing the lightbulb moment during the media lit piece. Still haven't figured
                     the food part out correctly- more kids, order more food-wrong. Island lake no
                     longer has a fridg so will need a cooler next yr. More drinks and fruit.

                     met with esd staff. this is a school I'd like to focus on more next year. there
                     are issues that i feel we can assist with. Pat will be great to partner with.
C2.10 Conduct Peer   11/9/2005                                                                           Other (Describe in Activity
Edu Programs         GREAT TATU TRAINING. WE HAD 3 STUDENTS FROM LAST YR WHO                                                              14
C2.11 Conduct Media 11/9/2005                                                                            Other (Describe in Activity
Lit Programs                                                                                                                             476
                     Media Literacy with KATS program youth. Presentation on Tobacco industry
                     targeting of minorites and stereotyping.

                     Discussion and beginning planning of script for PSA. Discussion of
                     advertising techniques and social marketing.

                     Regular class on media literacy and tobacco and alcohol. Today we talked
                     about Holiday advertising and changes that happen with a major consumer

                     Present on Tobacco and the ways in which it affects Girls and Guys
                     differently. Delivered in back-to-back- periods during entire school day
                     (starting with zero period at 6:15 AM) and lasting whole school day.

                     present to every health class back-to-back (starting with zero period at 6 AM)
                     on media and tobacco issues

                     Presentation on tobacco and alcohol industry media literacy to general
                     population at Port Orchard Juvenile Detention

                     Present on ways to keep yourself smoke free during the holidays - strategize
                     comunications plans with family nd loved ones as well as discuss media and
                     ethnocentrism in holiday advertising pitches.

                     Ongoing media lit and tobacco prevention program (Great discussion on
                     sterotypes and how media and particualrly tobacco and alcohol industry use
                     these to make us buy their products)

                     Presentation and work with Juvenile detention population in KATS (Kitsap

                     Alternative Transitional School) excellent potntial to work with group over
                     time - this group is educated at juvie but goes home at night and is in the
                     program for 3-5 months.

                     began developing project for Video production - PSA went through tactics
                     used in commercial advertising

                     Devloped storyboards and shotlists for PSA on secondhand smoke

                     Discussion with group on why people smoke if they know its bad for them -
                     and the links between sexuality and masculinity/femininity for smokers and

                     Fairview Junior High school present to Economics class on media and
                     Smoking. Lively discussion with mainly 7,8 graders on how media gets us to
                     smoke and how the tobacco industry manipulates us.

                     Video taping of PSA. Hard work! The valuable lesson - media is harder to
                     create and takes more work than it seems to.

                     Collaboration with Mason County TPC to present Media Lit program at
                     Mason County Youth Celebration

C3.01 Promote Quit   7/13/2005                                                                        Childcare providers (Daycare
Line Services        Quitline cards and restaurant brochures x 500 each, for welcome packs for                                            16
                     new Kitsap County residents.
                                                                                                      GLBT Community (Sexual
                     Annual Kitsap PRIDE picnic event. Very well attended (450-500)                   healthcare professionals
                     participants, along with representatives from several social service agencies,   (Health Care                        64
                     healthcare providers, and the democrat and republican parties. Specialized       Providers/Organizations)
                     quitline promotion, with use of postcards and posters promoting the quitline
                     to GLBTQ community. Also emphasized SHS/pets information. Table staffed          Other (Describe in Activity
                     by health district tobacco pc employee. Excellent venue/outreach.                Journal)
                                                                                                      schools/college (Community
                     7/26/2005                                                                        Site)
                     TC from Marilyn R., Director of Nursing, Support Services at Harrison
                                                                                                      social service agencies (Social
                     Memorial Hospital requesting Tobacco Cessation Resources in Kitsap                                                   34
                                                                                                      service providers/organizations)
                     County brochure for both Admissions and 3rd floor, which is where patients
                     with chronic conditions are. Shared info on BTIS instructors within their
                     hospital system as a resource. Discussed interest in hospital offering
                     cessation classes. Delivered 250 resource brochures, 250 quitline
                     brochures, 500 quitline cards, several holders. Excellent contact.

                     Call from Dr. Hadley's office requesting more quitline cards. Sent 300 to

                     Meeting at Olympic College regarding cessation/shs education outreach
                     efforts for students/staff/faculty, starting in Sept. Policies regarding where
                     tobacco can be smoked have been revised, and promotion of cessation
                     resources, including the quitline, as well as shs info will be done. DOH is
                     slated to send quitline magnets to this community college, so our efforts will

piggyback with that outreach, but continue throughout the year. A more
general educational outreach will occur in the student center in October for
wellness week. Discussed availability of BTIS training, but no interest right
now. This campus does not have health services. Discussed many ideas
around providing cessation support - to be discussed at OC wellness
committee meeting this fall.

Quitline cards x 200 to Gilmore Group - (research group - business) per their
request. Also shared resource guide and stick it to kick it promo flyer.

Quitline cards, holders, posters to Mental Health Unit at Harrison Memorial
Hospital.Christina requested. Shared BTIS info, names of those trained as
instructors within their hospital, BTIS nursing pocket guides, cessation
resource guide and stick it to kick it flyers.

Wound care dept. at HMH requests more quitline cards/cessation resource
guides. Also shared new BTIS nurses pocket guide.

Quitline cards x 100 to Heritage Health center in Pouslbo per clinician

Quitline cards x 500, shs bookmarks x 400 to greeters service.

Bremerton School District Employee Wellness Fair. Community resources
fair for school district employees. Shared general cessation materials,
quitline cards/brochures x 50 ea.

Tobacco cessation and secondhand smoke info (high chair postcard)
distributed at Childcare Provider Update by clinic nurse Janet. Also shared
quitline materials and Stick it to Kick it info to 50 local childcare providers in

Tobacco cessation resources and quitline brochures, as well as quitline
cards x 25 each per request of agency.

Peninsula Community Health Services Poulsbo clinic - Request for new
tobacco materials for set up of 6 newly renovated exam rooms. Quitline
posters/cards/holders. Resource brochure, shs brochures etc. @ 100 each

Fulfilled request by Christina at Harrison Memorial Hospital Mental Health
Unit for 1000 quitline cards and 1000 Tobacco Cessation resources in Kitsap
County brochures for their patients/patient's families. Also shared literature
on tobacco use and mental health issues, BTIS instructor resources within
the hospital and new BTIS pocket guide for nurses. Great contact.

PCHS Port Orchard request for quitline materials - 500 cards, 50 brochures,
50 resource brochures.

Coworker Pat taught on women's healthcare issues at Women in Transition
class at Olympic College. Included women and tobacco issues, handed out
stressballs and cards with the quitline number, as well as tobacco cessation

resource brochure. 7 students.

Coworker Shelley delivered quitline cards/holder and Resource brochures to
Planned Parenthood.

50 each tobacco cessation resource brochure/quitline brochure/flyers for
Stick it to Kick It. Okay on quitline card/holder supply.

Gave 50 copies each of new smokeless tobacco cessation quitline promo
brochures for use in dental clinic.

Quitline banner to Janet Mano, health promo for Naval Hospital, for display
on outside wall at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Medical Clinic (both
fighting QL banner and SHS banner of ashtray lungs given for permanent

Quitline cards x 25/holder to Navy Federal Credit Union/Silverdale via
coworker doing 901 educ.

Quitline cards x 50.

Quitline cards/holders for 10 food banks, along with 10 resource guides in
plastic sleeves and 10 quitline posters to coworker who is attending food
bank meeting to review health district resources. Very good outlet in the

Meeting with K. McKay, Public Relations for McDonalds franchises in Kitsap
County, Olympic Peninsula and Mason County. 650 employees, 16
restaurants. Requesting tobacco cessation resource information as a result
of I-901 education. Quitline posters x 17, holder and cards for main office,
tobacco cessation resource guides x 100. Will request more as she sees
what is needed.

Through with Chew Week (Feb 12-18) and Great American SpitOut (Feb 16)
promotion via flyer and chew fact sheet developed in house. Distributed via
Children's Dental Health Month event at the Kitsap Mall Feb. 12, as well as
stocked in health district areas (staff/clinic/reception area), OutKitsap,
Spectrum Alternative School, Peninsula Community Health Services
(medical/dental in Poulsbo and Bremerton Sites), 4 Poulsbo dental offices
and Juvenile Detention Center. Also distributed via members of Tobacco
Free Kitsap County Coalition (7 members took materials). Included Quitline
flyer and cards for those that needed supply.

North Kitsap Fishline requests more tobacco cessation materials. Sent
quitline brochure both spanish and english, new One of the Best Things x 25
ea, and 75 copies of our Tobacco Cessation Resource Guide.

Cessation resources presentation to 20 residents of the Max Hale Center -
an affordable housing center in downtown Bremerton that provides support
and referral to social services as well.

Provider Update with focus on the flu. Audience of 50 included providers and

pharmacists. Table with shs and cessation resource info, as well as PHS
guideline on tobacco cessation. 15 providers took information.

Nurse included quitline and tobacco cessation resource information on class
for Childcare Centers x 15. Also shared shs in the home/car information.

Navy Family Service Center Ombudsman training. Cessation/shs bookmark
developed as a tool, as well as One of the Best Things, quitline and
tobaccco cessation resource guide x 100 each.

Quitline cards x 500, holders x 5.

Developed cessation resources/shs (Take It Outside) bookmark for
distribution via the greeters service now that the dining guide is outdated.
800 bookmarks given for distribution.

Shared quitline info and materials to 9th grade students from North Kitsap Jr. a resource to share with 5th graders they work with as well as
themselves.29 students and 1 teacher.

Ad placed in Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal (for April edition - Health
and Safety) thanking employers for successful implementation of new Clean
Indoor Air Act. Ad included promotion of the Tobacco Quitline in both english
and spanish. Distribution: 40,000.

Quitline information placed in retailer education packets for 22 businesses
that failed compliance checks and 150 that didn't sell. (current contract year).

Request from Kim from Dr. Arthur's practice (vascular surgeon) for tobacco
cessation materials. Delivered resource guide, quitline cards and brochures
@ 50 each. Also shared info on btis training availability and phs guideline.

Quitline cards and holders for Dr. Carlton's office.

Janet K., nurse from health district, included new Quitline promo flyers in
training she did at the Spring Childcare Provider Update. 50 providers

Request filled for tobacco cessation materials at Harrison Medical Center
Port Orchard Dr. Fleishman's office/urgent care. Quitline
brochures/cards/holders and toacco cessation resource brochure - posters x

Quitline brochures, tobacco cessation resource guides, One of the Best
Things...., along with other health promotion materials to public resource
area of the Silverdale Community Center.

Quitline promo done along with retailer education visits. (S. Rose).

C3.02 Pub Edu -   7/5/2005                                                                         healthcare professionals (Health
Cessation         Breathe Easy newsletter, (including quitline info, SHS and children/pets) to                                         36
                                                                                                   Care Providers/Organizations)
                  Barbara Hoffman, PHN, Suquamish Tribe for distribution to WIC clients.
                                                                                                   individuals (Website)               30
                  7/5/2005                                                                         Other (Describe in Activity
                  Breathe Easy newsletter/flyer to Michelle at ESD 114 for distribution to                                             9
                  prevention intervention specialists in the schools for use as they see fit.
                  Newsletter includes SHS and children/pet info, as well as cessation info and     schools/colleges (School
                  resources.                                                                       Building)
                                                                                                   social service agencies
                  7/12/2005                                                                        (Community Site)
                  Peninsula Community Health Services Poulsbo office requests CDC posters
                  (10), sent those as well as samples of new brochures available from the

                  Meeting at Olympic College regarding cessation/shs education outreach
                  efforts for students/staff/faculty, starting in Sept. Policies regarding where
                  tobacco can be smoked have been revised, and promotion of cessation
                  resources, including the quitline, as well as shs info will be done. DOH is
                  slated to send quitline magnets to this community college, so our efforts will
                  piggyback with that outreach, but continue throughout the year. A more
                  general educational outreach will occur in the student center in October for
                  wellness week. Discussed availability of BTIS training, but no interest right
                  now. This campus does not have health services. Discussed many ideas
                  around providing cessation support - to be discussed at OC wellness
                  committee meeting this fall.

                  Teen Awareness summer update for providers. Displayed youth cessation
                  information. Well attended (25 healthcare providers); good discussions with
                  providers about working with youth and tobacco issues.

                  Kitsap County Housing Authority Back to School event at Island Lake. Health
                  district resource table that included youth cessation and prevention
                  materials, as well as shs info and Parents Guide to quitting tobacco. Staffed
                  by health educator from health district who answered questions. Resource
                  tables at event were not well utilized by participants.

                  Display at Bob Oke Recognition Celebration with the Tobacco Free Kitsap
                  County Coalition and it's supporters. The display featured educational pieces
                  on cessation and secondhand smoke. Quitline info also available and

                  Kitsap County Health District Wellness Fair at the Government Center.
                  (Keep an eye on Health) Open to all health district employees, as well as
                  other tenants at the government center. Also open to visitors to the
                  government center. Many agencies represented at other tables (10), as well
                  as hearing testing and acupuncture providers (2 healthcare providers). Great
                  interaction with other agencies and providers about tobacco cessation in
                  general, quitline and other cessation resources. Also distributed quit kits
                  after brief interventions done with those who felt ready to make a quit
                  attempt or who cared about someone who may be ready. 25 quitkits given
                  out, 50 people visited the fair.

                  Shared information with three Olympic College staff who are working on
                  campus tobacco issues on web seminar available from
                  regarding how to work with tobacco issues on various college campus'. Also
                  discussed special quitline promo mat'ls being sent to student services center
                  by DOH, and plans to distribute these items. Discussed tobacco ed/outreach

plans for educational event for students in October.

Annual Girls Night Out event at the Kitsap Mall. Educational event for
women and girls. Pat. D. from Breast and Cervical health program hosted a
workshop that included information on tobacco and women. Tobacco
cessation information distributed, including information on the quitline. 17
workshop attendees.

NAACP Health Fair, sponsered by the health district. Saturday event, staffed
by Roberta, tobacco prevention and control staff. Tobacco educational
literature and quitline materials displayed, including specific materials for the
African American population. Quitkits available for those reporting readiness
to quit their tobacco use. Approximatedly 40 attendees, including other local
social service agencies.

Annual Suquamish Health Fair. Table of general tobacco cessation
information, quitline materials, secondhand smoke info, as well as breast
and cervical health program info. Very well attended - approx. 100 tribal
members. Also good converations with other social service providers who
had tables there.

Know More forum, North Kitsap. Parent forum on youth issues, 100
attendees from the healthcare, educational and general communities. 25 ea.
tobacco prevention and cessation brochures (focusing on parents and
youth), including quitline promo.

Fulfilled request by Christina at Harrison Memorial Hospital Mental Health
Unit for 1000 quitline cards and 1000 Tobacco Cessation resources in Kitsap
County brochures for their patients/patient's families. Also shared literature
on tobacco use and mental health issues, BTIS instructor resources within
the hospital and new BTIS pocket guide for nurses. Great contact.

10/10/2005 Two emails promoting Gay American Smokeout - one to the 40's
and friends group which reaches 135 lesbian women and allies in the region,
and the other to the OutWestSound group which serves 440 members -
were sent out. Email included facts about tobacco and GLBTQ community. It
encouraged participation in the GAS on November 17, and promoted a
special GayAS night at GLBTQ Bingo and Feast on Friday, October 28.
Special GLBTQ quit kits were developed and available upon request at both
the bingo night, and via a phone call or email to the health district. During
bingo the caller and Roberta (health district) both talked about the quit kits
and the quit line. 10 kits were given out at bingo; the rest were sent with
OutKitsap for their young mens group. Kits will also be available at
December's Bingo, which expects the biggest turn out.

Promotion of Great American Smokeout begins. Count down to Quitting tips
start on health district intra-website (reaches over 130 employees); to run all
week around GAS. Shared countdown with ESD 114 and Mary Ellen at
Prevention Services at the county. Developed special quit tip bookmark
which includes info on the quitline and how to be supportive to someone
planning a quit attempt. Bookmarks and other GAS promo materials
(buttons) distributed to health district clinical staff, HIV casemanagers and
clinic staff, Peninsula Community Health Clinic Dental staff, Port Gamble
S'Klallam Tribe Clinic, and the health clinic at Spectrum Alternative School
where special tobacco cessation outreach efforts are planned for GAS. GAS
informational table and display in the lobby of the gov't center all day on
11/17. Staffed so that ques. could be answered. Quitkits given out at gov't
center display and for health district staff and visitors at the lunchroom and
reception desk. Press release out to all 6 local newspapers - article in the

Bremerton Sun (front page) promoting GAS and the display, as well as the
Washington State Quitline.

Individual phone calls to health educator requesting cessation resource
information and support as a direct result of articles in the local newspapers
about I 901 and New Years resolution tobacco cessation efforts. Calls from
diverse community members, medical professionals, young to elderly,
insured and uninsured, etc.

Gail from Social Work department at Harrison hospital requested tobacco
cessation resource brochure and quitline materials for special event held in
the hospital for both staff and the public. Gave 100 each resource brochures
and quitline brochures.

Filled request of Alex U. from employee health at hospital. Requests more
cessation info for employees. Given 500 ea. of tobacco cessation resource
guide, quitline brochures and Best

Update Tobacco Cessation Resource Brochure and Kitsap County Health
District website tobacco cessation page.

Special event. Kitsap Women's show. Quitline/Tobacco Cessation
Resources in KC borchures distributed at staffed table, along with other
health ed materials for women.

Tobacco cessation resource info/brochure along with quitline cards, poster x
1 and brochures x 25.

Meeting with M. Hart, Administrator of Canterbury Manor, an adult living
facility. 22 employees, large facility. Gave quitline posters, brochures, cards
and holders, tobacco cessation resource brochures and Clean Indoor Act
signs for outside the buildings. Discussed possible staff training around
BTIS. Very receptive and motivated to get info out.

Special community education event hosted in part by the Central Kitsap PTA
Council. Family night well attended - tobacco cessation brochures and
quitline promo flyers (new family oriented) distributed at staffed table.

TeenFest at the Kitsap Mall. Table staffed by two health educators at the
event. Tobacco cessation info for youth and parents of youth who are
tobacco users was distributed.

Supply of Quitline brochures and Tobacco Cessation Resources in Kitsap
County brochures stocked continuously at Kiosk in lobby of Bremerton
Government Center.

Kitsap Community Resources, a social service agency, powerpoint
presentation on Tobacco 101, shs and tobacco cessation resources for their
All Staff Day. Over 100 staff members present.

Harrison Medical Center staff L. Linn from Quality Improvement / Patient
Safety and C. Johnson who does discharge packets on 4 West request

                    Tobacco Cessation Resource guides (1000/100) and Quitline cards
                    (1000/100), as well as a supply of quitline card holders and posters.
                    Delivered supplies, discussed training needs around BTIS and instructors
                    availability in-house at the hospital.

                    News release promoting cessation/cessation resources with the new year
                    and new 901 law sent to all 5 local newspapers and placed on health district
                    website ...Make 2006 the Year to Stop SmokingFree patches or nicotine
                    gum is available for smokers 18-29BREMERTON—With the new year
                    around the corner and the passage of the new indoor smoking law (I-901),
                    now is the time to time to consider making 2006 the year to kick the habit! If
                    you are a Washington state resident wanting to quit smoking, help is
                    available. You can call the toll-free Washington State Tobacco Quit Line at
                    1-877-270-STOP (in Spanish, 1-877-2NO-FUME) for free counseling,
                    referrals to cessation programs, and quit kits. The Tobacco Quit Line is
                    confidential and toll free. By calling the Quit Line at 1-877-270-STOP, you
                    will have access to some of the best cessation specialists in the state that
                    can give you:· Private counseling and continued support.· A personalized
                    quit plan.· Tools and skills to help you succeed.· Information about additional
                    resources such as insurance benefits and other quitting programs in your
                    area.· A Tobacco Quit Kit mailed to your home.In addition, if you are a
                    Washington resident between 18-29 you can enroll in a program to quit
                    tobacco called Stick It To Kick It, which includes free nicotine patches or
                    gum and counseling to help you kick tobacco once and for all. The Stick It to
                    Kick It program, available until January 31, 2006, includes over $300 in
                    patches and gum to qualified individuals. Heath insurance is not required. ---
                    -MORE: Make 2006 the Year to Stop SmokingThe Tobacco Quit Line
                    specialists understand that quitting tobacco take time. It may take the
                    average person eight attempts to quit. Calling the Quit Line improves your
                    chances of quitting by 20 percent. When you call the Quit Line, you will be
                    able to talk to a specialist who has helped others and may be an ex-smoker
                    themselves. They answer your questions and provide helpful easy to follow
                    materials that allow you to take control of the quitting process and become a
                    quitter for life. Here are some other practical tips that have worked ........ For
                    more information on cessation services in Kitsap County, contact Karen
                    Boysen-Knapp at 337-5231. Websites to help you quit include
          , or For information on the Health
                    District‘s new Smoke Free Places Information and Referral Line contact
                    (360) 337-5244. This line includes basic information about I-901, allows
                    residents to file a compliant, and allows callers to talk to a Health District
                    employee about the new law.
C3.03 Employer      2/1/2006                                                                             Other (Describe in Activity
Cessation Support   Meeting with K. McKay, Public Relations for McDonalds franchises in Kitsap                                            27
                    County, Olympic Peninsula and Mason County. 650 employees, 16
                    restaurants. Requesting tobacco cessation resource information as a result
                    of I-901 education. Quitline posters x 17, holder and cards for main office,
                    tobacco cessation resource guides x 100. Will request more as she sees
                    what is needed.

                    Filled request of Alex U. from employee health at hospital. Requests more
                    cessation info for employees. Given 500 ea. of tobacco cessation resource
                    guide, quitline brochures and Best

                    Telephone calls made to employers requesting info for staff on cessation
                    resources and the quitline on our 901 survey. The survey was sent out to
                    110 employers in Kitsap County, and included questions on knowledge and
                    promotion of the quitline and other tobacco cessation resources to
                    employees. Had conversations with, and sent or delivered info to: Toad
                    House Pizza Pub, Noah's Ark, Classic Billards, Baja Outpost, Boatshed,

                    Oyster Bay Inn, Casa Luna and China West.

                    05/05/2006 Presentation on Cessation and Secondhand Smpke as well as
                    Tobacco 101 to 150 KCS staff repersenting a wide variety of programs
                    (Parenting, WIC, housing etc.)
C3.04 Health Care   9/12/2005                                                                         healthcare profressionals
Systems Change      Provider Update. Distributed Helping Smokers Quit nurses guide as a new           (Health Care                      214
                    tool to help with basic tobacco interventions with patients. Attended by 50       Providers/Organizations)
                    healthcare providers. Also distributed quitline materials to resupply sites and
                    Stick it to Kick it info.                                                         Other (Describe in Activity
                    Fulfilled request by Christina at Harrison Memorial Hospital Mental Health
                    Unit for 1000 quitline cards and 1000 Tobacco Cessation resources in Kitsap
                    County brochures for their patients/patient's families. Also shared literature
                    on tobacco use and mental health issues, BTIS instructor resources within
                    the hospital and new BTIS pocket guide for nurses. Great contact.

                    Dental hygentist Kristi at Dr. Gross's dental practice given packet on BTIS,
                    oral health and tobacco literture/pt. education materials. Also given quitline
                    materials and resource brochures.

                    Meeting with Harrison Memorial Hospital clinical educator M. Orn who is
                    planning on focus of tobacco work with progressive care and 2 SE patients
                    with staff of about 100 nurses. Gave contact info on two Harrison staff
                    (Thelma and Alex) who have been trained as instuctors in BTIS to train staff.
                    Given 30 copies of the Clinical Practive Guideline, new BTIS tool from
                    AHQR (gave 50 copies, with info on how to order more), 1000 tobacco
                    cessation resource brochures, quitline brochures and cards/holders to
                    supply floor.

                    Attend training for dental staff at PCHS as technical support as they
                    implement their new BTIS charting tool. Tool seems well received. Also
                    shared materials to support interventions, including new quit tip bookmarks
                    and GAS promo buttons for tomorrow (GAS).

                    Sent BTIS Instructor training information to contacts: Dental Health
                    Educator, Kitsap County Prevention Services director, Community Clinic
                    Dental program director, Olympic College contact, and Navy Hospital Health
                    Educator. No response.

                    Prenatal/SHS quitkits to Lori, MCH nurse in Port Orchard, to support her
                    basic tobacco interventions with clients. 10 kits

                    Providers Update. Distributed new family oriented Quitline promo flyers for
                    use in practices, along with general quitline and tobacco cessation resources

                    Mini (1.5 hours) BTIS training for 16 in-home workers who mainly work with
                    adults and seniors. BTIS/Quitline/Tobacco 101. Very well received.

                    Meeting with J. Tillman regarding strategies to get advanced MI and BTIS

              training to our health district MCH nurses. Discussed types of training to
              offer, timing etc.

              1.5 hour BTIS training to advocates at Kitsap Community Services Early
              Head Start program. 15 workers, gave packets of materials, quit kits to use
              with interventions for both prenatal and shs/new parents, quitline materials
              including new family oriented flyers. Well received.

              Worked with B. Otto, Clinical Education at Harrison Medical Center
              Oncology Unit regarding getting tobacco cessation resource information to
              staff and patients. Referred to HMC staff who are trained in doing btis
              trainings. Delivered 1000 ea quitline brochures and tobacco cessation
              resources in Kitsap County brochures, 4 quitline posters and 20 quitline card
              holders/1000 quitline cards. Plan is to distribute materials at clinical
              educators staff meeting to reach a consensus about getting materials
              throughout the hospital.
C3.05 Adult   7/13/2005                                                                         Other (Describe in Activity
Cessation     Request from Janet Mano, Naval Hospital to reach Michele from Puget                                                21
              Sound Naval Shipyard who is looking into providing cessation services for
              shipyard workers. Shared employers guide, and personal local contacts who
              have done/are doing cessation work for their employees. Plan to meet after
              summer vacations.

              Cessation resources presentation to 20 residents of the Max Hale Center -
              an affordable housing center in downtown Bremerton that provides support
              and referral to social services as well.
C3.06 Youth   7/13/2005                                                                         ESD/school staff (ESD Staff)      8
Cessation     Met with Candy C., health educator at Spectrum Alternative School
              regarding next years plans for cessation at the school. Have used NOT for         Other (Describe in Activity
              the past two years. Interested in adding new ideas/activities. Shared the         Journal)
              Baccus and Gamma Journey of a Lifetime CD/cessation computer program.
              Very well received by Candy - will see how it can be incorportated in the fall.

              School based health clinic at Spectrum school requests information on youth
              tobacco cessation for parent orientation fair to be held early fall. Given Help
              Your Teen Quit as well as Parents Guide to Quitting. Health educator for the
              clinic will be available at the event who does the tobacco cessation program
              at the school.

              Reproductive health clinic requests two specific brochures to use in
              interventions with youth who use tobacco. Ordered and delivered to clinician.

              Meeting with two counselors at CK Alternative School regarding tobacco
              cessation support efforts. (ESD does not have SAP in this building). Shared
              many cessation/education curriculum and literature. Discussed work that can
              be done on internet programs, as well as general education efforts.
              Discussed smoking near campus; parental tobacco use and cessation
              support for them as well. Scheduled presentation with pregnant/parenting
              teens on secondhand smoke and cessation, to occur in early spring.

              Meeting with two staff of local GLBTQ organization Out Kitsap to plan

                      creating a cessation support resource withing the organization. Discussion
                      was in part due to organizations planned application to Verbena for tobacco
                      related work. Discussion led to idea of offering youth members media
                      literacy training, which in turn can promote cessation amoung their members
                      and those they reach in Gay Straight Alliances in the local schools.

                      Presentation at monthly teen parent class (two different campus' meet
                      together monthly). 4 staff/15 students present. Discussed shs and cessation.
                      Used Stop Smoking Now from the I am Your Child series. Very well
                      received. Shared more resources for on-going work in the classrooms on
                      tobacco and tobacco cessation.Encouraged use of the quitline and online
                      resources as well.
C3.07 Local           4/10/2006                                                                      community stakeholders
Assessment of         Survey of local businesses/restaurants regarding impact of 901. Survey                                           0
Cessation             included questions on quitline knowledge and promotion to employees or
                      customers. 27 contacts made to promote quitline and/or offer technical         Other (Describe in Activity
                      assistance to employers on tobacco cessation for staff.                        Journal)

                      Quitline Community Resources Assessment sent by Free and Clear directly
                      to providers this year. (Filled out form for the health district as a
                      information/training resource). Assume Free and Clear sent assessment to
                      list of resources we sent in to quitline last year following community
                      assessment. No new resources this year.
C3.EF.3 Disparities   10/28/2005                                                                     Other (Describe in Activity
                      Gay American Smoekout event staged at Gay Bingo for OUTKITSAP.                                                 120
                      Though not on GASO 's traditional date, since OUTKTISAP has the largest
                      Bingo turnout at the Pride Foundation Bingo in October we decided to stage
                      Smokeout events in both Oct and December. Hung GayASO banner right
                      under Bingo board - made presentations throughout Bingo and gave away
                      Quit Kits targeted at the GLBT community.

C4.01 Pub Edu - SHS 7/30/2005                                                                        Other (Describe in Activity
                    SmokeFree Dining Guide Updated. Prinited in limited quantity since will be                                       120
                    obsolete if 901 passes.

                      Baibridge Island Chamber of Commerce health and wellness information
                      fair. Good opportunity to network with other providers on the isalnd though
                      public turnout was very disappointing (weather was foul).

                      05/05/2006 Presentation on Cessation and Secondhand Smpke as well as
                      Tobacco 101 to 150 KCS staff repersenting a wide variety of programs
                      (Parenting, WIC, housing etc.)

                      Calls and Education on the following dates around secondhand smoke and I-
                      901: 11/10/05: Hi Joy Bowl: Advisory and clarification on 25 foot
                      rule11/28/2005: Kitsap Mental Health: Advisory and clairifcation onw bether
                      law applies and can exemption be granted on basis of clientele11/15/2005:
                      Midway Inn: 901 as it applies to Motels 11/15/2005: Midway Inn: Followup
                      call re smoking rooms and staff entering same11/15/2005: Northwest
                      College of the Arts: signage and definition of employee 11/18/2005: Kitsap
                       County AA: Applicability of law to AA groups11/18/2005: Bremeron Gun and
                       Rifle Club: Outdoor gun areas - 901 applicability11/09/2005: Port Orhcard
                       Airpost retsaurant: 25 foot exemption11/18/2005: Regional WALMART: can
                       they keep smoking lounge? 11/28/2005: Kitsap mental health: clarification
                       and applicability11/21/2005: Kitsap Community Resources:
                       Signage11/22/2005: Thai taste: Been told other bars had exemptions:
                       Clarification and applicability11/22/2005: Applicability to construction
                       sites12/07/2005: American legion: applicability of laws to clubs of this
                       type12/08/2005: Port Orchard Eagles: applicability12/8/2005: Private club
                       variance12/8/2005: AFC Tavern: Complaints12/8/2005: Sound Publishing:
                       Signage requirements12/8/2005: Romeos bar: variance -
                       applicability12/8/2005: AGAPI house: applicability, variance for
                       clientele12/8/2005: Recreational gaming Authority: applicability to casinos
                       and bard12/9/2005: HighPoint Video: applicability of law,l signage12/9/2005:
                       Smoking at bus stops 12/9/2005: Port orhcard Eagles: appplicability of
                       law12/9/2005: HiJoy Bowl: Applicability questions 12/9/2005: Complaint:
                       Brekerton Health and rehab 12/9/2005: Board Shed: Signage, patio question
                       12/10/2005: Kitsap Community Resources: Signage12/11/2005: Port
                       Orhcard Eagles Comnpliant: smoking in bar upstairs in violation 12/6/2005:
                       Port Orhcard Eagles: Cokmplaint 12/13/2005: VFW on national' smoking
                       complaint12/13/2005: Poulsbo Eagles: applicability12/20/2005: Hazelwood:
                       Applicability12/20/2005: Bremerton Eagles C;lun: Applicability12/20/2005:
                       Residnetial treatment: Applicability12/20/2005: VFW 239:
                       applicability12/20/2005: AA group11/20/2005: Jackson park Community
                       Center: applicability11/20/2005: Complaint: Tony Roma's: Smoking in Bar
                       area12/20/2005: Bay Street bar and grill: smoking complaint4/18/2006:
                       Moon Dog Bar and grill: patio applicability4/18./2006: 19th Hole: Smoking
                       area patio
C4.02 Restaurant/Bar 3/15/2006                                                                         Mailing (Newsletter)              1
Edu                  Ad placed in Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal (for April edition - Health
                     and Safety) thanking employers for successful implementation of new Clean         Other (Describe in Activity
                     Indoor Air Act. Ad included promotion of the Tobacco Quitline in both english     Journal)
                     and spanish. Distribution: 40,000.
C4.03 Policy Edu -     12/14/2005                                                                      Other (Describe in Activity
Pub Venues             I-901 education, printed and verbal, given to 4 county establishments.                                          336

                       I-901 education delivered to 7 county establishments; verbal and printed
                       information given.

                       I-901 education materials delivered verbally and in writing to 3 area

                       I-901 education delivered in writing and verbally to 2 county establishments.







I-901 education delivered to 5 business in our county. It was interesting to
see that the stores we thought would have the signs didn't and those you'd
think wouldn't, did. It seemed to go better just doing 901 ed than doing the
ed along with a compliance check.

I-901 education given to 9 area establishments.

I-901 education delivered to 8 area establishments.

I-901 ed given verbally and in writing. None of the gas stations visited had

901 ed with fire personal and lcb. Went very well.


one on one I-901 education given to staff at a tavern that has logged many
complaints form a neighbor. LCB agent and I thought conversation went very

I-901 education given to four establishments that we've received complaints
about. Good conversations.


responded to a complaint at local eatery. i-901 ed given with signage.

I-901 Education reviewed with 6 county tobacco retailers.

Gave I-901 education to 30 PJRH students and their teacher.




I-901 education given to staff at local gas station. They were very happy to
have signage to help them enforce the law.

901 ed given to three local retailers. I continue to be surprised (and doubtful)
at the stores who say they know nothing about the new law.

I-901 ed/printed materials delivered to a local tobacco retailer.

I-901 ed/printed materials delivered to a local business.


I-901 ed given to 3 county establishments.

I-901 printed/verbal info given too 3 local businesses

i-901 materials delivered to 4 retailers.

I-901 ed/printed materials delivered to 4 tobacco retailers in our county.

I-901 printed materials delivered to 11 non tobacco retailers.

doh i-901 ed delivered to 5 non tobacco businesses. good conversations,
very positive.

printed pkt w/i-901 ed and signage delivered to 7 county retailers, 5 that sold
tobacco products and 2 that didn't.

following up on a report from local law enforcement and the lcb, did a site
visit at a newer tobacco store that rumor states is selling tobacco products to
underage students. gave i-901 printed and verbal information. clerk/owner
seemed very interested in. this store has had one comp ck without a sale.

I-901 ed given verbally and in writing to 2 non- tobacco retailers.

i-901 printed materials and tobacco retailer printed info given to 6 county

DOH I-901 printed and verbal info given to25 local businesses.

i-901 printed and verbal info given to 3 local retailers.

                      i-901 printed materials delivered to 14 retailers. in one business, an
                      employee was smoking at her desk.

                      I-+901 materials delivered to 7 businesses

                      I-901 ed/printed materials reviewed with local business that we'd received a
                      complaint on.

                      I-901 printed materials delivered to 16 businesses.

                      901 printed and verbal info given to1 retailer.

                      901 pjrinted materials delivered to 25 retailers.

                      I-901 printed/verbal ed given to 54 businesses.

                      I-901 printed/verbal ed given to 5 local businesses.

                      901 ed given via printed/verbal materials.

                      901 printed/verbal ed delivered to 20 local businesses. All of the businesses
                      were so happy to receive the info, it was a nice change.

                      revisited businesses that we've done 901 ed with and was surprised at the
                      number of businesses that had not used the materials we'd provided for
C4.04 Training - SHS 6/6/2006                                                                         Other (Describe in Activity
                     DOH Conference call/Training teleconference Smoke free multi-unit                                                   1
C4.05 SF Dining                                                                                       Clinics (Community Site)           1
                                                                                                      Greeter's Service (Community
                      500 copies to Greeters service, along with 500 quitline cards                   Libraries (Community Site)         1
                                                                                                      Other (Describe in Activity
                      10/10/2005                                                                      Journal)
                      SF Dning Guide updated and revamped. New distribution is to to all local        Senior Information & Referral
                      restaurants in downtown area (Particularly targeting the Ferry terminal mall                                       0
                                                                                                      (Community Site)
                      area) where SF dining guides are displayed in all restaurants that appear in
                      the guide.                                                                      Visitor & Convention Bureau
                                                                                                      (Community Site)
                                                                                                      Visitor & Convention Bureau

C4.06 Community         6/27/2006                                                                      Other (Describe in Activity
Assessment              Paper-based Survey of 130 bars and restaurants to determine needs afer I-                                       130
                        901 and also see pentrability of Quit Line messages with this population.
C4.08 Pub               11/9/2005                                                                      Other (Describe in Activity
Awareness -SF           Contacted by Division of Aging and LongTerm Care regarding acquiring                                            150
Homes/Autos             signage for special event at Kiana Lodge. Do not want smoking near
                        doorways. Had 4 standard no smoking signs laminated and sent to agency         Venues (Social service
                        for use at their conference.                                                   providers/organizations,          23
                                                                                                       Community Site)
                        2/6/2006                                                                       Venues (Health Care
                        One of the Best Things, 2nd hand smoke info, How to talk to kids, Dove         Providers/Organizations,           2
                        Cards to Lori Z., MCH nurse who is teaching a class to Childcare providers     Community Site)
                        on shs issues.

                        New One of the Best Things x 100 to the Health Educator at Navy Hospital

                        Provider Update with focus on the flu. Audience of 50 included providers and
                        pharmacists. Table with shs and cessation resource info, as well as PHS
                        guideline on tobacco cessation. 15 providers took information.

                        Navy Family Service Center Ombudsman training. Cessation/shs bookmark
                        developed as a tool, as well as One of the Best Things, quitline and
                        tobaccco cessation resource guide x 100 each.

                        Central Kitsap Family Night: 500 people attended this event at the
                        fairgrounds. KCHD staff attended at agve out materials and a family quiz
                        developed in conjunction with maternal and Child health department for
                        giveaways. (Quiz included a number of health and safety tips including
                        questions on secondhand smoke)
C4.EF.3 Disparities     9/24/2005                                                                      Other (Describe in Activity
                        NAACP Health Fair and advocacy event. NAACP has now joined Tobacco                                                6
                        Free Kitsap and youth group.

                        Highly targeted placement of emails on closed listerve reaching three
                        categories of LGBTQ folks in Kitsap and outlying regions. Specifically
                        tailored messages sent out every week until Gay American Smokeout in
                        November on three members-only listerves moderated by local GLBTQ
                        partner OUTKITSAP. (Target groups are all GLBT adults, men only and
                        women only)
C4.EF.3.1 Disparities   9/27/2005                                                                      Other (Describe in Activity
                        Suquamish Tribal Health Fair - information and presentation on secondhand                                         1

Appendix VI: Closeout

                           Activity Objective Met: Yes
C1.01 Community
                           We have had strong community support from our Tobacco Free Kitsap County coalition. These meetings have been the connection to a variety of partnerships on
Advisory Board
                           different activities.
C1.02 Youth                Activity Objective Met: Partially
Coalition/Advisory Board   had groups in 3 schools that met fairly regularly, 1 group that met monthly and took the info to their SADD group

C1.04 State/Regional       Activity Objective Met: Yes
Meetings                   Staff attended regional and state trainings
                           Activity Objective Met: Yes
C1.05 Meetings/Trainings
- other                    Even more trainings opportunities were utilized by staff than we first expected.

C1.07 Raising              Activity Objective Met: Yes
Awareness/Nat. Media       We successfully focused on three national media events: Great American Smokeout, Kick Butts Day, and World No Tobacco Day
C1.09 Community            Activity Objective Met: Yes
Capacity Assessment        Worked with Coalition members to successfully complete their assessment as well as Tobacco staff members.
                           Activity Objective Met: Yes
C1.10 Support Local Data
Collection                 KCHD staff met with ESD staff and others to develop and implement strategies to recruit schools to participate in theHealthy Youth Survey

C2.01.01 Synar             Activity Objective Met: Yes
Compliance Checks          30 checks completed

C2.01.02 Other             Activity Objective Met: yes
Compliance Checks          150 CHECKS COMPLETED, 19 SALES.

                           Activity Objective Met: Yes

                           Activity Objective Met: Yes
Youth Access               HANDED OUT BY YOUTH.

C2.08 Support              Activity Objective Met: Yes
                           Activity Objective Met: Partially

C3.01 Promote Quit Line    Activity Objective Met: Yes
Services                   Quitline promotion to 17 social service agencies, 186 healthcare providers, 7 schools, and 156 retailers/other.
                           Activity Objective Met: Yes
C3.02 Public Education     Tobacco Cessation Resources brochure revised and updated twice. Distributed to all places/providers that received quitline materials. Also did tobacco cessation
Cessation                  resources info in several community/agency newsletters and two websites

                           Activity Objective Met: Yes
C3.03 Employer
Cessation Support          Provided support and technical assistance to 4 employers around tobacco cessation issues.

C3.04 Health Care          Activity Objective Met: Yes

Systems Change             Trained/worked with 28 health care providers/juvenile mentors in Basic Tobacco Intervention Skills.

                           Activity Objective Met: Partially
                           Contacts with Olympic College regarding cessation classes continuing, but no classes as of yet. Harrison Hospital now has 3 staff trained in BTIS and an
C3.05 Adult Cessation      employee tobacco cessation support program. Supported 6 other organizations in adult cessation efforts. (GLBT, MCH clients, HD staff, CSO, CAPRI, new group
                           forming at Church of Christ-P. Orchard

                           Activity Objective Met: Partially
                           Worked with PI from local ESD to do youth cessation work at South Kitsap High School and Klahowya. Worked to include NOT via School based clinic at
C3.06 Youth Cessation      Spectrum Community School in North Kitsap; offered assistance with cessation efforts at North Kitsap High School (although there and Klahowya had problems
                           getting interested students). Worked with local ESD to organize and recruit for NOT training where 11 school and tribe staff attended.

                           Activity Objective Met: Yes
C3.07 Local Assessment     Completed Washington State Quitline survey. Conducted survey of 34 Kitsap County pharmacists regarding use of quitline and other cessation resources, and
of Cessation               availablity of BTIS training and promotional materials.

C3.08 Cessation Task       Activity Objective Met: Partially
Force                      Had two meetings - second one cancelled due to lack of attendance
                           Activity Objective Met: Yes
C4.01 Public Education -
                           We successfully packaged press releases and materials to gain public recognition for the value of smoke free restaurants
                           Activity Objective Met: Yes
C4.02 Restaurant/Bar       Mailing went to more than 900 on Food Safety mailing list. Used Smoke Free Dining guide and To the Health of your Business (ANR Foundation) for follow-up
Education                  information

                           Activity Objective Met: Yes
C4.03 Policy Education -   Contacts were made and resources made available to agencies (housing, fire, schools) that make important policy decisions on smoke free environments for the
Public Venues              public.
                           Activity Objective Met: Yes
                           More than 7,000 printed dining guides distributed through Greeter's Service, Kitsap Peninsula Visitor & Convention Bureau, AAA and health care providers. On-line
C4.05 SF Dining Guide
                           version up-dated every quarter.

                           Activity Objective Met: Yes
C4.07 SHS Task Force       This group has focused on medical concerns, specifically SHS and asthma. It has been helpful to us to meet just before the Tobacco Free Kitsap Coalition to help
                           cut down on multiple meeting dates
                           Activity Objective Met: Yes
                           Messages on danger of smoking in homes and cars to Headstart and general public. Approximately 800 preschool families reached with smoke free home
C4.08 Public Awareness     messages. Good cooperation from local community access television stations.
SF Homes/Autos

2004-2005 Closeout
C1.01 Community            Activity Objective Met: Yes
Advisory Board             Coalition meeting monthly, well attended. Added representatives from local community clinic and GLBTQ organiza