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                              .NET Projects Portfolio

SopraConnect (


           Soprema membranes offer maximum waterproofing for roofing, walls, foundations,
bridges, landfill sites, parking and hydraulic structures-in short, any structure requiring
protection against air or water.

         Customers include roofers and contractors specializing in roofing and waterproofing.
Architects and engineers also play a major role in the selection of roofing and waterproofing
materials and routinely interface with Soprema for advice and continuing education.

Soprema Login screen

On the dashboard screen
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Soprema dashboard
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Soprema Reporting

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User Management

Soprema internal form module

Liquid quoting module
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Sopream opportunity management system

Soprema company management
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Online spec-1
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Online spec-2

Project Features:
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o   User Login

    o   User logins with Email/Password
    o   If user had accepted the agreement then allow user to view dashboard page otherwise
        redirect to the login page.
    o   TABLE-Name- tblUser
    o   When user register that will be inserted into tblUserRegistration and after admin
        approve it will be inserted into tbluser.

   Dashboard
        All the system listed on the dashboard are being insert directly into tblSystemDetail
        There is no way available in project to create system.
        Each System structure contains
        Menu User control: shows links such as System Home page.
        Admin menu control: This available for the admin user only. Allows modifying
              introduction text which is display at top in yellow box.
   Soprema Reporting:
       o Provides sales data reporting by product, category and region
       o Telerik charting has been used for the reporting.
   Email Template Management:
       o Provide general structure of each email with footer and header.
       o This header and footer value needs to be implemented with each outgoing mail.

   User Management:
    o UserManagement_Landing.aspx Landing page shows the two option

        1. User management


                Shows the listing of Soprema user From tbluser
                ―Add New User‖ functionality
                Table: tbluser
                SP: uspUser_SelectAll


           This includes user’s information, User’s role for the all available system

           Role includes

              Administrator: Allows user to access all system’s administrative functionality for
           which are he/she contains admin role.

              User: This user can see the system listed on the dashboard but not get any
           administrative access.

                 No-Access: For this role system not listed on the dashboard.

         2.                 Review User account Requests

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                  This will display the list of user’s request for the registration
                  Admin directly can reject it or can accept by viewing the user information
                  This all registration requests are stored in rblreguser when admin accepts
                   any requests that get inserted into tbluser

       User management Menu

       Corporate directory listing

               Page: User_CorporateDirectory.aspx

               Lists the users which had select to hide them from the user management page.

   Soprema internal forms:
        o Form management for the different application area.
   Liquid Quoting Module:
        o Support to create a quote for different type of system such balcony, roofing,
           recovery etc.
        o User can create the quote for the different projects by considering field (sq ft),
           height, wearing etc.

   Invoice Payment Management
        o For the management of the credit card payments.
   Sales Opportunity


       o   Listing of sales opportunity for the projects with contacts, system information.
       o   Manage opportunity status like propose, bidding, on hold etc.
       o   Display all expired sales opportunity in red colored.


       o   Contains Opportunity Information, Opportunity status, System information
           containing the all the product layer, Different kind of contacts, Specification and
           additional information.

   Document Management


              Lists Document lists


              Allows to document uploading functionality.
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   Company Management
       o Provide company listing according the region, state and type.
       o Provides facility to reach at the company by the Windows live search map.
       o Provides management of the General info, contacts, representative, Project, Direct
           sales, Warranties, Activities, rating and interest of the company.
   Online Spec
       o Spec containing project, deck, filed selection, flashing selector, warranty
           information can be create.

Technical Features:

              Microsoft ® ASP.NET 2.0 (C#)
              Microsoft ® SQL Server 2005
              Telerik Rad Controls
                   o Grid control
                   o Chart control
                   o Ajax control
              web services
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Case Study: Onosys

Onosys specializes in providing smart online ordering solutions to restaurants. Smart enough
to adapt to your unique business processes, to deliver real-time ordering data that lets you
manage effectively, and smart enough to learn who your customers are and what they like.

      Customers only have to create their accounts once and then will always conveniently be
       able to order food using only their username and password.
      Customers are able to store multiple delivery addresses to the same account.
      All orders are verified to be within range of the restaurant’s delivery radius.
      Customers are able to view past orders and reorder the same products.
      A customer can set an order to be completed at a future time or date during which the
       restaurant is open.
      Place order for dinner during lunch or plan ahead for next week’s conference.
      Customers can apply discount codes toward their order that gives them discounts. This
       also allows you to view the success of different marketing campaigns.

Project Features:

   Administration functionality

      Web Based management system
           o System management
           o Store management
           o Menu management
           o Coupon management
      Professionally designed website utilizing AJAX technology
      Tiered administrative access(Various level of access containing System, State, Location)
      Multi-lingual support – English, Spanish, and French
      Robust couponing system and discount manager
      Special offers including multiple product package and special coupon management.
      User can send the product to their friends and can pay for it.
      Restaurant can inherit category, products of the other restaurant easily.
      Group/family ordering
      Inheritance menu structure
           o Individual store customization
           o Tiered pricing
      Two-way POS integration (when available)

Technical Features:

      Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5 framework
      Microsoft ® SQL Server 2005
           o Stored Procedures Includes Cursors.
           o   Functions
      Telerik Rad Controls Includes
           o   Grid (Hierarchical Levels)
           o   Tool tip
           o   Rad Ajax Manager
           o   Dock Control
           o   Rad Window
           o   Tab Strips
      JavaScript, Ajax
    payment Includes Various way of the payment
           o   Authorize only – Which only authorizes the payment request
           o   Authorize and capture – Which transact the payment request for the payment.
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Team Details:

       No of Team Member: 3

       Duration: 6 Months

Case Study: Shoedujour ( lets fashion-savvy consumers make the call as they browse more than
150,000 current footwear styles from today's leading brands. There are various categories of
shoes available for the men and women.

        The website allows visitors to rate each shoe according to their own
personal taste and get added to the wish list. Shopper can view the different view of the shoe
at different position. It provides easy way to Email the shoe link to the friends.

   The Shoppers can reach an online retailer in a single click to swiftly add it to their


Project Features:

               Web Based management system
               Display shoe of the day in home page
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                o   User can see the different view like top, pair, top, bottom, left right,
                    front, back, close up on mouse over only.

                o   Provides various categories for the men and women both.
                o   User can rate the shoe from 1 to 10 ranks.
                o   User can email the shoe to friends.
                o   User can add the shoe to their wish list or can skip the shoe.
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                o   Display the login user’s wish list’s on navigator with buy shoe link.
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                o   Provide the review to each shoe for the shoe details.
                o   Provides your voting history.
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               Theme is used for the colorful site to manage each page individually.

Technical Features:

               Microsoft ® ASP.NET 2.0 (C#)
               Microsoft ® SQL Server 2005
               Telerik Rad Controls
               Asp.Net theme and Master page
               JavaScript, Ajax

Team Details:

                No of team member: 3

                Provided time period: 3 months

                Completed time period: 3 months
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Case Study: Kumho (

KUMHO EDGE includes a wide range of information about Kumho and its products, as well as
industry information on tire technology and Kumho’s Ecsta, Solus and Road Venture tire lines.
Interactive quizzes at the end of each section help readers retain the material in the program.

This easy to use, web-based program is uniquely designed to train User on every aspect of
Kumho Tires – from tire construction, to specific performance capabilities, tire fitment
fundamentals, proper tire care and advanced selling skills. And EDGE is strategically designed
to keep track of your progress, so that user won’t have to repeat any materials already covered.

Kumho indicates that all dealers and associate dealers will receive a letter and brochure with
details about the program, and they can sign up online at

Site Screenshot

User Login screenshot
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User Window
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User screen
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Admin Screen

Tire Sequence management with Ajax control
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Quiz management screen

Nested Grids structure
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Project Features:

       ADMIN Features

              Web Based management system
              Direct/Associate Dealer Management
                   o Level Two nested grid for the Direct Dealer and Associate dealer.
                   o Allows filtering, Grouping, Sorting with support of Ajax.
              Course/Quiz Ordering and management
                   o Admin person can change sequence of the Course/Quiz order by drag
                       and drop with the use of Ajax control.
                   o In front section it will display in that order.
                   o Person can create the quiz which includes passing grade, number of
                       questions with the answer options.
              Prizes /award/Reporting management
                   o Reporting from Sales person to dealer and from dealer to associate
                   o Award management for the pending/shipped orders.
              Tires/Sequence/Category/Product Line Management
                   o Tire category management contains image, flash element for each tire.
                   o As well detailed tire category with the image.
                   o Sequence of Listed Tires can be change by drag and drop the column.
                   o Manage the Sequence of the tire with the use of sequence Ajax control
                       by each tire category.
                   o Tire management
                            Tire contains Rating, Performance, Speed rating, Detailed tire
                              category, Product Line
                            Training Text: Features, Tire info, Compounding, Body
                            Tire Size: According to vehicle lists the Tire sizes
                            Comparable compatible Product: All competitor products.
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               Speed rating management
               User management
               Roles assigning at different level for each user as the membership is used.
               User can associate with Direct/Associate dealer.
               Membership and Roles management at different level

Technical Features:

               Microsoft ® ASP.NET 2.0 (C#)
               Microsoft ® SQL Server 2005
               Telerik Rad Controls
               JavaScript, Ajax
               Memberships and Role management
                    o Role at different level(admin, User, No Access, Sales Rep, Store

Team Details:

                No of team member: 4

                Duration:4 months

Case Study: Cyranosytem (

       Cyrano is the web-based contact management/interpersonal communication (CRM)
system that trains and rewards salespeople (users) while they use it. Cyrano will reward them
by customizing follow-up customer communications that are based on the interests,
preferences and even the behavioral style—of each prospect or customer.
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        Additionally, Cyrano contains videos, audios, articles and helpful tips to educate users
in between appointments and while using the Cyrano system. This methodology of combines
interviewing skills, topic-specific learning and one-to-one communications to help users grow
while staying connected with everyone in their Cyrano database.

       Cyrano Screen

Contact management functionality

Article management screen
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Webinar management screen
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Different Administrative functionality

Nested gird with drag- drop functionality
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System administrative functionality for company

Project Features:

      Web Based management system
      Contact management
      Company management
      Article/Webinar/Tutorial management
      Invoice Management
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      Item/Burst/Email/Remainder management
      User can Sign Up for the Different Level Platinum, Silver, Golden.
      Contacts can be imported/scheduled/Grouped.
      Management/View for the audio, video Tutorial.
       This projects includes various payment Mode for payment like ARB Mode
       and AIM mode for the different Role of users like platinum, Silver,
      Outlook add-in Application for the Contact Synchronization.
           o Allow To login in outlook to synchronize Data.
           o Provide two way synchronizations with the use of web service.
      Web User can download the Outlook add-in application to work with the outlook for the

Technical Features:

               Microsoft ® ASP.NET 2.0 (C#)
               Microsoft ® SQL Server 2005
               Web Services
               Telerik Rad Controls
               Outlook Add-ins
                    o Synchronize contact information between Web Cyrano and Outlook
                    o Web service is used for the data synchronization.
                    o Available in outlook 2003 and outlook 2007 both.

Team Details:

       No of Team Member: 4

       Duration: --6 Months
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Project: Anti-Spyware System

             Description & Features: This window based application will scan system registry,
              files & cookies for spywares. It will list all the spywares found in the PC. User is then
              given the option to remove those entries from the system. User is given choice to
              scan any section at any time. Also reports are generated and can be printed. Report
              will display name of the spyware, its locations and the type of spyware.

             Technology: VB.NET InstallShield X

             Screenshot:
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Project: Task Manager

             Description & Features: This application has support for 2 languages viz. English &
              Spanish. There are 2 levels viz. Administrator and Users. Administrator can manage
              user accounts. Users can login to the application over the network through centrally
              managed user database.

              Basically this application will be used by management people in a big or small
              organization. They can login to application and create work-card for other
              employee. Employee again will login to this application and can check if there is any
              work assigned to him/her. Employees can in-turn give comments on particular task,
              which again can be read by the higher authority who has assigned work, just to
              keep him updated. Special care taken to define the priority of work. User can also
              indicate the media to be used to contact the clients. Media includes Email & Phone.
              Application has a structure representing matrix of 5*10. Salient features are, user is
              allowed to 'drag n drop' the content from one cell of matrix to another cell, also was
              integrated with outlook for sending emails.

             Technology: VB.NET InstallShield X

             Database: Microsoft Access 2000

             Screen Shot:
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Project: MetaSpy Keywords Builder

             Description & Features: The application scraps 30 keywords from metaspy site and
              stores them in SQL table.

             Technology: Visual C#, InstallShield X

             Database : Microsoft SQL Server 2000

             Screen Shot:
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Project: Multilingual Editor

              Description & Features:

                  Multilingual Editor supports various languages such as English, Hindi,
                   Gujarati, Marathi, Chinese, and Japanese.
                  Hilighlight syntax.
                  Tab Based navigation for various open documents.
                  Spell and Grammar Check Functionality.
                  Versatile Toolbar and menu for each option.
                  Enhanced Find and Replace functionality with different options.
                  Enhanced user interface.
                  New highlight based on line.
                  Enhanced print all, print preview and save all dialogs.
                  Can print, save & close all document by single click.
                  Easier to use.
                  Can be used as text editor, programming editor, hex editor.

              Technology: Visual C#, InstallShield X

              Screen Shot:

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Project: Business - To - Business Solution

              Description & Features: There are 3 levels viz. Super Admin (Site      Owner), Admin
               (Seller/Suppliers) & Users (Buyer). This portal is to buy/sell DVDs & Books on yoga &
               health. Administrator creates accounts for sellers & suppliers can create & manage
               catalogs, campaigns, sales and marketing etc. The suppliers and sellers will have
               access to the centralized database server. Orders are automatically placed to
               suppliers based on the current stock of the seller and the orders on-hand. Each
               seller is allowed to have one page site. Site owner can keep eye on sellers, suppliers
               & buyers. Tree navigation was given here to browse the products on category-wise.
               Search facility was given on ISBN, Author, and Director & Name. There are about 20
               reports generated based on BizTalk server separately for suppliers & sellers. Reports
               include Order tracking, ip tracking, campaign tracking, re-order and back-order etc.
               We have Verisign Payment Gateway.

              Technology:    Microsoft      Commerce   Server   2002,   Microsoft   BizTalk   Server
               2002,VB.NET, Visual C#

              Database : Microsoft SQL Server 2000
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Project: Internet Payment System

             Description & Features: An online trading and payment system with pay pal
              integration. Here 3 types of users viz. Admin, Merchant & Affiliate. Merchant can
              manage there products and put them for sell. Affiliates earn by placing the links for
              the products in there own site. If any user comes to site from the affiliate’s site then
              some points are added to the account of affiliates. Registered user can send money
              to other registered users. Reports which are generated are sales & payment.

             Technology: HTML, Java Script 1.1,ASP.NET 1.1 using VB.NET, IIS 5.0

             Database : Microsoft SQL Server 2000

                                    Screenshot:
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Project: Online Tender & Purchase System

             Description & Features: There are 3 levels viz. Admin, Vendor & User. Administrator
              can create/edit/delete tenders received. Admin can also place purchase order. As a
              security measures admin cannot open the quote of tenders, received from vendors,
              until the closing date of tender. On the closing date system automatically compares
              the quotes from different vendors and generates a shorted list of 10 vendors with
              lowest quote for admin. Admin can also Print tender information. Also batch
              printing feature implemented. Vendor can quote for a tender and print the
              information. A simple user can only view requisition. Vendor based search has been
              given. Different user interface is provided to different level of the user.

             Technology: HTML, Java Script 1.1,ASP.NET 1.1 using Visual C#, IIS 5.0

             Database: Oracle 9i Enterprise Edition

             Screenshot:
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Project: GMS & ACM System

             Description & Features: An intranet application for a pharmaceutical company. It
              contains two main modules viz. Application Goals Management & Archive Content
               Windows integrated login system.
               4 Levels viz. Administrator, Advance, Power User, User
               More levels can be added dynamically.
               Facility to add/modify/delete user accounts.
               GMS, which provide facility to add/edit/delete different level of goals like ODO,
                 Director level Goal, 3rd level Goal called Task. It generates various reports in
                 PDF & RPT Format with different view based on goals set.
               Different statistical reports of goals based on different view selected by user.
               ACM, which can store content, based on user level.

             Technology: ASP.NET 1.1 using VB.NET,Crystal Report, XML

             Database : Microsoft SQL Server 2000

             Screenshot:
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Project: Online Examination System

             Description & Features:

                   To build a database consisting of different MCQs(Multiple Choice Questions)
                   Graphical Utility to edit and modify Database
                   Graphical Utility to generate TEST
                   Random Generation of test as per the user definition.
                   Individual question generation for every login
                   Report and analysis
                   Implementation on Intranet and Extranet

             Technology: ASP.NET 1.0 Using VB.NET,HTML, Java Script 1.1

             Database : Microsoft SQL Server 2000

             Screenshot:
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Project: E-Trans

      Description & Features: It is a Transport management system for the local transport
       management company which provides all the facility to track transport activity for all the
       company. Various report like client wise bill, transportation details are also there

      Technology: VB.NET, Windows Forms 1.1

      Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2000

      Screenshot:

Project: Insurance Inventory System

      Description & Features: It is complete online automation system for insurance company
       which provide feature like managing users, work management, Branch management,
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       employee management, calendar for employees etc. Three Types of user have access to it.
       Admin, Branch Manger, Sales Executive (Employee). Also maintain inventory of various
       insurance business entities.

      Technology: ASP.NET 1.1 using VB.NET

      Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

Project: Online Stock & Shares Display and Management System

      Description & Features: It is complete stock and shares inventory for a Share Broker Which
       store all the data of client stock on daily basis. It store and display transaction and holding
       data. It contains three type of user Administrator, Groups and Client. Administrator can
       manage user, transaction etc. While group user can view and edit whole client groups data
       and client can only see and edit his/ her data.
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      Technology: Visual C#,ASP.NET 1.1, XML, HTML, JavaScript 1.1

      Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Project: Online Trading Sysem:

          Description & Features: It is a complete online trading and messaging system.

          Technology: ASP.NET 1.1 using VB.NET,XML

          Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2000

          Screenshot:
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         Description & Features: It is a online store font for a jewelers store

         Technology: ASP.NET 1.1 using C#.NET

         Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2000

         Screen Shot:
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Project:Clone of Naya Issue Ajay Natvarlal

          Description & Features: It is a clone of to display forthcoming and
           current share issues.

          Technology: ASP.NET 1.1 using C#.NET, Microsoft Enterprise Library 2005

          Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2000
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         ScreenShot:

Project: Automated Quotation System.

         Description & Features: It is a bulk mailing system developed for a trading company
          which sends product quotes bulk mail .

         Technology: ASP.NET 1.1 using C#.NET

         Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2000

         Screen Shot:
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Project : Beans Online Store Font:

          Description & Features: It is a online store font for a bear company

           Technology: ASP.NET 2.0 using C#.NET, Microsoft Ajax Atlas, Microsoft Enterprise
           Library 2006

          Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2005

          Screen shot:
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Project: Stock Rate Predictor

          Description & Features: It is a Stock Rate Predictor system based on some formula.
           Every day the price of scripts will be downloaded from nifty site via the application.
           Based on some formula various report are given through which user can predict the
           price of next day for script. Supports MCX and Nifty.

           Technology: C#.NET 2.0, Microsoft Enterprise Library 2006

          Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2005

          Screenshot:
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Project: Job Management System

         Description & Features: All the details regarding employee and employer are stored
          with complete details. There are detailed reporting on each. Also a powerful search
          module is provided.

         Technology: C#.NET 2.0

         Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2005

         Screenshot:
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Project: Purchase & Sales System

          Description & Features: Admin can create user accounts and can assign different rights
           to the users. This system allows to manage vendors, manage purchase orders, manage
           inventory, manage sales. Reporting is given for each level.

          Technology: C#.NET 2.0

          Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2005

          Screenshot:
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