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Braybrook College


                          352 Ballarat Road
                          BRAYBROOK 3019
                          Phone: 9312 2900
                                                                                                                                            Term 4, 2008 Edition no. 7
                                                      Principal’s Report
  NEW                                                                                                               make her welcome when you have an opportunity. April
                                                                                                                    Waleryszek has been appointed to the position of Youth
                                                      It has been a very busy time since the last newsletter        Support Officer to replace Colleen Allen who has become
  PRINCIPAL                                           was posted home at the end of Term 3. We have                 a fulltime Secondary Teacher Assistant at our school.
                                                                                                                    Both Colleen and April have been long time employees.
                                                                      farewelled our current Year 12
                                                                      students, set in place the Teaching and       Joy, our Canteen Manager, is set to resign to begin an
                                                                      Learning program for 2009, almost             indefinite period of travel, with her husband, around
                                                                      finalised our Annual Implementation           Australia. She has been an outstanding contributor to
                                                                      Plan and school wide Literacy                 our school and will be very difficult to replace.
                                                                      strategy, replaced our Attendance &
                                                                      Tracking and Youth Support Officers           Finally, teachers are currently identifying students at
                                                                      and are about to interview applicants         risk of failing course work and Year Level Coordinators
                                                                      for the position of Canteen Manager.          will make contact with parents where there are serious
                                                                      One can never say that our school is          concerns. However, please do not hesitate to contact a
                                                                      not dynamic.                                  Year level Coordinator if you need support in any way.

                                                                        One of the highlights of the school year    Gerraldine Moloney
                                                                        is the Year 12 Graduation Ceremony
Ms Geraldine Moloney has been provisionally
appointed as the next Principal of Braybrook
                                                                        and the Class of 2008 exhibited the
                                                      exemplary behaviour that has become the tradition of             LIONS YOUTH OF
College, the college’s seventh Principal in its
48 year history. Ms Moloney has been teach-
                                                      our senior students. It was also the first time that we
                                                      presented the Year 12 Awards at this ceremony and to                THE YEAR
                                                      accommodate parents and guests we required a bigger
ing at the college since 1976. During this time
                                                      venue at the St Albans Campus of Victoria University.
she has taught and co-ordinated at all year levels
                                                      Our Year 12 students have worked extremely hard
and had numerous positions of responsibility in-
                                                      and on behalf of the wider community I would like
cluding: Transition, Integration, Public Relations/
                                                      to offer them our congratulations and to thank them
Publications, Humanities and Middle Years of
                                                      for their contributions to the many successes of
Schooling Co-ordination. Ms Moloney has also
                                                      Braybrook College over the past six years. I would like
been a Leading Teacher (1998-2002), Assistant
                                                      to particularly thank the organisers of this event, Petti
Principal (2003-2007) and Acting Principal of the
                                                      Hadzisavas, Toula Hristoforidis and key supporters,
college in 2008.
                                                      Phil Rogers, Barry Scheele, Arlene Bailey, Nada
                                                      Peric, Jan Boyd, Claire Manning, Pepe Gillies, Tony
The School Council wishes to congratulate Ms
                                                      Booth and Colleen Allen. Whatever the final levels of
Moloney on her appointment and looks forward
                                                      academic achievement attained by individual students
to continued progress under her leadership.
                                                      and the whole cohort, I have every confidence that this       On October 27th Braybrook College students
                                                      group of young adults is well prepared for life. Attributes
Julie Flores                                                                                                        Greg Thiveos of Year 11 and Scott Ficknerski of
                                                      such as - pride, good will, friendship, generosity, hard
School Council President                                                                                            Year 10 participated in the Sunshine Lion’s Club
                                                      work and loyalty - will ensure that they can embrace
                                                      the challenges of the future. I feel proud to be part of a    Youth of the Year competition. Both boys spoke
     Important Dates                                  school that has delivered such a positive and optimistic
                                                      future generation of Australians.
                                                                                                                    eloquently and powerfully. Congratulations to
                                                                                                                    Scott who won the Best Public Speaking award
      to Remember                                     Evidence of the passion people bring to this college is
                                                                                                                    and to Greg who was announced the overall win-
                                                                                                                    ner of the competition. Greg will will now go on to
                                                      clearly visible at Curriculum Committee meetings. This        represent Sunshine Lions Club in the next round
                                                      group argues long and hard about what we need to do
WEDNESDAY 3RD DECEMBER                                                                                              in February 2009. The College is very proud of
                                                      to deliver better outcomes for our students and at the
                                                      end, whilst we do not always agree on the means we            both boys and we wish Greg the best of luck in
  MUSIC CONCERT EVENING                               rarely dispute the end. I am pleased to advise parents        the next round.
                                                      that one of the significant improvement areas for 2009,
THURSDAY 4TH DECEMBER                                 will be the requirement that all Year 11 subjects run for
                                                      five lessons instead of four. Staff believe that this will
           HOUSE AWARDS                               be the best way to prepare students for the rigours of
                                                      the Year 12 curriculum. As a result Year 11 students
THURSDAY 4TH DECEMBER                                 will not have private study in 2009. We are all close to
                                                      finalising the Literacy Review and I hope to announce
                                                      our final decisions and directions in the last newsletter
STUDENT AWARDS EVENING                                for 2008. Further, we have increased the amount
                                                      of time allocated to Homegroups each week from
 FRIDAY 5TH DECEMBER                                  15mins to 30mins. The staff is currently developing the
                                                      curriculum to underpin this change and it will focus on
      REPORT WRITING DAY                              developing strategies to improve student well being,
                                                      organisation and connectedness to school. If you
TUESDAY 9TH DECEMBER                                  would like further information please contact Mr Sean
                                                      McMahon, the 7/8 Sub School Leader. Ms Bailey is
 GRADE 6 ORIENTATION DAY                              also completing the consultation process to develop
                                                      and complete the Annual Implementation Plan for
  FRIDAY 12TH DECEMBER                                2009 and we wish Ms Panousieris and Ms Nghiem
                                                      well in their work, in Vietnam, reporting to the parents
                                                      of our International students.
     TO BE RETURNED                                   Some staffing changes that you will need to know. Ms
                                                      Robotham, our Attendance and Tracking Officer, has
THURSDAY 18TH DECEMBER                                taken leave for twelve months to explore a rural change
                                                      and has been replaced by Katrina Romanyk. Please
                                                                                 Science Talent Discovered!
                                                                               This year, for the first
                                                                               time ever, Braybrook
                                                                               College entered students
                                                                               into the Victoria-wide
                                                                               Science Talent Search
                                                                               Competition. This
                                                                               competition is open to
                                                                               all Victorian students at
                                                                               all year levels from Prep
                                                                               to Year 12. This year’s
                                                                               overall topic was “Planet
                                                                               Earth – Plant of Change”.
            BRAYBROOK PRIMARY SCHOOL                                           Of the nine different
                                                                               possible categories, our
  Reunion/Gathering for past students / parents and teachers                   students produced entries
           To be held on Sunday 23rd November                                  for Creative Writing in
                at Braybrook Primary School                                    Science, and Game Construction.
                      Between 2 – 4pm
                                                                               All of our students’ excellent work has been recognised by the Science
                                                                               Talent Search Competition. The board game “Who killed the Animals?”
             RSVP by 15th November on 9311 1346                                made by Dalina Pho and Nhi Tran from 7H, earned merit certificates.
                                                                               Cathleen Pho and My-Linh Hoang from 8I created a game called “The
                                                                               Changing World” which earned them a minor bursary award. Kadra Hagi
                                                                               (8I) and Jenny Nguyen (8I) also won minor bursary awards for their creative
        SECOND-HAND BOOKSTORE                                                  writing pieces “It’s never too late!” and “Is it too late?” respectively.

                                                                               The students worked diligently on their projects for 2 months, and had
                                                                               to present their work in person to a panel of judges. They were judged
       THE SECOND-HAND BOOK STORE                                              on their creativity and presentation as well as their knowledge of their
           will be located in Room 2                                           scientific content.
Once again this year, we will be running a second-hand book store to
assist families to sell text books and therefore offset the cost of books      The bursary winners attended an exhibition day at LaTrobe University
for the following year.                                                        (27th October) and were presented with their awards. Congratulations
     •    A price (not negotiable) is set for each text book title. This       girls, I can’t wait to see what you produce next year!
          price list will be published prior to the dates for receiving

          second-hand text books.
          Students must pay cash for all books purchased.                        ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE
     •    Only textbooks in good condition will be received. It will be
          the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that the text book is                      NEWS
          not faulty in any way.
     •    A $2.00 fee will be charged for each book sold. This will be                                             The Braybrook College Environment
          deducted from the money received for the sale of the book/s.                                             Committee has been meeting regularly
                                                                                                                   throughout 2008. During the year we
 THE COLLEGE WILL NOT PURCHASE TEXTBOOKS                                                                           have been working on a number of
                FOR RESALE.                                                                                        important environment initiatives for
                                                                                                                   the College community. We are very
                                                                                                                   pleased to report that the school will
           DATES TO DEPOSIT             DATES TO PURCHASE                   receive a $50,000 grant through the Federal Government’s Solar Schools
                BOOKS                    BOOKS FOR SALE                     Programme. With this money we will be able to install solar panels for
                                                                            generating electricity on the roof of the school. The committee is currently
            Students must deposit         Students will be able to          finalizing the use of the remainder of the grant, with water tanks likely to be
               their text books on      purchase second hand text           installed as well.
             these days – Room 2           books on these days
               9.00am – 5.30pm              9.00am – 5.30pm                 Earlier in the year the College completed the Schools Water Efficiency
                                                                            Programme (SWEP) which will help to reduce our water usage. A sign
                                                                            indicating our completion of this important milestone has been placed on
  Years       2008 Year 11 & 12         2009 Year 11 & 12 Students          the front fence.
  11&12           Students              From Friday 28th November
                Thursday 27th                                               Students in the SRC assisted with the collection of disused mobile phones
                  November                                                  within the College – which were sent for recycling through the Mobile
                                                                                                                Muster programme .

  Years       2008 Year 9 & 10           2009 Year 9 & 10 Students                                                 The committee is working hard
  9 &10           Students                  From Tuesday 2nd                                                       on many other areas related to
             Monday 1st December                December                                                           sustainability. We invite input from
                                                                                                                   anyone interested in joining our
             2008 Year 8 Students         2009 Students in Year 8                                                  committee or making suggestions in
  Year 8                                                                                                           regard to environmental issues in the
                Tuesday 2nd                From Wednesday 3rd
                 December                       December                                                           school.

  Year 7    2008 Year 7 Students           2009 Year 7 Students                                                    Ms Bailey and Ms Archer – on behalf
           Thursday 4th December         From Friday 5th December                                                  of the Environment Committee
s Year 7 Fright Night c

    Fright Night was a highly successful scavenger hunt organised by the Year 11 leadership team (LOL) for the Year 7’s. It was about

    developing bonds between Year 7 and 11, therefore, creating a better connected school. Each Year 7 picked a partner and then were
    put into groups. Then, students were given clues to find certain areas in the school, only to be accosted by Grim Reapers who lurked
    behind corners just waiting to jump out and stop teams. When each team had finished all of their tasks they went back to the library
    to be awarded their prize. Everyone had a great time and will have fond memories of Fright Night for years to come.
                                                                                                                          Sheridan Hollo

                    Year 12 Dress up day

The Year 12s celebrated the finish of their VCE with a Graduation and Awards ceremony at Victoria University on Thursday 23rd
October. The next day students arrived in a wonderful array of fancy dress costumes including, Darth Vader, many cuddly animals,
fairy tale characters and even a killer clown. The whole year level is to be congratulated for the hard work and commitment
demonstrated throughout 2008.

    The college community wish the Class of 2008 well with their exam results and the pursuit of their future pathways.

      Congratulations, well done
     and all the best for the future.

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