10 Top Tips For Camping at the Beach

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					                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

    Camping is a great way of vacationing that has arisen out of our latent desire to remain in proximity of Mother
    Nature. Occasionally we feel the need to break free from the shackles of material world and cuddle in nature's
                                                   lap for a while.
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                                              10 Top Tips For Camping at the Beach
                                                          By Steve Pak

   Surf’s up, dudes and dudettes! If you love the Great Outdoors, then there’s nothing like the beach.
At the beach you can hunt for seashells, fish, and swim in the ocean. And you can squeeze all of these
activities into one day! Several types of accommodations are available at the beach, and many of them
can be quite convenient and luxurious. But to truly enjoy your stay at the beach, you should consider
staying at a campground. While it won’t have all the accommodations of a Berlin Ohio Hotel, staying at
a campsite will allow you to truly get back to nature.

 Like camping at any other type of location, camping at the beach has it challenges. However, following
some basic guidelines will help to make your camping there as enjoyable as watching a sun set on the
ocean’s horizon:

1. Plan your camping activities around the beach itself. Some ideas include:

• Boogey boarding
• Fishing
• Jet-skiing
• Kite flying
• Sandcastle building
• Scuba diving
• Seashell collecting
• Snorkeling
• Sunbathing
• Surfing
• Swimming
• Volleyball

 2. Make sure to pack for the beach’s cool night temperatures. You might get some strange looks if you
sunbathe while wearing a windbreaker and jeans, but such clothes can come in handy for those
evening strolls along the seashore.

3. When swimming in the ocean take some precautions. Never use inflatable rafts during high tide.
Also, watch for any warning signs related to swimming, and particularly when swimming is prohibited!

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

 4. Drink up! The sun can make your skin as dry as beach sand. Make sure to drink plenty of water or
sports drinks, to avoid dehydration.

 5. Before heading to the beach for your next camping trip, you should do some homework. Find out
whether camping on the beach is allowed at all, and if it is, if there are any restrictions. These
restrictions could involve where you can drive your vehicle, and whether or not fires or bottles are
permitted on the beach.

 6. Protect yourself. Never sit out on the sand or go into the water, without using sunscreen first. The
sun reflects very strongly off sand and water. And it’s also helpful to keep in mind that UV rays can still
be strong on cloudy days. So to avoid looking like the lobster that you ate for dinner, take a few
minutes to protect your skin. Also, protect your feet with footwear. And shield your eyes using
sunglasses with UV-protection.

 7. Don’t forget your Coleman camping grills. Camping at the beach provides you with an endless
supply of seafood. Just make sure to “leave nothing behind except footprints.”

 8. When camping on a beach, stay away from sand dunes and headlands (narrow pieces of land that
extend from the shore, into the sea) that aren’t protected. Find shelter from the wind behind trees,
bushes, and sand dunes.

 9. Set up your camping tent far enough from the ocean, to avoid allowing the waves to drench you
during high tide. Distancing yourself from the day’s one or two high tides will keep you as safe as a
Berlin Ohio Hotel.

 10. Watch out for warning signs-literally! In particular, look for signs that prohibit swimming in certain
areas. Warning signs are there for your protection, and their content can range from sharks to tides to
typhoon procedures.

 When we think of “camping,” we usually think of mountains, rivers and caves. But by following some
simple guidelines, camping near the ocean can be as safe and comfy as staying in Berlin Ohio Hotel.
Your experiences there will prove that life’s a beach!

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                  A Guide to the Beaches of Vendee
                                                              By Eamon Hoolihan

Vendee has some beautiful beaches making for great summer camping holidays. Whether you want to
surf, sunbathe, build sand castles or enjoy beautiful coastal wildlife, you can find the perfect beach to
suit your needs when camping in Vendee.

Bois de la Chaize

 Whilst camping in Vendee, a great place to get some sun is Boise de la Chaize, a picture-perfect
beach on one of the Noirmoutier Islands. With bathing huts dotting the beach and sparkling blue waters
as far as the eye can see, your beach holiday scene will be complete if you spend some time here
whilst on a Vendee camping holiday.


 This beautiful Blue Flag beach is ideal for families while camping in Vendee. You can enjoy a day of
family fun, with beach equipment on sale at the beach; buy a bucket and spade and you can build a
family sand castle. You can stroll along this pretty coastline licking an ice-cream and enjoying the
views. If your stroll should lead you just south of the beach, you’ll come across some mini cliffs.
Continuing further, you will find another beach, La Normandaliere, where children can spend hours
discovering the wonders of the rock pools at low tide, a perfect activity for a summer Vendee camping


 A contrast to the golden sandy beaches typical of summer holidays, this beach will be most appealing
to nature lovers who enjoy camping in Vendee. The town is known for its shellfish, sea and marsh. Bird
lovers will enjoy watching wading birds in the muddy seabed, and the town is also home to some
beautiful migrating birds, such as goldfinches, thrushes and innets. Whilst you can’t do too much
sunbathing here, it nonetheless makes for an interesting day out whilst camping in Vende.

La Faute-sur-Mer

 If you have a love of oysters, this region is ideal to visit whilst camping in Vendee. The 8km of beach
along the coastline here provide great fishing spots, and the water quality is of an excellent standard.
You can enjoy beautiful scenery here, where a 140-year-old pine forest holds the dunes in place and
provides an excellent place for coastal walks.

Le Pege

 During the summer months, this area is extremely popular for holidaymakers camping in Vendee.
Ideal for family holidays, this beachside area has a great attraction for children – the Atlantic Toboggan
- a water world of chutes and flumes. The beach is beautiful too, and is oriented towards family beach

Le Tanchet

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 This beach will particularly appeal to surfers, and is a pretty beach located beyond Les Sables. If your
Vendee camping holiday sees you spending some time in this area, you have more than just the beach
to entertain you. An interesting zoo is located near the Casino des Pins, and your children will be
delighted if you pay it a visit. You can feed the goats and watch the monkeys swinging carelessly about
their enclosure, a fun way to spend an afternoon during your Vendee camping holiday.

Eamon Hoolihan is the brand and advertising manager of Canvas Holidays, one of the leading
European camping holiday operators in the UK. With over 40 years of experience, Canvas offer superb
( Vendee Camping holidays.

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