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This document contains information about the documentary film Trantasia, including cover photography and a synopsis.

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Set in the glittering fantasy world of Las Vegas, TRANTASIA is a no-holds-barred behindthe-scenes look at the first-ever ‘World’s Most Beautiful Transsexual Pageant' and the 6 provocative women who will finally realize their diva dreams! With the dramatic competition to win the crown and a starring role in a controversial new Vegas Revue as a high-stakes backdrop, TRANTASIA explores the intensely private and moving stories of its extraordinary contestants. Told through provocative hometown profiles and heartbreaking one-on-one interviews, the groundbreaking film documents the sometimes humorous, always personal journeys of these true survivors. United by common histories of hardship and persecution, their ultimate triumph is a moving celebration of the human spirit. Pushing the gender-bending envelope with a funny, profoundly touching and thoroughly entertaining sensibility, TRANTASIA combines the intense drama of this one-of-a-kind contest with unforgettable, over-the-top characters competing for fame and fortune in Sin City.

The film has already generated mainstream industry buzz with several stories on nationally syndicated Entertainment Tonight, a featured segment on The Insider, interviews on Howard Stern, Playboy radio, feature articles in the National Enquirer and Las Vegas press and television. The subject is hot and the girls are hotter! TRANTASIA is the film that everyone is talking about!

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