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					      Brown County 4-H                                                              Judy, Youth Educator      391-4613
                                                                                    Doug, Program Assistant   391-4657
      To Make the Best
                                      4-H News                                      Kathy, Support Staff      391-4654

                                   2009 Brown County 4-H Calendar
3                      Saturday     Brown County 4-H Quilt Camp, 9 AM-3 PM                                              County
6                      Tuesday      Brown County 4-H Leaders Executive Board Meeting                                    County
6                      Tuesday      Real Colors® Workshop, 6:30 PM                                                      County
6                      Tuesday      Brown County LOT2                                                                   County
10                     Saturday     Brown County 4-H Shooting Sports Meeting, 8AM                                       County
10-11          Saturday-Sunday      State 4-H Horse Association Meeting                                                  State
12                      Monday      Brown County Hose Association Meeting, 7 PM                                         County
13                     Tuesday      4-H Family Day at Nordic Ski Hill                                             Multi-County
16-17           Friday-Saturday     Brown County Horse Association Lock-In                                              County
23-24           Friday-Saturday     Adult 4-H Shooting Sports Certification                                       Multi-County
24                     Saturday     Brown County 4-H Shooting Sports Meeting, 8 AM                                      County
24                     Saturday     Brown County 4-H Club Officer Training, 10 AM-12 NOON                               County
28                  Wednesday       Brown County 4-H Volunteer Orientation, 1-3 PM                                      County
31                     Saturday     Brown County 4-H Speaking Fest                                                      County
31                     Saturday     Brown County Auction Guidelines Meeting, 9-10:30 AM                                 County

3                       Tuesday     Brown County 4-H Leaders Executive Board Meeting                                     County
3                       Tuesday     Brown County 4-H Leaders Association Meeting                                         County
3                       Tuesday     Brown County LOT2                                                                    County
6-8               Friday-Sunday     Winter Leadership Camp                                                         Multi-County
7                      Saturday     Brown County 4-H Shooting Sports Meeting, 8 AM                                       County
7                      Saturday     Brown County Auction Guidelines Meeting, 9-10:30 AM                                  County
9                       Monday      Brown County Hose Association Meeting, 7 PM                                          County
16                      Monday      Brown County Auction Guidelines Meeting, 9-10:30 AM                                  County
21                     Saturday     Brown County 4-H Volunteer Orientation, 10 AM-Noon                                   County
21                     Saturday     State Youth Meats Judging Contest                                                     State
28                     Saturday     4-H Music Fest, 9 AM – 3 PM                                                          County
28                     Saturday     Brown County Beef Weigh-In, 9-11 AM                                                  County
28                     Saturday     Last day to add or drop projects                                                     County

1                        Sunday     State 4-H Adult Chaperone Applicatino Deadline                                         State
3                       Tuesday     Brown County 4-H Leaders Executive Board Meeting                                      County
3                       Tuesday     Brown County 4-H Leaders Association Meeting                                          County
3                       Tuesday     Brown County LOT2                                                                     County
7                       Saturday    Brown County 4-H Shooting Sports Meeting, 8 AM                                        County
9                        Monday     Brown County Hose Association Meeting, 7 PM                                           County
9                        Monday     Brown County MAQA, 7-8:30 PM                                                          County
21                      Saturday    Brown County 4-H Shooting Sports Meeting, 8 AM                                        County
21                      Saturday    Brown County MAQA, 9-10:30 AM                                                         County
27-28            Friday-Saturday    State 4-H Artbeat                                                                      State
29-April 3    Saturday-Thursday     National 4-H Conference                                                              National

                                                                                                                          4-H - Pg. 2
                                                                                                                           Jan. 2009
                                 Hi!    Welcome to the        Animal Crackers
                                 New Year 2009! I hope
                                 everyone had a happy
                                 and safe holiday season!
                                                              Horse Association Lock-In
                                 As I wrote before,
                                                              When:           January 16-17
                                 parents, leaders, and
                                                              Time:           Arrive at 6:30 p.m.; Meeting at 7 p.m.
                                 older youth (grade 6 and
                                                              Pick-up:        8 a.m. Saturday morning
older) CAN ATTEND the monthly Leaders meetings.
                                                              Where:          Ag & Extension Service Center
Come find out more about the 4-H program! We are
                                                                              1150 Bellevue St., Green Bay
always looking for new ideas and input for the program.
This meeting is a good place to meet other members and
                                                              Welcome members! To begin the New Year, the Brown
leaders from throughout the county and to network and
                                                              County 4-H Horse Association will hold their annual lock-
socialize. Each meeting has the business portion, but we
                                                              in. This will count as a verbal meeting requirement. At
are also incorporating educational topics that you can
                                                              the meeting we will go over the rules. Darlene from
bring back to your clubs. Our January meeting is an
                                                              Kewaunee County will be there to talk about model
educational program – Real Colors® – and I hope to see
                                                              horses. We are also planning to do wood plaques (you
you at our February 3rd meeting at 7 p.m.
                                                              will need to bring pictures of your horse or pictures from
                                                              magazines to decoupage to the wood horse head). You
At this time of year, many people are thinking about New
                                                              can also bring a poem or saying to decoupage with the
Year’s resolutions. In our 4-H organization, each club just
                                                              pictures. We are also looking into a leather project more
finished the charter and enrollment process. Through this
                                                              geared for the boys. There is a nominal fee for the
process, each club made resolutions (goals) for the year.
                                                              projects, so please bring some money to cover the costs.
Based on these goals, a calendar of yearly events was
established. If you are new to the 4-H program or were
                                                              All parents are encouraged to stay. Bring friends if you
not involved in this process in your club, feel free to ask
                                                              would like, especially people who are interested in the
your leader for the information. My hope is that all can
                                                              horse project. Those who don’t want to stay overnight can
share their talents and help to make the 4-H program on
                                                              leave at 10 p.m. There will be juice and doughnuts for
the club and county level even better.
                                                              breakfast the next morning. The Horse Association would
                                                              like everyone to bring a pizza or other snack like chips,
The Brown County Leaders Association did the same
                                                              fruit, or veggies. Bring your own beverages. For more
required charter process as the clubs. Watch for an email
                                                              information or to sign-up, call Patti Kropp at 863-5517.
soon to find out our goals and plans for this year. Please
let me know if you can help with anything or have
connections so we can accomplish our goals!
                                                              2009 Dairy Quiz Bowl Competition Set for
Leaders Association News…                                     February 7
The chicken booyah sale at Drama Fest was a HUGE              Entries are due January 10 for the 2009 Wisconsin 4-H
success; we sold out in 45 minutes. Thanks to Mary            Dairy Quiz Bowl competition. The event will be held
VanDyck and her committee for their work on this, and to      Saturday, February 7, at the Portage High School in
all who bought booyah on the cold and blustery day!           Portage starting at 9:45 a.m.

In the near future, we will be asking for parents, leaders,   Dairy Quiz Bowl competitors answer questions about
and members to help us get more organized. We need to         dairy topics, including facts about breeds, genetics, health
organize some county committees to get the work done.         concerns, nutrition, and many other topics. Teams
At this time, we are working on committee descriptions        compete in a double elimination format by giving oral
and requirements. By doing this, you can read through the     answers to questions posed by a moderator. Each match
various committees and find the best fit for you. So when     has both an individual and toss-up question round.
we roll this out, please show your support by signing up
and getting involved.                                         The four-member teams are divided into three age
                                                              divisions. Junior teams comprise members who are under
Happy New Year!                                               14 years of age as of January1, 2009. The senior division
Chris Neumeyer, President                                     is for members who are all 14 years of age or older but not
                                                                                                               4-H - Pg. 3
                                                                                                                Jan. 2009
yet over 18 years of age as of January 1, 2009. A mixed        someone planning to sell sheep would get credit for
team must include at least one member from each age            attending a dairy Educational meeting.
division. In 2008, 44 teams and over 230 youth
participated in the 4-H contest.                               Meeting Policy: The required meetings indicated above
                                                               determine your eligibility to participate in the auction.
Competition in the 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl encourages 4-H          Participation in Guidelines meetings establishes the
members to develop a more complete knowledge of dairy          group of individuals who will attempt to qualify for the
animals and related subjects. This contest provides an         2009 auction. If you are unsure about participating in
educational dairy program for all dairy project members,       the auction, this meeting will help you understand the
including those who may not own a dairy project animal,        requirements. If you miss attending a Guidelines
and provides a way to develop alertness and self-              meeting, you are no longer eligible for the 2009
confidence.                                                    auction. Guidelines and MAQA meetings are scheduled
                                                               below; these are the only opportunities offered. To attend,
Contest rules and registration forms are available from the    please RSVP five days in advance to Kathy at (920) 391-
Brown County Extension Office or at the Wisconsin Dairy        4654.
Youth web site, There is
a minimal team entry fee to participate in the contest. For    Meetings Scheduled: Three Guidelines meetings will be
rules, registration form, and more information, contact        offered at the Ag & Extension Service Center:
Kathy at the 4-H Office at 391-4654.
                                                               •   Saturday, January 31 – 9:00-10:30 a.m.
                                                               •   Saturday, February 7 – 9:00-10:30 a.m.
                                                               •   Monday, February 16 – 7:00-8:30 p.m.
Livestock and Dairy Auction for 2009
Doug Thompson, 4-H Program Assistant                           MAQA meetings will be offered twice, both at the Ag &
                                                               Extension Service Center, on the following dates:
Mandatory Meetings: All exhibitors at
the Brown County Fair who plan to                              •   Monday, March 9 – 7:00-8:30 p.m.
participate in the Livestock and Dairy                         •   Saturday, March 21 – 9:00-10:30 a.m.
Auction have Information and Educational
meetings they must attend to be auction eligible.              Watch future newsletters for Educational meetings which
Exhibitors in dairy, poultry, rabbits, and the market animal   will be scheduled starting the end of March and
projects of beef, sheep, and swine must:                       continuing up to June 1.

•   Attend one of the three General Guidelines meeting         Beef Weigh-In: New this year, beef animals will be
    offered                                                    weighed at a central location. We will no longer be
    AND                                                        taping beef as in the past. The weigh-in date is:
•   Attend one of several Educational meetings that will       •   Saturday, February 28, from 9-11 a.m. at the Jason
    be offered up to June 1, 2009.                                 Gilson farm, 6535 Deuster Rd. Greenleaf. Directions:
                                                                   From the roundabout in Greenleaf, travel east about 4
Exhibitors considering selling either a beef, sheep, or            blocks on Day Street (Rt. 96), turn north on Deuster
swine market animal in the auction will also need to attend        Rd., and travel ½ mile to the farm.
one of two Meat Animal Quality Assurance (MAQA)
meetings. So, if you plan to auction a beef, sheep, or         Sheep/Swine Weigh-In: The weigh-in
swine market animal you need to attend one General             date for sheep and swine is scheduled for:
Guidelines meeting, one Educational meeting, and one
MAQA meeting.                                                  •   Saturday, May 2, from 9 a.m.-12 noon at the Jason
                                                                   Gilson farm (address and directions above). This is
For dairy, poultry, and rabbits, you need to attend one            the same weigh-in location used last year for sheep
General Guidelines meeting and one Educational                     and swine.
                                                               If you have questions, please contact Doug Thompson in
You are encouraged to attend additional Educational            the 4-H Office at (920) 391-4657 or one of these 2009
meetings, but required to attend only one. Also, it is not     Auction Committee members: Mark Cornette, Dave
necessary to attend the Educational meeting for the animal     Kabat, Mary Johns, Theresa Reynders, or Jon Stradel.
project you plan to have in the auction. For example;
                                                                                                               4-H - Pg. 4
                                                                                                                Jan. 2009
2009 Wisconsin State Fair Centralized                         regulations will be available on in
                                                              spring. All junior fair entries must be submitted through
Beef Identification Sites                                     your local county extension offices. For more information
                                                              on the Wisconsin State Fair or for other check-in sites,
West Allis, Wis., November 1, 2008… Wisconsin State
                                                              visit us at
Fair Park officials have announced the locations and times
for the 2009 market steer identification. All juniors
wishing to exhibit market steers during the 2009
Wisconsin State Fair, August 6th–August 16th, are required
to identify their steers at one of these regionally located
sites. This identification process allows officials to
                                                              Arts & Activities
accurately identify steers through use of DNA testing.
Wisconsin State Fair officials feel this system strengthens
the security and integrity of the show, and its champions.    2009 Camp Dates – Mark Your Calendar!
Beef Check-in Guidelines:                                     The dates for 2009 Camp Bird are Monday-Thursday,
• All junior exhibitors interested in exhibiting steers at    June 22-25. Watch for more information!
   the 2009 Wisconsin State Fair MUST identify them at
   one of the Wisconsin State Fair centralized
   identification sites.                                      Adult 4-H Shooting Sports Certification
• No intact males will be identified.
                                                              An adult certification workshop will be offered in
On site steer identification will include:                    Appleton on Friday & Saturday, January 23 & 24. Adults
• Issuing of official Wisconsin State Fair ear tag            interested in teaching youth safety education and helping
• Collection of DNA sample for accurate identification        them develop skills in shooting sports should consider
• Weight recording for performance class steers on            attending this training. Before an adult is permitted to
   dates of January 31st and February 7th only.               lead a 4-H Shooting Sports activity, they are required to
• Exhibitors will be charged a nominal fee per steer to       be certified in the discipline they are teaching. Adult 4-H
   cover the cost of DNA identification.                      leaders new to the 4-H program would also need to
• Identification forms are only available at the              participate in the county Volunteer Orientation (Youth
   identification site and must be completed and paid in      Protection Training). Dates for Brown County Volunteer
   full before steer(s) will be identified.                   Orientation are provided in this newsletter.
• Identification does not replace or over-ride Wisconsin
   State Fair entry guidelines enforced by your local         Registration information is available on the State 4-H
   county extension office.                                   Shooting Sports web site at:
• Steers need to be identified in the exhibitor’s name or
   immediate family name only (brother/sister). Steers        nTraining.cfm
   cannot be cross identified in non-immediate family
   members’ names.           Breed steers do not need
   registration papers at the time of identification.           2009 Brown County 4-H Shooting
                                                                Sports Club Meeting Dates
2009 Check–in site in our area:
Kuehne Auction Market, Seymour                                  All meetings start at 8 a.m. at the DePere
Saturday, February 7, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon                   Sportsmen’s club. Mark your calendars!
Contact Person: Dan Kimball, 920-680-3445
                                                                                           •   Saturday, January 10
Questions or concerns about weather cancellations should                                   •   Saturday, January 24
be made to the contact person at respective identification                                 •   Saturday, February 7
sites. Rescheduling of dates due to cancellations will be                                  •   Saturday, March 7
done by Wisconsin State Fair officials.                                                    •   Saturday, March 21

For further information exhibitors should contact               Watch upcoming newsletters for additional dates.
Wisconsin State Fair or the contact persons listed above.
2009 Wisconsin State Fair entry information, rules, and
                                                                                                               4-H - Pg. 5
                                                                                                                Jan. 2009
4-H Shooting Sports 2009                                       ATTN: Clothing Project Members
The 2009 4-H Shooting Sports season is about to start!
                                                               Face-to-face judging for clothing projects will be held on
New Members: A mandatory meeting for all new (and              Tuesday, June 23, from 1-6 p.m. at the Ag & Extension
interested) 4-H Shooting Sports members and their parents      Service Center. Judging for the Style Revue will be held
has been scheduled for Saturday, January 10, starting at       at the same time.            PLEASE MARK YOUR
8 a.m. at the DePere Sportsmen’s Club. This is a one-          CALENDARS!         (Cloverbuds, Exploring, and Home
time orientation session that each new member is required      Environment members who have sewing projects will
to go through with a parent or legal guardian. The             have them judged at the Brown County Fair in August.)
orientation meeting will cover range etiquette in archery,     Members will be able to take their projects home with
rifle, and shotgun plus safety rules in each of these areas.   them after judging on June 23 but must return their
Various types of shooting equipment will be available for      projects on Tuesday of the Fair to receive their ribbons
parents/guardians and members to gain a better                 and premiums.
understanding of what the 4-H Shooting Sports Club
provides members along with economical suggestions on                         If you have any questions, please call Sue
equipment and upgrades that may be of interest in the                         Vanevenhoven (532-5550), Sharon Faulds
future. After the orientation, we anticipate allowing the                     (864-7764), or Connie Lenz (338-0097).
youth to actually shoot the air rifles and bows at this
meeting. The mandatory medical and waiver/conduct
forms, which require both a parent/guardian and member         Drama Fest Results
signature, will be discussed (forms will be sent out to        Beth Coel, Cultural Arts Committee
members and will also be available at the meeting).
Attending an orientation session and completing the            Congratulations to everyone that performed at Drama Fest
waiver/conduct and medical forms must be fulfilled before      2008. All of the plays and skits were very entertaining!
a youth can participate in the 2009 and future shooting        The results are as follows:
events. Each year you will be asked to update the forms,
but each youth only needs to attend this orientation           Top play-blue ribbon:
meeting once. If a parent/guardian has a new child             • Wrightstown 4-H "The Rag Coat"
starting the program, they will need to attend this
orientation with the new member. If you cannot make this       Honorable Mention play – blue ribbon:
meeting and are interested in Shooting Sports, contact         • Wrightstown 4-H "Happyville"
Christy Hettmann, 864-2915, or Sheila Boden, 339-8782.
                                                               Blue ribbon plays:
                                                               • Greenleaf 4-H "Stone Soup"
Returning Members: The first meeting for returning
members is Saturday, January 24, at the DePere                 • Lost Dauphin 4-H "Cracked Ice"
Sportsmen’s Club. All members and a parent/guardian            Red ribbon play:
should plan on attending the informational meeting             • Lost Dauphin 4-H "Mystery At Throckmorton Manor"
starting at 8:00 a.m. At the meeting, we will discuss
forms (which require both a parent/guardian and member         Red ribbon skits:
signature), meeting times, and parent/guardian                 • Greenleaf 4-H "Spending Quality Time"
involvement in Shooting Sports.                                • Hi-Flyers 4-H "Shirley Holmes and the FBI
                                                               • Suamico Beavertails 4-H "Mere Mirror"
Both New & Returning Members: The program costs
                                                               Best individual performance awards went to:
include an annual fee and a per-week fee for each week
                                                               • Brooke VanderHeiden, Wrightstown 4-H
you attend. These fees cover the use of all equipment,
targets, pellets, and club rental fees. Remember, you just     • Hunter Kussow, Greenleaf 4-H
need to show up and be prepared to have fun and be safe,       • Meghan Buechel, Wrightstown 4-H
we provide everything. If you have equipment of your
own that you would like to use, please have one of the         A big THANK YOU goes out to our two emcees for the
coaches look over your equipment to ensure that it is safe     day: Shannen Koltz and Matt Coel. Thank you, also, to
for use in our program at the first meeting.                   the 4-H Leaders Association for selling booyah and
Questions? Contact Christy or Steve Hettmann at 864-
2915 or Randy or Sheila Boden at 339-8782.

                                                                                                               4-H - Pg. 6
                                                                                                                Jan. 2009
LOT2 Report                                                 Basketball Tournament – ONE DAY ONLY
Ray Clark                                                   Chris Neumeyer

The Halloween Dance for the Brown County 4-H Older                          An April date (Saturday) for the Brown
Youth group, LOT2 was held October 18 at the Extension                      County 4-H Basketball Tournament at
Office. Music for dancing and karaoke was provided by a                     Wrightstown High School will be set
DJ.    The following LOT2 members helped at the                             soon! The purpose of this tournament is
Outagamie County Haunted Trail on October 24 & 25:                          to have youth from throughout the county
Brooke Frelich, Travis Cleven, Rachel Reynders, Matt                        join together to have fun, to learn, and to
Coel, and Kaylee Coel.                                                      make friendships. Youth in grades 2-13
                                                                            can participate.
On November 4, LOT2 met at the Extension Office for
their monthly meeting. Bylaws for the group were            The funds generated from this event support teens from
discussed. Plans were made for the Jolly Jubilee (held      Brown County to go on educational and fun 4-H trips this
Saturday, December 13). We made cards, gingerbread          year. The youth going on these trips and their parents help
houses, and had other activities.                           to organize and run this tournament. Without their help,
                                                            this FUN activity would not be possible.
The next LOT2 meeting was Tuesday, December 2.
Holiday presents were exchanged.                            We are looking for help in running the tournament. If
                                                            possible, we are looking at youth and parents who are
                                                            going on these trips to see if they could chair a few areas,
This is not Your Gramma’s Ceramic Class                     but we will take anyone willing to help. The basketball
                                                            portion is covered. Chairpersons are needed for the
This workshop is geared towards youth with some basic       Welcome Table/Silent Auction area, Bake Sale, and the
ceramic experience. Learn puzzling, patterns, stamping,     Food Stand. Previous chairpersons can help you get
various glaze techniques, extruding, porcelain, raku, air   organized, so don’t be afraid to step up and help. Without
brushing, creative images with photos, chunky, and some     chairpersons, we cannot make this successful.
tips on how to correct minor mistakes. You’ll also hear
from a ceramics fair judge about how you can optimize       So as I wrote, help is needed and without it; we will not be
the presentation of your project.                           able to have the tournament! Please seriously consider
                                                            helping – contact Chris Neumeyer at 532-0277 or at
The day will consist of demonstrations of ceramic  SOON. Watch for an email and
techniques and hands-on practice. You will be making        future newsletters for the date and more information!
two items to take with you. Learn new ideas for projects
with Cloverbuds and younger members. The registration
fee also covers door prizes and lunch.

When:          Saturday, February 7, 10 a.m.-2:30 p.m.      Kudos
               (Snow Date: Saturday, February 14)
Where:         Bay Area Dolls & Ceramics, Green Bay         Booyah Fund Raiser
               (Directions will be provided to              Mary VanDyck
                                                            Thank you to everyone who helped with the booyah in
For a registration form, call Kathy at 391-4654. For more   November. To my great surprise, the 80 gallons of
information, contact Merry Klemme, 920-893-9679.            booyah was sold in 45 minutes! Thanks to all who helped
                                                            on Friday and Saturday, and to those who donated veggies
                                                            and chickens. I especially want to thank the two youth
Cultural Arts Dates                                         who helped – Dean Koltz and Katrina Geurts. Following
Beth Coel, Cultural Arts Committee                          are the clubs that assisted with the booyah: Rockland,
                                                            Greenleaf, Glenmore-Wayside, Anston-Country Squires,
•   Speaking Fest – January 31, Ag & Extension Service      Hi-Flyers, Denmark Red Lightning, and Morrison. Let
    Center, 9 a.m. (registration deadline January 9)        me know if you feel we should do this fund raiser again.
•   Music Fest – February 28, Wrightstown High School,
    9 a.m. (registration deadline February 6)
                                                                                                             4-H - Pg. 7
                                                                                                              Jan. 2009
                                                                 Rossum, and Historian, Danielle Woerner.         Some
Footsteps to Leadership                                          members brought in some exhibits from this past 4-H
                                                                 year, and we played games and had a nacho bar to
                                                                 celebrate! Our next meeting will be held in November in
                                                                 the basement at St. Mary’s School in Greenleaf.
Volunteer Orientation
In 4-H, volunteers contribute in a variety of ways. Many
volunteers lead projects for a local year-round club or
                                                                 Hi-Flyers Report
short-term 4-H committees and activities. There are many
                                                                 On October 24 at the UW-Extension Office, our club
ways that volunteers get involved.
                                                                 turned the blank, white room into a terrifying dungeon full
                                                                 of ghosts, skeletons, body parts, and spine tingling music.
ALL 4-H Youth Development volunteers working with
                                                                 Everyone participated in many exciting Halloween-
youth are required to complete the Wisconsin 4-H Youth
                                                                 themed games including “electric chair.” Members also
Protection program. This includes:
                                                                 enjoyed a delicious meal plus lots of candy. We came
                                                                 dressed in our many eccentric costumes; even the adults!
1. A background check for arrest and conviction records.
2. Participation in a Volunteer Orientation program.
3. Signing the Volunteer Behavior Expectations form.

The primary purpose of this process is to ensure the safety
and well-being of all participants (i.e., youth, their parents
and families, salaried and volunteer staff.).

Volunteer Orientation sessions are scheduled at the Ag &
Extension Service Center on the following dates:

•   Wednesday, January 28 – 1-3 p.m. – NEW DATE
•   Saturday, February 21 – 10 a.m.-12 noon
•   Thursday, March 12 – 7-9 p.m.                                There were four categories you could enter your costume
                                                                 in: best adult costume, scariest child costume, funniest
Please contact Kathy at the 4-H Office, (920) 391-4654, to       youth costume, and best overall kid’s costume. Mr.
register for one of the above sessions.                          Neerdaels and Mrs. Clabots won the adult contest with
Reference:       their spooky pirate costume and awesome pumpkin
                                                                 costume. Joey could have scared Halloween itself with
                                                                 his winning Grim Reaper costume. Mallory made all of
                                                                 us laugh with her 1st place miss-behaved-girl-escaped-
                                                                 from-jail outfit. Dressed convincingly as Indiana Jones,
Club News                                                        Tyler won the best overall costume contest. Winners
                                                                 received trophies, and everyone got a prize because all the
                                                                 costumes were very exciting. Everyone ended this
                                                                 amazing night with some groovy dancing because what
Greenleaf 4-H News                                               party wouldn’t be complete without some? This party will
Charlie Van Rossum, Greenleaf 4-H Reporter                       be one of the many highlights of our 4-H year.
At our September meeting, the officers for 2008-2009             The Hi-Flyers 4-H Club was also busy for the holiday
were elected. On October 20, Greenleaf 4-H had their             season. On December 6th at Bay Park Square Mall, the
Achievement Night. Outgoing officers were retired, and           club rang bells at the “Big Kettle” for the Salvation Army.
the incoming officers were installed. Old officers are:          We didn’t just ring bells though; everyone used their
President, Brooke Frelich; Vice President, Mercedes              musical talents to add some holiday flavor to the mall’s
Ribble; Secretary, Jason Neumeyer; Treasurer, Charity            atmosphere. Using instruments and, of course, our voices
Ribble; and Reporter, Polly Olson. They did a great job          we brought holiday spirit to all shoppers. We also raised
last year! The incoming officers are: President, Mercedes        money for people in need this season with the donations
Ribble; Vice President, Shannen Koltz; Secretary, Beckie         we got while we were there. Afterward, every 4-Her felt
Gabriel; Treasurer, Marissa Klister; Reporter, Charlie Van       the spirit of the holidays and had a great time!
                                                                                                                 4-H - Pg. 8
                                                                                                                  Jan. 2009
Morrison 4-H                                                   e) Candidate must have participated in the Brown
Danielle Cleven, Reporter                                         County Wisconsin Farm Technology Days activities
                                                                  during the period of 2005 through 2008.
In October, we went on a club tour to "The Farm" in Door
County. We had about 35 people go, and we saw lots of          Administration and Awarding of Scholarship:
different animals of different sizes and shapes. On            a) Each school should forward all applications to the
October 29, we had our yearly family hayride and potluck          Wisconsin Farm Technology Days, Inc. office at 140
at Rock-K-Ranch. We saw their big horses and went on a            Agricultural Hall, 1450 Linden Drive, Madison, WI
ride in the woods. It was a lot of fun, especially for the        53706 by March 1, 2009.
little kids. At the end of the meeting, we installed the new   b) Final selection and awarding of the scholarships to be
officers. At our November meeting, we made 5 no-sew               made by the Wisconsin Farm Technology Days, Inc
fleece blankets. On the blankets were different colors and        Executive Officers Committee.
designs. We will donate the blankets to Freedom House.
                                                               Rules Regulating Use of Scholarship:
                                                               a) Scholarship funds will be awarded after you have
                                                                  completed the first semester of college. Recipient
                                                                  must show proof of completing the first semester of
Opportunities                                                     college in good standing. (2.0 or better).
                                                               b) Scholarship will be paid directly to the school in the
                                                                  name of the recipient.
Academic Year Scholarship Opportunities                        Contact Kathy DeChamps at the 4-H Office at 391-4654
                                                               or for an application.
The Wisconsin 4-H Foundation and generous sponsors
provide funding for educational scholarships to
outstanding Wisconsin 4-H youth. February 28 is the
deadline in order to be eligible. Please check out these
                                                               BCHCE Scholarship Available
opportunities at the following web site:
                                                               Brown County Association for Home and Community
                                                               Education (BCHCE) offers a $100 scholarship for a youth
                                                               participating in international travel. Applications are
                                                               being accepted for 2009. Contact Alyssa at 391-4610 or
WFTD Announces Scholarship                            for an application.

Description: One (1) $2,000 scholarship may be awarded
by the Wisconsin Farm Technology Days, Inc. Board of
Directors. Deadline for application is March 1, 2009.
                                                               Chapter Fundraising Opportunities at
                                                               Wisconsin State Fair
a) Applicants taking post high school agriculture related      Wisconsin State Fair is looking for groups, clubs, and/or
    training, long or short course within the University of    anyone interested in assisting with Fairtime operations
    Wisconsin System or Wisconsin Technical College            during the 2009 Fair. Responsibilities may include being
    System.      (This includes the study of Genetics,         a showring attendant, livestock changeovers, and other
    Landscape, Architecture, Biochemistry, Bacteriology,       show-related projects. Stipends will be given to each
    Food Industry, Horticulture, Environment Sciences,         volunteer group based on the number of volunteers and
    Agriculture Journalism, and other agriculture related      the amount of time worked. This is a great way to earn
    fields of study.)                                          money for a specific youth group, club, or chapter and see
b) Candidate for the scholarships must be a Brown              the Fair! If you have any questions, are interested, or
    County resident or student at a Brown County school.       know of youth groups/clubs/chapters who may be
c) Candidate must be planning to enter their 1st year of       interested,   please    contact     Brian     Bolan     at
    college at the time of application.               or 414-266-7050.
d) Candidate rank in the upper 50% of the class preferred
    with a grade point of 3.0. Attach high school
    transcript with your application.
                                                                                Happy New Year!
                                                                                                               4-H - Pg. 9
                                                                                                                Jan. 2009

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