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The formation of BrNO is an exothermic process that takes place in the gas phase.

                         2NO(g)         +       Br2(g)        2BrNO(g)      +       57 kJ

(a)           Draw an enthalpy diagram for the reaction.

The following experimental data were determined for the reaction at 200 oC.

                                                                          Initial rate of ClO2- production
      Trial         Initial [NO] (mol/L)      Initial [Br2] (mol/L)
                                                                                      (mol/L s)
       1                   0.0150                   0.00250                           0.000130
       2                   0.0150                   0.00500                           0.000260
       3                   0.0450                   0.00250                           0.000390

(b)           Write the rate law equation for the reaction.

(c)           Determine the value of the rate constant, k, at this temperature.

(d)           Using the orders for both reactants, predict a possible mechanism for this reaction.

(e)           On your enthalpy diagram, depict the steps in the mechanism by adding the extra energy
              required, indicating any transition states and reaction intermediates.

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