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					Purposed examination of toxic metals and
pesticides in the water of bioaccumulation Bovan
as a way of estimation of bioaccumulations
S. Savica*, N. Stankovicb
aInstitute for Public Health, 31 Trebinjska Street, 18 000 Nis, Serbia
E-mail: nenasavic@EUnet.yu
bRoad Management, Vranje, Serbia
Abstract. The bioaccumulation Bovan is the water source that provides drinking water for Aleksinac
and its surrounding. Water from this source contains probably many ‘risks for beneficaries of
health’. The high content of toxic metals and pesticides, which have been intentionally proved in
the samples of the water from the accumulation, is certainly one of those risks. The samples were
taken at the same time and out of the same places in the different parts of accumulation – its front,
middle and end. Combined methods have provided us with the complete scientific picture of the
water from the accumulation with all possible variations in its quality that has made possible every
further examination.
Keywords: accumulation Bovan, bioaccumulation, toxic metals, pesticides.

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