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					Fujifilm FinePix S1800 12 MP Digital Camera with 18x Wide Angle Optical Dual Image
Stabilized Zoom and 3-Inch LCD

Fujifilm FinePix S1800 - 12MP, Fujinon 18x Wide Optical Zoom (28 - 504mm), 3.0" LCD + Viewfinder. Other
features include: Face Detection w/ Red Eye Removal, Face Recognition, Tracking Auto Focus, Dual Image
Stabilization, High Sensitivity 6400 ISO, 6 Scene - SR Auto Automatic Scene Recognition, Panorama Mode,
HD Movie 720p w/ Sound, Instant Zoom/Zoom Bracketing, Smile/Blink Detection Mode, 4-AA Batteries.

Reviews from Customers

 "Perfect Camera for the Growing Photographer"
I've had the S1800 for about a month now, I bought it after much reading and researching of comparative
cameras, going through mayne reviews and sites... i had my eyes on the DSLR, Olympus E-520, but thought
that I should start with a point and shoot with advanced full manual control. And the S1800 is just this. Take
amazing pictures after Learning about Aperture, ISO, and Shutter Speed; would be great if there was
manual focus as well, but auto-focus does a very nice job most of the time.

Camera feels of high quality, except the lever for zooming at times gets stuck and feels a little cheap. The
screen is a little fuzzy when taking pics but is brilliant when playing back pictures \ video.

These are the only minor cons that i have with this camera and the pro's massively exceed these problems...
due to the fact that the camera takes magnificent pics... that can compare to a DSLR (if you familiarize
urself with the advanced settings)

 "A lot of camera for your money."
If you are one of those digital camera users who want some of the high end features of an SLR without the
big price tag this might be right for you. It is so new hardly anyone knows it is slowly coming out on the
market. Got mine at a special launch on HSN. Though there have been mixed reviews as to how good it is I
don't have any complaints. Like zoom capability? The Fuji S-18 has as much as anyone practically needs. My
only knock is you have use a tripod when using full zoom power unless you have a steady hand. The super
Macro feature is great too if you like getting things really close up.

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Image Stabilized Zoom and 3-Inch LCD

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