Zephyrhills Pasco PAL Football _ Cheer Program by mifei


									      Zephyrhills Pasco PAL Football & Cheer Program
                                      ZPPAL 2008 Season
                        Player and Parent Fact Sheet
Welcome to the ZPPAL football & cheer family! This season promises fun, competitiveness and
action! This fact sheet will be of benefit to rookies and veterans as well as to their parents and
legal guardians, answering many of the most common questions and concerns.
ZPPAL is a member of the Pasco Police Athletic League (PPAL) and is governed by its rules
and regulations - see www.pascopal.org for more information. We play full contact football
governed by NFHS rules unless specifically exempted or addressed (which are different than the
NFL) and play games against opponents, of comparable age and weight , throughout Pasco
county. League teams are formed based on by age/weight in accordance with the following table:

  AGE/ Division     4,5,6,&7
                                    8&9           10 & 11          12 & 13         14, 15 & 16
                                  Flyweight      Mighty Mite      Jr. Varsity        Varsity

weight Requirements*
Jr. Flyweights          5&6 Year Olds – 100 lbs, 7 year olds – 75 lbs.
Flyweights              100 lbs.
Mighty Mites            120 lbs.
Junior Varsity          150 lbs
Varsity                 185 lbs.
*The listed weights apply to the first game. After the first game, each player receives one pound
every two weeks until the end of the regular season. Once the play-offs begin, every player
receives one pound a week until the Super bowl. Any player more than eight pounds over the
starting weight requirement by the first game of the season (except Varsity) will be permanently
moved to the next weight class. Once a player is moved up, they cannot be moved back down.
The accepting division will not be limited to the 35 player maximum rule if the reason for
exceeding the maximum is heavy players being forced to move up.

** Play Ups and Play Downs
The following ages may play at the designated weights and will be allowed the weight gain as
mentioned above.
Jr. Flyweights 5 year olds may weigh up to 120 lbs
               8 year olds may play down if 55 lbs or less.

Flyweights      8 year olds may weight up to 120 lbs
                10 year olds may play down if 80 lbs or less.

Mighty Mites    10 year olds may weigh up to 140 lbs
                12 year olds may play down if 100 lbs or less.

Jr. Varsity     12 year olds may weigh up to 170 lbs
                14 year olds may play down if 130lbs or less.

Varsity 14 year olds may weigh up to 205 lbs.

                  League age is determined by player’s age on January 1, 2008.
All weights are absolute maximums. Game and practice footballs are provided to each team by
the ZPPAL football & cheer program. Size information is provided for those wishing to purchase
personal balls at local sporting goods stores.

REGISTRATION is available online at www.zbulldogs.com or you may phone Marsha
Decena at (813) 714-1465 or go directly to the field after the season begins on July 14th
on either Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday between the hours of 6:00 – 8:00 pm.

EQUIPMENT ISSUE will to be announced. Each parent or guardian will receive a phone call
announcing equipment handouts. Please be certain that your contact information is updated.
ZPPAL provides all equipment for football except practice pants, practice jerseys, shoes (cleats),
and socks. ZPPAL provides all uniforms including game and pep rally uniforms for cheerleaders.
At the end of our season football players are to keep their personalized jerseys, however must
return all remaining equipment. Cheerleaders are to keep their Pep Rally uniform, shoes, bow,
and bloomers, however must return their game uniforms. Parents are responsible for the return of
all equipment and uniform. Equipment reasonably worn or damaged during the year will be
replaced by ZPPAL; but equipment lost or damaged through negligence will be paid for by the
parent/legal guardian. We expect our players to properly take care of and clean their equipment,
including helmets, prior to its return. The parent/legal guardian will be charged additional fees for
equipment that is turned in dirty ($10) or late ($25).

PARENT/GUARDIAN MEETINGS: Please make every attempt to attend all parent meetings.
From time to time there may be important information that needs to be relayed to parents. If you
are unable to make a parent meeting please contact the participants coach, Director or Board
members to obtain all necessary information. You may reach the following board members for
this information: Director Marsha Decena at (813) 714-1465, Athletic Director Jose Vasquez at
(813) 479-5504, or Cheer Coordinator Dawn Dutton at (813) 312-3786. You will be given contact
information for the participants Head Coach at the start of the season.
PRACTICE will begin Monday July 14 from 6-8:30PM. Uniform for the first week of practice
is helmet, shorts, t-shirt and cleats. Uniform for the following of the week will be as directed by
the head coach. Practice locations will be in an every two week rotation between Krusen Football
Practice Field and the open field & softball field directly across from the football field. You will
receive a schedule of which weeks we are practicing on the football practice field. The first week
is referred to as “conditioning week.” Conditioning is done prior to participating in ANY player –
to – player contact, this includes walk through or half speed contact drills.
Tackling dummies and blocking shields may be used after 6 hours of conditioning. Beginning on
July 14th practice will not exceed 10 hours per week and will be held on Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday and Friday from 6:00pm until 8:30pm with the exception of Jr. Flyweights from
6:00pm until 8:00pm. Beginning on August 16th practices will be three days a week on Monday,
Tuesday, and Thursday from 6:00pm until 8:00pm, Jr. Flyweight from 6:00pm until 7:30pm.
Note: In the event of a “rain-out” practice may be made up on Wednesday. Please make every
attempt to bring your participant to practice on time each night. A player is allowed to miss only
one day of practice in a week. Any player who misses two practices in the same week will not be
allowed to participate in that Saturday’s game, however must attend the game wearing his jersey
inside out, sitting out that game. Coming to practice and watching does not constitute attending

SCRIMMAGES are a critical for preparation for the regular season. “Official” scrimmages are
allowed at the discretion of the Director, Athletic Director and Head Coach. We ask that you
make every attempt to bring your participant to any scheduled scrimmage games.
OFFICIAL WEIGH IN. In order to insure proper player placement by age and weight, PPAL
conducts an official weigh-in. Each participant is weighed in at half-time of the previous game.
All players should arrive one-hour prior to game time. Should the participant be close to
maximum weight, player may weigh in earlier in the day. Speak with your participants head
coach regarding weigh ins.
SEASON SCHEDULES are established by the PPAL and will be made available online the
week prior to the first game. PPAL opening season Jamboree will be on August 9 th. All
participants will receive a schedule of games. There are ten regular season games and they are
played predominately on Saturdays; however, games may be played on Sunday in the case of a
“rain-out”. Game times are as follows:
                                                 Day Games               Night Games

                    Varsity                      8:30 AM                 12:00PM
                    Jr. Flyweights              10:30 AM                  2:00 PM
                    Flyweights                  12:30 PM                  4:00 PM
                    Mighty Mites                 2:30 PM                  6:00 PM
                    Jr. Varsity                  4:30 PM                  8:00 PM

VOLUNTEERS are the very fabric of our club. Parents/Guardians who receive sponsorship or a
discounted rate for their participant must perform a minimum of six hours of volunteer work. No
parent/guardian will receive a credit in the 2008 season for volunteer hours performed that is not
a recipient of sponsorship or discounted rates. Creditable volunteer activities include:
head/assistant coaches, team parent, concession helper, field maintenance/painting, chain gang
crew etc. Please volunteer - it is rewarding and helps keep our membership fees low!
SPONSORSHIP is another way that we keep our fees low. In fact, historically, sponsorship
should be at least half of our club’s revenue. We ask that you help obtain team sponsors as soon
as your team forms. You can get a head start on sponsorship now – official forms can be found at
the ZPPAL Web site www.zbulldogs.com
QUESTIONS? You can find more information at www.zbulldogs.com, or call (813) 714-1465.

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